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Will Democratic Party be more progressive or more moderate by next election?

Slate - More Signs that the Worst Case Scenario of the Trump Presidency is Coming to Pass

Sean Spicer had a rather unflattering nickname in college

Justice Dept. appears to be deliberately sowing chaos in the courts reviewing Trumps travel ban

Sessions Says He'll Recuse Himself on Russia Probe If Needed..

Could California adopt universal healthcare for 39 million people?

Africa's Great Civilization - PBS

New Mexico tribe puts up land for $160M medicinal greenhouse

How Appropriate - 45Pee's Speech In Congress Is On....

Obamacare: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Sessions: More violence around pot than 'one would think'

Takata pleads guilty in air bag scandal, agrees to pay $1B

Trump says he's crafting his own ObamaCare plan

Feds rescind opposition to key part of Texas voter ID law

Republicans have proved that they are unable to govern.

Appeals court won't put Trump's travel ban case on hold

In truth, we should all be very grateful for Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Manchin, and so-called "DINOs".

So when he outlives his usefulness, the repukes will just toss out trump?

Trump's trade czar Ross easily wins Senate confirmation

U.S. attorney general still deciding whether to impose reforms on Chicago police

U.S. attorney general still deciding whether to impose reforms on Chicago police

Yemen SEAL Raid Has Yielded No Significant Intelligence: Officials


California demands details of Trump administration immigration arrests

California demands details of Trump administration immigration arrests

You will LYAO. Promise!!!

What the hell Warren?

Trump Hotel in Toronto failed, fraud alleged.

El Salvador's much-loved hippo Gustavito killed at zoo

El Salvador's much-loved hippo Gustavito killed at zoo

Would you pay for an app that replaced DT's name...

Montana Heritage Day

Top Soviet Olympic gymnast Olga Korbut sells off medals

What does making the party more progressive mean?

Montana: Zolnikov's Rapist Rights Bill the Voice of Reason

Nunes needs to lose his chairmanship plus be off the intelligence committee, if he is this crooked

Montana: Gianforte's Motives Questioned

FCC chairman says his agency won't review AT&T's Time Warner purchase

A Montana story: I do not rent to your kind

Ha Ha: Romney Pittsburgh Univ. Speech Fails to Draw

Montana: Gianforte/Republicans Unite to Oppose Equal Pay for Women

Sitting in the cafeteria with nothing to do

Muslim Activists Promise To Help Rebuild Second Vandalized Jewish Cemetery

Are U.S. Immigration Centers the Next Abu Ghraib?

Montana: Koch Brothers in Arms with Republicans/Gianforte

Trump and Paul Ryan Head for a Clash Over the Budget, and Ideology

EPA Chief Promises "Aggressive" Rollback of Regulations Soon

Montana GOP takes aim at service dogs

Montana: Reminder Daines Cast Deciding Vote for DeVos

Montana: Daines Pulls Support from Gianforte

Red-State Progressives Hold the Blueprint for the Trump Resistance

Ever wonder how they plan to enforce those bathroom laws? (Toon)

Montana House passes charter school bill

Montana House rejects bill to allow guns in schools

Ryan, McConnell decide to go full steam ahead on Obamacare repeal, and damn their own members

Federal Court: Pine-Richland H.S. Must Let Transgender Students Use Bathroom Of Their Choice


Montana House backs effort to boycott anti-Israel firms

Email from Robb Hogg: Help stop this dirty dozen bills

Yemen SEAL Raid Has Yielded No Significant Intelligence: Officials

Montana House supports bill calling for child abuse prevention plan

TPM: "White House Denies Report That Navy Secretary Nominee Could Withdraw"

"He knew that this was part of the job": Sean Spicer blames Navy SEAL for his own death

Nordstrom says Trumps tweets after Ivankas collections were dropped didnt hurt results

Montana: Blast efforts for locked gates, minimum wage, abolishing English-only law all fail

Number of distressed U.S. retailers at highest level since Great Recession

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! #RESIST! Live, Uncensored & a new Kitteh gif

"Let it be a disaster" Trump's new credo

He Voted

Russia Hopes to Exploit Washington Chaos, Analysts Say

Rachel's got some big thing about money laundering w cyprus bank....Wilbur Ross!?!?

Jeff Sessions Issues Ominous Warning On State Marijuana Legalization

Obama appointee joins field of Montana Democrats hoping to replace Zinke

Trump sells $15.8 million condo to Chinese businessperson who arranges financial deals between count

Montana man who claims 22 DUIs arrested for another

John Schindler will be on Lawrence O'Donnell's show tonight

Lack of state funding leaves many Montana schools in disrepair

The Epic Journey of Jeremy Lin, Part 3

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Trumps presidency: I am stunned everyday

Aide: Trump stopped morning tweets because he's not watching 'Morning Joe'

Hope Perez is keeping a list of all the stuff Trump/Repukes doing behind the scenes

Is anyone watching Africa's Great Civilizations on PBS?

