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Archives: February 5, 2017

Tester Proposes Constitutional Amendment Declaring Corporations Are Not People

2017 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2017 Robert B. Lewis Stakes

Tulsa Republican Rep. Dan Kirby Resigns

Why Judge Robart Blocked the Muslim Ban-Theres no constitutional way to implement an unconstitution

2017 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2017 Withers Stakes

Trump is targeting up to 8 million people for deportation

The question is

DeVos Opposition Snowballs Into an Avalanche

Someone is bribing people to send emails supporting DeVos.

2017 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2017 Holy Bull Stakes

Justice Department has appealed for a stay

Trump: There are a lot of killers...a lot of killers. What do you think-our countrys so innocent?"

IS there such a thing as an illegal immigrant

Global Demonstrations Over Trumps Policies Heat Up Amid Anger Over Travel Ban

The High Cost of a Home Is Turning American Millennials Into the New Serfs

Quebec Imam: Accused Killer Also a Victim

Can't Understand the Fuss Over Trump's Ban? Read My Immigration Story

I'd guesstimate about 2-3000 folks rallying at WH for "No Ban, No Wall" protest. Should be marching

A Tale of Two Breakfasts

Look what Trump said on his O'Reilly interview tomorrow:

Reddit Bans Alt-Right Group

Trump tweets: Why aren't the lawyers looking at and using the Federal Court decision in Boston,

Alt-Right Provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos Left This Shitty Note on a Restaurant Receipt

Strong as a Snowflake-sent to me on Facebook

Strong as a Snowflake-sent to me on Facebook

Trump responds to O'Reilly's assertion that "Putin's a killer."

Here's How Much Betsy DeVos Paid Senators To Get Her Position Endorsed

Wall goes up around America at miniature world in Germany

Brutal satire from Germany

You know where Obama's good job-numbers came from? Death-panelists and sex-bureaucrats.

"So Putin knocked off a couple of nosey journalists. Big whoop."

Dole and Del Monte also facing crimes against humanity charges for financing death squads in Colombi

Dole and Del Monte also facing crimes against humanity charges for financing death squads in Colombi

John Cleese on latest opposition to Trump: "It's the so-called United States so-called Constitution"

PIC: Trump impeachment poll vs. Bill Clinton, Baby Bush, & Nixon


Black History #AMERIKKKA....I have no words.

How does a war of choice start?

Loving you tonight , Florida.

Justice Dept. appeals Seattle judge's ruling suspending travel ban

Anyone else notice a change in Trump supporters' positions during the past 24 hours?

Nobel peace prize winners visit Colombia, reject Trumps wall

Black History Month: Kids Smack Down Alternative Facts

Canada: elementary school welcomes refugees with skating

A chaotic White House of singular cause: Trump

Protesters rally at SF Civic Center against travel ban, border wall

Trump defends Putin: 'You think our country's so innocent?'

Peru to seek arrest of ex president Toledo in mega graft inquiry

Our president @realDonaldTrump has been tweeting insults at a federal judge for over 12 hours now.

NYT: 'So-Called' Judge Criticized by Trump Is Known as a Mainstream Republican

IMO we need to start pressuring the MSM to explain to us why

Culture Warriors

How protesters plan to get under Trumps skin wherever he goes

Poll: How will VP spin [Redacted]'s America-Trashing on Sunday am chat shows?

Trump Officials Move to Appeal Ruling Blocking Immigration Order.

WSJ's Bret Stephens on DT: "Never in history has a President slandered his country like this."

Former Norwegian prime minister detained at Dulles Airport for an hour. He visited Iran in 2014.

Zombies took Paraguay capital Streets in protest

Alec Baldwin confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter that he'll be playing DT on SNL tonight

15+ Cartoonists Around The World Illustrate How They Feel About Trump Becoming President

Trump's war on information is designed to leave the public in the dark

Drumpf calls our military and security apparatus "killers" Imagine if President Obama did that!

