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Gay men's love letters during WWII: secrecy, devotion

Here's the Best Information I've found on "why we lost". It happened while DU was down. ;)

One month in, Trump on pace to play nearly double the number of rounds of golf that Obama played.

Can we speak frankly about porn spam?

PRESIDENT'S DAY --- supposedy funny but truth can hurt

This Oregon GOP'er is out of touch with the people.

Ivanka Trump tweeted that our houses of worship must be protected but

Trumps apparent security faux-pas-palooza triggers call for House investigation

4chan: The Skeleton Key To The Rise Of Trump

happy day pres.Bannon

Appears hundreds of graves vandalized at #STL Jewish cemetery. Damage is extensive.

Indiana GOP sends 'abortion reversal' bill back to committee

Iowa senator wants political balance among university professors

11 people pass through unmanned airport security checkpoint

Secure Trump website defaced by hacker claiming to be from Iraq

So, is the British Parliament vote on the trump* visit unpresidented? (snicker)

Ex-Texas neurosurgeon sentenced to life for maiming patients

Swedish police behind Fox News report say filmmaker is a "madman"

Breaking News: Our NYC field team is making a scene outside of #TrumpTower in #nyc If you're close. and Tidal Honor Victims of Police and Racist

Guitarist Larry Coryell, Godfather Of Fusion, Dies At 73

How do we get in touch with John Oliver?

NASA Scientists Have Proposed a New Definition of Planets, and Pluto Could Soon Be Back

Russia's involvement in U.S. election was personally headed by Putin and Trump

Rep. Marsha Blackburn refuses four times to say if press is 'enemy'

Happy Not My President Day.

Trump has such a hard on for war

What a shocker!! Trump lied about graduating first in his class at Wharton

Drug catapult found at U.S.-Mexico border

Trump looks more like Russian mole every day - Op Ed

Sounds to me like Pence has been on an "apology tour" on behalf of Donald Drumpf.

Freedom Caucus founder Rep. Jim Jordan forced to have town meeting when constituents show up

Report: Trump Dossier Analysis:Corroborating the Evidence (Scott Dworkin)

Trump Lawyer Confirms Meeting Ukrainian, Denies Carrying Peace Plan

*House of Commons debates trump visit, C-SPAN now.

Extended Leave - Luckovich 'toon

Indivisible Guide & Robert Reich Video guide for Town Hall meetings

A double Indian female Democratic Presidential Ticket in 2020

Robert Reich was live.

Time after time.

A protestor shown in a clip on Chris Hayes summed up what we have all felt since the election

Chris Hayes is going there with all the Russian scumbags

I'm wondering more and more about Trump's "we've killed people too" interview...

I've been hearing lots of talk about why the Dems lost so much in 2016. I think it was because

Productive day at work? Check.

Tweets that said financial connection made between Con and ru$$ia coming

'This just couldn't be detected.' Fired Berkeley County schools auditor stands by clean report

Montreal votes to become sanctuary city

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, state's Democrats want open investigation of tRump Russia ties

Any DUers going to Chris Murphy's

Activists gather on Presidents Day at S.C. Statehouse rally for unity

Where will the next Democratic critical mass erupt from a red area?

Nepal's first transgender model

Anyone else think Trump looked really angry returning to the White House tonight?

Number Of People at Rally

Al Sharpton jokes Gov. McMaster might choke him


Damage to Oroville's main spillway 'was an accident waiting to happen'

I didn't think I'd ever leave the CIA. But because of Trump, I quit.

Okay, this is juvenile, but absolutely hilarious

Trump's aides don't want to admit the President is golfing

Divorced South Carolinians want end to lifelong alimony payments

Obamacare possible repeal may birth a new retirement account (SOS)

Bob Jones University regains nonprofit status 17 years after it dropped discriminatory policy

Just saw an ad on CNN discussing the benefits of a public school

A physicist, an engineer, and a statistician out hunting.

Oklahoma Just Passed The Most Oppressive Law Against Women In History.edit


Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Not My Presidents Day! Live, Uncensored & a new

McMaster Will Be Able to Pick His Own Staff

O.K., waiting for Rachel to spring who owned ostriches & gold toilets. Not DRUMPF?!1 Who, WHO?!1 n/t

We talk about people who are regretting voting for Trump now but

Michael Moore and The Resistance Calendar

Never Fjorget What Happened In Sweden

Holy Shit.... Anyone else watching Rachel?

Bob White has died. Labour leader since the age of 15.

Something is fishy here

Color me stupid but if someone at the IRS sees Trump's returns and also sees connections


Trump: 'Truth is what you can get away with'

You simple must see this float from Italy.

If you could give Donald Trump one piece of advice, what would it be?

Right on. Excellent sign and message.

Few town halls are on the agendas of Iowa, Nebraska lawmakers; meetings elsewhere in U.S. have been

Louise Mensch: the former British MP who scooped the US media on DT/Russia ties

Trumps first budget would end program to help low-income Americans get lawyers

If Donald Trump had a theme song, I would pick:

The reason why middle America, and rural America, voted for Trump is simple.

