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If we want a democracy, we must constantly build it and repair it

Among the Thousands of FBI Tips, a Statement From an Aggrieved Truck Owner

Girl, 8, pulls a 1,500-year-old sword from a lake in Sweden

Indy, the floor, it moves!

Link to donate to Heidi Heitkamp

This IS going to backfire on Trump and the GOP

Trump just claimed there's a Dem bill called "the Open Borders Bill" written by Feinstein

This is the mess The Right Wing has made

I threw up tonight. This is affecting me physically.

"The United States of America was Judically RAPED again today"


OK, What's Next?

Protesters outside the Trump rally in Kansas:

Why did the police group herd the protesters from the Supreme Court steps?

Did you hear that scientist's are going to start using lawyyers in their experiments,

Drip, drip drip. Brett Kavanaugh will never have any peace. We will haunt his dreams.

What do you say to a DUer who has been gone a long time and returns at a time of crisis?

Remember when Collins called for Franken to resign?

Today for the first time ever in Los Angeles I saw a man wearing a red MAGA hat.

Trump is Getting His Licks in While He Still Can -- But It Won't Last

Realistically, is the Senate in play?

Trump at rally: The US is "respected again" around world. Pew Research tweets real numbers.

Any oceanographers here? Is the Pacific ocean rising?

Kentucky DUers, is there any hope of McConnell ever getting defeated?

Fight reveals a country on the brink

I saw A Star is Born tonight


How do we persuade Beto to run for POTUS if he wins his Senate race?

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Keep your eyes open...

Trump '100 percent' certain Kavanaugh accuser named wrong person

This says it TODAY

I don't think that the Fed/State charges law that Trump is counting on Kav for is going to help him

The GOP will rue the Kavanaugh confirmation

Is Joe Manchin-WV going to be the new Zell Miller Democrat?

*Doctor Zhivago coming up on WETA (Ch. 26) @ 9:33.

Alan Dershowitz:Kavanaugh and impeachment - Democrats, don't try to conduct a revenge inquisition

Meet Haley Stevens...Dem candidate from Michigan's 11th US House District.

Pompeo heads to Pyongyang, seeking progress on Trump-Kim summit


Guaranteed to uplift, check out the song this 6 year old author-singer-songwriter wrote for her mom

I think Trump done screwed up

Kavanaugh Accuser Deborah Ramirez Says Senate Chose to 'Look the Other Way' on Supreme Court Nominee

Nature Communications: "Europe's 'Renewable Energy' Policy Likely to Destroy It's Forests."

FYI. MSNBC is available on SlingTV!!

Nightbird - LaBelle

Trump: If I fought Biden, 'it would not last long'

Anti-Kavanaugh protestors storm the stairs of the Supreme Court and slam the doors during swearing-i

'Rapetown Prep! Brett Kavanaugh's high school gets scorched after tweeting tone-deaf congratulations

Needs to be said: This administration and many members of congress (including a few senators) were

I think "Bart" is gonna have a hard time on the court. Nobody will honor him. He

Trump Jr. calls the "Pocahontas" slur "so epic!!!"

I don't recall Franken's accusers testifying under oath

What's going on with Mueller? He has fallen off the radar.

Want to know how to make a republican say he wants to raise taxes?

Banksy Painting Self-Destructs After Fetching $1.4 Million at Sotheby's



Trump abruptly replaces federal personnel director after just 7 months

How dangerously fascist is Trump calling Democrats "too dangerous to govern"?

they are voting in the midterms, are you?

Florida officer charged with selling drugs out of squad car

Susan Collin says she did not believe any of Kavanaugh's accusers.

Can you imagine if Obama had....

Arghhh! So angry!

'Moms For Kavanaugh' Catholic Vote Ad: 'It Can Happen To You'

"Regular reminder that if DC and Puerto Rico were states Dems would control the Senate...

"Liberal media" my ass

When you're too good to make the chorus line.

dumb asses tarrifs are in effect. Saw it today at dillons. A cube of pepsi is 9.89 and a 12 pk 5.99

NYT (1990) - Texas GOP Candidate's Comment About Rape Causes a Furor - Anything Changed?

Republicans are also fired up... I call BULLSHIT!

Stay vigilant, my friends. Remember 2000.

