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Archives: February 12, 2017

Report: Ex-Baylor president Ken Starr could join Trump administration

This has been all over Facebook.

Economic Cabinet Is Mostly Bare

Mossack Fonseca: Panama Papers law firm bosses refused bail

Deutsche Bank Remains Trumps Biggest Conflict of Interest Despite Settlements

8 Fact-Checks On The Trump Administration

Brazils corruption scandal spreads across South America

PayPal freezes News Media Canada's account over story about Syrian family in Flin Flon

Trump-McCain feud

There seems to be a severe fractal art deficiency here

Trump ripped Mexico in tweet while Kushner was meeting with Mexican officials

It's Snowing with a 30 Percent Chance of 'Pot Sasquatch'

An Appropriate Song for Unfortunate Times

All the Countries Trolling President Trump's 'America First'

Trump administration signals change in policy for transgender students

Trump attacks on judiciary raise safety concerns for judges

"Symphony No.9, Boogie" by Matryomin ensemble "Da"

Trump golf game gets special press box: a basement with blacked-out windows

Harder than Donald Trump expected

Cambridge University student tried to burn 20 note in front of homeless man

Administration signals change in policy for transgender students

North Korea 'conducts missile test'

Hes not right, mentally: Al Franken reveals GOP senators are worried about Trump

Immigrant community on high alert

Anyone know how to find out when a senator will appear in your area?

Wonder Woman: "If I don't get pants, nobody gets pants!" (a gift to make you smile)

Trump tweets a loving message of support to a tragic victim of abuse, Ivanka.

North Korea tests a ballistic missile.

1,700-Year-Old Untouched Tomb Yields Elaborate Headdress Figurine

Is Emmer the only brave member of congress to hold a town hall meeting?

Yet another remake

1,700-Year-Old Untouched Tomb Yields Elaborate Headdress Figurine

Issa's "Empty Chair" Town Hall?


SNL Gets Under Trumps Skin More Than Actual Global Issues

Alright Whovians...two questions

(Kansas) Democrats elect civil rights lawyer as nominee for US House

(Kansas) Democrats elect civil rights lawyer as nominee for US House

Why do women in yogurt commercials look like they're having an orgasm?

I just read this on Facebook.

Massive North Carolina crowd protests Trump, anti-LGBT law

Bannon's reading list...from Boston Globe

I know what country trump

Welcome to the age of anger

Suspected Serial Rapist Impersonated 'Family Ties' Child Star: Police

Andrew Sullivan: The Madness of King Donald

Disney CEO Bob Iger says Star Wars Land will open in 2019

The GOP has convinced too many people that to compromise is to concede

How to take down Milo?

Shia LaBeoufs Art Exhibit Shut Down for Public Safety

Trump tweets his approval of Japanese PM like he's judging Meat Loaf on fucking Apprentice

"Working Dinner" @ Mar-a-Lago MIGHT mean no one cut his meat for him, he's got to do it himself

Anyone know if current Russia news coming from leaks? Some Dems trying for months to get it out.

Rios Governor Pezo Ordered to Step Down by Regional Courts

Sen. McConnell fled KY tarmac in an SUV to avoid protesters.

tRump - Multiple Investigations (Luckovich)

lol, is there anything Steve Bannon hasn't sullied?

DNC candidate torches 'draft-dodging chickenhawk president.'


Woman falls to her death inside World Trade Center Oculus

Trump Doesn't Know North Korean Fired Missile. Doesn't Answer Question

Even the children were traumatized at election results!

North Korea: Dear Leader vs MangoMongo - Good Lord!

Challenger unseats governor's pick for GOP chair

#The resistance

Why Hikers Need Hunters and Vice Versa

It's Snowing with a 30 Percent Chance of 'Pot Sasquatch'

N. Korea Launch Has Me Worried

Nashville officer fatally shoots man after traffic stop

Need Help Burning Off My Mac

Dangerous Refugees Flooded U.S. After Lifting of Ban, Trump Says

Massive North Carolina crowd protests Trump, anti-LGBT la

Californians are keeping their lawmakers' phones ringing: 'They really hate Donald Trump'

Tyrannic Mans Dominion: Trump Era Physical Sciences Approaching Social Sciences Marginal Status

Crowd at Tennessee town hall erupts when this teacher explained the real problem with ACA repeal

Utahs attorney general was a rising GOP star. Now hes facing corruption charges

Thank You for the Heart

Deray and Perez

There's not a big difference between fat and thin people

Thanks for the heart!

