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Life is Difficult

Sentinels in the blood: a new diagnostic for pancreatic cancer

The official Al Franken for President thread

Walker governs from the top down-wants everybody else to be accountable except himself.

Smooth sounds for relaxation when trumpisms leave you stressed at the

Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It

Cory Gardner Took $49.8K From Betsy DeVos and Family Before Confirming Her

Donald Trump: Threat to 1st Amendment & Free Speech

My discussion with a Voter Fraud Trumpazi

And of COURSE he misquotes Lincoln on his birthday.

I was looking into the immigrant ban and Trump's lawyers have a scary but valid point.

Donald Trump's disapproval rating among Americans is skyrocketing.

HERO: Flight Attendant Sheila Fedrick Saves Young Girl from Sex Trafficking

Bernie Sanders cries foul over canceled town hall meeting in West Virginia

Miller made it clear that Trump will not just prioritize felonies but also misdemeanors in deportati

Insist. Persist. Resist. Exist.

Certified news

WI GOP Rep Sensenbrenner on NSA Flynn: "If he ended up lying up food chain to POTUS, then something

Trump:Fake news won't cover big crowds of enthusiastic supporters lining roads as he leaves Florida

As the state of Texas considers a bathroom bill that would ban transgender people from using the pub

There is a boycott trump app for your smartphone...

Roosevelt, Robber Barons, and the Continued Fight for Our Public Lands

Proof of Bush Crime Family

They're evacuating all of Oroville, CA. Eroding more slowly now!! Trying temp repair.

OMGosh......she's wearing a tRump dress to the Grammy's.......ugh

I risked my life for the U.S. Army in Iraq. But when I came here, I was nearly sent back.

Dept of Ed spells W.E.B. Du Bois name wrong in tweet honoring him, then has typo in apology

Trump wont escape the biggest protest in British history

What Liberals Dont Get About Free Speech In The Age Of Trump

My 14-year old granddaughter just said that J-Lo has aged well

BAFTA's host has been ragging on 45 without

My police force dresses too sexy

I just can't laugh at the buffoon.

WH Press Pool report that Don The Con's imaginary supporters were actually protestors...

Snow was on the way so we got a new flag to help our birds

How White House adviser Stephen Miller went from pestering Hispanic students to designing Trump's

Who's calling the shots?

Where the hell are the democrat's spines?

I don't understand these reported voting numbers

Trumps supporters believe a false narrative of white victimhood and the data proves it

Republicans Want Pay Raises Bullock Prioritizes Montana Workers & Families

Trump is coming to my NE Ohio town Thursday...

Montana Budgeting with Alternative Facts

My Trump voting sister has admitted the error of her ways

Learn from my mistake.

A Tax Overhaul Would Be Great in Theory. Heres Why Its So Hard in Practice.

Max Baucus Last Gift to Montana?

The scandal over Mike Flynn's secret talks with the Russians, explained

Montana's largest solar farm proposed for Billings

Montana's 'Stranded' 911 funds are an attractive target in slim budget times

In despotic declaration, Trump senior advisor says Trumps power will not be questioned

Proposal to balance Montana budget by cutting education moves forward

"Now where do I find the pencils?"

BREAKING: Marysville, Yuba County evacuated as Oroville spillway collapse feared

Panel tables bill to abolish Montana's death penalty

Justin Trudeau can reject the appointment of Sarah Palin as next U.S. ambassador to Canada

Montana panel defeats tax increase on state's wealthiest

Thank You so much to whoever gave me a heart!

So Stephen Miller references "Center for Immigration Studies" report saying 72 cases of terror

Hawaii musician Kalani Pe'a wins Grammy for Best Regional Roots Music Album

Governor urges teachers, parents to support public preschool

SNL Hits 6-Year Ratings High With Melissa McCarthy, Alec Baldwin

Montana bill would fine up to $500 a day for blocking county roads

We Are Being Buried By An Avalanche Of Turds. Where Do They Dig This Trash Up?

Bernie Sanders cries foul over canceled town hall meeting in West Virginia

Justin Trudeau faces tricky balancing act in meeting with Donald Trump

Lt Gen (Ret) Hal Moore

Anyone know what's going on in Montana?

Immigration suppresses crime, research shows

Anyone else on the call for Resistance??

Thank you for the heart. I love you back.

Katy Perry . . . performing at Grammy's with armband PERSIST!!

$1M fine levied for 2015 oil spill in eastern Montana

mille grazie and big mwahs for the hearts !!!

So 2day's hot stuff is supposed to be Stephen MILLER?1 Who exactly is he appealing to?!1

The only think I care about with the next DNC chair.

Captain Morgan was on a chest

Almost 90% of new power in Europe from renewable sources in 2016

President Trump Likes Graphics and Maps

US intelligence community operating under presumption Russia has "ears" on the Trump team

Oh, geez: Oroville CA: evacuate RIGHT NOW

I Would Like an Explanation

All This Backlash Over ACA? Wait Until They Reveal End Of Social Security, Medicare, VA & Medicaid.

Two abortion bills sent to Senate Agriculture committee, prompting questions

Animal cruelty bill passes House Judiciary Committee

No Shit...

