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White House says Puerto Rico debt to be dealt with via oversight board

White House says Puerto Rico debt to be dealt with via oversight board

Trump warns military leaders today is calm before the storm and tells them youll find out

Mr. President, you keep using that word, fake. I do not think it means what you think it means.

U.S. probing collision between civilian drone, Army helicopter

Html tags showing

Trump is casually hinting at war or something while posing for photos.

Vatican treasurer to face March court hearing in Australia over historical sex charges

I'm a billionaire. Please raise my taxes

MSNBC Chris Matthews is an idiot! Like we already didn't know this.

Men Decide - Luckovich 'toon

Pro Abortion US Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA) is resigning from office October 21,2017.

Donald Trump is insane.

What if Alan Turing, founder of the modern computer age, escaped assassination ...

Dan Rather responds to Trump's call for Senate Intel Comm to look into Fake just made up FAKE! News

Will this be a Thursday night massacre?

Brazil nursery attack: Children set on fire in Minas Gerais

Brazil nursery attack: Children set on fire in Minas Gerais

Vanity Fair:How Joy Reid Took on Trump and Became MSNBCs New Star

There are only 2 questions

Trump left for Vegas "20 min behind schedule" after "fuming & venting" for 2 hours over Rex

219 Republican House Members Just Voted To Cut Medicaid, Medicare, And Public Education

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Best of Malloy! Live Uncensored & a new

2018 US Senate Election-Democrats guide to 51

Imagine..if you can...Sec of State calls the President a "moron"..lead story across the country.

Crazy Ted says he could have stopped Vegas shooter with rocket launcher.

It's Ivana Trump's fault!

Trump's support in Wyoming rightfully eroding

Geaux Astreauxs!


Seth Meyers: Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr, Facebook Testifies Before Congress - Monologue 10/4/17

A couple of questions regarding the gun debate.

Seth Meyers - Rex Tillerson Called Trump a Moron: A Closer Look

My feeling is Trump is going to lose Tillerson, Kelly and Mattis, and soon!

Arrested drunk man claims he time traveled to warn of aliens

Rachel's team called Christopher Steele..

At least some Republicans realize their party is on the road to ruin

Judge orders release of congressman sentenced for bribery

Most Americans are in the dark about their tax bill, but think Trump's plan won't help

Our own Handmaids Tale

The Effect of Closing TVA Nuclear Plants on Infant Health.

UM professor finds racially-charged flyer on African-American studies program board

Translate "Fucking Moron" into Other Languages

**RUMOR** Chief of Staff Kelly has resigned.

Canadian Lawmakers Say Pro-Russia Group Tried to Derail Sanctions Law

In Honor of "Halloween Coming" ..Mr Scorpio..entire cartoon, Skeleton Dance, Disney 1929

White House reporter says 'things got weird' during a photo-op between Trump and military officials

Gardner cancels Pueblo visit on Friday; no town hall


If these cabinet members can't work for DOTUS because

Can this gun control law be passed into law?

Slate - "Trump Chief of Staffs Personal Cell Phone Reportedly Hacked"

Maddow: Steele agrees to meet w/ Senate Intel heads

Meet the Congressman who's blocking his constituents online (HBO)

Expect more "DISTRATIONS"!

Trump Commenting About Paddock

Seven Flights for $800,000: Mnuchins Travel on Military Jets

My brother and sis in law

This is effin scary - reporter tweet

Go Lawrence

Equifax scammer posing as an Eagle County Sheriff's detective called that detective

Psychiatrist Coming Up on Lawrence O'Donnell

Mueller's team met with Russia dossier author

Help Wanted: Trained Handler

What Sodas Are Denver Pot Smokers Using to Cure Cotton Mouth?

