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Can't help but wonder how many traps

"You make NO sense" Matt Lauer DESTROYS Kellyanne Conway

Al Franken Says Trumps Russia Mess Is Bigger Than Flynn

Thanks to whoever gave me a Valentine.

4 insurance companies that might raise YOUR RATE for an accident that wasn't your fault!

Conservative Comic Depicts Besty DeVos As Girl In Iconic Civil Rights Painting

Hannity rips a new one out of Morning Joe Scumborough !

Canadian citizen prevented from US, because she is Muslim.

The Carolina Conspiracy Or, How Vladimir Putin Catfished A US Election With the Collusion of

WaPo 4:59 pm - More detailed than earlier TPM article (think they used this article to write theirs)

Humana says it plans to pull out of Obamacare exchanges in 2018

mike flynn at trump rally...i have NO sympathy for this asshole.

Ethics office: White House should investigate Conway for Ivanka Trump plug

agent orange just unfollowed kellyann conartist

Hey Michael Flynn Jr:

Moyers: Worse scandal involving White House and foreign power since Iran-Contra: "Demand the facts"

Thank you for the Valentine Heart!

When you skip sex education

Recorded February 14 in NYC fifty years ago

From the DARK SIDE. Know Thy Enemy!

Kellyanne Conway's White Nationalist Retweet Is No Mistake

In Viral Post, Dan Rather Says Trump-Flynn Scandal Could Be Larger Than Watergate

WAIT...the guy who backed SARAH PALIN calls Trump admin "unprecedented incompetence?"

Job killer trump

These people have no idea what they're doing

How Many Angelenos Feel....right now..."Inesperado Adios"

Matt Schlapp is an oleaginous sap.

Thank you for the ❤️ valentine fairy. I ❤️ you!

Fake Russian crisis has started

Key House Chairman Says He Won't Order Treasury To Release Trump's Taxes

Al Franken says Trump's Russia Mess is Bigger than Flynn

Via twitter - George Bluth Sr. said it first!: "I may have committed some light treason..." n/t

First live birth evidence in dinosaur relative

So Ahnold did an amazing video about gerrymandering.

A Police Department in Dallas Lost Years of Evidence After a Cyberattack

Time for a proper investigation

Nervous NATO allies seek reassurance

Trump's Economic Plan? Just Subtract 40% of Your Income if You're Poor or Middle Class

Fair and balanced poll re: treason

Republicans running away from constituents

I just listened to Mark Thompson on Sirius. He was repeating information he

Trumps Tactical Retreats

Honest Question...Who will tell the emperor that he has no clothes?

They are not leakers, they are Whistleblowers

Louise Mensch: Did Weiner text a 15-year old gir? Or Russian hackers?

Friend who supplied rifles to San Bernardino terrorists agrees to plead guilty

17 Days Ago.

The end of the "Trump toilet"

Retired army sniffer dog inspires readers

Robert Reich is live now.

Daughter of Galveston man with savage obit tells why she did it

Democrats can not let Repubs scrub

Iowa Legislature voting soon on Union Busting Bill... Live Video

Paraguays Central Bank to count 30 tons of Venezuelan bills

A 2016 quasi post mortem ( redux )

Looks like Congressman Coffman, R, Colorado is in trouble

Harry and David moose munch milk chocolate popcorn can't stop

Update on Vladimir Kara-Murza, Jr. - appears to be credible source (only update I could find) -

No! Don't let them make this all about Flynn!

Conway Should Be Investigated

Tom Udall, D, New Mexico, just said on msnbc with Chris: We need an independent prosecutor

Sen. Udall just called for an independent CRIMINAL investigation

So what happens now going forward?

Greece defies creditors over more cuts as economy shrinks unexpectedly

after all the crazy news today, take a vacation, go to fox news dot com.....

How worried is Trump now?

Australias leader dissed renewables amid the kind of heat wave climate scientists warn about

Not O.K.

Trump Reference To Putin's Delay Is-The Smoking Gun-He Couldn't Have Known-If Flynn Hadn't Discussed

When Donald Drumpf is sitting in the dock at some future Nuremberg trial...

Russia deployed new missile in treaty violation

I'm just noting for the record

Trumps Sons to Host Opening of Branded Golf Course in Dubai

Russian 'Lawmakers' Howl At Loss Of Their Pal Flynn; Putin Tells Them to Shut Up.

Next. What's next?

Let's say that you're a GOPr and you were just handed everything you've ever wanted

Why the F do I have to see AARP ads praising rump?

Trump calls for independent investigation into national security leaks from cabinet...

So Bloomberg does not want media to tell the truth. ,!!!

Wonder what was going through Shinzo Abe's mind at Mar a Lago?...

Gregg Popovich doubles down on Trump criticism: Some days, I feel like weve been invaded

Ask Questions Every Day:

Like...white people really have lost their goddamn minds

Stephen Colberts anti-Trump experiment is starting to work

I'm suspecting something re: Pence. Can I run it by you?

No non-citizens voted in voter fraud case cited by White House

Journalists shot dead in Dominican Republic during Facebook Live video

A relative's friend was raided by ICE...

One of Trump's advisers goes around wearing aNazi collaborator medal

Ex-Admiral and Member of Navy SEALs Is Top Choice to Replace Flynn

This whole heart thing... Beautiful

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 17, 2017 -- 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z Day 17

Trudeau v Trump handshake analysis.

Republicans investigating Republicans "Makes No Sense" - Sen. Rand Paul

Ethics office calls on White House to discipline Conway

"...they were so sure it couldn't happen here..."

Wow, they have a Deplorable on CNN who sells guns.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! America Held Hostage, Day 25! Live, Uncensored

All Chaos Trump...lLMAO

Senior White House Officials 'No Show' at Cybersecurity Conference

About the deep state woes (re: flynn, why are we rooting for spies?)

Lock Him Up

Conservatives Want to Slash FEMA's Disaster Budget

Mike Pence Told About Flynn Warning Two Weeks After Trump, White House

Drinking Water Crisis Brewing in California

No look pass through the legs of the defender

Remember to bring up his tax returns!

Flynn must have been a real jerk. I haven't seen one general on tv who likes or respects him.

Dave Reichert Votes Against Demanding Trump's Tax Returns

GOP Oversight - Lock Her Up (Luckovich 'toon)

U.S. Science Advisers Outline Path to Genetically Modified Babies

Looking for Elijah Cummings full statement video today

Florida Man's wife refuses him sex, he shoots her in the butt.

**Breaking News on Rachel Maddow**

When it rains, it pours.... hard.

The majority of Republicans are silent

Put on Rachel right effing NOW!

Maddow reporting Trump campaign aides had contact with Russian intelligence

Ontario: Judge rules in favour of Indigenous survivors of Sixties Scoop

The Deep State has made its decision

We are going to need a new word.

WATCHING RACHEL MADDOW RIGHT NOW ? Trump campaign & had repeated contacts with Russians.

David Frum is a great linear thinker re: Flynn

In hindsight, I wish that the Obama National Security released whatever wiretap they had

Trump campaign aides had repeated contact with Russian intelligence. Breaking news. NYT.

Rep. Adam Schiff says Comey might not help investigation

Daily Beast: "The most galling aspect of this whole affair..."

What did the FBI know and when did they know it?

This is corruption at the highest level of power. Mass frog

Disney drops YouTube star PewDiePie over anti-Semitism

Toshiba's Chairman Resigns as Its Nuclear Power Losses Mount

Next. More Leaks Implicating Trump...Republicans Defending Pence...

