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Florida man arrested in plot to get rich by bombing Target stores

our flag was still there

Michael Beschloss just gave some interesting news about Nixon

A suspicious pattern is emerging for how the White House handles its most controversial plans

Palm Beach residents ask town council to block plans for a "presidential helipad" at Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump is showing why hes no CEO

Republican says fire code only allows 2 visitors per time in her office, fire code says that's a lie

It's Spring again in DC!

Ugh. South Florida people....

Trump reportedly shouted at CIA director after hearing intel reports are being withheld: CBS

Japan's interpreters struggle to make sense of 'Trumpese'

Norma got a new tattoo!.....

Why are the billionaires running around like free range squirrels? Automation and

The Trump Administration Is Giving Cops Unprecedented Power

UPDATED VIDEO Bernie Sanders Charleston WV 2/12/17 Municipal Auditorium

Trump too afraid of his own base to denounce antisemitism

Approval rating at Obamas all-time low

Arizona lawmakers advance bill to limit voter initiatives

NYT says close Carson aide Singleton fired from HUD job because of past negative writing on Trump

Charles P. Pierce: And There Goes Paul Ryan

Scarborough: Only a 'fake president' would call press the enemy

This is about choice--and more (Article about Planned Parenthood)

Trumpism and the Weaponization of Culture

This is utterly disgusting.

Frequency of DT Mar-a-Lago visits devastating to businesses...

Theory: Press Conference was Staged. An Act.

Malcolm Nance tweeting

Jason Chaffetz Called Out by Salt Lake City Tribune For Refusing to Investigate Trump

Has Anyone Seen Keith Rothfus (R-PA-12)?

JUST IN: Secret Service Scrambles After Object Thrown At Donald Trump (DETAILS)

Schindler: "Enemy of the people" was the term used by Lenin/Stalin to justify the murder of millions

House Democratic Leadership May Lose 2018 Opportunity

'American Horror Story' producer says next season will be about 2016 election

Why "The Good Fight" Reshot Its Pilot to Tackle Trumps Surprise Win

Gun Owners Pressure Malloy Over Pistol Permit Fee Hike Proposal

I'm obsessed with the fact that the President of the US is out of his mind

Workers Injured In Kleen Energy Plant Still Waiting For Millions They've Been Awarded

Outdoor Retailer Show will be leaving Utah when their current contract expires

Malloy Offers Legislation to Help Homeowners Plagued With Crumbling Foundations

Republicans Move to Expand Drug Testing for Unemployment Benefits

Venezuela opposition parties fear election ban as Socialists dig in

Trump Calls The Westminster Dog Show

Student debt in America hits another record high

On Chris Hayes show re:Harward

McCain is shadowing Mattis saying "forget what he says; it's chaos in the White House"

Mitch the turtle said ...

Foreign policy bewilders

trump and his henchmen all sound so uneducated

What a Failed Trump Administration Looks Like

Son-in-law tells Time Warner of CNN concerns

With the Internet, cell phones television radio

Russian Provocation: Bluster or Genuine Peril?

Top 10 Ancient Atheist Philosophers and Their Quotes

Late Nights Best Jokes About Trumps Instantly Infamous Press Conference

If repubs won't even investigate DT, they sure won't impeach him.

Trump Doesn't Get to Decide if the Russia Story Is 'Fake News'

Milford bookkeeper arraigned on third embezzlement

Trump's team in disarray, U.S. Senator McCain tells Europe

The Key To Respecting Religious Groups We Dont Agree With, According To Reza Aslan

Man gets 8 1/2 years for efforts to aid Islamic State

Has anyone heard what Comey was doing in a SCIF at the Capitol comporting with top Senators?

Two days to save William Henry Harrison's legacy!!!

BAND-MAID / Before Yesterday

This is great! Yates walked into the auditorium


Trump supporters call for Fox News anchor Shepard Smith's head

Expect A Purge Of Federal Government Regardless Of Civil Service Laws. Or Loyalty Oath Or Be Fired.

Lawmaker submits bill to create $125 filing fee for FOI complaints

Michael Novak, theologian who made a spiritual case for capitalism, dies at 83

Fr. Sean Carroll: Why my priesthood calls me to resist immigration injustice

Donald Trump is right: the City's going to hell...

Enemy of the People?

Rest areas proposed to close in governor's budget

Bernie Sanders Unveils Social Security Expansion Bill On The Day Millionaires Stop Paying

Danbury man charged with terrorism

Pressure Cooker Recipes

A cornered animal is more dangerous

tRump - Health Hazard (Luckovich 'toon)

Get Out Of My Country: Canadian Politician Reads Her Hate Mail In The House Of Commons

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! The Lunatic is in My Head . . .! Live, Uncensored

"SICK" the word Trump deleted today. And "decoded" the Comey meeting on the hill today

Willacy prison destroyed by fire could return to its original purpose for ICE

I am more concerned that the Senators were ashen faced and no

Robert Reich Just Got The Inside Scoop About Trump From An Ex-Republican Congressman

87% of republicans still support trump.

Trey Gowdy Concedes the military could not have gotten to Benghazi in time

George W. Bush angered me and embarrassed me. But he did not frighten me.

