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Archives: February 25, 2017

Bad news for Ivanka

Drunk woman drove for two miles with man in windscreen

Aurora fourth-grader is Doodle 4 Google finalist

How long til Trump has a journalist jailed?

Judge won't throw out Bergdahl case over Trump comments

Charters not outperforming nations traditional public schools, report says

Protesters again greet McConnell appearance at home

On this Friday night, let's raise a glass to one of our dear departed friends (PHOTO)

Japan tackles its workaholic culture

Japan tackles its workaholic culture

Sir Patrick Stewart learns he is NOT circumcised.

Real Time / Bill Maher's guests tonight

What the fuck happened to Bob Woodward? He is horrible on Hardball...

Sam Harris Nails It

A modest suggestion for the banned news agencies

Mom Thinks She Hears Her Kids Eating Whipped Cream From A Can And Goes To Confront The Guilty Party.

Inside the battle for Mosul

It genuinely made me cringe every time I heard Hillary praising Paul Ryan and the Republicans

Today I heard frogs.

Guatemala army blocks Dutch boat offering abortions

White House contacts with FBI take Russia scandal in new direction

Trump Launches Attack on Unnamed Press Sources

Muhammad Ali, Jr. detained in Florida airport; questioned about his Muslim religion.

Eye-opening discussion (Greg Palast) of sabotage of recount efforts

DeVos: Critics want to "make my life a living hell"

Olathe shooting: India shocked after national killed in US

Do Koreans Think America Is No. 1 (America vs China)

Fire at Florida mosque ruled arson

A New Idea to Label Trump

CNNs Jake Tapper Unloads And Blasts the Trump White House as Un-American

There's curling on TV! Right now!

the Cons recent tweet regarding the NYT - The Truth is Hard

Nancy Pelosi Calls for Massive Investigations Into Trump Administrations Abuse of Power

Travel Officials Just Admitted Trump Has DECIMATED The American Tourism Industry

He's goin' down:

Trump WH sought to enlist senior intelligence official, key lawmakers to counter Russia stories

Will Trump and Bannon Drag Us Into Another Big Ground War? It Could Happen Sooner Than We Think

Jeopardy College Final - spoiler

Analysts at Department of Homeland Security find that Trump's Muslim ban is Bull Shit

Republicans Still Looking for Direction

Military build-up, nationalist themes

19 Staff Favorites Ready in Under an Hour

Are Japanese Men Too Lonely (Virtual Wife)

It's Official: The Trump Administration Will Soon Solicit Bids for a New Border Wall

Regulation monitors in agencies

Explaining the pink hats to my Republican friend.

Chris Hayes will be discussing Prebus and his interferance with the FBI Investigation

Breitbart CEO Lobbies For Congressional Press Passes

Donald Trump handshake in amusing CGI :)

Robert Reich is live now.

Steve Bannon Literally Wants to Destroy the US Government!

Trump: Media shouldn't be ALLOWED to use sources unless named

Statement from Bloomberg editor in chief John Micklethwait on the WH Barring Certain Media

Fact-checking President Trumps CPAC speech

John Dean on Chris Hayes - The Con, Priebus, the FBI and the Russian flag prank

Official DHS presolicitation for Idiot's Mexican wall design&build

One Number In A New Poll Contains Horrible News That Should Terrify Trump

BREAKING: Wash Post - Trump admin expanded attempts to counter Russian stories

"CNNs reporting was not fake news." Fox News Shep Smith slams WH ban on news organization.

Trump order drops protection for families of deployed military

Deportation plan could cost half a trillion

Guilty eyes.

Earlier today a DUer posted a twitter link with Groper Don the Con's

NYT not playin'

Cutting Legit Media Out Of Today's Presser Was A Desperation Move

Here's what I wish would happen at the next press briefing -

Trump administration sought to enlist intelligence officials, key lawmakers to counter Russia storie

CPAC's Flirtation With the Alt-Right Is Turning Awkward

The White House makes room for Breitbart by kicking out the New York Times,CNN

A CNN app alert for the history books...

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher: Darrel Issa, Sen. Angus King,

Committee to Protect Journalists POWERFUL statement on exclusion of news outlets from press briefing

Wanted: Three Principled Republicans to Save America From Trump

Who has Zone Alarm? How do I stop it from interferring with internet usage?

