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An Actual American War Criminal May Become Our Second-Ranking Diplomat

Perkinston man threatened to detonate a dirty bomb if officers came to his home

Charles P. Pierce: This Is Madness

Dead Turtle Hatchlings Piling Up; Sand Temps At Biggest Loggerhead Nest Site Hit 75C

Americas Great Working-Class Colleges

oh, hi

3rd Heatwave In 2 Months Hammering Queensland Vegetable Farmers

Complete assclowns try to open carry into a police station.

State auditor Pickering: Meeting with Diamondhead council was not illegal

Can Trump Read?

DER SPIEGEL Editorial: The US president is becoming a danger to the world

Maybe we should have some empathy for The Deplorables

ABSURDITY ALERT InfoWars' Right Wing Nut Alex Jones Now Influencing National Security Policy

Reporter fires back at Trump: No evidence media covers up terror attacks or whatever .....

DHL invests close to $1 million in Puerto Rico in 2016

Main Target Of Yemen Raid Got Away & Posted Videos Making Fun Of Trump

Europe Must Defend Itself Against A Dangerous President

The Trump Administration's Payoff to Its White Supremacist Supporters

OK folks lighten up at the Ministry of Silly Walks

In which Ben Carson explains risiing medical costs:

Just think how many more Bowling Greens there may have been that we'll never know about because

Jobs that I'd like to see our so-called president Trump personally contribute to.

A friend posted They are counting calls about confirming Bannon's


9th Circuit Court of Appeals to hear challenge to Trump's ban Tuesday

Did Biden flip some breakers in the White House before he left...

Super Bowl LI - 00:16:04 of football

I have these questions for Conway....what questions do you have?

Trump special adviser (and owner of Taj Mahal) to sell property, "possibly at a loss"

Donald Trumps Executive Order Will Let Private Equity Funds Drain Your 401(k)

Tweety finally admitted that Trump was for the Iraq War

School bus company owners convicted of bid rigging and mail fraud in Puerto Rico

I'm feeling a lot of love in this room (photo)

We cant let Trump go down Putins path

WTF Just Happened? tRump's Chaotic First Weeks in Office - Rolling Stone

Plebiscite Bill Passes in Puerto Rico, Defining Options

There are three 9th circuit judges hearing tomorrow's case on the immigration ban.

Robert Reich was live.

Donald Trump owns a hotel chain. How could he not own a bathrobe?

Joy Reid on for Chris Hayes on MSNBC now.

NCAA reportedly is on the verge of blackballing North Carolina for years over bathroom bill

At least everyone was sane during the Cold War

Go to the telegraph to vote

'Pathological lying

Shelby County OKs Planned Parenthood funding

Kremlin critic tests positive for poison, his wife says

Joan Baez Talks Protest in the Trump Era: 'We're in for a Bumpy Ride'

If (president) Hillary Clinton had said that the United States was just like Russia and that we too

Greta had time to put Broadway Joe on?

Bill introduced to extend 1-year lobbying ban to all state employees

Did Yiannopoulos secretly send more than 100 thugs to Berkeley to break up his own speech?

Just do your job!: CNNs Dana Bash slams Trump for his persistent attacks on the press

This fellow takes "Dump on Trump" literally!

New free tuition plan spurs another shift for Tennessee colleges

My wife, who is only 60 years old, is having hip replacement surgery

Is America ready for a female/female ticket in 2020?

tRump's UN attacks are dangerous to American foreign policy - The Hill

Lawmaker seeks to limit ability to invest campaign funds

Humane Society Threatens Legal Action Over Scrubbed Animal Facility Records

Oakland to rename Coliseum "Rickey Henderson Field"; Henderson will join A's front office

Black Sabbath, 2/4/17, the final "War Pigs" EVER (until the next reunion tour)

Turbotax help

Melania Trump's lawyers admit she hoped to cash in on being First Lady by selling clothes and...

Woman charged in Nashville officer's death had nearly triple legal BAC

Florida man sentenced to 30 years in prison for mosque fire

Melania Trumps lawyers admit she hoped to cash in on being First Lady by selling clothes/fragrances

Tennessee sued for move to charge tax for online

CBS Scott Pelley: It Has Been a Busy Day for Presidential Statements Divorced from Reality

Melania's lawyers admit she hoped to cash in on being First Lady by selling clothes, fragrances

9th Circuit Court of Appeals to hear challenge to Trump's ban Tuesday

(x-posted from LBN) Humane Society Threatens Legal Action Over Scrubbed Animal Facility Records

Mike Pences awkward and telling response to whether the U.S. is morally superior to Russia

Trump Resistance Plan: It's time to demand a 9/11-style commission on the Russian hacks

Al Franken definitely needs to run for president, since Trump is stealing his Stuart Smalley bit.

US EPA employees protest Trump's pick to run agency

150 demand senator show proof State of the State protesters were paid

California is not 'out of control,' leaders tell Trump

CNNs Jake Tapper slams Trump's efforts to delegitimize 'fundamental pillars of our democracy'

Hypocritical of Trump to say Press does not cover terrorism events

InfoWars is behind President Trumps idea that the media is covering up terrorist attacks

Thus, Mr. Turtle is trying to flex his muscles

U.S. House passes bill requiring warrants to search old emails

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Back in Time! Best of Malloy! Live, Uncensored

White House Already Walking Back Trump's False Claim Terror Attacks Are 'Not Even Being Reported'

Did anyone else see the Betsy Devos ad on CNN? How would that

Syria carried out mass hangings at military prison: Amnesty International

HOLY SHIT - SNL needs to get a woman to play Trump

Whoa - just noticed - DFT's tweet, "If something happens blame him

State's largest tax credit for biz costs $1.2M per job, study finds

Melania Trump refiles $150m libel lawsuit against Daily Mail site publisher

Maddow is hitting it out of the park tonight on Belarus/Russia

U.S. Rep. Duncan rejects town hall requests, citing extremists

GOP Reps Skip Out On Town Halls As O'Care, Travel Ban Concerns Flare Up

Washington States Landmark Lawsuit Against Trumps Muslim Ban Gains Widespread Support.

