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Archives: February 6, 2017

Macy's is under pressure to drop Ivanka Trump

I notice there is an increased amount of commercials on tv showing the US as an inclusive

How they upended the Trump travel ban. (It hurts us.)


Touchdown Atlanta!!

King Donnie

Oliver Stone.....

Reading Trump's tweets I get the definite feeling that he doesn't understand Visas.


What can we do to tell the world about Heinz fraud?

Tom Brady dedicates Super Bowl LI to his mom

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Super Bowl Spot (VIDEO)

New Logan Trailer With Hugh Jackman Drops During Super Bowl (VIDEO)

Police: Wal-Mart Customer Fatally Shoots Suspected Thief

I'm the Subway Sharpie/Purell guy.

It's time for the Superb Owl


Interception and TOUCHDOWN, ATLANTA!


Tweet of the Game

This is Romania's anti-corruption uprising in its third day. "Tens of thousands" WHOW!!!

Drumpf gonna *LOSE* tonight!1. ----uh, edited to add: *AGAIN*!1

Please let Tom Brady LOSE this would deflate his ego

BREAKING: James Comey is about to release a letter about the Falcons.

US cardinal Raymond Burke stokes papal tensions by meeting nationalist in Rome

If a president danced naked around the WH lawn, strewing flowers and singing dirty songs,

Ralph Nader Writes An Open Letter To Senator Bernie Sanders

Split by Brexit, May and Merkel Diverge on Wider Issues, Too.

Heard in discussion by British parliament

Seen on Twitter tonight about the Falcons leading by 21 - Trump Tweet -- HAHA!!

CNN transcript with Christiane Amanpour - says 220 Russian journalists have been killed since 1991

Never too Old to Make a Difference

How many fatal terror attacks have refugees carried out in the US? None

The NRDC Is Suing the EPA to Protect Mercury Pollution Limits

You'll remember for the rest of your life where you were when you hear of major tragedy

Coca-Cola Super Bowl 2017 Commercial

Thirty minutes to glory !

One 30 second Super Bowl ad costs $5 million.

Welcome to the Trump Family Superbowl Party

With Drumpt equating the U.S. to

If the Pats lose will Drumpf seek retribution against Brady and Belichick for embarrassing him?

OK, who's selling the Trump clock?

Possible 3rd defector for DeVos

Bigger than fake news: Trumps rise was fueled by a deeper narrative of fake history

GOP leader apologizes for tweeting: 'Time for another Kent State'

I feel like there are a lot of "fuck you, Donald Trump" commercials

84 Lumber!!!

Lady Gaga singing right now at Super Bowl.

Great basketball analogy re: Trump action plans

Go Lady Gaga - liberty and justice for all - great medley

Did Chris Matthews challenge KellyAnne Conjob about the Bowling Green Massacre statement?

WTF? Waiting for Satanic Ritual from Lady Gaga promised by Alex Jones

As Democrats turn their attention to 2018, getting marginal voters to turn out will be crucial

Trump to invite Patriots to White House and declare them winners of Super Bowl

Make it 10,000 francs

I LOVE Robert Alford!

I must say, Lady Gaga rocked that mofo out

Why is the Super Bowl Halftime Show called "Music's biggest moment"?

Andy Borowitz hilarious tweet on Patriots losing at halftime.


Winning elections, losing votes


Airbnb Super Bowl ad, #WeAccept

Malcolm Nance's twitter feed re: Sebastian Gorka, who is

Audi commercial! Equal pay for equal work!

Am I the only one who's not really into reading "twitter feeds" here?

Trump says Pence will lead investigation into non-existent voter fraud

The Trumpettes must be beside themselves

Four Futures: Ecological Catastrophe and Automation (interview with Peter Frase)

That Martha Stewart/ Snoop Dogg commercial made me laugh until I peed.

Company forced to re-tool Super Bowl ad rejected for depicting Trumps border wall

"What a year for Mohamed Sanu."



Train riders in #nyc remove Swastukas from train windows..

Falcons Fans Check In

Trump says the Patriots will win by 8. Only 32 points to go in Q3, IF Falcons stop scoring. #MAGA!

Extremely High Levels of Radiation Detected at Japan's Fukushima Plant

America We Are Facing 4 Years of Bad Hair!!!

Holy Crap! Ad: We are going to have four years of bad hair!! nt

How Trump's policies and rhetoric are forging alliances between U.S. Jews and Muslims

Atlanta is about to trounce Trump

Soldiers of Odin are the subject

Lady Gaga got her digs in - This Land is Your Land is apparently an anthem at anti-trump Rallies

GOP Not Taking Protests Seriously. Think - Just A Bunch Of Paid Protesters, Anarchists & Losers.

