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FBI REVEALED - Terror Unit Diverted To Investigate Standing Rock Activists & Environmentalists.

James O'Keefe is at again...

Police 'likely to recommend' indictment of Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges

The Betsy DeVos screen grab. This is what happens when Pence breaks your tie vote.

Trump's second Army secretary pick drops out of running just a week after 1st one bows out

Potential solicitor general pick withdraws name

Black Players Harassed With Racist Chants at 'Hick Night'

Looks Like It Will Get Uglier Than We Can Imagine. Could Make Vietnam Protest Look Like Kindergarten

Spicer calls U.S. Intel investigators -on aspects of the corroborated dossier "FAKE NEWS" Whow!

So what did Melania have to do that was more important than being a hostess to Mrs. Abe?

The orange gator seen in SC has me wondering. Are the gators adapting?

The Latest: Appeals Court Will Vote on Rehearing Ban Ruling

We need a longer table.

INDIVISIBLE- please please look for one near you.

I got some Hearts......who needs some love???

When a Fire Starts to Burn

Trump is handling his four senior advisers like they're on The Apprentice

Glad the Rogue POTUS Staff is still here. These were from today

California Farmers Backed Trump, but Now Fear Losing Field Workers

Jerry Garcia's iconic "Wolf" guitar to be auctioned, entire proceeds to Southern Poverty Law Center

Chris Matthews is an ASSHOLE...

Student Republican group apologizes after handing out anti-Semitic Valentine's Day card


Elvis Costello Talks Personal Reasons Behind New Alzheimer's PSA

9th Circuit Judge Wants Another Vote over Trump Travel Ban Decision

A few weeks ago I posted that

Oldies Music Analyzation Thread

For my secret admirers

🐦 Sunday Feb 12 - NBCs Meet the Press - Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

McCaskill calls for FBI briefing on Flynn

Fastest way to shut down a Trumpster...

NPR is just shilling for DT now. It's sickening

Eight countries sign up to counter Trump's global anti-abortion move

For those interested....Chris Hayes in Chicago....on MSNBC right now.

Everything About This Breitbart Interview With Sean Spicer Is Nuts

"Nobody cares"

MooN Eclipse, Full Moon and Comet Tonight

Hick night at a local high have to understand what these hicks are all about...


Trump admin scrubs Obamacare website of positive words

I am blushing!

Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake

Chocolate fair in Belgium: clothing you can eat

Oklahoma City fire crews battling wildfires across the metro Friday

How to Force Government Transparency, Even Under Trump

First look at Syfy's Channel Zero: No-End House

Oklahoma House committee advances Ten Commandments bill

STATEMENT: California Senate Leader Responds to New Information from @ICEgov

British officials drop plans for Donald Trump to address parliament

Why are vouchers such a scam?

Jim Jeffries on America's "freedom"

Why are vouchers such a scam?

Tracking Congress In The Age Of Trump

45P, the comment.....passing over head tonight at 3:00am EST.....

Judge dismisses weapons charge against White House aide (Sebastian Gorka) despite guilt

Newspaper in Spain publishes pic of Alec Baldwin SNL Trump for Trump

Chicago police officer who fatally shot student and neighbor will not be charged

Ashley Biden's new hoodie line

Someone gave me a heart!!! Thank you!!

Texas man's obit blasts him as possessing 'no redeeming qualities' (SFGate/Houston Chronicle)

Just how much trouble is Michael Flynn in?

Magnetic cat

Republican town halls are getting very, very nasty

I really wish cnn would stop calling Dem protests 'tea party tactics" when they show parts

I went to Ollie's Discount Closeout Store, today and found Trump bed linens for sale.

New Zealanders Refloat 100 Pilot Whales After 400 Stranded

Let's try this again: thanks to my secret benefactor for the Valentine's heart!

Office of Government Ethics hit with deluge of contacts, crashing its website

Pentagon says US, Chinese air encounter unintentional

50m of cocaine found on Norfolk beaches (BBC)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Banned! Live, Uncensored & a new kitteh gif

US blocks Palestinian from leading UN mission in Libya

W. T. F. ??

"Go get laid, ladies. You don't belong here."

In Meeting With Senators, Trump Referred to Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas Several Times

Hungary's Orban Renews Attack on Influence of George Soros

Trump's 4th Weekend as Pres - 2nd Weekend Golfing

Friday Talking Points (424) -- Trump Thumped!

DeVos's response, "I won't be deterred from my work." NO!

At "bizarre and completely awkward" meeting, Trump discusses Elizabeth Warren's "high cheekbones"

Russia Considers Returning Snowden to U.S. to Curry Favor With Trump: Official

FRICKEN ICE!! California Senate Leader Responds to New Information from ICE

Federal Election Commissioner demands Trump show proof of voter fraud claims

Donald Trump had a seminar at the Learning Annex

WH is interviewing for Press Secretary...Unclear what this mean for Sean Spicer..