40% of voters want Trump impeached. 52% would rather Obama was president.

Being attacked by tRump for most anything, like the"so called judge" was is the new moral-ethical


So I googled 'russian writer organ failure alive'

Finding a lost city, and also a flesh-eating illness, with Douglas Preston

US govt explanation why it's NOT engaged in illegal nat'l origin based discrimination is pathetic

Finding a lost city, and also a flesh-eating illness, with Douglas Preston

The GOP owns this shit on a pogo stick

Resistance is utile!

H.R.861 - To terminate the Environmental Protection Agency

Violent protesters who shut down free speech? Time for another Kent State perhaps"

Dems: "No Man Is Above The Law"

If President Trump wants to help American businesses, he should start by legalizing marijuana

Watching Driving Miss Daisy on my local PBS station,

Trump tells Poroshenko he will try to bring peace to Ukraine

Me, Me, Me, Me, Me

Is Steve Bannon Aligning U.S. with Russia In Preparation for Holy War?

Explains much. Slate - "Bad Religion...How Trump is warping Christianity for his own gain"

It's easy to criticize. Am looking at "Breakfast at Tiffany's" -

Even shadows from towels---OMG.

'Biggest Oil Find' of 2016 Puts Crown Jewel Texas Oasis in Crosshairs for Fracking

Take the flag pin off, you malignant clown, you're soiling it

Anybody hear of a "Fire the Fool" rally on April 1st?

Hurry, hurry!

H.R.861 - To Terminate the Environmental Protection Agency

imdb message boards no longer

Friend of mine b/m had

House Budget Chair: Republicans Wont Replace Obamacare Birth Control Benefit

Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

What it looks like when you have special glasses on--please click the video

I am a waitress

Our CIA has done things that we are not proud of. However there's a big however

A little Saturday night humor

The EPA Has Started to Remove Obama-era Information

Will Automation Benefit Humanity and the Planet, or a Tiny Elite?

An Especially Paranoid Saturday Night

NY Post!: "President Trump seemed to give Russian President Vladimir Putin a pass....."

"Art of the Deal" Book Burning - Good or Bad?

An email from my elderly mom the week after the pResident was installed:

New Bunny-Earred Kids!

Honestly, how much more of this incompetence and nonstop international distress do we have to endure

Lava Jato scandal: Macri family firm tied to Austrian bank used by Odebrecht to funnel bribes

Trayvon Martin's parents write book on 5-year anniversary of his death

Zika fears erode Miami-Dade hotel tax income

Led Zeppelin - Going To California (VIDEO)

CNN: Donald Trump's most bone-chilling tweet

100-year-old trombone player keeps passion for music

Middle School Civics Classes in the Public Schools

i'm still fighting the good fight

Trump Hates on America, Makes Love to Putin

Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction (VIDEO)

Mainstream Media should not attend...

SuperBowl Sunday is like a secular American holiday.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Said to Have Helped Thwart L.G.B.T. Rights Rollback

Trump, you made a big mistake. By trying to divide us up by race, religion, gender and nationality y

Thom Hartman posted this on Twitter today

SNL is on, and Alec Baldwin is back!

Florida businesses that ban guns could be held liable in mass shootings

Former Norway PM held at Washington airport over 2014 visit to Iran.

Saturday Night Live

The ONLY Immigration Policy That Makes Sense

Popular vote loser and Russian Puppet President Hamsterhead

Is the US becoming fascist under Trump? - My Response on Quora

NCAA agrees to pay $208 million settlement in antitrust case

Greek Playwright Anticipates Trump

This is how we will know Trump/Bannon more evil than we think

Hundreds protest President Trump's immigration order at Lake Eola

See the Moons close brush with Aldebaran on 5 February

Honduras: NGO Blames Top Officials for Violence Against Environmentalists

Will This Man Take Down Donald Trump?

Ah geeze. Do Don and Steve know about this? Syrian Hamsters for Sale

Is that Melissa McCarthy playing Spicer on SNL?

