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Archives: July 19, 2017

Why Mitch McConnell's Latest Obamacare Repeal Effort Imploded

Civil Rights Exhibit Brings Rep. John Lewis To Tears

GOP Obamacare retreat will hit insurers on the tax front

PPP polls hypothetical matchups between Trump and Biden, Sanders, Warren, Booker, Harris...

Analysis A White House dinner as a case study for Trump's inability to close a health-care deal

Insurers Fear Latest Chaos Over Health Care

Dog? Cat? Motorcycle?

Ari Melber in for Chris Hayes - who's watching?

Remember that silly Rose Garden celebration

Senate intelligence panel wants to interview all in Trump Jr.-Russia meeting

Krauthammer on Repeal w/o Replace: "There was no presidential leadership. An epic fail."

Poll: Just 12% in Key Trump Counties Back GOP Health Care Bill

Feel Like US Suffocating In Bullshit.

Advice for Tim Bjorkman, running for US Congress, South Dakota

Logistics if ACA repealed no replacement??? No one talks about it

Russia Issues New Threats in Dispute Over Diplomatic Compounds

We are in an emergency. We're dealing with someone who does not give

One question about the June 2016 Trump Jr. / Veselnitskaya /and so on meet up

Trump Finds That Demolishing Obamas Legacy Is Not So Simple

If We Have A Serious International Crisis We Are Doomed.

FCC refuses to release text of more than 40,000 net neutrality complaints

Maybe journos should ask black voters why we vote the way we do instead of tweeting nonsense:

I don't mean to sound cold-hearted but

i guess we could learn from bernie on messaging..

Why does Discussionist still exist?

Bjorkman Talks Universal Health Care & Minimum Wage, Challenges Reporters

This is the Best Explanation of Why White People Cant Recognize or Accept the Reality of Racism

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Hobby Felony! Live Uncensored & a new kitteh gif

Shellshocked Turtle - Luckovich 'toon

Donnie Doofus 2 Scoops does not want you talking about his secret 2nd talk with Putin....

All GOP Initiatives Are Deadly Poison. Their Success Is Our Demise.

WTF MSNBC? Just let Ari Melber start his new show already. Want ratings for the 6pm est hour or not?

As Party Drifts Left, Pragmatic Democratic Governors Have Eye on White House

Sessions Panders to Trump's Base, Reinstates the DOJ's War Against Black Folks

Russian Anti-Sanctions Campaign Turned To California Congressman

Repealing Obamacare - Please help me with the math.

Somebody needs a lollipop!

Raise your hand: anyone finding themselves apologizing to friends

Frog rain at last!

President Trump would like you to know that making him look sinister is sick and fake.

Meet Donald Trump's nominee for Ambassador to Russia.

To My Fellow Plutocrats: You Can Cure Trumpism

*SPOILERS WARNING* re: handmaid's Tale....big plot hole????

Rachel right now

Rachel Maddow. Latest person 8th person in Jr-Russia meeting

when i learned about the 8th guy in don jr meeting

Touring Mars: Cool Data Visualization Lets You Visit the Red Planet

Rachel talking about Russian wish list

Honky Chateau (Again, let me put a smile on your face with a pic)

And now for something completely different

Who knew there were so many Russians that are

Turning away from Trump supporter relationships.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders on Threats to Democracy

Bomb left in bag explodes in pickup, causing serious burns to 4 occupants in Winnipeg


Fun tweets 4U - "A spy, a mob boss, and a money launderer..."

Ted Lieu trolls trump

A social leader is killed every 4 days in Colombia: Report

And, again: "where in the Constituion does it say that everyone is entitled to healthcare?"

Donald Trump Jr. Was Likely Paid at Least $50,000 for Event Held by Hosts Allied With Russia

Colombia President Santos hopes to improve economic ties with Cuba

So far, Minneapolis federation of police is silent

"Low white-vote count"

I have a question--are we allowed to criticize some of the actions of the Democratic Party?

TOO BAD-Billionaire Trump patrons Rebecca & Bob Mercer are apoplectic over the health care debacle

General Atomics, Westinghouse, Launch Ceramic Matrix Cladding (for nuclear fuel)

California rescuers free humpback snagged by fishing anchors

House Republicans release 2018 budget blueprint, which would slash social programs

Props to Obama

I have an odd question.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 20, 2017 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month - Ronald Colman

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 21, 2017 -- What's on Tonight: TCM Spotlight - 50 Years of Hitchcock

TCM Schedule for Saturday, July 22, 2017 -- The Essentials - Bette Davis Actress Roles

Help Florida Sea Turtles!

