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Archives: July 13, 2017

Senate revises Russia sanctions bill, sends it to House

Bill allocates $1.6 billion for Trumps border wall

Wait what? CNN: Breaking News. Trump is leaving the Country. As the WH said to be "PARALYZED"

Is it just me or is this a creepy photo

So, DT Jr had a meeting in Trump Towers with a Russian lawyer......

Of course Groper Don the Con had knowledge of the meeting

Sebastian Gorka just insulted CNN, and Cooper says he is just going to ignore

I just have to say: I love my Grandmother (a lifelong Democrat)

So now they're praying in the WH?

FDA Panel Recommends Approval for Gene-Altering Leukemia Treatment

Stupid Question re: Russian Meeting

So what are all the Trumpists who changed their attitude about Russia supposed to do now

Ted Lieu, Badass

To all the lurking Discussionist trolls who can't wait to scamper back ...

Sarah Palin must be extremely PISSED!! While she could see Russia from her

Union group led by Eisendrath outduels Trib owner to acquire Sun-Times

Damnit, I hate that this stuff is still illegal here.

Twitter Video: Ending #netneutrality protections would be devastating.

H.Res. 438 Articles of #Impeachment of Donald J. Trump for Obstruction of Justice

OK --Time to praise Dems for speaking out. Ted Lieu just now!

TYT: Rep. Yoho: Who Among Us Wouldn't Attend A Treasonous Russian Meeting?

What is going on?': Family members want to know what's happening to MMIWG inquiry

Top 10 Chinese teas

A Double Cheese Whopper

We now know exactly what happened. NSA will have the tapes.

it's that time again

Of Moose and Squirrel...

Jaws Drop As Trump Applauds His Sons Russia Meeting, Says Many People Would Have Taken It

Is Door to Door Salesman a Dead Job?

Was the Russian lawyer that met Dump Jr in the United States illegally?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Can We Stop Playing Pretend Now?

So what DID Jr. and Lady Russia talk about?

Picture of the Trump-Russians Nothing Burger

Trump assured us that he would surround himself with the best people:

Did Trump campaigns digital operation-overseen by Kushner- help guide Russias sophistic

Rachel loaded with LOTS of weighty stuff tonight. Two new major scoops coming up.

Grassley looks for Obama blame in Trump Jr.'s Russian meeting

it's not just that they colluded with russia. it's that they were looking for something *stolen*

It all makes sense now - all the attacks on US Intelligence Agencies by the Con

Honeybees let out a whoop when they bump into each other

Litigation attorney shows how Jr's emails opens up a pandora box of questions.

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 14, 2017 -- What's on Tonight: TCM Spotlight - 50 Years of Hitchcock

Tennis fans: Check out this new "dance" with Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Lucie Safarova

Trump palling around with Russians in 2013. Yes, same ones in the news today. CNN reporting

I think Reince Priebus and/or HR McMaster are the leakers. Maybe working with Pence to get Trump out

Pearls Before Swine 7/12/17

New York Post!

Jared Kushner has a law degree from NYU & interned at the Manhattan D.A.'s office

So, will Ivanka stand by her little man when he takes a fall or will she stay with . . . .

Lawrence is saying Kushner's lawyers leaked the emails to save Jared.

I had an interview today, turned out it was part time work

Watch: Seb Gorka Baffles Anderson Cooper With Alternative Reality

Am I the only one who's been in a better mood these last few days?

2018 US Senate Election Rating

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 15, 2017 -- The Essentials - Romance On Screen and Off

Russian lawyer

Does anyone really believe

DT revealed that he condoned Jr.'s meeting with the Russian when he said,

Lawrence OO'Donnell is now reporting on the information

Marine Plane Had Emergency at High Altitude, General Says.

Impeachment Odds Spike

Uh Oh, Hobby Lobby Bought More Smuggled Artifacts

Democrats Sue Trump Campaign Over Leaked Emails Tied to Russia

'Helpless' aides try to contain damage

Trump's Tax Cut - $40/poor - $940,000/ultra-rich

Judge not inclined to reinstate Trump sanctuary cities order Sudhin Thanawala, Associated Press Up

Gowdy: "Disclose every contact you have ever had with Russia"

MIT research associate charged with insider trading

Washington man mailed fake bomb, severed finger to IRS, authorities say

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions Only Answers Judicial Committee Questions from Republicans?

The ESPY audience just gave Michelle Obama a standing ovation when she came out

Trial starts for ex-lawmaker accused in sex-for-rent case

O'Donnell just showed Ryan sidestepping when asked what he would do if another government

Execution drug challenge survives, but Arkansas lacks doses

Baby donkey meets baby human

Rachel's last segment tonight

Lawsuit: Washington cyberstalking law violates free speech

Trump Impeachment Odds Spike After Donald Trump Jr.s Russia Emails

Do you think Donnie Two Scoops smacked Donnie Half Scoop on the back of his head . . . .

Angry Eyes

Guessing KellyCon needs some attention...

On-the-job training

First World Problem, re: Ice Cream.