If Michael Flynn isnt fired over Russia tomorrow, it means Donald Trump is going down with him

ENDOW bill moving through Wyoming Legislature

Lawmakers proceed with cutting budget

If you get HBO - John Oliver is back. Can't wait (nt)

Trump's team discussed response to North Korea missile test in front of diners at Mar-a-Lago

Lawmakers propose cuts to suicide and substance abuse prevention

Lawmakers look to cut health programs for most vulnerable

Senate passes heavily amended bill to cut education funding

A puppy rests after defeating the evil toilet paper in epic battle

State employee salary cuts possible as part of budget changes

Americas Biggest Creditors Dump Treasuries in Warning to Trump

Thank you for the heart. I love you too.

Trump's official inauguration poster has glaring typo

Wyoming Senate passes early retirement bill for state employees

Members of the Press Who Want to Be the Next Woodward/Bernstein...

Thank you so

Fox News's story on Miller on ABC This Week has NO quotes from Stephanapolous

Sorry: evacuate order extended to Yuba City: GET OUT RIGHT NOW

I want to add my thanks for the hearts!

Thank you for the hearts, DU! Big hugs to y'all!

Citizen Journalist Adam Khan is digging up major dirt on the Trump mafia

Dinesh D'Souza explains Founding Fathers' fear of "thugs"

Question about the Federal Reserve.

Something I can agree with Trump on.... maybe - H1-B Auctions

Huge Gardner Protest Makes For Yuge #DefundPP Day Backfire

Americas Biggest Creditors Dump Treasuries

Sinking Millennium Towers condo owners hire Trumps lawyer

Who is more Crazy, the people that defend him or Trumpster ???

Great article from about Trump deportations

president agent orange

Start thinking midterm elections now!

Question about Hunters/Fishers and the Environment

* John Oliver is back!


Sen. Ray Scott Calls Grand Junction Sentinel Fake News

Late-Night Hearing on Abortion Bills: Majorities Matter

This is not 'bashing'. It's a perfectly legitimate critique of Clinton.

Oh thank you very much to whoever gave me a heart nt

Saludo carinoso de solidaridad a Mexicanos manifiestando hoy contra el pendejo/DUMPF - *RESISTENCIA*

No challenge is to great: Trumps official inauguration portrait features an obvious typo

Today in Obamacare: 17 ways Tom Price can start dismantling the ACA

A Tribe Called Quest and Busta Rhymes Brought It.....

You know how they say good times fly by, but disasters take forever? Well. Trump has been

Ceelo Green shows up at the Grammys dressed in gold

Watch POS GOP official get owned by his town hall participants for lying.

BREAKING: Oroville spillway collapse threat lessens as 160,000 evacuate, clogging roads


Andrew Sullivan says journalists should be talking about Trump's mental health (CNN interview)

Trump and Japan's Abe plotted their North Korea missile response on a crowded dining terrace

Policy Adviser S. Miller's a robot..speaks like they drilled him for hours on what to say

I'm on strike March 8.

Thank you for the heart!!

re: Stephen Miller

California Will Get Help When It "Coughs Up" Undocumented Workers & Fraudulent Voters.

The Navy is planning fresh challenges to China's claims in the South China Sea

Anger and Mistrust Fuel Unabated Protests in Romania.

Calling Constituents "Children" Is A Most Heinous Of Insults. Another Time He Would Have Feathers

President Bush and Gov Arnold ignore the warning and said no to Oroville Lake upgrade in 2005

The Border Patrol under Trump reminds me of the NYPD under Giuliani

OMG! I now have three hearts and I'm completely overwhelmed.

thanks to all who have given me hearts

Four decades of evidence finds no link between immigration and increased crime

Minimum wage hikes impact a work in progress

Just watched the press conference on Oroville Dam

"Man, I am one goooood looking puppy. The workouts are really paying off."

Must be a slow news day for USA TODAY.

Republican Legislators Cant Keep Healthcare Talking Points Straight

Trump's friend on Priebus: 'There's a lot of weakness coming out of the chief of staff'

Trump administration is complete insanity and the markets are in a fantasy land: Stockman

No DAPL...

Follow Adam Khan on twitter...he is laying out dRumpf's connections to Russia/Putin

Busta Rhymes sings "President Agent Orange"...

live coverage of Oroville Dam

Tucker Carlson - What's with the quizzical look he holds on his face

"Brainwashing: The Science of Thought Control"

Where should retirees put their money?

As liberal anger rises against Trump, even Colorado's statehouse isn't immune from polarization

Floor-pounding party north of Regis University leads to floor collapse, broken gas line, fire

Colorado House panel rejects three GOP abortion bills

Colorado considers letting cities set bar hours; MADD worries change would boost drunken driving

School concealed-weapons bill defeated in House committee

Senate panel OKs $300 fine for careless texting while driving in Colorado

Colorado lawmakers hit early roadblock on finding money for roads

Private company dreams big with Cheyenne-to-Pueblo supersonic transit tube

Heh; heh eh. Hey, Donald . . .Heh. Heh eh eh . .What Kelleyanne? Heh, heh eh brain is actually wired in a different way than trumpskys

I love you...even as a now-lurker!

Residents of homeless camp under MLK Bypass in Colorado Springs told to leave

Flex time gains new meaning as Boulder County companies shift to unlimited vacation

Donald shaking hands with two people-He litterly pulls them toward him several times...

Colorado treasurer takes aim at changes to PERA

19-year-old raises $6M for the worlds fastest production drone

Online sales for the Ivanka Trump brand fell 26 percent in January (CNBC)

Trump's official inauguration poster has glaring typo

Serious question: Why no government-funded health-insurance?

