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White House dismisses NSC aide after harsh criticism of Trump

Anyone watching that dude on CNN who is Trump's greatest fan?

Husbands Are Deadlier Than Terrorists

Watched some of the rally. Cocaine is a hell of a drug

Trump is allowing his club members to have input into his policy decisions

Schiff on Trump's media slam: 'Something that you hear tin-pot dictators say'

CNN nails it: Trump gets what he wants in Florida: Campaign-level adulation

yin and yang

Trump rally drew little more than half as many people as similar event, same hangar, in Sept.

While y'all were watching the train wreck in Melbourne...

Standing Rock: DoJ steps up aggression against those still battling the pipeline

Just to be clear regardless Trump's travels...

Michael Moore: "My crew is inside."

Nunes asks FBI to investigate Trump leaks

Trump says he'll decide on national security adviser

Insurance companies take the lead on Obamacare replacement ideas

So... 8-Member Supreme Court for the Next Four Years?

Dems hold 80 recess events with voters. All but 18 Republicans hide out.


Trump tells rally crowd about non-existent terrorist attack in Sweden "last night"

This Whole Discussion Around Free Speech and Milo Yiannopoulos is Causing a Rift on the Left

*****February Photograph Contest***** Thread 1 of 2 / Theme: "CABIN FEVER

Russia's foreign minister calls for post-West world order in speech to global leaders

Timing - Clinton W. Bush & Trump

PR offensive fails to quell anxiety

Trump attacks 'dishonest media' while making false claims at Florida rally

*Mutiny on the Bounty up next on TCM,

*****February Photograph Contest***** Thread 2 of 2 / Theme: "CABIN FEVER"

John Bolton might become national security adviser because nobody competent wants to work for Trump

*C-SPAN 8 PM est, Discussion focuses on Russian Hacking

Drump used fake Abraham-Lincoln quote in speech..

Clyde Stubblefield, James Brown's Funky Drummer, Dies At 73

Supporter Trump invited onstage says he salutes, prays for, talks to 6-ft cardboard Trump every day


The complete list of all 80 false things Donald Trump has said in his first 4 weeks as president

Priebus: Americans - take Trump seriously when he calls press "the enemy"

Priebus: Trump's comments on the media should be taken 'seriously'

Which is more infuriating about the Dipshit's administration?

Trump, an Outsider Demanding Loyalty, Struggles to Fill Top Posts

CUBAN: Don't go to school for finance liberal arts is the future

Trump didn't receive favorable results, so now he's calling his own poll rigged.

FBI Investigating Russian Investments Linked to Trump

Today I went to my Democratic Party Ward Meeting.

Can a smarter, more informed DUer explain how tax credits would work for healthcare?

Heres A Fact-Check On Milo Yiannopoulos Incendiary Claims About Trans People

What to Do When A Restaurant Puts a Minimum-Wage Service Charge on YourBill

How many people do you think there were at that rally?

If Trump Is Found To Have Done Business W/Russian Organized Crime, His Taxes Come Into Play

List of Mar-a-Lago members reveals 500 wealthy individuals who can dictate policy directly to Trump

Memos signed by DHS secretary describe sweeping new guidelines for deporting illegal immigrants

Ill never bring my phone on an international flight again. Neither should you.

Helpful Vox Article on Congress Investigating Russian Connections

Constituents Flood Another GOP Congressmans Town Halls And Angrily Confront Him

A Mild-Mannered Woman From Washington State Is The Democrats' Deadliest Weapon

North Carolina needed 6,500 farm workers. Only 7 Americans stuck it out.

Took notes for you guys on what Sen. Wyden (Senate Intel) said about Russia/Trump in town hall today

Star Trek: CATastrophe

Pathetic Trump campaign rally.

Stimulus Obama Versus Drumpt

One of my favorite Tom Waits tunes

A silent thread for Sweden's Bowling Green Massacre, cited by Trump, which also did not happen

When Drumpf talks about a 35% border tax who do the Deplorables think will pay for it ?