I'm sending back every piece of Republican mail my mother has gotten in her behalf. Suggestions

In our wildest dreams, we couldn't have expected so much criminality in 3 weeks

BTW, This Has Probably Put A Wrench In What Putin Had Planned To Do Next...

You can't win elections without contesting

Vatican cardinal: 'Amoris Laetitia' allows some remarried to take Communion

Indeed - CNN Opinion - "For a 'winner,' Trump is doing a lot of losing"

Youre Gonna Need a Bigger Broom

Joe Trudeau?

He didn't drain the swamp. So now we have to do this

'Tokyo Sonata' is the most frighting movie I've ever watched

Who remembers Watergate contemporaneously?

Joy Reid On For Lawrence O'Donnell

Rolling Stones - She's a rainbow (VIDEO)

Deep Borehole drilling for nuke waste research in southern NM

Let's get real. What would Trumps campaign people be talking to Russians for?

Kisses & Hugs to my Anonymous Heart Donors!! oxox

***CNN reporting that Trump campaign AND business "CONSTANTLY" in contact with Russians during

Erik Paulsen votes against request for Trump's tax returns.

I'm not hearing much these days from all the pundits that went to RT

if Flynn is/was in thrall to the Russians then it follows that tRump knew. and it further follows

The laser has locked onto 45/140. NOW we need to get to targeting Pence.

From Olbermann:

Where in the Constitution are the Oh Shit and Now What clauses?

Thank you to everyone who gave me a heart!

Scrotus must be deeply implicated as he denies knowing about flynn despite evidence that his people

Just heard from David Corn that Bannon was involved in the ouster of Flynn

More Napa Valley businesses hit with handicapped access lawsuits

I am gonna just call them ruskipublicans from now on.

We need new elections. This is unprecedented.

These weasels decided not to investigate Flynn...but they need to investigate Flynn NOW.

Oakland releases more proof police were aware of problems at Ghost Ship

Are Republicans setting the stage for a forced Trump resignation?

Fall of Singapore: Australian POWs' oral history charts memories of defeat and imprisonment

And it's only Tuesday...

The Trump White House tonight:

Canadian glaciers now major contributor to sea level change, UCI study shows

What did the pResident know and when did he know it?

The drip, drip, drip is on purpose...

How do we put pressure on Republicans to have a real investigation?

Watch Rachel's first segment on her website.

A Staff Shake-Up Wont Save Trumps Flailing Presidency

Isn't it ironic how Republicans are crying about all the leaks now? They weren't crying when...

Trump Cabinet Deadpool. Who Will Be Next?

Fuck. FUUUUUUUCK. I finally read the whole thing. Put the Schadenfreude away.

Humana pulls out of Obamacare for 2018.

Don Lemon goes there: "Does he [Trump] owe them [Russians] money?"

GOP will lose the midterms bigly!

If an elected official does not uphold the Constitution

Poignant, World Press Photography Awards are amazing.

This is a Watergate Moment -- where were you when you were told about General Flynn?

Who is the best replacement down the line when it comes to LGBT rights?


Brian Fallon: Please rip this f---king goober a new one.

What should we rename President's Day (for this year only?)

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 18, 2017 -- 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z Day 18

Malcolm Nance: These people need to be getting lawyers and cutting deals

Obamacare: California's uninsured rate drops to record low

Boycott Exxon.

Oh BTW, the NY Times article about trump advisors (Page, Flynn, Mamafort, Stone)

Don Lemon is schooling that goober

Tax returns will be Trump's tapes.

Former wrestling executive Linda McMahon confirmed to lead the SBA

Federal Disaster Budget Faces Huge Cuts. Follows Heritage Foundation Guidelines.

Wikileaks no longer hide their partisan support for Trump

NYTimes - One Week before the election....and NOW...

GOPer Jack Kingston on cnn saying intelligence agencies spied on a private American

I don't wanna get my hopes up but

Oklahoma lawmaker defends pregnant women are hosts comment

Which one is not like the others?

Oroville Dam drags California's $65 billion infrastructure annual price tag into the open

No non-citizens voted in voter fraud case cited by White House

I'm Just Waiting for the Reichstag to Catch Fire.

My question: Any connections between Russia and the Trump Admin since gaining the White House?

Congress considers blocking California retirement savings plan

Trump supporter evacuated from Oroville dam: 'I feel like a refugee'

I think we need to send a clear message to Putin

"We Had No Other Choice, They Said, Hillary Was Worse, They Said"......

Marquez to plead guilty to aiding San Bernardino shooter's plots

Amazing! Republicans refuse to investigate credible questions about Russian moles in our government!

Here is the proof that the Trump campaign had early contacts with Russia Intelligence

Is there any mechanism to invalidate the election?

To my heart donors, you know who you are . . .

So will Fox News go down with the ship?

Court: WVs Refusal to Comply With Clean Water Act Triggers EPAs Duty to Step In.

Trump administration OKs Jerry Brown's disaster requests

Minutes ago, NY Times bombshell-- Trump campaign officials in contact w/Russian intelligence for ful


Less than an hour left for Valentines Day. A Heartfelt thanks for the hearts!

Lawsuits mount as fight over sinking Millennium Tower continues

Do you believe that Pence did not know about

City Attorney sues longtime SF brothel in latest effort to shutter scofflaw business

Herpes, Nickelback are more popular than Congress, Schwarzenegger says in call for redistricting ...

The question now is....

Let's think about all this for a minute.....

Mental Health Professionals Warn About Trump (NY Times LTTE)

Colbert intro just said Stephen Miller would be on. True?

Robby Mook: It's Game Time

Just occurred to me: Being aware of their imminent 2018 loss, the GOP may say Damn the Torpedoes!

In a shift, Republican platform doesn't call for arming Ukraine against Russia, spurring outrage

Thank you for your kind hearts and gestures.

Did Jack Kingston (R-GA) also talk sanctions in his Dec. Moscow visit?

WOW - If you haven't seen the documentary Tower

Oracle stiffed sales staff by clawing back pay, $150 million lawsuit claims

Argentina president accused of conflict of interest after company's debt forgiven

What does Michael Flynn's resignation mean for Trump? Al Jazeera English

Advocates demand New York lawmakers outlaw child marriage

Thank you to my heart donors.

Woman charged with hate crime in vandalism at Davis mosque

Freedom Caucus Deliriously Happy To Abolish ACA & Take Insurance From 20-30 Million.

TPM - "Flynn Doesn't Matter. This Is About Trump" (tell it, Josh!)

Who Told Flynn to Call Russia?

Party over Country

Trump must make an address to the American people from the Oval Office

Appreciation Thread for Washington Post, NYT, and even CNN lately

Trump pick for Medicare post faces questions on Indiana contracts

Woman Would Have To Get Rapist's Permission For Abortion If Law Passed?

Another heart...thank you!

Macri's bid to remove sole woman on Argentine Supreme Court fails

Macri's bid to remove sole woman on Argentine Supreme Court fails

Thanks for the hearts. eom ♡

California Senate gives 10 percent raises to 71 employees to close gender pay gap

So, Trump's HRJ 41 bill effectively legalizes foreign government bribery... in the oil sector.

When are those raises coming for state workers?

Trust Me

With pension reform looming, these California departments went on a hiring spree

We won't take back Congress in 2018 unless we do this

Puppeteers allege Disney is closing show at California Adventure over union activities

Watching Rachel Maddow on DVR

Trump is silent. No angry Tweetie attacks..No Happy Valentines to his wife.... Very telling.

