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Archives: October 10, 2018

Tweety sure is loving himself some Nikki Haley

Anyone who thinks Jarvanka is brilliant and the US is respected

Where are the Democratic Party ads showing the real fucking MOB?

Taylor Swift lyrics in AMA show opener sure sending a message

Huge Iceberg Poised to Break Off Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier

TN-GOV: Trooper pulled from governor candidate security team after divulging info to Lee campaign

How veterinarians really treat your pets behind closed doors

First African American drafted in NFL dies

Clean water not cost effective - Shh, don't tell Trump

Beto on Chris Hayes in 2 min

Simple joys in life - Road showers

Future South Carolina Sen Nikki Haley?

*NOW MSNBC, BETO O'ROURKE Chris Hayes "All In"

U.S. Immigration.

CA-GOV: Voting in California can be boring, but I like it that way

Rand Paul warns of 'assassination' peril after Kavanaugh confirmation

I'm happy people are registering to vote in November

How Chief Justice John Roberts orchestrated the Citizens United decision.

Nikki Haley's private plane flights raise ethics questions, watchdog says

Who's Afraid of Elizabeth Warren?

Neville: Anti-Muslim Rallies Seek to Perpetuate "Whites-Only Club"

Brian Hyland - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (VIDEO)

The Senate truly is up for grabs.

How Can Progressives Stand Up to Kavanaugh and Trumpism?

Neo-Nazi Who Attacked Amtrak Train Revealed As Unite The Right Participant

The GOP mask has slipped off: Very interesting article

International Confidence in American Leadership Has Plummeted

neo-Nazis, racists hail Kavanaugh's elevation to USSC as open season on women, minorities

Tallahassee braces for strongest storm 'since 1894'

Let's see if Floridians have learned the lesson of voting based on the courts! We have a problem.

Kavanaugh takes active role in first day at U.S. Supreme Court

Chinese Lantern Causes Huge Fire at Tank Farm

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Mordicum!

Trump: 'Dems will end ethanol'

NYT: Turkish officials say Saudi leadership ordered killing of journalist

Do boarding houses, rooming houses still exist? They're common in pre-WWII novels

In 2009 town hall protests over Obama health care proposals, 89% of GOP thought APPROPRIATE!

Maxine Waters Nails Trump To A Wall Whining About Violent Protesters: 'He's The Mob President'

KS-03: GOP official calls Davids a radical socialist, lesbian who will be sent back to reservation

I voted using ranked-choice for Senator and Congresscritter for the first time today in Maine.

Has anyone have been having nightmares in the last few months?

Crop experts: Big harvests, low prices mean more SD grain will be stored; safety concerns

CO @GOP Party warms that if Dem women win-they could unleash a #MeToo witch hunt in the Gen Assembly

One year ago the Limo was rusty and held together with duct tape

Must Read Update from Hurricane from the Tallahasee Democrat

Alyssa Milano: Kavanaugh's Confirmation Doesn't Mean We're Giving Up

Free speech group sues state ahead of November election

Kavanaugh Yale classmate: The FBI investigation was a joke. I tried to help and was ignored.

No, you won't see 'hamster stacking' on the South Dakota ballot

Everything tastes good with some green herbs accenting the dish

America's first robot farm replaces humans with 'incredibly intelligent' machines

A positive story about a nice man I met at the foodstore about 70 minutes ago...11/9/18,, 8:45 pm ET

Rep. Maxine Waters Goes Off On Trump Violent Protesters: 'He's the Mob President'

We've launched a migrant rescue ship to resist the racist right in Italy

Vile GOP Maine Rep calls Marine Vet Dem opponent "a young radical who embraces a socialist agenda."

GOP state legislator snatches mic from the hand of his female opponent -- then throws it back at her

Good political advice

Found Out I Had Been Purged From the Roll in Texas

Tokyo Olympics: Costs hit almost $25 billion -- may go higher

According to Lawrence O'Donnell we will take back the House...hopefully. Can we

In Ramona, she expected supporters of Duncan Hunter and Trump. What she found was more nuanced

A GOP Tax-Law Writer Faces Skeptics in His Minnesota District

Feinstein calls Trump attack 'an embarrassment'

Cute Meme From FB

Ford announces plan to lay off workers after tariffs cost them $1B

I think of Dr Ford's sacrifice for the country like the ending of The Dead Zone

This Last-Minute Surge in Voter Enthusiasm is Brought to You by Post-Kavanaugh Gloating &...Tay-Tay?

Gecko butt-dials 'bazillion' times from Hawaii seal hospital

Today's evening in the Florida Keys

The "mob" that Trump reviles is composed of

Mitchell Manufacturers Hire More Hispanic Workers

My take on Haley leaving

Owner of Texas restaurant chain pulls 'hundreds of thousands of dollars' of business out of Maine to

911 call - There be whales under our boat

I will give it to my henchmen who will find things to discredit...

