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''We follow Sanders on the trail on #VICENewsTonight at 7:30 PM EDT on @HBO.''

Anderson Cooper calls trump hypocritical

Magabomber tried to blow up Joe Biden too.

I just heard that trump is using WE ARE THE WORLD at a rally. Is this True?

Police release sketch of person of interest in the terrorist bomb attacks:

What is the eeriest, creepiest real life place you have ever visited

Why The Hell is Trump not listing name by name all those

ATTN DU beauty and perfection is still out there

Bernie Sanders: We Must Stop Helping Saudi Arabia in Yemen

Electric Vehicle Guest Drive Event (Las Vegas, NV)

One of the best exchanges at the FL gov debate tonight

Could these bomb attempts change the election?..Could the attempts

When Trump Phones Friends, the Chinese and the Russians Listen and Learn

What we know about the explosive devices targeting Democrats

University of Utah Student Killed by Ex-Boyfriend, Police Say

MI Gov debate: Gretchen Whitmer is mopping the floor with Rethug

Anthony Bourdain talks tRump and violence...

New crocodile species found hiding in plain sight

Hillary Clinton addresses attempted attack, says 'as an American I am worried'

What's The Difference Between "Lock Her Up" and "Blow Her Up?" Just The Number of Rallies.

E Warren only Trump foe not targeted

Not an ounce of responsibility, Trump blames the media at rally tonight..

Dem leaders slam Trump's response to bomb threats: His 'words ring hollow'

Sticker on bombs said "Git ER done" in ISIS font

France ready to back sanctions against those involved in Khashoggi killing

Ivanka tRump condemns acts of violence. Gets destroyed by RW'er Joe Scarborough

What Democrats Plan to Do About Zinke

Trump Blames the Media: CNN

Take some fucking responsibility cons

Trump rally chants 'lock her up' after bomb threats made to Clinton

Dow -600+ erases gains for the year - Trumps & GOP Lies Destroying Markets World Economy

Anthony Scaramucci Tells Donald Trump: 'Dial Down The Lying'

Notice the measured tone and response from Republicans about today's events

Defamation charges against assault accusations

Trump Calls on the Media to Set 'Civil Tone' and Stop 'Endless Hostility' at Rally After Bomb Scares

** Something brewing about a package and Joe Biden to an old address...

"I'm not calling Mr. DeSantis a racist, I'm simply saying the racists believe he's a racist."

Might as well quit talking about Trump crossing a line.

James Woods dismisses suspected bomb sent to Clintons as an 'obvious political stunt'

ROK Army Firepower Exercise Cancelled

What hath Trump wrought?

Ok I can post

"...whites don't kill whites..." WTF..!!

Do you think Trump had any knowledge of the pipe bombs?

Free - Heavy Load

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Eraser!

Free - Oh I Wept

Young people are the most progressive generation ... If you vote, you will transform this country.

Bomb scares and the politics of the apocalypse

Poll: Abrams and Kemp Virtually Tied In Georgia Gubernatorial Race

Stephanie Ruhle: Calling out Trump on his thousands of lies is NOT biased. It is our job.

New poll: Kavanaugh effect still helping Democrats more

Republican Congressman sued for slamming constituent's leg and knee in office door: lawsuit

An uncivilized person telling people to be civil. Smh.

I just watched the MI Governor's Debate. What a trainwreck for Schuette.

Your work is done here. Time to retire to Argentina.

Trump blames opponents and media

Photo: Crowd in Denver waiting for @BernieSanders

Watching Rachel - I never knew Joyce Vance was

What's More Dangerous Than A Caravan Of Refugees?

Attention #MAGABOMBER "false flag" posters


Rachel: WH staff says no prob that CHina listening to T's phone calls; he doesn't know enough about

Two separate packages sent to Maxine Waters.

Explosive device sent to CNN featured parody ISIS flag, 'Get Er Done' inscription

So, tonight's 90 Minutes Hate is being held in Mosinee, Wisconsin . . .

US terror attacks are increasingly motivated by right-wing views

Argentina: Protesters clash with police over spending cuts

🐦 Nov 3 at 10AM - Join Bernie Sanders with special guests for a breakfast rally! Grand Isle, VT

New bribery charge against key figure in Atlanta corruption probe

🐦 Nov 3 at 12PM - Join Bernie Sanders with local candidates for a lunch rally! Enosburg Falls, VT

🐦 Nov 3 at 6PM - Join Bernie Sanders and local candidates for a dinner rally! Greensboro Bend, VT

The Daily Show: The Problem with Political Predictions - Between the Scenes

🐦 Nov 4 at 9AM - Join Bernie Sanders with local candidates for a breakfast rally in Montpelier VT

Unbelievable - all the minutia. On October 24, 2018, someone tried to kill

A Racist Message Buried for Thousands of Years in the Future - The Atlantic

Tammy Baldwin leads Leah Vukmir by double digits in new poll; Tony Evers has small lead over Scott

Trump and his followers ARE morally defective.

umm, ok: Titanic II will set sail in 2022 following the same route as the original

Has anyone heard how the bombs were supposed to be triggered? nt

And there are school levies on the ballot

Seth Meyers - Trump Calls Himself a Nationalist, Megyn Kelly Defends Blackface - Monologue 10/23/18

President Trump unleashes a flurry of false statements in the run-up to the midterm elections

Any opinions on the Hennepin County Attorney's race?

Was The MAGAbomber Some Sort Of Trial Balloon?

Texas Online Store's Racist Company Name Angers Indigenous People

Today I heard Robin Young on NPR say that Left Leaning Churches are the starting structures for the

#MAGAbomber has taken Jamal Khashoggi's murder completely off the airwaves...

