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Upset the media not reporting meaningless statistic

Will the anger at the Town Halls result in votes

Wow. Bush admin NEC director takes apart Trump's tweet on national debt

Washington Is a Different Story

Kelsey Plum dropped 57 points on Utah

NY nursing home evac. after 2 WWII grenades found in 91 year old resident's fridge.

EPA chief calls for 'aggressive' rollback of regulations at CPAC


How about we petition Hillary to attend the WHCD, since she won.

Dear Democrats, Stop Running Against Trump. Run against the Republicans.

Video of Pete Buttigieg's complete speech before the DNC today

Wall Street sees Trump rally coming to an end

Melania could have been a deportation priority under Trumps new immigration rules

McCain cuts off questions about Saudi donation

If You Attend A Press "Gaggle" Where Others Are Excluded, You're Helping To Destroy The Free Press!

VIDEO - Glory Hole Roaring Once Again

'He's a rock star': One of the DNC chair runners up emerges as a national figure

Trump is ignoring request for new SEC pick

Cat changes tv to Foxnews, then mutes.....

USD 501, Kansas Democratic Party officials gear up for Bernie Sanders

Statement by President Obama: Congratulations to my friend Tom Perez

Trump's new national security adviser: Saying 'radical Islamic terrorism' is counterproductive

Bannons Desperate Apartheid Conservatism

Freedom River

DL Hughly on the Differences Between Obama's and Trump's First 30 Days

Photos: Prepping for @SenSanders and Crowd

Saw "Manchester by the Sea"

Amazing sunset colors tonight from the deck looking east

Dear Caitlyn Jenner:

Ten killed in China's hotel fire; 350 evacuated in Taiwan blaze

Americans Like Alec Baldwin's Trump Better Than the Real Thing: Poll

Hollande fires back at Trump's terror innuendo over Paris

Trump will not attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner. WHO CARES????? nt


Progressive Groups to Schumer: Stand for the Resistance and Ditch Manchin

A Friend Needs Help (Vietnam Vet)

Palestinian refugees face discrimination in Lebanon

Colossal (and Growing) Crack in Antarctic Ice Shelf Seen in New Video

Trump requests intel report to justify travel ban

Cecile Richards: Ryan Needs to Pay Attention to the Women of America MSNBC

Laverne Cox: Transgender Individuals 'Are Not Safe In This Country' Hardball MSNBC

Putin getting worried? RT goes after John Schindler and Louise Mensch

Is Vikings Stadium Most Deadliest Building For Birds?

"Black Leonardo"----G.W. Carver

Bernie at one of our local high schools tonight

CDC Report: Heroin Epidemic Back With A Vengeance

Cracked: Recapping The Trump Administration Like A TV Show - After The Trump #2

Kuwait could pay up to $60,000 for party at Trump Hotel in Washington

Whatever you don't tweet these twitter hash tags..

LOL! David Gergen suggests WHCA invite "perfect replacement" Baldwin, + McCarthy

Only China and the Soviet Union has/had political people on their equivalent

Sanders to Perez: 'The same-old, same-old is not working'

Only Ronald Reagan did not attend the WH Correspondence Dinner

Tom Perez Tweet @ trump..

Ben Stein thinks Media is treating #45 like Nixon & re Nixon "media picked on one tiny thing he did"

Perez fires back at Trump: I'll be your worst nightmare

Donald Trump rejects intelligence report on travel ban because it doesn't say what he wants it to

So today...the foundation of the DNC was laid

Tune in Meet The Press tomorrow. This should be good.

***Breaking: Hansen wins in Delaware!!!***

A Trump voters message to retailers: Keep your mouths shut about our president

'Doomsday Vault' Gains 50,000 Seeds to Fend Off Food Crises

Drunk driver crashes into crowd in New Orleans. Hurts 14. No deaths reported.

If Steve Bannon were our of the picture, would Trump be less crazy?

ICE took a sick woman from the hospital: it's taken me days to find words...

