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Archives: November 30, 2017

Wonder where my wife will sleep

Sioux Leader To Trump: Leave The Office You Bought And Take Your Swamp Things With You

Former A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel's misdemeanor assault charge is dismissed

Best guess on what any of tomorrows twitler subject will be.

Russia Investigators Subpoena a Comedian. No, Seriously.

Fla-Voting restoration amendment has 900,000 signatures

Political humorist identified as Roger Stone's link to WikiLeaks: Sources

Jeb Hensarling backs former campaign manager Bunni Pounds to replace him in Congress

Rubio: Tax cuts 1st Step in Raiding Soc Security & Medicare to Pay off Deficit Caused By Them

I doubt I'm the only one to notice that Lauer's accuser came out Monday night and...

What will it take for racial harrassment claims to have the same effect as sexual harrasment

Corporations plan to turn over gains from GOP tax cuts to shareholders, not workers!

Gateway Pundits White House Reporter Arrested For Attacking Woman During Speech Full Of White Supre

Charles P. Pierce: The President Is Losing Whatever Was Left

Donald Trump takes the lowest of low roads on Matt Lauer

I figured out why Kathie Lee Gifford has publicly and explicitly "forgiven" Matt Lauer.

"And God said, let there be light. And there was light."

Senate passes procedural vote on tax bill

G.M. Unveils Its Driverless Cars, Aiming to Lead the Pack

CEOs keep contradicting Republican tax plan promises

What Archaeology Is Telling Us About the Real Jesus

Today in batshit crazy

Uber: Ex-employees claim that we hid trade secret theft was an effort to extort money

Priority One when a decompensating narcissist has his finger on the nuclear button

Here are some comments Trump made to his fans on his trip to Missouri today....

I smell something rotten in all these sexual misconduct accusations.

Just To Cheer You Up. Compilation of Clips Where Kellyanne Conway Gets Owned.

NBC should compensate the American people for having to suffer through Matt Lauer

Good news: Resisting Trump, churches give sanctuary to immigrants facing deportation

So there's an NBC Christmas special tonight starring Matt Lauer,

Kellyanne Conway will oversee opioid epidemic response, Sessions says

Colbert County being eyed for solar power farm (

What do you think about this Garrison Keillor take on Christmas?

Maybe if the Repub tax bill fails the Repus will be more willing to get trump out of office.

Question for the men: This is serious, not bait: Wondering what you're hearing.

Mercedes electric battery plant part of global strategy (

He's tweeting a response to Theresa May. What an ass.

Court tie means Louisiana Planned Parenthood keeps funding

Where the abusers make the rules

My theory on why Trump gets away with harassment, while others don't


Trump now dog whistling his Nazi pals with Deep State tweet:

CNN Exclusive: Jared Kushner met with special counsel about Flynn

Chris Hayes is starting off his show tonight talking

New York radio personality was Roger Stone's WikiLeaks contact

Jared Kushner met with Muller about Flynn

What do you think about Garrison Keillor's article about flamboyant gay dress?

Trump's Consumer Victory Officially Makes a Joke of Financial Reform

Trump mocks Asian allies of the United States as his tax reform speech goes off script

Geraldo Rivera Comments On Matt Lauer "News is a flirty business"

Piano Concerto #3 in C Minor, Op. 37 Ludwig van Beethoven

Women marched on Washington. Now they want to impeach Trump

Trump v UK again

Seth Meyers - Trump and Republicans Rush to Pass Their Radical Tax Plan: A Closer Look

House Democratic Caucus chairman on Conyers: 'The right thing will be done'

AP FACT CHECK: Anti-Muslim videos misrepresent what happened

I know it's getting close to Christmas and I like to hope for the best, but

Seth Meyers: The Best Way to Communicate with Trump, Grammy Award Nominees - Monologue - 11/28/17

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks: Roy Moore accuser forged yearbook inscription, is 'clearly a liar'

Carl Reiner on DT's "malicious misinformation, treasonable talk & sick, blatant, bald-faced lies"

Donald Trump attacks British PM Theresa May over her criticism of his far-right retweets

Ex-Mariner Bret Boone shows the world that he is a dumb-ass!

Cross post from General about Rubio that I hopes gets repeated during his next campaign!

Law enforcement leaders fight concealed-carry gun bill

FACT CHECK: Trump Says Obamacare Is 'Exploding.' It's Not

Trump Wanted a Bigger Tax Cut for the Rich but Lost to Ivanka

Senate GOP campaign arm stole donor data from House Republicans

MUST-READ from WaPo: Trump veers past guardrails, feeling impervious to the uproar he causes

House panel votes to expand right to carry concealed guns in victory for NRA

This former Ca State student from Germany deactivated the most important Twitter account in World

Schwartz: Only one reason DT's obsessed w/ his dwindling base. They're the only ones who admire him.

Obscure provision in Senate tax bill seen costing banks billions

There is an incompetent mad man who is taking our country

Trump wrongly says he won't benefit from GOP tax plan

China's Cosmic 'Monkey King' Satellite Looks for Dark Matter

The 25th Amendment is actually the "sanity clause" of our Constitution

Are Democratic women more likely to expose harassment than Republican women?

Manson, Dahmer, Gacey, Et Al Could Get Elected In This Environment If RW, GOP, Radical Christian.

People are getting recorded messages warning them to stop posting negative comments about Trump.