I HOPE you're watching Melissa McCarthy on SNL as Sean Spicer.

What is the over/under bet on the number of insane Trump tweets the next 24 hours?

Mike Huckabee is disgusting

Pres. DT as Apprentice host?

Museum of Modern Art Exhibiting Resistance

Forget Trump's tweets for a moment, he's just there to sign these horrible bills into law...

Puppy Questions/Advice

'I misspoke one word': Kellyanne Conway calls her critics 'haters' after Bowling Green fiasco

Trump & Company Making The Entire Nation Look Like A Ship Of Fools.

Melissa McCarthy as Spicer on SNL

SNL - Cold Open - Donald Trump

In Palm Beach and in Miami, protesters speak out against President Trump

SNL Cold Open video and Melissa McCarthy as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer

Rick Scott figures some dictators aren't so bad if they've got money

The Romanians are demonstrating against their government as we should be doing ours............

America rarely lets you forget that you're black

The West Wing, In Excelsis Deo

Mass shootings lead to talk, but little action, on mental illness and access to guns


"The less immigrants we let in, the better..." :D

South Florida's leaky pipe problem poses risk to homeowners insurance

Capitol battle is on over funding Visit Florida, Enterprise Florida and more

CNNs Jim Sciutto: Trump's Putin Comments Put America on Same Moral Relativism as Authoritarian......

I think Dump is trying to get our branches of government...

snl commercial makes totinos pizza rolls look amazing

These Trump Tirades Get More Unsettling For Someone Who Has The Biscuit.

Wright State University lost $1.7 million on debate, spent $2.6 million upgrading arena

Seeing tweets tonight saying Melissa McCarthy deserves an Emmy, a Pulitzer, a Nobel Prize...

New York passengers come across a subway train vandalized by Neo-Nazis

Biden endorsement wakes up DNC chair race


Donald Trump's face printed on heroin packages in Florida bust

Why isn't Terrell Owens a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame?

Florida man accused of murder by setting wife, son on fire

Florida girl forced to be a 'bride' at 13

California Rep. Ted Lieu: "Should he (Trump) get mental health exam?"

Drumpf wasn't talking about CIA killings

Kellyanne Conway's file (so far on Politifact): ZERO truthful statements

As Steve Bannon Rose to Power, His Ex-Wife Struggled With Drugs and Violence in Miami

BREAKING 9TH Circuit denies Stay. WA court Stay remains in place.

GOP Reps Want to Take Away Cities' Right to Pay More to Blue-Collar Workers

Miami Beach Cracks Down on Spring Break: No Music or Alcohol, Plus License-Plate Readers

Florida House Speaker Threatens to Ban Refugees From State, Thanks Trump for Muslim Ban

Thousands Attend LGBT Solidarity Rally Protesting Donald Trump at Stonewall Inn


Ultimate News Blooper Compilation - Innuendos

Hypocrite-In-Chief Trump Plays 1st Round Of Golf Nearly 3 Months Before Obama

Trump Administration Humiliates Itself Trying to Take Credit for Obama's Success

These Are the Worlds Cheapest Places to Buy Drugs, Alcohol and Cigarettes

Sunday Shows and no Kellyanne will be there. The emojis celebrate!

Thousands Join New Protests Against Trump's Immigration Order

Bookies' favorite for next French president: Emmanuel Macron, standing as an independent

"We are not the minority party.We are the opposition party." Elizabeth Warren's Rousing Call to Arms

The people versus the president

I have a F/B Friend in Sweden.

Daily Holidays - February 5

Thousands march in London to protest Donald Trump's state visit

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) introduces bill to terminate the EPA. He's been in office for 2 week!

ISS astronaut throws longest ever football pass (well, sort of)

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Mr. Touchdown Edition

CNN this morning at 6am Eastern: 100% show about the travel ban, and court refusing to reinstate...