Kuwaiti Embassy pays $60K for party at Trump DC hotel tonight, Trump has dinner there

GOP wants to know how you like Trump's first month . . .

International scholar visiting Texas A&M "mistakenly detained" by customs officials

How many "Happy Warriors" have we here?

Cat makes virtual leap at fish in tank

Make the White House Correspondents Dinner Great Again

You know, President Bannon is seldom (if ever) "photogenic," but I think you will love this pic.

Gov. Martin O'Malley: Trump administration is 'malicious'

Gov. Martin O'Malley: Trump administration is 'malicious'

Blodwyn Pig. One underapreciated band

Is the (D) behind the name more important than the voting record?

The Perez/Ellison DNC Leadership Team- Prospects?

We Award President Trump And His Cabinet Some Alternative Oscars

The only 2 parts worth listening to, besides the rest

'I Was Naive': Trump Supporters Who Were on Strike, and Lost, Fear for the Future

Trump tweet to Perez - and his reply!

States are trying to bring science denial to the classroom

LIVE STREAM of PANORAMA Steel Pan FINALS from Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Russian Black Propaganda is a Vast Effort to Destabilize the US and Topple NATO

Congrats to award-winning filmmaker Dinesh DSouza!!

Dozen critical after car runs into crowd along Endymion route, NOPD says

Rivers In The Sky: Atmospheric Rivers Can Wreak Widespread Calamities

World's 'oldest pictures made from pixels' discovered among mysterious prehistoric engravings in Fre

Priebus: Not here, Steve (Bannon)!

Second largest Maya jade found in Belize has unique historical inscription

Some nights you just can't win.

Contradictory Claims About Deportation Plan

If you wanna play at coaching a team, you probably should wear the uniform

Call for nuclear supremacy raises questions

After Trumps immigration order, anxiety grows in Floridas vegetable fields

Privilege makes him blind to bigotry

Brutally Murdered Pictish Man's Face Gets Digitally Recreated

Judge decides against fining widow who called police 'pigs'

Fargo police plan cultural training after sweat lodge arrest

Trump administration blocks changes on coal mining royalties

GPS device-maker Garmin reeling after Kansas worker killed

Democrats, GOP spar over Medicaid reform at govs' meeting

TIME: The Resistance Is the Majority of Americans, Not a New Tea Party

Friend: Livestreaming gamer 'in rough shape' before death

Missouri state senator compares transgender children to kids pretending to be dogs

trending hashtag #stufftrumpisafraidof

I'm thinking our friends at JPR aren't happy with the choice of Perez...

I agree with Charlie Pierce!

Wright Career College will end up stiffing most of the students it took advantage of

ALERT! Arrests At BIA Checkpoint! (2/25/2017) Live From Standing Rock

The FTC says Joel Tucker defrauded his brothers payday-lending company

Has JPR become an Alt-Right site?

NanceGreggs, In appreciation.

Missouri state rep shares article calling Abraham Lincoln a 'tyrant'

Has the KKK infiltrated INS.

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens likes to sweat in front of cameras

Gretchen Carlson reportedly in talks to join MSNBC, would be third ex-Fox News anchor to head to NBC

Protests on the Milan Runway

CIA Director Mike Pompeo has a Kramer portrait in his Wichita home

Found this interesting discussion in "Hacker news"

Saturday Night Moscow Mule Buzz.

My wife may never become a Democrat. But she's no longer a Republican.

Invite Alec Baldwin to the WHCA Dinner.... AND HAVE HIM PLAY STRAIGHT

OK, I think this would be the perfect host for the Correspondent's dinner:

Missouri Congresswoman Disses Women's March as 'Very Pornographic'

Fridays Pittsburgh town hall on youtube

Trump Voters, Your Savior Is Betraying You

St. Louis Alderman, mayoral candidate, Antonio French Sued Over Nonprofit's Unpaid Bills

"My Night in Town Hall Hell"

Russian Black Propaganda is a Vast Effort to Destabilize the US and Topple NATO

Lets help flip this seat!

