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"We hold that the Government has not shown a likelihood of success on the merits of its appeal,

Cooper withdraws from solicitor general consideration

David Sirota speaks...

Love this CNN MainPage....

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens blows smoke with tough talk on tax credits

Most pols would have to pay consultants millions of dollars for what McConnell gave Warren for free

Gretta implicitly lamented the fact we don't have a monarchy.

Is tweety not happy about the court's decision? Between he and Greta, wow..n/t

A shingle maker and Missouri Republicans team up to leave consumers in the cold

I really believe that at the root of the ruling re: Travel ban...

Serious question, when would SCOTUS typically take up this issue? What's to keep this man from doing

Sanders Statement on Immigration Ban Ruling

There's another Washington

They have a lot of young bright democrats in Washington state.

Did you ever stop to think

Federal Ethics Agency Site Crashes on Day Trump Adviser Plugs Ivankas Duds

GOP preparing plan to gut Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, roll back Wall Street regulations

Signature help

Yikes, just saw my first anti Ron Kind advertisement......

The Original Trump Haters: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Tweet Link: Drilling has begun under Missouri River

WATCH: Samantha Bee dispels dystopian hell pits of lawlessness myth of so-called sanctuary cities

Rats!!! Now I have to go buy stuff from Nieman Marcus!!

They're not stopping. Trump administration prepares to execute vicious exec. order on deportations.

More Than 25 Ongoing Cases Related to Trump Executive Order on Immigration

Humor really helps

Should you tell Trump or should I?

There's 4 types of people who say "I'LL SEE YOU IN COURT".

Report: No One Wants to Be Trumps Communications Director

Trump rule chills Energy Dept. nuclear whistleblowers

The Latest: Lawmakers call for ethics review of Conway

My gratitude for the hearts.

Sen. Blumenthal doesn't think Gorsuch will be confirmed and shocked Tweety who thought he

The Ozark Trail Could Make Missouri a Hiking Destination. Why Isn't It Finished?

Hillary's Tweet Regarding Travel Ban Decision!

President Trump casually endorses war crimes during White House meeting with airline execs

Hillary just tweeted, in total: "3-0"

Republicans push bill to split up 9th Circuit

Ecuador presidential hopeful promises to evict Assange

The earliest known photo of Donald Trump

The Guy Who Makes Sure Trump Doesn't Get Hacked No Longer Works at the White House

The "Grim Reaper of Radio", Bob Romanik Says He Won't Quit, Drops More Racial Slurs

The "Grim Reaper of Radio", Bob Romanik Says He Won't Quit, Drops More Racial Slurs

Intense Snowstorm Hits Northeast US

Driver dies after tractor-trailer goes over the side of the CBBT

Crews test, monitor damaged spillway at Oroville

Trump Named as Defendant in Landmark Federal Climate Suit

Trump speaks to the Press after Appeals Court ruling

Kellyanne Conway May Be In Trouble For Pushing Ivanka Trump's Fashion Line

Urgent request from Senator Wyden: 2 AM tonight vote scheduled on Tom Price - share & tell friends

Noah Purcell Appreciation Thread

Good advice circulating regarding 45

Think Betsy DeVos is a lightning rod? Try her brother, Erik Prince of Blackwater.

Fragile - Sting

Not even Trump can save Twitter

Had no idea Trump has instagram - fun new place to poke with a stick!

Anti-Discrimination Bill Introduced in Missouri Statehouse for 19th Consecutive Year

Thank you for all the hearts, my friends! We'll slog our way thru this swamp....

Shut up, Tweety, you're out of your freaking bailiwick

WTF has gotten into tweety?

Donald Trump Meets With Airline Execs, Promises 'Phenomenal' Tax Plan

Unions Seek to Block Missouri 'Right-to-Work'; Referendum Vote Likely Next Fall

Mathews is full on pro Trump tonight. He is so over. Wants a strong President

Top US general in Afghanistan demands more troops for Afghanistan

Why he lost.

Perus president wants to legalize medical marijuana

Drunken Bus Driver Briefly Strands Billikens Basketball Team in New York

Video: Sean Spicer likened to 'Baghdad Bob'

Trumps theme song tonight.

Robert Reich is live now.

If Donald Trump believes this temporary ban is necessary for the security of our country...

Is Donald Trump Killing Twitter?

Democrat moves to force House debate on Trumps alleged business conflicts and Russia ties

Ha Ha

Viacom Narrows Focus to Six Key Channels Wall Street Journal

Illinois County Official Shares, Deletes Anti-Muslim Meme

two more valentine hearts

Anybody Care to "Rate" Pussy Grabber?

Travel ban not reinstated

Australian Senator shows how Trump is turning off even America's Closest Allies

I'd heart you all if I could!

WHen is the last time you saw so many folks smiling on TV

Pennsylvania lawmaker invites Trump to 'destroy' career

Sen. McCaskill seeks congressional oversight of Russian sanctions; argues against partisan 'food ...

Georgia settles suit challenging voter registration process

The secret Israeli operation to deliver coats to refugees in Syria

Missouri schools: Busing cut plan will hurt classrooms

More In Trump world, Sen Blumenthal is a liar because he didnt fight in Vietnam & John McCain ...

Senator: VA retaliating against Missouri whistleblower

This is *so* exciting: Germinating hard shell seeds (royal poinciana) via scarification!

Aretha Franklin will "retire" to spend more time with family

Cleaner Robot Pulled From Fukushima Reactor Due to Radiation

This is an outrage, and falls directly in Trump's lap

Nihon no Pankeki -oiishii ne! Yummy Japanese pancakes

New Close-Up Image of Jupiter's South Pole is Mind-Blowingly Beautiful

Damn! Trump lost on the Fiduciary Rule too?!?!

(Tripod Cat): Calico Cat Dropped Off Outside Animal Hospital with a Note for Help...

New Orleans mayor: Half-mile wide tornado damaged 940 homes

Where does Sally Yates go to get her reputation back?

The Trump voting, GOP boys

Having some Greek food and drinks with Will Shakespeare. Ask us anything.

A Difficult Choice for Democrats (warning: LONG)

Boyfriend's comment about girlfriend's 'OK' spaghetti dinner leads to hours-long standoff with N.H.

I persistently lift my lamp beside the golden door.

Trump at risk of 'letting down American workers,' says IEEE-USA

Is ICE Becoming the Border Nazis?

