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Archives: July 18, 2017

I just heard Caitlin Jenner is thinking of running against DiFi.

Condoms don't work, smoking doesn't kill, GOP is saving Medicaid -the world class lies of Mike Pence

An Open Letter to Rev. Franklin Graham from a Small Church Pastor

Remind me - How do we know how long the meeting lasted ??

Oscar and Olive Osprey!

Chris Christie: Getting Russian Opposition Research Is 'Probably Against the Law'

Trump's having a yard sale.

Good New for Russia: 15 States Use Easily Hackable Voting Machines, Computer Experts Warn

How Hiking Could Help Change the Fate of Rural Appalachia

GOP's healthcare problems multiply

Louise Mensch is a nut job.

Sen. Ron Johnson unsure if he will support motion to proceed now--Updated:two more senators say no

GOP faces growing demographic nightmare in West

7.7 quake hits alaska

Tropical Storm Don forms in Caribbean but not likely to threaten Florida

Regence exits individual market in 19 Washington counties, 57,000 members affected

A Solar Storm Is Amping Up the Northern Lights

Pretend "president" pretends to be a cowboy.

Why Republicans Want the 2020 Census to Fail

The Russian Interference in 2016 is a Result of Everyone Believing Hilary was Going to Win

Trump to press GOP senators on healthcare at White House

"Hey Supes..."

It's interesting listening to them

Mike Lee and Jerry Moran voting no on MTP for healthcare

GOP Seeks to Close Federal Election Agency

🔥🔥🔥Obamacare lives! McConnell is officially short of 50.🔥🔥🔥

The Simpsons - Immigration Ignorance

The Master of Kompromat Believed to Be Behind Trump Jr.s Meeting

Senator Jerry Moran and Senator Mike Tweet Not Supporting Motion To Proceed On Healthcare Bill

CNBC says GOP health bill has lost more support

GOP Leaders Brace for CBO Estimate on Revised Health Bill

New York prosecutors have demanded bank records of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort

FP: Tillerson to shutter the State Department's war crimes office

CNN Two more senators say they can't support health bill - Moran of Kansas and

Could a $10 sale mean no more taxes for Noahs Ark theme park?

Resistance works

When the bottom will drop out

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Hobby Felony! Live Uncensored & a new kitteh gif

This country has moved so far to the right

Healthcare motion to proceed doesn't have the votes. eom

aris gonna be at 6 pm? where is TRMS going to be?

**Just in** Rethugs don't have the votes to repeal Obamacare- yay!

New GOP health bill lacks the votes to pass

Ron Johnson and Mike Lee?!?!?!!

This Just IN---I GOT A JOB!!!!

Trying to hash this out in my head.

Trumpcareless has failed again even before a vote is taken.

The Republicans are inadvertently highlighting what a good thing the ACA is for our country

Message to John McCain: No Need to Rush Back, Senator

Report: Coast Guard to create Potomac River buffer zone when Trump is golfing

Persist. Inspire. Speak. Influence. Defy. Fight. Empower. Focus. Rule.

New York Seeks Bank Records of Former Trump Associate Paul Manafort

Adam Khan: their next big move will be a push for a Constitutional Convention.

Post a meme, GIF or whatever to celebrate..repubs killed their healthcare bill TWICE!

Joe Biden Just Published A Scathing Op-Ed About Trumps Republican Party.

Sweet Dreams, to our fellow Americans

Oh, dear. In Washington, even the robots are depressed...

Many Rs rather "blame Dems" ahead of 2018, rather than shoulder the burden of passing health care

If Donald Junior is just a "kid," at 39, then Kushner is an even younger "kid" at 36,

Ya know....Bannon has been really quiet as of late....

This has got to be worth a repost...

The Republicans still don't understand the interwebs.

Tropical Storm Don Formed And Everyone Erupted With Trump Jokes

Nuclear construction reaches 25-year high

Trump Jr's attorney offers details about 8th person at meeting

tweet response to healthcare defeat....

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah McCain jumps ship now

#1,237,872 on the list of things

Trump fights demand he testify in ejected protesters' suit

Meanwhile: "Private Land Is Being Seized in Texas to Build the Border Wall"

Someone took a pic of McConnell when he found out tRUMPcare was dead....

Why did DOJ settle $ laundering case with attorney at center of Russiagate?

Looks like Donald Trump is giving up on healthcare

This is the message that we as Democrats need to spread.

Liberals can win again if they stop being so annoying and fix their 'hamburger problem'

Trump Jr. attorney offers details about 8th person at meeting

Bifocals: Line or no-line?

If you are happy or optimistic, this video will cure that for you.

NEWS: Mitch McConnell to bring up a vote on straight repeal with a two-year trigger.

A Short Bedtime Story For Donald J. Trump

Catholic nuns in Pa. build a chapel to block the path of a gas pipeline planned for their property

I think it's time for this (again, methinks it passed through many of our minds already):

McConnell calls for vote to straight-up repeal ACA in 2 days.

The ghost of Ted Kennedy...

I miss having a real President in the White House

What happened to Hillary's supposed Russian uranium deal?

Momentary Reprieve

Democrats guide to regain control of the US Senate in 2018 and 2020.

Health Care Set Up?

Republicans couldn't be bigger assholes if they tried.

