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Archives: October 26, 2018

Bomb sniffer dogs looking for something in shops near CNN. Now.


Trump joked about the Democratic leaders receiving pipe bombs thru the mail.

Swamp Rock Icon Tony Joe White Dead at 75

Dumpster has been ordered to set up a banana republic

GOP sees new bomb scare victim: Trump

The Problem with Jordan Peterson

MAGABOMBER: Bombs Sent to Hillary, Obama, CNN, Soros, John Brennan, MORE

Georgia 'lost' 4,600 ballot requests submitted by Democrats: report

Mueller has evidence suggesting Stone associate knew Clinton emails would be leaked

HAPPENING NOW: The Time Warner Center in New York City, where CNN offices are located, is being evac

After Flirting With Trump In 2016, These Three States Are Looking Blue Again

Nobody knows who committed this. Everybody knows who incited it.

Is This the Megyn Kelly Reckoning We've All Been Waiting For?

Michael Moore is on Chris Hayes

Stephen Colbert Unveils First Police Sketch of the Serial Bomber

Trump Refutes iPhone Usage in Angry Tweet Sent From iPhone

Unity fizzles as president, lawmakers, media point fingers

Zinke and Trump Are Ignoring the Public

Here's what you get for making a deal with McConell

Bomb squad called to assist in package investigation at Florida mail facility

Facebook LIVE: We're live in Las Vegas with Nevada Democrats and Bernie Sanders!

Republican healthcare policies are pushing America closer to Third World life-expectancy levels

Tough tweet from CT Senator Chris Murphy:

Climate Change Is on the Ballot in Washington State. Why It Matters for the Rest of the Country

It's becoming increasingly clear that we don't matter.

Climate Change Is on the Ballot in Washington State. Why It Matters for the Rest of the Country

This blind and deaf dog does the sweetest thing when she smells that her dad is home 💞

This blind and deaf dog does the sweetest thing when she smells that her dad is home 💞

So I'm driving home from my substitute teaching job today and across a big intersection

Watch DeSantis and Scott go down in real time

Is Kasich an idiot or what?

Why do I feel Trumps new Drug Plan

Voters In 4 Red States Could Give Health Care To 400,000 On Election Day

Ethiopia appoints its first female president

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Eraser!

Facebook Video: Bernie rallying culinary workers in Reno ahead of their canvas to get out the vote

Anybody else waiting on the release of RDR2?

Rachel did a bit about the mail carriers as a line of defense.

Putin touts downfall of US as a global leader: 'It's almost done'

Any one could be super human

I Don't Care How Dishonest and Corrupt He Is. But Do We Really Want A President Who's THIS STUPID?

Hillary Tribute --- Happy Birthday, Madame Secretary--- October 26

Trump Handed Big Loss As Judge Shoots Down His Defense in Foundation Fraud Case

Expect violence after the midterms...

Giant Baby Trump Balloon Floating In Michigan This Weekend

NYT Video: If You're Not Scared About Fascism in the U.S., You Should Be

Question about the GOP lying about protecting coverage for pre-existing conditions?

A few things about the Post Office and how it works (This might get a little long)

Go Fund Me -- some questions

Former Governor Gary Locke Puts Dino Rossi on Blast for Proposing Cuts to 40,000 Kids on Medicaid

Trump said the "second amendment people" should do something about Hillary Clinton

Grassley criticizes Trump's farm bailout rules after Chinese-owned firm qualifies

Some good news for Nevada Legislative Democrats.

Dazz Band (Cleveland OH.) "Let it Whip"-1982

How do you control dissent

Gingrich: "We'll see whether or not the Kavanaugh fight was worth it."

Looks like there were actual bombs sent:

Attorneys Across Washington State Condemn Rob McKenna's Involvement in Anti-Carbon Fee Ad Campaign

"Trump Critics"

Yellow (and Red, White, Brown, Black etc) Dog Democrats Would Rather Vote for Beto Than Cruz

Newt Gingrich admits what Kavanaugh is for

China - If You Are Listening (To Trump's Telephone Calls) On His Unsecured Phone - Please....

Dallas Morning News Endorses Beto O'Rourke

You Have The Right to Remain Silent

Corsi & Stone

Sanders rallies Democrats around Rosen, heckles Trump supporters during spirited Reno stop

Before the rally, @SEIU1107 members spoke with @SenSanders about the need to raise wages

Early voting in Maryland today was...

Vote is your Power, don't waste it

Trump Considers Closing Southern Border to Migrants.

NBC: Suspicious package at building that houses office of Senator Dianne Feinstein

Video: How Bernie Sanders Is Helping Progressives In Red States (HBO)

I teach 8th graders. Every morning we watch CNN 10 which is 10 min of current events. Today the exp

What are these speckled squares I keep seeing in ads?

Instagram Finally Pulls Milo Yiannopoulos Post Lamenting The Bombs 'Didn't Go Off'

Early voting: (Re-posting)

Anyone else worried that this bomb crisis might be a repug, false-flag...

We keep hearing about Democratic and Republican enthusiasm but what about Independents?

My friend Alan Howe is running for POTUS

About 300 from NV Air Guard to be sent to southwest Asia, largest deployment in recent history

Exercise is for dummies...

Texas State early voting location closed after three days

This Week, We Learned Just How Much a Painting of Trump is Worth. Oh, Also There was Some Terrorism.

Very Disappointed In One of My Students and Myself

Grassley has questions about the Air Force's $1,200 "coffee cups"

This SOB will keep trying ...

Battleground Texas: Could a Democrat really beat Ted Cruz? Dispatch

CNN: Cohen grand jury investigation is ongoing!

Getting close to Hunger Games....

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 27, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: Ghostly Encounters

Lemon: Studies Show that 74% of all domestic terrorism is carried out by RW extremists

Members of Central American caravan "just passing through"

I've been laffing over this all afternoon, for some reason.

New to Virginia

The court filing Rachel mentioned in the Michael Cohen case today -- interesting because

Homeland Security: "We do not have any intention right now to shoot at people"

Trump may close border with Mexico entirely (to all immigrants) before election to 'stoke' GOP base:

If anyone says the Media is the enemy of the people.

Slow news day at Fox News. The #5 story on their website. Too sadly funny.