Newspaper Mistakenly Runs Picture of Alec Baldwin on SNL Instead of Trump

Lawmakers getting creative in attempts to mock, challenge and repudiate Trump (Politico)

How do you say, "holy $hit, he's crazy" in Japanese?

Ex-states attorney pleads guilty for tax evasion in South Dakota

By my count Drumpf, said "very" and "good" five times each in his brief photo op with

Too bad Trump doesn't have anyone with diplomatic skills

Public notice bill defeated in committee

Temple Grandin named to the National Womens Hall of Fame.

Panel says parents should file for child support to get food stamps

Mossack Fonseca founders detained in Panama amid corruption scandal

Chipotle's steak seasoning -- how to replicate?

Temple Grandin named to the National Womens Hall of Fame

Petaluma Yacht Club

Lawmakers aim to expand whistleblower protections for public employees

Some US officials confirm that some Russian-to-Russian convos alleged in Steele dossier DID occur

My Letter Requesting Trump Halt SEC Pick

Thank you for the heart!

Trump administration signals change in policy for transgender students

Lawmakers vote to carry guns in state Capitol

Meet the Teacher Whose Powerful, Christian Defense of Obamacare Made a GOP Town Hall Go Viral

iCE raids are happening all over NYC. Warn your undocumented neighbors.

The DOJs First Act Under Jeff Sessions Will Make You Sick

Best nickname for Trump? Part 1 (POLL)

Temple Grandin named to the National Womens Hall of Fame

Lawmakers kill settlement secrecy bill

*dnc chair debate was on CSPAN.

Majority of Trump voters believe Kellyanne Conways bogus Bowling Green Massacre was real: poll

House panel defeats bill to remove state sales tax on food

Committee approves ban on powdered alcohol sales in South Dakota

Trump's wall--$ 21.6 billion: entire 2017 NASA budget $19.6 billion.

So North Korea and Iran are testing missiles and Drumpf is deporting moms.

So, anyone else really looking forward to SNL tonight?

Would you be willing to hide an illegal immigrant in your home?

South Dakota committee kills bill to recoup animal seizure care costs

South Dakota lawmakers aim to out dark money groups

State sues former 4-H Foundation as fundraising partnership crumbles

Going broke: Texas border security spending (KVUE-24)

Wells Fargo employee suit to be heard in Rapid City

"Hey, come here."

Illustrated works of Julian Peters - Remarkable stuff

Boyfriend of Reporter Killed on Live TV Eyes Va. House Seat

Pete Souza ( Obama White-house Photographer ) has been quietly trolling 45

Trump taking another step backward - Conflict mineral ban to be lifted?

Water Flowing Over Emergency Spillway at Tallest US Dam

Help me choose my best custom Xbox One Controller Design!

Santa Clarita Diet

Author of The Handmaids Tale: It was farfetched when I wrote it but Trump is making it real

Old, generic drug for rare disease gets new price tag: $89,000 per year


Thank you for my valentine!

As state teachers near retirement, South Dakota ponders how to recruit replacements

Universities might get special budget powers

Daugaard signs bill to keep retirement system sustainable

Joint statement by Trump and Abe, any minute now on MSNBC

No link between immigration and increased crime, four decades of evidence finds

Has anyone heard any further news about the Awan brothers

Sheri Tepper died last Oct, I missed this

Just watched All The President's Men - Nixon admin talked about the press just like Trump does

Nonstick chemicals found in fast-food packaging

CNN/MSNBC DESPERATELY Trying to Explain Trump's Incompetence Re: North Korea

Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)

Thank you and you. I got two hearts today. Woohoo!

I'm Really Starting To Like This "Coffee Party" Movement.

Asylum seekers walked across U.S. border into Emerson Canada early Saturday morning

Serious question: Have Democratic politicians run from constituents?


ACLU guidance - What to do if ICE knocks on your door.

whomever sent me a vallentine , thank you

I would like to give a sincere Thank You to those who have given me hearts !!!

Like it or not, he's the man in charge.

The Hard Right's Planning Document for Education

trump blacks out windows at winter white house so press pool cannot see/photo activities paid for by

New Zealand whales: Hundreds refloat on high tide at Farewell Spit

As a recovering addict herself, North Dakota's first lady hopes to tackle addiction issues

Thank you for the hearts. ❤️

Canadian authorities intercept 21 crossing border into Manitoba from ND and Minnesota

Do not forget to watch SNL tonight!

98 degrees in Altus OK on February 11....