David Corn: Will the House Intelligence Committee Get the Truth From Erik Prince?

Roy Moore: women should not be permitted to run for office, or vote.

CNN's Acosta: Trump Thinks Standing by Obama Birtherism Would've Helped Him in Election

A nation can survive its fools... But cannot survive treason from within

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Insult to Injury!

Matt Lauer - insulting sexual harassment skit from 2012.

'MADMAN': NY Daily News Throws Gauntlet in Editorial Attacking Trump as 'Mentally Unwell'

Debra Winger is Wonder Girl

Bravo Sen. Whitehouse

One problem though

Oil tycoon Pickens puts Texas ranch on market for $250M

I always thought of Shostakovitch modern and, perhaps, atonally

Rethugs are destroying themselves by voting for Roy Moore. I'm OK with that.

NYT - Lauer summoned another woman, bent her over... She passed out and had to be taken to a nurse

Trump is on another tear this evening...

EXCLUSIVE: Trump Bragged: 'Nothing in the World Like First-Rate P**sy'

Despite reports, Dallas County sheriff says she hasn't resigned to run for governor

Russians succeeded in encouraging Brexit

GETTING my popcorn ready for Morning Joe to answer drumpf's insult.

The Insanity Defence

Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?....

White Christmas

Politico: John Kelly's losing battle with Trump's Twitter feed

Weirdest Christmas present?

'America's dirty little secret': the Texas town that has been without running water for decades

I think trump

Paul (The Liar) Ryan on the Tax Plan...

DNA analysis solves the Yeti mystery: They're bears

Trump Firms Must Save Records for AGs' Emoluments Lawsuit

Fort Worth Is The Latest Texas City To Grapple With Serious Pension Problems

Lea Salonga - I Dreamed A Dream

For your consideration

This could be fun: List all the stadiums, theaters, and concert venues you have been to.

Puerto Rico independence activist wraps up visit to Cuba

Trump Is Not Our Only Problem. It Is The Criminally Murderous GOP Sociopathic Congress.

Virgin Islands Gov. Mapp, Asked On Facebook Where He Resides, Responds 'Wit Ur Mudda'

'Hallucination Machine' Takes You on a Drug-Free Psychedelic Trip

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on What It Takes to Keep Trump in Check

Question: How long do you think it will take for the US to recover

37 Percent Of St. Croix, 48 Percent Of St. Thomas And 47 Percent Of St. John Now Restored With Power

Guess Donald Trump's Future Nickname for British Prime Minister Theresa May

US republicans divided about Trumps Colombia ambassador pick

Ellen Show producer nails Tucker Carlson for criticizing NBC's credibility

Interest high in casting write-in votes in Senate race, state election official says (

Americans arrested after taking photo at Thai temple showing their rear ends

GOP Not Worried. No One NOT Voting For Them Will Be Allowed To Vote.

Secretary of State John H. Merrill Issues Guidance for Casting a Write-in Vote

2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination - Luis Gutierrez (D-IL)

Prominent Republicans say Scott killed CFO proposal to help political ally

Black Voters Could Sway an Alabama Senate Race Rocked by Scandal.

Fake Roy Moore claims part of months-long conspiracy, Post reports (

Elusive Wild Dog Caught on Camera in Surprising Place

Elusive Wild Dog Caught on Camera in Surprising Place

Maryland and DC AG's given permission to supoena Trump's companies

ICEBERG WARNING: Huge berg breaks off glacier prompting MAJOR warning to ships

ICEBERG WARNING: Huge berg breaks off glacier prompting MAJOR warning to ships

Black Voters Could Sway an Alabama Senate Race Rocked by Scandal.

White House Bars One of Few Black Journalists From Attending Christmas Party

Schindler: Russia Conducts Nuclear Exercises Amid Orthodox End-Times Talk

Prehistoric Women Had Stronger Arms Than Modern Athletes

Zero tolerance means consequences for everyone

Shrink on LO'D's show talking about how Trump is basically nuts.

for sale on my website - marijuana leaf design aloha shirts and pillow covers!

Prenatal maternal stress affects size of the baby, study finds

Nazi sympathizer profiled by the New York Times says he lost his job and soon his home

What the hell can we do to stop this travesty of a tax bill

Project Veritas effort to infiltrate The Washington Post dates back months

Project Veritas effort to infiltrate The Washington Post dates back months

Archaeologist challenging the idea that prehistoric people in the Southwest subsisted on maize

The Mad King (part #9)

Fox News 'troubled' by Geraldo Rivera's tweets about sexual harassment

Matt Lauer - interviews of Hillary Clinton and donald trump - Don Lemon is going there!!!

Even More People Are Leaving Puerto Rico

JFK: The Lost Inaugural Gala TONIGHT, 11:00 PM ON WETA 26,

An American Family by Khizr Khan

Prediction: the Russia investigation will get so bad, trump will release the pee tape

The United States is becoming more and more diverse

The Insane King And His Courtiers.....