Eric Schneiderman on Seth Meyers tonight

Ouch! Slate - "Chris Cillizza Is a Bad Pundit and a Good Sport"

Slate - "Trump is a Gift to Iran"


Christie booed after catching foul ball at Mets game

Black Caucus leaders vote to remove Nebraska Democratic Party official after remarks about shooting

Germaphobe Trump dumped Chris Christie after election night tantrum over governors f*cking phone

Ruminations on failure, spell-checking, and, of course, madness

Top US general warns against rogue killer robots

Ramy Essam-Hela Hela

Trump's election commission holds 1st meeting amid pushback, legal challenges

Fascinating inside look at Yertle, & Health Care Bill, by former Congressional staff person.

The DC law firm the Russian lawyer visited after the Jr meeting/Trump connections

Every Year, the Sky Rains Fish. Explanations Vary.

Every Year, the Sky Rains Fish. Explanations Vary.

Trump invites Republican senators to healthcare lunch on Wednesday

Will the Republican Congress impeach Donald Trump if he fires Robert Mueller?

Yes. You Stupid Fuck, " YOU WILL" Own It, The Buck Stops With You..

Peruvian immigrants in hospital after being set on fire by Chile fishermen

Peruvian immigrants in hospital after being set on fire by Chile fishermen

This bores me... Greenwald doesn't even pretend to keep up the charade anymore

Stephen Colbert: "Repeal & Replace Obamacare. It was your one job. It's Paul Ryan's tramp stamp."

The crowd at the NYC Mets game booed Gov. Christie!

"President Barack Obama got a major economic stimulus plan through in his first month."

Castro's casa: social work lessons from Cuba

The Daily Show: How the Republican Health Care Bill Came and Went - 7/18/17

Hidden story of 2,000 African-Caribbean PoWs in a medieval castle

2018 and 2020 US Senate Election-Southwestern States are key to Democrats regaining control of the

Remember Me

Hirono, Blumenthal & Franken asking for suspension of Kushner's security clearance

About those WH workers who failed their background checks

Trump-grade Stupid

Rohrabacher asks about ancient civilizations on Mars. LOL.

House Oversight Dems request removal of Kris Kobach from voter fraud panel

Hundreds of German choir boys abused over six decades - report

Drifting Antarctic iceberg A-68 opens up clear water

Swiss glacier reveals couple lost in 1942

FBI investigating Duncan Hunter (R) misuse of campaign funds

The new 10 note unveiled

Seth Myers - The Check In: The Environmental Protection Agency - 7/18/17


FDR: Of course we care.

Andbank targeting wealthy Brazilians living in Miami

Brazilian Army receiving 60 more US M109A5 howitzers

Listen to your Elders

Has anyone read Devil's Bargain? The new book by Josh Green on Bannon and Trump?

Fidget this

Clinton, Romney campaign chiefs team up to protect elections from cyberattacks

Chechen President on Gays: 'They Are Devils. They Are Not People'

Rep. Barbara Lee‏: Ryan stripped my 01 AUMF repeal amdt from DOD Approps in the dead of night. Thi

While we were immersed in the health care vote, two (at least) important maneuvers occurred

AL GORE: "I believe we ought to have single-payer health care"

NBC News/WSJ Poll: Just 12% in Key Trump Counties Back GOP Health Care Effort

Argentina's Macri mulls sale of ARSAT 3 to Hughes Network Systems

Argentina's Macri mulls sale of ARSAT 3 to top satellite service provider Hughes

US military reportedly paying $130,000 a month to lease space in Trump Tower

Grifter-In-Chief owns it, republicans own it. They've worked...

McKinney man pleads guilty to defrauding investors out of $6.4M in diamond scheme

Have you heard what really went down at the G20 dinner

Twitter Videos: Sen. Sanders interview - Anderson Cooper 360 - July 18

Letter: Treason?

Stephen Colbert Monologue: Repeal Now, Replace Later, Reelect Never - 7/18/17

Stephen Colbert: Play 'Mystery Guy' And Find Out Who Colluded With Donald Jr.

KO : A Timeline for Treason 18/07/17

Question - can the administration be sued for trying to destroy an

It seems the people of the world must all suffer and die so that the greedy depraved scum of the 1%

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah he had 48-4 in favor of his bill

I don't know why but whenever I see his Klan (sic)

"Democrats are trying to win 2018 in all the wrong ways"

BREAKING: White House releases transcript of previously undisclosed G20 meeting btwn Trump & Putin

Reckitt cuts the mustard with $4.2 billion food business sale

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - GOP Healthcare Failure

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2 - The Nothing President

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

What Congressional Republicans Really Think About Trump and Russia

It's just too obvious...the obsession.

