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Archives: February 1, 2017

Russia accuses cybersecurity experts of treasonous links to CIA

Women Are Leading The Resistance Against Trump

Voices popular with Richard Ayoade* to be the new Doctor Who and others calling for....

Workers at Trump's WDC Hotel vote to unionize.

Let's be very clear here: The next SCOTUS Associate Justice will also be a receiver of stolen goods.

State Senator Demands Release Of Melania Trump's Immigration Documents

Tweety just said Trump willl have the runner-up there when he announces the SC

Trump's Bachelor/Miss USA "announcement" of SCOTUS nominee is degrading, grossly inappropriate

A new battle over politics and science could be brewing. And scientists are ready for it

Apparently some White House "insiders" are saying it's Gorsuch.

First on CNN: Treasury secretary nominee's foreign money links bring new scrutiny

First on CNN: Treasury secretary nominee's foreign money links bring new scrutiny

Congresswoman Waters Introduces Legislation Urging Investigation of President Trumps ties to Russia

Who should the hottest places in hell be reserved for?

White House ices out CNN.

Trump's plan to deport legal immigrants dependent on taxpayer assistance...

2017 Horse Racing - Haskin's Derby Dozen for 1-31-17

Vaya con Dios, Meg

The KKK And Their Friends Are Overjoyed With President Trumps First 10 Days

The debate in Parliament about Trump's visit can be watched on-line Feb. 20th

chicks are hatched

What Will Happen When Trump Tries to Declare Martial Law?

2017 tRump protests planned in New York City all week

Seahawks Russell Wilson voices opposition to Donald Trumps executive order

2017 tRump protests planned in San Francisco this weekend 02/04/17

America First: Southwest Airlines parrots Trump--request for priority status over Mexican airlines

Trumps trade advis​​er says Germany uses euro to 'exploit' US and EU

Maura Healey Is Suing the President Again

Lessons of Holocaust being forgotten, says Prince Charles


More immigration executive orders are on the way.

Former KGB general who helped MI6 spy compile the Donald Trump dirty dossier found dead in his car.

Sounds like Michael Steele got the "support tRump*" memo...

Reminder: Pelosi on CNN Town Hall 9:00 ET tonight on Trump, Dem resistance

Will The Networks - CBS, NBC, ABC - Pre-empt Their Programming Tonight For Trump's....

"Dead Like Me" or "X-Files" ?

Mark Twain Asks Democrats: "WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU DOING?"

11 month old BABY forcibly separated from detainee mother at Dallas airport.

I'll be watching My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Why we can't confirm Trumps SCOTUS pick.


Tweetie just compared the Trumps to the Romanovs nt

Is everyone ready for the Mr. SCOTUS pageant......

****Official Trump Thread!!!*****

Iran: Female race car driver barred from competition

Only a third think travel ban will make them more safe

Hey Comrade Casino

Atheist Debates - A primer on contradictions in scripture

Challenges spread to more states

My SCOTUS prediction

This parading of the two SCOTUS "finalist" is degrading to us all...Shame on us for letting this man

DNC boots candidate from chairmans race for criticizing Ellisons Islamic faith

Religious leaders create sanctuary churches, synagogues

It's Neil Gorsuch! SCOTUS nominee

Secret Rules Make It Pretty Easy for the FBI to Spy on Journalists

Donald Drumpf-" I am nominating Neil Gorsuch of the Supreme Court to be of the Supreme Court."

Is that normal behaviour from the press core

Scalia died while taking a bribe.

Looks like Drumpfenfuhrer got a dye job on his haystack or a new varmint laying on

So how bad is Gorsuch?

Robert Reich is live now.

****If**** the Hobby/Lobby Judge has Bi-Partisan Support, Dems are already Caving

Neil Gorsuch Wikipedia page declares he is a homophobe... even after already being edited and update

Those of you who said the job is getting to Kellyanne will eat your words when you see THIS pic.

Protesters voice dissent over President Trump's cabinet nominations

Canadian Prime Minister's office asks Fox News to retract 'misleading' tweet about Quebec mosque sho

So there are now nine Judges on the supreme court????

On Gorsuch

Neil Gorsuch, Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, explained

CNN screaming that Trump is AMAZING & that this fixes everything! -- FU CNN. Turning you off

Is the purpose of the second judge, the one not

"Obama shouldn't have made a USSC omination after the primaries started..."

McConnell: Lies from Trump Cabinet picks aren't the's really the Democrats

'Alien' Life Could Exist High in Earth's Atmosphere

Only the present day Dems could squander Obama's legitimate right to appoint a SCOTUS...

Trump picks Colo. appeals court judge Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court

oooh! ooh ooh ooh!!! we can mcturtle all of donnie's nominees using *their* logic because

24 Amazing Archaeological Discoveries

HuffPo op/ed: Why Trump Wont Serve His Full First Term

Was it me, or did Trump look pissed...

Gov. Paul LePage says Maine needs a new form of government

two reasons Hardiman was not chosen....

Hey GOP: It's Garland or Nothing!

Steve Bannon in 2010: 'Islam is not a religion of peace. Islam is a religion of submission'

A new battle over politics and science could be brewing. And scientists are ready for it

Trump and LePage administrations want to limit assistance to immigrants

Sherrod Brown comes out against Gorsuch.

"I am a man of my word."

This Is A Repug Thing....

After meeting with pharma lobbyists, Trump drops promise to negotiate drug prices

White House spokespeople will no longer appear on CNN because it doesnt promote Trump agenda

Susan Collins still unsure about Betsy DeVos as nation's education chief

trump gives a WINK to someone off to his right

Your resistance guide

Gov. Paul LePage calls KKK fliers 'disgusting'

Get used to it Cheetoman

Neil Gorsuch: How Democrats Should Respond

A present for you all.......share it far and wide....

Just curious. Wonder if Hardiman got Romneyed by Trump?

What is everybody reading these days?

So trump only has 2 and a half years to appoint cause the 2020 campaign starts

My President looks super chill today...

Six US Senators voted against Mrs. TURTLE(Mitch McConnell) for Transportation Secretary.

