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Archives: February 23, 2017

Interesting factoid about Mar-a-Largo

Crowd At GOPer's Town Hall: Investigate Trump Like You Investigated Benghazi

Russia builds replica Reichstag so children can recreate 1945 victory


California city's council votes to impeach Donald Trump

Independent Movie Theaters Just Launched A War On Trump With A Brilliant Move

So, was he shirtless like Vlad for his border ride this morning?

Arlington preschool teacher fired over 'Kill some Jews' tweet, other anti-Semitic posts

Dakota pipeline protest: Arrests as year-long occupation ends

Texas Woman's University building evacuated after chemical reaction

"Organized" town-hall protests? So What!!!!

Pharma bro, scumbag, Martin Shkreli in court as securities fraud case moves closer to trial

Lol! #TinyTrump is trending on Twitter!

Conservative provocateur targets CNN with secret recordings

Jurors watch as woman buys pregnancy test an hour before she was stabbed 40 times

Witches around the world are planning a mass casting of spells on Trump

South Texas police officer found dead at shooting range

Thiel company helped support NSA spy program: report

Raise pay or 'burn alive,' Dallas ISD teacher warned staff, police say

Politics is what you do to get elected

Senate panel OKs far-ranging privatization of Texas CPS workers duties

Netflix - - Trevor Noah:Afraid of the Dark.

Drumf's disapproval rating keeps creeping up

Bill package shapes fight on high-speed rail

Police K-9 shot, school locked down amid north Houston police pursuit

gotaa say one thing for Republicans - an angry mob

LOL! Slate - "The Do Nothing President (Making America Meh Again)

Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash's extradition to Chicago on hold

BREAKING NEWS Trump administration rolls back protections for transgender students

Grandmother who blistered McConnell at town hall booted from second one and blasts him on CNN

Robert Reich is live now.

Members of Congress no-show at town halls, so voters are holding events with cardboard cutouts

Thank you Americans - magnificent

Hillary: "If you can't stand the heat..."

Tell the Senate: Reject Trumps xenophobic regime. Block the RAISE Act

the google doodle on the Trappist 1 system is cool. FYI

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. Not "Jeff Sessions." Every time, people..


If you feel like fighting back is useless, read this.

Sen. Mitch McConnell hears it from protesters -- this time in Louisville

Tonight DNC Chair Debate at 10pm ET on CNN

Gov. Matt Bevin pays late property tax bill

Sen Cotton: My husband is dying-We can't afford health insurance-What kind of insurance do you have?

Corey Baker gofundme UPDATE plus resources for recovering funds

Check out this LTTE in the Louisville Courier Journal

Tiny Trump / The Pocket Potus

Look at this crowd

4 Town Halls. People present by Repugs are 'no-shows".....Where's Darrell???

Jeopardy Contestant Gets Away with Flipping off Trevick/ and America

New planets, says NASA? Trump issues EO to prohibit

Make that $74M in stock dumped by Humana execs

GOP Rep Says Crowd At His Town Hall "Was Real People With Real Concerns" not "artificial crowd"

Marsha Blackburn: Tea Party was bottom-up; these protests are top-down.

PJ Harvey - The Orange Monkey

Trump hiring freeze ended pre-K, daycare for US military families in Germany

10 Kentucky restaurants claim sanctuary status

Republican Rep. Ken Buck quietly meets with Trump critics to talk health care

The new planets and their residents are orbiting a dwarfed (hand, realty TV) STAR

House passes bill that would overturn Louisville's plastic bag ban

Trump Administration Rescinds Rules on Bathrooms for Transgender Students

The Town Hall

NY 21st Congressional District had a town hall meeting today.

What are the 'war on Louisville' bills?

the google doodle on the Trappist 1 system is cool. FYI

Donald Trump is dangerous when he's losing - Trumps failures at governing feed his illiberalism

Conservative provocateur targets CNN with secret recordings

Senate advances performance-based funding for universities

Debate: Eight candidates for DNC Chair on CNN at 10:00 PM tonight.

To keep Donald happy, Trump's staff has to ensure he's always receiving praise and adulation

State Senate passes bill that would cut funding to Planned Parenthood

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Great toon via @TomthunkitsMind

Special review finds management issues at Kentucky Horse Park

Tonight's Google Doodle: Celebrates the discovery of Trappist-1

Republicans Accuse Protesters of Organizing for Political Change

Iowa Senate Passes Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood

The GOP Plans To So Demolish The Safety Net & Health Care It Cannot Be Revived.

Have you seen this man?

You make your bed...


Rachel Maddow: Why hasn't Jill Stein said anything about the Trump-Russia scandal?

Liberal media my ass!

Lawsuit alleging AT&T employee stole nude photos dismissed

Radioactive boars eating false truffles could cause supply issues in Czech Republic

Bowling Green fairness ordinance fails to even get discussion

Confederate flag "taken down" during reporter's live shot in Charleston.

'Trump, the First Month' on msnbc at 10pm est tonight.

Which Teens Are Most Likely to Smoke Pot? The Smart Ones, Study Finds

Rachel's show tonight (thurs) is largely about Montana politics!

Rep. Andy Barr gets booed, interrupted, scolded and praised in Mt. Sterling

So this showed up on my Twitter feed...

