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Labor Secretary Tom Perez was apparently too liberal for Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine)

Not another one, Pee Boy:

BREAKING US Navy secretary nominee withdraws: Pentagon

Conservatives & Freedom Caucus Just Want To Abolish Whole ACA & Sub Nothing.

I just wanted to say thank you...

Leading French academic threatened with deportation at Houston airport

Leading French academic threatened with deportation at Houston airport

A conversation between me and the founder of ItStarts.Today

U.S. detains and nearly deports French Holocaust historian

Trump asks for "sharp increases" in defense spending and "major cuts" to agencies, including EPA

David Corn Clarifies Russia Talk For Trump

CNN interviews NYT editor: why anonomous sources are necessary in news about Trump

A divided White House still offers little guidance on replacing Obamacare

Bergdahl lawyers ask U.S. Army court to dismiss case due to Trump comments

Gay couple attacked by drunk man shouting "You live in Trump country now"

Tom Perez: "We need to be looking at whether this election was rigged by Trump & his buddy Putin"

Navy secretary nominee to withdraw: report

Angus King deeply troubled by efforts to counter stories on Trumps Russia ties

For the New York Times, CNN, BBC, et al....A message to 45....

World's Only Sample Of Metallic Hydrogen Disappears In Lab

What Bernice King, MLK's daughter, said upon election of Thomas Perez as DNC head.

If we were able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump and his

What kinda pie are you in the mood for?

All my cartoons are reruns so Oscars I guess

President Trumps Anti-Secular Foreign Policy?

Phoning it in. Or out. Whatever.

Dad of KIA Navy SEAL refuses to meet with Trump.

Unleashed hate, fury evident

Trumps Biggest Struggle Is with the News Media

Woman deported from UK despite being married to Briton for 27 years

Lawmaker: 'I got confirmation' my Russia-Ukraine plan was delivered to White House...

How U.S. Billionaire Helped Back Brexit

The Republicans would have us believe...

For the New York Times, CNN, BBC, et al....A message to 45....

These Iowans voted for Trump

Heyyo! I got ten ;)

Watch Harari talk about the two ways the world

Trumps Proposed Pot Crackdown Is Out Of Step With Voters, Including Many Republicans

And the Political Oscar Goes To ...

If Bernie really cares about working families, and not just self-promotion,

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 27 February 2017

'It's nerve-racking': Life on the Quebec border

Reza Aslan: Why I am a Muslim

Political spectrum labels (and the need to avoid using them when "talking politics")

Spicer cracking down on White House staff to prevent leaks: report

Here's a way to resist

We All Want To Be Banned, Too! And a Call to Support the Press,,,

Your favorite episode, scene, and/or line from South Park?

We All Want To Be Banned, Too! And a Call to Support the Press...

The New York Times Just Released This EPIC Anti-Trump Ad To Air At The Oscars

I saw a wonderful full back window sticker in MI today.

How long before for-profit prisons have their prisoners

22 Dishes That Taste Better on the Second (or Third) Day

New York attorney general reviewing request to bring action to dissolve Trump Organization

Another Trump lie exposed? (Artemenko-Cohen connection)

John Kasich Admits Protesters Are Affecting Obamacare Debate (KEEP RAISING HELL!)

Trump supporters rally against 'Hollywood elites' ahead of the Oscars

Cat falls in deadly water while stalking lizard

A good article related to a claim of the Steele Dossier

They just started the Oscars with Justin Timberlake's "Can't stop the feeling."

Oh Good I got a sitting ovation

Oscars. Kimmel - "Black people saved NASA and white people saved jazz"

Is Bernie Sanders considered to be a Democratic public figure...

O.K., let's get *at* it - the totally superficial (me) Oscars. KIMMEL is good.

White House Joint Address Issue Survey:

Dancing for love in Chad

I'm in Issa's 49th District and I have a question

When We Rise

George Takei!

Thousands march in Moscow in opposition to Putin

A divided White House still offers little guidance on replacing Obamacare

Great idea for the White House correspondents dinner:

Stolen Valor or not?

Not 'a scare tactic': State transportation woes may worsen with loss of federal dollars

Slovenia: same-sex marriage now legal, but no adoption rights

Ear worm.....Hard Rain, Dylan

Will the Networks have the balls to fact check Trump

An OJ Documentary wins over 13th and I am Not Your Negro? Really?