Okay, I want an acknowledgement of error...

Things That Court Reporters Have Recorded

Things That Court Reporters Have Recorded

Trump, too bad he ain't that cool

After some careful consideration I think a full repeal follow by a replacement is the only way to go

2018 CO US House Race in CD-6 and 2020 CO US Senate Race-Jason Crow-D


Remember the snake oil medicine "Head On - Apply Directly to the Forehead"? That is trump and his

Why Jared Kushner has had to update his disclosure of foreign contacts more than once

Breaking News Alert:GOP vote will focus solely on Obamacare repeal

Stop it .... media

"Americans don't want to do this work".

Do the Senate Repubs need 60 votes in order to pass a full repeal?

Monday Nite Madness Update

The Daily Show: Even Republicans Hate the Republican Health Care Bill - 7/17/17

McConnell, numbly assessing the Women's March, Indivisible and recent town hall "feedback:

How could they pass a vote to fully repeal the ACA? Wouldn't they then need a 60 vote majority?

One thing you will never see him say

McConnell Pulls Plug on GOP Health Care Bill, Will Seek Obamacare Repeal

Yesterday, John Cornyn called Mitch McConnell a Master Legislator

Investing in Rayton Solar?

Cable firms sue over West Virginia broadband law, say co-ops could cause outages

Have We Got Enough to Impeach Trump Already? The Resistance

New West Virginia law changes rules for abandoned, dilapidated properties

HuffPost: ACA Repeal Needs 60 votes.

Donald Trump Jr: New Revelations Come To Light In Meeting

Journalist Who Exposed Chicago Dyke March Details Their Anti-Semitic Harassment Over Her Reporting

Can we officially start calling him a lame duck?

Moderate Republicans against.."repeal without immediate replacement"...source NBC News..

Morrisey joins antitrust suit against Mylan, other drug companies

MPs to Focus on Chevron-Affected Areas in Ecuador

MPs to Focus on Chevron-Affected Areas in Ecuador

CIA Plans to Destroy Some of Its Old Leak Files

My prediction on health care

Gov. Justice taps funds for Boy Scouts projects, takes jab at lawmakers

Donald Trump Numbers Down, Obamacare Numbers Up In Polls Morning Joe MSNBC



Former Clinton staffer to challenge Mooney for House seat

West Virginia begins fiscal year $11M in hole after revenue collections fall short

Even Republicans Hate the Republican Health Care Bill: The Daily Show

Governor Bashes Legislature Over ADA Compliance Plan

This Fox News host cant believe Donald Trump Jrs Russia defense

Between the Scenes - Trump's Dictator Tendencies: The Daily Show

Terrible Outbreak - The President Show

Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski to speak at City Club of Cleveland, and people are incensed

Stephen Colbert Monologue 7 17, 2017 Stephen kicks off RussiaWeek with a hot take on the Cold War

The Iranians are at the borders

Seth Myers - Team Trump's Absurd Defenses for Don Jr.'s Emails: A Closer Look 7/17/17


Thousands of Democrats, hundreds of Republicans among Coloradans who canceled their registrations...

I see several threads saying they need 60 votes for full Obamacare repeal. So, what...

Marsy's Law for Ohio crime victims ballot initiative approved for November ballot

Oh the irony. The networks cut their regular programs to cover Trump camapigning

Argentina: Infant Mortality Increased in Buenos Aires

Florida teen, leader of online hacking group arrested for making threats to Elyria High School

Fatah calls for Day of Rage amid new Temple Mount security in wake of attack

Washington DC security robot drowns in fountain, internet erupts

'Made in America' week ignores Trump imports

I LONG for the days when a presedential scandal meant he was caught smoking a cigarrette

Pence: Trump has put Iran 'on notice'

Akron, Cleveland abortion facilities close

Deadly flash flood in Arizona claims the lives of 9 family members ABC News ABC News

Severe storms bring flash floods from Ohio to New York

Kasich not attending Ohio GOP dinner featuring Pence

Speech may be clue to early mental decline

'Mountain Of God' On The Verge Of Eruption, Volcano Could Destroy Anthropological Sites

A Close-Up of Jupiters Great Red Spot

Massive iceberg breaks away from Antarctica

Jeff Sessions: 400 People Charged In 'Largest Health Care Fraud Takedown' NBC News

So that goddamned McConnell is going to kill the ACA with no backup just to say he did

Mexican archaeologists find dwelling for Aztec survivors of Spanish conquest

Mexican archaeologists find dwelling for Aztec survivors of Spanish conquest

Have you seen the ad for digestive problems with an actress with read hair

Invasive plant species can enhance coastal ecosystems

Mexico City Dig Uncovers Traces of Aztec Resistance to Spain

Mexico City Dig Uncovers Traces of Aztec Resistance to Spain

Gibraltar's "Neanderthal City" offers glimpse into life of humans' closest relatives

Thanatos Turtle Of Death Will Force Bloodthirsty Senators To Vote To Kill Thousands Of Americans

Hey, over here! I'm a ghost! Pay attention!

Group seeks Michigan ballot proposal to end gerrymandering

State Democrats seek price preferences for Michigan firms

McConnell must be planning to eliminate the filibuster!