Honduras street protesters allege electoral fraud

TCM Schedule for Thursday, November 30, 2017 -- What's On Tonight: St. Andrew's Day

A year ago today I first showed you baby Lola....edited and added a few more shots

US female migrant detainees 'given bags to use as toilets'

US female migrant detainees 'given bags to use as toilets'

We're All Trapped with this Maniac, and Matt Lauer Just Locked the Door (Ferret/ShowerCap)

Moore has five-to-seven-point lead in three new polls

Why r people posting threads about

Collins and Murkowski push maniacs' lie that losing health insurance is 'freedom'

US Army Reserve Lt. Colonel sentenced to 4 years in prison for supplying Chinese-made gear to Army

Should Matt Lauer be charged with rape?

TCM Schedule for Friday, December 1, 2017 -- What's On Tonight - Christmas Double Feature

God posted a new photo on Facebook:

The Daily Show: A Boss Fight at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

State leaders have lost their credibility on prisons

TCM Schedule for Saturday, December 2, 2017 -- The Essentials - Colin Clive

If You Lived In Germany In the 1930s and Weren't Anti-Semitic, Were You in a Bubble?

Come on Donald, do the right thing. You can do it. I know you can.

Over the top or down the wall?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. set to serve as Grand Marshall in next year's Daytona 500

It Started as a Tax Cut. Now It Could Change American Life.

The Stories Behind Three Anti-Muslim Videos Shared by Trump Image

It Started as a Tax Cut. Now It Could Change American Life.

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy rejects release opportunity

By retweeting Britain First, Trump offends a decency he cannot understand

Coinbase Loses Bid to Block U.S. Tax Probe of Bitcoin Gains

Theresa May Comes Tantalising Close To Telling Donald Trump What She Really Thinks

Trump Wanted a Bigger Tax Cut for the Rich, Ivanka Went Elsewhere

The GOP Tax Cuts Are Even More Unpopular Than Past Tax Hikes

Drone Maker D.J.I. May Be Sending Data to China, U.S. Officials Say

What's pissing me off is not about the veracity of the videos. Okay, that pisses me off too.

Donald Trump Jr. to be interviewed by House Intelligence Committee next week

When I read GD, I can just feel the anger, hatred, bitterness and frustration

Trump Told Kellyanne Conway to Criticize Jones on Fox

Can anyone recommend a Chromebook for a sixth grader?

Parts of Siberia are Colder Than Minus 60 Degrees Fahrenheit, and It's Only November

How many on the progressive wing of the Democratic party were duped by Putin?.

"The Cider House Rules Suite"-Portman

Byzantine Orthodoxe Chantant en Francais/Greek Orthodox Chant-"Blessed Art Thou O Lord"/


Vivaldi: "Nulla in Mundo Pax Sincera l." (Emma Kikby)/Telemann:

Question from Ken Burch

Does anybody else find the juries really hard to take part in. Seems like

Senators Rewards Wealthy Change American Life They Vote 11/31/2017

It seems like some DUers are being...

Sadiq Khan calls arrest of female immigrant who reported rape 'unacceptable'

Bernie Sanders FURIOUSLY DESTROYS Republican Tax Scam

White House Bars April Ryan from Attending Christmas Party

How the GOP Has Already Hijacked the Alabama Election

Trump further embarrasses America on Twitter by complaining to woman who is not Prime Minister of En

Majority Report flashback: Anne Hathaway Owns Creepy Matt Lauer

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/29/17

Stephen Colbert - Guest San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz: Trump's Tax Bill Will Hurt Puerto Rico

Kushner real estate firm seeks to protect investors' names in lawsuit

Comcast deleted net neutrality pledge the same day FCC announced repeal

Bernie Sanders: What I learned in high school ... last week

Sanders Statement on Motion to Proceed with Republican Tax Plan

Come on ! Play Along ! Take any Movie/ TV title...

Migraine therapy that cut attacks hailed as 'huge deal'

No such thing as a moderate Republican

I was a Pet Sitter in Colorado...

North Korea: Unwanted war 'closer,' US warns

Kong: Skull Island

SBM Offshore N.V. & US Sub Resolve Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Case Involving Bribes in 5 Countrie

What's up pussycat? Kitten who has taken internet by storm thanks to her startled expression

(Jewish Group) Jews Were Most Targeted Minority in Canada in 2016, With Hate Crimes Up 20%

(Jewish Group) Jews May Have Killed Russia's Last Czar Nicholas II In Ritual Murder, Investigators C

Secretary of the Navy Censures Retired Senior Officer

(Jewish Group) Jewish groups demand Poland explain naked game of tag in Nazi gas chamber

Omega... The White Doberman

VA promises fixes after report blasts mistakes with reporting of problem physicians

Stopped at bakery its nice to patronize Democratic establishment

The conservatives are having each other for breakfast on

The DumbF#ck In Chief Tweets Back At The Wrong Theresa May...

Kittanning, PA, hunter bags 600-pound black bear

Another Buddy


Come Back

Could The UN Put Sanctions On Trump & The US?....

Christmas gift idea for somone you don't really care for that much?

Today the Senate likely will vote to repeal The New Deal

A Revenue 'Trigger' Would Shoot Down Tax Cuts If Economy Doesn't Grow As Expected

Matt Lauer and the emails: How accused harassers conjured a fake Hillary scandal

Matt Lauer: 'To the people I have hurt, I am truly sorry'

Trump hits out at UK PM Theresa May after far-right video tweets

A Way to Finish Off the Trump Administration:

Dear Congress, my #DreamForTheHolidays is to bring #TPS back. If you do, I'll be a great person!

Actor association.....fill in the actor of today that reminds you of these actors of the old days...