About Trump's meetings with Putin.

The New Yorker: How Trump Is Transforming Rural America

Careful. We keep pushing their noses in the dogshit, you know what happens when you corner a rat.

It's (Still) Never Trump's Fault

Kenny Rogers retiring...Farewell show Oct.25

Cattle-prod wielding rabbi kidnappers fail to convince court they were just practicing their faith

How the Senate Health Care Bill Failed: G.O.P. Divisions and a Fed-Up President

Al Gore Calls For Single-Payer Health Care

The first "move" in our Cold Civil War

GOP Lawmaker Got Direction From Moscow, Took It Back to D.C.

trump OWNS HEALTHCARE - 6 promises Trump has made

Remember when Trump said, prior to the election, that he would refuse to concede to HRC if he lost?

Harley-Davidson Is Losing Its Cool -

A lawyer, a spy, a mob boss, and a money launder walk into a bar

The Daily 202: Teflon Trump gets blamed less by base for Obamacare fail than Senate GOP

"Don can't do any deals because he'll be overly scrutinized. He just goes to work and is miserable."

What's Putin got planned after he's exhausted the Chaos of trump?

Russian lawyer who met Trump Jr. says ready to testify to Congress

Stephen Colbert: "RIP Republican Health Care Bill."

So when does Donald pull the ACA subsidies?

Trump Bets on Casino Hired Gun for State Department

New People cover. (But nobody cares about this story)

Lawmakers ask for review of Ivanka's security clearance

Trump Keeps Failing to Destroy Obama's Legacy, as Aides Assure Trump All Is Fine

So Trump says he works for American jobs and products

Sean Hannity SOLVES TrumpCare epic fail: pizza, KFC, Wendy's, and NO air conditioning. MAGA!

NASA Is Uploading Decades of Archival Footage to YouTube

SNL acted out the Putin Trump meeting months before it actually happened and were spot on,

Climate Change Denier Lamar Smith Took a Congressional Trip to the Arctic

Lewandowski: The President Is Going To Close The Deal On O'care Repeal Today

Nothing to see here.....

Trump Was Reportedly Annoyed Rand Paul Publicly Trashed Senate Repeal Bill

Erick Erickson: 'It's Time for Senate GOP to Ditch Mitch McConnell'

It can always get worse - possible pick for BLM

Delusional Trump Tweet: "it will get even better at lunchtime"

2018 US Senate Election-Trump State Democratic incumbents up for re-election.

trump is beating a dead horse....

Bill Press‏ @bpshow Visit to support @IronStache. He could take

How long till leading Republicans turn on Trump? It's happening already

Has anybody read Red Notice: A True Story of High

Poor Don JR, he's so sad.

(Ryan-asshole) stripped Lee's AUMF repeal amendment in the dead of night


Bloomberg poll shows Paul Ryan's approval rating is worse than Donald Trump's. Help Randy repeal & r

'Chaos rules, and I am its Prince'

Trump Controls Key Funding Move in Health Care Fight

Six ways Trump is 'dismantling' the US after six months in office

Karl Rove disagrees with Donald Trump Jr's meeting with the Russians- says he would have called

Does Dana "The Russian" Rohrabacher have a credible 2018 opponent?

Kobach Says Democrats' Letter Calling For His Firing Is 'Ridiculous'

Just started watching "Black Mirror" on Netflix

France's armed forces chief resigns after clash with Macron over budget cuts

"You say contusion. I say collusion." . . . Please come CAPTION Putin's translator!!!

Republican Healthcare Logic: America at the service station.

Can we now, FINALLY, all agree that Louise Mensch is either a troll or an idiot?

Netanyahu has just had a massive open-mic incident in Budapest summit.

Six Weeks In, Macron's Call For Climate Scientists Nets Flood Of Applicants For Research Program

Republican Strategery by Adam Schiff

Here's what should happen next on healthcare (WaPo editorial board)

NWS - Past 30 Days Hottest In Instrumental Record For CA Southern Deserts & Mountains

Lady Godiva. . . . Please CAPTION Putin's translator.

Residents Swim In Streets Of Istanbul As City Floods From Intense Storm; Bosporus Briefly Closed

Mexico Announces Completion Of Transparent Border Wall

Donald Trump Being Advised by 85-Year-Old Boxing Promoter

Trump Launches "Made in America" Week, His Own Products Made Overseas

GOP has not been able to come up with a better Health Care PLan ,,,

Under Sessions Plan, Government Will Seize More Peoples Property

I knew it, the Minnesota cop who shot a white woman is black AND named Mohammed...

