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Archives: October 5, 2018

Chilean Church apologizes after issuing guidelines saying priests shouldn't touch kids' genitals

To overcome patriarchy, men first have to see it in themselves

13 Hyperfast, Alien Stars Are Invading the Milky Way

Trump's Scotland golf course lost $4.5 million in 2017, new report says

Rare, Blue Jellyfish-Like Creatures Wash Ashore in NJ, Puzzling Beachgoers

Senate Press Conference. Oct. 4, 2018: Soooo,

Orrin Hatch Waves Off Women Rape Survivors and Tells Them To "Grow Up"

How Neanderthals stopped humans being wiped out by flu

The Stranglers - No More Heroes

Huge smear campaign going on here in KCMO

An election earthquake in Quebec

WashPost Editorial: The Post's View Opinion Vote 'no' on Kavanaugh

Gotta say Chris Hayes is awesome tonight

Retired Justice John Paul Stevens calls Kavanaugh's temperament disqualifying

Adam Gopnik in the New Yorker: Kavanaugh is an insurance policy Trump is writing for himself

Flake a "yes" again? - link

Passion, chaos as Kavanaugh confirmation vote nears

I'm giving $25 to Heidi

Apple denies claim China slipped spy chips into its iCloud server hardware

Senate Democrat after reading FBI Kavanaugh report: 'I've never been so appalled at this institution

Texas Agriculture Commissioner gets police to remove political sign from woman's yard

2400 Law Professors say NO on Kavanaugh (NYT updated)

"Who drove Dr Fox there?"

Scores of Kavanaugh protesters arrested after descending on Senate building

Tweet of the Day

GOP senator may miss Kavanaugh vote for daughter's wedding

How many Republican Senators will vote 'yea"..because

It's National Vodka Day!

The CDC Is Publishing Unreliable Data On Gun Injuries. People Are Using It Anyway.

We were Brett Kavanaugh's drinking buddies. We don't think he should be confirmed. (WaPo)

Just received my absentee ballot today.

We Are Survivors.

Rock used as doorstop for decades identified as meteorite

Kavanaugh says he 'might have been too emotional' at hearing (AP)

Why the FBI's Kavanaugh Investigation Is So Troubling

I think we should start calling

Yes, You Are Taking Those Verses out of Context: A Muslim Responds to Atheist Ali A. Rizvi

Bones and hides instead of meat.

Mass graves from the 1921 Tulsa race massacre? Mayor plans to re-examine the issue

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Mordicum! Best of Malloy tonight!

Kavanaugh's Whining OP-ED, Insisting America Ignore Those Things He Said

Ohio State legal bills hit $1.5 million in ex-doctor investigation

I Found Trump's Biggest Fan

I would like DU defeatists to keep their opinions to themselves until it is OVER!

Erik Prince, in Kabul, pushes privatization of the Afghan war

Russian Official Linked to Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Trump Tower Lawyer, Is Dead

The Court of Public Opinion

Presidential Alerts - The Movie

Many Of Brett Kavanaugh's Ex-Classmates Wanted To Talk -- But FBI Reportedly 'Ignored' Them

Rachel Maddow: Kavanaugh denying watching Dr. Ford. WSJ Reporter-aide saw Kavanaugh watch her.

I am watching Rachel as she highlights Dr Christine Blasey Ford

Minn. deputy demoted after racist tweets sues to get his job back,

Trump is a financial vampire

Donna Summer - No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (Duet With Barbra Streisand)

Just sent this to John N. Kennedy, La. Senator on the Judicial Committee whom protesters talked to -

Why don't we think that WINNING will fire up the base?

Go Brewers Go......

Senator's female staffers threatened by Kavanaugh backers

Republicans are not worried that they cannot find another conservative to replace Kavanaugh...

GOP Senator Daines from Montana won't be in DC on Saturday.

It has begun...

For the 1000s of Women, Survivors & Allies At The Hart Senate Bldg Today

Scott Walker says he didn't hear Donald Trump mocking accuser of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanau

'I was in awe to see him': Bernie Sanders saved a woman from getting hit by a car

'My tone was sharp and I said a few things I should not have said': Kavanaugh admits regret over his

Seth Abramson to the DEFEATISTS

2018 US House and US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will regain control of the US House.

Are men really just finding out that many women experience sexual assault?

The single most important qualification for any Supreme Court Justice,

Deborah Ramirez's sworn statement to the FBI is corroboration of Dr. Ford's sworn testimony.

repuke judiciary committee makeup

You Will Pay Tomorrow

We were Brett Kavanaugh's drinking buddies. We don't think he should be confirmed.

Trump mocks Al Franken over resignation: He folded 'like a wet rag'

If we do not stand and fight now when will we ever fight ?

Schwartz: Overriding lesson from past 2 wks is how power & privilege roll over anyone without them

My husband, Rand Paul, and our family have suffered intimidation and threats

Why aren't Ben Sasse and Ron Johnson getting media pressure about Kavanaugh?

The degrees of freedom are zero at this point.

This "presidency" in one scene

Getting every dem elected in every seat. Period. No excuses. No whining. NO exceptions. Why?

Dumbass Trump with toilet paper on his shoe

Only one of them gets to vote

Celebrating kegs and insulting girls: Inside Mark Judge's 1980s Georgetown Prep underground paper

Ben Sasse Is Sad. Ben Sasse Is a Hypocrite.

I don't want Kavanaugh to have one day of peace, especially not as a justice on the SP Court!

Leahy: Kavanaugh's decision to pen an op-ed CONFIRMS he lacks judgment, temperament for SC

"Imagine what kind of jurist Kavanaugh will be when he doesn't feel need to go apologize in the WSJ"

Murphy Brown tonight

Just hire a sixth grader!

As if this entire presidency couldn't be more bizarre...

Wouldn't it be smart for all the Democrats in the Senate to vote "Yes" on cloture?

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 7 - Monster of the Month: The Mummy

TCM Schedule for Monday October 8 - Gender Flipping Remakes

Today Trump boarded Air Force One with toilet paper stuck to his shoe

Shut up human!

I heard Missy Bigelow Carr on NPR this morn..

Timely movie treat *The Gift* Jason Bateman

WSJ editoral from kavaNAH - epitome of wme

Liars and rapists UNITE!