35 U.S. psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers signed a letter to the editor

It's a weak person who bitches about 'the media'.

Looks like Pence is "putin" Trump's snugglefest with Vlad in grave danger. SAD! UNFAIR!

WH tells CNN they're upset with 2 contributors. They're both people of color.

Uday and Qusay are all smiles on their taxpayer-funded tip to Dubai

What has Milo Yiannopoulos ever done in his life to warrant being invited to speak

Orangutan finds magic trick hilarious

Trump fanatic publicly encourages lynch-style arrest of Obama with 'pitchforks and torches'

Just heard that Canadian radio legend Stuart Mclean ("Vinyl Cafe") has died

I notice SNL are repeats tonight. I wonder if 45 got to them somehow or am I just

Lawmakers Feel the Heat as Resistance Shows Up in Droves to Town Halls

Memos signed by DHS secretary describe sweeping new guidelines for deporting illegal immigrants

"Seems healthy": Internet cringes over fans claim he salutes 6-ft cardboard Trump daily

Just watched Redford's Three Days of the Condor for the first time...

Trump disrespects Melania at Saturday rally

Thousands in the Streets Nationwide as Weekend of Action Kicks Off

"Beavis and Butthead" made America great again today, and the "rally" almost worth watching

Congress members met with crowds and protests at town halls & questions about Trump-Russia

by Robert Reich:'I spoke this morning with my friend, a former Republican member of Congress,

You guys watch network news tonight?

U.S. carrier group patrols in South China Sea: U.S. navy

New Rule: The Magic R Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Melania has amnesia, forgets who she's married to as she recites "Our Father" and prays for civility

I just dipped a bit in and out of news today - my impressions

Trump's problems aren't a media fabrication

Why would CBS News allow a fascist minion come on their network and tell them they are fake?

Uh oh...the ICE man cometh....for Melania!

Trump supporters say they love that he "doesn't care what people say about him"

Russia may have tested nuke, trying to confirm

Government watchdog says SpaceX, Boeing delays could imperil NASAs presence on the space station


WH are using Russian disinformation techniques with the media..

I wish every one would stop allowing blotus to call it winter white house or southern WH

Jason Chaffetz is a junkie

Out of practice: forgot to post the links to ******Feb contest*****on GD

he's jonesing

Melania/Religious Hypocrite.............WARNING: Viewing may induce nausea or vomiting.

SNL tonight is a rerun of Dave Chappelle hosting

The Power of Movies to Change Our Hearts

"Decades of denial about America's role in the world"

You can only purchase one ticket...

BEST OF: Do As Infinity

Could a non white Democratic Ticket ie Kamala Harris-CA/Joaquin or Julian Castro-TX win in 2020?

Best of: Do As Infinity

About this "Americans want Dems to work with DT" poll...

Still hurts

Joy Reid is having a field day on Twitter with that hilarious group behind the podium

Join the club for only $200,000 annually and you can personally lobby the President.

GOP Leaders Urge Return To 'High-Risk Insurance Pools' That Critics Call Costly

Migrants Choose Arrest In Canada Over Staying In The U.S.

Priebus defends Flynn: 'He didn't do anything wrong'

Trump takes feud with press to campaign rally in Florida

Why some of us call him SHitler...

Fuck Trump.

Young Muslim Woman Harassed by Trumpians and threatened with sexual assault

A Trump Ally in Congress Warns His State, California, to Make Nice


For Maximum Crunch (and Convenience), Pull Out Your Sheet Pan.

Good to see the GOP is concentrating on the really important stuff! (Maddow)

Of course I don't know if our country will make it out of this horrible Trump era...

Trump called the news media "an enemy of the American People" Heres a history of the term:

Memos signed by DHS secretary describe sweeping new guidelines for deporting illegal immigrants

about Milo and Maher

"A Gathering of Giants" Super pod of Sperm Whales (Extraordinary photo essay)

There Were MORE than Trump's alleged "handful" of protesters at his Nazi Rally Saturday...