The Problem with Political Predictions - Between the Scenes The Daily Show (10.24.2018)

Did anyone catch the latest episode of, "Anthony Bourdain's Part's Unknown" in East Texas?

The Chinese and the Russains are listening to trump's phone calls

Jimmy Fallon: Guest Trevor Noah

Who is the worst human, trump or those that still support him?

Megyn Kelly No Longer at CAA (Exclusive)

Guess this character from Dr Seuss...

Why Prairie View A&M Students Are Suing Waller County over Alleged Voter Suppression

Dog gets busted by owner - Wed. nite laff

Seth Meyers - Democrats, CNN Targeted by Bombs; Trump's Caravan Lies: A Closer Look

Meanwhile: Arctic offshore production wells approved off Alaska's coast

As Suburban Areas Grow More Competitive, Voting Surges In Williamson County

Kroger shooting in Kentucky: Witness interaction with killer suggests race prompted attack

About the "Get Er Done" meme with the mudflap girls on the bombs. May I suggest a slight change...

How does a country continue to function when 1/2 the citizens have lost their minds?

Gillum to Desantis...'the racists believe you are a racist'

Meanwhile, unexpectedly, Tesla turned a 3Q Profit.

Cruz Leads O'Rourke By 5 Percentage Points In New Poll

Everything went as planned except for the part that didn't...

James Karen, veteran actor and 'Pathmark Man,' dies at 94

James Karen, veteran actor and 'Pathmark Man,' dies at 94

Joseph Goebbels...'Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.'

In East Texas, Chicken Plants are Polluting Rivers and Lakes with Oxygen-Sucking Contaminants

as relevant as ever - Only a Pawn in Their Games by Bob Dylan

Megyn Kelly is losing her show on NBC!

Anyone have YouTube TV ?

"Marsha Blackburn is a Liar"! Tag Loudon ne of Bredesen's latest ad.

Ted Cruz's Do-Nothing Record

Who has the WORST "vocal fry"? HINT: It's not a Kardasian sister,

Investigators Seeking Suspicious Package Addressed To Ex- Vice President Biden: Official

..."and there were no Nazis in Hamburg"

He does it

Complaint: Hawley campaign, NRA in "scheme" to evade detection of violations

Justice Department says businesses can discriminate against transgender employees

2020 ticket wish

Law enforcement looking into potentially suspicious package addressed to Biden

McCaskill campaign's closing pitch: She's 'not one of those crazy Democrats'

Former GOP Candidate Arrested for Attempting to Kill With 'Radioactive Material'

I have no proof to blame anyone in connection with the bombs......

My donations for 10.24.18


New Low: MAGA Crowd Chants "Lock Her Up" After Clinton was Sent Bomb The Beat MSNBC

John Oliver: And Now This: Pharmaceutical Distractions

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 25, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Spotlight - Funny Ladies

Megan Kelly's almost apology on air ...

Amy Holmes, Roland Martin School To Megyn Kelly About Blackface Comments

Watch (former) Dem Senator Confront Trump Over Bombs Mailed To Obama, CNN The Beat MSNBC

Julian Castro makes 3rd visit to New Hampshire

AZ early voting statistics 10/24

Remember Segway Jeremy from the Act 10 Protests back in the day?

Arrest made after GOP campaign worker allegedly harassed, threatened at early-voting location

Congressman hopes disillusionment over voter fraud does not hurt turnout

Dinosaur fossil may be a whole new species of the first birds

Humpback whales stop singing when cargo ships make a lot of noise

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 26, 2018 -- What's On Tonight -- Moonshine

Skin tans the most when spending every other day out of the sun

'Without 7-Eleven, we were lost;' Bloomington's only gas station reopens after Harvey

I just had a conversation with my neighbor

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Apologizes For Bad Cartoon Amid Pressure From Alumni

Trump just taken into custody for inciting violence...

Complaint alleges illegal collaboration between NRA, Hawley campaign

Winners of the astronomy photo prize reveal the beauty of the universe

2020 is going to be the year Democrats regain control of the US Senate.

Bird-like lungs may have helped dinosaurs rule the world

Here's What Earth Looks Like When You're Heading to the Sun

Stanley Grill: "Lonely Voices, I.-IV."/Sigurbjornsson: "Choir Music"

Rep. Dawnna Dukes sues prosecutor, Austin American-Statesman, 3 former aides

Red Oak couple accused of embezzling $14.5 million from retirement plans

Picture Purrrrrfect! NASA Snaps Incredible Photo of Cat's Paw Nebula

This Incredible Blinking Star Is the Youngest Pulsar We've Ever Seen

Pete Sessions has soap opera moment after Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings backs Colin Allred for Congress

"A peace-filled night to all." Daniel S. Godfrey: "Romanza", Cassatt String Quartet

Ex-firefighter who hung doll with noose to threaten black neighbors gets year in prison for hate

These bombs are wierd!

Single payer. These are the simple talking points that must be pushed.

Just VOTE. For the love of all things holy, just fkn VOTE. Straight Democrat. No excuses. None.

Amnesty International - Update on the Migrant Caravan:

Former Democratic Party leader paid women in alleged Tarrant voter fraud ring, AG says

Wait. Wait. You can't mail a package in a mail slot.

CNMI Gov. Torres: We will overcome together after Super Typhoon Yutu strikes

There is a world below the world that you know...