NASA just captured some of the most mind-blowing images of Saturn's icy rings ever

I believe King Shitstain will abandon the

Did you see how Gorsuch's wife recoiled a bit when Groper hugged her?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Seven Days To Fascism! Live, Uncensored & a new

Silicon Valley's plan to move foreign born workers to Canada

hot mic at gop presser; someone whispers "waste of my fucking time"

Maine lawmakers want to place a deposit on Fireball nips, other miniature liquor bottles

Pelosi Town Hall on CNN now...

Republican Dave Reichert and Democrat Pramila Jayapal Cosponsor Legislation to Protect Dreamers

Kung Fu Mantis Destroys Cat

Colorado Progressives Reject Neil Gorsuch

The stolen seat needs to stay open

Republican Dave Reichert and Democrat Pramila Jayapal Cosponsor Legislation to Protect Dreamers

BoBs and Greens, you own Neil Gorsuch.

How Many Other American Embassies Are Telling Muslims To Get Lost?

Milky Way galaxy being pushed across universe

If YOU Build It

US deports conspirator in 2002 murder of Colombia journalist

BREAKING: ND senator: Army Corps directed to grant easement to finish Dakota Access pipeline

US deports conspirator in 2002 murder of Colombia journalist

This. This is a picture.

Neil Gorsuch thinks employees should freeze to death

Donald Trump has treated women like sex holes, trophies or trash. Now we're fighting back

Good - Al Franken is on the Judiciary Committee

Analysts Predict Gorsuch to the right of Alito and Scalia

02/01 Mike Luckovich: White House furniture

Tom Perez: "Its up to Democrats to block (Gorsuch) nomination."

Do you think Bannon is a fan of Charles Mansons Helter Skelter?



I Felt Sorry For Gorsuch's Wife....

DC trivia:

Are you watching the Pelosi town hall?

I love Elizabeth Warren...

CNN - Democrats consider backing off big battle over Trump's Supreme Court pick (WOW)

Maine Governor: No More Welfare for Those With Drug Felonies

Would you trade Impeachment for Supreme Court vote?

Is it wrong to hope that McConnell

Donald Dodge of FRM Ponzi scheme failure freed

Elizabeth Warren says she'll oppose Gorsuch

Ayotte to lead White House team shepherding Supreme Court nominee

Manchester police chief Willard disses NH AG for criticizing Trump

EU chair: Donald Trump has joined Russia, China and radical Islam as a threat to the European Union

What does the term Sanctuary City mean to you.........

With Supreme Court battle looming, McCaskill defends Senate filibuster

Senator: Army Corps told to approve Dakota pipeline easement

Really appreciated this tweet from Chelsea Clinton

Heat from Sen. Merckley on Gorsuch: "Stolen seat being filled by illegitimate and extreme nominee"

Democrats consider backing off big battle over Trump's Supreme Court pick

State education nominee Edelblut: 'I have no intention of dismantling public education'

would index cards work as makeshift postcards?

Half-assed and half-baked: Mark Cuban ridicules Trumps management skills after Muslim ban disaster

Sen. Sherrod Brown announces opposition to Gorsuch

What's in Gorsuch's wallet, Trump's U.S. Supreme Court pick

Ron Wyden: "Can't Support this Nomination"

Bill cracks down on New Hampshire retirement system 'double-dippers'

Should Democrats Abstain From Voting?

Committee approves bill that would restore state's pension promise

Luckovich - White House Furniture

Ed Markey 2nd senator to announce opposition to Gorsuch: 'Outside the Mainstream"

Trump White House Admits They Placed A Ban On Officials Appearing On CNN

"The Ghost Writer". Excellent Roman Polanski movie

Gorsuch's mother tried to dismantle the EPA under Ronald Reagan

NH lawmaker wants teens to be at least 16 before getting married

Redneck's valuable life lesson using two lighters.

OMG, the women in my local Pantsuit Nation spinoff group got bored

New Hampshire Democrats outline legislative priorities, look ahead to 2018

Thank god for sports

Fox News apologizes for erroneous Quebec terror tweet

Merkley vows to fight Trump's nominee to fill 'stolen' Supreme Court

Mentally Ill

The White House Is Outraged Democrats Arent Giving Trumps Supreme Court Nominee A Chance

New Hampshire Senate bills would end statute of limitations for sex assaults

Democrats must filibuster any nominee who is not Merrick Garland.

I think chump chose his supreme ct pick because he is photogenic

What "Draining the Swamp" really means courtesy of the Twilight Zone's "To Serve Man"

Burning issue: Bill would ban state financial assistance for anyone who desecrates a flag

Cringing Now

Trump scraps signing of cybersecurity executive action


Made me LOL

N.H. lawmaker who said Hillary Clinton should be shot for treason under consideration for Deputy

Anyone else having a mental health crisis over this administration?

Advocates Push New Hampshire Lawmakers on Paid Family Leave

Lawmakers Who Want To Carry Guns On N.H. House Floor Won't Be Required to Take Safety Training

Large chunks of the 3 presidential debates recreated by performers, but with


Alternatives to AT&T

New Hampshire Senate Votes 12-11 To Adopt Right-To-Work

"With your Muslim ban you've killed a woman who lived here for 20 years on a green card"

from Kirsten Gillibrand:

America's new national anthem:

The best .gif file ever

Education panel rejects key part of Gov. Scotts budget plan

Lawmakers seek to lessen penalties for minor drug possession

SCOTUS Nominee Gorsuch and the guns thing.

I could use some tech help...

Wow. NYT: Why Democrats Should Oppose Neil Gorsuch (and not volunteer to be bullied)

There is a second sacred wall at the CIA. Trump disrespects that one every day.

Did Trump's mother vote illegally in 1940

Gov. Scott promises to fight Trump orders

Rutland firefighters union turns against chief

The earth moves: Fox News apologizes to Canada.

Vermont Yankee to move fuel in spring

House members propose bill to legalize marijuana

Gorsuch cites Kissinger in yearbook photo

Ellen's Comments on the Travel Ban finding Dory

Report shows roughly $160 million state surplus last year

What Happens if Steve Bannon Dies ?

Senator: Army Corps Told to Approve Dakota Pipeline Easement

A Sermon on ethics and love.....

Democrats Will Insist On 60 Votes For Trump's High Court Nominee

Gorsuch Is The First Serious Shot at Roe v. Wade.

Hundreds rally in Burlington to support refugees

Senators reject governor's idea to delay school voting

More than 2000 turn out in Fort Collins to protest immigration ban

5,000 at Minneapolis rally against immigrant travel ban

5,000 at Minneapolis rally against immigrant travel ban

Don't forget.