Migrating North, but to Mexico, Not the U.S.

The GREATEST workout song EVER!!!

Daily Holidays - February 13

EXCLUSIVE: Elizabeth Warren Just Accused Trump of Writing a $17 Billion Check to Wall Street

Now they're going to F with school lunches????

If Adele's "Hello" Was About Calling Congress Global Citizen

Bill advances seeking to keep guns from domestic violence perpetrators

Chaffetz says town hall crowd tried 'bullying and intimidation'

Conservatives Want to Slash FEMAs Disaster Budget

Petition Before SCOTUS Seeks To Nullify Election

'We're not going away': Polygamous groups march to Capitol to protest bill

I feel ENERGIZED, I BELIEVE President Trump when he says "No challenge is TO great"

It's people like this is the reason why Auntie drinks.

Start With Humanism

Thank you for my hearts!

Sorry, National Review. "Religious Freedom" Bills Do Permit Bigotry

Russia/dRumpf Dossier Confirmed by 2nd Source!

So, Miller has announced the coup, and Dicktater Trump tweeted his support.

Top Republican leaders admit, when it comes to Trump, they have no principles whatsoever

I need Ides of March Postcard Help

Fifth-grade Catholic youth team forfeits season rather than kick girls off

Citizen's United Sucks, but......

Joe Scar going off on Steve Miller

There is a theory that predicts what movies people will like during Trump's administration.

Soros must be stopped! But only after I collect my protest $$$.

Cruella DeVos.

Monk Spreads Buddhist Philosophy With 140-Character Tweets

We are VERY lucky Trump was stupid enough to do badly written Muslim ban first.

The War Inside InfoWars

And The World's Worst Air Award For 2016 Goes To . . . Onitsha, Nigeria!!

Oroville Dam - Tallest Dam in the US

Polish Government Promises Action On Smog, But Relief For "Europe's China" Unlikely

"Imagine you're Reince Priebus..."

If Obama had done this...

Floods, Fire And Heat-Killed Bats Falling From Trees - Turnbull Gov Brandishes Coal (Literally)

If a foreign spy agency buys a membership at Mar-a-Lago to spy on the President...

Kremlin: Trump, Putin could meet before July

Trump unveils Flynn replacement as National Security Adviser

Oops: USTA plays Nazi-era German anthem at tournament

Who should play Stephen Miller on SNL?

Bank Backing More Than 1/2 Of US Rooftop Solar Financing Isn't American - It's From South Africa

Something to keep in mind for November 6, 2018

House Republicans steamroll Obama's last-call regulations

Temperatures In 80s And 90s Across Western KS, OK 2/12; Upper 90s SW Oklahoma

Thanks to the mystery people who gave me hearts!

The Madness of King Donald by Andrew Sullivan

Remember These Odds

Magma Power: Scientists Drill into Volcano to Harness its Energy By Kacey Deamer, Staff Writer Feb

❤️ Bernie Love

Wherein Glenn Greenwald throws Snowden under the bus...

What the hell?

Theo 'rape' case fuels clashes with police in Paris area

Today's Google Doodle: Super cute, interactive and for a great cause!

Justice Censors Folha Article about Extortion Case to Marcela Temer

I read this somewhere

Is it a kleptocracy yet?

55% Disapproval Rating - LOWEST EVER at this point in an admnistration

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Code Orange

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Toon for all Teachers on DU

We have the technology to fake entire interviews:

Oklahoma lawmakers want men to approve all abortions

China and US lead way with wind power installations, says global energy report

Conflict Over Trump Forces Out an Opinion Editor at The Wall Street Journal

Oh Come On! Even NostraDUMBASS could have predicted this

Citing Trump and Brexit, EU sees euro zone economy risk, sharp drop in UK growth

Thank you so much for the heart!

Ex-Navy SEAL congressman: Trump and intel community need to get on the same page 'very quickly'

Charles Blow: "The Power of Disruption"

DRIP DRIP DRIP...another piece of the Russia puzzle

HMMMMM- That has to leave a mark.

Can't Make This Shit Up - Mnuchin Wants Former Bear Stearns Chief Economist As Undersecretary

I now have a good reply to "But we didn't complain when YOUR guy won"

U.N. defers report on companies with Israeli settlement ties

Netanyahu opposes Palestinian state, Israeli minister says ahead of U.S. visit

BREAKING NEWS: WH Communications Director candidate turns down job in favor of Al Quaeda No. 2 spot.

Hillary said half of Trump supporters are redeemable, the other half are irretrievably lost.

As Flynn falls under growing pressure over Russia contacts, Trump remains silent

Jimmy Carter leases his land to solar power his hometown

How to get rid of Michael Flynn?

Hamas names top militant as new leader in Gaza

Pakistan court bans Valentine's Day in capital

Justin Trudeau is a big strong guy. Do you think Drumpf will try the power pull handshake on him?

Bidens Daughter Just Showed Ivanka Trump How To Truly Make America Great Again

The Anthropocene Equation: Collective Human Impacts Pushing Change @ 170X Natural Rate

Of Course They Did: 18 Auto CEOs Urge Trump To Revisit Fuel Efficiency Standards

Immigration Reform A Very Cloudy Issue


Corker: Trump Was Ready To Move Israeli Embassy To Jerusalem Day One

Yes Please...dRumpf's Plea!

