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Kamala Harris ... Iowa trip is booked. Foresight is 2020!

Wow, folks are fired up to cheer on Tammy before this next debate! #wisen #wbadebate

You can't make this up

Trump Jr promotes tweet smearing missing journalist

Show of hands if you like the crazy drivers in Russia yutube videos....

NYAG: "I'm disturbed and disgusted by last night's attacks..."

North Dakota soybean farmers, caught in the trade war, watch the season run out on their crop

Your gut is directly connected to your brain

Trump defends $110B US arms sale to Saudi Arabia

Neil deGrasse Tyson on How Space Scientists Have Long Been an 'Accessory to War'

GOP bastard tries to intimidate democrats working

Pierce:There's a Lot of Talk About 'Mobs' These Days.Let Me Refer You to the Constitutional Conventi

Hurricane Michael: Survivors scramble for food and water in Florida Panhandle

Trump probably should have asked his god to redo his combover.........

Promoter of failed Fyre Festival gets 6 years in prison

A retrial in Virginia looms in Paul Manafort's future

Makes sense

Congress Is Quietly Eroding the Endangered Species Act

Robert E. Lee descendant: I was 'disheartened' to hear Trump comments about Confederate general

Feds: Father, son defrauded ACA programs out of over $27 million

Marquette University poll released a new poll showing Vukmir down by 10 points, and Vukmir spent the

Tonight will be Paul Simon's 15th appearance on Saturday Night Live

Taking bets: Will Mary Bono last until Monday as the new interim president

2020 is a Census year. Democrats have to do well in state and local races.

Et tu, Scott Rasmussen - Democratic enthusiasm up, jumps out to ten point lead

I don't believe the senate polls for Texas or Tennessee.

A poll released by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and WSB shows our gov race is a dead heat!

Buy all your thrifts here!

Green Recycled house with no utility bill

U.S. Atheists Know More about religion Than U.S. Christians

I want my superpower to be

Here's your mob. Proud Boys.

How is this on the same ballot (Florida Amendment 9)

**Bourdain in WEST VIRGINIA, NOW, CNN.

Even if you already saw Lynzy sing "It's a scary time for boys," I think you'll love this version.

We need to keep a list of every judge that the Repukes put on the bench under Trump...

How to reduce fuel consumption by 60%, to 1976 levels? Bankrupt your nation!

Forget humans, extend the life af Dogs and Cats

Reminder from a friend in Norway

Tapper tears into Trump: He is harsher on Taylor Swift than Saudi Arabia

The Daily Show: The U.N. Issues an Alarming Climate Report & Banksy Shreds His Painting

Dave Chappelle: Trump 'speaking to a very small choir' in a diverse country

Trump's FEMA Chief just publicly shamed the victims of Hurricane Michael.

GOP Decides To Cut Losses Throws Dana Rohrabacher and Mimi Walters Over The Side

Name Something That....

The killer weed...

FEMA at the State Fair


Lost a second good friend in a month.

"As the rain came down in Fort Worth,

Can articles from the Washington Press or Occupy Democrats violate the terms of this site?

Mnuchin says he'll attend Saudi investment meeting despite reports of journalist's killing

America deserves to know how much money Trump is getting from the Saudi government

Data for millions of Trump supporters up for rent

SNL open successfully skewers Kanye/.45

3 Arrested After Violence Erupts Outside NYC Republican Club Event

What is wrong with a free national ID card?

Movie Question for all. What is the most powerful movie you ever saw?

No Food, No FEMA: Hurricane Michael's Survivors Are Furious

Elvis Costello

Jim Taylor, hard-running Hall of Fame fullback for Green Bay Packers, dies at 83

Mysterious Leptoquarks Could Bind Both Types of Matter. That Is, If They Exist

Trump's failure to warn Jamal

Kansas town says Kris Kobach can't use replica machine gun in parade

Growing Up Surrounded by Books Could Have Powerful, Lasting Effect on the Mind

Mount Vesuvius Boiled Its Victims' Blood and Caused Their Skulls to Explode

Exactly what is Keith Ellison (D-MN) accused of?

Pension checks delayed for hundreds of recently retired Texas teachers

Evil People

3 arrested after fight following NYC Republican club event

US pastor freed from Turkey prays with Trump in Oval Office

#MeToo inspires wave of old misconduct reports to colleges

I think your favorite meme says a lot about a person. Post yours.