Watching the Oscars, Rethug Vince Vaughn just made an incoherent attempt to...

Oscars: Kimmel slams Trump, pleas for unity

Saturday Open Thread #FAKE #BlacksForTrump 2020

Endymion crash driver had .232 BAC, nearly 3 times legal limit, NOPD says

Top Democratic senator...: 'This may very well be the most important thing I do in my public life'

Wow. I saw a family of Deplorables in Hollywood.

Father of slain Navy SEAL criticizes White House over son's death, calls for an investigation

it has been a month. Each day I wake up thinking it has all been a horrible dream

Gov. Edwards meets with Trump Monday

Why are the deplorables so prone to mean-spiritedness just for the sake of being mean?

Fmr. Gov. Granholm stops Fmr. Sen. Santorum cold using his Sanders policy support (VIDEO)

Louisiana state park entrance fees, cabin costs edging up

president chump,

Models wear pink protest hats at Milan Fashion Week show

Trump's choice for Navy secretary withdraws

One of these is not like the others:

Kimmel just tweeted trump and asked him if he was up and then tweeted a second time

Iranian Asghar Farhadi wasn't at the #Oscars to accept his award tonight. Here's why:

New York Times TV Ad: The Truth Is...

Parallels between 45 & recent Russian Economic Forum

Poll shows Dem leading crowded race to replace Tom Price in Red District

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 28: 31 Days of Oscar: Oscars A to Z

Padron: Lloyds of London has heard of the Hidalgo Incident

Jimmy Kimmel Is Doing A Great Job At The Oscars.....

Wow, a coherent interview about national security.

Refugio restaurateur detained for human smuggling

Uh oh. Glenn Thrush tweets that the White House is releasing a budget outline Monday.

Our New DNC Chair Thomas Perez

Ex-Neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch Sentenced to Life

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 1: 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z

35 Years: Why Havent Dems Gone For The Jugular?

Great sign at town hall yesterday:

Oscar Watchers!.....Did you see....

On another site a message from Anonymous just popped up saying they have

Martin O'Malley reacts to election of Perez for DNC chair.

Places where BBC reporters are banned...

Must read new book: The Reichstag Warning

Holy Shit - how did that happen

Whoa, they handed out the Best Pic Oscar to the wrong film!

Now let's let that happen to our last election!

Prediction: House Will Investigate OscarGate-not Trump's ties to Russia

'Moonlight' wins best picture after 'La La Land' incorrectly called

...I was just writing an OP saying the Academy had chickened out at the end...

Oh, damn...

best picture oscar confusion easily explained:

Bonnie and Clyde claim one last victim.

Facing Criticism, Drug Makers Keep Lid On Price Increases

How come I couldn't win Oscars Bingo??

How to explain the phenomenon of "alternative facts"...

Kimmel SHOULD come back next year.

the Oscars flub will be HEADLINE news tomorrow.

Asheville Speaks!

Jason Chaffitz just launched a special Congressional committee to look into the La La Land

I wish someone would give Khizr Khan a TV show about America through

And now for something completely different.

Figures that I picked tonight, out of all nights, to miss the Oscars

Christie chides Republicans for skipping town halls: 'Welcome to the real world of responsibility'

Kudos to the producer of LA LA LAND for catching the mistake and making it right.

Too bad we couldn't have had a national Moonlight moment.

Looks Like Trump Supports GOP Replacement.

Please, let my last thread die........

Trump to Ask for Sharp Increases in Military Spending, Officials Say

Join People Power

Huffington Post: What If Oscar Presenter Announced Wrong Winner?

They can't legislate nor can they govern

Why is everyone blathering about about Oscar flubs when we should be discussing uniting the party?

I need a solution for music in the truck.

Kurt Eichenwald calls Spicer "FAKE NEWS!!

As cute as the knitted pink hats are,

Beto O'Rourke wont defer to Joaquin Castro in mulling U.S. Senate bid

Millions without water in Chile capital, Santiago

South Korean prosecutors are denied Park scandal probe extension

Daily Holidays - February 27

Oklahoma County settles lawsuit over traffic death for $500,000

Bill proposes county-by-county vote on Sunday liquor sales

New Oklahoma County Clerk David Hooten accused of wrongful terminations

Tulsa's sheriff doesnt want a blind man to lose his business, but a desperate need for money has

If you're not familiar with this Twilight Zone episode, in these times, it seems appropriate.