Chump is at freaking 42/58 at (R)assmussen and 36/59 at yougov

Healthcare: Sorted. New business: Repeal and Replace Donald Trump.

Nearly half of all US high schoolers graduate with an "A" average

What the average Republican doesn't know about how terrible this week is for future elections.

Right-wing media are freaking out as anti-LGBTQ hate groups are called out

ALL TV correspondents MUST boycott

French moms arent superior parents, they just have it easier

Fantastic G20 photos

The issue in the Minneapolis police shooting

why the f-ck

Separated at Birth?

Great news! The White House is trying to kill the daily press briefing.

Any alternative to Photobucket for online photo uploading services?

Who doesn't think the conference rooms are bugged in Trump Tower

Eating their own: tRump and Pence Blame Republican Congress For Humiliating Defeat

Ozark, debuting Friday, July 21, on Netflix

Saudi police arrest model for wearing Skirt in Public.

Separated at Birth?

Florida Killings: Radical Islam And The Far Right, Under One Roof

Thinking about Single Payer...

Why all the interviews with Trump supporters?

What a piece of Shit,,,,,

2020 Colorado US Senate Election-DeGette-D

Australia is sharing an amazing trove of underwater data gathered in the long search for MH370

As if things weren't bad enough, Pat Robertson is having visions again......

The only agenda of the Reich Wing is to eliminate any trace of President Obama.

What to do when a friend falls off the radar

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) given explicit instructions by the Kremlin for how to attack sanctions

Give Trump A Chance - I Hear It All The Time

When Trump Invites GOP Senators Over for Dinner,

I am the Elitist?

Jarvanka at the G20.

Did I just hear that Groper Don the Con spent more time at the Monday night meeting

Dem lawmaker wears Trump, Putin 2016 hat for Made in America week[/b]

Does anybody have a link to the fdr vs Trump I'm not going to own it video?

New Episodes of 'Cold Justice' Premiere July 22

I have to wonder if all the "Trump is going senile" talk is letting him off lightly.

With New Hampshire, all of New England has decriminalized or legalized marijuana

"Blutarsky's Lament"

With New Hampshire, all of New England has decriminalized or legalized marijuana

Frequent Liar (Ann Coulter) - Luckovich 'toon

Elevated to be Hated

WATCH LIVE! @POTUS' Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity holds its first meeting

trump is investigating American voters while he let's russia & putin off the hook

Pic Of The Moment: Candidate Trump: I'll Give You GREAT Health Care! President Trump: J/K, IDGAF

Trumpers are sooooo stupid

This is Unreality

I got a 4k tv for my birthday and Trump looks even more like an ooompa loompa

Carrier laying off hundreds despite Trump deal

I got a big WTF and question

now go eat your meatloaf, asshole.

OMG. Ken Blackwell is on Trump's voter fraud commission.

Money Laundering For Russian Mob / Oligarchs Is Legal - You Don't Understand

DNC Chairman: The Democratic Plan to Combat Trumps Voter Suppression Commission

I Don't Know How To Express This - But This Voter Commission That Trump Is Addressing Now....

Trump Has a Mountain Hideout for Nuclear War, You're on Your Own

I have a question about DT Jr. and the "adoption"-issues that were discussed.

Sen.Bernie Sanders On 2020 Run, Russia Probe, Investigation Into Wife Jane, Health Care - The View

Sen.Bernie Sanders On 2020 Run, Russia Probe, Investigation Into Wife Jane, Health Care - The View

Body camera footage shows officer planting drugs, public defender says

Goat picks fight with office, goat wins

DOJ expanding controversial asset seizures programs


A chat with Bernie Sanders: Bernie Sanders on how to avoid war with North Korea

Bernie Sanders Podcast: 07/18/17: Episode 8: Bill Perry

Hey Mitch, you MOTHERFUCKER, we don't need relief from "Obama Care". We need relief from YOU.

"Leadership: Whatever happens, you're responsible. If it doesn't happen, you're responsible."

Take a break - ease your mind-

Hannity: Yertle's plan to kill healthcare for millions has sadly, tragically fallen apart

Place this in the "interesting" file.

Trump says his Voter Suppression Commission was bipartisan... is it?

When Mueller's investigation indicates Trump is placing the U.S. in immanent peril, what then?

Trump's name is disappearing from downtown Toronto

IMO, it's time to look at the London police for our police and get less armed officers.. .

Don Jr. Is 'Miserable' and Wants 'These Four Years to Be Over'

Bringing a laptop or tablet on a Mexico-to-U.S. flight? Beware of new security measures

So How Is Trump Going To Blackmail The Repug Senators At This Lunch Today?......

