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Breaking: trump to name FOX News as National News Source of Record

Russian spy ship now off Virginia coast

Kellyanne's next job?

Everyday, I go to twitter and have a one way conversation with SCROTUS

Dysfunctional Duo (Luckovich 'toon)

Not that I have anything against mentally ill people, but...

Vice Admiral Harward turns Trump

Video-Trump speech

Hey guys

Hillary Clinton: ""He (Trump) is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be President"

Does anyone know what that stupid purple peacock/pigeon thing on FB is?

Mattis Not Ready to Recommend Ground Combat Troops for Syria, Iraq

Ex-CIA head slams Trump delusion: He wanders between the real world and the world according to Trump

Watch Baghdad Bob's (Gorka) performance on BBC UK Newsnight - Off the rails nuts.

Some really big stuff is going to happen soon

Duck and Cover

New policy to decriminalize marijuana in Harris County will save time, money, DAs office says

Can you think of some Trump headlines for tomorrow newspapers?

Levitating clock.

"Mike Flynn is a great person because I chose him."

The Future Of The Democratic Party, According To The Bernie Sanders Wing

Did anyone hear Donald today say his 5pm Sat rally will be 'massive"?? I thought I

Florida Man Charged With Trying to Blow Up Target Stores to Tank Companys Stock

I am absolutely seething about tbe GOP and the ignorance of many Americans

The CBC tweets to Trump:

Friedman, Trumps Pick for Israel Ambassador, Regrets Comments

Most Ridiculous Bald Faced Lie Of The Day: Richard Burr "I Don't Recall Anybody Asking Loretta Lynch

Here is a link to Indivisible Guide

Reporter April Ryan: I've Never Seen Anything Like Trump's Press Conference In 20 Years

None of it is ever going to be normal

We now have a demonstrable and compelling case for demanding to see Trump's tax returns.

Hardball - Trump pick for NSA turned down the position!

Harward called the NSC offer a "shit sandwich."

Familys elaborate lifestyle is a logistical nightmare at taxpayer expense

Judge: Probable Cause to Charge Chris Christie in Bridgegate Scandal

Am I a bad guy?

Court rules that Florida doctors can talk to patients about guns

The biggest beneficiaries of the government safety net: Working-class whites

George Takei's response to Trump asking April Ryan if she's friends with the CBC

JinnyOops!Vo.Gt 石橋光世 弾き語りIshibashi Mitsuyo hikigatari Miku Ishibashi plays back

Inherited 'mess' hard to find in economic data

Slate's take - "The Lies, Exaggerations, and Obfuscations That Came Out of Trumps Mouth While He

A HUD Official Once Criticized Trump. Now Hes an Ex-Official

Being Inaugurated, Sitting In The Oval, Sleeping In The White House, Flying On Air Force One......

Eric Trump's winery wants more H-2 workers "on their feet in bent positions for long periods"

Purpose of these pressers? Only to demonstrate that our president is insane. Nothing of real value

Poll: Should I speak up?

Tweety actually made me laugh. He was laughing so hard at something a panel

American Horror Story: Season 7

Did Donald Trump Use Artificial Intelligence to Win the Election?

Admiral Harward, Trumps choice to replace Flynn as

"Gorsuch should not be confirmed because Trump is in the final year of his presidency.

How would you feel if the DNC made a bold move and went with a co-chair?

Poll: Trump's approval rating at 39 percent

The Scanty: I Love You

On eve of confirmation vote, judge orders release of Pruittemails

Good God!!! It's only Thursday

He doesn't even know what classified information is

Resolution for OMFG!!! whos german boyfriend got called by ICE.

They Are Squirming

"otherrr thingggggssssssssssssss"

One of the only black people in Trumps team has been fired for criticizing Trump

5 Designs for Growing Veggies Vertically - Veggies as food and Decoration

Dawn Discovers Evidence for Organic Material on Ceres

Senators Prepare to Kill Broadband Privacy Protections

Families of 9/11 Victims Denounce Immigration Ban

Thimble piece to be removed from Monopoly

Getting real with politics as part of sports

The cost of business in Russia

Donald Trumps Russia Scandal Is Just Getting Started

All 11 Million Undocumented Individual Now Targets. Not Just Criminals. On Chris Hayes.

ICE Agents Arrest Men Leaving Alexandria,VA Church Shelter...

Michael Flynn died in the Bowling Green massacre

MSNBC says that Trump is planning on deporting 11 Million undocumented aliens.

Christie says Trump made him order the meatloaf at meal together

"The tone is such hatred. The tone is such hatred."

Trump administration unveils 'Trumpcare'higher costs for less coverage for middle-income Americans

Trump's last year of presidency...

So the accusation that anti-45 protesters are being paid is just his normal projecting?

W.T.F.? Flynn changed story to FBI, no charges expected

10 Resign from Presidents Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

White House dismisses 6 over failed background checks

Politifact Just Debunked Trumps Unhinged Hillary Clinton Press Conference Rant

Is it just me, or does Stephen Miller

Tomorrow is the same future as today - GOMES THE HITMAN

Tomorrow is the same future as today - GOMES THE HITMAN

Trump plans mass deportations. Beds go unmade at Trump

Here is what Conservative Health Care CHOICE & FREEDOM [really] looks like ...

Watching Chris Hayes...

Sen Kamala Harris: TRUMP "Muslim Ban may as well have been hatched in basement headquarters of ISIS"

The Apprentice - definition and poll

I thought it was a "well-oiled machine" and "Fine tuned comb

Get lawmakers' contact info by text

Judge Orders Release Of EPA Nominee Scott Pruitts Fossil Fuel Emails

They Escaped The Holocaust As Children. Now They Have A Message For Trump.

Samsung chief Lee arrested in corruption investigation



Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! The Lunatic is in My Head . . .! Live, Uncensored & a


SCROTUS is PAYING people to go to his rally this weekend

Trump Completely Humiliated As His Pick To Replace Michael Flynn Turns Him Down

Four weeks. That's all it's been. Each of us reaches the end of each day shaking our heads

Second known Daca recipient detained by immigration officials in Texas

Second known Daca recipient detained by immigration officials in Texas

'Be Encouraged.

