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Ontario to provide life-saving health care to children affected by U.S. travel ban

I'm getting really nervous

Hoffa: Teamsters Endorse Keith Ellison for DNC Chair

Why conservatives are more likely than liberals to believe false information about threats

Sweden criticises US climate stance as it reveals ambitious carbon emissions law

Eric Trump's weekend business trip to Uruguay cost taxpayers $100k

FCC rescinds claim that AT&T and Verizon violated net neutrality

Nationwide Temporary Restraining Order Issued Against Trump!

The Standing Rock Sioux will soon march on Washington. (March 10)

Schwarzenegger Goes Full "Terminator" on Trump

You paid $100,000 for a Trump organization business trip

So we never forget the tragic Bowling Green Massacre:

Fed. judge favors Washingtons case against Trump travel ban

Do we have to talk about race again? Gregg Popovich says, Youre damned right we do.

Trump's travel ban temporarily blocked nationwide by federal judge in Seattle

Trump Executive Order Generator!

**BREAKING NEWS** Another judge (Seattle) has issued a restraining order on Drumpf's Muslim ban

Arnold should arm wrestle Drumpf-Winner becomes president.

Doctors confined by borders: Trump order disrupts surgeries and research at Seattle hospitals

White House women have to #DressLikeAWoman but bloated Nazi Steve Bannon gets to walk around looking

Found myself harkening back to the good old W Bush days

something i'd like to see:

"Does Vladimir Putin kill journalists?"

Its critical that we always fault "the GOP and Trump"

Federal judge halts muslim ban. How will this

GOP congressman cancels Obamacare meeting when reporter shows up

Your tax dollars at work

How Baton Rouge-area homes might fare in hurricane's storm surge shown in new interactive map

Joy Reid in for Chris Hayes

Seattle judge blocks Trump immigration ban

Sports official says HB2 closing window on hopes of landing NCAA events

Mr. Fish Toon- Trump's Yoda

Duke Energy plans addition to Lincoln County power plant

Seeds of Grass

Trump Will Just Deport These People Later.

Trump is violating court orders and there doesn't seem to be a way to make him comply.

Is Donald Trump going to blow up the Moon...?

DOJ Position Is If Trump Orders It It's Law And Cannot Be Reviewed By Any Court.

The Bowling Green Massacre

Argentina sees migration ban and border wall proposals in immigration row

Happier Days!

Just in: Jerome Corsi of Alex Jones' info Wars was issued press credentials by trump admin

Interfaith rally in uptown Charlotte takes aim at Trump's immigration policy

Cute Emergency:

I just happened upon this quote from our second President, John Adams-

Trying to watch Minions movie, but I

The Week: Republicans, You Must Impeach Donald Trump

Just On Hayes. Homeland Is Saying They Will Ignore The Court. The Visas Are Gone.

I am absolutely ashamed of my country for electing Trump -- totally, big leaguely! In every way

McCrory gets 8.5 years in bribery case

White House investigates leaks of Trump calls to Australia, Mexico

I think this means we should deport Bannon.

No prison in case of $224K Social Security fraud

Charles P. Pierce: Donald Trump Has Hijacked Democracy. The Response Is Up to the Country.

In an age of 'alternative facts,' a massacre of schoolchildren is called a hoax

Does the 'majority' have the ability to organize and protest?

Lawyer On Hayes Said Homeland Is Denying Them Access To Detainees.

In-Depth Analysis: What Steve Bannon really wants

Montana lawmaker seeks to dismantle political practices office

Is Trump Administration Setting Scenario To Declare Martial Law?

On Hayes show, David Kay Johnson talking about dictatorship

"The Constitution Prevailed" - Federal Judge in Seattle halts Trumps immigration order nationwide

Listening to Kellyanne Conway and the rest of them I am finally learning what STICKILY LIES are.

First Saturday of Trump, the marches. Second Saturday of Trump, the airports.

Tap water in Chapel Hill-Carrboro off limits until later this weekend

Whoa, Malcolm Nance talking about Alexandre Dugin on "All in With

Frances Next President May Face $3 Billion Nuclear Hangover

Mom? Dad? When are you coming back from vacation

Great piece by Angelina Jolie: Refugee Policy Should Be Based on Facts, Not Fear

POTUS signs exec order he's never previously read & he doesn't know the name of lady who wrote it

Areva deal signals chilled French-Chinese nuclear partnership

Trump Already Planning Presidential Library

Incompetent Trump Accidentally ..?????.....Shuts Down All Tourism With Executive Order

Good advice from Sam Seder: "Get Involved!"

If only this actually came true

If You Want to Understand Trumps Continued Appeal to His Base, Read Bandits by Eric Hobsbawm

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Back in Time! Best of Malloy! Live, Uncensored

Gallup: Support for Gorsuch lower than other recent picks

Trump: Im President, So No More Protest or Media Accountability

DT likes to be surrounded by beautiful people. Lets start calling him and Bannon POTUS and Otis.