Report: Michael Flynn May Be Fired Over Russia Calls

Just found out my HS is hosting their senior prom at a Trump property

Trump Just Tweeted About Crowd Sizes While Thousands Flee Their Homes in California

Baldwin gets 'SNL' its biggest ratings in six years, outdraws Trump's host stint

Republicans Move to Strip Away Nuclear Test Ban Funding

To Bork or Not to Bork? The Old Fight That Shows Democrats Why, and How, to Stop Gorsuch

It doesn't get much more pessimistic than this . . .

'Oh my God': Morning Joe stunned by Stephen Miller's 'anti-constitutional' claims about courts

Priest arrested in plot to poison senior cleric

Pssssst Baldwin gets 'SNL' its biggest ratings in six years, outdraws Trump's host stint

Michael Flynn did not know how to call up the National Guard..

Our Revolution Texas Gulf Coast Region Kickoff a big success (VIDEO)

Emo Trump, lol!!

US spies withholding intel from White House because they know Russia is listening: report

Trump undertakes most ambitious regulatory rollback since Reagan

Turmoil at the National Security Council, From the Top Down

I gots some hearts.

Word is that Groper Don the Con will wear a full girdle for the meeting with

Nike Just Taught Trump A HUGE Lesson With This Grammys Ad


GOP ex-lawmaker reveals how Trump's tweets scare Republicans into silence over his 'risky behavior'

D.C. region braces for shock from Trump effect on spending, federal workforce

South Korea plans retaliation over North Koreas missile launch

Atop Mt. Wilson, retired engineers keep alive astronomy's 'Sistine Chapel'

Any clearinghouse resources at the precinct level for the mid-terms?

This just in

Somebody in the State of Florida has a good sense of humor.

An old drug gets a new price to fight a rare disease: $89,000 a year

Opinion: Only in the Twilight Zone is Trump off to a fast start

When is Trump going to admit Obama was right about Flynn?

Fact: Lies Matter

Kobach: I've Told The President How To 'Go After' Voter Fraud

For Chachi, Nordstrom dropping Ivanka and the Holocaust are two events of the same magnitude

So will Flynn, Spicer and Priebus all get the axe?

FAMU's Robinson to attend White House discussion on black colleges and universities

USTA apologizes for Nazi-era version of German anthem sung before Fed Cup match

Gorsuch and the Humor of Fascism

Mika: 'What Stephen Miller Said Should Worry Everyone' Morning Joe MSNBC

The Spy Revolt Against Trump Begins

DNC chair candidates say Clinton lost because she talked too much about Trump

It's been mentioned here that some people don't know that ACA and Obamacare are the same thing.

Intel docs in full view of diners......?!?!?!?!?

Last Week Tonight: Trump Vs. The Truth

In 64 days the fight to recapture the House begins in Georgia

Somebody at the USTA needs to find our why "Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber Allies' was

Cnn doing good job this morning of showing various Repug Town Hall protesters

Hays Eagle nest tree blown down in a storm last night, Eagles survived though.

Oroville Dam: Feds and state officials ignored warnings 12 years ago

How WH advisor Stephen Miller went from pestering Hispanic students to

Congress could limit the Feds independence and hurt the U.S. economy

Trump gave members of his private club front-row seats as he dealt with national security crisis

OK - it can stop snowing now

Many thanks to those who gave me the hearts! nt

JeezuCristo - This is scarrrry shit

Christie gets called to D.C. for lunch Tuesday with Trump, sources reveal

once again

Is Trump's plan to ignore the Court's decision?

If Flynn isn't fired, will Pence resign? Flynn unabashedly set Pence up to lie for him.

The definition of myopic

If Trump and Pence go down in this Russia thing, it's President Ryan, everyone.

The Social Network Trailer - now featuring Trump

Who Bombed Judi Bari? now premiering for free on youtube

♥Kimchi Pancake & Dipping Sauce Recipe♥

Trump national security staff told to 'keep papers to a single page with lots of graphics': report

Gerrymandering Explained in 1 Graphic

No rise yet in deportation of Mexicans from US under Trump administration: foreign minister

The White Houses Michael Flynn problem reaches a tipping point

Trump discussed natl-security issues at Mar-a-Lago at dinner, right in front of multiple guests

The face you make when the police cadaver dog lingers over your flower bed

Who will Trump fire?

Sebastian Gorka, Trump assistant, claims he "got invoices" from the DOJ for Boston Marathon bombing

Fake news: Tips on how to distinguish it from the real thing


Want to Work for Michelle and Barack Obama? Here's Your Opportunity

Trump's Travel Executive Order Explained

Politico: Trump impeached? You can bet on it

Jeff Sessions takes charge: Expect an era of open warfare on civil rights and civil liberties

Trumps Advisers Want You To Believe Hes The Most Productive President Yet. He Isnt.

Dow Jones Ind. Avg up anoth 130 pts. to 20,400.

"Mussolini was a w*nker!" Please coem CAPTION Stephen Miller!!!

This really is a new Civil War.

So far, the resistance hasn't reached Trump Land -- and that needs to change

Mar-a-Lago paying member identifies US official carrying nuclear football...

The Latest: Trump welcomes Trudeau to White House

Conservatives sure love progressives and radicals -- at least after they're dead

Pic Of The Moment: After Just Three Weeks, Trump Is The Greatest EVER!

Whoa! Shocking turn of events.