FURTHER proof, if you need it, that if ANYONE is coaching Trump on diplomacy, he ain't listenin'...

Looking Like Deportation Of Undocumented Individuals Not Just Criminals.

Nighttime quake in Philippines kills at least 3, injures 80

If you are offended by the way Elizabeth Warren is being treated

FEC commissioner to Trump: Show evidence of voter fraud

Looks Like GOP Will Cover/Stonewall For Trump & Company NO Matter What They Do.

Sargento recalls cheese due to possible contamination

Karma: Russians may "reward" Traitor Edward Snowden for all that work trashing Hillary.

Hey there, girls and boys, tell us your Snowflake stories

Hand in the cookie jar, Michael Flynn

Assad: Trump's plan for safe zones in Syria 'not a realistic idea'

Don't Care If GOP Reps&Senators Are Uncomfortable. They Should Be They Are POS.

Thank you secret admirer number three. I love you too.

Reports that Immigration Raids Have Begun

Exclusive: White House Has Interviewed Carl Higbie for Press Secretary

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Vandalism and Injured Protestors during Demonstration against Privatization in Rio de Janeiro

President Barack Obama, Newtown High School, December 16, 2012

Xlnt Sign

Trumps Deportation Plan Will Create Chaos/National Emergency/Legal Crisis.

Russia Considers Returning Snowden to U.S. to Curry Favor With Trump

Credit rating firm: Trump a risk to 'international economic conditions'

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My THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING Meter Has Gone Well Past Critical Zone.

Architect of Rousseff Impeachment Arrested on Corruption Charges Declares that He Has An Aneurysm

Rupert Murdoch-owned outlets get only US questions at Trump-Japan press event

Did anyone else watch Rachel

I'm watching 'The Grapes of Wrath'

POLL: How long will Con-grabberman (trump) last?

Protesters Read Coretta Scott Kings Letter Outside Mitch McConnells Kentucky Home

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Judge sets October trial date for accused New York City bomber

My poor little old man cat

A very surprised TNX to whomever bestowed the heart!

Should the Democratic senators who threw Elizabeth Warren under the bus be censured ?

Remind you of anyone? Just wow. Sad but so true

Got it!

Paraguay gives remains of military dictatorship victims to families

So fad-word is "so-called"? CNN dude called the Logan Act "so-called"

Ha! Republican strategist Rick Wilson called 45 "President von Munchausen"

Seen on Facebook


Ex-AIG CEO Greenberg reaches $9.9M settlement in NY fraud case

Does The Great Big Businessman Realize How Many Tourism Dollare Were Lost Last Week

Paris : la tour Eiffel bientot bunkerisee derriere un mur de verre

Can Mexico Or Other Countries Refuse To Take Deportees Into Their Country?

With billions at stake, a federal judge just nullified the GOP's most cynical attack on Obamacare

Mexican marines use helicopter gunship to kill alleged cartel leader and members

Mexican marines use helicopter gunship to kill alleged cartel leader and members


Better late than . . . never mind.

Intel community, Trump administration turning on Mike Flynn

While a narcissistic reckless sociopath is the face of the GOP!

Dem senator calls out Trump for leaving key to apparent classified info exposed

Bill Maher New Rules really poignant tonight. Piers Morgan was a guest

Intel community, Trump administration turning on Mike Flynn

Drumpf called Elizabeth Warren Pocohantas but he's the one who wears orange war paint.

*Charlie Rose show tonight on effects of BULLYING.

Now Trump Enables Puppy Torture

time to revive the Independent Counsel?

Thanks to ALL for the Birthday Wishes!!!

Emoji suggestion

Crash test dummies get heavier as American body weights rise

A blueprint for resistance to Trump has emerged. Heres what it looks like.

What to do with radioactive waste in rural Oklahoma town? A court fight is on

With record number of active nests, early migration, it's prime time for Nebraska bald eagle sightin

One of those weird werid "coincidences"

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Higbie denies interviewing for White House press secretary job

A heart!

Mayor Garcetti on ICE enforcement actions.

Canadian denied entry to U.S. after being questioned on mosque connections

Trump is getting payments from foreign governments. We have no idea what they are.

GOP Already Making Sure The Will Win ALL The 2018 Elections.

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Do these movies make you feel old?

Friday Night Moscow Mule Buzz.

Gov. Mary Fallin's proposed tax on legal fees upsets some lawyers

Staying Strong Together

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University of Oklahoma police investigate officer in wake of killing spree

I'm not a strong believer in voodoo, but I figured what the heck.

Thank you!!

What do we know about this supposed leaked ATF White Paper? Is it for real?