"We don't fight to win" Trump insults the military (again)

Major piece of Montana budget taxes still up in the air

Three probes opened into raid that killed SEAL

Bill would make Montana exempt from daylight saving time

a taco truck on every interstate

Rachel - dropping the bomb tonight..

Not A Fan of Charles Craphammer, But Even A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day.

Trumps new favorite phrase 'enemy of the people' has a very ugly history

Press Secretary has to be a tough gig. Sphincter sucks. Who was the best?

Men cited in reported assault on Missoula gay couple

Rachel just spoon fed it to the MSM, when will this crap break open.

Montana bill would ban pipelines from crossing underneath rivers, lakes

Trump Taj Mahal was fined $10M in 2015 for anti-money laundering violations.

North Korea 'executed five security officials with anti-aircraft guns' over false reports

54 bn DT wants to shovel into military money pit equals more than 75% of annual SS/Medicaid deficit.

Trump Prepares to Address Congress: A Closer Look

okay I went a little crazy okay?..hehe

Antonio Brown now the highest paid receiver in the NFL

What now Kellyanne??

If SESSIONS is against recreational pot, then I'm (now) *for* it. Plus DRUMPF's drug

Senator accuses GOP of using secretive intel hearings to hide Trumps Russia contacts

John Major's incendiary speech branding Brexit a 'historic mistake' in full

"Now, we never win a war." dt

Vancouver police prepare for protests at new Trump tower

April the giraffe still has not had her baby!

Anderson Cooper - Bernie Sanders Interview - 2/27/2017


On the emperor's congressional address eve, Rachel exposes all Russian fRump connections

If the Senate were based on population instead of states....

Anyone else see Christian Bale's character from American Psycho when they look at Trump's sons?...

Sanders mocks Trump saying nobody knew health care is 'so complicated'

Cruz, Lee, Paul demand 'full repeal' of ObamaCare

The cost to taxpayers of protecting Trump's kids

My 2 picks for a special prosecuter

Tucker Carlson Attacks Bill Nye As A "Bully" During Interview On Climate Change

Ron Reagan

So, honesty...concerning tomorrow's speech.

Should I sell all my investments before Trump stuns the nation...

It doesn't *MATTER* if Rachel et al "Drops a bomb", bc 45 will just ignore it

The Truth About The Trump Data Team That People Are Freaking Out About

Washington lawmakers invite special guests to Trump's address

Who said Kellyanne Conway wasn't a critical part of this Administration?

Illinois town in Trump territory backs detained immigrant

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee very disturbed after Trump meeting

We are all in this wonderful group together. Can we talk?

Bomb squad called in as Jewish Community Center in Mercer IslandWA evacuated

Washington State - Mercer Island JCC just got a bomb threat

Believe it or not, there are a few people on Fox who will report the Truth about Trump

Repealing the ACA vs. "Terrorists"

Racists pay for their crimes

Republicans investigating allegations of foreign involvement of their own party is insane.

Trump says Obama is helping to organize protests against his presidency

Canadian reporter went to Mexico to interview refugees on their

A Pot Crackdown Could Be a Huge Gift to Trumps Bad Hombres

What Do You Think Is the Most Important Problem Facing This Country Today?

I've invented a new cocktail.....

Re the film: You've Been Trumped... I didn't think my opinion of Mango Mussolini could be any lower.

Here is a post from a few days ago that might help with Rachel's story tonight.

jon stewart on colbert tonight

Trump's $5 Trillion Attack On Americas Values And Reputation

Colorado tRump Rally versus Women's March

Hey folks, some people don't watch MSNBC 24 hrs a day

A Message from Paul Ryan about the ACA:

Chapel Hill man recalls life of fear at western NC church

Duke responds to increased number of ICE raids, connects DACA students with attorney

Let's Discuss

Leaked Audio: Trump Cares About Food Safety But Only If the Food Is Foreign

Is there any chance the Dems are working secretly on a plan to end this all post-2018?

More than 6 in 10 oppose ObamaCare repeal

Only a war can boost low approval ratings

Trump says Obama helping to organize protests

Maddow 2/27/17 - Wilbur Ross, etc.

Here we go again...

If any of you lushes are planning on playing a drinking game during the SOTU tomorrow night

Why did Mitch and Ryan go to the White House today?

More guns in more places: Bills pass Wyoming state Senate

Abortion ultrasound bill passes Senate

Senate president kills criminal justice reform bill

Two Casper police officers face charges related to treatment of their children

Revealed: How US billionaire Robert Mercer (who also backed Trump) helped to back Brexit


What would improve the quality of your life?

I'm a Silicon Valley liberal, and I traveled across the country to interview 100 Trump supporters

Rosie ODonnell Will Lead a Protest Against Trump Before His First Congressional Address

How can I tell whether The Don's address to Congress is fake news?

Rosie ODonnell Will Lead a Protest Against Trump Before His First Congressional Address...