Bill would end paddling in last of Kentucky schools

Trump IS making America Great Again-

Even top Kentucky students falling short in college math skills

Hundreds of disabled people rally in Kentucky Capitol

Three bills advance in effort to help 8,000 children in state custody


Liquor dealer in Kentucky House getting action on his liquor bills

Gotta admit I've been wrong about Audrey HEPBURN & Gregory PECK

Taking of Native oil rich lands

Koterba toon: Obamacare :-)

can we please stop the pile on


Some pics from NY21 Town Hall,the missing Elise Stefanik

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Gets Things Done

Another Lie! Absurd Man-Child Lies, Lies, Lies

Rep. Buddy Carter's Town Hall in SAV GA 02-21-17

And so it begins: Mexican man kills himself after being deported from US


Call me crazy- I think we can win back the House

Americans buy existing homes at fastest pace in a decade

Susan Collins (Senate Intel) says investigation could result in subpoena for Trump tax returns

When the Nazis wrote the Nuremberg laws, they looked to racist American statutes

I like Perez and Ellison both.

FirstEnergy talks bankruptcy and need for bailout of its nuclear plants

New AG of AL ,,,,

GOP to bury House resolution on Trump conflicts

NYPD won't round up immigrants under Trump's deportation orders

Seems like the GOP is only about taking things away.

Tyler Bryant & Larkin Poe at Normans Rare Guitars in L.A.

I'm gonna leave the dem party if I have to listen for one more second

A Poem About TRUMP by a Teacher He Undoubtedly Hates in Bellvue

Wow... He's doing a great job... 85%... 123,217 to He's doing pretty bad... 4,387 3%


Who are the real Deplorables in this country?

Super Scientific DU DNC chair poll!!! VOTE HERE!!

I just saw a Panera commerical.

Inauguration singer upset with trump

Deported Mexicans say bridge death linked to larger suicide problem

The Rude Pundit NAILS GOP on ACA

After Trump's suicide in his post impeachment bunker

Muslim Americans raise over $100,000 to repair vandalism of historic Jewish cemetery

Just Ignore His Supporters

WaPo Weighs in on Media.....

Lawyers: ICE detainee with brain tumor removed from hospital

21st Century Business Model - End Of Traditional Job. The No Job Job.

Seattle-area tech company raided by immigration enforcement

Bill that allows more WV water pollution advances

Dismantling WV Education and the Arts Department

Will America's Oldest Muslim Community Survive President Trump?

Governor's budget comments spark testy debate in WV House, Senate

Reported Trump Ambassador Pick Raises Conflict-of-Interest Questions

No more "Hail to the Chief"..Here's the new intro song..

Speaker from organization designated as hate group talks about refugees at WV Capitol

Farmers take issues to lawmakers

Passengers rejoice when man accused of racism is kicked off flight

A gift to the Party. We have a leader! ODE to JOY!

TCM Playing The Ruling Class. That's no accident.

Thrasher suggests breaking up Justice's proposed Save Our State fund

The Useful Idiot

Rachel Maddow on Montana....

Anaheim, CA (Orange County)..Protesters in the street, police w/ riot gear tonight

AZ lawmakers want to seize the assets of protesters.

Funeral home to forfeit part of business in settlement with AG

Local heroin overdoses don't respond to naloxone

Has our legislature gone stark raving mad?

Drove to Florida on February 28th last year, never saw any green on trees

In first month of Trump presidency, State Department has been sidelined

Susan Collins: Subpoena of Trump Tax Records Possible in Russia Probe

Oklahoma Senate panel passes bill protecting discrimination based on behavior, lifestyle or marriage

Trump's Trips Cost Nearly As Much In A Month As Obama's In A Year

Try acting more vice presidential

Why don't major executive orders get run through the courts first before they are implemented?

Losing war with the media

West Virginia lawmakers advance bill to rein in state vehicles

Off-duty LAPD fires warning shot in scuffle with teens who walked on his lawn

Democracy Dies in Darkness.

Senate Approves Bill Eliminating Unemployment Benefits for Workers on Strike

West Virginia Bond Rating Downgraded for Third Time in a Year

In honor of Donald Trump

Liens Show Justice-Owned Companies Owe State $4.4M

Fairmont woman accused of stealing $150K from Rider Pharmacy

West Virginia secretary of state defends firing 16 employees

State Department sidelined

Trump Dossier Analysis: Corroboration....

The world's poorest people

An America pleading to be heard

I Pee With LGBT -- Richard Linklater debuts ad denouncing the Texas bathroom bill

Administration withdraws protections for transgender students

New York Police Lower Cost Estimate of Guarding Trump and His Tower.

I really hope that this movement against Trump will encourage voters

Democrats Best Bet to Retake the House? Follow the Sun.

Sen. Susan Collins wants Mike Flynn to testify before Congress about his Russia connections

Trump to seek advice from firms that offshore work

Jackie Evancho asks for a meeting on transgender rights

It Cost New York City $24 Million

Barriers to border security plans

Democrats Best Bet to Retake the House? Follow the Sun

Trump and Black History

Air Force Stumped by Claim of $1 Billion Savings

More concerned by leaks than Russian ties: poll

Nate Cohn: Districts like Orange County CA will decide if Dems control House.