Miami's Real Estate Market is Benefiting from Rising Sea Levels (HBO)

Conversation with Kingsolver

Family members: Don't vote for Laxalt to be Nevada's governor

Accused Kroger shooter (Republican) has history of mental illness and racist comments

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 28 - Monster of the Month: The Mummy

TCM Schedule for Monday October 29 - 200 Years of Frankenstein

Dupixent DISCLAIMER "Do not take if you are allergic to Dupixent"

The Daily Show: Julian Castro - "An Unlikely Journey" to 2020

Officials: Las Vegas man tricked investors out of nearly $2 million

Avenatti's right. Grassley just opened up Pandora's box and gave us access to Kavanaugh.

WP: Can Beto O'Rourke really beat Ted Cruz in Texas?

One Jason ISBELL, country singer from Red Alabama, "Jesus wouldn't have voted for" SHITLER

You know, it's almost like Trump is upset because he didn't receive a pipe bomb in the mail.

Tony Joe White - I get off on it...RIP

I will ask again. Social Security & Medicare vs Billionaire Tax Cuts

Seth Meyers - Suspicious Packages Sent to Top Democrats, John Mayer's Sex Partners - Monologue 10/24

Justin Timberlake w Lady GaGa "3 Way" (The Golden Rule)

Phrase "Crazy Democrats" could be a double edged-sword for Missouri's McCaskill

French-born woman, Salome Zurabishvili, to become Georgia's new president

French-born woman, Salome Zurabishvili, to become Georgia's new president

Cook Political Report: Hispanic voters finally becoming engaged...

No clear signs of a blue wave in NC

American Broadband / American Fraud-band.

Seth Meyers - Trump Says He's "Being Nice" While Lying About Health Care: A Closer Look

TYT Dismantles Right Wing Parody Ad

Closing the Mexico border

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Wiki

Heidi Heitkamp raises eye-popping $12.5 million after Kavanaugh 'no' vote

Texas man sentenced to 1 year in prison on hate crime charge

Only 90%...

Rare Thursday night drinking thread.

High absentee vote turnout in Chicago

According to Dead Intern Joe, Republicans are winning in early voting numbers...

Mississippi city judge displays flag without rebel symbol

I have come to the realization that GOP voters are Charlie Brown


The Latest: US praises Saudi decision on slain writer's son

Ex-trooper explains why he tased teen before fatal crash

My Democratic donations for 10.25.18

I reported a FB user to the FBI

A 6.8-Magnitude Earthquake Just Rattled the Greek Tourist Island of Zakynthos

NY Times: Millions Have Voted Early in the Midterms. Here's What That Means -- and What It Doesn't.

GOP sees new bomb scare victim: Trump

People who are voting straight DEMOCRAT in Texas are noticing their votes switched to Cruz!

The Latest: Suspect tried to enter church before shooting

Sears directors tap Evercore to examine former CEO Lampert's deals: sources

Judge orders Durst of 'The Jinx' to stand trial in murder case

GM wants Trump administration to back national electric vehicle program

Indigenous rights leader reported slain in northern Mexico

Just listened to the rebroadcast of Maddow's show tonight.

World's billionaires became 20% richer in 2017, report reveals

Government 'in contempt of court': Colombia's war crimes tribunal by Adriaan Alsema October 23, 2018

In tears over the injustice of corruption in Colombia, judge sends contractors to jail

After Papadopoulos interview, Trump allies say FBI officials should be investigated over Russia prob

Las Vegas ex-doctor gets year in prison for health care fraud

World's Billionaires Became 20% Richer In 2017, Report Reveals

FROM THE FIELD: Enslaved Guatemalan indigenous women wait for reparations

FROM THE FIELD: Enslaved Guatemalan indigenous women wait for reparations

Daron Wint guilty of murder in 2015 D.C. quadruple killing

About these polls...

Universities All Over Brazil Suffer Police Raids And Electoral Justice Operations

Universities All Over Brazil Suffer Police Raids And Electoral Justice Operations

Google says it's fired 48 people for sexual misconduct, amid reports it paid $90 million to an accus

The Daily Show: Filling the Swamp

Nevada Democrats urge Trump to keep Yucca Mountain mothballed

An American hunter provokes online outrage with photos of a goat hunt in Scotland

Ford recalls nearly 1.5M Focuses because engines can stall

Hypocrisy: Watch Trump Get Demolished Over Hacked iPhone - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Trump Says He Wants to Reform Prisons. His Attorney General Sessions Has Other Ideas.

10/26/18: Happy birthday to the woman held to impossible standards -- Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton

Trump squanders chance to lead after day of fear

A 14-Year-Long Oil Spill Nobody Talks About Could Become One Of The Worst In US History

Singer Jason Isbell Explains Backing Democrats In 2018 - The Last Word - MSNBC

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump's New Ad for Ted Cruz

President Donald Trump Denies Cellphone Use In Tweet From iPhone - The Last Word - MSNBC

Youth -- Our Inspiration

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump's Pipe Bomb Hypocrisy

Tony Joe White - Polk Salad Annie

Tony Joe White - Rainy Night In Georgia

Idaho's 1st suicide prevention group says it will close down next year

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/25/18

Idaho law doesn't cover PTSD for first responders. Some lawmakers want to change that

New 'Trojan horse' antibiotic promising

"According to Your Great Mercies, Lord Have Mercy!" Eastern Orthodoxy: Hymns

"The way the president speaks, the way he acts, his mannerisms, his tone,

(UK) Rising seas will swamp homes, report says

Rep. Jeffries: Trump Shows 'Depraved Indifference To Human Life' - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Idaho Makes No Headway Toward '60 Percent Goal'

Splosh! How the dinosaur-killing asteroid made its crater

another Trump supporter

Eastern Orthodoxy: "Kyrie Eleison"-"Lord Have Mercy" and other hymns

BBC shares market link

He's back to trashing CNN - very early this a.m.

The Rachel Maddow Show 10/25/18 - MSNBC - Full Show

Bernie Sanders Coming to Oceanside, Stumping for Democrats Like Levin

Eleven Days ... Vote ... 6 November 2018 ... Your Vote Matters

Who's a killer? Who's a cute, little killer? YOU are a cute, little killer!

Bolton says U.S. has invited Putin to Washington

Trump's deeply disturbing, self-pitying 3 AM tweet RE: "blaming me for the current spate of Bombs"

Don't ya just want to Tell Caitlyn Jenner....

Toon:Bomb Squad 💣

'Gay' Penguin Couple Sphen and Magic Become Parents to 91 Gram Baby Penguin, All Are Doing Well

Disney star Garrett Clayton discusses homophobia in Hollywood as he covers Gay Times: 'I got into a

Here's a little extra inspiration for what we all need to do on November 6th.