The Saudis are IN YOUR FACE lying about murdering the Journalist Jamal Kashoggi

Missouri judge rules officials can't tell voters photo ID required to cast ballot

When the elephant is crazy, you respect what they do...

Avenatti to Little Con...You'll be indicted soon...

Understanding and addressing the threats against the rule of law in America today

FTC.PAC (TX-SEN) campaign ad: "Is Ted Cruz 'Tough as Texas'?"

Grassley pledges to raise $3M for Collins after Kavanaugh fight

Rock Star audition.

Veterans Affairs won't hand over documents showing suspected shadow influence of Trump associates

Hurricane Michael is strengthening to a CAT 4 per MSNBC

Taylor Swift wins AMA's Artist of the Year

IMF: 'Dangerous undercurrents' threaten global economy

Sears preparing potential bankruptcy filing: report

Taylor (I'ma-Let-You-Finish) Swift Gets Better With Age

Missouri judge rules officials can't tell voters photo ID required to cast ballot

GOP nominee for governor revealed as author of book excusing slavery

Hurricane Michael Advisory Number 14

How is this happening?

Colorado GOP leader whines women could bring #MeToo to his 'own backyard'

Regardless of what the Village Idiot thinks, Ivanka Trump can't be Ambassador to the UN

Just look how thrilled Thomas is to finally have another pervert on the Court

Forget it Jake

State agencies are asking the Legislature for $100 million for school safety

Forget the Wall: Pati Jinich Wants to Build a Culinary Bridge to Mexico.

Criticizing 'wacko' Democrats, Trump promotes ethanol, local Republicans at Bluffs rally

AZ Shelter For Migrant Children Closes After Abuse Allegations

Saudis are said to have lain in wait for Jamal Khashoggi

Michael Cloud, new GOP congressman, faces Democrat Eric Holguin in 27th District

Prop. 10 allows rent control to be expanded. Any decent liberal would support this.

Mormon Leader: LGBTQ Advocacy Comes From Satan

Confirmed: University of Texas investigating if Sen. Charles Schwertner sent lewd image, text

Here's what dRump'$ ethanol plan means for farmers, refiners and motorists

Houston Groups Sue for License to Discriminate Against LGBTQ People

Hmmmm...What's the difference between these two athletes??

With them fuzzing out his supporters behind him at rallies now....

It's like Joseph McCarthy came back to life and became president

Christopher Walken's First premonition- The Dead Zone

Hillary Clinton: You 'cannot be civil' with Republicans, Democrats need to be 'tougher'

FEAR mongering going on in the Tennessee Governor race

Someday, some historian will write a full history of our "alliance" with the Saudi royal family...

Shrinking Student Population Means Dallas ISD Faces Mass School Closures

In London, Both Political Parties Work To Turn US Expats Out To Vote

Dionne Warwick - Walk on By

As we suspected. Trump had nothing to do with declining NFL ratings.

Herbie Hancock - Tell me a bedtime story

More than 120 missing children found in Michigan human trafficking sting

Hillary on Colbert

Operation MISafeKid recovers 123 missing children in Wayne County

Red Sox beat Trump and Rudy's team

Drillers Burn Off Record Amounts Of Gas As Focus Remains On Oil

For our friends who are in the track of this storm

Two "Suite in Old Style" offerings quite different from one another.

Voting against Prop. 10, is voting to keep the Republican-imposed restrictions on rent control

What can I do to help Beto?

What the World Needs Now - Dionne Warwick

USA: Continuing To Shit On Native Americans Since Before It Even Existed.

West Virginia's Small-Town Revival

West Virginia's Small-Town Revival

Sky lantern causes large fire in South Korea

I think I'm on DU too much, and in the wrong frame of mind...

Bill and Hillary Clinton set to begin 6-month speaking tour.

Suspect who turned self in for gay strip shooting: 'I didn't do this'

Brazilian supporter of Haddad assassinated after voting

GOP nominee for Florida governor (Desantis) revealed as author of book excusing slavery

The Daily Show: Trump Takes a Victory Lap After Kavanaugh Is Sworn In

This man put a Ted Cruz sign near the home of a Beto supporter. Here's what happened

Fired Up And Ready To Go ... lets go guys ... Enough Said !!!!

'Such an incredible increase:' Early voting numbers soar across Minnesota - Prez election numbers

Plan for new Confederate license plate is backed by Texas Agriculture Commissioner Miller

Rock The Vote Accuses Eric Trump Of Stealing Its Voting Registration Graphic

Colin Allred hits District 32 rival Pete Sessions on health care in new television ad

Check your voter registration status

Yale holocaust historian w/Brian Williams 10/9 - dangers of calling news HOAX or FAKE

Dallas' Oak Lawn 'gayborhood' becomes first in Texas to get state historical marker

Republican males, stay home on election day

The Real Blue Wave Could Come in the States

Taylor Swift doubles down! Tells people to vote at AMAs after winning artist of the year

Lost Chain of Underwater Volcanoes Is a Massive Whale Superhighway

Take out the Rasmussen poll and Trump's Approval is -13

Cimarosa: "Serenade for Flute and Guitar, I.-IV."/Perahia plays Bach's

It's amazing what gets lost in the news these days

Arkansas debate mostly sidelines health care



University of Arkansas announces $10.8M estate gift

Is The United States Going To War With Iran?