Gubernatorial candidate Kobach connects 9/11 to immigration

Tweet of the Day

The Walking Dead - Scott Wilson (Hershel) has passed away at 76

Michigan Poll: Support for November ballot proposals strong

"BEER! I LIKE BEER!" guess who

Mormons to Spend Less Time at Church on Sundays, Leaders Say

I was at a Democratic Party GOTV gathering today...

John Cornyn rubs today's vote in the noses of sexual assault victims.

A message of hope from Gabby Giffords

Former Yale Law School Dean: Kavanaugh's confirmation an 'American tragedy'

'Women Aren't A Monolith, White Women For Kavanaugh Prove It,' *TV Ad

Chelsea Handler on Kavanaugh confirmation: 'We are stronger than this bullshit'


28 USC 1

Is Anyone Else Deleting More Than Posting Today?

My real worry


Heads up: SNL is Live!

Laura Lee vs. Brett Kavanaugh: The US Crying Championships 2018

If Brett Kavanaugh makes it through, women's anger will be unstoppable Suzanne Moore

Susan Rice says she may run against Susan Collins af

Ex-Argentine President Menem found not guilty in arms case

Dialysis clinic arrives in Puerto Rico a year after Maria

I think we can use the fbi investigation in Fords favor.

Kavanaugh: Nearly A Quarter Of SCOTUS Has Been Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Anybody have any links to share about proposed amendments?

Flipping the Colorado Senate could mean great things for Colorado voters

Protests planned for Trump rally in Council Bluffs, IA

We know what we have to do... We Have to Get Out The Vote....

Trump Repeatedly Wrong on Ford's Testimony -

Indivisible held a volunteering event today

Remember when President Clinton nominated Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

CA-25: Katie Hill talks to Pod Save America (VIDEO)

NY-19: Antonio Delgada tell us why he is running (VIDEO)

I fear the FBI has been destroyed by this. All a plan by the GOP to

538 Republicans Really Could Lose That Tennessee Senate Seat

Yesterday I cried for hours.

SNL cold open was a gut punch

Democrats have been over performing in special elections by 8%

Insurance rates on Affordable Care Act exchange for Illinois stabilizing

cat hogs big dog's bed

I can't live in this country anymore.

This is always what the republicans were going to do.

Statehouse Insider: It's come to this in the governor's race

trump sounds like an insane dictator....

Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits northern Haiti

SNL Ted Cruz commercial was great

Meet Brazil's Presidential Front-Runner, Jair Bolsonaro: Part Donald Trump, Part Rodrigo Duterte

Meet Brazil's Presidential Front-Runner, Jair Bolsonaro: Part Donald Trump, Part Rodrigo Duterte

Dumb Republicans 2

Christine Blasey Ford's 18 minute opening statement. Please spread this on social media

when your cat is plotting to kill you and your dog is trying to warn you

Poll: Downstate voters more likely to consider voting for candidates accused of sexual harassment

march planned for 72 hours before election to encourage mass voter participation

SNL: Brett Kavanaugh Post-Game Cold Open

Oh, if only Hitler had been accepted to that art school! Sound familiar??

Indivisible Chicago's Blue Wave Rave uses improv to mobilize political action

Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympics kicks off in history-making ceremony

Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympics kicks off in history-making ceremony

Fifty years ago, 35,000 Chicago students walked out of their classrooms in protest. They changed CPS

Just add water

SNL: Emergency Alert

Daily Beast: If Dems Lose Again, Obama's Legacy Is Gone Forever

Rauner vs. Kavanaugh--who's the biggest fraud?

Pro-Dem opponent vs. Collins -- CrowdPac nearing $3.4 mill.

Trump inaugural committee received foreign money per Sam Patten (Manafort associate) plea deal

This has been one hell of a day.

Trump's political base is weaker than it seems, our new study finds - Washington Post

Kanye's new look.

SNL: Ted Cruz Rally

I think the hype about Kavanaugh / Ford helping the GOP enthusiasm is noise

It all makes so much sense now...

Turkish police say journalist Khashoggi was killed at Saudi consulate

Indian Cooks Embrace the Instant Pot.

Donald Trump Rallies His Base!

Do you think they will? This being America, I'm not so sure.