Seeing lots of RW tweets tonight about "riots in Sweden"/"Stockholm in flames"/"Trump was right!"

Aljazeera reports on my home town

Scott Brown!?!!!

He was on home detention for making bomb threats. Then police found him with a bomb.

Headstones damaged at Jewish cemetery

Thank you for having me here. Allow me to introduce myself.

'President Clinton reached out, held his hand and wept'

Mcmaster actually seems to be very ideologically compatible with Trump/Tillerson/Kushner

Petition to demand Trump apologize for being a Birther

Tying some threads together on links between Putin & The Con!

Simon & Schuster Cancels Milo Book Deal

Sorry to be the messenger, but DRUMPF is getting normalized. This was a doctor's waiting room, t.v.

Yes, this is an odd question, where is that Boris guy?

Another flattering picture of His Royal Orangeness.

Ana Marie Cox is showing her tats on Lawrences' show MSNBC....I love it!

Rachel Maddow: Why is Jill Stein so quiet about the Trump-Russia scandal?

David Cassidy has dementia

CAN I ask a Question??

EDIT: Dear Oklahoma women who hate this guy and want to make him pee in his pants

and so it begins. A fellow teacher sent us this. Assault on Education has begun

Trump: six trips to the golf course in 30 days. Oh, and he also allegedly cheats at the game.

Up to 100 people brawl at Rock Hill nightclub and one charged, police say

York County lawmaker files bill to ban Confederate flag from any SC public building

I dont feel high ... I feel better: 98-year-old tries pot, then cuts back on morphine

The President Hired a Man that Hired a Pedophile

"The IDEA of America" - Blowing Up Our Democracy

Smartphone Addicts Behind the Wheel Drive Car Insurance Rates Higher

Dangerous group claims responsibility for Swedish attack!

Is Trevor doing a clips show?

good god, the entire gop are fucking grifters. New CIA guy looking to scam by selling his house

Thank you, Trump.

Contradicting Trump on Russia: Russian Officials

IF TRUMP is found guilty of collusion with the Russians what will happen?

Obama ranked 12th best president by historians in new C-SPAN poll

DU fantasy baseball

Russia Compiles Psychological Dossier on Trump for Putin

DU fantasy baseball

While I love seeing Milo lose money and get hurt...

Focus Should be On Congress Approval Rating

Camp Meeting With The Army Corps Of Engineers (2/20/2017) Live From Standing Rock

Will Trump Rescue the Oligarch in the Gilded Cage? (Dmitry Firtash story covered by Rachel Maddow)

*Watch Charlie Rose 1992 interview with trump,

GOTV Links of interest for party engagement

What percentage of Deplorables would be comfortable living in a dictatorship?

Ignorance allied with power is the most ferocious enemy justice can have. (James Baldwin)

Why Won't the Feds Go After Trump for His Huge Breach of Contract?

Colbert on Sweden: Never Fjorget

Has anyone else seen this?

We, as a nation, need to join as one on Sweden. Some assembly is required. NT

Experts: Trump's Immigration Orders Could Drive Crime Up

Trump energizes the anti-vaccine movement in Texas

Ha ha. Ha ha. It's hilarious how the administration makes up fake terror attacks...

White House denounces threats to Jewish centers

"Any place in the world and ... any person with the courage... was welcome here."

Californias job: make America great again

Trump dossier analysis: Corroborating evidence

Sweden prepares Trump retaliation plan that will bring America to her KNEES

Yes, We DO Think You ARE Stupid

The 2016 Election Pie

Lawrence O'Donnell: Mike Pence is the man Trump should fear (VIDEO)

Resistance Calendar -A one-stop site for all anti-Trump actions EVERY DAY nationwide

When Is The Next Big Nationwide Anti-Trump Protest?

I'm a little weepy tonight. What is one of your saddest movie scenes? This one gets me everytime...

Gunshot strikes campus building at Thomas University

Which country does Trump hate more: Australia or Sweden?

KKK posts banner on historic Georgia building

Bill making upskirting illegal in Georgia nears approval

Legislation filed to regulate adoptions, sales of certain dog breeds in Georgia

IKEA apologizes for catalog aimed at ultra-Orthodox Jews


Still waiting for Trump supporters to tell me how this sexist, racist bigot will help us.

Republican-ruled state Senate committee bullies citizen with camera

$100 million revenue bill shunned while Delta tax break pushed, casinos and sales tax debated

Have there been any investigations into Anna Chapman's ties to Donald Trump?

Trump Documentary from years ago! 1:20 hours long! Everything you never wanted

Lindsay Lohan: Support Trump, would be a positive thing

We miss you,

" Local Christian leaders band together to stop controversial evangelist from speaking in Vancouver

Georgia House of Representatives think Spaceport is out of this world

For-Profit Schools, an Obama Target, See New Day Under Trump

This whole 'snowflake' insult reeks of the manipulation technique

Your favorite "The Princess Bride" quote....