What Is Wrong With GOP/Anti Choice Women Who Want To Give Up Their Rights ---

If wanted to move from the USA to Canada permanently what would

North Dakota bill would create a new Cabinet position

I was hungry, and you said...

Army veterans return to Standing Rock to form a human shield against police (The Guardian)

Amid debate over medical marijuana, initiated measure process may receive scrutiny

Bill to extend student journalists' rights moving through ND Legislature

The Problem Is GOP Reps In Congress Are As Insane As Trump. Think About Their Mental Dislocation.


ACLU official: ND bill based on unfounded fear of 'Sharia law'

ND House votes to make higher ed applicant records confidential

Yale renames residential Calhoun College for Grace Hopper

Insurance premium proposal off the table for now, North Dakota legislative leaders say

If Abraham Lincoln had acted like Trump

ROTFLMAO! Melissa McCarthy again

How long until Spicer quits? A girl kicked his ass again tonight.

Senate votes down bill to allow display of tribal flags at N.D. capitol

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 14: 31 Days of Oscar: Oscars A to Z

Jeff Sessions character on SNL:

North Dakota lawmakers take a peek at distracted driving bill

Trump-Abe trip to Florida raises ethical questions

Officials in North Dakota town see no way to block white supremacist Cobb from buying old church

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 15: 31 Days of Oscar: Oscars A to Z

kanasas reps and senators town hall Feb

Morton County jury finds 8 pipeline protesters guilty

If you can't wait on the West Coast here are snippets of SNL

North Dakota House kills sexual discrimination measure

More delays for DAPL

Kate McKinnon on SNL doing Kellyanne Conway is brilliant!

SNL - Daily White House Press Briefing with Sean Spicer 02/11/2017

Los Angeles LGBT Center Vandalized with Anti-LGBT Slurs

Tennessee Marriage Defense Act Filed, Defines Marriage as Man and Woman

ICE Raids Our Metaphorical Version Of Krystalnacht. Not Who We Are Or Should Be.

Woody Guthrie sings about Donald Trump

GOP Official Lies To Voters, Calls Them "Children" As Town Hall Protests Continue

Old Man Trump

"Just Stiff All The Contractors": Twitter Mocks Trump's Pledge To Bring Cost Of Border Wall "WAY ...

16 Marvelous Rubs and Marinades You Should Save

GOP Was The Cause Of Immigration Problem. Really Started With Ronald Reagan.

Please tell me you're watching the People's Court sketch

Sean Hannity Has Comical Meltdown Because Republicans are Frauds and Liars

Is DT hand yanking a new development?

The Peoples Court - starring cheetolini and pootie

Why we need protest to stop the anti-choicers

Australian government reintroduces sweeping welfare cuts

SNL cold opening was a riot. Alec Baldwin on now. nt

Black Female SNL Trump..

Flamanville nuclear plant explosion exposes crisis in French nuclear industry

SNL Is Pushing 45Pee To The Max....

SNL is going to cause Trump to blow a gasket (or a major blood vessel)! (Spoilers)

Corrupt Congressional Conservatives Are Making Their Move To Unleash Wall Street Predators On ...

Trump's view on Immigrants

Just to Piss Off Trump?


Sanders town hall event in Welch canceled (McDowell County )

LA Times - In an age of 'alternative facts,' a massacre of schoolchildren is called a hoax

Dangerous Refugees Flooded U.S. After Lifting of Ban, Trump Says

Department of Education took down a website devoted to disabled students

So I got this book in the mail today...

TN GOP propose bill where children from artificial insemination are illegitimate

Thus, intelligence sources said that Flynn did talk to a Russain ambassador

Tom Arnold the biggest Dick in the history of Earth.

Creepy Kellyanne Conway Stalks Tapper on SNL After Not Getting Booked:

Can anyone help unwind this? RE: Rosneft

Explain like I'm 5: If the dossier is proven completely accurate, is Trump headed to prison?

Trump tweets about his daughter wife

Trump's delivered statement on North Korea differed from the printout of intended statement

Westminster's here!

Two articles explain why Session's appt as AG is bad for Alabama, too ...

Could the deadline for the Feb donation drive be extended ?

Fatalities reported after mass protest in Baghdad

Chinese investor charged by SEC with insider trading in DreamWorks deal

Ex-Professor gets prison for Swiss tax cheat scheme

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket vertical at Florida's Kennedy Space Center

Ex-guardsman gets prison for supporting Islamic State

To Muslim shop-keepers: I'm glad you are in my neighborhood

Someone posted ICE phone numbers at the discussionist. They were

Pearls Before Swine Toon - What If?