Stephen Colbert: "The President is here..."

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 2, 2017 -- 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z

Pig-Human Hybrids Could Be Used To Harvest Organs For Transplants

WATCH: Rabbi annihilates GOP sitting on their fat taxpayer-funded insurance while destroying ACA

FBI Shuts Down Prominent New ISIS Recruitment Website

Here's a photo shoot about coal pollution. It was shot on a PhaseOne camera

Donald Trump Jr. liked tweet hoping Quebec shooter was a Muslim because it would help his dad

All the Presidents Men, Revisited

New Problems In Higher Ed Emerge Because of "Crushing Debt Crisis"

Mayor Walsh Endorses Legislative Pay Raises

A sermon on ethics and love

Senator Ed Markey: 'GOP, In A Modern Era, Stands For 'Gas And Oil Party'

Foreign Service Association Warns Officers About Criticizing Trump Administration

Why don't we start "fake news"

Kittens and Mama cat therapy for you!

Boston police force will be on streets on Super Bowl Sunday

It's February 1. Spring begins next month,

Trump and Gorsuch, made for each other.

Found on Facebook (Humor)

The surprising link between air pollution and Alzheimers disease

Harvard medical students, doctors urge cancellation of fund-raiser at Mar-a-Lago

Jerry Falwell Jr. Asked to Lead Trump Higher Education Task Force

White House ices out CNN

House repukes will vote for coal plants to pollute nearby water sources...

Budweiser's Super Bowl Commercial

Anyone else think this barrage of horrid right wing laws /policies

Write your Senators now! Subject: Oppose Gorsuch

America is going to learn in the coming months and years that it isn't as indispensable...

If Neal Gorsuch were an honorable man he would decline the nomination, obviously ...

I don't care who the nominee is. The fact is, he's mainstream, given the circumstances in . . . .

Senate prez expects lawmakers to override pay raise veto this week

Pat Tillman's widow slams Donald Trump's refugee ban: 'This is not what he died for'

My boyfriend suggested I see a psychiatrist....

Of Trump's Appointees, Neil Gorsuch Is The Most Reasonable, Qualified Choice for a Stolen Seat

Colbert: How Much Damage Could Trump Do In A Week?

Nerds and Jocks:

That time Trump's Supreme Court pick scolded Senate Repubs for blocking Merrick Garland

William Shakespeare arrested for 2016 Mattapan killing

Trump Officials Plan To Start In Inquisition Aimed At Scientists Studying Climate Change.

These are the emails we should be getting from Senate Democrats - not Gillibrand's !!!

Case-Shiller: Housing market now officially, completely recovered

Mitch McConnell has done great damage to this country.

Tom Brokaw blasts Donald Trump.

Is Gorsuch the SACRIFICIAL LAMB so trump can install a more extreme judge when

Worcester Jewish Community Center targeted twice in one month by bomb threats

Hundreds rally in Worcester against immigration policy

Forget Nicety In The Senate. Just Go Up To GOPPERS And Say FUCK OFF KOCHSUCKER To Their Face.

GOP lawmakers OK bill to defund Planned Parenthood in Iowa

Ex-UMass frat treasurer pleads guilty to embezzling $133K

Don't despair. Mobilize.

The Election Proves There Is Something Wrong With Us. Trump Should Have Never Happened.

12 of the Most British Signs at Anti-President Trump Protests in the U.K.

Mortgage advice.

Sorry, this OP was debunked by snopes.. Sorry.

Massive and prolonged general strike.

"Don't Be A Sucker": WW2 era propaganda film re: fascism surprisingly relevant today.

Group leaks White House staffers direct phone numbers after Trump kills Obamas feedback line.

Wajahat Ali tells President Bannon "We're Coming For You". Inspiring.

Nancy Pelosi CNN Town Hall - Jan 31, 2017

More Than 1,000 Progressives Signed Up To Run For Office Over The Weekend.

Will Champions Visit Trump?

Feb 7 at 9PM ET - CNN Debate Night - Sanders vs. Cruz - The Future of ObamaCare

Hoeven, Cramer say Acting Secretary of the Army has directed Corps to issue final easement for DAPL

Rhode Island Unions Gained Representation Of 6,000 New Workers In 2016

Former Finance Chair Gallison Pleading Guilty To Federal Fraud Charges

Rhode Island ACLU Finds Eligible Voters Turned Away At November Polls

Raimondo questions if Trump executive orders 'have any actual weight'

Lucent retirees await ruling on pension assets

Lucent retirees await ruling on pension assets

Sanders Votes No on DeVos

Governor's initiative aimed at rebuilding Rhode Island manufacturing

Trump doesn't deserve a SCOTUS-nominee because he's a lame-duck President.

Trump Aides Deal With Chinese Firm Raises Fear of Tangled Interests

Love and good tidings for the Tuesday morning crowd

Remember when President Obama installed a Muslim-ban by executive order?

St. Louis Archdiocese 'saddened and disturbed' that Boy Scouts allowing transgender youth

CNN lost me with this: "Prime-time Justice: Trump puts on a flawless show"

50 Dictator Puns to Describe Donald Trump's Presidency

Conan: Trump Calls Obama to Discuss His Refugee Ban

U.N. Security Council expresses 'grave concern' over Ukraine

Daily Holidays - February 1

Eight people sentenced to prison for penny-stock fraud that resulted in $39 million loss

Over 100 Defendants Charged in Government Impersonation, Fraud, and Theft Schemes

Donald Trump could be impeached over 'Muslim ban', says Texas congressman

If Trump is removed or leaves, does Pence keep Bannon?

Awwwww. A Christian Trumpkin told me "You need to take a seat."

Elderly woman dies after Trump's 'Muslim ban' stops her returning from Iraq for medical treatment

BMW says will stick to investment plans despite Trump threats

The Donald doesnt even know Gorsuchs current job!

Theresa May catching all kinds of hell on C-span on muslim ban and refugees

Apparently, Trump's moved his hotel to the White House lawn

Trump shouldn't be allowed to choose a justice...