Magna Carta 1215 versus "old laws are diminished" meme

Jr. repeatedly mocked claims of Russia connection

Fed nominee history of benefiting from bailouts

Trump campaign data gathering was "under the guidance of Jared Kushner"

2020 Colorado US Senate Race-Which Democrat is Gardner going to face?

Trump Campaign Is Sued Over Leaked Emails Linked to Russians

What if....

Teachers union sues state over online discipline database

Video shows him with Russians tied to controversy

A Team of Florists Have Been Leaving Giant Bouquets Around New York and Its Amazing

US intel reportedly overheard Russian officials talk about Trump associates in 2015

Yet another example of 45 being a complete idiot

McConnell presses holdouts: Lets vote

Utah seeks to cap costs, sign-ups in limited Medicaid plan

Utah lawmaker revises bill to raise marriage age

Democrats introduce new bill on Russia and Iran sanctions

A good thing...Majik Cat

In Ohio bastion, supporters dismiss uproar over Jr.

Threatens anger

Joe Pesci joins cast of Martin Scorseses The Irishman alongside Robert De Niro and Al Pacino

Pence's ordeal will be worth it in the end, he hopes.

Republicans are so stupid. Don't they realize they're next to go down.

Japantown, San Francisco

Emails could determine the fate of presidency

Steve Earle and the Dukes -Seattle

The Repugs aren't stupid

Virginia ends fiscal year with $132 million surplus

Decadent Monacracy: White House Secret Service Uniforms During Nixons Administration

Japantown, San Francisco

US Forest Service stiffs CA $18 million for firefighting; CA may stop fighting fires on fed lands

Biggest weakness is power given family

North Carolina goes to court to get property for bridge to make it easier to get to Outer Banks

Thanks a lot Betsy. I have seen 25 commercials today for online school K- 12

Cobert with a great tweet...good laugh before heading for bed!

Trump Impeachment Odds Spike After Donald Trump Jr.s Russia Emails

Russian connection

NorCal Asians VS. SoCal Asians

Investigators probing digital operation run by Kushner

There's one in every crowd

Hooked on heroin, she sat 2 days in an ER. Hospitals say you pay for this stay, too.

How to Ride from Delaware to New Jersey

Business As Usual

Delaware's Love Boat...

He's one of those guys.


Charlotte-Mecklenberg police officer traveling 100 mph charged with fatally striking pedestrian

Turmp and the Russians - it wan't football it was basketball.

I just need to say this.

Today I Was Pondering What Must Be Going Through Trump's Mind These Days - Cause Now He's Stuck.....

Hey folks, I'm a little tipsy, is shit still cray? Shit seems cray.

The Daily Show: Doncathalon - Fox News Defends the Indefensible Donald Trump Jr. 7/12/17

somehow I think Shia LaBeouf's film career is over

I told him I cant breathe: Police punch teen girl after mistaking her for black male suspect

Is anyone else starting to think the Russians were behind Trump's run from the start?


Uribes last-ditch effort to avoid Colombias war crimes tribunal?

What was Lindsay Grahams issue with the FBI nominee?

Guess which weasel in the news has almost no chin???

After years of impunity, Colombia reports success in catching assassins of social leaders

"KBO!" Good advice from across the years & across the pond, from another age of dire crisis to ours.

Tavis Smiley and Naomi Klein

The curious case of his friend Jim

Duke faculty members win big raises in historic union agreement

Says Putin wanted Clinton to win


Ban keeping Rev. Barber and other protesters from Legislative Building may be tossed

Here is exactly why the NCAA cleared Texas' Mohamed Bamba of any NCAA violations

@TheOnion - 5 Things To Know About Donald Trump, Jr.

SPOILERS: HBO releases stills from episode 1 Dragonstone featuring Brienne, Meera, Cersei and others

A President should not be allowed

Getting to Know Gaudi in Barcelona, From Park to Palace

Trump said if you vote for Clinton, you'll be stuck with a criminal president, well guess what....

S.C. Court of Appeals sides with The Citadel in lawsuit involving counselor who molested children

Trump's expected pick for wage chief sued for stiffing house cleaners

Release of treated wastewater from hydraulic fracturing contaminates lake

TV reports that Trump is watching too much TV. 30 minutes later he tweets that he's not watching TV.

Protests planned as Trump visits Paris to commemorate Bastille Day

Trump Tax Agenda: 'Astonishing' Cuts for Rich Like Him and Hikes for Middle Class

Bathroom lawsuit accuses 2 more Columbia stores of race discrimination

GOP, Deep State and unturtleing a sailboat. If a great wind comes along and

Governor Deal appoints panel to investigate sheriff arrest

Is Don Jr.'s confession of attempted collusion/treason a cover for their quid pro quo

Railroad safety rules raised in trial over film worker death in Georgia

Stephen Colbert: Donald Jr.'s Best Defense? That He's An Idiot - 7/12/17

Stephen Colbert: John Oliver Full Interview - 7/12/17

Naked Florida man tasered twice after smoking marijuana in front of deputies (SFW)

100 euros 'typewriter' turns out to be 45,000 euros Enigma machine

Like father-in-law like son-in-law

That one time when Captain America battled literal Feminazis...