7-year-olds exchange with Sen. Tom Cotton over Trumps border wall

My senator asked what people's impression of Trump and his administration was, so I told him!

Da, comrades.

In sweeping move, Trump puts regulation monitors in U.S. agencies


Statement From NPR's SVP Of News Mike Oreskes on White House Access

idaho rape case

Dan Rather (FB): "The Reckoning Has Come."

Chris Murphy explains how the leaked GOP ACA repeal plan will totally screw you

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Keeping it Lit For 20 Years! Live, Uncensored & a

Kansas folks asked 4 Reps/Sen to #TownHall: None showed so they put out 4 Empty Chairs and held

The Supreme Court Just Advanced A Lawsuit To Nullify The 2016 Election

Joe Scarborough Says The GOP Will Be Judged For The Next Fifty Years

SiriusXM question resolved. Customer service called and made me an offer

Rachel has done it again!

Friday Night Catnip: Sacred Mushroom - Catatonic Lover (1969) - Meow!

Those Subway SOBs!

"DUTY TO WIN" on MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Show

Can someone do me a favor....go to and tell me if Craigslist needs

Money Right (MUSIC VIDEO) - Fung Bros X Dough-Boy

Colbert: The Only Bathroom Privilege Trump Wants Is Toilet Tweeting

Dem senator goes on tweet storm over leaked ObamaCare repeal plan

What Australians Think Of President Donald Trump

Majority of Americans Say Congress Should Probe Contact Between Trump, Russia: Poll

The Trump White House is pressuring Congress and the FBI to drop the Russian investigation...

Conan Guest Stars In A Korean Soap Opera

There's a time and a place for everything

Donald Trump Rejects Intelligence Report on Travel Ban

Jaundiced Pinocchio is upset tonight.

Dealing With Narcissistic Personality Disorder

He's scared. Must be something big coming.

How much are we (american taxpayers) paying

How to help the Tampa Bay mosque set on fire this morning

Even Cornel West is Critiquing "Brother Trump."

Naked President Trump troll doll rakes in quadruple its Kickstarter goal (NYDN)

Muhammad Ali Jr. detained by immigration at Fla. airport

Darrell Issa calls for Sessions to recuse himself & a special prosecutor to investigate Trump/Russia

Watching Bill Maher

Mom carrying baby without brain to term - to donate the organs

Feminist: Pro Abortion and Anti Male

"Paid protesters", "fake news"... Why not question just how genuine Republican lawmakers are?

H.R. McMaster Breaks With Administration on Views of Islam

Thunder and lightening tonight in Ottawa, Canada. What have we done

Another Term to Combat: Snowflakes

So republicans in charge of investigative committees tell press they are investigating nothing?

My cat Tink and I are spending our last weekend together.

Andra Day - Rise Up


Great Performances New York City Ballet

Tabs not highlighting..suggestions?

Beyonce - I Was Here (United Nations World Humanitarian Day Performance Video)

Season 44, Episode 10 New York City Ballet Symphony in C

Fake Sweden expert on Fox News has criminal convictions in US, no connection to Swedish security

Former Lumberton band booster indicted

CNN's response to being barred from the White House Press Room

Colombia military asks forgiveness for 2006 massacre of 10 policemen

Dropping suit may be key to reviving Willacy prison

Promises, promises

The New Yorker's Next Cover Says Everything You Need to Know About Trump and Russia

Editorial: Barring the White House Press Corps From the White House

Chuck Woolery's BIGGEST fear? If Hillary had won, he'd be attacked for wearing a penis hat.

Houston Judge Files Federal Lawsuit to Avoid Watching LGBT-Diversity Training Video

KO:The Mistake Trump Can't Ever Walk Back- The damage can't be fixed. And it'll ruin his presidency.

WOW! President Trump just tweeted on a NEW subject, fake news and the FAILING NYT & CNN! #MAGA!

12 planes violated the Trump TFR last weekend

Depeche Mode Wants Nothing To Do With White Supremacy


*****Congratulations to the Winners***** February Photo Contest: CABIN FEVER

Friday and no shoes to drop?

My response to "They are just paid protestors."