FL Vote by Mail numbers - Day 13 - Good News!

Candidate's security team seen as unusual for Idaho politics

voting rights activities marshalling resources to overcome voting suppression in Dodge City KS

Scoop: Coming Up On Real Time With Bill Maher on HBO - Friday, October 26, 2018

Ainsley Airhead on fox and friends

Schumer got played. Fast tracked Judge nominations in deal for Senate recess, GOP advancing nutcase

Why Andrew Gillum's Viral Debate Moment Is Resonating (MSNBC) 10.25.2018

Georgia: Federal judge issues injunction in absentee ballot rejections, but Kemp wants postponement

DeSantis keeps referring to Gillum as "Andrew".

Pile of leaves. Pile of leaves.

She said, "Nope"

Idaho tries to determine if licensing rules are too onerous

Trump is worried about a Florida wipeout

Saudi Arabia admits Khashoggi's murder was premeditated. Fine. Who premeditated it?

Please tell Don the Con and the rest of them that this is the most important national emergency

Friday TOONs - Bomber-bastic Edition

The time has come to leave MSNBC. Made it the first hour but now we are in the territory

early voting totals 13 million

Eugene Robinson: Dear Democrats: You can do this

Dems hold active discussions on 2020 debates

Eugene Robinson to Dems: stop worrying and get it done.

Why are Republicans so afraid of the "pre-existing conditions" issue ?

Cryptocurrency boom falls on hard times in Central Washington

The ReTHUG October surprise was supposed to be the 'caravan'

New downtown Idaho Falls mural gets thumbs-down from deaf community

Rural areas of FL hit hard by Hurricane Michael are struggling

Trump blasts CNN in 3 a.m. tweet for 'blaming me' for bombs

Someone please tell Trump that the notion of "Presidential at 3 am" means...

Jamal Khashoggi's son arrives in US

Texts to voters purportedly from Trump roil Kansas election

Rachel's coverage of blatent Republic LIES about pre-exsting conditions.

Forlorn Trump lashes out at CNN and complains he's the real victim of mail bombs in 3 a.m. tweet

Republican healthcare policies are pushing America closer to Third World life-expectancy levels

Kristallnacht?-Had only a few bombs gone off we would have an equivalent

Republicans are mischaracterizing nearly all their major policies. Why?

MSNBC's Chuck Todd Speculates Russians Could Be Behind Mail Bombs

Rachel Maddow May Have Just Ended Martha McSally's Senate Campaign With A Brilliant Fa

Instagram Removes Milo Yiannopoulos Post Praising Mail Bombs After Daily Beast Report

Our Sadistic Sex Police, Still Chasing The Clintons - Gene Lyons

Cry baby!!! eom

At Putin's Order, Trump Reorders Schedule For Paris Summit

Stay alert! They walk among us, they breed, and they vote!

Does anyone here own a "Ninja Foodi" pressure cooker/crisper?

How can I be sure my early vote in OK is actually counted? Early votes in any state? In GA??

Trump fears Florida wipeout

European court rules insulting religion IS a crime as woman's conviction upheld

So that big Trump perscription drug plan...turns out

The origin of Superheroes: King Chimera

The Rundown: October 25, 2018

Trump's drug plan falls flat in health care messaging war

Pick of the Week: "Books of Magic" #1

Democrats eyeing White House flock to Deidre DeJear, Iowa's new star

Comic-Snips: Blight

BTRTN: The GOP's Odds of Keeping the House are Rising - From Nearly Hopeless to Merely Terrible

BTRTN: The GOP's Odds of Keeping the House are Rising - From Nearly Hopeless to Merely Terrible

BTRTN: The GOP's Odds of Keeping the House are Rising - From Nearly Hopeless to Merely Terrible

CNN panel aghast at Trump's angry 3 a.m. tweet: 'He was elected to be president not a mental patient

60% Chance Entire Great Barrier Reef Will Face "Extreme Heat Stress & Bleaching" This Austral Summer

CNN Breaking 11th bomb addressed to Cory Booker

DOJ Ties a Trump FISA Release to Obstruction

Breaking- 11th explosive device discovered in Florida addressed to Corey Booker

Judge denies Nunes access to secret depositions on Steele dossier

11th suspicious package addressed to Sen. Cory Booker recovered in Florida, sources say

There's a belief, out there, that the older you get, the more conservative you become

Wheat, Peaches, Coffee, Corn, Almonds - How Rapid Warming Will Change World's Key Crops

Donald Trump's worst nightmare

This pipe bomb stuff is going so unhinged and against the Trump's here is what I fear.

Just breaking, suspicious package at NY postal facility.

#12 Bomb to James Clapper

Block Chain - The New Climate Savior, Or Kicking The Can 6.0

My favorite Italian food, in order of preference. What's yours?

Might Casey has struck out

Strap on that there jammy pack, get a grip on your soul.

The bomb addressed to James Clapper has the CNN address!

DeSmog - The Very Best Of America's Top Political Climate Liars & Hacks - Are They On YOUR Ballot?

Remember how Obama was supposedly responsible for Islamist terrorism when he wouldn't say

Economy grows at slower pace but still reflects strength

John Bolton says Putin invited to visit Washington in early 2019

39% of Icelanders Have "Little or No Trust" in the National Church, Poll Finds

A Gay Employee at a Catholic Church Is Resigning After Threats to His Family

The most obvious clue that the MAGAbomber is a right winger...

I'm wondering who is being the adult in the room?

Bloomberg spending $9 million to help two House Dems in California

Trump's job approval rating drops three points in NPR poll

South Dakota Congressional Candidate Said Terrorist Attack Would Help Him Win (Trump state director)

OK-GOV: Open sea moves to Tossup

"Go to bed already"

NJ Sen. Cory Booker Targeted In Terror-By-Mail Bombs

The silence from ReTHUGs on these pipe bombs

NH-GOV: Sununu moves to Lean Republican

De Niro: "There's something more powerful than bombs & that's your vote. People must vote."

Nike sells out of Kaepernick t-shirt just hours after its release

The problem is we've got two polarized different ideas in our collective head or spirit

Audience laughs at Rep. Steve Knight after he says the economy is 'explosive' thanks to GOP tax cuts

CBS Obtains Image Of Package Sent TO Clapper

4 weird ways climate change could end civilization

Why Trumpism is here to stay. Do you know what was the worst kind of Nazis in the Third Reich?