Texas Senator Shatters Table Trying to Silence Woman Testifying Against Anti-Abortion Bill

State Senate approves amendment asking voters to limit damages awarded in lawsuits

Arkansas House OKs cuts to unemployment benefits

D.L. Hughley blasts double standard on Trumps ignorance:

Arkansas Senate adds training requirement to campus gun bill

Net Neutrality Is in Danger. Tell the FCC Why We Need It

Julian Castro/Sherrod Brown 2020 ticket is similar to the Obama/Biden 2008 ticket.

High court asked to take Arkansas birth certificate case

Nice words on HRC in USA Today. 45 would have a fit if he saw this..LOL.

To Resist and Reclaim, Hundreds of Recess Events Planned to Target Lawmakers

Charlotte Just Witnessed The Largest Immigrant March In Citys History (Video)

The Temptations - I Wish It Would Rain (VIDEO)

Should the robot that takes your job have to pay taxes? Bill Gates says yes !

Trumps Lavish Lifestyle Is a Drain on Taxpayers and a Gift to Democrats

TPM - "Beware the Gathering Storm - Trump calls media Enemy of the American People"

LOL - 'Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is now being guarded by U.S. Marshals'


Moyers: GOP, Where's the Backbone? Desperately seeking GOP pols to stand up to know-nothing bully.

Chris Hayes: Harward Declined Job Due to WH Not Meeting His Conditions, Trump's Presser

Paul Ryan & Republican Establishment Used Hacked Info From Russia Against Democrats:

The republicans need to wake up to the fact that Trump is about as bad for them as anyone...

"Crush Your Enemies"

Trudeau blames corporate elites for rise in global public anger [Wealth inequality]

Comey talks Russia with senators in closed-door briefing

Just on MSNBC: Petraeus turned down the NSC job tonight.

More candidates stepping away from Trump's hurl radius. Latest - Petraeus

Another great Trump/Lady Liberty toon from Sousa and Machado

Malcolm Nance just said that intelligence leaks on Russia interfearance

Fitzmas! Fitzmas! Fitzmas!

Harward Made Final Decision To Drop Out Of Running For Nat'l Sec Adv-After Watching Trump's Presser.

Michigan report: racism was a big factor in Flint water crisis.

Am I wrong? Can anyone talk me off this cliff?

Comey talks Russia with senators in closed-door briefing


No Power in W Los Angeles

Sharing my quilting project

Am I the only one wondering when the Russian National Committee starts flying the Russian flag?

DU link: Texas Senator Shatters Table Trying to Silence Woman Testifying Against Anti-Abortion Bill

Having some dinner and drinks. Buzz thread to follow later.

Just food for thought

Gorsuch called Obama's Supreme Court nominee 'out of respect'

Is this a sandwich?

The only weekend Trump has spent in Washington DC was Inauguration weekend. 1 out of 4.

LuLu - To Sir With Love (VIDEO)

Question: If By Chance Pence Takes Over The Presidency.....

Anti Muslim protest outside mosque in Toronto tonight.

Why Liberals Are Wrong About Trump

Parliament Funkadelic - Give Up The Funk (VIDEO)

Watch Larry Willmore tell Milo to go F himself

Candidate Donald Trump Attacks President Donald Trump

Woman accused of kidnapping over shame to Muslims

Congress Goes Home, and Constituents Fired-Up Over Health Care Are Waiting

Judge awards sanctions against state in 'motor voter' suit

Fearful Immigrants Flood Mexican Consulates in U.S.

The Trump effect: Are Texas Democrats now following Tea Party blueprint?

Trump knows his lies are lies - he is an extreme con artist

Hundreds of Mexicans protest with 'human wall' in Ciudad Juarez

Bill Maher Gave Milo a Platform to Show He's a Lightweight

9 dead in shootouts with Mexican marines in Reynosa

Overtime: February 17, 2017 (HBO)

Popular Domestic Programs Face Ax Under First Trump Budget

This movie is amazing about genius, purpose, and recognition, and should get the Best Movie.........

Video: Nance slaps Wikileaks - 300 drunk assed Russian guys timing info dumps to hurt Clinton

Bwaaaahahahaha. "Fine-tuned machine" meme's on Twitter.

Bidhan Shrestha - Dherai Dherai Maya (VIDEO)

Bidhan Shrestha - Yo Naniko Siraima (VIDEO)

Oklahoma restaurant fires 12 workers after Day Without Immigrants

Rubio--our best hope for a breakthrough?

Donald Trump's Real Ambition

Neil Sedaka "The Immigrant" 1975

We have to stop letting the republicans own the narrative that they are loyal to the constitution.

PBS: Between this vegan cafe and a Trump cafe in Texas, a political chasm.

The Verve - The Drugs Don't Work (VIDEO)

Malcolm Nance Says Trump aides Need to Start Getting Lawyers and Cutting Deals (Politicus)

NEW: Presidential Trade Transparency Act of 2017 (Bill to Expose ALL of DT's Financials)

Albuquerque had a Vigil tonight to protest ICE being in town - ACLU says ICE ROADBLOCKS ARE ILLEGAL

North Texas hospitals engaged in bidding war to lure surgeons with kickbacks, witness says

Husband asks flash mob to sing to his wife who has MS.

Monty Python no more?

I just need to say one thing

You Kentucky folks crack me up.

Reports: Petraeus off the list, Trump down to three candidates to replace Flynn

Sen. Claire McCaskill says she may face 2018 primary, compares Democratic base to Tea Party


The "enemy of the American people" shouldn't cover his rally tomorrow.