President Donald Trump's Health Care Claims Opposite Of GOP Goals - The Last Word - MSNBC

Shelter provider for immigrant kids surrenders 2 licenses

Shelter provider for immigrant kids surrenders 2 licenses

David Garcia and supporters call for a Progressive Direction in Arizona at an ASU rally with Sanders

Full Frontal, Sam Bee: Asylum Seekers Aren't Scary; Trans Rights; The Rainbow Wave is Coming

Furor over comments about shutting supreme court in Brazil


Bolsonaro's anti-China rants have Beijing nervous about Brazil

Would Mueller break w/ tradition of keeping mum if Trump goes full Mussolini?

Swamped with plastic waste: Malaysia struggles as global scrap piles up

Martha McSally is not the Champion for her Sister and Brother Veterans she Pretends to be.

In Two New Books, Unhappy Conservatives Ask: What Now?

Trump Uses Unsecured iPhone Even Though China, Russia Are Listening In: Report

Hawaiian island erased by powerful hurricane: 'The loss is a huge blow'

Hawaiian island erased by powerful hurricane: 'The loss is a huge blow'

Trump administration wants to remove 'gender' from UN human rights documents

NV Early Voting - Day 5. Another 45-35 day for Dems in Clark.

Truck Driver Tries To Smuggle 18 Undocumented Immigrants Inside Freezing Trailer

Chevron agrees to pay $163 million on fine and upgrades to end probes

Quake split a tectonic plate in two, and geologists are shaken

Asia markets tumble following Wall Street sell-off

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/24/18

GOP State Senator Threatens to Sue Over Negative School-Funding Ads

Eleven Films: The #Blue Wave trailer -- VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6th.

President Donald Trump Talks Bombs Then Slams Media - The Last Word - MSNBC

California white supremacists arrested on riot charges

If anyone's up, please check out the VOTE trailer on the video page.

National Republicans pour in cash to save Upton, Handel, Budd, Balderson and Mast

NATO launches biggest war games since end of Cold War

Meghan McCain tells off outlet that said she compared bomb threats to restaurant heckling

I need YOU

Let me get this straight. A RWNJ sends package bombs to democrats

US bomb threats: Critics blame Trump's toxic rhetoric

'The food supplement that ruined my liver'

The Future New York Times Profile of Today's Bomber

(xpost) 'The food supplement that ruined my liver'

Tesla delivers 'historic' $311m profit

Head's up for those interested:New York Mayor Bill de Blasio will be guest on 'Morning Joe' today

Individuals Charged With Defrauding Non-Profit Health-Care System

Dean Skelos, Former New York State Senate Leader, Sentenced To 51 Months, Son Adam Skelos Sentenced

Facebook Video: Bernie Sanders IN DENVER with Colorado House Candidate Emily Sirota

Physician Charged in a $32 Million Illegal Opioid Distribution Conspiracy

A slain student complained a former boyfriend was harassing her, but University of Utah police did

Amid Bribery Scandal, Former Dallas City Councilman Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion

Heavy seas damage Navy ship near Iceland

Here's what I don't get

Wounded Warrior Project Pledges $160 Million to Battle PTSD

Utah House speaker assures Dems that med marijuana agreement wasn't an attempt to sabotage Prop 2

If one of the bombs had succeeded, it would be on the gop. How do they show up for work?

NBC News Declares War on Megyn Kelly After Blackface Fury

The Rachel Maddow Show 10/24/18 - MSNBC - Full Show

Twelve Days ... 6 November 2018 ... Vote ... The Wave

Another suspicious package in lower Manhattan this morning

I just watched 30 seconds of FoxNews

Utah Democrats make biggest gains in registrations as state looks to reverse dismal voting record

Package sent to DeNiro's home. CORRECTION: His restaurant. n/t

The GOP mailed wrong information to voters in a Senate battleground. They say it was a mistake.

Explosive device sent to CNN featured parody ISIS flag, 'Get Er Done' inscription

Juxtaposing OLD and NEW

Mississippi Senate special election could go to a runoff as Democrat Espy tries for upset: NBC News/

Mueller has evidence suggesting Stone associate knew Clinton emails would be leaked

Diverse Charlotte church congregation refuses to let vandalism ruin its spirit

Luckovich: Ignitor in Chief

New device discovered at Robert DeNiro's Tribeca Film complex

The Health Department's Christian Crusade

Thursday TOONs - Expolsive Devices Edition

Proud Boys Founder Gavin McInnes: 'We Need More Violence from the Trump People'

Trump is inciting violence, and now we have a MAGAbomber


Saudi Arabia Now Admits Killing was Premeditated

I'm sorry I had to hit you, honey, but you just made me so angry.

Trump before Evangelicals: Trump warns of violence if GOP loses midterms @CNNPolitics

Trump calling for civility is like Hitler calling for tolerance

Who Isn't Doing Shit To Prepare Farmers For Rapid Climate Breakdown? The Farm Bureau Federation

Golden Knights owner quietly contributed nearly half a million dollars to Nevada Republican causes a

Last-Chance Tourism Booming; Glaciers, Reefs, Primates, Predators Growing As Tourist Draws

Now is the time for any decent GOP in Congress to switch parties and take away the free pass

Fox & Fiends got the word before 7:30 am to stop political spculation

A Halloween Thriller: Donald Trump in "Gaslight"

Record Heat, Low Rainfall Drive OR Drought, Even On Pacific Coast; 2018 Hottest Ever For Portland

The more packages they send, the more evidence they create...

Whatever happened with the NTY article about Trump's corrupt family business practices and tax scams

Trump Blames Bombing Targets for Attacks

Shitstain Nominates Ex-Monsanto Exec W. Zero Wildlife Background To Run Fish & Wildlife Service


Roundup found in Cheerios reignites debate on food safety

Pete Williams MSNBC reporting on package found in Delaware addressed to Joe Biden

It's a Cult

Peter Roskam (IL6) Cites His Membership In Climate Solutions Caucus - His LCV Lifetime Rating - 3

The Apprentice

Bomb #9 to Joe Biden ... unconfirmed as of now .... philadelphia inquirer

Between 1978 and 1995, Ted Kaczinski (the Unabomber) killed three people and injured 23 others...