Man Says Mom Died After Being Denied Entry Into US Over Trumps Travel Ban

Sally Yates Has Been Nominated For JFK Profile In Courage Award

Jon Stewart on Colbert's show impersonating trump:

Twitter reacts to Trump's "Hope you like my new Judge" tweet

Donald Trump Jr. liked tweet hoping Quebec shooter was a Muslim because it would help his dad

Don Shitstain Jr. May Be On Hook For Cleanup Of Contaminated SC Property He Ran Into The Ground

Dems need to gain 24 seats in 2018 - Find your target now.

Elizabeth Warren statement on Gorsuch

Aww! Lord Lawson's Denier Club Revenues Down 60% - Will Host President Shitstain's Climate Advisor

The only real hope I see is taking back the Senate in 2018.

Democratic Strategy For Trump's SCOTUS Picks

Amid pressure from Canadian PM Trudeau-Fox News has apologized for erroneous Quebec terror tweet

Neil Gorsuch, the Nominee for a Stolen Seat

William Nordhaus' View On Cutting GHG Emissions Darkens; We're Not Even Close To Needed Reductions

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1: Just another day....

If you want privacy you need to run Linux

Bernie Sanders And Al Franken Responses Mean Big Trouble Ahead For Trump And Neal Gorsuch

Bernie Sanders And Al Franken Responses Mean Big Trouble Ahead For Trump And Neal Gorsuch

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - Immigration backlash

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

Gabbard to repay cost of Syria trip

Man convicted in Key West bomb plot

SE States Facing Enormous Coal Ash Accumulations, Groundwater Contamination & Cleanup Costs

Israeli Officials Are Worried That Trump Will Actually Move The US Embassy To Jerusalem

The Democrats strategy going forward?

This is an amazing and terrifying anecdote.

Perhaps a silly question, but I'll ask it anyway.

ABC's Good Morning America did a piece on Steve Bannon and played excerpts

Nation's bacon reserves hit 50-year low as prices rise

White House walks back assertion military won't target US citizens overseas

The Affordable Care Act

Give CNN your opinion

January 2017 Hottest Month On Record For Sydney And Brisbane, Bureau of Meteorology Confirms

Murdoch Sons Against Immigration Ban, Despite Father's Trump Ties

Brilliant twitter burn:

WH says Harley-Davidson nixed Trump visit over fears of protests- HD denies event was even scheduled

Maryland House Overrides Governor's Veto; Supports Renewable Energy

The Republicans will threaten the "nuclear option" on Gorsuch.

"I am an American, lie to me"

CNN producer detained at ATL will challenge Trump travel ban under two federal laws

AG nominee Jeff Session's biography disappearance from Lexis was a Russian hack!

The world is watching. Our words and actions matter...

Indivisible. A Practical Guide for Resisting The Trump Agenda

I am retired and no longer have a license.

One small success at a time, will turn into an avalanche, which will infuriate the orange one.

Charles Blow: You had me at "Ergo."

I proudly stand with Senator Elizabeth Warren in her opposition to Neil Gorsuch

Let me get this straight

Chicago hospital resident says his VISA revoked after airport saw a Muslim prayer app on his phone

Who is judge Gorsuch?

SCOTUS Pick Sided With Hobby Lobby Against Women, Thinks Christianity Trumps Secular Courts

Any Democrat who votes for Gorsuch is finished with me.

Bannon compares himself to Thomas Cromwell, King Henry VIII advisor

Agree or disagree "A big chunk of Trump's voters voted for him in spite of their dislike."

Donald Trump's closest advisor Steve Bannon thinks there will be war with China in the next few year

Don't forget Neil Gorsuch is to the right of Antonin Scalia

Reuters instructs its reporters to cover Trump as it does other authoritarian regimes

President Bannon - Way to Get Rid of Bannon!

Donald Trump and Steve Bannon's coup in the making

When there were only seven Supreme Court Justices.

Gorsuch wrote the pioneer judges who voted for marriage equality were legislating from the bench*

Today's Google Doodle kicks off Black History Month: Edmonia Lewis

Rationalizing and Compassion doesn't work with Trump. Shame & Compliments do

President Trump's Supreme Court pick expressed contempt for protesters, praised right wing militias

Today's Google Doodle honors sculptor Edmonia Lewis

"Reserved For Merrick Garland"

I, too, am America- Langston Hughes

Trump wants to build a wall? WE must build our own wall.....

Florida Congressman drafts bill to abolish EPA

Strife Over Immigrants: Can California Foretell Nations Future?

"The Leader Of The Free World..."

In the final analysis we will likely need at least 3 of the following 10 Senators to stick with us

Canada trash radio under fire after Quebec mosque attack

Dear trump, trying to be polite, NOMINATE Merrick Garland, or forget about it! eom

Shock Poll: Trumpists Bamboozled by Alternative Facts

Trump PRESS Secretary Retweets "The Onion" Like It's Real News

Dose of humor for the day!

From Oct. 26: "Cruz suggests leaving SC seat vacant if Clinton elected"

Monitor Donald Trump and Fight Him, But Realize

Microsoft Accounts has taken over.

Dear Mr. Trump

Monica Kurth wins Iowa House race

Martin helps elect an IA-D in special election

NRDC Sues EPA Over Withdrawal of Mercury Protection Rule/ withdrawn w/o public notice

Anti-ISIS Activist Vian Dakhil Wont Come to U.S. for Ceremony

Is anyone terrified by the large amount of people who want America to become a Christian Theocracy ?

Remember when some clowns said Drumpf was a closet cosmopolitan.

What Does Howard Stern Say About His Buddy....

QUESTION: What is the rationale of any democrat voting for anything Benedict Donald wants?

Fugg the turtle

An answer to the trump admistration: buy 2nd citizenship

WHATS NEXT: Part Two (For all of us feeling pain & needing self-care)

Trump's refugee ban is a matter of life and death for some, including a 1-year-old with cancer

Holy shit! R's just approved Mnuchin and Price w/o Democrats

He will get his SC Justice...and a lot more.

Falwell says Trump administration has tapped him to lead a higher-ed panel

Voting has consequences

Town Hall meetings

Senate GOP Bypasses Dem Boycott of Mnuchin, Price By Suspending Rules

Biden Foundation is launched to continue the work of the former vice president

Any ideas on what the next move in the zeitgeist will be?

I noticed that there were no folks outside the US Embassy this morning

The emperor "needs" his cabinet...FOR WHAT? He has yet to consult or include the ones he has!