Vaughan Williams: "Symphony No.3-Pastoral", Previn with the LSO/

They're the cavalry

One of those hands - either the one on the bible or the one in the air - was used to cover her mouth

WHY is Don McGahn still around ?!

U.S. General Considered Nuclear Response in Vietnam War, Cables Show

As black people living in America, we're accustomed to being marginalized

House Democrat Promises Kavanaugh Investigation if Party Wins Control

Prehistoric art hints at lost Indian civilisation

Cannibalism in Icelandic folktales investigated

Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Devil's Triangle

The confirmation of Kavanawful: to paraphrase Winston Churchill

Undercover cops break Facebook rules to track protesters, ensnare criminals

One Positive Sign

Who Is Guarding The Hen House In Madison

SNL: Weekend Update

Hometown paper drops a bomb on Devin Nunes and endorses opponent in scathing editorial

Kavanaugh questioned whether Native Hawaiians were indigenous and deserving of similar rights as Am

Has Lindsey Graham gone crazy?

It Cost $325K for Pence Not to Watch a Football Game

Kavanaugh drama vaults McConnell to status of GOP icon -- and Democratic villain

Trump Rails Against 'Radical' Democrats: They 'Have Turned into An Angry Mob'

Decent people detest sexual assaulting assholes

"Free State of Jones"

Anti-Gay Group Immediately Celebrates Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court Success

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Puppeh Monster Edition

Trump Doesn't Think Women are Feeling Devastated by Kavanaugh's Confirmation

Mitch McConnell gave us a YUGE rallying cry

The GOP got one thing right . . . . It's time for us to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY

McConnell Won't Commit To Holding SCOTUS Vacancy Open During Election Year


Family time today cheesesteaks have get my wife out her funk

Conspiracy theory, "They" will use Kavanaugh as the reason for their miracle wins in the ...

From Today's WP: I watched a rape. For five decades, I did nothing.

DailyDon: ''Finish, good lady; the bright day is done, and we are for the dark. ''

'We have so much pain': Cory Booker makes 2020 Iowa debut

Submissions open for 2 entries for October Contest!

Pompeo meets Kim Jong Un in North Korea, hoping to set stage for second Trump-Kim summit

Found this on another forum and wanted to get your thoughts

Five Reasons Why the GOP Rushed to Confirm Kavanaugh

Here's how to check if you lost any data after the October 2018 Update and what to do next

Roy Orbison hologram concert in L.A. invites awe and debate

Does anyone know anything about the ground game in North Dakota? nt

Thirty Days ...

5.9 Quake in the Caribbean Atlantic

Wealthy Hamptons Residents build lux panic rooms to hide from "MS 13"

Anyone saw the expression on the older daughter's face

Trump brothers return to SNL to explain away bombshell NYT report labeling them tax cheats

God Gave Us the Donald, 'Firefighter Prophet' Says in Film

Should Democrats fight fire with fire or try to draw a contrast for the voters??

Assuming we take the House

Sarah Kendzior: "...the fight is not only about the win."

Cognitive Dissonance 😆- when you love some Trump supporters.

Am I the only one...

McConnell doesn't want Kavanaugh shitstorm "to dissipate over the next four weeks, I can tell you."

How would you handle a Trumper neighbor?

Climate scientists are struggling to find the right words for very bad news

The "D" next to Manchin's name is very important..

There isn't going to be a "Blue Wave"

CNN & MSNBC simulcasted the same Susan Collins interview. what are the odds?

Lindsey Graham Is the Saddest Story in Washington

Kavanaugh's confirmation gives the GOP its most power since the Great Depression

Trump is winning. He takes no prisoners as he goes forward.

Wide Range of Outcomes Still Possible for House Races

Trump's tax fraud story seems to be forgotten already.

How to Vote Early in the 2018 Midterm Elections

I think the worst of Trump's personality traits is his cruelty.

McConnell calls Kavanaugh confirmation proudest moment as senator

Absentee ballot PA

seamstresses, dressmakers, quilters - check this out

EU leader makes scathing attack on Russian influence

Watched Mike Judge's "Office Space" (1999) last night

'We have so much pain': Cory Booker makes 2020 Iowa debut

I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the Deep State of America

The Republicans: We believe Ford, but she was wrong. HUH?

We are held to a much higher standard than repukes

Help please .... my mom's iMac has frozen up and she is worried that it is broken any ideas?

