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Archives: February 24, 2017

Spicer opens his mouth and out comes another lie

Trump might be coming for your weed


FBI refused White House request to knock down recent Trump-Russia stories

Gov. Brownback's tax policies barely survive after Kansas Senate vote

The horror of dissolution.

Dear paid protesters, you won't get paid unless you have a cover sheet on your TPS report of your...

Falling sales force Family Christian to close stores

Poll: Americans want Feds to respect state marijuana laws

Trump has sidelined Rex Tillerson just when the US most needs a strong secretary of state

Detroit Mayor Duggan: Orr hid predictions on pension debt; city may sue law firm

Kansas city shooting of 3: the HERO's name is Ian Grillot, age 24.

Admin rescinds plan to reduce private prison use

Big Pharma Quietly Enlists Leading Professors to Justify $1,000-Per-Day Drugs

Freaking Iran is more progressive on trans issues than Drumpf, Pence, and Sessions

Billionaires, Corporations Helped Fund Transition

Why is there no Liberal Political Action Conference?

Michigan tax cut talk in tatters after defeat in House

Late-night tax drama reveals GOP's leadership challenge

Pence to meet privately with Uncle Sheldon this week, with an Evil Dick bonus.

Next 'Get out of my country!' White Navy veteran 'shoots Indian immigrant Garmin engineer dead and w

Arkansas Supreme Court blocks local LGBT nondiscrimination measures

Concern Sparked by Recent Changes to a Department of Energy Website for Kids

Deplorable- 'Get out of my country!' White veteran 'shoots Indian immigrant Garmin engineer dead

Judge says women can go topless in Colorado town

California lawmakers release environmental bills in attempt to thwart Trump

Watching the Jeopardy! college final. Bannon, et al must be freaking out.

so, what are you going to do to help, mr trump?

Josh Marshall: Abuser-In-Chief

Hamburg Township woman accused of embezzling from woman with dementia

Commander of bin Laden raid on Trump:

Bill Maher Under Fire for 1998 Comments Condoning Sex Between 35-Year-Old Woman, 12-Year-Old Boy

On DT's inauguration day, Pope Francis talked about the rise of Hitler.

Rothfus LIVE!

I think we may need another Constitutional Convention?

Bernie: "If you dont have the guts to face your constituents, then you shouldnt be in Congress"

Republicans vote to give police powers to arrest people planning peaceful protests

"repeal and Replace" should be the Dems slogan next election

Alan Colmes Has Died

The massive wave of town hall protests ruining the GOPs week, explained (they're not paid)

Jeff Bezos helps Apollo 11 command module Columbia land in Seattle in 2019

Oregon small business group comes to defense of Obamacare

@SenSanders says Cruz lives "in an alternative universe"

Trump list shows 746 travelers 'detained or processed' under travel ban, lawyer says

How Trump Is Trying to Govern America Like an Internet Troll

Arrogant Rep. Dave Brat ignites overflow Virginia crowd with climate change denial, ACA repeal talk

WOW! GOP congress already under attack before a single law is changed. WOW!

Livestream of the UK Parliament Byelections

I have to come clean, I didn't vote in November.

Breaking : VX nerve agent classed as a WMD was used to murder Kim Jong-Un's brother

Obstruction of Justice:

Janet Mock: Young People Get Trans Rights. Its Deplorables* Who Dont

Stephen Bannon is NOT Race Bannon!

To Avoid Sounding Dumb, Interpreters Modify Trump's Language

How many times must the intersection of class and racial discrimination be explained?

CNN Host Abruptly Ends Show When Panelist Calls It "Fake News"

Six in 10 dont think Trump understands complicated problems

Giffords to lawmakers: 'Have some courage'

Republicans distance themselves from agenda at town halls

Trump administration hints at crackdown on recreational pot!

Transition donors linked to Cabinet

De Blasio to be interviewed by federal prosecutors in fund-raising probe

My money is on Tillerson to be the first to resign.

How many people who support of "Black Lives Matter" movement...

Bernie Sanders: "The white house occasionally lies"

As he promised: Obama lawyers team up to fight Trump

Customs agents search for immigration fugitive, check IDs of DOMESTIC flight passengers at JFK

Philippine law enforcers arrest Duterte critic on drug charges

Who can develop a generic campaign ad?

I kinda don't care who wins the DNC chair. What I DO care about is some . . . . . .

Reich Wing running from constituents.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Keeping it Lit For 20 Years! Live, Uncensored & a

Swing Left: Actionable step to take back the House of Representatives

US factory CEOs to Trump: Jobs exist; skills don't

2018 US House Elections. Democrats need a net gain of 24 seats.

Russia's anti-fake news site mocked online

Bernie Sanders warns Republicans worried about protests: You haven't 'seen anything yet

France is urging former President Obama to run in the French presidential election

FBI refused White House request to knock down recent Trump-Russia stories

Underground network readies homes to hide undocumented immigrants

'Heartless con man' J.G. Spooner sentenced to prison for GoFundMe, rent, bad check scams

Trump Staffers Plant Alternative Facts to Stop Him From Tweeting Them

Who will have the ringtone

ISIS driven out of Mosul airport by Iraqi forces with American air support.

One of Duterte's Biggest Critics Arrested on Drug Charges

Republicans Face Town Hall Protests, Trump Golfs: A Closer Look

Rachel Is covering Trump and the Yemen raid

Roskam won't be meeting constituents this recess...

Administration hints at crackdown on recreational pot

Underground network readies homes to hide undocumented immigrants

Vows to bring back jobs but few details

CNN Is Considering Skipping White House Correspondents Dinner....