Epic *American* Rock guitarists.....

Gestapo detained famous French historian for 10 hours at Houston Itl Airport .

Since the election, 3,600 Trump-branded products have been dropped from online stores

Bush daughter to headline Planned Parenthood fundraiser

Anti-Trump Activists Aim to Put Ann Wagner in the Hot Seat With Demonstration in Des Peres

Can you handle the cuteness of this polar bear cub?

This is cool - for WA State but other states must have this information

Does Anyone Here Remember That Rumsfeld In The Bush Administration Wanted To Push Misinformation....

Progressive vision is the future of America, Bernie Sanders tells Kansas Democrats

Abortion exhibit thats what Missouri Capitol museum needs, lawmaker says

This is awesome.

Spicer used to be the Easter Bunny at the WH..Ivanka will be hosting

NC law banning registered sex offenders from social media faces challenge at Supreme Court

Who's paying for Gov. Greitens travel? Kansas City lawmaker pushes question

We Can't Afford Any Of Health Stuff. We Need $ For The Wall,Nuke Weapons,DOD,Security, Tax Cuts.

$15 per hour minimum wage headed to Kansas City August ballot

Your Health Care Voucher Will Be Enough To Buy A Pine Box Or Cremation.

American carnage: GOP admits not everybody is going to have healthcare

TX Senator: Same-Sex Marriage Causes Poverty, Trans Rights Pose Threat To Human Race

Defunding Planned Parenthood Would Really Screw Paul Ryans District

Tom Perez's Wife Works at a Legal Clinic for the Homeless

"The horror...the horror..."

These St. Louis charter schools have struggled for 14 years, but continue to evade closure

University City council to consider hate crime proposals

What do conservatives fear?

Accountant charged with 19 counts of forgery in Brentwood

St Louis-area Republicans in Congress avoid raucous town halls

Tobacco money will help avoid cuts of in-home care, school busing, Missouri governor says

Any machine knitters willing to give a technical opinion?

Tax breaks for country clubs still on agenda in Missouri Senate

Missouri lawmakers to advocate for kids with developmental disabilities

What's the Missouri legislature doing about REAL ID?

Why Twitter users who swear at politicians might get put in a timeout

Missouri man charged with trying to plan terrorist attack

Daily Holidays - February 26

Hartzler switches positions on town hall meetings

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon: Listen Carefully

Sunday's Doonesbury: Finding a Place in the New Administration

Samantha Power: My Friend the Russian Ambassador

Don't let them tell you our movement is "Just like the Tea Party"

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Giant Jellybeans Edition

Closing in on launch: NASAs gold-mirrored, $8 billion Webb Space Telescope

Man pleads guilty to church embezzlement

More Topeka Photos:

State pay plan flies through House

KCTV Video - Bernie Sanders Speaks in Topeka

Say, "When."

European Tourism Interest In America Plummets 12% Following Travel Ban

House debates edits to tort-caps proposal

Nashville rally: Repeal Obamacare Make Death Great Again

Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media

The Walking Dead 7.11 "Hostiles and Calamities" (spoiler alert)

The rightwing US computer scientist with links to Trump, the Leave.EU campaign and your data

Sanders: "I was...told that Kansas was a Republican state" - The Wichita Eagle

Washington governor bans employees from helping Donald Trump's immigration crackdown

Nigel Farage is "pleased the president is not afraid to stand up to" the fake sad failing media.

Mike Pence horrified to discover unisex toilet in own house

'Commercial for Truth' to air at Oscars tonight...

Bill seeks Clintons' name off Little Rock airport

Trump morning Tweets: DNC race was rigged, also failing NYT is failing and unfair.

Sanders: "I was...told that Kansas was a Republican state" - TheWichitaEagle

2017 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2017 Risen Star Stakes

City's bias rule breaks law, Arkansas justices say

Why the ---- are we * attending this clown's address to Congress when he continually disrespects us?