Maypearl's former police chief is convicted of molesting 14-year-old girl in his office

Mark fucking Sanford????

The People Vs America - What the World Now Thinks of America

Dallas and Austin are among 8 cities bidding to host the 2022 Gay Games

Stephen Colbert on Trump's Press Conference

Kitty Cat Is Amazed At Where tRump Find His Facts

Real Time with Bill Maher: New Ruler Donald Trump Smudge Report (HBO Feb 17, 2017)

Historic Echoes

Thank God Hillary Lost

Is anyone planning to visit McCain/Flake

I May Be an Enemy of the People, But At Least I'm No Longer Sick

Stunning Scenes Dazzle in Underwater Images (Photos)

Central Texas Republicans sidestep calls for town hall meetings

Inhofe can take that snowall and shove it up his ass!

As legislative session heats up, rift deepens between Straus, Patrick

My youtube song for #notmypresident (The Turd Emperor) -- Jackson Browne

Bill would crack down on bad nursing homes

Bankruptcy judge approves sale of Oncor utility to NextEra

In Trump Era, Censorship May Start in the Newsroom.

Chinas decision to grant Trump Organization trademark in that country violates Emoluments Clause

A teacher has stats that show yesterday's Trump presser was ver, very bad...

What stories are phony?: Don Lemon nails GOP pundits when they cant give fake news examples

UT-Austin President: White Supremacist Posters Are Abhorrent

Event - Dem Welcome for Jason Chaffetz - Today 4:30 PM Fort Worth

What kind of personality disorder does Milo have?

Event - Not My President's Day - Rally (Austin) - Monday, February 20

from Chris VanHollen:'Todays reports of an internal Homeland Security memorandum

Robot probes show Japan reactor cleanup worse than expected

Tom Brokaw: The Offer From Nixon I Refused

Popular Domestic Programs Face Ax Under First Trump Budget

John McCain just systematically dismantled Donald Trump entire worldview at Munich.

You guys remember the conversation between Nately and The Old Man in "Catch 22?"

I had NEVER seen this Milo person before tonight...

Assembly passes Raise the Age as budget negotiations continue

Regulator bats back over proposed new powers

Cost of disputed N.Y. highway signs: $8.1M

N.Y. lawmakers push to raise the age for marriage to 17

Columbia University accidentally sends acceptance notices

Alleged sex tryst plan leads to Schenectady casino arrests

Brooklyn State Senator's Broken Windows Meeting Hijacked By Angry Protesters: "We Don't Want Fake...

Bill Maher, New Rule: The Magic "R"

Cuomo Leads The Way on NYC's Plastic Bag Issue By Delaying It For A Year

Our Region Is Crumbling, But At Least Well Have Two Useless, Expensive Airport Trains

Why Doesn't "Progressive" Mayor De Blasio Care About Congestion Pricing?

Federal and State Authorities Investigate Whether Yonkers Adhered to Grant Funding Stipulations

Sizzling Gambas--again...

Mike Pence said this earlier in Munich

En banc appeals court strikes down ban on doctor gun discussions, with two majority opinions


NYPD Psychologist From Yonkers Pleads Guilty To Shooting Husband In Head

Religious Freedom Is a Progressive Value

MSNBC Host Mika Brzezinski Lists Bronxville Home For $2M

Trump's updated travel ban to have minimal input from national security

Trump's updated travel ban to have minimal input from national security

Papua New Guinea's cardinal has bigger concerns than Amoris Laetitia

State Increases Driver's License Points For Tickets At Railroad Crossings

The only Buddhist chaplain in the Department of the Navy

Is UKIP's Paul Nuttall Britain's ultimate "post truth" politician?

De Blasio's State of the City focuses on affordability crisis

Thousands of Filipino Catholics march against death penalty, war on drugs

Thousands of Filipino Catholics march against death penalty, war on drugs

The evidence for vaccine safety is abundant. That will be $100,000, please.

Cuomo cuts $65M from MTA budget

National Guard memo is reminiscent of what led up to World War II, a top House Democrat says

Cannabis treatment for autism self aggression

Bill Nojay's misdeeds play out in court as FBI investigation continues

Daily Holidays - February 18

Hitler's Personal Traveling Phone for Sale

Since Kellyanne is no longer relevant, they can drop the Secret Service coverage

Protesters disrupt Buffalo Mayor Brown's State of the City speech


Defamation claims against Paladino, Caputo will go to trial next month

New tech hub will bring 'good-paying jobs' to NYC, de Blasio says

Three People Guilty- Used Stolen Identifying Information to Fraudulently Seek Millions in Tax Refund

Former North Carolina State Senator Pleads Guilty

Eight Individuals Face Fraud, Identity Theft Charges- More Than 143,000 Individuals

Trump handshake

Former New Jersey Attorney and Father Indicted in Connection with $13 Million Ponzi Scheme

Durst's landlord wife hits tenants with $10M defamation suit

Merkel stresses NATO also crucial for US

Weekend Toon Roundup

🐦 March 4 - Bernie Sanders and Danny Glover - March on Mississippi - Nissan Protest

March 4 - Bernie Sanders and Danny Glover - March on Mississippi - Nissan Protest

College Costs Too Much? N.Y.U. Paves Way to Graduate Faster

Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Ran a National Islamophobic Campaign While at Duke

No Address on That New York Building? The Fine May Be Going Up

Alex Wagner is Reading News on CBS This Morning...