You cant get caught talking about Trump all the time.

Where in the world is Sarah Palin? Her political star is fading

Battle for deconstruction of the administrative state

A factoid that might be useful.

DU this poll please

Bin Laden raid architect McRaven says Trump media attack threatens democracy

On Rachel just now: General McMaster had a meeting with his senior staff today. One of the things

Recording of video conference; Trump Admin requesting FBI stand down.

So the big bad Sherriff....

A Deplorable Allegedly Shot Three People After Yelling "Get Out Of My Country"

Electric cars are set to arrive far more speedily than anticipated

We Owe Trump a BIGLY Debt of Gratitude

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 26 - 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z

TCM Schedule for Monday February 27 - 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z

Randy Rainbow "You're Making Things Up Again Donald"

I want to thank the good people on DU (update) After 5 months and several procedures and med change

Conversation with a dear friend who lives in Italy

Steve Bannon in a frightening way reminds me of Dick Cheney

Lawrence O'Donnell picked up on something I missed...

Does Donald Drumpf make you embarrassed to be an American?

Montana abortion bill would make doctors try to save fetus

California senator removed from floor after criticizing late lawmaker

Here's to love and compassion.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump claims, and gets, undue credit

Recreational marijuana...

Hear Howard Dean on Lawrence Show,

In times past, Trump would be on his way to impeachment.

Fox News wants you to rate 45's first month in office

Anyone Watching Lawrence O Donnell

I finally made up my mind. It's Pete Buttegig for me.

Dear Gohmert: If You Can't Hold A Town-Hall Because You're Afraid Some Nutcase Will Shoot You...

Members voting in the DNC, I beg you, please, please vote for Pete...

Interview with a Trump Latina that breaks the heart (VIDEO)

Gabby Giffords highlight of the day

*Eric Schneiderman, NY State Attorney General. on Charlie Rose Show now/tonight.

Issue Secret Service Security Vouchers for Trump Family

When do we learn of the new DNC chair?

Women Soldiers in the American Civil War

Local Muslims feel targeted in FBI cold calls

Inslee Says No State Law Enforcement Can Join In on Trumps Immigrant Roundup

NYC medical examiner says more study needed in death of Russian diplomat

'Trump Slump,' TheTravel Press is Reporting a Devastating Drop in Tourism to the United States

i HIGHLY recommend listening to thursday's interview on fresh air. related BIGLY to Turnip.

WA Gov. Inslee Says No State Law Enforcement Can Join In on Trumps Immigrant Roundup

Irony is Broken Again...

To the new DNC Chair:


Do smilies show up when a post is being juried?

The next step on the road to an autocracy.

24 Things Nobody does Better than drumpf

Ted Cruz mocks pro-impeachment Democrats for 'alternative reality'

First with signs, then with dance, dozens hold pro-LGBT rallies at Capitol and Governor's Mansion

O'Donnell just had mental health experts saying T unfit to be pres; paranoid psychopathic narcissist

Shrimp Scampi

Out of the mouths of babes...

Drumpf is getting owned in a FAUX NEWS poll

He's (almost) all boy but will wrestle girls for a state title. Is that right?

High-ranking officials: Fort Worth officer didn't use excessive force in viral arrest

Latest from TPM on FBI request - "It was Reince!"

What does Ivanka Trump know about US manufacturing since her shit is made in Asia ? just askin' nt

Even Cardboard Cutout of Rob Portman Failed to Withstand Town Hall Meeting Crowd

White male shooter in custody after shooting in KS. one dead, two injured. Man shouted racial slurs

Isn't this how civil wars are started?

Cute Overload: Father cat supporting the Mother cat giving birth

Police chief blasts Homeland Security over secret ICE raid

If Aladdin was made today.

Tories win Copeland by-election as Labour holds Stoke

Lawmakers renew push for drilling in Alaska wildlife refuge

Young Immigrants Are Too Afraid To Apply For College In California

There's a young man who works at a convenience store near me.

Click - Vote - NOW! Fox poll, Trump's performances ...

Michael Moore says it will be Worse than we think:

Hey, you know what? Fuck that guy Alan Colmes.

Tick-borne Lyme disease exploding into Michigan; human cases up 5-fold

FU@# You Jenner

Deconstruction Equals Destruction.....

Spanish parliamentarian Inigo Errejon denounces Prime Minister Rajoy for being "Trump's errand boy"

Blast From The Past To Cheer You Up. Cheney Called 'War Criminal' At 2011 CPAC.

U.S. Reps. Justin Amash, Brenda Lawrence field questions at town halls

New Michigan bill would mandate full-day kindergarten in all districts

Rep. Hunter bans Indivisible members from his office, hundreds join protest outside

Democrats to Snyder: Don't close our low-performing schools

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was blackmailed over Russia ties after being hacked

Ecoterrorist admits firebombing Michigan State University 25 years ago

$132M project would bring 12-story buildings to downtown East Lansing

Alphabet's Waymo sues Uber, alleging theft of self-driving car secrets

During the Chris Hayes rebroadcast tonight, I had an interesting thought about "repeal & replace."

Trust will earmark $377M for Detroit pension payments


Dr. Larry Nassar arraigned on new sex assault charges

Indiana Senate committee dials back Pre-K fund proposal

Sanders Statement on Private Prisons

State lawmaker withdraws resolution calling for vote for Gorsuch

Abortion bill targets parents' rights in cases of pregnant minors

This is your mind on Trump:

a brief video from Sidney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Guns are becoming a running theme in Indiana legislature

'We found the rest of the "This is Your Brain on Drugs" Commercial!'