The Co-hosts Get Vegan Treats From Jon Stewart's Family The View

Whasssup, Keith Schiller? How ya been? Since you were LOSER 45s bodyguard/goon-in-chief

Robert Muellers Russia Probe Reportedly Looking Into The Pee Tape Dossier

Marsha Blackburn Joins Tennessee Senate Race 😖

Gut Fauna

Blame Game Sh*tstorm After Marijuana Special Session Flops

Republican senators lying when they said Christopher Steele would not meet with them

Attended a depressing presentation

Trump told HHS to deny request to fix Iowa ObamaCare market: report

Trump accuses Dem gubernatorial candidate of 'fighting for' MS-13

Trump at gathering of military leaders: 'Maybe this is the calm before the storm'

Kobach plan for Trump included federal voting laws changes

Pretty intense eh?

How soy sauce became a staple in Mexican kitchens

Experts to start capturing rare vaquita porpoises in Mexico

Experts to start capturing rare vaquita porpoises in Mexico

All-male panel on feminism comes under fire in Mexico

Not going to be very happy about this.....

Rep. Dave Williams Just Makes Stuff Up

Rex Tillerson and Jim Mattis summoned to White House by John Kelly: Report

Tweet of the Day

The Daily Show: "Pro-Life" Congressman Tim Murphy Aborts His Career

Guatemala prosecutors target ex-president for alleged corruption

Rex Tillerson's Comment is the Very Defination of Speaking Truth to Power

The Republicans are taking Children Heath Care Plan Hostage to cut Benefits

Pendejo, posters are all over Puerto Rico.............Moron

Man Whose Life Was Saved By Married Lesbian Cop To Speak At National Convention Of Anti-LGBT Groups

Everything......Everything.......In its right place

Letter with Nazi symbol, MAGA message received by LA business investigated as hate incident

We have 5 former Presidents who have never had this many issues at one time!

'calm before the storm' trump directing the morning news cycle?

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

The Full Moon, tonight...

Alex Jones FREAKS on Cohost For Not Believing Vegas Conspiracy Theory

Betsy DeVos hides from outraged Canadian teachers, cancels Toronto tour after backlash


Neil deGrasse Tyson Answers Science Questions From Twitter Tech Support WIRED

Neil deGrasse Tyson Answers Science Questions From Twitter Tech Support WIRED

Winner sues Colorado lottery for millions over fixed jackpot

Biden fears foreign policy shift under Trump is "closed-off and clannish

What if Trump has the same mindset and the same intent as the Las Vegas shooter?

So...who will be playing Tillerson on SNL this weekend?

Democratic candidates for Colorado attorney general are making big fundraising hauls

Death in a Promised Land: the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921

The single most important fact in the Trump-Russia investigation is a never-discussed one.

Marsha Blackburn, 'Politically Incorrect And Proud Of It,' Runs For Senate In Tennessee

Staggering new heights

Man, 92, Wins Lottery: $25,000 A Year For Life

Trump calls for Senate investigation of media outlets

We've been talking about bump firing for a number of years

Hurricane relief efforts will delay Afghanistan deployments

4 shot to death in Arizona duplex in domestic violence case

USNS Comfort Responds to Hospital-Generator Failure in Puerto Rico

Navajo Housing Authority to forfeit $26M after settlement

Windows 10 Question

The Daily Show: Between the Scenes - The All-American Gun Debate

Pasadena to pay $1.1M in Latino voting rights case

State worker says supervisor punched her in the face

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/5/17

"The Calm Before the Storm?'

Maddow reveals senators were lying when they said British dossier spy refused to meet with them

New Mexico governor appeals ruling on voided vetoes

I have a feeling.

'We're ready to move forward': University of Utah to pay $68M to cancer institute

Tillerson reportedly calls Trump a Fucking moron. What was the trigger then?

Russia Findings So Damning They Have To Hide Them From Trump

Utah man sentenced to prison for fraud scheme that took millions from investors

Calm before the storm

Nobel peace prize 2017: International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons wins award live

Audit indicates fraud, improper spending by Davis County Sheriff's Office

Fully Loaded: Inside the Shadowy World of Americas 10 Biggest Gunmakers

What is our Ass Clown doing today?