Powerball jackpot swells to $750 million -- the third-largest in US lottery history


BREAKING Saudi Arabia, in Reversal, Says Khashoggi's Killing Was 'Premeditated'

Oh, Great: Burmese Pythons In FL May Be Adapting To Cold, Speeding Up Metabolism & Feeding

I see the MAGAbomber has now sent nine mail bombs

The Rundown: October 24, 2018

The MAGAbomber sent a mail bomb to Robert De Niro.

Art of The Week: Week of 10/24/18

The Webcomics Weekly #7: The Doggo Awakens (10/22/2018)

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 10/24/2018

Story of my life.

Exelon CEO: "We Can't Make False Promises That We're Going To Make Fossil Fuel Cool Again"

There are a couple of clowns on Morning Joe promulgating the both sides fallacy

Trump tweet- the media is responsible for the MAGAbomber

Mike Luckovich Best Cartoon

Trump: A 'big part' of anger in society comes from 'purposely false and inaccurate' reporting

Don't put it past the alt-right using Breitbart tactics to perform acts and pretend to be Democrats

DUers do you expect this piece of shit to contact either the Clintons or

Give it that clown, Mika

Red Menace: The Republican War On America has gone kinetic.

With all of Trump's venom (including this AM), how did the NY Times not get a bomb delivery?

Stop asking Trump to say something useful. His supporters wouldn't believe him anyway.

Some ideas are so bizarre that only a Trumper could believe them.

This is fucking terrorism

Trump typo of the day is in caps

Responsibility for the bombs? Occam's razor, folks---Occam's razor. nt

First official sketch of the MAGAbomber

Right after Trump declares himself "nationalist", explosive devices

Trump: "A very big part of the Anger we see today in our society is caused by the Mainstream Media"

Trump: "Democrat inspired laws make it tough for us to stop people at the Border. MUST BE CHANDED"

The Magabomber is Newt Gingrich's child

Sickness, fear, and harrassment whittle away at caravan numbers

Twitter Explodes After 'Gaslighter' Sarah Sanders Accuses CNN Of Dividing America

Where is the money coming from? Digging into Don Bacon R, Kara Eastman's D campaign finance reports

Trump Calls National Emergency


Wife of Supreme Court justice spreads fake news about the migrant caravan

It's time to call the RW Christian Evangelicals on their encouragement of this violence.

Labor calls on Govt to deny visa to Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes

Why De Niro and not Alec Baldwin?

Airstrike kills at least 19 civilians at vegetable market in Yemen's Hodeidah, official says

If all these bombs had been sent to prominent republicans the entire country would be in lockdown

Rights groups push for yes vote in Irish blasphemy referendum

Saipan Typhoon: NWS Instruments Destroyed, "Significantly Worse" Than Prior Supertyphoons

Bannon Holds Rally For Republican Candidates. None Show Up.

How long before Megyn Kelly is back at Faux???

EXCLUSIVE: Adam Laxalt's Alleged Rape Victim Tells All

Shock Audio: Republican "Concerned" About People Choosing to Vote

Suspicious Package Found In NYC's Tribeca Area; Address Linked To Robert De Niro

On the wings of an angel

Hey Sean Hannity....

MSNBC reporting a 10th bomb....another for Joe Biden

The MAGAbomber sent Joe Biden two mail bombs

What's going to happen when one of those packages goes off?

Today's bunchabullshit! (Please debunk)

World series begins - But, who's on first?

The DOW is down 600 pts already!

A toddler screams "Change my diaper"

I just have two words for you: Jamal Khashoggi

Trump must be steaming.

NBC: "Given the circumstances, Megyn Kelly Today will be on tape the rest of the week"

I'm doing FIFTY Democratic web ads today.

Omarosa Dishes on Trump's Personal iPhone Usage

Should I alert this comment made on Facebook?

Really Cool (live & interactive) WIND MAP!

I am a big fan of -

"Several reasons why this bomb wouldn't explode" what does that mean?

The midterms are already hacked. You just don't know it yet.

Without being able to bash Democrats, media, and innocent people,

Roundup for Breakfast, Part 2: In New Tests, Weed Killer Found in All Kids' Cereals Sampled

Dear James Carrey, be careful of your mail.

Republicans are rigging elections to win. They're anti-voter and anti-democracy.

CNN's John Berman snaps back at Trump for blaming 'fake news' media for terrorist mail bombs

Bombs Sent to Biden and Robert De Niro, Latest in Wave of Explosives Sent to Trump Critics

Omarosa fact-checks Trump's "I only use Government phones" tweet.

NAACP: Georgia votes for Democrat Stacey Abrams are being changed to Republican Brian Kemp

NAACP: Georgia votes for Democrat Stacey Abrams are being changed to Republican Brian Kemp


Michael Flynn's son spars with Jake Tapper over fake 'pizzagate' story that led armed man's attack

Are we underestimating the gop's capacity for pure evil in the pursuit of power?

Pro-Trump Christian pastor: Ruth Bader Ginsburg should be shot for 'high treason'

Sweet-talkin' Guy

What Voting in Texas is like for college students....

Hostage videos

4 Members of RAM, Rise Above Mvmt. Violent White Supremacist Group Face Riot Charges, ProPublica

Trump says he is 'bringing out the military' to protect border


Whirlpool expects $300 million in tariff-related costs in 2019

Toddler Struggles to Get Alexa to Play 'Baby Shark' For Her

The 14 Characteristics of Fascism by Lawrence Britt Spring 2003

What the 10 bombs (so far) are made of...