Any producers out there? Please make this movie!

Remember Bowling Green!!!!

I now think there needs to be a lawyers' march on Washington.

What The Fuck Just Happened, Today? - logging the daily shock and awe

Trump's Order Will Be Permanent. I Do Believe That It Will Happen.

In Avocado Country, Mexicans Not Afraid of Trump Tariff Threats

Donald says it's all a misunderstanding, he meant extreme wetting.

Marquette County Repub Party Secretary Dan Adamini calls for another Kent State to deal with

Inside the Gates

Trump Ban Is Really Now In International Crisis Because It Effects Other Countries.

Sebastian Gorka is the anti-Christ. I know it.

Why does this photo look familar?

Other Countries Should Now Stop Landing Rights Of Our Airlines. Force Trump To Stand Down.

For those who do not remember the past, I offer Oct 2, 1968

John Lewis pitches Ellison for DNC chairman

Presidents don't do war planning, that's what the military staff is for...

1 lane still closed on I-40 after dairy tanker spills 28,000 pounds of creamer

Tamil Nadu - 1 Of India's Most Populous States - Facing Huge Water Stress, From Drought To Floods

Attorney General who brought the argument before the Washington

NC House bill aims to make more small businesses use E-Verify to check new workers' immigration stat

Dem Senators to Pres Trump: Reveal membership list at Mar-A-Lago

Fearful Americans Stockpiling Facts Before Federal Government Comes To Take Them Away

Sandy Hook Victims Call On Trump To Cut Ties With Alex Jones

Dem lawmaker trolls Trump with Dr. Evil joke

Black Male Empowerment Summit is Saturday at N.C. A&T University tomorrow

A Cupcake Confident in Its Own Skin

I know Cal-Exit is a FANTASY but Drumpf's America is a dark, dystopian place.

Holy shit! They really need to put Civics back in the public schools

Ex-Morgan Stanley financial adviser arrested in fraud case

Washington Court Delivers a Body blow to the gut followed by

It's Alright, Ma

Insurance companies request 14 percent rise in NC auto premiums

American Visa!

***BREAKING, CNN: CBP to airlines: We will begin re-instating visas.***

The 22nd Annual Photo Contest Winners (not OURS, but . . .)

Okay, hit the light

Trump Pentagon posts 10-year-old, already published video to show its Yemen raid was a success

Customs and Border Protection tells airlines they will begin reinstating visas

Judge James L. Robart's Written Order

New Yorkers hold mock vigil at Bowling Green for 'massacre' victims

That time Orson Welles punched a Nazi

South Carolina child-welfare agency says more workers needed

Hope We Can Up The Pressure W/Protests. Cause Trump Nervous Breakdown

Trump tweeting again.

WH press release, statement from Sean Spicer on the court order

OMG, I just found an online "The Aristocrats" joke repository

Trump Wants to Kill the Fiduciary Rule. Here's Why That's a Big Deal for Retirement Savers

A friend of a friend posted:


Over 9.2 million sign for Obamacare amid Trump repeal push

Will This Man Take Down Donald Trump?

I Wonder If POTUS Groped Anyone Yet. You Never Know.

NYT: Records Have Emerged That Show Trump Remains Closely Tied to His Company

U.S. conference on Libya postponed over Trump travel ban: organizers

Is Betsy DeVos paying people to support her confirmation?

Andrea Mitchell: Tillerson will pick Elliott Abrams (convicted for Iran-Contra) as deputy at State

Viola withdraws as Trumps Army secretary nominee

Thom Hartmann: Trump's Anti-Science Agenda and How to Fight It

My alma mater declared a sanctuary.

Mattis says no need for dramatic U.S. military moves in South China Sea

Bill Maher nails Trump: Our only hope is penis enlargement surgery

Every morning, I wake up to the same question-what kind of fresh hell do we have today

"Outrageous" Spicer E-Mail re: Tonight's Court Order

There's just NO SUBSTITUTE for Mike Pence...especially if the substitute is Kellyanne.

USDA abruptly purges animal welfare information from its website

After governor's cuts, Texas rep. leads fundraising drive for Travis County

Seriously -- have trump and the billionaire asshats awoken a sleeping giant? Maybe they have!

Trumps Vision of a Militarized America - What happens when all we have left is the Pentagon?

Trump tells Ukrainian politician he won't lift Russia sanctions

The deep denialism of Trump

The Trump Resistance Needs a New Name

Friday Talking Points (423) -- Media Missing A Big Point On Trump's Muslim Ban

Drumpf told Billo in a private conversation he's concerned about being impeached

Quote from "Russia's Influence Campaign Targeting

Gallup on Americans' opinion on Trump executive orders

Pressure Other Dem Senators to join Wyden in pushing Russian probe

Where weren't you when the Bowling Green Massacre didn't happen?