++++BREAKING++++: KGOP Changes rules in finance committee to get Price into senate vote !!!

Melania may run out the clock on her Jackie O CosPlay exclusively in Trump Tower @ $1 mil per day

RW nutsack creates college grant exclusively for white men

perfect Trump voting score

Reuters orders reporters to cover Trump like an authoritarian regime: Expect physical threats

Sessions is the biggest problem. He & Carter connected 2 AlfaBank. As AG will stop FBI Investigation

Ellen comments on the travel ban...

Resistance from within: Federal workers push back against Trump

Why is msnbc allowing this propaganda shit show

Gotta love the Italians...

Pootey is so excited, and he just can't hide it

Trump is sworn in, rockets fall on Ukraine

Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords & Captain Mark Kelly Applaud the Passage of a Bipartisan

How Populism Stumbles

"DT Should Not Be Allowed To Select A SC Justice In Ths Last Year of His Presidency"

Only in DRUMPFworld: KARDASHIANS become human rights heroes, plane "scoured' after criticizing ban

Trump republicanism in action. Hatch pushes nominees through committee on republican votes ALONE

Putting Mnuchin and Price Through ILLEGALLY Done. Needed One Day Advance Notice

is anyone else having difficulty downloading CNN online?

Reuters orders reporters to cover Trump like an authoritarian regime: Expect physical threats

It may only take 3.5% of the population to topple a dictator with civil resistance

What's the longest you've lived in one place?

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 246,000 Jobs in January

Please excuse my Italian . What an utter fucking moron.

Trumps VP

Anonymous issues global call to action against the Trump regime


need some examples of Republicans using the "Muslim Ban"

Pentagon working to exempt Iraqi F-16 pilot trainees from Trump travel ban

We officially have a one party system now...

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Supreme Court Pick: How Democrats Should Respond

Exclusive: A third of Americans think Trump's travel ban will make them safer

John Cornyn, stop pushing people around, you red neck fuck.

Cornyn just told Al Franken to 'shut up' - twice

WikiLeaks/Moscow already trying to openly taint another election:

Question for female DUers: Are you the first female in your family to purchase property or a home ??

Three alarming trends.

*BULL SHIT MEME ALERT ABOUT NUKE OPTION*: It was KGOP, NOT DEMS, who change filibuster rules first!!

Trump's Supreme Court Pick Is Payoff to the Religious Right

About those zany Christians rooting for the apocalypse...

Half-assed false equivalencies will continue to doom the left

This country won't be recognizable in 6 months.

Priceless reaction to difference

Pelosi Slams Trump's 'Hostile Appointment' To The Supreme Court

National "Right to Work" Law In The Works


Another flawless description of trump, in The Rude Pundit's 1/31/17 column:

lefty radio comes to milwaukee 1510 am

Texas Dem: Trump's immigration order is possible grounds for impeachment

"Sorry that our President is an Idiot"

The only way to fight this is advertising campaigns that plaster the airwaves with just

Youth-football on decline. Who's to blame? "Geniuses."

'Impeach Trump Now' campaign racks up more than a half million signatures

Dictionary time.

The Democratic resistance movement is growing


Trump really has no idea who Frederick Douglass was

Senate Committee votes without Dems

Fired Acting AG Yates Concluded Trump's Order Meant to Intentionally Ban Muslims

Gorsuch's Mother and the EPA Scandal

I think you're unclear as to what the concept of a ban is, jackass!

Trump: Frederick Douglass 'Has Done An Amazing Job'

Sessions approved by Senate committee

White House Admits We Were All Duped, Judge Hardiman Never Went to D.C.

To honor Black History Month, Donald Trump...talks about how mean the press is to him

Red versus Blue.

March for Science scheduled for Earth Day, April 22!

Either military flying Trump flag or fascist militias gearing up

Last Call with Carson Daly re: Joy Reid.

Why Does Red Meat Turn Brown When Cooked?

Trump recognizes Black History month by making clear how unfair he thinks things have been...for him

Well, It's another Black History Month...

Jeff sessions just

20 years ago, Aleksander Dugin planned this chaos.

January 2017 Ratings: MSNBC Posts Significant Year-Over-Year Prime Time Audience Growth

Orrin Hatch Ignores The Rules, Advances Key Trump Nominees Despite Democratic Boycott

Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders to Debate Obamacare Live on CNN

Anyone know of a good app for radio streaming?


Repukes approve racist AG nomination

Afghanistan: woman's ears cut off by husband

President Trump calls for McConnell to GO NUCLEAR

trump with wayne lapierre sitting right next to him.....

google doodle celebrates edmonia lewis-AA and native american sculptor

There should be a twitter boycott until DT is booted off

Interesting potential bombshell, right to work

Here's an excellent situational assessment

For a long time now I've felt like butter scraped over too much bread...

Donald Trump Jr. 'liked' tweet hoping Quebec shooter was a Muslim because it would help his dad

From His Home in Russia, #Calexit Leader Plots California Secession (REMINDER)

No wedding ring for our Donald?

Well It's A Good Thing That Trump Is Rich.....

Israeli police begin forced removals of Amona settlers in the West Bank

Hypocrite of the day, Ted Cruz.

White Supremacist Richard Spencer Hails Trump's 'de-Judaification' of Holocaust

Post a Song that Expresses True/Real Love:

Trump wants to put Jerry Falwell Jr. on education panel...

When Senator Franken cast his "NO" vote for Sessions, it came out with a "FUCK no" vibe.

Joe Manchin will vote against Betsy DeVos

People on Twitter Are Begging Obama to Come Back From Vacation

I'm generally not in favor of meaningless gestures, but.....

They are cowards

'One sentence on MLK, 8 about Trump': Internet pans Trump's ridiculous Black History Month tribute

about that unsecured phone-

Crypto- Nazi leader agrees with Trump administrations decision to omit Jews from Holocaust

WARNING: Once Gorsuch confirmed at SCOTUS & Sessions at DOJ-Trump planning assault on voting rights

They aren't terrorists. they're kids.

Cal-Exit is a fantasy but I applaud the effort because it annoys the Deplorables.