Paddy Power

Trump and Treason go together

Seperated at birth?

Shit is gonna hit the fan! (If it hasn't already!!!!!)

Argentina's Macri writes off $230 million in Postal Service debt owed by his family conglomerate

STATEMENT: California Senate Leader Responds to New Information from ICE

"Get me the f*ck outta here!"

A big hug to whomever...Thank You for the Valentine...

In a couple of weeks its going to be Reichstag Fire Day!

New ad with former Obama administration staffer schlepping for Gorsuch.

I do not know what am doing wrong but am trying to buy some hearts.

Does anyone know who Trump's lawyers are?

EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini asks US not to 'interfere' in European politics

America TOTALLY Needs John Dingell Now!

Officials identify 2 adults, 2 children in apparent triple murder-suicide in Okmulgee County

DT org's new Dominican deal flouts promise of no new foreign deals

Former Broken Arrow church employee charged with embezzling nearly $245,000

Paul Krugman Issues A Warning About What We All Know Is Coming. ....

That slime ball Newt Gingrich

Residential utility customers would see 4.5 percent cost increase under Gov. Fallin's tax plan

the channeling of Huxley and Alinsky in a series of tweets:

We are Boycotting Nordstrom....

Bill Maher, New Rule: Make America Learn Again

Why Is It Cons Love Hateful Rhetoric Enough To Elect An Idiot?

To the two DUers who gave a heart each, thank you so much.

Why Trump invites a terrorist attack.

Remember "Footloose"? Henryetta dance canceled because of old city ordinance

Suspected Norman shooter accused of stealing insurance money

Mr. Skinner and your Team

Former bank president from Altus gets prison for $10M bank fraud

Rupert Murdoch-owned outlets get only US questions at Trump-Japan press event

F*ck Off!: Comedian Jim Jefferies Tears Into Piers Morgan for Saying There's No Muslim Ban

As a retired Military Officer, if Michael Flynn is guilty of Espionage (for Russia) would the UCMJ..

Lawmakers agree teacher pay raises needed, but money is tight

Tulsa legislator introduces bill to legalize medical marijuana

Governor proposes state tax on doctor visits, funerals, other services

State joins alleging kickback scheme for false Medicaid claims

Russia Considers Returning Snowden to U.S. to Curry Favor With Trump: Official

CBS News has learned that the 35-pg dossier compiled by a former British spy is gaining credibility

OU professor argues university's response to racism incidents violates free speech

Trump to Dems: 'Pocahontas is now the face of your party' (CNN)

CIA freezes out top Flynn aide

Half or more of US farm workers are undocumented. So what happens

Customers of popular Wichita bar unhappy with its response to rape joke

Wichita PD suspending use of spike strips after officer critically hurt

After credit ratings agency cites tobacco securitization in outlook downgrade, budget director rebut

Kansas bill requires more details about abortion providers

Kansas lawmakers mix up stew of tax hikes, school aid cuts

Trump Poll

Daily Holidays - February 11

This Week in Anti-Semitism: Duma Defamation and Heartless Valentines

This Week in Anti-Semitism: Duma Defamation and Heartless Valentines

Scientists Drill Deep to Harness the Awesome Energy of Volcanoes

House Republicans Avoid Voting on a Resolution Stating That the Holocaust Targeted Jews

Nebraska legislators hear from proponents of bill designed to promote hospice care for babies with

Former University Business Professor sentenced to Prison for Hiding over $220 Million in Offshore Ba

Leader Of Three Worldwide Cyberattacks Sentenced To 8 Years For Computer Intrusion

ICE detains 44 in Austin: What We Know

NFL warns Texas over "bathroom bill": No Super Bowl for you!

Advocates Say Sweeping Anti-LGBT Religious Freedom Bill Has No Limitations

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You are going to love this (or have nightmares). Wowwwww!

"stepping down from office will be the least of the worries of Trump Administration officials."

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GOP is running political attack ads against Democrats in WI. Already!

Kenyan Atheists Demand National Holiday To Celebrate Non-Religious Belief

70,000 being evacuated in Greece as WWII bomb defused

Rival protests over S. Korea President Park jam Seoul

So DUers why do you think Groper Don the Con tried to discredit the

Religion in the courtroom: Neil Gorsuchs faith and writings draw close attention

Local gun laws under fire in Nebraska from bill that would make state regulations supreme

YESSSS!! Comedian Jim Jefferies Tears Into Piers Morgan For Defending Trump

Daughters of Casey Kasem, Mickey Rooney push bill aimed at halting isolation of vulnerable adults

Omaha employers put muscle behind shared vision of midtown, including long-desired streetcar

Catholic leaders praise court blocking Trumps refugee order

Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska sees surge in volunteers after Trump order

Train derails near Sacramento, no one injured

BOOM! Republican who called for another Kent State for protesters resigns, deletes social media...