My Kavanaugh predictions. Bet against them while they are hot

WI-AG: Schimel re-election concerns prompt GOP to retain private attorney in redistricting case

Brown campaign cancels news conference after group announces protest

Three dimensional skateboarding.

Three things you ate?

Civil Rights Leader Rev. William Barber Awarded MacArthur Grant

McConnell thinks he will be seen as God-like in the history books.

Mitch McConnell whines assault victims are 'harassing' senators

Kalida woman pleads guilty to bank fraud

So---does "TP" stand for "Trump-Pence" or "Toilet Paper"? Are they plotting

What happened to the story that Kavanaugh's team committed what might be described as witness

Capt. Kirk races against time after an alien woman materializes on the bridge and steals Mr. Spock's

The United States Supreme Court future decisions will FOREVER be TAINTED because

Green Party hopes to maintain ballot access in Ohio

Kavanaugh wrote that he lashed out in the hearing as a dad and husband

Ret. Supreme Court Justice: Kavanaugh should be disqualified

Really? 100s of Millions in defrauding the US; No big deal?

Dave Pell wins Twitter

Heidi Heitkamp ROCKS!

Mitch! "These people" are constituents of the senators. Do you have to be reminded?

Trump Boards Airforce One with Toilet Paper Stuck to His Shoe

Denver Post: Cory Gardner still undecided.

Heidi Heitkamp releases ad explaining Kavanaugh no vote

Kavanaugh: I said things I 'should not have said' during Senate testimony

Trump mocks Al Franken over resignation: He folded 'like a wet rag'

Did Hitchcock have a drone?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump - Master of Impressions

Brett Kavanaugh: "I Am an Independent, Impartial Judge"

What will 2018's most clever Halloween costumes be?

Thank you for eleny. She forgave me for my

'Make America Proofread Again!': MSNBC's Rachel Maddow ridicules Trump campaign for dumb error in Ka

Retired Rep judge flips on Kavanaugh over yearbook lies: 'If he'll deny that -- what won't he deny?'

Donald Trump Boards Air Force One with Toilet Paper Stuck to his Shoe

If a woman wrote the OP-Ed Kavanaugh just wrote.

Colorado's Cory Gardner reviewing FBI report on Kavanaugh after listening to sexual assault survivor

Just getting down to watching PBS's Frontline: tRump's Showdown

The busboy who tried to help a wounded Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 dies.

Interesting thread about the Judiciary Committee & Sen. Leahy's questions about stolen materials

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump's Dead Father Has Message for Him

I would think that Senator Manchin would have no pause and decide to vote NO

Several central Ohio school districts seeking tax levies

Joe Biden cuts ad for Steve Dettelbach

Seth Abramson: "Now that is the Twilight Zone."

The Daily Show: Jeff Flake Flips on Brett Kavanaugh

What happened to the 30 hours of debate BEFORE the cloture vote?

The Daily Show - Secretive, Speedy & Sketchy: The FBI Investigation Into Brett Kavanaugh

Tonight's Murphy Brown spoiler...

I have $100 I can give to Dem candidates.

Seth Meyers - Trump's Mississippi Rally, Presidential Emergency Alert System - Monologue 10/3/18

Stan Chesley's law firm admits 'unjust enrichment,' agrees to $23 million settlement

CNN Reported That A Republican Senator Was Going To Miss The Vote

When it comes to Jeff Flake

Seth Meyers - GOP Pushes for Kavanaugh Vote After FBI Report: A Closer Look

Neera Tanden: Mark Judge testified for hours.

Here is a nice CA Poll that should help calm some here on DU

The Science Group has enlightened me on how sloths poop

Three things you date?

In Covington, bed sheets tell a story of a city rocked by the Kavanaugh hearings - and taking action

Ted Cruz running ads showing Harris and Booker

Heitkamp's brother: She may lose but she has to like who she sees in the mirror

The Apprentice

Same prep school yearbook, 2 years apart, but see how different BK and Neil Gorsuch's entries were!

Prediction: Kavanaugh won't be confirmed

DEMOCRACY Sen. Joe Manchin: I Was 'Thrown Out' Of The Room By Republicans

AFSCME: The Fuckin' Union That Works For You!

U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, potential presidential candidate in '20, to speak in Cincinnati

Hundreds of female Alaska attorneys call on Murkowski to vote no!

Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi to headline two big fundraisers for Democratic House candiates

For good of country, Grassley should oppose Kavanaugh, resign as chair

Somewhere Putin is laughing his ASS OFF!!!@#!#@!@#$

Kavanaugh Reinforces White Male Privilege

Rifts Break Open at Facebook Over Kavanaugh Hearing

next time national anthem is played, every woman and girl should take a knee

Canned Heat "Let's Work Together"

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Where's Nancy Pelosi when we need her? She's there.

Verizon is outsourcing its IT. Sent early severance letter offer to 44,000 workers.

Colombia dismantles ring that forced more than 100 girls and women to work as sex slaves abroad

Colombia dismantles ring that forced more than 100 girls and women to work as sex slaves abroad

Machiavelli Would Have Loved This Year's Midterms.


Duque's plight: returning favors to the clans who helped him become Colombia's president

Lawrence: Heidi Heitkamp Shows Us A Profile In Courage - The Last Word - MSNBC

Kavanaugh US Senate Vote.

Detroit councilman indicted, accused of taking bribes over land deal

Colombia's Duque talks peace at UN summit while inching his country towards war

Brazil, Paraguay police arrest five people plotting to free drug gang leader

Time to contact Senator Gardner,

Tourists flock to swim with sea lions near Peru's capital

Tourists flock to swim with sea lions near Peru's capital

Trump Mocks Al Franken for Quick Resignation Over Claims of Sex Misconduct

Russian Official Linked to Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Trump Tower Lawyer, Is Dead

Yale Students and Alumni Have New 'Demand': Investigate Brett Kavanaugh for Perjury Now

Ret. Justice John Stevens: Kavanaugh Disqualified Himself From Supreme Court - The Last Word - MSNBC

The Big Con has the Chinese rigging the vote for the democrats...