'Moneyball' Author Studies President Donald Trump, Finds Government Neglect - The Last Word - MSNBC

A Make Or Break Day For Beto O'Rourke's Attempt To Unseat Ted Cruz - All In - MSNBC

The tRump wall won't stop the tunnels.

The Daily Show: Guest Lester Holt - Taking the News to Small-Town America

Jury's $289M award in Roundup cancer suit heads to court

Seafloor mapping XPRIZE final will be in the Mediterranean, off Greek coast

Coastal Bend College former VPI and student accuse administrators of fraud, coercion

#HimToo Becomes A Meme And The Internet Delivers - All In - MSNBC

How Trump's Deregulation Push Could Change How You Fill Up Your Tank

See The Climate Report That Shreds Donald Trump's Science Denials - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Trump says it's a scary time for young men because they can be accused of a crime

God gave us Bowling

It looks like South Park will be interesting tonight...

TheDailyDon: ''From one dog, all the dogs bark.''

Millennials and the vote. Don't count on them.

Democrats Enter Campaign's Final Stretch Flush With Cash

Twenty-Seven Days ... Vote

The Rachel Maddow Show 10/9/18 - MSNBC - Full Show

Mattis orders fighter jet readiness to jump to 80 percent

How to remove signature in yahoo- pls help!

Laquan McDonald's Murderer convicted

Christopher Steele Breaks 18-Month Silence With Swipe at Trump

I'm sick to death of this sudden praise of Niki Haley

Duers in the path of the storm, please check in before and after the storm.

Somalia's al Shabaab executes five men accused of spying for USA, UK and Somalia

Breaking: Michael Bloomberg registers as a democrat

Michael Bloomberg re-registers as a Democrat this morning.

LMAO Trump punks himself again (Fox News no less) and Twitter responds

You know what's the single most ridiculous detail in Flat-Earth-theory?

UFCW Locals 655, 88, 881 win major protections for members impacted by Shop 'n Save sale

Mike Bloomberg Re-Registers as a Democrat, Pledges to Help Stand Up to Trump

UFCW Locals 655, 88, 881 win major protections for members impacted by Shop 'n Save sale

Hey Red Tide Rick - Mr Ban the words Climate Change

Ex-MI6 spy's (Christopher Steele) veiled swipe at Donald Trump revealed

Woman removed from flight bound for Cleveland due to 'emotional support' squirrel

California man who sold stolen identities to be sentenced in Russia probe

Trump Warns of 'Socialist' Agenda

Trump's midterm pitch: Vote for me

Poll: Kavanaugh confirmation energizes Democrats more than GOP

Lamont Holds Solid Lead In Connecticut

Wednesday TOONs - Oh Nikki, You're So Gone Edition

This is what a spying network looks like.... Hey CIA, FBI, and NSA, Hint!

For all the people...

Trump rips Dems' embrace of Medicare for all: 'The centrist Democratic Party is dead'

GOP official on Davids: radical socialist, lesbian will be sent back to reservation

Trump Supporters Use 'Lock Her Up' Chant Against Dianne Feinstein at Rally

Scarborough: 'Snowflake' Mitch McConnell Must Be Shocked at Trump Rally's 'Angry Mob'

Thinking of everyone in the Panhandle.

CNN's Toobin: Democrats 'Pathetic' to Worry About Hillary Clinton Motivating GOP Base

Sadly! I know some of the "mob" that attended Trump's freak show in Council Bluffs!

Scary thought: What if Trump starts to believe in "Q"?

Ivanka Trump says she won't replace Nikki Haley as UN ambassador

Anyone remember this ad from comic books in the 1950's ?

Grassley says he would not allow Supreme Court vacancy to be filled in 2020

Your opinion please

Just saw clips of Trump's Rally last night;He is throwing out Dog whistles.

BARBRA STREISAND! Watch this video: "Don't Lie to Me"

Nevertheless, She Voted

Hey, remember that time Jared Kushner unexpectedly flew to Saudi Arabia for three days?

Rand Paul worried about someone getting killed.

One of Ireland's Largest Churches Will Be Demolished Due to Low Attendance

Catholic Moms Defend Kavanaugh with "It Can Happen to Our Sons" Ad

The Webcomics Weekly #5: The Dream Child (10/9/18)

Top 50 Graphic Novels: #30-26

A vote for any Republican is a vote for Trump.

Hurricane Michael windspeed rising to 145 mph: this will be one of the top 10 hurricane landfalls...

#EndorseThis: Hillary Dares To Challenge Trump And GOP On #MeToo

Mike Bloomberg Re-Registers as a Democrat, Pledges to Help Stand Up to Trump

Ford May Lay Off 24,000 In Trump's Trade War

Court Decision Shows Mueller Probe Still Expanding

Why do so many tours and cruises go to Croatia?