America Last - Luckovich 'toon

New coffee pods promise two-way buzz: from caffeine and marijuana

If you're at all interested in the history of nuclear weapons testing, this is a fascinating vid

I love your humor Mr. Colbert but you really need to know your history better

The View: Panel Trashes Trump Jr., The Trumps: A Forgetful Bunch

Trump's Campaign Succeeded by Breaking All the Rules, and Its Catching Up to Him Now

Legislators quietly dish no-bid, $3 million contract to private prison group

Thousands of Florida felons wait decades to regain the right to vote

Oh Sweet JESUS, Kellyanne is now using flashcards to explain Russia. Are sock puppets next?

Former Haiti government official shoots himself in the head in Miami-area hotel

Mitch releasing a NEW DRAFT of TrumpCare TODAY, w/ the "Cruz Amendment" that will gut pre-existing

JEB, Rubio, Kasich, Paul, and the rest

My Subaru Outback is toast a rant

Federal rules for prescription drug advertising

AP Exclusive: Senator profits from outsourcing he slams

OMG - guest on Morning Joe just compared Sarah HSanders

Local radio station repeatedly hijacked to play song about masturbation

Tom The Dancing Bug Toon- The Donald Trump Mysteries

New TIME cover: Red Handed

OMG! My dream come true!

Who can turn the world on with her smile? Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly...

Fucking douche nozzle Roger Stone

Was the Benghazi story the vehicle

What Trump Knew And When He Knew It

DiNardo: Human remains found

Since June, 2016, 35 Measles Deaths In Europe, 3,300 Cases In Italy Alone

Delhi Rush Hour Now 12 Hours Long; NOX Levels Spiking Throughout The Day

It's is lonely around here our son is at beach with his grandmother

Space Florida official to Trump administration: Appoint space leaders

Mackenzie Delta Temps 90F As Fires Scorch The Arctic; 215 Active BC Fires Force 10,000 To Flee

Paul McCartney fans, check out this blast from the past!

1 in 4 Voters in the US May Skip 2018 Midterm Elections Over Hacking Fears

St. Petersburg has sewage spill at Southwest plant

Trump Has Secretive Teams to Roll Back Regulations, Led by Hires With Deep Industry Ties

Trump: I'll be very angry if health bill fails

Twitter Link: UP NEXT: Don't miss @ministter's interview with @SenSanders at 8:10am!

Pence Spokesman Refuses To Say Whether VP Met With Russians

Chief State Dept. Science Advisor Resigns 1 Year Early; Tillerson Presiding Over Chaos

Long story short: Family of traitors.

two robots chat together on stage at a tech event

UTEP Pharmacy School set to start classes in August

White House launches preemptive strike on CBO, anticipating report on health care bill

Nice try, Fox News!

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Fredo Trump

"The Nothing Burger"

Thursday Toon Roundup 2 - Trump and co.

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Deathcare Plan is Back

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

What's Jeff Sessions Hiding?

GOP & Leadership Also Russian Stooges & Part Of Conspiracy. They All Knew/Participated.


Everything About Clintons Created And A Myth.

Rep. Brad Sherman: Donald Trump Is Guilty Of Obstruction Of Justice

Twitter Video: SenSanders exchange with @SamStein and @JoeNBC on why he's traveling the country

NYT OP ED: All Roads Now Lead to Kushner- Why does Amateur #Kushner still have a security clearance?

*****BREAKING******Justice Department Won't Release Forms On Sessions' Russian Contact

It's been nonstop this morning.

Twitter Video: Trump must be exposed 'for the fraud that he is' ...

Trump voters tell CNN they're terrified of Trumpcare

Trump's new defense: "It's NOT illegal to be UNPATRIOTIC"

I PREDICT that Donald Trump will NOT hang the new Time Magazine cover on his golf course walls.

Dementia Mania, the new White House board game. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Department of Education's Civil-Rights Chief Apologizes for Rape Comments

Afghan girls team can travel to U.S. for robotics contest after being denied visas twice

Authorities discover human remains in Bucks County, Pa., where 4 men went missing

YOU THOUGHT that you could NOT despise Mick Mulvaney any more than you do now. YOU THOUGHT.

7/11/17 Drought Monitor - N. Plains D2-D3 Keeps Growing; Crops Falter W. MT Temps Over 100F

CRIMINAL TRAGEDY? The Real Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Is What Stuck Us With President Donald Trump

VIDEO ADDED - Melania and trump descending stairway of Air Force One today in Paris

NYT/KRISTOF: "All Roads Now Lead to Kushner"

UPDATED. Imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo dies at 61

Facebook Link: Here's @SenSanders full #morningjoe segment

Defend, Deflect and Deny

The Countrys Most Post-Christian Cities Are Also the Places You Want to Live

So China opened up its first overseas military base, next to American and French bases

"Then the terrorists have won."

Putin has publicly yanked Trump's chain three times so far this year

TIME Magazine: How Donald Trump Jr.'s Emails Have Cranked Up the Heat on His Family

Political Punch After taking a beating at a Trump rally last year, protester Bryan Sanders reflects

I just listened to the New Republic's Eric Bates on NPR's The Takeaway re: Trump and Russian money

Trump Allies Reportedly Planning To Defend Trump Jr. By Digging Up Dirt On Reporters

Kellyanne Conway Crosses Out 'Collusion' to Prove There's No Collusion

We're F*&ked: Most Republicans Now Think College is Bad

MORE: Trump Jr Admits He Probably Met with Other Russians

Keystone XL pipeline runs afoul of the law of supply and demand

Turkey Chooses Russia Over NATO for Missile Defense

HEY! I was watching that. TV 📺 shows that were cancelled too soon.