What does eom and n/t mean on a post?

Warm hugs to you all.

Trump voters: TOO STUPID to Know They've Been CONNED

I Will NEVER Unite With Those Racist Pigs Who Supported Trump.

Genius Browser Extension Turns Donald Trumps Tweets Into Childish Scribbles - HUFFPO

Nicknames for Trump

Warning signs of a potentially unsafe group/leader - ( from: The Cult Education Institute)

Woman Accused in N Koreans Poisoning Is Internet Celebrity With YouTube Channel

Nemuranai usagi: kimi no iru uchū

Indigenous leader killed by gunmen in Honduras

Nemuranai usagi: kimi no iru uchū (Sleeping rabbit: You have the Universe)

NASA discovers life's building blocks on dwarf planet Ceres!

Unadoptable' Cat Wouldn't Let Anyone Near Him But His Rescuer Never Gave Up, Now a Year Later...

Trump Caught Being A Major A**hole To Melania Again

The Funniest 'Tiny Trump' Memes That Are Sure to Infuriate Donald Trump

Trump is a militarist...we can only fight him by being anti-militarist.

It is Republicans, who are afraid to challenge Trump, destroying America

Bolivia seizes arsenal of weapons from U.S.

Deadliest storm in years slams Southern California

Object thrown at Trump's motorcade

Security breach at airport commuter terminal leads to suspect's death

Why Did ICE Arrest & Imprison a 23-Year-Old DREAMer and DACA Recipient Living Legally in the U.S.?

Intense stand-off between a man with a rifle and police in Oakland

Is anti-Semitism on the rise? Does anyone care?

President Slams Media Insists "Everything Is Fine"

Scientists on Verge of Creating Hybrid Woolly Mammoth-Elephant Embryo

Daily Holidays - February 19

Not exactly on topic but I need to know what kind of pipe to get for an herbal mix

Is Zealandia the eighth continent?

Malaysian police arrest man in connection with death of Kim Jong nam

Breaking News - Carrier Strike Group, USS Carl Vinson Begins Patrol The South China Sea

Netherlands: Wilders vows to ban Muslims Al Jazeera English

Did DUers notice that the guy he 'spontaneously' called up to say something

So here's a thing - 40% drop in attendance at latest Nuremberg rally.

Gravity probe exceeds performance goals

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Just Awwful Edition

US to deploy 1000 troops to Poland

ACT for America and Tea Party on genocide of Muslims: We're not there *yet*.

The Walking Dead 7.10 "New Best Friends" (spoiler alert)

I don't know about you...

Iraq launches offensive on last Islamic State stronghold in Mosul

Meet them. "They're Not The Enemy"

Dutch populist Geert Wilders talks of Moroccan 'scum'

Trump said there were "just a handful of protesters outside" Well, Donald, Take A Look:

At War With Reality -- Judy Klass

Trump to N.J. golf club members: 'Come along' to meetings

Sunday's Doonesbury- Across the Country

Why is MSM burying drumpfs pay for play scandal?

Christie boasts about Port Authority capital plan, and blasts a familiar foe

Don't Dismiss President Trump's Attacks on the Media as Mere Stupidity

1 in 11 N.J. bridges are in need of repair

Toon- Best Press Conference Ever!

Trump "got the price of the F-35 down by hundreds of billions dollars" (actually, "millions")

Horizon fined $1.1M for not protecting customers' private info

N.J. cop facing review for harassing, pro-Trump tweets

We The People - Thank Our Courageous Civil Servants

Who would have ever believed this country could sink so low as to allow the reign of Donald Trump?

Buddy dog rescue by Jensen Black Orangeville, ON, Canada

Last Night in Sweden? Trumps Remark Baffles a Nation

Trump turmoil adds new factor in Murphy's run for governor

New Jersey bail overhaul survives first major challenge

Tens of millions believe the truth is a lie or a lie is the truth.