This Senator Is Hell-Bent on Getting Out the Truth About Trump and Russia (David Corn- Mother Jones)

The only way the Patriots win this:

Few Recall Gorsuchs Volunteer Work at Harvard

OK, when Sean Spicer reports on the Super Bowl

NYT: Super Bowl Commercials: Immigration and Diversity Show Up in Some Ads

O.K., "Casablanca" is on. For our times. Who wrote it, doing it, will IMdB/Googling it

Gerrymandering reform gaining grassroots momentum

CNBC: Trump to Fox News: I may defund California as a weapon to fight illegal immigration

Virgin Islands governor submits Timeshare Act to Senate

Oops - bad turnover dat

It is the internet that is tribalizing us.We used

FALCONS new defense.. let them catch it..

Controversial Puppy Bowl Star Shits During National Anthem

Virgin Islands governor submits proposed revenue enhancement and economic recovery legislation

dt's executive order generator...

Coca-Cola ran a Super Bowl commercial about diversity and inclusion and people are mad

The U.S. military's stats on deadly airstrikes are wrong. Thousands have gone unreported

84 Lumber -- The entire journey (5 min)

Trump says Obamacare replacement plan could take until 2018 (it's very complicated,...)

The reality is that you voted for Trump because you got conned.

I hate the super bowl but....

Did Bannon put himself on the National Security Council by shoving an EO in the way of Trump's pen?

DRUMPF's team going *down* is a PORTENT - ya going DOWN m-f/er!1 n/t

Its fucking hyperbole.

Tied? No please no

I wasn't going to watch this game, but I got sucked in...

On the road ahead...

Boston Bombing Survivor to Marry the Firefighter Who Rescued Her.


New England



Incredible comeback.

F'n a cotton! F'n A!!!

Say what you will about Tom Brady but he did his comeback the right way--without an assist from

Fuck Trump - Patriots always win

The fix is in! Pissed!!!!!

Down 25, The Greatest Comeback In Super Bowl History!

There must have been a blood offering

With 6 Days Cash On Hand, Finance Commissioner Talks About Next Steps For Virgin Islands

Just quit watching the NFL after the cheater and trump lover Brady won the superbowl

Quick, somebody squeeze Tom Brady's balls!

Trump takes credit for Pats win

The Super Bowl Market Indicator

Not as close as some of their other SB wins, but still a pretty good game.

We won the ads...

The results of the super bowl is as shocking as the results of the 2016

Watching the Super Bowl gave me Hope

If The Falcons Were Gonna Lose To The Patriumps


Donald Trump gave up on the Patriots during the third quarter of the Super Bowl

I didn't watch but did anyone see trump, billo interview ?

Name all the supected and known white supremacists Trump has tried to put in office...

Keith Olbermann Prophecy 7 years ago

Is there anything more than finding a "Make America Great Again" hat in his locker?

US cardinal Raymond Burke stokes papal tensions by meeting nationalist in Rome

Everybody on this site should go to Starbucks...

In a comeback for the ages, Patriots beat Falcons in heart-pounding Super Bowl

I don't drink beer, but i'm buying my friends cases of Bud...

Comcast outage sparks outrage among Super Bowl fans

The nightmare continues with unreal pats win


No, U.S. climate scientists didn't trick the world into adopting the Paris deal

Thanks, everyone who voted third party for the Super Bowl.

How long 'till we're rid of the Con?

The True Purpose of Trumpism by Jonathan Chait

Remember the picture of the sparsely-attended pro-war rally?

President Bannon Punked Drumpf With EO Placing Him On NSC .

Don't let the Pats win get you down, that's how the conservatives win.

Tom Brady to Matt Ryan:

This needs a response from the WH..

Trump Lawyers To Court Reviewing Muslim Travel Ban: Stay Out Of It

Trump's Intransigence Signals He Will Order Federal Departments To Ignore Law/Court Orders.

Donald Trump Gives Up on Patriots "Friends" After Halftime

THE ELEVEN COMMANDMENTS OF 2017: 1 - don't name him (45)

NYTimes Must Read!

I want a "Tiny Living by 84 Lumber" House!

#PepsiHalftime Fanifesto with Lady Gaga

If DT's immigration order is allowed to stand, this means the end of judicial review.