Donald Trump Careless With Phone; Chinese, Russian Spies Listen In: NYT Rachel Maddow

Unmasking California's New White Supremacists: RAM, Rise Above Mvmt.

The QAnon Conspiracy Has Stumbled Into Real Life, And It's Not Going To End Well

Battery Megafactory Forecast: 400% Increase in Capacity to 1 TWh by 2028

** Put a bow on this one** VA 10 Wexton (Democrat) 56% Comstock (Repugnant) 43%

If all this crazy shit doesn't motivate Democrats to shut him down by Voting, nothing will.

Greg Palast Sues Georgia's Brian Kemp for Purging 340,000 from Voter Rolls Ahead of Election


538 showing Beto moving closer!

Alt-righter 'Seattle4Truth' charged with killing father over conspiracy theories

New survey says majority of Latinos say life under Trump is worse than ever

Dear Far Left, this is why voting for Democrats matter

Dog bristles after a good rub.

Eating breakfast and a right winger says it's a "hoax"....

Clarification on the Robert DeNiro bomb...

Fake news, racism and bombs: Fear and loathing in Trump's America

Khashoggi murder: CIA Director Gina Haspel 'heard Khashoggi audio'

I would like to show you an actual video of me singing the song of my people.

The Planet of the Trumps.

A bloodhound's choice: The terrorism leads back to the White House.

Woman Gets Ceremonial Role as Ethiopia's President

It was False Equivalency day on Morning Scabs: PODHORETZ pointing to Dems for SCALISE shooting

HEY, Republicans holding confirmation hearings Trump's controversial judicial DEMS present

Michael Avenatti response to the terrorists:

Nothing is, everything. Everything is, nothing.

Hallie Jackson....get that asshole off your show.

Fake both siderism & Fake false equivalency now rule our world.

Newt Gingrich says media has "earned" the label "enemy of the people"

Suprises me thst a trumper could be this creative.

DOJ: Businesses Can Discriminate Against Transgender Workers

The constant 24hr cable news cycle dilutes and obliterates the truth.

Mostly racist depiction of Central Florida circulating on Facebook.

Arrest made after black campaign worker threatened at early-voting location

UK watchdog fines Facebook over users' data breach

MI-GOV: National Republicans abandon Bill Shuette

Can a Christian foster care group reject non-Christians? The Trump administration may say yes.

Brennan to Trump on mail bombs: "Stop blaming others. Look in the mirror"

Need a few good insults for RW media in general

Do you see any connection between Jamal Khasoggi and the MAGAbomber?

Election official says GOP mailer contains bad information

Any ideas on the MN Supreme Court candidates?

Election official says GOP mailer contains bad information

China denies report it spies on Trump's iPhone, suggests he get a Huawei instead

WA-03: The NRCC are rushing to Buetler's defense

Mattis expected to send 800 more troops to southern border

Megyn Kelly is off her 9 a.m. show, and may not be back

MAGAbomber: I was driving all day yesterday but heard about all the events via Sirius radio.

NAPS Urges Virginians to Vote "No" on Ballot Question #1

Just in person early voted.

Sarah Sanders: Trump 'could not have been more presidential' in response to bomb attacks

"We only focus on the negative"?

Fact Checker Analysis: Virginia lawmaker promises "honest truth" in misleading ad

BREAKING AP: Defense Secretary Mattis to sign order to send at least 800 troops to US Mexico border

Poll: Feinstein holds wide lead in California Senate race


Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #9 in D Minor, Op. 125

If I Was Your Mother - Bon Jovi

Happy 77th birthday Helen Reddy!

Trump Foundation faces off against New York AG in court

"Your words. Your incitement. Your coawardice."

Trump squanders chance to lead after day of fear (Analysis)

Sarah Sanders Rants After CNN Reporter Asks About Trump Calling Dems 'Evil': 'People on Your...

One day, Trump will be gone...

Joe Biden will be in Hartford tomorrow campaigning for Governor candidate Ned Lamont and....

While Stormy Daniels publicly battles Trump, Summer Zervoss defamation suit quietly advances

Woman Holds "Democrats: Fake News Fake Bombs" Sign at Florida Gov. Debate

Free Parking - Vote out Corruption!

I have an idea. Lets give trump voters their own country, Texas.

OCTOBER 24, 2018: Senate Judiciary Committee Considers Nominations to Ninth Circuit

SHS: 90% of the media around this president is negative

Politico: Secret Grand Jury Legal Fight Appears Mueller Related

Easy and reliable basic pie crust recipe

CNN Pipe Bomb Emblazoned With Right-Wing ISIS Flag Meme

Wow.... Just wow....

**Democratic Pickup Alert** NJ 3 Kim (Democrat) 48% MacArthur (Repugnant) 46%

Everytime there is an election, democrats have to spend a large majority of their time on the

[Scottish] Tory MSP: Rape clause is 'fair' as it means poor have fewer kids

David Corn: Trump using his iPhone "far worse than anything Hillary did with her email server"

Gym Guy got thrown out of WI rally last nite....

John Brennan responds to asshat's despicable "blame the victim" tweet.

Hatch Says New Tax Cut 'Highly Unlikely'

Fascism is Trump's form of government.

Grassley Warns Democrat Could Replace Him

Single-passenger, 3-wheeled car opens first U.S. dealership

Democrats Hold Big Lead In Most Competitive Districts

Gaza militants launch rocket, Israel responds with airstrikes

NBC to Megyn Kelly: Best of luck in your future endeavors?