See, Hear, & Speak No Evil (Of Trump)

Did 45 see a possible video of Swedish terrorist on teevee?

Rep. Pallone fires up disillusioned Democrats

John McCain: Attacking The Free Press Is How Dictators Get Started

Christie talking anew about White House job

Former Swedish PM: 'What has he been smoking?'

President Obama cannot be racist because he had photo-ops with white people.

C-SPAN Russian Cyber Operations: 2017 and Beyond online

South Jersey deli boss charged with harassing workers

"I said, who makes the pipe? They said, sir, it can be made anywhere. I said not anymore."

The Sweden thing: Was it more than just a bizarre non-sequitur?

Museum removes every piece of art created by immigrants

Trump gravitates to his Florida home every weekend.

Ecuadoreans Tell Presidential Candidates They Want Assange Safe

Penn St. revokes charter of frat where Readington teen died

So A Die Hard Trump Supported posted this

Sunday Toons

No terrorist attack in Sweden yesterday-but there was 1-16 days ago-On a refugee center-By Neo-Nazis

Milo and the bigger picture

When terrorists shout "Ikea" in the night

Trump sign from Taj Mahal up for sale on eBay

Where's the Republican outrage?

Christie Tells Staff Hes Taking White House Job

Fake News

Angela Merkel and European leaders resist Donald Trump's ultimatum to increase defence spending....

Mark Sanford has nothing left to lose. And hes here to haunt Donald Trump.

Immigration Experts: A lesson on Marrage and Adoption Please?

Memos Detail New Guidelines for Deportations

Those pre-fab signs at DT's rally: Anyone else notice that

The cost of silence: Why more CEOs are speaking out in the Trump era

Republicans are encouraging ethnic cleansing and religious war

Before we start picking people for the 2020 campaign we need to

Trenton bumps tobacco purchasing age from 19 to 21

A Worry on the Right That Trump's Conservative Acts Are Fleeting

Harvard Researcher: Climate Breakdown Will Cut Productivity, Nutrient Content Of Food Worldwide

Cowardly Republicans Are Running Away, Cancelling Town Meetings Trying to Avoid a "YouTube Moment"

Donald Trump and the Enemies of the American People

The Screwed Generation Turns Socialist

Did that overzealous Drumpf supporter give off a Travis Bickle vibe?

Opinion polls should be attached to income tax returns

Quicken 2016 won't download from Fidelity

Major W. Austalian Wheat Transshipment Site Flooded With Bulk Of Wheat Harvest In Storage

For young supporters, Comrade Casino's pathetic FAIL is a "strength"

NSW Town Of Moree: 54 Straight Days Above 35C (95F); Old Statewide Record 50 Days

A NC Legislator Tweets Bible Verses, So Atheists Are Responding With Even More Disturbing Ones

White House petition asks for Trump to apologize for being a Birther

Just Curious, Re: Harward and Petraeus

Chelsea Clinton Asks: "Did they catch the Bowling Green Massacre perpetrators?"

Briarwood Presbyterian Church seeks lawmakers approval to establish police force

What happens after the next big terrorist attack? Trump is paving the way toward a terrifying...

Woman does cartwheels during field sobriety test

Greg Neumann-a journalist just does not get it!

Catholic church claims 'seismic shift' after child sexual abuse scandals

Chris Wallace is trending Again

A word of caution to my fellow DUers. Beware of links in posts.