The Ultimate Trial Balloon

45 needs to be provoked into ousting Bannon

People actually think the Illuminati is behind this avocado commercial

Neil Gorsuch May Miss Chance To Decide Biggest SCOTUS Case This Year

Bureau of Indian Affairs sending agents to close Dakota pipeline protest sites

Bureau of Indian Affairs sending agents to close Dakota pipeline protest sites

Virgin Islands governor says he won't layoff or furlough employees

Kyle Shanahan reportedly next 49ers head coach

At the grocery store today,

Waiting on a pizza jams 1 Howling Wolf!

Waiting on a pizza jams 2 Classic Aerosmith

Trump's phrase "we're killers too" was deliberate, and not a faux pas..

Virgin Islands Gov. Mapp Says High Salaries Of Local Officials Not Priority

There is a simple fix for immigration from Mexico. Punish the employers.

Why Nobody Cares the President Is Lying

My latest talking point to my republican friends and associates

The Brutal Truth Is - That We Have An Aryan Nations Government. It Is Virtually All Lily White.

*Our moment of crisis didnt begin with the election of Donald Trump, {Senator Warren} said.

Taxpayers To Pay Over $300K for Legal Fees After Same-Sex Marriage Fight

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging State Law Blocking Minimum Wage Increase

Gov. Bentley Exhausts Campaign Funds on Legal Fees

GOP Would Really Like To REPEAL Fair Labor Standards Act. Move To Independent Contractor Labor.

Alabama High School Seniors May Have to Take Citizenship Test

Auburn Planning $28M Stadium Addition

Bentley Lawyer Denies Governor's Campaign Fund Violated the Law

Walter Hautzig, Pianist Whose Talent Helped Him Flee Nazis, Dies at 95

Would like to find out if someone could check my account to release me

College responds to Trump's order with refugee scholarship

Science March on DC Has Picked a Date: Earth Day

Los Angeles marchers protest Trump orders on oil pipelines

I've Noticed The Wingnuts Have Been Awfully Quiet About That "Muslim Prayer Curtain" In The WH.

Former House Speaker Tom Drake dies at 86

Faux crisis, bad optics and more funding needed for Medicaid

Battle of Selma canceled after city requests $22,000 for police, fire, public works services

Civics, abortion, Sunday alcohol priorities for local legislators

A permanent wound: How the slave tax warped Alabama finances

A permanent wound: How the slave tax warped Alabama finances

Tensions spill over at Alabama Democratic Party meeting

Alabama Legislature 2017: The eye and the storm

Huge Meteor across Chicago sky.

I'll start my third week in a row of 63 hour work weeks later today.

Pence at the superbowl; Hamilton players add 'Sisterhood lyrics to America the Beatiful

Daily Holidays - February 6

Just occurred to me: the real reason The Apprentice's ratings are so low.

Brady may be great (greatest?) but...


Hamilton Schuyler Sisters Add 'Sisterhood' to 'America the Beautiful' at Super Bowl

Five myths about anti-Semitism

Trump has Tougher Words for California than for Vladimir Putin

Anti-Israel UK lawmaker blames Jews for rising anti-Semitism

Anti-Israel UK lawmaker blames Jews for rising anti-Semitism

Watch Hamiltons Schuyler sisters give a shout-out to sisterhood at the Super Bowl:

Trump and Staff Rethink Tactics After Stumbles

Those Mexican avocados are KILLING him. #Superbowl

Multiple people shot outside Yazoo City nightclub

Today's the 18th day Mr. Trump violates the Constitution & the 18th day Mr. Ryan's Congress allows i

Lawmakers Close to Putting Campaign Finance Reform Law on Books

Trump Not Fully Briefed on Order That Gave Bannon NSC Role: Report

Internet Sales Tax Bill in Limbo After Initially Passing

Mississippi Could Lift Civil Service Protection for Most Agencies

Pelosi...FBI Investigation...I'm Confused!

Woman Sues City of Jackson, Alleges Pay-to-Play Scheme, Sexual Harassment

Worlds Saddest Trump Rally Draws Just 8 Supporters

School Choice Bills Die, Sanctuary Cities Bills Still Alive

This should be GOOD! Maxine Waters is coming up on Morning Joe!

Kremlin says it wants apology from Fox News over Putin comments

Interviewing the morons who love the job drumpf is doing

Hubble image captures the death of a star

Dear President Trump

Respected conservative law blog says Trump Ban unconstitutional

VoteVets:Act Like One

Photo: Trump not Briefed

Trump's first tweet this morning: "Any negative polls are fake news"

Anti Humane Society Ad before Super Bowl

Alec Baldwin on a twitter rant against G. Greenwald


Philip Roth quote from the New Yorker

On contacting Congresscritters when you are pissed off with their vote.

"I call my own shots, largely based on an accumulation of data, and everyone knows it. "

Drumpf said 109 people were affected by his ersatz Muslim ban.