Right-wing march in London turns violent, 1 arrested

Polish police use tear gas to protect gay rights march

Tens of thousands in Berlin protest racism, discrimination

Unionized professional athletes crossing hotel picket lines across the country.

Sneaky, SNL!

Blue tune #8

Missouri abortion activists ramp up for a fight after Kavanaugh appointment to Supreme Court

2 from Darius Milhaud: "Sonata" (Oboe and) 😍 & "Sonata No.2"/

SNL: Kanye West Donald Trump Cold Open

A month until NC votes, Dems see 'blue wave' approaching state legislature

This is how we start taking the country back (cross post from GD)

Spontaneous caravan of migrants winds way through Honduras

Spontaneous caravan of migrants winds way through Honduras

Can anyone get me a list of the 450+ jobs women are forbidden from holding in Russia?

SNL: Jail Cellmate

SNL: Weekend Update



Sweetest reunion ever.

Just TFC...

Sweetest reunion ever.

Military Flight Restrictions Agreement Between Koreas Irks US

What does "K&R" stand for? nt

Sex and World Peace

Sex and World Peace

Early voting begins 17th of October, this coming Wednesday.

4 dead, 1 injured in shooting at toddler's birthday party

Judge orders injunction against portions of Missouri's voter ID law

GOP yanks funding for 'Putin's favorite congressman' Rohrabacher as campaign collapses

Unions file lawsuit challenging overhaul of state's merit system

Central West End Chiropractor Mitchell Davis Sentenced in Cop Bribery Scheme

'I don't see any reason for feminism': the women backing Brazil's Bolsonaro

Salvadorans await justice in civil war killings as one of its first victims sainted

Salvadorans await justice in civil war killings as one of its first victims sainted

Josh Hawley Plans, Aborts Fundraiser With Preacher Who Compared Gays to Nazis

'Deeply concerning': Canada pension fund invests in US immigration detention firms

'Deeply concerning': Canada pension fund invests in US immigration detention firms

It really seems to me, Americans are too paranoid/hysterical to even ponder a free national ID.

How A Carbon Tax Would Be Implemented

'Flowering of hate': bitter election brings wave of political violence to Brazil

'CENSORSHIP is to sharing opinions as LYNCHING is to justice!' Sarah Palin blasts Instagram for remo

Twenty-three Days ... Be It Resolved ... Vote

Germany's Patrick Lange wins 2018 Ironman World Championship

Turns Out St. Louis Was Right to Reject Public Financing for a Soccer Stadium

Berlin protests against far-right politics draw thousands

Interamerican Commission on Human Rights Hears Case on Puerto Rico Voting Rights

Interamerican Commission on Human Rights Hears Case on Puerto Rico Voting Rights

There's Been a George Soros for Every Era of Anti-Semitic Panic

Drag queen breaks hand punching Nazi in the face

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Awwtoberfest 2018 Edition

Did Saudis consider Jamal Khasoggi an "enemy of the people"?

Misplaced Priorities

Here's where Democrats are really picking up Trump voters

The tragic and disastrous mistake by the Republicans...

These are the races to focus on between now and November 6

Top Republican groups split on how to save the House majority

Future Democrats should consider nuclear option to 'un-pack' the Supreme Court

Take a guess how russian media spins the Khasoggi-murder to make Trump look good:

Record Store Day Black Friday 2018 Releases Announced

Pettyman...Here he comes to f**k the day...

Red Tide Rick Scott says since Michael's we've distributed two million meals

History Repeats Itself...

An example of the idea that GOPrs exist merely as a result of bad parenting and stupidity...

The phrase 'respect your elders' to be abandoned after elders' recent poor performance

'Aunt Lydia' Collins, Betrayer of Women, gets 'thanked'

Lemme give you some love...

Donald Trump's Absentee Presidency

Did the Big Bang create God or did God create the Big Bang?

It is priests like this guy who continue child molesting...

GOP decides "money saved" by stiffing Rohrabacher can be spread over "more winnable" candidates

Lis Smith: "Winning elections is about more than just talking tough on twitter and tv."

A Trumpkins Celebrity Taxonomy

A Day In The Life

Universal Human Rights Remain As Elusive As Ever..

We need tax police - and they should go after the likes of Donald Trump

Des Moines Register endorses straight Democratic ticket


The GOP con game is on and the put is

****A + Rated WAPO poll**** Generic Ballot Democrats 53% Repugnants 42%

Use the Force... or a sock full of nickels.

