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Archives: November 2, 2017

WH denies Trump ever called justice system 'a laughingstock' after he did

DEPLORABLE Fox News Hit Piece On Jake Tapper That Plays At People's Ignorance

Sows discord as police try to retrace attacker's moves

Groper Don the Con has no credibility on terror

For Trump, Octobers two mass killings lead to very different responses

And the vast majority of the GOP are still turning a blind eye

Las Vegas vs. New York responses

Rural Americans don't want job training

Administration sought counterterror cuts

Put me in Coach

Impeachment articles to be filed before Thanksgiving

List of senators who voted for the 90's visa poilcy that Don the Con wants to end

An unofficial video of "We Didn't Start the Fire"

Strike outs are fascist

Last video of the five Argentines killed in the Manhattan attack

RWW: Laura Loomer Goes Ballistic In Anti-Muslim Tirade

If Trump is ultimately impeached, or if he resigns to avoid impeachment,

November is #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth.

Must-listen - "Paul Ryan is not a coward. Paul Ryan is courageous"

Building mural in Lyon, France

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has become "Baghdad Bob" ..what did she do today?

No doubt about it: Al Fraken has caught Jeff Sessions prejurying himself under oath!

8 taken into custody during Milo Yiannopoulos visit to Cal State Fullerton, with 1 ending up in jail

Don Jr just out-dumbed his socialism-lesson tweet with his response to his critics

Trump administration has sought domestic counterterror cuts

Any Word on whether Mueller will hand down more indictiments this week?

A "who's next" Poll

i'll try this again...Trump will probably try to get us into a war...we, the rank and file

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Mueller Time

Stewart Mills the Third announces he's not running in the 8th this year.

On a totally unrelated topic, a quick question . Why after campaigning in

After planned rally, items found hidden by Murfreesboro courthouse

Dodgers Look Horrible tonight...

Rachel talking Dana Boente firing and lots of Russia stuff. Adam Schiff on later. Who's watching?

Yu Darvish...more like Huge Divot

OK, that's it. I'm rooting for the Astros

Roy Moore: Congress should use every means necessary to counteract activist judges who oppose Trump

45 cut cut cut bill name shows he really is a stunted ignorant

White House's Sanders: Trump's flaw is having to deal with you guys on a daily basis

Anybody check your insurance rates on my premium per month went up 350% for 2018

Editorial from the QC Times on the mess in Muscatine

I worked for Paul Manafort. He always lacked a moral compass.

*Black people look directly into camera* is reporting that there a shooting at a Walmart in Thornton, CO.

Police: 'Multiple parties down' in Colorado Walmart shooting

Trump and the Republicans cannot govern. Is that a feature or a bug?

VA-GOV: Today's early voting update.

LOL! Merriam-Webster says lookups of "apoplectic" up 38,000% after Vanity Fair headline on Trump

Ma, can I just get one candy bar? Please? Please?

Milo Yiannopoulos talk at CSUF lures supporters, protesters, with 8 arrested

Multiple people down in shooting at Colorado Walmart: police

愛のカケラ / Every Little Thing

2018 US Senate Election Rating

Hackers Compromised the Trump Organization 4 Years Ago and the Company Never Noticed

just wondering why

Here's How Space Travel Changes the Brain

Dutch Championship Canal Jumping

Why does TWITLER keep talking to NYT's Maggie Haberman and Peter Baker

Used Presidency For Sale

Donald Jr. wasn't teaching about Socialism he was giving Chloe a lesson in 101 Trumpism

One reportedly dead in shooting at Walmart in Thornton

Putin's Revenge, Part 2 PBS stations NOW

Mr Smith Goes To Washington on TCM now and boy


Whats the deal with the headlights on the umpire?

Do you want to hear Putin sing On Blueberry Hill?

Papadopoulos is now the Typhoid Mary of the Trump campaign

stupid question: why do people here capitalize the R in president?

2 dead, 1 injured after shooting at Thornton Walmart

he's still blowing off steam on his tweet machine...

New marketing campaign by Papa Johns pizza

Morning Jerk made an actually good point: Britain's view of our TWITLER prob vs BREXIT:

Ohio House passes bill to ban abortion after Down syndrome diagnosis

The Cut,Cut,Cut tax bill

Anyone on DU from North Carolina with the ACA?

Trump: US justice system a 'laughing stock,' 'joke'

Mueller has dozens of sealed indictments...LM

Kentucky jail guard sentenced to 10 years for beating inmate to death

John Kelly is getting the full Lawrence O'Donnell takedown treatment!

Wow. Kudos to Lawrence O'Donnell for his condemnation of John Kelly.

Bush Jr...never to be resurrected...NEVER.. Bush Jr. is evil incarnate. Never forget that.