Ex-police chief of Gateway held in slaying

7-year-old to Sen. Tom Cotton: Don't sacrifice PBS Kids for Trump's border wall

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Gulfstream Park Sprint

Bill to prompt Arkansas consumers to pay Internet sales tax advances

Legislation that would give charters first right to public school buildings clears committee

The Deplorables are threatening to boycott Hollywood because it refuses to kowtow to Drumpf.

"Let's start rounding up left-wing journalists!" . . . Please come CAPTION Newt Gingrich!!!!

The president who now rails against anonymous sources is same man who did this:

Hansen wins, preserves Democrats' control of Senate (Delaware)

Can someone please explain what makes Perez so "establishment" that he's unacceptable as DNC Chair?

Slain SEAL's dad wants answers: Don't hide behind my sons death

Clear Motive: Trump is SPECIFICALLY excluding news orgs that have broken news on his ties to Russia.

Why President Al Franken Isn't a Joke

Key congressman: It's a good thing if more Americans lose coverage

Even Russia is weighing in on the DNC election ............

We must acknowledge that the Russian HACK was downballot too

50 best stand-up comics of all time - Rolling Stone

Don't ever forget this is the real face of a Trump supporter

Thiruchselvam: Religiosity Study Published in SCAN

Bluest blue, deepest red, 50-state, wall to wall, anywhere and everywhere

How the FBI Is Hobbled by Religious Illiteracy

Trump's fear is like a dead skunk coming through the car vents on a country road.

Transgender boy wins controversial girls wrestling state title

Deforestation Roars Ahead In Brazil & Bolivia, Thanks To US Ag Giants Cargill & Bunge

"We believe there is no best country, best gender, best religion or best color."

If you're a member of ICE or CBP, what are the odds that you are a racist Trump supporter

Winter Storms Strain CA Levees; Up To $50 Billion Investment In Water Infrastructure Needed

Perez:"Literally hours into the Trump administration, he was a fraud"

Recommendations for books relevant to our current situation

Reformation Divided: Catholics, Protestants and the Conversion of England by Eamon Duffy review

Why is the attitude towards Bernie, 'stay out of the way if you're not going to join the party',..

Project LIFT training by Texas Democratic Party for potential candidates for local races

Trump And Russia: Is It Watergate Yet? - Joe Conason

I'm starting to like our new party!

United: Perez And Ellison Move Democrats Toward A Progressive Future

"Our Time to Resist"

Trump Sees GOP as 'Party of the American Worker'

Leaked report suggests millions could lose coverage under GOP health proposal

The curious story of a forgotten war

Climate change predicted to transform Vancouver into San Diego, but at a heavy cost

Trump's Cabinet has to work as a cleanup crew

Wearing pussy hats. Just pointless bourgeois liberal feel-good politics.Harumph.

You want a 50 state strategy or you want a purist party of dems

Question on Trump's speech to Congress

Activist muscle gives Obamacare a lift

Why do the networks give Sahah Huckabee Sanders SO much screen time when she's on?

Chez Pazienza columnist, pundit and half of "Bob & Chez" podcast dead at 47.

For Commerce Pick Wilbur Ross, 'Inherently Bad' Deals Paid Off

'Horrific' Endymion crash: 28 hurt; injuries not life-threatening; driver apparently drunk, ...

Thanks to Conservative Cave - Sort of...

January 2017 (+3.61) was the worst ever recorded for increases in carbon dioxide concentrations.

(R)-Russia, Intel chair Devin Nunes chooses Russia over America.

One budget battle down; now here's Louisiana Legislature's next step

The Bucolic Life of a Cambodian Grandmother Accused of Mass Killings

The last two Presidents to refuse to attend the White House Correspondents Dinner: Nixon and Trump.