Trumps tax plan piles on more than $2 trillion in red ink

For us Game of Thrones fans disappointed the show hasn't delved more into Mad King Aeyres yet....

Who else remembers when Dotard Groper Don the Con's response to the Dossier and the golden showers

Lawmakers let parents opt out of vaccinating their kids without having to acknowledge health riisks

Pink Eye (On My Leg)

One Solution To Gun Violence

Indicted ex-Utah Transit Authority board member now faces tax evasion charges

Real Time with Bill Maher guests line-up;

A morning of Monty Python and Nancy Wilson guitar riffs

"The dumb before the storm." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

So.....Kelly. Tillerson. Are either/both out by the end of today?

Friday Toon Roundup 1 - Silenced?

Friday Toon Roundup 2 - Moron

Friday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Wow, Trump Really Fits the British Dictionary Definition of a Moron

Iceland PM sold bank assets hours before financial crash, leaks show

Donald Trump Jr says college campuses teach Americans to hate their country and religion

The firm that brought us 'Fearless Girl' was underpaying women, U.S. government says

Trump Administration Set to Roll Back Birth Control Mandate

Trump Administration Set to Roll Back Birth Control Mandate

Another man behaving badly in Hollywood this time, Harvey Weinstein. What a shocker

Hurricane mauled Puerto Rico's renowned Monkey Island research center


Inside Tim Murphy's reign of terror

Trump could declare war on a Ham Sandwich and Freepers would follow

'Killer clown' cold case: Prosecutors to seek death penalty against suspect

NOTE: When Trump says Bureaucracy - He really means Democracy!!!

Trump and North Korea...

I am not a moron!

commodrumpf "i would butcher the whole world! if you would only give me the best ratings! the best!"

Trump is failing, and the White House is covering it up with lies


The origin of Super Villains: Mephisto

Trump offers the LITMUS TEST for WEEDING OUT FAKE news: "verification from me"

Sen. Bernie Sanders is set to host a series of college fairs in Vermont

FEMA removes statistics about drinking water access and electricity in Puerto Rico from website

Exclusive: Senate 'Russia Probe' Is Not Investigating Russia

Free speech and Alex Jones

Arecibo Status

Scoop: CIA director Pompeo considered to replace Tillerson

Trump takes new aim at Hezbollah, part of tougher Iran stance

For the love of humanity, Mr. Mueller...

Ed Gillespie wants Virginians to be very, very afraid

Trump, "furious" over MoronGate, considering replacing Wonderful Rex with CIA Director Mike Pompeo

"Let them eat paper towels."

Official: Las Vegas shooter tried to buy tracer rounds before massacre

Trump Nominates Coal Lobbyist to Be No. 2 at EPA

FICTION & LIES: GOP is at war over idea that GOP establishment is selling out Trump.

Unemployment rate falls to 4.2% in September; payroll employment changes little (-33,000)

Russian Operatives Sent Town Into Fake News Tailspin

Trump/GOP Tax Plan Is A massive Giveaway To Richest 1%

FAKE NEWS ALERT - US loses 33,000 jobs in September!

Ignorance, small mindedness, and insular self-absorbed thinking is what got us Dotard.

That 6-or-7 year run - longest ever run of consecutive positive payroll growth - LOOKS TO BE OVER.

It's Friday - it's FIRING day!!!

'Where is the crime exactly?' An update on Sen. Bob Menendez's corruption trial, a month in

Meat eaters are destroying the planet, says report

Guess who probably made that Flag your supposed to hold in such high regard?

Democrats look to wreak havoc in GOP primaries

NRA Corporate Partners

Interior Department worked behind the scenes with energy industry to reverse royalties rule

After Vegas Shooting, Country Music's NRA Ties Show Signs of Fraying

Jackass Media chasing another COFIFI

What if Gun Owners Paid a Tax to Help Defray the High Costs of Gun Violence?