Florida man rescues bald eagle from alligator's mouth

Illinois lawmakers designate October 'Zombie Preparedness Month'

"At least two candidates have turned down the job of White House communications director."

Mississippi House passes bill for executions by gas chamber, firing squad

Twitter needs to re-route all Trump's tweets to Yahoo comments.

My brother's exploding power bill.

Laura Miller Profits From the Dallas Pension Mess

In Duntsch's Assault Trial, Questions About His Role After Patient Deaths

Midwestern State University 'maxed out on debt'

Daily Holidays - February 12

Pilot removed from Austin flight to San Francisco after reports of strange behavior

Texas universities comply with Abbott's questionable hiring freeze

Castro to reveal plans for possible Senate run against Cruz in 8 weeks

PolitiFact: Minimum wage won't get you off food stamps

Dallas Satanist, Forney youth minister chat at dueling Planned Parenthood protests

Texas woman sues Popeyes, claiming flesh-eating worms from meal bit back

Ellis County constable indicted again, this time on evidence-tampering charge

Iowans all over the state speaking out at forums

so many hearts! I'm overwhelmed!

Signs seen in the massive March on Raleigh, NC yesterday

Undocumented immigrants versus non-citizen immigrants with criminal records

Four Texas State fraternities suspended over 'alcohol-related' violations

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Lovin' Scoopful Edition

Iconic moment from Trump era: Canadian Mounties - helping a refugee family flee over the US border.

A long-awaited gold depository in Texas remains in limbo

Texas lawmakers search for ways to avoid wasted college credits

Trump People's Court - SNL

The Walking Dead 7.09 "Rock In the Road" - mid season premiere (spoiler alert)

So can Groper Don the Con host a foreign leader at his private

Meryl Streep suggests criticism of her Golden Globes speech is coming from "brownshirts and bots"

Trump's pretty twitchy waiting for his turn at the mic as PM speaks, and he must remain silent

Trump's bizarre tweet this morning about Bernie Sanders and CNN

RESIST! Line Drawn In The Sand

Background check bill heads to house floor

Panel approves bill to protect psychiatric ex-patients from unscrupulous landlords

Whistleblower act revision sparks furor

Trump: "Gang members, drug dealers & others are being removed!" Others! OTHERS! #MAGA!

Democrats eye tax reforms to balance 2018 budget

Voters approve $100M bond in Santa Fe ISD election that drew near-record numbers

SNL: Kellyanne stalks Jake Tapper

Ex-lawyer, convicted in 2008 DWI death, appeals latest conviction

So, when will these ICE raids start taking down and fining companies that hire undocumented workers?

Is it normal for foreign leaders and their wives to fly on Air Force One ???

Extraordinary commercial from Aeromexico in response to drumpf

Trump in 2012: There's no point in vacations if you really like your job.

Feb 12: Keep Russian hack of US election on front pages! The "UHHH, ISN'T THAT TREASON??" edition

Residents say 1st atom bomb test caused cancer cases

Cheeto as Dog the Bounty Hunter

"He is not a white nationalist, BUT..."

"Everything I don't like is fake news."

Controversial landfill project in New Mexico renews permit

A sincere Thank You for my 4th Valentine's Day Heart.

Sharp shifts focus from solar power plants to in-house systems

Thank you DU

Exciting new job openings

Saturday Night Live

Juror pay emergency funding sought by New Mexico judiciary

SNL Leslie Wants To Play Trump

Crime stats should inform the public. Trump is misusing them to scare us instead.

Nancy Pelosi Demands The Suspension Of Mike Flynn Over Russia Ties

Republicans Hold On to a Myth to Hold On to Power - NYT Editorial Board

Trump's immigrant raids waging war against 'others.'

BLOTUS did not read WH prepared remarks presser...he is either too vain to wear glasses...

I love the humor on Saturday Night Live, but I think the skit on

Ivanka Trump told Kellyanne Conway to keep her name and brand out of her mouth

Nevertheless, she persisted By Mark Morford

O'Malley backs Buttigieg in DNC chair race

IS something wrong with Christie?

Went to a Phil Murphy 4 Governor Event; Quite a Turnout.

SNL': Kate McKinnons Kellyanne Conway goes Fatal Attraction on CNNs Jake Tapper--(VIDEO)

VoteVets and Martin O'Malley have both endorsed Pete Buttigieg for DNC chair

Terrorists from within


Stephen miller on This Week

First, it was puppies. Now Trump is going after bees.