University Founded By George Soros 'Forced Out' Of Hungary

Trump Has Made the Election About Him

Stock market rebounds: Dow rises 400 points

How stupid is the MAGA-bomber?

Magic? Or viagra?

Susan Collins is raising money by portraying herself as the victim of the far left

English Breakfast "Fry Up" made in the oven.

Readers, we need your help. We have now caught three GOPers... claim we gave Four Pinocchios to...

You only live once

Pic Of The Moment: Blame

MAGA Bomber. Please, all of us. Please refer to this terrorist as the MAGA Bomber. (NT)

The Times Trump Has Called for Violence at His Rallies

God damn it... *PLEASE* don't be these people today:

Who is this woman on CNN?

Just remember...if NBC DOES shitcan Megyn Kelly, she will walk away with $69 MILLION.

Stephen Colbert Monologue - Oct 24, 2018

Man sets house on fire while trying to kill spiders with a blowtorch

Your Daily Greenwald, Broken Hypocrisy Meter Edition:


Trumpian Logic

MAGA Bomber likely sent mail bombs from Florida

I just voted.

Did Anybody Really Expect Trump To Apologize Or Tone Down His Rhetoric.....

HEY DUDE! - Parody Don Caron

Please CNN. There just is no comparison between what Hillary said about civility and what Trump

Sickness, Fear, Harassment Whittle Away at Migrant Caravan in Mexico

I upgraded my phone and the kids are SO proud of me

Something you must remember about Trump-- he has over 40 years experience as...

Remember at the beginning of Trump's campaign where two of his followers beat up an immigrant?

Cannon House Office Building evacuated after alarm goes off

Ara Malikian - Zyryab (Paco de Lucia Cover)

Paco de Lucia - Entre dos aguas

Dallas Morning News endorses Beto

Avenatti- "When you have a white male making the arguments, they carry more weight"

October 24, 2003: Concorde's last commercial flight.

Baden Powell - Samba Triste

Maybe I'm not that smart, but I can't seem to understand...

WTF is this? Trump ordered 800 troops to the border?

Rosinha de Valenca - Consolacao‬‪

"Tiki Torch Nazis" Sandy and Richard Riccardi

I'm legitimately puzzled by the Right's argument that it couldn't have been one of their own....

Drop in adult flu vaccinations may be a factor in last season's record-breaking deaths, illnesses

Holly Near "Singing for Our Lives"

So Grassley is doing false statements referrals now, huh? Will keep an eye out for one on Trump Jr.

Avenatti tells Time Magazine that the Democratic nominee for POTUS "better be a white male"

The night was mighty dark so you could hardly see!🌕

Trump mocks, insults all of us, including his followers at his rallies and on twitter.

Sarah Huckabee, I'm so glad to hear President isn't responsible for sending suspicious packages

Yutu Strongest Storm At Landfall In U.S. Since 1935; 5th-Strongest Global Landfall On Record

Chelsea Clinton Says She's Open to Running For Political Office: 'It is Something I Think About

"I Ain't Afraid" Holly Near

One way to shut Trump up, would be to take a close-up look at the kind of people at his rallies.

Ana Navarro nails it.

Meghan McCain: I Contributed to the Country's Polarization by Saying I 'Hate' Hillary Clinton

George Soros: When Hate Surges

The McRib is back!!!

Our first political terrorist in the modern era speaks....

Donald Trump has his own "media" operation.

Human urine bricks invented by South African students

Bombs Sent To Biden And Robert De Niro, In Latest Wave Of Explosives Sent To Trump Critics

'Dripping with poison of antisemitism': the demonization of George Soros

Grassley playing checkers with Avenatti...gonna lose

Trump nearly heads out of room before being reminded by Melania to sign opioid bill

A second Michigan instructor withheld a recommendation letter from student headed to Israel

The truth about the idiotic right wing. 28 -35 percent at most. WE MUST VOTE!!!!

Grassley refers Avenatti and Swetnick to Justice for a criminal probe

Pentagon Will Send Troops to Mexican Border

Attempted murder is serious

Did the shooter shoot Steve Scalise at the Republican baseball game because of inciteful language?..

president trump mobilizes law enforcement agencies to catch pipe bomber -- "we will protect america"

Everyone Gets Free Taco Bell On November 1

"Lock Him Up"

upcoming Trump talk on drug prices

Just a reminder, the same people who think the MAGAbomber is a false flag...

Conspiracy theories about Soros aren't just false. They're anti-Semitic.

Although this cartoon was first published on August 8, 2017-it's actually more relevant today. Sadly

Happy National Greasy Foods Day! What's your fav? Recipes appreciated.

Stan Getz & Laurindo Almeida - Once Again

Ryan Bundy is free and running for governor. But is anyone listening?

MAGA Bomber question

KRYSTALLNACHT 'Night of Broken Glass' Nov. 9, 1938 Germany, 80 Yrs Ago

I voted today in Maryland

Facebook LIVE Now: Reno Nevada GOTV Rally with Bernie Sanders

Facebook LIVE: We're live in Reno with Senator @BernieSanders for an early vote rally

Just voted in Tallahassee

Help with the Georgia Ballot

Good to see pissed CNN staff

Gluten free pasta. Never have used it. What is your favorite brand?

What do bombs sent to Soros, Clinton, Obama, and CNN have to do with me?

We're going to see Obama!!! ❤️

Trump's curious connection to Khashoggi family.

