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Archives: October 28, 2018

Obama's Tweet: We grieve for the Americans murdered in Pittsburgh..

More Cannabis....less opioids.

Trump: A president named "Bill Smith" who did everything he's done would have been praised, but...

LeBron James dons Beto O'Rourke hat to game in San Antonio

Blame the victims.....25th Amendment

About Trump's arrogant attitude and language. I believe this: Mueller will get him.

Does anyone know what the "Center for Voter Information" is?

Historian Simon Schama tweets and speaks for me

Trump lies about Migrant Caravan size at "MAGA rally" (17,000 and growing VS 7,000 and shrinking)

Parked my car today at my early voting place

Vatican meeting ends with call for greater role for women in Church

I understand the difference...

A Week Of American Hate: Bombs Mailed, Black People Executed, Jews Slaughtered

Islands regain some air, sea access after monster storm

Eastern Orthodox: "Psalm 135 (Tone 5), Simonopetra Monks/"Psalm 136"/"The Jesus Prayer Chanted",

David Frum: America's Fatal Shame

Update on my son in ICU

Pipe bomb suspect built devices in his van, sources say

Deplorables don't read newspapers...that takes a sixth grade level ability

Democrats create mobs; Republicans create jobs slogan runs into reality

The only caravan threatening America...

Trump says he's going to Pittsburgh

A Prayer for Squirrel Hill--and for American Jewry

Jimmy John's founder delivers new car to Nebraska driver who took vet to hospital

My personal ways conflict so badly with the ways of our Government that it depresses me.

I suddenly realize I've knocked the wrong door

Opinion The Anti-Semite-in-Chief

There have been 47,220 gun incidents in the U.S. in 2018 -- and here they all are on one map

Lou is actually worse than Sean....

Scary sight in Southern Illinois

We All Do Better...

Reports: Votes in Texas, Georgia are being changed at polls

Putin says Russia will target nations hosting US missiles

Hey Jeff, the remedy is called the 25th amendment....

"Nice country you got here ...

Two of the nation's most stupid Republicans share their ridiculous theories about the Magabomber:

On Day Of Mass Shooting, Trump Jokes He Nearly Canceled Speech Due To 'Bad Hair Day'

Intercept: Border Patrol Union Endorses Extremist Video Featuring White Nationalists

The Midterm Elections Expose The Rot In Elite Conservatism

Rob Rogers: The Only Caravan Threatening America...

HOW FASCISM WORKS: Jason Stanley, Son of Holcaust Survivors Explains

Think about this

Lou Dobbs just had guest saying caravan being funded by "Soros-occupied State Department"

What he said at the FFA convention

We need trump to go to one of these mass shootings he encourages before the carnage is cleaned up

Fugelsang genius.

Court revives claim involving uranium mine near Grand Canyon

Mural of 'superhero' Beto O'Rourke in Austin vandalized in just days

"Doug Wardlow, LGBT rights and the gay man he allegedly bullied in high school"

MAGA-hatted thug

Shouldn't ask, but just wondering...

Can someone explain this tweet?

Texas independents break with tradition and go for Beto in a new poll

Verified licence renew, flu shot, bills paid, new washer, flannel sheet on, oil changeall caught up.

Instead of giving victims internet hugs, how about giving us all comprehensive hard core concrete

Fun article

The Rainbow Wave Is Coming (Ashley Nicole Black interviews Vermont gubernatorial candidate Hallquist

Yasiel Puig

Most definitely...

EVERY Repuke idea/policy is the exact OPPOSITE of what this country needs and deserves

What We Know So Far About the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

Even if we win the House and/or Senate we will not be in a better country.

YARC - Yet Another Republican Criminal (voyeur of students)

Tribe: VOTE the f--ing killers out of office...

"Beginning on Jan. 20, 2017, safety will be restored"

Problem with the AR-15, is that even with another AR-15 in defense, you still can't win

Louise Mensch-- Cesar Sayoc: The Trump Russia link.

The country has gone to hell in a hand basket, since Trump took office.

The Chickenshizz Factor

Dodgers: where's the small ball?


Gab's hosting provider to delete Gab - the alt right network.