Renzi to Italy's feuding Democrats: Populists are the enemy

If so many dead people voted illegally

Atheist Men Seek Valentine's Date with Single, Religious Women

cartoon link

White House staff putting out '400 fires' a day as Priebus and Flynn look like they might get the...

"Jefferson Beauregard Sessions"

Adam Khan, citizen journalist, tweet storming over Trumps Russian ties, money laundering

What's behind hip-hop's religious revival?

'Resistance is a choice.

GUYS: RED ALERT! Oroville spillway crisis a crater for republi-CONS:

Sen. Peralta Kicked Out of Democratic Club in Latest Fallout Over IDC Move

Did Trump lead off with the Canadian PM, the deal is you get Detroit and

Trump's counter-jihad: How the anti-Muslim fringe conquered the White House.

Resistance is a choice. Martin O'Malley

Mar-a-Lago guest identifies and posts photo of the holder of the "football"

Today is the first day since Trump became the so-called Pres. that he has not....

How America got laid (out - that is)

Passenger-carrying drones to fly in Dubai

Why Does Swiss Cheese Have Holes?

Sen. Bernie Sanders Addresses Crowd of Thousands at Charleston Book Tour Event

"You're For Damn Sure a Snowflake"

Thanks for Heart and Some Other Remarks

The Secret Slack Group Plotting to Turn Your State Government Blue

I hope Donald Drumpf doesn't embarrass us when he meets with the leader of the free world today.

Trump Administration in Shambles as Fourth Week Begins!

Do you suffer from taphophobia?

Just Saw A Clip Of 45Pee & Trudeau Posing For The WH Press For Pics......

Maybe Flynn was ordered to speak to Russia about sanctions

Automakers ask Trump to reconsider car emissions standards

Governor makes defense of economic incentives, tourism programs

Justin Trudeau Just Showed The World How To Shake Hands With Pussygrabber

His name

Already campaigning for Keith Ellison's seat

Wow-the new leader of the free world just owned the pu$$ygrabber

KO: Is This How Trump Will Deport Millions? Let's consider the grim practicalities of Trump's pledge

KO: Is This How Trump Will Deport Millions? Let's consider the grim practicalities of Trump's pledge

As a rule I never watch Andrea Mitchell,

Pet behavior you know you shouldn't tolerate but you do anyway?

Trump Goes Full Nixon on Law-and-Order Executive Orders, Vows 'Ruthless' War on Drugs and Crime

Malcolm Nance: "A security nightmare. Every person there needs to be debriefed

Trump doing yeoman's work being President.

Well, that's one way to solve the problem

Trumps reign of fear may soon get a whole lot worse. Heres what to look for.

Former GOP rep to Trump: 'Stop complaining and do your job'

Gas Hydrate Breakdown Unlikely to Cause Massive Greenhouse Gas Release

Why Saying Radical Islamic Terrorism Isnt Enough

So how's Trump going to react now that he has to share the spotlight....

Trump trying to read his notes. msnbc. Ad libes and sounds horrible

Sanders Defiant After West Virginia Armory Canceled Town Hall

Make Dubai Great Again: Uday & Qusay guests of honor at opening of Trump-branded golf complex

OH FUCKING SNAP! Trudeau fucks with tRump

200 patient groups ask Price to keep protections for those with pre-existing conditions

Warren hammers Labor nominee with 83 questions ahead of hearing

"I'm looking forward to meeting with Canada's Prime Minister...

Senate Dems want details on Trump's use of personal smartphone

Monday is a blustery day in DC. Please find and post pictures of ***** boarding Marine One

Bernie Sanders to Charleston crowd: stand up and fight


Mixed Signals on Whether Flynn Will Survive

LOL- Trudeau looks like he ran prevent D on the Trump arm-ripper handshake

How ritual chicken sacrifices in Miami helped halt Trumps travel ban

Staggering level of toxic chemicals found in creatures at the bottom of the sea, scientists say

"I want one day where the CNN alert doesn't scare the crap out of me"

Ah, nope.

Trump impeachment petition nears one million signatures

Palm Beach hotelier says he's losing business as Trump visits, report says

Mr. Drumpf -Next time you meet with the leader of the free world try to project a better image.

If I'm Jughead I would be more than a little concerned.

Ain't got nutin' to do just roll around heaven all day

Trump vs. Truth: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver had an important message.

Transcript of the exchange between PM Justin Trudeau and Trump:

MAGA Grammys dress leads to sales spike

To the right-wing, being accurate is "fake news."

3 Weeks in: Trump Gives Bannon, Conway, Spicer, and Priebus a Raise...Illegally Hires More Advisors

Reporter suing US government to learn how it vetted Trumps advisers for security clearances

Sounds like a great candidate to captain Air Force One:

Native tribes to urge judge to block final link in Dakota pipeline

'Every Racist I Know Voted for Donald Trump'

this is beginnig to sound like the evil mad baron from dune .

Uday ( or is it Qusay?) instagrams a pic from Pebble Beach ...idiot didnt read the comments first.

Sarah Breedlove, AKA Madam C.J. Walker. Local news just did a bit on her...

Thanks to who gave me the heart!

GOP Former NH AG: Claims Of Illegal Voting Are 'Not Connected To Reality'

Ruh roh - A. Jones reaaalllly no likey Priebus:

Wisdom (and call to action) from Josh Marshall, TPM - "Focus, People"

Statistics show decline in interest in traveling to the U.S. since Trump inauguration

How To Rebuild a Party - The O'Malley Way

Utah Congressman seeks ban of enforcement on federal public lands

Jason Chaffetz has no response for a little girl who asked if he believes inscience

Records here dispute Treasury nominees denial of mortgage-crisis robo-signing'

Adam Schiff told CNN Blitzer Flynn may have used encrypted communications with Russian Amb.