Trump, not ISIS, is Americas greatest existential threat

BREAKING NEWS. Swedish police have released picture of the man sought for the terror attack

House Science, Space and Technology Committee Chair Lamar Smith wants to "Rebalance" NASA mission

Carl Bernstein: Trump's 'Presidential Lying' Makes Him the 'Most Dangerous Enemy of the People'

Trump is promising big changes at the FDA here's how drugs are approved today

Gene Huber: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know (cardboard cutout dude)

House Republicans Would Reverse ACA Coverage Gains and Radically Overhaul Medicaid

#FakeNews: Twitter Mocks Trump for Citing Nonexistent Terror Incident in Sweden

Superintendent Luring Iowa Teachers With Minnesota Paycheck

NYT: Bring Back Hipocrisy! U.S. presidential lies & Russia

Russias Oslo Embassy threatens Norway

In Sweden: Shrieks of terror. An armed madman, speaking in tongues

Chefs Table Recap: Jeong Kwan

Presidentielle 2017: la grande alliance a gauche "a du plomb dans l'aile"

This Is What Obamacares Critics Wont Admit Or Simply Dont Understand

Joy in am reporting right now "Blacks for Trump" is a conspiracy web site msnbc. tune in

America's Idiot In Chief brings his Fake News to the Front Pages of Swedish Newspapers

In One Month, Trump Has Spent More On Travel Than Obama Did In A Year

Tech tools gain traction amid Trump war on leaks

How does this end?

Way to handle a rat - If only we could sweep him out like that

Chris Wallace: Trump 'crosses a line' calling media the enemy

The Lyin' in Winter

The Lyin' in Winter

Looks like Matiss is going rogue, so is Pence.....

Rinse PRIEBUS has been sent out to defend the indefensible, probably his job depends on it

France Rips Russia for Election Cyberattacks

Tweet Of The Day

Priebus Says WH Doesn't 'Know Of' Any Contact With Russia By Trump Campaign

National Enquirer, Facebook & Russia Today -- Heres What Some Trump Supporters Read To Get The News

Top Democrats: GOP must 'find some backbone' to investigate Trump before impeachment can start

Jake Tapper: .@WhiteHouse today continued to offer guests to every Sunday show but @CNNSOTU

Interesting way to #Resist

I have an idea. Instead of deporting the immigrants, why don't we instead

Recent Swedish Attack Distracts from Bowling Green Aftermath

Thanks, Obama!

WHen someone likes a post at the bottom of the post , does it go onto their FB page? or what?

Not a future EMT.

Do executive orders trump existing law?

As a response to Donald Trump's lies about a Swedish attack,

Bronte residents steamed over land deal

Trump using his Jewish daughter and son in law as beards

Rand Paul: Trump's Just 'Expressing His Opinion,' I'm Not Seeing Any Efforts to 'Limit the Press'

Why we never heard of Great I-Kia Battle of Vasterbotten

Are you comfortable with the amount of Fox News Videos displayed on DU?

Trump's defense chief, unlike boss, says has no issues with media

Did you notice the constant theme how Russia is never responsible for ANYTHING?

Can journalists debunk Trumps lies without amplifying them? Its challenging but not impossible

First they came for the immigrants...

I got into a discussion about FADA & denying service in PUBLIC businesses based on one's beliefs.

US Citizen Renewing Passport Told To Turn In Green Card

Former Swedish prime minister mocks Drumpf on Twitter: What has he been smoking?

Has anyone heard from the Swedish Bikini Team since Friday night?

Republicans Are Using An Arcane Tool To Handcuff Federal Agencies

Do you like Drump's new old man comb over?


So a guy rushes the stage where Trump's speaking....

On this day in 1942, FDR signed EO9066...

Stand up for Science today in Copley Square (Boston)

When Did Compassion Become Partisan Politics?

RT Is Literally Russian Propaganda -- Why Does Anybody Take it Seriously?

If the Trump administration permits a catastrophic event to take place in the USA

Glitch or my device?

Speaking of "fake news," did anyone watch CBS coverage of the rally?