Bold Nebraska still opposed to Keystone XL

"Hick Night" included racist chants and holding up Trump sign

I have a couple of questions regarding Michael Flynn.

Homeland Security: Trump wall would cost "about" $21.6 billion, "up to" 3 years to complete

Bill would provide tax exemptions for military retirement pay

Sen Patty Murray is in it for long haul-if thats whats needed: "This is a marathon, not a sprint"

Glenn Greenwald blocked me on Twitter, HAHA. Day. Made.

Ladbrokes Political betting odds on Trump

"President Carnage in Charge"

Thanks for the hearts, folks.

We have a new AG that LIES like TRUMP! Sessions' claim about violent crime contradicted by FBI data

"No One Ever Visits, And I Think The Staff Is Stealing From Me," By Donald Trump

Border wall will cost $21.6 billion, Homeland Security report says

Bernie Sanders rips Trump - Entire CNN interview Feb 10

Bernie Sanders rips Trump - Entire CNN interview Feb 10

Melania looks so uncomfortable at the dinner with the Japanese

My FB post aimed at my 'Xtian' Trump followers:

Now I am pisssed! Washington Post did a front page cover piece of Kellyanne Conman in its magazine..

Maddow blows up administration on Flynn's call to Russia and Drumpf campaign contact with Russia

Someone sent me a heart. Thank you. I love it.

Sanders: Trump is 'delusional,' says he could move US into 'authoritarian mode'

Brands all over the world are praying that Trump attacks them

An Anti-Consumer Agenda at the F.C.C.

The next time drumpf calls Warren Pocahontas, she needs to loudly answer him

"The Other Bombshell in Flynn Story: Contacts with Russia during the campaign"

Tigers, Red Wings owner and pizza titan Mike Ilitch dead at 87

Thank You For The Heart

Website for disabled kids disappears as DeVos takes office

ICE did sweeps in Northern Virginia last night

Got a heart today...Thank You.

LOL: Dominican newspaper uses picture of Alex Baldwin instead of president Trump.

"All these Trumps are getting damned expensive"

More study is neeeded

Revealed: FBI terrorism taskforce investigating Standing Rock activists

I haz a happy, I haz hearts.

JaymalGreen: I was a surrogate for Bernie Sanders because he had progressive ideas that made sense

Palm Beach businesses stung by cost of hosting Trump's weekend retreat

You think Flynn gives trumpster up???

Rosneft is the key?

Thank you to the kind DUer who gave me a heart.

Gerrymandering is the biggest obstacle to genuine democracy in the United States....

PPP Poll: Support for impeachment up 11% in only 3 weeks. (46%) @realDonaldTrump

I heart my heart

Gerrymandering is the biggest obstacle to genuine democracy in the United States....

A tale of two tales: Here's a perfect example of how the media is spinning Melania as "First Lady."

The ACLU has hired Bernie Sanders organizers to build a grassroots platform to mobilize citizens

The ACLU has hired Bernie Sanders organizers to build a grassroots platform to mobilize citizens

Trump addresses "double the estimate" wall cost, says when he gets involved it will come WAY DOWN

Oh really?

Thank you for my hearts!

Has anyone seen the movie Toni Erdmann?

Need help with my 2016 tax return.

Like To Fish, Hike, Hunt, Camp, Bike? GOP Congress Wants You To Have Zero Say On Land Use

The Secret Service paid me a visit for criticising Trump while Transgender

America And Russia - New Partners In Climate Inaction!

Thanks for my heart

GOP Bill Would Cut EPA Budget To $1 Billion, Close Regional Offices, Cut Ozone Rules

CBS News has learned that the 35-page dossier compiled by former British spy is gaining credibility

the way to deal with Trump is to laugh at him

Michael Bennett (Seattle Seahawks) is not going to Israel

Thank you to the person who gave me a heart.

Bradley Burston, Haaretz: Trump Needs a Holy War

how do i put this trump guy on ignore?

Insurers could face impossible task of collecting billions of dollars owed them by government

You know what the Flynn stuff is - it's the CIA

Evangelical Jerry Falwell Jr. to head Trump education task force


Judge Gorsuch, We Wont Be Fooled Again - by Charles Schumer

Energy experts give Trump the hard truth: You cant bring coal back

Thank you fo the heart; Heart - The Rain Song

Flynn holds call with Pence amid calls for probes of contacts with Russian ambassador

Davis-Besse Ohio nuclear plant may be closed in cost-cutting move

Trump's two-year presidency

Oscar Thoughts.

Iraq won't take part in regional conflict, Abadi says after Trump phone call

Will Trump Deny Blue States Disaster Relief?