A recent Gallup poll found that just 26% of 18- to 29-year-olds are certain to vote in this year's

On this day in 2011, copyright troll Righthaven was wishing it had never heard of DU.

Bombs address labels could have identifying info about the printer

F-Bombs and Real Bombs

Bomb Disposal

Association With Extremist David Horowitz Catches Up With Ron DeSantis

Trump fears Florida wipeout

Andrew Gillum Is the New World Champion of Devastating Political Ethers

Happy National Frankenstein Day! Post A Pic From Your Favorite Frankenstein Flick!

Most Americans Say Their Finances Have Not Improved Since 2016

Khashoggi's son has finally been allowed to leave

Newt Gingrich: 'We'll see whether or not the Kavanaugh fight was worth it'

San Francisco Tech Workers Urge Industry To Help Homeless, 'Be Part Of The Solution'

Someone yesterday on MSNBC commented that the FBI

#MAGABomber sketch released by police

Maybe the bombs are originating at the postal facilities??

My concern for Georgia election (or any state) brings out this question

Trump whines again.....

Market just opened and is already over 400 points down.

Michael Bloomberg drops $9.5 million on ads targeting GOP Reps. Rohrabacher and Knight in midterm el

DOW crashing again (Down 400)

Trump administration wants to remove 'gender' from UN human rights documents

Drumpt flipping the bird at Mueller

Question about Jesus

It occurs to me that the people most likely to have the best evidence about Trump's crimes

Where the Buffalo roam

Dems hold active discussions on 2020 debates

Happy National Mincemeat Day! Heavens Yes 😋 Or Hell No 🤢?

Trump Lawyers: He Had No Choice But To Blow $10K On A Painting Of Himself

Corker's imminent departure puts Saudi sanctions in doubt

The Twit tweets: Republicans are doing so well in early voting, and at the polls, and now this "Bomb

Did Carlos Curbelo (R) say that Schumer and other Democrats should not politicize

trump wants media to stop talking about 'Bomb' tweet

Two choices

A theory on the bomb package mailings

2 Black Voter Group Wins In Voter Registration Case In Memphis

**BREAKING** This is where we are- Trump tweets implies MAGA BOMBS are fugazi (fake)

Heads up Malcolm Nance on Stephanie Millers show now

What's with Trump putting 'bomb' in quotations?

Florida's population grew by almost 11%

This should be on the news 24/7.

To win the Midwest, labor-backed coalition pursues minorities who haven't voted before

Heidi Heitkamp raises eye-popping $12.5 million after Kavanaugh 'no' vote

Bolton And His Deputy Launch Whisper Campaign To Oust Mattis

Worried because as always we can count on Republicans to outperform the polls.

My son was visiting yesterday, we were doing some chores

Profiles in Crazy X. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Republican never-trumpers are right to squawk loudly about what is happening

President #MAGABomber: All this bomb stuff is slowing GOP momentum

Trump whines that 'this Bomb stuff' is slowing Republican 'momentum' in midterm elections

I concur

And now for your moment of zen...

Suspect arrested!

CNN Breaking News: Feds have arrested man in connection to magabombs.

JUST IN: Man arrested in connection with suspicious packages

In North Dakota, Tribes Scramble To Clear GOP-Imposed Voter ID Hurdle

How hard would it be to watermark self-adhesive stamps?

"Divisiveness" how do we fight it?

Hurricanes/Natural disasters doing the work of the privileged few

****BREAKING**** CNN - MAGA BOMBER Suspect In Custody

Pic Of The Moment: In Case You Were Wondering How Trump Would Handle A Crisis...

There's always, ALWAYS a bizarro opposite Trump tweet

U.S. stocks skid deeper on tech sell-off

Be patient about this arrest, please.

No intention to shoot if migrant caravan crosses border, DHS secretary Nielsen says

Trump was probably tweeting at 3AM because he knew the profile of the bomber

Genius! Niecy Nash introduces alternative to 911 for angst-ridden white folks. And it's real! 😂

How To Find Out If Your Vote Was Counted

Cnn showing a van being towed away.

Towing a white fan that seems connected with the investigation.

Windows on creep's van covered with pics of guess who?? Trump

White Van.... LOOKS.... like it has a Trump president sticker on it, bunch of winger memes.

CNN reporting that man in custody lives in Broward County

Yeah, that's definitely a picture of Trump on that white van.

MSNBC: Van being towed in association with bomb suspect arrest covered in Trump paraphernalia


Man in Florida to be charged; Booker, Clapper latest to be sent packages

Herald reports he is in his 50s

Good job

Can we have the FBI put a blue tarp on Trump

How stupid are you to use a Trumpified van if you are mailing bombs to Democrats?

The suspect drives a Trumpmobile.

Pic of poss white van connected with magabombs here

Can somebody identify the decals on MAGA BOMBER's van ?

Hate to say this, but....

Based on the initial reports of the arrest, I'm beginning to think

Biden calls for leaders to lower the temperature


Man yells racial obscenities at elementary class during field trip at Living Desert (Ca)

Thank you to the amazing FBI

Interesting. First thing they do is cover the van with a tarp.

MAGABomber MAGABomber MAGABomber

Biden: 'Words matter'

This arrest is really bad news for Trump if it's a Trump fanatic. His luck may be running out.

World's billionaires became 20% richer in 2017, report reveals

Is this bomber a terrorist?

Just speculation. If I was a local LEO and had seen this van periodically in my patrol area,

FBI just arrested a suspect in Florida in connection with bombs

NJ Goodwill workers find 1774 US "rebel" newspaper in which John Hancock pleads for the Colonies

I may sound crazy here, but did Trump's rhetoric inspire the suspect?

More van photos from someone who saw suspect in traffic well before bombs sent.

Fox news has already started covering for boss trump

donnie insists this is not 9/11 or the oklahoma city bombing, but just imagine

WashPost OP ED: Caitlyn Jenner: I thought Trump would help trans people. I was wrong.

From CNN; What we know about the suspect (so far)

Wait till the FBI gets a look at this guys computer, Holy shit!

*IF* the do what they did in 2016, we need to be ready

Ex-FBI guy on CNN said the covering of the van is NOT normal.

Plantation Florida is a suburb of Miami...just to inform..

FL-GOV: DeSantis supporter taken into custody re. attempted assassination of Democrats

CNN-Stop beating around the bush. - "Labels of a political nature."

Actually tempted to tune into Limbaugh for the first time since the last time

Had to go to freepville

Autumn Leaves

Package intercepted at Kamala Harris's Sacramento office

A helpful word from a Venezuelan.