Laugh at them in their face. Call their bullshit.

At the NSC, "plenty of people are sitting at their desks staring at blank screens-It is apocalyptic"

Is ICE Out of Control?

PEW: 56% of Americans disapprove of Trumps job performance. 46% disapprove STRONGLY.

The Rise of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine-- and how it led to Trump's election

Inside Trump's Surreal Presser

Refinery Town: Big Oil, Big Money, and the Remaking of an American City

A big Thank you to those protestors who went out to protest when

Oh, Canada!

Refinery Town: Big Oil, Big Money, and the Remaking of an American City

An important New York Times article correction

75th Anniversary of Japanese internment invokes memories, parallels

Donald Trump's presidency 'likely to be second shortest in history', says presidential historian

Russian tabloid re: Trump: "You need to be drunk to understand true position of America's president"

Trump Always Calls Out Chicago, but City Closest to Mar-a-Lago Has Comparable Crime Rate

Florida man wanted to make Targets stock drop, so he hatched a bomb plot, authorities say

Report: Trump transition ordered government economists to cook up rosy growth forecasts

An exact analogy.

Colbert: Get me the guy who named his company for the three-headed demon dog that guards Hell.

Fearing Trump, commission drops Miami-Dades sanctuary protections Those in the audience wiggle

Overtime on Real Time got pretty testy with Milo last night

Vlad And The Con.....

Leaked Trump tape: 'You are the special people'

China to suspend all imports of coal from North Korea

DON LEMON WALKED OFF: "Don't Come To This Network Again" To A Guest

As Trump ignores white nationalist violence, another would-be terrorist is caught in Myrtle Beach

Wow, populist?---Leaked Trump tape: 'You are the special people'

Wilders launches campaign bid to 'de-Islamise' the Netherlands

Midtterm elections 2018: All 33 seats in Senate class 1 + All 435 voting seats in House up for grabs

U.S. infrastructure legislation back on Congress' radar

poor persecuted.

Do you think Melania does a fly-by of the White House on the way to Florida?

Trump morning Tweets: WH runs VERY WELL, inherited a mess, quotes Limbaugh again, BIG crowds today

In Amended Libel Lawsuit, Melania Trump Now Includes Hooker Statement from NY Times Reporter

how far we have fallen in four fucking weeks.

Hint, hint: Trump tends to go most aggressively after the media when a big story is incoming. So...

Pense in Germany, fRump in S.C. stumping. And who's the president?

Patton Oswalt Tweet

Constraints Threaten Trump's Promise of an Immigration Crackdown

President Trump, White House Apprentice - NYT Editorial Board

"Where are the republican leaders?"

Why Trump wants you to hate the media

Mr. Trump, Our 15th President Thanks You - Gail Collins

Rump holding rallies all over the country, in desperate attempt to prop up his failing (SAD) polls.

Danziger: Abandon All Hope

Scene at @RepTomReed's first town hall of the day, now happening outside Msnbc covering this

'Enemies of the people': Trump remark echoes history's worst tyrants

Top Nato General: Expect More Fake News From Russia

How to manage the White House cancer - By Ruth Marcus

Writing about food: anniversary of the publication of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"

Merkel Pushes Back on Trump's Media Attacks, Calls for 'Respect'

Pence: U.S. Will 'Hold Russia Accountable'

'Enemies of the people': Trump remark echoes history's worst tyrants

"The president's problems aren't a media fabrication."

Words Matter.

Shove this Reagan quote up their asses.

Theyre embarrassed now. They have to be. If they're capable of embarrassment, that is.

Who Is Vetting The People At Mar-A-Lago?

What a Gig!

AP Exclusive: Hundreds of Texans may have voted improperly

Voice of America analyzes Stalinist history of Trump's "enemies of the people" tweet

Lola in combat with cabin fever

Rep. Jeffries says Bannon 'is a stone cold racist'

Australia-More than 140,000 families cut off from childcare payments for not vaccinating their kids

CNN/MSNBC/ABC/NBC/CBS ought to skip the der trumpfhur propaganda rally today.

Trump Team Denies Report On National Guard, Then Admits It Was Based On A Real Document

If you use the language of a fascist tyrant, are you not one?

"With enemas like you, who needs friends?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Oath of Office Violated?

Sincerely, Niccolo Machiavelli: An open letter to Donald Trump, from the guy who wrote the book...

Is anyone going to Scarboro Faire?

A chance in 2 weeks to flip a state senate back to blue!!!!

Trump blocked Sally Yates from following him on Twitter

Bill Maher says liberals shouldn't be afraid of "impish, British fag" Yiannopoulos

"Jobs for 'loyal' Americans"

Is POTUS a Russian spy! AM Joy today goes there.

What Are Those "Second Amendment Remedies"

Will the Republicans in Congress Create a New HUAC?

Reich Wing Flimm Flamm "Access" to Health Care BS

Michael Flynn, right-wing hero: Will conservatives embrace him the way they did Ollie North?

folks we are in an area where masses of people believe the truth is a lie.

Know any Songs with "Kiss" in the Title?