So This Matt Lauer Firing Has Successfully Taken....

London mayor: Cancel Trumps visit over anti-Muslim tweets

well well well even the Cowboys are starting to hate trump...

Pantokrator icon in the chapel at my parish

Americas Largest Senior Organization Just Issued A Dire Warning About Trumps Tax Plan

The tax bill is bringing drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge closer than ever

Trump takes on fat-cat teachers and their tax avoidance schemes

I actually like this picture. It shows exactly who is screwing our country.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors daughter.

Joe S is going off on Drumpf now...

It Started as a Tax Cut. Now It Could Change American Life.

My mom fell out of bed yesterday morning

People Are Getting Robocalls About Their "Derogatory" Trump Posts

Fox & Friends, 6:07 am, Trump, 7:01 am

STAY WOKE!!!: House GOP plans to introduce bill that embraces deregulation of higher education

Matt's truly sorry, embarrassed, ashamed, soul searching, taking a hard look at his troubling flaws

Our political foundation is rotting away - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

It's actually very simple.

Roy Moore: "Women should not be allowed to run for office or work outside the home."

CNN reporting 5th accuser comes forward against Al Franken

Has everyone called Senators Collins, Corker, Flake, Johnson, McCain, and Murkowksi?

OK, now I'm just mad as Army vet comes forward saying Al Franken cupped her breast.

Blackwater Brass Rips 'Spineless, Worthless' Jeff Sessions

Meghan Markle's activism to be held in check by royal protocol

Both CNN & MSNBC had commentators on who said the #TaxScamBill will probably pass.

How techs rampant misogyny was exposed by a tawdry awards ceremony

MRC's Brent Bozell: Bill O'Reilly Starting To Sound Like OJ Searching For Real Killers

Lauer Will Get Some Kind Of Job With GOP. But He Should Never Work Again.

Ezra Klein on the case for normalizing impeachment

Dana Nessel for MI Attorney General. She won't show you a penis.

trump is bringing america what republicans always bring america: tax cuts for the rich and War.

UK MPs: Trump should be arrested for inciting racial hatred if he sets foot in UK

Petty, Pettier, Pettiest: White House Bars April Ryan From Christmas Party

"News is a flirty business." . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Geraldo Rivera!!!

Don't Expect Many If Any GOP Women To Call Out Their Legislators. They Have Been Clamped Down On.

Geraldo Rivera Apologizes For Tweets on Matt Lauer: 'I Didn't Sufficiently Explain' Myself

ERL - Global Tropical Deforestation Up 53% 2001 - 2012, Largely Industrial Ag (Palm Oil, Soy)

Sen. Bernie Sanders Endorses 'Chuy' Garcia for US Rep.

Project Veritas founder vows more undercover operations: 'Being hated is a sign of respect'

Sen. Bernie Sanders Endorses 'Chuy' Garcia for US Rep.


MO DNR Rules That Hog CAFO Air Quality Rules Only Apply To Very Largest Sites

Another big scoop for TeleSur, the mouthpiece of Chavismo. Epic fail. Again.

Coating Of Bacteria & Algae Makes Marine Microplastics Irresistible To Anchovies

Accused Pedophile Roy Moore's rally is "Kid Friendly"

Murkowski Bill Would Elminate EPA Chemical Risk Assessment Program, Cut $150 Million In EPA Funding

Deeply unpopular Congress aims to pass deeply unpopular bill for deeply unpopular president to sign

Holy Cow! Franken has a special gift!

This is a table that the Senate GOP didn't want you to see.

Jim Carrey calls for removal of soulless traitors in White House and Congress

Trump is: The Republican Code-Talker

GOP chairman to include powerful surveillance authority in must-pass bill

Why is Trump going even more crazy?

New Zealand Examines Matt Lauer's Ranch Purchase After His Firing

Press Release WI Assembly Bill Runs Afoul of Federal Court Decision Protecting Early Voting

Youve been warned: Listen to the creepy robocalls being sent to people with derogatory Trump pos

Wondering aloud if Groper Don the Con will resign or be pushed out

Our political foundation is rotting away

Donald Trump Now Retweeting Anti-Muslim Videos

Canada House Passes Bill to FULLY LEGALIZE Marijuana

Trump's BILLION $$$$ BONUS (tax break) is the biggest scam of his life.

British PM on Trump retweets: We are not afraid to say when the US is wrong

Brzezinski , Scarborough to Trump: We are not intimidated

MATT LAUER is truly sorry

The New Tragedy of Coal Country

British MP: 'Trump should be arrested for inciting racial hatred'

Latest on the tax bill: Hatch says it will likely include a fiscal trigger . . .

The Tax Bill

Sam Brownback pushes Senate to confirm him as ambassador for religious liberty

Sioux Leader To Trump: Leave The Office You Bought And Take Your Swamp Things With You

The likelihood of finding archaeological evidence of Jesus is minuscule.

Several Republicans have come out and said that Donald Trump cannot be believed.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if a tweet surfaces

Protester who interrupted Moore: Someone needed to stand up for the girls

Tip - don't play the flinching game with a Canada goose

Well if it good enough for the president

Rep. Conyers is hospitalized.

U.S. Office Of Special Counsel Opens Case Against Kellyanne Conway

Mick Mulvaney, the Loan Sharks Friend

Today In Modern Internet Stupidity...