Louisiana among states without gun owner responsibility laws

Goldman Sacked: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Wall Street

The Immigration Facts Donald Trump Doesn't Like - NYT Editorial Board

Tapper SLAMS Spicer

'I Need An Answer From The Government'

5 Ways Republicans Reaffirmed Their Awfulness This Week

the real reason trump won't go to the white house correspondents dinner

No prison time for man convicted of assaulting mentally disabled teen ("locker room roughhousing")

Bernie Sanders on the state of the DNC

Quokka vadis?

New Mexico Senator Encourages Activism

Coulter: Trump Could've Been 'In Danger' From 'Enemy' Media at WH Correspondents Dinner

Report: High-ranking Trump official has extensive ties to European neo-fascists

We are in a cold war with the Deplorables and assuredly there will be a winner and a loser.

from now on I'm substituting the word 'trump' for the word 'fake' and 'lie'

Here's how Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards administration seeks to streamline flood recovery

U.S. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise defends decision to hold town hall by conference call

The Trump/Russia connection

Donald Trump abdicates leadership of free world.

This President has blood on his hands: Anger at Indians shooting in Kansas

Spicer Complains About Misreported Birthplace; CNN's Tapper Trolls Him With a Reference to Birther..

Louisiana Legislature agrees to deficit-closing plan hours before special session deadline

Report: U.S. Considers Dropping Off of UN Human Rights Council

Prof Rothkopf's take on Trump supporters

Trump's Laughable War on Leaks

Two Indian nationals were shot by a man yelling racial epithets. The president said nothing

'Thats Not Acceptable': John Kasich on Republicans Who Want to Completely 'Get Rid' of Obamacare

Show of hands, DUers: Who has been in person at a political event since Jan 20, 2017?

Sanders revolution resists DNC loss

At Napoleonville town hall, Sen. Bill Cassidy says he's on Obamacare, pays $25,000 a year

Question? Why would Trump say the DNC election

Chelsea Clinton lets loose on Twitter

Actor Bill Paxton has passed.

Winter Seasonal feedback, please.

Perez dismisses Trump's claim that DNC race was rigged

'Full investigation' ordered by Gov. Edwards into State Police officials' Las Vegas side trip

Cory Gardner, (R-CO) guess what? Your constituents held a town hall meeting without you!

Not what it seems - Dark side to viral video - Tiger farm

Democrats doubt GOP leaders are serious about looking into Russian election meddling

Game Of Change: Pivotal Matchup Helped End Segregated Hoops

Christie: No need for special prosecutor

Devin Nunes (R-CA): Investigating Trump & Russia is McCarthyism, witch hunt against American people

First 100 Lies of Trump Administration...Huff Post.

Father Of SEAL Killed In Yemen To Trump: 'Don't Hide Behind My Son's Death'

Chris Wallace to Corey Lewandowski: Attacking the media doesn't create jobs

Game over man. Bill Paxton has passed away

After CPAC, Trump now has to deliver to the base

Chris Christie Aids Trumps Russia Cover-Up By Arguing Against Special Prosecutor..

"I'm not whining, I'm fighting back against the destruction I see happening around me."

In Loving Memory of Chez Pazienza: Dec 11, 1969 - Feb, 25th 2017

'No, He Doesnt Have a Point': Bernie Reacts to Trump Saying DNC Chair Race Was 'Rigged'

Clinton signs executive order making self-portraiture a valid form of voter ID

Zach Braff suggests Alec Baldwin fill in for Trump at WH Correspondents' dinner

Give it a break, Bernie.

Actor Bill Paxton passes away at 61

Great op-ed from Kristof in the NYT's today. I particularly enjoyed this paragraph

Trump's punishment of the press is a gift to his supporters - and a hint of his re-election strategy

An understatement of the first order -- and one worth pondering

Last 3 Terrorist Attacks in North America Conducted by White Men

Chuck Todd: 'We Declined' WH's Offer to Send Deputy Press Sec. as Guest Instead of Senior Official

Full Interview: Sen. Bernie Sanders CNN SOTU Feb 26, 2017

Where do Democrats go from here? Look toward "Political Influencers" - who want them to stand up...