Opinion: Nikki Haley, Donald Trump's global enabler, was no moderate

Son in viral meme forgives mother for #HimToo tweet he says is a misrepresentation

Daniel Dale: USA Today not only published a White House press release disguised as an "op-ed by...

Trump Appeals to Cognitively Challenged Voters

Every American Institution is Being Radicalized

The Greatest Trick...

Anyone ever been on a tour about Nazi Germany called

Why Republicans are so good at media manipulation?

Nikki Haley's resignation comes one day after an ethics watchdog requested an investigation into her

ICE releases hundreds of asylum seekers on U.S. border with nowhere to go

🐿 Meanwhile In Florida ✈️

The ReTHUG mob led by their leader is now screaming

Trump rips Dems' embrace of Medicare for all: 'The centrist Democratic Party is dead'

Conway: Blue wave forecasts coming from 'same geniuses' who predicted Clinton win

How about this? Pence out in 2020 - Haley in as VP candidate.

Florida governor: 'You do not have a chance to survive' hurricane's predicted storm surge

**GOP gaslight attempt fails** : Poll-Kavanaugh confirmation energizes Democrats more than GOP

Kellyanne is looking especially "Skeletor-like" on MSNBC this morning. Looks like

Former Planned Parenthood head leaves door open to elected office

**Third post Kavamess poll shows Dems with a double digit generic ballot lead, now + 10, was + 7 **

2 killed, 2 wounded in shooting at Fort Myers, Florida shopping center

Trump's Patron-in-Chief: Sheldon Adelson

Fishy Haley timing...

Santa Fe County (NM) Commission hopeful served jail time, had 4 DWI arrests

NY Times vs Sullivan case vs Wikileaks

GOP Attack Ads Smear Military Veterans

Infographic how much the Democratic Party has moved to the left over the years.

Category 4 Hurricane Michael being felt on Florida coast....44 mins ago

Jim Jefferies Show - Who's The Real Victim?

So Who Will Strike First? Mueller Or Trump?

What TN residents need to know about Obamacare for 2019

If you want Medicare for all

Court Decision Shows Mueller Probe Still Expanding

Anyone else with childhood memories of Sears feeling sad?

If Bloomberg is the Democrats' nominee, we need a new Democratic Party.

Obamacare enrollment period approaching---Nov.1-Dec. 15. Lots of info here:

"It's the most wonderful time of the year..."

"Spot the difference" game

What will you miss most about Sears?

Role of regulation in value-based health care

Dem enthusiasm up post-Kavanaugh, not Republican

ACLU: We're at the Supreme Court right now

Colorado Republican caught faking endorsement from Democratic governor

How's the weather at your place today?

Imaging tool unravels secrets of child's sock from ancient Egypt

Meanwhile in florida....(a little funny)

House GOP smears military veterans as anti-American in new attack ads

Here's how Susan Collins gaslit the nation -- and revealed herself to be just another partisan flunky

The Paranoid Style in G.O.P. Politics - Paul Krugman

Trump Campaign: Ok we did it, but it's not illegal

Michael Bloomberg Registers As Democrat As He Mulls 2020 Presidential Bid

Ford may have to cut 24,000 workers in midst of Trump trade war

Overwatch League expands to 20 teams

Republican Paul Weyrich regarding democracy (voter suppression)

Postcards to voters big turnout last night

Nikki Haley: latest Trump enabler to ruin her shot at redemption

Andy Borowitz Investigates Brett Kavanaugh's Drinking with Adam Schiff

Time when a republican president apologized for a racial insult

As Trump raises tariffs, Europe looks east

The Trump Campaign Says Exploiting Hacked Emails Is Free Speech

Stone Associate Challenging Mueller Likes Kavanaugh Odds

Poll: Kavanaugh confirmation energizes Democrats more than GOP

For the birds

GOP Lawmaker Rips Mic From Democratic Candidate's Hands During Debate

Pope compares abortion to hiring a hit man to solve problems

I just watched a real leader discussing Hurricane Michael on MSNBC

Wimbledon to take firm line on treatment of ball kids

Dems to force health care vote weeks before Nov. midterms

Boog mans home time to hump the cat

Ex-MI6 spy's veiled swipe at Donald Trump revealed

I am a male and was molested as a child for over 2 years. I have a reason for telling this.

Lies, lies and more lies. Out of an old Tacoma house, fact-checking site Snopes uncovers them

Hey Flugelsong: Perhaps we need to boycott all things North Dakota too!

Pakistan conducts training launch of nuclear-capable Ghauri Missile System

Everything is the opposite of what Donald Trump says...