Flight bound for sunny L.A. forced to land in Arctic Canada

Virginia brewing company releases Oreo-flavored beer

Good Read- The Ridiculously Simple, Scientific Way To Test For Narcissism

The Economist: An insurgent in the WH - Americas allies are worried and rightly so

Has the Clown-n-Chief tweeted about his abysmal poll numbers yet?

Me, me, me, me, me.

Appeals Court Shoots Down DOJ Request To Immediately Restore Travel Ban---Another loss for Trump.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank bothered by Trump's Holocaust Rememberance declaration and Muslim ban

Sunday's Doonesbury - Waiting in Line

Trumps chaotic signing of grandiose orders has the air of a deluded despots last day-not his first

Have only prominent Republicans commented on Drumpf's suggestion that American presidents

Toon - The Consequences of Walls

Mr. Trump: Here are some civics questions immigrants answer for their naturalization test. Try 'em

At state agencies without a public crisis, workers fear they won't see raises

In Second Day of Testimony, Doctor Calls Neurosurgeon Duntsch's Outcomes Catastrophic

Shall we enjoy Saturday Night Live's cold open together

Meanwhile, In NYC...

The So-Called Ruler Of The United States - yeah, #SCROTUS is now his hashtag

Sunday Toon Roundup

"Wait Calmly"

Buy stock in Kleenex and Halls... NOW

Spine-tingling lost Bob Marley tapes restored after 40 years in a cellar

Why do NBA coaches seem to lean left and NFL coaches seem to lean right?

Sean Spicer Press Conference - SNL (Hilarious!)

Remember conservatives claiming Obama not respected - THIS is what NOT respecting looks like...

Gregg Popovich opens up on Black History Month, white privilege and 'our national sin'

the milw urinal switched out todays pearls before swine comic

Orange History Week by Mike Luckovich

In case you wondered who'll make money building Trump's wall, if it's ever built...

Lady Justice To Lady Liberty: "I've Got This"

President Donald Trump's reckless diplomacy Editorial

For your Super Bowl enjoyment: "NFL 2017" A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

If Obama had dared to question the innocence of the righteous US of A...

I Got This

Hey, Bibi: You Manage Your Border, We'll Manage Ours

DJT hasn't tweeted since he suggested American presidents have had their political opponents wacked

Hundreds of Bowling Green Massacre survivors march for Refugees

Trump is deleting whole sections from government websites, here's how to view the old versions

From Dairy Farmer To Vegan:

From a FB Group

Putin-puppet Assange just told Izvestia WikiLeaks has dirt on France's Macron, LePen's main opponent

The View: Bowling Green and Green Remembrance Ribbons for the Win

Japan Is Reportedly Preparing a Package to Help Create 700,000 U.S. Jobs

The Twilight Zone

O.J. : Made in America

DT people have been citing a law that supposedly gives DT the right to exclude classes

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 7: 31 Days of Oscar: Oscars A to Z

David Bowie was prescient- "I'm afraid of Americans."

The New Yorker on Trump admin's "special cocktail of oafish incompetence & radical ant-Americanism"

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 8: 31 Days of Oscar: Oscars A to Z

Republicans Want to Make the EPA Great Again by Gutting Health Regulations

Olbermann retweets one from the #MAGA brain trust


Are we experiencing a slow-motion, Turkish-style coup? Or our own Arab Spring?

So we keep protesting peacefully, petitioning our representatives, and for those of us who pray...

Mitch McConnell on Trump's Putin praise: 'I'm not going to critique every utterance of the president

Dear Former Atheists, We Are Not The Same:

When Tyrants Banned Religious Minorities

Five years ago, a friend co-wrote a book called "It's Even Worse Than It Looks."

Post this to your Facebook feed

Lawsuit: Spotlight Heroes Made Money Off Priests' Victims

Missing Obama posters are popping up all over

'Unprecedented and unpresidential': CNN security expert blasts Trump's defense of Putin

@speakerRyan LIED-There are NO House Non-Disclosure Rules-Ryan downplays House aides' secret work o


Final straw?