Sunday Toon Roundup

Do you take a flu shot? Flu season hitting its peak in 43 states

Incredibly Stupid Trumpkin Letters to the Editor Dept: Income Inequality - it's just the way it is!

Al Franken is tearing Groper Don the Con a new one on Tapper

Moving ad campaign encourages LGBTQ couples to keep holding hands

Call him "Tom Petty"...Donald reminds you that Mark Cuban isn't smart, that's why Trump is President

Best SNL line: "I want one day without a CNN alert that scares the hell out of me!"

Polygamous families protest bigamy law in Utah: 'If we were gay, we'd be OK'

The Jerk:

Joy Reid will have on Rob Reiner, Frangela, and Stephanie Miller this AM

Lil' Bit (puppy rescue by Dianne Forney, TX)

Donald the Weak

The Conservative conundrum!

Hopefully Hillary is finally taking the naps Trump lied she was taking on the campaign trail.

Kellyanne Conway is seen within the White House as a "Queen without an Army"

Renowned social reformer Mythri is no more

Jakarta will be a religious city, Indonesians told at prayer rally

If you were typecasting WH aide Stephen Miller, he'd be the zealous fanatic

Don't let this percolating CONSERVATIVE SLUR stick!

Man fired from Trump flying role over battery charge appears at Mar-a-Lago

SNAP, watchdog group that fought Catholic Church, faces upheaval

Mexico Should Make Trump Pay For The Drug War

My contribution to the music lovers in the Lounge.

She persisted and prevailed.

T.E. Lawrence and the Desert Bromance That Sold America on a War

Tobin's Weight Loss Frenzy

Let's troll the Repub Senators who shut Warren up

THIS is how you deal with fascists!! George Stephanapoulus with Stephen Miller

Search #kakistocracy on twitter and see what pops up!

CNN, Mark Cuban Push Back On Trump's Latest Round Of Early Morning Tweets

This drug just got the FDA's OK -- and an $89K price tag

C'mon now, FFS DeVos, it's 'Du Bois'

Tennessee GOP bill says children born through artificial insemination are not 'legitimate'

Trump presidency looks a lot like early Schwarzenegger governorship

So just for the record:

Images capture 1,250 Buddhist monks congregating for hushed annual prayer and ceremony in Thailand

President blamed his staff for not telling him $1 TRILLION on infrastructure would drain the treasur

I think I'll get up and butter my toast now.

Facebook Page for missing Elise Stefanik, NY 21 Congresswoman, Ryan's Little Pet

Please keep the pressure up on Trump.

Alabama crops rot as workers vanish to avoid crackdown

From protests to 'pussy hats,' Trump resistance brews online

Patrick Park may get to realize dream as Austrian ambassador

Frank Ancona - Grand D-Bag of the KKK found dead.

Personally, I think Iggy Pop could do a good Kellyanne Conway.

Top Advisor Ducks Questions On Whether Trump Still Has Confidence In Flynn

Netanyahu pledges to promote responsible policies at Trump meeting

Maxine Waters on AM Joy...

Orange man to visit Ohio

Donald Trump told he won't escape the 'biggest protest in British history' by moving his state visit

'You Have Provided Zero Evidence': Stephanopoulos Clashes With Stephen Miller on Voter Fraud

Trump has erased the line that separated the US between President Obama and Dictator Putin

Spy Revolt Against Trump-Intel Community pushes back against WH it considers leaky, untruthful & ...

Spring is coming to the Rock Garden

They came for the immigrants,

Trump fires a not-too-subtle warning shot over Sean Spicer's head

Trump's Horrible Day Began

What was that about cats?

'Talking bag of pus': Twitter rips Stephen Miller for clearly reading from script on Sunday shows

Not the Best. And Definitely Not the Brightest.

Not the Best. And Definitely Not the Brightest.

Stephen Miller is one creepy motherfucker.

To weaken trump you have to discredit his business, his name,his reputation as his ego is trump Inc.

Trump is a perfect example of the difference between intelligence and wisdom.

Sean Spicer Press Conference Cold Open - SNL

Who's the Paid Protestor?

DeVos's Dept of Education tweeted a W.E.B. Du Bois quote this morning, and misspelled his name

White House Prepares for Staff Hiring Surge

So what will Trump do about SNL? He's got a long time to suffer this humiliation week after week.

Sen. Al Franken confirms to CNN's Tapper that GOP senators are concerned about Trump's mental health

On the DC eagle cam!