OKAY this is JUST weird, but I like it....

Here are some Russian ads that deceived users on FB and Instagram

Utah nurse reaches $500,000 settlement in dispute over her arrest for blocking cop ...

Republicans Get A Clue

Natasha and Nikita Magnitsky in Canada today, along with Bill Browder:

Seth Meyers: Donald Trump Jr.'s Donald Trump Mask, Christopher Columbus' Birthday - Monologue 10/31

Nunes claims there is "absolutely no evidence" that Republicans started the dossier

Remember the Boy Who Cried Wolf?

Why is it tRUMp never mentions

Twitter thread on Trump org subdomains routing to Russia. Sharing servers with Wikileaks??

Think I might go get that new Snoop Dogg album. The cover...

Lawrence O'Donnell: John Kelly has lost the benefit of the doubt - FULL VIDEO

Seth Meyers - How the GOP Is Reacting to the Papadopoulos Indictment: A Closer Look, Press Briefing

The Daily Show: How to Politicize the Halloween Terror Attack in New York

The Daily Show: Hillary Clinton - "What Happened" & What Comes Next for America

The Daily Show: Hillary Clinton - "What Happened" & What Comes Next for America

Trump-tweet target Tom Steyer's impeachment campaign tops 1.3 million signatures

Silicon Valley Skewered by Democrats on Slow Russia Response

Trump just tweet-shouted that the NYC terrorist SHOULD GET DEATH PENALTY!

Holy Crap... The Lastros no more...

Hackers Compromised the Trump Organization 4 Years Ago and the Company Never Noticed

The internet is going insane over strawberry pizza: 'I want to die.'

World Series 2017: Astros Beat Dodgers for First Title

Trump is a symptom ... of the right wing media

I'll drink to that!

The Obama foundation summit Community Event was great music & great inspiration

33,000 gun deaths each year and nothing is done...

A frame that could give Democrats the unifying concept to WIN?

More Clear By The Day. 2016 Election Was Complete Clusterfuck In Every Way.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, November 2, 2017 -- What's On Tonight: Sophia Loren

Just Past Halloween, Trump's Already Turned on His Fucking Son-in-Law.

Puerto Rican Gay Bar Bombed After Reopening in Hurricane Maria's Wake

Georgia AG wont defend server-wiping case

So....what will cause a full "King George" ...?

Tesla fired 700 employees after performance reviews in the third quarter

Imperial Beach officials say shoreline hit by Tijuana sewage without warning, residents fall ill

Trump just said alleged NYC terrorist should be killed. That may hurt the case against him

Khizr Khan tells San Diego audience about his run-in with Charlottesville white nationalist rally

It's important that this Frontline episode is seen by as many

It's November. Time to throw out the pumpkin.....

N.J. police chief said black people are 'like ISIS' and he'd like to be 'on the firing squad,'

Rep. Duncan Hunter said GOP tax bill could cost Californians more than others, but he still supports

A question about the Mueller investigation

Colorado Walmart shooter, a Caucasian male, still at large.

Bocanegra needs to to look at his own heart about remaining in office, top Democrat says

She rubbed bloody tampons on her roommate's bag - then bragged about it online, cops say

We need some new Trump avatars for DU.

Congratulations to the Astros...and especially to the people of Houston.

Silent thread for those killed in the Denver and New York mass killings this week.

One more trumpy bear ad

Brother of Las Vegas victim wants California pension funds to divest from gun sellers

"Democrats face midterms: No party unity, message, or vision"

Los Angeles Times, other news outlets file lawsuits to obtain Las Vegas shooting records

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/1/17

Cops Accuse Entire Family of Robbing their Own Home, Hold 4 Children at Gunpoint

Could Massachusetts lead all of New England to change time zones?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the right mouthpiece for a truth-twisting president

Acid reflux drug linked to more than doubled risk of stomach cancer study

The Democratic Party is a strong governing presence in America, not a tool of corporate media.

Shout out to Helen Reddy...

GOP campaigns took $7.35 million from oligarch linked to Russia

Minor quality control issue creates new problem for F-35 enterprise

Favorite Camp?

A particularly disgusting example of the russian 2016 election psyops:

McCain: "theres no Miranda rights for somebody who kills Americans"

Polls: Americans Aren't Buying Key White House Arguments For Tax Overhaul

Bernie Sanders Went to Canada and Learned a Few Things

Allen restaurant blasted for bathroom doors that feature Caitlyn Jenner before, after transition

Will Trump Fire Mueller As He Leaves On His Asian Trip?.....

Jubliant madness erupts in downtown Houston after Astros World Series win

People hate Hillary for a simple reason. And it has nothing to do with her or with politics.

