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Facebook LIVE - David Garcia & Bernie Sanders GOTV Rally at ASU

This "Fear the Caravan" is just right wing manufactured hype/spin but we have all seen this ....

WooHoo!!! I've got electricity!

Sweet Baby James

Brian Kemp reminds me of Brett Kavanaugh

Bought some lotto tickets...

Facebook LIVE: David Garcia & Bernie Sanders GOTV Rally at ASU

How much will the immigrant caravan influence the midterm votes?

Voting Concerns (Husband found on FB):

I hear ya!

This week on Turnout Tuesday we're discussing voter suppression, Rob't Reich

Beware the Fluff Ball of Death!

GOP lawmaker voted to let corporations scam poor people

Bible Museum Gets Conned

Immigrant Tales

Realistically, what do the Dems in office do if we lose the midterms

Daily Beast: How the Migrant Caravan 'Crisis' Really Began

Constituent slams Devin Nunes for charging $2,700 to meet with him

Tax evasion guru gets 10 years in federal prison

A dozen family members come out against GOP nominee for governor

So let me tell you what an IRS agent told me today in my dental chair...

'In the service of whim': Officials scramble to make Trump's false assertions real

Watching the Voice, one of the contestants has synesthesia.

Always Take Sides...

Trump-linked group dumps $1 million bailout on flailing Ohio Republican

GOP lawmaker busted for lying about his massive education cuts

NW Iowa Fascist burns public library Children's books

Good News 10/23 Latest TX Senate Poll Cruz 50 Beto 46 B grade pollster

Trump team wants health plans that reject you for pre-existing conditions

Restart my life by taking $5bn and hopping from job-to-job telling customers that they're idiots...

Pence: Honduran refugees aren't Mexican, so they must be Middle Eastern


Alex Jones Screams At A Pile of Poop

They are stealing the election before our eyes

Argentina: Over 1200 scientists pen letter to Macri condemning cuts to science, research

There are no illegal immigrants in the caravan.

Argentina: Over 1200 scientists pen letter to Macri condemning cuts to science, research

FL vote projection model - Day 12 - WTF are Democrats waiting on?

Stone Kettle's "The Big Lie"

Washington Times Surprisingly favorable article on Sinema

You Know Just How Much Stacey Abrams Annihilated her Competition in the Debate When You See...

White Supremacist Richard Spencer Accused Of Physical Abuse By Wife

Watch Trump admit he has 'no proof of anything'

Nevada GOP gubernatorial nominee's family say that he 'is the wrong choice' in op-ed

Nov 6, 2018: Take-a-Millennial-or-Gen-Z to the Polls Day

Have any prominent Republicans jumped ship in your state?

Early voting in Durham NC #3

Luckovich-Hand it over

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Eraser!

Why doesnt the whole world say to Saudi Arabia.

Oh the horror, "A caravan of migrants is coming for your entitlements!!"

America voted.......and the #1 novel in America is To Kill a Mockingbird

Trump "told confidantes he feels betrayed by the Saudis,"

2018 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to 51.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs! Migrants building 2.6bn British Pound windfarm paid fraction of minimum wage.

For my friends Ohiogal and Heartstrings.... HUMBLE PIE!

Overheard in a drs. office in WV today

Now how is this going to be blown up and Gillum will be defeated......

Healthcare Rules

Poll: Do you say Extra Picke or Heavy Pickle?

Vote no on Alan lawson

Cerabino: Deadly secret lurks on ballot within Florida's Amendment 6

Beware the blatant lies the repubs are telling just to get your vote.

2018 Ballot Amendments from League of Women Voters...

Which is safer? Absentee voting or voting at the machine?

Trump exaggerates rally size again.

How is this even close?

It's Official: Trump Comes Out of the Closet Wearing a White Hood

Muslim Boycott of the Hajj

If My President and My Party ...

I'm sorry, I don't recall the source for this. "If you believe that those crossing our southern

Democrats are out talking about issues like healthcare

We need someone to "call the rumble."

How Portugal Successfully Tackled Its Drug Crisis

Anyone here familiar with Washington DC?

How is everyone feeling about the midterms?

Too old to go to Women's March so we're sponsoring college students so that they can go.

Bernie Sanders talks with young people in Arizona about the issues that matter to them

My predictions on races that impact the Upper Pennisula

Who was it on DU who said they bet Tiny was financing

Is this "Arrested Development" or outtakes from Ted Cruz's campaign video?

DeSantis says Trump is a role model for children because he keeps his promises

Yesterday in line to vote in deepest South Texas

Strange. Last nite I was able to email Steve Scalise. He is not my representative.

Adenovirus outbreak kills 6 children at N.J. health facility, sickens 12 other

Trump's comments on the killing

Candidates night in Boone county...

Suppressing Fire (Luckovich on Georgia voter suppression)

Check this out!

Northwestern Hawaiian Atoll - French Frigate Shoals - Has Essentially Disappeared After Typhoon

Nearly Full.........

Are you planning on going to one of the 2019 Women's Marches on Jan 19th?

Can we please stop with the caravan conspiracies?

Stock market, economy are bubbles waiting to pop: Peter Schiff

🐦 NEW - OCT 26 at 6:15 - Join Bernie Sanders for a rally in Oceanside, CA

Fake news follows migrant caravan's journey north

Stacey Abrams was born in Madison........awesome. Hope she kills it.

Today's political donation

Why does Brian Kemp put me in mind of the guy at the country club . . . . .

The moon turns precisely full on October 24 at 16:45 Universal Time.

John Lewis tweet from yesterday - bears reminding for everyone:

Is anyone watching Game 1 of the WS

Seth Meyers - Trump's National Emergy, Anthony Scaramucci's Book - Monologue - 10/22/18

Halloween Is Coming #111

Halloween Is Coming #112

Halloween Is Coming #113

World's oldest intact shipwreck discovered in Black Sea

Halloween Is Coming #114

Seth Meyers - Late Night White House Press Conference with Trump: Are You Done with Porn Stars?

Halloween Is Coming #115

Sens Barrasso, Enzi, Risch, Crapo, Tester, Daines, Hoevan, Heitkamp, Thune, and Rounds . . . . . .