*****Winners for February are posted*****

Trump is a hypocrite (just one more example)

DA Wont Retry Former Albuquerque Cops in Death of Homeless Man

Trump: "And now you finally have a president, finally. Took you a long time."

Donald Drumpf says Hillary Clinton Lacks A Presidential Look (REDUX)

In case cost if Dumpf's trips & protection haven't got you mad...

What the heck is Ed Schultz doing at CPAC?

Issa: Sessions must recuse himself, appoint special prosecutor

A roundup of the latest Tiny Trump classics.

Do you think the Deplorables will become violent?

where is my $2, 730,000.00 plus interest?

Asra Nomani is a fucking idiot!

There's More to the Michael Cohen Story

How does an otherwise rational person...

Pope Francis suggests its better to be an atheist than a hypocritical Catholic

This May Sound Like Dumb Questions - But When People Are Deported To Mexico....

For our information,

Bloomberg Cancels White House Correspondents' Dinner Party

VP Pence Tweets support for Israel with the wrong flag..

Protesters Continue Direct Action Planning as Pipeline Nears Completion

Australian author Mem Fox (70 yrs old) wrongfully detained at LA airport

WaPo: Trump administration attempted to enlist intelligence officials

Fox News defends CNN from Trump ban: CNN reporting is not fake. It has same standards as Fox News

Germany's environment minister says no more meat at official functions

This system can purify 2000 liters of water per day with solar thermal energy

Obama Takes In a Broadway Show, but Shuns the Spotlight.

Here's the audio from the White House briefing that blocked CNN, New York Times

When you need an uplifting moment -

So in Spicer's own words, gov't banning the press makes for a dictatorship.

I Really Do Think The GOP Is Going To Deliberately Fuck Up Health Care & Other Things As Well.

Dem Reps should hold town halls in Repub districts where Repubs don't show up

Isolation (John Lennon, 1970).

Know what pisses me off?

The only way to stop Trump is to actually DEFEND government involvement...

Googling for images with "leopard with ball" produces only pictures of snakes. Discuss. nt

So I'm going to make a little movie March 11th.

Congressman Erik Paulsen has become very good at hiding from his constituents

Twin Cities Muslims take out Star Tribune ad in solidarity with 'Jewish friends and neighbors'

Last Time I Shared You Guys Were Awesome, So I Figured Why Not

The amazing story of Donald Trumps old spokesman, John Barron

Dong-shaped snowstorm will give Minnesota the shaft

Republican's insurance bill brings back preexisting conditions, defines contraception as abortion

Pour mes amis francophones....

Minnesota grandmas get naked to draw attention to climate change

Arizona unveils new death penalty plan: bring your own lethal injection drugs

Daily Holidays - February 25

Republican Congresspeople's message to their constituents:

Orioles VP John Angelos Says He Doesnt Want Trump Throwing First Pitch

Second Manufacturer Of Defective North Carolina Bridge Parts Sentenced to 35 Months

U.S. Attorneys Office, School District in Bay City Resolve ADA- Student's Use of Service Animal

Benson man charged with faking cancer treatments, swindling $60,000

Dayton attacks Trump transgender reversal

Gary Cartwright, Acclaimed Texas Writer, Dies at 82

Mayo announces $70 million expansion projects

Stephen Visits NASA To Begin His Astronaut Training

New UN climate chief: 'Action on warming unstoppable'

Syria: Twin attacks on Homs security bases kill dozens

Delta Upsilon suspended at University of Minnesota

Republicans want jail time for protesters who block highways

204 students not immunized could be 'removed' from Rochester Public Schools March 1

House passes Real ID, but will immigration debate derail bill in Legislature?

Trump appears to accept invitation to visit Minnesota mine

Romano: From the shadow of pill mills, a new drug crisis emerges in Tampa Bay

Rex Tillerson is the opposite of Donald Trump. Will he have any sway?