Wyoming legislature reaches budget deal

Trump on New York Times: 'The intent is so evil and so bad'

Trump break

Records show EPA's Pruitt used private email, despite denial

A Top Republican Said Hed Vote Against the GOPs Obamacare Replacement Bill

Vandalism at Colorado Muslim Society Mosque Before Morning Prayer

Governor John Hickenlooper Responds to Sean Spicer's Comments on Marijuana

Will constituents be excluded from Gardners telephone town halls?

Cardboard Cory: The Most Popular Cardboard Cutout Ever

Donald Trump and the mansion that no one wanted. Then came a Russian fertilizer king.

When asked your religion at the boarder.....

Over 120 Retired Generals, Admirals on State and USAID Budget: Now is not the time to retreat

Good on you, Kentucky...

Jet makes emergency landing in Denver after severe turbulence

Bicyclist sues city of Denver saying street-sweeper chased, struck him

Access to birth control widens as Colorado pharmacists prepare to prescribe oral contraceptives

Chris Christie tells GOP lawmakers to hold town halls: You asked for the job. Go do it.

Am I a great artist photographer, or do I just have the best models.......

Bill to gut states troubled loan fund headed to full Senate, then likely to governor

TABOR reform passes House Finance Committee, still has long way to go

Ubers SVP of engineering is out after he did not disclose he left Google in a dispute over a sexual

Susan Collins says Senate probe of Russian influence will be thorough (see video too)

Weld County agrees to $250,000 settlement with company that built Weld County Parkway

Senate gives early approval to $60 million manufacturing tax break as food tax hike waits in wings

House panel OKs requiring teachers to pass a skills test

Rape kit bill advances, but lawmakers wonder if funds for it will, too

Student loan debt relief, we aren't talking about it anymore.

More allegations of harassment of female engineers

Zion Curtain bill quickly runs into controversy, industry concerns

Daily Holidays - February 28

After Trump meeting, Herbert says he supports proposal to cap Medicaid funding

Resolution calling for congressional term limits passes House

Workplace anti-discrimination bill on hold

Big tax break for business may be limited to refineries, sponsor says

Comedy Central dumped Larry Wilmore for this? "The High Court"...

AN CAFE - 逃避回路 ~2016 Ver.~ (Touhikairo ~2016 Ver.~)

An Cafe-Duck No Magical Adventure

An Cafe-Duck No Magical Adventure

Customer at Irving Wal-Mart tells Hispanic employee to 'go to your own' country

Three probes of Yemen raid underway but perhaps not the one Navy SEALs father wants

Sanders mocks Trump on health care - CNN

Appeals court: First Amendment gives public right to video police

Sanders mocks Trump on health care - CNN

Herbert to outdoor show: 'We're going to have to part ways'

Bill that would raise marriage license cost dies in legislature

Utah Senate passes bill to raise age of helmet wearers

Everyday there's another preventable shooting...

Jewish life in the US under Trump. Kids evacuated in rolling cribs from JCCs because of bomb threats

Sobering analysis: Republican screwing up doesn't automatically mean our gain.

Recreational pot bill hits roadblock in House committee

a.m. Joe not going there: NO russia laundering. Just more quibbling on tactics.

Former Registered Broker Guilty In A $131 Million Market Manipulation Scheme

South Florida Tobacco Importer Sentenced- Failing to Pay Over $13 Million in Federal Excise Taxes

Open primary bill moves forward in Senate

Insane Betsy DeVos Press Release Celebrates Jim Crow Education System as Pioneer of "School Choice"

No God? No Problem: Atheism in AA as a Human Right

Senator Udall suggests Supreme Court solution

Spicer bails on Ohio Repub's fundraiser after learning lawmaker criticized Trump for groping women

Warehouse operator that replaced union workers sues Schnucks

Anagram for "Sean Spicer"

Focusing on religious oppression in China misses the big picture

Mattis wanted this woman as his second-in-command here's why she turned him down

GOP frontrunner in Louisiana House race caught posing in racist Tiger Woods blackface costume

Warehouse operator that replaced union workers sues Schnucks

State lawyers want behavioral health leakers identified

'Open the doors': the Catholic churches hiding targets of Dutertes drug war

Anderson Cooper - Bernie Sanders Full Interview Feb 27, 2017

This is why Trump is attacking Obama..........

SmellyAnne Conway being.... I have no words... on the Oval Office sofa.

Gov. orders agencies to consolidate human resources

After wandering 27 years, Tibetan Buddhists find N. Philly home

Kidnapping times four ?

Kidnapping times four ?

Countermeasures to Trump inundate New Mexico Legislature

Trump taking credit for meaningless statistical fluke caused by Obama

Millennials have accepted the "Team" as the way to work and get ahead in society, "Unions" are out.