Calls To Allow Religious Political Activity

Trump as Norma Desmond

Elif Shafak: When women are divided it is the male status quo that benefits

For Solly Mack--at sunrise--with power lines! Please post a power line shot for Solly!

The 100 best nonfiction books: No 53 The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James (1902)

Best anagram yet of DTs name

Dear Whyte People

Catholic use of confession to be scrutinised by child abuse royal commission

So tRump thinks we are a bunch of immoral "killers"? What planet does he live on ? SADest!

Stories of Syria - Rasha

10 fmr U.S. officials: Trump's ban makes America less safe: ill-conceived-poorly implemented & ill-

Amazing article about exercise. Boy am I going to get the comments on this one.

This piece is kind of chilling -When It's Too Late To stop Fascism, according to Stepnen Zweig

Workers unionize at Whole Foods in Duluth

Workers unionize at Whole Foods in Duluth

Workers unionize at Whole Foods in Duluth

Will the anti-Trump protests expand? That's more likely than ever before

God forbid, what happens if and when there's a terrorist attack and Drumpf politicizes it ?

Trump vowed, 'I alone can fix it.' But he discovers power has limits.

What 4 types of American nationalism can tell us about Trump voters

Patriots owner hopes Trump will retrieve Super Bowl ring from Putin

Martin O'Malley and Larry Hogan are both pushing to end gerrymandering

This is how I see tRump

A tax that could pay for Trump's wish list is already dividing the GOP

Mass shootings lead to talk, but little action, on mental illness

5 revolutions you are picturing wrong

Today in History, February 6th

Today in History, February 6th

Today in History, February 6th

SIGNING BLIND - Report: Trump Not Briefed on Order That Gave Bannon NatSec Seat

Monday Toon Roundup

Only 109 people were detained for questioning.

Vet To Trump: "That's NOT The America I Sacrificed For"

When did this "link to tweet" stuff start on DU?

Remember when the Tampa Bay Bandits' owner threatened to punch @realDonaldTrump in the mouth?

The issues all Trump foes can agree on - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Joe Scarborough: Trump's reckless shot at a federal judge

6 Countries Trump Has Already Insulted And Provoked

Did I just hear that DeVos is Erik fucking Prince's sister?!?!?

8 Million People Could Be Deported Under Trump's Immigration Order

"This American Life" Saturday on the Immigration Ban was brilliant, frightening, and illuminating

THIS might be Trump's single most terrifying tweet to date.

I was against the Iraq war before it was cool

Trump Declares That 'Any Negative Polls Are Fake News'

SCROTUS tweets out that he calls the shots. Is the Bannon surge getting under his

White nationalist Richard Spencer cheers Tom Brady as 'Aryan Avatar' after Patriots' Super Bowl win

The USA is Unprecedented.

Listen folks love them or hate them - the Patriots

When you are resistance fatigued, just remember - this is a fact. This happened.

This morning (Feb 6th) he ask 'When is St Patrick's Day'.

Nearly 100 Companies File Brief Backing Lawsuit Against Travel Ban

Feel the learn! Bernie Sanders will be Brooklyn College commencement speaker

I found a DU-post from the alternate universe where Hillary Clinton became President.

Trump: "Any negative polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election."

Strange. Immigrants and voter fraud....

The Why Trump Is Great Dot Com Website is the SINGLE GREATEST WEBSITE ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB.

Under Trump, Hill GOPers Struggle To Stay Focused On Their Own Goals

Peruvian rock band of nuns

The President Goes "Commando."

Morning Joe worries Trump's 'baffling' defense of Putin assassinations means he'd do the same

Slate - "Are Trump's Tweets Finally Beyond Parody?"

Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight on HBO

Red-winged Blackbirds and Cowbirds have returned to New Paltz, NY.

The Alt-Right Appropriates Patriots Win

Trump Wall Super Bowl Ad Was Censored.

"BURN THEM ALL!!!!"--The Mad King.

Scott Pruitt Is Seen Cutting the E.P.A. With a Scalpel, Not a Cleaver

The following quote is from a 1978 nybooks interview with Hannah Arendt. The whole interview

I've got to say, 'Candidate' Trump does match up to 'President' Trump

Black Lives, White Lies and Emmett Till - by the NYT Editorial Board

Democrats find their voice in the protests against President Trump

The Finger on the Nuclear Button - by the NYT Editorial Board

@WisGOP want 31% hike In expenses for selves; oppose minimum wage increase

Under Labor Secretary Pudzer, your paycheck could become a prepaid Debit card with ATM fees.