Lot's going on in NJ's district 11!

Vanity Fair: Why an Al Franken 2020 bid isn't a joke

WH Spox: 'I Would Imagine' Trump Would Support Probe Into Yemen Raid

Is Deplorabilism a coherent ideology and what are its tenets

Sanders burns Trump tweet about the size of his inauguration crowd

Rick Santorum: 'Millions of Americans' with preexisting conditions are scammers stealing health care

Rick Santorum: Millions of Americans with preexisting conditions are scammers stealing health care

My "WTF?" of the day, CPAC edition...

President Trump approval rating falls to 38 percent: Poll

Buffett and Gates: America Is Already Great, Thanks to Immigrants

DU lawyers, what does this mean? --2016 election nullification case advances

RIP Bill Paxton

Any chance Ellison-MN seeks the Democratic nomination for US Senate in 2020 assuming Franken decides

Salmon patties/croquettes - first time cooking. UPDATE: Last self-kicking - PICS of the results

X-post from a DUer, Salmon Croquettes:

Have you ever heard two elderly relatives that can't get a past slight?

Paul Ryan's Next Attack on Workers' Retirement a Win for Wall Street

I love Randy Rainbow.. He is very talented.

"Trump Slump": Immigration Debacle May Cost US Tourism Industry $3 Billion

Pierce: It's Time to Move Forward from the Democratic Party's 2016 Mess

So, Trump claims the DNC election was "rigged."

Tom Perez - Our New DNC Chair

Democrats are now READY TO ROAR...........CONGRATS TO ALL NEW DNC LEADERSHIP.......

Perez: "Ellison and I got a good kick out of Trump, up in the morning tweeting about us"

It seems to me that INDIVISIBLE is much more powerful than OUR REVOLUTION

NYT Executive Editor: Every Time Trump Tweets 'It Drives Subscriptions Wildly'

let's talk about the dreaded 'popcorn' ceilings, shall we?

Will a brave soul shout "you lie" during Donny's show?

Most Who Voted Third Party Approve of Trump

Democrats Turn Out for Delaware Special Election

Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media

Sherrod Brown/Tammy Baldwin.

White House: Too early to say Jeff Sessions will step aside in Russia election tampering...

Transgender teenage wrestler wins Texas state championship

empty nester to sailing singlehander

The First 100 Lies: Drumpf's Flurry of Falsehoods

An unholy Trinity: Trump, Bannon and the NRA's LaPierre

thought i'd share our AZ house progress

Ebb (mostly) and flow of Artic Icecap - 1984 to 2016

American actor Bill Paxton died this Morning

Sean Spicer Reportedly Forced Staffers to Submit to Phone Checks to Snuff Out Leaks

Marijuana Industry Projected To Create More Jobs Than Manufacturing By 2020

What are you reading this week of February 26, 2017?

A surprise visit from a Republic w/balls

The Democratic Party is not "same old, same old". It's not business as usual...

Let's all disentangle this mess together, shall we?

Before Proposing a Democratic Presidential Ticket for 2020,

Here we go again...its REALLY getting under his skin

Donny Ringo tweets like someone just walked over Red Square ("Russia talk is FAKE NEWS!")

An Elevator to Space: Markus Landgraf at TEDxRheinMain

Senator Bernie Sanders to Deliver 2017 JSC Commencement Address

Bernie's blistering criticisms of Trump knocks it out of the park to a crowd of THOUSANDS in Topeka!

Great letter from one of our newest literary talents

Bernie's blistering criticisms of Trump knocks it out of the park to a crowd of THOUSANDS in Topeka!

Just What Is The Latest On This Russian Thing?......