Muhammad Alis Son Detained for Hours at Florida Airport by Immigration: Reports

Steve Bannons interest in a thinker who inspired fascism exposes the misogyny of the alt-right

Owner of popular pizza chain sentenced in tax fraud case

Judge says corps should be reinstated in diversion lawsuit

Raise smoking age to 21? Minnesota students lobby lawmakers

Woman pleads guilty in beheading death of Hibbing man; second defendant pleads not guilty

ACLU demands apology for Iowa transgender student

USA Today, NYT covering all the blatant lies in Trump's CPAC speech

White House correspondents dinner

Issa: Trump-Russia probe requires a special prosecutor

I have a Dell laptop and wireless mouse. Sometimes I can't type when I'm

Here Comes the Police State: New Laws Aim for Brutal Crackdown on Protest

Lyft receives state OK to operate in Iowa

Strikes and Marches Against Trump Coming Up

Despite opposition, Des Moines Water Works bill advances in Iowa Senate

Strikes Against Trump Coming Up

Strikes Against Trump Coming Up Soon

Iowa Board of Regents universities facing an additional $2.8 million in state cuts

Twitler is awake and tweeting, trying to rally his supporters for "biggest" rally

Iowa Department for the Blind announces layoffs

Former CIA operative warns Trumps attacks on the FBI are a bait and switch

N.Korean envoy denied visa to enter the US

Good read on the science of protein fibers and the application of heat

Non-Catholics use Lent as a chance for a resolution reboot

Iowa House speaker rips university over cuts to scholarships

Democracy Dies in Darkness (WaPo's new slogan depicted as a movie poster)

Instead of "paying protestors", why doesn't George Soros

State scales back union contract offer

Louisiana's Public Defender System is Absolutely Deplorable

Scott Pruitt Did Some Of His Work As OK AG Through A (GASP!) PRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESS!!!

More bearded, turbaned Sikhs join Army as Pentagon reviews religious articles ban

The Anti-Trump Activist Taking On Retailers

Is it time for Catholic Churches to become sanctuaries?

Scores Of NE US Cities Break Feb Temp Records; NOAA Update - 4,492 Record Highs, 29 Record Lows

Issa damn well knows that he only won his race due to Comey's letter

What about States Rights for Marijuana laws?

LCV Scores For 2016 House: GOP Pro-Environment 5% Of Votes, Dems 94% Of Votes

Heh... Ready for another fine Michigan weekend!

GOP Cowards

Trouble In New England: Maple Syrup Industry Struggles W. Warming; Not Enough Sap, Not Enough Sugar

What could Florida lawmakers do to keep kids from being shot?

Independent Survey - GBR Protection Plan (Such As It Is) Set Back At Least 20 Years

Liberation Prison Project

Name this car:

GOP Rep: He's not sure Obamacare repeal can happen because protests are making Republicans nervous

Finish the word: tru__

100 Years of Using War to Try to End All War

Worlds Worst Skier Has Best Explanation: He Never Trained on Snow

When Do People Pay Attention To Environmental Journalists? Usually When It's Too Late

How to rub an ass.

"THIS Is Not The Intelligence Assessment The President ASKED For"

45 Unhinged

Brazile: DNC staffers faced death and bomb threats after Russia hack

Today's Google Doodle honors Ida Lewis, "The Bravest Woman in America"

These new state laws intended to crack down on peaceful protesters are going to cost the states

Muhammad Ali Jr. detained by immigration officials at Fla. airport

House Democrats plan to troll Trump at big speech

A big hat tip to the conspiracy theorists

Weeks later, still no sign of a new travel order

Dictatorships ban the press says Sean Spicer, who just banned the press

Bloomberg cancels WHCA dinner afterparty

Strikes Against Trump Coming Up

How to Know When a Trump Story Becomes a Scandal

Trump Today: Newsom calls Spicers marijuana take grossly uninformed

Freedom FROM The Press

Ouch, Bernie BURNs Trump

In Trumpworld, it's OK to be ignorant

Feinstein answers questions; still gets hard time from protesters

The appropriate call out...

LETTER TO IVANKA From a concerned parent just like you

There may be nothing there but we have a responsibility as Americans to investigate.

Choose your bicycle route carefully, if you use one, to protect your lungs.

Trump Today: Newsom calls Spicers marijuana take grossly uninformed

My mother used to call it manners

An easier way to cook rolled flake cereal - even not cook it at all!

The shameful treatment of mixed race kids by the Irish Catholic Church..

DNC Chair vote streaming live on YouTube

California officials and the marijuana industry are ready to fight a federal crackdown

California officials and the marijuana industry are ready to fight a federal crackdown

Sanders trolls Trump over claim his rallies would be bigger than protests


"What's the truth? Just something to wave like a cheap flag!" Please come CAPTION Reince Priebus!!!!