Federal Investigators Spot Flaws in SpaceX Falcon 9 Rockets

Brain Hats and Thinking Caps Science March

Ok, we need a little fun - who are your latest celeb crushes?

Here it is: The moment we learned about the Bowling Green Massacre

Road improvements around Hilton Head Island bridges could cost $200M; state commits $44M

Our Anti Paul Ryan billboard is up! Help us keep it up this weekend with a contribution of $5 today

I suffered massive head trauma today...

The real Americans

Hindu cleric leads Wyoming Legislature in prayer for first time in history

USDA abruptly removes animal welfare information from its website-per Trump admin?

An interesting inversion in the distribution of lanthanides, (RRE) in Kentucky coal ash.

Alaska's Rejection of Plan for Pot Use at Stores Gets Cloudy

Proposed fine against Dakota Access company to get hearing

Maurice Chevalier/KellyeAnn Conway Singing about Bowling Green Massacre-"Yes I Remember it Well"

WTF, Melania?

FU Very Much.

Reminder - The Guardian is tracking the first 100 days. Reuters captured quite the pic (WARNING!)

Bannon film outline warned U.S. could turn into 'Islamic States of America'

bwahahahaa chicago protest planned

Just heard that Thom Tillis (NC) is undecided on DeVos and wants to hear from people:

Just heard that Thom Tillis (NC) is undecided on DeVos and wants to hear from people:

Kellyanne Conway lobs election insult at Chelsea Clinton as country taunts her for 'Bowling Green' c

Who's watching Joy Reid

College of Charleston women penalized for using 'improperly sized' basketballs

Undiplomatic diplomacy

David Packman "Protest at Trump's businesses"

Lawmakers taking another crack at moped legislation

Just Wondering: What is this Bigoted Twitfuckery Costing Me?

Proposed law aims to protect S.C. industries from new neighbors' lawsuits

ACTIVISM WORKS!!! "If Everyone Cared"-Nickelback

Terry Gross interviews Sarah Posner about Bannon/Sessions/Pence alt-right

They are just hustlers.

Deadly rural roads in dire need of funding, transportation boss says

SWITZERLAND SECOND #everysecondcounts

S.C. treasurer, armed with attorney general opinion, blasts pension fund management

Please Call Senate Committee Regarding Bannon on National Security Council!

S.C. Democrats' 2017 legislative hopes include casinos, legalizing medical marijuana

Too Many Americans Are Poisoned With Racism & Bigotry And Have Shamed This Country.

Every time someone scolds me for wanting to punch Nazis...

South Carolina lawmaker wants tougher sanctions for looting during an evacuation

Useful Wikipedia page - "Protests Against Donald Trump"

Democrats file bill to allow public approval of South Carolina's political district boundaries

Bill Maher on Real Time with Sam Harris

Trust Records Show Trump Is Still Closely Tied to His Empire

Trump To Judges. - You Are Fired. Too Bad Cannot Do That LOL.

Foreigners are trapped in the U.S. by DT's new immigration policy

9-year-old Georgia girl calls 911 to report dad is driving drunk

Planners approve design for taller White House fence

Georgians may foot bill for 25% pay raise for next Governor

I'd like to suggest "SURGE UPWARD" as a name for our Resistance Movement

Nobody Wanted to Take Us In: The Story of Jared Kushner's Family...

Georgia Senate votes to extend Hospital Bed Tax

Berkley Rioters...The ones doing destructive damage?

Trump is NOT going to like this magazine cover.

so, I'm watching The Last Word and noticed in photos that blotus hair is whiter

Michigan GOP Official Calls For Another Kent State For Campus Protesters

Is The Trump Administrations Federal Website Purge a Modern Day Nazi Book Burning?

Bolivia opens $7m museum honouring President Morales

valentine weed bouquet only $400

My brother came by.

Holocaust Memorial Museum Footage of Nazi Book Burning

A symbol for the Resistance:

The Wife of Brazilian Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Marisa Leticia, Dies

The Nation Reacts to the Bowling Green Massacre

The REJECT Movement

New Rule: Cheer No Evil Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

trump takes hair loss drug.

President Grants Privileged Jurisdiction to His Right Hand Man, Targeted by Investigation

China lashes out at Mattis remarks on East China Sea islands

Outside anarchists, not CAL students, were responsible for the violence at Berkeley.

no original thoughts! He echoes what he sees on cable news!

Too much vodka can calcify pancreas

Iran is pushing back against US sanctions with more missile tests this weekend.

FBI: With one email, Brookhaven man made off with $566,000

Diplomats: US envoy targeting UN peacekeeping for reform

The Latest: Seattle port CEO secretly gave himself pay raise

Ex-Morgan Stanley financial adviser arrested in fraud case

Bill proposes raising Georgia's autism coverage cap

Goldman Sachs Shares Up 4.5% after Trump's Orders on Dodd-Frank

New Book Details US Attempts to Topple Correa

Businessman Eike Batista Shares Cell with Other Prisoners Arrested in Lava Jato Operation

BILL MAHER - New Rules

School chief blames Trump for attack, drawing the ire of GOP

Clearly, clearly not up to the job of President.