Question about hidden posts

FirstEnergy Will Sell or Close Both Ohio Nuclear Power Plants

Missing South Texas Man Found Happily Living New Life in Northeast Ohio

It turns out GoFundMe is really good about returning funds solicited dishonestly.

What Ever Happened To All The Old Racist Whites From Those Civil Rights Photos?

Trump's Wall and Immigration Policies: A Closer Look

The synchronicity was clicking tonight.

Why One University of Akron Student Longboards Around Campus Dressed Like Jesus

French Obama devotees launch 'OBAMA17' campaign

Mom mails garbage to college student who didn't empty trash

Mississippi self-imposes 1-year football postseason ban

Nebraska receivers coach gets 30 days in jail for 3rd DUI

Mentor bus driver to retire after jury awards $1.26 million in wrongful death

On the Milo Bus With the Lost Boys of Americas New Right

Finding a spiritual home: Pagans, atheists, humanists form social groups to reach like-minded

Aiding & Abetting

With Trump and his minions we are living a real life zombie movie

Daily Holidays - February 23

Border Wall Would Cut Across Land Sacred To Native Tribe

Border Wall Would Cut Across Land Sacred To Native Tribe

The Democratic Party's Rising Star: Openly Gay Mayor Pete Buttigieg's Run For DNC Chair

I believe that if I see someone verbally attacking another person it is my duty as a fellow human

Teenage Iranian chess master banned from national team for refusing to wear a headscarf

San Antonio ISD Trustee Arrested in Bribery Scheme Steps Down

Can a Sanders Democrat Win the New Jersey Governors Race?

Catholics continue to press Trump on climate change

Dutch 'abortion ship' due in Guatemala

Proposed Portland Exxon plant discussed in public forum

Bexar County Says No To High-Level Nuclear Waste Route

Trump has started cooking the books of the US economy... in a stupid way.

Dan Patrick Offers Vouchers as Solution to Special Ed Failures that He Helped Create

Hawaii bill would ban licenses for some foreign fishermen

Woman says she was fired after complaining about Hooters business lunch

Astronomers explain unusual dune-like patterns on comet 67P

On Finding the Pure Land: Shinran Shonin's Confession

Japanese app helps workers find open toilets -- and employers track bathroom time

Idaho town braces for sentencing after alleged high school racism and rape

These massive protests are starting to work.

You're Making Things Up Again, Donald! 🤥🤥🎶 Randy Rainbow Song Parody

'Leniency is over': the controversial plan to scrub off So Paulo's famous street art

Montana Republicans Kill LGBT Anti-Discrimination Bill

A 50 state strategy requires a big tent

Brazil foreign minister Jose Serra quits

Once Again, Trump's Tweet Proves He's an Incompetent, Conspiracy-Driven Idiot

Town Halls. Here we are, where will it end up?

Mosul offensive: Iraqi forces recapture airport in bid to retake city

A declaration of war on 11 million people

Violent arrests as police begin evacuating Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp

MJ is seriously melting down .. lol... its funny this morning NT

Libyan Red Crescent recovers bodies of 74 refugees

Trump to seek jobs advice from firms that offshore U.S. work

The Late Show Presents: Presidential Leak-Crets

Constituents erupt as Joni Ernst flees town hall after only a handful of questions

Pope Francis: Christian, Jewish, and Muslim terrorism "do not exist."

Worker who stole $90K from prosecutors office may avoid prison

Coroner: Miami student died from complications of alcohol consumption

Democrats could take back the House with only two or three primary issues.

Lucas County to pay $1.28M in 2004 inmate death

Portman speaks to GOP amid Fremont protest

Manafort faced blackmail attempt, hacks suggest

Trump is a cancer on this country and resistance is the remedy.

Missouri House advances paycheck deception measure

POTUS still has our back.

Palmer Pleads Guilty to Fraud, Money Laundering in Connection with Alleged Investment Fraud Scheme

"Can we not kill them all?" Right wingers ask about Muslims at meeting

Trump is right about the media being the enemy of the American people

'Real men provide, real women appreciate it' billboard draws controversy

Missouri man shouting racial slurs kills one man, seriously wounds two in Kansas bar shooting spree

Mr. Kristof, I disagree

Worst Flooding In 100 Years In San Jose; 14,000 Evacuated

Surprise! Pruitt Emails Reveal Industry "Fawning" Over AG's Attacks On EPA, 110-Proof Venality

Alexandra Petri on dRumpf's 2020 campaign

"A death row for infants."

Lawyers: ICE detainee with brain tumor removed from hospital

Infowars' Alex Jones Is Trump's CAPS LOCK Advisor (Colbert)

Watch! A pygmy three-toed sloth swim between mangroves on the hunt for a mate.

Lawyers: ICE detainee with brain tumor removed from hospital

Susan Collins/Investigation into Flynn

Emails reveal Pruitt's behind-the-scenes collaboration with oil and natural gas giant

I'm sensing a movement the likes of which the world has never seen

The NASA Rocket Scientist Leaving Mars for Politics

Climate change doubles size of northern lakes, pushes bison off habitat

Missouri lawmakers vote to slash unemployment benefits

This President's Word Is Worth NOTHING.