'But nice try': Maddow destroys Republicans by name who are lying about protecting preexisting condi

Former White House Lawyer Ty Cobb Says Mueller Probe Isn't 'A Witch Hunt'

Republican congressman admits to sending inaccurate absentee ballot info

I'd love to be his pal too...

Brian Kemp owes more than $800,000 in insider loans to bank he helped start

GOP has gone full on light a fire of fear under the base psychopathic.

We're scientists. We know the climate's changing. And we know why.

Mega Millions numbers: 5, 28, 62, 65, 70 and Mega Ball 5

Venezuela to default on Chinese loans

Southern Barbecue With a Fiery Dip and a Deep History

So what you have read, where is Mueller in his investigation

Climate Change is real, Caravans aren't.

Schiff: Critical question: Were the Russians funneling money through the Trump Org.?

I think the queen might be devious.

Does anyone have the Colbert monologue for tonight, yet?

GOTV Nevada (NV) 4TH day. Clark County -- Dems 11,483, Reps 8,958, NP 4,965

After Trump saying he is a nationalist, is the rumor that he kept Hitler's speeches by his bed true?

FAITH. New video for JD Scholten (IA) - Steve King's Challenger

Tweet of the Day

If the effects of weed could be expressed with music

Can a Native Am Woman running as a Dem for Gov completely upset Idaho politics? She already has

Georgia governor debate: Stacey Abrams vs. Brian Kemp - Full Video

I've come to decision. I know what I wanna be when I grow up.

Ambassador Wendy Sherman On Donald Trump's 'Bizarre' Jamal Khashoggi Claims - The Last Word - MSNBC

Pepsi, Coca-Cola, GAP, Winnebago, etc. raising prices to offset import tariffs


GOP wrongly accuses dozens of Democrats of forcing single-payer health care on North Carolina

Blues to rock progression....

Ted Cruz cheers crowd that is chanting "Lock Him Up" for Beto O'Rourke

WA 5 Morris Rogers (R) vs Brown (D) within MOE. 1st day mail in double 2016 4 times 2014

Congressman's ad falsely accuses candidate of getting $30 million in tax money

Lawrence: Donald Trump Campaigning On 'Fear And Loathing And Lying' - The Last Word - MSNBC

The Daily Show: Big Little Allies

Woodward & Bernstein compare covering Trump to Nixon

2018 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will end up with 45 to 50 seats.

In Deep Red Idaho, Voters Are Fanatic About Democrat Paulette Jordan

"It doesn't matter if it's 100 percent accurate," "this is the play"

Watch President Trump And Cruz Get Demolished In Obamacare Lie - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Campbell's Soup executive takes heat for migrant conspiracy theory

a whole other country

Company couldn't cut disabled worker's benefits, so it 'went rogue' and had him arrested, lawyer say

South Carolina adults donate the least to political campaigns in the nation, study says

Houston Public Library, city face lawsuit over 'Drag Queen Storytime'

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/23/18

Stephen Colbert - Guests Pod Save America Hosts: The Midterms Will Be Tight

Spokane County reports unprecedented early returns of ballots

Voter Suppression Dominates Georgia Gubernatorial Debate - All In - MSNBC

Surgeons repair babies' spinal cords in the womb in UK first

FBI agent testifies he was mystified why Quinn firm paid ex-Rep. Harrison $900,000

Thirteen Days ... Vote ... 6 November 2018 ... Grow

What a Murder by Mussolini Teaches Us About Khashoggi and M.B.S.

So-called 'Frack Master' to pay $23.8 million to SEC, sentenced to 12 years in prison

Judge expected to strike down controversial nuclear law that raised SCE&G's rates

Religious freedom or discrimination? Anti-Defamation League fights Miracle Hill request

Founder of Swiss Brokerage Firm Indicted in Connection with Global Securities Fraud Scheme

Marine Corps first sergeant at SC's Parris Island led $1.5 million razor theft, feds say

Betsy Devos' family gave $200K to DeSantis PAC

Mega Millions $1.6 billion winning ticket sold in South Carolina, state lottery says

Mega Millions $1.6 billion winning ticket sold in South Carolina, state lottery says

TPM: Welcome to the Era of Oligarch Foreign Policy

There's a 50% chance of another Tropical System heading towards Florida Update now 70%

Lowcountry congressional candidates show much-needed common sense on federal funds

Am Joe: Mika exposing gop lie that they maintain pre-existing conditions in Obamacare.

Congressman's office says staffers accused of participating in forgery scandal are no longer with

So Pence, Sanders et al were exposed as liars by the

Democrats outpacing Republicans in early absentee voting in Maine

Judges set timeline for new Virginia legislative map

Donny Deutsch: I Am 'Repulsed' By Racism, Xenophobia Of GOP Ads - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

There is mounting evidence that herpes leads to Alzheimer's

Our planet can't take many more populists like Brazil's Bolsonaro

State secures federal permission for Medicaid expansion and prepares to start enrollment Nov. 1

DHS gives trump cover

The "No Proof" comment from Trump is an admission that he lied. (almost an apology)

Facebook, Twitter Can't Find China Election Meddling Trump Cites

Exclusive: Ecuador no longer to intervene with UK for WikiLeaks Assange - foreign minister

Yemen at risk of 'big famine': UN humanitarian chief

Report: FBI Agents Gave Andrew Gillum 'Hamilton' Tickets in 2016 Trip

Second migrant caravan in Guatemala heads toward Mexico

Russia Behind Cyberattack on Saudi Petrochemical Plant, Experts Say

Let's decorate the Donald J Trump Presidential Library !!!

Trump's Own Team Knows His Caravan Claims Are Bullshit

Trump Shoves Nationalist Needle Into His Followers' Veins - by Rick Wilson

Scarborough Mocks GOP Pledge to Protect Pre-Existing Conditions They Sabotaged: 'They 're All Lying!

Republicans Turn To Dirty Tricks As 2018 Election Approaches - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

I-81 plan proposes tolls for trucks, cars

"From countries other than Mexico... That means the Middle East"

Morning Joe and Mika mock Mike Pence for 'making a fool of himself' by lying about migrant 'caravan'

All this talk about the Caravan and they don't even know about the George Soros Secret Super Tunnel

Iran: Riyadh would not have murdered Khashoggi without U.S. protection

Wednesday TOONs - Fear Itself Edition

Trump is a bad person! There ya go David Brooks.