The Trump Campaign Says Exploiting Hacked Emails Is Free Speech

The Wizard of Oz

Trump Administration Seeks to Stifle Protests Near White House and on National Mall

Individual action won't achieve 1.5℃ warming - social change is needed, as history shows

NHC Update 16 10:00 CDT - Michael Getting Stronger 60 Miles SSW Panama City Max Sustained 145 928 Mb

More than 4,000 mentally ill inmates held in solitary in US - report

FBI Director Wray Confirms That White House Limited Kavanaugh Probe

Democrats Are Ignoring One Key Voting Group: Veterans

FAKE NEWS! Fake science! It's all a left-wing conspiracy! It's a money-rackett!! ( Says 45)

We need to talk about Melania Trump's Out of Africa wardrobe

Christian leader Jerry Falwell urges Trump support: 'He's a moral person' NOT the Onion!!

Gifford Law Center sues DOJ for all Communications with NRA

Question about a cat

Christian leader Jerry Falwell urges Trump support: 'He's a moral person' NOT the Onion!!

Day 41:

FBI director defends 'limited' Kavanaugh background probe

Maine's "moderate" Republican reveals herself to be just a partisan flunky after all

$69 Billion Merger of Aetna and CVS Health Is Approved With Conditions

GOP Lawmaker Rips Mic From Democratic Candidate's Hands During Debate

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen: "Their parents chose to do that."

This is an interesting race :GA governor Abrams (Democrat) 46% Kemp (Repugnant) 46%

Happy National Hug A Drummer Day! Post Your Drummer Hugging Pics Here!

Another Putin foe dies, strangled with a dog leash in London

What's going on on the NY/NJ Palisades Interstate Parkway?

Belfast bakery wins case over refusal to make gay marriage Bert and Ernie cake

Indiana voter purge. Check your status here.

How bout a game. Pick the Senate, House, & Governors race you most want to win.

Weird sensation for any who has been through a tropical storm or hurricane:

This is how polarizing Trump is..

Isn't the hurricane going to hit the most conservative part of Florida?

When Susan Collins gaslit the nation: Was that the Republican Party's final surrender to Trump?

No climate change GOP? CAT 4 Hurricane landing in three states, Fl, AL, GA

Gods help me. I am stuck at the DMV with God knows how many people ahead of me

Hodeidah 'cholera cases triple after Saudi-UAE offensive': Report

35% of Dems support a Republican...

Woman who spent $21 million at Harrods fights U.K. order to explain source of her wealth

Tuscarora football player sexually assaulted in the locker room, source says

& the reality show continues: Meloonia interview Friday night, tough questions

Ricky Davila tweet: Kavanaugh pushing his wife to the side tells the real tale about this predator

CNN live feed from the beach at Bradenton, FL...

Just in time for Halloween.

God - To soar among the clouds, so wonderful, so terrifying

Fact-Checking President Trump's USA Today op-ed on "Medicare-For-All"

nikki haley has NOT served two years as UN ambassador--LESS than 21 months. yes, I know,

Rachel Maddow on pinedo's sentencing, etc.

Someone clear this up for me please, concerning the double jeopardy law in NY

Pic Of The Moment: Wednesday Wingnuts

"The Guernsey Literary...". My review and a trailer.

Look at Kamala Harris question a very careful and slightly nervous Director Wray.

Reynolds won't deny Republicans plan to Gut IPERS benefits

On the Trail of Missing American Indian Women

Speaking of Nazis and Amtrak:

Another hurricane heading for Atlantic coast

Conservative Christian: Trump's personality gives Democrats "an opening" on Midterms

NOW people want to be evacuated.....

Hands down, this is the best advice to give to Republicans

The New Meme for November :)

He would have turned 94 years old today: Ed Wood.

Mueller investigation has officially way more than paid for itself. Manafort Forfeiture

Trump crock he's supposed to go to PA....said "Well looks like there are already thousands

Pierce: Congratulations, USA Today, You're Now a Propaganda Organ of the Trump Administration

Trump Doesn't Know What To Do, His Idiots Are All Ready Lined Up For His Dopey Rally

Hillary Clinton says Democrats can't be civil right now, worried about the orange blob

"I'm running for an office right now," she said. "This will f*ck me up really bad."

Trump: "Failing NYT didn't even put the Brett Kavanaugh victory on the Front Page yesterday!"

"Y'all don't get it."

The Storm Reporters Are Out Again

Paying higher prices at the Trump!

2500 communications between Alpha Bank and Trump Tower. Collusion!

Pope compares abortion to "Hiring a Hitman"

Does the VP get a vote in impeachment conviction?

I Heard This A.M. That Trump Is Urging People To Vote For Candidates Because The Vote Is For Him....

Now the right is claiming Hurricane Michael was created by Democrats to revenge Kavanaugh

Trump explains Hurricane Michael: 'It's like a big tornado'

Amazon scraps secret AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women

ICYMI: Hard-Partying Donald Trump Jr. Was Dubbed 'Diaper Don' in College,

My Favorite Action Figure

Hurricane Katrina and Andrew were cat 5, Michael is a cat 4 ...