Mueller Reveals New Manafort Link to Organized Crime

Michael Flynn Followed Russian Troll Accounts, Pushed Their Messages in Days Before Election

Puerto Rico financial crises is a wake-up call for territory (American Samoa), says Utu

Did I hear this right?

Trump: NYC attacker "SHOULD GET DEATH PENALTY! Should move fast. DEATH PENALTY!"

Nancy Pelosi Has Trump Right Where She Wants Him

Rep. Wilson returns to Capitol after facing death threats

On Bill Press 75% Middle ClassTaxes GO UP W/GOP Tax Cut.

The definition of "Word Salads" in thirty seconds of BS & Lies

Americans Freaking Out

Trump tried to explain his tax plan. It was a disaster.

Make no doubt about it, the guy who killed 8 people is a bad guy.

Trump: "I don't eat babies! Hillary eats babies!"

House GOP waffles on Trump's promised permanent cut in corporate tax rate

Virginia Gov. McAuliffe: If any American was involved with election interference, 'it's treason'

Beauty Contestants Protest Violence Against Women by Reciting Murder Stats, not Bust Size.

The other huge scandal Mueller brought to light this week

Trump is faithfully following the autocrats playbook - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

A definitation of UBI.

Michelle Obama: 'Don't tweet every thought'

CNN is sort of communicating with the moron via live AM TV

Q: Do you think that Donald would start assassinating Americans or is this a line too far for him?

John Dean on Trump's claim he's not under investigation: 'So out of touch it's frightening'

Al Franken Lays Into Facebook Executive Over Russian Ad Buys in Tense Senate Hearing

I am surprised no one is talking about Donna Brazile

U.S. Prosecutors Consider Charging Russian Officials in DNC Hacking Case

U.S. Prosecutors Consider Charging Russian Officials in DNC Hacking Case.

Inside Hillary Clintons Secret Takeover of the DNC (By DONNA BRAZILE November 02, 2017)

Google and Facebook's Congressional Testimonies Reveal a Deep Hypocrisy at the Heart of the Missions

Saucebowl Rumble: Papa Johns vs Little Caesars!

Trump defends decision to charge NYC terror suspect in federal court

An Antidote For Civil War Stupidity.....

well, that didn't take long...

Gitmo Judge Convicts U.S. General-Because He Stood Up for Detainee Rights


If you are in DC, eat at The Bird:

CNN: Longtime Trump Confidante To Appear Before House Intel Committe

Sen. Cantwell: Bringing coal back "from the grave" isn't the future

Wow remember a few months ago during an interview Hillary slammed t he DNC

Hillary on the Daily Show

WWII veteran among last who survived sinking of USS Indianapolis dies at 95

Scientists Say They've Found Hidden Space In Great Pyramid Of Giza (NPR)

The Daily 202: Red state Democrats are proposing lots of ideas to cut taxes and work with Trump

Putin's Revenge

Rick Perry suggests fossil fuels help prevent sexual assault

Approved bill would tighten family violence law in Guam

Russia hackers had targets worldwide, beyond US election

"Don't believe your eyes." . . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Huckabee. Sanders!!!

Once again, Republicans prove themselves unable to govern.

Church: Brouillard removed as Minnesota priest in 1985 because of questions about Guam guest

moron talks out of his a-hole again

In Midst Of Russia Probe, Papadopoulos Pondered Run For Congress, Book Deal

Christianity Is Just A Better Religion Than Islam

Serious observation about a b.m.

Samantha Bee rips John Kelly a new one:

Trump Halloween Event Goes Horribly Wrong

Is Jeff Sessions in Danger of Indictment?

Clinton: 'Most Serious People' Understand Dossier Funding Was Legal

Chinese bombers practicing Guam attack

Easy way to take and share screenshots (Firefox):

Blue Dog Dems back bipartisan health bill

MAGA! WV Residents Get 5-Minute, Largely Inaudible EPA Presentation On Potential Cancer Cluster

Tomorrow, America breathes a sigh of relief.

Brazile: 'Proof' that Clinton rigged nomination process broke my heart

Good Idea, Guys! Home Depot Removing Lead, Formaldehyde, Triclosan From Paints, Carpet

Stephen Paddock Wasn't an Immigrant, but He Was a Domestic Terrorist

Pollsters: Democrats will lose unless they turn 'rigged' message back on Trump

Hey, I alerted on an OP that I believe broke the "Don't refight the primaires" rule

Flint Manslaughter Trial: Staff Says Snyder Knew About Legionaire's Outbreak

Trump claims a win over Obama: 'Warm rapport' with authoritarian Duterte, who called the US 'lousy'

Ex-FBI official: Mueller "closer to the Oval Office than many of us realized" (begins @ 23:55 mark)

On the first day of Fitzmas Bob Mueller gave to me

The 'golden past' is a crock - By Jennifer Rubin

Dear DEMS! Pay no attention to nay-sayers & people with agenda who wish our party ill!