Interracial couple fined for not removing graffiti slur

Get off my lawn: Bill replaces no trespassing signs with purple paint

Not My President! declare anti-Trump protesters in Atlanta

Not My President! declare anti-Trump protesters in Atlanta

Where is Kellyanne Conway?

Dentist to spend 18 months in federal prison for defrauding Medicaid

AP Exclusive" Malnutrition killing inmates in Haiti jails

AP Exclusive" Malnutrition killing inmates in Haiti jails

Ecuador election: opposition protests over slow presidential vote count

Hunter walks out of NAACP meeting as tensions flare

Gov. Nathan Deal signs amended Fiscal Year 2017 budget

Snail venom compound 'offers chronic pain therapy'

Guatemala to Hold First International Marimba Festival

Will Trump Rescue the Oligarch in the Gilded Cage?

Imagine the movie where

Cost of Trump family security vexes New York and Florida officials

SHOCKER: Faux News Segment Referenced By Trump Was Deceptively Edited

New Houthi weapon emerges: a drone boat

Support Builds in Paraguay for Lugo's 2018 Presidential Bid

Ecuador: Socialist Candidate Moreno Close To Winning Presidency

Plane crashes into Australian shopping mall.

Georgia House approves small town tax credit

LaGrange College opens $21 million science complex

Daily Holidays - February 21

I'm over this whole "not my president" BS.....

Evacuations ordered amid heavy Northern California rain

New York attorney general bids to become Trump's No. 1 enemy

GMT French presidential candidate Fillon changes tack on healthcare

"... morally treasonable to the American public."

Vandals damage dozens of headstones in Jewish cemetery in Missouri

Florida Senate is MIA in civil war between Rick Scott and House Republicans

A Busy Friday Coming Up For Trump

Republicans demanding affirmative action for hiring more republican professors

Edsels of energy? Duke Energy may find new AP1000 nuclear plants are already outdated

Kayleigh McEnany...Refugees

URGENT Message from Standing Rock as Police Surround Their Camp

Israeli soldier sentenced to 18 months for killing injured Palestinian attacker

Ukraine ambassador attacks Trump allies' secret peace plan

The Private Prison Industry Is Licking Its Chops Over Trump's Deportation Plans

Tokyo Olympic golf course must give female members equal rights or lose event, says IOC

If one more person tells me I need to try to understand Trump voters or

Trump/Bannon and Sweden

Someone put stickers on milk jugs of "missing" US Rep. (GOP, Calif 8th)

Should food stamps be used to buy soda and candy? A Tampa Bay lawmaker says no

To anyone dumb enough to think the man impeached for a blowjob has gotten away with multiple murders

All The Addiction Commercials

Florida looks to expand gun rights in wake of Pulse shooting

Recent recording session: Ringo, Paul McCartney, Timothy Schmidt and Joe Walsh

Florida prosecutors can seek death penalty despite questions

Chinese premier appeals to Washington to avoid 'trade war'

"Clean Coal" Plan Likely To Make Oz Emissions Even Worse; Electricity Sector Already 2nd-Dirtiest

FBI assessing threat against Muslims made during meeting

The seven Russian notables who have died in the last two months

Confident Of His Deregulating Righteousness, Scott Pruitt Wants 24/7 Bodyguards

Red Crescent: 74 bodies of migrants wash ashore in Libya

(Spain) Police shoot to stop gas truck speeding against traffic

Declare opioid crisis a public health emergency, Senate Democrats tell Gov. Rick Scott

David Cassidy says he has dementia

La Paz Is The Red Queen; Running Ever-Faster In A Post-Glacial, Post-Water World

Green Bay Mayor Schmitt narrowly survives removal vote

The expansion of the Universe

Poor Gen McMasters--being active duty he couldn't say no.

Hawaii Still Lags on Cool Classrooms Initiative

Veteran Diver/Tour Operator - Kelp Forests Extinct Along East Coast Of Tasmania

Edward Price: I didnt think Id ever leave the CIA. But because of Trump, I quit.

Edward Price: I didnt think Id ever leave the CIA. But because of Trump, I quit.

The newest topic of therapist couch conversation? Politics. (Boston Globe)

Hawaii County aims to make beach parks more accessible

February Sunrise and Moonset

Defense, prosecution offer different perspectives in Pasco theater 'stand your ground' hearing

White House delivered EU-skeptic message before Pence visit - sources

"11 People Went Straight On By A TSA CheckPoint & No One Noticed"

I can't even call Assange self-parody anymore...

Senate Dem Leader Schumer Op-Ed: 'Sessions must recuse himself from the Flynn investigation'

France's Le Pen cancels meet with Lebanon grand mufti over headscarf

Russia Today celebrating "Whataboutism"

Exclusive: White House delivered EU-skeptic message before Pence visit - sources

6 ways the death of Net Neutrality will affect you

Seeking to secure Sinai, Egypt builds closer ties with Hamas

Forget the tax returns; show me his brain scans

"The world's best run system is a prison riot." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Hillary calls out Trump for ignoring threats and attacks against Jewish community

If Donald Drumpf is such a tough guy...