My Senators

"... historians will look back on as the gravedigger of American democracy, it is Mitch McConnell."

I think Roe vs Wade is still safe.

Trump last night: "You don't hand matches to an arsonist... give power to an angry left-wing mob."

I'm usually the one saying "Save the blue dogs", but Manchin is of no use to us

I firmly believe the Dems will come out in force in the mid-terms BUT I have a nagging

What does it mean, "I believe she believes she was assaulted"??

Robert Redford: 'I Feel Out of Place in the Country I Was Born Into'

Lindsey Graham "The slut whore drunk was Kavanaugh."

Banksy Painting Self-Destructs Immediately After Being Sold For $1.4 Million

Collins valuing emotions over facts

I'm feeling better today...

LA Times: DC in ruins but Amy Klobuchar standing tall

Alan Dershowitz Says Democrats Shouldn't Investigate Brett Kavanaugh's Perjury Under Oath

Every Republican Senator has branded him/herself as a Trump Republican.

Men showing support for women

Thanks Joy for bringing up the Central Park Five

Mitch McConnell's massive pile of bullshit.

Senator Collins is the Aunt Lydia of the Senate

Brett Kavanaugh Has Been Unmasked As A Partisan Zealot"

Let's get one thing straight, because getting it all crooked is screwing up the narrative.

Brian Kemp's office to be sued for purging 700,000 voters from Georgia rolls

Brian Kemp's office to be sued for purging 700,000 voters from Georgia rolls

Susan Collins: Kavanaugh vote "ranks right up there" with the most difficult votes she has cast

They told Gore not to investigate the 2000 election for the good of the country..


Mormon Tabernacle Choir renamed in big church shift

I'm not a superstitious guy but I do believe in irony

Mitch McConnell Refuses to Say He Won't Confirm a SCOTUS Nominee Next Presidential Election Year

Sara Netanyahu stands trial over prepared food affair for the first time

Orange Menace irritated by his crowd size again.

I've never seen two sides so 100% convinced they are right

Democrats, harness your rage at Kavanaugh hearings to get out the vote

America will come out of CONSTITUTIONAL ROT, if at all, through political action

I have a question for those here who were politically savvy through the Anita Hill hearings

YUGE! Bernie Sanders will campaign for JD Scholten in race against Steve King

Texas Cops Confiscate Anti-Republican Yard Sign After Threatening Property Owner

Texas Cops Confiscate Anti-Republican Yard Sign After Threatening Property Owner

America will come out of CONSTITUTIONAL ROT, if at all, through political action

'Aunt Lydia"' Collins rattled by being called a betrayer of women

Kellyanne Conway begins assault on repro rights: Women can get abortion 'without common sense'

I did not know how damaged American masculinity is.

Love and support thread for our DU sisters.

Lifestyle of Israeli prime minister's wife under scrutiny as she goes on trial

The last couple of weeks must have been hell for survivors of incest.

McConnell refuses to say he will apply Garland standard and block Trump's nominees as term ends

Questions here! When we win in Nov.

Heidi Heitkamp will be on 60 Minutes tonight. She just tweeted about it.

Tanita Tikaram - Twist In My Sobriety

Robert Reich It's time to fight back against America's bullies

Is the mid-term election primarily a referendum on Donald Trump?

Caption Melania's photo

Dems have an edge with young voters, but will they show up?

It does NOT matter what dems do or say--GOP will put worst possible spin on it

"So let today be rock bottom. Together we rise on November 6th."

Gov't Won't Appeal Freedom For Pizza Deliveryman Arrested At Army Base

Which potential Dem presidential candidate do you think Idiot is most afraid of?

The NY Times REPRINTED its Wednesday story on Trump family taxes in today's paper

Trump Says His Decision to Mock Blasey Ford Was Turning Point for Kavanaugh

Why is our anger so laser-focused on Susan Collins?


Watching "Field of Dreams".......

Trump Refugee Policy Leaves Thousands Stranded Outside US

Steps the dems need to take in 2020

SNL: The Pumpkin Patch

New statement from Julie Swetnick. She is angry as hell.

Trump, The Republican Party: The path of extremism leads you to gamble, to take big risks.