Homemade Hot Sauce - Fermented Pepper Relish

Pizza, Pizza

Ivanka Trump Has an Army of White House Employees Scrambling to Address Her Every Need

Rodrigo Duterte is a terrorist

Something to Hope For:

All the President's Men....

Republicans Release Tax Plan, Cutting Corporate and Middle-Class Taxes

The Rise of George Papadopoulos, a Trump Adviser Who May Kill Trump's Presidency

CNN Breaking News - GOP tax plan details

Why the far right believes a US civil war will start on Saturday

Tammy Baldwin is fighting back!

This just in! FoxNews to become FoxPutin!

Guess how many degrees of separation it is from Trump to "world's most dangerous mobster".

Hilarious Video by MSNBC: Trump's Habitual Attempts to Cover Up His Teleprompter Reading Impairment

Opiod commission calls for more drug courts - but no new money

Tax Bill will be DOA

Trump's tax plan takes from the blue states and gives to the red states.

There is no Collusion in the Russian-Election Investigation, and My Theory of the Case

Police catch 'nonchalant' gunman who killed three at Colorado Walmart

Stop bashing Hillary.

Georgia insists server deletion was "not undertaken to delete evidence"

Georgia insists server deletion was not undertaken to delete evidence

Russia probe could derail Trump nominee for top Agriculture post

Here are the Kremlin-backed Facebook ads designed to foment discord in US

Puerto Rico seeks help as Medicaid crisis deepens after Maria

Puerto Rico seeks help as Medicaid crisis deepens after Maria

Ivanka Trump has an army of White House employees scrambling to address her every need

Prosecutor reveals new details in 1983 slaying of black man

I thought our system of justice, when properly applied, is a light unto the world


Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - The Assholiest Criminal

Tribe: The path to autocracy, even tyranny, has shockingly few obstacles for a dirtbag like Trump

Thursday Toon Roundup 2 - Abuse of all kinds

South Korea spy agency sees signs of planned new missile test by North

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

U.S. lawmakers urge EPA to enact 'well-rounded biofuels policies'

Chuck Norris gets another chance

not sure if my last jury comment went through correctly

How many more American institutions can tRump dis before his cult reacts negatively?

I've been waiting for this. (Obama getting active)

Breaking! Clovis withdraws nomination!

This DC Restaurant Will Serve $5 Moscow Muellers Anytime a Trump Associate Is Indicted

Scientists discover hidden structure in Egypt's Great Pyramid

Scientists discover hidden structure in Egypt's Great Pyramid

Rentech's Mercer to Resign as Co-CEO of Hedge Fund

Facebook reminded me of a post from five years ago

Clovis needs more "lawyer time"

Bernie had a joint fundraising agreement with the DNC too.

Nothing but admiration for Firefighters

No Clovis hoof!

Nancy Pelosi Has Trump Right Where She Wants Him

We are in a constitutional crisis right now!

gop ON NOW Announcing Top 1% Tax Cut Plan

Donald's 'Outrage/Terrorist Chart' found!

Alec Baldwin Imagines President Trump's First Day at the White House (Exclusive Book Excerpt)

Paul Ryan is a disingenuous financial ghoul

TalQual: Another newsprint outlet closed by Chavista hegemony.

Guess Who...."Rapes Are Less Difficult In The Dark"

Sam Clovis withdraws from consideration for Agriculture post after his name surfaced in Russia probe

Newsweek Cover & Article! Snakes on a Plane

Reminder: Use your phone to send faxes to members of Congress (free service)

Mercer to Cut Ties with Brietbart and Milo

You Have Until 2024 To Reduce Your $5 Million Estate

Trump-connected preacher shows the crazy...

Rick Perry has found the way to stop sexual assault!

North Korea defector urges US to use soft power our last Gov race, the DEM chair DENIED us a primary

Wichita restaurant burns down in what owners believe was a hate crime

Drug 'melts away' fat inside arteries

Quick...Get The Baby In The Tax Cut Press Conference Shot

Yet another high-profile photo of George Papadopoulos (with Greek President)

Clovis Withdraws Nomination for USDA Post

YAY!! No Estate Tax On My $5 Million Family Business

'Sarah, what day did the debate about guns stop??

Tip o' the hat to DUer Emulatorloo who pegged everything back in June 2016.

"Checks in the mail! Trust us!" Venezuela still hasn't paid some bondholders, could lose CITGO today

WOW Mercer steps down from his Hedge Fund and Clovis withdrew his Nomination

Um where is my tax cut?