Tennessee lawmaker threatens to end automatic deduction of union dues for anti-outsourcing group

GOP chair says report vindicates probe into climate study

The Latest: White House Issues List of 78 Attacks

GOP Strategic moves to repeal the ACA today 2/6/17

Indivisible Lincoln

WH releases list of terror attacks, says most didn't receive media attention they deserved

Props to our Senators for

Whine! Lie! Whine!

Melania Trump Admits in Court That She Intends to Make 100$ of Millions as FLOTUS

Senators introduce resolution in support of Australia after Trump call

Doctor removes 130-pound tumor from Mississippi man

"Are we going to be okay?" by Scott Pelley

GE to Repay $6M in Chattanooga for Closed Plant's Tax Breaks

Man Who Defended Customs Handcuffing 5 Year-Old Boy Calls SNL 'Mean'

Will ISIS/Daesh need to "claim responsibility" for attacks if they've got Trump to do it for them?

Already plenty for impeachment. When will Repubs decide he is more liability than asset?

Local Hardee's radio ad

On Rachel - Trump FDA Pick. No Need For Drug Trials. Let Free Market Determine Safety.

I've heard...Some people are saying...

Melania admits in court docs intent cash in on new office.

impeach now, avoid the rush(in). New drink 25th amendment martini; rattled not sane

Trump's Twitter dystentery!


How A Tiny Tennessee Town Built A Sewer And Finally Started Growing

Here is a Tweet sheet for senators to dump De Vos - super easy!

Extensive Snowden interview, In Moscow, by Katie Curic. Jan. 28, 2017


Good afternoon, Moon!

it appears the media is getting tired of being the whipping not covering terror attacks

Big Daddy Drumpf is pimping fear again

Am I the only one CREEP'ED OUT

Trump Regrets (fascinating)!

There is a traitor in the Oval Office

argggh... Slate - "American Tax Dollars Are Already Helping Trump Make Money"

A silent thread to say: FUCK TRUMP

Robert Reich's Resistance Report from today.

interesting read - Slate - "The War on Science is a Trap"

Elliott Abrams is Trump's leading candidate for deputy secretary of state: source

Connie Britton steps up to help welcome Kurdish refugee family to Nashville

Get this... FaceBook want's me to upload my legal ID. WTF?

I don't want to get too much ahead of events but

The big hole in the Trump administration's argument about standing

Ex-Medical Marijuana Officials Charged for Illegal Shipment

So, let me get this straight (re: the raid)

Yes, we know.

Blues Girl-The Little 3 Legged Russian Blue (kitty rescue)

Coal is the key to the worldwide structure of energy

Anybody hazard a guess

Ohio by The Murder Merchants.

We, too, sing America: The Catholic church and the Museum of African American History and Culture

Vladislav Surkov, in da house ("please allow me - to introduce myself - ")

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 9, 2017 -- 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z Day 9

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 10, 2017 -- 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z Day 10

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 11, 2017 -- 31 Days of Oscar: Oscar A to Z Day 11

The Obamas on the Kiss Cam--very cute:

Trump is the anti-Midas...everything he touches turns to shit...

Trump's Labor Dept. pick admits to employing undocumented worker (You can't make this stuff up!)

High Correlation Between Trump Supporters and Pro-Spanking People?

WH list of terror attacks has several misspellings.

UK Newspaper Front Pages: Racist Trump Banned From Speaking in Parliament.

Women's general strike!

Christoph von Dohnanyi - Former Music Director Cleveland Orchestra - Rails Against Trumpism

The problem with partnering with a dictator...

Does trump have an Unsecure phone?

Do you own a smart TV? If it's a Vizio, advertisers may know your viewing habits!

CNN - Trump gives America's 'poorest white town' hope

Top defensive back and co captain of The Patriots? Not going to the white house either, drip drip

Missing - Have you seen this man?

Brazil sends 200 troops to control lethal violence sparked by police strike

Remember the rightwing howl over Colin Kaepernick?

Brazil sends 200 troops to control lethal violence sparked by police strike

Trump on his way to being Impeached according to Maxine Waters

"Remember" Plummer and Landau Holocaust survivor chases a block Fuhrer & dementia

Will Life imitate Art?

Sinclair Lewis's Novel on Facism - "It Can't Happen Here" (1935) - A Preview of Donald Trump

Picking the Right Over-the-Counter Pain Reliever

What to Cook This Week

Posts removed

NBC - Trump Says Media Don't Cover Terrorism; Archives Say They Do

Need a real good laugh?...check out this old thread from "Community Help"..

Short One Vote to Defeat Betsy DeVos, Democrats Refuse to Yield Floor

So Fox and Breitbart, etc., are mad at Bruce Springsteen, again.

Vox - The big lesson of Trump's first 2 weeks: resistance works


Rosie ODonnell Offers to Help S.N.L. Drive Donald Trump Over the Edge

So Called President and his So Called Press Secretary

Binding the Nation in Its Love of Meatloaf

Conservative Republicans Double Down on Push to Repeal Health Law

Yemen Raid Had Secret Target: Al Qaeda Leader Qassim Al-Rimi

At Stanford, Justice Ginsburg wishes for more civil discourse

This side-by-side picture of Sean Spicer and Melissa McCarthy playing him

Keith O's 50 Craziest dRumpf Things Vid...he makes me smile


Fox News sell-out Dennis Kucinich cheers Donald Trump.