Why Trump may be hurting Ivanka's brand

If you want to confess

Florida Man, explained: ...... "Floridians lead nation in head injuries"

Joesph Heller's Catch 22 take that man out and shoot him

Official Decision (FULL DOCUMENT) of the 9th district court -unanimous decision against Trump

From Paul Krugman: " A short-handed court and a short-fingered Tweeter-in-chief...

This can't be true:

Note To Joe Manchin ("D") West Virginia: STOP KISSING TRUMP'S ASS! Even YOU'LL Regret It Someday.

Oil pipeline gets green light; foes protest around country in 'last stand'

Sean Spicer Fabricates Imaginary Islamic Terrorist Attack

Some Patriots will not visit White House, racists forget about when Tom Brady skipped out on Obama

Judges Block North Carolina Law Limiting Governor's Powers

I'm no lawyer but this decision ain't about standing or merits: It's about Cheeto's lawlessness.

Guess this puts all doubts to rest.....

Chip Kelly wants to remain in the NFL, but which NFL teams want him?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Banned! Live, Uncensored & a new kitteh gif

L'arc En Ciel「Wings Flap - L'arCasino 2015

Republicans Ban Elizabeth Warren, It Completely Backfires

Judges slap down North Carolina law usurping governor's power, GOP throws tantrum

Wow. Ivanka's stuff is awful. Wonkette posted a review.

Trump's babbling carried weight in ruling against his Muslim ban

Abe arrives in U.S. for 1st summit with Trump

Hello, Its America Calling

Here is the greatest defense of President Bannon. Ever. (Fun new game on Fox News)

51% of Deplorables believe Donald Drumpf should be able to overturn orders he disagrees with!!!

So I'm hanging at my favorite pizza/craft beer pub

Abe arrives in U.S. for 1st summit with Trump

The "Wall" - 21.6 Bil, 3.5 Years

Seattle attorney Noah Guzzo Purcell takes on Trump over immigration

What is the news out of Syria?

White House says it's investigating leaks

Thank you for the heart.

$750,000 bond for woman accused in Florida, Alabama killings

To whoever gave me the heart - Thank You!

Croatia is now trolling dt...

And She is Failing Quite Miserably

In appreciation of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Italy trolls dt...

Chuck Cooper withdrew his name from solicitor (per news right now)

Next time your racist friend or brother is eating potato chips...

Trump's new FCC boss has already set the stage for a less open internet

"Was that Sean Spicer or Melissa McCarthy in the White House briefing room today?"

Very funny Trump parody Twitter account

It just doesn't matter! It just doesn't matter!

Trump has broken down and gotten a pet.

Thank you for the lovely heart, whoever you are...

PPPpoll Should Pres obey the rule of law via Maddow just now-

What is the time line for Supreme Court



Britain Has No Fake News Industry Because Our Partisan Newspapers Already Do That Job

Why Arizona teachers may not get a paycheck

How Trumps travel ban broke from the normal executive order process

Thanks for the ❤️

Threats against judges in immigration ban cases leads to increased security

The good folks in the Twitter community find Trump's all-caps RAGE to be scrum-diddly-UMPTIOUS.

Clue to what appears to be moving Chaffetz to (finally) criticize Trump administration

National security adviser Flynn discussed sanctions with Russian ambassador, despite denials, offici

Let the hissy-tweets begin!!

Threats against judges in immigration ban cases leads to increased security

Who Should Run In 2020?

Lincoln University lockdown lifted

Hey Sheldon My Jewish Brother,,

On Rachel right now..

JasonintheHouse Town Hall in Utah in progress right now. Folks chanting Do YOUR JOB..per

What can you do with a little dik-dik?

Rosie O'Donnell just changed her Twitter account profile pic


Trump and Bannon are going to HATE Rosie O'Donnell's new pic on Twitter

Lawmakers concerned about firearms in Missouri Capitol

This Was Quite An Interesting Decision.....

National security adviser Flynn discussed sanctions with Russian ambassador despite denials.

Jay Nixon State Park could lose name

Bill seeks to end tenure system in Missouri

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 12 - 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z

Trump lashes out at Blumenthal for relaying Gorsuchs 'disheartening' comments

Oooooooohhhhhh Nooooooo

TCM Schedule for Monday February 13 - 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z

Pa. Lawmaker to Trump: "Why don't you come after me you fascist, loofa-faced s***-gibbon"

Springfield manufacturer to lay off 140 workers

President Xi Jinping of China, Stung by Trump's Taiwan Call, Is Said to Shun Talks

Nebraska resumes search for lethal injection drug suppliers

With GOP split on school cuts, Kansas Senate punts debate

Thanks for the heart!

This is certainly a novel way to fight Trumpy!

KellyAnus Con announces new DJT fragrance: SMELLY OLD MAN


I'm not a big believer in Voodoo, but....

Springfield woman, 18, shot at clerk who wouldn't sell her booze, police say

Missouri lawmakers consider bill to raise marriage age from 15 to 17

topic change - wow - Slate - "Donald Trumps Wall Street Enablers"

Don't you just love it - Keep the EPA-but don't enforce its laws

Missouri AG Josh Hawley joins federal suit over 'critical habitat' regulation

Anyone see the Ad tonight featuring an former

Kellyanne Conway unrepentant for Ivanka Trump plug

So, I am in the process of watching every movie that has won Best Picture. Ask me anything!

Article titleChinese and US aircraft in 'unsafe' encounter

A prayer from George Takei

Three weeks tomorrow. I'm trying to think of ANYTHING the Trump admin has done right.

Is it possible for a president to install someone on SCOTUS?

Bourdain tweets

Here's the Appeals Court ruling (pdf). Amazing and scathing!

Republican Congressman Dave Reichert Is Hiding from His Constituents

First They Marched, Now More Than 13,000 Women Are Planning to Run for Office

A good egg gave me a ❤

'I know they are going to die.' This foster father takes in only terminally ill children

Trump's Doubts and Ignorance on Nuclear Treaty Worry Experts

Skill, judgment, courgage. VINDICATED. 3-0

Democrats should vacate the Capitol en masse when SCROTUS addresses the joint chamber 02/28

Three cheers tonight for Sally Yates

Are investigations into whether Russia stole the election still ongoing?

Hunter spends campaign cash at cigar bar, poses with Cubans

Pa. lawmaker to Trump: 'Come after me you fascist, loofa-faced s***-gibbon'

Republicans are reportedly using a self-destructing message app to avoid leaks

Do Your Job!: GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Faces Rowdy Audience at Town Hall

McCaskill to miss votes because of husband's heart surgery

Blunt's support for silencing Warren contrasts with his vote against censuring GOP congressman

Kellyanne Conway: Trump "not concerned" about Chaffetz's "letter of concern."