Stick it in your ear!

U.S. House approves making Ocmulgee Monument Georgias first national historical park

Swedens Dep. PM Trolling Trump via All Women Facebook Photo

The Nation: Why We Support Keith Ellison for DNC Chair

Tarahumara human rights activist killed in Mexico (More than a silly "crime story.")

Augusta woman pleads guilty in tax fraud scheme worth as much as $1.5 million

Sheriff: Man told not to smoke on bus sets driver's hair on fire, leads wild 95-mph chase



Daily Holidays - February 4

Why does Facebook keep pushing me to sign up for "Messenger"?

So...what's Facebook "Messenger" suppose to be, and why i Emperor Zuck pushing me so hard to use it?

Patients with type 1 diabetes may need to check ketones more often

Invalid votes for president spike in Florida, outnumbering Trump's margin of victory here

I'd like to suggest "Take the Congress" as the name for the resistance movement.

The WH is going to contest the Judges ruling to tempor. negate the travel ban.

Bill Maher: Liberals Need to Understand Well Never Defeat Terrorism Unless We Reform Islam

Chelsea Clinton lost her race to the White House

Basketball inches closer to ending ban on religious headgear

Trump wields a bloody knife with which he has beheaded the Statue of Liberty: Der Spiegel cover

🐦 Bernie Sanders coming to Charleston West Virginia on Feb. 12

🐦 Guest lineups for the Sunday News Shows - Bernie Sanders CNN State of the Union

Ivanka Trump and her husband help thwart a rollback of gay rights

Vacant Catholic Church Will Become Mosque on Buffalo's East Side

Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus's War for the White House

I don't care about the provenance of the quote . It stays in my ear as if an ear worm

Put your tongue in and pay attention.

Iranian infant allowed entry into US for pro bono vital heart surgery in NYC after Trump's travel...

This person Trump, has made such an ass of himself worldwide in just two weeks. And

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - Big Orange Baby

Which symbol for Trump and his Axis Of Bigots ?

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

ICONIC Pic:The just-departed president of GOLDMAN SACHS watching Trump start to dismantle Dodd-Frank

Should there be a Congressional investigation into the botched Yemen raid?

I'd like to suggest PEOPLE POWER for the name of the resistance.

Swedish climate minister appears to mock Trump administration with all-women photo

Finally, The Truth About "The Bowling Green Massacre"

I am channeling the Founders. If you are reading this please send me a sign.

Trump Has 2 Events This Weekend And Both Benefit His Businesses

Actually Hillary Did Win. Four State's Votes Were Shaved For Trump.

"Keeping an open mind about Trump is a thankless task."

The rare phenomenon that lit up Wyoming's sky

Philly teacher launches GoFundMe to buy Pat Toomey's vote on Betsy DeVos

Trump having a tirade now on Twitter over the judge ruling against him.

Did anybody else see the commercial for Neil Gorsuch on NBC last night?

Anyone know how to say I didn't vote for trump

The rare phenomenon that lit up Wyoming's sky

Florida heroin bust reveals something bizarre: Drugs covered in Donald Trumps face

44% approval rating now for Trump

Losing it

How do I include one of my previous posts in a reply to an OP?

And when the shit hits the fan, where is safe haven?

Next-Generation Nuclear Power? Not Just Yet

Dear So Called Moderate Republicans

Time to Consider One of These Burner Phones??

Former Norway PM held at Washington airport over 2014 visit to Iran

Congress Phone System Is BrokenBut Its Still Your Best Shot

Rump's historically low approval numbers should embolden Dems

Trump Has Highest Disapproval of Any New President (53% of Americans disapprove)

Great Barrier Reef building coral under threat from poisonous seaweed

Bowling Green Tribute: "Those who were there described a terrifying babyman with tiny hands"

My tolerance ends where your oppression begins.

GOP calls for another "Kent State Massacre" to stop students from protesting

Second in a series: Why do Deplorables hate Muslims?

Groper Don the Con is no match for Obama

NBC: Bernie Sanders Muddles Ally's Message in DNC Race

"I know, I know, If you could go back you would walk with Jesus, You would march with King,

Trump's rallying cry: fear itself

I've read this fucking Trump tweet 6 times and I don't get it. How is the NYT "still lost?"

'So-called judge' who halted Trump's Muslim ban was a G.W. Bush nominee, confirmed by vote of 99-0

A Poison Pill for the Recovery - NYT Editorial Board

Iran vows 'roaring missiles' if threatened, defies new sanctions

An Actual American War Criminal May Become Our Second-Ranking Diplomat

Trump vows to restore travel ban suspended by federal judge

Donald Trump is a crude, vulgar Republican.

Was 'outrageous' contempt?