"I Don't Agree with ALL of His Policies"

Who on the right will turn against trump first?

Tweet of the Day

C.B. Strike

The Campbell Soup VP who tweeted that Soros assisted the caravan has been ousted.

On a happier note, what if we do take back both houses of Congress?

Pollster John Boyd Says if Gov. Mapp is to be Re-elected, it will Happen in a Runoff

My daughter and granddaughter tonight!

"Outside the Bubble" - An Alexandra Pelosi documentary on HBO

Gab site is back up. Found a new host. Tweet claims many have reached out to them

Assange would surrender to Britain if no US extradition

FL-15: Paul Ryan puts up $1.7 million to attack challenger Kristen Calrson

Damn I sure hope the Cardinals don't pursue Machado this offseason

Halloween, 1963. Anyone know what that letter in his hand may be?

Hmmm, what's wrong with this picture?

Welcome to the DU Nighthawks

Ron DeSantis fires back: Andrew Gillum 'called me a dog' at debate

The forces of darkness (the AL) are beating the defenders of true baseball (the NL)

Twittler back at he's an expert at baseball?


George Takei nails it again.

Prediction: We will enter a recession in early 2020 and Trump won't run for a second term

Good article on Trump and Nihilism from the New Republic

Feeling stressed ? (I am) this will help.Obama's hilarious final White House correspondents' dinner

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Danielle P. accuses NV Gov. candidate Adam Laxalt of rape.

Danielle P. accuses NV Gov. candidate Adam Laxalt of rape.

Not drunk, but I ain't up for driving neither

Yeah, we don't have to guess who farted...

"Shalom Aleichem"

When I'm feeling good and things are looking up, I tend to listen to blues and Heavy Metal

Nevada Democrats have a big day in Clark County

Drinking and listening

All "both sides" proponents are Trump defenders, without exception...

Let"s spare a thought for Donald Trump at this difficult time for him.

Post a favourite 'cover'. I Can't Stand The Rain, Against My Window' by Eruption

Brahms: "Symphony No.1", Blomstedt-Berliner Philharmoniker/Bruch: "Scottish Fantasy", Stefan Jackiw,

The Reason Cars Have Gas Tanks on Different Sides

Trailer for the movie, "Vice"

Early voting in Durham NC #6

Frederick Women's March 2019.

Texas voting machines are changing votes For Beto O'Rourke To Ted Cruz

USVI recovery anniversary report outlines progress since devastating 2017 hurricanes

Eastern Orthodox: "Bless the Lord", N. Kedrov (English)/"Blessed are You O Lord" (English)/

I toggled back through 16 pages to undo the Cruz selection manually & change it to a vote for Beto

A few tunes for bradda Polack MSgt

Here we go again.

LeBron James wore Beto O'Rourke cap before game in San Antonio

WA-03: NRCC spend $800k to rescue Herrera Beutler

Tourism rebounding in the US Virgin Islands

Repost: New Rival Sons!

Eastern Orthodox: "The Six Psalms-Holy Moment"/"How To Achieve Interior Silence" by an

nice tune, great voice, not a shred of autotune - matt cardle from the UK - Nobody

Let's Get Together and Feel All Right

No Action Taken on Free Tuition Measure During USVI Senate Session

NV-SD07: Nevada Democrats may have just picked up a State Senate seat

Boogie Chillun


ACLU guide to your rights when faced with voter intimidation.

Cross Canadian Ragweed

FBI agents investigate $4.7 million deal in Puerto Rico yet ignore multibillion-dollar frauds

Pot Roast & Kisses

Study: Online attacks on Jews ramp up before Election Day

Puerto Rico's Insect Population Is Dwindling, Too

George Soros a 'Jew' With 'Tentacles' Says Dutch Public Broadcaster, Sparking Public Outrage

cat on runway

(Jewish Group) It's time to call out campus anti-Semitism by both the left and the right

Pool Hall Richard

Song Of A Baker

Louis Farrakhan


Trump tweeting words written by someone else, words he doesnt believe

Puerto Rico's Hurricane Recovery Slowed by "Subordinate" Position as U.S. Territory

Walk In My Shadow

Mobile Mayor Stimpson fires 10 'sick out' employees

Burnin Sky

Pro-offshore oil group chaired by LePage is run by energy lobbyists

The Faces cover Paul Rogers' Free. Sick!