Thousands attend Rep. Chaffetz town hall, outside crowd turns to protest when doors closes

GOP plan to fix Kansas budget implodes amid pressure from educators

GOP Will Provide The Most Secret Government That Can BE Bought.

Kansas House committee signs off on tax increases, repealing LLC exemption

Sent my daily e-mails to my Publican

Republican congressman preemptively cancels April town hall event to avoid constituents

Is There Any Sign That These GOP Legislators Are Listening? Looks Not.

Event: No Ban, No Wall Rally at Texas State Capitol (February 25)

Neil Gorsuchs Criticism Wasnt Aimed at Trump, Aides Say in Reversal

Honestly...Don't Know If 45 Is Even Going To Make It Past The First 100

Event: Meet & Greet With Rep. Joaquin Castro -- February 11th in Austin

Rep. Joaquin Castro is New Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Chair

I've got not only one heart--my first--but two!...thanks to the donors...

Whomever sent me a heart...thank you!

Thanks for the hearts! DU - where when you go there, they have to take you in.

Kellyanne's been counseled by the White House

Trump promises Chinese president he'll honor 'One China' policy

Thank you for the heart!

I got hearts!!

Thanks for the Hearts...

Hey - all this heart talk means we've finally had a good day. The minions are quiet (at the moment)

Rosie O'Donnell's New Twitter Profile Pic

NY Times - The Lesson of Nordstrom: Do Business With the Trumps or Else

Thank you to the sweet DU friend who gave me a valentine heart!

You Think This Is A F*****g Joke?

Stephen Colbert is killing it!

Who wore it best?

What will the Don give Melania for Valentines?

What is Louise Mensch going on about on Twitter regarding Flynn?

Get Ready For These RW Christian Changes To Public Schools. At Least A Wish List.

NOOOT GINGRICH: "Fire federal workers who voted for Clinton"

Impeach Trump, Kids and Bannon Alt-Right Crazy Family!

Slate - "The Office of Government Ethics Website Crashed Today. Yes, Its a Metaphor."

US Military Highly Infiltrated With RW Christian Officers.

Would Justice Maryann Trump Berry need to recuse herself if WH case

Alan Douchewitz is a lying fool...says Ghooliani never said Muslim ban when he made statement

tRump Got A Big Fat "F" Today, Feb. 9 2017

Orange used to be my favourite colour...

Climate Change and Health Conference (Trump tried and failed to kill this)

Find a local Resist Meetup group

Many thanks for my hearts It's greatly appreciated..n/t

Thank you for my heart!

Saw "Passengers" today.

Thank you for the heart

Rachel quoted new PPP poll

I know who you are!

And then he tweeted..... "SEE YOU IN COURT" After just LOSING IN COURT

Leontyne Price: Opera's Greatest Soprano Turns 90

Must Stop GOPPERS From Referring To Social Security/Medicare As Entitlements.

Why aren't the direct questions put to him?

Pissed off Tennesseans skewer Rep. Diane Black over ACA repeal at Town Hall

Jared Kushner, a shadow diplomat, pulls the strings on U.S.-Mexico talks

Thank you secret admirer for my heart.

Leontyne Price: America's greatest soprano turns 90

Toronto Activists Target Elite Military Event Backing Indigenous Abuses

OMG... judicial burn from the 9th Circuit will leave a mark:

The Conway endorsement scandal reminded me of how LA County Registrar endorsed Diebold

Mexico Continues to Prohibit and Interdict Monsanto's GMO Corn, This Time, by Court Decision

Mexico Continues to Prohibit and Interdict Monsanto's GMO Corn, This Time, by Court Decision

Donald Trump has successfully buried the story that worries him most

Thanks for the hearts, my friends

Letter from Chaffetz & Cummings to OGE, WH Counsel: "Conway's statements appear to violate federal..

I wonder what the Russians have on Comey?

I can't help but think something big is brewing in the White House.

Want to Share my Donald Trump coloring book with the community!

Trump Solicitor General Pick Bows Out - Would Defend Muslim Ban Before SCOTUS

The Humbling of The Donald


History: The Green Book was a Travel Guide Just for Black Motorists


This is more "political satire" than "showbiz:" Rosie v. Bannon.....

Interesting point WA Solicitor General makes about discovery and depositions for full court case

Trump Will End, Not With A Bang But With Him Whimpering

Far-Right Wingnut Bryan Fischer Denounces Neil Gorsuch's Pro-Gay Church

Iowa State Rep Uses Gay Slur Against Out Democrat Opponent During Public Meeting

Guests line-up for Real Time with Bill Maher:

Could a Rogue Meteorite trigger a Nuclear War in the trump Era?

Arkansas panel backs bill banning sex-discrimination abortions

Mt. Sinabung has erupted (again...and again...and again....)

Bid to curb junk food, soda on food stamps in Arkansas fails

Governor signs into law military pensions' tax exemption, its offsets

Arkansas House passes bill to make online sellers notify buyers of tax due

Quick-update. Surgeon follow-up yesterday.

'Sanctuary' university bill rejected by Arkansas House panel

My prediction now about the Washington v. Trump case.

Criminal-justice bill stymied again

Senate says no to speaker's gifts bill

Telemedicine legislation clears House committee

Thank you for the heart!!

So has the FBI caught Flynn in a lie about discussing sanctions with Russia

Arkansas court weighs future of Fayetteville's LGBT protections

Daily Holidays - February 10

Oklahoma abortion bill stalls in House committee

Too much self-tanning lotion? Orange gator puzzles residents

Seth Meyers, A Closer Look: Trump Abuses His Presidential Power

$2.8B deal latest land acquisition in energy-rich Permian

Eviction notices at Little Rock homeless camps spark protest

Bill Walton calling UCLA-Oregon game: "I do all my shopping at Nordstrom"

Group asks Arkansas to set hearing on satanic monument

If Trump nominated Charles Manson for a Cabinet post, do you think Republicans would approve him?

Today's challenge: Try to imagine an action-movie that has the Trump-Presidency as a backdrop.

All I hear is.....

France security: 'Suicide bomber plot foiled' in Montpellier

MRI pioneer and Nobel laureate Sir Peter Mansfield dies

Toronto AA Intergroup Finally Lets Agnostics, Atheists Back In

Richard Byrd Sentenced to 26 Years in Federal Prison for Leading Major Baltimore Drug Distribution

Thank you to my second secret admirer.