Hirono: Collins' Characterization Of Blasey Ford's Allegations Is 'Insulting'

Worth Another Look

Aunt Lydia Collins fell for the 'someone else did it' bs that Bart O'Kavy may have created himself

Powell and Albright say world is changing in disturbing ways

Trump to announce pro-ethanol measure on Tuesday ahead of Iowa trip -sources

Saudi crown prince dismisses Trump remarks about reliance on U.S.

Collins "seemed upset" when asked if she betrayed women by voting for Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh's first vote could be in Trump executive power fight

Woman Tweets About All The Times Men Didn't Rape Her To Teach A Lesson On Consent

Trump voters are bumper sticker thinkers.


Beware: This political yard sign on your private property will get you arrested in Texas

'Cultural jail': Brexit could bring booming industry to its knees

The failing Trump Organization

Cleveland Judge Refuses to Send Low-Level Defendants to Jail After Inmate Deaths

Get to know your physicists -

McConnell slams women for using 'mob-like tactics' to peacefully protest Kavanaugh

Time to make DU powerful again

They took a big gamble voting for Kavanaugh.

One piece of good news - Jared Polis for Colorado gov ran out of yard signs

Unity/altruism appeal ads that ask people to help us and others and vote for us.

Take a knee for our women day

Dear ALL Democrats: We need ALL of us to save our Country.

Coons: 'Premature' for House Dems to talk about impeaching Kavanaugh

Dan Rather: "Are you angry? VOTE, and mobilize others to VOTE."

Their new meme -Democrats are the mob

The Vicious Entrenchment Circle: Thoughts on a Lifetime with a Republican-Controlled Court

2019 is going to be the year hell comes for Trump.

The REthuglican Party has destroyed the credibility of the SCOTUS.

Susan Collins says she put herself 'in his shoes' when considering Brett Kavanaugh's temperament

Wedding limo crash 20 dead in upstate NY

Colin Powell Rips Trump on Immigration, NATO, Anti-Press Rhetoric: The World Can't Believe What's

The NYT Sunday crossword puzzle is the dumbest thing I've ever seen in the Sunday Times.

Lindsey Graham says he's 'happy as a clam' after Kavanaugh hearings

College football: Virginia Union 90 - Lincoln (PA) 0

Have you often thought that 5 fingers on each hand is just too many darn fingers?

Kavanaugh accuser: 'I'm disgusted and appalled at the way I have been re-victimized'

GOP operative Smith raised over $100K to pay off Russian hackers.

Heitkamp: Vote to oppose Kavanaugh wasn't about politics

Trump said soybean prices have gone up. They're near decade-lows.

FOUR MORE taxpayer-funded "MAGA rallies" this week

What the fuck is all this depression? You do realize we're doing really well right?

Do you consider yourself a mature person?

UTMB develops a universal vaccine platform that's cheaper and shelf stable

Balloonist high-fives kayakers along the Rio Grande

At the Gyro Store

"premature" for House Democrats to be talking about re-investigating or impeaching Kavanaugh

Wow! ,Just over at Raw Story and the attack on women's rights

Lots of close Gubernatorial races this cycle. Go Blue! Blue 🌊

Joan Jett w/ surviving Nirvana members, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Cal Jam, Oct. 6)

More good news on the vaccine front

Nepal says its tiger population has almost doubled from 2009

GOP Activist Peter W. Smith Reportedly Raised $100K From Secret Donors in Hunt for Clinton Emails

Holy Shit- 20 die in upstate New York birthday party limousine crash

Naysayers saying the Senate is lost - you are WRONG - many tossups.

The GOP stands for "Grabs Our Pussies". REPUBLICAN Stands for...

'There Will Be Hell to Pay': Former Dean of Yale Law School Calls Kavanaugh Confirmation 'An America

By calling them "the mob", McConnell the Disgrace is trying to poke the peaceful demonstrators in

when dog and bunny can play together, there is hope for the world

What states are we looking at flipping?

What Fiction are you reading this week, October 7, 2018?

Must be a Republican - Not drunk driving only drank at stop lights

Pray for the Republicans

Meng Hongwei: China confirms detention of Interpol chief

Meng Hongwei: China confirms detention of Interpol chief

THIS DAY IN HISTORY 1871 Massive fire burns in Wisconsin

McConnell: In my experience, sexual assault cannot have happened unless the cloaca is involved.