Thousands are marching in Milwaukee's #daywithoutlatinos strike to protest Sheriff David Clarke Jr.'

a great big THANK YOU to those who have given me hearts--you can have no idea how they

Thank you for my hearts

Fun Fact: the one day Donald Trump was above water in his job performance numbers...

What Democratic Organization to give Donations To?

Treat, and label, all terrorist acts the same

Martin Luther King Jr. on the record for a Guaranteed Income

This feels more ominously possible every day

Who is (and isnt) ditching the WHCA dinner

Liberal colleges and universities

What Ill do next

from Chris VanHollen:

Did anybody see Rep. Schiff say that Flynn, had encrypted communications with Russia?

What to do if ICE agents show up at your door.

House panel passes bill to prevent 'gamesmanship' in tax increase initiatives

GOP hypocrisy on election aid

Tax experts: are the rules for claiming an adult dependant on your taxes?

A warning about Donald Trump:

The next GOP assault on voting rights

Pete Souza: "I admit it.....

Wall Street Journal Editor Defends Papers Trump Coverage At Staff Meeting

Thank you for the hearts to whoever sent them.


How Bannons Navy service during the Iran hostage crisis shaped his views

Boeing, machinists face off over union at South Carolina plant

I do have heart(s)! Thanks a lot!

The Shady Bunch:

Utah's liquor markup is the highest in the nation and lawmakers may raise it

Utah lawmakers nix comprehensive sex ed, so porn site steps in

Modding GTA 5

Just want to thank the lounge.....

Thanks AGAIN for the Hearts!

Islamic State leadership targeted in air strike, Baghdadi fate unclear: Iraqi military

NY Giants release Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings, according to report cited by ESPN

Trump might return to Palm Beach for third straight weekend

Pierce: Does This Photo Make You Feel Secure?

Why does Flynn still have unfettered access to the president?

Just found on Facebook - when Trump visited the Lincoln Memorial

Portugal presents evidence for Fatima nun's beatification

so, it made headlines this morning that there was NO tweet from drumpfy before 8:15--

"In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith

John Oliver Will Run Ads on Cable News to Educate President Trump

Judge questions effect of Trump comments on Bergdahl case

If You Want $1000, Offer This NH Republican Proof of Voter Fraud by Bus

Mind Boggling .....Trump discusses w Japanese Prime Minister

Mississippi officer fired after video of suspect being hit

Blackwater Air Is Back, and Flying for U.S. Special Forces

Maybe Trump can't actually fire the morons on his staff.

About those flashlight apps

Russian video raises alarm: New IS damage in Syria's Palmyra

President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held a joint news conference.

Report: White House Pulled Flynn Out Of Speech At Defense Symposium

Tale of two photos: Trudeau and Trump

Peter Roskam (IL 6) is holding a phone town hall tonight

How DARE they!

I am registered to vote in 2 places.

I thank whoever

TPM - "Members Of Trump's Club Got Front Row Seats To His Missile Test Response"

Nancy Pelosi Calls On Trump To Fire National Security Adviser Michael Flynn

Oklahoma and Wyoming Republicans agree women aren't people, disagree on just what they are

OMG I don't think I've EVER enjoyed watching a presser as much as THIS ONE

Hello Canada! Look, much as we like you guys we simply are not

PM Trudeau just owned Trump in their opening remarks. Trump barely literate, Trudeau bilingual

Ha!! Check out the photo of women CEOs

Boxer to Trump: 2 tweets If you really see women as leaders you don't repeal the affordable care ac

OMG - "This is Rick...He carries the football, the nuclear football"

I'd give every cent I have to charity if Trudeau would tell Donald that he's building a wall on our

Jerry Sanduskys son arrested, accused of sexually assaulting a child

JUST figured out who Stephen Miller reminds me of!

I cant believe it: Internet loses it over apocalyptic selfie of Trump fan with the nuclear

Trump is a humiliation to America.

Listening to the presser on radio, is there something wrong with him? He sounds sick!

It must stop.

It isn't "either/or".

Jerry Sanduskys Son Charged With Child Sexual Abuse

Man who pulled gun on BLM crowd found guilty

Scientists find a 'super-Earth' that could harbour life and 60 more planets

Trump called on reporters from Sinclair Media and The Daily Caller in the presser

Sanders and Cummings Demand Answers After Marathon Sets Outrageous Price Tag for Critical Drug

Katy Tur: "He only called on those who would ask softballs."

Despite complaints, ACC will not remove posters that assert faith's importance

AND...we're off to the races again...

Meals on Wheels asking anyone to plow elderly man's driveway in Hallowell so they can get in to him

My employer just upgraded our water fountain

This is what incompetence looks like

Trump Brags About Election Win (Again) In Joint Press Conference With Trudeau

Trumps comments about Bergdahl 'disturbing,' judge says

Burlington to drop Ivanka Trump brand online: Business Insider

"In the end everyone's going to be extremely happy."

Incompentent, Weak,barely Literate and Insecure So Called Leader

Elles sont vraiment petites!

I loved Trudeau's line--"I'm not here to lecture..."