Gulf Shores will ban alcohol again during spring break

I'll Be Creepin'

Trump, Republicans Continue Remaking The Federal Courts -- Even As Senate On Recess

Honey Bee

Historic early voter turnout in GA

Amendment One...What Does It Do?

Threshold/Jet Airliner

LeBron wears Beto O'Rourke cap before Spurs game in San Antonio

I was 5 years old and this song freaked me out! No. Seriously!

Montgomery attorneys ask DA to investigate AG Steve Marshall

Videos: Bernie Sanders on Trump - Berkeley Rally

Alabama's cotton farmers lose $100M while Timberland owners suffer nearly $20M loss from Michael

Video (11 minutes) Bernie Sanders/Barbara Lee Rally - Berkeley, CA

Latino Voters Are Tuning In -- and Turning Blue

Stoner parking lot at lunch tune. (High School memories)

The Joker

Nine Days ... Vote As If: ... It Matters

How far would Alabama's proposed anti-abortion amendment go?

"If Only They'd Had An Armed Guard At Stoneman Douglas High, They Could Have Stopped The Shooter."


Alabama Democrats fight for votes with a fractured state party

Trump doesn't understand how anti-Semitism works. Neither do most Americans.


Thousands Gather At Vigil After Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting: 'I'm A Different Jew Today'

Rep. Kevin McCarthy Deletes Tweet Attacking 3 Wealthy Jews In The Democratic Party

The Straight Line From 5,000 Trump Lies To 11 Jews Murdered In Pittsburgh

Opinion: The Pittsburgh synagogue attack is a wakeup call for Europe


Auburn professor sues university for race discrimination


Bad Luck Blue Eyes

Simone Biles dominates at world championships despite kidney stone

Black Moon Creepin'

Just heard on bbc radio that Ntosinge Shonge

The latest funding raising reporting, democrats out raise GOper's 2-1 and in Il-13th

Pittsburgh synagogue shooting: Suspect charged with murder

My Morning Song

Climate change: Low cost, low energy cooling system shows promise

GOP Mega-Donor Implicated in Russia Probe Gives McDaniel $500,000 Boost

A Conspiracy

Clouds conspire over my head, I overheard them say I wish he was dead. What a great lyric!

trump chose to ride this tiger

Does Anyone Know What Trump Had To Say At His Illinois Rally.....


Free from federal oversight, 5 percent of Mississippi polling locations have closed since 2013

She Gave Good Sunflower

They Have Nothing But "Fear Itself"

Don't Think Twice I'ts Allright

Drivin' N' Cryin' - Fly Me Courageous !

Cooper out to rally Democrats seeking more legislative wins

Why the West is unprepared for the next economic crash

G'night DU

Drivin' N' Cryin' - Build A Fire

Take a long look and think about how historians will see this picture.

Drivin N Cryin- 'I See Georgia'

1933 anyone?

72 Hours in America

Further proof that what happened yesterday didn't mean one goddamned thing to Trump.

Mocking them is the best medicine.. the comic energy gives us ..power ..SNL Kellywise

Names of dead, possible motive to be released in mass shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue

Jackson NAACP head pulled over, threatened for Forest Hill comments, he says

Nine Days Before The Midterms - How Much More Damage Can.....

What do you think the Con's username is on

The women looking outside the law for abortions

Bad Moon Rising

The woman I love to hate ..another classic SNL clip... don't let them get you down.. laugh at them

We all must realize all this violence and rhetoric is leading up to election day violence at

Hyde-Smith says she's open to debating Espy in Senate runoff

Eric Trump: Pull Politics Out of It, The 'Deranged' Pittsburgh Shooter 'Doesn't Represent the Right'

The other day when I was getting a drive-through meal, I got a wheat penny.

Largest single voter purge in history happened in GA July 2017

Spot the difference....

Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting is a Moment of Reckoning for American Jews

The Trump era has changed so many personal relationships.