10:30 AM EST Feb 27 - Sen. Sanders and Bill Nye Climate Change Conversation - Facebook LIVE

Swedish military has never heard of Fox News's "swedish defense advisor", denies knowing him

10:30 AM EST Feb 27 - Sen. Sanders and Bill Nye Climate Change Conversation - Facebook LIVE

As determined Elf Sessions girds his wee loins for weed battle, let's crunch some numbers.

Jefferson: A little patience and we shall see the reign of witches pass.

Pizzagate gone wrong, Alex Jones now calls his own conspiracy-theory a "false flag"

Unless pols act, state to be last in teacher pay

Man charged in attempt to obtain gun to shoot Carter County DA Craig Ladd, others

EPIC Oscar Mistake: Warren Beatty/Faye Dunaway Name La La Land As Best Picture, Not Moonlight

Trump seeks to outdo Obama in backing black colleges

State of Kansas mistakenly kept a man in solitary confinement for 1,000 days

LGBT advocate: Kansas transgender bathroom bills unlikely to get traction this year

Real estate developer Kent Lindemuth wants federal trial moved to Kansas City

Amid Sanders visit, Kansas Democrats seek the next generation

Am I the only person who didn't watch the Oscars?

OMG! Have you seen the MAGA rings?

Legislature calls a break

Bill would allow strong beer, wine sales in grocery stores

Brownback eager for repeal of ACA, Roe landmarks

Obamacare: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Allegation of coercion by Kansas Medicaid companies denied

Kansas Legislature's lurch to center cuts governor's clout

Atheism's Dark Side Aiding the Trump Agenda

With all due respect to Viola Davis's performance in Fences

ALIENS co star: "Bill Paxton was always a lot of fun on set, I'll miss him very much."

"Moonlight" Best Picture Backstage Interview Oscars

Hundreds of Religious Girls Bused to Western Wall to Overpower Feminist Activists' Prayer

Exclusive: Spicer arranged CIA, GOP intelligence push-back

Steven Spielberg movie to examine notorious Catholic kidnapping of Jewish boy

Alan Watts on Psychotherapy East & West

Odds the Madman uses the Oscar flub as some sort of comment about himself?

Expect more media coverage about the Oscar mistake then Trump being put into power by Russia ....

South Sudan: Tens of thousands flee famine and civil war

I'm into fitness

A dog who fears commitment.

Muslim Militia Groups and Training Camps?

Donald Trump's silence

Democratic legislators in 30 states to rebut Trump's Congress address

President Shitstain And His "300 Scientists" Share 1 Thing: Lack Of Climate Science Expertise

The Oscars are rigged.

Coal Industry Suddenly Concerned About Climate; Why, They Even Support A Carbon Tax!

Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers, asks: Who will be the next Snowden?

Coal town that voted overwhelmingly for Trump - upset that longtime Latino resident may get deported

"Absolutely Anomalous" Rains Swamp Chile; No Water For 4 Million In Santiago; 3 Dead, 19 Missing

Any talk of Dems boycotting his speech tomorrow?

Vatican Biology Conference; Half Of All Species On Earth Face Extinction By 2100

TRUMP: "I can say that after four weeks, it's been a lot of fun"

We have at most a year to defend American democracy, perhaps less

Drawing a blank on a short story

George W. Bush on TODAY

Viola Davis Just Became The First Black Woman To Win An Oscar, Emmy And Tony For Acting

NYT: "Truth"

Gorsuch often sided with employers in workers' rights cases

Sanders and Bill Nye to host climate change conversation

Dubya takes more shots at Trump than he did at Obama over the eight years of his presidency

Mexico Warns U.S. It'll Cut Off Nafta Talks If Tariffs Proposed

Trump," Archenemy of Truth" And All That is Good

Sanders and Bill Nye to host climate change conversation

Day: 31.

George W. Bush opens up on Trump's war with the media, Russia and travel ban

When was the last time America was this disunited?

Let's Shine Some Light On The Awfulness That Is Bill Maher

These Iowans voted for Trump. Many of them are already disappointed.

Assessment puts cost of Omaha streetcar at $156M suggests ways to make project pay for itself

Enough with the tweets

8 People Who Owe Their Lives to Obamacare

Sad news. I need some help.