Journalist Who Exposed Chicago Dyke March Details Their Anti-Semitic Harassment Over Her Reporting

With teacher pension changes signed into law, Legislature wants more benefit changes

Campus free speech bills: Restrict or protect rights?

State To Appeal Ruling On Anti-Abortion Law

Look deeply into the flames, what do you see?

Indiana Grocery Group bid for Central Grocers exceeded initial Jewel-Osco offer by at least $20M

Sanders Statement on Collapse of Republican Health Care Bill

Chrysler rescuing Sesame Street

Sen. Graham confirms (then retracts) that McCain's blood clot caused memory problems

Sanders Statement on Collapse of Republican Health Care Bill

Fitch removes state from Rating Watch Negative, explains what could trigger downgrade

Stephen Colbert: Al Gore Received Illegal Campaign Materials In 2000 (And Reported It) 7/17/17

The FBI spent decades searching for a mobster wanted in a cop killing. Then they found his secret ro

As Paperwork Goes Missing, Billions in Private Student Loan Debts May Be Wiped Away

Master Propaganda at Play

Rauner 'body man' fired first day on job after racially insensitive, homophobic tweets surface

McCain's surgery would've cost $76,000 without insurance.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - Heath Care Deform Defeat

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2 - Orange Nitwit

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

President Truman's Proposed Health Program

Excerpt: 'Proposals for U.S. single-payer reform have a long history'

Racist emails show Chicago official joked about 'safari' tour to see violence in black neighborhoods

Rauner vows to veto education funding bill, demands Democrats send it to him

WTF GOP Budget Cuts Medicare - Increases Military Budget.

Was there a second meeting between Trump and Putin at G-20?

CPS says Rauner cant nix its pension money in new school funding bill

Illinois budget gives temporary fix for public universities

Mike McCabe files paperwork to set up gubernatorial campaign

Jury awards $7M after finding 2 Madison police officers used unreasonable force in 2014 shooting

"The meeting with the Russian lawyer was a big nothing burger".....But, was it?

Trempealeau County dairy farmer seeking more than $6 million in stray voltage suit

Jerks. What a bunch of jerks.

Bill would repeal minimum pay for road workers and allow single firm to design, build highways

Hell, I think I need to call in a professional to fully deconstruct Trump's TrumpCare meltdown

Russian oligarchs are in process of destroying America.

Greatest Guitar Solos

Mitch McConnell - when YOU fail but have to get in a jab

Sam Bee: Congratulations on Doctor Who, ladies, but stay vigilant.

One thing I can't stand about Republicans (and there are a lot more

Hurricane's Trolling Trump

London's mayor will not bus in cheering crowds and throw a parade if and when Trump visits.

When it comes to Trumpcare, there is no difference between "Repeal and Replace" vs "Just Repeal"

You know, by now a real President

With "friends" like Max Blumenthal...

Excellent article in The Atlantic about whole trumpcare fiasco

Is Trump using his 2020 Re-election Committee to launder money?

Smart guns - survey... sort of

Luckovich masterpiece - Frequent liar

Let the Tweets Begin....Updated!!!!!

Democrats take their turn at improving Affordable Care Act

Eighth Participant at Trump Jr. Meeting Identified


Health care is not like most other markets

Karen Budd-Falen, the Bundy familys lawyer, may be Trumps pick to manage federal lands

The Daily 202: After Senate bill falls apart, Republicans don't have the votes to repeal Obamacare

ACA Repeal Gambit To Force Democrats To Help Pass End Of Health Care.

Insurer UnitedHealth's quarterly profit beats estimates

Congratulations Trump: You Suck.

BYU-Idaho fires adjunct professor after LGBT Pride Month post on Facebook

New Polls: Americans Don't Like Trump and Are Bored by #TheResistance

Trump - Create Chaos/Stampede/Panic Country On HC. Then Offer Them Poison.

Trump Recertifies Iran Deal but Announces New Sanctions

"A possibility for the eighth participant?"

WSJ Editorial: Time Is Running Out for Trump Without Transparency

The Boy Scouts Are Inching Closer To Accepting Girls (But Not Atheists)

Trump just tweeted: "Let Obamacare fail"

Christianitys Unbroken Record of Failure

Little Things Can Make An Atheist

Three Inspiring Atheist Women Who Lived In The Early United States

Sorry it's a tweet, but this warmed my heart this morning...

Wall St Journal ed board calls on Trump to show full transparency on Russia, including tax returns:

GOP Economic Policy To Drive Most Jobs In US To Low Paying Jobs.

The "Repeal-Now-Replace-Later"-strategy will backfire in 2018 for a very simple reason:

Trump Warns: Failure to Repeal ObamaCare Makes GOP Senators Look Like 'Dopes'

Gingrich to GOP: 'Get something done' on Obamacare repeal

Trump fights demand he testify in ejected protesters' suit

We rolled Chump and The Turtle on health care.

Nailing the grifters:

Not Enough GOP Legislators Get A Fatal But Treatable Disease. If They Did They Would Change.

Ron Johnson Accuses McConnell of 'Significant Breach of Trust'

White House under pressure to drop Export-Import Bank nominee

Trump failure on healthcare sends dollar to 10-month low

GOP Committeewoman: Sorry for Boosting McCain Death Wish

S A D .