More than 10,000 Womens March and inauguration attendees have donated their unused Metro cards

I Wonder How Deep Our Federal Agencies Will Get Cut.

Albert Boscov, chairman of family-owned department store chain, dies at 87

The 9th Circuit makes the right call on Trump's travel ban - WaPo Editorial Board

Awww...heart number 2.

Trump Will 'Look Into' Reports That Flynn Discussed Sanctions With Russia

Rude Pundit Asks Trump Voters: "Aren't You Just Embarrassed?"

America's So-Called National Security Adviser - NYT Editorial Board

Writing about food: Tama Janowitz, "Area Code 212"

digby: It was always obvious he was dumb as a rock

Why Deutsche Bank Remains Trump's Biggest Conflict Of Interest

TPM Homeland Security Head Said He Doesn't 'Have A Clue' What The Definition Of A Sanctuary CityIs

I just had to post this pic:

CIA freezes out top Flynn aide

Donald Trump considers issuing new travel ban

Ohmygosh! Two ❤️ ❤️!

COWARD-Trump' trip to London is postponed to when UK Parliament is in recess to avoid formal snub.

Who sent me s heart murmur?

Kmart and Sears drop Trump(from websites)

Thank you third ❤️!

How MLK's Ghost Will Haunt Mitch McConnell - by Joy-Ann Reid

Thank you heart #2

Thanks kind person for my heart. I am touched.

First They Marched, Now They're Running


Thanks for the Valentine love!

Fire In The Hole

Protesters Read Coretta Scott King's Letter Outside McConnell's Home

First Egg Laid!

Homeland Security Head Said He Doesn't 'Have A Clue' What The Definition Of A Sanctuary City Is

CIA freezes out top Flynn aide

Here comes AM Joy (Reid)

So Citizens United was the factor that finally made him run for office after decades of mulling?

Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer jointly call for rallies to defend Obamacare.

Trump Calls Obama To...

Hey Agent Orange - THIS is how a President "Makes America GREAT" . . .

President Trump insults Sen. Warren, brings up baseless voter fraud claim at awkward Meeting

Foreign governments are dumping US Treasurys like never before

Mucking around in Republican philosophical cesspool: Bannon's dead BFF

Apres Trump, J'Accuse!

Last evening

Do local jurisdictions have any legal obligation to protect the president?

Best sources for Trump articles

What is the difference between Wag the dog, false flag and red herring?

Thank you for my two hearts.

NO, We're your boss. And unlike your immediate supervisor, we have some ethics.

Been very busy of late. Got my first type rating

A Call to Action: Concord Reboots Democracy, Indivisible Massachusetts

A Call to Action: Concord Reboots Democracy, Indivisible Massachusetts

A Call to Action: Concord Reboots Democracy, Indivisible Massachusetts

'Maybe he had a case of the dumbass': Ret. Army Gen. slams Flynn for thinking he's 'above the law'

Poor suffering trumpsters

Trump's trip to Britain reportedly "postponed "

Chiming in with my Thanks for my Heart ! X2 :)


Sen. Al Franken and Bill Maher say GOPers think President Trump is crazy

BREAKING: Ranking member of House Comm on Foreign Affairs calls for immediate dismissal of FLYNN

Received this email from AARP this morning:

They are calling out Snowden and Wikileaks on AM Joy!

Ex-NH GOP chair calls Trump's voter fraud bluff with $1,000 bet

@seanhannity relies on Bashar Al Assad's judgment to determine who is + isn't a terrorist. Straight

Hundreds of thousands rally in Iran against Trump, chant 'Death to America': TV

Trump's attacks on the press -- and how the "liberal media" myth has empowered him

"There's anti-Semitism in the White House": What made the Anne Frank Center get political on Twitter

Trump does public business at his private club and this is the result.

Betsy Devos wants to get rid of Common Core

Obamas' former Harvard law professor: Michelle should have been president

One way to get Trump to withdraw Gorsuch: have a woman play him on SNL

J.K. Rowling's Withering Piers Morgan Tweetdown

Thank you to my

And Then the Breitbart Lynch Mob Came for Me

Newspaper uses photo of Alec Baldwin on 'SNL' instead of Trump

While Trump plays golf with Abe, press pool held in room with black trash bags taped over windows

The Scandal That Could Bring Trump Down Grows - Trump and Flynn see treachery everywhere they go,

The scene at the Ankeny forum this AM; let's hope Republicans are ready to listen LIVE

Chaffetz Said He Believes Town Hall Protestors Were Paid, Not From Utah

Trump win boosted sales of dystopian classic "The Handmaid's Tale"

Jim Jefferies slams Fuckface supporter Piers Morgan on Real Time

Health care stripped from collective bargaining as statewide insur plan takes shape ALEC IOWA