What's for Dinner, Mon., Feb. 13, 2017

A little science humor for us...

My husband and I are thinking of retiring near LA

Caption contest...

KKK Leader Frank Ancona's Wife, Son Charged With Murder

Mexican Senator to Introduce a Bill to Stop Buying US Corn.

Adam Schiff drops bombshell: Michael Flynn may have used encryption to hide Russia talks from US

US judge denies tribes' request to block completion of Dakota pipeline

"The Awakening" BBC, 2011, on Netflix.

FEELING STRESSED? Maybe an Art Break can help...

The President of Lies ...

Dem: Trump should release transcripts of Flynn's Russia calls

John Oliver's initiative to reach Trump with real information through his own commercials.

Coins from years of travel

Wisconsin DUers- please post some pics of that immigration rally

Trump ally defended claims of massive voter fraud on CNN. It did not go well.

Some really great shade from the Democratic Senator from NM

Interesting video on KellyAnne Conway's interview tactics.

Foreign Investors Becoming Skittish About Buying US Treasury Securities.

I don't care what happens to Flynn as long as sweet but rugged GOP warrior Reince keeps his job.

I thank thee so much for my hearts, my DU brothers and sisters! Such a sweet surprise!! eom

Mark Cuban on potential presidential run: 'We will see'

US jury in Bundy standoff trial gets FBI aerial scene-setter

200 patient groups ask Price to keep protections for those with pre-existing conditions

Trump: Well be tweaking NAFTA

Our Substantial Power "Will Not Be Questioned!"

Can someone explain why we have an open competition for DNC VICE-Chair?

Rich jackass photographs and names person who carries nuclear "football"

Trump cancels reported bill signing in Ohio

Donald J. Trump's Happy Endings White House and Massage Center

IBM leader defends role on Trump advisory council

Moby Claims Donald Trump's Russian Sex Tape Is "100% Real"

TSA employees arrested for cocaine smuggling operation in Puerto Rico

When is the night of the long knives for Priebus, Spicer and Flynn?

Justice Department asks Seattle judge to defer action on Trump order

New theory explains how Earth's inner core remains solid despite extreme heat

For Jews, Trump might be the most unpopular president ever

"Bring me the football!" Trump demanded.

Mar-a-Lago member posted images of the national security discussion on Facebook.

Prime Minister Trudeau for ... President?

Chick publications, spreading the hate....

SCROTUS adviser Stephen Miller Booed Off Stage by 4K Students in High School

Please, careful with the term "fake news."

Flynn's Passport......

the president y'all..

SCROTUS adviser Stephen Miller Penned "health benefits of smoking" Article At Duke

Bill seeking Hole in Rock state park goes to governor

MSNBFOX has no problem having Kellyanne Lieway on.

Could a 400bn plan to refreeze the Arctic before the ice melts really work?

via Malcolm Nance, twitter, re: Flynn:

Syrian forces used gas attacks as key part of campaign to retake Aleppo

Help. I tried to by some hearts on my Visa card. Thought I did it right.

Lawmakers again seek to make state park at Little Sahara

Wonder why Mitch .??

Hey Republicants How 'bout fixing some roads..

so far I've heard that Ruskie Flynn, Spice-boy, and Rinse Penis

Yale historian warns America only has a year - maybe less - to save the republic from Cheeto

Utah lawmakers advance plan for toughest DUI law in nation

Flynn admits to treason. Apologizes. Still has job and he is not in jail. And so it goes.....

Megadeth Receive Grammy While House Band Plays Metallica's "Master of Puppets"

Latest breakdown/report card on 45 at Whatever Scalzi

Best nickname for Trump? Part 2

As Trust In Michael Flynn Erodes, Dump Considers His Options

All I Detect From GOP Congress Is Over The Top DEFIANCE And Nothing Else.

I think what we are seeing is the "Bannon gallop".

Trump White House Party Hats (with instructions)

Report: MLB considering starting extra innings with runner on second base

Former Jindal, Landrieu staffer, being considered for FEMA administrator

I'm starting to watch cable news again.

Americas Biggest Creditors Dump Treasuries in Warning to Trump

The Kremlin is Starting to Worry About Trump

Does Treatment Of California Mean No Federal Disaster Aid For Blue States, Sanctuary Cities?.

I've come to dislike and even hate a lot of people.

11 children injured when school bus overturns after crash with pickup truck in Greensburg (LA)

Jesus God, emails......

"You're going to be so happy you'll wet yourselves." . . . Please come CAPTION Presidented Trump!!!

'Common-Sense Legislation' Would Shield Drivers Who Run Over Protesters


The Onion on Stephen Miller, who has "20 years of being a sniveling little shit under his belt"

Dump Trump !!!

Massive coverup confirmed:

Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants Men To Approve Abortion, Calls Women "Hosts"

House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes: it was appropriate for Flynn to talk to the Russian ambassador

So I watched the Drumpf-Trudeau press conference

Robert Kraft Addresses Issue Of Patriots Not Attending White House Visit

San Diego district disinvites DeVos and hammers her 'ideologically driven view of our schools'

Donald Trump Is Turning His Mar-a-Lago Estate Into a National Security Nightmare

US House tax committee will not seek Cheeto tax returns

Conway: Flynn has "full confidence of the President" - per CNN

Wolf-on cnn--now will talk about Trumps patio national security

Voters brilliantly troll Jason Chaffetz with bills after he accuses them of being paid protesters

Does Flynn have something on Trump?