CNN/ORC poll: Majority oppose Trump's travel ban

On Renewable Energy and Climate, Trump Voters Stand Apart

You almost don't wan't to know this is happening

Time to Consider One of These Burner Phones?

How ironic that noun, verb, 9/11 and his big mouth

TIN-POT AMERICA: In Trumpistan, Things Fall Apart - by Joy-Ann Reid

There were exactly 50 years between the Summer of Love and the Summer of Hate.

Nixons moral compass was questionable at times, but Im wondering if Trump even has one. -John Dean

Donald Drumpf tried to set up Ivanka with Tom Brady

Question for Group

Orange History Week - Luckovich Toon

Everyone's proposing names for the movement. Here's mine: "LIBERTY'S LAMP"

MD Senate Overrides Veto of Renewable Energy Bill

DHS Sec. Kelly told Bannon that despite WH job, "the former Breitbart chief was not in Kellys chai

The disturbing denial of deplorables

Electric cars and cheap solar 'could halt fossil fuel growth by 2020'

Tweak and Keep

Europe's energy transition is well underway

Chart: Fascist Move or Dick Move?

National science groups ask (South Dakota) lawmakers to drop 'alternative facts' bill

Just a thought about King Donald

Everything Donald Trump Did in His Second Week as President

tee hee: Int'l Space Station Has An Offer For Trump

Has Anyone Seen a Dedicated Anti Trump Website Yet?

When this episode of history runs its course, who will be to blame?

Trump advisor says, "Trying to nail down who the leakers are is like trying to count the cockroaches

Now Trump fans are saying Obama and/or Hilary set Trump up on the Yemen Raid

Women who voted for and still support Trump. There's no hope for reaching them

In Trumpistan, things fall apart

80 years apart, these two refugees have more in common than youd think UNICEF

The Russian Buddhists v the billionaire - a photo essay

Flynn asks for nonexistent evidence of "Polish incursions in Belarus" - What is he setting up?

Imelme Umana Becomes 1st Black Woman President of the Harvard Law Review

Fukushima Reactor #2 pressure vessel breached, rising to "unimaginable" levels of radiation.

Excuse me, where are the lawyers?

President Trump beheads Lady Liberty on the new cover of German magazine Der Spiegel

KS District Judge Orders Pumps Stopped In Major Ogalalla Aquifer Decision

A folk song about Bowling Green

White Lies Matter

A song of remembrance for Bowling Green: (from FB)

PBS to Air Documentary on Iconic Civil Rights Leader John Lewis this February

Forget The Anthropocene - Welcome To The Idiocene

President Bone Spurs has a big sad...that mean old "so-called judge"!

Time to re-post: Preparations for an emergency

Poland backed Trump's Muslim Ban, the admin 'rewards' them by making a conspiracy theory about them

60,000 Km2 Dead Zone In Bay Of Bengal The Cherry On Top Of Collapsing Fish Stocks

Trumpy' path to Dictatorship.

However Could a Federal Judge Disagree with Trump?

You're Not a Country

Steve Bannon: 'We're going to war in the South China Sea ... no doubt'

#ACA testimonials below is that most come from states @POTUS carried. This is why REPEAL w/out REPLA

Conservative Republican slams Trump supporter on racism ignorance on Bill Maher (VIDEO)

Poll: More than half of US voters would rather have Obama as president

If you're wondering why Trump is so upset with the NYT today...

So, America first. But who is second?

Space Farming: Satellite's Greenhouses to Simulate Moon, Mars Gravity (launches this year)

Black Sabbath: this is the last tour

Fresh Veggies Rationed By, Gone From UK Markets; Snow, Floods & Freeze In Southern Spain

We can't see the Putin forest for the Trump trees.

Are They REALLY Coming for You?

Not my idea. From Taylor Gonzalez on Facebook: How to get O back

Hes a racist: David Cay Johnston explains why Donald Trump doesnt know anything

So, about all that stuff that Democrats claim to know about stuff...

Advocates Russian ties cause concern in state secession movement

Ryan Lizza: Imagine if a federal judge called Trump the "so-called president"?

I know he's LITERALLY "phoning it in" on Twitter, but...he's really phoning it in here, folks.

I agree with blotus

Trump really is nucking futz. I just looked @ his twitter feed.

Loser by three million votes?

Why couldn't they have stayed kittens

So if a visa was physically revoked (stamped), then

CNN just reported that wall will cost $12-15 million.

So where are all the Trumpettes saying "Robart is your Judge"?

The FCC is stopping 9 companies from providing federally subsidized Internet to the poor

Donald Trump Ordered To Pay $5.77 Million To Golf Club Members He Stiffed

Even dogs, cats and other animals are being screwed by the tRump administration.

a little anthem to get you up for the fight.

Trumps bluster and belligerent attitude reflects a realization on his part and his cohorts that his

Trumps tirade against the NYT will likely keep increasing readership

Many evangelicals would vote for the devil himself if he supported their political beliefs.