Anderson Cooper- "Most Americans want this president to succeed."

What Delawares Special Election Reveals About The Trump Resistance

DRC minister says country 'can't afford' to hold election this year

Flynn not truthful with Pence

Hey there, astrology buffs! Such a day was this, eh?!?? So I thought, hmmm, what sign

"they fill up our alleys with people that you wonder how they get there"

Canadian MP brings forth motion to condem Islamophobia. She

They are never going to admit anything is wrong.

'Draconian' Trump gag on scientists could affect legislation, experts warn

Trump Winery begs Labor Dept to hire more foreign workers over Americans for second time in 3 months

Appeals court suspends proceedings over Trump's travel ban after announcement new order forthcoming

What a whiner

So far , almost 1Mn people have signed the Whitehouse petition to have 45 publish

Kansas House passes bill raising taxes to fix Brownback budget hole

Kamala Harris Quotes Her GOP Colleagues To Make The Case Against Trumps Executive Orders

Chaffetz seeks charge of ex-Clinton aide in email inquiry

楊丞琳 Rainie Yang - 曖昧

楊丞琳 Rainie Yang - 曖昧

Trump says Cuban-Americans treated him very well in elections

Outdoor trade show leaving Utah over public lands stance

No, Fox & Friends, The Scandal Is Not "Who Gave The NSA Permission To Listen To Flynn's Conversation

Kevin Plank wrote an open letter after his Pro 45/140 comments

Rachel show - Trump admits defeat, will rescind travel ban order

Police Offer Very Different Account Of Protest Incident GOPer Blamed On 'Mob'

Turtle Topiary - Adorable!

Harward Turns Down Trumps National Security Offer

I don't care what it takes; legal or illegal:

Watchdog: US has no way to measure border wall effectiveness

Hanjin: Final curtain falls on shipping saga

Can't believe this hasn't been posted yet.

DEA Drops Inaccurate Cannabis Claims From Website

The fact that Omafuckinrosa is working in the Oval

Pussy Grabber's Leaks!!!

The Future Of The Democratic Party, According To The Bernie Sanders Wing

Senate GOP efforts and Koch Bros money is behind new ads for Neil Gorsuch.

This is really unprecedented: ICE detains woman seeking domestic abuse protection at Tex. courtho

Free Speech For People Calls on the NY Attorney General to Revoke the Trump Organizations Charter

LePage to Trump: The TV Show Is Over

They friends of yours?: Trump asks black reporter to set up meeting with Black Caucus

Nuke Experts: Fukushima plant must be entombed like Chernobyl

Now Spicer seems like an adult: Internet reels at Trumps rambling, incoherent press conference

pRezident 45/140

Batman in a Bow Tie:

Women can ignore law on 24-hour abortion waiting period, Floridas Supreme Court rules

If you don't see Drumpf through the lens of a Deplorable & Non-Deplorable you're missing the picture

I have a question maybe someone could help me with.

Anyone here considering living in a tiny house?

What I'm in the mood for right now

I will not be posting here at DU anymore tonight.

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 19 - 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z

TCM Schedule for Monday February 20 - 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z

George Takei Is On Fire Today!

This plastic button?

Lying to the FBI is a felony, but "the FBI was not expected to pursue any charges against Flynn"

Who Told Flynn to Call Russia?

WaPo - Trump backers like his early moves: Its what executives are supposed to be

New Jersey is spending a lot of money on PSAs

Sen Collins Maine will not support Pruitt nomination!

Anna Navarro to "Little Jared - Oh, baby boy, I'm so sorry."

NPR - Trump Backers Want Ideology Test For Extreme Vetting

In France, they're training eagles to take down troublesome drones

The 3 (separate but connected) Trump-Russia scandals, explained (Vox)

The White House has found ways to end protection for 'Dreamers' while shielding Trump from blowback

The thimble gets the boot from Monopoly!

Rush Holt Speaks Up For Scientists.

Is Jeff Sessions the new John Mitchell?

Trump familys elaborate lifestyle is a logistical nightmare at taxpayer expense

A Neuroscientist Explains Why Donald Trump Needs LSD

"The White House is running like a '72 Pinto."

Whoa! I just googled "impeach trump" and got this:

4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise ofTrump

The way this country is going

Protest alert for Kentuckians - turtle sighting to occur - mark calendars

The 2020 Democratic Presidential Ticket is likely to a Warren/Booker ticket.

Who are the immigrants?

Not My President

Detained Dreamer's Lawyers Say Government Doctored Legal Document to Try and Prove False Gang Affili

11th Hour tonight, msnbc, Malcolm Nance:

Updated 'Hate Map' shows 2016 was 'an unprecedented year for hate'

Jared Kushner Complained to Time Warner Execs About CNN's Unflattering Trump Coverage

I've been blocked from posting in the I/P group, and I have no idea why.

This deportation business is an attack on the economy.

CNN going overboard with "breaking news"?

Anti-Semitism searches surge after Trump press conference

WikiLeaks Latest Documents: CIA Spied On French Presidents, Political Parties In 2012

OMFG! Even Jo Scar is going after the Tangerine Menace

DFT's rally sold out - "I hear the tickets, you can't get them" (guess who said that!)

Media asked him so many times if he knew about pre election Russian contacts

trump has won the title of post turtle.

Trump Unchained: Was his performance a direct result of the weakening of Priebus and Kellyanne?

Hispanic caucus members ejected from meeting about immigration raids

Hispanic caucus members ejected from meeting about immigration raids

NSC aide to reporter: "I don't know anything. Nobody knows anything. I don't know who knows anything

#45 State of the Union: Predictions?

Here's the Full Transcript of Trump's News Conference

Interesting comment from Lilly Workneh today - Trump V the Clintons

Mainstream media is now fully engaged in a fight for recognition by Trump

How many years will it take to repair each month of damage

I am a proud member of the Big Cons..Haters Club

What we know at this time

California bill would make Election Day a state holiday

7 out of 10 who have shaken hands with Lord Feltersnatch require the services of a neurologist...

So Whatever Happened with the "Day W/O Immigrants" Protest Today?