"The Caravan of Lies"

Majority says Trump is too soft on Saudi Arabia: poll

Your Wednesday Reminder

Time to get your Wednesday Dance On!

Anger May Help Democrats in the Midterms

Pakistan gets $6 billion from Saudis, still needs IMF loan

Biden says Trump is 'more like George Wallace than George Washington'

Low voter turnout is no accident, according to a ranking of the ease of voting in all 50 states

Campbell Soup disavows Soros conspiracy theory tweeted by VP

Trump is at the top of his dangerous game as midterms loom

What's Going On?

Republicans plan their resistance in a would-be Democratic House

Interesting breakdown of the good and bad for the the Tesla Model S

Trick or treat?

China wants to stop buying American soybeans entirely

The Rundown: October 23, 2018

Two weeks and counting: UGA political organizations host gubernatorial debate watch parties

What the heck is going on in our state

'In the service of whim': Officials scramble to make Trump's false assertions real

On immigration, by a former Iranian refugee

Trump is at the top of his dangerous game

*Crucial Swing District Alert A rated Survey USA Poll * MN 1 Feehan (Democrat) 47% Hagerdorn (Repug)

National early voting totals 7.8 million

Trump: Fed is 'biggest risk' to U.S. economy

Rosenstein meeting with House leaders postponed

Fake News is my new pet peeve

Report: DHS, HHS officials blindsided by 'zero tolerance' border policy

'This is how Donald Trump stays president for four more years'

UH-OH: Fox News Admits Advertisers Keep Leaving

Trump Too "Busy" to Visit Troops, Has Golfed 70 Times

What's Really Going To Happen To Paine College?

A Real Texan

Ted Cruz Renewed And This Year

If you Have pre-existing condition, Your prognosis depends on who wins the Midterms...

Trump Tweets Video Of Then-Sen Obama Opposing Open Borders: 'I Agree' '100%!'

Could Donald Trump Jr be the next US president? Be afraid

GOP Tries To Use Gillum's Hamilton Ticket Debacle As Battering Ram

Missouri voters without IDs won't have to sign an affidavit to cast a ballot, judge rules

Suspicious package found at Clinton residence:


Hello DU !!!

The fate of Trump followers was written long ago.

America is at a crossroad

Bomb found in Hillary's mailbox. FBI, serect service on scene now. ASSASINATION ATTEMPT

VT Insights: Aging population, retirement debt push down state bond rating

**Explosive Device Found Outside Clinton Home ** Trumper ?

UPDATE: Explosive Devices Found in Mail Sent to Hillary Clinton and Obama

Mills receives tribal elder's personal endorsement in race for governor

Roger Stone said something that was very telling.

The evangelical women who reject Trump

Connecticut Republicans Struggle To Compete In U.S. House And Senate Races

Happy National Bologna Day! I'll take mine fried on grilled bread with American cheese, mayo,

"Pe Resists" WINS TODAY'S INTERNET for his response to Trump's pre-existing conditions tweet. WINS!

Woman who created green bean casserole has died at 92

Jeff Flake Has Doubts About Kavanaugh Now That It's Too Late

Two bombs in two days targeting prominent Democrats. This is terrorism,**and I hope the FBI, ATF and

Potential explosive device sent to President Obama also.

MSNBC-A mail bomb was sent to President Obama too

A 'Package' was also sent to President Obama....

MSNBC is reporting that an assasination attempt via bomb was also sent to Obama..

While the GOP whines about mobs righties try to blow up hedge fund managers and former presidents

If Democrats win the House, should they create a Commission to continue investigation of Russia...?


Explosive Devices Sent To Clintons' Home, Obama Office

Trump: "Well, the prince is running things and so if anybody were going to be, it would be him."

Again, these RWNJs have gone too far...

Inside A $50M Trump Project That Failed: Starring Ivanka and Don Jr.

Mail bombs blamed on Democrats in 3, 2, 1...

Hawaiian island erased by powerful hurricane: 'the loss is a huge blow'

Have the RWNJ made the claim yet that liberals sent to bombs to Soros, Clinton and Obama to make

I tend to think they will find the people who mailed the bombs quickly.

Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert creates a new campaign ad for Ted Cruz

Hawaiian island erased by powerful hurricane: 'the loss is a huge blow'

trump is a stochastic terrorist and is trying to get his followers to kill Obama, Clinton, & Soros

Anybody other than me put Putin in their list of suspects?

Judge found not guilty of bringing gun to Chicago courthouse

We believe it when we're told no two snowflakes are the same, but not the

"LOCK HER UP" chants at EVERY SINGLE FUCKING "rally," and now an "explosive device"...

Pope forcibly removes Memphis bishop after investigation

Trump and Hitler: My New Order

The M$M should be talking about rightie mail bombs sent to presidents and hedge fund managers

Yeah, that escalated quickly...

These right wingers are so desperate that their folowers are sending bombs!

Changing climate forces desperate Guatemalans to migrate

Gateway Pundit is extremely into calling the caravan migrants "virile." This is from three articles:

New Ted Cruz campaign ad -- created by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

It's 10 AM Washington, DC time

The entire Republic Party is complicit.

What do you all think of Amendment 6--the victim's rights amendment

My all time favorite ball player:

CNN reporting explosive also sent to White House

BREAKING NEWS: Trump declares bombs sent to Clintons, Obama a "bad deal", "carried out poorly."

Trump: "The middle class has been forgotten for many years. They came out, and they like Trump."

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal calls for special legislative session


JUST IN: NYPD responding to suspicious package discovered in the Time Warner Center in NY

BREAKING: Bomb found at home of Hillary and Bill Clinton

Oklahoma GOP Leader: "A Progressive Christian is Not a Christian At All!"

A suspicious device found at CNN in New York per msnbc

Bacterial Outbreaks in the Counties of Morris (Its Third) and Passaic (Child Fatalities)

MI-GOV: Pollster says Whitmer's finishing strong

The Oglethorpe Atlanta Crypt of Civilization Time Capsule

How did Elvis Costello not break his ankles in this video?

Help please

Remember this when Traitor don attacks California...

How can they not say 45 is inciting these people to bomb and kill?

Bill hemmer of fox is STUPID

This is how the NY Times is covering the Clinton bomb scare -

The one sent to the white house is just to defer suspicion from those RWNJ'S.