Can't see the Putin forest for the Trump trees

Susan Rice: Tweet--this says it all.

MSM Cuts Kellyanne Conway from Sunday Shows

Battle over sanctuary cities in Texas suggests a larger national conflict lies ahead

China to destroy ancient Buddhist city of 'Mes Aynak' in Afghanistan for copper mining

McConnell: No federal money for voter fraud probe


am joy


Veterans stories cut through the fog of war

Bernie Sanders - CNN State of the Union Interview - Feb 5, 2017

Budweisers Immigration Super Bowl Ad Triggers Boycott Threat

Yo, VIP, let's kick it!

Sen. Tammy Baldwin, WI: I do not support #DeVos for Ed Secretary. The vote is on Tuesday. Be sure yo

Sen Tammy Baldwin does NOT support Devos--"Be sure your voice is heard" but

In all this political distraction we almost missed the shampoo prank youtube series.

WTH. USDA abruptly purges animal welfare information from its website

Joe Theismann: Donald Trump banning Muslims is "just like Tom Brady" winning the Super Bowl

Why Do I Think Of Paul Ryan As Eddie Haskell?....

Trump's Executive Orders Could Drastically Expand Family Detention Centers

Sen. Schumer at Stonewall: "Dump Trump!"

Michigan Republican suggests 'another Kent State' for liberal protesters

Are you shittin' me - $2,500 Trump ring to kiss?

Conservative Republican: Dont blame Obama for coal countrys problem (VIDEO)

In addition to manipulating US and German elections, Assange interfering in French election

TN Republican finally reveals (and deletes) his downright laughable evidence protesters are paid

DotEXE - Gibberish

Wall Street Is Even More Craven Than We Thought

SNL Weekend Update

Trump was engaging in Holocaust revisionism

Blah,Blah,Blah - You'll be Trumped

I know this will go over the head of the Deplorables.

"John Lewis pitches Ellison for DNC chairman"

What Was Kellyanne Saying to Bannon in this Photo?

WH press office

Pence is such a f------ empty suit.

Huge crowd in Paul Ryan's hometown Saturday, protesting his support of Trump's #MuslimBan. One sign

Where do I sign up to become a PAID PROTESTOR?

Let's go to Europe. But it must be to Germany first as the second :) This just in from there....

Shit just got real (AA Group)

Has Everybody Done their Super Sunday things?

"So called judge"

Game On: The Politicization of Everything

So much cringe.

Game On: The Politicization of Everything

Spine-tingling lost Bob Marley tapes restored after 40 years in a cellar

Cost of partial swamp draining: $1.4 billion

Donald Trump signs executive order

GOP Senator: We Don't Have 'So-Called Judges' Or 'So-Called Presidents'

At This Point, the Ecuadorian Embassy Should

Resistance Against ACA Repeal Resembles Rosty's Revolt

Trump/GOP Only Care About Constitution Where Is Serves Their Agenda. Other Don't Care.

Albright on Trump: Bannon 'pulling the strings'

'This guy is a fraud': Bernie Sanders blasts Trump for selling out voters to help Wall Street

Trump Could Just Ignore The Court.And The GOP Would Likely Support Him. They Are The Only Check Left

BBC Newsnight: Yanis Varoufakis: Western Democracies need a New Deal

Claire McCaskill is running for re-election in 2018.

Picking a fight with the Judicial Branch

Abraham, Martin, and John Dion

Fair and unbiased poll

Super Bowl halftime show...

Jesus of Manchester

"We Have Killers Too". Does Trump Plan To Start Imitating Putin?

The Enterprise stands down - rather sad

Still no tweets/golf/church -- Does the WH staff have Trump tied down and/or medicated?

Monthly cost guarding Trump Tower: $30 mil. Sec. 8 for all 15,856 homeless NYC families: $28 mil

In Trump's America, even the Super Bowl is a LI(e)

Ryan: Iran deal will likely stay in place

Christie: Trump deserves credit for reversing course on original 'Muslim ban'

I'll Get You, My Pretty...and Your Little Dog, Too!