Gillum to miss first debate against DeSantis due to storm recovery efforts

The Reproductive Panic That Wasn't; Globally, Sperm Counts Still On Avg 3X WHO Baseline

On texting. I Do texting on my iPhone. And I like it.

did don wake up today with 'supernatural wisdom'?

Western walkout of Saudi 'Davos in the Desert' conference over Jamal Khashoggi undermines kingdom's


so happy 💝

Trump Jr. Boosts Smear Tying Missing Journalist Jamal Khashoggi to Islamic Terrorism

Trump unsure if Mattis will stay: 'He's sort of a Democrat'

Stephen Miller's third-grade teacher, who said he ate glue as a tot, on paid leave

The ReTHUG meme

Capitol harassment: Lewd, intimidating conduct has created a 'toxic' Statehouse, staffers and lawmak

Modern-Day Witches Plan Ritual To Hex Brett Kavanaugh

Not just Donald Trump. Kushner Paid No Federal Income Tax for Years, Documents Suggest

Does anybody have any links to the story about Kushner giving up Jamal Khashoggi to the Saudis?

Is the Tim Gilpin ad that ran twice last night on NBC satire?

Complex look at Frederick Douglass with a lesson for Trump era

Elizabeth Warren to Boston: midterms are 'downpayment' on the White House

"Talkin' Election Blues" - Please vote

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy's family ripped off SBA program intended for minorities.

Storm Leslie: Portugal hit by hurricane-force winds

"The most bullied person in the world"

Another media endorsement for Cordray(D) Crain's Cleveland Business

A White Woman, Teresa Klein, Called the Police on a Black Child She Falsely Said Groped Her

He Tweets

Democratic candidates lead Republicans by 11-points on the generic congressional ballot

Another media endorsement for Cordray(D) Crain's Cleveland Business

"Most Democrats voted for the Iraq war"

F-22s, QF-16 likely damaged after Tyndall hangars hit by hurricane

Jill Wine Bank's pin today--and its meaning. She's on AMJOY

"'Sharp as a mashed-potato sandwich,' my dad used to say." . . . Please come CAPTION Devin Nunes!!!

During Katrina - They Called This "LOOTING"

You may be dyslexic if you go to a toga party dressed as a

Mike Pence's wife is backing a candidate who wants to jail gay people

Beto O'Rourke for president

Kanye West, Donald Trump, and the Truth About Chicago

Bernie on Democratic protesters: "I am not a great fan of being rude or disrupting activities."...

Russian Asylum Applications In U.S. Hit 24-Year Record

CNN Poll: More see Trump win likely as Biden leads crowded Democratic field

Anybody know whats up

Trump's 210th day at a Trump property as president and his 159th day at a Trump golf club

House Leader McCarthy's family benefited from U.S. program for minorities based on disputed ancestry

What if it was Sean Hannity rather than Jamal Khoshoggi?

"Creeped Out" vs. "The Haunting of Hill House"

China just laid out how it wants Google to help it persecute its Muslim minority

Why is he golfing today?

AP FACT CHECK: Trump on hurricane and political winds

Zeroing in on the Trump "supernatural" power movement

MBS called for Khashoggi murder after his last column? His last OP was calling for end of Yemen war

Sacramento rockers Cake want you to 'Vote Like Hell' for this local congressional candidate

Democratic lead continues to grow in race for House -- CBS News Battleground Tracker

How Democrats and Republicans switched beliefs

Missing Joy this a.m. Velshi has tons of GOPers on.

Art Laffer Spreading his nonsense on AM Joy

Helene Grimaud - Brahms Piano Sonata No 3, Op 5

The Last Blockbuster.

Iowa House panel dismisses 'partisan', 'disturbing' ethics complaints against Abby Finkenauer

Netflix's 'Salt Fat Acid Heat' Isn't a Typical Food and Travel Show

Dr. Jen Gunter - "Why I Wanted to Learn to Perform Abortions"

Rep. Swalwell: Issue Saudis a 24-hour deadline to turn over Khashoggi alive or face severe sanctions

Why is anyone surprised Saudi Arabia is murdering people? Almost all of the 9/11 terrorists are

Germany, France, UK call for probe of missing Saudi WashPo journalist.

Trump gambled with his fathers money and now he gambles with what Obama gave him.

Are there places that sell the GrOPer's "Hand Over Mouth" Yard Signs?

Heidi Heidkamp in 2012 won her Senate seat by less than 10,000 votes.

Trump says family separations deter illegal immigration

Snowing in Denver and sticking.