Trump: 'Russia talk is FAKE NEWS put out by the Dems, and played up by the media'

Customs: Alis son wasn't detained because he's Muslim

Gay couple attacked by man in moped: 'You live in Trump country now'

New York Times executive editor: Trump is the best thing to happen to our subscriptions

Yes. Keith, he must go. Olbermanns's resistance video editorial Thurs. Feb 23

White House: Too early to say a special prosecutor should look into Russian election meddling

We need party unity

Imagine Hosting a Governor's Ball on Oscar Night

Dozens of headstones damaged at Philadelphia Jewish cemetery

I've been wondering this about the Russia situation:

Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media (longish must-read)

White House Staffers Forced to Endure Body Cavity Searches

If America were a patient shopping for health insurance in a planatery market, would tRump be

NYC: churches gear up to fight Trump's crackdown on immigrants

Trump budget plan will not cut Social Security, Medicare: Mnuchin

Oscars 2017: New York Times to Air TV Ad About Truth During Academy Awards

Spicer spying on his own staff:

Trump budget plan will not cut Social Security, Medicare: Mnuchin

Cambridge Analytica, the Mercers, Bannon, Facebook and fake news

Bill Paxton, actor in 'Twister' and 'Aliens,' dies at 61

Planespotting: Michael Cohens Amazing Journey (Re:Steele dossier) Louise Mensch

Famine-hit South Sudanese eat weeds and water lilies to survive

Kasich: House Republicans may block Obamacare replacement

Brazil's Carnival revelers channel anger against president

Coulter: Trump "could be in danger at the White House Correspondents Dinner"

Midwest, Wyoming lawmakers target wolf protections again

Air Force officer's sexual assault sentence called lenient

Drunken SHitler...

"We GOT COWS" scene from one of my favorite Bill Paxton Movie...

Report warns of state money fallout from health law repeal

Bannon Admits Trump's Cabinet Nominees Were Selected To Destroy Their Agencies.

Warned to leave, Kansas shooting victim refused to abandon the country he loved, his wife said

Great site with tutorials:


Before He Cheats TRUMP Parody

Meet the Leaders of the Trump Resistance

South Carolina law makes it difficult to lower Confederate flags

People's Court Judge Wapner has died

Dozens of headstones damaged and overturned at Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia...

Democrats must overhaul party and attack big business: Bernie Sanders

the media has to take him down

Pelosi: President Trump 'has nothing to show' for 1st month in office except 'fear'

Wait--Is it leaks or fake news, Pee Boy?:

People's Court Judge Wapner dies

Any suggestions for organic/artisan popcorn?

White House Refuses To Guarantee People Wont Lose Health Insurance From Repeal

The Reichstag warning

The republicans will replace obamacare with

Deportation plan is economic suicide

Koch leads fight to deregulate African-style braiding

Cabinet as cleanup crew

Wish threads started in wrong sections could be moved instead of locked - usually dont reply to

I don't think this administration fully understands just how many

BBC reporter describing what it was like to ask a question at drumpts ignorant press mess

M$Greedia finally allows folks to call Groper

Air Force officer's sexual assault sentence called lenient

NYT: best thing to happen to our subscriptions

Lenonard Susskind Comments on Political Situation

Dozens injured after truck smashes into New Orleans parade crowd

Dozens of headstones vandalized at Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia

Trump Calls Election For DNC Chair 'Rigged'

Issa calls for a special prosecutor on Russia

I'm actually OK with the whole "too early for a special prosecutor yet" meme...

Homs attack - a deliberate attempt to derail Geneva peace talks?

Great expectations

Can We Please Make this the Lowest Rated Speach in History?

Marco Rubio Complains That People 'Heckle And Scream' At Town Halls

Stars speak at anti-Trump rally ahead of Oscars

Brazile: DNC staffers got death threats after email hack

I Can't Watch The SOTU Speech Without Destroying My TV. It Would Put Me In A Rage.

I have an open mind about "fake news"...

Is it illegal to leak false information?

The Atlantic - "The High Cost of Politicizing Intelligence"

In Truth The GOP, Trump Supporters, Trump Et Al Want All Black/Brown People & Dems To Leave US.