Clinton to Trump: Speak out against anti-Semitic attacks now

After financial hit, recovery of Jacksonville-based Wounded Warrior Project could take years

Honeymoon's definitely over: Russia Today's days of blatant pro-Trump-propaganda are gone

FBI assessing threat against Muslims made during NC meeting

Buy or Sell

Most of Florida's Anti-Muslim Hate Groups Are in Palm Beach, Experts Find

"Breaking News"

Lt. Gen. HR McMaster to remain active duty as national security adviser

Pastor says car salesman swiped wife's nude photos from his iPhone, sent them to swingers' site

Is tRump a financial disaster for Mar-a-Lago area? Not only do his weekly excursions to Florida

Trump admin to rescind trans student protections: source

Florida Supreme Court blocks abortion waiting period

Trumps nominees gripe the White House isnt protecting them

Leonard Cohen is still dead. I still mourn him.

NPR has created a team devoted to covering President Trumps conflicts of interest

Obamacare's enduring victory - By Eugene Robinson

Right Wing Head Are Going To Explode

Angry constituents confront Chuck Grassley in Ia: If it wasnt for Obamacare, we wouldnt be able

2018 United States Senate Election.

WI, Feb 21 Voting todayfind your polling place...

Anyone home in Trumpville? - by the Washington Post Editorial Board

A few words on the use of the term "Deplorables"

"If he became a dictator-We want him in Forever-I'll Never Vote Against Him-I Love His Power"

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: You want lies with that?

Can Trump win over African Americans? This survey suggests there's little chance.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest


BBG Editorial from Feb 1: Dashed Expectations Power White Rage

USA Today: Trump's fake science could be lethal

Being a former Obama voter does not clear one of racism.

Law Firm Posts Legal Guide for Companies On How to Handle Trumps Social Media Attacks

NYT Op-Ed: Move Left, Democrats!

Why Conservatives Fell for Milo Yiannopoulos

This is MURKA! Dammit! SPEAK ENGLISH!!

A placebo works even if you know it's a placebo. A lie works even if you know it's a lie.

Reuters Exclusive: White House delivered EU-skeptic message before Pence visit - sources

How much do Deplorables suck? May we count the ways?

APOCALYPSE SOON? The Big End-of-Days Ideas of the Breitbart Intellectuals Thinking for Trump

Now when I go abroad I tell everyone I'm a Canadian goose.

Ukraine oligarch Dmytro Firtash faces extradition to US

Oh, Ivanka....Your Daddy's Friends Would Put You, Jared, and Your Kids On the Trains, too.

Valerie Plame is terrified reckless Trump and his low-quality advisers will blunder into nuclear

Trump's FCC Chair Praises Amazon Prime, Possibly Violating Same Ethics Rules as Kellyanne Conway

Why is there so much anger at Republican district town halls?

Enemy of the people (or "what Constitution?")

Something fun and upbeat!

GOP Gun Sale

Giphy launches library of more than 2,000 GIFs to teach you sign language

Nothing he says aboutAfrican-Americans matters

Um? Trump is about to speak at the Natl. African American museum.... I'll report, you decide!

Trump is urging the Justice Department to investigate his perceived opponents. Thats unusual.

Independent Movie Theaters Launch War On Trump

Trump won because he pulled people off their couches and to the polls.

Do you know who I feel bad for? ISIS, Colbert said.

We are at war with a dangerous ideology.

Nina Simone was born on this date.

Senator Matt McCoy: No More Iowa Nice

Ex-Trump aide Michael Flynn under fire for receiving $40G for 2015 Moscow visit

Dear Comcast idiot on GEM$NBComcast

Giving proper meaning to the term "glory hole"

CNN - These Republicans didn't like Trump at first. They do now.

Donald Trumps Australia

UPDATED: Trump says anti-Semitism is 'horrible', has to stop: NBC

Great read- "Truth is what you can get away with."

Valerie Plame is terrified 'reckless' Trump and his 'low-quality' advisers will blunder into...

Update on effort to reclaim the Connecticut senate!

Legislative update from John Garamendi

Rick Santorum: Obama is to blame for rise in anti-Semitism under Trump

FY17 Projected Deficit: $559 Billion. And Trump wants TAX CUTS???

First hand account of PEEOTUS rally in Florida - from a minister

Don Lemon takes down the filmmaker whose sloppy use of numbers provoked Trump's Sweden comments

east India comedy video

Aide hired by Richmond mayor was convicted in 2015 of embezzling $240,000 from state

Trump wearing a ushanka

Julian Assange Rushes To Defend Homocon Milo

Soccer Fans Racist Monkey Chants Cause Brazilian Star To Leave Game In Tears

Julian Assange on CPAC Disinviting Milo Yiannopoulos: 'Liberals' Are Celebrating Censorship

KT McFarland expected to resign post, making Gen.McMaster's new job less of a shit sandwich

Did Gen. McMaster have an option to turn down the job?