Abrams releases her disaster recovery plan for Georgia amid special legislative session

Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker thinks 'we're in a hell of a mess'

O'Rourke yard signs set on fire outside Dallas

All of this democrats are the devil rhetoric is dangerous. Trumps America.

So was a suspicious package sent to the White House, or not?

I'm so motherfucking angry right now, I need to DO something

Whose enemies list contains Clintons, Obamas, Soros and CNN?

Ranchers question USDA's plan to retool drought insurance

So who is the dangerous mob?

Woman who created green bean casserole dies at 92

No suspicious package addressed to White House

The onus is not on political leaders

Is this going to be like October 2002 when the DC sniper over shadowed all of the election coverage

No suspicious package addressed to White House (via Reuters)

Soros, Clinton, Obama, CNN---To the Trump defenders and apologists:

Study ranks Pennsylvania 31st in ease of voting

'In the service of whim': Officials scramble to make Trump's false assertions real

Which is pretty much why no one should ever depend on RWNJs to shape valid narratives...

Greater Danger To Our Nation

UPDATE: No suspicious package sent to White House

My recent post has now been proven true.

So CNN is so invested in the both sides fallacy they lied about a bomb being sent to the White House

'Fox & Friends' Has Reporter 'Foil' Migrant Family's Attempt To Cross Border

Must see TV--CNN covering its own bombing!

Cat 5 Super Typhoon about to pass over Tinian (Northern Marianas) with 200 mph gusts

Category 5 Super Typhoon Yutu Is Now Striking U.S. Territories of Saipan, Tinian

This is how our elections will be disrupted.

Secret Service tweets: "Reports of a third intercepted package addressed to the WH are incorrect."

It wouldn't surprise me it trump and or his administration

I blame Sean Hannity and scumbags like him...

An emergency alert was just sent in NYC to "shelter in place"

USA Today-Suffolk University poll: 'Kavanaugh effect' spurs more to vote Democrat than Republican

Modern Monster Mash. Key Of Awesome

Extremist right wing are terrorists

President Trump condemned for boasting about 'historic action' on opioid crisis

He won Powerball's $314 million jackpot. It ruined his life.

NEW: @AaronKatersky reports a suspicious explosive device addressed to @NYGovCuomo.

Please please Mr Mueller

Ted Cruz Says Beto O'Rourke Can Have 'Double Occupancy Cell With Hillary Clinton

American Defense Contractor Accused of Enslaving U.S. Citizen Linguists

*USA TODAY/Suffolk poll: There is a 'Kavanaugh effect,' and it boosts Democrats more than the GOP *

Florida high school fashion teacher accused of secretly making hundreds of videos of girls

Breaking: Building in Florida being evacuated where Wasserman Schultz office is located

Threats to the Clintons and the Obamas

How Victor Hugo saved Notre Dame and its gargoyles

Just schooled a guy on another message board about two bombers...

Suspicious Package at Sunrise, FL Office of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz

This blind and deaf dog does the sweetest thing when she smells that her dad is home 💞

Trump has peddled hate and lies 24/7 and these bombs and terror threats are the result.

Police Investigating Suspicious Package at Sunrise Office of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Meanwhile, over at @realDonaldTrump........

UPDATE - A bomb was sent to Trump critic and former CIA Director John Brennan. Trumper ?

Folks, let's be clear about something...there will be a LOT of false alarm bomb alerts

The package sent to CNN was addressed to John Brenna. Just came over MSNBC

Saudi crown prince calls Khashoggi murder 'heinous crime,' vows perpetrators will be brought to...

BREAKING: Suspicious device delivered to CNN believed to be a pipe bomb...

That's it. I've had enough. I'm going full Bluto.

USA TODAY/Suffolk poll: There is a 'Kavanaugh effect,' and it boosts Democrats more than the GOP

Jon Ralston (NV): The early voting blog 10/24/18

BREAKING: Device sent to CNN appears to be the same as those sent to Clinton and Obama (photo)

** Hot Off The Press Florida Polls** Gillium + 12 Nelson + 9

The name as a return address on bombs was Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Jesus.

Give this person a grant and a lab to come up with an alternate energy source!

Great, now there's a package at the office of Wasserman-Schultz

His Body Was Behind the Wheel for a Week Before It Was Discovered. This Was His Life.

CNN- " The president has been briefed."

has anyone dared stick their neck into breibart

I'm torn as to what's going on behind the scenes at the White House this morning.

Conservative fund spends $1.2M against redistricting measure

CNN New York Headquarters Evacuated After Discovery of Suspicious Package

Brett Baire fox "other media blaming trump for

Conservatives have declared war on liberalism and today we saw the first shots fired.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's district office evacuated

Leopard dives for his catch - study in ferocity

This is getting real scary!

History is important. Study it. Your lessons this week should focus on

Breaking: Return address listed on suspicious packages is that of Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Another chain reaction video.

The culture is like a well that we all drink from

The holidays are coming

CNN Bomb addressed to John Brennan??? Malcolm Nance reports..

How long is it going to take for Trump to come up to a response to this latest domestic terrorism?

CNN Live stream: suspected device now being driven to a secure facility for examination

Trump admits there's no proof to his claims about the migrant caravan

I've received four

Offices of Former DNC Head, Debbie Wasserman Schultz just evacuated with suspicious package

RWNJ or State Sponsored Terrorism?

They got photos of the bombs....

BREAKING:San Diego Union-Tribune Building evacuated due to suspicious package

Kavanaugh: This is a left-wing conspiracy by the dems and the Clintons against me'

repub political folks are saying the usual condemnations of the bomber and act but no condemnation

So Sarah Sanders was politely asked to leave a restaurant (and her cheese plate was comped) . . .

CNN has mentioned twice "can we ignore it" about fire alarms

San Diego Union-Tribune staff evacuate after suspicious package spotted

More are being sent packages....only fear and hatred causes this.

This is on trump and ALL republicans

Trump: Democrats are financing terrorists that "very well could be" in migrant caravan

Wow. A "Sure, what he said" re-tweet of Vice President Smithers. Stand back!

Donald Trump finally "replies"

Remember it's only Terrorism if its from a certain religion or from a Middle Easterner

If you're like me, you've first-handedly seen them do that repeatedly...

Trump simply piggybacks on Pence response to threats: "I agree wholeheartedly!"