Newsweek: Toxic cosmetics marketed to black women

Former 'Liquid Ninja' CEO pleads guilty to fraud

Bill making 'sanctuary universities' illegal in Indiana moves forward

Daily Holidays - February 24

Company to Pay $9.5 Million for False Reporting That Led to Explosion in Gulf of Mexico

Trump wants nuclear arsenal at 'top of the pack'

Woman admits $1M stolen from employer paid for luxury lifestyle

Trump totally in favour of wonderful EU

Santa Clara County calls sanctuary order extortion

Do we have any artists in here?

Indiana Senate committee advances vaping law overhaul

Kirsten Gillibrand/Russel Honore

Legislative Update: Budget amendments, school vouchers, retirement plans, first bill signed

White House forced to defend Priebus conversation about media reports linking campaign to Russia

Wouldn't an order to make local/state agencies enforce immigration law...

Yesterday in Atlanta it felt like a mild Summer day.

ABC-7 suspends sportscaster Mark Giangreco for anti-Trump tweet

So wow ... No Comment on DU re: Death of 'The Family's' Leader, Doug Coe?

David Gregory on CNN this morning. I missed that move.

Hate crimes rising since Trump's election, activists tell AG Lisa Madigan

Trump and Sanders and Stein

Quinnipiac 2/23 - Republicans Out Of Step With U.S. Voters On Key Issues

Hundreds of protesters urge Bobby Rush, other Illinois Democrats to fight harder against Trump

How Jesse Jackson Jr. collects $138,400 a year from the federal government

State workers should embrace the 40-hour week

Straight women aren't getting their fair share of orgasms

Union authorizes strike, Rauner doesn't budge

Rauner: OK on Obama Day, but no one gets to skip work

New Law Would Let Arizona Treat Organized Dissent as Organized Crime

Rauner calls his demands on Senate budget plan 'reasonable'

Dennis Hastert victim again argues for rest of hush money in court filing

More Than 5,000 Cases Of Mumps In US During 2016, Most In A Decade

UK Scientists Raise Alarm At Oz Plan To Fight Invasive Carp With Herpes Virus - Guardian

The Whiner In Chief Is Crying Like A Little -----

CPAC Weasel Award to Louie Gohmert. Repeal gun control until it's not safe for GOP town hall meeting

President Shitstain's Top Energy Advisor Has Long History As Hack Denialist For Heartland, Koch

2 plans to name Illinois highways for Obama in the works


Meet the Pro-Life Millennials

The origin of Superheroes: Catwoman

The worst thing about Drumpf getting perpetually clowned is he takes it out on vulnerable people

Australia's highest-paid public servant quits $4.3 million job

Russia ties are "total rubbish," and yet, Reince pleads for Obi Wan Comey Obi's help. #MAGA

House panel backs COLA freeze for legislators, congrats for Cubs

Report: LA religious leaders create network to hide immigrants

In February 2017 To Date: 3,146 Record High Temperatures, 27 Record Low Temperatures In US

House panel supports young registry for organ donation

Trump: FBI "totally unable to stop" leakers and some of the leakers ARE FBI members! WOW! USA! USA!

Catholic leaders say deportations hurt safety more than help

Amsterdam Live!

Madigan forms Illinois House panel to address school funding

Council On Environmental Quality Staff Told To Vacate Longtime Jackson Place Offices

RIP Alan Aldridge (cover artist for The Who's "A Quick One" and Elton's "Captain Fantastic")

CNN Blitzer used video evidence to call out Rep Marsha Blackburns lie

I went to Joe Wilson's webpage, and he's having a "town meeting by phone"

LaHood criticized for dodging constituents questions

Reef Authority Warns Queensland Gov. Of "Elevated & Imminent Risk" Of Widespread Bleaching In 2017

Shitstain Shoevendor Pushed To Blunt Language Attacking Climate Pact In Daddy's Executive Order

MEANWHILE, in Nashville:

Following emotional exchange at town hall-GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz said Trump should release tax returns

National Catholic Reporter: Resist, resist, resist the deportation orders

Study: Expect 1/3 Decrease In Colorado River Flows By 2100 Thanks To Warming

Sweden is way ahead of us... WAY ahead!

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker urges nation's conservatives to stand strong against protests

What do you do when you are the most powerful Deplorable in the world and it's kicking your ass ?

New Scientist: Tropical Reefs Now In Fourth Straight Year Of Worst Bleaching Event On Record

In my area, it is not uncommon to hear of a car driving into a building.S

And the children shall lead the way

Donald Trump responds to the FBI scandal

The New Underground Railroad

Amber Alert (CANCELLED) Aylin Sofia Hernandez - Female,6 ... is safe at her home. Update:

Opinion on why the FBI ratted out Reince Priebus


"I only wanted to be human"

The Trump cabinet apology tour.

Family of Tony Robinson, man shot by Madison police, to receive $3.35 million

Part 3: The Epic Journey of Jeremy Lin Continues: Hamstrung

Part 3: The Epic Journey of Jeremy Lin Continues: Hamstrung

C-Span Now Mara Keisling

ACLU sues Milwaukee police over profiling, stop-and-frisk

DNC vote for new Chair will be broadcast on C-SPAN...

In response to Trump's latest tweets, Evan NcMullin tweeted the following...