IL: Pelosi's Super PAC gives $2.9M to boost Casten, Underwood bids for Congress

Massive Information Dump Aimed at Sinking The GOP is Reportedly Coming Within Weeks

Girolamo Frescobaldi: "Tre Pezzi" ("Three Pieces"), Swiss Italian Orchestra/Safaian: "Concerto

Bette Midler has been apologizing all day for this tweet

Senate Republicans run and hide from citizens' questions

'They was killing black people'

2 from Albinoni: "Adagio" and "Oboe Concerto" 😉

Poll: Whitmer beating Schuette on issues in Michigan governor race

Vitamin D supplements don't help bone health, major study concludes

Geri Allen Trio - Dark Prince

Ted Nugent should smoke some pot

Former S Korea president Lee Myung-bak jailed for 15 years

The Daily Show: Trump Weaponizes Victimhood to Defend Kavanaugh - Between the Scenes

Girl, 8, pulls a 1,500-year-old sword from a lake in Sweden

Jane Ira Bloom - The Man with Glasses

Kavanaugh, Continued

A staggering number of troops are fat and tired, report says

Aki Takase - Minerva's Owl

"Did you enjoy watching me? Was it fun?"

Three things that are unique about your credit card number? n/t

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/4/18

GOP County Chair Shares Fake Christine Ford Picture, Suggests She's Too Ugly To Sexually Assault

The Rachel Maddow Show 10/4/18 - MSNBC - Full Show

Kochs this close to getting Kav on the Court. Their goal: first ever Section 5 Constitutional Conven

The divide is wide.

Court sentences former President Lee to 15 years in jail on corruption charges

Michigan political candidate claims to be M.D., doesn't have license

Celebrating kegs and insulting girls: Inside Mark Judge's 1980s Georgetown Prep underground paper

Poll: Stabenow maintains double-digit lead over James in Senate race

Drunk birds are causing havoc in a Minnesota town. Police say they'll sober up soon.

UPDATED: Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad

Elon Musk: Tesla boss mocks US regulator days after settlement

Elon Musk to pay for water stations, filtration at all Flint schools

Cheerleader allegedly brings pot brownies to school for homecoming queen votes, police say

Nobel Peace Prize -Nadia Murad & Denis Mukwege, against sexual violence in war

Turkey summons Saudi Arabia's ambassador over writer Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance

Planned Westboro Baptist Church protest prompts closure of Flint high school

Afghan government rejects proposals to privatize war

Meet Vivaldi 2.0: Faster, Safer and Personal

Toyota car fault prompts massive recall

Michigan corrections officers and state government at contract negotiation standstill

This is bigger than Brett Kavanaugh - this is bigger than politics

We can take hope in this precedent, Former S.Korean president jailed

15 min. into Morning Joe: They are destroying Kavanaugh.

Does Michigan make it too hard for college students to vote? Some say yes

TP or not TP - hilarious tweet on Trump and the paper on his shoe

Gulf of Mexico folks - keep an eye on this

Do we accept the contention that the Republicans WILL have a 2nd SC pick confirmed before the new

7 Catholic dioceses in Michigan raided in abuse investigation

Wildwood Flower

Brexit : Projected Real Wage Growth in Europe 2018

Kellyanne Conway Thanks 'Crazy Liberals' for Energizing Republicans Before Midterms

Douglas J. students win key ruling in dispute over labor

Grassley to Ford's Legal Team: Turn Over Communications With Dems, Other Kavanaugh Accusers

Beto O'Rourke brings college tour to UT Austin

GOP nervous ahead of Kavanaugh vote: "We don't have 50 right now"

Heitkamp releases ad explaining Kavanaugh no vote

Cruz raises $12 million July-September, lagging O'Rourke's expected haul

Embarrassing confession: I use rude and childish language when I am angry or frustrated.

Biden boosts Democrats on the rise in Reagan Country

Democrats Fear the Party's Kavanaugh Obsession Could Backfire

Still Anonymous: White House hunt for op-ed author fades

Public education group targets Republican incumbents Patrick, Paxton

Russia Is Exploiting American White Supremacy Over and Over Again

Golden Retriever Comes Home With Baby Koala Clinging To Its Fur To Survive

What Most Disqualifies Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court?

Trump demonstrators uneasy with fencing installed at Expocentre

Do you ever have one of those "I hate everything and everybody" days?

Stop this right now!!!

The Return of the Southern Democrat

Suddenly 2,400 Texans who thought they were registered to vote in Nov, might in fact not be.

My new spirit animal:

black man handcuffed by police when moving TV into his new home

The Suffocation of Democracy

"We're going into this vote and we don't have 50 right now."

Devil's Triangle. New official definition:

LIVE Now Oct 5 : Senate prepares for procedural vote on Kavanaugh nomination

There are people drinking PBR from red Solo cups outside Mitch McConnell's house at this early hour.

Beto O'Rourke on possible endorsement from Obama: "I don't think we're interested."

The Kremlin's For Kavanaugh: Russian State Media Back Trump's Supreme Court Nominee

Some see Christian First bias in Trump foreign policy

Facebook acknowledges 'mistakes' over Brett Kavanaugh hearing

Last night's rally: Trump accuses Democrats of wanting to take away pre-existing conditions coverage

Unemployment rate declines to 3.7% in September; payroll employment increases by 134,000

Flake's got to be the most indecisive person ever

Five-year-old Helen signs away right to see a judge

Grassley: 'Don't really know' how Kavanaugh vote will go

Neonazi couple killed old man and planned to take over his house via squatter's rights.

Day 2

Conservatism in a nutshell...

The origin of Super Villains: Black Mask

Russia's Deputy Attorney General Sahak Karapetyan Linked to Trump Tower Meeting Killed in Helicopter

The Rundown: October 4, 2018

McConnell Doesn't Have the Votes for Kavanaugh Yet

GOP: "Kavanaugh Never Drunk In Benghazi"

"... there was a time I thought he would pick Judge Judy."

Top 50 Graphic Novels: #35-31

Red tide closes Florida beaches, could impact millions in tourism dollars

GOP Sen. Steve Daines will be out Saturday; Kavanaugh vote could be held open overnight

Friday TOONs - Indelible Edition

Quiet Part Outloud: Hatch just talked about "a Republican getting this seat," speaking of SCOTUS

I hope

History of the World - Senate is in Session

air in my way

If it comes down to 50-50, by any combination, with Pence casting the

CNN just now: Joe Manchin (D-WV) still undecided

Fox News Host Calls Trump Tax Fraud "Clever"

Wikipedia Bans Breitbart & Infowars as Sources of Facts

In my opinion, Trump is pulling for Kavanaugh to be defeated.