Robert Reich on gop and dt

Mitch McConnell Distances Himself From Donald Trumps Latest Controversial Statements

Pence will go down with trump.

German magazine defends cover showing Trump beheading Statue of Liberty

Say...Has anyone ever seen Ann Coulter and Kellyanne Conway together?

Why Judge Robart Blocked the Muslim Ban

Chuck Todd embarrassed Vice President Mike Pence with his own words (VIDEO)

Hitler finds out Donald Trump has won the presidential election

George HW Bush & Barbara Bush will be doing the coin toss

Are Trump supporters cowards?

Pelosi calls for probe of possible Russian blackmail of Trump

Cheney's daughter slams Trump's 'deeply troubling' Russia defense

What's for Dinner, SuperBowl Sunday, Feb. 4, 2017

'The Senate is coming apart'

Jon McCain' Son re: Trump

There is NO "political branch" of US Government

Out of All Trump's Recent Meltdowns, Innocence-gate Is the Most Dangerous---For Him

Two-thirds of Britons believe Trump is 'threat to international stability'

continue to block the ban! However, here is a sign on the lighter side that made me 🤣...........

Fla. man hacks bank, tries to steal $7 billion because Jesus wanted him to, officials say

So many things are giving me hope of late....

Oval Office Cold Open - SNL

Trump and his comrades.

Media critic: Press needs to stop acting like Trump's 'botoxed Riefenstahls' and realize...

I can't help but wonder if Trump isn't secretly thinking the follwing:

Can the President read (above a fourth grade level) ?

Trump claiming USA same moral equivalent as Russia

Liberalism, secularism and Islam are co-enemies in "Bannon's War".

Prototype (仮) 2017.1.29 Live‬ Digest

Super Bowl Poll!!!

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Reading 1: Isaiah 58:7-10

Subway Riders Rise Up To Clean Swastikas From New York Train (Some GOOD news!)

US appeals court rejects White House request to reinstate travel ban

US appeals court rejects White House request to reinstate travel ban

This is dedicated to President Obama


Shame on you': Republicans face crowds angry over Obamacare repeal


Kitten Bowl is on (Hallmark Channel)!

Temper Tantrums

Covers of The Economist & Der Spiegel. Opinion in Europe re Trump seems reasonably clear.

Radiation Chart - from O.K. to you're toast

When you ask your friends to bring beer for your Superbowl party, and they show up with Budweiser.

Is there some symbolism in the pin Secretary Albright is wearing on CNN right now?

Is it coincidence that IFC is airing The Omen

US president 'doesn't care about making a speech' on UK state visit

This is how racists should be dealt with..

Mike Pence Won't Say America is Morally Superior to Russia

SNL Customs Welcome Video

Documentary maker found dead

Did you see thee article on Daily Kos about KellyAnn Conjob wanting critics of her boss FIRED?

They cannot "distance themselves" from Trump

Appeals Court Rejects Request to Immediately Restore Travel Ban.

just watched and listened a bit

Tom McClintock/California Doesn't Get. Protesters Just Anarchists Disrupting His Town Hall.

What are you reading this week of February 5, 2017?

What Russia might really have on tinyhands.

What happened the night a U.S. commando was killed in combat, the first such death of Trump's presid

If Obama blew soft wet kisses to Putin, Mitch McConnell would be calling for his head on a stick.

🐶 Haz a Secret! Trump is a 💩

Pence defends Trump's attack on judge

Early Signs Suggest Trumps Actions Are Taking a Toll on Trump Brand

Bawhahhaaa,got to love Twitter and responses to SCROTUS....

Attention:Donald Drumpf and your Deplorable followers. George Washington says hi

Well do better: Trumps White House tries to gain a sense of order amid missteps

For Trump foes, Democratic gains may remain elusive in 2018

Kenny Easley becomes 4th career Seahawk to be elected to Hall of Fame

Top Judiciary Dem: Dissenters Have 'Every Right' To Challenge Trump Orders

Extreme Vetting, But Not for Banks. Trump proves he is a tool for Wall Street after all.