Netanyahu rejected a regional peace initiative this time last year

Rush Limbaugh: No Question Democrats Are Doing Everything They Can to 'Sabotage' Trump

Nunes (R-CA) Flynn leaks were "from the highest levels of the Obama administration"

Immigration Enforcers, Unleashed By Trump, Can Finally Do Our Jobs Again

Hunters charged in Texas shooting had blamed immigrants

A $300M makeover for crumbling New Jersey Statehouse

"Mad Dog" Mattis has NO ISSUES with the media. They're not the enemy. DEPORT HIM! SAD! UNFAIR!

OK Highway Patrol targeting Latinos

Texas legislators double down on next abortion fight

02/19 Mike Luckovich: Health hazard

How to tell Fake News vs. Reality

No 'Jersey Shore' redux; beach town wary of new reality show

very bizarre - the trump rally - pic heavy

Police: Two strip club bouncers fractured skull of patron

I couldn't even finish this before I shared it with my friends here -DONALD TRUMP AND THE ENEMIES...

Is Christie's next step to Seton Hall, his alma mater?

N.J. judge again finds probable cause in Christie bridge case complaint

Apparently T has no idea how deportation en masse affects the economy. No GOP objection?

The thing that REALLY burns me about Putin and the Russians

Can anyone here with aeronautical knowledge comment on taking a 747 on a 115 mile trip?

Nicholas Kristof: How Can We Get Rid of Trump?

Middle schooler confessed to throwing block of wood at Trump's motorcade, Palm Beach police say

Tracking Congress In The Age Of Trump

Quit calling Donald Trump an isolationist. Hes worse than that.

How about some cosmic trippin' this Sunday?

The Real Reason Trump Hates Living In The Whitehouse

Maybe it's better to eliminate false hope Trump will be removed as president?


..........."IMPEACH TRUMP-PENCE"...........

Suck it baby trump

The climb was long, arduous and full of peril - but it was worth it

She (FLOTUS) had to read the Lord's Prayer?

Please caption this photo of POTUS

Swedish newspaper lists what actually happened "last night in Sweden"

The "Obama....shadow government".

Trump reveals his source for the horrifying news of an attack on Sweden

Obama on Trump's Relationship With Putin - NAILED it...

The Downfall of Kellyanne Conway

Aide: Senators Want Materials Saved For Probe Into Russian Election Interference

Large crowd of protesters gathers near Trump rally

Like Keystone XL, Much of Dakota Access Pipeline Steel Made by Russian Company Tied to Putin

This is an "unpresidented" OP (let's take a break) - it's about unprecedented weather here

I'm Proud Of My Liberal Bubble, Where Being Intolerant Means Not Putting Up With Bigotry

Are Scientologists, specifically Miscavige, giving guidance and advice to trump and his team?

The first rule of marketing: Create a need.

5 of Arizona's Most Notorious Racists and Their Crimes

Priebus denies any Trump campaign, Russia connections

Sanders: Trump a 'pathological liar'


The odds are strongly against a Trump impeachment and removal.

Montana Democrats hosting New Jersey politician at fundraiser

Put the kiddies in MAXIMUM!

We should be working more with the Mexicans: Former border czar shares real facts about immigra

We should be working more with the Mexicans: Former border czar shares real facts about immigra

Trump is putting on a great circus, but what about his promises? (ICYMI)

Trump Calling Media Enemy of the American People Reminiscent of Stalin, Mao

4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise ofTrump (Dale Beran)

On AMJoy in January, Malcom Nance Explains Why Stopping President Bannon is Imperative

Did anybody ever believe the GOP would have a Maoist, Stalinist, Hitlerian stooge as their leader?

Scientists' Group Launches Website to Help Federal Whistleblowers

The Rise of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine

Here is a question even a seven year old or a Deplorable can answer

'You don't get to tell us what to do': Fox News anchor confronts Reince Priebus over Trump's media c

2022 will be the year Democrats regain control of the US Senate.

Here is another Reagan quote to shove up the GOP's rancid asses:

What the reporter following April Ryan should have asked.

SpaceX launches rocket from historic NASA pad in Florida

Does that guy (prop) Trump had come up on stage.......