Apt description of Kellyanne found in comments @ Politico

The Caw of the Wild

Trump aide Stephen Miller: What Sean Spicer says is 'true and important' and 'always 100% correct'

Top WH Advisor Says Trump's Authority In Immigration Order Is 'Beyond Question'

Webb: Democratic Party has moved 'very far to the left'

Sanders: Trump 'backtracking on every economic promise that he made'

SNL with Alec Baldwin last night scored show's highest metered-market household rating in 6 years

Complete Interview - Bernie Sanders On NBC's "Meet The Press" (2/12/2016)

How do YOU refer to Donald Rump in discussions?

Makes you go "hmm.." - Trump Home Collection???

Steph and Frangela on Joy NOW

"I want one day without a CNN alert that scares the hell out of me!"

Holy mother of god, this obituary.

Schumer: Trump 'governing as a hard-right guy'

Thanks for the Heart!!

Ahh - The Classics how they are always relevant

I heart NY

Stephen Miller - The Believer - Politico piece tying Miller to Sessions and Bannon

"Now you know why immigration lawyers like me were so depressed the last week or so."

North Korea tests ballistic missile; U.S. to avoid escalation

The Spy Revolt Against Trump Begins - New York Observer

Trump administration officials may be deposed over immigration order

Donald Trumps Labor Secretary Pick Andrew Puzder Owes Millions To UBS As Bank Seeks Waiver From San

As emergency spillway flows, state says repairs to crippled Oroville Dam could run $200 million

Pick Getting A Heart or a Pic of Ivanka's Ugly Shoes

Inside the black bloc militant protest movement as it rises up against Trump

An answer to about future of Democratic Party:

Bawhahahhaaaa....from Twitter

When undocumented workers use Social Security numbers

Anglican Church faces new split over attitude to gay relationships

SCROTUS sold these people a bag of lies. the DNC needs to go into

Gimme Shelter: "You Are Never Gonna See Your Kids Again"

I just want to thank the nice people who have given me hearts. I don't know who

Rep. Massie Repug, Kentucky Introduces Bill to Abolish Federal Department of Education

"the president STOOK up for a member of his family" & What Sean Spicer says is true and important

Nazi Holocaust and the Deaf and disabled

Skynet Threatens Middle Class ...

Judge rules Orlando bakery didn't discriminate against anti-gay customer

Can anybody identify this plant for me?

I wonder if the "Believers" know how ridiculous they are to the ones who take the time to educate

Thank you so much for my hearts!

Thank you for the valentine hearts.

The looming conflict between Trumps immigration sweeps and religious freedom

IMO these are the two most important big-picture posts on the board right now.

Republicans Hold On to a Myth to Hold On to Power.

I wonder what the odds may be that Trump would resign his office

3 Things You Might Not Know About Charles Darwin

Key Players Implicated in the Trump-Russia Dossier - nice graph

The Set-up

NYT: Republicans Hold On to a Myth to Hold On to Power

This is Trump's Goebbels: Stephen Miller

This is London 1993, after the Bishopsgate bombing IRA attack

If Adele's "Hello" Was About Calling Congress Global Citizen

Dawn of the True Know-Nothing Administration

TPM has two good ones on Miller - "Top WH Advisor Doubles Down On Trump's Baseless Claims Of Voter

Thank you for the heart!

A basic visual of how conservatives thought America would be under T*ump vs how it's actually going

You can't make this shite up: The Devos Dept. of Ed. apologizes for the typo... with another typo!

This Sauce Makes Everything Taste Better

Nice listing of the putative carbon intensity of biobased chemicals.

Trump believes that being President requires very little participation

Franken says he would have told Trump calling Warren Pocahontas was 'racist'

Thank you so much for my heart

Watch Al Franken define Trump actions as terroristic and then pulls back (VIDEO)

Jazz Legend Al Jarreau Dead at 76

Real or Satire?

Some thoughts on undocumented workers (tRump's EO)

Trump Effect: 2 LGBT Centers In LA, Milwaukee Vandalized With Slurs

DeVos Education Dept. Misspells Apology Over Misspelling

Dept of Educ misspells "Du Bois"-gets busted & apologizes, then misspells "apologies" in apology

Istanbul loves its cats: new documentary

Stephen Miller

Gallup: Trump now at 40% approval, 55% disapproval

White House Job Application (courtesy of the NYT Op Ed page)

Just a thought . . .

What's for Dinner, Sun., Feb. 12, 2017

'Congratulations Stephen Miller': Trump praises adviser for 'great job' after Sunday show meltdown

What are you reading this week of February 12, 2017?