"Does everyone have their permission slip signed by their mom?" R Senators head to WH lunch

Washington Law Will Alert Survivors When Domestic Abusers Try to Buy a Gun

Donald Trump Jr. "miserable," can't wait for his dad's presidency to end

It's National Hot Dog Day! "Do you want to live forever?"

Is there an effort to take over the Democratic Party by someone outside of our Party?

Combine religion, politics and schizophrenia...

Why Would Jon Huntsman Take On This Ambassorship In Russia Given.....

Trumps Election Commission Is a Reunion for Controversial Bush Justice Division

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #3-6: Little Douche Coup Edition

Carrier lays off first 300 employees on six-month anniversary of Trump's presidency

Black Cartoonists on Life Under Trump. I'm learning alot here.

Reel Disturbed: Post a Pic of a Psycho from TV or a Flick

Harley-Davidson plunges on U.S. bike slump; job cuts planned

Chump Gallup 37/57

Ryan removes amendment to revoke presidents war authority from bill despite bipartisan support

Trump Bets on Casino Hired Gun for State Department

You can wager on anything- Will Nevada grant parole to O.J. Simpson on July 20?

Conservative media outlets stoke fears that gypsies are coming to America and.....

trump on teevee calling Obama a liar....hey 'president' trump....FUCK YOU

Lumpy sounds breathless

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen has introduced a resolution of no confidence in President Trump.

Chump just called President Obama a liar.

Jeff Sessions is leading America back into Reefer Madness

OMG. On my TV right now (1.15 PM EDT) there is a snake oil salesman yelling at me.

Possible Presidential Pardon Scenarios

There is a Snake Oil Salesman on my Televison.

Harrity's attorney: 'Reasonable' for officers to fear ambush before Justine Damond shooting (Mpls)

Repugs Held Hostage....

U.S. Supreme Court partly rejects Trump in latest travel ban fight

USSC partly rejects Trump in latest travel ban fight

I Asked The Other Day And I Didn't Get An Answer - Has Hannity Issued A Statement On Jr's Lying....

How to Create a Play Space that Builds Your Preschooler's Independence

Eric Garland: how political warfare is being waged by the alt-left (and Russia)

Question . . . Where has Bill O been lately? Seems pretty quiet from his corner. No interest in

Pictures from my trip to Colombia, South America for my daughter's wedding!

45 is a Russophile.

Agriculture officials say a rarely seen form of mad cow disease has been found in Alabama.

GOP Lawmaker Got Direction From Moscow, Took It Back to D.C.

How many Alabama students attend private schools?

40 thousand civilians feared killed in battle to re-take Mosul from ISIS

YES...this man STILL carries the "nuclear football" wherever he goes. Enjoy his new tweet!

(R) Rep Michael Burgress from Texas MY patients have NO right to the fruits of my Labor

Dickipedia of the Year, maybe this ***** should read the Framers Coup

Paul Ryan Says Taxes Are Too High, Reality Says Wages Are Too Low

ANALOGY: rebuilding after arson

We need a way to verify actual DUers and exclude pro-Russian bots here.

Trump just threatened Republican senators at a very awkward meeting at the White House

We Will Have To Go To War With GOP To Survive. They Are On The Criminally Insane Train.

Uruguay pharmacies start selling cannabis straight to consumers

Uruguay pharmacies start selling cannabis straight to consumers

This isn't good....repubs have raised more cash then Dems......

Cat using 'pet door'

Huge rotting shark washes up near Bush summer compound in Maine

TPM - "Trumps Ham-Handed, Incoherent Health Care Message Leaves Senate Flailing"

The president's ego is writing checks his administration can't cash

The fake prez is threatening to kill (sabotage) subsidies that the states and people rely on

TPM - "House GOP After Senate Ocare Collapse: We Walked The Plank For This?"

"Do I know how to negotiate, or what?" . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Slate - "Trump Proves He's Open-Minded on Voter Fraud Like Tobacco Companies Were Open-Minded on

Afghan soldiers are using boys as sex slaves, and the U.S. is looking the other way

Reverend Barber's letter to clergy that prayed with Trump

A Small Tech Startup With Trump Family Ties Got A White House Seat Next to Apple and Microsoft

So PINO Trump Is Trying to Threaten the Senators?

Turtle man is jabbering now outside whitehouse......

So...why CAN'T Trump just let the healthcare thing go?

Republican Senate chairman investigating Trump and Russia wont visit the White House anymore

Trump brand in Canada is literally worth less than zero.