Weekend Toon Roundup 1: Tang-faced S#!tgibbon

Trump Tweets That Cost of Mexico Border Wall Will Come Down When He Gets Involved in Negotiations

Steve Bannon Mixes Discarded Climate Change Report With Saliva To Build Final Wall Of Nest

NFL more forceful on Texas 'bathroom bill' after Super Bowl

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Trump win boosted sales of dystopian classic "The Handmaid's Tale"

#MoralMarch livestream from NAACP and Rev. Barber in Raleigh, NC

Snowden's lawyer says extradition report is 'speculation'

WaPo: Senior ATF official proposes loosening gun regulations

Senator who told EW to 'take a seat' got a not-so-warm welcome back to Montana

Useless/silly products

Trump's press corps has been placed in a basement suite at Jupiter golf club. Black plastic over win

#MoralMarch is #1 on Twitter right now.

Donald Trump shook the Japanese Prime Minister's hand for 19 seconds

'Vicious' Deportation

Betsy DeVos Asked Twitter A Question. It Did Not Go Well.

Bill Maher Valentine message we should heed, fall in love with knowledge again (VIDEO)

"SENSE OF DREAD" - We spoke to dozens of shaken federal civil servants about life under Trump admin

CNN takes Kellyanne Conway to the cleaners with expose of her lies and cons (VIDEO)

tRump plays accordion

Sanders, Schumer call for nationwide pro-ObamaCare rallies

I just have to add this post to all the other appreciation posts

LIVE Stream Now OVER - Obamacare Supporters in Force @ GOP Town Hall in N Port Richey

14 Year-Old: This Week My Mother Was Deported

Kmart and Sears drop Trump Home line of products from websites

I, too, am thankful to whomever

It's never the exploiters who are held responsible

Live: DNC Future Forum - Baltimore - Started streaming 3 hours ago

Thanks for the Hearts!!!

Bernie Sanders: Morality and Justice

Trump ripped Mexico in tweet while Kushner was meeting with Mexican officials: report

Hungry Venezuelans killing flamingos and anteaters for food, biologists say

Trump takes victory lap for a "brand new order" (Muslim ban) while on Air Force One with Japanese PM

Sea-level Change in Southeast Asia 6,000 Years Ago Has Implications for Today

I HAVE to say thank you as well

Thousands of people are gathered at the #MoralMarch, to save the ACA, fight for equal rights, & say

Devos will replace math books with books that have pi equal to 3.

We need to stop this rumor that protestors are being paid. It's bullshit!

climate 100

Long-lasting flow battery could run for more than a decade with minimum upkeep

Only 29% of Americans say world leaders respect Trump; 67% said same of Obama in 2009

Here's a word problem from a new, Devos-era arithmetic book.

Ashley Biden Partners with Gilt on Livelihood Clothing Line

New Jersey congressman invokes 1924 tax law giving Congress power to examine Trump's tax returns

LIVE Link: DNC Rally for Keith Ellison (Baltimore)

Newly engineered material can cool roofs, structures with zero energy consumption

TRUMP Power Play: "They don't know, but YOU know they're basically touching your junk"

POLL: Would you buy something from the Ivanka Trump brand?

Who was present at the "Pocahontas" meeting??

A real saint

Ivanka Trump says her dad wears a pink bathrobe in this 2006 clip from "The Apprentice"

J.K. Rowling Hates Piers Morgan As Much As Everyone Else

"What's happening in crazy land?"

Trump attacks on judiciary raise safety concerns for judges

Here's how you talk to these motherfuckers:

Despotism (1946)

9th circuit may vote to reconsider

Steep Decline in Sales for Ivanka Trump Line

More companies pull out of Outdoor Retailer show over Utah policies

Paid protesters

Blue States Troll Trump

Goodbye Chloe

'OK, Children!': GOP Exec Mocks Town Hall Crowd After He's Booed for Claiming There Are ACA Death...

NFL more forceful on Texas 'bathroom bill' after Super Bowl

Recovering Insulin-Producing Cells in Diabetics May Be Possible

LOOK what I found! A list of where the Town Hall meetings are scheduled!

An Optical Illusion You'll Swear Is Moving. It Isn't.

Trump cabinet member promises 'religious freedom' executive order within 30 days

Met Museum Makes 375,000 Images Free

Chip in $40 to the Trump Investigative Fund and fight back against efforts to silence dissent

Isn't this special. And the Trumps don't think twice about it.

Trump Backlash Could Make 2018 a New Year of Women at Ballot Box

Cat vs. Ball

The Media Is Conspiring To Help GOP Discredit Protesters. They Are Allowing The Lies To Go Forward.