LOL-You can breathe again. Emerson Generic Ballot (Democrats) 50% (Repugnants) 42%

Good morning. I need a little computer advice.

I wonder if FLOTUS knows how the orphaned elephants became orphaned.

Don't understand the push to get Kavanaugh confirmed

Paid Protestors! George Soros! Conspiracy!

Trump: Kavanaugh protest signs "are not made in the basement from love!"

Better minds than mine - is this scenario a false equivalency for abortion?

I have the heart of a 24 year old but

*Potential Democratic Pickup* FL 26 Mucarsel-Powell (Democrat) 50% Carlos Curbelo (Repugnant) 48%

If BK gets in, and Manchin votes for him, count the Reich Wing talking points to be:

New York Sues Trump Foundation for 'Persistent Illegality'

Transgender homecoming prince brushes off Westboro Baptist Church picket

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Get Funky 💃🏻🕺🏼 Day!

Woman who approached Flake-responds to Trump's tweet-"No 1 can pay for someone's lived experiences"

SD-GOV moves from Lean Republican to Tossup

Max Boot: Donald Trump is the worst person ever to be president

Kavanaugh vs. Kavanaugh: ''it's important to have the proper demeanor''

Sasse a "yes" vote "because of the evidence and Judge Kavanaugh's qualifications"

Kavanaugh vs. Kavanaugh: ''it's important to have the proper demeanor''

Sen. Grassley( spelled with an "ass" in the middle) said the fix was in!

How weak is he in states that made him president?

Trump and clan have incited another sicko with a gun - this time threatening Dems over Kavanaugh

Collins to announce her voting intention at 3pm today from Senate floor

Trump Calls Kavanaugh Protesters 'Elevator Screamers' Paid By Soros

It's Democratic leadership

PBS (POV) Dark Money

Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski were arrested in Kavanaugh protests

DiFi speaking now n/t

Talking heads and legal pundits on TV now think Alaska's Murkowski is a "NO".


Alabama Dem Doug Jones tells CNN Kavanaugh op-ed backfired and solidified his "no" vote

Sen. Grassley and the old men hanging on by their fingernails to a world slipping away.

Salt Lake Tribune editorial: Hatch attack on alleged witness is despicable

About 30 years ago my cousin was sexually assualted by her brother in law...

Here's a great idea for Halloween costume

CNN guest demolishes Ken Starr for covering up sexual assaults when he headed Baylor U

The Real Blue Wave Could Come in the States

Opening Arguments is a great legal podcast. Is Gamble v US the reason for Kavanaugh?

Kellyanne Conway slams women who don't appreciate Kavanaugh: 'His law clerks have been female'

Ford-Kavanaugh controversy has divided Americans -- even sexual assault survivors

The media is not the enemy of the people; Trump is

Collins to vote yes on cloture

Collins will vote Yes on Cloture but is MUM on how she'll vote on nomination until 3pm speech

Everybody pull out a gun!

ABA says it is reopening evaluation of Kavanaugh's well-qualified rating,

McConnell making final speech before Cloture vote

Link to tweet

McLipless and Grassley now frantically bitching

The manufacturing of the lie/cover story using Rachel Mitchell. She was not a "special prosecutor."

New video of TP Twitler....

Stop calling it an investigation. The FBI was not allowed to interview anyone who could provide

OMG! I Turned On My TV & An Old Turtle Is On There Tellin' Lies

Kavanaugh Cloture vote beginning

Collins to advance Kavanaugh's nomination

Collins to advance Kavanaugh's nomination

Boarding AF1 this morning

The problem is rather obvious...

BREAKING: Murkowski votes "NO" on Cloture

With Kavanaugh vote near, Trump says protesters sharing stories of sex assault are 'paid professiona

BREAKING: Manchin votes "YES" on Cloture

TP on Trump's shoe is a national hero

Murkowski is a no.

Flake and Manchin Yes. Murkowski No. It passed cloture.

Each to our own, but I sure won't watch this s**t. Since November 2016 none of this should be a

I lost track at the end there, what's the score now?

For the shutter bugs - 50 B&W photos

If they confirm this guy despite losing 2 Republican votes, because Manchin votes yes....

Any guess as to why collins wants a production?

What's up with that one GOP senator who won't be there on Sat

A 2-year-old shredded $1,060 of his family's cash. His mom cried -- until she laughed.

What does it mean if cloture doesn't pass?

Tweet of the Day

The votes are in...51-49 in favor of advancing to vote for Boof Boy

Young girl pulls 1,500-year-old sword from lake, earns 'Queen' nickname

BREAKING: GOP Sen. Collins says she'll vote to advance Kavanaugh nomination

Pocahontas's a rape victim - Damn, didn't know that

Questions of conflict mount over Florida governor's finances

Phil Bredesen (TN) would vote "YES" for Kavanaugh...

Shit sticks

Collins Would Not Be Announcing That She Is A No

I'm glad Senator Lisa Murkowski poked the Turtle

Implications of the Cloture vote...

There's a sexual assaulter in the oval, and if Kav gets in there will be 2 sexual assaulters in the

MEANWHILE, in Germany...

"No op-ed can clean up the Kavanaugh mess" - Jennifer Rubin

Joe manchin

How do you like my painting of a cat?

Did the other Kavanaugh accusers just got ignored?

Senate advances Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination to final vote

When Feinstein listed all the terrible things he will likely do

楊丞琳 Rainie Yang - 理想情人

楊丞琳 Rainie Yang - 理想情人

Could it be 50 - 50 and and make Pence do the dirty deed?


Manchin voted yes

There's a loon on MSNBC who said George Soros is behind the opposition to Kavadrunk


The Kremlin's For Kavanaugh: Russian State Media Back Trump's Supreme Court Nominee

John Fugelsang on Twitter:

Mattress Firm files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, will close up to 700 stores

Susan Collins May Be A No Vote...

Elaina Plott thinks Manchin stays "yes" - link

Gretchen Whitmer: Spotted near Haslett. Hey, it's a big tent!