Hollande fires back

Charlie Crist is a damned mess

Sanders trolls Trump over claim his rallies would be bigger than protests

Kuwait Celebration Raises Conflict Of Interest Questions

Barack Obama Beaming on Broadway

Plans for US contact with North Korea cancelled

AP - the evidence for the need for Drumpf's ersatz Muslim ban was cacka

New leaked DHS report discredits Trump travel ban

Punishing the media will backfire

Rubio calls his constituents rude and stupid

Rep.Peter King says he's refusing to do town halls because angry protesters 'diminish democracy'

Megadonor part owner of Breitbart empire

Priebus/FBI Agents McCabe/Comey

April, a 15 yo pregnant giraffe. 4/13 Thursday Morning Update.

Because his name came first in key states?

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - Trump and his Trumpers

DAPL Says Drilling Is Complete (2/24/2017) Standing Rock Update With Chase Iron Eyes

and we have egg #2 laid at the Decorah Eagle nest.......

This the faces of injustice and corporate protection

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

Maine police seek clarity on White House spokesmans pot comments

Americans Shame - Sad Day at Standing Rock as Protester Picked Off

Police Rush and Arrest Protesters at Standing Rock Protest Camp

WOW ..Pamela Anderson is Julian Assange Girlfriend

Trump calls on supporters to hold 'biggest ever rally'

WTF? Trump wants "the millions" who voted for him to "have their own rally...the biggest!"

TPM: And Then There Is THIS

Trump tweets: Media not reporting national debt decrease

DNC vote of Chair beginning now...livestreamed on C-SPAN.

Trump: National debt went up $200 billion in Obama's first month, down $12 billion in mine

WaPo article on Bannon in the military, 1976-83: Ambitious, obnoxious, uppity Reagan fan

My feelings have changed for my sisters.

US Gov Officials Responsible For TRUMP/RUSSIA Investigations ---Are Helping To Protect Trump

CSPAN coverage of DNC leadership vote today has started!

Beethoven's 9th Symphony now.

Have there been any leaks yet about the meeting between Comey and the Intelligence Comittee?

Trump tweets wildly misleading comparison of the national debt in his first month to Obama's

Needs more needles.

"Up next: The comeback of Kellyanne Conway--has it already hit a snag?"

There's an Important Thread from Yesterday about Cellphones and Driving

8-year-old girl fatally shot after Houston car crash

Trump Border Wall Faces Hurdles in Southwest States

KansasDems will be live-streaming Sen. Sanders speech on their Facebook

Would this help?

Why Dems should NOT "reach out" to Trump voters ...

Sanders Trolls Trump - Beautifully.

Americas Rowdy Town Halls: More Organic Than Organized

It's fra gee lay - Shoot your eye out classic leg statue uproar

James Comey is now in the middle of the Trump/Russia controversy

Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) WARNS us of the GRAVEST danger facing the U.S.: Mexican Marijuana Nukes.

Is 45 even listening to anyone in his government???

why won't these dishes leave me alone?!

The suggestion that Drumpf could get millions to march is risible.

Someone please tell the Pence social media team that's the flag of Nicaragua, not Israel

Trump's War on Women: Immigrant Asked Court for Protective Order, Got ICE'd Instead.

China's US Image the Most Positive in Three Decades - Drumpf ?

Us vs Them: Immigration, Empathy and Psychology

Are Multi-Million Dollar Consulting Contracts Worth the Future of the Democratic Party?

(Trump connected) Blackstone, Prudential "Win Big" in $16B UK Loan / Mortgage Buyout

A plea to Republican voters

This is beautiful -- the REAL America, not the one President Bannon is trying to create.

PPP poll released yesterday: Trump Badly Losing His Fights With Media

If ya need a time travel break...

Idaho judge rules attack on high school football player was 'not a rape' or racist

Trumps presidency reminds me of the O J bronco chase.

Jodie Foster tells US travel ban rally: 'It is our time to resist'

Russian architecture in war and peace....

Kansas shooting: injured man says suspect asked victims about visas

Kansas shooting: injured man says suspect asked victims about visas

Planned Parenthood holding rally in Milwaukee with Cecile Richards Feb. 25

Get Your Head Out of the Sand, America, It All Adds Up to Legalized Latino Slavery

Puppet or Parrot?