Indefinite War

2018 TX US Senate Race- Cruz has a 38 percent approval rating /20 percent approval rating among

Oz GHG Output Up 3.4% 2015-2016 YOY; Up 14% Since Abbott Dumped Carbon Price 6/14

Trump Speech To Lay Out His Plans For Nation

New Mexico tribe puts up land for $160M medicinal greenhouse

A Tornado In Massachusetts, In February: And Yes, It's Related To Warming

Lawmakers consider bills aimed to payday loan industry

Welcome to the (Deportation) Machine: Trump plan turns cops into Immigration Agents

Trump moves to make waters dirty again

Shell Knew Scale Of Climate Threat In 1991, As Movie It Produced Shows - Guardian

Donald Trump pledges to make other countries pay for military help and fund expanded defence budget

If Oil Drillers Spill In Pristine Australian Bight, Australian Taxpayers Get To Cover The Costs


An open letter to Senate Democrats

Former homebuilder sentenced to prison in embezzlement case

Jon Stewart to the media: "I heard Donald Trump broke up with you. Stings a little, doesnt it?"

Lawmakers say New Mexico could save millions on drugs

Governors to Trump: Chill Out on the Weed

Sen. Bernie Sanders mocks President Trump saying nobody knew health care is "so complicated"

The president is an idiot

Bar Complaint Accuses Reince Priebus of Corruptly Attempting to Influence FBI Investigation

Trump Plans to Begin E.P.A. Rollback With Order on Clean Water----he must be so proud 🖕🏼

Hey Democrats: Dont let the DNC Race Distract From the Real Fight

Trump has secret service eject member of Congress

Google Doodle honors Abdul Sattar Ehdi, Pakistan's "Father Teresa"

Deplorables Mother Of All Polls

Rep. Marsha Blackburns false claim that two key Obamacare elements are Republican provisions

Raid on Yemen that left Navy SEAL dead yielded NO significant intelligence, U.S. officials tell NBC

Mr Trump I've Got Bad News For You - Bernie Sanders

Mr Trump I've Got Bad News For You - Bernie Sanders

Manaforts Ukrainian blood money caused qualms, hack suggests


Trump White House scrambles to check scandal over FBI inquiry into Russia ties

Chuck Schumer‏: 'Tonight's Joint Session will mean nothing'

3 Part Series: In Harm's Way

NRAs new gun-sales pitch: America is a war zone and the violent left is coming for you

Turn one of your 'flaws' in a weird superhero power: for example

joe scarborough - 'Every military mission is not going to be perfect'

Fox News Tucker Carlson implodes as Bill Nye The Science Guy schooled him on climate change (VIDEO)

Note to the Orange Anus: re ACA or Obama Care. No it is not complicated to fix. You are the

Politico: 'He's a Performance Artist Pretending to be a Great Manager'

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Calm before the storm

Trump will continue his losing streak if he keeps Bannon at his side, WSJ says in editorial

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Wrong Envelope

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Our Oceans Are Garbage

PAPERS PLEASE - GOP To Use National ID Under Real ID Act To Scrub Voting Roles.

If any government official asks your religion - Say "First Amendmentism"

Until we kill this useful idiot mindset on the left, our road will be that much tougher

CPAC Attendees Inappropriate Behavior Prompts Apology From Convention Center

Willfully Blind (Luckovich cartoon)

They're coming! They're coming! The hummingbirds are coming!

I may have let in a malicious file.

The Dots may have been connected Wilbur Ross At Nexus Of Donald Trump Russian Deal Rachel Maddow"

Why in the hell is the effin media pushing trump tonight

CJR: Avoiding questions about Trumps mental health is a betrayal of public trust

AGAIN! Just because you voted for Obama doesn't mean you aren't a racist!

The rationalization of every failed president-people just don't understand how great my policies are

Mercer Island (WA) Jewish community center evacuated due to bomb threat

Judge orders stiff sentences for two in Douglasville (Ga.) hate crime

Who Belongs in Trump's America? - NYT Editorial Board

Can the World Beat Climate Change Without the U.S.?

You know how 45 ends everything with "Sad!" or "Bad!"....

Heroic Soccer Player Saves Rivals Life After On-Field Collision - Huff Post

Drinking Game Tip for Tonight's Speech

He's not a great manager---He's a performance artist pretending to be a great manager"

EPIC: Trumpists Trolled into Waving Russian Flags at CPAC

White House BLOCKS Media from Briefing, Audio Leak Exposes Trump

Mischaracterizations, Misrepresentations and Lies - by Steven Rattner

Victory for Women in the Military: Sexist Religious Posters Removed from Air Force Base

Trump Apologists Diminish anti-Semitism and Distort Reality


Stephen Colbert mocks gullible uncle Trump by spoofing the New York Times' Oscars ad

Answer for Anyone Asked by a Government Official about Their Religion

Pence and Tillersons message to allies: Ignore the tweeter in chief

How Did We The People Lose Control Over Corporations?

Poll: Public Has Had Enough Of Trump's Use Of Twitter

News coverage of Trump is really, really negative. Even on Fox News.

Special election in Connecticut today! VOTE!!!