I agree - "Move left, Democrats"

American Prospect: Forget about reaching out to the right--for now.

Scott Pruitt makes it clear that the Clean Power Plan is going away

Jennifer Granholm: Trump must disavow Milo after demanding Berkeley let him speak

WaPo special Offer

Ironically, once you decide a person or group is "stupid," you are relieved from thinking about them


Come early for good seats...(Saturday at CPAC)

'Abortion reversal' bill clears Indiana panel for 2nd time

No way the orange clown denounces anti semitism, bigotry, racism in any way.

Anne Frank Center calls Trump response a 'Band-Aid on cancer of Antisemitism' in his administration

The Anne Frank Center responds to President Trump's comments on anti-semitism...

Justices reject appeal of tea party groups over IRS review

Deeper and darker: Trump's unknown financial connections to Russia may hold the key to ...

Stephen Miller's web of lies: The Trump adviser has championed Big Tobacco's alarming public...

Austrian Court Grants U.S. Bid to Extradite Ukraine's Firtash

NASA Is Set to Announce a Breaking Discovery From Beyond Our Solar System - Press Conf tomorrow

Washington memorials defaced by graffiti over holiday weekend

Mr. Trump, you'll NEVER be a Statesman

Breitbart headline this morning about last night's migrant riots

Brahms Piano Concerto #1 was on. Now Beethoven's Pastoral.NOW, Hebrides.

Almost everyone in the US without papers is now a priority for deportation.

Thousands of spills at US oil and gas fracking sites

I am a Cardinals fan, disgusted (again) by so many other Card fans

Not competing, NO WAY, but comparing,

XXV amendment

This is some bitter truth..

New Trump Deportation Rules Allow Far More Expulsions.

I am a Cardinals fan, disgusted (again) by so many other Card fans

Do you have a story/evidence of Trump voters waking up?


CEOs of 16 U.S. companies urge Congress to pass border tax

Democratic Socialists make headway in U.S. after Trump's win

Ni**ers Are Not Allowed To Eat Here & Since Trump Is President I Can Say What I Want Restaurant

Trump was NEVER a true CEO (once-briefly with disastrous results)

Trump to leave protections for U.S.'dreamer' migrants

Our country is being run by lies

Anne Frank Center Criticizes Trump's 'Pathetic Asterisk Of Condescension'

Trump is considering William Happer

"Everything's on the table": Kellyanne Conway floats mass recess appointments of Trump nominees

Ever since we lost, folks have said WE didn't do enough to reach the voters Cheeto got

Trump: non whites; non Christians; the showers.

Pic Of The Moment: #MAGA!

'Everythings on the table': Kellyanne Conway floats mass recess appointments of Trump nominees

Scandalous pie-eating incident turns into gambling-scandal in UK soccer-league.

El Paso officials say domestic-violence victim was arrested by ICE inside courthouse

Kurt Eichenwald explains why the Flynn-Russia affair is so troubling for Trump

Freedom, get with it. Gotta put yourself smack dab in it.

A friend just showed me a bill in the Iowa legislature to keep Democrats from taking over colleges

Well - this just in from the Post...Riots erupt in Swedens capital just days after Trump comments

Roanoke College Poll finds half of Virginians surveyed disagree with Trump and his policies

I swear, I think Michael Chabon's "Moonglow" may be his best novel, yet.

Indivisible Lincoln - Today!

Pastor walks out on Trump's 'demonic' Florida rally: 'My 11-year-old daughter was sobbing in fear'

American Taliban "man" breaks a glass table trying to silence pro-choice testimony...

Why This 10-Year-Old Messaged Police For Help With Her Math Homework

Our Laws Period-Shame Women So I'm Going to Change Them

The Private Prison Industry Is Licking Its Chops Over Trump's Deportation Plans

Jay Inslee for President?

Let's get an actual FACT on the fucking table, okay?

Nominees Say White House Isn't Defending Them

Trump Water?

"Trump tabs McMaster to replace Pence"

Dept of Homeland Security employees in DC were unable to access some agency computer networks

Austrian Court Grants U.S. Bid to Extradite Dmitry Firtash

Trump's lawyer has told 4 different stories about the Russia-Ukraine 'peace plan' debacle

The Moment Kim Jong Nam Was Attacked: CCTV Footage

DAZED AND CONFUSED -- Trump's Jekyll and Hyde Administration Has Europe Spooked

4 Americans, Pilot Killed After Plane Crashes Into Mall

U.S. Aircraft Carrier Begins Patrol in South China Sea

How do we continually lose to people . . .