Australian children's author Mem Fox detained by US border control: 'I sobbed like a baby'

Australian children's author Mem Fox detained by US border control: 'I sobbed like a baby'

The inconsistency of attacks on the media

The american revolution. If Washington had the same view of immigrants as trump.

Another Cabinet Pick with Secret Ties to Putin and Oligarchs

Resolution 33 was struck down (DNC).

Far-right Polish priest detained at Stansted airport

The Private Prison Industry Is Licking Its Chops Over Trump's Deportation Plans

Wow, outstanding meme!

Trump's approval rating falls to 38 percent: Poll

New York Times to broadcast 'truth' ad during Academy Awards

Gov. Inslee to meet with Trump Monday

France charges 2nd person tied to National Front in probe

Will Americans submit to despotism in an urge to escape from freedom? Erich Fromm saw it coming

LAPD tell ICE to stop identifying themselves as police

Should Trump wear a uniform?

Schwab: At the risk of being silenced, the majority needs to speak up

Survivors denounce Vatican handling of Peru abuse case

DNC Chair LIVE Vote Discussion Thread #1

Survivors denounce Vatican handling of Peru abuse case

Exclusive: Inside the Cell of Leila de Lima, Dutertes First Political Prisoner

Supreme Court weighs law banning sex offenders from Facebook

Lost at CPAC: Any Sense of Principle

What is wrong with this picture..( rhetorical )

AP sues Laura Ingraham's LifeZette site for unpaid fees, penalties, after check bounces

More Obama pick-me-up pictures.

Another 100 companies pull advertising from Breitbart

Why I Will Not Leave

R.E.M. and Sesame Street singing "Furry Happy Monsters"

From an intelligence official, on the dossier alleging that Russia has blackmail material on Trump.

Notice the "Trump For President" sign in this video @ 64 seconds in? (1999)

Meet the 16-year-old Canadian girl who took down Milo Yiannopoulos

Just Back From Congressional Town Hall. The Dragon is Awake.

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right: News Media is slowly improving. This week they go from an F- to D+

When it Comes to the Poor, No Lives Matter

the guy from SC

Trump caught lying once more.

I respect so many people here so I have to ask. What will the next year bring

Poll: Majority of Americans support legalization, want feds to step off

Thousands of furious Trump fans cant stop visiting a website that pretends Clinton won

"You will never find a more wretched hive of skum and villiany. We must be cautious."

White House rejects DHS research on travel ban: report


DNC Chair race - Pete Buttigieg withdraws with magnificent speech.

Breaking: Intelligence Community reports back to Trump

It's Official: The Trump Administration Will Soon Solicit Bids for a New Border Wall

White House rejects DHS finding that 7 Muslim countries aren't a greater terror threat.

WTF? Trump's call for US nuclear supremacy raises questions

France's Hollande fires back at Trump over Paris comments

Was the Preibus-F.B.I. meeting a con job ?

China's Panchen Lama says to uphold "glorious tradition" of patriotism

All-Purpose Classic Films Academy Awards and "We Wuz Robbed!" Thread

Under GOP draft of Obamacare repeal plan, a lot of people could lose coverage

Only 3% of Utah campaign money came from constituents, 92% from special interests

GOP Intent To Take Workers Back To 1890's Where Worker Abuse Was Pandemic.

Why isn't Civic Equality In The Vote A CIVIL RIGHT?

Forget that he's Muhammad Ali's son

One journalists quest to promote religious literacy in the classroom

Ike & Tina Turner - Proud Mary (VIDEO)

Today's petitions

This is from 1940, but it's still appropriate today and explains why....

How does Anthony Bourdain eat that much and yet look like this?

The Trump approach to getting what he wants

My Message to Trump Supporters about Illegal Immigrants

Banning some of the largest, most widely respected media outlets from

Priorities when you go to the washroom...

What would happen if on the Mexican side of the wall they destroyed the wall as it is being built?

Congratulations, Dinesh!

How come representatives will take money from all over the U.S. to fund their

Bill Maher New Rules: Press We Can

Bears Ears opposition is about denying Native Americans a victory

Colbert: If "President Trump" Is Hard To Say, Try "Senator Kid Rock"

Did anyone understand why they used paper ballots at the DNC meeting?