Town hall crowd airs concerns for Ron Johnson

First installment on the butchers bill: Donald Trumps supporters will be made to pay

47% of the Country Say Trump Has Violated the Constitution, but Few Support Impeachment

God bless all the leakers who keep us informed of what this administration

Wisconsin Ethics Commission records taken in John Doe leak probe

Boulder Valley School District reaffirms commitment to support transgender students

This is the statute for obstruction of justice:

THIS is how you handle a Trump humper at work....

Can we please say a big DU THANK YOU to Ian Grillot, the 24 yr. HERO?

Shit, everywhere....what a mess

This is weird

An anti-Hitler cartoon. Note the America First on the Mommas blouse. Remind you of anyone?

Why does Jeremy Corbyn still have a job?

Well, Caitlyn Jenner, what do you think of Trump now?

"Big" Ed Schultz, Drumpf and Putin bootlicker, hits a new low!

Kim Jong-nam killing: 'VX nerve agent' found on his face

The release of Trump's tax returns is the key

Anyone have a list of what Trump promised to do in his 1st 100 days?

J.C. Penney to close up to 140 stores, offer buyouts

New Yorker cover: "Eustace Vladimirovich Tilley"

Chicago PD hits back at Trump: We asked WH for help and never heard back

Why Kansas' Fiscal Implosion Is Bad News for Trump

Federal appeals court to hear Wisconsin's voter ID, early voting cases Friday

VP Pence: 'America's Obamacare nightmare is about to end'

Scott Walker, Brad Schimel call on Tammy Baldwin to support Supreme Court nominee

Spicer: Feds could step up enforcement against marijuana use in states

A man who raped a wife, has the hots for his daughter, and pays hookers to pee on him wants to

Rebecca Blank: UW employees should get same pay boost in budget as other state workers

State Dept. memo - on dangers of leaks - leaks to media

GOP senators targeted by super PAC ads on Russia

Maddow: Is the Trump administration stupid or nefarious?

Potential Trump Science Adviser Says Climate Change Is Great

How to respond to talk of "voter fraud"

Wisconsin lawmakers consider 'right-to-try' bill for experimental treatments

The moral element of climate change

About 70 protest at Rep. Ryan's Janesville office

Is the stock market in the midst of a large bubble?

Remember when some said Drumpf was a mad genius who used his twitter account to deflect attention

White middle aged men WV, NH, Ky, Oh were hit the hardest

La Crosse man accused of leaving meth in restaurant's tip jar


GAG ME: 'Women appreciate' billboard in North Carolina sparks protest

With the Rethugs...

Well, White People

College: Feces swastika found in gender-neutral bathroom

Over the past year, the FBI has been about as up and down inconsistent......

Let's take huff, huff "Big Ed" Schultz at his word

CNN Blitzer used video evidence to call out Rep Marsha Blackburns lie (VIDEO)

Substitute Clinton's & Lynch's names for Priebus' & McCabe's & Hearings would already be scheduled

Bill would create charter school for teens recovering from substance abuse problems

Man Leaps at Confederate Flag Video Bomb

Pence's effusive praise of Donald Trump at CPAC yesterday?

The new "New Yorker" cover...

Robert Reich: Seven Signs of Tyranny (VIDEO)

Former Speaker Boehner admits Obamacare repeal and replace was a fraud (VIDEO)

Why did the Comey/Priebus transaction go public?

Register as a Repulican and primary the incumbents

The Shallow State

No, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is not running for president in 2020

Did anyone catch the story of the Ocoee Florids

The big news is not the FBI leaks. Its whats in the leaks.

David Corn To Donald Trump: Gotcha

New Castle Police Acquire Armored Vehicle

Will Groper Don the Con end up in a Federal Pen?

You have to love it! New Mexico State University art students unveil 'Dump' sculpture

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Warning Disgusting Trump

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Planets

If Priebus asked the FBI to lie and cover up...he broke the law..Plain and Simple..

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - Cowardly and stupid

We humans, for the most part, are not very good about future thinking.

Santa Cruz and federal agents in war of words over whether a gang sweep was really a secret immigrat

Trump era has maquiladora suppliers worried

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - The Rest

Panicking much, Orange Dump?

Where are America's leaders?

Black History Month *funny* at work

Trumps Health-Care Nightmare Is Only Just Beginning

Interesting that the Madman didn't go on his normal "FAKE NEWS!" rant regarding the FBI story.

Oh My: Priebus asking FBI deputy director if he can cite him as "senior intelligence officials"

Trumps efforts to obstruct the Russia investigation may have finally gone too far

My fear about Trump and trade policy

7 YR old grills Tom Cotton on arts funding cuts

Bannon is basically an Ayn Rander

Priebus is up shit creek

Rio Grande Valley leaders detail conversations with Paul Ryan

Caitlyn Jenner message to blotus

Hidalgo County jury deliberating $2.5M healthcare fraud case

You'd never believe this fucker ducked CPAC last year

Conan OBrien Hits Mexico City To Raise Cash For Donald Trumps Border Wall

What is the Paul Ryan argument...

Trump just started speaking at CPAC and already is making a fool of himself

Ugh, what's that smell?

FYI, the WH changed their FBI/Leak story late last night.

WH admits FBI colluded with them in investigation into Trump officials' activities

Donald Trump Is Once Again Going To War Against His Own Intelligence Agencies

Trump at CPAC - on the media: "They have no sources. They just make them up."

Trump continues his attacks on the "fake media" at CPAC.