White nationalists seem to have manipulated Google search results for Boasian anthropology

Connecticut has two special elections today!!

Danziger: The Chicken Guts Of Wrath

I Did Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Workout. It Nearly Broke Me.

We No Longer Have Three Branches of Government

So Spicey is checking cell phones of WH staffers. What's next, "WH Plumbers" ?

Nebraska State Capitol undergoes noisy duct cleaning, possibly for first time in its history

Chuck Todd outs Trump scheme to attack media as fake news when news on Russia breaks (VIDEO)

House judiciary committee votes TOMORROW on resolution for investigating TRUMP. Got a phone?

Spicer Personally Arranged CIA Intel Push-Back

Charles blow: "The press is the light that makes the roaches scatter"

Monday Toon Roundup 1: Fake President

Monday truthism

Businesses coming to Nebraska; now they need to find workers

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

White House survey request - Let's all respond!

Bill would allow courts to terminate parental rights of convicted rapists

The people behind the progressive "Shadow Cabinet"

Word of the Day

A blessed and peaceful Lent to all

Mike Pence, your friendly neighborhood theocrat

Push to put Omaha school pension plan under state control draws scrutiny

Holiday Nostalgia Train

The People vs OJ Simpson and the Presidential Election

Can a trashed thread show up in jury duty?

Sales tax hike would help property taxpayers, avoid 'slash and burn' cuts, supporters say

I was thinking of that recent failed mission

Bill advanced to undo Nebraska ban on religious garb in classroom

Whats Normal? Whats Important? Rating 20 Big Events of the Trump Presidency (graphic)

Supporters say sexual orientation bill is workforce issue

New Planets Meet Earth...

Exposed how exactly social media is being used to influence elections

Proposed restrictions would doom payday lending in Nebraska, lenders say

Democratic Rep. blisters Trump on death of Navy SEAL in Yemen

States Gird For Marijuana War With Jeff Sessions

We love you Hillary!! Keep fighting!


The Uses of Outrage - Paul Krugman

Nationwide Unsweetened Apple Sauce Recall for Trader Joes

KRUGMAN: "Just Say NO."

Trump shill goes down in flames trying to defend administration against Russian ties

Trump surrogate reduced to babbling about Al Gore during trainwreck CNN interview about Russia

This is what happens when brothers & sisters don't practice safe sex. Come CAPTION Rick Santorum!!!

Supreme Court upholds disclosure requirement for issue ads

Video shows Tucson police shoving 86-year-old woman to pavement

Trump's Alpha Male Foreign Policy

Donald Trump tells a lot of lies -- but he's just building on a long Republican tradition

i see more incidents of deplorables acting badly.

This Modern World: Welcome to Trumpcare

The best "shade" of toast

Why did Keith Ellison lose the DNC race?

How to defeat those in the war against science

So Trump is proposing the usual Repub solution...

The Reagan Revolution is dead!

Prepare for Trump's Despicable, Disgusting, and Deplorable Fans to Turn on President George W. Bush

TrumpCare Will Help Funeral and Cremation Services Grow

North Korea executed five senior security officials for making false reports that "enraged" leader

Man wounded in Kansas bar shooting speaks at vigil

Helmet bill is back again in Nebraska Legislature

Brilliant Tweet re: Rubio & town halls

Mean Tweets: Oscars Edition

So we wasted 6 trillion on Iraq and Afghanistan and the solution is more money on Military?

Hindsight (Or, For Trumpers, Maybe Growing A Conscience?)

The problem with lack of transparency.

Indivisible Women (guide to local groups)

Estimating the U.S. labor share

Cuts at State Department...

The Democrats need to use Yemen like the republicans used

McCain and Graham are to hold a town hall on Wednesday.

Would you like to tell the White House what you think?

Nebraska county with few people, assets faces huge judgment

Teddy Roosevelt on truth

Kansans Caught In Crosscheck System Singled Out For Kobach's Voter Fraud Campaign

Trump takes the shackles off: Mass deportations begin as the world looks on in outrage

Scottsbluff woman accused of fraud while manager of credit union

Israel to Amazon: Stop selling Holocaust-denying literature

Democrats predict anti-Trump 'tsunami' in 2018 governors races

Union Pacific fined in federal safety case

I feel like a woman without a country.