Executive Power Run Amok - by John Yoo

The Congressional Record And Trump's Tweets.....

I never knew that the NFL has a tax exempt status.

Fake News For Liberals - Be aware! It has amped up. (The Guardian)

We must all agree with Donald Trump that there was massive voter fraud

History Tells Us What Will Happen Next With Brexit And Trump

MSNBC Interview Was Not the First Time Conway Referred to the "Bowling Green Massacre"

Trump Administration May Use Executive Authority To Tweak Obamacares Rules

Question about Senate bill 274 (nullifying Trump's immigration ban)

Trump Accuses 'Obama People' Of Leaking Details Of His Calls With Leaders

This is so weird we have to read it together: Trump and Staff Rethink Tactics After Stumbles

Bumblers in the Trump bunker: A raid gone wrong

Torture Memos author John Yoo says Trump has gone too far

GOP heavyweight James Baker slams Trump's foreign policy: 'We have allies that are just scared...

And another thing about voter fraud

Miss me yet?

Thom Tillis (R-NC) may be wavering on Betsy DeVos nomination

Trump sets Democratic field ablaze with anger

Easy way to add Congresscritters to your phone:

A semi-drunk question about fossil fuels that came up last night.

Building the realm of alternative facts: Trump's lies are enabled by years of right-wing media

pence...defending the idiot-in-chief.

A Huge (Alternate Reality) Pro-Trump rally

QUESTION: If Brady was non white would he have asterisks by his name because of deflategate?

Would you trust any results of an investigation done by the Trump administartion?

Up to 40% of Catholic Priests & Brothers Sexually Abusing Children in Australia

VoteVets calls out President Trump by name in new ad: "You want to be a legitimate president?. . .

Mad King George...

Just as I suspected (NFWS)

He-who-shall-not-be-named thinks he won California in the election. Really.

"I have no words": Conservatives shocked by Trump's "disgusting" moral relativism with Vladimir...

Gov. to sign bill making Missouri 28th right-to-work state

Here is the immigrant commercial that Fox censored during Superbowl.

Trump didn't know what he was signing when he placed Bannon on security council.


While everyone was reacting to "US murders like Putin" BS, Trump caved on taking on the ACA in 2017

CNN's Choice Not To Feature Conway During Yesterday's Shows Was Reportedly Because Of 'Credibility'

AF1 just landed in Tampa. does Trumpsky get down the stairs?

Pence Says It Would Be His 'Honor' To Lead Trump's Voter Fraud Commission

Paul Krugman- Springtime For Scammers

Former Top US Officials: Trump Travel Ban Endangers National Security

Baylor University coaches swept drug-dealing, multiple gang-rapes and death-threats under the rug

Fans of HBO's Game of Thrones: Enjoy.

Pic Of The Moment: The Past 48 Hours In TrumpWorld

'President Bannon is going to be mad': The Internet mocks Trump for insisting he's the boss

Are robots coming to take investor jobs on Wall Street?

Just 14 stocks have created 20% of all stock market gains in dollars since 1924.

Republicans are inventing delusional lies about 'paid' protests erupting across the US - and it...

The only minority destroying America . . .

Right wingers and spelling: #BoycottBudwiser is being widely shared...

The End Of The Level [Internet] Playing Field

Evangers Dog Food Recalled Due To Contamination With Euthanasia Drug: Wait, What?

Spicer Hits 'SNL' For 'Mean' Impression Of Donald Trump...

Israel's Netanyahu calls on 'responsible' nations to join Iran sanctions

China protests U.S. sanction list on Iran that hits Chinese firms

Newly found songs from the Holocaust still haunt

White Nationalists really do love Trump

Facts still matter on US terror threat

Facts still matter on US terror threat

Queen Elizabeth II Marks A Record 65 Years On The Throne

Former NSC member Mullen: Steve Bannon doesn't belong on the National Security Council

Trump supporters see a kindred spirit in Patriots come-from-behind victory

what should I use to insulate the lid of an old chest freezer?

cnn may ban kellyanne conway permanently due to lack of credibility

So let's be honest. Which one of these guys would you rather watch the Super Bowl with?

Damn. Sick as a dog.

So the "She's so nasty" bunch thinks SNL is "too mean"?

Slate - "Government by White Nationalism Is Upon Us"

U.S. Preps for Infowar on Russia

Donald Trump will not be allowed to address Parliament on UK state visit, Speaker says

Richard Spencer Turns Patriots' Victory Into White Supremacist Meme

Few Recall Gorsuchs Volunteer Work at Harvard

Gorsuch's Volunteer Work Questioned

Are the "Never Trump" Rebublics still holding their noses?