No Shit...

Nominate someone for a heart!

Video shifts initial view of fatal Nashville police shooting

Spicer's press briefing tomorrow may be priceless.

I Fuckin told you so...

Trump supporters hope Californians will drown in the Oroville Dam crisis in the counties...

Breitbart Is Running With The Theme That The Leaks Re Investigation of Flynn...


A third university in pipeline for American Samoa


Am I missing something here. .??? Coup or what?

So, they beat him ...

💞thanks fer the hearts 💖

I've decided NOT to contact my Representative about the Russian connections.

The real real story is that the dossier is being proven accurate bit by bit

Bill requires inclusion of all hospitals in GovGuam contract

We need a national strike until Congess approves a full, transparent and independent investigation

Bill would raise Guam minimum wage to $9.20 by October

Guam, Saipan diocese react to sex abuse allegations against retired bishop

I'm not a betting woman, but if I was I would say that the Republicans are

Ige plan to boost gas tax, other fees advances

Thousands of teachers protest over education funding

If you need any proof that pence is a dirt bag, read this story.

Will pResident Pence pardon trump?

State might give Wahiawa hospital more funds

The only redemptive thing in President Hillary's loss of the election is the

(Graphic) Woman Hugs Cat No One Would Touch, the Kitty So Happy He Thanks Her with the Sweetest Meow

Nordstrom's victim and faux 'activist' Ivanka poses behind the Oval Office desk

Tomorrow's PDB will be interesting (some late nite humor)

Thanks to my anonymous cupids! 3 hearts.

Ryan and McConnell on Morning Joe

You know, this feels exactly like the early days of Watergate did.

Until Trump is out (whenever that might be)

GOP House Mice Put Trump Before Country

Permanent Fund Dividend fraud detection program falls short of promised savings

Senate approves bill to raise millions for state, while House signs energy efficiency program

This is so messed up: Trump didn't win.

US Special Operations Command: "The US government is in "unbelievable turmoil"

Juneau Assembly to homeless: Sleep in the wrong place, pay a fine

Lawmaker would boost Alaska studded tire fee to $75 each from $5

Alaska lawmakers eye their own budget for reductions

Alaska House Democrats introduce oil-tax bill, sparking heated debate

Palmer to pay nearly $200K in fines over sewage pollution problem

British Intelligence must not trust US intelligence right now.

California Man Claims Civil Rights Violations when run out of town of Taft, Texas

Two women suspected of killing Kim Jong Nam may be dead

Does 45Pee Even Realize How Much Trouble His....

Staff members are now being told to keep papers to a single page, The president likes maps, one o

It's a small thing, but one more indication that DT's seriously delusional, incapable of accepting d

Russia will not let go. They have the Tiger By The Tail!

State Senator Whitmire Files Bill To Force An Election About Latest Plan For The Astrodome

Dallas Neurosurgeon Duntsch Found Guilty, Faces Life in Prison

DOJ Seeks to Foreclose on the Late Billionaire Charles Wyly's Dallas Home

Fed Chair Yellen challenges Trump (VIDEO)

US Special Ops chief: US government 'in unbelievable turmoil' -

Comey characterized Hillary as extremely careless while he was hiding Donald Trump treasonous activi

Rep. Doggett introduces amendment in House Ways & Means Cmte. for Trump's tax returns

Russia deploying missiles outlawed under 1987-treaty. Let's see how Trump handles this.

When I first saw this picture, I said, "I'd love to be a fly on the wall."

83 Percent of Texas School Districts Offer Abstinence-Only or No Sex Ed

Somebody needs to inform the Trump Administration Aides that no matter how hard they try

The GOP House and Senate and Justice Dept cannot investigate the Flynn affair...

Congressman Who Called Trump Racist Refuses To Apologize, Just Doubled Down On It, Hell Yes

Hillary Warned US and Talked about This During the Campaign

Democrats bracing for town hall protests directed at them ask Bernie Sanders for help

Kellyanne Conway desperately running from the media

Sanders, Schumer call for nationwide pro-ObamaCare rallies

So my question is if Pence was really kept in the dark

March 8 - General Strike: A DAY WITHOUT A WOMAN

I just noticed something weird about Russia Today's spin on the US-Russia-conflict.

India launches record 104 satellites in single mission

How a Pro-Palestinian American Reporter Changed His Views on Israel and the Conflict

(Soccer) headers 'linked to brain damage'

Daily Holidays - February 15

fRump's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day;Feb. 15th, 2017

White House will not push for two-state solution in Middle East

"I'm here to celebrate Black history...."

Imagine if Hillary were in the WH, and her aides had been in contact with Russian intelligence

Morning Joe -- they're calling out the Rethugs on this one,

US judge greenlights initial $1.2bn VW consumer settlement deal for 3-liter engines

Knock on Wood

A question I have had since the very beginning of the Trump campaign?

The Republicans are working hard to keep Pence clean,

Russian foreign ministry says Crimea will not be returned to Ukraine


Chaffetz Probes WH Handling of Sensitive Info?---Letter requests info related to Mar-a-Lago event

I have the bestest question ever for Trump's next press-conference:

Mr. President: Just who the hell do you think you are?

Secret Service Director Announces Retirement-says he wants to spend more time with his family.

EU, Canada secure clearance to kick-start free trade deal

Got my hands on the first page of tomorrow morning's presidential briefing...

NPR goes out of its way to stress that there's no evidence of collusion

Ask John: Can a Christian and atheist be happily married?

the unwarranted attacks by comrade Trumpo on US Intel agencies back during the election campaign

Comey FBI letter that handed election to Trump-seems to have been forced by Russia-start to finish!

Trumps EPA pick recently called climate change a religious belief

The Trump White House Is Screwed, Big League

Chris Christie and wife have Valentine's dinner with Trump?

What Egypts Catholic bishops said to Pope Francis

If Congress had passed legislation requiring financial transparency, including tax returns...


ARTICLE For GOP, a dimmed zeal for investigations in Trump era

Ana Navarro Shuts Down Trump Supporter Who Told Her To Stop Talking


Though they have little power, Democrats must raise hell to turn public opinion

Prisoners in Their Own Land: After the War

Burlington Coat Factory drops Ivanka Trump's brand From website

WAPO: Guess What, Facts and reality DO matter.

So which way is the wind blowing thie morning for Joe Scum and Mika? nt

Some light reading re Treason

Malcolm Nance: 'We are now fully in Benedict Arnold territory'

Don't forget to recycle your hearts.

Exclusive: Planned Parenthood Just Got a $1 Million Donation From This Businesswoman

Holy shit. Steve King is going full bore on CNN.

Twitler's latest (Hillary Clinton edition)...

"The fake news media is going crazy with their conspiracy theories and blind hatred..."

Orange twit gibbon now blames Hillary!

Deplorably Dumb Donald Drumpf is on a tweet storm

Brian Fallon: Everything we suspected during the campaign is proving true.

POKE THE BEAR, Donald! Apparently the FBI and NSA are "just like Russia." But Fox is GREAT!

Just how high in the Trump administration does Russia's influence extend, asks David Frum

I implore you not to click on this thread under any circumstances.

'We need to temporarily suspend all WH action until we can figure out what the hell is going on'

Trolling Comrade Trump on Twitter is fun!

Russia worries about "virulent and bipartisan anti-Russian campaign" following Trump ouster

White House staff in "survival mode ... scared to death"

Well Now We've Had A Chance To See Repugs On Both Sides....

You know these mfers are probably shoveling every secret we have to Mother Russia.