America steals votes from felons. Until it stops, our democracy will be weakened

"My argument's as intelligent as a fist sandwich!!!" . . . Please come CAPTION Trump!!!

Distrust in Trump deepens North Korea concerns (POLL)

Why Trump Loyalists Should Care About the Russia Scandal

Republican In Congress Will NEVER WORK With "Communist" Democrats On Anything.

Anyone use a seed starting system they particularly like?

Trump's Lawyer Faces Ethical Questions -- All Things Considered

Trump Says He Has Signed More Bills Than Any President, Ever. He Hasn't.

If a straight repeal is enacted, even though it has a postdated two-year delay

Elderberry Experiment: Update #2

In Congress, Obstructionists Are Obstructing Themselves - By the NYT Editorial Board

Trump's Campaign Conceded in a Memo That Comey Was Having Major Impact

Is the presidency good for Trump's business? Not necessarily at this golf course.

So far we can only "count" on Collins


Isn't it time to call republicans what they are?

Scarborough: Sean Spicer Like an 'Old Soviet Propagandist'

Never mind, it turned out to be a problem on my end.

[Trump] told sens at dinner that they'd look like "dopes" if they didn't pass the bill:

Washington Law Will Alert Survivors When Domestic Abusers Try to Buy a Gun

Lankford On Stalled Obamacare Repeal Vote: This Is A No-Fail Moment

What's going strong in your veggie garden?

"CBO scored repeal without a replacement - it's a humanitarian disaster of incomprehensible scale."

Fight coal. Support coal miners

UPDATED: Trump says he plans to 'let Obamacare fail'

Kellyanne Conway Reappears, IMMEDIATELY Implodes on Live TV

SHOCK: Truth About Trump Russia Briefly Surfaces on Fox News

At This Point In A Trump Deal.....

Out today: - only 45% of Trump voters believe Donald Trump Jr. had a meeting with Russians...

About that GUTS Medicare and Social Security....but there's more...

🐦 Wednesday July 19 2017 - The Political View with Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont


Reports: Trump Seriously Considered Blowing Up the Iran Deal

Trump tweets BOLD ACTION PLAN to support Republicans who need "more victories"

Republicans are on tv EVERY HOUR saying "Obamacare is a failure!"

Dem Senators Dance On The Grave Of Senate GOPs Obamacare Repeal Bill

Mass dolphin deaths off France, UK likely due to trawling

Doing "Research" has radically changed in the modern world..

2018 AK US House Election and 2020 AK US Senate Election.

Sen. Graham Pushes His Own Bill After Senate GOP O'Care Legislation Stalls

GoT fans/Those eho like crazy unique--ENJOY

McCain Urges GOP To Hold Hearings, Listen To Dem Input On Health Care

Trump calls for letting Obamacare fail after pushing repeal hours before

Bannon raged at Paul Ryan as a "limp-dick motherfucker who was born in a Petri dish"

Former US House Speaker Hastert Released From Prison In Minnesota

Hey! PINO! Listen up!

Republicans Aren't Turning on Trump -- They're Turning on Each Other

Turn on MSNBC to enjoy a steaming mug of Paul Ryan Scott Tenorman TrumpCare tears

Hey Media - don't forget to ask Ryan about the family secret

John Boehner woke up this morning, and as he does every morning

McConnell: "These are not just numbers on the page, these are the lives of real people"

Politico: Is the President Fit?

If you're on Twitter, Walter Schaub (outgoing Ethics Director) is a good follow

Donald to Manafort: You treat me like a baby!

TMR: Mike Pence Lies Shamelessly About Medicaid

Language so foul, I will only post a link, a warning, and a howl of laughter

For the heck of it I googled my name. I'm gobsmacked!

When the ACA was signed into law, Republicans said the GOP alternative to it was weeks away

New Details Emerge Proving Trump Campaign And Russia Both Went After Online Clinton Supporters

Z-Burger is Offering Free Nothing Burgers Tuesday

Why Donald Trump, Jr. Should Release More Emails - Joe Conason

Writing about food: Greg Atkinson's "At the Kitchen Table, The Craft of Cooking at Home"

A 21st-Century Form of Indentured Servitude Has Already Penetrated Deep into the American Heartland

What if the Russians were backing Trump from the beginning?

Former Harry Reid Aide Chortles Over McConnell's Epic Fail

Drunk driver and a Republican nightmare

Call your Names and phone numbers provided.

Dennis Hastert is going home to Chicago to complete his sentence.

Pic Of The Moment: The Latest On That GOP Promise To Give Everyone Better Health Care For Less Money

Thune: 'There Has Been A Reluctance' From Trump To Be Transparent On Russia

Ain't it the Truth -

John Boehner predicted in February 2017 that "Repeal & Replace" would ultimately fail.

Looks like a melicious site is trying to collect DU logins?

State Department's top cyber official to leave post

Orban promises Netanyahu he will protect Hungary's Jews

WOW! It's a SUPAH STAH TrumpCare Tuesday! Up next, Mommy's husband addresses Mitch's failure.

Why Are Republicans So Evil? Any Thoughts?

Majority Report: OOPS: Did Trump Lawyer Accidentally Confirm Trump Sr. Was at Russia Meeting?