"My favorite sandwich? Donner Burgers! It's not even close." . . Come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!!

Does Trump know he's president? - By Eugene Robinson

Note the irony/disconnect in this

Bannon's reckless pursuit of ethno-nationalist greatness

How Trump's White House is Like American Pickers

Story of my life - chasing something just out of reach

Trump's GOP enablers take a page from the fascist-era Vatican - By Richard Cohen

12 Coal Miners Died on This Mans Watch in 2006.

"Here comes the airplane!"

Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel go to Couples Therapy

The evidence backing Trump's travel ban simply isn't there - WaPo Editorial Board

Justice Department asks court to dismiss claim of discrimination in Texas voter ID case

To the Press: Please Don't Let up on Trump.

Trump's first D.C. dinner as president: An overcooked, $54 steak. With ketchup.

Trump on Yemen raid: "This was something that was, uh, you know, they wanted to do"

The Surprisingly Interesting Story Behind the Filet-O-Fish Sandwich

Why are the Oscar envelopes all the same color?

I have to say the most shocking thing about the Kellyanne pictures is the carpet

"They don't dig for truth-They skim media for anything that makes them feel better about themselves"

Collection of Maddow's reportings on failings of trump and connections to Putin

The Reichstag Warning

Periodic Fasting Diet May Reverse Type 1 and 2 Diabetes, Says USC-led study

Full Obamacare repeal is opposed by two-thirds of Americans

The Kansas City Star's editorial board asks where their president is.

French Holocaust historian Henry Rousso says US 'no longer quite the US' after being held for 10 hrs

Magnitude 4.2 earthquake hits near Belfair

'I don't like the racism and I don't like the name-calling': George W. Bush continues political...

Here's a New Habit to Cultivate:

This Brea CA Trump rally photo will SILENCE the HATERS who doubt the LARGE TURNOUTS!

Israel 'must be ready to accept fleeing US Jews'

We need a Pink Floyd Day, enjoy from 1980

Bill Kristol of all people

Tom Perez Selected as DNC and What That Will Mean for the Democratic Party

Trump Using Congress Speech to Fundraise for 2020

Are the Republicans Looking for their Reichstag Fire Moment to Take Over?

DeVos Slammed For Calling Black Colleges 'Pioneers' Of School Choice

Pic Of The Moment: Here's Your Bingo Card For Tonight's Speech

Jon Stewart Dresses Down the Media: Stop Your Whining and Hold Trump Accountable

Donald Drumpf gives his presidency an A +

Watch Bernie Sanders laugh out loud at Trump's daft claim 'nobody knew health care' is complicated

Trump On Spicer's Phone Check: 'I Would Have Done It Differently'

Couple will spend years in prison for terrorizing family

Profile in cowardice:...Trump will take no responsibility for the wave of hate crimes he has inspire

Trump Blames SEALs Death On Military: They Lost Ryan

Ms. DeVos must also think that Poland's Jews in WWII just loved being in the Warsaw ghetto.

Shell knew: oil giant's 1991 film warned of climate change danger

Trump Blames SEALs Death On Military: They Lost Ryan

A common greeting in some tribal areas in Africa is "I see you."

I stand with Maxine Waters in refusing to attend Donald Drumpf's ersatz SOTU speech

I think they did

Yesterday's Spicer Presser

Trump's presidential transition funded by special interests he blasted

Financial markets are now betting against the future of the planet. This won't end well


Guy who shipped 2,700 jobs overseas since 2004 is new U.S. commerce secretary. #MAGA!

Ryan: We've Seen No Evidence That Trump Aides Were In Contact With Russia

Any Suggestions for what Dems should yell at Drumpt from the Gallery tonight?


Narcissists also never apologize.

Sessions Sets Goals: Robust Enforcement Of Drug, Gun, Violent Crime

should democratic senators and reps call out when trump lies tonight?

Gordon Flingenschitt is still at it...

MSNBC panelists destroys Trump spokesman defending Trump lies (VIDEO)

Where's Colin Powell?

Elderly woman evicted from Kansas City home she has rented since 1969

Did I just hear Kate Baldwin correctly????

Kellyanne just Slumming in the Oval Office

Trumps deafening silence on the Olathe, Kansas murder

The FBI and Trump: Understanding their strange alliance is key to unpacking the Russia scandal

Two tweets today about SC Ginsburg today........Side by side ....

TN has declared war on same-sex families: Inside the legislation that would eradicate rights...

Pat Robertson: Stop Witches From Cursing Donald Trump

Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr reeling from phone call on behalf of Trump

'toon: After we get rid of the Mexicans

Cartoon Donald Trump Dreads The White House Correspondents' Dinner

Wendy's is replacing its lowest-paid workers with robots

WaPost and MJ-Sentinel subscriptions?

To DeVos--"To paint historically black colleges as pioneers of "school choice" is like saying the M

Trump ordering review of Obama rule protecting small streams

I am so sick of journalists writing endless articles about white innocence.