Trump presser: 15 of the most bizarre moments--Trump was in his manic phase today!!

Dozens Of People Will Work To Preserve Federal Climate Data This Weekend

Message I got from my senator re: Sessions appointment

Jesus H. Christ, how much longer?

Kellyanne Conway's husband represented firm accused of Russia bribe

Early brain development in infants at high risk for autism spectrum disorder

Tune into Maddow She is doing a segment on Pruitt, DT's nonimee. Dems staying up all night

The silver lining in all this chaos? Trump is inadvertently reshaping our media

Attend a Resistance Recess Event: Save our Health Care, our Communities, and our Democracy

Florida Man tries his hand in the stock market...

Comedy Central's @midnight has #PresidentialTVShows trending on Twitter

Why did Flynn make multiple calls on the same day to Russian Ambassador? What was the rush?

A fine tuned machine

Another Day, Another Impeachable Act

Reaction By The Deplorables That Voted For 45Pee.....

Seth Meyers, A Closer Look: Trump's First Solo Press Conference as President

'Fine-Tuned Machine'

The Only Leaks That Should Be Investigated Are....

Duers I gotta tell ya.

Kushner sent to complain to CNN about their unfair coverage.

Hillary Clinton has dinner with Kate McKinnon

Black Lives Matter gaslighting explained by Jaime Rodriguez, Tapia Center Executive Director (VIDEO)

Hey tRump Voters, This Russian/Trump Shit Is Real...

And in tomorrow's alternative news:

Trump's combative stance with media applauded by his supporters

POTUS briefed fully on Flynn/Kislyak phone calls

Going down

Texas Senator Shatters Table Trying to Silence Woman Testifying Against Anti-Abortion Bill

Keep the Leaks coming; and the Monster will soon be out of Office

U.S. lawmakers push for answers on Trump team's Russia ties - Reuters

do you think the SNL skits are hurting trump

Can a Trumpocalyptic Meltdown Lead to an Election Do-Over? (Of course not...right?)

Toronto Star nails this headline

Upside Down ... The ? Is, Who or what will straighten it out?

If Spicer was the P.R. guy during THIS incident:

Did anybody else catch this from today's press conference, about Flynn?

Next GOP Trick "Jungle Primaries" No Party Affiliation/ID On The Ballot.


Rachel Maddow: Something's up between Jill Stein and Putin

Thank God for comics relieving some of my stress

Exclusive: Trump commerce pick Wilbur Ross faces new Russia questions

I have been watching C-SPAN.....

New Hampshire House votes down Right-to-Work bill

Must read: Resistance analysis of Press Conference

Bill Proposes Grandparents Get a Say in Guardianship Cases

C'mon ... time to bring Grandpa 45 back to the nursing home

Here is my promise to myself

N.H. House to Start Working on Its Version of State Budget

Can't make this up dept.: Trump winery asks Trump Labor Dept permission to hire more foreign help

Big House majority backs return to state helping towns with pension costs

House supports changes in sex crime laws

Divided House shoots down happy hour

Human services chief promises review of mental health system

Pentagon Papers whistleblower: Leaks 'can make a difference'

Insurer says (Jay Peak owner) Quiros owes the insurance company, not other way around

Considering his history, he should be smarter than to stand in front of a golden shower curtain

CBC in September 2016: "Trump is a disgusting fraud."

I think Groper Don the Con wants to be his own Communications Director

Am I the only one up this time of night?

Spot the difference...

Vermont treatment center's closure puts stress on state

Montana bills would slow closure of state-run institution for people with developmental disabilities

Trump's Mental Status

Can we not put an end to all of this in days if we can organize a true general strike?

Man arrested by FBI after threatening 'Dylann Roof-style attack'

"...logistical nightmare at taxpayer expense"

Rush of immigrants flee US, crossing into Canada illegally

Flynn Lied in official FBI investigation, he committed a crime!

I really should wear my glasses all the time.

Demand Flynn be prosecute. He committed a crime!

Toon- But hey, nice hat!

Democrats should stop focusing on Trump's "plain speak" and only focus on his lies and failures...

Pentagon Finds It Has No Records Approving Mike Flynns Russian-TV Pay

Toon- Sean Spicer heads off to work

Pastafarian colander pic strains legality for Dutch license

Cat goes on marathon jaunt from Netherlands to Austria

VT Gas penalized, feds investigate state oversight of pipeline

Trump's ultimate goal, create a dictatorship!

Daily Holidays - February 17

Lawmakers seek reworked budget

Trumps Labor nominee oversaw sweetheart plea deal in billionaires underage sex case

Pssssssssst This happened yesterday -US appeals court suspends Trump travel ban proceedings

Speaking of Pintos, sometimes I wish I had one.

Zealandia: Is there an eighth continent under New Zealand?

What a Failed Trump Administration Looks Like

A book I don't recommend. SOMEBODY I USED TO KNOW by David Bell. SPOILERS

Lawmakers look to alcohol, gas, fertilizer to pay for water

Mass. Governor Candidate Jay Gonzalez: Charlie Baker Is Not A Leader

Former Systems Administrator Sentenced to Prison for Hacking into Industrial Facility Computer Syste

Can Gov. Baker Actually Block A Controversial Gas Compressor?

Morning Joe Repugs are in shock...never watch but this morning is priceless...

U.S. Navy Commander Charged as Part of Expanding Navy Bribery Scandal

So the MAIN PURPOSE of the press conference was a "Who's Your Daddy" warning to Senate Republicans?

Christie says Trump made him order the meatloaf at meal together

Who could have predicted a President with so little class?

John Kerry heads back to Yale to oversee global initiative named for him

Pence heads to Europe on reassurance tour

Did Trump advise Flynn to inform the Russians that the "sanctions" would be taken care of?

Trumps Public Humiliation

I remember the Civil Rights Movement. It took marches, boycotts, sit-ins

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Legislation Introduced to Exempt Veterans From Hiring Freeze

"Dont touch me": Kayleigh McEnany accuses Charles Blow of "sinister motivations"

Trump gets huge business deal with China

He's up and tweeting delusions, again.

Colbert demolishes Trump's first solo press conference

Any protests scheduled for the weekend?

Trumps deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka claims Trump had "a fabulous press conference"

Anyone think it might be Obama

Lawmakers expect to tackle millionaires tax this year

Senate Lawmakers Introduce Package Of Mental Healthcare Legislation

State Dept. carries out layoffs under Rex Tillerson

Swastika Found Painted On Dumpster Outside Providence YMCA

This will leave a mark! COMMENTARY: Christianity declared illegal by executive action?

Raimondo Faults Vendor Deloitte For Delivering "Defective" UHIP System

Dear Republicans-- you've elected a blithering idiot for president

Reputed orgy at Crowne worries resident

Petraeus now unlikely to accept NSC role "after it was made clear he wasn't the first choice":

Kremsner: New malaria vaccine is '100 percent protective'

Trump on Rocky Horror Presser: "Rush Limbaugh said one of greatest ever. Fake media not happy!"

This Trump bit cme to mind yesterday as GOP pols recoiled in fear.

"Holy Shit!" The Daily Show re: Trump Press Conference

New theme song at WH...the staff loves to play this when Prince Carpface goes down south...

Felis libris

Translated version of Vice Admiral Harward's statement after turning down the NSA job:

WTF? Chaffetz seeks to charge ex-Clinton aide in email inquiry

"Unhinged!" "Stop WHINING!" Jake Tapper DESTROYS Donald Trump on CNN

Men from Providence and Coventry charged in theft of $90K worth of baby diapers

North Kingstown woman alleges Tiffany forced her out of job due to cancer mutation

J.K. Rowling - Mocking Trump Again

10 Signs you might be a narcissist

Get Used To 4 Years Of This Madness. Trump Is Not Going Anywhere. GOP On Board.

Lawmakers Renew Debate Over Workers Comp Coverage For PTSD

Democratic Lawmakers, Advocates Seek Minimum Wage Hike

Dr. Steven Beutler-- Does Donald Drumpf have tertiary syphilis?

Inadequate body storage, staff levels costs CT Chief Medical Examiner its national accreditation

Connecticut Lawmakers Tell Trump To Act After Russian Spy Ship Is Spotted Off Coast

OMG Fox News

Paid FMLA Is Top Priority For Senate Democrats

Trump Hints Will Use FBI, CIA, Homeland Security To Hunt Down Enemies.

Yale will rename Calhoun College to honor trailblazing alum Grace Murray Hopper

Motorcyclists Object to Mandatory Helmet Law Proposal

from the failing New York Times....'Is It Time to Call Trump Mentally Ill?'

First MONTH of Trump family trips & NYC security will cost more than $15m

Michael Dubke set to become Trump's White House communications director: Report

Makes one wonder if Adm Harward would have turned down that job offer if H. Clinton had offered it..


Trump's inherited 'mess' hard to find in economic data

The origin of Superheroes: Doctor Occult

So Hillary Clinton had dinner with Kate McKinnon last night

10 members of WH Advisory Commission members all resign

Trump supporters are like toddlers

In case no one noticed, Trump's admnistration "is running like a fine-tuned machine."

After Presser, Not Surprised - to see Sewage Truck at work at the White House right now.

Beverly Hills Auction Exec & Reality "Star" Indicted For Rhino Horn Trafficking

"Butbutbut Antarctic Sea Ice!!!" 'Argument' Crumbles With New Record Low

Rep. Gwen Moore: April Ryan is a honest & professional reporter. She's not your secretary

Trump v Obama

cc: Vladimir Putin

January 2017 Third-Warmest Global January On Record

"You're the President"

Flynn Scandal Shatters Trump's 'Alternative Fact' Cocoon

"Coming up, we''ll fact check the President - IF we have enough Time"

Ever see a race car crash into a wall?

Marlette cartoon : Dishonest Press

Substitute CDC Climate And Health Conference Paints Increasingly Bleak Picture For Warming World

What a Failed Trump Administration Looks Like

Chaffetz Seeks Charges Against Clinton Aide

Take A Look At THIS, Mr. Trump (take you meds first though)

It is time that Section 4 of the 25th Amendment be

Bring On the Special Prosecutor - by the NYT Editorial Board

Chelsea Clinton gives Trump answer to anti-Semitism question

m$nbc reporting that the white house is very pleased with don's press conference yesterday.

Fmr. Nixon W.H. Counsel John Dean: "Ive never seen a more classless president."

German parents told to destroy Cayla dolls over hacking fears

In the end some of us want to be governed via consent.

Shep Smith Reaction to SCROTUS 'fake news' Claim-sort of awesome...

Detained Dreamer's Lawyers Say Gov Doctored Legal Document to Try and Prove False Gang Affiliation

Trump's New "Science" Pal: Robert F. Kennedy Junior.

Well, one good thing.

Chris Matthews picked up on something very interesting about Cheetolini's therapy session yesterday

Pat Robertson: Revolting against Trump is revolting against God's Plan For America

Why President Trump Isn't Anti-Gay Enough for the Religious Right

Fake gnus

Colbert has the perfect response to Trump's "I inherited a mess" press conference remark

Genius Browser Extension Turns Donald Trumps Tweets Into Childish Scribbles

Trump's Presser: In the Emperor's New Clothes story

Trump Press Conference Cold Open (Jimmy Fallon)

New Trump Hats

Who Benefits From A Higher Minimum Wage? (Image)

Chaffetz Joins Inquiry Into Flynn's 2015 Speeches In Russia

A Party to the Russian Connection: Republicans Suspected the Russia-Trump Connection from Beginning

The "Mess Trump Inherited Vs. The Mess Obama Inherited Shows Trump's Doesn't Exist

New Cabinet level position needed for tRumps "shit sandwich " Presidency

Drumpt: "Such hatred." I do hate you. Make no mistake.

Spicer and McConnell accidently make argument why Trump should never get a SCOTUS-pick

Krugman: "The Silence Of The Hacks"

Top Ben Carson Aide Fired For Once Criticizing Donald Trump in Op-Ed

CNN Trolls Trump by Tweeting Mocking Clip of Him Making Outlandish Hand Gestures to Music

"But Mother, was my press conference really one of the greatest press conferences ever?"

TRUMPERY ---from Webster's 1983 Unabridged Dictionary---

Can you imagine what the SOTU speech will be like?

So now it's okay to lie to the F.B.I. if you're politically connected?

TRUMP: "My administration is running like a fine-tuned machine"

The cultivation of distrust.

Trump overturns rules on coal mining debris with new legislation

Can Woolly Mammoths Be Brought Back To Life?

Cleaver asked to leave ICE meeting, questions president's actions

MARK SANFORD, whose district Trump is visiting today, lays waste to SCROTUS

Trump's disastrous reality show: Master trash-talker turned flailing president searches for...

I Was a White Guy for Rent in a Chinese Ghost City

Phil Collins' amusing take on the less-than-stellar Led Zeppelin Live Aid reunion

Emoluments clause explained: E. Cummings

Was yesterday the first time in history a president was (contemporaneously) caught lying at...

Microsoft Word Tip: Turn off the Typing replaces selected text option.

Tillerson Forced to Stay at Sanitarium in German Village for G-20

Trump Immigration ICE Raids: Mass Deportations Have Begun, Congressman Says

Florida Gun Gag Law Overturned

"Clouds of Sils Maria". What a wonderful film.

Fox is reporting Trump was fully briefed on Flynn call with Russia & allowed Pence to be lied to.

Now I am starting to worry about mi esposo

Fox News anchor Heather Nauert in talks to be State Dept. spokesperson

"He's not vacationing when he goes to Mar-a-Lago. He works nonstop every day of the week."

Now I am starting to worry about mi esposo


Trump: "It's almost like the United States has no President"

Judge Forces Immediate Release Of Trump Cabinet Emails Here We Go

Fears of a 'Deep State' in America (NYT)

Michel, GOP leader skilled at deal-making, dies at age 93

The Latest: Priebus says president nailed press conference

"Where do you get off asking questions at a press conference?" Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

US Allies Are Investigating Trump

WaPo Op-Ed: Reality will get its revenge on Trump

WAR: FBI Releases Trump Racial Discrimination Files

UnitedHealth sued by U.S. government over Medicare charges

Backyard Worlds: Planet 9

Tee hee...

It is no surprise that Trump supporters thought he did great in yesterday's press conference.

Cummings: 'A Lot Of People Assume That All Black People Know All Black People'

20 feet high, 2 feet thick, barbed wire, razor blades

Chuck Todd delivers stinging rebuke of Trump for refusing to condemn his anti-Semitic supporters

Zakaria: Trump is putting on a great circus, but ...

Russia Today parroting Trump with no fact-checks or clarifications whatsoever

RANT: Wy is it cheaper to die than stay healthy?

Trump faces mounting pressure from within his party as crisis swirls around the White House

Is Pravda helping with a cover-up?

Trevor Noah, trump is an old man

Morning Joe stunned by 'chaotic' Trump presser: 'Everybody's scared to death by what they saw'

Is Donald Drumpf the least anti-semitic and racist person in the world?

"Keep Going"

Dems Call For Vote Delay After Court Orders Release Of EPA Nom's Emails

Trump administration instructed Ryan to keep Hispanic Caucus out of ICE meeting

Is It Time to Call Trump Mentally Ill?

Petition demanding Trump to release tax returns reaches a million

Pentagon Says No Evidence Flynn's Paid Russian TV Event Appearance Was Authorized

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Reassures Nation

PLEASE go take this 'GOP Media Accountability' survey. What a SHITSHOW of propaganda!

The Russian Plot: How Putin and Trump Colluded

Trump administration considers mobilizing as many as 100,000 National Guard troops

BREAKING: Trump administration considers mobilizing as many as 100,000 National Guard troops...

Trump staff working on their "finely-tuned machine"

Jared Kushner Delivers Critique of CNN to Time Warner Executive

Drumpf's red, white and blue Final Solution

50 Best Stand-Up Comics of All Time

Fine-tuned machine? Ok! So that's what he meant.

U.S. top court to set guidelines for Trump treatment of non-citizens

Congress Says, Let the Mentally Ill Buy Guns

LCPD chief meets with undocumented immigrants

When Rush is your only news ally

Donald Drumpf is a fake tough guy.

Mexican families torn apart

Another congressional office lockout - New Mexico

White House staff members are using a 'secure' app that's really not so secure


Duke grads Open Letter to Stephen Miller

AP: Trump considering mobilizing as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up immigrants

Strategies/Democratic Senators and Reps

"Mr. President, have you ever been diagnosed as having a mental illness?"

Is Trump planning to use a roundup of Hispanics as a diversion?

Trump Administration May Mobilize National Guard Troops To Round Up Unauthorized Immigrants - HP

Administration Moves to Block Access to Health Insurance

The drinking game

Steve Bannon's Gay Agenda

He's not capable of being President

Trump administration denies it is considering using National Guard to round up

How many times you can fold fabric with hydraulic press?

Which one is not like the others?

Rep Cummings has GOP co-sponsor for Russian hacking investigation

White House Denies Trump Will Call Up National Guard for Immigrant Roundup

Need to watch for false rumors leaked to catch the press

Peter King (R-NY) "I've known Roger Stone for 35 years. To THINK that he'd influence the Russians.."

Trump mentioned Hillary Clinton in some way, shape or form 18 times yesterday.

While I do want to see his taxes

Ladies and gentlemen, everything is fine. That bump you just felt was an iceberg...

9/11-Style Commission Into Russia's Election Meddling Gathers Steam

The annual Backyard Bird Count will be held Friday, February 17, through Monday, February 20, 2017.

Federal immigration raids net many without criminal records, sowing fear

The Dutch sensible approach to dementia and Alzheimer

How many birds will you find ?

Hundreds of Events Planned for Friday's 'General Strike'

RIP George the Animal Steele.

Trump dismisses Russia controversy as 'scam'

read a old encyclopedia article about Islam

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Flaming Hot Cheeto

Mitch McConnell: "I'm not a great fan of daily tweets, but I am a fan of what Trump's doing"

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Orange is the new Red

Trump on his way to Boeing

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Right Wing Media Figures Loved Donald Trump's Unhinged Press Conference And Assault On The Press

Curt Schilling: ESPN has gone 'way over the edge on the left' politically

Fox News' Shepard Smith Slams Donald Trump's Press Conference: Sir, We Are Not Fools'

I actually hope that Fox does go ahead and fire Sheppard Smith.

NY Times - "A Party to the Russian Connection" - Why McConnell Will Not Investigate

*****I can't offer any special prizes***** Just encouragement / Feb Contest with a twist

OMFG!! he got forced back to Germany!!!

McMorris Rodgers "misquotes" Fire Marshal

A petard is also a finely tuned machine.

4 weeks now - and his incompetency is global humor

Morning Joe: "I think hes going to help us with cramps"

An SNL skit

Schumer: Reports of National Guard deportation plan 'despicable'

78 percent of Germans concerned about lunatic in the White House

Issa hasn't had a face to face townhall since 2009

One thing to recognize about delusional mentally ill people, with or without dementia,

Why Tamron Hall Walked Away from Today: She Wasnt Going to Settle for Sitting on the Sidelines

Senate Maj leader Mitch McConnell said he had NO IDEA if contact between Russian gov & Trump

With even Mika Mouse and Scabs off the DRUMPF train, the Repukes are warming to "President PENCE"

I'm guessing MikaJo and others expected tRump to pivot. He hasn't.

Trump weighs MOBILIZING Nat Guard for Immigration Roundups

When all the crops are rotting in the fields and orchards

tRump is a cancer

To Conserve Letters

Interesting writeup of Louise Mensch on the Guardian

Republican Health Proposal Would Redirect Money From Poor to Rich

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Presser: The (Republican) Reviews Are In

Holy crap! Trump predicted his own future!

'Don't touch me': Panelist blows up on Trump supporter's microaggression on CNN (VIDEO)

306, everyone. Bannon to staff-Loyality it upmost--How to address the so-called President

What's going to happen if other countries refuse to take back the deportees?

Tweet Video: Don't let Republicans tell you that we need to cut Social Security.

one good thing we have now that wasn't there during hitler's rise is social media and 24 hour news

Trump memo proposes deploying 100,000 National Guard troops to round up immigrants

Suspect in North Korea killing 'thought she was taking part in TV prank'

I Just Watched Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" - It Is 10 Years Since It Came Out.....

So if the President's not actually planning to use the National Guard to round up immigrants....

Great job, CBS Scott Pelley

During one of our arguments on vaccines, I saw this guy and his web site used...

YouTubes Monster: PewDiePie and His Populist Revolt

I've been watching people typing here and there.

During one of our arguments on vaccines, I saw this guy and his web site used...

Full, 11-page draft DHS memo outlining using National Guard for immigrant roundup

Wise words

The Obama White House, from the man behind the lens

I just saw a little of the press conference that I could stomach for some reason this song came into

Governor, Army Corps block deadline extension for Dakota pipeline protesters

Trump Fans Want Shepard Smiths Head for Slamming President on Fox News

Making Puppy Mills Great Again

Congress explores options for removing an unfit president

Tiny Trump (Pic heavy)

Opportunity to flip a state district in about a week.

The Guardian congratulates Louise Mensch on a major scoop re Trump-Russia

A chance to help a Dem go to congress in first competitive race of Trump era.

Armed Services Committee Democrat: Gen. Mattis Might Resign Because Dump 'Is So Crazy'

If the Affordable Care Act is saved, it will happen next week-PITCHFORKS time...

I've never seen a more clear example of the double standard in the U.S. Justice system

Trump in S.C at Boeing for infomercial

Help finding a quote?

Congress explores options for removing an unfit president as Trump's 'disturbing' behavior worries

Trump needs an enemy

If Trump goes down, he takes most of the Republican Party with him.

Who is putting pressure on McConnell and Ryan?

"German parents told to destroy doll that can spy on children"

Yesterday was Trumps favorite

I'm down in the 280s for the first time since I got married over 5 years ago.

How the Opposition Can Wound Trump

Did y'all hear trump say that of course "now" it would be difficult for him

Senior Republican adviser says something is deeply wrong with Donald Trump

Ryan Struggles to Sell Tax Reform to His Own Party

Teacher being investigated over Facebook comments

Today, we are paying for: -Secret Service for Trump sons in Dubai to open hotel -3rd $3m trip to M

McConnell/Ryan's talking points show they fear complicity in grave wrongs.

I'm wondering if part of the resistance

have you taken trumps poll on the media?

BLS: CPI for all items rises 0.6% in January; and Real average hourly earnings decrease 0.5% in Jan.

Washington State Supreme Court rules against florist who turned away gay couple

Job approval 21 below average at one-month

Louisiana's cowering GOP krewe in Washington

Trump's Self-Care Tour Is Costing America Millions

According to the Bible, there were gladiator-fights of humans vs dinosaurs and giants.

My "WTF?" of the day, creationist Ken Ham division...

History behind press attacks

WBIN-TV sold in FCC Auction; NH1 News to invest in new digital platforms

Trump Inherited a Fine Tuned Machine.......

Pope Francis to visit Rome's Anglican community

The Systematic Dismantling Of America's Institutions Of Government

Michael Savage--popular right-wing talk show host and author wrote a book in 2005:

Question of Deportation Issues

Shakespeare knew about the likes of Trump

If General Kelly didnt write the memo, then who put his name on it?

Trump just dipped below 40% approval in Gallup; disapproval now higher than 55%.

Buddhist Movie Becoming Who I Was Picked Up by Bond/360

Dealing with Trump: Don't Watch the Monkey, Watch the Organ Grinder

Looks like Stephen Miller is in charge of creating new travel ban order

Oh boy...Orange Bunghole is down to 38% approval in Gallup Today

Jason Chaffetz is still investigating Hillary Clintons emails

Pro-Marijuana Lawmakers Form First Ever Congressional Cannabis Caucus

Remember 2.5 yrs ago when my FOIA response first showed Pruitt simply copying industry letters & sen

Police, activists clash in Tucson immigration protest

About those WH workers who failed their background checks

Scott Pruit has been approved by Senate

Trump down to 38% in Gallup, in first poll entirely post-Flynn

Judge Orders Double Pay for Thousands of Federal Workers Affected By 2013 Shutdown

Senate confirms Scott Pruitt as EPA administrator in mostly party-line vote

Resistance Analysis

"College makes you stupid!"

A little shout-out to the USA Today crossword puzzle

"In the old days when I did this kind of speech I got paid a lot of money. Now I get nothing...

It may be more difficult that it should be to get rid of Trump.

"What can look so beautiful at 30? I dunno. An airplane."

Gallup: Trump approval falls to 38%

On the day, 2/2017- 30 innocents were slaughtered- Republicans new Admin laughed & joked.

Trump propaganda network setting John Brennan and James Clapper up for treason charges.

Why yesterday was Donald Trumps favorite day as president

Remember when Trump said he would not take a salary as President?

Ivanka Trump and son Joseph channel Kate Middleton and Prince George in new photo

Last night, I was with the author of the "TRUMP ACT"

Pruitt confirmed as EPA Head

Christian anti-LGBTQ legal organization earns the label hate group

Erik Prince wants to set up two Blackwater-style training camps in China

KO: Is The Trump White House High? This is madness that we're witnessing here

Finnish lawmakers reject petition attempting to revoke same-sex marriage

KO: Is The Trump White House High? This is madness that we're witnessing here

The first casualties of Trump's trade wars are Texas cattle ranchers

In another world

OMFG!! with new news to make this more clear.

Andrew Sullivan: The White House Mole

List Of Legislative Forums Around Iowa This Weekend

Monday should be REMOVE THE President's Day

In 2016, the Wright Brothers took flight from South Carolina in order to meet Frederick Douglass.

The current information about the Cabinet Picks Inside the Whitehouse..

Is Pence the the leaker?

Michigan-raised pro wrestler George (The Animal) Steele dies

Manchurian Voters, or, The brainwashing of a nation

Massachusetts: Large herd of Robins just landed in the yard.

A media troll --- stop feeding him

I was a Village People fan, back in the day, but the Cop has really let himself go to shit. SAD!

"Equal Pay For Women Has Consequences"

I Find It Very Difficult Not to Be Completely Disrespectful Towards Trumpsters on Social Media

Jeff Sessions: Wrong Side Of History's Man Of The Year 2017!

What to look forward to...

It's More than Just Climate Change

Trump just escalated his war with the intelligence community bigly

Hey! I have an idea!

McCain knocks Trump's isolationism, warns against 'old ties of blood, and race, and sectarianism'

For Boeing chief, how cozy is too cozy in access to Trump?

Shape of You

For Boeing chief, how cozy is too cozy in access to Trump?

Re: #45, Mornin' Joe says, "He just does not have control of reality."

Man baby Trump visits Obama's Whitehouse

Trump Disapproval Reaches New Heights In Gallup Poll

Trump can help Americans trust him by releasing his taxes

FBI Director James Comey Meets With Senate Intelligence Committee

the opiod and heroin epidemic and drumpfy voters

Trump must banish Bannon or his presidency is doomed

How many appointments has Trump filled? An update.

The shear idiocy of the argument against Universal Background Checks on gun purchases.

How could things get worse for Trump?

Report: Trump transition ordered government economists to cook up rosy growth forecasts

After hearing Trump talk about Frederick Douglass,

Notorious Mercenary Erik Prince Is Advising Trump From the Shadows

NCs Jones 1st House Republican to back special Trump-Russia investigative commission

Climate-Driven Permafrost Thaw

Trash Raccoon Rides Garbage Truck From Rosslyn to Falls Church

Trump as King Lear?

The rise of Trump has led to an unexpected twist in Germanys election: A resurgent left

The fatal flaw of the 25th Amendment & legislation to fix it - Congressman Blumenauer (D-OR)

Trump voters to Trump : You won't be re elected if you take away my Obamacare.

Fact-checking Trumps news conference

The White House Mole - By Andrew Sullivan

Cripes, give the pizza guy a heart attack! (You too!)

Largest outdoor gear show abandons Salt Lake City after 20 years to protest Utah Republicans conser

US judge says arrested Mexican 'DREAM-er' should get bail hearing

Is there any legitimate reason for 45's campaign to have been talking to Russian Intellegence.

Tiny Trumps!

This group believes Islam threatens America: Its a spiritual battle of good and evil.

Small airport businesses to Trump: Your Florida visits hurt

"With him or without him (Paulsen)"

LGBT employees ask Education Secretary to keep protections

Manchin (W.V.) and Heitkamp (N.D.), up for re-election in big fossil fuel states, vote for Pruitt

USDA reposts some animal welfare records after criticism

Chaffetz won't investigate Flynn's Russia ties, but he's going after Clintons emails

Donald Trump defends his press conference by citing a positive review from Rush Limbaugh

Supporting the values of the Sanders movement is not "refighting the primaries".

Trash Raccoon Rides Garbage Truck From Rosslyn to Falls Church

Republican road to fascism

Check out how this Orlando bakery got out of baking an anti-LGBT cake!

Little Caesars founder paid Rosa Parks rent for 11 years

What an ugly soul this man has.

Scott Brown under consideration for ambassador to New Zealand

Find a protest near you

Obama Ranks 12th Best In C-SPAN Survey Of Presidential Historians

Look, I cant be all bad! Grandpa Trump parades Ivankas children on the South Lawn as he leaves the

The darndest thing

Friends in Albuquerque just posted ICE has roadblocks in South Valley Albuquerque

so mr trump is on his third vacation in his third week in office....

FB Comments under Borowitz' post about the Media Poll are Priceless!

For $6,600.00$7,200.00, you can own a guitar inspired by Jerry Garcia's "Tiger."

What has happened to Ed Schulz?

I have realized I don't give a shit if Ellison or Perez wins the DNC chair job

Spot the difference Part 2...

"Like a fine-tuned machine..."

Ted Nugent wants to throw his 10-gallon hat into 2018 Michigan Senate race

trouble seeing how the Trump administration survives a full term. NYT Brooks

What's for Dinner, Fri., Feb. 17, 2017

Watched Judgment At Nuremberg On Demand

Russia: Trump Has 'Betrayed' Russia

Interesting - the meeting today between Comey and the SIC was held in a SCIF

Trump trade could end in Dow Jones and FTSE stock market CRASH ?????????????

Are you guys listening to Pod Save America?

Etsy advice

Idea for an alternative News network.

Perez and Ellison are actually friends. Make them co-chairs of the DNC

Sorry, I deleted my thread as several posters said that I misheard Trump who said "next door in "NC"

Trump's "People still like me" rally in Florida

FBI Director James Comey just held closed door meeting with Senators on Capitol Hill about Russia

The danger in attacking the "media"

Early setbacks leave Russians wondering if 'f*ggot' Trump is the tough leader they once believed

White House staff pushed to make overly positive projections for economic growth: report

Democrats should not let the "millennials" and others forget who voted against our environment?

Trump just tweeted the 'media is the enemy of the people'.

Inside the anti-Muslim organization that has ties to the White House

Fight back. Support the Trump Investigative Fund - Think Progress

Stein and Putin and Flynn

Trump just deleted this tweet - Wow!

OK...Who set Twitler off again?

Is this Tweet from the Madman authentic? Can someone confirm this? (ON EDIT: Yes)

Is Steve Kornacki Journalist /MSNBC host a

Bernie Sanders Proposes Social Security tax hike for wealthy

Trump health pick Seema Verma says maternity coverage should be optional

WELFARE QUEEN President is charging us tons of $$$ for his weekend jaunts

Emmanuel Cleaver: "pleased (Trump) didn't ask (April Ryan) to sweep and mop

Donald Trump has just tweeted out this very minute

NYT, CNN or NBCNews has a very very damaging story in the pipeline - David Frum


Every day

Trump Supporters Receive Mainstream Media Accountability Survey Moments After DT Slams Reporters

WTF: Trump Mails Media Accountability Survey After Bizarre Press Conference

Democrats should let the Republicans know...

Inalienable Rights Means Citizenship Not Required

Trump Calls Media The 'Enemy Of The American People'

Look what I just purged from my neighborhood street sign!

Guardian's take on yesterday's circus - "This press conference is proof Donald Trump will never be

I'm getting the feeling that chump is experiencing a manic episode now

I wonder who in Trump's circle still owns Boeing stock...

Chaffetz is Mormon - a convert. Mormons are historically friendly to immigrants.

That FBI visit today

Amtrak officer charged with shooting unarmed man in Chicago

whose accuracy has now been confirmed in advance???? (meaning)

While our popcorn is in the microwave.....

Paul Krugman Says Trump is a Horror but a Horror Made Possible by GOP Corruption

Sally Yates for Governor of Georgia!

My cat doesn't want me to read the newspaper!

Dennis Kucinich for Ohio-Gov?

Investment banker gets 3-year prison term over inside tips

Dwight Yorke is a former Manchester United Player from Trinidad and Tobago

Flint Residents Choice: Pay for Your Poison or Have Water Shut Off

Report: Trump transition ordered government economists to cook up rosy growth forecasts

49 Years Ago Harry Belafonte Hosted Tonite Show..RFK and 15 of 25 guests black

Best new twitter follow ? MelaniaGoogling

McCain takes down tRump

Colbert: No, you inherited a fortune. We elected a mess.

Nixon to Kissinger: "The press is the enemy "

"I have no idea".

Argentine ex-military chief arrested in torture, kidnap case

Argentine ex-military chief arrested in torture, kidnap case

One thing I must give him credit for is making SNL great again.

Pew: Younger Americans relied on national papers for election news more than older Americans

Despite charges, Brazil's Lula eyes another run

Trump is urging the Justice Department to investigate his perceived opponents. Thats unusual.

Georgia Dems Want Sally Yates for Governor

Report: Flynn Tried to Nix U.N. Israel Resolution

I am going to buy my first gum

Campaign Trail...seriously?


Russian Spies Targeted U.S. Sanctions

Here's how seriously Congress is investigating Trump /Russia & understanding the politics of it all

David Frum Latest Tweet :-(


Sick and Tried of Journos hinting at big stories (David Frum)

Where's James Coburn when you need him?

Trump yells at cia director


his anger will get him nowhere.

Some bombshells might drop on Scott Pruitt next week. The Senate confirmed him anyway

The "enemy" is the "media" ...??

IMO, Trump and Putin were doing a deal to build "the Wall", Flynn was the go between.

When Trump's crowds shout USA!,USA!

Trump's "Unified" America

So what time is trumpys rally tomorrow

McCain slams Trump in Munich speech without using his name

Some bombshells might drop on Scott Pruitt next week. The Senate confirmed him anyway.

Earth Has a Hidden 8th Continent

Russia maybe took Trump's comments yesterday as a "threat"?

Ryan pressed on immigration raids

How is it even possible?

Best bumper stickers you have seen against him?

Why Trump Needs an Enemy

State Senator Cracked A Table To Stop A Womans Pro-Choice Testimony

Some useful fact-checking sites (from Twitter):

Meltdown of Toshibas Nuclear Business Dooms New Construction in the U.S.

With Sean Duffy out, Republican field for U.S. Senate in 2018 wide open (WI)

Exchange of the Day

California DUers

What's the procedure for when a President is mentally unstable?

Trump reportedly shouted at CIA director after hearing intel reports are being withheld: CBS

Someone threw something at dumpf's motorcade today (just minutes ago)

'He wants us to see Adonis and we see Shrek': Terrorism analyst shreds Trump's 'narcissistic' ...


Tillerson presides over abrupt shakeup at State Department

Nine people flee US border patrol to seek asylum in Canada

Texas lawmaker introduces legislation against Texans using the Chilean flag emoji


Twitter Is Furious After Trump Makes Sexist Quip At Boeing Plant

The Presser

So what does a government do when it sees a threat to its citizens? Why it eliminates the threat.

From Olbermann:

Safe Hands

Feb. contest related: To the velveteen ocelot: you will be surprised