Large photo of van.....

Van has violent imagery of crosshairs on Obama, Hillary, Van Jones, Michael Moore and others

Does it bother anyone else here that this van looks brand new?

The Democrats should frame this arrest this way.

We need to address the fact that "divisiveness" is a lot more than Russian trolling

Did Trump order the tarp be put over the van?

Gotta say, I am relieved the bomb guy is a MAGAt.

Wiretap audio from college hoops trial details pay schemes

Oh Fox News..."It would be premature to speculate on a motive "

magabomber -- "i am donald trump and i approve this message"

The MAGAbomber and MAGA supporters are unpatriotic

*****OMG -Closeup of the MAGA VAN*****

Why Won't Trump Say The Words, "Radical Right-Wing Terrorism"???

Trump: My Twitter account "was a Rocket Ship, now it is a Blimp! Total Bias?"

Trump: "Republicans are doing so well in early voting, and now this "Bomb" stuff happens"

Watching the van transport live now

Does this coverage remind any one of the OJ white van?

The Maga man can....

Per CNN, Another package in Sacramento addressed to Senator Kamala Harris

The big round sticker on the side window has been identified

There have been no leaders ... OF ... the left intimating gun violence or anything at that level

Can you believe George Soros airdropped that van in front of that innocent man's house?!

Your thinking that you kept to yourself seems to have been correct: A MAGAt

The M$M will bot be able to ignore the fact that van was festooned with pro-Trump stickers for long

If this man is the man who sent the bombs..that is, if he is, he is not smart.

Didn't Limbaugh Say...

Assange hearing halted for lack of 'Australian'-fluent translator

Here is another awful thought?

Another person saw the bomb suspect's van in Ashville, NC last year and took photo.

Is this him?

A better recent photo of said suspect's van

Here's my question...

'Dear God: Last night I prayed to wake to news photos of Trump's face IN a van being hauled away'

Look at his van. 😱

Liberty University sets plans for technology park in Bedford County, engineering school in Lynchburg

Bombing supsect is a registered republican.

today is national Breadstick Day-- enjoy!

Took FBI, Post Office, and other law enforcement 5 days to find person connected with bombs.

Another prior van sighting

To the terrorist sending the bombs

Blue Tarp will soon blow away.Like a BLUE WAVE

MSNBC has far better coverage, his name and a picture. CNN none of that yet..n/t

This is most likely his Twitter page

A photograph of some of the stickers on the van:

The crosshairs painted on the MAGA van should have been the first clue.

If the van were covered with anti-Donnie Fungus Dick

OMFG they have people on the back of the truck holding the blue tarp down

MSNBC: Investigation active and continues, examining possibility of conspiracy

How bad could this have been...

Capture of the MAGABomber comes moments before Trump's Young Black Leadership Summit speech

Someone should ask Trump if he will pay Cesar Sayoc's legal bills. nt

YIKES.....Trump will want to award Ceasar the Congressional Medal of Honor....

A recent tweet by the #MAGABomber

In my opinion, the bombing attempts and subsequent arrest represents a real dichotomy.

The media needs to do a better job and stop being so divisive

David Frum: Trump Walks the Road Away From Democracy

Even in the darkest of times we laugh

A 'CNN sucks!' chant just broke out at the White House, minutes before Pres. Trump...

Hillary Clinton should not go away

TRUMP rally inside the white house....

Can we give William Of Ockham a round of applause ?

Please tell me just what they had to do to get so many bright young blacks to wear those hats and

From blue tarp man to blue tarp van


One MAGA supporter arrested.

Effort to keep the tarp covering the MAGAbomber van is pathetic

Wat the heck ? The bomber just got arrested. Trump is holding a rally inside

"We must never allow political violence to take root in America. I am committed to stopping it"

If you ring the doorbell and transform, you can take the whole bowl of candy

MAGABomb suspect was arrested before for making a bomb threat.

Wonder what he is going to say at his rally tonight? He looks subdued.

I early voted in Ft. Worth.

"It's not our fault he took us seriously."

No matter what Trump says about the capture of the bomber, he will look like a total fool.

Who is Cesar Sayoc?

Will MAGA(bomber) hats go the way

I think the October Surprise just happened.

Photo of MAGABomber at what appears to be a Trump KKK rally:

"I don't think the president understands that words matter"

***MT CD 1 SHOCKER ** Williams (Democrat) 46% Gianforte (Repugnant) 45%

Now that they found the bomber do the Trumpers change their false flag story? ... Nope.

The rethugs will have to be called into special session to spin this.

Wasn't trump "in the loop" on this investigation? Why did he tweet just a few hours before?

Pics of MAGABomber at Trump rallies

"Old White Men" Eileen Weiner

Spain to close most coal mines in E250m transition deal

The scene at the Whitehouse is a perfect example of what I have been saying about fascism.

538 - Improves chances of Dem takeover of the house.

Reminder: We Will Never Know Who Targeted Democrats and The Media in the 2001 Anthrax Attacks

I think Ben Carson is the biggest disappointment in my lifetime to me.

Fox is absolutely SHOCKED a van

Heh. MAGAbombers' Facebook page says he lives in Sunny Isles Beach.

2 positive aspects of these events

Even in the darkest of times we laugh (REDUX)


"I Peed on Donald" Eileen Weiner

Gay artist explodes Twitter: 'Straight men understand consent when they go to a gay bar'

MAGA - Bomber Edition

MSNBC is describing the pictures on the van. Some are from right wing websites.

Ironically, the bombing suspect was himself a fan of "false flag"/"crisis actor" CTs

Remember This Before You Vote....

Trump using his talk about bomber arrest to complain about media again...

Waiting for the Bowling Green Massacre to be re-visited by Kelly Ann. Nt

Arrest over Salisbury Cathedral Magna Carta theft attempt

India's Sabarimala: Over 2,000 arrested for blocking women from temple

Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos considering withdrawing guilty plea

MAGA BOMBER was arrested in 2002 for threat to bomb.

Trump's Maga Bomber Twitter Account....

MAGAbomber arrested and his 'Vanifesto' taken into custody--- love the VANIFESTO

Is anyone advancing a theory as to why the bombs didn't go off?

Stephen Colbert Monologue 10/25/2018

I am just sick to death of all the crazy conspiracy theorist

"I'm not saying Trump is a terrorist..."

Trump says 'lock 'em up' after calling for unity

I have a lot of friends on Facebook. Co-workers, high school, college friends, friends of friends,

Reminds me. It's laundry day.