Team Trump Hunts for 'Traitors' While the President 'Growls' at the TV

War for Profit

I swear to God, I just broke down in tears listening to the French band play

Trumpworld's plan to cut back legal immigration

What Did Republicans Know About the Russia Scandal? America Deserves an Answer.

I think the first Republican congressman that comes out strongly against Trump....

Justice Department Defies Court Deadline To Release Sessions' Contacts With Russians

But don't worry. Lies are only bad if they involve marijuana or brown people...

Russia scandal goes well beyond Trump: GOP leaders definitely knew about hacking

Man Accused of Tormenting Muslim Couple For 20 Blocks Cries After Being Charged With a Hate Crime

Pence resigns, Repubs replaces him with someone

When I see this photo, I think to myself, "what the hell happened to us"?

Prediction: I Don't Believe The Notable Repugs That Say They Are Leaving The Party As Sincere....

Conway Uses Props To Show She Doesnt Think Trump Colluded With Russia

Democratic Talking Point for Thursday July 13, 2017:

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Reveals What Will Happen If Senate GOP Can't Pass Their "Health Care" Bill

National French Fry Day

The awkward handshakes continue. This time with the First Lady of France.

Dan Drew for Gov in CT sounds like the real deal.

"Have a chair, Mr Kushner".

GOP Senator: Kushner's Meeting With Russian Lawyer Was 'Known' In April

The main reason Bill Clinton got impeached:

Holding the U.S. Womens Open at a Trump property puts golfers in an impossible position A spineless

Sen. Tillis(R-N.C.) Demanding an Increase in H-2B Visas puts Hold on Trump nominee..............

Coffee - What would life be without it? - Drink up and live

Texas slow, tortuous fight to kill a mentally ill man

LOL: Kushner thinks he is helping himself by knifing his brother-in-law

Restaurant-style fajitas recipe

Dem Senator: Don Jr. Has 'Lied Openly and Repeatedly,' And Nobody Should Believe Him

Parisians Resigned to Hosting President Donald Trump in France for Bastille Day

Trump Being Celebrated In France.....

Watchdog Group Sues Trump Campaign, Roger Stone Over Wikileaks Email Dump

Sheldon Whitehouse: "There is credible info to suggest tax returns would reveal contacts w Russia"

If you were wondering why people hate the system, Sheldon Silver's conviction just got overturned

Wimbledon SPOILER

Buffalo Soldiers - In pixs- From 1866 to WWII

Hard day at the office...

Donna Brazile to publish book on 2016 titled "Hacks"

Donald Trump Jr., Sub-Master of the Universe - Matt Bai

REPORT: Two Media Outlets Soon to Drop Mega-Bombshell on Trump

TYT: Hannity's Lobbing Softballs But Don Jr. Still Strikes Out

Happy 44th Anniversary, Alexander Butterfield's revelation of the WH taping system.

super great photo of Hillary

It's like 1984 except big brother is a six year old.

"Just because the pesident does something, doesn't make it okay"

Listening to my great uncle and neighbor talk I enjoy it

Version of Ted Cruz amendment to be included in new health care plan

Ordered by court to disclose his Russia contacts, Sessions releases blank sheet of paper

The Etiquette of a Funeral Procession

US bars people from disentangling whales after Canadians death

Need Twitter help

What is all this About Hillary and the Ukraine?

Lavrov denies that Russia lost Cold War, laments that people hold old grudges.

Obamacare Is Not Collapsing, Imploding or Exploding - By the NYT Editorial Board

Eric Holder Sends Warning To DOJ, FBI Employees: Be Strong - 6.30.2017

So Obama snuck Natalia Veselnitskaya into the USA?

A Small-Town Police Officers War on Drugs

When Even Repukes realize things are Bad - Things are Bad

The Trump Vision for America Abroad - By GARY D. COHN and H. R. McMASTER

Cat Tries Insurance Fraud -

UPDATED - McConnell to release new GOP health plan allowing bare-bones insurance policies

Responsible FL Gun Owner Shoots & Kills AAA Worker

Jared Kushner updated his security form, suddenly remembered more than 100 foreign contacts

"Do I have your attention? Think I'll take a d*mp on it!" . . . Come CAPTION Pence's Mark Lotter!!!

Pimp Of The Nation: Kid Rock Unveils Website Claiming Hes Running For Senate

The president's first sit-down interview in a long time came with a televangelist

'A million miles per hour': Inside Trump's campaign when Trump Jr. met with Russian lawyer

The lights go out on the Republican Party

In 15 days, my art blog shall die.

"You can't fake good kids." Mike Pence

Trump's a little out of it again!

Grassley looks for Obama blame in Trump Jr's meeting with Russia

Justice Department Releases Sessions' Disclosure Form, A Day Late

OK, now I have to vent about my libertarian friend.