Author Ntozake Shange of 'For Colored Girls' fame has died

Authorities: Mass shooting suspect said he wanted 'all Jews to die'

Most of the republicans are about to be swept out of power and into extinction. Mark my words..

Eric Trump: Pull Politics Out of It, The 'Deranged' Pittsburgh Shooter 'Doesn't Represent the Right'

HIAS CEO Speaks Out After Synagogue Mass Shooting: 'Hate Speech Always Turns into Hate Actions'

Last night's vigil in Squirrel Hill

Obama After Pittsburgh Shooting: We Have to Stop Making it So Easy for People Who Want to Harm...

DIY Halloween Cats (and piglets) ... add yours

Why do all the trees in Alabama lean to the west?

Solution: Round up the Nazies and confiscate their guns...

Trump is trying to bait the left into doing something stupid

Rabbi Responds to Trump Blaming Synagogue Death Toll on Lack of Security:...

Jim Carrey Acceptance Speech at the Britannia Awards

Pittsburgh Tragedy Called the "Deadliest Attack on the Jewish Community in the History of the US

Trump orders flags lowered to half-staff in 'solemn respect' for synagogue shooting victims

A day in Trump Land. Rinse & Repeat.

Trump knocks Dodgers' pitching change: 'Big mistake!'

Stock correction comes at bad time for Trump, GOP

Echo seems to be used to getting picked last in gym class.

Trump Cabinet exodus likely after midterms

Paul seeks to punish Saudi Arabia for Khashoggi killing

Thanksgiving will have more of an edge this year.

It can't be Sunday--I haven't seen the LOLcats yet!

White House tempers hopes of retaining House control

What is our purpose?


Republicans: Globalist Jews are paying immigrants to invade America and only you can stop them.

Texas independents break with tradition and go for Beto in a new poll

judge: Videotape of Kobach deposition won't be made public

Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos may try to withdraw guilty plea

If It Walks Like A Duck And Quacks Like A Duck It Is Obviously A Horse.

Blend faith, doctrine with activism, pope tells young at synod's end

Why is Bowers' tie to Trump being soft-pedalled or ignored by the press?

We're going to see Biden! ❤️

Zombie Apocalypse

Just 3 months ago, the Pittsburgh synagogue's rabbi lamented gun violence and failure to tackle it

Campaigning -- here's how it's done!

Josh Marshall: Straight out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Just moments ago, Lou Dobbs...

Remember in August when Trump said "there would be violence" if Dems win midterms?

Subdued Trump tones rhetoric down 'just a little bit' at Illinois rally

Early 2017: Trump suggested anti-Semitic threats/attacks were false flags to make him look bad

My apologies to the DU community

The Time a President Stoked a Protest So He Could Play the 'Law and Order' Card

This bastard mostly shot elderly people.

Chubby Cherubs

I suspect that the problems with the voting machines in TX is due to a crappy interface

Muslim groups raise thousands for Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victims

"This American carnage stops right here and stops right now."

TheHoarseWhisperer - #EverythingAvenattiTouchesDies

On a tragic day in America, President Donald Trump feels the need to tweet about the World Series

Migrant caravan to rest following report of abducted child

Wherever Jews, blacks, or high school students are gathered together

Some reporter just asked the police chief at the Pittsburgh briefing

Why Did Synagogue Suspect Believe Migrant Caravan Is Jewish Conspiracy? Maybe He Watched Fox News.

Why Trump's 'Nationalist' Rhetoric Incites Neo-Nazis

" So, I'm a liberal."

The Grand Old Party's Final Turn Towards Tribalism - by Cynthia Tucker

Authorities name the 11 killed in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

Nate: Chance Democrats win House control (84.8%) - VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE

A 97-year-old was among the victims of yesterday's synagogue shooting.

Have you heard, there's a lot of points being scored in the NFL!

Vote The Republican Bums Out Of Office! Please!!!!!

Pope condemns synagogue attack, calls for end to 'hotbeds of hate'

Pittsburgh Synagogue victim names released

Another AR-15 ....mass murderers weapon on choice.

Listen! Do you hear the silence from the Republic Party? It is loud!

How the hell did I end up back in 1985?