"This is How the Russians Got to Lindsey Graham"

Trump & Taxes-Showtime tonite 8:30

Snuggle buddy -

New Doctor Who's first ep in 15 minutes..,

At what point will the Democratic Party stand up and say ENOUGH

I just purchased 'I believe Dr. Ford' buttons online.

Looks like the youth is sitting out the midterms....

Ya gotta go babe

Lemme ask this about Susan Collins

Lawsuits point to large trove of unreleased Kavanaugh White House documents

Nancy P. Is Filing A FOIA For FBI Kav Papers

Overbearing , obnoxious emotional support dog

'Vote 'Em Out' Rally, KY Teachers Vow To 'Move Out' Lawmakers With Trucks

GrabYourBallot /ActBlue splits collective donation among 27 tightest races

During the confirmation hearing

Pro-Kavanaugh Councilman: 'Better Get Your Coat Hangers Ready'

The Trump Banshee Brigade

action: Don't spend money on companies that support Trump & his minions... #Grabyourwallet

Kavanuagh lied to Congress but they didn't make the FBI talk to him because

Vicente Fox has a question regarding Susan Collins.

"The Road Not Taken"

Ady Barkan Is a True American Hero

The story of my life in one poem and one picture ..

Absolute must read

NTSB media availability @ 3 pm ET on New York limo crash

Really mr. McConnell ?? It's the Democratic "mobs" you fear ?!!

Beware of fake reports from "Democrats"

Anyone else watching the Season 11 premiere of Doctor Who?

Only one appropriate role

Your favorite Super Hero who isn't a mutant and has NO actual "super powers?"

Melania's long struggle for respect: 'Focus on what I do, not what I wear'

**AZ SENATE POLL** Sinema (Democrat) 47% McSally (Repugnant) 44%

Halloween Is Coming #31

Halloween Is Coming #32

please get this crazy Susan Collins off tv. Talking sh*t Sunday. Trying minimize her act

**NJ SENATE POLL** Menendez (Democrat) 49% Hugin (Big Pharma ) 39%

Halloween Is Coming #33

Halloween Is Coming #34

Halloween Is Coming #35

I see the Repugnants and their useful idiots in the media are in full gaslighting mode.

Wake up to the Supreme Court's delegitimization of itself

Wife says Interpol officer sent knife image as danger signal

I remeber a time when the Supreme Court was viewed

Argument Ending Avenue

Harness Your Rage & Multiply Your Vote

Joe Fain Washington State Senate member accused of rape.

I have just updated my IPhone 6 to IOS 12.

ND-SEN: Republican strategist says Heidi in slightly better shape than previously reported.

Tom Nichols: Why I'm Leaving the Republican Party

Norm Ornstein jumped on Kasie Hunt for "both sides are the sameism" this morning

A Surgeon So Bad It Was Criminal

Love ya, Kamau Bell. His response to Sarah Sanders

Why most narrative history is wrong: Even the best histories fail

Conservative Jen Rubin ridicules the GOP for becoming the cowardly party of 'white male fear'

How Many On This Board Are Actively Working To GOTV?

Trumpers are pretty deplorable.

Every time I see the Tangerine Wanker say this is a scary time for sons and husbands...

Mob Mentality - Just Look At A Trump Rally....

I keep hearing right wingers referring to an "angry left-wing mob"...

A Woman, Explaining Things (#NeverthelessSheRegenerated)

Jordan Klepper Asks Mississippi Trump Supporters About Brett Kavanaugh's Sexual Assault Allegations

The Only Thing That Will Put a Check on Trump's Autocratic Tendencies

Trump, Putin And Their Propaganda Of Lies

What if your name was Gerry Sandusky?

On Friday, Facebook exec Kaplan apologized for supporting Kavy at hearing.

The power of language:

the power of language:

Brazil's Presidential Election Is A Fight For Democracy

A darker reason why Trump chose Kavanaugh. Much darker.

20 years have passed: Matthew Shepard

Brett Kavanaugh Vote Will Drive Political Backlash If History Is Guide Rachel Maddow MSNBC

In trying to figure out where the hell we (as a civilization) are, started reading this book -

Is Rosenstein suppressing more indictments from Mueller?