Greenland/Baffin Bay - Temps In Upper 30s, Raining; Oh, Ice Sheet May Be More Unstable Than Thought

Trump Says He'll Be Fine No Matter Who Wins In Alabama

Warning: Social Security faces a 23% cut

A Few Seconds Before Happiness

How do Republicans explain Donald Trump in the future?

The sexual harassment firings we're not hearing about:


Trump to replace Tillerson with Pompeo

Russell Simmons Steps Down From Companies Following Sexual Assault Allegation

Rep. Seth Moulton's plan to overhaul House Democrats with a 'new generation of leaders'

The Relentlessness of the Franken Accusations Makes Me think this is Coordinated

More courtroom madness - Ukraine 'father of deceased' sets off courtroom grenades

Squirrels, aisle 7

It Should Matter

Roy Moore's Alabama:

Tax cuts for the rich when the stock market is going through the roof...

John Conyers Hospitalized For Stress-Related Illness Amid Sex Scandal

OMG: This AL Church billboard is an accurate representation of a churchs moral bankruptcy!

i swear to god, this tax bill should just be renamed, Kill the baby boomers

Matt Lauer was fired for reported sexual harassment. Watch him question Hillary Clintons judgment.

No major change in number of jobs lost to foreign trade since Trump's election: report

What lies beneath?

Protests Against FCC Plan To Kill The Internet Dec. 7 in Ames, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids

Trump to light National Christmas tree tonight

National Federation of the Blind - Senate tax bill will be "disastrous"

BREAKING: Russell Simmons accused of sexual assault

Stand back, Republicans!!

A GrOPer sucker is born everyday

On Bloomberg news Crawl, Susan Collins has come out saying that she would find it hard to support

Americans can no longer deny the racism of Donald Trump.

Maryland, D.C. get subpoena power in Trump emoluments suit

Conservative site gets major blowback after defending Moore dating teens 'to raise a large family'

This is what happens when James OKeefe succeeds

Clear Evidence Why Many More Women Should Be In the Highest Positions of Leadership

Moore: Socialists, Liberals, LGBT People Behind Accusations Against Me

CNN's Zucker: Trump has made American journalism great again

Fox News refuses to run ad explaining how Trump personally benefits from his tax plan

The gang rape was horrific. The NAACP sent Rosa Parks to investigate. (WaPo)

Pic Of The Moment: Now The AARP Is Warning Seniors About The Dangers Of The Republican Tax Plan

White House Plans Tillerson Ouster From State Dept., to Be Replaced by Pompeo, Within Weeks

Maddow Explains The Russian Connections To Trump Team -- And Putin

The New Tragedy of Coal Country.

Theres no hiding from Trumps bigotry (WaPo)

James O'Keefe, head of Project Veritas, vows further undercover operations: 'Being hated is a sign o

2018 Is Now Just a Month Away, Everyone!

McCain to support the Tax Bill

Michigan Rep. John Conyers won't seek reelection amid damning sexual harassment scandal

A point about Matt Lauer's locked door ...

It looks like the tax bill is a done deal, so just maybe we can unite against the TRUE enemy of the

Writer Jenny Lumet: Russell Simmons Sexually Violated Me (Guest Column)

Trump wants you to know that because he got elected, you're not "low and glum."

Is "history of groping women a split second before a pic is snapped" a real thing?

King of Coal and Exalted Highness of the Deplorables to run for office

McCain to vote for GOP tax bill

McCain supports the tax bill.

Ahead of Vote, Promised Treasury Analysis of Tax Bill Proves Elusive

Remember Alan Keyes? He's back...

Minister who sang for Roy Moore lied for son accused of molesting Honduran orphans

Where is our counter proposal tax bill?

Congress should be given the same Medicare health plan that they are forcing on us

Labour MP brands Donald Trump 'racist, incompetent, unthinking or all three'

WaPo: President Trump says the tax bill will cost me a fortune. Thats false.

Library Cat Outlasts Councilman That Wanted Him Gone

White House Plans Tillerson Ouster From State Dept., to Be Replaced by Pompeo, Within Weeks

Albright: State Dept. vacancies a 'national security emergency'

With everything going on in this country, it seems like a good time to post this:

What happened to "regular order" McCain?

Pelosi calls on Conyers to resign

Minister who sang for Roy Moore lied for son accused of molesting Honduran orphans

Seems the Only Countries O Yellar has not pissed off (yet) are,,,,

Trump favorite words - "Disaster", "Wonderful", "Fantastic", "Huge", "Dishonest"

This mom will have to pay higher taxes.

The Latest: Rich homeowners get their private street back

Question about this Tax scam

The solution to the NFL's ratings and Protest Problem

Montgomery doctor pleads guilty to unnecessarily prescribing opiates, health care fraud

Trump on Tillerson: 'Rex is here'

The Way We Were

Rs being exposed as sexual predators leads to D politicians resigning, Media stars being fired

Pounding Mochi with the Fastest Mochi Maker in Japan

The Neo-Nazis Got Drunk And Wrote An Ode To Trad Women

Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - Moral Code Breaker

Tell me - Have you ever seen a pix of better contentment or satisfaction in the moment?

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Budget Breaker

No person who works for a corporation should be required to pay taxes.

Thursday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

GOP Plan Get Franken Out Of Senate. Then Seat & Congratulate Moore In The End.