LaCroix allegedly including cockroach insecticide in its sparkling water

Unprecedented uncertainty around final vote: And this is exactly why your calls still matter:


NEWS 2 Alternate Jurors Dismissed from Laquan McDonald Trial Say They Were Leaning Towards a Murder

Trump mocks Al Franken over resignation: He folded 'like a wet rag'

Time for a new word to add to the Lexicon of our times:

Manchin will vote NO in the end. The many threads and comments about Manchin (D) today.....

when is the final vote? nt

Craig Melvin just announced on MSNBC that Flake said he will vote to confirm. n/t

Murkowski changed her mind

Saturday we will either dancing in the streets, or protesting

Flake is a yes.

When does the final vote actually take place?

Opponents of a natural gas pipeline in West Virginia have tried to delay the pipeline's construction

How Every Senator Voted on Cloture


Chanting Protestors occupy the hallways outside the office of @JeffFlake

Flake isn't worth shit

House Dems promise to investigate Kavanaugh for perjury, if confirmed

The Kremlin's For Kavanaugh: Russian State Media Back Trump's Supreme Court Nominee

Why do I get the horrible feeling Pence wants to cast

Michigan man's meteorite worth $100,000 was used as doorstop for years


Our fight is larger than beating Trump. Much much larger.

When Dems take back the WH and Congress, just ignore the Supreme Court

Well, THIS is helpful....

Is Flake Foreshadowing Collins' Speech with His Most Recent Statement?

Flake indicates he'll back Kavanaugh in final vote

Jeff's living up to his name.

Does anyone here know what the pro choice movement will do if Roe is struck down?

How can people not know Kavanaugh is lying??!

AnaMariaArchila: Help me send this message to Senator @JeffFlake:

We have always had weak minded magats bernays proved it

Halloween Is Coming #16

A Retirement Wealth Gap Adds a New Indignity to Old Age

Halloween Is Coming #17

Halloween Is Coming #18

Former Koch staffer appointed to key EPA position

Halloween Is Coming #19

Halloween Is Coming #20

Halloween Is Coming #21

Lisa Murkowski Appreciation Thread

Halloween Is Coming #22

Halloween Is Coming #23

Halloween Is Coming #24

Halloween Is Coming #25

The President of Interpol has been missing for 10 days

Why isn't this being taken into account? Bredensen is voting Yes!!!

A silver lining, maybe? Or wishful thinking?

Full-figured woman vocalist spotted in wings...

my sister is running. a little local press.

Will Manchin lose support among Democrats in his state with a yes vote?

The R Montana senator will be at his daughter's wedding tomorrow.

My toes are hanging off of the edge of the ledge, and then I read a John Fugelsang tweet

So amusing watching GOP attack dogs turn into whining snowflakes

.@JeffFlake said he will vote yes on Kavanaugh unless 'something big happens.'

This Asshole obviously doesn't understand about freedom of speech, nor does the idiot understand

Halloween T-shirts and Resistance T-shirts

@Sen_JoeManchin said that he believes Dr. Blasey Ford was assaulted but thinks she's confused ...

They same few pukes pretend to give us hope every time.

Speaking of Halloween, Barney Miller, and Howling Men

Tea leaf regarding Senator Collins

Hold your fire! Tribalism is why we are in this mess in the first place.

Contact Manchin and Collins via email, there is still time before the final vote

Some birthdays today: Billy Lee Riley, 1933, and Neil deGrasse Tyson, 1958

Best prank for Halloween

Hunted for Months, Reputed Mobster Is Gunned Down at McDonalds

Something else to talk about while waiting for 3pm. What about

Time for another HOUSE FIRE! Tune in NOW!

The ABA Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary has sent a letter to @senjudiciary, ...

Murkowski to vote no on Kavanaugh: 'Not the right man for the court at this time'

Can one of you give me the skinny....

This should be the most important parallel story today

CANCEL KAVANAUGH! email Collins and Manchin!

Collins etc have played everyone before. I will believe them when they actually vote the right way

Ad aimed at the young voter

Duncan Hunter's 'Red Scare'

I wonder if Collins still believes that Kavanaugh would treat...

Let's Put The Brett Kavanaugh Mistaken Identity Thing To A Rest

Drunk birds are causing havoc in a Minnesota town. Police say they'll sober up soon.

There is one way to a Kavenaugh defeat.

Interpol's President Is Reported Missing In China, Prompting Inquiry

How would Lisa Murkowski's father Frank have voted on Kavanaugh if he was in the US Senate?

The Smoot, recalibrated


A polite query of the President...

Outlaw nation

Montana Senator Steve Daines Will Use Private Jet To Make Kavanagh Vote If Needed.

Don't Let 2018 and 2020 Become 1984.

Susan Collins- No Or Yes Poll

Isn't Roe v Wade ALSO the right *from* abortion?

Murkowski changed her mind on Kavanaugh ON HER WAY TO WORK

Louie and Lou - Two disgusting loos

Kavanaugh US Senate vote tally

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope we've finally learned ...

Some conservatives are having a rant about Murkowski..

It hurts too much


when Congress makes decisions such as these, I feel like the main consideration is, "can we get away

Manchin's office number

Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) co-chair removes fear of the word (VIDEO)

Name change for world-renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir

One thing Graham and the Dotard have in common.

Brett Kavanaugh one step closer to Supreme Court! Flake's farce a farce!

Are We Ready to Win Yet?

Damn, I wish we could get rid of the Senate.

What's the significance of 3:00pm??

If Manchin is a yes, should he be thrown out of the party?

Jehovah's Witnesses don't celebrate Halloween. I guess they don't appreciate

Stop making defeat a requirement

A true bud...

Sen. Mike Rounds (R-SD) just said on Wolf Blitzer's show that there is a rumor

In the "I wonder" category

Reading my fathers diary journals from Vietnam

A question about no grain dry cat food.

Kavanaugh approval might be good for our side in the midterms

Verdict reached in Van Dyke trial

Critical kid toys and lessons of spatial relationships

Senate Uglicans are arguing that absence of conclusive proof is conclusive proof of absence.

So, Shy Susan Collins Is Hogging the Spotlight Today.