LePage to Trump: Ax North Woods national monument

Facebook Donates Some $100,000 To CPAC, Reminding Users Again That Its Not Liberal

Most wood energy schemes are a 'disaster' for climate change

Trump put up another survey. Here is the link

There Should Be Threats of Charging Them With Murder....


Lyrics: The Hoaxer (with apologies to Paul Simon)

Lost: 1 US Senator

This is not Trumps America!:Passenger kicked off Flight..

Did you know about the Humphead Parrotfish?

"A Silent Debate"

Houston Congressman John Culberson's Town Hall was a Private, GOP-Only Affair

What about the Pence-at-the-cemetery propaganda stunt?

F*ck your shoes: West Wing actor blasts Ivanka Trump for enabling administrations hatred

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Closing the Door

GOP Rep Says Crowd At His Town Hall 'Was Real People With Real Concerns'

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - The new face of America is Orange

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Trump's Misogyny Takes Its Toll On Women

Arizona Senate votes to seize assets of those who plan, participate in protests that turn violent

Susan Collins open to subpoena to get Groper Don the Con's

Rep. Martha Roby (R) meets face to face with her constituents!

Charles Blow: "This Is Why I have no patience for liberal talk of reaching out to Trump voters."

missing:us congressman

If tRump keeps accusing, what are clearly conservative constituents, of being paid left wing

The next DNC chair will have a huge opportunity and a huge burden - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Undocumented woman with brain tumor removed from hospital by ICE

Watched 1st ep of Animal Planet's "The Zoo" last night.

Milo learns the First Amendment isn't a get-out-of-jail-free card for foolishness

Frommers reporting the 'Trump Slump,' a Devastating Drop in Tourism to the United States

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Big Ed Schultz?

If abortion rights fall, LGBT rights are next

"Truth is a five-letter word." . . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!!

Land of the Free is now Land of the Fearful...

Asset Forfeiture and protesting

So asking your congressman or senator a question at a meeting he/she arranged (for taking questions)

What the world needs now is Love Sweet Love (For Everyone)

Republicans Will Bury Resolution on Trump Conflicts

A grab em by the pussy hack is talking about

Shame On Him: Louie Gohmert invokes Giffords shooting as reason not to hold town hall

Fox News contributor Alan Colmes has passed away at the age of 66

Obama lawyers form 'worst-case scenario' group to tackle Trump

Republicans move to hide Trump's Russia connections, bury conflict of interest investigations

A Trump Rebellion Is Reported to be Brewing Among The Intelligence Community

Trump and Sessions' rescinding President Obama's trangender restroom directive is so messed up.

The Travel Press is Reporting the 'Trump Slump,' a Devastating Drop in Tourism to the United States

Russian Officials Confirm Contact with Trump During Campaign

Trump Spends in 1 Month What Obama Spent on Travel in 1 Year

Breaking: Alan Colmes has died!

In New Jersey, a record crowd at town hall presses Rep. Lance to get tough on Trump

Black Revolutionary War Reenactors Want to Set the Record Straight

Retired Navy admiral: Trump's remark about media 'the greatest threat to democracy'

Conservative(Idiot) activists refuse to believe Trump is spending more on travel than Obama

Russian newspaper editor on "Puppet Trump"-The Kremlin consider him a stupid, unstrategic politician

Steve Phillips, speaking on Sirius Progressive Radio, has done research that shows that

Verizon: FiOS Adult Content Displays Will Be Opt-In

Big talking chicken shit Rep. Pete King will not be holding a town hall.

French fans launch website urging Obama to run for president in France

Bannon, Pence send contradictory messages to EU

Stephen Colbert Savages Alex Jones: 'This Is Why You Don't Mix Steroids with Peyote!'

Angry Constituents Hammer Tom Cotton At Town Hall: Do Your Job

"Get Out" Trailer

Thousands Attend Town Hall To Grill, Shout At Tom Cotton: 'Do Your Job!'

Yes, liberals are planning town hall protests. It's called democracy

A moment to remember the protesters at Obama rally in 2009.

Paul Manafort targeted for blackmail shortly before Ukraine ties forced him out of Trump campaign

What's the policy on posting a Go Fund Me link?

The sound is down on my tv, but I am watching the graphics. I am sick to death

Mexican senator aims to hit U.S. for Trump's 'big lie' on NAFTA

Retired Navy admiral: Trump's remark about media 'the greatest threat to democracy'

When the bottom really falls out Trump's story will be the same as Smirky's.

Trump is Kremlin's puppet, Russian editor says

Kellyanne Conway at CPAC: Feminists protesting Trump 'just have a problem with women in power'

A Russian/Trump Timeline

Mitch isn't scared of protesters...but he did slide in the back door and station snipers on the roof

Local educators say transgender policies won't change after Trump rollback

My morning dream as I woke up: Melania Trump was standing at a lectern,

Venezuela poverty up to 81% (Spanish)

But Please Don't Be Mean At My Town Hall!

Labour fights for post-Brexit future in crunch UK by-election

Bullshit Artist Dr. Oz Is Doing an Episode About Fake News

After several years, all extreme and exceptional drought conditions gone from California

Betsy DeVos: Protecting LGBTQ Students Should Be 'Key Priority' for All Schools


Chicago public schools wont let ICE agents in without a criminal warrant

Fake news via omission: Fox reports that "Sweden Democrats" say "Trump was right"

Corporate MEdia trying real hard today to equate Tea Party with current protests

Venezuela now leads US asylum requests as crisis deepens

"Party of Lincoln?" "Leader of the Free World?" Trump has destroyed all that.