Jimmy Carter Continues His Green Energy Legacy With 10-Acre Solar Farm

Trump's Presidency leads to more and more Kalsarikannit

The Scandal That Could Bring Trump Down Grows As Flynn Top Aide Denied Security Clearance

8 Fact-Checks On The Trump Administration This Week

Oh, the price of rejection

di·plo·ma·cy (dəˈplōməsē): skill of managing international relations. #MAGA!

White La. Judge Banned From Local Restaurant After Reportedly Calling Black Patron Fat N--ger

Local protestors need to go up to the media and give them the damned disgruntled voter interviews...

SAY WHAT YOU WANT about Attorney General Sessions...his new executive offices are IMPRESSIVE.

How to end illegal immigration once and for all

It's so nice to have some hearts ...

Optimized Assembly of Micro-/Meso-/Macroporous Carbon for Li-S (Lithium-Sulfur) Batteries

😻 thanks for the hearts!

Trump - "see you in court"

Thanks for the hearts! After the week I've had, I needed them. Thanks again.

Let's help Dems in red areas get to a critical mass!!!

Music professor receives patent to help fight bark beetles ravaging Western forests

NY Times - Illegal Voting Gets Texas Woman 8 Years in Prison, and Certain Deportation

A protest by mail

Whatever you do, please don't send postcards to WH addressed to "President Bannon"

Thank you for the heart ❤️

Bombshell Report Suggests Trump's National Security Adviser Is Dishonest and a Threat to US Policy

Pope Francis Targeted by 'Fake News' in Catholic Spat

A top Putin critic on how to oppose Trump: "making him look like a loser is crucial"

Reeling Trump Devastated As Info Showing He Was Compromised By Putin Gains Steam

Where do I go to get paid to protest

Thank you so much for the heart

Thank you so much for the heart

Murdoch-owned media at an advantage under Trump?

Under Armour CEO: Trump is a "real asset for the country"

Who needs a heart???? Come on now; don't be shy!

Need a laugh? Woman Tries To Shovel Snow In T. Rex Costume, Hilarity Ensues

GOP fights ObamaCare PR war

WaPo - Why Democrats cant just obstruct their way back into power

Carmen WAS on, if interested:

Well wuddayaknow. Malaria does her bit to earn the family paycheck

Planned Parenthood protest draws outsized counter-rally in St. Paul

Planned Parenthood protest draws outsized counter-rally in St. Paul

I Am Very Happy To Report that Voldemort Hates His Job! :) by Paul Krugman-Made me smile today!

NATO says it sees sharp rise in Russian disinformation since Crimea seizure

Great job, Washington State

m$nbc pundit Hugh Hewitt Wants To Put Rush Limbaugh On A Commission To Study Climate Change

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Trumps Watered-Down Ethics Rules Let a Lobbyist Help Run an Agency He Lobbied

5-Star Braises for Chilly Weekends

A heart from someone at DU

thanks for the hearts. they are lovely :-) nt

Pope Francis Targeted by Fake News Amid Tensions With Conservative Catholics

actual blotus sentence

That's a riot. And should be done all the time and on purpose.

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How wouldn't you like to be the insurance adjuster(s) for this mess?

SAD! UNFAIR! CALL KELLYANNE! Sears & Kmart to stop selling "Trump Home" crap.

Snowden as "Gift" . . . Cloak and Dagger Smoke and Mirrors?

What are the responsibilities of the President's spouse?

23 year old washer died top rated replacement is UNION MADE IN THE USA! (Clyde, OH)

Who do you think should be the next DNC Chair?

Scotland Hates Trump

Kellyanne Conway: Trump is more "muscular, clear, robust and tough" than Hillary.

Canadian public school board forbids student trips to U.S. because of unsafe political climate

Another Goldman Sachs Executive Is Said to Be Going to Trump Administration

So the Russian suspected of being Putin link flies into Palm Beach today where Trump is?

Momentum grows for a General Strike, will various

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80,000 at Moral March on Raleigh!

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The GOP Facebook page for Pasco Co. needs more feedback about Bill Akins's LIE,

Can we have an avatar of the pussy hat? I think it would keep the women's march alive in

So Flynn and the Trump campaign were coordinating with the Russians. Why is anyone surprised?

Wiktionary IPA symbol R is messed up.

IMPORTANT. Children Face Debt & Bankruptcy For Parents Long Term Care Under GOP Medicaid Plan.

flash flood warning issued for Oahu. rain rate 2-3 inches/hour. stay home if on island. no

This Weekend's Trump Mar-a-Lago getaway could cost taxpayers more than $3 million

Protestors outside McConnell's house last night, reading Coretta Scott King's letter

Donald Trump isn't the Antichrist but he is anti-Christ

Hurry, Kellyanne Goebbels, great sale, get them before the clothes are sent overseas to charities!

We are Winning!