Real Christians "Making America Great"

Authoritarian Leaders Greet Trump as One of Their Own

Even if a Democrat Wins in 2020, Is Damage Permanent With a GOP Congress?

CNN SOTU Full Interview with Sen. Bernie Sanders - Feb 5, 2017

Another "gift" given to America by Big Republican Corporations: Sugar

CNN SOTU - Full interview with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell - Feb 5, 2017

Erasing Nazism on a New York subway.

Mike Pence refuses several opportunities to answer whether US is morally superior to Russia

What's your opinion of The Intercept?

Equivalence? Really??

We Are Waiting For The Trump/Yemen Hearings To Begin!


We should send flowers to Judge Robart

At the end of the day what the f--- can Russia do for the U S?

Does anyone really think the spineless Republicans will impeach this nut?

Gallup Daily Tracker: Trump Disapproval reaches new heights.

Psycho Melodic Kill Switch: Anti-Trump Video

NRA urges Lady Gaga to avoid anti-Trump tirade in Super Bowl halftime show

The Youth Group That Launched a Movement at Standing Rock

It's a technique of misogynistic pick-up-artists. Trump is negging the US.

Pelosi: 'I want to know what the Russians have on Donald Trump'


SNL Reports Highest Ratings Since November Last Night

Demolition of a designated historic building in New Castle PA

It's happening

KAC. As an homage to Kellyanne Conway this would be a good word for news people or interviewers

SNL Reports Highest Ratings Since November

Charlottesville Legal Aid Justice Center files lawsuit against Trump

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine receives $15M gift

The Economist editors take aim at Trump and issue dire warnings for America and the world

2 simple things we can all do to win our country back

Trump supporters say give him a chance and I say to do what..

Cameron County tax assessor Yzaguirre found not guilty--cleared on all charges

"This Aint Kansas Anymore'-Psycho Melodic Kill Switch

3,000 protestors in Palm Beach, no arrests

Trump's comparing US to Putin's Russia draws bipartisan backlash

Do you think Drumpf would pull out of NATO and forge a military alliance with Russia if he could?

Letters of support pour into Victoria mosque

How to sort your skittles.

Breaking News: Pro-Trump protesters are rallying outside of Trump Tower in New York City

Tough choice.

"No One Listens to Lyrics Anymore"-Psycho Melodic Kill Switch

Succinct analysis of Trump's pathology

Trump Tweeting about the judge just now: "If something happens, blame him"

How will the 9th circuit rule, and what about the SCOTUS?

Steve King: Putin allows freedom of dissent because he hasnt murdered Garry Kasparov yet

Are Drumpf and his cabal working on a MIHOP

An Arkansas bus ride changed life for new Hall of Famer Jerry Jones...and he changed the NFL forever

Drumpf is greasing the skids for a terrorist attack. GOP, stop him !!!

Just one-quarter of Trump voters think climate change is caused by humans

*****Poll for subject and lineup of timing, FEBRUARY contest*****

The Potential Consequences of the Malignant Narcissism Alleged by Psychotherapist Dr. John Gartner

Trump always says he "hopes to get along with Putin" He has talked with him several times now though

After 9th Circuit ruling Mitch McConnell discovers he still has testicles!

Sound like anyone we know?

A Poisoning in Moscow - A critic of the Kremlin and Journal contributor fights for his life.

Do you get bored easily ? I do.


Were the "twits" from the T to Kristen Stewart on SNL real?

Can we count on the the judiciary and even the legislature getting royally pissed?

Trump Is Foolish to Ignore the Flourishing Renewable Energy Sector

Proof! The effects of racism on the body

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 6 February 2017

Drumpf could have had his extreme vetting without ripping apart the nation and the Constitution


Is there a way to report to twitter that Trump's feed is fake news?