Pence: Recent grad w honors from The Paul Ryan School of Photo-ops

I think we should cut all the people on the Internets who type "Your an idiot!" some slack.

Gorka's angry (recorded) call to terrorism propaganda expert Smith

Caregiver who gave lapdance to 100 year old man and talked sexually to him faces charges

25 Amazing RED ANIMALS You NEED To See To Believe


My wife is taking Immigration Law training...

A poll on the Supreme Court vacancy

Montana GOP Chair warns "too much voting" favors Democrats! Per MSNBC's Rachel Maddow

Rumana Ahmed: I Was a Muslim in Trump's White House (MUST-READ from The Atlantic)

Conway To Town Hall Protesters: 'Come Up With Your Own Solutions'

Tech opens new war with Trump over transgender rights rollback

Will Trump and Bannon drag us into another big ground war? It could happen sooner than we think

The Easiest Way to Get Trump out of the White House Is Through Resignation

A peek inside the workings of ItStarts.Today

Why do right-wingers favor Keith Ellison in the DNC race? Various reasons, and they're not pretty

So this afternoon, the devil goes down to CPAC?

So Mexico is the #1 target for DRUMPF to send his goons to, not ISIS or Russia

MUST SEE: TV Commercial that will air during the Academy Awards - NY Times - The Truth Is Hard

Good effin' grief - here he goes again

'Stigma and discrimination': Apple rips Trump for yanking protections from trans students

Listening now to 45/140. I really do think he has respiratory issues

"I Was a Muslim in Trump's White House. I lasted eight days."

California moves to pre-empt Trump on environment, endangered species

Red, rural America acts on climate change without calling it climate change

This is not Trumps America!: Passengers rejoice when man accused of racism is kicked off flight

The GOPs Lack of Policy Specifics Is Making Its Town Hall Problem Worse

Kellyanne Conway wants you to think of all the things Trump could be doing instead of Presidentin'

does the dow go down *every* time he talks?

ya know, I think we should have a cell phone area.......JMHO

California moves to pre-empt Trump on environment, endangered species

As SEALs Fought For Their Lives, Trumps Account Sent And Deleted A TV Tweet

Boehner: Republicans won't repeal and replace Obamacare

one thing i'm starting to understand, thanks to donnie,

Pic Of The Moment: The Shape Of Things To Come?

Pope Francis: better to be an atheist than a hypocritical Catholic

This is not Trumps America!: Passengers rejoice when man accused of racism is kicked off flight

McMaster Has the Islamophobes Worried. Good.

My new motto for Donald Trump (with apologies to Andy Warhol):

Constituents go Cotton pickin' at Springdale town hall

John Podesta joins The Washington Post as contributing columnist

Steve Womack hearing from constituents, sounds a little grouchy

Inauguration Singer Jackie Evancho and Transgender Sister Ask for Meeting With Trump

As SEALs Fought For Their Lives, Trumps Account Sent And Deleted A TV Tweet

As Soon as Republicans in Congress See Trump As a Threat to Their Re-election,

Breitbart is one big scam...

New Pro-Obamacare Ad Features Trump Voter

It's my birthday today.

Only in America ...

Trump wasn't a real CEO. No wonder his White House is disorganized.

Pope suggests it's better to be an atheist than a greedy Christian

Trumps Deportation Surge - WSJ Editorial

Pope on fire: "Better to be an atheist than a bad Catholic" plus fake-news-spreaders are crap-fetish

There are daffodils blooming in my yard in February. Fits with the times.

Trump Says His Admin's Deportation Enforcement Is A 'Military Operation'

Financial Times takes apart Ted Malloch, Trump's favorite for ambassador to EU

Trump Vows to Put CEOs to Work Restoring U.S. Manufacturing

Pic Of The Moment: Politician Famous For Crying Is Now Laughing At Fellow Republicans Over ACA

Great basic-to-intermediate Microsoft Windows site: (done by an Estonian IT guy)

Why Do So Few Vote In US?

IMO,Hoping that gaggle of CEO's acquaint POTUS with Universal Basic Income.

Axios reporting GOP will delay infrastructure bill till next year, use it against Dems in midterms

Conservative activists refuse to believe Trump is spending more on travel than Obama

Keep your eyes on James Okeefe..

Legal Standard to Impeach the Donald (Trump/Dumpf)

Do you think Republicans are going to kill Democracy in this country?

Anyone notice that Trump hasn't been tweeting much the past couple of Days

Conservative activists refuse to believe Trump is spending more on travel than Obama

My call to Ted Poe's office

A song for those who live in deeply red counties and can't get out at the moment.

TPM: Abuse, Humiliation and the Wall

Study builds argument that infections may increase autism risk

Please Remember This: We Do NOT Have to Win EVERY Seat in Congress.

Airborne Black Lives Matter protester grabs Confederate flag

CPAC Boots White Nationalist Richard Spencer After He Crashes The Party

GOP poll gives Wisconsin Democrat Tammy Baldwin a 14-point lead over Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke

Ted Cruz Thinks Another Supreme Court Seat Will Open Up This Summer

You can't make this up: CPAC organizer denounces alt-right as left-wing fascist group

Officials With Large Vehicles & Weapons Advancing on Standing Rock NOW

Trump dossier analysis delivered to 200 members of congress today.