Analysis A brief history of D.A.R.E., the anti-drug program Jeff Sessions wants to revive

WOW!: Sessions not disclosing contacts w/Russians because it would invade his "personal privacy"

Just what we need, another Dem promoting fracking

Emmy Nominees For Late Night Talk Show Announced

Richmond to unveil Maggie Walker statue on Saturday

This is why Russia wanted to help Trump - WaPo Editorial Board

Earth's sixth mass extinction event under way, Stanford Scientists Warn

And now today's weather report for DC:

They can only divert attention away from Kushner for so long

Trump White House: Home of the Nothingburger

UPDATE: Sessions not disclosing contacts w/Russians because it would invade his "personal privacy"

BREAKING NEWS: Trump killed 3 Frenchmen

Pennsylvania missing men: Remains found by searchers

Trump-Russia investigators probe Jared Kushner-run digital operation

Notice how Chuck Grassley and others react

MEANWHILE, in Australia...

Venus Williams Through To Wimbledon Finals - Ladies' Singles

Chinas Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Liu Xiaobo Dead At 61, After Years Of Imprisonment

Rep. Flores says President Trump's children should be removed from White House

Junior's emails open a Pandora's box of questions

A man freed a whale from a fishing net. Then it killed him, friends say.

Kushner adds 'more than 100 names' of foreign contacts he initially left out of required forms: repo

Trumps Russian Laundromat

Beto O'Rourke raises $2 million in first quarter as Ted Cruz challenger

Our Best Burgers, From Meaty to Meatless

anti-choice is pro-forced slavery (with thanks to crispyq for this 13th amendment article)

anti-choice is pro-forced slavery (with thanks to crispyq for this 13th amendment piece)

GOP Senators Unveil Alternative To Current Obamacare Repeal Bill

Donald Trump Is Right: Hillary Was Held To A Different Standard A much higher one.

anti-choice is pro-forced slavery (with thanks to crispyq for this important 13th amendment piece)

Elections officials in Fulton Co, Georgia looking at closing more precinct locations...

Trump thinks he is going to "celebrity his way out of this one" He just doesn't know..

Amelia Earhart mystery: Photo appears taken 2 years before pilot vanished.

KO: The True Evil of Russia's Cyber War on America-It was a terror attack. Trump's lack of concern i

A guy I know posted a FB meme about Bill and Hillary...

Trump: After health care, tax reform will be 'so easy'

TYT Video: Watch Bernie Sanders & Nina Turner Endorse Ben Jealous For Governor


GOP base asks, 'What Russia scandal?'

Manhattanhenge 2017: Where and When to Watch

So, Paul Ryan's PAC raised more than $10.5 million in Q2. His top donors: Robert and Diana Mercer

Former MTV "Real World" actress: "Unpatriotic" to ask Trump about Russia during press conference

Despite doomsday rhetoric, Obamacare markets are stabilizing

CBO: Trump's budget doesn't balance federal ledger

NPR union members getting deep cuts in compensation, despite growing audience

On 7/6/16, someone tweeting under the name Yuri Bezmenov sent this message to Trump:

House Approps has rejected an amendment to strip Jared Kushner of his security clearance. Party li

Valley men face federal fraud, identity theft charges

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Wants Donald Trump Jr. To Testify

Do you know this fish?

I was an FBI agent. Trumps lack of concern about Russian hacking shocks me.

I was an FBI agent. Trump's lack of concern about Russian hacking shocks me.

FUCK YOU, Rupert Murdoch!

Pelosi calls for outside commission to probe Russian meddling in US election

Do you know this fish?

Bat crap crazy fox news hosts ok with 0 WH press conferences

La Marseillaise

Okay, this is really weird. Nov. 2016 Facebook posts from Putin parliamentary ally Konstantin Rykov.

UPDATED-Trump is 'very likely' to recertify Iranian compliance with Iran nuclear deal: U.S. official

"You cant fake good kids." Mike Pence -- Two 'kids' on the Cover Mags......

Willacy County prison operator loses state contract: But new company plans to hire current employees

Someone just dropped a suspicious package on my front sidewalk, what should I do?

KO:The True Evil of Russia's Cyber War on America-It was a terror attack. Trump's lack of concern is

Jimmy Carter hospitalized after collapsing while working on Habitat for Humanity house

CBS News forms partnership with BBC, replacing Sky

IMO, Sessions will be gone soon, he is not smart enough to play

Trumps Oval Office Prayer Points to More Power for Preachers

Conservative Christian TLC Star Sentenced to 40 Years in Jail for Child Rape

Williamstown (KY) Is Expecting Ken Ham to Sue Over a Proposed Safety Fee

Christian Writer: Climate Change Is Harmless Because God Promises Us Good

AL GOP Sen. Luther Strange Says Donald Trump is a Biblical Miracle

Live press conf from Paris now --

Need to pass the Stop Waste And Misuse by President (SWAMP) Act that I wrote. It prohibits @POTUS

Kellyanne Conway should learn that pieces of paper on TV invites memes

Cracking the Codes: Joy DeGruy, A Trip to the Grocery Store (White Privileged)

I entered three of my Steampunk cards to our local county fair and won!