Susan Collins says

Trump blindsided by implosion of GOP health care bill

Parents of 27-year-old woman killed while filming movie win $11.2-million judgment

pious mike pence is soooooo sincere in his hatred for the Affordable Care Act

Pence Is Lying Live On MSNBC Right Now - Premiums Went Up Because

Top State cyber official to exit, leaving myriad questions

TYT: Trump Polling Worse Than Any US President EVER

Pixs of Albino People

U.S. House speaker urges Senate to pass 'something' on healthcare

The Dems Need To Push Back On The ACA Lies That The Repugs Spew....

First on CNN: Special Counsel investigators seeking info from 'eighth man' at Trump Tower meeting

Art Bell fans? I found this.. it was interesting...

if a building on Fifth Ave. is used for an illegal conspiracy with foreign agents

Fox News taps Mark Fuhrman, O.J. Simpson trial's racist cop, to analyze Simpson's parole hearing

Schumer is eating the turtle and spitting him out

Everyone Is Running For Everything In Iowa In 2018

FAQ'S Grammer mistakes People make

We need a good Russia leak today to to add to the GOP's, the Deplorables' , and Trump's miasma

Israeli Christian Charged With Murdering His Teen Daughter Over Relationship With Muslim

EXO_Ko Ko Bop_Music Video

Was Obama Playing Three Dimensional Chess When He Signed ACA Into Law?.....

Who was the blatant liar arguing with David Corn on MSNBC?

Police Can Track Bullet Casings Like Fingerprints Now

TS Don, small, not particularly well organized

Top Republican -" Trump playing with a firetruck as bill died"

Blowing a hole in the Medicaid expansion...

Two Republican Senators Say 'No' to Straight Obamacare Repeal

Health Care a Mine Field for Republicans; Many Trump Voters in Denial on Russia

Tired of Winning

Tropical Storm Don weakening on approach to Windward Islands, forecast to degenerate

Damn! She really nailed that whispery moron:

CNN: 8th person at Trump Tower Meeting identified. Special Council seeking more info

We need to parlay the Trump and GOPee s--t show into Democratic gains.

Exhibit A of my Florida paradox: I love, love, love the State of Florida. I hate its government.

90 Years Before Lincoln - The First Emancipation Proclamation

Sen. Tammy Baldwin coming up on msnbc on what you would lose if Senate Repealed ACA only....

Just tweeted 2 contradictory solutions

Why Did Reince Priebus Get The Job With The Trump Administration?.....

My "WTF?" of the day, latest version of "Dem evil people wanna rule da world!"

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump, Jr. identifies eighth man at Trump Tower meeting.

Now Legislation Is On The Table To End Medicare. They Just Won't Stop.

GOP Message To Democrats. Just Go Home. We Have Control Of The Country.

We can't just be in opposition to trumpcare

Is the presidency good for Trump's business? Not necessarily at this golf course.

Trump has stiffed hundreds of working class people, contractors, etc.

Headline 2020. - Supreme Court Overturns Election Of Democrat.

Secret Service: Donald Trump Jr. didn't have agency's protection at time of meeting

Saudi woman in miniskirt video arrested after public outcry

TYT: Trump's 'Made In America Week' Backfires BIGLY

Looks like the Miami GOP Cuban community is starting to see through Trump.

Uber is sued over lack of wheelchair-accessible cars in New York City

Majority Report: Shep Smith On Trump: 'The Deception Is Mind-Boggling'

Borowitz: Mitch McConnell Hospitalized with Low White-Vote Count

The GOP's Obamacare repeal-only plan is already on the verge of stalling

THE BELLS-THE BELLS- This Has Got To Make Your Day

"You know one thing I hate?.."

Majority Report: Corey Lewandowski's Russian Meeting Story IMMEDIATELY Debunked On MSNBC

Eighth person in Trump Tower meeting is identified

Eighth person in Trump Tower meeting is identified

Obamacare crashing will lead to Single Payer?

Tropical Storm Don weakening on approach to Windward Islands, forecast to degenerate

Anyone else enjoying seeing "master strategist" Mitch McConnell floundering?

Majority Report: Sure Trumpcare Sucks NOW! We Haven't Added The Best Parts Yet!

Trump dumped Christie after cussing him out over this on election night, book claims

A description of GOP opposition to ACA that is coherent, from David Frum.

Republicans Support Safety Net If You Exclude Blacks, Hispanics & Other Minorities. (Moslems)

Trump had the same stupid expression in the firetruck that he had in the eighteen wheeler

Note to Heller: Don't take away my health care or you die

Slate - "Presidential Revisionism"

The anti-vaxxers are bad enough...

An article called for John McCain to just die already. A GOP official responded: Amen.

Ali Velshi Has Been A Tremendous Addition To MSNBC's On Air TV Hosts......

You keep correcting me that it isnt HALF of America that supports this criminal in the WH

MSNBC host slams Trumps Made-In-America fraud as his family's companies don't (VIDEO)

Conservative Texas Newspapers slams Trump's first six months listing failures

Call your Senators today📞-Urge them NOT to support McConnell's foolish plan to #RepealObamacare w/o

The 8th Person Has Been Identified

Anyone here at DU want to look further into "Putin Bros" Konstantin Rykov and Artem Klyushin?