Anti-Defamation League director: Rise in anti-Semitism 'more than what one man does'

I attended synagogue from the age of three through eighteen on a weekly basis

When you make the wrong decision.

JOY opened show with clip of Eric Trump..kind of didn't like that...

NYT, LA Times, Politico Shocked, Shocked That Democratic Candidates Running On Climate Issue

"If more guns were the answer...


West Coast Kelp Forests Collapsing As The Blob Returns

After Trump won I cried for 2 weeks nonstop..We were told the Midterms...2 whole years away...

A Time of Monstrous Apathy and Impertinence That Leads to Tragedies

Oh dear Lord, JOY just played the clip of Obama singing Amazing Grace...

Ocean Heat Content Jan-June 2018 Highest Measured Since Recordkeeping Started In 1940s

I thought of this last night, Joy Reid just played it on her show. Appropriate this morning:

2019 BBC Global Warming Documentary Will Be The First Such Broadcast Since . . . . 2007

Why does anyone expect a man who, to prarphrase "The Terminator"...

Violence against Jewish People Makes No Sense at All.

Sarah Sanders: Is there any tragedy the Washington Post won't exploit to attack President...

WashPost front page points at Trump in Two of the weeks terror attacks.

sign: "If nothing changes ..."

November 6: We can get our voice back and it will loudly say this.

Trump trashed Dodger's managers hours after the shooting.

The powerful weapon House Republicans handed Democrats

The dark horse of the 2018 elections - Prediction

America 2018, perfectly portrayed:

Funny how we're hearing today from the media that we are "stronger together"

'We have got to end the bigotry and hatred that is sweeping this country.'

Schiff: 'Not enough' for Trump to say 'the right words' in response to tragedy

Donald Trump invents fake story about stock market opening the day after 9/11 at Illinois rally

Scaramucci: Trump 'controls the news cycle,' should tone down rhetoric

Nebraskans already are paying $520 million for expanded Medicaid -- in other states

Top Republican criticized for sharing Pelosi 'collateral damage' comments after shooting

Voter Enthusiasm Reaches Historic Levels

Justin Townes Earle (with a certain, beloved guest guitarist) on Letterman - Harlem River Blues

Pittsburgh mayor pushes back on Trump suggestion to arm houses of worship

Drowning in Whataboutism

Start at one minute mark - When there's a bowl of candy in the office.

He is trying to start a Civil War. If we don't take the House, all is lost.

Kanye West designed T-shirts urging black people to bail on Democrats

Anybody know of any vigils or shows of support for Pittsburgh in the Phoenix area?

Federal prosecutors file hate crime charges against Pittsburgh shooting suspect

Tyrone Gayle, 30, Spokesman for Senators and Hillary Clinton, Dies

The American people can no longer ignore the truth, Trump equals violence and death.

Early voting outpacing 2016

The answer to the pseudo equivalency argument that yelling is the same as murdering

The True Toll Of Donald Trump's Words

Hey, Trump. Instead of just calling for the death penalty for the magashooter in PA,

Robert Mercer's Secret Adventure as a New Mexico Cop

early voting totals 17 million, that's 20% of 2014 total votes

CNN panel destroys Trump over his history of anti-Semitic pandering in wake of synagogue shootings

I posted a thread in GD regarding the senselessness of antisemitism.

SHS angry over WaPo attacking "unapologetic defender of the Jewish community" Trump over "Pittsburg"

Trump's Embrace of Anti-Semitism

You can judge people by whether they've used this weekend to defend people or to defend AR-15's

Relevant words today, from the Tao Te Ching-Translation by Stephen Mitchell

The Mueller Report: Republicans in congress will be unable to deny, dismiss, look the other away.

2018 US Senate Election based on margin of Victory. RCP and 538

Donald Trump Does Not Say the Right Words, He Rreads Them from a Telreprompter


If you have to cheat to win elections, your future is bleak.

Dad defends dressing son as Hitler for Halloween, then apologizes for poor decision

I grieve in two ways today.

Check THIS out: Extremist Murders by Ideology in the USA

U.S. Jews' Despair Over Pittsburgh Atrocity Is Compounded by Trump's Complicity & Netanyahu's...