Lin-Manuel Miranda on Puerto Rico: 'I've Never Seen a President Attack the Victims of a Natural...

Yes, it did happen!:

Meat eaters are destroying the planet, says report

BLS: Occupations typically requiring high school for entry lost 1.3 million jobs, May 2007 -- 16

Exhibition to Explore the Art of Five Major World Religions

How come everybody I know who went to a Catholic school

Luckovich: GOP: "With America Focused On A Mass Shooting,..."

Question about Blade Runner 2049 (no spoilers)

This is how authoritarian states function.

Can NY re-open the case against Ivanka and Don Jr?

Paddock's Apparent "Normal" Profile Underscores the Need for More Research on Gun Violence

The Republican Party and the Alt Right

This eagle taking a long thoughtful look at itself

New flag

For Many on Puerto Rico, the Most Coveted Item is a Plane Ticket Out

The Worst Time for the Left to Give Up on Free Speech - by Michelle Goldberg

The Gun Expert Weighs In

White House Official to 'Axios: Trump "Just Trolling All of You" With "Calm Before the Storm" Remark

Sure Im drunk, the time traveler told police, but thats the aliens fault.

the nra & republicans are willing to 'look at' a gun stock.

Meanwhile, On Earth-2...

Writing on the wall

Hey, girl...

Theresa May & falling letters

Trump to Argue Obama's Clean Power Plan Violates U.S. Law

Facebook Cut Russia Out of April Report on Election Influence

You know something? Maybe we should all give Trump a dose of his own medicine

Mexico warns Trump against 'protectionist war'

Tropical Storm Nate Threatens Gulf Coast, Kills at Least 22 in Central America

Exclusive: Mueller's team met with Russia dossier author

If ALL Lives Matter...

My kid cracks me up!

Does anyone out there have any fucks to spare?

Uday Trump Jr. was paid $50K to whine about how much everyone hates his daddy.

Could trump simply start air strikes on north Korea

Trump Demoted to Elementary School from Middle School.

Good boy:

"I did not have personal relations with that president....."

'The Dangerous Case Of Donald Trump': 27 Psychiatrists Assess Trump's Behavior The Last Word MSNBC

"...include something in the Constitution in case..."

Firm Behind 'Fearless Girl' Statue Underpaid Female, Black Execs, U.S. Says

Liberal journalists reportedly sent tips to Breitbart -- now they're scrambling

The Best Public Colleges in the U.S.

BUSTED: Maddow reveals senators were lying when they said British dossier spy refused to meet with

Rep. Nydia Velzquez on Trump's Visit to Puerto Rico

A majority of Republicans finally agree homosexuality is OK

U. of Southern California Removes Medical-School Dean as Newspaper Reports Sexual-Misconduct Claim

Politician whose life was saved by lesbian police officer to speak at national anti-LGBT convention



Trump Jr. Slams 'Atmosphere of Hate' Toward Father

Trump Dossier Author Open To Senate Intelligence Meet

My mother came to this country in 1970 from Korea. For the first time ever she has voiced concern..

NEW Frontline HD - Abacus Small Enough to Jail - Documentary

Does Trump want Kelly out in order to start a war?

"You'll Find Out," He said. Now I'm worried.

Ideas to salute Trump

Spain apologizes, tone softens in Catalonia independence crisis

Pic Of The Moment: Being President Is Funny

TGIF and hello DU pals. So - what steaming pile of excrement as the dump produced today to

3 Green Berets killed in Niger

Dollar jumps as rising wages stoke inflation expectations

3 Green Berets killed in Niger

Russian-linked group sold merchandise online

welp, my sister is in hospice.

FDIC believes it was breached more than 50 times in 2015 and 2016

Name Something You Find In A tRump Supporters Home😏

Congrats to the Lynx for winning their fourth title!