Will Macron be using an earpiece during the press conference?

Dipshit with another elementary school history lesson

Words of Wisdom

Kellyanne would like you to know...

US charging 412 in health fraud schemes worth $1.3 billion

Will trump send get wells to President Carter?

Excuse the website but these reactions to Kellyanne's flash cards are hilarious!

Michelle Obama knocks it out of the Ballpark at ESPYs

Competing plans deal Senate health-care push a surprise setback

Trump is lying on live TV

Ryan moves to 'modernize' dress code of Speaker's lobby

He just hasn't a clue.

Ayn Rand is the guru of the Trump administration. And her followers are failing in business.

How to put "bold" parts in a post?

Dallas man pleads guilty in $6M diamond investment fraud

The disconnect by tRump supporters from reality...

Face to face, not face to phone. Cell phones will increase our destructive hive living natures.

Tapper flabbergasted by Kellyanne Conway's embarrassing flash card routine

The clips I've seen from tRump's 700 Club interview

Wingnuts trying to spook us out of resisting/removing DRUMPF with "President PENCE"

Committee Chair Requests Jr. Testify

PINO Trump Sez: The Marquis de Lafayette Endorses Me

Note to the real media

jake tapper just pointed out that trump called on a chinese reporter for 2nd question

Jimmy Carter overcome by dehydration at Habitat for Humanity build, hospitalized, 'feeling fine'

Photo PROVING that "Jim," who told Trump Paris isn't Paris anymore, is REAL and NOT fake.


Watch Macron's face while the reporter asks Trump this question

Great listen! To the tune of "867-5309"....

Trump Noncommittal On Paris Climate Accord: It Will 'Be Okay' Without US

Isn't Trump clever?

"I think its a meeting that most people in politics probably would have taken"

Chuck Todd: 'A White House That Doesn't Know What It's Doing'

Rep. Pelosi sees 'cold, hard evidence' of 'Trump campaign, Trump family' intent to collude w/Russia

"Trump looks Brigitte up and down. "You know, you're in such great shape...beautiful.""

Nearly All Health Care Ad Spending Is Opposed to GOP Bill

'Going to be like the zombie apocalypse': Trump voters tell CNN they're terrified of Trumpcare

so let me get this straight- opioid addicts get a carve out but

What Trump Owes the Russia Mafia

Trump blames Obama administration for allowing Russian lawyer in US

Trump Completely Absent from Health Care Push

Oh dear

In front of President Macron, misogynist pig Trump reduces Macron's wife to a sex object

"She's in such great physical shape"

Collins says shell vote against new GOP health plan

WH on GOP healthcare-bill: "Please don't call it Trumpcare."

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" JFK

Thanks, PINO Trump, for

trump used an international press conference to put forth a rumor about Obama administration

Autopsy: A&M frat member died of alcohol, drugs

WATCH: Trump denies Don Jr met with Russian government lawyer but sons emails say otherwise

Electrical fire closes London Paddington station

There will be more shoes to drop.

Sanders Statement on Revised Health Care Bill

.....But his eMails........Hillary photo...................

New GIF Shows French First Lady Ensnared in Trump Handshake

Unusual Maine moon sparks alien conspiracy theories

Catholic anti-gay video could be the worst video ever made.

Competing plans deal Senate health-care push a surprise setback

America hits peak anti-intellectualism: Majority of Republicans now think college is bad

American leaders addicted to drugs high prices

My theory about why Melania is still with Chump.

Trump Jr. Hires Lawyer Who Represented the Mob

Conservatives: Working with Dems on healthcare a waste of time

Man gets trapped inside ATM, passes notes through slot

Here's how many Americans can't afford housing

Severe summer heatwave and drought strongly reduced carbon uptake in Southern China

Video of Black Fla. Prosecutor's Traffic Stop Prompts Criticism

Information Overload (Help!)

Australia -vs- US language differences

Andy Serkis reads Trump's tweets as Gollum.

Why did all the Trump team lie about their Russian connections?

Democratic New York City councilman tells his constituents that it is harder being rich

melania and Brigette

Leaked Documents Suggest Secretive Billionaire Trump Donors Are Milos Patrons

The Real Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Is What Stuck Us With President Donald Trump

Paul Ryan, one of our WI fucks, will be VP if Cheeto resigns

Why is logic such a foriegn concept to the RW?

Revised Senate health-care bill still lacks the votes to pass

I don't understand why he was invited to France

Democrats snatch 2 statehouse seats in Oklahoma surprise

WATCH: Dem NYC council member tells constituents that its harder being rich than being poor

Koch brother funded think tank is behind Utahs anti-monument push

Divorce sucks.

Republicans Block Effort To Revoke Jared Kushners Security Clearance....

Education Dept. Civil Rights Head: 90% of Campus Sexual Assaults Amount to 'We Were Both Drunk'

Will you stand with Mark Pocan and reject trumpcare?