2-ton cement ball at Target rolls through parking lot, damaging car

No Way To Compromise W/Alt Reality. It Is A Dangerous Gambit On International Scene.

"Let America Be America Again" -- Langston Hughes

This must be the report Steve Miller referred to about non-citizens registering to vote.

How did this happen??

Grammy-winning musician Al Jarreau dies at 76

I'd much rather have this Miller advising the President. Or being the President!

I have two questions about Spicy on SNL

What happened to Black History month at the WH?

We're in This Love Together

GOP senator: Physical border wall 'would rate very low' among Texans

Why It Looks Like Clinton Will Run Again

This is NOT my america. EVER.


Trump Already Scouting Potential 2020 Rivals

Lt. Gen. Hal Moore dies; depicted in film 'We Were Soldiers'

Stephen Miller: Kellyanne's illegal infomercial was a "light-hearted, flippant" comment

Very surprised

Betting on Impeachment

PADDY POWER (Irish Bookie) offering the following odds on Trump

Ivanka Trump "scolded" Kellyanne Conway for "dragging her brand into an ethics mess"

sneering weasel dick avoiding truth on MTP

Most in Iowa Disagree with Trump's Travel Ban


Elijah Cummings: House will investigate Kellyanne Conway for 'textbook example of violating the law'

"You're the White House Deputy Communications Director and you're not good at talking about the WH?"


Anyone got a GroupOn for a Constitutional Democratic Republic?

What we are seeing in the USA is a deadly real-life play.

Should Dem lawmakers heckle Trump's State-of-the-Union speech? Or ...

Pat McCrory...sore-loserman Governor who refused to step down

The FBI should rotate agents from East of Mississippi to the Western states


Riots outside Paris after police claim an officers alleged rape of black man was an accident

Iditarod restart moved to Fairbanks: March 4 start in Anchorage, March 6 restart in Fairbanks

To the People of Japan, and His Excellency, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Trump's Inner Circle Seeks To Protect The White House From Flynn Fallout

Bannon Wants A War And He Will Use Jesus to Get One

I don't know if any will agree but one thing I find heartening is seeing conservatives against Trump

'Band of Brothers' veteran Edward Tipper dies in Colorado

Willie J. Parker Changed His Mind About Abortion

The looming conflict between Trumps immigration sweeps and religious freedom

'Grow Up!': DNC Chair Candidate Says Democrats Focused Too Much on Trump's Insults

A US-born NASA scientist was detained at the border until he unlocked his phone

Orlando cop resigns after mistaking doughnut glaze for meth

Funny how Chris Christie ...

Don has cheated at everything in his whole life .... Why would anybody think he wouldn't cheat ....

Koterba toon: Trump on judges!

Tired of the media inviting right wing nutbags and then asking their suggestions

Why does the United States still let 12-year-olds get married? there any point where the US should take out NK nukes?

Stephen Millers bushels of Pinocchios for false voter-fraud claims

Anyone up for joining me for a cup?

Feelin the love---thanks for the Hearts

Hezbollah leader says 'idiot' Trump makes him optimistic


Stephen Colbert taunts Trump with a picture of a little girl posing as the president

Our Best Chocolate Recipes

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 New TV Spot Released

Trump friend blasts Priebus: 'He clearly doesn't know how the federal agencies work'

Texas Chili Makes a Welcome Guest

A gift and a challenge for Democrats: A restive, active and aggressive base

May I ask for suggestions/ advice for a Mexican friend and crossing the border ??

The touching letter Hillary Clinton sent this lifelong Republican protesting Donald Trump

CNN's chiron: did anybody read it? I laughed like hell while watching Fareed Zakaria....

GOP tweets quote wrongly attributed to Lincoln

Trump Hopes Writing New Muslim Ban In Different Color Crayon Will Make It Legal This Time (Satire)

How long before food prices start to spike?

These 88 universities are Trump allies. Students and scientists can protest right on campus.

Please who ever runs in 2020 .. can we please give the next generation a chance

Former presidential candidates eye Senate comebacks

Historic black cemeteries seeking the same support Virginia gives Confederates

Trump, GOP, Fox News -- Protesters Irrelevant Have NO MESSAGE. Just Making Noise. Paid Protesters

Fired Up And Ready To Go! Protestors Continue the Legacy of Hope Inspired by President Obama

Conservative pundit: Trump only uses 'cringe-worthy' surrogates because no one else will lie for him

A president who rarely reads has launched a book club for all of America

Protesters in Mexico ...message for Trump--F**You, "Sincerely, The Good Hombres" PICs

Trump transition team limits EPA at environmental forum

Afghanistan civilian deaths may have been caused by US airstrike

White House goes authoritarian on CNN scoop about Russia dossier

A list of enablers of Donald Trump

This can't be a real news conference?