Name Something You WONT Find In A tRump Supporters Home😏

New theory about Vegas gunman. Found on facebook.

Movment of the Reasonable Regulation of Firearms,,,,,,

Roy Moore's Neo-Confederate Sugar Daddy Has Deep Ties To Secessionists

As ACA enrollment nears, TRUMP admin keeps cutting federal support of the law-Pure Sabotage!!

MSNBC: Secret Service Bans Personal Mobile Devices From West Wing

Google "moron" and click on images nt

Trivia: Who was the first player to serve as a DH in the World Series?

just imagine, an accused sexual predator in the White House

REVEALED: Kobach Proposal Captured In Trump Photo Finally Becomes Public

A school was evacuated over a 'strange odor.' It was pumpkin spice air freshener.

Slate "The Supreme Court created a gun rights crisis its unwilling to solve."

This house was built in just 24 hours by a 3D printer.

"Calm before the storm" remark just Drumpt trolling you says WH staffer

A ballonist political joke

After the check is gone: The underground economy of rural America

Elon Musk Suggests That Tesla Could Rebuild Puerto Rico's Electricity System With Solar And Batterie

I'm starting to darn socks with holes in them.

President Trump has no idea what's happening in Puerto Rico

I love cats but ....

The Rise and Fall of AIM, the Breakthrough AOL Never Wanted

Puerto Ricans are a surging, outraged political force in Florida in the aftermath of Maria

Trump administration narrows Affordable Care Act's contraception mandate

When Mueller Met Steele. Oh. Have. I. Been. Waiting. For. This. --- Eric Garland

Ever see MLK in person?

Just heard on KQED that 32 Californians were killed in Vegas last weekend

Happy 71st birthday, Millie Small

Have Rebublicans possibly considered this?

When She Says Baby

Preparing for the Rest of Trump's Presidency

Hurricane warning for northern Gulf Coast as Nate to strike Saturday night; New Orleans at risk

Guggenheim Director Cites Threats as Reason for Pulling Animal Artworks

Trump's Plan To 'Let Obamacare Fail' Is Morally Appalling

Bonus anniversary: Happy 90th anniversary, "The Jazz Singer."

The trail of dead Russians

New Rule: If you're the media, any claim by Trump will need multiple source verification

Movie or television series ending that made you go WTF?

First-ever population estimate of the mysterious marbled cat from continental Asia revealed

Pulchritudinous: your fun vocabulary word for the day!

2nd Annual Election Integrity Conference --- Sat/Sun - Berkeley --- Live-streamed

FEMA removes statistics about drinking water access and electricity in Puerto Rico from website..

Cat Activates Dog's Zoom Button

FUNNY but this seems to happen around here.. OFTEN

It Shouldn't Surprise Anyone That Lisa Bloom Is Representing Harvey Weinstein

Trump officials roll back birth-control mandate

Sessions releases guidance memos on 'religious freedom' & it targets your rights

A Fine Old Conflict

Georgia school makes sixth-graders create Nazi mascots and parents are furious

Georgia school makes sixth-graders create Nazi mascots and parents are furious

Democrats Begin Shunning Harvey Weinstein Campaign Donations

Slavery Is Alive and Well in America's Christian "rehab" Chicken Plants

Democratic message: "Republicans are killing you. We won't kill you"

Its really scary:Small Tennessee city braces for firestorm of upcoming White Lives Matter rally

Its really scary:Small Tennessee city braces for firestorm of upcoming White Lives Matter rally

Motherfuckers always got a reason why something won't work to curb gun violence.

Grab em by the Pussy Video Playing Near White House ALL DAY

Will USC Accept Harvey Weinstein's Women's Program Donation?

***Submission Thread for October Contest*** DOORS AND GATES

Repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

Cats, ammo, and expired driver license - How ridiculous is this?