Trumpster's Inc by Tom the Dancing Bug

Trump: I will tell McConnell to 'go nuclear' if Democrats hold up Gorsuch nomination

One person killed, another injured in training accident at missile range

Why the Emoluments Clause Does NOT Apply to Donald Trump... from Tom the Dancing Bug

The current conundrum

Sadly, polls show more Americans support Trump's Muslim ban (48%) than are against it (41%)

You are a majority of one - You have a duty to do something to preserve democracy.

This is so embarrassing

UN Braces as Trumps Detente With Russia Upsets Balance of Power

Trump urges Republicans to use nuclear option on Gorsuch vote if Democrats block

Twitter Is Losing It Over President Obamas Backwards Hat And Flip Flops

Kristin Lems-Days of the Theocracy (the desire for christian theocratic rule has been here a while)

I just called my Senators to express my opposition to Neil Gorsuch... NOW IT'S YOUR TURN

Death Penalty For Doctors Doing Abortions Per Rep Silk Oklahoma.

Robert Reich: No vote on Gorsuch until Senate and FBI investigate Trump's Russia connections

Trump calls out Chicago violence during Black History Month meeting

How Russia sold its oil jewel: without saying who bought it

An Alternate View From Trump Tower from Tom the Dancing Bug

Avon Neighbors Show Support For Muslim Community, West Hartford And UConn Rallies Planned

by Robert Reich:'Don't fall into the trap of debating Gorsuch's credentials

Tom Lehrer - So Long, Mom (A Song for World War III)

Separation of Powers is a thing of the past...

Donald Trump gives a Black History Month speech about the greatness and persecution of Donald Trump.

' Give me your tired, your poor: The story of poet and refugee advocate Emma Lazarus

Sen. Feinstein: "I don't want to see the Senate of the United States bow down to a demand like this"

Just received another threatening call from 'IRS,'

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2-11: 2.5 Minutes To Midnight Edition

Malloy Says Tax Cut Not Directed at Hartford-based Aetna

Tony Perkins: Trump will allow religious exemptions to nondiscrimination laws

Cotton office cancels meeting with citizen group, sparking protest

How many of the 10 Senate seats will we hold in 2018?

So ultimately what can we do?

The Fight in the Borderlands

Democrats see opening in Trump's stumble on travel ban, move to block Cabinet votes

What's at Stake as Trump Takes Aim at Clean Energy Research

A Warning Sign for the Separation of Powers

If you love maps, you'll love this site

AP NewsBreak: Clinton will reflect on 2016 race in new book

Time to make adjustment to Facebook settings.

Governor, Republican Leader Exchange Letters On Pension Deal

Malloy Offers Carrot To Municipalities Bracing For Budget Cuts

Obstruction Works

Roger Simon, Chief political columnist for Politico retires with a message

Transportation Committee Renews Debate Over Seat Belts On School Buses

The Clash Hypothesis

How Trump Could Rearrange the U.S. House

Lawmakers Push For $15 An Hour Minimum Wage, While Fast Food Workers Hit The Street

Prime-time Justice: Trump puts on a flawless show

UMD Research Reveals Reason for Growing Pest Damage in Genetically Protected Corn Crops

Poll: 1-in-4 voters believe Trump's vote-fraud claims

Manchester Lawmaker Suggests Cat Licensing

Trump "honors" Black History Month by having black people shower him with praise

Rep. Barbara Lee hits Trump, GOP in Tweetstorm on #BlackHistoryMonth over Sessions' nomination, call


Michael Moore to Dems: Block Gorsuch or face primaries

Someone Keeps Hacking Radio Stations To Play "F*ck Donald Trump"

Coastal Wetlands Excel at Storing Carbon

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse shreds Trump's first week at AG hearing: 'A gong show with a nuclear button'

Donald Trump cancels Milwaukee visit amid protest concerns

Biden endorses Perez for DNC chair

Peter Thiel swore loyalty to Queen Elizabeth. Now puts "America First."

Joe Biden endorses Tom Perez for DNC chair.

Trump gives McConnell green light to to use nuclear option to confirm Supreme Court nominee

Pennsylvania mayor accused of disturbing graves

Democrats support nominee of stolen Supreme Court seat at their political peril (VIDEO)

Reuters orders reporters to cover Trump like an authoritarian regime: Expect 'physical threats'

OMG Trump's Black History Month meeting

What Is Neil Gorsuch's Stance On Women's Rights? There Is Reason To Be Concerned

What Is Neil Gorsuch's Stance On Women's Rights? There Is Reason To Be Concerned

Expressive Photos Reveal a Rare, Alternative View of Iran

Sanctuary state bill divides legislators

Ex-Bush speechwriter: Dumping Steve Bannon won't help because Trump attracts 'bad characters'

Imagining the White Houses Black History Month Schedule...

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse shreds Trumps first week at AG hearing

Self Delete. nt

Enough is Enough

In this Orwellian time of Trump, Stonington schools drop Animal Farm

Jon Stewart Reads Trump Executive Order On Air: "Purposeful, Vindictive Chaos"

Trudeau abandons pledge on electoral reform

Chelsea Clinton at a Loss For Words Over Trump's Black History Month Speech

Elon Musk's link with Trump could stall Tesla orders

WTF "Run for Something"

Twitter is losing it over Obama's backwards hat and flip flops

Am I freaking out over nothing? Orrin Hatch just jammed thru Mnuchin and Price

Trudeau abandons pledge on electoral reform

How many questions for Baghdad Sean does it take today?

Stamford schools chief: special ed costs unsustainable

Let's start a running count of trump's impeachable offenses so far

Folks want Hillary to say something about the OrangeClusterFuckofMadness in the WH. Well she did..

What Is To Stop GOP From Pushing Loyalty Oath For American Citizens?

'America First' Trump billionaire Peter Thiel swore oath to Queen to get 'doomsday' New Zealand...

Trump cancelled a Milw trip to Harley Davidson factory because He was Afraid of protesters, NOw Trum

Wait, what's the Russian asset Flynn doing on the Shouty Spice show?

Joe Biden endorses Tom Perez for DNC chair

It is sickening to see Flynn--Trumps Nat Sec. Advisor speeck at a WH presser just now.......

Iran is Officially on Notice

Spicers phone keeps vibrating while he's talking. Idiot.

White Nationalist Leader Praises Trump For 'De-Judification' Of The Holocaust

Flynn just started banging the war drum

Guardian: It takes 3.5% of population engaged in sustained resistance to topple brutal dictatorships

Will Drumpf start a war with Iran that sends oil prices through the roof to help Russia?