I sent out the Kamala Harris video to some friends

Prayers for the people around Panama City, FL. I hope they evacuated!

Panama City getting pounded.

Sanders Responds to Trump's Lies on Medicare for All

MAGA Kanye Fans Losing It Over Taylor Swift

Hurricane Michael makes landfall

What's for Dinner, Wed., Oct. 10, 2018

Senator Sanders Responds to Trump's Lies on Medicare for All

Michael landfall just now Mexico Beach (just SE of Panama City

Trump Issues First Veto Threat of His Presidency -- Against Affordable Health Care & Dem...

Michael makes landfall as Cat 5! 155mph

Medieval reenactor dies after 7-foot-long lance spears his abdomen

Son of owner in limo crash arrested on homicide charges

I really hope no one spreads this around: Feinstein vs frump

It's known as the "Redneck Riviera.

About That "Everything tRump Touches Turns To Sh*t" Meme

'Bigliest' hurricane to hit the Panhandle since recorded history

Where did Dumbass get the idea that 200 mph winds were involved?

Hurricane Michael: Hotel entrance collapses

I approve this message....

Office Coffee, Once a Perk, Now a Grind

Republicans used to love the sound of an angry mob. What happened?

Nearly 30 environmental and health protections waived to build border wall in Texas

Step by Step. Debunking Kavanaugh Defender Logic

Dow drops more than 500 points

Watch this MN Republican Legislator Snatch the Mic During a Debate

Please-PLEASE,I BEG YOU - Keep life in perspective - Remember what day it is today

"One Billion Rising" to end violence against women and girls --14 February 2013-- 200 countries

Here is an Oldie but Goodie of the Border Wall that zippy and his followers should remember

Did I miss the 'big announcement' yesterday?

October Surprise ?

Melania Trump says women who accuse men of sexual misconduct need to "show the evidence"

Late GOP Activist Peter W. Smith Met With Former Trump Adviser Michael Flynn in 2015

What To Give Your "R" Friends & Family

Brian Kemp Is Blocking 53K Applicants From Registering To Vote, Most Of Them Black

Interesting video of Trump & Kennedy walking away together... no audio...

Late GOP Activist Peter W. Smith Met With Former Trump Adviser Michael Flynn in 2015

USA Today criticized for printing Trump op-ed despite alleged inaccuracies

Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillium fires back at Trump

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.....

Argh! How do I find one word file on a hd backup, without restoring the entire backup?

New PA House District Map Forces GOPers To Battle For Their Political Life

Tesla's Dead To Me Now: Rupert Murdoch's son in line to replace Elon Musk as Tesla chairman

Monkeys' cosy alliance with wolves looks like domestication

Rosenstein's interview with Trump's congressional allies postponed indefinitely

Trump and Putin May Meet Again in Helsinki, Finnish Newspaper Says

Caption this Trump - Putin photo

Beware of watching this TV show

Senate defeats measure to overturn Trump expansion of non-ObamaCare plans

Guy on M$NBC has a wife almost nine months pregnant

Trump: 'Certainly Looking At Dina' Powell And Others To Replace Haley

Why Did Hurricane Michael Become Such a Monster Storm So Quickly?

Personal Message To Morning Joe

Trump family's massive tax con job has been hiding in plain sight for years. And it could cost them

my sister is running. she is on wcpt right now. all the dupage dem candidates.

This is still true even in Trump's less egregious weeks...

(Jewish Group) The 'Anti-Anti-Semites' Are On The Rise

Dance, Dance, like your life depended on this Wednesday!

(Jewish Group) Germany's right-wing populist AfD is using Jews as props

A song: "Liberty's Shore" (thinking of Christine Blasey Ford and many others)

Dow Wow

FBI Director Confirms That White House Limited Scope of Kavanaugh Investigation

Supreme Court divided over immigrant detention dispute

Telescopes pick up huge number of unexplained signals coming from alien galaxies

Why Hurricane Michael is a monster like no other

About those thousands in line for Twitler in Erie, PA....

Trump says he is talking to former adviser Powell about UN job

Lock her up? Now it's Dianne Feinstein instead of Clinton

Umm, climate change will win no what you believe

Michael Bloomberg re-registers as Democrat ahead of midterms

Good advice to women (and men) to avoid sexual attackers

Trump trashes Democrats' Medicare for All plan in op-ed

It seems like all talk of a projected HBO mini-series about the Eighth Air Force in WWII has ceased.

CVS and Aetna win approval for $69 billion merger

Who are your three favorite living female comedians?

Stocks tumble amid sharp sell-off in technology sector

Halloween Is Coming #46

"He proceeded to shout at me that it was a good thing that I was a woman or he would whip my ass."

Halloween Is Coming #47

Dems eye ambitious agenda if House flips

Halloween Is Coming #48

Nearly two-thirds say they've seen no increase in take-home pay from GOP tax cuts

Halloween Is Coming #49

Federal Grand Jury Indicts 4 from California for Conspiracy to Violate Riots Statute

Eric Holder: When Republicans go low, 'we kick them'

Halloween Is Coming #50

Voter Registrations Spike as Deadlines Loom. Taylor Swift Had Something to Do With It.