If he were listening

A really well written article about the baseball game last night - ESPN

Colin Meloy (The Decemberists) - A June Hymn, to Welcome In The Day ...

Kirsten Gillibrand Take Back the Senate

Two or three days ago...

Doug Wardlow (R-MN) when he was in high school to a gay student: 'People like you should be shot.'

What to do if you are turned away from the polls

update: Charlotte Woman fired & Faces Charges After Harassing Black Neighbors, Telling Them To Leave

When the whales stop singing

"Let's just drop by Costco. For a couple of things."

It Literally Made Me Sick that I Predicted This

Steelers and Penquins logos honor their community

Republicans can be broken down into two categories

Anyone familiar with Kipling's poem 'Bridge Guard at Karoo'?

Most Maga Halloween Outfits Ever: Dad's in full Waffen SS regalia and dresses toddler son as Hitler

Damn! My optometrist fell into his lens grinder and

Ireland votes to oust 'medieval' blasphemy law

Greg Palast: Thanks to GOP voter suppression, Democrats may have effectively loss.

2018 US Senate Elections that are Too Close to Call.

Pittsburgh Steelers' tribute to the victims of Squirrel Hill:

To Trump Dumbasses

DU 2016 Hack: a giant horse with a caped Trump on it galloping across the screen over and over....

Gas head and his mob

What it's like to not be Jewish

I'm Concerned the Republicans Have So Corrupted the Voting, Democrats are Foreclosed From Winning...

Florida Handed 200 Mil Pension Money To Scott Donor

The Mahavishnu Orchestra - A Lotus On Irish Streams

Of course Bowers is one of theirs. Won't stop Shitler from trying to get political mileage from it.

Mammal Hands - Boreal Forest/Shift

No right time

Made friends at train station

Sunday "Ain't it da Truth" Joke

Michael Moore has footage fo the Magabomber screaming CNN Sucks

This isn't at all to belittle or minimize the attempted bombings of high profile Democrats this week

FORBES: How Trump's Psychology Of Hate Unleashed The MAGABomber

Where are our Sunday LOLCats?

Who knows their horror genre? Jason vs. Leatherface vs. Michael Myer vs Chainsaw Massacre

Civil War Mk II

What Fiction are you reading this week, October 28, 2018?

Trump is directly responsible for the propaganda that led to yesterday's massacre!

My challenge to you - find just ONE new voter.

New U.S.-bound group of migrants leaves in San Salvador

Let's never become like Trump and his acolytes.

Mattis looks to calm European allies nervous about INF treaty

I've been waiting for the howling mob to turn on il drumpf and tear him apart

What's Gab, the social platform used by the Pittsburgh shooting suspect?

Haven't we gone after terrorist leaders who have done exactly what Donnie has done?

The Latest: Official says synagogue gunman had gun license

My Democratic donations for 20.27.18 is currently not available on the Internet.

Update in my son

The Youngbloods - Get Together (VIDEO)

Whatever happened to the WH hunt for the anonymous NYT op-ed writer?

JFK's last words

Domestic Terrorism, President Trump, and the 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections

Eugene Maslov - Django/To My Teacher,To My Friend

Disheartening early Florida voting news

Rep. Kevin McCarthy Deletes Tweet Singling Out 3 Jews Helping Bankroll Democrats


Trump attacks Tom Steyer in tweet:

First they came for the press, and I did not speak out because I was not part of the press.

Bombs Mailed, Black People Executed in cold blood, Jews Slaughtered! Trump's 'Merica!

45's "relationship" with law enforcement

Selective hearing.

Cecil and David Rosenthal

Two more platforms have suspended Gab in the wake of Pittsburgh shooting

It was great to be in Berkeley, California yesterday with @BLeeForCongress. ...

Thelonious Monk - Ugly Beauty

Trump breaks irony meter: Tom Steyer "comes off as a crazed & stumbling lunatic"...

A video from Cease Fire PA.

Maybe for Trump anti-Semitism, racism, sexism is the opiate of the masses.

Louisville gun show - KKK attire, Nazi Christmas ornaments

The Machiavellian brilliance of the "Mob" screed

DeSantis can't beat Gillum. Only Democrats can beat Gillum by not voting!