Our 10 Most Popular Chicken Thigh Recipes

Politico reporters: Ellison backers claiming Buttigieg endorsed Ellison. Buttigieg tweets to deny.

Colbert: Trump's Nuclear Plan: It's Like The Cold War All Over Again

Republican Collins Wants Flynn Testimony, Maybe Trump Tax Returns

Democrats are, on the whole, just nicer people.

Tom Perez misses a first round DNC Chair victory by 1 vote

Whatever the final vote for DNC chair reveals,

The Press Needs to Stay on the Offense Regarding Russia

A chairmen of the Senate & House Intel.Comm. called press to deny RussiaGate stories.

Putin's Image Rises, Mostly Among Republicans

I drove past a political demonstration today

Majority want probe into Russia contact

When will charges be filed?

Ever wonder why Faux News watchers are so stupid?

250 were there...Eight of us went from Alamogordo to Las Cruces NM for Indivisilbles ...

Top Senate Intel Dem: 'Grave Concerns' About Independence Of Russia Probe

Anti-Hillary movie chosen as worst film of year at 2017 Razzie Awards

How long does the Prez usually speak to congress? MSNBC has been saying "All Day Coverage" on Mon.

Priebus contacting intel officials about Russia investigation is the first stage of 'a cover-up'...

America bans Syrian behind Oscar-nominated film

Democrats: GOP Medicaid reform plan is really about tax cuts

Baltimore Orioles' COO: No 1st pitch for Trump.

She voted for Trump. Now she fears losing the Obamacare plan that saved her life.

I refuse to be enslaved by my cell phone.

AG's office confirms Pruitt used private email for state business

Malcolm Nance: The story of the week is Trump, Russia and the FBI. The rest is a distraction

Tom Perez wins DNC Chair on 2nd round

Just spent my afternoon protesting my Congressman Dan Donovan CD11 NY

Is Trump going to Florida again this weekend?

Great analysis by the WP on the DNC Chairman

Perez is chair.. Ellison deputy chair..

Not my first choice, but Perez it is. I hope he does well

Perez is off to a great start

Incredible moment. Perez moves for Ellison as Deputy Chair

Ellison is named Vice chair, I completely support his leadership.

Donald Trump made it clear he has no intention of representing Americans who did not vote for him

Best one I've read all day. The donnie pissed in the alphabet soup. Now he has

Tom Perez elected as first Latino leader of Democratic Party

Trillions for a worthless wall..

I can believe this:

Keith Ellison:

For those upset that Ellison didn't win, let me remind you...

What's for Dinner, Sat., Feb. 25, 2017

Swastika Written In Human Feces Found In Bathroom At RISD

Bernie Sanders tweets congratulations to Chairman Perez

President Trump's immigration policies will hurt his golf business

Water levels at Lake Oroville inching down; US Sen. Kamala Harris tours dam

Time for a Special Prosecutor

Does anybody know anything about the 6 that were escorted (frog marched) out of the W.H. last week,

I have a really dumb question

Kansas Shooting Victim Says Gunman Asked If He Was In US Illegally

Tweet from Keith Ellison congratulating Tom Perez

What a nice change, to watch Dems on TV most of the day...

Sad story about some weed and a bust.

Wolf Blitzer nails it.

I had hope


New EPA head Pruitt tells CPAC crowd they are 'justified' in wanting to see agency eliminated

I favored Ellison, but if the 'establishment' is a progressive Latino who worked

While We're Watching the Scandals, Trump Is Quietly Dismantling the Federal Government

Ex-Trump campaign chair Manafort under scrutiny for $19 million worth of shady real estate loans

Best Reporter Freudian Slips Ever

The Donald Trump Mysteries

The Subtle Force of Tom Perez - 2016 piece that covers his career

Keith wearing a Team Tom button...

Ellison just asked everyone who supported him to support Tom Perez

Dear America: Trump has fucked us beyond repaid

Tom Perez elected as first Latino leader of Democratic Party

Tom Perez is the new DNC chair. So let's not focus on nonsense, but tomorrow.

Republican lawmaker says special prosecutor should investigate Russian meddling in Trumps election

Constitutional collapse: Why we could be on the verge of a democratic apocalypse

Obama's statement on Perez' win as Democratic Chair...