13th Bomb - Kamala Harris

Avenatti: Trump will claim that bombing suspect is 'really a left wing liberal'

This is not how normal people act.

Anyone else having trouble loading Discussionist?

Does the Magabomber make it harder for a Team Trump false flag operation?

Was Trump's 3:00 AM twitter blast caused because Trump got a "heads up" from the FBI ...

Drinking high alkaline water

Boy, this nutrumper was busy!

Fox News worried that people will jump to conclusions when they see bomber's crazy bumper-stickers.

Can we put a kibosh of the fake bomb canard ?

Trump built this

Did anyone really think the MAGABOMBER could be any MORE of a trump-humping poster boy?

jesus and mo...

I give you the Kavanaugh effect on humor

CNN: Another magabomb addressed to Tom Steyer found.

"How to Make Halloween Truly Scary" Mrs. Betty Bowers, america's Most Perfect Christian

Domestic violence domestic terrorist

Bomber registered to vote for first time in 2016 - as a Republican. CNN

The bombing suspect looks like Orrin Hatch.

UPDATE: Megyn Kelly's NBC morning show has ended

the False Flag theory is dispelled.

I reviewed Magabombers facebook.

Young Black Leadership shouts "fake news" and "Infowars" as Trump proclaims "I get attacked"

Congratulations to the Swalwell family on the birth of their new baby girl!

Southern District of New York to handle the case.

DC social worker fatally shot waiting at traffic light

It's a good day to celebrate the FBI!

Trump, offering no evidence, suggests Twitter biased against him

Think this asshole bomber was

Trump chuckles, points and repeats "lock (Soros) up" moments after calling for unity at a WH event

Funny rap by Adam Sandler

University of Virginia bans Richard Spencer and others from campus

Showers arriving in our southwest and west suburbs and will move inside Beltway next hour or so

There's a Strange Cloud on Mars Right Now, and It's Just Hanging Around

MAGABomber, average Trumpster?

They are blurring out the stickers on Fox

Doesn't the magabomber look like Hannibal Lecter

Video: "The blue tarp blew off Breitbart On Wheels as it headed down the road"

Saturn's Moon Dione Is Covered in Weird Stripes

Scientists Now Have the Most Detailed Picture Yet of the Neutrino Factory Inside Our Sun

This piece of garbage (the mail bomber) was picked up in my county, 15 miles from my home

The MAGA Bomber scrapbook. The new face of the republican party.

The 'Ghost of Cassiopeia' Drifts Along in This Spooky Hubble Image

Who didn't think this guy would be culprit they were looking for?

A brief profile of Cesar Altieri Sayoc, the MAGAbomber.

Trump can't ignore stickers on suspect's van, must cool down 'violently aggressive rhetoric'

Image of the Day

"Little Orange Snowflake" Sandy and Richard Riccardi

My first thought after hearing descriptions of the bomber

whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? not much evidence of that concept

Another suspicious package intercepted in Burlingame, CA addressed to Tom Steyer, per CNN

WarnerMedia to Shut Down FilmStruck Subscription-Streaming Service

Malcolm Nance raises possibility of other actors involved.

Location of large mystery source of banned ozone depleting substance uncovered

Trump hopes #MAGABomber story will "disappear rapidly because we don't like those stories"

Remember when cars had bumpers? Things that actually protected expensive parts...

DOJ press conference on the bomber is scheduled to begin at 2:30PM..

Trump's Maga Bomber, Per CNN's Brooke Baldwin Reporting....

Khashoggi fiancee snubs Trump invitation to White House

Perp works as a road manager for Chippendales --- NBC

Where was the MAGAbomber born? Anyone know?

Trump has called package recipients 'a lying machine,' 'weak,' 'low IQ,' 'neurotic' and worse

MAGABomb suspect sent threatening tweets to Rochelle Ritchie earlier this month. Twitter ignored it.

Sen. Kamala Harris, Tom Steyer receive suspicious packages, FBI investigating

Why did the FBI throw a tarp over the van windows?

Caravan going down the interstate with the bomber's van

Just saw reported inthe San Francisco news they found a maga bomber package sent to Tom Steyer

And another person took pictures of MAGABomber suspect's weird van in Dec 2017.

Closeup of the "Swamp" graphic from MAGABomber van. Some very fine people on both sides of the van.

As fast as the FBI found this culprit, Trump has got to be worried.

THAT's going to leave a mark!

MAGA Bomber Was Part of Strange Blacks for Trump Group

BREAKING - Trump pictured outside the MAGAVan

University of Virginia bans Richard Spencer and others from campus

Trump brought out a Group of Black Young Conservatives

Georgia's Kemp Purged 340,134 Voters, Falsely Asserting They Had Moved

"Political Violence" How very slimy, Jeff.

Sessions : "We will not TOLERATE political violence!"

Did Sessions say that one of the charges is threatening the president?

Prediction: The next meeting of the Top Youth Soccer Recruits for Trump is going to be super-awkward

Bet he won't be charged with terrorism

Hope? Maybe.

Attempted Assasinations

Thousands pour into National Cathedral as Matthew Shepard, a symbol of gay rights, is interred

Thousands pour into National Cathedral as Matthew Shepard, a symbol of gay rights, is interred

It seems to me that copycats are going to be likely.

MAGAbomber's gibberish tweets - what do they mean?

From the Press Conference: A partial fingerprint was found on one of the

Will Trump pardon him?

At presser US Atty of SDNY, Geoffrey Berman, said the names of all the Democrats targeted.

Meanwhile, in Freeperville.....

Well, looks like Ted "small nuggets" just found a new hero

CNN must scare the living hell out of republicans. When you react the way these right wingers are

Ladies and Gentlemen put yer hands to gether for PROPAGHANDI!

SHOUT OUT TO THE REAL MEDIA for following this story in the face of maligning from Trump

First fingerprint found on megabomb addressed to Maxine Waters.

So Director Wray would not say when the president was informed.

Someone ran analytics on the MAGABomber suspects tweets:

He was born 104 years ago today: Jackie Coogan.

To set things straight--the bombs were real:

Turned to Fox Shep is really reporting this story

THE MAGA BOMBER (56 Years Old) Lived With His Parents Until They Recently Kicked Him Out

"The Really Dangerous Caravan"

MAGAbomber vs. "Suspect"

Trump's press announcement of MagaBomber:

Didn't You Just Love Watching FBI Director Wray..