***Comment thread for October contest*** DOORS AND GATES

Bolivian ruler invokes his 'human right' to stay in power

Please consider entering a photo in the October contest: "DOORS AND GATES"

Please consider entering a photo for the October contest: "DOORS AND GATES"

U.S. Army Sergeant Bergdahl Expected to Plead Guilty to Desertion: AP

The oldest living things on Earth are at Great Basin National Park! - Road Trip Day 7 Episode 14

Trump's Approval Rating Is Lowest Among Opposition Party Since Polls Began (And It's Not Even Close)

Fuckface is talking on TV.

FEMA buried updates on Puerto Rico. WaPo just published article/tool to track updates HOURLY

FYI for those who got from Equifax after their breach....

Loyalty to Trump (sun king) isn't enough

Did Russia Hack the 2016 Vote Tally? This Senator Says We Dont Know for Sure

Chamber calls many Trump administration NAFTA proposals 'dangerous'

Trump is bashing Cuba and communism, but not a word about Chiii-nah and communism. nt

Free Condoms in High Schools. Do Your Schools Have Them?

I've been around High people 2/3 of my life,,,,

Say what!!

Trump is ruining my diet.

Why do they want to increase abortions?

Trump and reality : not exactly the same direction...

Trump, in PR: " It's the first time that a sitting President has done something like this."

Tax Reform Is a GOP Fantasy

'This is nothing less than sexism. It's the latest display of Republicans total disdain ...'

Question for Florida storm hit communities that are run by a HOA.

The high-school-aged sister of one of my students disappeared Wednesday night

Something funny to take minds off trump

'This is nothing less than sexism. It's the latest display of Republicans total disdain ...'

Colbert: Did Rex Tillerson Call Trump A 'Moron' Or A 'F***ing Moron'?

White Privilege. This video touched and shook me to the core.

WARNING! May Contain Flashback Triggers 😏

I just remembered something

Why did Coke Zero change their formula?

North Korea's Deadly Dictator - New Frontline HD

ACLU promises lawsuit against Trump elimination of birth control mandate

TRUMP Traitorous Repugnant Unstable Misogynist Psychopath

Gary Cohn says the White House is 'very excited' about the dismal jobs report that showed the US eco

Men, your take on this.....

Ignorant is too harsh: 13 grammatical mistakes that instantly reveal people's ignorance

With all these Natural Tragedies hitting us

Jimmy Kimmel: trump is the tornado of fake news

Not that it means anything. But I noticed that way over half

Trump has racist stroke: PUerto Rico. We love PUerto Rico. And we also love Puerto Rico."

Neonicotinoid pesticides found in 75 percent of honey worldwide

U.S. lifts sanctions on Sudan, ending two decades of embargo

Some FEMA spokesmodel is saying that if the people of PR want food, water and medicine

Ex-Apprentice Producer: There Are Videos of Trump Making Despicable Racist, Sexist, Anti-Semitic

Iraqi-born Army hopeful who sought refuge in Canada was granted asylum this week

Trump Reportedly Furious at Rex Tillerson's Extensive Cable News Coverage

Georgia sheriff, deputies indicted after body searches of 900 high school students

"Fun Day" - better safe than sorry/sign of the times

Toon: Tom the Dancing Bug

Be suspicious of Muslim Americans, Americans who say black lives matter, and GLBTQ Americans

Another name for the President, I think it's fitting

North Korea 'to test first missile capable of hitting America'

Help wanted: Staff shortages under Trump slow policy changes

Trump: Filibuster Rule Is A 'Death Sentence' For Republicans

48 Environmental Rules on the Way Out Under Trump

From Pete Souza's Instagram: I couldn't imagine two more effortlessly cool dudes

Randy Rainbow: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Korea?

Investigators Probing Whether Others Were in Las Vegas Gunmans Suite

When did cola start coming in plastic 2 liter bottles?

Rachel Maddow says Whoa! and so should we:

So long, AIM. For years, for millions, you were the internet

...he was a goddam stupid moron...

This AM.. He Gave a Wink and a Smile..

getting nippy in the high Arctic: -4 F at Eureka, Nunavut, Canada (79.98 N)

Meet the Dallas Bartender Who Kicked Milo Yiannopoulos and Some Neo-Nazis Out of Her Bar

So - what DIDN'T go right for the Vegas Attacker?

Sarah Huckabee glued some new caterpillars to her eyelids today.

If you're really going to keep wearing those false eyelashes - at least LOOK at the CAMERA!

As a devoutly religious dentist, I believe

No Donny Jr the bible is not an instruction manual on moral teachings

Press briefing is on now - Friday

New Zealand Kauri Logging Industry - Seems to echo U.S. Redwood abuse

Huckabee looks like a racoon.

North Korea Mocks Trump, Mattis and Portrays U.S. as Dying Fish on Chopping Board

The Guardian article on Chapel Hill

EXCLUSIVE The FBIs New U.S. Terrorist Threat: Black Identity Extremists

Trump personally told health chief to deny Iowa's urgent Obamacare waiver

Is Trump About to Trigger a Cabinet Suicide Pact? - By Jonathan Chait

With little relief in sight, U.S. Virgin Islands go ignored

Debris clean-up has hit a glitch in Florida

Donald shoots...he scores!

If someone says "I will pray for you", how do you feel about it?

North Carolina gerrymandering bill pits black judges against other incumbents

"'re safe"

Melania squirms, Trump exaggerates pronunciation of Puerto Rico (3 mins. in). #ClusterF*ck

These are the Facebook posts Russia used to undermine Hillary Clintons campaign

These airmen cleaned up an H-bomb disaster. Decades later, they're still fighting for benefits.

Shocking FBI report labels black identity extremists as terrorist threats

He was DEA's toughest cop in east Louisiana. Now he's facing corruption charges.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 6, 2017

Brilliant post by Atrios wrt the Sensible Center and Racists

In case you didn't think Dinesh D'Souza was a big enough twit, yet

Robert Mueller's team met behind closed doors today w an unknown group of attorneys & chief judge of

Right-wing hosts like Sean Hannity get paid to pitch guns as a way to survive a mass shooting

Bob Dylan made his concert hall debut at Carnegie Hall 56 yrs ago today, for a crowd of 53 paid $20

It's Friday afternoon news dump time

Lawmakers urge investigation into Scott Pruitts privacy booth as part of pattern of misconduct

An Oral History of the weekend of the Access Hollywood tape release, 1 year later

Bosch is great! Just finished binging on season three. Found the following exchange on

Democrats unveil tax plan that, unlike GOPs, would actually help working families

Don't call me "honey".

What has happened to The Nation magazine??

Uh, oh; this can't be good....

When someone says, "I'll pray for you," do you think there will be

I'm with Moron.

I'm thinking of going with flocked houndstooth this weekend.

Anti Tammy Baldwin ad playing all day here in WI

NRA Spox Dodges Questions On Bump Stock Ban: Thats Congress Job

Clarence Thomas on Trumpism

Body of U.S. service member recovered in Niger, raising ambush death toll to four

Dugins Occult Fascism and the Hijacking of Left Anti-Imperialism and Muslim Anti-Salafism Chaos Magi

There are some days, I wish

Last month Donald couldn't shut up about black men playing football, my letter to editor

TV - if you haven't been watching Austin Rogers on Jeopardy! this guy is a hoot

Regents approve punishments up to expulsion for UW students who repeatedly disrupt speakers

Putinist influence was spread far and wide in the 2016 election, did they get Electors too?

Trump's Vulgar 'Access Hollywood' Tape Is Being Played On A 12-Hour Loop On The National Mall

The train's coming! The train's coming!

Reproductive Rights and the Long Hand of Slave Breeding (TODAY is a good day to re-post this)

Spicer always had that guilty dog look... Sanders just looks offended...