Kitten Academy squee cam!

Perez suspends committee rules to name Keith Ellison as deputy

Are you, asked the reporter, African American? Like a cartoon, her features froze. I dont under

Even if the White House is telling the truth about FBI talks, Priebus violated the rules

Twitler just announced he won't be attending the White House Correspondents Dinner

(Best of) Koterba toon: Rove

(updated graph) Trump's Russia Connections ... a work in progress

Today it was very cold in my area of the woods. I went to the store wearing my pink P hat

BREAKING: Trump Tweets That He Won't Be Attending White House Correspondents Dinner

Trump isn't going to WH Correspondents Dinner this year.

I wish Tom Perez well.

He is the biggest fucking asshole.

Twitler "congratulates" Perez: "I could not be happier for him, or for the Republican Party"

Hello, hello.

Bernie Sanders trolls Trump about crowd size

White House Correspondebts' dinner flap.

Retailers have reportedly dumped 3,600 Trump-branded items from shelves since November: SAD!

Coal, oil @ gas co's to pay less in royalties aftr Inter decision: this is what M$M calls "Populism"

New Nascar rules.

Pope Francis lightens punishment for pedophile priests

Amarillo Senator files bill to repeal financial aid law

How the New Yorker's new Putin/Trump cover came together like 'a perfect storm'

A classic Hollywood political thriller may tell us more about what's happening in America

OK, don't despair over the dinner. Alec Baldwin is available that night!

Trump's taunts are stirring a level of nationalism Mexico hasn't seen in years

Manchurian Candidate A classic Hollywood political thriller may tell us more about what's happening

A question for those in their 20s and 30s...

WH blocks CNN, NYT from press briefing hrs after Trump slams media - when will Goosestep be required

What an utterly classless and worthless piece of excrement

American carnage: GOP admits not everybody is going to have healthcare"

Will ReTHUGs give him a standing ovation

Yep. It's time to move forward. And destroy Trumpism

We have a DNC chair. NOW we need to work TOGETHER to WIN.

This bulldog was kept in a cage at a puppy mill before being rescued:

Maybe An Ad Showing Ryan Shooting Grandma In A Wheel Chair Would Work.

How about this...

Pope Francis warns of a great world war, over . . .

Trump to skip WH Correspondents Dinner, because

100 days of Trump claims - catalogued - a continuing project of WaPo

Under no circumstances should you click on this thread

Blistering Trump Speech Follows Bannon Blueprint

Lana Del Rey Joins Effort to Defeat Trump With Witchcraft

My president looks like a millions bucks after return from vacation

who was the last president to skip the WH Correspondents Dinner?

The dinner is on - turn on CNN now - Jeff Mason is on

My poor kitteh.

What a f-----g loser

Aviation experts: you can help impeach Trump

Turks push to turn iconic Hagia Sophia back into a mosque

EPA administrator lied about private email use in Senate testimony

Trumps EPA policies risk more Alzheimers cases, doctors warn

Donors Beware! More Scammers Are Targeting Crowdfunding Sites

Look At Me Not Attending The WHC Dinner, Don't Pay Attention To ...

Tom Perez on Overtime with Bill Maher

President Snow Flake's latest stupid tweet, a backhanded slap!

Is anti-globalism and deconstruction of all administrative

J. C. Penney is closing 140 stores and laying off 6,000 workers. Where's Drumpf?

Zach Braff suggests Alec Baldwin fill in for trump at WH Correspondents' dinner

Trump "could not be happier for Tom Perez, or for the Republican Party"

Why not buy advertising on fox news?

A link to some humor in the lounge...we need some


Trump to be interviewed in Oval Office by Breitbart's Washington editor on Monday

What Does "Resist" Mean to You?

When donald trump was a little boy, fred had to tie a pork chop around his neck,

What the Hell Is This Idiot Thinking?

Wyden, cheered by Oregonians to probe a Trump-Russia connection, must keep up the fight: Editorial

Hey NorCal people :) A little Sunset for you!

BREAKING: Putin cancels plans to attend White House Correspondents Dinner

First POTUS to Skip Correspondents Dinner in Over 30 Years

Tapper burns Spicer on Twitter