White House tries to blame Dems for the stock market drop

NBC Cancels Megyn Kelly Today After Blackface Controversy, Sources Say

Elections officials clear way for more people with felony convictions to vote in Nevada

He touched my hand!": Bernie Sanders gets rock-star welcome in Colorado visit

When Someone Tries to Kill You, There are NOT Two Sides

Voted early for the first time today

Ethiopia appoints first female president in its modern history in latest reform

There is a very basic fact---a "truth", if you will---that those discussing how to "unite our

Ethiopia appoints first female president in its modern history in latest reform

Video, Bomb Disposal Leaves Manhattan After Suspicious Package Sent To Robert De Niro

The media did not create this

Former WI GOP Candidate Arrested for Attempting to Kill With 'Radioactive Material'

European parliament approves curbs on use of antibiotics on farm animals

The M$M should apologize

Why are you leaving it to me to point out the obvious.

Playing the Long Game for the Supreme Court by Linda Greenhouse

I'd be very surprised if the bomber isn't a MAGAt just by the misspellings alone.

The guy is a fucking fool - Robert De Niro

"I ain't scared" - Maxine Waters

"Trump is right, he is not Hitler" From Tim Zannes

Fugelsang's best tweet ever:

"No one in the caravan is reading your tweets, Mr. President."

MSNBC analyst: 30 year mandatory minimum will apply to bomber if convicted.

U.S. judge in Trump Foundation case rebuffs political bias defense

House Republicans Dropping Big Money To Shore Up Seats Once Viewed As Safe

Warning Warning! Flashing Red Light! Warning

Video: Bernie Sanders Speech at GOTV Rally in Reno, Nevada

Bernie Sanders Speech at GOTV Rally in Reno, Nevada

Is there a pool on when the MAGAbomber gets arrested?

If only stupidity was painful

YES on proposal 2

I put a spell on you!

The Raw Materials That Fuel the Green Revolution

Who is watching American Horror Story?

Update: The comment, no biological threat, was meant to the white powder.

Michael Avenatti to Time: 2020 Democratic nominee 'better be a white male'

Women are now allowed to join the British Special Forces for the first time.

Some Clarifications about the TargetSmart TargetEarly Interactive Poll

Just saw a photo of bomb pkg that said postage due 75 cents

Two Sides To Everything

So, say they catch the MAGAbomber.

When you talk to folks about the importance of voting, show them this

Judge Issues New Rules For Absentee Ballot Signature Match Issues In Georgia

Jimmy John's driver delivers ailing Nebraska veteran to emergency room

Pipe Bombs Sent to Biden and Robert De Niro, Latest Trump Critics Targeted

Can POTUS Be Sued? Trump Foundation Lawsuit May Hinge On Ruling In Zervos Case

Trump doubles down on blaming media as suspicious packages continue to surface

Didn't take long for Megyn Kelly!

Never though I would see this in the United States.

Sarah Sanders responds to CNN chief's criticism after bomb scare: 'You chose to attack and divide'

Stan Getz and Bossa Nova.

Omarosa: Trump always used personal phone in White House despite security risk

More people were killed by seasonal influenza last winter than in any other since the 1970s.

Kobach Wins Effort To Keep Damaging Deposition Video Under Wraps

"He's moving away": Matthew Shepard's parents prepare to lay their son to rest at National Cathedral

"He's moving away": Matthew Shepard's parents prepare to lay their son to rest at National Cathedral

Trump's new pledge to cut taxes may follow a familiar path

Will a reporter please ask Trump to state specific facts that the press has gotten wrong that

Steve King met with Austrian party with Nazi ties

Brennan to Trump: 'Clean up your act' and 'try to act presidential'

I move out on Nov1.

Fox News on speculation that Kelly might return: 'We are extremely happy with our entire line-up'

Is Andy Barr (KY 6 - R) fracking Nancy Pelosi!?! Big coal money to Barr

Google shielded 3 male executives accused of sexual misconduct

Older People Are Worse Than Young People at Telling Fact from Opinion

Lavender's Soothing Scent Could Be More Than Just Folk Medicine.

Fact-Checking President Donald Trump's Claims On Healthcare

Thought for the day...

Bomb attacks expose festering divisions

Yep, he's a liar who's THAT fucking stupid...

Trump fights uphill GOP battle on pre-existing conditions

Larch Madness

Trump used charity money to buy his own portrait because no one else would: lawyers

Portrait by AI program sells for $432,000

Ellison is about to be Frankened

DOJ: Businesses Can Discriminate Against Transgender Workers

Ah, my favorite brain 🧠 soup 🥣 🧟‍♂️WARNING SOME DISTURBING IMAGES🧟‍♀️

Masquerading junk election mailers sneak across the aisle

Trump Official Did Undisclosed Work With Scandal-Plagued GOP Fundraiser

Where did that pooch disappear to?

Have you heard of the RW tv network One America News ?

Count on kingdom to rally around Saudi crown prince

Investigation Into Pipe Bombs Turns Toward Florida as More Trump Critics Are Targeted

DelBene has earned support of 1st District voters

** Poll Finds Democrats Hold Lead Over Republicans in Key Battleground Districts**

Halloween Is Coming #116

Halloween Is Coming #117

Nicole Wallace: "This massive assassination attempt aimed at Democratic leaders."

Halloween Is Coming #118

Caitlyn Jenner: I thought Trump would help the LGBTQ community. I was wrong.

My friend's son just flew to Atlanta & Ivanka was on his plane. In Row 30. Coach.

Halloween Is Coming #119

Halloween Is Coming #120

Trump says he's taking 'revolutionary' action to lower drug prices

From 2016: Just What Were Donald Trump's Ties to the Mob?

April 2018 cartoon from Alt-Right dandy Ben Garrison. And you wonder why Magabomber was a thing.

Caitlyn Jenner: I thought Trump would help the LGBTQ community. I was wrong.