George Soros denies funding town hall protests

Awesome reporting from The New Yorker re: the Drumpf-Putin canoodling

Customs Officers Demand ID From Passengers Leaving Domestic Flight At JFK

I've never listened to a Trump speech in its

Traitors At CPAC Waving Russian Flag

How many times has any trump gone to church

Twin Peaks trial security needs prompt overtime exemption

Bannon admits cabinet heads chosen for destruction of agencies

Reform group seeks figures for Baylor's legal fees

Trump, basically says the same crap over and over again with a tiny vocabulary - CPAC. n/t

$115 million state funding bump would get Waco I-35 project rolling

CPAC scrambles to control damage after attendees wave Russian flags during Trump speech

Crowd at CPAC waving these little pro-Trump flags that look exactly like the Russian flag.

Trump's projection of 3.5% growth is "not in the cards" - Robert Reich

Change Your Passwords. Now.

Lol, Russian Flags Handed Out/Waved During Trump CPAC Speech

Looking at and listening to CRAP's audience, a lot of people are NOT applauding traitor don.

Resistance Calendar Web site launched

Pew Poll: ObamaCare Support Hits Record High

Gohmert refuses calls for town hall meetings

Kansas shooting: Family of deceased blames Trump for it

The president claimed lines to get into his CPAC speech stretched 6 blocks

Audience, most of whom couldn't point to Europe on a globe, nod along knowingly

45Pee Just Sank Campbell's Soup....

O'Keefe's latest stunt is yet another dud...

State-level audit reveals ineligible overtime payments to former George West police chief

One month in, anti-Trump movement shows signs of sustained momentum

Wow, knock me over with a feather. The CPAC crowd is going gaga over Drumpf

Annnnnnndddd.....we're back to "Lock her up" chants.

It's seldom you see so many willfully ignorant people in one room.

It Sounds Like 45Pee's Speech Here At CPAC....

Is This True? Trump Sets up White House Meeting with Black Leaders.

what is it with donnie playing a non-american group singing "you can't always get what you want"?

Awwww, memories...

President Trump at CPAP.

Pew: 79% now want to keep or "modify" ACA...only 17% want full repeal.

George Takei Destroys Anti-Trans Arguement in just 11 words

Report: Attackers saw off Jewish mans finger, beat his brother near Paris

WTF Boston: Glasses May Get Banned At Bars Due To Outbreaks Of Glass Being Used As Weapon

Letter: Feminists fight for all women's rights

Kasie Hunt on msnbc shoots down the "6 block long line" bullshit

Sheriff says Texas officer's gunshot wound was self-inflicted

Not a stick...

"We are Americans and the future belongs to us" Trump said.

Texas agriculture chief OKs use of poison to bring a 'hog apocalypse'

Trump falsely claims lines 'go back 6 blocks' for CPAC speech

Trump Wraps Up Appearances Now with "You Can't Always Get What You Want"

Arkansas House supports putting voter ID on ballot

Pope Francis Slams Hypocrite Christians, Suggests Atheists Are Better

DRUMPFhissyfits over LEAKS instead of what leaks CONFIRM.Plus he*orders*flunkies to do stuff

Trump fans were waving tiny Russian flags until CPAC staff confiscated them

Actual Panel At CPAC: If Heaven Has a Gate, A Wall, and Extreme Vetting, Why Cant America?

Jewish (ASU) Sun Devils express anger of anti-Semitic rhetoric in Tempe

Merriam-Webster is trolling the Trump administration. Again.

Milo Yiannopoulos in Middle School.

With all the cpac lies, fbi story and Russian flag face palm..

Five weeks, son, five weeks

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Rep. Tries To Use Giffords' Shooting To Weasel Out Of Town Hall Meetings

Dem House Leader Pelosi calls for new investigation into Priebus

Charles Pierce nails it, Again: "These clowns tried to turn the FBI into the Plumbers"

Footgolf: coming to a park near you?

What One Photo Tells Us About North Korea's Nuclear Program

As Trump finishes at CPAC, WaPo Executive Editor releases statement standing by nine-source story

I say Reince Preibus gets Flynned within a week.

Dog shows off tractor-driving skills

Who Will Trump Pick as His New Chief of Staff?

Trappist trippin' Travel posters

Letter to The Roanoke Times

Fox news website calls trumps cpac blather "electrifying"

Trump is a blunt instrument for us, Bannon told Ken Stern for Vanity Fair ... (does he get it?)

Trump: Nobody loves the 1st amendment more than me!

Trump at CPAC: "I'm against the people that make up stories and make up sources"

He looked rough at CCRACK. And I'm glad he did. I hope he feels

Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique on now,

Vulnerable Dems lay low as town hall angst rages

If no contacts with the Russians happened, why would Priebus ask the FBI to downplay...

Leicester City sack Claudio Ranieri nine months after Premier League title win

Live on C-SPAN2: Trump Conflicts of Interest 12:00 est

A Simple Poem for a Simpleton

The big news is not the FBI leaks. Its whats in the leaks.

The Trump White House just inflicted a serious wound on itself

Will canning Preibus lead to the KGBOP finally reversing course on this disaster?

White House: Marijuana and Opioids? Same thing!

Nordstrom beats earnings expectations, says angry Trump tweets had no effect on business

538: Trump already messing with data.

Trump's quick deportation plan may be illegal, past immigration chiefs say


Trump's other wall: Irish town is latest battleground

'It's not the best of times': Rare interview with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg - BBC Newsnight

While people are arguing over 2 men trying to lead a largely administrative job at the DNC

An NPR Sunday Puzzle-type puzzle I just thought up

KO: Trump Must Go-- This man is not fit for his office

KO: Trump Must Go -This man is not fit for his office

Montana Democrats accuse Republicans of voter suppression ahead of special election

Montana Democrats accuse Republicans of voter suppression ahead of special election

'No anonymous sources,' Trump scolds _ after WH uses them

Language guide for anyone encountering ICE Police.