.@RonanFarrow isn't human

Graham & McTurtle Just Had Lunch With Collins

A Timely Reminder From The Kitchen Witch

A New Creed for the Uncertain but Faithful

The Chicago Van Dyke Jury's Verdict Is To Be Announced Within The Hour

Perhaps a bit of comfort in uncertain times: "The Agnostic's Prayer"

Toyota recalls 2.4 million Prius hybrids that could stall while driving

In regards to jobs, Obama was a better president, of course.

Where voters stand on Kavanaugh

Look - Trump boards Air Force 1 - with toilet paper adorn

"We, as men, have come to stand with our sisters."

Patterns of Abuse Echo Plainly Through the Kavanaugh Hearings

I can only imagine if President Obama had picked someone who behaved like Brett Kavanaugh.

Believe the believable!

Apparently Lindsey Graham took it on himself to announce that Collins will vote YES

From Amy McGrath

I don't need a reason from Collins if it's a yes

MLB playoff predictions

Susan Collins

When is the next season of "Black Mirror" coming?

We need a Shepard Fairey-style poster of Kavanaugh -- with the word "GrOPe"

I don't understand why Kavanaugh would even want the job now.

This helps men understand sexual assault/abuse.

The Catholic League Has a Batshit Response to South Park's Episode About Priest Abuse

Murkowski and Collins probably made a deal

I believe Kavanaugh's qualifications have been questioned but I think he's confused:

Mom Level: Jedi.

These twins will be well prepared to audition for the inevitable live-action version.

Take a Tour of Manafort's Multimillion-Dollar Homes, Going Up for Sale.

Laquan McDonald verdict imminent. Guilty! 2nd degree plus agg bat x 16

Collins get offered the chair of a committee at their little lunch?

There are two other reasons why Kavanaugh should not be approved for the highest court in the land

The ABA is reopening its Kavanaugh investigation.

Thank you, Newt Gingrich...

The litany of Brett Kavanugh's publicly-known misdeeds is only going to grow with time.

According to 538 Manchin votes 61%

I would never harm anyone. But they don't know that.

WATCH LIVE: A jury in Chicago is announcing its verdict in the murder trial of police officer

Life's short. So spend as much time as you can on the

Melania is Clueless in Kenya

Chicago Jury Finds Jason VanDyke GUILTY Of 2nd Degree Murder

VanDyke guilty of 2nd degree murder and multiple counts of aggravated battery with firearm.

Trump Family Defrauded thousands of low income widows

If you want to glimpse the future of retail, check out an Amazon Go store.

Halloween meatloaf

Chicago PD officer found guilty of 2nd degree murder.

New York Sues Trump Foundation for 'Persistent Illegality'

Anybody receive their George Soros check yet?

Quiet Down In The Gallery You Insignificant Peasants!! nt

All hell's breaking loose in the Senate as Collins steps up to the mic

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 5, 2018

Who are the women behind Collins? nt

Trump may boot Air Force secretary over Space Force opposition, report says

She's Voting Yes....

I'm glad I don't live in Maine.

Oh hell. Collins is coming out swinging against Democrats.

anyone know russian well enough to tell me if this gets my point across: король жопы

Susan Collins - Justices Kagan and Sotomayor weren't accused of drunken sexual assault

Republicans Really Could Lose That Tennessee Senate Seat

He won't be impeached, but can he be indicted by the House for perjury?

Did McConnell write Collins' speech?

Legal obstacles to pursuing tax charges against Trump family

She appears to be a huge kavanaugh fan...

Why Hasn't There Been a Media Spotlight on West Virginia Senator Shelly Moore Capito?

Now she's dissing Bill Clinton.

Trump tax story prompts calls to revise estate rules

Let me know when the shitenor Collins finally comes out and says YES

So did Don McGahn write the defense of Kavanaugh for Collins?

Nobel Prize-winning physicist dies aged 96. Forced to sell medal for $765,000 to pay medical bills.

Never forget these people have zero ethics, principles or empathy

Collins just said Kavadrunk is a lgbtq rights hero.

We need a big lobster hook to yank her ass back to Maine.

New Scalia Statue at GMU Law School

Susan Collins is being Susan Collins.

Political fairness or power?

**IPSOS** Likely Voter Generic Ballot- Democrats 50% Repugnants 38%

Not even bothering to watch Collins address, but what I am gathering is....

Bonus Tweet of the Day

It's Susan Collins' Time in the Spotlight.

How long is she gonna drag this out?!*

So who wrote this speech for Collins?

Max Bruch Scottish Fantasy, Op. 46

Lisa Murkowski met with 100 + Alaskan women yesterday.....she is their

Is that Brett Kavanaugh at the podium wearing a Susan Collins mask?

OK, Susan. We get why you supported him up until what Dr. Ford...

Collins forgot all the Justices she references required 60 votes and were not hyper-partisan..

Study: Insurers returning to pre-ObamaCare profitability

She is a god damn MFB liar.


My goodness!

I wish people would send Collins thousands of coat hangers.

Susan, read his yearbook entry. Then read it again. I don't know anyone in my life

At times like these, only pharmaceuticals can help:

She is making Kavadrunk into Louis Brandeis.

ME-SEN is my first priority in 2020

Murkowski: Kavanaugh 'good man' but maybe 'not the right man for the court'

Now she is calling Dr. Ford a liar, albeit subtly.

Collins is a vivid example of the brainwashing of our society that...

The plaintive fake concern about the presumption of innocence is such a fucking Con Job.

Her omissions and misinformation is making her look like someones convenient tool.nt

What about his behavior in the hearing????????????? nt

Trump Wakes Up Covered In Dozens Of Small Cuts After Being Chased Through Dreams By Robert Meuller

Now we will have both a criminal POTUS and SCOTUS justice.

Lets this be a lesson to any Democrats or left leaning independents

Susan Collins Is "Death by 1000 Cuts."


Susan Collins is not fit to be a United States Senator.

Zzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz

Washington senators say FBI report on Kavanaugh is incomplete

Lest We Forget, Susan Collins' Husband is in Bed With the Russians

I hope every waitress or waiter or bartender who serves Kav pours ice water in his lap.

A repuke woman voting to let untold numbers of women be abused raped and killed.

Today, the rights of women in America were nailed to a cross

You Can Fool Enough of The People

Alabama Sen. Doug Jones says Kavanaugh backers have threatened women on his staff

cant watch. she still going on? n/t

The next time the national anthem is played ...