Susan Rice

North American Buddhist Alliance seeks input from leaders of Americas Buddhist Networks

Some people say Ivanka's rebranding under the name Anastasia.

No Democrat running in Tom Price's old district in Georgia?

The thing that burns me, really BURNS me about this Russiangate is that

China awards Trump valuable new trademark (AP) 2.15.2017 (Back-door deal for One-China?)

Kid Rock Eyed as Potential Senate Candidate (NOT The Onion)

Made my first ventures into online gaming...

Trump just loves Fox and Friends! I am so excited!

Whoa - 45Pee Is On A Twitter Tear This A.M......

So if FBI was wiretapping Flynn in Russia talks, why not Kobach & co on Cross Checkvoter purges?

PRESIDENT TRUMP EXPOSES the REAL "Russia Problem" (starts with an "O," ends with an "a")...

YES. Trump ACTUALLY just tweeted "FBI...should not interfere in our politics," I sh*t you NOT.

Even the WH situation room?

Methinks the Donald doth protest too much

The Siberian Candidate

Luxury water' for 80 a bottle? It's ignorant, insensitive and irresponsible Katherine Purvis

Navajo Coal Plant, Biggest In Western US, Will Close - Despite President Shitstain's Promises

Does anyone else think a BIG diversion is coming?

US Special Ops chief: US government 'in unbelievable turmoil'

***REMINDER! WINTER SEASONAL Photo Contest Starts March 1st***

Latest El Nino Brought Unprecedented Erosion To W. Coast Beaches - LA Times

A Question For Deplorables & Repugs....


The Trump admin has been defined by corruption, incompetence, authoritarianism, lawlessness and

Very Interesting.....

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY - May Cupid's arrows fly true today

Oroville As Warning Sign: Many CA Dams Unready For Extremes As Climate Destabilizes

Republican fomer judge: It's time to impeach Trump

All Other Presidential Candidates Traditionally Made Their Taxes Available....

Word of the day, "Treason"

Is it just me, or does it feel like the country has been brought back to life?

So my great dane puppy was supposed to go into the vet today to get spayed

But, do they have "the dossier"?

Trump Voters Show President They Can Complain on Twitter, Too

Mom and her two kids terrorized by Border Patrol checkpoint out in the desert

Trump Tweet ..... Russia connections to Trump? It is Hillary's fault

The IC is just getting warmed up.

The Streaking Of The Thong-Carrying Men

William Shatner may see Tampa man in court over paternity claim

Every day they play defense

Pravda headline: If USA wants Crimea returned to Ukraine, Russia wants Alaska back

Presenting: Alt-Jesus

Seems like AGES ago that tRump trolled the entire American public with the taunt telling

Flynn Drama Has All The Intrigue Of A Russian Spy Thriller - by Gene Lyons

Florida Insider Poll: John Morgan would be strongest Democratic nominee for governor

Pence will be cast as the next Gerry Ford.

What Trump Is Doing Is Not O.K.

Do voter identification laws suppress minority voting? Yes. We did the research.

How Vladimir Putin Catfished A US Election With the Collusion of Team Trump

Pence remains above the fray, but is he outside the inner circle?

Perez claims to be 44 votes away from victory in DNC race

Official sides with Georgia over Florida in water lawsuit

TPM: Flynn Doesn't Matter. This Is About Trump.

A Call to Action: From Outrage to Activism: A Step-By-Step Guide to Forming a Political Action Grou

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Out Like Flynn

Congress Is Repealing Rules To Keep Guns From The Mentally Ill

EU-Canada Trade Agreement Wins European Parliament Green Light

A Call to Action: From Outrage to Activism: A Step-By-Step Guide to Forming a Political Action Group

SHOCKER! republicans see no need for independent investigation...

A Call to Action: From Outrage to Activism: A Step-By-Step Guide to Forming a Political Action Group

Can't wait to see the post-Flynn firing polls!

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Orange Chaos

"Sucks for @FoxNews: Instead of overreacting to fake Hillary scandals they have to under-react to

Would you be upset if the Trump Administration made it so that NO ONE could leave the UNITED STATES

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

The Missing Pieces in the Flynn Story - NYT Editorial Board

Who'd Want to Limit Retirement Plans? House Republicans - NYT Editorial Board

Janet Yellen debunks Trump's case for killing Dodd-Frank

Some of the best stuff comes from conservative Never Drumpfers

Trump: "The real scandal is classified information illegally given out by "intelligence" like candy"

"Dost thou see a book before thee? Remove thy shift." "I cannot write my name."

Jake Tapper lays the wood on Donald Drumpf

Kremlin dismisses report of Trump campaign contacts with Russian spies

Serious question.

"I practice speaking with a mouth full of t*rds." . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Spicer!!!

Trump Condemns Leaks To News Media in Twitter Flurry

Right wing radio talking point today

If you don't have a public library card - get one now. Here's why

The past 25 days in geopolitics

Mika Brzezinski: Conway will no longer be booked on 'Morning Joe'

Corker: We Must Address WH Russia Ties So It Doesn't 'Destabilize' Country

Word of the Day: Kremflynn

Just in case anyone wants to know what people on the other side are thinking about all this.

McConnell: 'There's No Evidence' That Voter Fraud Changed Election Outcome

Maybe HRC, BHO, Gore, Biden... etc. are on DU -just to RANT.

"Not totally in the loop": Republicans fear Mike Pence has lost his spot in Trumps inner circle

Sea Ice North And South Pushing Record Lows Simultaneously; Bare Ground In Svalbard In Arctic Winter

Trump's White House is 'scared to death' and already hunkered down in 'survival mode': report

Trumps White House is "scared to death" and already hunkered down in "survival mode"

This whole Trump/Russia-thing will get turned into an Oscar-winning movie in a few years.

'Stop that BS': Joe Scarborough hammers Republicans for refusing to investigate Flynn and Trump

non sequitur comic strip today

The Strange Case Of Russian Diplomat Who Got His Head Smashed In On Election Day. How did he die?

Does the passing of one's parents really get to you as you, yourself, age?

The Actual Contents Of Flynn's Messages To Russia Haven't Been Released!

Trump Attacks Obama on Russia Literally Minutes After 'Fox & Friends' Made Same Point

A Photographic Representation Of What's Going On.....

Lunatic Trump Advisor Goes Kim Jong-Un on Live TV

NSA So Worried Over Trump Russia Ties, They're Hiding Info from Him

Tom The Dancing Bug Toon - Po' li'l Lucky Ducky gonna get his swamp drained

It's only Flynnesday

Trump administration acts to 'stabilize' health insurance

The mother in The Manchurian Candidate was based on Trump's mentor, Roy Cohn


Flynn's resignation is just the beginning of this major national security scandal involving Russia

House Ways & Means Committee Who Voted NOT to Request SCROTUS' Taxes

For GOP, a dimmed zeal for investigations in Trump era

Let's come up with the cast list for the inevitable film, shall we?

Post Songs of Invincibility

Hamilton man forced to sell retirement home after being barred from the U.S.

"He will die in jail"...John Schindler on 45pee's war on IC

Religious freedom could top Sessions civil rights priorities

Need to document the congress members blocking investigations

Eight years. 533 campaign promises. Tracking the record of President Barack Obama.

As White House spirals into crisis, what will Congress do? GOP leaders face unhappy choice

Every American with a brain should go to Washington and force a fair solution to this treachery

Methinks the 45th President will end up being like the 13th Floor in some buildings.