He can't even run his own life

Trump Song-"You With Stupid"-Psycho Melodic Kill Switch

Trump's boy Alex Jones on Lady Gaga:

'If something happens blame him': Trump breaks 20-hour Twitter silence to lash out at federal judge

So how yuuuuge are the proDrumpf crowds in NYC?

Thoughts on Cars

USDA erases animal rights info from Web site

Do not 'test resolve of this new president': VP Pence issues warning to Iran

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 Las Virgenes

Kellyanne Conway: Leaks of Trumps calls with U.S. allies were unflattering to the allies

Drumpf -"California is out of control...That is why the people voted for me."

I'm guessing the Republicans will threaten him with impeachment behind the scenes,

Updated: 25 deadliest mass shootings in the United States (8/10/19)

Conway: Democrats Have to Time to 'Cry and Weep' at Airports, But Not to Go Vote?

I'm not at all thinking about the Reichstag fire incident right now

Some people say the Bowling Green terrorists still have a couple thousand hostages

Governor Christie reaches new low in job approval

Letter urging my Senators not to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

URGENT: Is this a Phishing scam/attack?


"Watching Trump gush about the Patriots....well, c'mon Falcons. Beat the hell outta them! "

Pence: Education pick DeVos will be confirmed with his vote

At the finish of my daughter's play "Godspell" today...

I keep getting notice that my contribution has failed

If you are going to go on a tv show to rebut a Deplorable..

How many other discussion forums are you a member of?

Who is more repulsive?

Trump's blasts at judge raise questions for Gorsuch on independence

Anti-Trump Super Bowl protests are underway in Texas.

Mike Pence was all over cable news this morning...A question that should have been asked?

"They voted against the wife of the Senate leader"

Lady Justice Got This

"That's a nice court you have there. it'd be a shame if there know, a fire."

I'm wondering how Homeland Security is liking their boss right now.

Wise County couple that sued Plano gas company may lose their $2.9M judgment

Speed bump

"Its really bad": Trump says Mike Pence will head investigation of 3 million "illegal" 2016 votes

Right wing nutters are going to boycott Budweiser beer because the original familiy(s) owners

Make Cheeto mad and NO MONEY for your State from THERE!!

If there was any doubt, Russia has begun escalating in Eastern Ukraine.

Lawmakers question Wisconsin AG about 6,000 untested rape kits

Angels in America

Don't Be A Sucker!

Best Super Bowl Commercials: Vote the Budweiser Immigrant Ad

*** Puppy Bowl is on! Starting 6 p.m. ET on Animal Planet ***

The actor on the left looks familiar, but

Bowling Green Historic Marker Erected

Is the U.S. on course for a breakup?

"Bad people are very happy!"

Canada accepts Somali refugees *from* the United States.

A tail of woe - kitten lashed

Grandfather Clock (NSFW!)

Davis Cup: Denis Shapovalov defaulted for hitting umpire with a ball, GB beat Canada

Where is Nadin? n/t

Black Lives Matter protesters set to intersect with Super Bowl crowds

""The president likes to volley back and forth with people"

He will not be de-turd.

I thought the dryer shrank my clothes

An immigrant woman sworn in as U.S. Citizen and her husband


If you Voted for Trump to be Against got p'wned

Fintan O'Toole: Welcome to Trumperica

Swastika found at Rice University -- third vandalism case in a month

Luke Bryan's gotta follow that?

how much does it cost for a flyover over a stadium?

I finally got a Mac computer

oh nutters will be banning coke now too

they're rollin' poppy bu$h onto the field at the superbowl

Donald Drumpf will never get that kind of reverence.

How long before the racists go nuts over that coke commercial.

Trump could change Texas voter-ID law by reshaping 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

As you watch the Super Bowl - a chart of your time watching --

Can you buy Orange and Lime Crush Soda in the DC area?

Encore: The Football and the Biscuit. Lawrence O'Donnell

Avocados From Mexico

I'm not 100% sure on this, but this does look like a stupid ruling.