Climate Change: Marco Rubio and his denial about it with Jake Tapper this morning

Hey, ABC This Week, Sanders is not (D) Vermont

Next month we get to tell Trump and his voters to go fuck themselves.

Saw a clip of Hillary on CBS Sunday Morning

Retire "Hey hey, ho ho, XYZ has got to go?"

I have "essential tremor" in my hands.

Last Day to Comment on Right to Demonstrate Near WH and Nat. Mall - Comment Link Included

Trump's Op-Ed Says GOP will protect SocialSecurity and Medicare. Their record says otherwise...

Why don't sane Christians get media coverage?

trump to Brunson: Who did you vote for?

What ELSE is going on with Saudi that our media & gov't suddenly notice they're assholes?

Why The House And Senate Are Moving In Opposite Directions

Seth Abramson: More on Trump's involvement in 6-nation grand bargain.

When it comes to men, their should be an 11th commandment.

Bernie Sanders Full Interview CNN State of the Union October 14, 2018

Trump / GOP voters are blazing idiots. DEMOCRATS CREATED Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid...

What about Eric Garcetti LA mayor for president in 2020?

Saudi Arabia: Any US sanctions over Khashoggi would 'stab its own economy to death'

What Fiction are you reading this week, October 14, 2018?

Abrams slams GA opponent over 'voter suppression'

Will the myths of Watergate prove misleading? Must read!

The right-leaning Des Moines Register endorses EVERY Iowa Democrat running for Congress

The Suffocation of Democracy

New USA Gymnastics boss under fire after old tweets show her defacing Nikes because of Kaepernick

I sense some incongruity between Chump's words and actions.

I'm looking for laptop computer suggestions......

VA-05: Republican House nominee thinks it's up to women to stop men from raping them.

NYRB: The Suffocation of Democracy

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Why is Trump so unpopular in Utah? Utah is normally one of the deepest red states.

The deadline for comments on Trump's plan to curtail protests in DC is TOMORROW.

Hey, Virginia! You have a deadlne tomorrow

Trump doubles down on the disgusting American tradition of kissing Saudi Arabia's ass.

Violence left vs right

Adam Schiff: How a Democratic House would check this erratic president

Oops! (Kavanaugh)

So sweet: Please enjoy this dad making a roller coaster out of a laundry basket lol

What a fucking asshole! Kelly calls Senator Warren "Impolite Arrogant Woman"

White Woman calls police on black man entering his own luxury condo building..

Trump Kanye Respect for the Oval Office

Steve Reich - Music For A Large Ensemble

Dealing with Republican Propaganda

John Brennan Blasts Trump For Enabling Saudi Murder of Jamal Khashoggi

Scientology headquarters in Detroit opens in secretive ceremony

has anyone here ever done mass text messaging?

Trump Suggests Defense Secretary Mattis Could Leave Soon: "He's Sort of a Democrat"

Post a line from a TV commercial & see if anyone knows the product without using Google..Part 2

Wyoming is one of the least religious states in the Union.

2018 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will end up with 47 to 50 seats.

That moment in group therapy when you realize

She's a Gun-Owning Democrat. Her Opponent Calls Her an Extreme Liberal.

Trump's FEMA failing again Citizens without water and food for days from Hurricane Michael

White Woman Calls Cops on Man for 'Babysitting While Black'

Will The Myths of Watergate Prove Misleading? Vanity Fair

Gwinnett County, GA website is posting false information re. state election law.

I created a timeline about Keith Ellison (D-MN) and his ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan.

Adorable Newborn Sea Monster from the Dinosaur Age Discovered in Kansas

What organizations are helping out hurricane victims? Any recommendations for which ones are

Trump: Mattis is 'sort of a Democrat, 'don't know' if he plans to leave admin

This is what Country Music should be

Why does "ABC This Sunday" use Chris Christie on their panel?

One-On-One with Senator Bernie Sanders - ABC ThisWeek October 14, 2018

It's OUR DUTY to vote BUT

FL vote projection model - Day 4 - let's get moving, Florida!

It's Sunday. It's Also Almost Tax Deadline Day.

Michael Avenatti with another great idea:

An impassioned speech at 2018 Global Climate Action Summit

This should piss off the Dotard....

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 16: Star of the Month: Rita Hayworth

I will proudly vote for Aftab Pureval.

GOP Senator David Perdue Rips Phone Away When Student Confronts Him

We seem to have hit the carbon dioxide minimum for 2018 at Mauna Loa.