In 1969

The resistance movement killed the Republican health care bill

i know that the left always thinks that they have the momentum for a third party

Arkansas is turning into a modern day Handmaids Tale

BREAKING: Trump says Republicans should let Obamacare fail,' says, I'm not going to own it'

Why do I get the feeling that The Trump Tower is a full service laundromat for dirty Russian money?

8th man at Russian meeting, Ike Kaveladze, has an interesting statement via his lawyer:

KO: Have We Got Enough to Impeach Trump Already? Even if we didn't learn anything more, Trump could

Arkansas is turning into a modern day Handmaids Tale

KO:Have We Got Enough to Impeach Trump Already? Even if we didn't learn anything more,Trump could

Plan C on Obamacare, Repeal Now, Replace Later, Has Collapsed

** The biggest money-laundering operation in the history of the world! **

How long before tRump attacks Repubs in Congress?

Trumpcare Collapse Shows Why GOP Cannot Govern

If McConnell and Ryan would just be honest as to what they

Trump Tower Vistor Logs

Murkowski against repeal only kills it

Dem donors buzzing about Kamala Harris

Do DU'ers agree with this Steve Bannon opinion?

Colbert Kicks Off "Russia Week" With New Footage From His Russian TV Debut, and donnie Jr. roast

I want to start placing bets on what excuses the alt-left will use to not vote for Kamala in 2020

As Repeal 4.0 Fails,,,It must be so very hard,,,,,,

They had 8 years - 8 fucking years - to come up with a replacement for

July 18th, 1953: Truck driver Elvis Presley made his first ever recording.

GOP's repeal-only plan quickly collapses in Senate

Suppose they have a Whitehouse press briefing..and

I hadn't considered this possibility.

Chump sounded as stupid as I've ever heard him just now.

House Dems call for Kobach's removal from voter fraud commission

Abramson: What if the intel dossier DT recieved was kompromat on him, and not HRC?

Special counsel turns to unidentified eighth person at Trump Jr. meeting: report

Got beer and travel money! Now heading for many adventures owed! Later!

Plan C on Obamacare, Repeal Now and Replace Later, Has Collapsed

Why would McConnell call a vote and not know how many votes he had??

It's Not About Russia But....

Mueller says ok for Sen. Judiciary to interview Idiot Jr. and Manafort in public hearings

No third trial for ex-UC cop Ray Tensing in shooting death of unarmed motorist Sam DuBose

"Double Haters" went for Trump and not Clinton - Devil's Bargain

British Blogger Mensch Names Bill Clinton as 8th Man...

There were 8 in the bed and the little one said "Roll over."

Trump administration's Bible study leader says God doesn't hear prayers from Jews

Could Rudy Giuliani have been the 9th man in the room?

Its Time for Hillary Clinton to Gracefully Bow Out of Public Life, Along with All Other Women

Why do you think Don Jr, Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort kept so silent about the eighth person...?

Is something wrong on DU or is it me?

The real story of the failed Obamacare repeal: GOP cant handle the truth

republican's special russian friend: Irakli Kaveladze

The real story of the failed Obamacare repeal: GOP cant handle the truth

GOP Sen. Murkowski a NO on motion to proceed on repeal without replace, @GarrettHaake reports

You know the Russian hackers are openly bragging online right now about hacking our elections.....

Mitch McConnell Hospitalized with Low White-Vote Count

Steve Bannon on Paul Ryan...."Limp Dick Motherf**ker" according to a new book.

Snake in Johnstown equipment knocks out power for 6,500 people late Monday night

Most unproductive Congress in 164 years per Drudge Report Ryan & McConnell photos....

tRump Is An Ignorant, Arrogant, Stupid Asshole

Two GOP senators to vote against ObamaCare repeal-only bill

Exclusive Videos from Senate Floor! Watch!

Who can, and How can, the ACA be made to work for the American people

SAD - Reince Priebus ducking out of Senate lunch for a phone call, obscured by giant trash bin

trump is going to punish voters because republicans can't govern

House GOP unveils budget plan that attaches major spending cuts to coming tax overhaul bill

Another Way to Cripple Obamacare: Manage It Badly

Wouldn't A Full Repeal of Obamacare Require a 60-Vote Majority?

McConnell, the Turtle, has failed miserably. He should resign

Senates New Plan To Repeal But Not Replace Obamacare Is Dead

Why Trump can't sell health reform, and the price he'll pay

Trump: Time To Let Obamacare Fail, Elect More Republicans In 2018

Foreigners are snapping up a record number of US homes

Saudi woman who wore skirt in viral video has been arrested, state television reports

Why did the Russian lawyer need a translator?

How its failure to replace Obamacare threatens the rest of the GOP agenda

Australians see woman's shooting by police as a U.S. nightmare

BREAKING CNN: Mueller to allow Manafort and Jr. To testify in public

Maine fishermen rescue seal pup entangled in fishing gear

Walmart apologizes for racial slur used in product description

Newest eastern tropical storm is named DON. Therefore, we know that it will be

Who says a picture isn't worth a thousand words?

There are only 5 GOP women Senators. THREE of them just killed repeal-only.

the republican senators are whining on teevee after they failed to overhaul the ACA

What was really discussed in that meeting?