The most adorable babysitter ever

Man who killed 2 at Kroger tried to enter a predominantly black church earlier

My MAGA encounter last night

Down Memory Lane - the Obama Administration Report on White Supremacists

Funny TD celebration:

Halloween pumpkins for this porcupine

Right-wing social media site Gab loses funding and host company over connection to synagogue shooter

01/03/2017 Trump suggests Jews might secretly be committing anti-Semitic hate crimes on themselves

Brothers killed in synagogue attack had 'a love for life and for those around them'

Oh, Yuck - Millions of Drowned Decomposing Livestock Animals allowed to be Rendered

Shaquem Griffin having an impact

Have any Republicans spoken up in a meaningful way...

Asking for DU good vibes, please and they worked!

Worried about Glyphosate in cat's food

Steyer accuses No. 2 House Republican McCarthy of anti-Semitism

With respect to 45's comments about.....

Trump caught in lie that he doesn't watch CNN. Tapper tweets "thanks 4 tuning in"

Muslims Raise Thousands for Jewish Shooting Victims

Why no new SNL show again this week?

Italy's League blocks Muslims from buying and converting chapel

There is no electorally viable conservatism without racism.

Brazillians Cast Ballots As Right- Wing Candidate Leads In Polls

I know the South Park Susan incident is a few days old but,

Updates on my bc board about health care:

Watch Mike Pence Receive A Hard Interview....

Maybe we misunderstood 45 ... maybe he said "make America gray again" ...

Alec Baldwin's EPIC Speech on Overthrowing Donald Trump

Shifting sands: Here's how Hurricane Michael's storm surge carved up the coastline- Must Read

"By the way, therapy dogs came to Squirrel Hill today."

Tom Steyer responds to Trump's "Wacky Tom Steyer" tweet.

Study Shows Natural Gas, Wind & Solar to be Cheapest Technologies for Generating Electricity

Trump's Caravan Hysteria Led to This

Tracking Texas Early Vote-35% Have Voted in Recent Republican Primary-32% in Democratic Primary

Three suspects. Three crimes. A hate-filled week in America

Doctors and comment 30 too. Incredible.

US military deploying resources to border as caravan approaches, Mattis says

Ok, I have a Tommy Emmanuael track with todays featured guest artist

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 29 October 2018

How suspected mail bomber Cesar Sayoc got caught

The Civil War massacre that left nearly 200 black soldiers 'murdered'

Mt. Etna is sliding into the sea. History shows that could be catastrophic.

Seahawks run a fake punt from the 3 yard line...

Cantwell affords best hope for bipartisan progress

CEOs Give Employees Time Off to Vote in Hotly Contested Midterms

Dying high school football programs bring remote communities together

Dying high school football programs bring remote communities together

Cass Elliott talks about getting students to register -- and sings with John Denver

Are you baking anything today? I'm baking my favorite banana bread recipe

2018 US Senate Election- US Senate seats likely to flip.

Campbell Soup to 'accelerate' departure of executive who tweeted about Soros funding caravan

The false promise and limitations of pre-tax health accounts

Today, I would like to endorse some of the measures on the ballot in states across the country.

Democrats poised to outspend GOP in final two weeks of election: report

Kanye is mentally ill?

'Mr. Adams...' thoughts on what trump really is..

Voted Dem across the board in California and voted against all judges who haven't been

How Much Herbicide Can You Tolerate in Your Food, and for How Long?

The Republican Party promoted an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory: a week later, 11 people are dead

There have been 47,220 gun incidents in the U.S. in 2018 -- and here they all are on one map

WATCH LIVE: Members of the D.C. Jewish community are holding a vigil in DuPont Circle

Wouldn't it be great if the Mueller investigation found out

A Prayer for the Dead of Tree of Life Congregation - Rabbi Naomi Levy

Fox Business Network Condemns Lou Dobbs Guest Who Floated Anti-Semitic Conspiracy About Caravan

BBC Journalist 'Dry Heaves' While Recalling Her Interview with Donald Trump: 'He Was Creepy'

I'm glad to see "makes up" things taking hold in the MSM. It's

Mexico City's Day of the Dead parade honors migrants.

news program displayed Trump Tweet forgetting to check the replies beneath it.