Tough times call for tough decisions...

Eastern Kentucky University faculty oppose Trump's visit.

long rates are rising and stocks are tanking. timing couldn't be worse for donnie.

What Kavanaugh "bounce"? Democrats grow mid-term advantage in CNN poll

My Mock Orange, that blooms June, is blooming yet again. What Global Warming?????

I voted in Ohio today, a couple morons with Trump hats there.

Bill Gates -- I'm voting yes on Initiative 1631, the fee on greenhouse gas emissions

WE cannot depend on ANY REPUBLICON state at election time!!

snowstorm in dakotas and minnesta. 5 - 10 inches. winter is coming

Trump is really misreading the optics of going to a rally while the storm hits..

10/10/2018 Panama City Beach, Florida Hurricane Michael Explodes Houses Into Pieces

It's weird how different hurricanes have different "personalities"

Dow drops 831 points!

Melania Trump says women 'need evidence' if they say they're victims

Doubt trumps corn gift to Iowa for ethanol will pay for the damage just from this one storm.

Stephen Miller was a loner in the third grade who ate glue..

What the Primaries Say About the Future of Democrats

GOP Lawmaker Rips Mic From Democratic Candidate's Hands During Debate

Remember when Halloween was the scariest time of the year? Now it's

Dow drops 800, worst day for stocks in 8 months..

Breathtaking views from the eye of hurricane Michael

DU economists

Trump Signs Susan Collins' Legislation Banning Pharmacy 'Gag' Rules

toys 'r' us is coming back! sort of....

This poetry serves a purpose

SNAP! - I've got the power.

This hurricane is the 4th or 5th worst in US history.

Toys"R"Us return to be under the name Geoffrey's Toy Box

So, I'm responsible if I file my taxes in March but crazy if I go

GA Secretary of State Brian Kemp's (R) office is blocking 53,000 people from registering to vote

Federal Judge Upholds Ohio's Voter Purge Again

There's a Trump tweet for everything. EVERYTHING.

Does your state have early voting? Check here.

Of all the poo in the world, who decided that

the mic snatch and drop heard round the world (GOPer grabbing mic from his Dem opponent)

Supreme Court now involved in vote cheating....

Russian Whistleblower Assassinated After Uncovering $200 Billion Dirty-Money Scandal

Climate change had nothing to do with this worst storm ever.?

Major damage at Holiday Inn in Panama City

Double hulls...

Voting in Colorado Deadlines and Issues:

Stocks Fall as Tech Investors Worry About China and Rising Bond Yields Bite


Better your truck than my country...

A modest proposal on proving Republicans lie about voter ID laws

Happy 10/10!


So have any you gotten mailers for GOP Senate candidates? in 7 days...

Trump attacks Democratic FL govenor candidate Andrew Gillum

Trump's ugly attacks on Blasey Ford could save the Senate for Republicans. Really.

Roberts refers judicial misconduct complaints against Kavanaugh to federal appeals court in Colorad

The Joys of Drunk Driving

Roberts refers judicial misconduct complaints against Kavanaugh to federal appeals court in Colorado

Trump supporter tries to attack elderly protester with her own walker.

Kathleen Willey is begging for money on FR

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #5-15: All About That Kav (No Pedo) Edition

I Pretended To Be White To Find Out Why White People Support Confederate Monuments

Wall Street freaking as republican climate-change lies are exposed

Mike Pence Neglected This Poisoned Indiana City: Now, Residents Fight For Each Other

I'll save you human...

DeSantis runs negative ads against Gillum during Hurricane.

I'm the special guest mix artist on Black Athena out of Athens, Greece today!

Air bnb is offering hurricane victims homes to stay at for free.

**How did I miss this ? ** OH GOV Cordray (Democrat) 46% DeWhiner (Repugnant) 40%

Sen Kamala Harris asking FBI Director Wray about scope of FBI "investigation"

I take it we are stuck with Brian Williams for the rest of the M$NBC evening?...

Should we fight dirty to win?

Florida's DeSantis airs attack ads even as Gillum suspends campaigning amid hurricane

Florida Police Remove Woman From Frontier Flight Due to Her 'Emotional Support Squirrel'

Monitor Alert

Dow drops 831, Worst hurricane to hit FL gulf coast in history and the A-hole in chief

Trump Keeps Lying About Medicare for All

Commentators on the TeeVee keep talking about "the storm intensified on us rapidly

My Private Oval Office Press Conference With Donald Trump, Mike Pence, John Kelly, and Mike Pompeo

Watch what Hurricane Michael does to this tree!

This is a horrible storm.

Unfortunately, we're all much closer to theirs than ours...

Hmmm, what's wrong with this picture?