More NRA fear mongering against BLM, Antifa and generalized "leftist violence" -

Was "invited" to a" town hall" meeting with Paulsen

Venezuelas National Oil Company On Its Last Legs

I got thanked for my service today.

Got my Vanity Fair this month (Trump / Cohn article)

Alicia Donahue is running against Paulsen

New Trump video game

Did Chuck Grassley find his magic at the Trump WH lunch??

Iowa GOP Leader: Atheists Invocation Was Intended to Destroy Christianity

Joel Osteen Wrote About a Guiding Force. Twitter Responded With Its Name

After This Christian Deconverted, He Sought Out the Atheist Who Changed His Mind

Trump and Kobach logic we'll never know if Trump won a legitimate election sounds about right

Katy Tur just tied Kris Kobach's nuts to the wall! I HOPE this gets online.

Jury recommends 132 years in prison for Loudoun's serial tire and rim thief


Majority Report: Politician: 'Did You Know It's Harder Being Rich Than Being Poor?'

Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria, a move sought by Moscow

Trump to end backing of Assad resistance

Putin Cut From Two Upcoming Hollywood Movies

"I don't think we should leave town until we have a health Care plan"

Trump ends covert CIA program to arm in Syria, a move sought by Moscow @realDonaldTrump PUTIN PUPPEY

Shakespeare's words, redirected at PINO Trump:

Saudi sources: Miniskirt model Kholoud released without charges

After Trump scolding, McConnell insists ObamaCare repeal will move forward

TYT: Why Is Bernie Sanders's Wife Being Investigated?

Trump to GOP senators: Cancel your recess

Kobach: 'We May Never Know' Who Won 2016 Popular Vote

Democrats target Ivanka Trump security clearance

Who will be the next Trump staffer to go?

Trump: Republicans 'never discuss how good their healthcare bill is'

Flake Wishes Muslim Senate Challenger Well After Islamophobic Abuse

White nationalist pleads guilty to disorderly conduct at Trump rally in Louisville

Pakistans secret atheists

Senate Republican holdouts to meet Wednesday to discuss reviving Obamacare repeal-and-replace plan

Here's a question: Is the "Sequestration" still in effect?

When do they plan to have don jr. and manafort testify in open hearing? I thought it was to be

What a surprise: Jared Kushner just did something super shady

9/11 survivors accuse Theresa May of suppressing a report on Saudi terrorism links

Starts as an act of kindness...ends in disaster! (biker gets revenge)

Randy Newman wrote a song about Donald Trumps penis

Pork barrel spending on the rise in Congress, watchdog group says

1535 London: Bishop John Fisher's head "grew daily fresher and fresher...caused...traffic jams"

Guess I'm supposed to introduce myself.

Trump challenges senators to resurrect Obamacare repeal effort: 'We're close'

Trump cannot be trusted to be alone with Putin - By Jennifer Rubin

NRA TV hosts warn white families will be tortured and killed if Black Lives Matter succeed

I am not pro or anti Israel...but

LIMBAUGH: Democrats Are Never Gonna Support 'Universal Basic Income'

Revisiting The GOPs Big 'Take Away Their Coverage' Celebration - By Josh Marshall (Wow!)

'Hawaii Five-0' Adds Three Series Regulars to Replace Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim

He gets to remain Senator

With Trump and Russia, it's all about the money - By Paul Waldman

Is that footsie Trump is playing with Putin at the table, or what? - Tom Toles


Sacramento CA School District Recruits Overseas

Trump's Judicial Pick John Bush Lies to the Senate About Comparing Abortion to Slavery

The spectacular failure of Trumpcare, Trump and McConnell - By Jennifer Rubin

tRump barely lifts a finger on healthcare

Did you know 1 out of every 7 Asian immigrants is undocumented? We must #defendDACA.

What Would It Be Like If We Went Back To Dueling Like In Alexander Hamilton's Time.

atomic energy is not a bridging technology

Talk Radio Host Blames Megyn Kelly's Ratings on 'Liberal' Male Viewers Who 'Are Gay'

NRA, RW Hate Machine Inciting Violence Against Progressives, Democrats & Minorities.

Why Trump Can't Convince Anyone on Health Care

Second long-unknown Gacy victim identified as boy from Minnesota

Speaking of Hot Dogs 🌭 What do You Like on Yours?

Human Centipede Corey Lewandowski says Melania is "beautiful" 3 times in 40 seconds

It hurts not having ambassadors, says US Army commander in Europe

Sessions reinstates asset forfeiture policy at Justice Department

77% of Trump Voters say the USA should bow down to Russia.

OK, where are the heartless bastards who named Jared "least popular Trump family member?"

Uh oh . . . could Vonkers be in trouble?