How Do You Explain The Estate Tax To The Ignorant?

I'm A CPA, I Assure You That 2018 Tax Returns Will Not Be Filed On Postcards

Can I ask a stupidly simple but honest question?

Trump-Allied Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne Says The CIA Controls ISIS And Vaccines Are Population Cont

The Brilliant Robert Reich On CNN Now

PSA - Another Kidde fire extinguisher recall

Looks like Mercer stepping down because of ties to white nationalists:

The GOP tax reform bill repeals the Johnson Amendment

Just this one time we need to do exactly what Trump says.

House Democrats file lawsuit over access to Trump hotel documents

On Ryan's tax announcement . . . "We get a cup of coffee"

Nigel Farage thinks Americans should be concerned

Dem Senators Sanders and Warren: "Unpacking Tax Reform"

Manafort defense blasts indictment as based on 'tenuous legal theory'

Can a thread be stickied for a few weeks?

The GOP tax reform bill repeals the alternative minimum tax

Think about this before embracing stories that appear to

Ethics watchdog: GOP tax bill written to cut Trump's taxes

Oversight Dems Sue Trump Admin Over Trump DC Hotel Documents

Robert Mercer's resignation (as Co-CEO) letter

Jeff Koterba's Oct. 31 cartoon: Trick-or-treating in D.C.

I think my TENS device is trying to kill me.

Trump-aligned network courts OReilly

The 5 Stages Of Gun Nut Grief

Iran's Khamenei Calls U.S. Top Enemy After Trump Speech

I have to say my heart went out to the poor farm girl who had to pay the Estate Tax.

Mercer stepping down as RenTech CEO & selling Breitbart to daughters as much a fraud as Trump

Congressmen Dana Rohrabacher, Andy Harris say they will give away Paul Manafort donations if...

Thousands of ISIS Fighters Returning to Western Countries, Including the United States

Mueller and civil forfeiture. (Pure speculation.)

This holiday, try the reverse advent calendar basket.

Ex-CIA director asked Republicans to condemn Russian sabotage before election and they refused

Former MI6 Officer Steele Was Paid $168,000 For Dossier, Fusion GPS Says

Dear Donna: Thanks for the years of defeatism, poor leadership, and now overt opposition.

First DU posts about Russia Meddling operation?

McMaster may move Afghanistan envoy position to White House

"Nixon's the one"

Heritage Foundation Complains That Not Enough Of Its Judicial Nominees Are Getting Confirmed

We fight with each other while Rome burns

What Experts Know About Men Who Rape

Hey Donna! You made the TOP of Rusty Lintball's show....You should be proud.

📻 Telstar 🎸

Paul Manafort's lawyers misspelled Cyprus throughout his bail memo.

Sessions under renewed scrutiny on Capitol Hill

What did Russia get out of all this??

Trump: Americans will get "a big, beautiful Christmas present in the form of a tremendous tax cut"

I dunno...our FRiends are reading the new tax bill and they don't seem to be happy

Manafort is not a good person. Just look at the evil he has sowed.

Number One 🎟 11/02/62

Is this the greatest thing ever or the worst thing ever?

Great read on Slate "How Global Warming Is Like Nuclear War"

Pic Of The Moment: The Republican Plan To "Cut Cut Cut!"

Trump's Mueller Problem

POTUS FIB: "We just had a big meeting on DACA... You'll be hearing about that very soon."

So are we going to see Donna Brazile all over Fox News now?

Terror is good for Trump's numbers

Archbishop of Canterbury praises article accusing BBC of sneering attitude to religion

The republicans are lost in their own world

Donna Brazile's Curious Account of the 2016 Election

Ever wondered what became of lefty blogger H.A. Goodman?

This wins today.

The Great American Swindle. Remember the movie The Sting. We are in one.

NFL TV numbers' plunge deepens. (they killed the golden goose)

No estate taxes mean Economic Absolute Monarchial rule

Starting premise: Trump colluded with the Russians

Shrimp Christmas Tree Appetizer With Eggnog

On this upcoming presidential overseas trip --

How does a post with no words break this rule ???

Pierce: Trump's Prep for His Asia Trip Is Not Encouraging

Kislayak met with officials at Kennesaw State University - Interesting development

Early voting very good in Virginia

Kevin Spacey to Seek Treatment as Sexual Accusations Grow

Wonkette on today's Politico exerpt of Brazile's book

Happy 80th birthday, Earl Carroll, lead singer of The Cadillacs.

Ex-CIA director asked Republicans to condemn Russian sabotage before election -- and they refused

Christie's wife nailed in N.J. Distracted Driver Dragnet

Here's another one -- with Scientology in the mix...