Drumpf discussed classified info with Prime Minister Abe in a public restaurant as diners looked on

I don't think Trump is ALLOWED to fire Flynn...

Did Michael Flynn apologize to the press?

So Trump is gonna tie Flynn around his neck.

Trump Proving To Be Loosest Of Loose Cannons On Ship Of State ------

We've officially reached absurdist comedy levels, people.

Flynn apologizes to Pence: report rejects criticism of warming study

Schumer and the Democratic Leadership should request an investigation on this matter?

The repub Senator just on with Wolfe said we should encourage defections

ICE Raids Detain Bushwick, Elmhurst and Staten Island Residents: Advocates

This is what happened when Texas GOP privatized Medicaid program! Bastards.

Donald Trump's Tweets Reimagined as an Early '00s Emo Song

Will Donald Drumpf make Michael Flynn his sacrificial lamb to hide is collaboration with Putin?

Loose cannon. Danziger toon.

Political pincers tighten on Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake

Troubled Navajo housing agency's board to be replaced following azcentral series

"This Magic Moment"

discussing classified information on his private facility is the hillary email "scandal" writ large

Lawmaker kills bill to raise tobacco purchase age to 21 in Arizona

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 14 February 2017

You Cannot Be Bipartisan With GOP That Has NOTHING TO OFFER EXCEPT SHIT.

'Extraordinary' levels of toxic pollution found in 10km deep Mariana trench

Republicans fast-track school-voucher bill in Arizona Legislature

Do Arizona lawmakers want to stop residents from passing laws?

Award-winning historian of fascism at Yale, says "we have at most a year to defend the Republic."

Rude Pundit does it again

Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton Lacks a Presidential Look

Just A Reminder Of What A Liberal With A Spine Looks Like.

Jerry Sandusky's son arrested, charged with child sexual abuse

The pups each nipped at my toes the other day...

Fox news at it again--doing yeoman's work lying for their boy.

The Crown on Netflix streaming

Melania @ Trump Tower + Trump @ Mar-A-Lago on weekends adds up to $10 million PER WEEK for taxpayers

Notice how PM Trudeau expressed his concern for Canadians and the snowstorm

Charles Pierce: Journalists Need to Stop Giving Bigoted Trump Supporters a Free Pass

Race and Racism

Having "conversation" with my Trump supporting sister about animal welfare

Citizen Initiative Got Minimum Wage on the Ballot; Now Six Bills in Legislature Threaten the Process

This new Spicer statement comes about an hour after Kellyanne on MSNBC said Flynn has Trump's full

The world map according to tRump

After Cancellation, Sanders Vows to Hold WV Town Hall "In the Streets"

5 Times Arizona Public Officials Proved That They're, Well, Dumb

Flynn situation goes global, Russia denied Flynn talked about sanctions before he came clean

EpiPen alternative to hit market at more than seven times the price

A Woman walked up to Pee45 and grabbed him by the...

Bannon and the Occult

Olbermann--- Arrest Flynn, Trump unindicted co-conspirator.

Oh hell no! Trump spawn looking at opening hotel in 'trendy' Charlotte

Trump Tried & Failed to Pull His Strange Trademark Handshake on Justin Trudeau.

How much snow did you get?

Obama WH photographer trolling Trump again!

Puzder's nomination could be in jeopardy:

K.O. goes there

HMMM...replace Flynn with still-on-probation Petraeus? SASSY!

I am not a big believer in voodoo, but I thought what the heck...

"I forgot hurr durr durr..." is not an apology, ffs.

Welp, now the fit is on the shan, and they're running around to clean it up...

Alex Jones tells Jennifer Lopez to go get gang-raped in Somalia after impassioned Grammys speech

If this bill becomes law, be sure to read every page of your insurance contract

Arizona legislators desire tax carve out for all that glitters

Former Pima County chief deputy pleads guilty in theft case

Phoenix parents fight for passage of Joe's Law to test drivers for drugs, alcohol

MSNBC interviewed California Congressman John Garamendi about the Oroville dam,

Trump hires foreign workers for Mar a Lago

Ducey's proposed use of miracle drug could be costly

House tax committee will not seek Trump tax returns

Moby Don!

Judge Questions Effect of Trump Comments on Bowe Bergdahl Case

Climate Change Impacts on Threatened and Endangered Wildlife is Massively Underreported, Scientists

'The Trump name is becoming toxic'

Slain Missouri KKK leader's wife, stepson charged

How low can he go?

I just figured it out! Gretchen Van Susteren is Bannon with a wig!

Oprah gives tape with Puzder abuse allegations to Senate

Crashing a Wedding Right After Giving His North Korea Statement

Flynn was probably just a go between. Who got the 19% of Rosneft???

Legislature taking up major civil asset forfeiture reforms

Trumps Inauguration photo's quote has glaring typo

Oh man, Trudeau!

Donald Trump is the bad guy in the first TV ad of Los Angeles' congressional race

Trump Declines To Say Whether He Has Full Confidence In Flynn

Last Week Tonight's John Oliver on Groper Don the Con and the truth: 'a pathological liar'

Right set to fight back on town hall protests

NC court blocks law stripping governor of election powers

Dear Canada

Beware the company you keep: Anti-LGBT laws foster culture of exclusion that harms state economies

University of Arizona fundraising campaign exceeds goal by $90 million