IKEA alert: be careful of your "sailors"!

Charles P. Pierce: Now They're Eating Their Own

The Dirtbag Left and the Problem of Dominance Politics

Russian Anti-Sanctions Campaign Turned to California Congressman

Freedom Caucus to try to force vote on Obamacare repeal

Urgent: Politico reports senate moving closer to Obamcare repeal as disagreements 'congeal'

Nuclear war would set off climate catastrophe

I live in a "food desert" area of my city...

Ohio judge: Richard Cordray plans to run for Ohio governor

Older Americans Deserve to Live with Dignity - Bernie Sanders

Trump: We Shouldnt Leave Town Until We Act on Health Care

Finally - Reporter broke White House rules by streaming live audio of an off-camera briefing...

In answering Katy Tur's question Kris Kobash said we can never know if Hillary won the popular vote

Looking for a Democratic Forum that is not

Sanders, Conyers, Holmes Norton Announce Youth Jobs Bill

Production, use, and fate of all plastics ever made

Have You Seen The Commercial With The Little Girl That Keeps Asking "WHY?......

I'm a scientist. I'm blowing the whistle on the Trump administration.

Sanders, Conyers, Holmes Norton Announce Youth Jobs Bill

Rosie ODonnell Provokes Conservatives Fury With Tweet About Push Trump Off A Cliff Game

Trump Threatens Dean Heller To His Face: He Wants To Remain a Senator, Doesnt He?


Scientists Journey to the World's 'Lost' 8th Continent

The graphic that the Mercury News put together to show the Air Canada near-miss at SFO is incredible

Liftoff? Icy Jets of Saturn Moon Enceladus Fly in NASA Photo

CREW requests names of visitors to Trump in Bedminster.

How the social gospel movement explains the roots of todays religious left

Guess who gets booed for catching a foul ball?

Right-Wing Media Attempts to Rescue ADF, Sessions From Explaining Secret Speech

The hidden fossil fuel giveaway at the center of the 2018 House budget

As cbo score comes out fox news

Former governor accused of stealing funds raised to curb child mortality moved to Bogota

Fossil fuels are dead says rail baron who hauls 800,000 carloads of coal a year

A Hypothetical Question about the GOP and the Russia Scandal

Malia Obama didn't lose her summer internship in Spain for smoking weed -- in fact, she wasn't there

Artist D'Antuono D.C. Mobile Billboards: Impeach Trump

Trump declines invitation to speak at NAACP convention: White House

32 million more Americans would be uninsured by 2026 under Senate measure heading to a vote...

Netanyahu accidentally reveals Israel has struck Iran-backed fighters in Syria dozens of times

Several Trump Associates Are Struggling To Pay Legal Bills For Russia Probe

New Hampshire Decriminalizes Small Amounts Of Marijuana

Carrier Cuts 300 At Factory Where Trump Boasted Of Saving Jobs

30 million Americans very grateful there were responsible grown ups on the playground

Manure Spreader

Carrier Cuts 300 At Factory Where Trump Boasted Of Saving Jobs

Paul Ryan Pivots to Tax Code Rewrite, Welfare Overhaul

Parents who 'gifted' daughter to man get prison sentence

Grassley boarded the bus o look for "magic" today.

Robert Reich: 6-Month Update for Trump Voters Is this what you voted for?

Massachusetts legislature backs deal on recreational pot law

Single-Payer Is Within Reach: What You Need to Know About the Bill for Improved Medicare for All

Manafort and Don Jr. to testify next week!

Cop suspended; defense lawyers say video shows drugs planted

think about this: the current 'president' is fine with allowing 32 million people losing healthcare

"When they go low we go high" scores first major win with death of Chumpcare.

Army general among Thais convicted of human trafficking

The Butcher of Mar-a-Lago's repeal of Obamacare with kill more Americans in it's first month ...

8.3 billion metric tons: Scientists calculate total amount of plastics ever produced

Judge orders Texas to lower temperature in sweltering prison

Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria, a move sought by Moscow

Hialeah man shoots tires of AT&T truck after workers park in front of home, police say


David Frum: The Paradox of Mitch McConnell's Repeal-Only Vote

The Voter Purges Are Coming

"Hindsight is 2020: America, Don't Make the Same Mistake Again

So the CBO says 32 MILLION will lose coverage? You know Steve...

TPM: Several Trump Associates Are Struggling To Pay Legal Bills For Russia Probe

Paul Ryan is shockingly unpopular, even for Paul Ryan (ONLY 34% approval)....