Fairfax Police Chief Defends Officers Who Took Down Reporter Arrested For Cursing

Comey's new book title: "A Higher Loyalty" is a clear jab at Trump.

Post-ABC poll: Most Americans approve of Trump-Russia probe, and nearly half think Trump committed..

Major trump donor Robert Mercer owes the IRS $7 billion in back taxes.

Bernie Sanders: Yuge tax cuts for multinational corporations and the top 1%

GOP In Power Means Massive Corruption/Criminality/Thievery Et Al.

Most Americans approve of Trump-Russia probe, and nearly half think Trump committed a crime

Trump team in huge Russia trouble -- but the REAL story is evil Citizen Hillary (again)!!! What BS.

Hes Got Bone Spurs

Bernie Sanders: Yuge tax cuts for multinational corporations and the top 1%

House Republicans propose to scrap $7,500 electric vehicle credit

As I've been noting over the past 2 weeks, AG Jeff Sessions is looking like a *primary* target

Don't worry, this will be the easiest tax bill to defeat in history

Cut Cut Cut Bill? Sounds like a cheap subway ad card for a Mohel

Sierra Club calls for Perry to resign over sexual assault comments

Redflow ZCell batteries Fully Charged

Plan to Phase Out 2 Dozen Programs Stuns Faculty at Wisconsin-Superior

At least five people close to Trump engaged with Russian Twitter trolls from 2015 to 2017

GOP tax bill would allow churches to endorse political candidates

Fine print: GOP tax bill repeals a law barring churches from endorsing political candidates

Good graphic connecting Trump, Citizens United, Rebekah Mercer and Robert Mercer.

Senators troll Facebook with fake ad campaign

Mercer wanna cookie and a pat on the head?

machine can recycle plastic in your own home

The Lutheran Hour Is Still Broadcasting

Clovis Admits He Has No Science Credentials

What If Trump Didn't Know About the Collusion?

For crying out loud!

Toon - All the President's Men

Big Mother (instead of Big Brother)

I'm seeing a lot of "We should just give up" posts

Oh? I do declare.. Beauregard Jefferson Sessions NOW recalls Trump-Putin Meeting

Going to put "Donna" and " Brazile" on my auto-trash by keyword list

Just In: Trump Supporters Clamor for GPS Monitoring Anklets

Breaking: AG Jeff Sessions just remembered discussing Russian deal (not a Joke)

prediction: tax bill will end up in the same trash heap as the 'healthcare' bill

Food For Thought: Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, Donna Brazile, Nina Turner

JUST IN: Judge orders lawyers in Manafort and Gates case to stop talking about the case outside of c

Mercer's stepping down from Breitbart and RenTech because investors were complaining

Okay, we all know *THE* big fish. But who are the bigger fish you think will be caught by Mueller?

I havent read the entire Brazile piece yet

Conflicting Provisions In House GOP Tax Bill May Curb Middle Class Income Hikes

Progressive Praise 4 HRC, From a Bernie Supporter:" Instead of yelling @d problem, they rolled up.."

MSNBC just pointed out tax bill slashes corp. rate w/o getting rid of any loopholes

Judge worried Manafort could pose flight risk

"I am not a crook compared to that guy."

More questions than answers about professor linked to Russian

Oh My God.. Watch Kati Tur destroy David Brat's

Hmmm. Donna Brazile is pissed off about something!

Russian bots are spreading crap saying we are going to overthrow Trump Saturday

Sessions now says he was aware of Papadopoulos-Russia contacts - contradicting his sworn testimony

Twitterverse anticipating another Freaky Friday!

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders well roasted in the LA Times

AG Jeff Sessions Resignation Watch -- Betting Pool.

GOP tax bill would allow a 529 plan for your unborn child

Samantha Bee Rips 'Racist' John Kelly Over Civil War Comments

Massive Government Report Says Climate Is Warming And Humans Are The Cause

Singer, Arizona activist Katie Lee dies at 98

The House Republicans are a sleazy lot.

Jeff Sessions: "Ah wiyush ta ameyend mah earlier sworen statemunt"

Time to HOLLER LOUD: Tell Your Representative: NO tax cuts for the rich!

Be sure to empty your pockets...

Sam Bee Highlights A Key Predictor Of Mass Shootings: Domestic Violence

Trump Can Learn, LOL

BREAKING NEWS: Trump operating under false assumption Twitter was just private messaging service.

DNC fires its top fundraiser

Trump nominates Jerome Powell to head the Fed

49% of Americans believe Trump is a criminal, 44% do not

Wrestling With the Fact That Papadopoulos is a Moron - Josh Marshall

GOP tax bill would allow churches to endorse political candidates

If Kushner, Sessions, Clovis, et. al. werent breaking any laws

GOP tax bill would eliminate medical expense deductions

Rep. Lamar Smith Announces Retirement

I just told an oil and gas lawyer to go F himself on facebook.