Ricky Gervais and Colbert debate religion

Arizona has highest lake water levels in years

As an alternate to the tea party we should call ourselves "the real Americans"

Donald Trump's refugee ban, explained

Back to reality: Obamas settle into DC life

DHS has suspended "any & all" implementation of Trump's immigration ban.

Have you noticed the news saying "Mr." trump?

Joy Reid's show this morning (AM Joy) is a repeat. Why is that?

Trump's immigration ban actually makes it harder to fight terrorism

I hope there is a investigation into the death of the navy seal.

Joe Conason - 'Populist' Trump Punks His Credulous Fans (Again)

Documents Confirm Trump Still Benefiting From His Business

"Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad."

TYT Politics is livestreaming DNC debates on their Facebook page

Third Congressional Panel Opens Probe Into Russia Election Meddling

Which leisure activity do you enjoy doing the most?

Fukushima reactor #2 pressure vessel breached, "unimaginable levels of radiation"

CNN turns down White House offer of Kellyanne Conway to appear on Sunday shows: report

Trump is a real and present danger, but he's not the only force in government threatening democracy

The Homeland Security secretary basically told Bannon--get off my lawn, I don't take orders from you

Democrats: Here is how you frame a winning message and control the debate:

Press pool escorted out of Oval Office for "not behaving" (asking q about Iran)

These people are not patriots to America

How would the Sopranos have voted for president

CIA woman in torture controversy vaulted to number 2 slot

I finally figured out trump's slogan "Make America Great Again"

Trump warns of 'death & destruction' if U.S. not allowed to limit immigration

Are you looking for a political sticker? This Etsy site has you covered:

America needs a reboot

My favorite folk song about the Bowling Green Massacre

Periscope and protests

Green Party candidate Jill Stein says she's not to blame for Trump's fluke victory, Democrats...

Who are your favorite female singers? Do you have more than one?

Ban Trump's sad view of America - By Jim Hightower

pence is whoring for gorsuch

I see Pence is playing the "Real President" role today

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with a Bowling Green Massacre Survivor

AP FACT CHECK: A week's supply of baloney

Wow. Ukrainian blogger/filmmaker on what the "Polish incursions in Belarus" garbage could be about

It happened November 9, 2016.

I am stressed out. I have to vent.

I could have lived with a president Dole or a president Romney.

So I read the TRO from Judge Robart

"Declaration of Resistance" - Beau Willimon (House of Cards)

Maru and Hana enjoy sushi rolls:

Tom Brokaw Evaluates President Trump's First Week and His War on Press

National Prayer Breakfast: Trump Vs Obama

Poor Widdle Donald Trump...Iddums is Angwy...

Cookie the baby penguin at the Cincinnati zoo:

Pot Calling Kettle Black?

Normal America?

The upside of Devos and Sessions confirmation

Remember When.....

SATURDAY 2/04/2017 - Homeland Security suspends travel ban

Next protest tonight, outside @realDonaldTrump's Mar-a-Lago club. The protests follow him home.

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - No Democrat must support Supreme Court Nominee

Help! Neilsen Ratings books are coming this week.

Elizabeth DILLING, the Steve BANNON of the 1930s - "America First"

real or fake? trump supporter pepper sprayed UC Berkeley

On foreign policy, Trump still speaking campaign language

If there was a massacre at Bowling Green and no one knew about it did it actually happen?

94 yo WW2 vet drops the mic

Senate Dem Leader Links Trump Attack on Federal Judge to Consideration of SCOTUS Nominee

So State and DHS have suspended the Executive Order

He said it was not a ban, remember? Then he tweets this, 5 hours ago.

**Breaking** Bowling Green Massacre picture

Cool story about my brother and a player in this years super bowl.

And now for a brief message from our sponsors...

Trump Leaves Heads Spinning

BANNON is the KING! trump is a pawn. (How to get Trump to oust Bannon)

Jobs, Executive Orders, Liberal Masochism Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)

Shelling flares up in east Ukraine ahead of Trump's call to Kiev

How to take down Bannon

We have paid $14 million for security at Trump Tower NYC and it's only Feb.

Philippine Catholic Church slams 'reign of terror' behind war on drugs

'This Seat Does Not Belong to Any Party': Pence Swipes at Democrats on SCOTUS

The AARP ad with Trump on social security

Eric Trumps business trip to Uruguay cost taxpayers $97,830

Democrats are at a historic crossroad...

What are we doing for the survivors of Bowling Green?

'The days of pretending that this isn't serious are over': GOP adviser calls on media to 'expose' ..

what you are seeing right now by all the protesting is what happens when the minority

Bowling Green Massacre Video Leaked WARNING Extremely Graphic

there is a temporary halt to executive orders "until a process was established that included

Jonathan Edwards - Sunshine Go Away Today (VIDEO)

Groper Don the Con called the U.S. unemployment rate a "hoax" during his campaign.