'At this point, we're a little incompetent': GOP leaders admit defeat as TrumpCare falters again

Corporate Media Largely Silent on Trumps Civilian Death Toll in Iraq

What's for Dinner, July 19, 2017

Overnight Energy: GOP takes on endangered species reform


Owner of Dallas Gay Leather Bar Enters Texas Governors Race

Scranton's special counsel files notice to sue councilman for slander

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 20 July 2017

Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort scheduled to testify July 26

Salem Memorializes Those Killed During Witch Trials

Wildfire in California Threatens Homes, Power to Yosemite National Park

Gore calls for single-payer healthcare

Trumps voter suppression commission gets hit with third major lawsuit in eight days

Million Dollar Chicken

Trump tells GOP Senators.....

NYT: Manafort was in debt to pro-Russia interests by as much as $17 million.

Kompromat: Manafort was in debt to pro-Russia interests aprox. $17M before joining Trump's campaign

IMO, the only news the son and son in law could make before Congress, is the health of DT45.

A complete list of things that I despise and loathe more than trump, his cabal, & repubs in general

GOP takes revenge on female candidate who criticized Trump for assaulting women

Wisconsin has Walker and the GOP running scared?

Manafort Was in Debt to Pro-Russia Interests, Cyprus Records Show

While rural areas lack choice in the health exchanges

GOP repeal foes face blowback

Funniest regular show....'ello govna

Paul McCartney is a block away from me tonight and I can't go :(

Watch: Keegan-Michael Key brings back Obamas anger translator to rage about Trump and health care

Fox News Feud Sean Hannity Angry That Other Hosts Arent Blindly Supporting Trump

Slate - "Trump's Voter Fraud Panel - First Public Meeting - Featured Lie After Lie After Lie"

I'm stuck on a dead train coming out of Grand Central. Ask me anything!

Donald Trump Jr. Is Apparently Miserable, Wants Dads Presidency To Be Over

Installed recessed lighting in my kitchen last weekend

Do you think Trump and the GOP want to collect voter information to disseminate to foreign powers?

Trump's election commission meets as critics condemn president's 'biggest lie'

Here's Donald Trump desperately trying to get Vlad's attention at the G20 dinner.

Sad poll day for donnie(R)

I wonder how many f-bombs were dropped at CBO while finalizing no-replace TrumpCare numbers

OMG - Kenneth Blackwell's on the Kobach voter suppression commission!?!?!?

TOP 10 Homemade ROCKETS

Widow of marine who died last week in airplane crash is pissed at trump.

The NRA has become a full-on alt-right organization

"Secrets and Lies": the Trump-Russia scandal lands the cover of People magazine

'People are getting poorer': hunger and homelessness as Brazil crisis deepens

Russia has the only record of Putins second time meeting with Trump.

'People are getting poorer': hunger and homelessness as Brazil crisis deepens

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Mendacity

MEANWHILE, in St. Petersburg...

If Trump live streamed himself eating puppies and babies would Congress impeach?

Older Americans Deserve to Live with Dignity

Been about a year since I was locked away with my fellow mentally ill people for a few days...

We DO realize that Dummy Jr. and Manafort will be questioned in one week by SENATOR! AL! FRANKEN!!

"Have reporters lost their mojo?

"The Republicans never discuss how good their healthcare bill is..."

Prediction for Kushner, Manafort etc testimony

Video: Donald Trump desperately trying to get Vlad's attention at the G20 dinner.

So went to fill out paperwork for new job.

Just. Cut. Taxes (barf alert!)

AMBER Alert (missing child) for Nebraska (UPDATE LOCATED SAFE!)

Does Robert Mueller and his team

In Interview, Trump Expresses Anger at Sessions and Comey, and Warns Mueller

NY Times: Watching Fox & Friends, Trump Sees a Two-Way Mirror

In Interview, Trump Expresses Anger at Sessions and Comey, and Warns Mueller.

The Latest: Descendants remember victims of witch trials

Tom The Dancing Bug Toon- Cops (Trump Edition)

Is there ANY way to get rid of Gordon Schwen?

I'm so glad that whole healthcare thing got better at lunchtime

General Clapper was just on Mathews' show. He has some scary shit to tell.

Koterba toon: Obamacare: Repeal & Replace

People Are Being Punished for the Crime of Having an Ethnic Last Name (w/guest Greg Palast)

Republicans Have Gotten Marginalizing Democracy Down to a Science (w/guest Dave Daley)

Will you watch O.J. Simpson's parole hearing Thursday?

I think the reason Trump Jr had the arrogance not to reveal all about that mtg...he knows he's safe.

Toon - Beep Beep!

Trump-Putin Meeting Raises Red Flags for National Security Experts