Ivanka Trump Used Private Emails With Treasury Officials

I made the switch to coarse Kosher salt.

With 'America First,' Trump mutes U.S. voice on human rights in Asia

"Papadopoulos, you say? Oh, dear. You must beg my pardon."

Posted on Facebook this morning.

Helen Reddy "I am WOMAN" 1971 and 2017

Helen Reddy "I am WOMAN" 1971 and 2017

Helen Reddy & Jane Fonda sing Songs by Women ◊ 1979

Please be patient with my posts.

Helen Reddy & Jane Fonda sing Songs by Women ◊ 1979

Washington Restaurant Offering "Moscow Mueller" Drinks for Each Indictment

A hilarious celebration of lifelong female friendship Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin

A hilarious celebration of lifelong female friendship Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin

From February: How a minor committee became a 'weapon' of the climate wars

No, Hillary Didn't "Rig" the Primary Against Bernie By Signing That Fundraising Agreement

Most corrupt administration in US history

*Lamar Smith quitting Congress; second Texas GOP chairman in two days *

God fucking damnit I am so fucking sick of the Hillary hate from the right and the left.

READ: The Republican tax plan...all 429 pages

TPM "Franken Blasts Sessions: Papadopoulos Docs Show You Failed To Tell The Truth"

Alex Ovechkin announces creation of social movement supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin

Trump Team to Promote Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power at Bonn Climate Talks

TPM "Wrestling With the Fact That Papadopoulos is a Moron"

Sanders Statement on GOP Tax Plan

Let's call them

Trump Wants to Save Big Coal with $11 Billion Annual Bailout

Jared's team has turned over documents regarding his role in Comey firing

Lordy! Same time Mercer is resigning, SCL/Cambridge FILED NEW FARA REGS!

It's time to quit for a while.

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right: Progressives, there are only two parties

An easy choice by DONNA BRAZILE

Investigators have begun asking about Jared Kushners role in the firing of FBI Director James Comey

Franken Blasts Sessions: Papadopoulos Docs Show 'You Failed To Tell The Truth'

🎸 Forty Miles Of Bad Road 🎷

The GOP Tax Plan Takes From Orphans, Gives to Trust-Fund Kids

8 million households that earn up to $86,100 will see a $794 tax increase under GOP Tax "Reform"

The Colorado Walmart shooting sure looks like a hate crime to me.

"Trump Boys Attempting To Tunnel From South Lawn To FBI Headquarters To Free Paul Manafort

Trump nominates some club members to plum government jobs

I though about putting this in pets but actually this is not about pets.

GOP Tax Reform - medical expenses and student loan interest can no longer be deducted

Burn coal ... rape less

so, has dolt45* said anything about the white male killer in thornton?

No surprise; pouring salt on the wound of racism won't help it heal

Goodbye Michael Fallon, Hello Gavin Williamson

So Hillary and Bernie both signed fundraising agreements with the DNC.

Popodopolous? Wasn't he colluding with Turkey???

Bernie Sanders: Killer Mike explains why Vincent Fort is the best choice for mayor of Atlanta

Nicole Wallace panel on MSNBC pummeling Mark Lotter now...

Jared Kushner's team turned over documents to special counsel in Russia investigation

KO: Is This the End of Trump's Sanity? As the net tightens, Donald Trump's behavior is getting mor

I'll throttle the next person I hear diss Nicole Wallace !!

ko:Is This the End of Trump's Sanity? As the net tightens, Donald Trump's behavior is getting more

Middle class GOP supporters

Yeah, So, That Donna Brazile Piece

Trump Team to Promote Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power at Bonn Climate Talks

DiGiorno Trolls Papa Johns After NFL Comments

Elizabeth Warren under the bus in 5... 4... 3...

Do you remember this? Trump campaign solicits illegal foreign donations despite warnings

Hey Kids, We've Got WAY More Important Things To Do Than Dig Up Corpses

Fistbump: yay or nay ?

Donald and Melania handing out candy to kids on Halloween.

Now that it's clear Russian's were involved with our election

Rick Perry says fossil fuels can help prevent sexual assault because they keep the lights on

Gunman Sought In Ohio McMuffin Rage Incident

VA-GOV: Democrat Northam with an Edge over Republican Gillespie, 47 Percent to 43 Percent

Remember when Trump said he could be President and run his businesses also?

7 hours into Carter Page interview, Rep. Speier steps out and says its gonna be awhile.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 3 November 2017

Sessions Suddenly Remembers Russia Conversation He Said Didn't Happen

Air Force vet missing for 40 years found living a double life

Reel Dead: Best Death Scenes from TV or a Flick?