Officer Charged in Philando Castile Shooting Pleads Not Guilty, Trial Set

US drone strike in Syria kills top al-Qaida leader, jihadis say

Progressive Shadow Cabinet - starting today - follow on Twitter - members, Tribe, Reich and more

Columbus woman accused of stealing $90,000 from employer

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Weekend: Road To Hell Edition

Texas county pulls out of program for local police to act as immigration agents

Nazi's son returns art that his family looted in Poland

Did N. Korea execute more senior officials recently?

Germany's rightwing AfD party struggles to cope with internal crisis

The NYT Oscars ad. Does it work?

German Carnival Floats show Trump no mercy...

Still no sign of Trump appointing all those high-ranking officials

Coding immersion coming to Sioux Falls schools

Scott Walker just said something about gettting off Medicaid and getting back to work!

Trump: 'Nobody Knew That Health Care Could Be So Complicated'

Panel takes on triple shot of booze bills

Hypothesis about autism.

Bernie Sanders is sitting down with Bill Nye to discuss Climate Change

Trump Promises Military Build-Up, Bemoans Trillions Spent On War

Video: Bernie Sanders is sitting down with Bill Nye to discuss Climate Change

I Found Trump in a Mushroom!

2017 Razzie Awards


Trump and his puppet master, Bannon

TRUMP: "I haven't called Russia in 10 years"

The Problem With Time Outs

Fish orgasm.

White House planted fake story to smear Politico reporter who wrote about leaks: reports

i'M EXTREMELY OFFENDED! Did you hear Shrub has a new book? Well he titled it

Ursula K. Le Guin, Ann Patchett voted into arts academy

Trump's approval rating is still in a record-breaking free fall

浮遊した理想 (Fuyuu Shita Risou) - D'espairsRay

Kiss up, kick down

Trump to propose 10 percent spike in defense spending, massive cuts to other agencies

DOUT(ダウト) - Noraneko to ♪(onpu)

Pittsburgh: Port Authority Says it Won't Use Racial Profiling when T System Goes Cashless

A friend just posted this on Facebook- very unsettling

Shaking My Head - Too

March 4 - Bernie Sanders and Danny Glover - March on Mississippi - Nissan Protest

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Come CAPTION the Chair of the House Intel. Committee!!!

A story about one immigrant I knew-

How Laws Are Made (from Indivisible Women event)

Retired U.S. military officers urge Congress to fully fund diplomacy, aid

Recurrent peeve: Pics of DRUMPF. There are *fifteen*(15) pics of DRUMPF on The Hill's page

Trump's Promised Stimulus Won't Happen This Year

NYT: 2008 Era Bank Whistleblowers Supreme Court Win

Why the Trump-Russia Story Won't Go Away

GOP Governors Urge Activists to Match Lefts Energy

Mildred, is that a bear in the backyard?

From the Oscars to the SOTU Address.

The DNC isn't enough: Democrats demand more leadership changes

Filed under: "But you're not supposed to spy on allies!!!111"

If a Girl Scout egged your house, would you buy cookies from her?

GOP Obamacare Replacements Fall Way Short

VoteVets Calls for Hearings On Yemen Raid


Iranian Director Slams President Trump's Muslim Ban After Oscar Win

New Wave Of Bomb Threats Hits Jewish Community Centers Across U.S.

Trumps Soft Spot for Dreamers Alienates Immigration Hard-Liners.

He tore off his chef's coat and told a black-tie crowd, 'I am an immigrant'

I just do not get it- why would any minority person back Trump or be a Republican at this time?

GOPs New Plan to Repeal Obamacare: Dare Fellow Republicans to Block Effort

Nordstrom to target struggling malls when considering closures as JC Penney, Macy's axe stores

Rosie O'Donnell to lead anti-Trump rally at the White House

Nordstrom to target struggling malls when considering closures as JC Penney, Macy's axe stores

Egyptian Christians Fearing Terror Flee Sinai

Paine Field passenger terminal to get grading permit

Liberal Redneck is great comic relief with absolute truth

Oscars question - which ONE of these people entered the US legally?

Will the Democrats offer a rebuttal after the so-called speech

Arizona vs the freedom to assemble

This is GREAT. Liberal Redneck about the Trans-bathroom mess

Trump to propose 10 percent spike in defense spending, massive cuts to other agencies

I Did Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Workout. It Nearly Broke Me.