Over the last 8 years corporate profits are way up

A second coup in the White House?

Eric Clapton - Promises (VIDEO)

Need New Free Anti-Virus Software

tRump removes USDA animal cruelty protections.

Like mother, like son...

Eight Different European Countries Just Made These Trump Parody Videos

I can't help myself....

Daniel Webster's 1832 speech on the abuse of executive power: "Nothing else but pure despotism"

Queen - I Want To Break Free (Official Video)

Trump lashes out at so-called judge

Potential side effects of the drug Trump reportedly takes for hair loss

So I live in texas and want to move 'somewhere' in a couple years. What's the law now in


Ivanka Trump Merchandise Dropped by Nordstrom, Neiman-Marcus Following Activist Boycott

Its about time someone attacked Australia. Thank you, President Trump.

South Carolina elected its first openly gay lawmaker from a historically deep-red district

CNN turns down White House offer of Kellyanne Conway to appear on Sunday shows: report

Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game (Live Performance, Mercury Awards 2007)

Why NYT, WaPo and Politico should not hold private meetings with WH staff.

OMFG - Der Spiegel Goes There!

Kellyanne Conway has a response for that "Trump taking victory lap over Obama jobs report" thing.

Inside the White House-Cabinet battle over Trumps immigration order

Trump retains direct tie to businesses

Trump's telephone diplomacy

Democratic Leaders Outside of the Beltway Emerge in Battle Against Trump

With no allies, Republicans step away from precipice of Obamacare repeal

Another Poll Found President Trumps Approval Rating Is Historically Low

Can Anyone Who Graduated "With Honors" Really Be as Dumb as Kelly Anne Conway?

Building understanding: Police attend service at Lynnwood mosque

Running government like a business and right into the ground

This one is running thru my head

Is Anyone Else Sick Of...

Is it a coincidence

Tens of thousands join marches across UK against Trump's travel ban

Trump is setting us free: White supremacists celebrate reports that Trump will dial down scrutiny


While We are Distacted by "Bowling Green Massacre", Putin Wants Trump to Help Him Invade Poland

Oh Lord, please, PLEASE never take Trump's Twitter account away from him!!

This is it legal?

Great Idea by a coworker:

Schumer: Trump's Attack On Judge Raises Bar For His SCOTUS Nominee

After running against Obama's legacy, Donald Trump is using the former president as a security blan

If Obamacare is repealed, the change will happen in January 2018.

Buy Senator Ernst's Vote (you will love this)

Congressional Campaign Slogan for 2018

Buy Senator Ernst's Vote (you will love this)

White House Pulls Back From Bid to Reopen C.I.A. 'Black Site' Prisons

The GOP is losing their message. In record time.

"An Insurgent in the White House"

Thousands in Toronto gather to protest against Islamophobia

How long before Trump "invades" Yemen?

Current rankings on Politifact for Trump and Spicer, only 17% pants on fire lies!

Orange County rescinds Do Not Use Order for Water

Country divided on travel ban, Trump

Difficult to reach @SenToomey in his office? Try him at Breakers Hotel fundraiser Ph 561-655-6611 F

Thousands Protesting Trump Today

Putting Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA risks irreversible damage to the planet

Milo Yiannopoulos to return to Berkeley, determined to give speech

Palatine, IL HUGE protest going on right now in front of a closed GOP meeting w/ Rep. Roskam. He c

Protest going on in Montclair now.

When Will Protests Begin At FOX NEWS Headquarters and Rush Limbaugh's Florida Mansion!

Depeche Mode's Awesome New Song "Where's The Revolution?" Gets Very Political

Hundreds Protest Rep. Peter Roskam in Suburban Palatine

There is NO respect for the president

Scary Math: Trump Copies Hitler + Attacks the Courts +Declares Himself Above the Law Equals WAR!

That Day in Bowling Green

Still tweeting and declaring that only he--Trump--determines who is safe to enter the US.

Ivanka Trumps line gone from Neiman Marcus website one day after Nordstrom drops her brand

So he tweets about a "so-called judge"....

This Is Not Normal

How Ickle Donnie Makes Tweets

.@VP Pence To Address Federalist Society In Philadelphia Today-- Protesters to greet him..

Not how any of this works

Here is how NBC news is catering to Trump Presidency.

Photos comparing Trump and Mussolini

Has anyone looked at snopes recently?

It's possible Scalia was a stolen appointment too via October Surprise conspiracy theory re Reagan

What is our country coming to!!!

Hi DU. I'm looking for the chart of countries included in trump's ban, attacks, and his business

Sanders Statement on Decision Halting Trump's Travel Ban

Hundreds Will Brave Cold To Moon Trump Tower in Chicago

John Oliver Destroys Trump University (LWT Season 3 Starts 2/12/17)

Bowling Green: In Memoriam

10 Journalism Brands Where You Find Real Facts Rather Than Alternative Facts

Here is Judge Robarts email.and phone.....Send him a Yuge Thanks

Bowling Green Massacre is the #1 trending item on Facebook by a mile

"Bleak House": The MotherTrumpers' vision of/for America in one photo

If you have HBO, HBO 2 is running a marathon of Last Week Tonight Season 2 this weekend.