Montana GOP proves they fear democracy

"ambition, avarice, vanity, the honorable or venial love of fame, are all in conspiracy against the

Business group sends Trump list of rules to repeal

John McCain blasts Sean Hannity for peddling 'a fake news story' alleging ties to Russia


I HAVE to tell you, I am scared.

Will an openly gay mayor from the Rust Belt be the Democrats' next leader? (Guardian)

Trump May Have Demoted NSCs Military and Intelligence Leaders by Accident

Stupidest reason not to hold a town hall meeting, Gomer of course...


Nearly Half See a White House In Chaos

Wallace Falls: Agreement sets aside 25 acres from planned DNR timber auction

Was there a new Top Ten Consevative Idiots yesterday?

Trump says he wants to fix our divisions. But he may gut an institution that does exactly that.

White Nationalist Richard Spencer Removed From CPAC

CNN mocks James O'Keefe after his big 'investigation' on them turns out to be a massive bust

Dream Job?

Video/article of Wyden town hall from Saturday. He is working for all of America, not just Oregon.

I'm beyond the silliness of "establishment" arguments. Let's remember..

John Podesta joins The Washington Post as contributing columnist

What Is It Going To Take To Get The GOP To Listen? They Are Brain Dead.

U.S. Treasury extends its search for dirty money in real estate

I was out getting Olive (My sweet, green Ford Ranger) serviced today

Protesters demand Congressman Reichert meet with constituents

We Need A Class Consciousness Revival

Matthew 25 Pledge

The trickle of refugees fleeing the U.S. to Canada could become a deluge in the spring

Will Pipelines Destroy Our Thru-Hikes?

Trump again vows to bring back U.S. jobs, but offers few details

A GOP rep who is in touch with reality is now a newsworthy event:

Automakers Call on E.P.A. Chief to Ease Fuel-Efficiency Standards

CPAC organizer denounces alt-right as left-wing fascist group

Bill Maher: Trumps Forgotten Man

Florida man accused of Clinton Foundation hack to plead guilty

Dennis Hastert sex abuse victim wants all $3.5 million of hush money promised to him

I see Ginni Thomas part of a Cpac panel

Hill GOP asks governors to help save Obamacare repeal

Trump lawyer pushed pro-Russia deal for Ukraine, politician claims

Norwegian Air to offer U.S.-Europe fares starting at $65 one way

Daffodils in February

Analysis: Spicers claim there are 12, 14, 15 million people in the U.S. illegally

Next time you see somebody with a Confederate flag, tell them...

Richmond City Council unanimously approves Trump impeachment resolution

Rights of Women: 10 Resources for Womens History Month

Majority of Americans trust the media more than Trump: poll

It's one month and three days. I just checked - yup. He is even more deplorable

Ted Cruz calls Democrats "bat crap crazy..."

Woman with dying husband confronts Tom Cotton: "What kind of insurance do you have?"

COLUMN: Political representation decides womens rights

So who is more likely to be arrested for bathroom crimes again?

Domestic terrorists killed his son. He wants Trump to remember that America makes extremists, too.

Have to say....Today's Google Doodle is adorable!!

Harrison throws support to Perez in DNC race

While we're paying for $10M for DT's trips to Mar-a-lago, this takes place:


Bannon and Priebus being introduced at CPAC now, live on CSPAN, CNN

Despite objectors, Rep. Comstock hosts second tele-town hall

KO:The Intel Community and the Slow Death of Trump's Presidency- Does Trump see what's going on here

Make America "Great" Again rallies next month.

KO:The Intel Community and the Slow Death of Trump's Presidency-Does Trump see what's going on her

AZLoop at ASU: How about mass transit at 750 mph?

Prez Bannon on DJT "The greatest public speaker since William Jennings Bryan"

cognitive dissonance

@SenSanders wants you to join him on Saturday to help save the Affordable Care Act.

Poo Poo Head Spencer asked to leave CPAC

Today's petitions

In Refugees, Companies Find a Talent Pool -- and Training Challenges

Looking for the best place to shop flower seeds

BREAKING NEWS: Unbathed, drunken vagrant wanders onto CPAC stage, starts ranting fascist gibberish.

watch this on gerrymandering. Quite frightening

Not the best of times for US - Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg

11 Damn Years of Red State Update

Excellent article on Senate Intel Committee investigation of Trump/Russia. It's coming together!

blacksfortrump2020. takes you to an extreme insane site

If you're watching the CPAC reports please remember

Anybody else think Steve Bannon look like he shit on himself ?

A Muslim in Trump's White House

Rep Louie Gohmert (TX-01) says he won't hold a town hall because ... (wait for it ...)

Trump is a deadly threat to America

Update on taking back the CT senate.

Envoys get cool reception

Trump calls deportation push a 'military operation'

On shaky ground

Majority embarrassed by President

Geert Wilders suspends election campaign over alleged security leak

Mystery $50 Million Loan

We owe the bravery and fearless voices of resistors at town halls to the Jan 21st women's march.

Cranky bones!

do you ever get the feeling that some liberal warriors are happier when Democrats are the minority

Good-bye, Facebook

Bannon looked like a black balloon topped by a melting plastic mask. But he's dangerous.

President Obama Has Started 'United to Protect Democracy'

CPAC organizer denounces alt-right as left-wing fascist group

A Call to Action: Start Locally at Your Own Town Hall

A Call to Action: Start Locally at Your Own Town Hall

A Call to Action: Start Locally at Your Own Town Hall

Commander of bin Laden raid slams anti-media sentiment

Navigating Trump's America

Women Consider Running For Office

My Sirius XM yearly renewal is up. On the fence about renewing

CPAC has a panel called "Heaven has a wall, a gate and extreme vetting. Why can't America"

I just wondered

It would appear that if you are on Facebook you are supporting the Republican cause

To Mexico: Just refuse to accept deportees that aren't Mexican citizens.

Trump's envoys get cool reception as deportation plans upset Mexico

Former Joint Chiefs Chair Gives Dire Warning Of Bannon: He Should Be Kicked Off The National Securit

Orange Foolius ......someone named him Orange Foolius ...

Trump Waste Of Taxpayer Money Sets A New Record With 4th Weekend Trip To Florida

Manafort blackmailed

Bannon: Trump administration is in unending battle for 'deconstruction of the administrative state'

Morford: The first 30 days: A fine month of unmitigated hell

Morford: The first 30 days: A fine month of unmitigated hell

trump, will he ever swear in new American Citizens?

Trump's REAL theme song:

Bannon And Priebus Emphasize Unity

Crushing Adamantium with Hydraulic Press

Private prisons could see big payoffs

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Feb. 23, 2017

Russia scandal reaches tipping point

Hi... I'm here to resist

AND ANOTHER THING! "100% Real Ingredients."

FCC Proposes 'Next Generation TV' Standard


Where is the Liberal version of CPAC? Why don't we have one?

Trump can't find any US trade surpluses

Trump administration may tweak data to re-calculate trade deficit

Anyone have the number to Mexico? I need to check this out.

This Obscure News Story, Which Should Be Huge, Shows How Trump Gets Away With Corruption

Trump wants to expand U.S. nuclear arsenal, make it 'top of the pack': Reuters interview

War on Immigrants will be costly

GOP Gerrymandering: Death Grip on Democracy

Chubby Siberian Tigers Hunt Electronic Bird Of Prey

Trump expected to huddle with top GOP donors in Palm Beach

Weakened Democrats, Opting for Total War on Trump, Bow to Their Voters.

Fascist Google purges pro-Trump websites as prelude to coup attempt against Trump!

Trump's Russia scandal reaches a political tipping point


Just in case you were wondering what Steve Bannon is REALLY up to ...

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Politicians ignore the resistance at their own peril

I don't get it.

Okay, I do love this...#fakenews

Jameis Winston Puts His Foot in His Mouth Again

White House hints at crackdown on recreational marijuana

ACT BLUE switched one-time contribution to recurring.

Hensarling TX-05 chairman of the Finance Committee accuses Dems of pushing 'tyranny'

A Call to Action: Start Locally at Your Own Town Hall

"Mr. Precedent" finally leashed?

Colombias ex-president seeks referendum to alter peace deal

A windfall for top CEOs in Trump era

Pro-tRumpers and alt-righters are staging their own march day: march4trump on March 4.

Ah, Trump America where going to the bathroom is a states' rights issue

This is a great opportunity for the Democrats to unite the country against these assholes and

Caption this photo of a disingenuous display of "unity"

Gabby Giffords to Louie Gohmert: 'Have some courage. Face your constituents.'

HOW the GOP will win in their War on ACA..

New graft claims hit Argentina president

Standing Rock Live coverage

What the heck is Bannon doing to poor Reince?

Honduras: local TV news anchor targeted by flawed trial, smear campaign

Protests in Anaheim, California, After Off-Duty Cop Fires Gun During Clash With Teens

Volcano expert and guide survive falling into active Nicaraguan crater

Volcano expert and guide survive falling into active Nicaraguan crater

14 One-Hour-or-Less Chocolate Desserts and Treats Get your fix quick.

How Trump's Deportation Crackdown Could Sink El Salvador

Tim Wise is bringing it..

25 Airbag Rainbow Explosion in 4K - The Slow Mo Guys

Protesters march on Rep. Dave Reichert's office in Issaquah, WA. Rep. Reichert is not holding town

Most wood energy schemes are a 'disaster' for climate change

Jeff Sessions Rescinds DOJ Phaseout Of Private Prisons - Which Donated Heavily To Trump

So Groper Don the Con and his goons want DHS to fix the intelligence

Project Veritas 'CNN Leaks' fall flat

Sign this Whitehouse petition: Remove Steve Bannon from National Security Council

US Senator in Favor of Lifting Blockade vs. Cuba

Utah leaders acknowledge immigrants' contribution to state's economy

She "brings shame upon the legal profession": Law professors file misconduct complaint against Kelly

I know , I know ...we shouldn't venerate violence towards Richard Spencer BUT

Passengers Demand Answers Following Intense Customs Scrutiny at JFK Airport

Wait, what? CPAC organizer says alt-right is a "left wing fascist group?"