Ice Cream MOCHI - You Made What?!

Herb and shallot compound butter

Had Eough Yet America??????

Pelosi calls on Conyers to resign . um... what about Russia installed Dear Leader?

John McCain is a Hypocrite

Women Accusing GOPPERS Are Democrats & Liars. GOP Accusers Against Franken Are Unquestionable.

Republicans making excuses for Trump on every issue

Time to pull money out of the stock market?

Old FDR poster still speaks truth "The party with a soul!"

Remember, Repubs denied a hearing for Obama's SC nominee

Charter is using net neutrality repeal to fight lawsuit over slow speeds

The Federalist: it's okay to molest 14 yr olds if they're not your kids.

We Are Facing So Many Days Of Dread.

One of my bedrock serious concerns is one I almost don't want to state "out loud":

Comcast deleted net neutrality pledge the same day FCC announced repeal

The 2 reasons this horrible tax scam will pass in the Senate

Clyburn calls for Conyers to resign

Democrats WILL NOT Be Rewarded For Doing The Right Thing. They Will Be Labeled As Weak.

A controversial 'oversight board' could take over Puerto Ricos hurricane rebuilding effort

A controversial 'oversight board' could take over Puerto Ricos hurricane rebuilding effort

Pelosi is now calling for Conyers to resign....

Koda Kumi(倖田來未)-Cutie Honey[MTV]

Joe Scarborough: Sources close to Trump say he has 'early stages of dementia'

DHS lacks funding to install new screening technology at every airport

What does love mean ?

Meghan McCAIN just referred to "my people". BEHAR called her on it & asked who? Answer: "Red State"

Ryan: Conyers Should 'Resign Immediately' Amid Misconduct Claims

Blackwater founder pitches plan to quell Libya migrant crisis with private police

As Tax Bill Vote Approaches, Susan Collins Says 'Not So Fast'

Sorry, Grumpy CatStudy finds dogs are brainier than cats

I got one of those Facebook ads in my news feed for a really nice wallet

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon for President in 2020

Bitcoin loses over a fifth of its value in less than 24 hours

Right-Wing Social Media Stars Jump On YouTubes Child Exploitation Problem To Claim Personal Victim

Venezuela arrests former oil bosses in deepening graft purge

Trump's Mental State An 'Enormous Present Danger'

Bette Midler: Geraldo Rivera drugged & groped me

Cutie Honey:The Movie-(English Dub) 2004

Find a net neutrality protest near you for Thursday Dec. 7th

Can We Sue For The Return Of Our Money

Video was key for WaPo's debunking of Project Veritas. How to handle easily doctored visuals?

Australian senate passes marriage equality bill without any religious amendments

One of the RWNJ's actually said it!

Rep. Joe Barton: I will not seek re-election

Iceland's Left-Green leader Jakobsdttir becomes new PM

Graham sees 'ramp-up in military capability' against North Korea

I don't believe a single one of Frankens accusers

Psychiatrist: Trump is deteriorating, exhibits first warning-signs of psychosis.

Kellyanne Conway to oversee White House efforts to combat the opioid overdose epidemic.

Russell Simmons Steps Away From Companies In Wake Of Sexual Harassment Revelations

Moore defender sez 40 years ago men married young girls, so there!

The priority of reporting by MSNBC?

Activist fined after burning Confederate-Nazi flag

Is it me or is Kayak absolutely useless anymore?

Im a Depression historian. The GOP tax bill is straight out of 1929.

Ezra Klein: The case for normalizing impeachment

Race for House Control Is a Toss Up

Tillerson heads to White House after reports he could be forced out

What. A. Mess.

Trump's Instability: What Is GOP, Cabinet Waiting For? 25 45

Jim Nabors, Alabamian known as TV's 'Gomer Pyle,' has died

Minister who sang for Roy Moore lied for son accused of molesting Honduran orphans

Conyers lawyer: Pelosi 'sure as hell' won't decide resignation

Geraldo is a creep.

Young People Will Pay for GOP Tax Plan

i hope john conyers get a full neuro-psyche exam including

How the Republican tax bill benefits the rich, according to government analysis

McAuliffe Considering Presidential Bid In 2020

Durbin Will Block Funding Without Dreamer Protections

The Case for Normalizing Impeachment

I'm constantly hearing republican congress people say 'I'm Not Following His Tweets'

Health experts turn up their noses at new school lunch rule

Trump Is Using Putin's Playbook

Jim Nabors Dies: Gomer Pyle Star Was 87

Can I post a stupid question about an iPhone 6 here?

GOP leaders struggle with shutdown strategy

Barton to retire after nude selfie fallout

ODonnell message to Pelosi & Schumer, You have Trump over a barrel (VIDEO)

Chris Matthews tears into Donald Trumps inability to discern reality (VIDEO)

Marco Rubio cannot wait to get his little hands on the Social Security Trust Fund.

British Parliament Member calls Trump an incompetent unthinking racist (VIDEO)

In the first nearly 200 years of its history, the US impeached only one President.

How much of this nonsense should Al Franken put up with before he says enough and calls bullshit?

Should glitter be banned?