I give Trump about 5 seconds after his pro forma statement to mention possible false flags

GA-GOV: Kemp owes $800,000 in "insider loans" to bank

If you go to trump's twitter account you see this.....

Out of the loop

these bombs are a coordinated effort by a group...

Steve Schmidt: "It looks like someone finally took Trump both literally and seriously."

Drumpt will immediately investigate bombing threats

San Diego Union-Tribune staff, others evacuate after suspicious package spotted

Trumps "McCain" moment?

Trump Joins Pence's Condemnation Of Attempted Attacks: 'I Agree Wholeheartedly!'

This M$M "both sides" bull must stop. WaPo today...

Talk me down?

I believe Donald Trump personally sent those bombs himself. Mailed them right from the White House.

CNN - All the targets are critics of the president *

Pence does not begin remarks by condemning these attacks

Shock moment CNN News forced to STOP live broadcast after BOMB THREAT in New York - VIDEO

Man this bombing thing is brining out the gun humpers today. Folks we are nowhere near civil war.

when repukes rhetoric of instilling fear into the population fails, they create their own.

Thinking about Megyn Kelly and her blackface is/was O.K. back then

17-year-old, 2 others in custody in connection with disturbing Facebook video

Is Impeachment still off the table?

When your terrorism motive is "anti-liberal", you are not a lone wolf

Local Fresno television news studio in lockdown

San Diego Union Tribune building evacuated.

how long until the orange asshole comes out and makes the attempted bombings all about himself?

Correction: Building shared by Kamala Harris and San Diego Union-Tribune evacuating

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and CNN sent 'pipe bombs' as FBI hunt maker

msnbc Hillary making statement

FuckFace blamed Soros for funding caravan the other nite at his hatefest....coinkydink???

NOTE: This was a coordinated effort (multiple bombs delivered on the same day)

MSNBC just now: Another one sent to Eric Holder.

Vote as if your life depends on doing so.

How were the bombs sent. USPS, FedEx, UPS?

msnbc Package intercepted that was sent to former AG Eric Holder. OMG.

Jesus God, now one addressed to Eric Holder....

**Package was sent to AG Eric Holders home....smh. It was intercepted . Good

There's some seriously inept bomb-maker out there... n/t

World's oldest intact shipwreck discovered far down in the Black Sea

He who casts the vote decide nothing. He who COUNTS the votes decide EVERYTHING

The level of play in the playoffs has been outstanding

It's time for moderate Trump supporters to step up and denounce this

Ditz Andrea Mitchell just asked "Is this just politics as usual?"

BREAKING: Package delivered to DWS office was INTENDED for AG Eric Holder

Lets talk...

No longer a metaphor, the "war" has begun. The next step may be "false flag attacks" on a few

San Diego newspaper and local office for Sen. Kamala Harris evacuated after suspicious package

Wife of Supreme Court Justice Spreads Fake News About the Migrant Caravan

Hillary first to speak - Whitehouse silent

POTUS wants you to fear Middle Eastern terrorists hiding among Honduran drug war refugees

Trumps new political imaginary California (taking lies to new heights)

Still no statement from donald j. trump....hours in.

per NBC: Another suspicious package sent to Eric Holder

Show the bombers what you think. Get out and vote!

Is this Trump's Reichstag moment?

Well we know they were sent from closer to George Soros than to the Clintons

Will trump do the right thing and declare that violence is never appropriate for politics?

And now the pattern has been on........and I didn't want to post it as ...LBN

So I'm seeing a "double false flag" operation in progress, here...

New-home sales plunge to a near-two-year low as housing picture deteriorates bomb threats to Fox News? Breitbart?

Secret Service: Reports of a third intercepted package addressed to the WH are incorrect.

Cuomo has a device at his office and another in the sorting facility in Maryland

Gov Cuomo live on MSNBC just said his office got a bomb, too.

Andrew Cuomo just said that something was sent to his Manhattan office

Eric Holder package "returned to sender"..."Debbie Wasserman Schultz"...THAT was the package she got

BREAKING: Gov Cuomo confirms an explosive device sent to his office

Aporrea: No more autonomous and "private" universities under new Chavismo constitution

Dan Pfeiffer kicks Paul Ryan's calls for "justice" the booty...

Live explosive device was delivered and envelope of white powder (via CNN)

Gov. Cuomo just said one was sent to his office. He's on MSNBC

I pray that the Clintons, the Obamas, Eric Holder, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz are all safe

All the perp has to do, once arrested,

Could this be the OCTOBER SURPRISE.

CNN New York Headquarters Evacuated After Discovery of Suspicious Package

Army scientists develop computational model to predict human behavior

Scarborough links explosive devices, Khashoggi's death to 'unrelenting hatred' churned up by Trump

If Trump wasn't president, he'd be detained, questioned

Two phrases must be on the lips of every journalist or pundit today, or they aren't doing their job

Snopes fact-checks "crowd size" photo of Trump & Cruz "MAGA rally"

White House condemns bomb threats against Clintons, Obamas, CNN

MSNBC: They found another one at the congressional mail sorting facility.

Seven (7) devices mailed per MSNBC. 7th one to Congressional mail center

Just saw the packaging on TV, this asshole can't even spell peoples names or the state right.

Banner on Fox News says "Suspicious package sent to CNN containing some kind of white power..."

CNN- Commonality seems to be Democrats and people critical of Trump.

Without naming a specific name (yet), BLOTUS just got called out big time.

Tea Pain has a poll on today's terrorism:

Josh Marshall: Everything Shows a GOP Resurgence Except for the Evidence

🚌 We're with @BernieSanders for the #COforAll bus tour today!

It's really telling that all during the years of President Obama....

In this country we battle with words and ideas, not fists and bombs.

Seizing On Supreme Court Order, DOJ Tries To Delay Census Citizenship Trial

MSNBC - Trump to speak on bombings at 2pm et

Tonight, I'm gonna fill out my vote-by-mail ballot.

I just voted! It was cathartic!

George Soros's son: Bomb threats symptom of 'political demonization' in Trump era

Fashion Icon Bernie Sanders Just Got His Own Burton Capsule Collection

@GOP Party FL Republican Party of Florida just caught staffing Miami GOP's attack on Democratic camp

'False Flag' Conspiracies Fly after Explosives Mailed to Prominent Democrats

Dan Rather: "Imagine if we had a president who calmed fear instead of stoking it."