Again, Cheetolini makes no sense

Umm...Yeah... Now we're actually trying to deport Puerto Ricans?

John Dean: "Push back on an FBI investigation of the WH is better known as a COVER UP"


"When Trump likes you, he touches you and these guys are following suit."

Hawaii father fights deportation to the Philippines and almost certain death

Hawaii father fights deportation to the Philippines and almost certain death

Colbert: 'Real News Tonight': A Reliable Source For News Trump Will Like

WOW! President Obama leaving 160 5th ave just now

Proud Mexico spurns U.S. aid under review by Trump

My latest poem. there aint gonna be a Civil War.

Republican lawmakers introduce bills to curb protesting in at least 17 states

White House denies wrongdoing in conversations with FBI

Milo Yiannopoulos in Middle School.

Ryan Clayton is responsible for the Russian flag prank at CPAC

The Republicans only had to do 1 thing to cripple the Affordable Care Act, and they did it...

Cannabis industry roiled by White House comments on enforcement

Trump promises border wall 'soon, way ahead of schedule'

CNN- You're doing good. All the Non-Deplorables are watching you. Your ratings are up.

President Trump took another step to cripple the ACA on January 20...

Russian flags at CPAC story going viral.....

The Affordable Care Act is still at risk if Trump or the House move to stop CSR Payments...

CPAC Attendees Demonstrate Their Stupidity

Framing Trump/Russia flag: RW extremists view Trump as US commander/spokesman for Putin's NWO agenda

Trump CPAC fact check fails miserably.

Did Russia create the chain of events that forced Comey's letter to Congress?

Border Patrol Agents Stop Domestic Travelers at New York Airport

Marine Le Pen: Madame Prsidente? (The Atlantic)

New Yorker Daily Toon:

Conversation with CPAC Protester Waving Russian Flag

Why Trump's Immigration Policy Is a Legal Mess

Hackers hack radio station plays f*ck Donald Trump

Exclusive: Senior Trump Aide Forged Key Ties To Anti-Semitic Groups In Hungary

Arkansas lawmaker wants to strip Clintons' name from airport

First CPAC Trump Russian Flag Goes On Auction at Ebay

Forget about reaching out to Trump voters, Democrats thats a pointless, self-destructive strategy

Bannon makes stunning threat to media: We're going to make it worse for you every day

Question: Is an agent of ICE required to identify themselves in the way a LEO is?

Why Yes, Someone Remixed Alex Jones' Gay Frogs Rant

Trumps @CPAC speech littered w/ some of his favorite, frequently-cited Falsehoods-LIES

It's so jarring when dft speaks of himself in the third person

Did Facebook get hacked? HELP PLEASE !!

Weakened Democrats, Opting for Total War on Trump, Bow to Their Voters

Priebus call to FBI violated norms, if not rules

Morning Joe blasts White House for asking FBI to 'clean up' Russia leaks

Update! Anyone else receive a notification from Facebook that your account may have been hacked?

FCC chair to block implementation of stricter broadband privacy rules

Bill Cosby sexual assault trial: only one accuser permitted to testify

News travels fast:

Why is Comey taking so long to finish his investigation?

Tombstone for a cat -

Beloved Australian Children's Author Detained by Immigration, Left Sobbing

Here's the guy who punk'd CPAC with Russian flags

'Massive scandal': Ex-DOJ spokesman says Reince Preibus must resign after calling FBI about Russia

At CPAC, Trump blasts purveyors of 'fake news'

I went to the Women's March, Where is MY $1,500.00???

ABC-7 suspends sportscaster Mark Giangreco for calling Donald Trump a 'cartoon lunatic'

DFT at CPAC: "It's like - How many elections do we have to have?"

Draft of Obamacare Replacement Bill Leaked

WaPo Hits Back: Report Trump Called 'Fake' Led To Flynn's Ouster

Steve Bannon is a glib bullshit artist, not some dark monster

Hillary doing her part once again!

White House inflicted serious wound on itself

"nevertheless, she persisted" "I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR"

Two Polls Show Highest Support Of Affordable Care Act Since 2010

The Democratic Party was just shown how it's done...

Jeff Sessions Coming War on Legal Marijuana

45Pee In His First Few Weeks Has Signed A Flurry Of Exec Orders - Has Anybody Analyzed.....

Health-Care Nightmare Only Beginning

Spare a thought for the real victims of oppression

The 1st Amendment isn't a "thing" anymore? Is the dictatorship complete?

CNN, others blocked from WH Pressroom

Exclusive: Leaked GOP Obamacare replacement shrinks subsidies, Medicaid expansion

Leaders of religious Alabama boot camp get 20 years in prison for child abuse (

Feels Like Country Unraveling. Dividing Into Two Warring Camps Politically.

Court rules in favor of federal workers: Back pay awarded because of 2013 government shutdown (WaPo)

CNN, NY Times, LA Times and Politico blocked from Friday's White House press conference

Does 45Pee Use Chicago As A Prop?......

SCOOP: Leaked GOP Obamacare replacement shrinks subsidies, Medicaid expansion

Trump challenged the news media to come up to his face and tell him he is a bad person.

Trump's CPAC Speech Loaded With "Master Race" Code Ala Nazi Germany.

CNN, NY Times and other news outlets blocked from attending White House media briefing

don the dictator, or just donniedick for short?

'I was naive': after losing healthcare battle, factory workers fear next blow

Caught On Video: Trump **Promised To Keep Medicare And Social Security As They ARE

Hey! Trump! Check the MSN Tonight.