Requesicat in pace, Jim Nabors

John Stewart Service and why I don't buy any of the Franken allegations

Today on ABC's "The View" (misfactoid)

Medicare and Social Security are going away, this much is now obvious. The question

Judge orders government disclosures on American held by U.S. military

GOP senator says tax cuts must be followed by 'structural changes to Social Security and Medicare'

Attention Trump voters, MARCO RUBIO just admitted they WILL cut your SS and Medicare

If Roy Moore wins on 12/12,

does anyone have a summary of the non tax bill items

Simply as speculation, if Al Franken resigned, imagine that Governor Mark Dayton appointed

Geraldo Rivera sexually assaulted Bette Midler

DT has been taking a wrecking ball to the "Establishment." As he often reminds us.

Shrinking Obama's national monuments for extracting oil, coal, and uranium

TPM EDITOR'S BLOG. Everything Falls Away But the Racism - Josh Marshall

Walmart takes down T-shirt about killing journalists

Another iPhone 6 question

Is it too late to let Alabama sucede from the US?

The only time I've ever felt so hopeless and helpless was...

Chris Janzing :Republican/Tabloid shill

Donald Trump is a psychopath, suffers psychosis and is an 'enormous present danger', says psychiatri

America the Banana Republic

Ignatius: As U.S. steps back, China seeks lead in trade, tech

Paul Manafort Reaches Bail Deal With Mueller

Bernie Sanders Warns That Republicans Are Coming To Kill Social Security And Medicare After The Tax

Scarborough: Trump allies told me he has dementia

FCC should delay decision because of fake comments

Now Als on a billboard..........

Nazis, Neo-Confederates and Roy Moore......oh my!!!!!

DU POLL: How fast do you think Trump's dementia will progress until it's totally obvious

Instant preplay of the Amazon bidding war

Susan Collins: Health-care fix will pass before tax bill

Signal Boost: Not One Penny protest at Capitol Hill for the tax vote tonight:

Mercedes-Benz has a plant in Alabama. Here's their diversity statement.

Democrats need to balance the "Franken and Conyers" resignation talk.

Question Ive been wondering about: Are todays American Nazis disappointed that America won WWII?

Sanders: Trump sharing anti-Muslim videos 'a new low'

This #TaxScam

US, China held rare security meeting after North Korea launch: report

The Damage Trump Has Done

.@BernieSanders rips into the #GOPTaxPlan, makes an important prediction:

Link Sessions to the Franken allegations and then demand the indignat, lying, Southern Elf Resign!

Why Tom Hanks Isn't Surprised by Hollywood's Sexual Harassment Scandal

Sen. Cassidy refuses to address the Tax Bill

Looking for a decent alert system

Manafort strikes $11 million bail deal with prosecutors

Go figure!

Updated Streaming: Senate Debates Republican Tax Reform Bill (Heist)

House conservatives won't back spending bill with ObamaCare payments

Colin Kaepernick Is Recipient of 2017 Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award

Jimmy Kimmel Rules!!

Congressman Joe Barton, hit with 'sexting' revelation, bows out of 2018 race

How One Woman Fought Alabama And Won.

Failed Right Wing Tax Logic

Senate Dems quote Reagan in push against GOP tax bill

Russian trolls pushed graphic, racist tweets to American voters

What being trickled down on looks like

Trump hasn't donated shit!

Note to Journalists: When the GOP politician says "I don't follow his (Trump's) tweets." you need to

Blackwater Brass Rips Spineless, Worthless Jeff Sessions

What WILL IT TAKE To Stop The GOP Before January 2019 From Wrecking The Place --

IT is donating his 3rd quarter salary to the fight opioid crisis.

What's your favorite Gomer Pyle line?

Happy 80th birthday, Frank Ifield, known for his performance of a song co-written by Johnny Mercer

There Will Be A Time When Civility Toward GOP Legislators Will Have To Go.

Leaked Congressional Analysis Shows GOP Bill Raises Taxes on Millions of Americans

Are we heading toward the day when employers stop offering benefits like healthcare?

Cheeto's sick sexual behavior needs to be part of EVERY MSM conversation around other men accused!

State Dept. warned White House about possible increased threats after anti-Muslim tweets

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan plays with M&Ms during Concealed Carry Reciprocity bill hearing

Trump's retweets of British far-right group getting flack from the UK

Trump is mulling hiring a Whitefish, MT company for a private rendition & spy network

He acted in five feature films all of which were nominated for the Best Picture Oscar and was the

Sarah Huckabee Sanders just sucks. She is mean, a blatant liar, and total hypocrite. Today

Rubio Says It Out Loud: Tax Cuts Are First Step To Social Security Cuts by the GOP

Has Bannon Ever Been Mentioned To Be....

President Trump is now a troll-I thought he always lived under a bridge

McCain, undergoing cancer treatment, will vote to end cancer treatment for Medicare patients


The bottom line: the American people do not want us to pass tax breaks for billionaires today ...

Trump's national security shake-up will make the world a much more dangerous place

Im afraid im not going to make it.........

House Dems Weigh Further Punishment For Conyers If He Refuses To Resign

First on CNN: Bannon-backed group makes six-figure ad buy in last-minute push for Moore

BREAKING: OFFICIAL, NONPARTISAN SCORE (JCT) Senate tax bill will explode the debt by $1 TRILLION

White House: Tillerson Is A 'Pretty Tough Guy' Who Will Be 'Just Fine'

Twitter Photos: We're rallying with @4TaxFairness and @SenSanders to stop massive tax cuts for rich

Texas sheriff says its unlikely border agents were attacked (Trump, Cruz, Abbott are liars)

I hear Brownback is in the Senate today telling them his tax trickle worked.