After Trumps immigration order, anxiety grows in Floridas farm fields

Thank you Obama -great bit from liberal redneck

Planned Parenthood logos, and ACLU ribbons worn by actors on Oscar night

Trump supporters show up in mass in Raleigh...

Special law wanted on pipeline protests

4Minute - Welcome to the School (OST School 2013) [FMV Kyohyun]

Mitch McConnell now has motorcycle gangs as his security

4Minute - Welcome to the School (OST School 2013) [FMV Kyohyun]

Ad questioning Noem on federal tax reflects big gap in state finance laws

Adventures in tech support.

Hello Drama! Nylon Pink

Girl turns Hillary Clinton's concession speech into a song....

Attention please, Illinois residents, resisters and Indivisible folk:

fluff--nylon pink

Fluff --Nylon Pink

Legislature starts to set the processes for future government investigations

W.B. Yeats Classic Poem When You Are Old Gets Adapted Into a Beautiful Short Film

Reviving Extinct Species: Is It Worth the Cost?

Former trooper guilty of taking $70K steps down from school board

Tucker Carlson invites transgender professor to show, insults her

Breitbart said today's pro-Trump rallies would be "MASSIVE." The photos I've seen so far:

I'm guessing my DU account was hacked!

Puzder says 'tsunami of fake news' defeated him

House Intelligence chairman denies evidence of Trump teams ties to Russia

ND bill pushes secrecy in public job searches

Dont fuck with Putin

With Obamacare in jeopardy, California considers going it alone with 'single-payer' system

Trump: I haven't called Russia in ten years

The Sessions Effect: Trump DOJ Reverses Course In Major Texas Voter ID Case

Lobbying with city letterhead shows 'double standard,' Fargo commissioner says

Today's BIGLY pro-Trump rallies...

D'espairsRay - Fuyuu Shita Risou (live) 浮遊した理想

Reported this am. New wave of bomb threats to Jewish community Centers?

County that shelled out tax rebates for creationist Ken Ham's Ark museum 'teetering on bankruptcy'

Drink up! Sunday liquor sales approved by Minnesota Senate

the GazettE - 紅蓮 (Guren) LIVE

Ohio bill to outlaw marital rape gets zero support from GOP lawmakers

My 3,000th post

Legislative session to get more complicated

Pentagon delivers draft plan to defeat Islamic State to White House

Josh Marshall TPM - "Canaries in the Coal Mine" - re the Phila grave damage

I wish a Democratic member of the House/Senate would get the SEAL's Dad that Dumpf

Time to talk Trump impeachment: Jason Sattler, USA Today

Five banks sue Dickinson State University

Chuck Schumer blasts Trump budget outline

"We Never Win and We Dont Fight to Win" Trump Attacks Military During Speech

If Trump Is Such A Great Negotiator....

What's for Dinner, Mon., 2/27/17

Rep. Pelosi: Trumps budget blueprint is a prescription for America's decline

YESSSSSS !!!....Group petitions Barack Obama to run for president of France

I have never seen such large and enthusiastic rallies like the Drumpf ones, never !!!

AN CAFE - 生きるための3秒ルール (Ikiru tame no 3byou rule) MV Full Ver

Warren Buffett says this simple mistake has cost investors more than $100 billion

AN CAFE - 生きるための3秒ルール (Ikiru tame no 3byou rule) MV Full Ver

Mr. Tangerine Man 🎶

can DU create a seperate forum/group for twitter posts and cut down on wasted time?

So Agent Orange is bringing back jobs? What will he do about these jobs?

Bill Nye tours the Ark Encounter

Solidarity and Sanctuary Cities: An Open Letter from Mayor Curtatone

Meet NASCAR's next star, and Donald Trump's worst nightmare

White House Condemns 'Cowardly Destruction' At Jewish Cemetery

Sorry, there's been a mix up

Spicer Admits WH Connected Reporters With Officials Critical Of NYT Story

Kamala Harris bringing biomedical researcher & 1st DACA recipient to earn PHD to Trump's Address

White House: Yemen Raid Will Undergo 3 Reviews But 'Achieved Its Objectives'

Man accused of biting victim's face in anti-Muslim attack

Trump Vows to "Start Winning Wars Again," Says He Got This From "Watching Military in High School"

Republicans will fail in Obamacare repeal bid: top Senate Democrat

Martin O'Malley: "Letters from Boston: Change is Inevitable"

SCOTUS Reprimands Anti-LGBTQ Groups for Misgendering Trans Student Gavin Grimm

Pentagon reporter: I don't know any military commander who thinks Trump's plan is going to work

Stop Using Women And Girls To Justify Transphobia

2 receive prison for threats, slurs at black child's party

Buy Or Sell- More evidence of Drumpf's criminal activity in collaborating with Russia will come out.