How Much Crazier Can Trump Get. What Would A Complete Nervous Breakdown Look Like. Plus--

Protesters target Sen. Feinstein for not holding town halls

Trump, Republicans may hold off on infrastructure plan so they can use it for the 2018 midterms

From WH afternoon press guidance: worse than "My dog ate my homework"

Lot of chatter about Peter Buttigieg at a political lunch I was at...

AP FACT CHECK: Trump considers 20 million people 'very few'

AP FACT CHECK: Trump considers 20 million people 'very few'

Arkansas Supreme Court strikes down pro-LGBT city ordinance

Remember the time President Obama locked Fox News out of the White House press briefing?

Democratic senators criticize Trump on Chinese trademarks

Congratulations to @AP and @TIME for boycotting todays White House gaggle

Nevada plans July pot sales despite warning of US crackdown

Liberal Redneck - Trump and Trans

White House confirms conversation with FBI about Trump and Russia

Wisconsin attorney general appeals redistricting ruling

Wisconsin attorney general appeals redistricting ruling

Muhammad Ali's son detained and questioned about his religion

Hickenlooper Says No Presidential Bid

White House renames Press Briefings to Propaganda Disseminations

Fox lying so hard, so pathetically to cover press shutout

Trump vows military build-up, hammers nationalist themes

What If You Throw A Party And Nobody Comes?

Trump wants to make sure U.S. nuclear arsenal at 'top of the pack'

The Guardian wants to cover the resistance and is asking for help.

2020 Candidates Already Making Plans

Trump Signs Another Executive Order to Further Slash Regulations

A Closer Look: The Best and the Brightest, Steve Bannon and Us - ProPublica

So if the stories have no sources, then what leaks are there to go after?

Where Is Sarah Palin?

To Survive, the Democratic Party Needs to Stand Up to Wall Street and Global Corporations

WHAT is WRONG with these people ...?

An on-the-scenes report from my cousin at CPAC...

GOP Rep.: O'care Repeal May Not Have Enough Votes After Town Hall Pressure

The White House Correspondents Association quickly rebuked the WH

Photos easily disprove Trump boast about six-block crowd waiting to hear him speak at CPAC

Trump establishes task forces to eliminate job killing regulations

Beyond Protest: What Are We in Favor Of?

Rep. Peter King says he's refusing to do town halls because angry protesters "diminish democracy"

Climate Scientist Debates Global Warming Skeptics and Climate Change Deniers

The NRA's chief just unleashed a frightfully bonkers CPAC speech - here's three of the craziest clip

Trump to put 'regulatory reform task forces' in U.S. agencies

Heh. Rush Limbaugh having sad on about CPAC Russian flags.

Paul Krugman- Death and Tax Cuts

In New Video, Clinton Rallies Democrats and Promotes 'An America Thats Hopeful, Inclusive and...

🐦 Feb 26 - Bernie Sanders on State of the Union

NYT exec editor on being blocked from WH press gaggle: "Nothing like this has ever happened at

Dems tap former Kentucky governor to counter Trump speech

Does anyone understand Steve Bannon's political philosophy?

Ari Fleischer, really? Some skepticism pls, CNN

Please, add identification to the titles in the LBN stories

Pelosi Calls on DOJ to Investigate Priebus For 'Trying to Pressure the FBI' on Trump-Russia Stories

Standing Rock Sioux chairman: 'Absolutely false' that Trump is 'constantly in touch' with tribe

Hang up your goddamn cellphone and drive.

You're Making Things Up Again, Donald! Randy Rainbow Song Parody

It begins

Venezuela Loses Right to Vote in the UN Until it Pays its Debts

Republicans Are The Kind Of People You Would Leave In The Wilderness During Emergency -----

Marco Rubio says he is in Europe, found in Florida hotel running from constituent

The GOP Health Care Plan Is A GENOCIDAL Plan And Here Is Why.

SCOTUS rules in favor of girl with service dog

Joes Only: Post a Pic of a Joe

Trump deportation plan could cost taxpayers half a trillion dollars

I was just told there were more trees now than when Columbus landed

LaPierre's bonkers CPAC speech

Pope suggests 'better to be atheist than hypocritical Catholic'

Two men--Jason Charter and Ryan Clayton--credited with CPAC Russian flag prank

if i were a media outlet and i got shut out of a white house presser,

Bear Saviour Makes Me Smile! Watch!

Photographic PROOF of CROWDS lined up for SIX BLOCKS to hear our President at CPAC. SAD! UNFAIR!

The Gaggle Nazi: 'No Gaggle for YOU!"

Trump Just Blacklisted Media Outlets. We Warned You This Would Happen.

I Wonder When Trump/Company Will Start Arresting And Suing Reporters.

Are you a CSA Member?

So in future white house press briefings

So is CNN now banned for his whole term?

social justice vs economic justice. The vs. is the problem

Why isn't there wall to wall coverage of the hate crime murder of that Indian

The Trouble Is That The GOP/Trump Supporters/Trump Administration Are Insane W/Racism/Nativism.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Feb. 24, 2017

so trump is all states rights....except marijuana.

Where do I sign up for my 1500$ a week?

Trump to CPAC: Now you finally have a president, finally

The "F" Word ...

Poliquin votes to let states require drug tests for jobless benefits

"It doesn't matter who I vote for President, nothing changes"

Man shouts 'get out of my country' before killing one man and injuring two at Kansas bar

Nobody and I mean nobody does it better ...

The Russian Trump flag has its own hashtag..