When I was a kid we were told to roll up our shirt sleeves in support of unions.

AP FACT CHECK: The audacity of hype

Jack Rice on AM JOY :if they find out the president is dirty, they'll take him down

Robert Reich: Trump's entire campaign was a bait-and-switch: Washington's a mess, and...

FORBES: GOP Grand Scheme On Obamacare Repeal & Tax Reform Quickly Going South

Presidential historian predicts Trump's term will last less than 200 days - the second shortest ever

Does New Labor Secretary Nominee Alex Acosta Have the Perfect Resume' to Sabotage a Federal Agency?

Say it with me: The president is weak.

Anti-Semites thrilled that Trump refused to denounce Anti-Semitism at presser

'What stories are phony?': Don Lemon nails GOP pundits when they can't give 'fake news' examples

AM JOY-Trump may bring fake treason charges against Sr Obama officials to divert attention from...

So easy a woman can use it

GOP finds fix for chaotic town halls: Dont hold them

Bill Maher: The magic Republican (R) allows them to get away with anything (VIDEO)

So easy a woman can use it

Poll: Should the White House Press Corps Serve As a Laugh Track

So easy a woman can use it

John Schindler: Putin has enough kompromat 2 destroy POTUS & send him 2 prison for decades.

A Racing Mind: Dale Earnhardt Jr. returns at Daytona...

Sun, Sand and Influence: For Mar-a-Lago Members, Proximity Is Power

Popular Domestic Programs Face Ax Under First Trump Budget

WAIT..."The SOUTHERN" White House? Doesn't he mean "The WINTER" White House? So confused! SAD!

Now it's the "Southern White House".

Tiny Trumps - Great stuff, hilarious and all so true

The Downfall of Kellyanne Conway

Republican Motto: Self First, Country Last. n/t

Secrecy leads to distrust, distrust leads to fear, fear leads to paranoia and hate.

Central Texas Republicans sidestep calls for town hall meetings

Trump, Our 15th President Thanks You

It aint a "purity test," it's a job evaluation

We are so lucky to have Bill Maher. This latest episode is one of his best. MUST watch.

Discussion Topics That Have Disappeared on DU.

Let's make the First Amendment our Battle call

Puzder, the humanitarian

Petraeus Drops Out of Consideration for Security Post

These 'Tiny Trump' Memes Are Taking Over the Internet and They're Amazing

How to Celebrate President's Day

Twitter reacts to Trump dubbing Mar-a-Lago "The Southern White House"

There are no Sanders movement - GE voting numbers - millenials turnout rate is down and more diverse

something helpful... how to walk on ice

This group believes Islam threatens America: Its a spiritual battle of good and evil.

WSJ: Trump Teams Growth Forecasts Far Rosier Than Those of CBO, Private Economists

How much did Trump pay in taxes to support that strong military he's going to build?

Congress Goes Home, and Constituents Fired Up Over Health Care Are Waiting

Is Mitch McConnell still sitting on his ass this morning?

Sex Offender captured - tried to blend into society

Larry Willmore tells Milo to go F himself

Report: Kushner A Shadow Secretary Of State, Tillerson Cut Out

Germany: No plans to add US to group solving Ukraine crisis

Just who is President?

Ted Nugent joins Kid Rock as potential candidate for U.S. Senate race in Michigan

Democrats cant cherry-pick their way to a 24-seat gain

Irish in the American Civil War

Trump can't fire Bannon. That would be like Pinocchio firing Geppeto.

To help Idaho, Otter wants Trump to crack down on states with liberal marijuana laws

For not other reason other than it's totally cool.

Now don't you just wish you could have woke up this A.M. this way?

Trump's team in disarray, U.S. Senator McCain tells Europe

Who Gave Flynn the Orders to Talk to Russia?---"Mikes a soldier. He did not go rogue."

What do you think was discussed behind closed doors with James Comey?

Republican Health Proposal Would Redirect Money From Poor to Rich

Trump campaign advisors had their own office space in Russia....

The BBC Compares Trump's Rhetoric to That of Stalin and Mao

The Moron In Chief speaketh

'Blind sheikh' convicted in 1993 World Trade bombing dies in prison, son says

Is it possible to add a "top" button?

President Trump, White House Apprentice

Does anyone know if there will be a counter demonstration

Here's why the 2018 Senate election will be crucial for President Trump and his Democratic foes

anyone still afraid of #45 should read this op-ed by David Brooks

How many of you are blocked from Trump's Twitter feed.

DNC Race Shakeup: Ray Buckley to Exit, Endorse Keith Ellison

At Long Last, House Republicans Reveal...the same warmed-over nonsense they had a year ago

Hobo Nickels - Amazing Artwork

Raucous crowd overwhelms Reed town hall meeting

*Alert* Mid-Atlanticers *Alert*

10 Work At Home Scams...from Scambusters..

Taking the bus to work

Tiny Trump Photos Could Annoy The President Bigly

Pasco theater shooting case heads to 'stand your ground' hearing

Flint just broke the record for high temperatures, for February 18

I'm a leftist who is, in the big picture, strongly "Pro-American" & "Anti-Russian"

Kremlin Tells Russian State Media to Cut Back on Fawning Trump Coverage...

Words of Wisdom

Republican job creation...

I spent weeks compiling a list of leaders who are/were worse than Donald Drumpf. Click

CBS's Major Garrett: Trump's nominee for Navy Sec, Philip Bilden, will likely withdraw this weekend

Joy Reid boots ex-Congressman off her show for 'incredibly offensive' racist rant on immigrants

Supporting Elder Aspies Our elderly need us, not tomorrow, but today.

UPDATED - Norma McCorvey, 'Jane Roe' of Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion, dies at 69

Why Swamping the Townhall is Vital to Check the GOP

#NotTheEnemy Takes Off in the Wake of Trump Tweet About the Press

Leonard Pitts "Who do you think you are" letter to Cheeto on Joy this AM

A Republican gave a speech once..and we can quote it over and over..April 16, 1953

From Edmund Burke to Mr. Burns: In the age of Trump, conservative thought has died at last

Trump has nothing to do with Russia? Not so much.

Free speech wins in docs vs. glocks

News conferences like Putins

As the Gorsuch nomination proceeds, this man is taking credit: Mitch McConnell

If Trump is the least racist person you ever met

Lawmakers say Trump's words matter -- and hurt the country's standing abroad

Resistance Recess---urgent action needed--find a Town Hall near you!

Journalists stand up to Trump's 'enemy' statement

I found a group less racist than Donald Drumpf


Vanity Fair: It Only Took Trump One Month to Derail His Own Presidency

Citizen Trump likely wouldn't get a security clearance. Here's why.

Pro Trump Heel Wrestler Taking Mexico By Storm

Following tea party playbook, 'Indivisible' tries to nudge Congress away from Trump

Who Gave Flynn the Orders to Talk to Russia?

Puppet fRump with dozens of strings: the u.s. now has several proxy presidents

Trump Proposes Checking Chinese Visitors

Low-morals Trump just sees 'loaded" golf club members As Cash machines 4 his causes!

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right: Cannot allow Trump fake news re-spin to take our eyes off the ball

Hope everyong is carrying an emegency hammer in their cars

Democrat voters, it is time to verbally attack trump voters.

BBC Focus on Africa: Resident Presidents take on Fake News

Spicer-ize my name: How White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer would say your name

What happens if a president is so radioactive that no one wants to come to work for him?

The anti Trump protests are getting more attention than his rally

NATO: Debunking of rape claim shows need for critical press

Why the Stock Market Doesnt Like Republicans

Anti-Immigrant Trump Hired 64 Foreign Guest Workers For Mar-A-Lago Meetings this Winter!

How Many Ways Can GOP Say STFU. I Am Going To Rape Your Health Care, et al.

Bill Maher's public service: Milo Yiannopoulos isn't ready for "Real Time" and it shows

Trump's "Evil Twin"

Don Lemon Ends Show Early After Guest Calls Story 'Fake News'

Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers says the earth is flat.

So, should hubby & I go to the symphony dressed as John Lennon & Paul McCartney?

I responded to a six day old OP

Trump Teams Growth Forecasts Far Rosier Than Those of CBO, Private Economists

I am at a loss for words, SMH

I didn't know that Cindy Sheehan's sister Dede died recently.

Looks like its gonna be a bigly crowd at todays tRump rally in Florida:

Mild Mannered Woman from Washington is the Democrats Deadliest Weapon: Huff Post

Is this true?

A Liftoff Deferred: SpaceX Mission From NASA's Historic Launch Pad Delayed

Apparently, Nixon's Ghost Has Been Haunting Trump

Jake Tapper to Breitbart news....

US inquiries into Russian election hacking include three FBI probes

New US travel ban to spare green card holders: Trump official

My youngest sister's really ripping Trump a new one on Facebook today

Huh, What???: Trump Proposes Checking Chinese Visitors

Teacher placed on leave after her Facebook post urges reporting illegal residents

Stephen Colbert believes Putin is the reason Trump is already on campaign trail

Canada 's concerns about close border ties with US

German defense chief hits Trump attitudes on torture, Russia and Muslims

Japan has just invented Robo-bees that can legitimately pollinate the earth

Trump Always Calls Out Chicago, but City Closest to Mar-a-Lago Has Comparable Crime Rate

Leaked tape reveals Trump invited club guests to 'come along' during cabinet interviews....

Practice Like Your Hairs on Fire

NYT Edit: "What America has seen so far is an inept White House led by a celebrity apprentice."

Gates Says Machines Should Get Taxed Just Like Human Labor

Wasn't there a big shoe about to drop?

At Trump-branded golf club opening in Dubai, expect the first sons, royalty and lots of gold

Trump just made his 5th golf course trip since becoming president 29 days ago

URGENT IMMEDIATE ACTION needed: a chance for election do-over?

Not only should there be Whistleblower protection for ANY federal employee leaking or reporting

Candidate Donald Trump Attacks President Donald Trump

Mr Rogers defends PBS in front of Congress 1969

Jared Kushner proves he's as horribly corrupt as the family he married into

Idaho: New Trump-resistance group Indivisible borrows tips from the tea party

What a Failed Trump Administration Looks Like

Average income in U.S. $50,000...Republicans

What happened when these restaurants lost their immigrant workers for real

New Trump-resistance group Indivisible borrows tips from the tea party

Good editorial about protest by someone who worked in the Dept of Ed as Sr Policy Advisor

Mormon Church joins fight against federal transgender rights directive

Americans Have Double Standards Over Terror Attacks Carried Out By Muslims Compared To Christians

The FBI is conducting at least three separate investigations into Russian election hacking, Reuters

Lawmakers say Trumps words matter and hurt the countrys standing abroad

City of Ambition: FDR, La Guardia, and the Making of Modern New York

WH dismisses NSC aide after harsh criticism of Trump at closed-door think tank gathering

Flynn's gone but his Russia-friendly deputy is still in place. Flashback on her mental state...

Why Trump is not like Slobodan Milosevic.

For those praising john mccain's politics you haven't learned shit in 20 years

DeVos: Critics want to make my life a living hell

Coming to America...Neil Diamond

Trump yells at Pompeo over reports intel officials are keeping info from him (CBS updated)

Controversial Twinks4Trump Founder Joins White House Press Corps

Again We Ask - Who Gave Flynn the Orders to Talk to Russia?

Logan Receives A 96% Positive Score On Rotten Tomatoes

Heres why Trumps attacks on fake news succeed

The Deep State Theory Cuts Both Ways

The two words Donald Trump cant bring himself to say

Kitteh cam from Iceland! :)

Why now are non-ASCII characters filtered out of post titles? Examples: Hair DrumpFhrer Touche --

Kudos to Mika

The deer were here looking the way I feel--home in bed with a horrible cold--

Trump supporters rally downtown Atlanta with semi-automatic firearms

BLOTUS + White Supremacist admin will visit African America Museum of History and Culture for a tour

I owe an apology to all the conspiracy theorists I laughed at over Jade Helm

Russia Today - Roger Stone Demands Investigation Into Leaks

*****Feb. Submissions will cut off tonight at 7pm EDT*****

Serious question about immigration & the economy

Far-right leader Geert Wilders calls Moroccan migrants scum

This Trump rally today should be epic

Radioactive drinking water?

McCain attacks Trump administration and inability to 'separate truth from lies'

ICE Agents in Dress Uniform

Kelly: Trump is working on a "streamlined" travel ban

Co-sign Social Security Expansion Act

Don't Be a Sucker - 1947

"The Hand That Feeds Him"

Update on the visit

From auction block to handcuffs: How a Ga. couple was jailed after a legal purchase

Teaching Tolerance awards fellowships for slavery education project

Milo Yiannopoulos Tapped as Keynote Speaker at Conservative Political Action Conference (Exclusive)

'Thats how dictators get started': McCain smacks down Trump for calling media 'the enemy'

Trump reminds me of the Presidential candidate in Bullworth who kept repeating,

Ariz. sheriff ending policy of holding immigrants past release date

Report: Milo Yiannopoulos tapped to keynote CPAC

Look at this, USA

Chaos in the White House: Elder statesmen say such turmoil & ineptitudesay never seen (Guardian)

Poll: Americans want Democrats to work with Trump

I Love Larry Wilmore and I miss him.

OPINION. ..Trump Lie Exposed With Proof He Is Indebted To Russian Mobsters....💣.

Matt Gaetz invites armed militias to his town halls to intimidate his own constituents.

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Screw John McCain until he actually does something!

Are Republicans killing energy jobs?

Beyond damned, souless House OK's the potential Killing of Hibernating Animals

Cuban trolls Trump @ NBA celebrity game, wearing 46 jersey.

What time is trumps rally

It's been 108 DAYS since the Cubs won the World Series!

Alternative Facts, Dead People - Songify the News 12 (Music VIDEO)

Where is your Resistance Town Hall this week?

200 Republicans duck and cover instead of hosting town halls

Trump may well be appealing to his supporters

Constituents Should Wearing A Badge That Says - "My GOP Rep Is About To Murder Me."

The Mar-a-Lago member list revealed: Donors, lobbyists, future ambassadors and paying Trump customer

Got a nasty shock today re coverage by Medicare Part B when my status was upgraded to "Observation."

Early image from Drumpf Melbourne, Florida pep rally

Worry About The Possibility That A Nut Militia Will Shoot A Protester. These Aholes Are Dangerous

When people begin fleeing OUR country so they can be free, there's something really

Cheesecake for the Soul: A Golden Girls Cafe Opens.

You can HEAR the wheels turning in this loathsome little maggot's head.

I think people are going to have to start doing Town Halls without Reps and invite the Media

Town Hall with missing Rep. Stefanik, NY21, planned for Wednesday, Feb 22nd

Songify the News! Alternative Facts

Constituents May Have To Make It A Living Hell In Some Way For GOP Senators And Reps..

Trump's Russia-connected billionaire pick for Commerce Sec. faces questions about banking ties

EXCELLENT in depth article by George Packer in the the New Yorker, Oct. 31, 2016

McCain On Explosive Trump Dossier: 'The Russians Do Use Women And Sex'

Oh, those tiny, tiny hands. 🤣

Trump Says He Has Been Treated Very Unfairly By People Who Wrote Constitution - Borrowitz

What's for Dinner, Sat., Feb. 18, 2017

Standing Rock Blockade

Joy-ann Reid kicks ex-congressman J.D. Hayworth off her show for racist comments (VIDEO)

Chase Iron Eyes

Blaming BDS for the rise in anti-semitism is deplorable.

Don't get your hopes up trump will be gone anytime soon.

Colbert show guests:the Umbilical Brothers

Note to tRump: I hear you are having trouble filling the lead spot for NSC advisor.

Lots of protesters in conservative Melbourne

DeVos criticized teachers at D.C. school she visited and they are not having it

somebody needs to mock up a commercial for the GREEDY bunch(ala brady bunch) & now, the white house

Trump: NeverTrumper Paul Singer "loves me now"

Dear Republicans, Why Do You Suffer?

Local conservative activists prepare for violent confrontation with Islam

Trump Melbourne live thread

Which Bob Dylan song title or lyrics best express your feelings about Trump?

Why is "the media" covering Dump live?

Gen. Barry McCaffrey: Trump can't find a Flynn replacement because no one wants to 'risk...

Leaked Tape: Trump invited club guests to 'come along' during cabinet interviews

ROFL: There's a malignant clown giving impromptu press conferences

I look at once a week or so.

How to make your Sto-Fen diffuser fit your flash

Meet The Immigrant That Is Fostering L.A.s Terminally Ill Children

DeVos criticized teachers at D.C. school she visited and they are not having it

Trump holds campaign-style rally in Florida

No angels

Home is Where the Resistance Is

Canadian High Arctic Glacial Surface Melt Up 900% In 10 Years; "Major Contributor" To SL Increase

White House Denies Report That Navy Secretary Nominee Could Withdraw

This shit is lame. Dumb ass rally. I'll watch it for you.. For as long as I can take it.

The Secret Service of the Skies

Russia plotted to overthrow Montenegro's government by assassinating PM last year - UK sources

*The Music Man on TCM now!

I cringe everytime I hear them say

Helmholtz Study Measures Oxygen Loss From World Oceans Over Past 50 Years - It's Global

Penguins will rule the earth!

Far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen 'admits' setting up fake job for her bodyguard

Is it legal to use Air Force One for campaign purposes?

Eva Hitler ne Braun is speaking

His administration is in shambles

Russia plotted to overthrow Montenegro's government by assassinating Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic

Melania just can't quit it with the plagarism

China awards Donald Trump valuable trademark days after he agrees to honour 'One China' policy

John McCain just systematically dismantled Donald Trumps entire worldview - (WashPost)

He is more ridiculously coiffed than usual. What's up?

Klobuchar-MN/Booker-NJ could be a winning ticket for Democrats in 2020.

Stop saying Donald Trump is mentally ill when what you mean is that he's a bad person

China suspends North Korean coal imports, striking at regime's financial lifeline

Why doesn't M$Greedia just cut this shit

Where did winter go? Today it was 66 in the Ohio Valley. Went to the gym and did my weights

Why John McCain's #resistance is bad for Democrats

Blithering Idiot.

Was that instrumental music as his plane rolled up from

"Not My Presidents Day: Thousands Plan Anti-Trump Rallies Across U.S.

Journalists post a VERY moving response to Dolt 45's bashing of the news.

Words matter

Worst Drought On Record Pounds Brazil's Already-Arid Northeast

Is it just me, or is Trump really just making things up as he goes?

BBC trolls Blotus, whatever you do, don't retweet..

The White House Lying and Stifling Dissent on Yemen Raid is a Step Toward Authoritarianism

The United States is screwed. They cannot control Trump.

Instead of tRump you could be watching "The Music Man" on TCM. Ice Cream:

The police and military voted for me

In Trumpworld, its OK to be ignorant

McCain can talk all he wants about tRump

How many were paid to attend the Trump rally?

It is the GOP's fault. Trump is out of control!

'They are vultures': Friends and family of victims rip Trump admin for using 9/11 to sell Muslim ban

Ok, I was in the kitchen and watching My Cat From Hell Marathon

Who else held political rallies in support of their agenda while they were in office?

Trump goes full Mussolini

California Considering A State Health System: SINGLE PAYER!

White House dismisses NSC aide after harsh criticism of Trump..

John McCain is useless!

Mean IQ of attendees at Drumpf pep rally

New U.S. travel ban to spare green card holders: Trump official

"Don't Be A Sucker"

Has the Colossal Bore stopped ranting yet?

Trump to interview four candidates for national security job Sunday

The Jeremiad of Trump

Trump supporters rally with semi-automatic firearms

Sweaty, tired-looking Trump, backed by the Three Clowns, delivers the same old same old

They all laughed

A "Fake News" Cocktail Menu (Shit Gibbon, Failing NYT, Least Anti-semtic person u ever met)

Texas lawmaker wants to end emoji mix-ups with Chilean flag

It is time for a Special prosecutor with Subpoena powers to be appointed

I started a joke ... which started the whole world crying ...

Yes Trump is mentally ill and yes personality disorders ARE mental illnesses

They called it a campaign trip so does Trump know that means his campaign has to pay for

He's declaring the power to say what's true & what is not true.

Trump Berates Jewish Reporter.....

Cuba Alarmed By Presence Of Russian Client State Only 90 Miles Away

What was the point to this "rally"?

Trump Sidelines the Grownups

Russia plotted to overthrow Montenegro's government by assassinating Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic

I hated all the slurs they called Obama and them saying he was not their president.

Let's all send tRump some cheese

The chocolatiers and the white nationalist, coexisting in Old Town Alexandria {Virginia}

Report: FBI Has 3 Separate Probes Into Russian Election Hacks

I used to really not like McCain but lately