George Takei: Better To Be A Snowflake Than A Mushroom

Comey's Congressional Briefing.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 21: 31 Days of Oscar: Oscars A to Z

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 22: 31 Days of Oscar: Oscars A to Z

The Rise of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine

U.S. deploys carrier to contentious South China Sea

Utah Republican argues against equal pay for women: Its bad for families and society

Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking?

Fact Check: Does Arizona rank last in teacher pay?

Oh dear: "The Swedish Embassy has requested clarification of Trump's comments"

Out and about with Hillary and Bill

SNL a repeat last night, but watching McKinnon as Hillary singing 'Hallelujah'

Borodin! (and more)

Chris Wallace to Preibus: "You don't get to tell us what to do"

Incoming! US air base thrown into panic after warning a missile was about to hit is sent to personne

This protest sign says it all!!

Ever heard of "Yakla"? No? Then you know why Democrats suck at this...

Chris Wallace hands it to Reince Priebus about a free press. Video:


Trump? "Terrorist Attack in Sweden ?

What does this even mean?! From Trump's speech at start of press conference:

"the blob,... was the most unusual meteorological event we've had in decades"

Maxine Waters on MSNBC right now: "Trump being stupid because of info about to come out on Russia"

Charles P. Pierce: Our President* Spent His Saturday Lying to Our Faces

What are you reading this week of February 19, 2017?

WH Chief of Staff says he KNOWS what FBI told Congress about probe of WH officials

Sydney Suburb Of Penrith At 46.9C (116.4F); January 2017 Hottest Jan Ever For Sydney, Brisbane

A Back-Channel Plan for Ukraine and Russia, Courtesy of Trump Associates

It is so easy to figure out when trump* is 'off script'

C'mon Sweden. "Fess up. We KNOW who you're covering for.

Words More Terrifying Than Any Terrorist "If something happens blame him and the court system."

Panelist On AM Joy Says Dean Endorses Pete Buttigieg

Field of Dreams (tea)

Vermont & Firearms

Seattle 9th most expensive rent in the world

Trumps budget could affect Sound Transit light-rail expansion

Naming liberal values after a single politician is fucking weird

Looks like Trump boy Milo is through:

Navy Submarine Launches 4 Ballistic Missiles Off California Coast

We have very respected people in the Dem Party dropping us all hints

Scott Pruitt makes it clear that the Clean Power Plan is going away

Something's happening here. What it is, is perfectly clear. There's a man with a gun over there...

Quit calling Donald Trump an isolationist. Hes worse than that.

Trump's new law that lets coal companies dump waste into streams will kill and/or hurt people

How Canada cut foreign workers and hobbled its meat industry

Putin critic leaves Russia for treatment after 'poisoning'

Takei: How America First puts many of us last

Why all the on air "head scratching" on the Sweden thing? CLEARLY

Panetta Explains What Would Help Stop Leaks for Trump

Trump White House has secret plan to end Russian sanctions by blackmailing Ukraine president: report

All of Groper Don the Con's attacks on the media and the Judicial Branch of government

"More Hope than Belief ..." John McCain about Republicans Investigating

Latin American history shows that populist nationalism is a recipe for national decline

Management Experts See Chaos in the White House

Looking at things from a glass half-full perspective

Milo elicits 'hissy fit' from the right, 'go f*ck yourself' from the left

Transcript of Trump's rally

Lindsey Graham warns Trump: Free press and judiciary 'are worth fighting and dying for'

Now why in the F..k would he do that?

With Coverage in Peril and Obama Gone, Health Laws Critics Go Quiet

2 dams illustrate challenge of maintaining older designs

Do you think there is a mole in the WhiteHouse or is this just sheer betrayal of his staff?

Live coverage of the Oroville Dam spillway.

Before We Celebrate Trump's Fall, Pay Attention to Pence and His "Plausible Deniability."