Great historical reference

Letter I just sent to US Representative Ken Buck

Kellyanne Conway's White Nationalist Retweet Is No Mistake

Rachel Maddow & Joy-ann Reid calls out Democratic Party - Will they listen? (VIDEO)

Bipartisan press conference coming up shortly

Iowan law enforcement vote Republican, only to be outraged when they learn Republicans want...


Hey Groper Don the Con

audit the fucking election.

CA Senator Kamala Harris calls for Russia / Trump investigation:

The Investigation of the Trump/Russian Connection Will Be Stymied.

Flynn Doesn't Matter. This Is About Trump - By Josh Marshall

The ship of state is the only known vessel that leaks from the top.

Tension in DNC Chair Race Comes From Outside - Not Inside - The Party

Republican Painter: It's time to impeach Trump

No-frills grocer Lidl to open first US stores this summer

"Starboy"-The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk

Clinton Officials Denounce Alleged Trump Campaign Officials Contacts With Russia

Benedict Donald... a fitting new name for Trump...

Who does the Dumpster follow on Twitter?

Anybody else watch "Tower" on PBS last night? I thought it was brilliant.

Once again, in all seriousness, please DO NOT repost, share, or tweet this disrespectful image.

Top Trump science adviser candidate thinks climate scientists are a 'glassy-eyed cult'

Wednesday F*****g News!

Between the Whitehouse and the Russian Beds

Nordstrom broke the curse of the Trump tweet

IMO, The $7mil Carrier deal has to be part of any investigation.

I was going to watch the bipartisan press conference but CNN, MSNBC, and C-SPAN

Martin O'Malley: 'There's a Bear in the Sit Room, a Trout in the Milk'

Pope appears to back native tribes in Dakota Pipeline conflict

Today, asking Senate Intelligence Committee to thoroughly investigate Russia/Trump

Us geezers having flashbacks to Tricky Dick's downfall. The PENCE pardon of DRUMPF will be"enhanced"

NY Daily News: Here's the presidential order of succession just in case

Bernie Sanders calling for an investigation today into Trump and Russia

Optimism among US homebuilders weakens

Pence involved?

Just Saw On CNN That There Will Be A 45Pee News Conference At 12ET.....

Woah, intel insider, quoted as saying: "He will die in jail."


Governor's races in 2 states echo the White House contest

What are the chances that Sessions had contact with the Russians during the campaign?

New name for the investigation on Russia and Flynn

For the sake of the country, I am calling on Susan

The Fog of Trump

Trumps Dangerous Dishonest Message to the Troops

When it comes to media stories about "leaks" from intelligence agencies,

The Year in Hate and Extremism (SPLC Intelligence Report: 2017 Spring Issue)

CNN: Sources Accuse Kellyanne Conway of Being Behind Anti-Sean Spicer Leaks

BBC Headlines

I have a heart! Thanks to someone named Anonymous!

Jan. 26-acting AG Sally Yates tells WH about Flynn - Fired 4 days later

The 10 Most Galling Republican Responses to the Michael Flynn Scandal (So Far)

What makes Trump adviser Stephen Miller so unlikeable?

What Are Your Rights if Border Agents Want to Search Your Phone?

I think this is an extremely dangerous time, I am expecting Trump to

NYC human rights agency sees discrimination complaints rise 60%

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China warns U.S. against fresh naval patrols in South China Sea

ARTICLE FROM BBC Russia: The scandal Trump can't shake

Arizona unveils new death penalty plan: bring your own lethal injection drugs

Grammy Performance of Daft Punk with the Weeknd--new link to better quality, entire video--

Non Sequitur cartoon

Ex-VP Biden elected chair of National Constitution Center

Happy Birthday, Canadian Flag

Where not when will the "distraction" come from - who else?

Aetna CEO Threatened ACA Pullout If Feds Opposed Merger-now says Obamacare in Death Spiral

Will Drumpf use his patented killer handshake on Netanyahu ?

Breaking: Trump defence chief Mattis threatens less commitment to Nato

Boeing vote tells next chapter in Southern unionization

Roti, a Recipe Mastered Through Repetition

Olbermann: Trump's reckless handling of intelligence would have gotten Hillary 'impeached before...

Reports: U.S. Intercepted Calls Between Trump Campaign Staff And Russian Intelligence

Trump WINS a Politico poll, and it is a WELL-DESERVED honor. #MAGA!

Hey want to see something funny?

Those of you who are arguing Flynn can't be tried for treason, what is the usual charge

Let's get one thing straight

Manafort: I Don't Think I Even 'Inadvertently' Spoke With Russians

Trump on MSNBC sez ...

Every network is showing the picture of Mike Flynn at a Putin dinner

Contact between Trump campaign and Russian intel officials would be 'game changer,' Sen. Graham

Disney World's Hall of Presidents still closed for refurbishment

Palestinians caution Trump against abandoning two-state concept

Welcome Back to the Medical Underwriting Circle of Hell

Thank you Harris Rosen. This is what charity and kindness look like. Would you be my President?

Question: If Pence Is Impeached, How Is He Replaced?

Mike Luckovich cartoon

The World is on Fire

Pharma industry shuns Trump push for radical shift at FDA


Sessions - sees no need to recuse himself from investigation(s)

On January 15, then-Vice President-elect Mike Pence went on Fox News

(CNN) Trump aides were in constant touch with senior Russian officials during campaign

Only 5 of 11 NFL players show up for Israel-sponsored trip

If you're currently covered by health insurance, you may not be in 2018.


How to Stay Sane:

Manafort is a lying sack of shit!

'He will die in jail': Intelligence community ready to 'go nuclear' on Trump, senior source says

The media is afraid to say TREASON..

Collector's hidden art to be shown in Switzerland, Germany

Donald Trump is panicking

Coders saved NASA's Earth Science data

Trump: "FBI should not interfere in our politics", forgetting his BFF James Comey

Dems Announce Bill To Prevent WH From Giving Russia Sanctions Relief

The whole Russia scandal has been performed by the gang who can't shoot straight.

"He will die in jail": Intelligence community ready to "go nuclear" on Trump, senior source says

Trump pissed off lots of influential GOP senators and congress critters during the campaign

Breaking Point: Venezuela's Horrific Food, Medicine Shortage: Part 1

US senator: Launch probe of inappropriate Trump campaign, Russia contacts

How long can this "fake news" charade continue?

Pic Of The Moment: If You Were Wondering...

SCROTU may have to pull another "get out of jail card" out of his ass

Ancient African-American Proverb...

Drumpt and Pence both caught in lies about Russia.

What form will the Reichstag fire take? Mr Stay Pufft or much worse?

Thanks very much for the heart +1.

There's a Russian spy ship hanging out off the East Coast

This probably dates me a little...

What we all have to ask ourselves...

A strange little deportation drama playing out live on MSNBC.

WTF was he thinking?

The Daily 202: It's bigger than Flynn. New Russia revelations widen Trump's credibility gap.

Inside Venezuela's Repressive Regime: Part 2

2 live men found tied to bridge in Mexican border city

How cool would it be if every GOP legislator Trump tapped for cabinet were replaced by DEMOCRATS?

SPLC Releases Their Annual Interactive Hate Group Map

How many times can you say that this isn't funny anymore?

PootinGate... What do we know for certain? What are the likely conclusions?

Kim Jong-nam death: Malaysian police arrest female suspect

Michael Moore Fb. #TrumpGate #Treason

Colbert on Michael Flynn's White House Tenure

Twitter responds to Trump's "Great listening session with CEO's of the Retail Industry" tweet.

Over 40 Years Later, Musician-Activist Victor Jara Remains Relevant as Ever

Drumpt just took another shot at the Intelligence Communities.

Under Armour CEO Runs a Full-Page Ad in The Baltimore Sun Addressing Pro-Trump Comments

There's only one man who can take down Trump and we'll need to prop him up: JOHN MCCAIN

Pope Francis appears to back tribal land rights in Dakota Access pipeline fight

DNC Statement on Recent Russia Reports: 'This Is Already Bigger Than Watergate'

Funniest slam of Ann Coulter I've seen so far...

Spoiler Alert: Post a Spoiler from TV, Movie or a Book

Trump's IRS stages a stealth attack on Obamacare

Does Trump Realize He Basically Confirmed Reports That His Campaign Contacted Russia...

Dear God, Someone In Michigan Please Stop This From Happening!

Koterba toon: Flynn

What's your guess as to the intelligence community's next moves?

Deputy CIA director could face court deposition over post-9/11 role in torture

Flynn will rat out everyone to save himself?

MORNING NO. 'Morning Joe' Bans Kellyanne Conway

Ecuador presidential election will show if continent's pink tide has truly turned

Dems need to push narrative that those who aid and abet are also guilty

These 23 Republicans Passed on a Chance to Get Trump's Tax Returns

The end of the road for Kellyanne? Conway banned from morning show, blamed for leaking Sean Spicer..

"He will die in jail"

'Disturbing' Results Show High Pollution Levels in Mariana Trench

Congress blocks rule barring mentally impaired from guns

Why can't the asshole stop fucking tweeting???????

A little meme I made.

Social Security Day of Action - Thursday, February 16 at 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

Texas tries new anti-abortion strategy after high court loss

Carolina Conspiracy & Catfishing Weiner

The House Republicans May Not Have Pulled The Trigger

Social Security Day of Action - Thursday, February 16 at 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

If this presser only features his RW minions asking questions the real press ought to revolt.

Putin watched as we elected bush* and knew the US could elect an even bigger idiot..tRump

Freshman Republican congressman reveals bill to abolish the EPA

Watching press conf

Tenn. man who plotted NY mosque attack wont face terror charges

Tax reform must protect homeownership (CONgress wants to take home mtg interest deduction away)

We must know the truth. Bill Moyers

Houses of Worship Sign Up to House Undocumented Immigrants During Raids

The Alabamafication of America (Yeah, my home state)

Limbaugh called Flynghazi a "political assassination," and blames the former administration

Scenes We'd Like To See

"Joe" Trudeau gets his revenge

Michigan Teachers Joke About Having Sex With Students And Killing Other Teachers

SpecialOlympics: SOVT with SenSanders

'Hot Felon' Jeremy Meeks Makes His Runway Debut At Fashion Week

Thanks for the hearts!

Make Your Voice Heard

David Brodie suprised me

Net Neutrality

Are you effing kidding me??????

Do you have Republican Senators? House Members?

Idiot Trump thinks the Palestinians want a one state solution

The biggest victim in all this is Kevin Spacey.

What is BiBi thinking?

Bibi is just as bad as Trump

Clueless idiot doesn't know what to say regarding Israel on Netanyahu presser.

Russian influence is like the Zombie Virus

Connecticut lawmaker begs Trump to stop tweeting and get that Russian spy ship off her state's coast

SCROTUS regurgitating what Netanyahu said before him. In a formal setting do you refer

Trump: Flynn is a "wonderful man" who was treated "very unfairly" by "the fake media"

What a s--t show.

Riding the news rollercoaster ...

Dear Lord, he's asked a question and the first thing he talks about is his "huge" electoral win.

Fallout Now Hitting Capitol Hill


KO: Trump is Beyond Reckless With Our National Security His careless disregard would be comical, if

Now Priebus and Tillerson Are Feuding

KO: Trump is Beyond Reckless With Our National Security His careless disregard would be comical, if

Weird: Wikileaks is tagging John Schindler (@20committee) explicitly

Did Flynn Resign Or Was He Asked To Resign By 45Pee?.....

Tension in DNC Race Coming from Outside Party

Take a look at what a few typed google words will produce about our mindset

Miller has convinced me

Did Drumpf and Netanyahu just kill the two state solution?

A small rodent has burrowed into Trump's skull.

Trump wants this photo of his dodgy tan removed from the internet. Please do not share.

Using Twitter to Divert Attention from a Scandal

Netanyahu blubbering over Trump son-in-law as "reason why Trump is not anti-Semitic"

Happy (Late) Valentine's Day

Trump Says Media Treated Flynn 'Very Unfairly,' Slams 'Criminal' Leaks

BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA... PLEASE REPORT TO THE BULLPEN! nt..... A public service announcement.

Trump Asks Netanyahu: 'Hold Back On Settlements For A Little Bit'

CNN is frying Trump's ass for refusing to answer Russia questions& acting "cute" by running out of

Trump offers national security adviser job to Vice Admiral Harward: sources

@ 20 minute mark, Trump says leaks are illegal and unfair and covering up Hillary's terrible loss

intell struggles to condense Cheeto's daily briefing to ONE WORD

And the Republican response ...

Trump administration proposes stricter Obamacare rules

(bibi/trump presser)the reporter mentioned "the election", knew it was coming

Texas attorney general backs Trump in travel ban litigation

Kellyanne Conway to do fewer TV appearances after leaks allege shes been backstabbing Sean Spicer

MSNBC: High-Level Source Says 'Entire Phone Call' Between Flynn and Russia Devoted to Sanctions

U.S. warns NATO - increase spending or we might 'moderate' support

Presidential Press Conference: Come Early for Good Seats

U.S. warns NATO - increase spending or we might 'moderate' support

Trump to Palestinians: Your Fired.

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2-13: Your Friendly Neighborhood Nuclear Football Guy Edition

Trump Answers Question About Rise in Anti-Semitism by Citing Size of Electoral College Victory

"is it safe" - to me, trumpistan to date feels like this

A Stunning Surrender of Leadership

GOP senators unveil bill to give Congress control of consumer bureau budget

this reality "pres" has no clue what he is doing. Make a deal do a deal

WHO will draw their gun FIRST ...?

Capital Weather Gang does a Trump:

The Scariest Thought Yet

Reporter was taped by White House in heated exchange...

How A President Leaves Office - The Only Possibilities

man-if this is real we are in big trouble

The Russians are coming

Trump allowing a Russian coup (infiltration of gov., spy ship off CT coast, fake, forced presser)

Part of their plan that bears watching

Report: Trump aiming to sign executive orders on EPA

Happy Birthday Susan B. Anthony--mother of us all--"failure is impossible"

Questioned About Anti-Semitism, Trump Brags About Election Victory

Happy Birthday Susan B. Anthony-"mother of us all"--"failure is impossible"

Happy Birthday Susan B. Anthony-mother of us all--"failure is impossible"

Tape Emerges Of Labor Sec. Nom's Ex-Wife Alleging Abuse On 'Oprah' In 1990

Stock market isn't fazed in the least about Russian involvement. Maybe Lenin was right when he

Wild speculation

Psssssssssssssstdown goes his Labor nominee

Trump Voters/Supporters Will Be Really Pissed If Trump Goes. Believe He Is Picked On.

Thanks so much for the heart +2

Stay in your place

In SC, Boeing goes all out to defeat vote on unionization

If & When Trump Goes It Will Still Be A National Embarrassment & Tragedy.

F.B.I. to Special-Order a Pair of Tiny Handcuffs

Susan B. anthony quotes-"never another season of silence on this earth until women have the same

Does Drumpf know anything about the M E ?

German paper apologizes for false story on migrant attacks

The president lays the groundwork for a nationwide voter intimidation program

Susan B Anthony quotes- "never another season of silence on this green earth until women have the

Man! Am I glad that guy is not National Security Advisor anymore. How can one

Susan B ANthony quotes-"never another season of silence on this green earth until women have the

England is way ahead of us... WAY ahead!

"Reputational risk" results in downgrade for Under Armour for saying nice things about Trump.

to whoever gave me a heart on Susan B Anthony's birthday--THANK YOU!!

Trump, Meeting With Netanyahu, Backs Away From Palestinian State

Is Michael Flynn the First Domino to Fall in Kremlingate?

Pipeline exec compares Dakota protesters to terrorists

What I Want Trump To See On His TV This Weekend

Trump Calls On Only Conservative Outlets For Three Straight Press Conferences

What they mean by, "Choice ..."

Trumps toxicity has Republicans running away from their constituents

On the Internationalization of Capital and Carpmentalization of Labor

Report: Top Senate Republicans Urge White House to Withdraw Puzder Pick

A single tweet from Donald Trump reveals his true feelings about national security


Source says that Puzder will withdraw.

Wow, from now on, every definition of Pyrrhic Victory should have *45's pic

Is President Trump an oxymoron?

Charles Pierce: Trump can't escape this time.

the center can not hold...

The Tip of the Iceberg (Cartoon from January 9, 2017)

AP Interview: Trump yet to call UN atomic chief on Iran deal

Deja vu all over again. How long before it blows up in Drumpf's face ?

Somehow, this campaign ad seems strangely appropriate...

The media is resorting to minimalist Republican propaganda once again.

Supreme Court asked to take Arkansas birth certificate case

5 times Donald Trumps team denied contact with Russia

"The fix is in" - James Acosta of CNN.

"Russia brushes off Flynn resignation, looks to Rex Tillerson for negotiations"

Maryland will not back down from Trump.

Why does Rasmussen Poll go UP when Trump is in crisis (9 points higher than average of other polls?

Womens March Organizers Just Announced A Date For The Next Huge Protest

Trump just got an earful about a tax that retailers call 'risky and unproven'

CNN's Jim Acosta slams Trump for ducking Russia questions by only calling on right-wing news outlets

Democrats press for Trump-Russia probes on all fronts

Good news: HIV infection rate has fallen dramatically in U.S.

Here are the Reps who are shielding tRump's tax returns

Pentagon chief says NATO members must boost defense spending

Jacksonville passes inclusive nondiscrimination protections

Aetna CEO: Obamacare markets are in a 'death spiral'

Drumpf to do a victory rally in Melbourne, Florida

Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner talks Flynn resignation, new administration, 'paid' protests in interview

Trump arrested!

Can you name the place with the highest percentage of LGBTQ people in America?

How long is Trump going to let Pence keep the deniability that Flynn lied to him?

Trump's impeachment talk now has teeth

Ladies and Gentlemen: All Is Not Lost. Truly.

Maryland Dems Give AG Power To Sue Trump Without Governor's Approval

Care to make it interesting?

Timeless and Hitler (Spoiler Alert)

Kim Jong-nam death: North Korea asks for return of body

WAPO: Donald Trump is suddenly looking like a very weak autocrat

Maybe this explains the need to keep Putin happy - from my FB

Morford: The angry orange man in the bathrobe

Church of England apologises for tone of gay marriage report

Morford: the angry orange man in the bathrobe

Puzder out!!!

Is there a way for states to bring a criminal prosecution against Trump, if the Republicans won't?

Under GOP Tax Plan ONLY WORKING PEOPLE Pay Taxes. Think About It.

How Hillary Could Become President: Anatomy of a Miracle

Republicans have decided to fight back against Democrats' demands for an independent investigator.

Open Two Browser Windows (or "Tabs") and play ANY Trump/Spicer press conference ...

Small point-the fact that Trump asked Netanyahu to hold back West Bank settlement expansion...

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone calls for investigation of alleged Russia links

******BREAKING******Drumpf rolled again-Puzdner out !!!

BREAKING NEWS: Pudzer to withdraw name from nomination

Andrew Puzder expected to withdraw from labor secretary nomination, source says

Israeli journalist asks Trump on Anti-Semitism. Trump responds by bragging about his EC-victory.

Keith Olbermann: Republicans Wouldve Impeached Clinton Before Sunrise

Joe Biden's New Job

Idiocracy received a major blow today.

Trump on mid-east peace sounds like a what's for dinner discussion

New Liberal PAC Targets Democrats for Primaries

Drug-slinging catapult seized on US-Mexico border

from Chris VanHollen:'The last 24 hours have raised serious national security questions

Reports: Trump Labor Pick Andy Puzder Expected To Withdraw

Elizabeth Warren now on CNN ripping Trump a new one.

I took my son to see his psychiatrist.

You could call US tourism a victim of Trumps travel ban

What's for Dinner, Wed., Feb. 15, 2017

Flynn Puts FBI Director Comey Back in Spotlight

Why Trump Can't Come Clean on Russia

BREAKING: Andy Puzder expected to withdraw as Trumps pick for labor secretary

Trump reacts to his political disaster by......... scheduling a rally.

Bernie: I'm glad Puzder will withdraw.

First Horse-Race Poll for 2020 Has Trump Leading Warren

Looks like Trump is going for his 4th consecutive $3 million trip to Mar-A-Lago this weekend.

I have finally found a Trump positive


After the introduction to Stephen Miller last weekend....

Is there a video of Don , Jr saying they got money from Russia, etc?

"Is your administration dabbling in racism? "Trump answers by bragging about electoral college win.

Police dog Freya finds lost child in woods near Lacombe (Louisiana)

Curious Tweet. Screenshot before it's deleted. Note the date.

Anti-Defamation League: Trump 'Failed To Condemn' Anti-Semitism

Not just the times that are a-changin'



Drug-slinging catapult seized on US-Mexico border

Possible Treason - Brendan Boyle

The Environmental Protection Agency shall terminate on December 31, 2018

Someone should ask Sean Spicer THIS:

U.S. Allies Conduct Intelligence Operation Against Trump White House, Intercepted Communications

Christie's lunch with Trump did not produce a job offer, report says

"In Like Flynn"

Former CIA official says having Trump in the White House is the gravest threat since Civil War

Republican Behind Abolish EPA Bill Is Taking Heat. His Armed Friend Wants To Quiet Protesters.

Republican Behind Abolish EPA Bill Is Taking Heat. His Armed Friend Wants To Quiet Protesters.

The New Essentials of French Cooking, edited

Woman blames United Airlines for her dog's death after unexpected 20-hour layover

Bill Moyers: We Must Know the Truth - NOW

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's iffy grasp of autism research

Clinton campaign manager on Trump: "Parallels to Watergate are eerie"

Simple question to POTUS: Do you back off from your vision to end conflict of two state solution?

Defense Dept. Now Considering Combat Troops in Syria!

Creepy Creeperton Miller wrote all of Cheeto's dark shitty speeches

To All the Little Girls - young girls/women write a song based on Hillary's concession:

donnie is not *the* problem. it runs much deeper

We have superintendent election in WI Tuesday

UPDATED - Trump labor nominee Puzder withdraws, White House official says, amid concerns...

more swellness - Slate - "Stephen Miller Ran a National Islamophobic Campaign While at Duke"

Where will tRump's poll numbers be next week?