Trump said he'd protect the US from terror. He can't even denounce

Spies Eavesdropping on Trump Complain He Is Speaking in Indecipherable Language

Wait. What?! One of Nicolle's fellow-journalist guests said there were "constant fistfights"...

Black leaders endorse McCaskill

Gillum tells DeSantis to stop calling him 'Andrew' and show him more 'respect'

Halloween Is Coming #121

Halloween Is Coming #122

A President Who Hates Half The Country Doesn't Get to Call For 'Unity'

Halloween Is Coming #123

Seven years of marriage vs two months.

Halloween Is Coming #124

Halloween Is Coming #125

EXCLUSIVE Saudi Spy Met With Team Trump About Taking Down Iran

Superintendent in western Nebraska district where kangaroo meat was served has resigned

Supreme Leader Trump Brushes Off Terrorist Plot to Murder His Political Adversaries

Instagram Refuses to Pull Down Milo Post Praising Mail Bombs

Republican candidates say 'nope' to local environmental forum

10/26 Mike Luckovich: I love lying.

Bannon Dinner Price Slashed from $20k to 'SPECIAL PRICING' of Zero Dollars, Still Almost No Takers

Voter suppression is rooted in fear of changing demographics, says pollster

Steve (Schmidt) Just Made A Brilliant Case For Trump Inciting Terrorism

Veterans Affairs official hung portrait of Ku Klux Klan's first grand wizard in his office

Flip Paul Ryan's seat!!! Randy Bryce is up by 1 point -- needs to be higher to ensure victory!!

Trump May Have Shared 'Sensitive Information' with Sean Hannity on Unsecured Cell Phone

Authorities treating mailed bombs as 'live devices,' not hoaxes, NY police commissioner says

So Megan Kelly was let go from FOX news, then let go from her morning show? Maybe,

I discovered last month that I wasn't registered to vote.

Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs peddles conspiracy theory about suspicious packages

Mundharmonika Quartett - Wilhelm Tell Overture

cartoon: 50% discount

Smart phones aren't designed for not so smart users.

White Supremacy in America: A Guide, Radical Groups, Factions

The Problem Isn't Incivility. It's Trump's Belief the Media Can't Criticize Him.

Donald Byrd - Cristo Redentor

You will love watching this!

Trump to send 800 active duty military troops to southern border

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 26 October 2018

Avenatti: Let's start the investigation tonight.

Trump used charity money to buy his own portrait because no one else would: lawyers

Design of bombs targeting Trump critics came from Internet: source

The only fake news to me is FOX news.

Last nite Dignified Don revealed so much to was an act, and in his mind, it was beneath him

More bombs sent to prominent Trump critics

Guardian: Kavanaugh was a member of the Eureka Club with Solicitor General.

Avenatti to Grassley: 'Let's start the investigation tonight'

AR Works Enrollees Urged to Pay Overdue Insurance Premiums to Avoid Tax Intercept


Searching For the Truth About the Actual Murderer in The Exorcist

However Did They Mail Those Bombs

Grassley going after third Kavanaugh accuser but not the first two. Why?

I have given this much thought and decided that the MAGA bomber must be...

The long knives

Doug Jones: Trump's words can lead to violence, just like George Wallace's did in 1963

Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.

Turkish group froze plans for lavish Trump Hotel event during talks on U.S. pastor's fate

The honest truth about the migrant caravan With Chris Cillizza

The media is still equivocating too much

Caitlyn Jenner: Um ... oops!

The Demonization of Billionaire George Soros, 1st Target Of Mail Bombs

BREAKING****4,700 Democratic absentee ballots missing in Dekalb County Georgia.

A little human heart beats in this dog...Happy Fall Everyone

Are there any states in good position to pass laws for presidential candidates

Racism caught up with these two....

They saw a lady paying for her gas with pennies and he gave her some money.


Weird email notification email address for ActBlue donations

My friend Alan Howe is running for POTUS

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 25, 2018

Billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer preparing to unleash $16 million in the final 11 days of 2018 midter

Most see sharply-divided nation

4700 mail in ballots suddenly go missing in Dekalb co Georgia

GOP suddenly playing defense on health care

One of these is a HOAX.

Young people poised to be political force in 2018

A picture says a thousand words


2018 US Senate Election Rating- Trump State Democratic held US Senate seats.

Candle light vigil is being held for Matthew Shepard.

From Wired - I Bought Used Voting Machines on eBay for $100 Apiece. What I Found Was Alarming

Central America DOES have terrorists who want to attack America

Listening to the people laughing and cheering at trump's mocking of everything civil

When they lose on November 6, they'll blame the bombs and call them fake

Newt Gingrich Claims Odds are '2 Out of 3' That Pelosi Will Be Speaker Post-Midterms

'BOTH SIDES' The Most Dangerous & Insidious Narrative In Today's Political Climate

Election commission ordered to let voters correct applications, vote normally on Election Day

Sinead O'Connor renounces Catholicism and converts to Islam

No teleprompter needed for hateful rhetoric

R.I.P. Tony Joe "Polk Salad Annie" White

John Bolton is reportedly spreading rumors that Mattis is leaving to help quicken his ouster

Check out the WaPo's Love-fest for Sandra O'Connor

Pierce: A Star Is Born

N Georgia redneck early voting is..........

Pierce: This Nonsense Will Soon Be Right-Wing Conventional Wisdom

Reporter warns Rep. Gianforte not to lie about 2017 attack

BoA 보아 'Woman' MV

Avenatti Denies 'White Male' Nominee Comments

Dining club emails reveal Kavanaugh's close ties to Trump's solicitor general

Watch for Democratic votes to pour in over the next week

Megyn Kelly Prepares for Aggressive NBC Legal Fight Amid Blackface Controversy