Buffett and Gates: America Is Already Great, Thanks to Immigrants

What I WANT out of the new direction of the Democratic Party post DNC chair election

Oscars 2017: 7 unexpected Jewish facts

RIP - Dear Judge Wapner...

Transgender California GOP delegate says the Trump administration will protect the LGBTQ community

WWII Navy officer who helped rescue Kennedy dies at age 97

Matt Pearce: "Look what I found at CPAC"

Bought a handgun shortly after the election

Just saw Hidden Figures and was knocked out

Thoughtful and sobering piece on "The Shallow State" from Foreign Policy. Com

Trump's courting of Putin 'sinister' and may spell doom for American leadership, Kasparov says

Shots fired on William and Mary campus; five people detained

Senator Cotton -- say WHAT??


Zuma's Radical Transformation: South Africa Will Allow Expropriation Of Land Without Compensation

Why the Emerging Bill to Repeal the Affordable Care Act Will Fail

This is what America looked like before the EPA cleaned it up

If you are not smart enough to find your own backside with a map and GPS then . . .

The Republican strategy on "Obamacare".

With "When We Rise," ABC gives viewers a noble if uneven portrait of the ongoing struggle for LGBT..

Is "open up the party to working people" really code for

Neil Fingleton, Game of Thrones star and UK's tallest man, dies aged 36

Huckabee Sanders: Sessions doesn't need to exit Russia case

After 15 years at DU

The White Helmets - wonderful documentary

Time to talk impeachment

Every News outlet WH banned from press briefing is chasing stories on Trumps Russia ties

This is what America looked like before the EPA cleaned it up

ACLU launches to help organize mass resistance

xpThis is what America looked like before the EPA cleaned it up

Storm spotters spell out giant tribute to Bill Paxton

Honest Trailers: The Oscars

I'm an older gal of 51, so forgive my age, but,

Why doesn't the independent from VT say that democrats need

What the Brits did in Trafalgar Park in the rain tonight

Be right there

Should we have a time capsule here at DU?

The First 100 Lies: The Trump Teams Flurry Of Falsehoods - Huffington Post

Trying to stop protesters, eleven states have passed laws last week making most

Rob Reiner's old man tweets


Wondering out loud...

How You Could Fall Victim To Conspiracy Theories

Advice about subscribing to my local newspaper, the IndyStar (Indianapolis)


It's hilarious that this administration expects loyalty...

If I could have 10 mins with Tom Perez, here is what I would tell him:

My political antennae tell me that there is an electoral opportunity for Democrats.

What's for Dinner, Sun., Feb. 26, 2017

who at the academy awards do you think

Right-wing pundit Laura Ingraham bounced $42K check to AP trying to save her floundering website

The Caddyshack President

My sister's Facebook just made me drool...

I saw all of the nominees for best picture of 2016

I don't know if it's real or not but just saw a tweet from Pres. Obama asking trump if he could

Trump met with Scott Walker and Rick Scott to 'fix' health care.

I MADE A REMARK IN THE General Discussion Topic

Sanders: Not 'impressed' with DNC election process

Financier Philip Bilden Withdraws From SECNAV Nomination

Name The Trump Congressional Address Poll


Did my chores and walked the dog

Top Democrat has 'grave concerns' about Trump-Russia investigation

Betsy DeVoss Brother, The Founder Of Blackwater, Is Setting Up A Private Army For China, SourcesSa

RIP Joseph Wapner, judge in infamous 80s Carson v. Letterman

Tapper trolls Spicer with birther reference

On Tuesday, House Republicans Will Betray Their Oaths, Their Country & The American People

DeRay McKesson of Black Lives Matter said of his support for Hillary Clinton in the election

Laura Ingraham bounced $42K check to AP trying to save her floundering website

Just heard a reporter on NBC Nightly news make a slip

Kasich: House Republicans may block Obamacare replacement

Blue Ribbons worn at Oscars is ACLU