Explain to me why/how birth control is a religious or govt issue at all.

Trump Effect: Minnesota mayoral candidate shocking racial rant (VIDEO)

US escalates trade dispute with UK and Canada over Bombardier

US escalates trade dispute with UK and Canada over Bombardier

YouTube alters search algorithm over fake Las Vegas conspiracy videos

YouTube alters search algorithm over fake Las Vegas conspiracy videos

Latest on TS Nate - Hurricane Warning for Metro New Orleans

GOP rep: More people being armed worked in 'the Old West'

AP-NORC Poll: Just 24 percent say US heading right direction (Trump 67% disapproval)

Doesn't anyone here watch "Halt and Catch fire"?

By the rules of our elections

Nazis pissed that video-game about killing Nazis implicates that Nazis are bad people.

Ole Miss adopts the Landshark as its official mascot

Why do so many men think it's okay to discriminate against women's

Canada Post To Start Delivering Marijuana

Retire ? Ha ! The new reality of old age in America (WaPo)

A MODEST PROPOSAL for Supporting Ye 2nd Amendment Gun Rights Whilst Simultaneously Doing Something a

I found out who "Monopoly Man" from photo is.

Brothers and Sisters - Trump is the poster child for fascist occultism

He is crazy! He is crazy! He is crazy! Help! Help! Drumpf has finally

Medieval people walked with a totally different gait than modern people.

50 minutes of Steve Earle, live @ Haight St Art Center, with guest Bob Wier

Quiz: How Normal Are You?

What building has the most stories?

Lawrence last nite.... chilling....he will kill us....

Ralphie May has died

U.S. will phase out programme for Central American child refugees

U.S. will phase out programme for Central American child refugees

Dangerous Case Of Donald Trump (27 Psychiatrists Assess A President) russia

Cuba-US direct mail agreement on standby

The real Lone Ranger

OK, here's how post disaster debris cleanup works.

Could Mueller ever execute a no knock warrant at the White House...

Joke's over: Sean Spicer hires adefense lawyer with aparticularly interesting set of skills

We need a voice

Shaun King: Lifelong white supremacist/Neo-Nazi, Dennis Mothersbaugh, being extradited (tweet)...

The Last Abortion Clinic - Frontline

Cops execute black male for riding his bike without a light...

Trump's 'Access Hollywood' video is playing on a giant screen at the National Mall.

Sanders always looks like she just changed a dirty diaper.nt

does anyone in the private sector have Columbus Day off?

Texas health officials confident children's insurance program will be renewed

The "calm before the storm" refers to....


Powerful senator trying to make infamous pee tape dossier disappear from the FBIs Trump-Russia in

University lets students donate peanut butter to pay off parking ticket

Comedian Ralphie May has died

President Sabotage

Comedian Ralphie May has passed away at the age of 45!

ICE director plans more neighborhood arrests after California's 'sanctuary state' bill

Exodus From Puerto Rico Could Remake Florida Politics

Paul Gosar was elected by the citizens of Arizona to provide leadership

Las Vegas gun show canceled after mass shooting

Tweety didn't try to talk over Joy Reid..

Meet Kevin Warsh, the man Trump may tap to wreck the American economy

One year ago......................a sexual predator was exposed

One year ago a sexual predator was exposed....................

Four years later, the IRS tea party scandal looks very different. It may not even be a scandal.

CNN covering Kelly on the chopping block, he is like a Janitor

Rex Tillerson at the Breaking Point

NYT: Exodus From Puerto Rico Could Remake Florida Politics

ICE director plans more neighborhood arrests after Californias sanctuary state bill

What are the chances that Trump will do something stupid....

VA Dem Candidate Raises Over $69K From Trump Tweet

From the time I first heard of the "calm before the storm" comments, I thought . . . .

Donny Jr's tweet about the Harvey Weinstein situation probably didn't go as planned