BYU makes origami-inspired bulletproof shield

A Surprising Salve for New Yorks Beleaguered Cities: Refugees

i was just wondering how the anyone but hillary crowd is

Ma Tianjie talks on China's air pollution

Ha! Even Rasmussen can't keep pretending his approval is above water

Ivory trade

CNN - giving a megaphone to idiots - "Former Trump Skeptics are Now On Board" (OK with CNN doing it)

Interpreter with US army in Afghanistan-shot twice-Asks Senator Grassley a question

Differences In Rhetorical Styles 2016 US Presidential Election Candidates

Lt. Gen H. R. McMaster on the Future of War

John Fugelsang

Perhaps Trump and his cronies are actually all evil Toons.

Rep. Sensenbrenner Thinks We Can Pay For The Border Wall With More Asset Forfeiture

Protesters Ready for Trumps First Visit to New York as President

Pastor walks out on Trump Florida Rally, sickened.

What happened to Campbell's Mushroom Soup????

What is Putin up to? US 'nuclear sniffer' plane is sent to Britain as wave of deadly radioactive

Mario and the Magician (Thomas Mann, 1929)

Remote controlled flying dildos? Really??!!!

Trump's lawyer has told 4 different stories about the Russia-Ukraine 'peace plan' debacle

Global investors warn Texas to withdraw transgender restroom legislation

New Trump Deportation Rules Allow Far More Expulsions

Senator: Trade jobs better for inner-city kids than college

Milo Yiannopoulos: Hypocrite and pedophile protector

Independent Movie Theaters Just Launched A War On Trump With A Brilliant Move.

From restaurants to reefs: recycling discarded oyster shells

Sorry ISIS, You Lost The Title Of 'Enemy Of The American People'

I found a website..on health information..looks reliable, honest, not selling anything..

Mushroom Country

Homeland Security employees locked out of computer networks: sources

Attended Womack's Townhall in West Fork this morning. I was

Soccer Fans Racist Monkey Chants Cause Brazilian Star To Leave Game In Tears

Atheist parents worry about daughter who turned to religion

Meet the woman who broke barriers as a 'hidden figure' at the US Navy us navy women

Lawyer: Portugal to extradite ex-CIA agent to Italian jail

LIVE: President Donald Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer holds the daily White House news briefing

Ecuador election cliff-hanger: Leader near outright victory

Today's petitions

Young Cubans make pedal-powered Model T for transport, fun

Ivanka Trump Tweeted About Religious Tolerance And Lived To Regret It

My fear about the upcoming Han Solo movie (imaginary spoilers included)

Populism fueling self-centered rejection of migrants, pope says

Sean Spicer Press Conf

Buddhist temple welcomes all

Pic Of The Moment: Remember When...?

Bull Escapes From Slaughterhouse, Leads Police Chase Through NYC,,,,(Queens)

You've committed the graver sin, Senator Scott

Man dies after breaching security at Honolulu Airport

The Lakers are now truly Magic's team; Kupchak, Jim Buss out!

Trump spox says Mar-a-Lago makes him accessible to regular Americans. Memberships cost $200,000.

280 Organizations with over 180 million members worldwide tell OceanaGold to abandon lost suit again

In case anyone (not here) had any doubts of what kind of motherfuckers we're dealing with here:

Hunters shot near border blamed illegal immigrants. But they shot each other, cops say


Va. gov vetoes bill to defund Planned Parenthood

Trump declares war on the people who voted for him!!

Trump has lied every day of his presidency thus far

Spicer: Anne Frank Center Should Praise Trump's 'Leadership'

Trump was at the African American Museum today...

What Happens When Trump Stiffs Putin?

A New Age of Discovery Is Happening Right Now in the Remote Forests of Suriname

A New Age of Discovery Is Happening Right Now in the Remote Forests of Suriname

Americas True Terroristic Threat Isnt ISIS, Its Donald Trump

Michael Moore: Do These Ten Things, and [Redacted] Will Be Toast

Canada isn't about to throw Mexico under the bus, foreign ministers say

Canada isn't about to throw Mexico under the bus, foreign ministers say

This time, Grassley hears pro-Obamacare voices

FBI's 'Gamergate' file: prosecutors declined to charge men who admitted on video to death threats

Marine Le Pen in Lebanon row after refusing to wear headscarf

Milo Yiannopoulos has resigned from Breitbart

When Spicer talks and is talking about something he is not sure

trump, the inciter-in-chief

Patricia Arquette (on transgendered use of restrooms)

I think progressives need to understand Trump voters. No, really.

Scott Pruitt Goes After Critics, His Own Staff In First Speech To EPA

University offers course to help sniff out and refute 'bullshit'

The gut/brain connection for Alzhemiers

Joni Ernst walks in to deafening chant of "Your Last Term!" and Hides behind VETS!..

Shame, Shame, Shame

Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos resigns in the wake of outrage over his past comments about

Attend a Resistance Recess Event; Save our Health Care, Our Communities & Our Democracy

Breitbart News' new slogan: "The REST of us don't defend pedophiles!"

This popped up in my youtube suggestions.

Now here's a campaign I can get behind!

Why did Donald Trump cross the road?

Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart News

Humans are hard-wired to follow the path of least resistance

Conspiracy-filled graffiti found at National Mall on Presidents Day weekend

Trump's envoy at UN warns Russia US stands firm on NATO, EU

New NC Dem Governor Reverses Course In Major North Carolina Voting Rights Case

A local psychic is on Facebook offering $20 off on psychic readings

New Dem Governor Reverses Course In Major North Carolina Voting Rights Case

Pineapple on pizza. Yes or no? Iceland's president wants to ban it!

'Day Without Latinos' protesters march to Milwaukee County Courthouse, denounce Sheriff Clarke

Austria approves extradition of Ukrainian oligarch tied to Trump campaign aides (WaPo)

Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick Diverts Earnings From Chick-fil-A Commercial to LGBTQ Cause

A Thread Where We All Say: Go Fuck Yourself, Mitch McConnell!

NYC medical examiner performs autopsy on UN ambassador, says cause of death "needs further study.

'He spewed evil for profit good riddance': Internet celebrates Milo's humiliating downfall

Republican lawmakers want to loosen restrictions on silencers.

'Missing' Stickers Placed on Milk Cartons After Lawmaker Dodges Town Halls

Honest Trailers - The Oscars (2017)

Gohmert (R Tx)uses Gabby Giffords' shooting as an excuse to have no town hall.

Just a reminder for Groper Don the Con et al

Report of shots fired inside Houston hospital

Donald Trumps unbroken streak of falsehoods now stands at 33 days

BUSTED: Fox's Tucker Carlson berated an actor who he falsely portrayed as an anti-Trump organizer

United States: Pro-Planned Parenthood marches outnumber anti-choice demonstrators

If college liberals are so naive, why did the campus right fall for Yiannopoulos?

Trump is A Mess at His Press Conference

Ukraine Lawmaker Who Aided Trump Associates on Pact Faces Treason Inquiry

Scientists Find Genetic Evidence of Matrilineal Dynasty at Chaco Canyon

I think I'd take more joy in Milo being canned by Breitbart and CPAC.....

I bow down to John Oliver

Researchers Design Facial Recognition System for Lemurs

Has the White House press offices silence become a weapon in its war on the media?

Virgin Islands governor issues exec. order to reduce operating costs to protect essential services

US Senate leader: Winners make policy, losers go home

Trump praises new African American museum during first visit

Roger Goodell having a sad on over Matt Patricia's T shirt showing Goodell as a clown.

Trump has spent more than twice as much time tweeting than he has at intelligence briefings.

The psychology behind Trump's 'clasp and yank' handshake

Missouri man charged with trying to plan terrorist attack

Grace Slick Says She Will Donate All Profits from Chik-fil-A Ad to Pro-LGBT Organization

Musical Genius or No? Let's hope he doesn't lose his marbles!!!

Virgin Islands Government Has Two Days Cash On Hand Left, Finance Commissioner Reveals

Utah moves to toss school ban on 'advocacy of homosexuality'

In Face Of Massive Protest, Virgin Islands Sin Tax Bill Advances

Bronze Age Weapons And Stone Age Structures Discovered Beneath Scotland

Internet shreds Trump for bragging about himself at African-American history museum

Baton Rouge man, LSU engineers working to create biodegradable Mardi Gras beads

Lazy Old Man - How Trump spent his first month in office, by the numbers

Michael Moore: Do These 10 Things, And Trump Will Be Toast

Did Stone Age People Build A Large Labyrinth In Denmark?

Complete list of theaters showing "1984" on April 4, 2017

Illegal drugs vs. candy bars

Hear This: Scientists Regrow Sound-Sensing Cells

You realize the Milo thing is going to be twisted to help the alt-right

Room Full Of Republicans Cheer Universal Healthcare

Pharma firm CEO insists its $89,000 muscular dystrophy drug is affordable

DHS confirms plan to send non-Mexican migrants to Mexico

FOX NEWS has now sunk to doing fake interviews with impostors and wannabes...

FEC Commissioner Tells Trump: 'I Will Not Be Silenced,' Provide Fraud Evidence

Mars Life Could Lurk Within These Salty Streaks

Sale of public lands in Oregon

Virginia governor vetoes bill defunding Planned Parenthood

The board has spoken: Puerto Rico to be hit with painful austerity measures

Morocco Might Be Part of NASAs Major Discovery

What Milo truly represents

Puerto Rico towards equality as the first Hispanic state

The mystery of hissing meteors

Milo was just a hatchetman for Bannon, nothing more, nothing less

Just Amway on steroid! slate - "Trumps Great Pyramid"

Ukrainian businessman Dmytro Firtash arrested after extradition ruling

Brightest neutron star yet has a multipolar magnetic field

The actual way to do this:

Tune your radio: Galaxies sing when forming stars

11 top Puerto Rico university officials resign amid crisis

New metamaterial is proved to be the world's first to achieve the performance predicted by theoretic

A Champion of the People or Wall Street? Trump Pushes to End Dodd-Frank & Consumer Protection Agency

Report: Grumblings among Alabama's GOP lawmawkers

What's for Dinner....Tuesday, 21 February, 2017.