Sayoc profile...

CNN: Sayoc was initially cooperative. Told investigators that the pipe bombs wouldn't hurt anyone.

Trumps in house rally announcement question

1958 - Pan Am makes the first commercial flight of the Boeing 707 from New York City to Paris

Steve Schmidt...Thread

Van Jones is clueless! He is spouting that both sides bull.

Has the MAGA BOMBER made you more or less wary of Trump supporters ?

Now that they charged the bomber...

Montgomery (AL) attorneys ask DA to investigate AG Steve Marshall

Just watch ... no matter HOW MUCH EVIDENCE there is that MAGABomber is a dyed-in-the-wool MAGAT

Come on Guys...You don't think he's gonna..

🐦 Nov 30 Sen. Sanders teaming up with former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis

Seminole tribe disavows connection to Cesar Sayoc

As I said when the bombs started to appear: trump this is on you!

Note to self: Take photos the next time you see a crazy MAGAt-adorned vehicle roaming free.

Boycott Autozone!

Expect Fox News to have on Steve Scalise 24/7 because he was shot by a Bernie supporter .....

Kids pose for photos with #HalloweenMovie's Michael Myers...

Now here's a movie for Halloween.

Its gonna be a tight one...

Obama is reportedly coming up live on CNN with some remarks.

Here's the criminal complaint against Cesar Sayoc, filed in the US SDNY (Zoe Tillman)

I think it's priceless that MAGAbomber was caught in part because he was a poor speller.

Sorry, but health care is not "the #1 issue" of this election.

Luckovich-Lock him Up

The mail-bomb suspect's van, annotated

Irony: MAGAbomber suspect's LinkedIn page says he "respects all living things."

Republicans are misleading voters about preexisting conditions

Don't call them bombs. Call them IEDs!

Did he mean for his bombs to go off or

Matthew's memorial today was beautiful, and DU was present.

To paraphrase Andrew Gillum:

FBI caught the bomber in 5 days. Imagine who they could catch if they were hunting/

The capture of the MAGA Bomber should scare Trump

Malcolm Nance....


#CesarSayoc sent Trump a video of himself in his #MAGA hat just days ago.

Yeah, almost...

Is that the official Trump/GOP campaign van?

What's the difference between Trump and the Magabomber?

Video of Cesar Sayoc leaving FBI headquarters

Has Trump reached out and contacted ANY of the victims/targets of the MAGABomber?

As If Space Elevators Aren't Cool Enough, They Might Fix Themselves, Too

Nicolle Wallace just played a montage

Why is Magabomber allowed to vote in Florida?

🐦San Diego, join Bernie on the picket line in 30 mins at the @WestinGaslampSD ...

If this guy is motivated by talk radio FBI needs to find out and tell us

Meanwhile back at the White House...

When City Center Was Balanchine's House

Jamal Khashoggi's fiancee declines trump's invite to the White House

What we know about Cesar Sayoc

The best Democratic candidate running in 2020

To recap: A crowd around Trump chanted "CNN sucks!" as he addressed arrest of suspect

Fox tip toey on bomb suspect

IndyCar driver Wickens reveals crash left him a paraplegic

The Roots - You Got Me ft. Erykah Badu

Has Governor Deal been asked about Kemp overseeing his own election.

Shame on the African-American leaders who allowed that sad display in the WH with Trump.

Nicolle Wallace was moved to near-tears when talking about how the East Room sounded . . . . .

When City Center Was Balanchine's House

Sessions: MAGAbomber "appears to be a partisan"

Has ANY GOPer spoken out in a conciliatory way today?

Election Day

So, has any FBI agent been brave enough...

Trump: "They wanted me to" call Obama and the Clintons after the pipe bombs, "but we'll pass."

Dump "didn't see his face on the van"

Trump is one sick MF. That is all.

trump just now on his way to rally....'The media has been unbelievably unfair to me and the GOP'

Trump: No I did not see my face on the van. I heard he was a person who preferred me over others.

FAKE MEDIA NO MORE!!! The media was a great help with their honest and persistent reporting.

Robert De Niro Responds to Mail Bomb Threat: 'Your Vote' Is 'More Powerful Than Bombs'

DOJ Press Conference 10/26/18

2PM San Diego - Join us & walk the picket with @BernieSanders & @UNITEHERE30 hotel workers!

Jamal Khashoggi was worried about consulate visit, says fiancee

Trump: MAGABomber is "a person that preferred me over others, there's no blame, there's no anything"

'State of the Race': O'Rourke scrambles to win over Latino voters in Texas

You want empathy, Donald?

Cesar Sayoc worked for years as a stripper and abused steroids

Who is Cesar Altieri Sayoc? What we know about the suspected mail bomber arrested in Florida.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 26, 2018

Democrats flood Wisconsin to take down Scott Walker

Geraldo: 'I Outsmarted Myself' With 'False Flag' Pipe Bomb Theory

Voting in Texas....Be Careful

Supreme Court weighs whether to hear its first abortion-related case since Kavanaugh joined

Trump Says He Could 'Tone It Up' Since Media Has Been So Unfair To GOP

McCaskill, Hawley point fingers in civility debate

For The First Time In 20 Years, Gun Control Groups Outspend NRA On Election

14 Amazing X-Ray Photos From A Zoo's Annual Animal Health Check

Dem pollster says party's candidates are connecting more with voters on local issues

This is how you rap freestyle courtesy BlackThought

Chuck Grassley already has a letter signed by 65 of Cesar Sayoc's friends

How ActBlue Is Trying To Turn Small Donations Into A Blue Wave

Facebook LIVE: San Diego UNITE HERE Local 30

Obama: If GOP Really Cared About Hillary's Emails, They'd Be Outraged About China Spying on Trump...

Economic facts...Versus Big Con bullshit

Trump officials sticking with reduced ObamaCare outreach budget

Proud Boys member gets makeover for court appearance.

De La Soul - Stakes is High

Q: "Would you yourself pledge to tone down the rhetoric for the next few days?"

The MAGA hat becomes a national symbol of hate...

After a rough winter, a Lynnwood homeless encampment wanted to swap out tents for small shelters.

Will someone in the press have the courage to ask Trump what so many are thinking ?

"If you look at numerous of these incidents..."

Microsoft It Will Sell Pentagon Advanced Technology

Just heard on MSNBC that the MAGAbomber lives in his van.