Mississippi considers firing squad as method of execution

Trump didnt sign a religious liberties executive order, but states are filling the gap

Owner of Schools that Illegally Allowed Foreign Nationals to be in U.S. as Foreign Students Guilty

How Pope Francis can cleanse the far-right rot from the Catholic Church

Hillary Mic Drop: Clinton tweaks Trump over unanimous appeals court ruling against travel ban

Junior studies abroad at Buddha boot camp

Hundreds of whales dead in mass stranding in New Zealand

Many thanks for my 1st heart, whoever you are!

Thank you for the heart

Spicer's going to have a fun press conference!

For the US Army, Cyber War Is Quickly Becoming Just War

To my secret admirers, thank you for the hearts.

Thanks for the heart!

Trump spokesman, Sean Spicer, says it dishonors our soldiers to call Yemen raid a "failure"...

Motivational poster.

Here is Mike Pence lying on a Sunday show on January 15, 2017.

'This could burn for days': 2 workers hospitalized, 1 missing after pipeline fire in Paradis

Trump - Sorry, no returns (Luckovich)

Fake "grassroots" pro-Trump rallies Breitbart's hyping are the day before Trump addresses Congress

WTF? TV Ad: "Tell congress to pass the GOP patient-centered healthcare act."

Mike Barnicle: "We have a president for whom politics is personal and the personal is political."

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what "incompetence" looks like.

State Sen. Troy Brown could face suspension or expulsion during special session

Watch Jill Soloway Give An Insanely Powerful Speech About Gender

Two Baton Rouge women accused of disaster fraud in August floods, attorney general says

Thanks for the heart!

Obama photographer Souza trolls Trump on Instagram

Deficit that sparked special session only the latest as leaders look for stability

Poll: Louisiana legislature's approval at 23 percent; majority blames Jindal for budget crunch

Louisiana's uninsured rate falls to 12.5 percent; leaders cite Medicaid expansion

Louisiana Universities to receive $2.7M from closing of HMO

Gov. John Bel Edwards releases plan for $304M budget deficit

You know what? FUCK POLITICS! I'm taking the weekend off. Who's with me?

Trump vexed by challenges, scale of government (Politico): Being president is harder than he thought

Nadler Files Preliminary Impeachment Inquiry Against President Trump

Heat Pressuring SE Australia Power Grid; Wholesale $14,000/kWh, Peak Temps Saturday

What's going on in Utah ??

200-Foot Hole Growing In Oroville Dam Spillway; No Threat To Dam, But Lake Rising 6"/Hour

Deported Arizona mom vows to return for her children

12.1 Million Views Sen Warren's Facebook live letter reading

"College Republicans Sorry for Hitler-Themed Valentine's Card"

Study: Houses Bought Today In NYC, DC, Delaware Could Flood 3x/Week Before Mortgages End

"But the Obamas went golfing!"

Money is the root of latest split between Louisiana governor, attorney general

When will Melania Trump stand up to ALL bullying?

Weak La Nina Ends, Pacific Still Hot: Let The Global Coral Bleaching Resume

Woman with 133 cats accused of animal cruelty, running meth lab

Bill Press show dropped from 'progressive radio'

Bill Press show dropped from 'progressive radio' in Albuquerque

"Rancid"- That's apparently the nickname given to Priebus by W.H. staffers who don't like him.


This person Trump, is such a damn fool.

With Pence gone, fellow Republicans undo his work in Indiana

Trump Caves on One China Policy

Some Judges are getting a stern tweeting to...

I got more hearts!

FDNY EMS lieutenant, who helped Sept. 11 victims while off-duty, dies of 9/11-linked cervical cancer

Its ACLU 1, Trump 0and Theyre Just Getting Started

Elliot Abrams may get the number 2 position at the State Dept????????

I'm beginning to think that the reason

After calling him a 'S**t Gibbon,' Pa. senator goes next-level troll, asking Trump for campaign mone

REP. JERRY NADLER (D-NY) wisely takes key step toward possible impeachment:

I think Brutus is already in the Emperor's inner court

"THIS is how you protest"

Expedia CEO's closing remark on earnings call:

Barack Obama goes hard in the paint in 'NBA 2K17'

Another day, another imbecilic and puerile tweet

Online sales for the Ivanka Trump brand fell 26 percent in January

Trump going after the NY Times this morning in nonsensical attack

Pence lied...

So this happened at a high school basketball game here in lovely Southwestern PA...

He doesnt like this sh*t: Trump reportedly hates his job and his staff after less than a month

Hundreds of thousands protest Trump in Iran

Top House Republican Unveils Plan To Gut Social Security

Brands all over the world are praying that Trump attacks them, says one publicist

Conway apologized to Trump for promoting Ivanka brand: report

Does anybody really believe Drumpf has an I Q of 154 ?

If an adviser for a Democratic President had discussed "sanctions" with Russia before taking office

Sixth New England Patriot announces he will skip White House visit

Trump's tweets will haunt him for *all* national security actions going forward

Morn Joe puts foot in it: 2 WH factions on immig- Bannon/Miller & "other people"

Facebook disappointments

Twitter Link: Toupee Alphabet Song

Nine Republican senators urge Trump to pursue tough Russia policy

Let's list all the ALLEGED characters in RUSSIAGATE.

The origin of Superheroes: Captain Marvel

He doesnt like this sh*t: Trump reportedly hates his job and his staff after less than a month

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - War on Nordstrom

Sen. Randolph Bracy considering primary challenge to Bill Nelson

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Donald the Unfit

Let's not forget out of the four judges who ruled against Drumpf two were Republican.

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - Worst Cabinet Ever

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest

To honor heart-giving DUers, and MTM

CNN just reported on flynn talking to russia/sanctions, then showed how easily pence lied about it.

THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW 2/9/17 Poll shows worldview gap between Trump voters, Americans broadly

Report: Ex-Baylor president Ken Starr being eyed for role in Trump administration

Overnight: 9 officials say Flynn lied about Russia contacts; report Trump ordered failed raid...

Trump gets ready for some golf course diplomacy with Japan's Abe

Whispers within the Republican caucus...

Did Mike Pence get burned by Michael Flynn?

Hate incidents since Trump was elected

If Trump had actually read Lawfare's article he'd see it called his EO 'incompetent malevolence'

51% of Trump supporters say the Bowling Green Massacre is proof that Trump's Muslim ban is needed

Jeffrey Lord has tied up himself in more knots

Ex-Palin Aide Lands Job at Trump's State Department

ACLU to Trump

Boy was it blustery in DC yesterday. I had to hold on to my hat to maintain my dignity.