The Latest: Ryan sees Trump as 'chairman,' not details guy

Made it to 30,000 posts! What's next?

When he says something laughable tonight (and he probably will)

How much will Americans accept before they start acting?

What do you think about this idea: Reality is a Simulation

Trump and his fans are discovering that government is "complicated" - and there's a reason we hire..

What do I listen to while angry?

Divided Republicans Await Clarity From Trump On Key Issues

Minnesota's budget surplus grows to $1.65 billion

KO: It's Time for a Grand Jury on Trump and Russia The Russia question obscures everything about thi

KO: It's Time for a Grand Jury on Trump and Russia The Russia question obscures everything about thi

Bill Nye Reading Mean Tweets

Kerry will take a position at Yale overseeing the Kerry Inititive

FCC chair rails against net neutrality

Bill Paxtons Weirdest Film: A Music Video Dedicated To Fish Heads

Participate in a Thesis Study of Feminist Perspectives

'Welcome to the Trump plantation': Historically black college vandalized after Betsy DeVos gaffe

What words the president uses from the podium tonight will give a hint about McMaster's clout

Charles P Pierce: Why I'll Never Sympathize with Regretful Trump Voters

No shamrocks please for the immigrant-hating Mr. Trump.

Jim Harbaugh calls out Donald Trump on Twitter over budget cuts to legal services

Ransom sought: Stuffed toys leak millions of kids & parents recordings

for pat robertson --"who were the witches"

Sessions pushes tougher line on marijuana

Wilbur Ross

"who were the witches' (honestly, pat robertson)

CSIRO - Likely Pace Of CO2 Increase This Year 3.3 ppm; Rate Of Rise Up 10% In 2 Years

"we will never give up" kristin lems

"we will never give up" kristin lems

All I know is someone better scream out tonight.....

What has Trump really accomplished? For all the talk, not much - except in one big area

Five Weeks Into His Presidency Donald Trump Grades Himself Guess What He Says He Deserves?

Fox news mirror universe tomorrow thread

"who were the witches" (honestly, pat robertson)

Maybe Dems will do better if we got somebody under 70 to run things.

White House Wanted Protests Over Travel Ban

The Trump Show

LOL: National Enquirer-Trump's Go-to-News Source

"the living wage" -kristin lems

"the living wage"- kristin lems

If you can't stand to watch the big speech tonight

French police sniper shoots two in error at Hollande speech

Deforestation on the rise in Colombia after FARC ends policing of jungles

Turns out, Conway is not even housebroken

Affordable & Safe Prescription Drug Import. Act Introduced to Help Lower Skyrocketing Cost of Meds

Simple: The Buck Stops At Trump. He's the Commander in Chief. If He Won't Take Responsibility

Affordable & Safe Prescription Drug Import. Act Introduced to Help Lower Skyrocketing Cost of Meds

DeVos sparks controversy with comments on black colleges

Bill O'Reilly Admits Fox News Messed Up Sweden Segment

GRAPHIC PHOTO of VIOLENT RIOT incited by higher-level THC marijuana, as reported by A.G. Sessions.

I'd bet a crate of Dippin Dots that republican Comrade Pee45 uses "we" tonight

Trump to shift biofuel blending burden off U.S. refiners: sources

Bacteria Are New Focus of Space Research

Door knocks in the dark: The Canadian town on front line of Trump migrant crackdown

Simply the best.

Russia, China block U.N. sanctions on Syria over gas attacks

"It's simple..."

Abortion Ship (Women on Waves) Detained By Guatemalan Government

Abortion Ship (Women on Waves) Detained By Guatemalan Government

Abortion Ship (Women on Waves) Detained By Guatemalan Government

Wow. In ratings boost, Rachel Maddow is on fire.

San Francisco Symphony Replaces Canceled North Carolina Concerts With a Pride Benefit.

Does Stephen Miller Speak for Trump? Or Vice Versa?

Lindsey Graham Says Trump's First Budget Is 'Dead On Arrival'

Tom Perez to Sessions: 'Go Shove It, Sir.'

Trump Shirks Blame For SEAL Death: 'This Was Something They Wanted To Do'


Does an alerter see the results of the alert?

Some funny - Kimmel explains the Oscars (text not video)

House conservatives torpedo leaked Obamacare replacement plan

Conservative Groups Cheer On Revolt Against GOP Draft O'Care Replacement

does anyone know the exact date Howrd Baker famously asked

"Don't fool yourself" Andrea Manafort wrote-"That money we have is blood money"

The Green Movement Is Talking About Racism? It's About Time

On shopping in-store or online? - a musing, rambling tale...

Trump adviser links Dems to Jewish center bomb threats

Shaky Jobs, Sluggish Wages: Reasons Are at Home.

The 21 Democratc Senators who voted Yea on Wilbur Ross for commerce

Betsy DeVos thinks Historically Black Colleges and Universities were a form of "school choice".