6 RULES for survival under an authoritarian power.

The one positive thing out of this fuster-cluck that is Trump and his GOP brown nosers is..

Garland or filibuster!

U.S. Senate delays vote on Trump EPA pick after Democrats boycott

U.S. Senate delays vote on Trump EPA pick after Democrats boycott

Representative who Called for Removing Protections for Black People and Women from Nondiscrimination

First trans mayor in Texas

Koch Brothers now concerned about toxic populism their astroturfing helped create..

The Obama Foundation & President Obama, nice message and picture today

Jerome Corsi Joins InfoWars & Gets Into White House Press Briefings.

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) announces opposition to Betsy DeVos

Texas Supreme Court to Hear Lawsuit Challenging Same-Sex Benefits

No Walls! No Ban! You can't take our, "Yes we can"!

Supreme Court Nominees: The McConnell Rule

Infowars Taps Trump-friendly Birther To Lead Washington Coverage (Jerome Corsi)

Republican Susan Collins Will Vote AGAINST DeVos Nomination

Democrats to Pentagon: Probe Mike Flynn's Ties to Kremlin TV Network

If Betsy DeVos isn't confirmed I have a candidate for the Secretary Of Education position

Greg Abbott's Plan to Drown Government (And Spend More Money!)

Jewish Community Centers Face Third Wave of Bomb Threats Nationwide

Dafuq? I put Shouty Spice on mute for a few minutes and when I unmuted it....

Two GOP senators to vote 'no' on Betsy DeVos

Dutch will hand count ballots due to hacking fears

Jewish Community Centers Face Third Wave of Bomb Threats Nationwide

.@EPA nominee Scott Pruitt refused to provide documents- instead said go through OK's FFOIA process

5 states introduce bills against peaceful protest..

Why the State Budget is Such a Mess

Baby Monkey Whose Mother Was Killed by a Power Line Gets the Help He Needs (graphic photos)

On Hartmann. Mention Of RW White Supremacist Web Sites Say We Need 2nd Amend Solution To Protests.

FFS, Can SOMEONE tell these WH imbeciles WHO Frederick Douglass was, and that he's dead!?

A puppy gets his favorite toy back after five years...

More Than a Thousand Show Up in Beautiful Support of Texas Muslim Capitol Day

Report: In a 'humiliating' and 'threatening' tone, Trump lambasted Mexico's president

Nevada playbook: Harry Reid's Democrats won big here in 2016 -- and it can be done in other states

The Mood In The Country Feels Odd To Me. Am I Imagining Things?.

How a South Texas County Bet on Immigrant Incarceration and Got Burned

Koch Network to Pump Hundreds of Millions into 2018 Races


watching Parliament vote on Article 50 bill....

The psychology of why 94 deaths from terrorism are scarier than 301,797 deaths from guns.

Collin County Mayor Becomes Texas First Transgender Elected Official

Excellent definition of a Republican

Street art and beautiful murals in downtown LA

Harpers: American Nightmare

Today's petitions

Email Shows Trump Team Initiated Effort To Replace All Inspector Generals

So right wing radio host Lars Larson and Jeff Jobe, who runs a community newspaper in Kentucky....

it looks like UK will indeed do Brexit, Parliament voting right now

Federal judge orders Donald Trump to pay former Jupiter golf club members $5.74 million

*******BREAKING******* Lisa Murkowski will vote no on Betsy DeVos

Jim Bakker: I Bound Demons In Hell To Save Donald Trump

Email Shows Trump Team Initiated Effort To Replace All Inspector Generals

The Liberal Redneck nails it again!

WATCH: Al Franken unloads on Ted Cruz for trying to impugn his integrity in heated Senate hearing

Excellent take on Supreme Court politics--Well worth a read

Alex Jones Says Infowars Getting WH Press Credentials Is Like Jackie Robinson

Donald Trump loses legal fight over golf club memberships

DeVos sinking: Murkowski and Collins flip to "no".

Franken & Cornyn lock horns over Cruz, over Sessions. Welcome to the Trump Presidency.


Dove Deodorant's #AlternativeFacts Campaign Trolls The Trump Administration

I nominate Robert Reich for DNC Chair

British lawmakers give go-ahead for Theresa May to trigger Brexit talks

Dallas charter that took kids from Deion Sanders failed school faces shutdown

As Trump's Incompetence and Childishness Gets More Publicity,

The Supreme Court Vacancy and Labor: Neil Gorsuch

Russia charges cyber-security experts with treason

The Supreme Court Vacancy and Labor: Neil Gorsuch

First Lady Melania Trump May Stay in NYC Permanently and Never Move Into the White House

Hundreds of Britons bet Trump presidency won't last the year

BREAKING: Senate confirms former Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as secretary of state

The Supreme Court Vacancy and Labor: Neil Gorsuch

Abbott cancels $1.5 million in criminal justice grants for Travis County

Report: In a 'humiliating' and 'threatening' tone, Trump lambasted Mexico's president during call

I'll be going to NYC to look for apartments later this month. Any advice?

Tillerson confirmed as SoS with help of 3 Ds and 1 I (King)

Flynn threatening war with Iran


Petition seeks to rename Pittsburgh Airport for Mister Rogers (USA Today)

John Schindler on Bannon's warmongering against China

Two Republican Senators to vote against Betsy DeVos

Okay, what is this about anyone?

Pic of Trump's "Listening Session" on Black History Month

Tamron Hall to Leave NBC News

180 federal employees sign up for 'civil disobedience' class

Awesome tweet today from Rogue NASA

Abbott asks Legislature for $108 million for Texas Enterprise Fund

So Rex Tillerson's our new Secretary of State? Time to celebrate with your friends. Cheers!

If anyone let anyone down, WE were the ones who let ourselves down,

You Know what? Trump is NOT keeping his campaign promises...


Full transcript of Trump's black history "speech"

De Blasio Slammed For Characterizing Drunken Driving As Minor Offense Not Warranting Deportation

As ethics bill moves forward, watchdogs question contract 'loophole'

Where is Benito Jr. headed anyway?

Abbott outlines agenda, announces state hiring freeze

Work for a Federal Agency? Get Yourself Ready!