Wait, wait wait

Colors associated with progressive causes

Thanks for the fashion tip, Kellyanne, but I'm trying to buy made in America these days


If the GOP isn't embarrassed by Drumpf they should be.

Trump's Low Favorable Rating May Catch Up with Him

Americans Now Evenly Divided on Impeaching Trump

So, will Trump get briefed on Japanese etiquette before

Iran is watching...calls to the Iranian people not to burn American flags

By no standard of common sense or decency should Guadalupe Garca de Rayos have been deported

7 key take-aways from the court's ruling on Trump's immigration order

Dakota Access Pipeline Approved a Week After Co-Owner's Pipeline Spilled 600,000 Gallons of Oil in

Women could sue 10 years after abortions under new Florida House bill

What does it mean that 90% of Republicans support Trump?

Trump gets a powerful lesson in role of judiciary

How soon will Ivanka's Chinese-made shoes show up in the

I can't give these things away in GD. Who wants a heart?

The 9th Circuit deals a blow to the imperial -- and incompetent -- president - by Jennifer Rubin

Do Cabinet candidates swear an oath to their testimony at confirmation hearings?

Trump Family History: Donald, Fred, And The Ku Klux Klan

"Triple treat: Eclipse, comet, full moon all coming Friday night"

Indivisible: Inside the protest movement that has Republicans reeling

Any STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW podcast fans here?!

Surrogate cesspool

In Congress, Republicans are quiet and meek as mice - By Eugene Robinson

Republicans in Idaho tried to design a better plan than Obamacare - and failed

California's second largest reservoir is damaged. These water releases just made it worse

New tender documentary about a Scottish hospice: Seven Songs for a Long Life

John McCain is right - Donald Trump is wrong.

This performance

in light of flynn's sanctions discussions, when are the russian/election hearings beginning?

🐦 Monday Feb 13 at 8PM - Bernie Sanders Town Hall, MSNBC - McDowell County, West Virginia

How much should I tip the workers who clear our snow to clean off my car?

I will say since November 8th, all the *good* moments have felt really, really, really good.

Monday Feb 13 at 8PM - Bernie Sanders Town Hall, MSNBC - McDowell County, West Virginia

If the immigration ban was only going to be for 90 days...

Donald Trump wants to change U.S. nuclear policy. Most Americans aren't persuaded.

Chaffetz thinks over a thousand constituents who showed up last night to his town hall are not REAL.

All Indivisibles need to read this.

Can liberal progressive Americans become the Alt-Tea Party?

Americans Renouncing Citizenship Hits All-Time High

First hotel trip with pups...

Favorite Songs With "Heart" or"Hearts" in the Title

Gov. Jay Inslee, who launched lawsuit, says this is a model for more to come:

They stopped being the "Party of Lincoln" 50 years ago. You should just stop calling them that.

A long time ago, I trashed the word T-rump on DU...

Thousands Show Up To Chaffetz Town Hall: 'Do Your Job!'

whoever is sending me hearts.

Donald Trump Sounds Very Annoyed That Everyone Knows Steve Bannon Is the Real President

Conway Says Trump Backs Her '100 Percent' After Promoting Ivanka's Biz

Another heart from another kind DUer. Thank you so much!

Trump says Israel settlement growth in Palestinian territories is 'not good for peace'

Vouchers and Tax Credit Scholarships in the U.S.

Hilariously awkward interview of Shouty Spice by Breitbart following court ruling.

At the risk of self promotion

Meet the scary Italian fascist thinker approvingly cited by Steve Bannon

Travel ban ruling: In court as on Twitter, Trump confronts evidence gap

Backing away from a fight, Trump to honor one-China policy

Iraqi prime minister requests end to travel curbs in call with Trump

Disaster Looms For GOP As 35% Of Americans Have No Idea Trump Is About To Gut Their Health Care

My Heartfelt thanks to all DUers and the people that make this site a reality

Secret Leaked video of Bannon meeting with Trump

Indivisible is where the democratic progressive action is.

Mexican official denies helping Trump write border wall speech

Joint resolution filed to make Miami-Dade sheriff an elected office

GOP Not Worried 2018 Is Election Already Fixed. Also Will Pass Laws To Make Protesters Felons.

Donald Trump Calls 'New York Times' 'Fake News' For Perfectly Accurate Reporting

Australian senator's Trump doormat

Mad Magazine redesigns Nordstrom's logo

Loophole Lets Criminals Buy Untraceable Ghost Guns Online

MotorWeek Drivers' Choice: Best of the Year - Chevrolet Bolt

Should General Flynn be prosecuted for violating the Logan Act?

Joe Scarborough: Sources Tell Me White House Is Working on Rewriting Travel Ban

Quest to settle riddle over Einstein's theory may soon be over

LOL! From now on, when people talk about the Peter Pan principle...

'GO BACK! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!': Protesters Block Betsy DeVos From Entering DC School

GOP frantically dialing back expectations as Trump's distractions prove more liability than asset

Air Pollution Raises Type 2 Diabetes Risk in Latino Children

Apparently Chaffetz Did Not Budge From His Recalcitrance. WILL NOT LOOK INTO TRUMP.

It's been 3 weeks now, has he left?

Report Suggests Trump's National Security Adviser a Threat to US Policy

"No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other..." *

Trump Defeats Pile Up

PROBLEM: The United States of America has a gun violence problem

Borowitz: Trump says he has been treated very unfairly by people who wrote the constitution

Big O - Out of retirement onto the Courts (basketball, that is)

Chaffetz's Support Of Trump Brings Boos And Jeers At Utah Town Hall

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Mexican foreign minister helped Jared Kushner re-write Trump speech

Campaign ad for...FRED TRUMP FOR MAYOR.

CNN's "The Messy Truth" Van Jones/Bill Maher Town Hall - Tonight at 9, 8 CT

David Corn: Bombshell Report Suggests Trump's National Security Adviser Is Threat to US Policy

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Fred Trump's campaign ad.

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DeVos Blocked From Entering Public School by Parents. Turns Around and Leaves

51% of Trump supporters say the Bowling Green Massacre is proof that Trump's Muslim ban is needed

French candidate Marine Le Pen: Jews will have to leave if they don't give up Israeli citizenship

Protesters block DeVos from entering DC school

Trump's Twitter echo chamber

Makes GOP Legislators Prisoners In Own District To Where They Are Confronted Everywhere They Go.

The SINGLE biggest threat to U.S. national security: DRUMPF. Resign NOW.


Heartless DUers check in here.

No, not one Democratic Politician should help the GOP govern.