Microsoft It Will Sell Pentagon Advanced Technology

A Stir-Fry That Brings Out the Best in Green Beans

Douchebag Hugh Hewitt is trying to draw a false equivalency between

Washington Supreme Court upholds most of charter school law

Suspect charged with federal crimes in mail bombings to Dems

Trump tries to distance himself from MAGAbomber

Rick Wilson: Of Course Donald Trump Inspired Cesar Sayoc's Terrorism

Trump says new proposal will lower some US drug prices

Rakim - When I B On tha Mic

Ex-CIA officer Phil Mudd fights back tears discussing threats he got from MAGAbomber on Twitter

Twitter defends removal of fake accounts after Trump criticism

Rep. Joe Kennedy Beautifully Calls Out Trump's MAGA Bombing Failure

Trump-loving bomb suspect claimed to be a Seminole -- but the tribe denies he's a member

Cathy McMorris Rodgers: House GOP leader challenged at home

Magabomber was a big supporter of Ron DeSantis.

Whoever Came Up With The Moniker "MAGAbomber" was a.....

Ruling: Trump holding funds from sanctuary cities Seattle, Portland unconstitutional

Saudis Tout Hundreds Of Yemeni Lives Saved By Spending So Much Time Focused On Killing Khashoggi

Gingrich gives away the game on Trump and Kavanaugh

Sean Hannity defends his attacks on CNN after mail bombing suspect identified

Jeff Session's southern accent is gone.

The assassination Of Jamal Khashoggi is the true metric of Trump's complicity to political violence

Trump is angry all this 'Bomb stuff' has disrupted his fake 'caravan' crisis

"Young black leaders" with MAGA hats at the WH? Is this a fake group? Paid actors? What?

Is MagaBomber trending?

Black media was banned from Trump's Young Black Leadership Summit: report

Nas - I Gave You Power

At least there is finally a face and a focus for the craziness of Trumpiness.

Remember when a gun went off at the Dotard Rally 3 days before the election?

In the interest of national security we should

Water out of thin air: California couple's device wins $1.5M

Watched about 20 minutes of Fox News!

Bulldog Has Insane Reaction To Horror Movie Trailer

Why, yes. Yes he is.

Shout out to the federal law enforcement departments who took the MAGAbomber down

'These were not hoax devices'--FBI, DOJ announce charges against MAGA bomber suspect

Bulldog Has Insane Reaction To Horror Movie Trailer

Of Course Donald Trump Inspired Cesar Sayoc's Terrorism - Rick Wilson

cnn and dems get bombs in the mail and donnie says the media is unfair to him and gop.

Obama FIERY Speech Against President Trump & GOP at Rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Oct 26

Fux Ruse isn't covering the bombs at all right now!

I think we should come together as a nation and say the following people have *ZERO CREDIBILITY*

EXCLUSIVE Bolton Kept DHS in the Dark in His Push to Seal the Border Against the Migrant Caravan

North and South Korea agree to scrap 22 guard posts at border next month

Crowd chanting cnn sux on Wolf

Black press blocked from Trump "Black Leadership Summit," audience "lost, disturbed, self-loathing"

New Russian hacks raise alarms in US

The Fab Life of a Trumper. Fifty-Six Years Old. Kicked out of his Mothers House. Living in His Van.

I voted !!!

I voted early...

Trump: "I've been toned down. I could really tone it up because the media has been extremely unfair"

Will there be an Mid Term version of the October Surprise??

Bill Maher has on Stormy Daniels at 10 pm EST / HBO

The tragic vicious circle that is MAGA


QUESTION: Did Bernie Sanders ever speak about Steve Scalise as evil or as an enemy??

What's your favorite spot on earth...?

My Life For You

Irish Blasphemy Referendum and Presidential Election : Exit Poll

after dumbass is taken out will our American Political Process ever go back to normal

"It's hard to control crazy."

Here it comes: Magabomber's mother is an active Democrat.

2018 US Senate Election- Democrats need to win 28 US Senate Elections this November.

cartoon: I'm outraged

Fact: Right Wing extremists commit domestic terrorism 9:1

Naval College professor explains why alleged bomber Sayoc won't be last Trump supporter to terrorize

And Mitch McLipless is still working to take Medicare away

Dana Bash does the Democrats are guilty too...Eric Holder & Maxine Waters

Really like to see Hugh Hewitt matched with Avenatti....

Will FOX even report that the bombs were not "hoax" bombs. Will they show the FBI Director

Tech workers' political donations overwhelmingly skew Democratic: report


Great new Trump poll out:

Polish schools cancel LGBT tolerance day under govt pressure

They dedicated a section of Trump's wall today.

It never fails. Always a Trump Tweet. For Everything.

So I hit the road for a couple of hours

I remember our response to the shooting that injured Rep. Scalise and others

Bets that dimwit dotard will declare the bomber a hero at his next rally.

I'm thinking that a guy living in a van in Florida just made tRump's presidential pardon list

🐦 Oct 30 at 6:45PM - GOTV Rally with Bernie Sanders & Ben Jealous! Bethesda, MD

Poll: Majority says Trump will have 'a lot' of impact on midterm vote

Anybody watching CNN right now?

Was Rachel Maddow on the magabomber's radar?

NARAL Pro-Choice MN ‏endorses Keith Ellison (D) for MN Attorney General

When you get down to bare bones we arrrrre all the same 😁

Time for some good , old NYT victim blaming

Does Floyd R. Turbo get his suits from Omar of Oxnard?

Trump said, "this bomb stuff" messed up his momentum. Does he realize it was one of his

To the lurking MAGAts: I am not at all surprised that you are now excusing Trump's incitement

A big shout out to the Trumpies!:

Sing songy bastard

CNN, TOM STEYER coming up

Magabomber's former boss talks about him.

Andrew Gillum, Model Candidate

Oh crappollo!!! Trump. Again. Next week. Bozeman.

Just found out Sayoc went to my High School

Khashoggi fiance snubs Trump invitation to White House

Please don't interrupt me- Bwaaaaaah

Skeleton 'Thriller' Animation

Ying and Yang Trump Makes $$$$ Media Makes $$$$ USA Loose GOP/Trump/Media Despicable VOTE!

when does the fucker get charged? Treason? Aiding or inciting attempted murder? Emoluments

Cory Booker could be a candidate for the 'religious left'

2 Sentences that will sway people against voting Republican this time..

The latest false meme is that the Democrats are to blame for the Ricin sender.

Halloween Is Coming #126

Halloween Is Coming #127

You can't spell HATRED without a RED HAT

Halloween Is Coming #128