State Dept. warned White House about possible increased threats after anti-Muslim tweets

Don't know how to explain the birds and bees to your kids? This holiday inflatable might help.

any of these woman victims of Al complain

Westboro Baptist Church Will Protest Trump, Says His Sex Life Puts 'Entire Nation In Peril'

LIVE: Watch the Peoples Filibuster to #resist the #TrumpTaxScam.

Seth Meyers: Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, Parents Name Kid Olivia Garton - Monologue 11/29/17

Alex Jones Impersonates A Liberal Lesbian Brain-Eating Dominatrix

I would imagine if the leader of an allied country retweeted David Duke or Richard Spencer...

Intelligence veterans blast Tom Cotton as pro-torture, 'partisan,' and 'wholly unfit' to lead the CI

Seth Meyers: Guest John Oliver

Im Leaving It Up To You

I received an email from Ameritrade about the tax bill

I ran across this great comment concerning interpersonal behavior

"All right then, I'll go to hell!" (Chap 31, Huckleberry Finn)

In an earlier time, the world's cultures rarely interacted.

DIFI: We may vote on the tax bill TONIGHT

The point of no return

McCain says yes to tax bill

Trump campaign email calls Democrats 'America haters'

TrumpTrolling Level Ninja

Now, That's Deep! Mariana Trench Fish Lives 5 Miles Down

These Senators are allegedly 'on the fence' about the Tax Scam. CALL NOW if one is yours.

I just finished reading "Hillbilly Elegy".

Indicted Baltimore officer faces new corruption charges

Westboro Baptist Church Will Protest Trump, Says His Sex Life Puts 'Entire Nation In Peril'

Deer hunter who killed woman is charged with manslaughter

The GOP is fleecing America. My ACA coverage will go up a minimum of 58% from last year.

Joe Barton will not seek re-election following nude photo incident

NGOs blocked at last minute from WTO summit in Argentina

Lawyers: Homeless man was illegally jailed for 2 months

For the overly wealthy, it's not just about having more -- it's about making you have less.

What's up with ThinkProgress? Hacked by the Russians?

I'm Not The Least Bit Surprised Trump Is Tweeting About Scarborough Murder Conspiracy Theories...

White man indicted on murder charges in black men's killings

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Nov. 30, 2017

I thought I felt some rumbling:

The Tom Cotton stuff might have been all smoke and mirrors. Trump's been talking to someone else.

Joe Barton's Peccadilloes Have Been Given a Pass By the Media

Cornyn, Johnson, Corker holding out at the moment on motion to commit n/t

Earthquake in Delaware (bay?)

Has anyone been able to get through to any GOP senators today?

You Daily Greenwald, Evergreen Edition:

Earthquake rocks Delaware; shockwaves felt in N.J.

Quote of the Day

Ex-Trump campaign aide Manafort in $11.65 million bail deal: lawyer

Should Al Franken resign from the Senate?

Goddamn them....US will be using Cluster Bombs again.

There's this bus; it's full of people---men, women, children---and it's headed over a cliff.

Borowitz report - Justin Trudeau & pandas

Remember when Senator Cotton ridiculed the Russian investigation?

Trigger proposal on tax bill unworkable per Cornyn...

Just saw Pixar's "Coco" in 3D. Absolutely amazing!

Republican tax policy is fascist.

The Telegraph reports Trump's 'working visit' to the U.K. in January has apparently been postponed

Earthquakes 2018

Conservative Megadonor Robert Mercer Funded Project Veritas

Tony Hovater, the 'Nazi Next Door' from the NYT article has been fired from his job.

The "Best People" don't seem to last long in this WH

The Rude Pundit: An All-Encompassing Terrible Bill: GOP Not Even Hiding the Class Warfare Anymore

GoFundMe success for woman who flipped off drumpf

Conservative Rasmussen Poll shows - America Overwhelmingly Thinks FOX News is the real Fake News"

He really is the Dotard in chief-"Im just waiting for a call from the White House with an apology.

Couldn't leave Seen Collins a msg at her local offices

Who would make a better president than Donald Trump?

Damn...Post was removed before I could use this:

Often it seems like the signposts for the road to ruin only emerge in historical review.

This Jeff Zucker scumbag delivered both Lauer and Groper Don the Con

I dont believe the Franken accusers

Automation Could Displace 800 Million Workers Worldwide By 2030.

Senate Parliamentarian Ruling Sends GOP Searching for New Tax Tweak

Burn it all down: Ex-intelligence officials appalled Trump may install clueless Cotton as CIA he

More people died in the Vegas shooting than

Comedian Tony Barbieri crashes Roy Moore rally.

Project Veritas at risk of losing fundraising license in New York, AG warns

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 1 December 2017

Hidden in GOP tax bill: A plan to turn churches into dark-money spigots

Jaws Drop As Jeff Sessions All But Admits That Trump Obstructed Justice

White House bars one of few black journalists from attending Christmas party

are there a lot less posters here now? The site traffic.... when looking at replies seems

Sorry, Grumpy Cat Study finds dogs are brainier than cats

Drug Deaths on the Rise in Mississippi

Tonight's National Tree Lighting Ceremony has the largest audience in US History