Dems Question Whether Flynn Should Serve Amid New Reports On Russia Calls

The good news everyone has been waiting for!

A strong, principled woman was fired

Pic Of The Moment: It's Flip-Flop Friday!

PA: deer busts into a shop

FOR lunar event watchers FEB. 10-11..information link

I LOVE The Poorly Educated! 1/2 of Trump Supporters Believe Bowling Green Massacre Justifies Ban

Taboo Italian Thinker Is Enigma to Many, but Not to Bannon

IL Drumpf's "I'll see you in court."

Should your financial adviser act in your best interest? You decide.

While Trump retreats to his home base for the second time in less than a month,

GOP Ryan Budget Will Be Like Nuclear Bomb Destroying Everything. McDonnell Supports.

@KellyannePolls: POTUS supports me, and millions of Americans support him & his agenda.

Tennessee introduces bathroom bill, marriage equality ban

First on CNN: Trump nixes Elliott Abrams for State Department job

Drumpf didn't do the asinine handshake where he pulls you to him with the Japanese Prime Minister

Any Opera users suddenly having problems with DU? [updated]

Most Americans oppose 'religious freedom' laws that allow for discrimination

Delicate Snowflake House GOP feels threatened: McMorris Rodgers calls in sheriff ...

Anybody watch the body language, hand "grab" and discomfort from the Japanese Prime Minister?

Today's country classic goes out to "Don". We hear he had a few setbacks the other day.

Trump's Indonesian Business Partner Brags About His Access

House Oversight Committee Gives Public Special Lines For Trump Complaints

A Crack in an Antarctic Ice Shelf Grew 17 Miles in the Last Two Months

Turn around...

Five Charts With Some Bad News For Trump Policies

I like Perez for DNC Chair

How to I insert a photo or cartoon into a post?

David Corn: "MSNBC reports WH has confirmed Flynn did speak to Russian ambassador re sanctions....

House Democrats toss 2016 playbook

Justice Kennedy's opinion in 2015 case looms in U.S. travel ban fight

Trump and Abe to have joint presser soon

American Experience (PBS) will be presenting "Oklahoma City" soon ...

GEORGIA: Congressional GOP Aides Driven From Room With SHAME! Chants By Trump Protesters

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The Madness of King Donald

UPDATE: Loudoun County students planning politically inspired walkout

"Do your job!" angry overflow crowd tells Chaffetz (video)

Jeff Zeleny and Wolf Blitzer are a remarkable duo.

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Americans Now Evenly Divided on Impeaching Trump

Michael Flynn's Debacle

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Trump Defeats Pile Up

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Get Ready To Die For Your Country. Affordable Health Care Will Be Gone. ACA Will Be Gone.

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The First Step To Impeach President Trump Has Just Been Taken (DETAILS)

SNL celebrating the best ratings in 20 years

Did trump hire liberace's ghost as a interior designer

" I welcome you to the (very famous) White House."

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This is an example of Trump's supporters...

Muhammad Ali's daughter: Trump's agenda is nothing new

We Cannot Afford Congress Free Pensions, Health Care & Aristocratic Lifestyle If ACA Not Affordable

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how are we all doing under 'king Donald'

Gallup Poll Says Just 29% of Americans Think Trump is Respected by World Leaders

Of course Michelle Obama would be a guest judge on this reality show

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Abe's suit fits better.

Oh, this is TOO rich - it crawls, it's reptilian, it's orange

Who's going to play Betsy DeVos on Saturday Night Live? Christine Baranski steps up!

The Japanese translator speaks English more fluently then trump.

Japanese PM is tweaking the hell out of Trumpsky.

PPP Poll: 49% Trump Voters 'Not Sure' Frederick Douglass is Dead

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I feel like the Japanese PM is giving Trump a much needed lecture

There is someone on this board that trolls here for free republic.

First ? @ the presser about the 9th circuit decision. well then

Based On The Invisible/Recalcitrant GOP Reps In Colorado I Am Pessimistic About ACA, et al.

Steve Bannon used to be CEO of a World Of Warcraft gold-farming company

Trump's cluelessness over START Nuclear Treaty makes nation "vulnerable to missteps"

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I know all the scary threats. So there. Lol

What was THAT??

Trump nixes war criminal Elliot Abrams for State Dept. (for predictable reason)

The Ides of Trump

Wanna Bet GOP Furious Behind Closed Doors Want To Punish Protesters. Take It All.

KO: Life in Trump's America Just Got Worse for Your Pet- Love your cat or dog? Trump doesn't

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"I accidentally bought a GIANT PIG!"

Marathon Pharmaceuticals to Charge $89,000 for Muscular Dystrophy Drug

What About the Other Calls? - By Josh Marshall

Rally in NYC today at 6:00 PM to protest ICE raids

KO: Life in Trump's America Just Got Worse for Your Pet- Love your cat or dog? Trump doesn't

If Just Dawned On Me. We Have A GOP Monarchy with Trump As King. No One Else Matters.

Trump didn't wear earpiece for translation of Japanese PM's remarks, but nodded along anyway.

Worst press conference ever he got the same question twice

Canada town feels burden of refugees crossing US border (BBC)

AP FACT CHECK: Trump seems in denial about Gorsuch's jabs

Remember Your History!

Obama Admin Knew...

It's FAMOUS, y'know...

Trump Draws. Freakin' awesome...

Donald Trump just lost, bigly

Trump compliments Japanese leader for his 'strong hands'

Trump Suggests WH Will Enact New Security Measures While Order On Hold

So Trump negotiated a phone call for his one china policy

Obama Education secretary condemns protest against DeVos at DC school

Steve Bannon Mixes Discarded Climate Change Report With Saliva To Build Final Wall Of Nest

US Army Ranger buys ticket and opens his home in order to bring back Afghan refugee interpreter

Guess whose husband is on the short list for Solicitor General position?

No Longer the GOP

"There is no anchor-At core of admin-of the most powerful country on earth-there is-instead madness"

Sean Spicer's "Alternative ABC's" (from GQ).

Pardoned Chicago man says he felt abandoned by Pence

Teachers union president condemns protests blocking DeVos from school

Jason Kander has started his own organization to expand voting

Shinzo Abe Totally Shut Down Trump as President Tries to End Presser Early

Hannity Shreds 'Spineless, Gutless' GOPers for Not Helping Trump Fulfill Promises Faster

No Shit...

Now-paralyzed man admits to 2002 rape after rape kit match

"I can tell you right now, we will not allow that to happen." Trump on terrorist attacks in the US.

Senior law enforcement officials urge Trump to scrap 'ineffective' crime plan

Half of American Adults Think It Should Be Illegal for Married Women to Keep Their Last Names

The Jim Bakker Show Continues Investigation Into Demon-Possessed Womens Libbers

Ex-officer's lawyers want statements axed from federal trial

Canadian Muslim grilled about her faith and view on Trump at US border stop

Marco Rubio says Trump's frequent trips to Florida are a 'burden' on local economy

Mother pleads guilty to accessory charge in 'Baby Doe' case

Senior Dem of CIA subcom: @WhiteHouse should suspend National Security Advisor Flynn & revoke access

Japanese PM's facial expression / body language at conclusion of handshake with Trump

The Latest: Foreign hacker gets 8 years in $55M US scam case

I used to think that Mike Pence as president would be a very bad idea

Fishermen in legal limbo fill US plates for $1 an hour pay

Coast Guard: Cuban national suspected of human smuggling

To my secret admirers .... LoveYa

Online Sales Of Ivanka Trump's Brand Fell 26% In January

need help here--a friend showed me a pic of a cheeto with voodoo pins in it earlier.

Is there anyone in this administration that doesn't lie

tRump said he embraced Abe when they met this morning.

Self Defense in the age of Herr Pussygrabber

President Trump's chaotic, leaky, feud-filled past 24 hours, explained

Ghaaaaaaaaa! The reams of paperwork!

Koterba toon: Assad

National Security Council: Trump is too stupid to be trusted

Lithuanian tourism brouhaha after photos used from elsewhere

Insurer Scores A $200M Court Win After GOP Move To Block O'Care Payments

ReTHUG Reps just carry the party line with regard to the ACA

Colombia court will ban bull fighting in 2 years unless Congress decides otherwise

An uneasy union: Couples are getting cold feet about weddings at Trumps hotel

Trump Probably Approved & Supported Flynn Call To Russia.

Revealed: FBI terrorism taskforce investigating Standing Rock activists

Did Trump Turn Out....

Russia now owns TWO White Houses.

Odebrecht bribery: Uribe distances himself from former presidential candidate

Can DU please have two breaking news forums. One for every headline with word trump in it.

There's a febrile debate in Trumps rustbelt. I want to be part of it

Police said weighing whether to accuse PM of accepting bribe

Response from Costco re: breitbart advertising

Cows rush to enjoy accordian concert:

Trump administration begins massive deportation raids

Saudis foot tab at Trump hotel

Dolt45 tweets link to blog decrying his "malevolent incompetence,"

Yellow fever kills 600 monkeys in Brazil's Atlantic rainforest

Did you ever wonder how Boeing produces over forty 737 airplanes a month?

Saudis foot tab at Trump hotel

Prison guards "turn guns on prisoners" in Chile

San Diego Councilman Ward to Propose Equal Pay Ordinance

Top Federal Reserve official resigns as bank deregulation looms

Valentine Heart Offer

Robert Reich scorches Kellyanne Conway: Media will show respect for Trump when he shows respect...

The real reason 45 wanted to win is free weekend transportation to Mar-A-Lago.

NASA Maps Out Possible Lander Mission to Jupiter Moon Europa

Fil-Ams urge Duterte to 'lift a finger,' help immigrants facing deportation

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Who wore it best?

Peru asks world to help find fugitive former president Toledo

Defiant Assad tells Yahoo News torture report is 'fake news'

Dumping Underarmour

Not quite a political post

You cannot make this shit up...

Why healthcare is SO EXPENSIVE in the US: Corprat GREED & Fawning Regulators...

Fitch: Trump's economic plans represent a threat to the world

Rev up the jets.....

Senate Dem Leader Schumer Op-Ed : Judge Gorsuch, We Wont Be Fooled Again

What is your favorite Heart cover or original?

Really, MSNBC...

After ObamaCare - Patient-Centered, Market-Based Health Care Heritage Foundation

Trump brings up vote fraud again, this time in meeting with senators

It'll be great!

Donald Trump's workout and diet routine is ill advised

5th Canadian denied entry to U.S. after facing questions about Moroccan roots

The Myth Endures That Democrats Must Cooperate With Trump

While Thousands Died From Gun Violence, The NRA Paid Wayne LaPierre $4 Million


Trump's Indonesian business partner says he attended inauguration as a 'partner of the Trump Org'

Gov. Cuomo helping a motorist...

I have more hearts than all of DU combined

Trump's listening "session" about Gorsuch w/ 10 senators turns into "voter fraud" rant

Trump just launched new claim that thousands of 'illegal' Mass. voters were bussed to NH...

He sure fits his name.

"Texas jury convicts Mexican woman of illegal voting" - 8 year sentence + $8000 fine

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Youtube of McConnell - watch Orrin Hatch behind him while he dive digs two fingers up his nostrils

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Angry voters flood town halls of GOP lawmakers

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280,000 vs 0

Look's like Flynn's alibi is falling apart...

Dem Senators Urge WH Lawyer To Prevent Future Conflicts Of Interest

Donate to Elizabeth Warren's 2018 campaign, get a "She Persisted" T-Shirt!

POLL: Trump voters say Bowling Green Massacre shows why immigration policy is needed

Is there a thread listing DINOs who are vulnerable?

I got my AOL email back!

Hello all, looking for some help

An expensive, useless wall: Cost estimates for Trump's border boondoggle run higher than promised

Trump: New action coming on security next week

Westminster, Colo. N. Of Denver. 2PM 81 Degrees Could Get To 85 - 2-10-2017.

Someone this removed from reality should not be running the country

Time to tie up Senators phone lines again. Mnuchin...

Mexico's Government Warns Its Citizens Of 'New Reality' In U.S.

Able was I ere I saw Elba...

Time to negotiate those drug prices.

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In the eyes of white nationalists, Trump will preserve white identity

'So-called judges' trump Trump - by David Cole, National Legal Director of the ACLU

How to deal with Trump, part 2

Does ANYONE watch Greta VanSusteren? With Tweety veering right followed by her,

Five myths about Frederick Douglass - By Henry Louis Gates Jr. and John Stauffer

Look For Police Security At GOP Meetings. Letting In ONLY PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT REPEAL OF ACA.

Florida golfer survives gator attack on putting green

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Wisconsin's partisan gerrymandering struck down by court

NFL Threatens to Keep Super Bowl Out of Texas if 'Bathroom Bill' Passes

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Are Data-Driven Campaigns Killing the Democratic Party?

Andy Puzder's Hometown Paper Says He's Uniquely Unqualified to Be Labor Secretary

He's -Trump---also back to calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas.