TYT: Why You Rarely Hear About Net Neutrality On MSNBC (owned by Comcast)

Mike Pence Says To Lead Like Trump You Have To Be Humble, Exercise Self Control

U.S. Education Department Says 90% Of Campus Rapes Are Just Regretted Hookups

So I am waiting to hear from the second place that I interviewed with

Arsonist/Stripper caught by potato

This is how our famous "Fearless and Adversarial" journalists are handling Kremlingate:

Rep. Poliquin under fire in video, audio over health care legislation

Revealed...transcript of Trump's Paris speech

The new Senate health bill is terrible for anyone who is sick, has been sick, or will be sick

Trump Says Globalism Is a Threat to 'the West.' Macron Says Trump Is.

Swimming trunk: elephant rescued from ocean 10 miles off Sri Lanka coast

Trump makes George Bush Sr. look like a saint by comparison:

trumpcare update: McConnell and Trump think @lisamurkowski can be bought with a special deal

Viscount jailed for offering money for killing of Gina Miller

Lee Zeldin (R-NY) on Trump & Russia: What about Kathy Griffin, Sean Penn, Snoop, & George Clooney?

Pence had no meetings with Kremlin-tied individuals

Documentary Reveals The "Dirty Tricks" Of One Of Trump's Closest Political Advisors

They're coming for you Barbara!

Democrats should hold a press conference and calll for Medicare for all. It won't get to the floor

Republicans block attempt to revoke kushner security clearance

Wait a minute, Senator Collins

Dad/daughter dance given to dying Dad and bridesmaid

just getting caught up on the Federal Register

Trump is jealous of Pres. Macron?

Pences Role in the White Houses Russia-Related Mess

Did they think we wouldn't notice? Senate Republicans exempt themselves from parts of Trumpcare

Common phrases that have outlived the technology they were associated with

A revised health care bill #3 still hurts the middle class and give the rich a healthy tax cut!

aaand we have lots of Kellyanne memes with her papers.

2020 Election

Advocacy Groups Accuse Trump Camp Of Violating Law In Russian Meeting

McConnell is going to use the "Alternative Scoring" System", eat me jerk its just like............

Big picture from DJTJr. emails: Trump's top advisers lied to protect Putin's assault on 2016 elec

Donald Sr throws Jr a bone: "Don -- he's a good boy. He's a good kid."

Allowing ReTrumplicans to spout nonsense unopposed is NOT "News"

Clergy Arrested in McConnell's office

It should be required that any plan that comes out of congress regarding healthcare, those in

"I would say yes - at the right time": Trump offers White House invite to Putin amidst email scandal

And now for a little something about standing up to fascists.

So, he wants an impenetrable, transparent, solar wall. Why don't they just tell him it's built.

Trump: 'We're not as bad as Julius and Ethel Rosenberg'

She should have punched him:

San Diego Pride Parade Sat. Bring your Resistance sign!

Trump Tells French First Lady Shes In Such Good Shape (VIDEO)

House to consider ban on transgender surgery for US troops

Neil Gorsuch should resign when 45's criminal Russian collusion proves his admin cheated to win

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right: The Progressive renaissance: Former MSNBC Host Krystal Ball discuss

Britains Corbyn: I got my ideas from Bernie Sanders

In Colombia, five children a day are sexually abused for child pornography: Police

Magellan Midstream Partners pipeline ruptures in Texas, forcing evacuations

Red alert in northwest Colombia amid fears of paramilitary attacks

Trump - Macron press conference

PINO Trump doesn't like stairs.

Fucking Greenwald

Whoa! Ted Lieu for the win:

Arizona GOP sends ominous email seeking 'voter' info

On crashed military plane: 1 long wanted to be a Marine, 1 close to retiring

Coming Soon To A Theater Near You 🎟🍿

Trump's budget makes Super Gonorrhea great again

If the Russian lawyer "overstayed" her parole immigration..why had she "not landed" from Moscow yet

Dickipedia: Mitch McConnell and still one 07/13/2017

Special counsel brings on FBI official who oversaw Clinton email investigation

NPR All Things Considered - powerful interview with Bill Browder re Junior, Russia, the woman lawyer

Twitter Users Tell Flake to 'Be a Hero' and 'Show Some Backbone' on Health Care Bill

An ATM dispensed cash and notes for help from a man trapped inside

So much for that whole "unity" thing...

"Please help! I'm stuck in here and I can't get out!" What would you do if a note like this

Jared Kushner admits he told Donald Trump about Donald Trump Jr.s Russia meeting

Rant/vent. I am so GD sick of that pig

If anyone sat down and made a total opposite of President Obama ...

Trump Lawyer Marc Kasowitz Threatens Stranger in Emails: "Watch Your Back, B*tch"

What's for Dinner, Thurs., July 13, 2017

Trump Lawyer Marc Kasowitz Threatens Stranger in Emails

Christie again blocks attempt to rejoin environmental pact

Senator Deathray?

Trae Crowder on net neutrality--please share this video

Elephant rescued from ocean 10 miles off Sri Lanka

Twitter rips Trump's solar-powered 'transparent' border wall

Trump wants see-through border wall so agents don't get hit by 60-pound 'sacks of drugs'

Kellyanne's now into visual aids. Here's one for Medicaid, which Trump promised not to touch.

What is the point of interviewing that Lewandowski scumbag on MTPD?