The Two Union Leaders Driving Trump's Rabid Immigration Enforcement Crackdown

SEAL William Owens who died in Yemen

Why Trump Won

Newt Gingrich Calls For 'Independent' Investigator In Trump-Russia Probe

The AFL-CIO will send you action alert texts and you can just click a button and be transfered

Big foundation set out to tackle inequality.

Do you shop Amazon?

Trump "sometimes it's the reverse," In reference to bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers.

is it my imagination or, is the media making a concerted effort to say "president" when

Eugene Robinson: Trump is either still running for office or away from his job

NYT: Trump believes JCC threats may be "false flag operations

She is so cute and will probably Kick ass some day ...

She is so cute and will probably kick ass some day ...

The 'Death Tax' Deserves to Live

Newt Gingrich: Independent Investigator Needed for Trump-Russia Probe

Trump Bids Ben Carson Farewell Until Next Black History Month

Everybody enjoying their enforced S3 downtime?

(hmmmm?)-Newt Gingrich: Independent Investigator Needed for Trump-Russia Probe

Tonight's opening act will be Ryan, Nunes & Chaffetz

Looks like SCROTUS is headed for Florida again this weekend:

What Is Your Name? Where Are We? Who Is President? Oh God.

George W. Bush Breaks His Silence on the Direction of the Trump Presidency: I Dont Like the Racism

drumpfy's tiny little fingers and my dirty mind-- I just realized a bit ago, as I saw a pic

Trump not filling WH vacancies because "they're not necessary"...

Tedeschi Trucks Band w/ Taj Mahal & Jerry Douglas - Leavin' Trunk

Betsy DeVos Accused Of 'Whitewashing' The History Of Black Colleges

Trump just told the Pennsylvania AG that anti-Semitic threats may be false flag operations

So is the president of the United States sane?

Paul Ryan: Need some help!

What We Lose When We Give Awards to Men Like Casey Affleck

sober drinking game

trump is on teevee bragging about poisoning our waters....he seems so proud.

Trump Proposes Cutting State Department Budget by 37%

Are the cherry blossoms in Washington DC blooming?

Today's petitions

Five years ago today, sort of.

Trump wants to leave govt positions unfilled, so that government fails

Bill Nye schools Fucker Carlson; but Fucker still doesn't get it

Donald Trump's favorite song

So Groper Don the Con has accused President Obama

No, you're not crazy, part of the internet *is* broken

He said this. He actually said this. He is now an Anti-Semitisim Truther!

Trump tells PA AG: "sometimes it's the reverse" - alleges Jews are FAKING ATTACKS....

If you look remotely Hispanic or ME, better start carrying your passport on domestic flights.

They let wolf in the Whitehouse and now he's Pavlov ing

I'm 62. Perhaps it is time for younger blood in the D Party to take over

Affordable & Safe Prescription Drug Importation Act Introduced to Help Lower Skyrocketing Cost of

Theory as to why Drumpf thinks his EC margin is a "landslide".

Letting Go of the Atheist Movement

Letter from Don Trump Jr to Felix Satter, confirming Twitler's ties to Satter

Did you guys know Obama called delegates Saturday to rally votes for Perez?

Rep John Conyers: Lets be clear, HBCUs were started because of Jim Crow laws."

Welcome to america: French Holocaust historian detained for 10 hours at US customs

What a POS Trump is

I will be watching Bullwinkle cartoons this evening.

In Religious Freedom Debate, 2 American Values Clash

Just curious. I'm not watching tonight for many reasons

U.S. attorney general pushes to stop suing local police

When We Rise

Manafort's Ukrainian blood money caused qualms, hack suggests - Politico

Midwesterners - who is in the path of these expected tornadoes

"The buck stops here" Trump has tghat saying confused

I proclaim "Howard Baker Day"

Report: Auction For Obamas' Book Deal Reaches More Than $60 Million

What's for Dinner, Tues., Feb. 28, 2017

"massive" pro Trump rallies today, Trumputin predicts 318.9 million more "on a Sat"

Russian connections still haunt Ross after senate confirmation - CyprusBusinessMail

'This is insane': Trump blasted for parroting same anti-Jewish conspiracy as white supremacist site

Body-cam footage shows officer pushing woman, 86, to ground at Tucson immigration protest

Will There Be An Official Dem Response To 45Pee's Speech Tonight?......

 "Hitler wasnt directly elected to power, his appointment as Reich chancellor was...

Despite public backlash, West Virginia lawmakers vote to weaken pollution rules

Drumpf implied Jews are desecrating their own cemeteries and calling in bomb threats to themselves

Kelly Ann Conway needs to pay to have that couch

Retail Shopping Has Changed Drastically

The Last Hours of Sacred Stone Camp (2/28/2017) Live From Standing Rock With Myron Dewey

Mona Gadelha - St. Denis Ceara (Panaphonic Bossa Remix)

Schiavoni of Boardman will run for governor in 2018

Fake Jews.....