There was no HOPE AND CHANGE BOMBER in 2010

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 28, 2018

.@realDonaldTrump leaves the stage following a MAGA campaign rally at the Southern Illinois Airport

AP: Some Sessions allies pushing for Trump to allow graceful exit

DU voters found out that by voting All Dems the machine changed their votes SO i wonder

Pence says Mueller has not interviewed him

The wearisome double standard

For docreed....some Gram Parsons

This is what mourners keeping vigil chanted in Squirrel Hill tonight: Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote.

Nobody Likes Ted Cruz--but Bots Do

Guess What? Everyone Was Wrong About Tesla

My First Liberal Influence (My Mom) passed away yesterday

A Billionaire Pledges to Fight High Drug Prices, and the Industry Is Rattled

Uniform Dressing

In 2009, GOP disbanded DHS anti-terrorism unit bc it said that RWNJ are biggest threat.

Went to see the Bohemian Rhapsody movie today, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. There

2018 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will end up with a net loss of 1 seat.

"winning" but can't afford a back window?

What sort of monster opens fire on senior citizens in

Twitterverse is reporting this car to secret service, they have forwarded the license plate

Question: Was the environment more or less dangerous under Nixon

We really need the Senate too and

Jair Bolsonaro, Far-Right Populist, Elected President of Brazil

Hilarious - What would Ina Garten serve tRump for dinner?

Trump and first lady host Halloween at White House

Brazil: Fascist Jair Bolsonaro wins by 11% over Workers' Party nominee Fernando Haddad

On the day of a somber memorial, Trump addresses what really matters...

Trumpists are trying desperately to tie Bowers to Farrakhan and....

Synagogue Shooting Occurred During Bris for Gay Couple's Twins

Glaring hypocrisy on hate

The recent violence - because they see the writing on the wall?

Jair Bolsonaro: Far-right candidate wins Brazil poll

Angry Democratic Mob in Virginia

Hours after preaching unity, ridicules bomb target

Falsely says NYSE opened day after Sept. 11 attacks to justify rally after Pittsburgh shooting

Prominent Pittsburgh HIV Specialist Among Those Massacred

Prominent Pittsburgh HIV Specialist Among Those Massacred

Galliano, Costa, de la Parra - Concerto for Bandoneon, Guitar and String orchestra (Astor Piazzolla)

Synagogue victims brothers Cecil and David Rosenthal remembered as loving, inseparable

Tweet of the Day

IBM buys Linux giant Red Hat to thrive in the cloud

Saw Justin Nelson today

SNL Halloween Haunted Elevator, 'David S. Pumpkins'

Higher GOTV among Black and Hispanic voters will help Democrats regain control of the US Senate.

I'm gonna say it. This was political terrorism. Call it what it is.

Brazil: Fascist Jair Bolsonaro wins by 11% over Workers' Party nominee Fernando Haddad

Vote Forward... if you still have a few minutes

MAGA bomber suspect Cesar Sayoc was banned from mother's home over his support of Trump

Tine Thing Helseth - Marietta's Lied

Heard at work: We got a pretty good price because my husband "jewed the guy down".

A song to comfort those who are feeling despair...

How Floridians are voting this year.

Prominent Pittsburgh HIV Specialist Among Those Massacred

Attempted bombings and a shooting at Synagogue.

Pence: Don't link political rhetoric to Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

What Did You See at the Polls?

Pittsburgh shooter taken alive once again raises this recurring issue...

2018 US Senate Election Prediction- Margin of Victory.

Scaramucci is basically saying that Trump Speak is a show. But it's not a "show" when

Chelsea Handler

Day of Broken Glass

Flashback: Melania Trump blamed Julia Loffe for provoking anti-Semitic threats against herself.

Political art - "How are you voting this year?"

So true tweet:

How much responsibility does Trump bear for the synagogue shooting?

Car in Florida: Hey Bomber, I get the Who and Why, But I'd rather see them publicly executed

"There are good people on both sides"