Wallace Interviewing Priebus

I went to a German ER today

Quote of the Day:

White House Considered Mobilizing National Guard To Round Up Unauthorized Immigrants

The Real Enemy of the American People

Man points camera at ice - then captures the unimaginable on film

I feel I've been transported back to 1973....

If something big is about to be revealed, you can bet something bigger will come from Trump

Pence, He's even more is the whole herd, when let free of confinement...

Trump to get Gulf states to pay for safe zones in Syria

Sweden Asks, 'Wait, What?'

What does it mean when a Black SUV parks in front of your house

The farmers are really going to be happy, Mex to buy corn from Argentina

McCain defends raises specter of dictatorship

Trump plans to target the EPA with new executive orders

A Chaotic Week

Chris Wallace warns Trump crossed the line

Justice David Souter On Civic Ignorance: 'That Is How Democracy Dies'

"Press is the enemy" translation: Dear base, you are about to hear some really bad news about me.

What's for Dinner, Sun., Feb. 19, 2017

Trump May Change the Way Trade Deficit Calculated

The Fire Alarm that is Shrieking is Obviously "Fake News"

A baby's laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds you'll ever hear

State trooper convicted after kicking handcuffed man in the face in Pennsylvania

Appointee fired after comments

The new PC culture

Where was Alec Baldwin last night

What has he been smoking?

Trump Isn't Adjusting Well to Life in the White House

House Intelligence Committee won't investigate conversations between Michael Flynn & Trump

Kentucky rep proposes bill only allowing married men with wife's permission to get Viagra

'fan' fiction & trump

Millard Fillmore was deservedly forgotten, but his politics sound familiar

Hunters charged in Texas shooting had blamed immigrants

So "what's happening last night in Sweden" does not refer to a specific incident.


Soundies: Black Music from the 1940s

My 86 yr old mum just said: "We need to repeal and replace that Donald J Rump!"

Trump supporters really believe Jesus is on their side

When the other shoe drops...

I hope all this buzz about the "other shoe getting ready to drop" as early as Tuesday

Olbermann: Are these people high, or what?

Donald Trump is the first American President to___________?

Trump comment about immigration 'problems' baffles Sweden

Putin critic leaves Russia for treatment after 'poisoning'

I sure wish I knew what Maxine Waters knows.

Chelsea Clinton attends Muslim solidarity rally in NYC

From Robert Reich

'Hidden Figures' and the true NASA stories behind the movie

Why is poisoning Putin's go-to method for silencing opponents?

Trump tweet on Sweeden

National Catholic Reporter: Keep the Johnson Amendment

How will Trump and the White House spin it if he is not allowed to speak to English Parliament?

For those of us whose schedules don't usually let us see


Matthew 6


Is our President usually at this Munich conference?

Activists troll Trump by posting 'Impeach Bannon' posters across the country

Report: Trump's lawyer hand-delivered Michael Flynn a secret plan to lift sanctions on Russia

A Big Shoe Just Dropped

Trump admits false 'last night in Sweden' claim was something he heard 'broadcast on Fox News'

New York Times -Trumps personal-attorney hand delivered secret plans to lift Russian sanctions

How do we combat Trump's death by a thousand cuts?

Please donate to Stephanie Hansen, Delaware state senator, specialelection 2/25, winning is critical

Per Jim Sciutto on twitter re Senate Intel Committee (already posted?):

It only rains on tRump?

Thoughts with the good people of Sweden

Ancient One, also known as Kennewick Man, repatriated

Trump supporter: I salute a cardboard Trump every day

A Worry on the Right That Trumps Conservative Acts Are Fleeting

New Official Meme: Whenever Trump Says Something Stupid, He Must Have Heard It On FOX

Senators want Russia-related materials preserved - CNN

The Senate is investigating Russian hacking - and they've asked agencies to keep everything...

Senior Trump Appointee Fired After Making Critical Remarks In Private Talk

Limbaugh says Trump at disadvantage by being white: Obama's blackness got him 'everything he wanted'

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