Thousands march against Trump in Mexico City: 'Pay for your own wall!'

Trump Administration Prepares to Execute Vicious Executive Order on Deportations

SCROTUS - So Called Ruler of the United States

Is Trump Advisor Steve Schwarzman The Missing Link In The Rosneft Scandal?

"Make him look like a loser": Kasparov on how to oppose Trump

We Were Soldiers co-author Galloway: I just lost my best friend


Stephen Miller: Miller on judges ..the powers of the President will not be questioned!..

My white teenager is dating a black teenager.

Ready to Resist: Emergency Call #3 TODAY

The Trump/Putin-russia connection, in a chart

Our POTUS & FLOTUS Rockin' to The Blues in 2012

We're having a blizzard tonight and tomorrow

An explanation of Health Insurance and Obamacare for the Trump voter (VIDEO)

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Happy Charles Darwin day!

Put bluntly, how much time do we have left?

The Exxon-Russia-Trump plot, in 2 paragraphs

SCROTUS - So Called Ruler of the United States. Saw it on Twitter.

Remember, surprisingly, that common men [and women]

Some questions regarding Jeff Sessions

Trump friend says Priebus is in way over his head

repuke twitter account is celebrating Lincolns birthday with a fake quote

Windsor school board bans student trips to U.S.

Quotation in my church bulletin today:

Judge Dwayne Woodruff endorsed for PA Supreme Court

Court accepts guilty plea from Omaha woman too drunk to stand, sparking concerns due process was vio

John Podesta Says Forces Within The FBI Wanted Hillary Clinton To Lose

Trump Twitter tantrum: Mark Cuban 'not smart enough to run for president!'

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Kellyanne Conway: Media wants to "poke, dissect and wonder" about Melania

So the Department of Education has tweeted about WEB "DeBois"

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Do you think political pressure brought back the disabilities section of the Education Dep't website

A US-born NASA scientist was detained at the border until he unlocked his phone

Indoor Gardening Experiment.

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Tennessee Passes Bill Allowing People To Hit Protesters Blocking Roads

Al Franken to Dem senators: Call Trump racist to his face for Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas slur

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Trump Advisor, Stephen Miller, Disasterously Defends Trump

Joe Bidens daughter launches clothing line- actually MADE IN USA

Pre Bernie Book Tour Rally in Charleston (Facebook Link)

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OMG:"Our opponents will see-that the powers of the president-will not be questioned"

Stephen Millers Bushels of Pinocchios about voter fraud - WP

Al Jarreau has died

Donald Trump's Real Life Cry Baby Commercial

I accompanied my disabled son to his Night To Shine prom (Tim Tebow Foundation)

Who else is watching the Grammy's for comments on

Robert Reich: The real reason the GOP wants to kill Obamacare: NOT because Obama made it.

A KKK leader suddenly disappeared. His body was found by a river a few days later, police say.

Serving 14-day sentence, inmate forced to deliver baby on jail cell floor: Ive been in total shock

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President Small Hands needs to show his strength with a handshake.

Did you see those protests across Mexico today

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Markets are in fantasy land: Stockman

All three branches of government are equal but...

Trump Spends Weekends on the Links

Trump powers 'will not be questioned' official says

Job approval rating hits a new low

Retailers dropping Trump-branded items

Priebus in way over his head

Senator warns Trump to avoid "personal attacks" on judges

Trump 'not right mentally'

Trump Policy Advisor says it is a "substantial understatement" to call White House "in control"

The Madness of King Donald

Trump Promised to Open the Mines Unlikely

SCROTUS reveals his deep thoughts

Does Trumps support have a ceiling or a floor?

I think Roger Waters defines Trump perfectly

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 13 February 2017

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A very serious question?

Germany elects 'anti-Trump' candidate

Undermining the fight against corruption

How did I miss this ? The Rock joins critics of Under Armour CEO's Trump remarks

SCROTUS building his wall...

Spy Revolt Begins

The White House Hillbillies

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A Year of School *** The opportunity of her life

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Christie: Flynn needs to clear up Russia conversation details with Trump, Pence

In my very red Virginia district, Republican heads are exploding.

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For Valentine's Day, from SNL