Former IMF chief gets four years in jail for embezzlement in Spain

Photos: Bernie Sanders in Palm Springs

What holds us together?

Labor Union Officials Left Off Trump's Invitation List for Manufacturing Meeting

Trump wants to expand U.S. nuclear arsenal, make it 'top of the pack'

Law professors file misconduct complaint against Kellyanne Conway

Ohio cities could stop paying prevailing wage to construction workers under proposed bill

AV Club: Please enjoy some videos of Republicans getting their shit wrecked by constituents

Trump says Republican border tax could boost US jobs

Steve Bannon's Economic Nationalism sounds eerily like National Socialism

Abuser-In-Chief (this is a terrific article about Trump wanting to make Mexico pay for the wall)

Brazil's sexy Carnival puts Pentecostal mayor in tight spot

Ohioans could buy limited amount of medical marijuana every 90 days, under draft

Oops. --- Bannon: "I want you Reince". Reince "No, not tonight, I have a headache"...

Ohio bill could reduce prison time for nonviolent offenders who violate parole

Ohio driver's licenses, plates could cost more

'You can see Bannon's hand up Reince's ass': Internet retches at Trump advisers 'sickening' CPAC...

I've seen people on The Walking Dead that look better than Bannon.....

Trump admin rescinds plan to reduce private prison use

Transgender teen moves forward with Supreme Court challenge after Trump action

Ohio Sen. Kenny Yuko says he's cancer free

" We are getting the bad dudes out of the country." - Donald Drumpf

Wolf just reduced Marsha Blackburn to a stammering fool

Cuyahoga County could save $500,000 a year if it ditches certified mail

NYTimes: Weakened Democrats Bow to Voters, Opting for Total War on Trump

It's time for another Trump Limerick Contest

Trump attack on press is 'biggest threat to democracy' says ex-Navy Seal chief

Norwalk woman's obituary takes a parting shot at Donald Trump

I read an interesting article about the Nuremberg Laws

Private prison stocks jump after Trump official says feds will continue using facilities

Trump says deportations a 'military operation;' Homeland chief says no

No more weed...

Why I love a country that once betrayed me- George Takei

Woman convicted in murder conspiracy calls judge 'racist,' gets life sentence

Brazil Tracks Down Suspects Linked to President Michel Temer

I haven't seen this mentioned yet. R.I.P., Alan Colmes!

Ex-IMF boss Rato sentenced to jail in Spain over credit card scand

nice TPM analysis - "How Unpopular is Trump"?

'Keeping Up With The Kattarshians' is Iceland's hottest reality TV show

Rest in Peace, ALAN COLMES.

Iowa senator proposes bill decried as 'political litmus test for universities

Ohio public universities saving money but task force says more must be done

Spotify Australia Claims This Song Is The Number One Sex Song

Brook Park councilwoman charged with theft cites 'alcohol, drug usage or mental health issues'

June 14, 2016. Trump thanks the LGBT community, and makes them a promise.

I just donated to my local public radio station.

Brilliant protest sign by Muslim woman: "2/3 of Trump's wives..."


Blacks and whites join in opposition to fees in Alabama city

Boehner says Obamacare repeal-and-replace 'not going to happen'

*******BREAKING *******Drumpf asked the FBI to exonerate him of collaborating with the Russians

Bin Laden Raid Chief Says Trump Is The Greatest Threat To Democracy In My Lifetime

Tricky Dick and the Don Con

Even Dying In Front Of Them Won't Change Hearts Of GOP Reps/Senators.

Fourth House Republican backs bill to limit Trump on Russian sanctions

Just saw this on FB and I am sharing it here...

$3.35M settlement for family of black teen killed by officer

Obstruction of Justice

Dear Congresscritter: You get what WE pay for.

Who really stopped Dems from attending Portman speech?

Great reader comment about Kellyanne Conway

Legislators move fast to fix 2-month-old Ohio law allowing drivers to ignore red lights

I think Reince would rather be Chris Christie, picking up Trump's Big Mac, than this.


Does anybody else feel like they are living in a parallel universe?

Did Trump just indicate that nuclear warhead reduction treaties should be torn up?

I am watching how it's made. Should i switch to cnn??

White House effort to justify travel ban causes growing concern for some intelligence officials

One Indian engineers murdered, two others injured - hate crime

Russia should probably give their diplomatic corps instructions on avoiding dying suddenly

Now the White House is going after people who smoke weed?

Bannon Admits Trump's Cabinet Nominees Selected to Destroy Their Agencies

Labrador father teaches puppies to swim.

Rowdy Town Halls Are More Organic Than Organized

White House Heavyweight (Luckovich)

CNN smokes all the other news channels when it comes to investigative reporting.

Trump Out of Step with Voters on Key Issues

'I would never say no': Trump on the possibility of meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un.

Kentucky ark attraction adding biblical truth exhibit

Trumps Election Drives More Women to Run

Video of Sen. Gardner (R CO) trying to slime away from constituents.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 24 February 2017

State of IL Collapse: No Budget, Lowest US Credit Rating, AFSCME Ready to Strike

White House hints at enforcing federal marijuana law in all states; compares weed to opioid crisis

So Scrotus wants the US to follow the Soviet model of making the military investment priority #1

#feedthekids Take a look at this map before you spout off about school lunches. All kids deserve fo