Trump thinks he's Michelle Pfeiffer in the Gangsta's Paradise video

This Poll Is the Best News Liberals Have Had in a Long Time

Texas teller took $10,000 from bank vaults every month until she was caught a decade later

Last week I answered the phone, in 10 seconds I'd been scammed!!!


from Martin O'Malley:

Gallup: Trump's net approval rating is now -9, continuing to drop

is President Bannon an alcoholic?

Will You Stand With Me

Women demand Cuba support 1st female boxing team

A message from Lucy, our national bird.

Trump's Black History Month Meeting

SO...does the Sessions confirmation screw the pooch for DeVos?

The lessons of history

Seek info on fireplace inserts

Apparently Spicer doesn't know who Frederick Douglass was either

Latest Tommy OHaver And Joe Swanberg Joints Direct To Netflix After SXSW Bow

Mitch McConnell: Democrats, ditch the apocalyptic rhetoric on Judge Gorsuch

Today would have been the 60th birthday of a great reggae singer

What would happen if the Democrats just left D.C.?

Oh dear Lord. Someone on my Facebook is claiming Obama never met the caskets of military KIAs.

The Muslim Ban Is A Religious Test Built On A False Premise

Fmr DIA officer who worked for Flynn wrote in Dec. about fears Flynn will get us into war with Iran

All or nothing on Gorsuch

Trump walks w/Ivanka as FLOTUS to make "unannounced" visit to Seal. Melania not FLOTUS

What's for Dinner, Wed., Feb. 1, 2017

Tamron Hall leaving both NBC and MSNBC...

These are not "normal" political times.

German Catholic Church approves case-by-case communion for remarried

Boy, Does Microsoft Ever Want Me to Use Edge!

I was watching a hearing with the Inspector Generals for a while and they are

The 6,000-mile sniper shot: a marines account of his homecoming from war

Al Qaeda Seemed Ready for Navy Seals- Could it be?

Dem Senator: Republicans Complain Privately About Trump All The Time

Go to Facebook live. scroll down

Pause for memory lane - Who remembers Joy Silverman - ReTHUG fundraiser

Rewriting sad song songs to give them a happy ending.

Took me awhile, but finally finished my Pussy Hat!

Bernie responds to Joe Biden on Keith Ellison

AP: "BREAKING: President Trump has left the White House on Marine One on an unannounced trip..."

Do you really need to put your will in a safe deposit box in a bank? A friend told me that

Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant to the President, seems like a propaganda minister supreme.

Missing bobcat Ollie found on National Zoo property

WH totally botches Flynn's phone-call press briefing

New twitter group @Trump_Regrets

Do you have a VPN? A PGP key? 2 factor authentication?

Question about establishing a religion

Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon:

Reminder: Russians counterfeited the election, Trump is not a credibly elected President

GOP wants to ditch this transparency rule for oil&gas after 19% stake in Rosneft

Kansas: Sen Moran undecided call!

I Heard Jared K. Has Noticably Lost Weight In These First 12 Days Of Trump Presidency...

Airline stocks lose $4.9 billion as investors weigh travel ban

I don't care if the Republicans remove the filibuster..

Days are numbered for Dallas' Valley View mall with new project on the way

Trump Draws

#BREAKING armed National Guard is raiding Oceti Oyate camp. They are arresting the elders as we

Video of cars hitting protesters making the rounds at FB...

Details of Cheeto's phone call to Mexican President

Today's reminder that not all of humanity sucks...

The full text of Donald Trump's Black History Month remarks...

Betsy DeVos says she was "bored all the way through" her PRIVATE high school.

Facebook slapped with $500 million judgment in trial over Richardson company's virtual reality techn

Man who claimed mom died in Iraq after Trump's ban lied, Imam confirms

Neil Gorsuch and the Search for the Supreme Court Mainstream by Linda Greenhouse

Who to invade first? Iran, China, Mexico? Flynn, Bannon, Trump arguing now.

Why in hell are all the Rs eulogizing Scalia now? In the hearing for Judge.

Insurance giant AIG eyes Dallas area for office but Atlanta is favored for deal

MPs back Brexit Bill triggering Article 50 by a landslide in landmark vote as resignations rock

Health care worker from Mesquite stole scores of patient files, used them to get food stamps

Former Tenet executive to face criminal charges over bribery scheme that defrauded Medicaid

It looks like DeVos has the votes to be approved

I am betting this is what Putin told Trump this weekend. "Comrade. I am going tho bomb the shit

I just put the word out on Twitter.

Another way to get more involved for those in the Atlanta area...


Why doesn't ONE Republican Say No to this Lunacy?

Neil Gorsuch Could Rule on These 3 Big Cases If He Joins Supreme Court Soon

Gorsuchs mother once ran the EPA. It didnt go well.

So far, I think we could have done far, far worse than Gorsuch.

Tom Perez Unleashes Inner Pit Bull Against Trump in Bid to Lead Democrats

Daily Stormer Targets Federal Judges Ruling Against Trump's Muslim Ban

Have other people noticed...

Steven Mnuchin was major player in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme & made millions off it

Three Virgina high schoolers develop app to prevent hot car deaths

To those who have more guts than me....

Doing my year end paperwork

Need some good news? Democrat Monica Kurth won her Iowa House Race.

The Aztecs were very advanced. They had a word for stripper.

Godly play

Judge orders halt to Trumps immigration executive order

Donating miles to progressive groups.

3 billion-year-old "lost continent" lurking under African island

Martin O'Malley to Teach at BC Law - Boston College

This underscores how absolutely insane the Trump Presidency has been so far.

How to Build an Autocracy - david Frum - The Atlantic

Exclusive: Trump to focus counter-extremism program solely on Islam - sources

Frederick Douglass - From Slave to Abolitionist

Frederick Douglass - From Slave to Abolitionist

First song from the new EP my band just released.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 2 February 2017

One. Single. Unifying. Objective.

House Democrats demand Trump boot Bannon from NSC

I dont need the Mexicans: Report claims Trump threatened to send troops to Mexico in call with Ni

Four Bengal tigers born in El Salvador animal park

Lowest approval rating for any US governor in over 20 years belongs to Chris Christie

Recipes Supreme

How much confidence do you have in our elections?

Why is Donald Trump so WEAK when it comes to fighting Non-Islamic Extremism?