Rubio is asked to leave Tampa office over disruption from weekly protests

FCC's Pai Moves to Kill Consumer Broadband Privacy Protections

Jeff Sessions Didnt Read DOJs Chicago Police Report. But He Thinks Its Anecdotal.

Those who, like me, are not watching tonight - what are you doing instead?

So, let's see if I have this right

Bernie Sanders takes another swing at big pharma with bill to allow drug imports

Sick Of MSM Leaving GOPPERS Absurd, Sick, Violent, Insane Remarks Out There Unchallenged.

Bernie Sanders takes another swing at big pharma with bill to allow drug imports

A great Facebook post about Republicans

FBI once planned to pay former British spy who authored controversial Trump dossier

Free Market Health Care Will Never Work & The GOP LIARS DAMN WELL KNOW IT.

Resolution of Inquiry - Live on Facebook

Irony in the news: Energy boom, rail hopes, tRump order stoke Pa. steel revival

The Drumphinator has made it substantially easier for me to read the news.

Democrats to highlight a red state's success with Obamacare in response to Trump speech

I don't know. Trump *does* make a good point.

.@marcorubio's office has been booted from a Tampa building over demonstrators outside. Staff has t

Fighting gerrymandering in PA

Michelle Obama Sundays Are for the Soul(Cycle) ...Secret Service Sweatin' Too

Jon Stewart skewersTrump for his lies and gives the media well deserved advice (VIDEO)

Jobless rates down in 38 states in 2016; employment-population ratios up in 36 states

Private Prisons Yet Another Trump Giveaway to Corporate America

Family values

The tide may be turning as freepers freep the f out

Finally, a Retirement Plan for Job-Hopping Millennials

Trump mulling immigration bill with pathway to legal status: CNN

I guess if you were to take a drink every time the So-called

The New Yorker: "Trump, Putin and The New Cold War"

How Long Before Find Voter Admitting Voting For Trump.

So what extraneous info gets thrown into the Madman's speech sausage grinder tonight?

Former FCC Boss Wheeler on his succesor: Things 'Going the Way I Feared'

Toomey can't move his office locations fast enough

Meet one of Trump's favorite news sources. Trigger warning: Flabby Alex Jones, shirtless ...

Bannon, Sessions & the Remaking of U.S. Justice- & of America!

India busts taboos with new sex ed manual

The curse of the Bradford Pear: Column

Viewer discretion advised;

Trump suggests that anti-Semitic threats are coming from Jews.

McConnell won't back Trump's State Dept deep cuts, disagrees with House on Obamacare

Trump meets health care: He came, he sawed, he's bonkers - Tom Toles

YouTube, the worlds biggest video site, wants to sell you TV for $35 a month

Many Female House Dems Will Wear White To Trump's Speech To Congress


To watch or not to watch??

It's starting to hit home for more Trump voters

six days later, the white house thinks this might have involved racism.....

McConnell says deep State Department budget cuts won't pass

Obama Working Hard On Those Leaks

FBI once planned to pay former British spy who authored controversial Trump dossier

When will the GOP finally break with Hair Fuhrer?

First barred by travel ban, Iranian baby Fatemeh recovering in oregon

Keith Ellison letter to Sessions

The Wilderness Society

"A Sermon to White America" (w/Guest Michael Eric Dyson)

MTP Daily - 2 pigs and a woman

Trump Proposes Cutting State Department By 37%

Once Times Person of the Year, an Ebola fighter dies in childbirth due to stigma of virus

Sessions to give remarks on African American History Month

democratic response? they will be looking for a democratic response? I've got it right here

This is just f**king disgusting, someone that was "tweeting" when this sh*t went down now does this

President Trump supports NATO (to be in his speech tonight).

The Republican War on the Working Class, Death of 1000 Cuts?

White House: Trump Condemns 'Racially Or Religiously Motivated' Attacks

Someone who can read this please tell us what it says, related to Steele dossier

The Labor Robot Tidal Wave just arrived

So when will the designated survivor be announced by those at the WH?

Women to wear white at Trumps first address

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Maxine Waters: I Don't Choose To Honor President Trump At Joint Address MSNBC

I think this immigration bill is the straw

new Commerce Sec. links to Trump-Russia Deutsche Bank money laundering $10B scheme

Many thanks to all who sent good mojo for my surgery!

Hey, there's a Congressman who's refusing to shake Trump's hand tonight

AG Sessions: Theres a lot of violence thats coming from legalized pot

SoU alterntive: "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre"

The one upside of Sessions obession with pot is:

Keith Ellison on Tom Perez

Trump Child Care Plan: 70% of benefits to those making $100K+, 25% to those making $200K+ #MAGA!

Watch Live: Resistance outside WH right now with Rosie O'Donnell - link

Tonight ... Somebody PLEASE scream: YOU LIE !!

Holder: Obama is 'ready to roll'

In trump's speech tonight:

Nancy Pelosi: Trump "uses the charm offensive -- which is offensive, very offensive"

Happy Fat Tuesday from The Dead