Roberts refers judicial misconduct complaints against Kavanaugh to federal appeals court in Colorado

What happened to Drumph's promise for a great infrastructure plan? Perhaps he

Timothy Loehmann withdraws application to Bellaire PD (Tamir Rice shooter)

New Order - Regret

SURVIVOR night, y'all!!!

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 11 October 2018

Have you seen this? "A Scary Time"

Didn't the pukes just reduce NOAA early warning satellite funding?

100,000 mail in sign ups

Albuquerque's Netflix production hub location gets mistaken for Mexico

Rick Scott is really milking this for his political benefit.

So much for moving to the beach. And to think, we almost did! But, goodness! CAT 3

So Grassley and Graham say they won't confirm a SCOTUS judge in 2020 ...

Ask the climate change deniers and the hacks on M$Greedia

If we win either the house or the senate will that

That Single Line of Blood: Nassir al-Mosabeh and Mohammed al-Durrah - Ramzy Baroud

Yesterday would have been John Lennon's 78th birthday, imagine....

Kavanaugh backs Trump administration on jailing and deporting immigrants for crimes committed years

Trump's in PA at a "MAGA rally." In 2012, he yelled about Obama campaigning after Sandy.

Anyone hear if Trump cancelled his freak show Erie, PA?

Today would have been Thelonius Monk's 101st birthday - "Don't Blame Me":

I've been through my share of hurricanes over the years...

"We're Really, Deeply in Trouble": Top Donor Shuns Florida Republicans Over Their Stance on Guns

When your toilet paper has a piece of shit stuck to it...

Who gets credit (or blame) for President Trump? Pottawattamie County Republicans, that's who

🐦 OCT 20 at 12PM - Sen. Sanders - Medicare for All Rally - Columbia, SC

Tornado reported on the ground near downtown Atlanta.

Collusion: Republican operative who sought Clinton emails had ties to Michael Flynn going back to 20

Luckovich-I am Brian Kemp and I need your votes...Suppressed

Kansas Republican vows to send 'lesbian Indian' Democrat back 'to the reservation'

Rachel Maddow:Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp's (R) office is blocking 53,000 from reg to vote

OCT 20 at 12PM - Sen. Sanders - Medicare for All Rally - Columbia, SC

A Study of the Evolution of HBV Virus By Sequencing Samples Up To 4000 Years Old.

WAPO: Fact-checking President Trump's USA Today op-ed on 'Medicare-for-All'

High-yield debt might be a trigger for the next crisis

Posting this quickly before dinner so it stays down when you eat it

Sometimes, failure is the best option.

WTF! Man arrested for 200lb election day bomb

Someone please explain to the idiot in chief, that Mexico beach is not in Mexico...

Late GOP activist who sought Clinton E mails had ties to Flynn

WaPo Fact-Checker: Trump Op-Ed Has a Falsehood in Nearly Every Sentence

I first thought this was a joke...but it sure explains a lot...

So Trump continues on with his rally, er uh, I mean work, during this storm. Well,

Watch Live: #Trump rallies Republicans in Pennsylvania as Hurricane Michael devastates Gulf Coast

OCT 22 at 8AM - Milwaukee Early Vote Rally with Sen. Sanders, Tammy Baldwin, Randy Bryce

🐦 OCT 22 at 9:25AM - Milwaukee Early Vote Rally with Sen. Sanders, Tammy Baldwin, Randy Bryce

There will be a "Blue Wave" because of one simple idea, " telling the truth."

Chief Justice John Roberts orders new investigation into Brett Kavanaugh

Rosenstein-McCabe feud dates back to angry standoff in front of Mueller

Good news: 'Nuns on the Bus' launch new nationwide tour ahead of midterms

Question for Linguistical people

AZ-02: National Republicans pull the plug

Selling bunk beds on Facebook's Marketplace.

We need busses 🚌 of college kids traveling from campus to campus GOTV.

Oct 19 at 11AM - Sen. Sanders Rally with Liz Watson, Indiana's 9th Congressional District

Oh oh oh! I see now! If it's a hurricane Sandy, a catastrophe where HE lives you can't

Roberts orders new investigation into Brett Kavanaugh

DHS secretary panics under questioning from Kamala Harris: We do not 'detain' children, we 'care for

The Feminine Power Supporting the Prophets

At Immigration Argument, Justice Kavanaugh Takes Hard Line.

US Mail Is #NotForSale: Postal Workers Nationwide Stand Together Against Trump's Privatization Plan

To the person who hid my mechanical pencil...

Hillary Clinton Delivers The Midterm Wake Up Call That Democrats Need To Hear

Going to see System Of A Down on Saturday.

Tonight's excitement in the neighborhood

Great shirts to wear, esp to polling places!

Walking to work... while black

3 more days until the Womens' march in Chicago.

Instead of monitoring the massively dangerous hurricane in Florida

'Keep Your Legs Open': A Restaurant Owner Tells an Employee After Firing Her

Let's "lock them up" ... all the leaders of "The Republic" Party

Name a movie that clearly shows or mentions an actual product name