Trump Changes Tune On Russian Lawyer Meeting: 'Maybe It Was Mentioned'

Why Are We Believing That Nothing Was Gained In Jr's Meeting


UPDATED: Trump Lawyer Marc Kasowitz Threatens Stranger in Emails: 'Watch Your Back , Bitch'

Just now at the gym

US approves oil drilling in Alaska waters, prompting fears for marine life

A Conservative Media Site Just Published Jeff Sessions' No-Press-Allowed Religious Freedom Speech

You know who else grabs and yanks people's hands?

Promising discovery in 1830s deaths of Irish rail workers on the Main Line

No Room At The Inn: Mueller's staff has grown to the point where they required new offices

So there is Cassidy from Louisiana on CNN -along the lines of this is an American thing

Donald says most people would have taken that meeting with the

200 Environmentalists Were Murdered Last Year

I would not be surprised if Trump actually monitored that meeting.

Reminder: VP Pence Met Privately With Top Russian Cleric in May

Steve Bannon misreports $2 million debt in financial disclosure

The Bob McDonnell effect: The bar is getting higher to prosecute public corruption cases

Did the Russian lawyer also make threats at that meeting? Or was it all just lovey-dovey sweet?

Hugging dog is New York City's newest celebrity

The Closing of the Republican Mind

David Corn: The Real Scandal Now Is How Team Trump Helped Putin Conceal His Attack on America

Wimbledon Keeps Forcing Players To Change Their Underwear

Russia scandal goes well beyond Trump: GOP leaders definitely knew about hacking did they benefit

yet another good basic Windows help site (I think)

House to Consider Ban on Transgender Surgery for US Troops

We desperately need Sen Murkowski. She claimed she is committed to Planned Parenthood ....

Trump: Maybe the "highly sophisticate people" in North Korea hacked the election, not Russia

Doomsday Scenarios Are as Harmful as Climate Change Denial

Chile, Germany establish Colonia Dignidad commission

Chile, Germany establish Colonia Dignidad commission

Emerging alliance between Putin and Trumps God Squad

Police evict workers at shuttered PepsiCo plant in Argentina

Good luck with the "anyone would have done it" defense

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 14 July 2017

Police evict workers at shuttered PepsiCo plant in Argentina

Trump: We Need Transparent Border Wall to Protect People From Falling 60-Pound Bags of Heroin

"You're in great shape; beautiful!"

Peter W. Smith, GOP operative who sought Clinton's emails from Russian hackers, committed suicide

Modified limited hangout:

If I am ever questioned for conspiracy to commit


What should we make of Trump's good behavior with Macron?

Ah well Darwin strikes at St Maarten airport beach

Gun policy is pointless without funding for public health research

T-Shirt Idea

Co-founder of firm behind Trump-Russia dossier will not testify before Senate next week

Woman who led historic Walmart lawsuit dies in Antioch (CA)

Quadruple murder in PA. How stupid do you have to be?

Uh Oh: O'Care Repeal Bill Counts The Same Pot Of Money Multiple Times

Ordered by court to disclose his Russia contacts, Sessions releases blank sheet

Donald And Melania Trump Eat Americanized French Food At Legendary Restaurant In Eiffel Tower

Trump says wall may not need to cover entire U.S.-Mexico border

Breaking : NYT : WH cut Trumps admission that he knew.

Sessions Thanks Anti-LGBT Group for Its "Important Work"

The Rude Pundit: Republicans Really Want You to Die Faster

Rational Security: The "Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Week to Quit Sniffing Glue" Edition

Stephen Cohen pulling for Putin on MSNBC

Senate Republicans are Considering Alternative Scoring for Cruz Amendment Instead of Waiting for CB

Sold: Final piece of Burlington College

Republicans are the only team on the football field and they are STILL losing

Trump May Lift Sanctions on Russia to Give Collaboration a Chance

Peter W. Smith, GOP operative who sought Clinton's emails from Russian hackers, committed suicide...

Trump Changes Tune On Russian Lawyer Meeting: 'Maybe It Was Mentioned'

Jimmy Carter hospitalized while building houses in Canada

At this time in history, should the US plan on spending more on national defense?

NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL: Repubs allocate $$ for Trump wall, then he says we don't need the whole wall

LOSER 45 wants openings in the border wall, his reason is hilarious

...those were a magical few hours tho...

Group led by ex-alderman, unions acquires Chicago Sun-Times

"Banned Grandmas of Instagram" fight DT's travel ban

Fox and Friends just found a great new way to remind viewers that Jared Kushner is Jewish!

Cosmo DiNardo confesses to Bucks County killings of four men

Pre-existing conditions

Trae Crowder on net neutrality--please share

Here's an osprey nest cam from Latvia, early July:

"The meeting only lasted for 20-30 minutes and nothing came from it..."

Airbnb host who canceled reservation using racist comment must pay $5,000

UAE slams Al-Jazeera for anti-Semitism over imams sermons (Inciting violence/Holocaust denial)

UAE slams Al-Jazeera for anti-Semitism over imams sermons (Inciting violence/Holocaust denial)

Pope Francis allies accuse Trump White House of 'apocalyptic geopolitics'

Trump Jr. pitch was part of broad Russian effort