Scenes From Todays Iowa Legislative Forums

"Now We Are Free"-Gladiator Ending Theme, composer Hans Zimmer, sung by Lisa Gerrard

Trump supporters are burning HARRY POTTER books.

Bill Maher in The Messy Truth with Van Jones

Congress split on probing Trump tax returns

Trump administration signals change in policy for transgender students

First it was puppies and kittens. Now DT's going after bumblebees.

"If these guys think Im walking away from this, theyre absolutely nuts."

Trumps two-year presidency

Texas voter ID law would have prevented 16,400 from voting in November

Taking Mitchie Down

Where school choice isnt an option, rural public schools worry theyll be left behind

The Republican health-care plan the country isnt debating

Rep. Dawnna Dukes explanation for absences raises more questions

New Jersey congressman invokes 1924 tax law giving Congress power to examine Trump's tax returns


Stephen Miller: A key engineer for Trumps America first agenda

New Hampshire lawmakers approve permitless conceal carry bill

One of the tiniest lizards

Trump - 1993 - Testifying in front of Native American affairs Committee They Don't look Indian

Does anyone else think that returning Snowden

Does anyone know Japanese? Pretty sure he told Trumpery to let go.

My thoughts.... Flynn did not lie to Pence.

Artificial intuition will supersede artificial intelligence, experts say

Marsha Blackburn Town Hall, Tuesday Feb 21, 3:30

Is it possible any election rigging dates back to the primaries?

Second Lorena High School student arrested in alleged plot to kill administrator

Muslims have meltdown after BBC airs Real Housewives of ISIS

Spicer suggested firing a squirt gun, as a joke, during a briefing. Trump vetoed the idea.

Love me some Kurt Weill

"If churches were full of these, we'd probably go more often." (No, I'm not an atheist!)

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Event tracker for all congress critters including Grassley and Ernst

Event tracker for all congress critters

U.S. Intelligence Has Confirmed Parts Of The Dossier About Trump's Alleged Ties To Russia

The Science of Flow Says Extreme Inequality Causes Economic Collapse

Melania wears all white to host Mrs. Abe. Funeral only attire to the Japanese.

Photo of turnout at the Moral March in Raleigh NC

Today's petitions

Hey, is there any way to stream the East Coast feed of SNL?

Here's one way to make Trump's "Great Wall" (YES, he IS calling it "Great Wall") even GREATER! #MAGA

How many GOP elected officials do you think are so deluded that they believe the lies?

Air Farce One

Rob Reiner on Flynn - "A Fish Stinks From the Head"

Can you be a Progressive Democrat and still the support the Second Amendment?

Imagine if Bob Ross had been born in Mexico and was a tweeker

State G.O.P. Leaders Move Swiftly as Party Bickers in Congress

'Lincoln In The Bardo' Pictures An American Saint Of Sorrow

A new, liberal tea party is forming. Can it last without turning against Democrats?

I am proud of Yale today. See what they did!

2017 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2017 Sam F. Davis Stakes

Hey Skinner, did you see what Yale did today?

Forget 30 page dossiers, Putin

Overview of the Trump/Russia collusion and timeline PLEASE READ!

The Ties That Blind

Welcome Back To The 1880's Per GOP. No Safety Net In Fact No Anything.

Chaffetz Is An ARROGANT PIGS. He IS Saying FUCK YOU To Those Protesters By His Attitude.

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Santa Maria Stakes

All That We Share...

Thank you, my friends, for the hearts

Thank you, my friends, for the hearts

Congressman: Rarely used law could make Trump tax returns public

Thank you, my friends, for the hearts

Officials hate each other:5 disturbing revelations about whats happening inside Trumps White House

What's for Dinner, Sat., Feb. 11, 2017

THIS! AFL-CIO nailed it in one awesome tweet.

Price confirmed yesterday---how'd it go so fast?

NOT cabin fever!

Dawn and Dusk from the Deck

Did Teddy Roosevelt ever kill a triceratops?

240 more whales stranded in New Zealand, bringing two-day total to 650

So My Trump Chump 1st Cousin once removed just posted a crowd sourcing link

How the Lunativ Fringe Conquered World Politics

Trump wasn't entirely wrong about buses going to New Hampshire

The Role of Resistance

Why Does This Democratic Progressive Group Have Close Ties To A Pro-Trump PAC?

GOP Rep tries the "death panel" line at town hall.

John Fugelsang regarding "illegals"

I was wrong. Piscopo not on SNL tonight.

It's time to play: Predict the next SOTU address!

valentine heart generator

#THERESISTANCE Follows Mitch McConnell To His Own House And Its GLORIOUS (IMAGES)

How have the media abused Ivanka?

1000 volunteers showed up this morning to form this RESIST!! sign at Ocean Beach in SF

GOP official heckled in "death panel" video has history of bigotry and misinformation