Monday pro-Trump rallies a massive flop as event photos show tiny crowds

Montana legislators vote against restricting media photos

Trump ripped this woman away from her family, now her kids will face him down

Another day that the RUSSIAN Coup continues

911 call: Bar shooting suspect said he'd killed 'Iranians'

Trump History Month Speech Revised

The Young Turks Network Raises $4 Million From Former Republican Presidential Candidate

Clothing Company Flips Script, Sells 'Lock Him Up' Shirts to Benefit ACLU

Republican Border Tax (scam) ...

Bernie Sanders LIVE - American Jewish Leadership in the Trump Era

Mary had a little lamb

Trump plans to cut funding for most government agencies

Federal appeals court to consider Michigan county's prayers

Trump talks about increasing money for the military.

Big Data, Big Psychology and Big Money, with AGW Denial on the side

Inauguration Day protests spur for study of police actions

LIVE Bernie Sanders - American Jewish Leadership in the Trump Era

Nazi's son returns art that his family looted in Poland

Top Intel Dem: Committee Has 'Reached No Conclusion' Yet On Trump, Russia

MORE: 10th District town hall goes on without Rep. Comstock

CREW: How far did Priebus/FBI contact go? We just FOIA'd them to find out.

Hate in the age of Drumpf. All across America the Klan and NAZIS are flourishing and joining forces

Black History Month 2017: The Civil Rights Movement

Black History Month 2017: My Research on the Civil Rights Movement (Updated with all Ten Links)

A split has emerged among Trump's top advisers. It could have major repercussions.

Asking for good thoughts and healing energy...

What Trump's travel ban ignores: Radicalized U.S. citizens pose the greatest threat

McConnell: Republican Agenda 'Is Exactly The Same As The Trump Agenda'

Dumb-Ass-in-Chief: Trump: 'Nobody knew health care could be so complicated'

Albatrosses spend 50 years together

Mike Pence asks Indiana Supreme Court to stay out of his redacted emails

Do you favor a special prosecutor to investigate Donald Drumpf's criminal collaboration with Russia?

U.S. judge dismisses case against Wal-Mart over Mexico bribery

U.S. judge dismisses case against Wal-Mart over Mexico bribery

I didn't like Kornacki's tone so I switched to Tapper.

"I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore."

Couple in GA who terrorized a black children's birthday party sentenced today.

AP Exclusive: Ex-congregants reveal years of ungodly abuse (evangelical church)

Trump the sneak:

If we're going to call ourselves progressives, we HAVE to fight Trump's 10% hike in the war budget.

I meant no offense in the Tom Perez thread.

Udall floats plan to confirm Gorsuch, Garland to SCOTUS together

LOL! Trump to Breitbart: Oscars mix-up happened because they'd been too focused on attacking me

Images from Trump rallies around the nation today *

Sanders and Booker will unveil "new legislation to allow the importation of prescription drugs"

2/28 Sanders and Booker will unveil "new legislation to allow the importation of prescription drugs"

Obama's Last Budget & Trump/GOP Budget

Groper Don the Don insists that he be called President Trump or

A Trump crackdown on legal weed could cost the U.S. a quarter million jobs

VA-05 People's Town Hall Meeting without Rep. Tom Garrett

It's not "the defense budget"'s "the war budget"

You Think Fake News Is Bad?

The true cost of your Whopper.

Can we stop with the health care access bovine excrement ?

Is there a way to see the results of a jury session?

OMG. Randy is breaking down Trump's total plan. Why he is cutting foreign aid and his Russian

Just so you know: The fact that 1,000 CPAC attendees are too dumb to recognize the Russian flag.....

Can we all call our Dem Senators and Reps and ask them to golf-clap tomorrow night?

166 Bomb threats to Jewish Organizations Since January..

If you are a person of color and a U.S. citizen, would you travel overseas this summer?

This is funny. Sometimes the aesthetics of a tweet work better than copying it.

Greatest music video ever....NSFW!!!!...Queen, "Bicycle Race" official.....