Why Scientists Think Earth's Magnetic Poles Are About to Flip


Gov. Eric Greitens signs Missouri right-to-work bill, but unions file referendum to overturn it Rea

Louisville man sentenced for embezzlement

Audit raises new University of Louisville accreditation concerns

White-house Petition to make Donald J Trump show his tax returns is about to reach 500,000

Never remember: Bowling Green laughs along at massacre that wasn't

Court: Kentucky must pay relatives who take in foster kids

Hillary Clinton in New Video Statement: 'The Future Is Female'

Kentucky schools remain hostile for gay high school students

Nicotine might help protect your brain from aging

Colombia police capture teenage assassin accused of more than 30 murders

How Israeli ex-soldiers turned a Colombia fishing town into a sex and drug den

Peru in fight to save its endangered languages

Open letter to Trump

C-Span II is streaming the Senate filibuster.

C-Span II is streaming the Senate filibuster.

It is amazing....

Mexicos largest movie chain threatens to stop buying U.S. popcorn if free trade ends

Congress Moves to Roll Back a Sensible Obama Gun Policy

Danville mayor charged, will pay fines thanks to escape-prone pup

League of the South Announces Formation of Southern Defense Force

Turkish Police Detain Over 440 People in Anti-IS Operation

Images of Trump in a bathrobe flood Twitter after Sean Spicer says he 'doesn't own one'

Citizens United lawyer targets Texas campaign finance laws

Thousands have millions in pension purgatory

Senator @ChrisMurphyCT has the 4am shift to #holdthefloor

Facebook takes search warrant challenge to top court

Police: Ohio man's cardiac pacemaker data leads to charges

Rise in anti-Semitism graffiti and hateful images across the country as New Yorkers fight back

Court weighs halting release of police video of shootings

Saturday testing now offered for West Virginia jobs

WV Supreme Court to mull final resting place for slain WWI Medal of Honor recipient

The Latest: Patagonia to boycott Outdoor Retailer in Utah

Responding To Anti-Semitism In The Age Of The Alt-Right

WV Senate considering shift from income tax to sales tax

Dartmouth to compensate neighbors impacted by lab dump

Bernie Sanders claimed he wasn't a fashion icon. Fact check: He lied.

Legislative finance leaders say budget cuts alone may not work

Trump seeks an ally, or at least an ear, in Manchin

Order expands required C8 testing area

Vizio smart TVs tracked viewers around the clock without consent

Lawyers Still Working on Terms of Charleston Water-Crisis Settlement

Donald Trump will not be allowed to address Parliament on UK state visit, Speaker John Bercow says

So-Called Rally For Trump In Portland, Maine Causes A Tsunami Of Great Comedy

13,000 people hanged in secret at Syrian prison, Amnesty says

Daily Holidays - February 7

Now Sen Jeff Merkley holding the floor 5AM ET

Likely Trump Supporter Leaves Racist Note For Mexican Restaurant Owner

White House backs up presidents claim that media is deliberately ignoring terror attacks

And now - bathrobegate

if someone is cremated, can the urn be buried in a cemetery with a tombstone? nt

Architect Of Offshore Fraud Haven & Orchestrator Of More Than 40 Pump And Dump Schemes- $250 Million

Conan: Trump Calls Obama For Valentine's Day Advice

Clinic Manager Pleads Guilty In $70 Million Scheme To Defraud Medicare And Medicaid

Healthcare Service Provider to Pay $60 Million to Settle Medicare and Medicaid False Claims

Feel like I'm holding my breath today on deVos and the immigration litigation

Cleveland Agrees to $2.25-Million Settlement with Family of Tanisha Anderson

Anybody think Michelle Obama will ever run for POTUS?

Take a break: Youll Never Unlearn How Many Germs Are On Your Water Bottle

Chuck Schumer up now. n/t

What?!? There was a terrorist attack in Paris in November 2015?!?

Kent State Calls Michigan GOP Official's Call for "Another Kent State" After Student Protests in ...

Question: How could the media even cover up a terror-attack, even if they wanted to?

70 Fatal Overdoses in Cuyahoga County So Far in 2017

Official asks Texas Rangers to help find lost Brady jersey

Official asks Texas Rangers to help find lost Brady jersey

Reed from Oregon up now.

California Democrats counter Trump's threat to defund email your rep. Fight De Vos!

Senator Jack Reed is now holding the floor

Joe Scarborough is a Trump Toadie

Major outdoor retailer event to consider moving out of Utah

Ohio legislature Kasich budget proposal includes cuts to shrinking school districts

Senator Scott now the speaker.

Steve Bannon Carries Battles to Another Influential Hub: The Vatican

Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts could vote against Betsy DeVos for education secretary but he owes her

"Alternative facts and the coming constitutional crisis" by Matt Malone, S.J.

Senator Durbin the current speaker.

Clinton: The Future is Female

The Internet Is A lifeline For Ex-Muslims

Trump has a problem with women, especially if he thinks they (Melissa) make men look weak

Mika and Joe busy earning head-pats from their master this morning, spinning for Trump

Kasich proposal aims to ease loss of tax

Is NY going red, I think so. 5 more state Dem senate members going

Calling senators--I need your suggestions. What if you can't get through to leave a message?

Settlement Protects Religious Rights For Hawaiian Prisoners


The Whiner-in-Chief is back on Twitter this morning, crying about "the haters"

Rep. Banks resigns as part of plea deal

"I don't know Putin, have no deals in Russia, and the haters are going crazy..."

Ohio treasurer calls to outlaw sanctuary cities

We have history and data on our side

Calling senators--I need your suggestions. I can't get through to Senator Graham.

NPR Morning Guest Repeats Myth that Clintons Trashed White House, Not Challenged

January 2017 Atmospheric CO2 Content 406.07; January 2016 402.64; January 2015 400.05

Teddy Roosevelt, thought for the day

Dallas Morning News goes after Conway and the Trump teams lying bullshit.

The alarming parallels between the views of Steve Bannon and those held by Islamist jihadists

Superbowl 51: Lady Gaga On Christianity And Catholicism

Research shows Immigrants Do Not Increase Crime

No Shit, Sherlock!

Ordinary Americans carried out inhumane acts for Trump

I have been watching Married With Children reruns and President Trump is AL Bundy, Melania Trump is

John Morgan, candidate or not, is reshaping Florida politics

Missouri Gov. Greitens signs right-to-work legislation

Israeli settler law angers Palestinians, two-state advocates

The War on Science Is a Trap

Dog food recall! Euthanasia drug in food.

Call GOP Senator Thad Cochran to Oppose DeVos

Harambe-shaped Cheeto sells for nearly $100K

A few more lists to ponder...

SCMP: Meteorologists Expect North China Smog To Get Even Worse As World Warms

Dollar General says it will add 10,000 jobs this year

I Was on the National Security Council. Bannon Doesnt Belong There.

Arctic Trends "Beyond Extreme"; Storm Will Push Temps Near Freezing @ North Pole By Thursday

A Strategy for We Progressives!

Super Bowl FUN with Don & Melania. She's really enjoying herself bigly.

Eugene Robinson: Trumpism is all tantrums, all the time

Oklahoman town builds fence across man's driveway

Hillary's First Post-Election Vid: "The Future is Female"

Does Lord Dampnut even know how to read?

Rosie O'Donnell heard the internet call for her to parody Steve Bannon on SNL.

At least 20 dead in bomb blast outside Afghan Supreme Court

Allowing guns everywhere won't make Floridians safer

Syria conflict: Thousands hanged at Saydnaya prison, Amnesty says

Barack is kitesurfing with Richard Branson. He's never coming back, y'all.

Rosie ODonnell Offers to Help S.N.L. Drive Donald Trump Over the Edge as BANNON!!!

These 127 companies are fighting Donald Trump's travel ban

Act 3, Scene 1, line 273

Richard v. Barack

Some F*****g News

F'in News Exclusive: Secret List Reveals Vast Number of Attacks on America Not Covered by Media

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: The 1% President

Eric Trump takes two-day business trip and taxpayers foot a bill for almost $100,000

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest


Vlad had a sad. That's too bad.

SMDH! A lot of the information on SCROTUS's list of items he claims the

UK Telegraph Exclusive: How Theresa May poked fun at the size of Donald Trump's hands

Intel Drones Light Up Lady Gaga Performance During Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime

I think DT's is trying to put that list of terrorist attacks out there to REMIND people

"The Future Is Female": Hillary Clinton makes a rallying cry for women to rise up against Trump

Root causes.

Question for the legal experts- since Texas had legal standing to stop Obama's

So, the first time the Supreme Court rules against Trump....

Pro Trump website hacked ---

Writing about food: Brillat-Savarin, "The Physiology of Taste": The Bresse Chicken

Former AG Eric Holder endorses Tom Perez for DNC chair

WOW: Trump Fails Basic Literacy Test

Labor Leaders' Cheap Deal With Trump

SHOCK: Trump NOT BRIEFED on Order He Signed Putting Steve Bannon on Security Council

Trump Looking for Scapegoat for Next Terror Attack

Former Attorney General Eric Holder endorses Tom Perez for DNC chair,

Hug this up Groper Don the Con

Target of Yemen Raid Now Taunting Trump

Trump Really is a MORON

Muslim Ban. Are there any other reasons other than banning Muslims for pushing this?

Why Nobody Cares Trump Is Lying

"This Modern World" by Tom Tomorrow (Toon)

Obama seemed to be happy with my speech

Blaming America First - the New York Times Editorial Board

Steve Bannon Carries Battles to Another Influential Hub: The Vatican

I propose that the Republican Party change its name to Death Squad Hate Force

Al Qaeda leader mocks 'the new fool of the White House' after Yemen raid

The Terror Attacks Trump Won't Talk About

"I don't know Putin, have no deals in Russia, and the haters are going crazy..."

Irwin Corey, comic who styled himself the Worlds Foremost Authority, dies at 102

5th grade curriculum in 2017: School librarians now teaching kids how to spot fake news in Seattle

I remain convinced that the future is female, says Hillary Clinton

From Trump's list of terrorist attacks, it's clear that

Trump is a boy's idea of a man - By Richard Cohen

Madam Justice, the struggle is constant

Government by White Nationalism Is Upon Us

White House leak reveals how staff manipulated Shitgibbon to get him to approve failed Yemen raid

Trump 'shows true face of US,' says Iran's Supreme Leader

8 Districts who voted HRC have NO Dem candidates running - deadline to run March 30

When Trump and Huckabee disagree with something, they feminize it

Sean Duffy (R-WI) "There's a difference" with White Terrorism...

White House rattled by McCarthy's spoof of Spicer

CNN's Cooper debunks Cheetos latest lie with montage of himself personally covering terror attack

Good tie-in with Yoo's legal reasoning, which created a foundation for Bush-Cheney's power grabs,

Trump mostly upset that Spicer was imitated by a WOMAN on SNL.

I proudly stand with Patriots d b Devin McCrory in boycotting a celebratory trip to the White House

Freaking wow - check this Evan McMullin ad

'Yes, The Future Is Female,' Clinton Says In First Post-Inaugural Message

The Shady Bunch

Trump/GOP Wonderful Health Care Plan In Place Of ACA - A Pine Box For Sick People.

Second New England Patriot refuses to visit Trump White House

Has the IRS confirmed that Trump's taxes actually are under audit?

DOJ's brief for today's immigration hearing.

Trump is prepositioning himself to politically benefit from any future terrorist incidents

Job openings (5.5 million), hires, and separations little changed in December

Russia defends Iran after Trump's sanctions

Still Life

Firewall for MacBook Air?

A Call to Action: Just One Touch

A Call to Action: Just One Touch

A Call to Action: Just One Touch

By his tweet about Judge Robarts, Trump has signaled to ISIS and Iran that he will appreciate any

MEDIA!!!PRESS!!! Stop wasting time on these turd distractions that SCROTUS keeps pooping.

"The president will get the Cabinet he nominated and deserves"

White House leak reveals how staff manipulated Trump to get him to approve failed Yemen raid

The moment I knew Mr. Obama was MY president.

Rosie should play a female Donald Drumpf to compliment Alec Baldwin's Donald Drumpf

A golf course in Palos Verdes?

About Scout...sweet road trip

U.S. Trade Deficit Narrowed in December, Totaled $502.25 Billion in 2016

Charles Blow: Kellyanne Conway is a 'bottomless pit of lies soaked in misdirection'

GREAT advice for Democrats: Keep it simple, and take credit! Like FDR

Nutjob bills submitted by Montana Republican lawmakers ex- tax electric cars to up oil consumption

L.L. Bean CEO Pledges to Support Employees Affected by President Trumps Immigration Ban

Trump's Labor Dept. pick admits to employing undocumented worker

Fact Checker: Trump's claim that Obama first 'identified' the 7 countries in his travel ban

The biggest part of the lie about the immigrant ban...

'i understand the total dishonesty of the media better than anybody.'

Paul Ryan: Trump "an unconventional president, he gets frustrated, but he's respecting the process"

Pelosi: "Impeachment off the table" ....again??? WTF??

Egypt praises Trump criticism of media coverage of attacks

How Trump's USDA Could Hurt Puppies

Any scrapbookers here?

Right to Work Roadtrip

Somebody Found Sean Spicers Venmo and Now People Are Asking Him for Money...

Bernie Sanders helps Atlanta mayoral candidate raise campaign cash

Kellyanne Conway believes liberals jamming Capitol Hill switchboard are not 'real people': report

Bernie Sanders helps Atlanta mayoral candidate raise campaign cash

House Speaker Paul Ryan: Obamacare replacement bill to pass this year

What if Trump is a vehicle for Bannons ideological project?

Vice President Joe Biden to Lead the PENN Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement

ARS on Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to United States Supreme Court

Pic Of The Moment: No Matter How Nuts You Thought Things Might Get...

Anderson Cooper debunks Trump's latest lie with montage of himself personally covering terror attack

We Are Going To Have To Shut Down GOP On ACA Replacement.

Donald Trump Says U.S. Media Ignored These 78 Terror Attacks : good riposte

GOP Senators To Intro Bill That Could Curb Number Of Green Cards

Republicans attempt to stop abortions for state employees by ending insurance plan coverage

Conservatives Sound The Alarm: Why Is Obamacare Repeal Taking So Long?

Dennis Prager

I had no idea that "winning" so much would feel like this!

Any scrapbookers here?

"They committed murder / down on Music Row" (help me list the 78 unreported terrorist attacks)

Trump on President Obama: "I can feel that he likes me."

Postcards to President Bannon Campaign

I really love the idea of Rosie as Bannon. Then she could

Tornado Warning issued for New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana

Donald Trump Knows Press Not Covering Terror Attacks Because He Is Most Reported-On Person In World

U.S. Solar Jobs Jumped Almost 25% In the Past Year

Trump Says 'Hopefully' Travel Ban Won't Go Before SCOTUS: 'It's Common Sense'

Who wore it better?

Pence Constantly Refers to "The American People."

Oregon Sets Massive PrecedentRefuses to Enforce THC Blood Limit for Driving!

"The new fool of the White House got a painful slap across his face."

Homeland Security Chief says NO other countries to be added to Trump's Muslim Ban

Bowling Green in happier times

GOP leaders advise House members on dealing with protests

Mother of backpacker slain in Australia criticizes Trump

Melania Trump admits in lawsuit she planned to use White House for profit

The Latest: Kelly says he wishes order had been delayed

I now call him the play-doh president.

Trumps loose talk about Muslims gets weaponized in court against travel ban

The trouble is - Donald doesn't fart enough

Irans Supreme Leader Thanks Trump for Showing Americas Real Face

New York Times: Trump Seems to Side With Russia in Comments on Ukraine

Senator Lamar Alexander is on C-SPAN lying his ass off !!!!!!!!!

Hungarian town seeks to create 'white utopia'

Omarosa and her bridesmaids went shopping and an ugly, political scene erupted

Just called Grassley & Ernst about DeVos

"Want to give his name? We'll destroy his career." --Trump, today, to a TX sheriff

Melania Trump Settles Libel Lawsuit With Blogger

All Along The Watchtower

Report: NBC to Spin Off SNL's "Weekend Update"

trump on muslim ban: 'Some things are law and some things are common sense'

Action Alert from Progress Iowa: Republicans dismantling worker rights in Iowa

(Humor) DOJ Opening Statements in Muslim Ban EO Case in Washington

What is a VPN?

Voting yes on someone out of committee and no on the floor is trying to eat your cake and have it

From the Producers of The Hangover

Land of Immigrants - colorized Pixs of Ellis Island arrivals

Trumps loose talk about Muslims gets weaponized in court against travel ban

Brilliant Idea: SNL Should Have Melissa McCarthy Play Trump (Instead of Alec Baldwin)

BLOTUS has become Putin's ally in Russia's war on the West

LePage calls Legislature irrelevant on day he is to deliver State of the State

Hill staff literally laughing at Boris and getting the runaround from Kellyanne. ..

fuck - stupid ass Pence.

Pence Casts Historic Tie-Breaking Vote to Confirm DeVos

Betsy DeVos is now The Secretary of The Death of Public Schools.

Oregon Sets Massive PrecedentRefuses to Enforce THC Blood Limit for Driving!

We are a country of laws and every overreaction that they can attribute to prejudice and fear.

Weirdass Senate shit show continues

A joke

Putin signs law to decriminalize domestic violence in Russia

Post-Senate, Barbara Boxer remains in the political ring

I'll be damned - There really was a Bowling Green Massacre

Cat fission - two for one

I keep wondering whether throwing shit against the wall is a deliberate part of the plan

San Francisco announces free community college for all residents

Fucking spineless Republicans

Having trouble with finding your Mouse Pointer?

Ordinary Americans Carried Out Inhumane Acts for Trump

Poll: Americans More Concerned About Health Care Costs Than Terrorism

Just called offices of Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski and, as a Pennsylvanian,

Mother of murdered backpacker condemns Trump for including Queensland attack on terror list

Here are reports on the Danish 'terror' attacks Trump says weren't reported

Trump named 9/11, Boston-Orlando+San Bernardino to justify travel ban-Not 1 Attacker From Ban List

DeVos's brother, Erik Prince, colluded with Comey, Giuliani, & the NY FBI to help Trump win the elec

People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did.

In this terrible hour

Cheating is now socially acceptable in our society.

Amber Alert Issued for 2-Year-Old. *Canceled* Father, 2-year-old daughter found in the Bronx

Should a terrorist attack the US, Trump reaction could spell the end of USA as we know it.

Republicans fear for their safety as Obamacare protests grow

BREAKING: Diabetes and Obesity Sharp Rise Predicted in The US

GOP Tax Overhaul Plan Divides Party

Starbucks Is Now Offering Its Baristas Free Advice On Immigration Law

A little background on why a scientific consensus is being talked about as a debate

GOP Rep: 'There's A Difference' Between White And Islamic Terrorists

Today I remembered a link I saved eons ago about Right Wing tactics for 2016 elections.

If you can read this, thank a teacher.

Richard vs Barack - kiteboard and foilboard challenge

Iran pulls missile from launchpad after apparent prep for launch, US officials say

Ginsburg wants to change the Electoral College

FBI Reports Show Terror Suspects Coming From Canada While Trump Stares at Mexico

Make no mistake, all those working class folks Trump refused to pay?

I may have missed something,

America's children were sold out for the bargain price of $937,550

Could Rosie ODonnell Play Donald Trump Or Steve Bannon On SNL?

Voter Suppression On The Way

Hillary Clinton Releases Video Statement: 'Future Is Female'

GOP Setting Up Dictatorial One Party System. Only GOPPERS On The Ballot. No Allowance For Dissent.

I absolutely and fully agree with this Donald Trump-quote:

Nationwide strike against Trump planned for February 17 gains traction

Bet you anything Trump totally got off on casually ordering the Yemeni raid over dinner.

Kellyanne Conway abruptly ends Capitol Hill outreach when GOP staffer asks about SNL

Congressional challengers need to start emerging now

Spicer - President wants media to focus on terror 24/7,

Devos Is The Point Person For Making ALL Schools In US Christian Schools. Theocracy Is Coming.

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll 2/7: Approval steady at 42% but DISapproval spikes to 54% (12-pt spread)

Boycott Drumphuck supporters:

Louisiana DUer's, please stay safe from all the tornados in your area. Check in.

FBI will revert to using fax machines, snail mail for FOIA requests

Trump has his very own "Ray Donovan"

An easy thing to do with possible unexpected benefits.

It Is Only A Matter Of Time When Trump/GOP Use The NG On Protesters. They Want Kill Dissent.

Nothing remains the same.

One-Third Dont Know Obamacare and Affordable Care Act Are the Same

The mercenaries have seized education

Do we really need all Democrats


Russian trolls abound today:

confusing Bowling (Green) for Columbine

Tanzania orders gay men to report to police

Dah, Donald: Russian Blood Money and the FBI's Case Against Trump.

Scottish parliament rejects Brexit in non-binding vote

When Does The GOP LGBTQ Conversion Program Begin?

A depressing career choice - 1 in 6 veterinarians have considered suicide

At Our Weekly Trivia Game At The Pizza Parlor

DeVos conceded she expects a return on her donations.

Hundreds of current, former EPA employees urge Senate to reject Trumps nominee for the agency

The power of us

We Are Going To Have To Utterly Destroy Trump & Pence Administration Somehow.

Trump reminds me more each day of Charlie Chaplin's Great Dictator

Offshore Wind Moves Into Energys Mainstream

Mr. Fish Toon - The Perils of Unfettered Immigration

Once again, the Republican senators (except for 2) put party before country.

This is a great post from Facebook

It Could Get Nasty In The Streets. The GOP Is Sabre Rattling. They Are Furious About Town Halls.

Im trying to pay Star Membership contribution

Sue your wife in Arkansas for abortion even if it was rape.....

The GOP Is Like The BORG On Next Generation Star Trek. You Will Be Assimilated Or Eliminated.

Increasingly short White House Press Briefings...yet another red flag

Whenever I See Steve Bannon I Think Of This Guy

I just sent this letter to Flake

The Latest: Kelly says Trump order isnt Muslim ban


Richard Branson vs Barack Obama - kiteboard and foilboard challenge

Sen. Collins and Sen. Murkowski have more courage than the rest of the Republicans in the

Trump: "Do you want to give his name? We'll destroy his career."

The Thomas Hobbes Presidency - Bret Stephens

Sandra Fluke:1/24/2017 Donald Trump and the GOP will be shocked by what comes after the Women's Marh

Jack is back!!!

The Plan to Stop Federal Law Enforcement of Public Lands

Trump Accuses Media of Not Reporting Voices He Hears in Head

See the Senate votes on key Trump nominations.

Smirky Pence: The "ayes" appear to have it. HEH! They "ayes" DO have it."

Navy successfully tests new missile-defense system in Hawaii

'Trump's guys can't spell for shit.'

"I Felt Like I Was Drawing A Tumor": "Legion" Artist On Sketching Steve Bannon

Tech giants brace for Trump visa action, Seattle, Redmond top list of cities with the most at stake

Fuck you Jill Stein...

Port of Seattle calls special public meeting to discuss controversial payouts

Mailing renewal Star Membership today..Feb 6th..

My husband and I are both retired public school educators...

She sent her senator a pizza

DeVos Confirmation Makes Immigrants Americas Only Source of Educated People

GOP lawmaker proposes abolishing Department of Education

Legal opinions from our jurists members

Twitter responds to DeVos confirmation: "Cabinet will be Mutual Admiration of Incompetence Society."

Trump disapproval rating soars -Gallup daily

Save the sperm! Oh the humanity!

John Oliver Takes on the Trump Era: The Rolling Stone Interview

8:00-8:30 Home room

WH Claims CNN Retracted Concerns About Conway's 'Credibility' (It Didn't)

Rethugs Just Voted to Eliminate... Agency That Makes Sure Voting Machines Cant Be Hacked

Trump is lonely and crazy in his bunker

Melania Trumps lawyers admit she hoped to cash in on being First Lady

Trump Has Worst Disapproval Numbers Yet In Gallup Tracking Poll

Eugene Robinson: Difference between being disruptive and ruling by tantrum

 Republicans make it easier to steal an election by killing the Election Assistance Commission.

WaPo: Congress has the power to obtain and release Trumps tax returns

Trump questions lawmakers' efforts to curb asset seizures by police

Daily KOS: You voted against Hillary because you got CONNED-brilliant Facebook post.

Trump is lonely and crazy in his bunker

Serious question: If Pence and the cabinet 25-4s Trump, will they then fire Bannon?

Roberts: SOS, Arizona. You're about to lose a basic constitutional right

Keith Ellison Is Everything Republicans Thought Obama Was. Maybe He's Just What Democrats Need.

The alternative sagas of Donaeld The Unready

Bannons apocalyptic visions of War

Super Bowl ad about immigration draws attention to tiny Eighty Four, Pa.

Phoenix named America's best pizza city by Travel + Leisure

Why Stop At Rosie? SNL Should Have Women Play Trumps Entire Administration

Republicans love Trump for distracting the media from their agenda

Donald Trump's gospel is not the Gospel of Jesus (National Catholic Reporter)

Betsy Devos is so unqualified

Bannon trashing Pope Francis (the guy who got famous for helping the poor) as a "global elitist"

Trump's first Obamacare action is going to piss off his biggest supporters, older people

New Quinnipiac Poll Not Good for *45

Obamacare Repeal Is Failing Because It Was Based on a Lie

Trumps energy plan doesnt mention solar, an industry that just added 51,000 jobs

Another "Fucking Spineless" Post

Rep Duffy (R-WI) ISIS Terrorists Bad, White Terrorists not a problem, brings good things

Shoker! Rediculous chocker Trump attaks and dishoners English with ever-dummer spellings.

Just plain mean! 😏

"ALLEGEDLY," Mad Dog got Trump to approve Yemen raid by saying "Obama wouldn't be that bold."

Big spike in Google searches related to World War II

U.S. Senate inches Keebler Elf toward confirmation as attorney general

Net neutrality assault can be stopped by citizens, Senate Democrats say

Tomorrow in NYC: 60 degrees. Thursday in NYC: 6-10 inches of snow

CNN is putting Propaganda Barbie back on the air

Pls. consider sending a thank you to CNN and other media who stand up to Trump.

OFFS. Kellyanne about to be interviewed on CNN.

Trump: I don't know Putin

American Voters Oppose Trump Immigration Ban, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds

from Chris VanHollen:

Speling maters, Dawnold. Iff you dont spel werds rite,

Skilled Workers Are Scarce in Tight Labor Market

51/50 Means We Have No Clue

Opinion: GOP Operative Calls On Media To Expose Trump Treason

For state GOP, no shame in making taxpayers pay its bills-FOR APPEALING gerrymandering!!AGAIN!

Why Is Kellyanne Conway On CNN??? (Jake Tapper's Show)

Yotam Ottolenghi: Eat Your Sugar.

American Prospect: The March to Impeachment

So, Did Donald Find His Way Back to the White House

From Big Bend To Cape Fear, Spring 3 Weeks Early In Deep South, Per Leaf Anomaly

BBC to Donald - Here's a link for every attack you said we never carried..

Trump EPA official juggles two jobs in two Washingtons, and it hasnt gone well.

Jake Tapper and Kellyanne CONway are locking horns

Schumer Says SCOTUS Nominee Gorsuch Dodged Tough Questions In Meeting

Home Today And Heard The Air Raid Sirens Going Off And ......

Reminder: Live audio stream of 9th Circuit arguments on trump's executive order in 2 3/4 hours.

The United States abandons Ukraine

Am I not woman? I am DeVos!

Today I taught the difference between rules and laws to first graders, and

Jake Tapper is laying down the law with Propaganda Barbie

Donald Trump Has Sphincters at Both Ends of His Digestive Tract.

Everyone on DU should take a moment and write a teacher

Alternative Fact No. 35,262: The US Murder rate *is* the highest it has been in 47 years...

MSNBC shreds Trumps lie about increased terrorism & media coverage (VIDEO)

I would personally like to thank CNN for their bold, courageous 24 hour boycott of Kellyanne Conway.

Twitter Reacts to Jill Stein's Nonsensical Tweet Blaming Democrats for DeVos Confirmation

Marc Ambinder: Trump's staff don't like him.

U.S. Army to grant final permit for controversial Dakota pipeline -court filing

We Have Become the Surreal States of America

Jake gives a master class in interviewing (with Video)

Jake Tapper tore

It is fucking relentless.

Need a good laugh?

The one real casualty of the Bowling Green Massacre

How long before Kellyanne CONway runs to FOX and FRIENDS for succor?

Conservative David Frum Offers Advice To The Resistance - We Should Listen

John Schindler: Will Belarus Be Putin's Next Victim?

Labor Secretary Nominee Andy Puzder's ex-wife says she made 'mistake' alleging abuse

Legal briefs for court case today are all here. Also access to watch it live starting at 3:00.

'That's just false': Jake Tapper corners a flailing Kellyanne Conway on Trump's 'offensive' lies

Trump is a toxic mess of too much money, too little curiosity, too much power, and no class.


Joy Reid to be on Randi Rhodes now - after the break .

'Facts Are Stubborn Things': Tapper Confronts Conway for WH Claims on Media Terror Coverage

Republicans Happy To Have Trump Distract The Press As They Move Their Agenda

Sent email letter to John Bercow

For the Climate Deniers - From Twitter

Donald Trump's Many, Many, Many, Many Ties to Russia

Donald Trump is so butt ugly.. and it has nothing to do with his advanced age

Just sent an email to John Bercow

Were these words uttered by a President of the United States or The Godfather?

Keebler's vote was needed for Devos

When is Manchin having a townhall?

Don't let the TV media off the hook. The Trumpers are getting everything they want

AARP threatens to sue Trump over ObamaCare change

President Trump falsely claims U.S. murder rate is at 45 to 47-year high but the facts prove...


Why is he pushing terror when there is no terror and when no folks from those

Stephen Colbert Is A Bowling Green Truther

It doesn't matter to his supporters that Trump and his cronies lie...

Any American citizens who live as expats and are retirees, what do you do about

House committee votes to eliminate independent election commission

House committee votes to eliminate independent election commission

Lords Speaker says Donald Trump could still address parliament

Trump makes false statement about U.S. murder rate to sheriffs group

"N" word used at work ...unsure of how to respond

One of Trumps severe symptoms noticable right here

Trump threatens to destroy lawmaker opposed to police civil forfieture

Horse loves TV reporter:

"But, where's the rest of it?"

The next President needs to be a Buddhist

A shoutout to spanone

Peru prosecutors seek arrest of ex-president Toledo in graft inquiry

California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton endorses Rep. Keith Ellison to lead national party

ACS and 150 Science Organizations Call On the White House to Rescind Exceutive Order...

Argentina to contact Brazil, Switzerland on alleged spy chief bribes

Trump Flat Out Admits Crony Capitalism - Gutting Dodd-Frank for Some of his Business Friends

Congress has the power to obtain and release Trumps tax returns

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has granted an easement allowing the DAPL to cross under river

Mumps Outbreak Reaches 367 Cases in Washington State; Numbers Expected to Rise

No talk of oversight between Trump, Chaffetz - DC Motel off Limits?

Joe Manchin lets his true colors show once again

The Clash Honored in Nine Cities With 'International Clash Day'

Does anyone know where I can find a list of all the lies?

Trump's Response To O'Reilly - "Our Country's So Innocent?.....

After More Than A Century, Bison Return To Canada's Oldest National Park

So when is their first date? anyone know?

Trump gives America's 'poorest white town' hope

Follow live as a federal appeals court hears arguments on Trump's travel ban

U.S. Senate moves Jeff Sessions toward confirmation as attorney general

Argument Streaming somewhere???

Electricity costs: A new way they'll surge in a warming world

Here we go - hearing on CNN amd GEM$NBComcast

Trump makes false statement about U.S. murder rate to sheriffs' group

Powerful change: QUT (Queensland University of Technology) profiles todays solar consumer

White House ramping up search for communications director after Spicer's rocky start

"It is hard to think of anything more contemptible . . ."

Any Truth To This - New York Dem Legislators Changing Party Affiliations?....

How long will it take to undo (or to recover from) the Trump administration? Or ...

This DOJ attorney is getting owned

Dept of Justice Special Council is getting skewered right now - and he's stammering nt

trump's aag is getting his ass kicked by the 3 judge panel.

Jill Stein really made an ass of herself today.

Justice Dept lawyer sounds confused..stuttering.."uh, uh, uh"

re: Don Siegelman

re: Don Siegelman

I'm calling it now. The ruling by the WA court will be uphold. *

Found this on tRump voter takedown on the internet...

Sounds like it is not going well for the trump adm.

Bern study rehabilitates climate models

Tulsi Gabbard Telephone Town Hall today...

Expect a major twitfit about so-called "activist judges" tonight

The Trump DOJ attorney is getting HAMMERED by th 9th C justices

This DOJ Attorney is stuttering his ass off

Future wildfire warning for Australia on 50th anniversary of Tasmanias Black Tuesday

Increasing the water table in agricultural peatland could hold key to reducing UKs greenhouse ga...

Some ninja judicial stuff is going

GM to pay UAW members $12K in record profit sharing

Wow, the 9th Circuit is mopping the floor with this DOJ attorney.

"On a shakedown cruise". LMAO...

You're Scaring Off Our Greatest Minds, Scientists Tell Donald Trump

The judges

Met Greg Palast Discussing Vote Fraud Dynamics

WOMEN***I Ran From NY To D.C. For Womens Rights. Heres What I Learned.

Joe Biden to Teach at University of Pennsylvania

Court Hears Arguments on Trump Travel Ban: Live Analysis

National Academies Report ... Offers Hope, Climate Change Concerns for Everglades Restoration Pr...

WATCH: Stephen Colbert admits that he is a Bowling Green massacre truther

Low-Cost Imaging System Detects Natural Gas Leaks in Real Time

Newfound Gecko Species Jumps Out of Its Own Skin

So A Minister, A Rabbi And A Buddhist Took Drugs For Science...

Hans Rosling: The Swedish physician who made statistics come alive has died

Get your Bowling Green Twibbon and show support for the victims on FB!