What to look out for. Stay safe, people


Pro-Trump Media Insists Bomb Threats Against Clinton, Obama, CNN are 'Pure BS,' a 'False Flag'

My district was ungerrymandered. But I still feel ugh

Bomb in Congressional Mail Room addressed to Maxine Waters.

Maxine Waters was the intended recipient of the package intercepted on Capitol Hill

Maldives President Abdulla Yameen loses bid to annul poll result

FBI arrests neo-Nazi leader who fled country following indictments related to Charlottesville rally

Scream, scream for your lives!

Quick poll- Do you care what Trump has to say about the mail bombs

Don't forget some mail carrier could have been blown to kingdom come by one of these mail bombs.

This Christmas everyone gets the same thing from me!

Rex Tillerson is being named personally by the NY AG as having perpetrated fraud at Exxon

Democratic Republic of Congo police 'detain' five journalists over critical reporting

Why is the M$M using "Caravans" instead of "Refugees" which is what they are?

Ted Cruz Calls for Civility Amid Bomb Threats, Hours After Discussing Putting Beto O'Rourke, Hillary

Clinton thanks Secret Service for intercepting package--she also said we must


Is Florida Man the bomber?

NO NO NO Stephanie Ruhle just did a both sides .....

We're talking about someone who is absolutely inundated


Humorous (But Factual) PSA

Court: Annotations to Georgia law not protected by copyright

The Magabomber tried to blow up Maxine Waters too.

msnbc also saying --addressed to Democratic California congresswoman Maxine Waters,

When the GOP starts eating their own...

Post Bomb Packages Trump Speech Poll: Can he make a speech calling for calm/unity/peace

Auntie Maxine now.....leave us alone, you loons....

By far the best way to cook a steak.

Erin Murphy (D-MN) endorses Keith Ellison (D-MN) for MN AG.

Lemme Guess Trump, in summary: "It's a false flag by Obama & the Clintons, funded by Soros."

NYPD Says Suspected Explosives Look 'Similar'

Tally of bombs delivered this week:

Will this make Mushroom Penis stop calling out these people, at least for a while?

Who is he using as a backdrop to his little tv moment?

Waiting for Trump to speak about the bombs...

Are the bombs the equivalent of the horse head in the bed??

Sketch released of #MagaBomber (no, not really, but...)

Both sides?!

Fear of Trump Helps Bring Rivals China and Japan Closer Together

Eric! Put your bombs away!

Hail to The Chief, Now ?

Fashion Icon Bernie Sanders Just Got His Own Burton Capsule Collection

So he is using Melanoma as his mouthpiece then?

Presidential response:

Melanoma just referred to "President Clinton" meaning HRC...

We're getting a "Be Best" and "Don't bully" speech from Melania.

WTF? Melania talking about opioids after a 20 second statement about the bomb threats

Why are they playing "Hail to the Chief"?

Border Patrol Union endorses openly racist video.

Wow, Melania talking now.. the Trumps are always inappropriate.

McDonald's adds its first new breakfast sandwich in 5 years

So, Melania was the warm up act? WTH?!

The over the top applause is classic Dr. Evil stuff

Say their names


The Unifer speaking now...

Any peep from the Orange Mistake about

msnbc Just noticed that Trump did not mention CNN as a target in his very BRIEF comments about bombs

45 second speech about the bombings and now he is yapping about drugs. i am DISAPPOINTED IN TRUMP

You know he couldn't possibly use the names "Clinton" or "Obama" in a sympathetic manner, right?

I don't understand Trumps excessive SNIFFING. What's up with that?

#MAGAbomber trending nationwide on Twitter

Midterms will swing hard in response to this attack against US today

Hillary Clinton addressed the bombs in remarks at a campaign event in Miami.

2 upcoming fundraisers for TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition--yummy Kurdish and Persian food

Trump will change his tune tomorrow--or maybe even tonight.

I read on twitter FOX is saying the targets sent the mail bombs to themselves. Is this true?

There was also a suspicious package addressed to the White House

Please Solve Captcha Below

Trump: "We have to unify, to come together."

SD-GOV: Poll shows race tied 45-45

Pardon me while I seethe ----

The party once inspired by the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt is now inspired by Ted Kaczynski ... nt

Ice-T arrested for evading toll in Jersey


#MAGABomber trending very hard now.

Conway dismisses questions about Trump stoking fear, likens it to Sesame Street's word of the day

Stocks slump as tech sector takes market on rocky ride

Extreme Category 5 Typhoon Yutu makes a devastating landfall in Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. ter

Extreme Category 5 Typhoon Yutu makes a devastating landfall in Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. ter

Police intercept suspicious package addressed to Maxine Waters

Luckovich-Lighting a fuse

Slow-drip stock sell-off getting worse than past flash crashes

New government logo


Caravan furor stokes wall fight

Rush Limbaugh suggests bombs mailed to Democrats are a false flag:

Someday, Trump will do or say something that a deplorable will not like

Limbaugh on bomb threats to Democrats: 'Republicans just don't do this kind of thing'

Wait - apackage went to Eric Holder as well

US watchdog: Agencies 'unaware' of child separation policy

Trump is just a peace loving republican!:

America has been infiltrated with homegrown terrorists

Facebook LIVE: Bernie Sanders Rally in Boulder CO

Racial animus moves to the forefront in midterm battle

So did the Dems have a Training Session

Was today the October surprise?

The Hunter's Moon is peaking, illuminating our increasingly long October nights.

It's clear that they don't live in RealityVille...


Yes, the FBI will catch the person or persons who sent the bombs.

QZ: Terrorism is surging in the US, fueled by right-wing ideologies

Always makes me smile when...

Facebook LIVE: Rally with Bernie Sanders in Boulder, CO

Can this administration be sued for inciting violence...??


I'd be very interested to see how exactly the Madman pulls off his rally tonight in Wisconsin.

Anyone else think the Proud Boys or some other similar White Nationalist group is involved

It's a dead heat in the South Dakota gubernatorial race, according to Argus Leader-KELO TV poll.

Photo of large crowd not taken at Trump - Cruz rally

Judge Thwarts Kemp Attempt to Throw Out Absentee Ballots With Mismatched Signatures (Ga.)