From someone who interviewed both Ellison and Perez

Farther from the forest: 'Eye-opening' study shows rural US loses forests faster than cities

The real obstacle to any Dem election win - requires some time to read -

The Republican Party could've Gotten Smart. Instead they're choosing KAOS

SpaceX to fly two space tourists around the moon in 2018

Remember the woman who wanted to feed delegates beans to disrupt the Democratic Convention

Tremble in terror, liberals.....

Send a boob... to a boob

Spicers latest misdirection on Russia got refuted before he even ended his presser

Who the hell says this with regard Healthcare?

*Greenpeace rallying outside of the White House

Deplorable Accused Of Biting Victim's Face In An Anti-Muslim Attack

Bring me one woman who has been left behind. Bring me one.

LIVE Stream Feb 28 @ 12:30 Members of Congress Unveil Drug Importation Bill - Bernie Sanders

this one will make you cry... happy

LIVE Stream Feb 28 @ 12:30 Members of Congress Unveil Drug Importation Bill - Bernie Sanders

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A Call To Action: What's That Sound?

A Call To Action: What's That Sound?

Lasso to win runoff in Ecuador presidency: Cedatos poll

A Call To Action: What's That Sound?


Classic Mad

Obamacare: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - the best messaging yet on ACA

If Chris Christie says we don't need a special prosecutor on Russia, that's good enough for me

How to get a medical marijuana ID card in California?

Where can you see a copy of the proposed Trump budget?

African-American gun club says membership surged in Trump era

African-American gun club says membership surged in Trump era

'Nobody knew it could be so complicated'

Backing Ecuadorean Trump, Breitbart Spreads Fake News

Trump Just Sold a $15.8 Million Condo to a Consultant Who Peddles Access to Powerful People

Trump Is Creating a Field Day for the 1%

Warren Persists Again - Goes After Trump and Commerce Nominee, Cites Secret Society

Trump Considering Huntsman at State Department

A Croque-Madame Dressed Up With Crab

Judge Decides to Import Jury for Bill Cosbys Trial

They want Gorsuch ??..Then give us OBAMA !!

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Trump: Oscar Mix-Up Happened Because The Focus Was On Attacking Me

How to get a medical marijuana ID card in California?

Nancy Pelosi re: Trump's Health Care being "SO Complicated": "Nobody knew? No. He didn't know."

How to get a medical marijuana ID card in California?

Hate in the Age of tRump. Click on link for pics.

Keith Ellison invites Tom Perez to be his guest for Trump's speech to Congress

Here's What It's Like to Be Muslim in the Bible Belt in 2017

when donnie said "nobody" knew health care could be so complicated, he meant "republicans"

This is a big deal so let's celebrate. It's working. Bigly.

OMG! Maxine!!

Trump attends the birthday party of a 5-year old

Trump's verdict is IN on The Oscars: They were "sad." #MAGA!

What does freedom actually mean? Self-indulgent Libertarian hypocrisy knows no bounds

John Oliver DESTROYS Donald Trump on immigration and Transgender Bathrooms

EXCLUSIVE: Patricia Arquette Calls Alexis' Oscars 'In Memoriam' Snub 'a Real Slight to the Trans Com

Misconduct Complaint Filed Against Reince Priebus For Interfering With FBI Russia Investigation

APNewsBreak: Arizona House speaker won't hear rioting bill

More guns in more places: Bills pass Wyoming state Senate

GOP Proves More Every Day They Have No Right To Live As A Party.

Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire Trump supporter waging war on mainstream media

Whatever, just WASH YOUR HANDS.

I have made it a point not to capitlize

How Putin murdered his way to the top of his Kleptocracy.

Vote Vet ad...excellent

In Response To Rising Biased Rhetoric, Muslims Run For Office

Stay tuned:

Trump is your old uncle with better lighting- Garrison Keillor

Rep. Ted Lieu...

So now the tiniest dick in America thinks the Oscars and the mishap are all about him. As one of

Kids Should Boycott Military Service. No Reason To Die With An Idiot In The White House.

L.A. Times: Arizona Needs Copy of 1st Amendment.

Rich People's Game: Lawsuit alleges Rollback of Ferrari Odometers so Top Clients make Resale Bank!

How about you keep the troops' names out your filthy mouth, Donald?

Action tomorrow morning at McCain/Flake offices: