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Kellyanne Conway's Artful Deceptions: The Daily Show

Did the Bush admin start out with so much chaos?

NYC Public schools will be closed tomorrow due to incoming snowstorm.

WHO KNEW Trump was a Dr. Who fan?

Don Siegelman, upon release

McCain Spurns Spicer Call for Apology Over Yemen Raid Criticism

Koterba toon: Trump again

The man in the high castle series should give you

Joy Behar calls out Trump and Conway on The View

Manchin just voted "aye" for Sessions!

ONION: Secret Service Adds Emotional Protection Division To Safeguard Trump's Psyche

Argentine women stage topless protest against police harassment and double standards

Argentine women stage topless protest against police harassment and double standards

Stephen Curry: Donald Trump an Ass.

Don Siegelman's release:

Lord Dubs describes closure of child migrant scheme as 'shameful'

Trump:The rack for NORDSTROM - Luckovich

Fights lie ahead, but Obama gave us a strong foundation of conservation victories -

The old rules aren't applying

Did President Obama ever say ...

House Republicans Avoid Voting on a Resolution Stating That the Holocaust Targeted Jews

House panel displays bipartisan unity over bill to save Postal Service from financial ruin

Georgia white supremacist under FBI investigation after police find evidence of ricin in his car

52-47. The Elf is on the AG shelf.

Dear Elizabeth Warren

Sessions just confirmed AG.... WTH...

Trump demanded Americas NATO money back from Frances Hollande in messy phone call: report

Botticelli work comes to the US for first time.

CIA Memo: Designating Muslim Brotherhood Could 'Fuel Extremism'

POTUS twitter account retweets Nordstrom

Down with Trump Rally: downtown Pittsburgh Sunday Feb 19 Mellon Square 1 PM

Dollar General stores ditch Ivanka fashions

New Israel Fund's Vice President Delayed and Questioned at Airport by Israeli Officials

Cheetolini got the cabinet of oligarchs, ideologues and incompetents he wanted

Toon- In loving memory of.....

Number-crunching Trump's "Administration more truthful than media" poll victory lap

*****BREAKING***** John McCain strikes back at Sean Streicher's demand for an apology *

What was is no more.

A Third New England Patriot Says He Will Skip a White House Visit

Sean Spicer says questioning success of botched Yemen raid is offensive to dead soldier

Jeff Sessions on senate floor now thanking pResident tRump

Congressional Black Caucus response the silencing of Liz Warren...

Could chumps presidency in a short period of time lead to a collapse of the US?

F*CK Tweety.

Steve Buscemi as Kellyanne, LOL

Japanese Prime Minister's Visit to Trump Resort Raises Ethics Concerns

Robert Reich was live.

Link to Sessions vote...Manchin was the only Dem.

Congressman To File Bill Requiring A Psychiatrist At The White House

Could you please list the things trump has already done to hurt the country?

N.C. Court Blocks Attempt By State Lawmakers To Limit Incoming Governor's Power

CBS News: Trump is 'divorced from reality,' saying things that are 'imaginary or fabricated'

I can only hope that if Coretta Scott King was still with us, she'd support Jeff Sessions'


Is anybody here getting hit by the Nor'easter tomorrow?

Bannon's meeting with Vatican hardliners (2014)...

Jimmy Carter leases his land to solar power much of Plains

More about Chris Kennedy, candidate for Illinois Governor

Obama Goes Kitesurfing

Americans Praise Trump's Executive Orders, Poll Shows

Want happy news???? Trump Tower In Toronto Is Up For Sale And Facing Legal Woes

Academics Against the Ban Rally @ JHU

Senate confirms Trump attorney general pick Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions Confirmed as Attorney General, Capping Bitter Battle

Ponder me this....

"Free Speech Fairness Act?"

Could Nordstrom Sue Trump for Tweet?

It's like Bush's 3rd term, but with 25 Cheneys.

Companies Plow Ahead With Moves to Mexico, Despite Trump's Pressure

Seen on FB: "You can't comb over racism and hate." n/t

I Got This.

Argh, I woke up this morning at 4:34 my mind racing through every possible horror in the universe...

Time Magazine Has Published An Op-Ed By Two Legal Scholars Calling For Trumps Impeachment

Rule Used to Silence Warren Was Created to Protect Delicate Feelings of Senates Foremost Lynching A

Anthems Bid for Cigna Blocked by Judge as Anticompetitive

Anthems Bid for Cigna Blocked by Judge as Anticompetitive

Whatcom Co. declares emergency due to severe winter weather

Fire that destroyed South Texas mosque ruled arson

When lies become used as casually by the prisency as office banter. Something needs to be done!!!

Bad News for Trump: SNL in the Midst of a Ratings Renaissance

Better Fix for Chronic Wounds Uses Minimally-Invasive Skin Graft

Can you create a "cringe" emoticon?

Bill Moyers: I thought CNN was taking a stand against White House lies. I was mistaken.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night!

We all have a lot to worry about now that we have

Sarah Palin touted as US ambassador to Canada? You betcha!

A Conservative Climate Solution: Republican Group Calls for Carbon Tax

U.S. court blocks Anthem-Cigna $54 billion deal

Is it worth trying to take Sessions' Senate seat?

Last stand: 'water protectors' return to Standing Rock as drilling set to begin

Americans Are Having Doubts About Trumps Agenda: Poll

An analogy

1776 and Slavery

Yemen wants US to reassess counter-terrorism strategy after botched raid

Schumer coming up on Rachel about blatant R power grab

Women Read Coretta Scott King Letter Outside Mitch McConnell's House Tonight

Can they actually bar Senator Warren from speaking about ANYTHING on the Senate floor?

So, Apparently, Jeff Sessions Can't Get Snowden from Putin.

I'd really like

Anyone here from Chicago?

Double the hate - Trump and accordians

Trump invites Twitter to worship his new Ant Overlord, Jeff Sessions. Twitter responds.

I've lost 3 pounds. I can do this. Even my smilie below is active

VA Gov. candidate Tom Perriello announces staff for campaign

Wolf Blitzer batters Jason Chaffetz for refusing to investigate Trump's conflicts of interest

Chris Kennedy announces Illinois Gubinatorial bid

US says it killed 11 al-Qaeda operatives in Syria air strikes

Saw "Paterson" today.

Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch says Trumps attacks on judiciary are demoralizing

John Gotti's grandson pleads guilty to selling oxycodone

Trump's Staff Sure Seems Eager to Tell the World He's an Imbecile

The f---ing president of the U S doesn't know the advantages and disadvantages of a strong dollar.

How Trump Plans to Slow Our Internet to a Crawl

$1.5M settlement reached in LAPD killing of black man

Elizabeth Warren is a #badhembra nt

Do you prefer athletes make their politics public?

Jake Tapper: Trumps corrosive attacks on the media are unhealthy for democracy

Trump Hosting Japanese Prime Minister at Mar-a-Lago 'as a Gift'

Well--Hope this is true.

Participation and Democracy in Talks for Colombian Peace in Ecuador

"It merely required no character"

re:Delaware special election,

re:Delaware special election,

Scott Walker's budget includes nearly $600 million in tax and fee reductions

English majors: Can someone explain how the fuck you diagram this sentence?


State board approves self-insurance for state workers

Jeff Sessions finds out the Attorney General does NOT get a uniform

It's back! Set your DVRs for the other shows!

Donald J. Trump, King of Twitter Dribble! FFS, what a mess he is. n/t

State park boosters worry about Scott Walker's fees-only stance

Have to remember Samantha Bee on TBN at 10:30 Eastern

Can We Get a National Poll: Who Would Be a Better Prez? Trump or Arnold?

Scott Walker proposes 5 percent tuition cut, new performance funding for UW System

The pivot has finally come

Cal nixes Kansas series talks over LGBT law

Sean Spicer cites Atlanta terror attack that never happened

What/who is "Easy D"?

Does Trump Even Know How to Read? Shocking Evidence That He Can't.

Nordstrom stock closed up more than 4% for day after Trump's tweet---6th best day on market in 12 mo

Every Republican who voted for Trump

Free rant forum ...... Trump got into a fight w/the President of France on the phone today

Let's keep an eye on this:

I agree 100%.

DU Alert and DU Challenge

A Coworker Took Her Own Life

Saw Keith Ellison on Daily Show

Governor's budget proposes scrapping state panel that resolves employment disputes

Trump Already Sent Sessions To Chicago, Illinois To Solve The Crime Problem....

If Trump Were To Defy Court Order, GOP Would Let Him Get Away With It.

Don't get discouraged---get pissed!

Slate - "Trumps lies, bigotry, and bad judgment come back to bite him in court." - link fixed

This is so fucking awesome. . . .

Present State Of Affairs Shows How Totally Broken Government Is At Every Level.

Wow! Don't buy a Samsung TV right now!

Secretive Nordstrom Cult Terrorizes Blond Girl!

Meet the lone Democrat that voted for Sessions.... Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-WV)

The Nation: Heres How the 2018 Midterm Elections Could Be Fatally Undermined

Trump administration set to ELIMINATE enforcement arm of EPA

Gov. Scott Walker proposes initiatives to address homelessness

Walker proposes millions for veterans affairs, including improvements at King veterans home

Heres A Running List Of President Trumps Lies And Other Bullshit

Trump Natl Security Advisor Derided Islam, Immigration And Diversity, Embraced An Anti-Semitic Past

Just a heads up re: Standing Rock. My go-to source is Ruth Hopkins' twitter feed, and

Humans lived in Amazon rainforest 'earlier than thought'

Join me in a huge F**K You to McConnell,

Wow, I missed this ... Alex Wagner now on CBS Saturday morning.

Name some of your favorite forgotten writers...

Three years til the next census, and a gerrymandering case may be headed for SC

History unearthed: How newly discovered skeletons may be the first colonists of St. Augustine

About that "dress like a woman"

Gov. Scott Walker's budget includes tax cuts, halt to east-west I-94 plan

Sean Spicer having his own "Bowling Green Massacre" in Atlanta

There is no way this is sustainable for FOUR YEARS

Wisconsin Senate approves bill to end required project labor agreements

Anybody interested in an emergency preparedness group

Young workers say Fox Cities region a hidden treasure

EPA OKs slower rollout of water rules for Wisconsin

Jared & Ivanka are Jewish. Do they not care that T's rhetoric is promoting anti-semitism?

Anti-Intellectualism and the "Dumbing Down" of America

Thank you for the heart.

Valley mother faces deportation after immigration check-in

Rep. Sean Duffy slammed for white terrorism comments

Bill makes lying on professional license application a crime in Wisconsin

Which store should pick up the Ivanka brand?

ICE Raid in Austin?

2 Cities To Pull More Than $3 Billion From Wells Fargo Over Dakota Access Pipeline

Hotel tax increase would fund most aggressive convention center plan in Austin

Houston Hosted What May Be The Greatest Super Bowl Of All Time

Big cluster of 2,200-year-old boat coffins unearthed in Sichuan

Dallas Mayor and Cheap Housing Opponents Play Catholic Charities for Fool

Bolivia declares emergency over locust plague 4 hours ago

What is the one or two words that come to mind when you think of Trump?

Humans lived in Amazon rainforest 'earlier than thought'

Thanks to all my secret admirers for the hearts!!

Ivanka is as Ignorant and Out of Touch as Her Dad

Woman deported under Trumps new order her crime? Working illegally!!

Revealed: the secrets of rare Viking boat burial uncovered in Swordle Bay on Ardnamurchan peninsula

West Texas Pipelines Close To Coming Online

Nonprofits Formally Take Over Federal Refugee Program in Texas

Historical copper trapped in ice

Cherry moonshine and tacos.

Historical copper trapped in ice

Texas Senate Passes Ethics Reform

Senator Cornyn: Overwhelming Public Input Causing Web Site And Voice Mail Crashes

A Reinterpretation of the State's 'Robin Hood' Law Could Cost Texas $100 Million

Portsmouth archaeologist discovers dinosaur as big as a plane

Thanks for the hearts. You guys rock.

The Left Needs Its Own Tea Party

Orkneys Skara Brae shortlisted as UKs best heritage site

Lawmaker Dismisses Anti-Trans Violence as 'Dudes Walking Around in Dresses Getting Beat Up'

Archaeologists are hunting for Greeces underwater past February 7, 2017 - 06:25

Scientists find huge ancient landslide at Great Barrier Reef

Trump's alarmist B.S. deflated by the FACTS!!!

Sam Bee hilariously congratulates CNN for surprising us with actual news for almost half a day

Mitch McConnell Sees High Level of Satisfaction With Trump Administration.

New Mexico may allow medical marijuana for all veterans

An Adorable Group of Rescued Baby Sloths Carry On a Squeaky Conversation Amongst Themselves

Ivanka has multiple lawsuits against her for stealing other people's fashion designs..

Former contractor indicted in top secret document theft

Is this really how fascism takes hold in the US?

Right wingers claim that monetary and fiscal policy perverts the natural cycles

chris kennedy is going to run for illinois governor

Sarah Palin touted as US ambassador to Canada? You betcha!

Samantha Bee: CNN Had It In Them; Donald and the Sanctuary Cities; The Original Trump Haters

Cat leaps very high and turns off light

'There Will Be No Holocaust.'

Honduras: New Arrest In Caceres' Murder Investigation

Sean Spicer: If you call Yemen-raid a failure, you are spitting on the grave of the SEAL who died.

Mexico's Upcoming Election Mirrors US, Europe's Nationalist Movements

Daily Holidays - February 9


Trump: "What this country needs is more Easy D!"

Steve Bannon Wants To Start World War III

5 big issues where Sessions may have an immediate impact

New Cave Once Containing Dead Sea Scrolls Discovered

Exclusive: Alleged mastermind tells Obama 9/11 was America's fault

Almost 90% of new power in Europe from renewable sources in 2016

"The blessed ban"

Polls show French far-right Le Pen winning election first round, but losing knockout

Analysis: Playing chicken with the bathroom bill in the Texas Legislature

TBT: Rep. Jack Kingston Proposes That Poor Students Sweep Floors In Exchange For Lunch

37 days: Corpus Christi finds lessons in mayor's political implosion

Big 12 to withhold money from Baylor as it investigates sexual assault scandal

Feels good to find someone sent me a heart. Peace and blessings

Stephen Colbert: Trump Is Using His Office To Protect His Family's Business

Trump Coup Strategy

State contributions wane as indigent defense costs continue to climb for McLennan County

Former Chief Of Staff to Member of Congress Pleads Guilty to Fraud and Theft Charges

Gov. Abbott threatens to 'bring the hammer down on Dallas County' over immigration

Dear Senator Schumer


Carly Fiorina confirms it: she is considering challenging Sen. Tim Kaine

Grand Prairie woman found guilty of illegal voting

A word of advice from Martin Luther King Jr.s daughter: Resist!

If I Had a Heart ...

Happy Birthday Nance Greggs

In 2005, Bannon wrote a movie about Nazis, cloning, mutants, the evils of science, evil elites...

Groups unite to protect abortion, birth control access

Thursday Toon Roundup 1: Sec'y of Edumufcation

Thursday Toon Roundup 2: Orange S**tgibbon

Thursday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Bond for a Texas man charged with murder set at $4 billion. Yes, $4 billion.

Twitter lets fly after Canada native Ted Cruz botches leader's title

Trump just tweeted to attack Blumenthal & suggest he lied about what Gorsuch said

Draft Dodger Orange Shit Gibbons attacks Sen Richard Blumenthal..

Did you know that mammographies cause breast-cancer in the first place?

A man (DRUMPF) who used chicanery to be designated 4F is questioning another man's draft record-Nice

Steph Curry V. Under Armour

DFLers introduce bills to legalize recreational weed in Minnesota

U.S. court upholds Obama-era retirement advice rule

Why is it unreasonable for Cargill to take responsibility for its own sludge?

Seven hair salons/48 employees/zero insurance

Court rejects former VA employee's motions to dismiss tax fraud case

FiberPoP owner ordered to repay $7.7M to SEC

Loving the heart. Thank you.

Joe & Mika are actually criticizing Trump today, calling his behavior & rhetoric stupid & autocratic

Proposed Trump executive order would allow US firms to sell 'conflict minerals'

Nordstrom doubles down in face of Trump attacks as their stock skyrockets

NYC snow update: 10-15" projected

Branstad signs school funding bill

Chapter 20 opponents dominate more than 8 hours of discussion at Iowa Capitol

It takes chutzphah for a serial liar to call someone else a liar, especially for a white lie *

Black History Month 2017 - Atheist Addition

Trump's constant tweeting is actually a negative for Twitter, top analyst says

Lawsuit over school Bible class moves forward

AP calls Trump "twitter in chief" in article covering tweets lashing out at judges.

University of Minnesota fraternity community threatened in anonymous letter

Actual Headline: "CA Farmers Supported Trump, But Now Fear Losing Field Workers"

Univ. of Minnesota Law School receives record $25 million for immigrant legal support

Canadian woman turned away from U.S. border after questions about religion, Trump

TOON: DeVos gets to work

Dayton doesn't want Mesabi Metallics to get state mining leases

Remember to refill your outside bird and critter feeders.

A spokesman for Gorsuch said Gorsuch did make those remarks. So who are you going to fire?

Dayton: Bills to override local wage, sick rules aim to tamp salaries

I'm in

Explosion at French nuclear plant, 'no risk'

Trump contradicts Gorsuch spokesman, accuses Blumenthal of misrepresenting comments

Study: Subsidies For Queensland Coal Jobs 21X Those For Renewable Energy Jobs

US doctor says Church committed soul murder to abuse victims, urges changes

Today in History, February 9th UMWA Organizers Son Murdered & Tom Mooney

Evan Rachel Woods Big Bisexual Moment

Today in History, February 9th UMWA Organizers Son Murdered & Tom Mooney

Today in History, February 9th UMWA Organizers Son Murdered & Tom Mooney

National Bagel and Lox Day: Mark Russ Federman, "Russ & Daughters, Reflections and Recipes from

A civil liberties giant steps down as head of ACLU Minnesota

KO calls bullshit on WaPo comparing Melania to...ELEANOR ROOSEVELT???

Lund heiress says she wants to free her inheritance to use for philanthropy

Now Twitler attacks CNN's Cuomo ("fake news") for not asking Blumenthal abt Vietnam service

And now Trump is attacking McCain, accusing him of "emboldening the enemy"

Richard Blumenthal was a freaking Marine Reserve. What is Herr Drumpf's military record?

The Coming War in Space

Gov. Mark Dayton touts new education spending goals, $609M increase over two years

for sale on craigslist: The @SenateGOP!

Getting some awesome Thundersnow here in SE Connecticut.

Donald Trump breaks ice with China in letter seeking 'constructive' ties

Drumpf is dissing everybody

Kellyanne Conway may have just violated ban on Federal employee using public office for endorsement

The Gun Rights Absolutists Bringing Constitutional Carry to a State Near You

Many thanks for my valentine hearts!

Winter driving.

Pat Toomey's FB page announced that his office may be closed due to weather

Scott Pruitt Will Make America Great Again -- for Polluters

Chuck Schumer versus the resistance

Do I talk like this because of my bipolar disorder?

Trump now claims unnamed law enforcement told him NO

DAILYKOS: Nobody could've predicted that a mentally-unstable narcissist

How long before the America First trials begin?

The ACLU Has America's Back

Steve Bannon Wanted Mel Gibson for His Movie About Nazis, Abortion, Mutants

No. 2 Senate Republican: I sure hope that little lady feels 'chastened' for talking out of turn!

Trump trashing John McCain and Richard Blumenthal (and CNN) in his morning tweets today

Drunken Bigot Lindsay Graham Says Elizabeth Warren Had It Coming

FBI investigating how white supremacist got into contact with outlawed chemical weapon

Betsy DeVos Orders Immediate Flattening Of All School Globes

The Rule of Law (ethics and the constitution) SUSPENDED for the Rich/Trump

Whatever happened to the Trump-Russia story? by: DAVID CORN

The difference between Hitler and Twitler,

This Group of Black Women Is Taking Up Arms to Fight Racism and Misogyny

White nationalists plan conference for white working families at state park in Eastern Kentucky R

Thank you my dear Secret Admirer for the heart!

Stating the obvious.

"The Trump who cried Wolf"

It still astounds me how dangerous propaganda is just allowed to run rampant in this country

Scrotus or Humpty Dumpty - your pick.

Steve Colbert had an apt description of KellyAnne as "Cruella De Ville's less popular sister"

What "unworthy" motive did she impute

Tesla sets record: Model S is fastest street-legal car from zero to 60

Drumpf made me think of the Nuremberg Trials so I read up on them

Has anyone heard the GOP "leadership" explain why Corey Booker wasn't in violation of Rule 19?

"Go buy Ivanka's stuff!": Kellyanne Conway gives presidents daughter "free commercial" on Fox

Eight countries sign up to counter Trump's global anti-abortion move

Joe Manchin - the so-called "Democrat" who voted to confirm Jeff Sessions - GET RID OF MANCHIN

I, For One, Welcome Our New Burmese Python Overlords!

President Bill Clinton - The Clinton Foundation - Charting Our Path Forward

White People: I Dont Want You To Understand Me Better, I Want You To Understand Yourselves

First trial set to begin over 2014 rural Nevada armed standoff

Threat of repeal making it easier for Democrats to finally sell Obamacare

Charles Blow: He doesnt want to be president, but emperor.

Snort- The QVC presidency

Expect Personhood Laws & Making Using Contraception Being Criminalized.

Woke up. Trump still president. Ugh..arggh. The good - the hearts! thanks so much, DU friends.

HERE is one for you Star Wars Fans...featuring Anna Akana

Kalos opioid overdose drug went from $690 to $4,500and senators want answers

From the "Oh, yeah, we totally forgot about that one" file: Trump gets a purple heart.

Most states with largest insurance gains under Obamacare voted for Trump

Kremlin: no Ukraine deal with US possible

Congress moves to restrict public input on public land planning

Now that Kellyanne Conway has endorsed the Ivanka line are you more likely to purchase her products

Alabama attorney general appointed to Jeff Sessions' Senate seat

Alabama attorney general appointed to Jeff Sessions' Senate seat

Luther Strange to replace Jeff Sessions in U.S. Senate

Russia calls Romania a 'clear threat' and Nato outpost for hosting US missile shield

I don't know whether to laugh or cry, but I just used HORRID Red (neck) views

Trump Voters Want Political Power Stripped From Minorities, Liberals, Democrats Et. Al.

What are Republicans going to do about Obamacare? 'No idea.' - By Dana Milbank

Taken before Nordstrom, can't even sell at TJMaxx after massive markdown. Note "Made in China!!

My eyebrow lady is afraid to travel to see her brother in Texas, because she's Muslim and a Hijabi

(You Gotta Have) Heart

In The End The GOP Will Just Repeal ACA. Do Not Believe It Will Hurt Them.

Time to shop

Elizabeth Warren Was Told to Be Quiet. Women Can Relate.

Danziger: Nevertheless, She Persisted

No apologies.

Another Incentive to leave America's shores - A dream job

The "blessed ban"--And some idiots think this dipshit is going to keep the US safe!???!!!!

Many thanks to the kind hearts who gave me valentines!

Rupert Murdoch sat in on Gove interview with Donald Trump - Join the dots...

For all the Fallon critics, I found this exchange interesting last night with Seth Meyers:

Matt Taibbi: The End of Facts in the Trump Era

Obamacare vs. Affordable Care Act

Is anyone selling a 'nevertheless she persisted' shirt?

What President Trump is supposed to be doing while hes tweeting

Excellent Twitter thread to read re: Trump

Sean Spicer on Citing Atlanta Terror Attack That Never Happened: I 'Clearly Meant' Orlando

Trump Angry That SNL Chose Woman to Play Sean Spicer

Trump Called General at 3AM to Ask Whether Strong Dollar is Good

Which is the Official White House photograph of Trump?

The Republicans Are Off to a Pitiful Start

Mushroom pizza

Aretha Franklin Announces Retirement

Sen. Sasse: Gorsuch Condemned Attacks On 'Brothers Or Sisters Of The Robe'

The ladies from the UU Church were watching this

Conway Urges Viewers During Fox Interview: 'Go Buy Ivanka's Stuff!'

Thank you for the heart!

So Kellyanne Conway gives a "free commercial" to Ivanka Trump, daughter of a billionaire

Paul Ryan On Bannon: 'We're Different Kinds Of Conservatives'

Europeans Should Ban Trump From Visiting.

Fake "grassroots" pro-Trump rallies on 2/27 and 3/4 being hyped by Bannon's Breitbart

Trump Administration & GOP In Congress Might As Well Put On Their KKK Robes.

City council designates town Official Bigfoot Capital of Alabama

Dakota Access pipeline restarts construction

Morning Joe hosts call out GOP on Trump: 'We're talking about the sanctity of our constitution'

Trump sides with the sheriffs on their racket- True regardless of source.

Trump it was a winning mission .... r you kidding me?

GOP senator: House Republicans' ObamaCare replacement plan a 'horrible idea'

What is the low down on General Mattis?

Who is on the forefront of battling climate change - The military

'Act now we'll throw in free executive order!': Internet roasts Kellyanne Conway shilling for Ivanka

Top Obama official: Conway broke law by promoting Ivanka's clothing line

How To Get Out Of The Cycle Of Outrage In A Trump World

OMG New Yorker's cartoon of the day.

The Net Carbon Dioxide Penalty Associated With Large Scale Energy Storage Systems.

The Republicans Are Off to a Pitiful Start

Trump Finalizes Executive Order To Put ISIS Detainees in Guantnamo

Trump on Twitter: Senator "lied" by reporting Gorsuch comments everyone confirmed were said

Steph Curry takes shot at Under Armour CEO calling President Trump an asset: Remove the ET

Possible Trump EU envoy: US suspicious of 'anti-American' EU

Trump Jr. and Breitbart claim women everywhere are cutting up their Nordstrom cards...

What is an "Amok" as in "Run Amok"?

Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus Want You to Know They Are Friends (New York magazine)

Where's the outrage?

Pic Of The Moment: McConnell Says Trump's Decisions Are "Very Comforting" To Conservatives

"We must ship these criminals out of the country & Make America Great Again!"

This cracked me up.

United Talent Agency protests Trump...ban by canceling Oscar party and donating $250,000 to ACLU

This post is only for the heartless. I am giving away Valentine Hearts so please hurry. I have

A new photo of Harriet Tubman is discovered.....

NEW YORKER: "She was warned"

Today's #SignOfResistance is by @jessxchen.--- lovely art...

Thank you for my hearts!

Elizabeth Warren Puts GOP On Notice: This Is Just The Beginning

Thank You For the Heart

Snowed in comfort food?

President as media critic: Trump hits CNN host Chris Cuomo for not asking a question he actually...

Who'd be surprised if pee-Resident BunnyPants withdrew GORSUCH over comments

It's starting. Trump is tearing families apart...

Be proud (sigh) -How Russia Became the Leader of the Global Christian Right


Labor unions press Trump to drop Puzder nomination


Thank you for the heart

Top US commander says he's short 'few thousand' troops in Afghanistan

Samantha Bee: Ted Cruz is "that nerd in high school who wouldn't shut up about knights who say "ni""

Kristof. NYT: To Reject Trump the Perverse, Poets Wage a Battle in Verse

Stephen Colbert Designs A New Bathrobe Specifically For Trump

Thanks so much to whoever gave me a valentine.

I'm our new Senior Warden

Today's New England weather prediction from the Old Farmer's Almanac

Trump could allow US businesses to sell 'conflict materials'

Why is Sessions giving a Nazi salute at his swearing in??? nt

American Airlines flight diverted to STL for security check'

Should I go online and buy something from Nordstrom?

Tribe files new legal challenge against North Dakota pipeline

Sessions is being sworn in while standing in front of a portrait of Andrew Jackson

Another fake attack: Sean Spicer referenced nonexistent Atlanta attack three times

Thanks for my heart

Trump Denies Gorsuch Criticized Him, Even Though Gorsuch's Spokesman Confirmed He Did

Thank you for my heart. Whoever you are. Happy V Day!

How would repeal of ACA affect health care/jobs in your state?

Trump prefers to surround himself with aides/associates much shorter than himself

I'm sure that the GOPr hypocrites are proud of Cheetolini's most recent accomplishment

To both be of and not be of this world

Thank You For My Second Heart

Day 2 of my 2/5 fast.

Amazing karate chop - worth waiting for

SASC hearing now on Afghanistan: McCain wants to 'win,' U.S. Forces Commndr wants 1000's more troops

Yesterday tRump went on and on about...

Tried to buy some underwear at Nordstrom's.

To be of

Alec Baldwin Claims His Upcoming SNL Gig Will Be A Big Deal

Arlo Guthrie, "Deportee"

Trump: We spent $6T in Middle East and didn't even get a 'tiny oil well'

Is anyone here familiar with "The Dark Tower" series by Stephen King?

Is tRump a defective cyborg? Did he slip into this dimension accidentally? On purpose? Or was he

I would go out and patronize Nordstrom for taking down Ivanka's line but....

Trump Attacks McCain: 'Hes Been Losing So Long He Doesnt Know How to Win Anymore'

DNC Says Gorsuch's 'demoralizing' statement is a ruse

This has helped me

Pete Souza, Obama photog, trolls blotus

One of the "deplorables" supporting Trump...

Mitch McConnell Sees High Level of Satisfaction With Trump Administration

tRump re: Putin..."I do respect him"

I hope we do not go "tea party" on our existing legislators

A message to right wingers

What a {p}rick, the so-called pResident is!

my 3 stages of pain-

Roundups Might Not Stop At Undocumented Workers. Protesters Could Be Next.

'Dear White People' sparks calls for Netflix boycott

Why and How Democrats need to attack Trump's loyalty, authority, and sanctity

OK. Someone just posted this in FB. I think @nbcsnl has their makeup & wardrobe test. Now get to wo

Trump Signs Exec Orders, Says Cartels 'Destroying The Blood Of Our Youth'

No "free lunches" for the poor's healthcare, but a "free commercial" for a billionaire's child?

A thoughtful person gave me a heart. Thank you so much.

We do know this:

Trump-Era Deportations Begin With a Married Mom of Two Who's Lived in the U.S. for Decades

Whoever gave me a heart...

Seeing gossip on Twitter about whether Trump is about to buy the Miami Marlins

Refugees risk life and limb seeking asylum in Canada. USA does not welcome them.

Tim Ryan says decision on running for Ohio governor is coming in the 'next couple of weeks'

I Sense Some Vicious Clashes Once Trump & Company Start Mass Deportation.

Thanks for the hearts, dears!

Gorsuch's WH-Appointed Sherpa Confirms Remarks As Prez Sows Doubt

Universal basic income - what do socialists say?

Not really a gardening question.... about birds.

Thank you to whomever gave me the heart!!

Trump adds nuance to pro-Israel approach ahead of Netanyahu visit

How to deal with Trump

The Trump Diet: Fried Chicken, Diet Coke And Big Macs Served On A Silver Platter

KO: The Travesties Done in Your Name and Mine --These are not our values. Are they?

Thank you for the hearts!

KO: The Travesties Done in Your Name and Mine These are not our values. Are they?

Thanks for the hearts, anonymous DU friends!

36 Hours in Brooklyn

Lowest decade on record for number of major work stoppages, averaging 14 per year

Thank you to the gardeners who referred me to the Birders' Group!

I don't get why it matters if Elizabeth Warren is running in 2020.

36 Hours in Brooklyn

LeBron James Rips Trump's Immigration Ban "That Divides and Excludes People"

Paul Ryan says, new corporate tax cuts will be made PERMANENT!

What are Republicans going to do about Obamacare? No idea.

(REDUX) Should Democrats who (actively) cooperate with Drumpf be treated as collaborators?

I Am Betting Trump's War On Crime Will Be War Against Blacks & Hispanics.

The Icarus of marketing has flown too high.

Republicans unsure if Susan Collins' health care plan is way to go

If you click VIEW ALL to open a Post, it doesn't highlight it to show you've read it. nt

Massive ice shelf break forces Antarctic researchers to evacuate

Fun game! If you see Ivankas merchandise , take a picture of the price tag,

A new front in the assault on women's freedom: Anti-choice activists now going after birth control

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The Shape Of Things To Come Is Really Scary.

West Virginia public schools sued over bible classes

You know you're f'ing up when you lose the Paul Blart vote....

Deep groundwater aquifers respond rapidly to climate variability

Former Duke students documentary on prison system, Solitary, airs Monday on HBO

Cleveland federal judge says Trump's judiciary comments call president's 'legitimacy' into question

The Original Trump Haters Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Video

In Istanbul, Surprise That Trump Towers Complex Is Linked to Trump

Exclusive: In call with Putin, Trump denounced Obama-era nuclear arms treaty - sources

Thanks for the hearts.............

How to prevent another Trump presidency

Barney Frank: Here's how to not waste your time pressuring lawmakers

Full-go for NC wind farm that politicians claimed is threat

Tom The Dancing Bug Toon - Public Safety Threats


How do you move history? --"Battle of Atlanta" cyclorama--fascinating!!

Thanks For The Hearts.

This philosopher predicted Trump's rise in 1998

How do you move history? "Battle of Atlanta" cyclorama--fascinating!!

Ok. Got my inside chores done (snow day) now I wait to start snow blowing.

How do you move history? "battle of Atlanta" cyclorama--fascinating!!

CNN crawl just now: Trump denies Gorsuch criticism, despite actual criticism.

Trump and DeVos' new Department of Education logo...

Be a King...

To Whoever Gave Me The Heart

Ivankas shoes at Wal-Mart

Who and what will be Session's first victim?

Gas has gone up 9 cents/gallon since that man took office.

i appreciate the heart! Thank you.

My Turn: How do we keep guns away from bad guys?

The next time you feel happy...

Things that go "bing" with Trump

2018 Midterms Will Depend on National Mood

Russian air strikes accidentally kill three Turkish soldiers in Syria

Exclusive: In call with Putin, Trump denounced Obama-era nuclear arms treaty - sources

Barack and Hillary Should Put America on "Do not answer."

A Short History of the Trump Family

Vulgar Yam to meet Canada's Trudeau on Monday for talks on trade

Monarch butterfly numbers drop by 27 percent in Mexico

Chuck Schumer: Neil Gorsuch Must Condemn Donald Trump Publicly


Trump administration delays listing bumblebee as endangered

Drumpf just used his meeting with Senate Democrats to slam Richard Blumenthal !!!

Hoping to see DOJ staff attorneys figure out ways to stand up to the hard core conservatism our

Heres why Cheeto's USDA could be a disaster for farms and forests

New stock questions plague HHS nominee Tom Price as confirmation vote nears

Watchdog group files suit over Kellyanne's violation concerning Ivanka's products endorsement

White People Only

If Trump Starts A War And Needs A Draft How Will That Work If GOP Restarts One?

Big utilities try to tilt solar energy market in their favor

I Feel Like We're Living In A "Simpsons" Episode

Florida newlywed 76, confesses to shooting wife in the butt because she wouldn't consummate marriage

Thank you for the hearts.

Obama's Party Building Legacy Splits Democrats

Montanans head to Daines offices statewide to protest Warren silencing

Arkansas court weighs future of city's LGBT protections

Little Getting Done In Congress

Never Has It Been Easier to Get Secret Cash to a President

Did McConnell Put Warren Right Where He Wants Her?

Democratic Senators Call On Gorsuch To Publicly Denounce Trump's Attacks

When Putin raised possibility of extending (new START) Trump

GOP Senators Urge Trump To 'Pursue A Tough-Minded Russia Policy'

Guidance on Trumps Status as a Candidate and Its Effect on Activity in the Federal Workplace

A favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, SOMEONE's favorite.edit.Recipe hard/impossible

We found an abandoned socialist commune - from 100 years ago!

Jeff Sessions Calls Rise In Crime A 'Dangerous Permanent Trend' (It's Not)

It is not possible to support Donald Trump and the Democratic Party.

Draft Dodging Drumpf's attacks on Richard Blumenthal's military service seem to be backfiring....

Trump denounced Obama-era nukes treaty in Putin call but had to ask what the treaty was: sources

Will Kellyanne get flamed?

Top Democrat Seeks 'Disciplinary Action' for Kellyanne Conway

Top commander: Russia 'legitimizing' Taliban to undermine US, NATO

Lobbyist: Trump Supports Privatizing Air Traffic Control

Can't hurt to remind us all to Tweet something to #LetLizSpeak nt

Conservative Christian organizations are getting impatient with Trump

No voice calls on mobile devices on aircraft - comment until Feb. 13!

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Biggest Scandal in DC: Whatever happened to the Trump-Russia sto

'League of the South' calls for volunteers to defend 'Christian civilization'

Betsy DeVos' lake house in Holland, MI.

Group linked to Turkish unrest subsidized Ohio lawmaker's trips

Federal judge calls into question 'legitimacy' of Donald Trumps presidency

kellyanne conway BROKE THE LAW on fox news today.

Nevertheless, she persisted

Donald Trump, Middle-School President

Dredd Scott, Plesey, Roe v Wade, Loving v. VA, Lawrence v. Texas, Obergfell v Hodges,...

You may have seen this circulating on Twitter (Steve Bannon's apparently not so bad...)...

How Trump's Agenda Clashes With What Americans Want

See! Steve Bannon's not that bad (Ftucker Carlson)

Ethics Watchdog Files Complaint Over Conway's 'Product Endorsement'

New York Department of Investigation - the real story

Increase in the number of extremely strong front over Europe?

Lawmakers are pushing bills to expand civics education

Police Are Letting Black Americans Die Behind Bars In Record Numbers

Lawmakers are pushing bills to expand civics education

Trump, Commander-in-Chief of the US-military, does not know what the START-treaty is.

Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips) Has A Really Interesting Take On Protest Music In The Trump Era

Sean Spicer Knows Coretta Scott King And Jeff Sessions Would Be Total BFFs

By challenging the legitimacy of the Judiciary has twitler violated his Oath of Office?

Photo Of Donald Trump In A Bathrobe Sends Redditors Into Creative Overdrive

Trump is trying to compare himself to Andrew Jackson. Andrew Johnson is more apt.

I feel like the tin-man

"Kellyanne has been counseled"

Spicer: "Kellyanne has been counseled on that subject" (dainty wrist-slap for breaking the law)

Victoria (Texas) mosque fire ruled arson

DT's new public safety EO directs hiring of 10,000 new immigration officers.

Vid: What Its Been Like Since The Election

Widespread Child Sexual Abuse By Australian Catholic Church Revealed

In Trumps capital, undocumented immigrants live and work in the shadow of the White House

Is Ivanka Trump's fashion line any good?

A cone of silence for Elizabeth Warren? Nope.

DU Poll: Do you think Trump has any idea of what he's supposed to do day to day as president?


So, we're having this party. See?

What President Trump is supposed to be doing while hes tweeting

Spicer equates Trump's attack on a federal judge with Obama's criticism of Citizens United

Trump promises 'phenomenal' announcement on taxes

to whoever gave me a heart

Any min now Sean Spice is going to..

sean spicer's go to answer: 'Where was the outrage when Obama did it'

Scientists Argue Current Climate Change Models Understate the Problem

Public safety EO requires sanctuary cities/states to enforce immigration laws

Presidents Wild Start Churns Domestic Politics Around the World

WH Spox Says Conway Was 'Counseled' For Pushing Ivanka Trump Products

Trump falsely accuses senator of misrepresenting Gorsuch criticism

Sean Spicer is even more outrageous than Melissa played him on SNL

DNC Suggests Gorsuch's Critiques Are Meaningless 'Ruse' To Not Look Like a Trump Shill

At work and my brain is going to fucking explode if I don't get the fuck out of here

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Pentagon leader assumes new role: Turning down the temperature on Trump

How Trump's top advisers view Muslims, in their own words

Hurry Up and Repeal Obamacare, Conservatives Say

Rules, regulations and laws are for dupes, dopes and dumbasses.

Egypt shuts down organization treating torture victims

The Legitimacy of Critiquing Military Operations

K.Siebelius on NPR Here & Now

Are these people as dumb as they act??????

Fox Newss Ed Henry: SNLs brutal portrayal of Sean Spicer is still "gnawing" at Trump days later

Romania justice minister quits over anti-graft law protests

Skool is great - Thanks DeVos!

Intels job announcement at the White House was just a PR stunt..

Kellogg CEO: No "discernible" impact from online boycott

Thank you for my Valentine hearts!

Spicer: "You're equating me addressing the nation here -- and a tweet?"

Former Tory UK MP shreds 'draft-dodger' Trump over Yemen raid: 'This isn't sports -- this is war'

And not a peep will be heard!! Imagine

Sounds like Trump is gonna surge more troops into

Thanks for the heart anonymous DU'er

Thanks to whoever gave me the heart! You made my day. nt

Arkansas House panel OKs ban on 'sex-selection' abortions

I love this artwork - Nevertheless, she persisted...

Kellyanne Conway...Lock her up!!!

Hensarling looks to place consumer agency under Trump's control

Vermont is Once Again the Least Religious State in the Country

Dominican deal tests Trump pledge of no new foreign projects

Aw, shucks!

Trump Moves Leave LGBTQ Groups, Religious Conservatives Wary

Maxine Waters Tells MSNBC "Trump Won't Last 4 Years"

Mother deported in Arizona immigration case that sparked protests

The 25th Amendment, explained: how a president can be declared unfit to serve

My annual gifting of hearts for atheists

Steve "He's not Baghdadi" Bannon

I just noticed Nordstrom doesn't carry my products

Rep. Cummings Requests Disciplinary Review of Kellyanne's 'Jaw-Dropping' Hawk of Trump Kid's Shlock

Craig Fugate quietly leaves FEMA post

Trump paused call with Putin to ask what New START Treaty was.

Patriots' Chris Long (Howie's son), now Blount, skipping White House visit - UPDATED

Events and rallies for public workers this weekend & next week

Donald Trump and Family Seem Upset They Can't Make Money Off White House

Re WH claim Gorsuch didn't criticize Trump - CNN's Diamond says it was abt "so-called judge" tweet

The Mattis-Bannon Race for Secret President May Be the Most Important of Our Lives

Jason Chaffetz just said the right thing about Kellyanne Conway

Great News! The Somali family made it to KC.

Sean Spicer: Kellyanne Conway Has Been Counseled For Her Ivanka Commercial And Thats It

Republican Senator Admits GOP Health-Care Plan Has to Remain Secret Because It Will Be Unpopular

Wiki: 1987: Reagan's alleged (mental) incapacity

Take The Quiz: Who Said It? The White House Villain or a Movie Villain?

A Gay, a Muslim, and a Jew hit Nordstrom and then hit White House

Trump put Putin on hold to ask aides to explain nuclear arms treaty with Russia

What VA benefits can I get for my father?

Is Trump becoming "normalized"?

Arizona Mother Deported to Mexico After Living in U.S. For 21 Years

This Buddhist Priest is Using Techno to Bring People to His Temple in Japan

Steve Bannon vs. Ed Gein

Complaints About Propaganda Minister Kellyanne Conway Crash All Systems At Government Ethics Office

At All Press Briefings...

Chaffetz and Cummings making joint referral re: Kellyanne Conway

Whatever happened at that Comey meeting needs to come out NOW!

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Feb. 9, 2017

Just a big hug for whoever sent me a heart

MLKs Daughter Just Took Out Trump On Facebook Donalds Going To Flip Out

Jason Chaffetz: Kellyanne Conway Promoting Ivanka Trumps Products Was "Unacceptable"

Whatever happened to the Trump-Russia story?

So, from people I've observed who like Trump (friends of friends, generally) I noticed

Anita Hill's treatment by all male Senators inspired women to run for office the following year

Everybody's talking about Kelly Anne conway

Is the GUM department store in Moscow still a going concern?

Thank you for my heart!

Need a few cyber hugs.

Croatia,"Grab them by the an*s

Trump won all 10 of the most religious states

Ecuadorean presidential candidate vows to oust Julian Assange from embassy in London

US commander in Afghanistan requests several thousand new troops

On Heels of Travel Ban Hearing, GOP Lawmakers Push Bill to Split Up 9th 'Circus' Court

Bannon believes -- The Fourth Turning

Dominican deal tests Trump pledge of no new foreign projects...

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Lets talk to the Trump voter on how Obamacare really affects them

For a Laugh: What It's Been Like Since the Election

Awright you two... Uh I mean three...

Thank you heart givers

Santorum: Trump Not Tweeting on Quebec Is Like When Obama Didn't Comment on Black-on-White Crime

Hillary's Nasty Woman Society

The Bizarre Far-Right Billionaire Behind Trump's Presidency

Another "sappy" post about the hearts.

Since the nice people at Hallmark believe that...

This Accidental Snow Guardian Tracked Snowfall for 40 Winters

Kellyanne Conway's 'commercial' for Ivanka may violate the law.

Senator Wyden is Hell-bent on Getting Out the Truth About Trump and Russia (Mother Jones)

President Barack Obama Exits With Long List Of Accomplishments Rachel Maddow MSNBC

National Day of Action for Electoral Reform

Photos: Bernie's Roundtable Discussion - SOTU Essay Contest - Vermont Statehouse

Bernie: We Need to Expand Medicare, Not Destroy It!

Jason Chaffetz gives Conway severe finger wagging over Ivanka Trump endorsement.

The White House staff is in a dead heat race to the bottom.

News Trump denounced an historic U.S.-Russia arms treaty in a call with Putin is extremely troubling

Another tiresome, "I don't think he's going to make it for long" op, but I seriously do NOT!

Thank you for the heart, I really needed it !!!

So I Am On A Calling Spree To Elected Officials, Tell Me Who To Call & Why...

Hundreds Form Human Wall to Defend Catholic Church from Loud, Hateful Preachers

Includes an ad from vote vets, directed at trump on morning show:

Dallas County failed to report 5,842 votes cast in 2016 election

Minnesota's Obamacare enrollment jumps more than 34 percent, as state-run markets blow by Trump-hobb

Jason Chaffetz: Kellyanne Conway Promoting Ivanka Trumps Products Was Unacceptable

Stock plunges for Vista Outdoor on slumping gun sales

Trump thanks Democratic senator!! WTF???!!!

Soon, Kellyanne is going to be in a back office with a typewriter.

A Hitler Valentines Day card was handed out on campus. University officials want to know why.

Florida Man says Jesus wants him to be rich...

'Solidarity march' at Iowa State University offers support amid Trump's orders

"The Alpha Males Are Back"

GOP: Stop calling us Nazis!

On cooperating with Drumpf, the Deplorables, and the GOP Not much here yet, but I'll check it regularly. :-) nt

N.J. woman, oldest living American resident, dies at 114

Pearce pitches Trump administration on new NM refinery - Lectures lawmakers on "poisonous" politics

Prosecutors say jury pool for Texas AG's fraud trial tainted

TPM - Rule By Decree (well worth the read)

Georgia man with apparent white supremacist connections arrested for having ricin

GOP plan to reduce road funding red tape has Democrats worried about wages

Death sentence tossed out in Florida drive-by shooting case

Sen. Kamala Harris 1st bill seeks legal counsel for refugees

Mexican leftist leader heads to US to challenge the Vulgar Yam

Republican congressman introduces legislation that would take marijuana out of the hands of the feds

Union busting? Iowa GOP is coming close

Kevin Brady on Fox promising upcoming tax cuts for all, and simplification. Coming within weeks.

How ironic that people refer to DT as "45"

Filed under: "Shit only white folks can get away with doing"

No more $20 insurance for Iowa lawmakers?

How can you find a particular thread

Republicans Are Moving To Scrap Rules That Limit Overdraft Fees

Local smackdown: GOP bill would freeze Iowa minimum wage at $7.25, ban city, county increases

My President looks

Union workers implore GOP to reject collective bargaining changes

Thank you so very much for the heart.

No way!

Contentious voter ID bill introduced in Iowa House

Baptists withdraw support for Franklin Graham rally in Puerto Rico

BREAKING NEWS: Decision on the ban has been reached. Announcement before the end of

It's like that time you didn't want to learn geography so you became the class clown

Tougher law on texting while driving advances in Iowa Senate


Mike Adamle has dementia.

Help me become a sanctuary

Just reported - 9th circuit court will release a decision before end of day today. nt

Top State Department Economist: US Sanctions In Russia Are Working Pretty Great

Conway Gives Ivanka Trump 'Free Commercial'

NE Patriots - "Maybe This Isn't Trump's Team" (Alan Branch makes 6)

Mom deported after protests

To Reject Trump the Perverse, Poets Wage a Battle in Verse Kristoff

Indiana's New Governor Pardoned A Wrongfully Convicted Man After Mike Pence Delayed It For Years

Word is tRump wants to use social security money to pay for wall because he knows Mexico won't

TPM - "This is What a Kleptocracy Looks Like"

Screw Them!! I'm...

To my secret valentines, thank you for the hearts!

China commends Trump for his letter to President Xi Jinping

Slate - "Five Things Americans Can Do to Beat Trump - Advice for the Opposition"

Good comeback by Chelsea Handler

Russian stocks, U.S. banks remain clear winners in Trump trade

Another Dead Sea Scroll cave has been explored

To everyone out there sending hearts:

Trump's Doubts and Ignorance on Nuclear Treaty Worry Experts

9th Circuit to rule on travel ban Thursday evening

World's first contraception app that is as effective as a condom is given the seal of approval

Large blackout hits parts of Brussels, many without power

Republican lawmaker proposes bill to abolish EPA (Fox Blech News)

Tom Price belongs to a doctors group with unorthodox views on government and health care

Watch: Up to a foot or more of snow already in some areas

Spicer loses his cool with the press

Matthew Badger, who lost three daughters to 2011 Christmas Day fire in Connecticut, dies at 51

Thanks again Givers of Valentines....

Spicer: Kellyanne Conway has been counseled

Iowa's college-based newspapers adapt to digital readers

Schumer calls on Trump to withdraw Puzder nom

Credibility of Trump's EU ambassador pick called into question by leading MEP

Schumer: Bannon should leave the White House

I was wrong about the Patriots.

Anyone watch Colbert last night?

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly to visit Arizona border

University of Iowa warning of contaminant in water system

Anti-semitic message at Central Michigan University

Democrats worry bill would lead to Chinese steel in Iowa bridges

Could the reign of Dolt 45 (saw that earlier and like it)

Public workers rally planned at Cedar Rapids City Hall today


Do you think there is merit to this?? Why Manchin voted for Sessions...

Bill to cut Planned Parenthood funding advances in Virginia

Donors to Journo Barrett Browns Defense SUE DOJ

Can there be two realities and both realities be true?

Bill to legalize fireworks in Iowa advances out of Senate panel

Letter to OGE from Chaffetz and Elijah Cummings concerning Conway's Ivanka product plug.

Shit for brains sent Pence to West Point today in a blizzard to talk to black cadets....

Judges receiving extra protection after death threats from Groper Don the Con's goons

French farmer faces risk of prison for helping migrants

Trump White House no longer has cybersecurity expert keeping their technology networks

Beyonce faces $20M copyright suit from YouTube star's estate

Thank you for my heart, O secret admirer!

Cuts loom for agencies helping Iowa residents with disabilities

California's sinking land threatens vital water canals


This OP CLEARLY breaks the rules about not posting thread that are anti-Democrat

3 Valentines Hearts! Wow! A big thank you to whoever sent them!

Live Discussion on Muslim Ban / Live Discussion over / UPDATE Tweet from AP / Link to Decision Text


Against Trump !!! YES - Too bad Dipshit

9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled.

BREAKING: 9th Circuit rejects Federal Govt appeal of Travel Ban block

Judges rule against Trump---just now on CNN---n/t


For music's 'medical refugees,' Obamacare is a lifeline worth protecting

Court rules against tRump.

Unanimous, 3-0 ruling against the so-called president!

US appeals court refuses to reinstate Trump's ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority nations...

National Security Federal appeals court maintains suspension of Trumps immigration order

Appeals Court Keeps U.S. Doors Open During Immigration Fight

RoguePOTUSstaff has been silent for 22 hours

Appeals Court upholds suspension of the immigrant ban. nt

Alan Dershowitz: if Trump appeals to SC, he will lose.

Trump turned down again

Complete and total repudication of Groper Don the Con's

Court of Appeals: 3 - 0

They haven't told him yet because nothings on Twitter LOL

Appeals Court Deals New Blow to Donald Trumps Travel Ban Targeting Muslims (HuffPo)

Did the 9th Circuit Court rule in the travel ban?

WH: Trump 'Absolutely' Backs Conway Amid Criticism Of Ivanka Promotion - TPM

Grabber's word-salad-rant in 3---2---1---

Fox or MSNBC?

Thank you to my fellow travelers who sent me Valentines....I am very touched.

Disgusting - TPM - "GOP/Alt-Right Convergence"

Fuck you, Trump, you fucking loser. The U.S. Constitution whupped

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 10 February 2017


he will be sooooooooo unhinged.

How the Religious Right Learned to Love Libertine Adulterer Donald Trump

Drumpf and his minions should have come up with a sensible plan that passed Constitutional muster.

Just got message from 40-year airline employee spouse

slate - "Its Bad Enough Trump Has No Foreign Policy"

thank you Washington &Minnesota AGs. rock on

Here is the written opinion by the 9th circuit, denying DT a stay

Deregulation Doesn't Create Jobs, It Kills Them!

Greta Van Susteren looks positively cadaver-like over this decision

Here comes the tweet..."see you in court, the security of our nation is at stake!"

Exclusive - Trump border 'wall' to cost $21.6 billion, take 3.5 years to build: internal report

He's mad as hell...all UPPERCASE

Shit president just tweeted " See you in court"

So...she was 'counselled'.

Here's a link to the Court's Opinion.


Per CBS, it is now headed to the Supreme Court - SCROTUS just tweeted

Does the Supreme Court even have to hear the Travel Ban case?

Complete court ruling: "These competing public interests do not justify a stay."

Peru Sued for Failing to Protect Indigenous Tribes

NC appeals court temporarily reinstates new elections law

Headed for the Supreme Court doesn't mean it will ever get there.

I'm tired of the same fights decade after decade, dragging along people who now prefer a dictator.

BUILD MORE NUKES!!!! Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty A Bad Deal. Blow Up Generational Treaty.

George Will is actually making some good points.

A Complete and Total Repudiation

Kellyanne counseled, WTF

Florida Man just another believer in Republican Jesus

acting Solicitor General...does he have to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate?

Love Will, Melber, and Dersh... Gretta looks like she's constipated...

The 9th Circuit's critique of the religious aspects of the Executive Order

Crab Teases Anemone, Anemone Splits In Two, Crab And Anemone Live On

Aides Try to Limit Trumps TV Time

The So-Called Judge? The So-Called President. Best handle for Trump, IMHO

Trying to be grateful here.

Trump Demotes the Council of Economic Advisers

Hmmm - PBS News Hour just put a graphic about Bannon ownership of Seinfeld

Will the next WH leak be about smashed china?

GOP Plan Says There Is Only Health Care For Only Half The Population. REST GO WITHOUT.

Trump won't rescind this order and start over for one reason.

Trump, ever the brave and dignified prez, just sent out a tweet saying in all caps:

Trump Denounced Nuclear Treaty In Call with Russia


Greta is truly a deplorable. She's quite upset about the court's decision and stated that the

Excellent retort to 45s ALL CAPS tweet regarding 9th Circuit ruling..