Why the falling cost of light matters

Netanyahu backs contentious outpost bill after warning White House

Sean Spicer Press Conference

Randy Rainbow does it again with "Fact Checker"

Quick quiz: What type of people were banned after the Tyler poison gas massacre?

Adolf Hitler: "Wait Calmly" (Von Volker Ullrich, Zeit Online)

So Cliven Bundy owes upward of $1M in fees dating back to the 90s

Just how stupid are the anti-vaxxers?

So we have come to this now:

POKER FACE: CNN sees Kellyanne alternative facts, raises their own

Who Will Ever Tell Trump No? And if Someone Does, Will He Listen? - by Jeff Greenfield

The Pushback Begins

EMILYs List is launching Run to Win

My "WTF? of the day, Jesse Lee Peterson department...

I think it would be a great time to have SNL cast Rosie O'Donnell as Bannon.

Comrade Trump loves him some Putin.

****BREAKING NEWS**** Donald Drumpf will not be allowed to address the British Parliament

The Actual Town Of Bowling Green Is Having A Field Day With "Bowling Green Massacre" Memes

Senate democrats are opposing DeVos for the next 24 hours: (on C-span2.)

There's a long history of presidential untruths. Here's why Donald Trump is 'in a class by himself'

EVERY. DEMOCRATIC. SENATOR. is fighting DeVoss. They need ONE Republican. CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW

Will Mulvaney Be First to Resign from Trump Cabinet?

Guess What? Conway has said it before.. Big Time.

Trump Is Definitely Not a Health Nut


"Surprisingly realistic"

Several days before Tweety, Conway told Cosmopoiltan about the horrors of the Bowling Green Massacre

Sharp rise in children killed and maimed in Afghan war, UN report reveals

Kayne West Disowns Trump...I am no longer with him

McConnell: Dems Resisting Gorsuch Nom Want To 'Hurt Donald Trump'

Trump, watching the Super Bowl with Melania. Pass the Mar-a-Lago taco bowls!

There are anti-abortion shenanigans going on in the PA Senate. Livefeed:

Sean Spicer: 'Sad' That Judge Who Blocked Trump Travel Ban Went 'Rogue'

O'Reilly will be flying high, first over DRUMPF interview, most by PUTIN demanding an apology

"There is no need to test Mr. Trump...we know him quite well."

"The failing NY Times writes total fiction concerning me."

The big lesson of Trump's first 2 weeks: resistance works

'We passed -- those are the facts': CNN publicly calls out Kellyanne Conway's new lies about...

Louisiana asking for private help to upgrade roads and bridges

Republican leader ousted for condemning Trump at Women's March--her comeback is stunning

If you have a WordPress website, PLEASE NOTE: FIX THIS ASAP

Republican leader ousted for condemning Trump at Women's March--her comeback is stunning

Trump rips NYT for 'total fiction' report on president's bumbling White House life

If you have a WordPress Website, PLEASE NOTE: FIX THIS ASAP

Impeach Him, Republicans. Do It Now!

Every time I open my phone I come straight to DU hoping to see a post THE NIGHTMARE IS OVER!

Republican leader ousted for condemning Trump at Women's March--her comeback is stunning

Ex-acting CIA chief suggests Trump has 'some special bond' with Putin

CNN & MSNBC have a decision to make, and they have little time left

GOP Policy. Health Care Only For The Deserving. People Who Are Healthy. Forget The Sick.

Great great Supreme COurt but we have to defend our country

Today's petitions

WikiLeaks: Trump 'Should be Celebrated' For His Honesty in Fox News Interview

Sniffing,subdued, reading off a script as though its the first time he has seen it..

Group behind Women's March to launch strike

It seems to me . . . . .

Toomey's statement on his support for DeVos:

Trumpsky just seems to be openly taunting bad guys to come get us.

GOP Senator: Obamacare will be repealed AND replaced AND repaired AND stay intact and unchanged.

U.S. Senator reveals calls to the U.S. Capital switchboard have SHATTERED the previous record

The Truth Behind Sanctuary Cities

Lamborn(R-CO,5th CD) Introduces Bills to Defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Post Songs About "Being in the Doghouse, Again":

better than bouillon base for soup

Spies Я Us -- Which ones?

Dharma Bum Buddhist Temple closer to getting new home in University Heights

Democrats plan all-night protest ahead of DeVos vote

DelBene Joins Colleagues in Introducing Tax Bills to Support Middle Class, Working Families

Make America Bait Again.

Trump's populism is about creating division, not unity

The Truth Behind Sanctuary Cities

Has anybody seen "Split" yet? More than once?