Saw this young UK singer at the Vancouver Folk Festival-she is amazing.

Hurricane center: Tropical Storm Don small and ″not particularly well organized."

Diane Feinstein and other Dems DO have a proposal for improving ACA......

OMFG - Turtle and the ReTHUGs look so pissed

NOW what?! (McConnell "news" conference)

Mitch M. press conf now. Says he will be going ahead soon to vote on Repeal only.

so pitiful, watching this parade of disgusting weasel people whine about their bullshit...

Robert Mueller is now the ninth person in Donald Trump Jr.s Russia meeting

republican Senate repeal/replace bill is dead because of three WOMEN!

IMO, the only system to keep a hospital system is to have "Single Payer"

Is anyone here familiar with the Long Beach airport?

Anybody here ever have a pet prairie dog?

Mysterious 8th person at Trump Jr. meeting allegedly ran massive Russian money-laundering scheme

Fake President. Sad. Fake repubican congress - even sadder.

Schumer just went on TV and said Dems would work with Repub but 45 wants to

Get yours while you can.....

China Ready for 'War' With India, Holds Live-Fire Drills Near Border

Breaking: Entire Senate Republican Caucus Resigns in Shame!

Las Vegas

If we were really bipartisan

Arlington County Wants CSX to Consider Sounding the Horn Less

Cut offs

I read where some fundamentalist is now providing "religion" to our nation's law makers

New gop campaign slogan

P. J. O'Rourke "Parliament of Whores" 1991

Russians leave meeting without their seized US compounds

Poll: Trump trails Biden, Sanders, Warren, Harris, Booker in matchups

Proof of illogic's detriment

NAACP Sues WH Election Commission, Alleging Racial Discrimination

Alabama State University Celebrates 150th Birthday

Zero legislation?

At this point, Senate Republican leadership is simply trying to spite

Pro-Russian rebel leader in east Ukraine unveils plan for new state

'Low energy' Tropical Storm Don is 'not a political jab,' says National Hurricane Center

National Archives to Extend Weekday Hours for Research Rooms in the DC-Area

Its Time for Hillary Clinton to Gracefully Bow Out of Public Life, Along with All Other Women

Global Markets: Dollar drops as Trump agenda flails; stocks wobble on earnings

Bank of America Unemployment debit card?

If rumors are true and Mueller allows Jared and Half Scoop to publicly testify to Congress . . . . .

Guilty pleasure TV shows from yester-year.

Bernie Sanders' new young adult book hits shelves in August

Feinstein: Mueller says Senate Judiciary can interview Trump Jr., Manafort

Is there anyone associated with Groper Don the Con and his administration who does

BTRTN: Pardon Me!

BTRTN: Pardon Me!

Let's read together. Just saw it !!!

I finally figured it out. Louise Mensch is a SATIRIST!

ACA question

Is it now possible for the GOP to slowly strangle Obamacare?

Kaveladze & His Dirty Doings

tRump and Co. are in luck! - I found suits for them, Made in USA.

The fight against @POTUSs unconstitutional, unlawful, and un-American #MuslimBan continues

Hey, the html formatting is back.

trump: 'let ObamaCare fail'

Sen. Alexander to hold hearings on stabilizing the individual insurance market

Tillerson is considering closing the State Dept.'s entire cyber office.

Critique needed

CNN: 6 months in, Trump's presidency is teetering on the brink of disaster

Trump had 2nd, private meeting with Putin during G20 summit.

If they are going to "just repeal" and they say it will take two years

I have a procedural question, can they do a straight repeal without 60 votes?

In the recent police shooting in Minneapolis

Nicole Wallace on MSNBC now ..

6 months in, Trump's presidency is teetering on the brink of disaster

86-Year-Old Notorious Jewel Thief Doris Payne Charged With Walmart Theft

BREAKING (h/t DM): Scott Balber has represented both Donald Trump and Russian Kaveladze.

Was robocop on his cellphone?

Fox White House correspondent walks out on Huckabee Sanders and takes parting shot

Phil Ochs Power And The Glory(1963 demo with additional verse left off of the records)

BREAKING: NYT confirms Balber also represents the Agalarovs. These are Kremlin agents

Facebook Video: Bernie Sanders' Response to Collapse of GOP Health-Care Bill

comment on washington Post- Can No Longer Vote Republican

A Chipotle restaurant is closed after yet another foodborne illness outbreak

Grace Petrie-I Do Not Have The Power To Cause A Flood

Anybody here ever have a pet peeve? 😏

Walmart blasted after an online ad includes the n-word

comment on Washington Post- From the Russian Dossier, (details from the dossier)

"He was playing with a firetruck, trying on a cowboy hat as the bill was collapsing. He had no clue"

Former NASA scientist releases new paper supporting youth climate case against Trump

Young Peoples Burden

At this point, are McConnell and/or Ryan's leadership roles in danger?

What's for Dinner, Tues., July 18, 2017

The statue in the background on MSNBC.

Fox: complete repeal now good for America

Federal appeals court wont stop EPA from using controversial pesticide

The conservative on 'The View' TV show, Jedediah Bila, said ...