Doggie loves her Mickey Death's

how did the one to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz arrive there on the same day as the others?

Fort Worth: Mom shocked by poll worker's migrant "trail" remark to son

Pardon me while I seethe ----

Judge Wants To End Georgia's Absentee Ballot Rejection For Signature Mismatch

Federal Court in Georgia enjoins the state's signature mismatch law.

Robert Schumann Piano Concerto A Minor

Imagine, if you will, the bombs had been sent to prominent republicans

San Diego bomb threat?

Lawrence Tribe: Trump "didn't light the fire...but he brought the kindling & the matches"

Somewhere, this bomber is watching the news and

Federal court rules Georgia can't reject absentee ballots for mismatched signatures.

Panic-like selling takes hold on NYSE as stock-market slump gathers steam

"home of the brave"?

Something that bothers me about the right's concept of self-righteousness.

Even When Trump Is Having To Deliver A Statement Like He Did Today....

Trump Campaign Sends Out Anti-CNN Fundraising Email Shortly After Bomb Scare

And of course this happens on a Wednesday

Single-use plastics ban approved by European Parliament

"The Press is The Enemy of the People!"

LIVE: Bernie Sanders Rally in Boulder, Colorado (10/24/18)

Because my ticket was not a winner last night, I won't be able to have a house like this...

'This is What Happens When The President Calls You The Enemy of the People'

"Capitalism unchecked is a complete disaster."

NYAG files lawsuit against ExxonMobil.

This is OK, but we all know that Joe needs to do much more.

'Bomb' package sent to Cuomo turns out to be alt-right 'Proud Boys' propaganda

Jeff the Flake being interviewed by Ari.

Live Stream: Bernie Sanders Speech at GOTV Rally in Boulder, Colorado

It's not enough for the rightwing

Electronic - Getting Away With It

Bank of Canada raises interest rate to 1.75%

What was it that tRump said a few weeks (days?) ago?

Bearing Witness at Trump's Missoula Rally

Search results are going to be ruined shortly, help me find the Brennan / ISIS flag picture.

Live at the Gaslight - "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right"

One Thing To Remember About Journalists Who Are Murdered In Russia And Other Fascist Countries.

Mortgage applications weaken further as interest rates rise

Anybody Think That The Events Of Today Are A Pretext To Postpone Or....

Dow tumbles more than 600 points and sheds year-to-date gains amid late-session drop

I was working in the lab.....

Sears stock delisted from Nasdaq

Dow Down over 600, just before the close, and dropping.

Group Says It's Heard Of Some Voting Machine Issues In Georgia.

Voted today, probably won't matter... but it felt good.

Has Anybody Started The Stop Watch Yet, To See How Long It Will Take For Hannity, Limbaugh...


Has Trump offered to pay the MAGAbomber's legal fees yet? nt

The irony : Californian nazi gang leader flees over border to Mexico - FBI get him.

Dow plunges more than 600 points in another day of losses, officially wiping out its 2018 gains

South Africans defeated apartheid, Poles defeated communists with solidarity, Chileans defeated Pino

Bored. That's all I could think of as trump read from teleprompter

My sister the 911 op is getting panicked package delivery calls.

Speaking of Campbell's

Mm mm racist, mm mm racist, Campbell's soup is mm mm racist!

(Jewish Group) French academic and convicted Holocaust denier dies in Vichy

All I'm seeing is, "Mysterous packages."

Court rules part of Trump order on sanctuary city funding is unconstitutional

Anthony Scaramucci Tells Donald Trump: 'Dial Down The Lying'

Floridians Are Getting A Racist Robocall Attacking Gillum Full Of Monkey Sounds And Anti-Semitism

How to kill a good economy

So the Trump question of the day is:


(Jewish Group) European Jews set out 'red lines' ahead of conference in Brussels

(Jewish Group) Fact: Jews support Democrats and Dems support Israel

tRump: Effective, inspiring speaker, OR: no one listens to what he says

Is Trump's Build The Wall Chant/Idea Rooted in Eugenics?

CNN Jeff Zucker: Total & complete lack of understanding at WH about seriousness of attacks on media

(Jewish Group) As A Jewish Student, A Rise In Anti-Semitism Has Left Me Feeling Unsafe On Campus

You know I have a lot of faith in American Institutions

While we weren't looking -Dow ends the day -−608.01

Red Hats

Too little and late, Trump campaign apologizes for email bashing CNN sent 2hrs AFTER bomb reports

Donald Trump Is The "Antichrist" and Is "Going To Hell," Immigrant From Caravan Says

Police: Multiple people shot in Kentucky grocery store

Kitten glued to road rescued by driver on his way to work

beautiful 401-k's!

Tesla shares soar on surprise third-quarter profit that beats Wall Street expectations

POTUS is NOT going to donate his own $ to his campaign, despite emailing donors asking them to....


Don't try this at home

President Barack Obama's term: Jan 20, 2009 through Jan 20, 2017

Arctic offshore production wells approved off Alaska's coast

From a non-MAGA Facebook friend of mine regarding the events of today.

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: An awkward meeting

Neo-Nazi gang leader who fled country arrested by FBI

Statement on the FBI's Investigation of Suspicious Packages

NAACP: Georgia votes for Democrat Stacey Abrams are being changed to Republican Brian Kemp

FCC: Company created fake accounts, misused funds to buy jet

Why am I still here?

3 college basketball recruiting insiders convicted in NYC

Come Together.... Right Now.... over Hate....

Rodney Howard-Browne: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Should be Shot for Treason

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #5-17: Lock, Stock & Two Smirking Grins Edition

So I showed a Republican Co-worker the Bomb Headlines Today

US war with China is likely in 15 years, retired general says

2 Florida girls planned to kill classmates in stabbing spree, drink blood

While CNN was being evacuated, the Trump Campaign sent an anti-CNN fundraising email

The MAGAbomber stuff is leaving a mark

OMFG !!! Here comes Fuck Rodd with his false equivalency shit !!

House Republicans Launch New Anti-Soros Ad After Bomb Attempt on Billionaire Democrat Donor

Congresswoman Waters says her office was target of suspicious package

Texan living near Obamas watches security response unfold

John Fugelsang re the MAGABomber.

I am attending Matthew Shepard's memorial on Friday. My parents don't want me to.