NASA's audacious Europa missions are getting closer to reality

State Senate Delays Vote on Alabama Memorial Preservation Act

Hey Sean Hannity, hows your hero, Milo doing?

My Undergraduate Campus Troll is Now Senior Adviser to the President

deport milo yiannopolos

Documents Reveal Oakland Police Are Borrowing a Powerful New Cell Site Simulator

Critical opinion from the President of Iceland on creeping authoritarianism...

Ann Ravel Resigns Her Seat On The Federal Election Commission

Stop thinking up new nicknames for Trump! It's pointless!!

Leading a Law to Extinction: Endangered Species and the GOP

New Sign on Statue of Liberty Today

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Tiny new frog species found in India

Concern Trolls

Michael Moore launches website devoted to stopping President Trump

Sunken treasure? Is part of $17M Selby gold loot at bottom of the bay?

2017 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2017 El Camino Real Derby

School district agrees to remove Ten Commandments monument

US appeals court upholds Maryland assault weapons ban

2017 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2017 Hyacinth Stakes(JPN)

Liens show governor's companies owe his state $4.4 million

2017 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2017 Southwest Stakes

Global investors warn Texas to withdraw transgender restroom legislation

Who paid for Trump's rally in Melbourne?

Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Keeps Low Profile Since Taking Office

What Patriotism! - Bernie Sanders

Is There Any Evidence That GOP Senators & Reps Are Even Listening. I Do Not See Evidence They Are..

Sweden stood with us after Bowling Green

Why do we need to understand Trump voters? They need to understand us.

Those Damn Muslims...

My wife has a radio show on local college radio.

Quote of the Day

Muslims Unite to Repair Jewish Cemetery

MSNBC Craig Melvin hit back hard when Trump supporter tried to lie (VIDEO)

When you're too fucking crazy for Brietbart, its time to reconsider your basic self.

The rise and fall of Milo Yiannopoulos how a shallow actor played the bad guy for money-Delish!

'British IS bomber in Iraq' Ronald Fiddler was former Guantanamo detainee

Bannon Delivered Different Message Before Pence Visit

We don't need to wait until '18 to begin to tip the House

How many, and who, of the incoming cabinet secretaries will be gone by summer? By year's end?

Another pundit on MSNBC just repeated the lie about Trump getting 30 percent of the Latino vote.

Anne Frank Center offers to praise Trump, as suggested by Spicy...under one condition.

South Dakota bill leaves evolution skepticism up to teachers

So story of a shooter in hospital can become national news before its confirmed by local authorities

Tucker Carlson Couldnt Debate the Anti-Trump Organizer He Wanted, So This Actor Stepped In

Why the fuck do we have Democrats trying to get us to sympathize with deplorables?

Yes He Did

Racist video draws condemnation, is removed from YouTube

Mr. Bannon, about Milo...

OK, this time I REALLY mean it...for the love of God, please DO NOT SHARE this photo. Please.

Drumpf got this dictator thing bass ackward

Trump is a control freak.

It gets worse..Ken Bone returns to the limelight, will attend CPAC

President Trumps Harsh Immigration Policy Is Now a Reality

Jim De-fucking-Mint....

Mass deportation is coming: Trumps Homeland Security Department lays out game plan to expel large n

Protesters greet Sen. Mitch McConnell with heated questions

U.S. judge: Texas cannot oust Planned Parenthood from Medicaid

True Terroristic Threat Isnt ISIS, Its Trump. ISIS isnt threatening to take away your health care

Bentley pushes for control over tech service laden with cash and immense trove of data

Bernie: "number of billionaires has grown ten-fold"

You know this issue with Milo Y

School Asks Teachers To Take Down Pro-Diversity Posters, Saying Theyre Anti-Trump

Alabama Republicans tried to clean house and were one vote short

GOP Moves to Delay Obamacare Lawsuit (sued to block it - now may be forced to keep it)

Alabama's failed redistricting plan could bring back preclearance

What happened to Ed Schultz?

What is their endgame?

Federal Appeals court upholds Maryland assault rifle ban.

McConnell passes 1,000 Protesters On His Way to a Private meeting with 50 People

Milo is the Mini-Donald (Frank Bruni, NYTimes)

Socialisms Return

These Couples Are About To Find Out If They Can Live Together In Britain After Five Years Of Waiting

Fact checker: 132 false or misleading Trump claims in 33 days so far...

Sorry, your "representative" is too busy for a public town hall...

lone GOP Georgia congressman holds a rocky town hall meeting

Anne Frank Center: Anti-Semitism has 'infected' Trump administration

The guy who we are supposed to empathize with him and his supporters is dissing us again

Science activism on the rise: Boston rally is latest iteration

So who is going to bring the crops in?

Trumps mass deportations have arrived. But will Repubs pay for them? est 4 Billion/yr!!

Ivanka Trump Tweeted About Religious Tolerance. It Didnt Go Down Well.