In Just 5 Moves, Grandmaster Loses And Leaves Chess World Aghast

How President Trump is bad for the gun industry

Women's March organizational meetings

Name a song with a bird in the title

Our last 3 presidents - Dope, Hope....and now Hopeless (or, better...Grope!)

Donald Trump fails to mention white man who killed six Muslims in Quebec mosque

Oregon-Arizona: The Ducks Can't Miss!

Mar A Lago

What's for Dinner, Sat., Feb. 4, 2017

#ResistTrump protests around the U.S. Find out if there's one near you--and a few pics...

11 Charts That Show Income Inequality keeps getting worse - Mother Jones

Deplorable on CNN -"I don't understand why people don't like Donald Drumpf."

#SewerRatBarbie.... LOL !!

By a 3:1 margin, Trump voters oppose rolling back Dodd-Frank regulations. Y'all got played.

School House Rock: Three Branches of Government

the same day Rex Tillerson is confirmed, House votes to kill a transparency rule for oil companies

Donald Trump Wants Taxpayers to Subsidize His Payoffs to Politicians - Dean Baker

Trump's Important Meeting

Republicans face anger over Obamacare repeal during town halls

Trump gave me a rash...

It's kind of like the Captain Picard "Oh no not this shit again" facepalm, but with Kellyanne.

Hundreds of protesters gather at Bayfront Park in opposition to President Trump

Documents show Trump still benefiting from his businesses.

I love my cool surprise from Facebook!

Meet the Bush-nominated federal judge who halted Trump's executive order

PTSD and President Trump

CNN- "The protesters don't represent all the people..."

Thousands of British march to protest Trump visit.

Florida heroin bust reveals something bizarre: Drugs covered in Donald Trump's face

So i think i had an epiphany about why right wingers are so afraid of liberal protests....

John Lennon's Imagine rewritten by Trump

CNN has turned down WH offer for Kellyanne interview tomorrow. Contact them and show support


CNN finally had an honest interview w a "WWC" male voter...

Trump thinks he got 100% of stakes in the US corporation. Frustrated to find out it's only 25%.

Thousands protest in London against Trump's refugee ban

Knock me over with a feather. I think I agree with Steve Forbes.

German magazine sparks furor with image of Trump beheading Statue of Liberty

Have you noticed?

For your viewing pleasure: #YouArentAGoddamnedKing

The Republicans now own health care.

Well, duh.

"The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer" Henry Kissinger - 1967

Build this Wall:

Visa holders rush to board flights to US amid reprieve

Harvard study: smoking weed improves brain functions

Macron offers refuge in France to U.S. scientists, entrepreneurs

Seattle judge derided by Trump known for conservative views

US wrestling team denied visas for competition in Iran

On MSNBC Now: Protesters marching to Trump's Mar-A-Lago

Harvard study: smoking weed improves brain functions

Mar A Loco, the Winter Nuthouse

The march to Mar a lago is on, about 1600 people

From the People can be Nasty files: Notorious yellow car vandalised in Bibury

Trump Inches The U.S. Closer To Constitutional Crisis

Why isn't there a hashtag..

Don't let the most outrageous...

anyone experienced getting 'refurbished' computers from Amazon?

Pro-DeVos ads air, saying liberal critics are full of rage and hate, as anti-DeVos protests are

Police Escort Congressman After Rowdy California Town Hall

Putting paying to construct the "Wall" into perspective

You know I am afraid...

The Trump Russian Nesting Ornament

Report: Steve Bannon Had to Be Reminded He Wasnt the President Amidst Travel Ban Infighting

Calling Yourself Humbled Doesnt Sound as Humble as It Used To

@PressSec President Trump's hands are the "largest hands to ever exist, period." - Sean Spicer


After 8 years of relentless obstructionism and hatred directed towards Obama

When did Republicans start to hate the environment?

Humpty Trumpty Sat On A Wall, Humpty Trumpty Had A Great Fall...

A Little Respect

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet new season premieres tonight..

In North Dakota, it could become legal to hit a protester with your car

Someone needs to remind drumpf he's an employee.

What The F*ck Just Happened Today? Logging the daily (Trump) shock and awe

Why Nobody Cares the President Is Lying

When Donald Trump hits a brick wall called democracy, he can't get no satisfaction

Trump Executive Order on Voter Fraud Quietly Stalled

A nation isn't led by one man. That's why laws and constitutions exist, not open to interpretation.

Finally, a Republican who didn't run away.

Thousands of Jews and Arabs March Together Against Racism and House Demolitions in Tel Aviv

Donald Trump's most bone-chilling tweet