I Am Making It My Personal Mission

Pollster says biggest differentiation in female support for Trump is education

What is it called - Astroturfing? ALSO DONATE! Re: Collins

My hearts breaks today for women. It is now clear that male means assumed innocence, women guilt

Anyone watch the NBC show Trial and Error?

Good luck eating out in a restaurant, Susan.

Pollster says Kavanaugh's confirmation could drive down GOP enthusiasm

STFU susan

I have a very dark prediction

Whoops! GOP compares their Senate nominee to pedophile nominee who lost

Remember Dr Ford. Remember Merrick Garland.

Flake needs to change his vote.n/t

How long will this piss-poor Katherine Hepburn impersonator ...

What about that guy that's going to his daughter's wedding tomorrow???? nt

OMG, this is not satire but I had to check (re: whacked out repub for running for congress in DE)

Were she from a different part of the country, I would say this would be Susan Collins right now.


Did Collins reveal info that was supposed to be confidential?

Collins Announces Final Yes On Kavanaugh, All But Ensuring His Confirmation

Susan accusing Democrats of using dark money?

Right now I'm thinking of Susan Sarandon.

Manchin just announced he's a yes on Kavanaugh


Per MSNBC, Manchin just announced he'd vote for confirmation. Game over.

Buckle up - the ride gets very rough now.

we no longer have a legitimate government

Manchin's Statement

guys, even though this looks

WTF? Collins says she hope Kavanugh helps bridge partisan divide on court.

What Was Your First Car?

Collins hopes Kavanaugh "will work to lessen divisions on the SC... I will vote to confirm"

Hey hypocrite Susan Collins! There's Battle Lines Being Drawn!!! (video reminder)

Been asked why I view so-called centrists and moderates with suspicion

If you ever held out any hope in Jeff Flake or Susan Collins in this SCOTUS thing.....

Just saw this from Collins wikipedia page

Susan Collins runs again in 2020. Time to start working against her.

Historian Meacham says that Collins did not describe Kavanaugh, but rather John Paul Stevens.

Chuck Levin's--A D.C.-Area Institution--Turns 60

If we fail to recapture the senate in this midterm and it is likely we will not

Is It A Done Deal???

Cowards, Cowards, Cowards......

trump now has a Court that will make him King

Three Kavanaugh drinking buddies publish an op-ed saying he lied under oath, should not be confirmed

Staying with 90 yr old mom today and she doesn't watch news but I'm getting the gist

Dump is unleashed

Senator, do you think there is still a place for you in the Democratic party?

Susan Sarandon must be thrilled...

"If I understood Susan Collins correctly..."

Republicans want to give Trump's millionaire Cabinet a raise

Excellent take on Collins' "speech"

Who was the woman who was chairing the vote on cloture?

I'm through with Manchin. (But I'll take his vote for Majority Leader)

@SenatorCollins has made it clear that she can no longer call herself a women's rights champion.

Laugh now you fucking assholes. Enjoy the moment.

Manchin can mean the difference betweeen Schumer & McConnell for majority leader, Feinstein Chair of

OK looks like they got the votes to get there ASSHOLE to the SC!

The country has been snooker by a con and a bunch of GOP goons!

And now, a timely message from TV's Frank.

I am proud of 99.9% of our democratic senators

Trump's failing Scottish golf resort lost $43 million in last four years

I think it still should be brought up

voting is more important than ever -- but don't let anyone tell you we have a functioning democracy.

Channel the hate into the midterms, folks.

While Kavanaugh would be an absolute nightmare of a Supreme Court justice, I will say this:

Democracy slowly bleeds away,

OK, Students. It's Time to Pair Up!

Susan Rice says she wants to run agains Susan Collins!

When I tried to buy Paul McCartney tickets.

Vladimir Putin is

Japan to skip South Korea fleet event over 'rising sun' flag

One of my old friends from highschool just had an article in Vanity Fair about her new bookshop!

Argentina: Key congressional Macri ally convicted and sentenced on corruption charges

But Just Think...How many more women across the Country..

Susan Rice is running against Collins

Susan Rice tweet regarding this question: "who wants to run for Senate in Maine?"

Is the bar open yet? I'd like a double anything on the rocks. Better start a tab...

American Tune

Dr. Cat London for Maine

LAWSPLAINER: No, Kavanaugh's Confirmation Won't Free All Of Trump's Crimimous Minions

Frank Schaeffer speaks for me.

The final nail in our democracy

Women will be kneeling the next time this is played...

Collins will NOT run for reelection - she will retire after this term

Susan Rice Suggests She May Want To Run For Senate In Maine

Sarah Palin opines.....

Reality check - The confirmation actually helps Democrats

Lawsuits point to large trove of unreleased Kavanaugh White House documents

Peter Daou: Conquered, gutted, and burned to the ground by the Republican Party...

It's time to protest and Thunderclap.

Former FBI special agent: Kavanaugh probe not 'authentic investigation'

YAY! Now only 40% of the Republican SCOTUS members ...

Kavanaugh blames woman accusing him of assault for his Senate meltdown

...and to all my sister Americans

Dedicated to Kavanaugh, McConnell and tRump from Pink Floyd

Burn in hell Susan Collins.

Bette Midler Sparks Backlash With Racially Insensitive Tweet

Okay, it is time for one of you privileged prep school, gangbanging, girl drugging, football playing

How about a National strike?

The overwhelming anger at Susan Collins has crashed the CrowdPac website

Any chance Kavanaugh could get charged with perjury?

Still LIfe at the Beach

predictit has kavanaugh at 97%.

Do folks think Michael Avenatti had any impact on what happened today with the Kavanaugh vote?

Relax, have a beer and think about it-- Collins does not have a dutiful loyalty to her party...

Now that the serial liar who perjured himself while sitting in a hearing

Collins spent an hour elevating an unrepentant sexual assailant over his victim

Hey Susan Sarandon... how's that "Revolution" coming along? Do ya remember this?

Collins' two egregious, inexplicable mistakes.

Devin Nunes made a 'magazine' just to attack his hometown paper

Steelers offered Le'Veon Bell $47 million over three years

W taking a huge sigh of relief....

Susan Collins will probably lose to Trump Republican in the primaries

Probably get screamed at here but

Are you considering immigrating to Canada?

Post a line or 2, or 3, from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google..Part 4

Where did DT win a greater percentage of votes than in any other state?