A U.S. senator reveals calls to the U.S. Capitol switchboard have SHATTERED the previous record

UPDATED Donald Trump claims the 'very dishonest press' is covering up terror attacks

Martin O'Malley: The Truth Behind Sanctuary Cities

Trump claims the media is hiding terror attracts in Europe.

NCAA Will Pull More Events From North Carolina Unless HB2 Is Repealed, Sports Group Warns

Dear Mr Trump, thank you for your concern.

Microsoft joins other tech firms in filing legal brief opposing Trump immigration ban

How would Trump "cut-off" California? Is such a thing even possible?

Trump: all the bad polling is fake news!

Will Trump keep his promise on protecting LGBT rights?

H-E-B's shy billionaire explains why he's donating $100 million to improve Texas schools

Tweety totally missed the Bowling Green comment, will he address his lack of pushback today?

How to be an American: Syrian refugees find a home in Trump country

EO appointing Bannon takes approx 6 minutes to read. Here it is -

Trump wants to push back against Iran, but Iran is now more powerful than ever

Oral argument in Washington v. Trump

Donald Trump Super Bowl Interview Nets 12.2 Million Viewers (Not as Good as Pres Obama)

Pences excuses for Trump fall flat

When Trump threatens to defund California, We fight back

Email to Missouri GOP Senator Blunt on Devos nomination

Hold it there:

The Super Bowl really is a glimpse into the American soul

"And that is not grounds for impeachment," Pelosi continued.

Lame Manhattan Rally Draws 50 Lonely Trump Supporters

Natalie Jones withdrew as likely Trump social secretary.

Trump action leaves fate of investor protection rule in limbo

Who are the major share holders of MSNBC?

Are we in a Super team era?

Kerry, Panetta, ex-CIA officials tell court Trump order will endanger troops in the field

Looks like it's time to bring back Schoolhouse Rock.

He hasn't tweeted out these numbers for some reason.

Pro-Cheeto group hacked, website taken down in Cabinet fight

Despite having a couple of good voices, MSNBC is terrible. I miss Keith.

Doesn't tRump's Regime have to file briefs by 6pm today, 2/6. What happens if they do nothing? n/t

Chuck Woolery: Show me anywhere in History that Republicans did any nasty thing to Black People

groan, the stupidity gets deeper and deeper

Kissing up to Putin not working so far. Russia rejects Trump assertion that Iran is terrorist state

What's for Dinner, Mon., Feb. 6, 2017

Is This Happening To You?

When Will Trump Start Picking Up Undocumented Workers? That Action Will Be Explosive.

Groper Don the Con ends tweets with

George Foreman to Trump: Don't 'worry about the audience'

"What's Lily White, Filthy Rich, and Has 14 Penises?"

I Was on the National Security Council. Bannon Doesnt Belong There.

"AFTER MARCH" radio town hall tonight, 6 PM PST

Patriots Player Martellus Bennett Says He'll Skip White House Super Bowl Celebration Because Trump

NOT THE ONION: Maureen Dowd thinks Melania is "a folk hero of the left."

Kentucky to receive up to $11M in supplemental funding for continued reemployment services

"We might not be far from seeing this ad:

US DA of DC & DC police subpoenaed Facebook for account data on numerous inauguration protesters

Fmr acting & dep CIA head: I think (Trump) has some special affection for Putin we don't understand

Kanye West doesn't care about Trump people (scrubs his Twitter account of Donald content)

I just found out an old friend had died--TWO years ago! It seems everyone knew but me.

Candlelight Vigil for Public Schools Planned to Protest the Appointment of Betsy DeVos as Secretary

need advice! I can't log into my email on

I always thought Drumpt would create a "Burning Reichstag" incident

Clearly an autocrat attempting to foment opposition to the media among the military

Did Neil Gorsuch Found a Fascism Forever Club'?

ONION: Steve Bannon Slurps Still-Twitching Tail Into Mouth Before Giving Opinion On Syria

China Daily - Trump, Bannon, portrayed on Titanic.

Why are all of our US reps listed with an "R" at this site?

Ermegerd!! Look at what is in the Post Office!!!

Spicer says Trump protesters are "paid professionals." Paid by WHOM exactly?

What other non events do we not know about because the MSM did not cover them?

Superbowl Ad Mocking Trump only ran in Washington DC market..

Revealing wording in a pro-Betsy DeVos television ad

Is the truth so frightening that some people prefer lies?

Anti-Israel UK lawmaker blames Jews for rising anti-Semitism

Is Drumpf going to make his pal Bill O'Reilly apologize for calling his other pal Vlad a killer?