Orange Cat just walked up on my porch, meowed at me and is now sleeping

Inside the "Shakespearean Irony" of Trump and Bannon's Relationship

Callista Gingrich: Trump Wants US To Be Environmental Leader

Ian Bremmer: Trump, Putin held second informal meeting at G-20

Major Kong Rides the Bomb

Sobering findings from brand new PPP poll

Breaking: Sen. Grassley postpones hearing at which Bill Browder former client of Magnitsky was

Swiss Couple Missing For 75 Years Found Frozen On Glacier

Donald Trump: The Apprentice

With healthcare dead, Trump back to holding rallies..

Ann Coulter

Trump Is The Repug Party's Greatest Liability....

Of the 32 MILLION set to lose insurance, how many

To Any Left Leaning Owners of Businesses:

Eighth man in Trump Tower meeting was linked to money laundering

Katy Tur just said that Hillary is currently polling LESS favorably than 45 according to Bloomberg.

Senator Shelley Capito, Republican of West Virginia: I did not come to Washington to hurt people

Boy, Gov. Christie show that he still wants on Trump's staff?

Ansolutely No Comparison..

NewYorker cartoon of the day.

Senate Republicans Defy Trump And Announce Hearings To Stabilize Obamacare Markets

Another person was at the collusion meeting?

"8th Man" At Private 2013 Dinner With Trump Sr.

Trumps Mental State Is Deteriorating Fast As He Now Thinks He Is Not A Civilian

American Hero Walter Shaub tweets:

Video: PBS NewsHour - Where Bernie Sanders sees bipartisan middle ground on health care

Inept media allows Paul Ryan to lie to Americans after Trumpcare Senate defeat (VIDEO)

Donald Trump Had a (second) Very, Very Private Meeting With Vladimir Putin

Obamacare is doing just fine but guess where it is struggling

MSNBC Ali Velshi describes the horror of repealing without replacing ACA (VIDEO)

Trump had second conversation with Putin in main dinning room of G20. After

Just saw Graham Nash last night

Want to see one of the reasons Steve King keeps getting re-elected?

Two GOP Senators Oppose Repeal and Delay Plan

When alt-left and alt-right converge:

Wall Street Journal hits Trump for bumbling the Russia scandal, calls on him to disclose everything

About that 2nd meeting with Putin which lasted an hr.?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Trump is playing zero-dimensional chess

Lesson learned: Do not call the Police for any reason!

New details emerge proving Trump campaign and Russia both went after online Clinton supporters

What live progressive feeds are you aware of? Cenk Uygur's live feed is

Joy Reid Warns Dems: "Stop looking for converts"

The GOPrs, who are in charge of the government, turn out to be incompetent failures...

Help Florida Sea Turtles

New Trump Slogan:

Slowpoke Toon- What is Treason?

Pelosi to Paul Ryan: We Will Work With You If You Stop Trying to Kill People

Looks like Tropical Storm Don is a short-fingered

I'll bet this is pretty darn close to the truth right now in Congress

Why is the 8th person's lawyer saying his client went to interpret at the meeting?

Frozen remains of missing Swiss couple found after 75 years

Here is how they stole the election, well this and KGB operatives

Here's a pic of Trump's -some say imaginary- friend "Jim"

Where Bernie Sanders sees bipartisan middle ground on health care - PBS NewsHour July 18

Congressman wants to know - Civilizations on Mars????

#Unpresidented, A Trump Grade School Play from the Future - NSW?? (video)

Ivanka and Emin in Moscow, 2014, and at the Doral.....(photos)

In light of recent events: This Public Enemy song is more relevant than ever:

Trump: Let Obamacare Fail...I'm Not Going To Own It.


All vets prayers for rob

Great Sousa photos of our favorite president with Sasha & Malia

The Criminal Justice Systems War On Women

For whatever it's worth, Megyn Kelly continues on her downward slide.

FYI: The fawn rescued by the Golden Retriever is being treated and will be released

Obamacare repeal is flailing because Obamacare is working

Who will be the first to flip on Trump?

Behold the sad faces of evil men.

! This detail in the Times reporting of the 2nd Trump-Putin meeting:

Just when you think it can't get any worse.......

'Rogue One' star Felicity Jones will play Ruth Bader Ginsburg in biopic On the Basis of Sex

Wouldn't Let That Koch Sucking Doc GOP Rep. On Tweety Treat A God Damn Splinter. Just Furious

Meanwhile...a dog rescues a baby deer from the Long Island Sound...

Atheist Converts To Christianity After Being Asked What If You're Wrong?

DU HTML is back!

McConnell: Senate to try to repeal ObamaCare next week

On The New York Magazine Article, "Doomerism" And Other Controversies

CNN ,,,,

Is The GOP Pushing For A Real Civil War By Pushing Division, Racial, Cultural, Political Hatred Et A

There you have it. Republicans are literally more frightened of journalists than oncoming trains.

Trump - Russia: Agalarovs Are Selling Their US Properties

Factoids about Kaveladze

Do you think his base would drop off if they saw that his taxes showed Russian money laundering?

It looks like the DU HTML is back

GOP Plan To Involve Democrats In HC Legislation A Political Trap.

"Free" Higher Education is an Investment, Not a Burden (w/guest Nina Turner)

The Dunning-Kruger Administration

Republicans' Corporate Policies Are Forcing America into Indentured Servitude

How many people had the Trump or W talk?