Air Force vet missing for 40 years was found living a double life

Twitter Video: Are Republicans telling the truth about Canadian health care?

Trump Advisor George Papadopoulos speaking on behalf of Trump & the United States

BREAKING: Sen Leahy: AG Sessions Must Return To Judiciary Committee For Under-Oath Testimony

Adam Schiff Drops Devastating Truth Bomb By Saying Trump-Russia Collusion Is No Longer In Doubt

My partial analysis of the GOP tax plan

What kind of explosion does this look like?

Saudi Bombing Kills 29 Civilians in Yemen as Vote Looms to Stop US-Backed Carnage

First New Hershey's Bar Since 1995

Republican tax plan on education tax credits, deductions and benefits

Flying Under Radar of Trump Chaos, GOP Set to Confirm Slew of 'Extremist' Judges

I have a trumper aunt at my house. And this donna brazile shit and Elizabeth warren bull

Elizabeth Warren admits the Democratic Party was rigged against Bernie Sanders

The Arsonists Will Win if We . . .

"And costume of the year goes to...."

Former Nuns on Bus network issues statement on Trump/Ryan tax cuts

TripAdvisor removes warnings of rape and injuries at Mexican resorts tourists say

Donna Brazile retweeted this

Divided GOP unites by attacking Hillary Clinton - The Hill

Top Bump Stock Manufacturer To Resume Sales Of Deadly Device After GOP Congress Refuses To Act

How often or how quickly are appeals to alerts reviewed ?

Warm air shrunk the ozone hole to a record low in 2017

The Cut Cut Cut Act repeals the credit for small businesses to provide access to disabled

I can't believe it....My Congressman, Lamar Smith, denier of science, is retiring....

Why do the dems do this to themselves? We have a demented person

Blizzcon 2017 starts tomorrow

That is DNC internal mess. There are bigger fish to fry for we Democrats. Do not

One Call To Yourself When You Were Twenty. What do you say?

49 percent of Americans think Trump likely committed a crime (POLL)

Gorka parks on the goddamned sidewalk because, you know


Elizabeth Warren admits the Democratic Party was rigged against Bernie Sanders

Massive accident at NK nuclear bomb test-site could endanger their whole program.

Lester Holt is really nice.

PSA: Daylight Saving Time

On immigration, Kamala Harris is the anti-Sessions. And she's the first Democrat

My trumper aunt

Former Kremlin Adviser: Putin Believes He Elected Trump

VA-GOV: Dr. Michael McDonald tweets that absentee voting patterns suggests EARLY Northam lead.

Shoppers pulled guns in response to Thornton Walmart shooting, but police say that slowed investigat

This word, rigging. It does not mean what you think it does.

PBS Frontline - Putin's Revenge airing in parts on Oct 24 & Nov 1

Why do Republicans have so much power?

So no more medical expense deduction

Billionaire CEO Joe Ricketts shuts down DNAinfo and Gothamist, including Chicago operations

TCM Schedule for Friday, November 3, 2017 -- What's On Tonight: 70s Thrillers

Spanish judge jails eight members of deposed Catalan government

Got new glasses

Trump's account has been deleted on Twitter. Nope , it's back.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Nov. 2, 2017

Please someone explain to me. Why this Donna Brazile is doing this now?

Sure, tRump should fire Mueller, pardon everybody involved with Russia ... if he's guilty

All the president's men...

Will corporations end up paying almost nothing in taxes?

Politically, I don't think there can be a more stupid YES STUPID

Yes, Next federal election, is 12 months away. We will unite and win!!!

Listen Up Democratic Party folks

Al Franken is on Tweety talking about Jeff Sessions.

Sessions Suddenly Remembers Russia Conversation He Said Didnt Happen

Big Majority Approves of Muellers Investigation

Emperor Baby Hands knew: Trump and Sessions Denied Knowing About Russian Contacts. Records Suggest

Corey Feldman Names His Alleged Pedophile Abuser on Dr. Oz Show

Native American tribe opens huge pot store near Fremont Street in Las Vegas

CNN: Carter Page today told House that Sessions was informed

Slain infants brothers, ages 6 and 8, were capable of killing, defense team argues

Exclusive: Carter Page testifies he told Sessions about Russia trip

Would we really be better off if Sessions is forced to resign?

Scott Dworkin just tweeted that evidence of Putin/Papadopolous ties coming soon

Trump hires cabana attendant as a confidential assistant at the Agriculture Department.

Items on the menu at a Mexican restaurant.

The new GOP tax plan proves it: The problem isn't just Trump. It's Republicans.

Robert Mercer Sells Stake In Breitbart News, Recants Support For Milo Yiannopoulos

Opera fans, a question for you.