#WOMEN'S WAVE is coming Jan 2019

To all of the people who who couldn't be bothered to vote in 2016

"Respect for precedent," Sen. Collins? There will be a challenge to Roe v. Wade within 90 days.

General hospital and boog the chocolate lab

Every Sperm is Sacred - Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

WOMEN: Take a knee!

When it comes down to it, the assaults on women should not have been the deciding factor

Maine Speaker Sara Gideon is also looking at challenging Collins

Grassley suggests his panel has trouble attracting women because "It's a lot of work

The emails showing Kavanaugh was trying to witness tamper on Debra Ramirez

I look for Mueller (and or Rosenstein) to be fired

FILIBUSTER KAVANAUGH protest ongoing in DC...get there if you can!

Without Criminal Sexual Assault Charges Being Filed, Kavanaugh's Confirmation Seems Assured.

Don't get Susan Collins' Argument

I say Bormann, this historian says President Paul von Hindenburg of 1930s...

Are African elephants RepubliCON too?

George W Bush called Sen. Susan Collins several times over the past few weeks,...

'Shame on you!' Protesters completely drown out Joe Manchin in dramatic CNN video

Phuck that Phony Phlake!

Do I have this right?

Democrats eating democrats when you blame Avenatti..

My pledge to anybody running against Collins in 2020

Who in Maine can beat Collins in the next election?

could the democrats defund the supreme court?


Don't get MAD. Get EVEN. Make them pay.

"NO JUSTICE NO SEAT" PROTESTS! Events planned...

Someone help me out - Where does Manchin say Ford was "confused"?

Mueller should come out and announce his most signficant findings

Here's how Kavanaugh can be impeached...

A very real concern should be...

Kavenaugh and the Bullying Class (Robert Reich)

I shall post a "Blue" tune every day

Oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Delegitimization of Supreme Court...Good or Bad..?

The fight against these sexists is just beginning

Good news: Pastor and activist William J. Barber II wins MacArthur 'genius' grant

Time to start replacing some Senators

Driven by South's Past, Black Women Seek Votes and a New Future

Collins is Not running again..?

Controversy over Wheaton professor's hijab captures evangelical rift in new film

Wild weekend weather pattern to exhibit nation divided by extremes

Serious question - aren't the Purity Ball fathers

Putin's lawyer ... ?

Texas police confiscate political yard sign showing elephant with trunk up girl's skirt

Hospital profits in Indianapolis were high, study finds. Why that's not good for us

Can Lawyers/Constitutionalists Help me Understand the Kennedy to Kavanaugh Shift?

Behold the rewards of voting with Trump Republicans on something they want.

Grassley suggests his panel has trouble attracting women because "It's a lot of work"

Antibiotics Still Used Excessively On Farms, Despite Superbug Crisis

Not my Supreme Court not my President.

The Revolution Will Not be Televised....

We have lost the Supreme Court, now I hope we don't lose

We should remember that we were never going to win this

Assassins Creed Odyssey

Welcome To Beautiful Miami Beach! This Year's King Tides (Starting Tomorrow) May Be Red Tides

Votes Have Consequences

'Justice for Laquan!': Jury Finds Chicago Cop Guilty of Second-Degree Murder

The entire country should be taking a knee during the national anthem

Trump boarded AF1 with toilet paper tacked to the back of his shoe.

"Free" Tablets Are Costing Prison Inmates a Fortune - 30 cents an email

Polling Shows 60% Of NC Voters Are Worried About Global Warming. Huh, I Wonder Why . . . .

If you need a break from the shitshow try this-

"Republicans Really *Could* Lose that Tennessee Senate Seat" according to 538

Austrlia's GHG Output Hits Highest Levels Since 2010, Up 1.3% YOY Through 3/31/18

Will DT45 appoint Sen Collins to the Supreme Court when Thomas or

Can we impeach Kavanaugh for under oath.

'Jersey Shore' star Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino gets 8 months in prison for tax fraud

When tRump is proven to have committed conspiracy + collusion, will that prompt a SCOTUS redo?

House Democrat Promises Kavanaugh Investigation if Party Wins Control.

To everybody defending Joe Manchin: Remember 2009?

Dan Rather: "So Collins misses her moment to be a hero, and the old bulls win again."

Well, It could be worst,,,,,,,,,,

I love all of you people.

What is the 2018 version of the Boston

Millions of Americans are extremely jealous...

DEMS can be as energized as Superman. In 2016 300,000 WI DEMS disenfranchised RE: Voter ID

Sen. Joe Donnelly and former Vice President Joe Biden will rally in Indiana next week

Marion County's largest charity poker game investigated for undisclosed problems

Yes there are at least 50 other destroyers of democracy...

The Anne Frank Center Tweet is what we need now

Sad But True

Sanders Statement on Kavanaugh Cloture Vote

Dad decided to stop cancer treatments


Is the Danske Bank criminal probe connected to the Mueller investigation?

Sen. Susan Collins's legacy looks lBeing at #KremlinAnnex tonight is good for your soul, resisters!

Nobel Peace Prize for anti-rape activists Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege

Kavanaugh Father-Son Cancer Powder Keg

Americans Maintain a Positive View of Bernie Sanders

Americans Maintain a Positive View of Bernie Sanders

Something we can never forget

Has anyone discussed Kavanaugh's decisions in sexual assault cases?

"Don't f-----g tell people Brett got in touch with me."

This is simply a monstrous moment in our history. Collins' speech defined a deplorable moment.

Am I the only one who feels about as down as the night Trump won?

I haven't seen any links for a while about Hitler raving about something.

Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation will delegitimize the Supreme Court -- and that's good

Well, this tweet is aging well.

Prediction---Kavanaugh gets charged and convicted in a state

Fired For Union Organizing at Kumho Tires

"He lied to the Senate"

Beto not seeking in Obama endorsement

*Kansas Governor Poll * - Remington Research (R) Kelly (Democrat) 42% Kobach (Trumpist) 41%

Saudi Arabia Tells Trump No More Oil

My recent college graduate got her 1st real job

Does ANYONE at DU think that there will be one GOP Senator with the integrity....

McConnell's senator

McConnell's senator

What will happen in the country if the repubs retain the House and Senate?

2018 Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Yazidi Activist and Congolese Doctor