The Onion: Frustrated Russian Officials Struggling To Get Any Policies Through Trump Administration

What One Photo Tells Us About North Koreas Nuclear Program

The alternative news lie

DHS intel report disputes threat posed by travel ban nations

Each day my hatred of the GOP multiplies

BREAKING: DHS intel report disputes threat posed by travel ban nations (LEAKED)

These future voters ❤❤❤ #futureisfemale #cassidytownhall

Activists Prank CPAC Attendees Into Waving Russian Flags At Trump

Marco Rubio calls his constituents "Rude and Stupid"

Which right wing comic get the media correspendent diner?

Thoughts on reporting in a less than open climate - The Nightmare Years

Is Samuel L. Jackson the only actor to appear in....

US Press Corps letter to Trump: We're very good at getting info w/o access & we'll work together!

Okay, which DUer's truck is this?

These badass athletes give a whole new meaning to 'phenomenal women'

Ain't this the truth...

Forget Mexico, The Walls Are Closing In On Trump - Huffington Post

In excluding valid news organizations: CNN, NYT etc from the press briefings, has tRump admitted

Conjob Chuck Woolery- Banned from Puerto Rico?

Valley High 10 Commandments monument to find new home

Organizers confiscating the flags and threatening anyone caught holding one would be thrown out.

Valley High 10 Commandments monument to find new home

Hillary has just spoken out!

Why is Trump and Bannon pushing this "fake news" story?

Trump to order reversal of Obama water regulation rule: official

Has congress passed any bills yet?

Pete Buttegieg is the future of Democratic leadership

'feral' kids ?? WHAT THE HELL

Brietbart CEO reveals that Trump donors are part owners

The first 40 days -- and nights -- of pResident tRump - Boston Globe

Republicans Accuse Voters of Using Town Halls to Express Themselves (Borowitz)

Anyone have current info regarding the descreation of the Jewish cementary?

F-35 Partner Disputes Trump's Claims That He Secured Big Savings

Grope this king of Cons

Bannon's thing: DECONSTRUCTION What is it?

Martin Schulz Might Just Beat Merkel. But Can He Save Europe?

Teenage Hula Dancers on Stage

A Day in the life of Joe Republican....(an old one, worth repeating, saw it today on the internet)

Just found - "The Matryoshka" - compilation/timeline of all the flippin tweet threads I check on

Kansas man accused in bomb plot feared social collapse

Alt-right is a left-wing plot, say some conservatives but they cant run from it forever

fRump so obvious: As bad news compiles, his blocking and discrediting of the press skyrockets.

Fox News Says CNN IS NOT Fake News - Shep Smith Defending CNN

Georgia woman wages single-handed fight for open government

I'm working on a letter and/or statement to my congressman (if he ever has a town hall)

judge replaces presidential portrait with... an orange?

So, without AG action or Congressional intervention, how will a Special Prosecutor be named?

Florida Supreme Court overturns abortion ban at clinic

ALL OF ST LOUIS SHOWED UP to clean up the Jewish Cemetery!!

Just got home from a long week, so if this idea is already out there, sorry.However:

Are Trump supporters deplorable?

just curious to see what you folks think the chances

Does anyone here actually consider tRump to be "president?"

Retrial of former Los Angeles County sheriff gets underway

The drunkest guy at the bar.

Trump fans were waving tiny Russian flags until CPAC staff confiscated them

Trump tower opens in Vancouver but the welcome isn't warm

Checking the mail box

Checking the mail box

France opens full fake jobs inquiry into candidate Fillon

Media Should Boycott White House Correspondents' Dinner

George W. Bushs Daughter Barbara To Headline Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

Coal, oil and gas companies to pay less in royalties after Interior decision

New York Times Expands Climate Team

Paris mayor fires back at Trump for insulting her city

My home paper printed an interesting article about blotus

Refreshed firefox

DNA Research Show Modern Humans Benefit From Neanderthal DNA

Crowd erupts in anger - GOP senator shows up late to town hall then tries to stall with group prayer

Report: German spy agency targets foreign reporters' phones

My 7-year-old daughter Henry is transgender. Shed change Trumps mind.

Warning Issued After Shark Hooked Off Sunset Beach

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom asks Trump for cooperation with California on marijuana regulation

More reaction to the shooting at Austins Bar & Grill

The Danish Man Who Burned a Quran Doesnt Deserve To Be Punished for Blasphemy

Tigers Snatch Drone From the Sky

Remember the amazing question that BBC reporter asked Pence at the NATO press conference?

Czech zoo welcomes baby Indian rhinoceros

President declares he 'wants the United States to be the world's dominant nuclear power'

Obamacare - GOP's Chew Toy (Luckovich)

Religious Groups on Campus Provide Support to Marginalized Students

NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre Makes Unfounded Claims Against Protesters (VIDEO)

Breaking from NBC News re Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Donald Trump looks to past Presidents for advice...a LOL

An ACTUAL false-flag operation at CPAC

"This is UNAMERICAN" Jake Tapper DESTROYS Donald Trump's CNN ban

To anyone who thinks Greta VanSusteren has moved leftward

Trae Crowder, Liberal Redneck, might star in a Fox sit-com.

As long as tRump bans select news organizations from our whitehouse all news organizations

Peru's president tells Trump he prefers 'bridges to walls'

Peru's president tells Trump he prefers 'bridges to walls'

Syracuse ties its warmest February day on record

FCC to halt rule that protects your private data from security breaches

Sierra Mountains Ski Resorts Have A Surplus Of Snow

What Trump and the right excel at