Trump Takes Lying To A New Level By Claiming He'll 'Totally' Protect Preexisting Conditions

New York State House Polls (Siena)

Hey, Lyin Ted

Future 45 should take down that terrible ad and the Ricketts family should be shamed publicly

Samuel L. Jackson with some in depth insight on today's events. (NSFW)

There was an extended chant of "CNN SUCKS" from supporters at Pres Trump's rally in Texas on Monday.

Pierce: The White House Is Desperate to Prove the Emperor Still Has Clothes

Chuck Todd, allowing Ted Cruz to pimp for trump on his show this afternoon.

I Don't Want to Attack the Rolling Stones..but

Jim Carrey on today's attacks on Democrats:

From the #MAGAbomber timeline on Twitter: The perfect analysis.

Kemp has 800k in insider loan debt.... whoops

The Health Department's Christian Crusade

Donald Trump to rally Wisconsin Republicans for his one-time rival, Scott Walker

Did the MAGAbomber just drop a bomb on Trump's election strategy?

Trump tries to own libs by tweeting Obama video, ends up accidentally owning himself

Oh, we WILL "come together"! Yessir, the women you constantly disrespect and insult;

Sheldon Adelson Breaks Spending Record on Midterm Elections, Surpassing $100M

Cruz's response to bomb threats illustrates how Republicans are complete frauds about 'civility'

Facebook LIVE Now: Bernie Sanders Rally at Fort Collins, Colorado (10/24/18)

Odds are Drumpt is watching the news condemning his speeches as a contributor

For any of the Trump fans asking why anyone would do something that would make them look bad...

Ex-N.Y. state Senate leader gets prison in federal corruption case

Georgia's GOP Candidate for Governor Caught on Tape Complaining That So Many People Are Voting

US to pull out of international postal treaty.

Strolling through a cemetery today

message from a Saudi women's advocate.

Judge moves to block Georgia election officials from tossing out absentee ballots

When Trump Phones Friends, the Chinese Listen and Learn

'Ridiculously Drunk' Tourists Spray-Paint Ancient Wall In Thailand - face jail, big fines

"....Plot to KILL the Obamas and Clintons..." Wow - that's Wolf on CNN saying those words

Stacey Abrams Slams Brian Kemp on Suppressing Vote as He Worries Too Many Georgians Will Vote

"Don't hurt them, but if you do I'll defend you in court" - Donald Trump

Note to Bomber: You don't need a $6.00 Wal-Mart clock on a mail bomb

Facebook LIVE Now: Bernie Sanders Rally at Fort Collins, Colorado (10/24/18)

Scientists Push for a Crash Program to Scrub Carbon From the Air

Reporters ask Trump if he'll "tone down his rhetoric and stop attacking journalists and opponents"

Carrey: "these terrorists were encouraged and emboldened by the hate speech of Donald Trump"

Paul Molitor 1996

Call it what it really is.

Felix Mendelssohn Violin Concerto: I

Bob Dylan - New York, Gaslight Cafe 1961 - Complete (long)

Russia and China are listening to Trump's cell phone calls

Brian Kemp Owes More Than $800,000 in Insider Loans to the Bank He Helped Start

Chloe Grace Moretz on Why Midterms Matter

Trump Policies Could Take Away Health Care Protections for 15 Million Americans...

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Symphony #5: IV

For Brian Kemp, suit over bad loan reveals political, financial perils

FBI Arrests Leader, 2 Other Members of Violent California Neo-Nazi Gang

Nicolle Wallace says Trump 'had to override his circuitry' to ask for unity by reading teleprompter

**BREAKING** China hacked Trump's I Phone

What's for Dinner, Wed., Oct. 24, 2018

Just Turned Off Andrea Mitchell on NBC News...

The Purported Plumes of Jupiter's Moon Europa Are Missing 'Hotspot' Engines

Trump is a clear and present danger

Yeah, they went there. (comment on foxnews)

The Trump crowd is hollering "Lock her up"

Leah Vukmir yukking it up to chants of Lock Her Up 30 miles from my house...

The Magabomber is almost certainly an example of Dunning Kruger at play.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 25 October 2018

Hey Grits

(organophosphates) Ban entire pesticide class to protect children's health, experts say

Vicente Fox: "You're calling for peace, but you won't get it, because you've normalized violence"

True Krugman tweet:

**FL Senate/Governor GOP candidate campaigns appear to be collapsing in poll after poll!**

There are NO DEPTHS these bastards will not plumb...

73rd Annual Al Smith Dinner..........

FL Governor Debate on NBC now, 7pm. nt

The orange terrorist is in my state tonight bringing out the worst behavior of our worst people.

It's interesting to note that this happened after the news quit airing trump's rallies.

Early voting in Durham NC #4

The instant, inevitable cries of 'false flag' after bomb threats targeting the Clintons, Obamas and

Some of the boys at my wife's middle school have started wearing Russian symbols.

I think Trump and his minions have crossed a line today...n/t

(Sweet addorable) Kitten receives support from community after being thrown from car

Wife and i voted today!!!!

On nights like this I love Tweety

Star ASU professor faced numerous misconduct claims, from sex talk to touching

Trump's fingerprints are all over those bombs no matter WHO mailed them

'BIG CUTS,' Republicans Will Cut Your Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid Benefits

John Fuery is a fucking punk

The only person we need to talk to about civility is the fucking 'president'.

Any decent person would have cancelled their fucking political rally tonight

It is clear to me. FBI will get the people who sent the bombs. & Mueller will get Trump & his gang.

@LeahVukmir, SHOULD be ashamed of herself for smiling as the Trump cult chanted Lock her up. #Magabo

Chris Matthews had John Feehery and Neera Tanden on Hardball.

Hey John Feehery, you fucking asshole, Google-ing your name frequently I'm sure...

Early voted today and it felt great! Never early voted before. Always vote, just not early.


President Trump is about to deliver a speech in Mosinee, Wisconsin. Follow me for a video thread.

MAGABomber about to give Trump...

New York Says Exxon Misled Investors About Climate Risks


Were the bombs functional?

Why have just about EVERY republican that has been interviewed today about the bombs....

Meanwhile in Australian..stolen from twitter..

Well, guess what? There is as of today, 10/23/18, a valid reason to impeach.