My 7 year old grandson fractured his elbow

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 17: Boris Karloff

Flat-Earthers say pictures are all fake...

"Now Go Tell Grandma She's a Libtard."

Yes, Yes I did...

Not the retiring type: The years add up for 86-year-old math teacher in Alexandria

I'd like to hear from President Jimmy Carter on the Re THUG attempt to suppress the vote in Georgia

Libido and Kavanaugh

Why Nobel winner Donna Strickland didn't have a Wikipedia page

Atlanta Pride reaction to Stacey Abrams -

T.I. posts video that shows a Melania Trump look-alike stripping, drawing ire from the first lady's

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 14, 2018

3rd OpEd endorsement for Cordray(D)

Has Trump EVER gone to church on Sunday as POTUS?

3rd OpEd endorsement for Cordray for Ohio Gov

It's about time we start purplelizing the rest of America.

Now Bolton is getting into it?

Need some DU Love Urgently


Halloween Is Coming #66

Halloween Is Coming #67

Halloween Is Coming #68

'Communists' try to donate to a Democrat

Halloween Is Coming #69

Halloween Is Coming #70

Save our right to peaceful assembly URGENT ACTION

Little Big - Skibidi

A little diversity. Cant we all just get along?

When (if) the Democrats ever get the power to pass legislation again and have it become law

Hide the wimminz! Libruls comin' to kill you, kill you dead!

''The decisions being made will affect you all for much longer than the ones making the decision''

GOP courts Asian-Americans with drive to end affirmative action

Why the hell does Al Sharpton

Mediaeval Knight Re-enactor Dies After Impaling Himself On Own Lance

Kushner Paid No Federal Income Tax for Years, Documents Suggest

Hillary Clinton: Bill should "absolutely not" have resigned over Lewinsky scandal

Senators concerned as Trump official disputes UN climate change warning

Sears, the Original Everything Store, Nears a Bankruptcy Filing

'He lied to my face': Congresswoman demands Jeff Sessions investigate Wilbur Ross for perjury over c

Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner goes on animal killing spree (graphic).

Accepting Kiki challenge is a Stupidity

4 days after storm, large swath of Panhandle suffering

Michael recovery plods along in Florida; 200,000 still without power

Voters say they are more likely to cast ballots in this year's midterm elections

Saudis Threaten to Retaliate Against Punitive Action Over Critic

William Coors, Ultraconservative Head of Brewery, Dies at 102

Beer pioneer Bill Coors dies at 102

How is Trump's Kanye West stunt playing in Florida since he should have been there instead

Proud Boys Fight at G.O.P. Club Spurs Calls for Inquiry; Cuomo Blames Trump

Brennan: Saudi denials of involvement in Khashoggi's disappearance 'ring hollow'

Durbin opposes Saudi arms sale over missing journalist

Vulnerable Republicans throw 'Hail Mary' on pre-existing conditions

Yes, Minister

What do folks here think of the Clean Missouri initiative on the Nov. ballot?

Georgia senator seen grabbing student's phone amid question about voter ID law

What would be the outrage level?

CBS News Estimate: Dems to gain House of Representatives Control; best case GOP scenario is just 218

Repubs collapsing on 538. Down to 18 6

Tell every republican you talk to


Anybody familiar with any election apps?

URGENT ACTION RIght to Protest Changes Imminent

Andy Narell - Sea of Stories / Kalinda (Live)

Republicans join far-right figures at Montana anti-government event

Nancy Pelosi is going all-out for House candidates

"Free Solo," a Documentary About the Hardest Climb in History

'It's a scary time': Trump surrogate says GOP in danger because witches put a 'hex' on Brett Kavanau

Stacey Abrams: GOP opponent creating 'miasma of fear' over voting in Georgia

"People would not say to you face to face, but they hiding behind the keyboards."

Dick Cheney Movie Trailer

Self recognition and the rise of what most refer to as personhood.

World Record for life ruined? Wilbert Jones, 19 when arrested, released after 45 years

Sonny Rollins - St Thomas

One way to lose a war before it starts (Or-- Belgians should stick to waffles)...

Trump literally has no idea what he's saying at any given time...

Dizzy Gillespie & James Moody - One Note Samba

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 15 October 2018

3 more things you can do to save America before Nov 6

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to a majority.

Dizzy Gillespie - My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Republicans disrespect the flag and the anthem again. What will Trump say?

couldn't do it