Flynn - Russian call was all about sanctions - MSNBC.

Rule of Law

BREAKING ON CNN: Puzder Officially Withdraws Nomination

James Comey's behavior looks worse and worse

Fox May Be Subject of Government Investigation Over Ailes Sexual Harassment Claims

What did Andy Pudzer know and when did he know it?

It's all about "laying pipe"

"I know more about ISIS than our generals do, believe me!"

Feds may be probing Fox News in undisclosed criminal investigation

Did anyone post this? Kellyanne banned from Joe and Mika.

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump nominates Automated Kiosk for Secretary of Labor position.

US Attorney served subpoenas on attorney for Andrea Tantaros...Fox sexual harassment related.

I never saw this coming.....

Adam Gopnik:Trump's Radical Anti-Americanism

Got to say I am enjoying Tapper's program these days

Trump needs some pumping up so it's back to Florida this weekend.

Michael Flynn's security clearance has reportedly been suspended

One ringy dingy, two ringy dingies...

Full text of H. R. 861 - To terminate the Environmental Protection Agency.

Obama shrewdly set this all up by sanctioning Russia.

It's funny that we can look at this and have absolutely no idea "which side" we're going to be on.

Can we start ignoring whatever Conway and Spicer say?

Is it just me, or is Stephen Miller the reincarnation of Joseph Goebbels?

Democrats mock FBI Comey with "Designated Survivor" resolution!!

"Flynn was treated so badly"

After Trump's impeachment and removal from office. . .

(Japan Times)#45 encouraged Abe closer w/Russia, talked about bilateral alliance,& options N Korea

Arnold Schwarzenneger and Nickelback debate...gerrymandering

NEVER forget these Motherfuckers right here.

"A Wonderful Man" definition by Donald Trump

Great Tweet from Daniel Lin

We will get NO help from the opposition party

Judges v. Trump: Be Careful What You Wish For.

Trump plans a rally. Meanwhile, Tillerson to meet Russians at G20 and Pence to meet with Merkel

What happens during a deportation raid in the US? (Al Jazeera)

New email from Women's March Network Support Team

Sen. McConnell is asked if Rep.'s will investigate Trump

Don't ask me, ask Justin Trudeau about quantum computing

US allies also intercepted contacts between Trump campaign and Russian operatives ...

Media participation in WH press conferences

The Journalism Empire Strikes Back

Gotta love the Trump TV bots talking about how successful

Mccain comes out against Mulvaney

Pt 3 of 5 Pastor Anderson Full Trial (12/16/09) Border Patrol Checkpoint @ 7:10

Brick by brick. Flynn, Kellyanne (sort of) and now Puzder

McConnell Says Trump Should Stay on Message: 'What He's Saying Makes Everything Harder'

"She is miserable": Melania Trump reportedly unhappy with new role as First Lady

Interesting how this U.S. Palestine and Russia relationship will work out

Trump to take breather from White House, hold rally this weekend

The diversion begins.

Kim Jong Uns Half-Brother Killed: Why Would He Be Assassinated?

Fox trying desperately to change the story: "Leakers must go to jail!" No mention that Trump

Detained dreamer files lawsuit against DHS

So, if Blotus gets his WAR on and the ground troops are off to Syria

Could the leaks to our press also be from foreign intel agencies?

Something we need to know about those Russian intelligence officers

Trump offers national security adviser post to Vice Admiral Harward: sources

What a difference one year and a month makes, what changed?

i suspect sleep deprivation is a factor in the incompetence of the white house

Lucky fucker

Report: Defense Department Considering Sending Conventional Ground Troops Into Syria

Why did Russian military jets buzz a US destroyer in the Black Sea ... ?

Reporter: What about anti-Semitism? Trump: I WON THE ELECTION and my daughter's Jewish. Thank you.

Senate Democrats unify around congressional probe of Trump ties to Russia

Influential conservative group: Trump, DeVos should dismantle Education Department and bring God...

You have to listen to this interview : How to hack America

The Daily 202: Its bigger than Flynn. New Russia revelations widen Trumps credibility gap.

Dumb question, but I have to ask:

Enemies of democracy?

Fake News: "I'm Not A Crook"

Trump loves leaks.

Malcolm Nance US Intelligence +35 yrs There are Russian moles in the Trump administration


STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 16 February 2017

We should not and cannot trust this man." A CIA vet on Trump's feud with US spies. -

HOW IT WORKS: The International Space Station

Trump Administration Solution To High Deductibles Appears To Include Even Higher Deductibles

Update: Politico reporting same. This can't be true but tweeter is very reliable.

Vote of No Confidence

Bernie ABC Interview clip: It's a Victory for Millions of Workers

Obama Officials Held Back Some Russia Intel from Trumps Transition Team

Susan Collins will vote against Scott Pruitt for EPA chief

Flynn Loses His Security Clearance

FiveThirtyEight: Donald Trump is unpopular enough that Republicans could lose the House. . .

Is Mitch McConnell stonewalling an independent investigation into Trump/Russia to save his own skin?

If Melanoma is dissatisfied with how things have worked out, take it from Bogie himself....

Part of Obama White House will endure: Michelle's vegetable garden

Everybody and Everything is "Unfair" To Cry Baby Trump

Collins to vote against Trumps EPA pick

A corker of a letter to the NYT from the guy who (literally) wrote the book on narcissism.

Olbermann, 2/15,#34- The Enormous Cost of Trumps War on Immigrants.

Has The U.S. Ever Been More Vulnerable?

from TPM -"Russians Lament anti-Trump Purge" (WTF?!)

Trump's 2 Failed States (Luckovich 'toon)

TPM - "Trump And The White House Aren't On The Same Page On Flynn's Ouster" (more WTF)

Trump's ties to Russia go back 30 years

Trump says Flynn treated unfairly

As Deep Throat said in All the President's Men: Follow the Money!

Freedom Caucus backs ACA repeal and replace that counts on private health care

Freedom Caucus backs ACA repeal and replace that counts on private health care

Judy Woodruff interviews former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser

Potentially Deeper Problem In White House

Trump asked about anti-Semitism. His answer about the electoral college.

Nearly 56,000 bridges called structurally deficient

Ruskie Speaker of House sayuz all will be well if Twitler 'fulfills his commitments'

Puzder withdraws

Time to retire the "-gate" suffix

Venezuela shuts off CNN in Spanish after criticizing passports story

Venezuela shuts off CNN in Spanish after criticizing passports story

McCain opposition to pick for budget chief

Democrats unify around probe of ties to Russia

U.S. EPA staff told to prepare for Trump executive orders: sources

Make Trump's tweets childlike again!

Can't Come Clean on Russia

The Latest: House votes to overturn drug testing regulation

Watch Trump and his boy Sessions make this go away:

Has Rump said ANYTHING about a Russian Spy Ship stationed right outside Connecticut?

Freedom Caucus Cruelty -- Let's call it what it REALLY is ...

Intel Dem: House GOP now open to investigating Flynn

71% of DUers predict a blow up before Easter.

Ivanka Trump Looked Thirsty AF While Glancing At Justin Trudeau (Comedy)

AWWW...Lil' Andy Double Cheese with Bacon is very tired of the abuse since becoming Trump pick

Donald Trump is keeping us all busy but getting very little done

There is an old saying, its: a good prosecutor could convince a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich

No checks and dangerous imbalance

Robert De Niro and RFK Jr. have joined forces to push vaccine nonsense