They Might Use Berkley To End Protests Using The Police. Trump Will Take His Revenge.

CNN's Gloria Borger: Trump Only Called On Murdoch-Owned Outlets in Joint News Conference

Look Up Friday! Green Comet and Snow Moon Eclipse Team Up for Skywatchers

Activist idea: Is your congressman dodging town halls?

Thanks for the heart, whomever you are!

Insane! TPM - "Report: Trump Claimed 'Thousands' Were Bused Into NH To Vote 'Illegally'"

Online sales for the Ivanka Trump brand fell 26 percent in January - Keep boycotting - #GrabYourWall

Federal agents conduct sweeping immigration enforcement raids in at least 6 states

Presidential Vacation Days

Wayne State on alert after racist graffiti

Someone left 14 plastic tubs with cats inside them in the cold rain outside a feline sanctuary

And then...

The meaning of Trump according to Webster

Trump says Thousands of ppl bused in from Mass to vote in the Granite state. He would have won

Fifth Activist Killed in Antioquia, Colombia This Year

Obama hires agency for speaking gigs, lawyers for book deals

It's totally true. Thousands of voters were bused in to NH to illegally vote.

Conflict Over Trump Forces Out an Opinion Editor at The Wall Street Journal

Thank you!!

Virginia Adds Another Challenge to Trump Immigration Order, Asks Federal Judge for Injunction

Prime Minister Abe, on behalf of the American people, I welcome to THE VERY FAMOUS WHITE HOUSE !

Never leave a key in a classified lockbag in the presence of non-cleared people. As Comey would

Last chance to get an Ivanka Trump coat embellished with her dad's hair on the shoulders -

NOTE, this is NOT from Bernie but from zealots who want Bernie to start his own party

CNN reporting that U.S. investigators have corroborated

Obama: "The Best Is Yet To Come"

US investigators corroborate some aspects of the Russia dossier

Sean Spicer said, "We continue to be disgusted by CNN's fake news reporting."

MSNBC - WH not going to Supreme Court with travel ban

Thanks for the heart. It's very sweet of you. Brings a little cheer to my day.

White House considers rewriting Trumps immigration order

To She Who Persists

Has anyone seen this bizarre Brietbart interview with Sean Spicer?

Add me to the list of those giving thank-yous for hearts

Open-carry advocates walked into a police station with a loaded rifle. Officers were not amused.

I'm taking bets - it will by Out like

Shia LaBeouf's Trump art project closes after becoming 'flashpoint for violence'

Protestors Chanting 'Shame!' Swarm Event With Aides To 3 Georgia GOPers

Anyone notice Trump is acting like he knows the clock is ticking?

Thank You Very Much for My Hearts!

BREAKING: US investigators corroborate some aspects of the Russia dossier

Is it not strange for Kellyanne Conway to call Ivanka "the most prominent woman in Trump's" life

Trump not planning to appeal travel ban ruling to Supreme Court

News just said "Parts of the Dossier were confirmed".... This is going to get interesting

"I'm shocked!" CNN confirms parts of Russian dossier are TRUE (communications b/n foreign nationals)

Actress and Author Annabelle Gurwitch Talks About Why Shes Openly Secular

Trump's Indonesian Business Partner Brags About His Access to Trump and easy access to Oval Office

Democrats call for Michael Flynn's dismissal after reported Russia talks

Trump is not taking his travel ban to SCOTUS

I am a Twitter nitwit. I know almost nothing about it.

I feel nothing but disgust for the people who do not know the ethical and legal conflicts

Feds, Trump attorneys wrangle over president's D.C. hotel lease

I'm touched by the Valentines....

Religious Diversity And The Alevi Struggle For Equality In Turkey

Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca founders arrested over bribery scandal

Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca founders arrested over bribery scandal

Give me a C! Give me an R!

Bannon is battling Pope Francis, and moderate and progressive Catholics.

Will the Supreme Court Back Trump? Politico says don't count on party line split.

Republican Senator Admits GOP Health-Care Plan Has to Remain Secret Because It Will Be Unpopular

Anti-Trump protesters pack Perdue, Isakson (Hice) event (Greensboro, GA 02/10/17)

The Ides of Trump..get your postcards now kids...

Keith Olbermann: Camps with concentration

I'm totally convinced Pence is as deeply involved with the Russian shit as Trump is...

At the top of my news feed

Trump's ICE agents start rounding up parents of American children in multiple deportation raids

Trailer across msnbc says Trump not aware of Flynn Report--but I missed

U.S. strike in Iraq targets Islamic State militant from France

Trump on Flynn report:I haven't seen it.What report is that?I'll look into it

Trump applauding himself


Anyone remember Trump joking about killing reporters back in 2015?

Thank you very much for the heart.

Any linguists here?

Love this photo of 'the Donald'

NBC: Russia considers sending us Snowden as a "gift"

Does anyone believe 2020 will bring a free and fair election if he's still in office?

Do you think Flynn is in cahoots with Putin and if he is is that treason?

Very sad news in the science fiction community.

Lady Liberty has laid an egg !

White House changes earlier statement, says it may take fight over temporary halt of travel order..

Russia May Turn Over Snowden to U.S.

Everybody, thanks for the hearts !

Can this be right?

A Game Plan for Senate Democrats

Trump staffer has lied for years about his role as expert witness in Boston Marathon bombing trial

TPM - LOL! "Trump's Day of Living Cuckorously"

Donald Trump has been President for 3 weeks...

BuyIvanka'sStuffGate "reveals fiction of any separation president maintains from Trump Organization"

Medicaid: More than just healthcare

Christine Baranski has offered to play Betsy DeVos on SNL

Post your full snow moon photos here!

Feds withholding transportation funds from DC, Md. and Va.

does anyone know if this is true

Private prison firm sees Trump immigration push opportunity

Spicer reported that Conway was "counseled." And allegedly, Trump "hated" the word "counseled."

Orange alligator in SC. You caption. Heh heh!

New York man accused of bomb plot admits Islamic State support

OMG! I got hearted!

Ex-U.S. Army reservist gets 11 years prison for Islamic State support

Federal agents conduct sweeping immigration enforcement raids in at least 6 states

Report: Trump upset at Spicer for saying Conway was 'counseled'

I lost my lunch today

Man who beheaded and cannibalized fellow bus passenger now has full freedom

What's for Dinner, Fri., Feb. 10, 2017

How many Republicans have been protested at their town halls?

Mike Ilitch has died.

Donald Trump Back At Mar-A-Lago