I grew up when it was normal for people

Trump is Paranoid with a serious Mental illness

Few Recall Gorsuchs Volunteer Work at Harvard

Anybody know who's hiring "paid professional protesters"?


Cheeto's executive order will benefit the private equity industry at the expense of your 401(k)

Der Spiegel: Trump as Nero

Congressional Republicans are terrified that Trump may treat them the way he treats everyone else

Repigs dont have the moral character to vote against DeVos.

Bannon's Puppet

Update on Syrian refugee family

Country's first Buddhist fraternity sits at SDSU

Come on GSA - answer the Democrats

Missouri goes right-to-work

If there are paid protesters, I would say that Trump adviser & Devos' brother runs it

Kellyanne lied about her lie

Trumps suggestion that the media is ignoring terrorist attacks traces to a familiar source:InfoWars

Israel passes bill to seize private Palestinian land for Jewish settlements

European Central Bank head warns on Trump deregulation push

Trump EPA pick Scott Pruitt may have made a false statement under oath to the Senate

Too soon? - Falcons cover their heads in shame on ride back home

Virtually all Senate Democrats poised to vote against remaining Cabinet picks

6 things Steve Bannon has declared war on

6 things Steve Bannon has declared war on

Update on journalist Vladimir Kara-Murza, Jr - "acute poisoning"

Tech Opposition to Trump Propelled by Employees, Not Executives.

Project A Ko 1 English Dubbed

Trump: the media actively suppresses news of terrorist attacks to fulfill a political agenda

Not my White House visit: Ex-Bear Martellus Bennett to duck Trump meeting

Full Anime: Project A Ko 1 English Dubbed (enjoy)

Leader of Al-Qaeda in Yemen Mocks Trump After Raid - ABC News

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Can anyone tell me what the tRump Doctrine is? Does anybody know? Does he?

Trump directive stalls FAA safety warnings

Siegleman OUT ON WEDNESDAY - Finally ! The good Don

Why Melissa McCarthy Had to Play Sean Spicer

Macri nominates lawyer for Dirty War-era torturer as Argentine representative to the IACHR

I am afraid of white people.

Macri nominates lawyer for Dirty War-era torturer as Argentine representative to the IACHR

University of Wisconsin student abandons pro-white group

If there had never been any unions, workers would be making the minimum wage

Paul Ryan says corporate tax cuts will "create more jobs and higher paying jobs"...

We must stand up to this dangerous tyrant, and do it quickly and forcefully.

Apple, Google, and 95 other tech firms join forces to fight Trump travel ban

So I watched a little of CNN today. Wolf Blitzer is damned near unwatchable with that . . . .

Self driving cars and disability employment

InfoWars is behind Trump's lie about the media and terror atteacks:

New Samurai Jack episode..

A Resettlement Mission Upended by the Sweep of a Presidents Pen

In historic first, Israel legalizes West Bank outposts with sweeping new legislation

Donald Trump's popularity skyrockets to over 70%

Congratulations to this NYC restaurant!!

Did Trump golf over the weekend?

Retired general: Trump's Putin remarks may be 'most anti-American statement' ever by president

"I actually took it that way too, but I was just trying to play devil's advocate" - Greta

Follow-up: Police apprehend suspect in Yazoo City quadruple homicide

Professional Brown Shirt Milo Yiannopoulos Warns Universities That Donald Trump Is "Watching"

Senate bill would reserve BP millions for Coast

Trump is annoyed by this pic. Please DO retweet.

The next President needs to be an atheist

Uh oh...He cant read? Can he write?

FFS! Another 48 hours in TrumpWorld.

Bulletin: Trump missed Al-Qaeda leader in Yemen, now being taunted by him.

"Harvey" tonight!!!

Disney Fantasy: Donald and Mickey run the counry.

Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, And 93 Others Just Filed a Major Lawsuit Against Trump

For those who can't stand to audio visually experience the pResident,

Jury finds Mississippi agency discriminated against female worker

Great Trump primer - TPM - On Trump, Keep it Simple (In 5 Points)

****BREAKING NEWS**** Main target of Yemen raid not taken out

🐦 Feb 25 - Bernie Sanders to speak at Kansas Democratic Party annual convention

AP FACT CHECK: Trump says terrorism acts ignored. Evidence?

Moody's could again downgrade Mississippi Power

Potsdam Institute's Rahmstorf Re. Trump Policy: "We Should Assume Our Worst Fears Will Be Realized"

Gulfport man admits failing to file tax form but disputes owing $435K

PIOMAS February 2017: Neven Ice Blog: "Things Just Keep Getting Worse"