Our intelligence community came out a few months ago saying the fucking Russian assholes are still

Kavanaugh Confirmed To Supreme Court By Smallest Margin Since 1881

Won't back down

Now that Kavanaugh has been sworn in, I'm curious if anyone is feeling the way I do.

Christian lawmaker giddy about abortion being outlawed advises women to get their 'coathangers ready

Collins, Manchin, and Flake Devils Triangle.

Lindsey and Brett so overwrought.. They had blood coming out of their whatevers!

TS Michael to hit Florida Panhandle as Hurricane on Wednesday

Sen. Hirono Slams Susan Collins For 'Insulting' Comments About Christine Blasey Ford

Cannabis is illegal because...

We all have to VOTE...Carry somebody to the polls...

When women fought for the vote, did old white men call them UNGOVERNABLE and VIOLENT?

Kavanaugh could be our constitutional crisis...

how much of the stock market is a ponzi scheme?

More From Pooh Corner

Susan Collins

Ed Asner....

It's working as it was designed...We have to change it...VOTE

Canadians thankful they can't name single Canadian Supreme Court Justice

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 7, 2018

Yes vote had consequences...

Seneca Falls Convention 1848-first women's rights convention-type of reaction

Bulgarian TV host Victoria Marinova raped and killed

Well, they've completely flipped the narrative

10,000 degrees...

President daily job approval

Oh, Mother, how could you?!

8 Democrats in Senate races that can use your Kavanaugh rage dollars..

Defiant Republicans hope Kavanaugh fight will stoke their voters next month

Collins...Oh the hypocrisy

Ted Leiu: "We WILL open an investigation into Kavanaugh when we take back the house."

Madeleine Albright...

'Keep calm. Keep cool. And be collected.(repeat 3x ever more softly) GO WOMEN!!'

For the health of our Republic...

Jimmy Dore provides link to heartache tale of ICE process

Why Joe Manchin had an easy primary? Don Blankenship

New details coming soon on unreleased Kavanaugh WH docs (Yahoo)

Post a line or 2 from a novel & see if anyone knows what novel it's from without using Google

Tweet of the Day

Is the Michelob Ultra commercial being run during football games today a shout out to deplorables

Seth Abramson: It will blow over, Mitch, like a strong wind through a snow drift in Hell.

Willie Nelson ... LoL...

Robert Reich punches it out perfectly. Voting will bring the change we need.

Texas gubernatorial hopeful Lupe Valdez fined $1k for late campaign finance filings

Another Luckovich Gem

Commit to vote like your rights depend on it

Michele Lujan-Grisham announces Obama endorsement.

Michael Avenatti...

Limo on way to birthday party blows stop sign; 20 killed

Colin Powell...

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google - Part XlV

Sugar + wheat ... addiction

Christopher Columbus is a damned dirty liar...the first Con Man..

Romania's marriage referendum fails due to low turnout

Trump-voting Republican neighbor after Kavanaugh confirm: "I'm voting straight-ticket Dem."

Comfortable with your wife hiring a plumber accused 3 times of sexual assault?

On FB, woman says it's awful what happened to Kav. I asked, "Would you trust your daughter

It's too much

Dean of Yale Law School on Kavanaugh...

, And if the sun is still coming up in the west....and if Pluto is still there, and if...and if, and

Is it time to hang the flag upside down?

Ron Johnson Fails All His Tests

Donald Trump: The American Dream is Dead!

Amazon raises you 15...Debits you stock sharing plus...

Okay, I've learned my lesson: EWF Lives Matter

What do you think about Columbus Day?

Melania Trump Cosplays Nazi Villain ("Raiders of the Lost Arc") On Holiday In Egypt


The age of the men who are giddy for Kavanaugh

Example of a man attacked relentlessly with false accusations.

TV Viewing Tonight

Did I miss the Dr. Who threads?

Super Excited!!!!

The Fraudulence Of Susan Collins

It's past time to get rid of the electoral college.

Brazil election 2018: exit polls show first-round victory for far-right candidate Bolsonaro

Has anyone else seen this on Facebook?

Hintz says Medicaid expansion compromise in Wisconsin is possible, Vos says 'never'

Brazil election 2018: exit polls show first-round victory for far-right candidate Bolsonaro

Facebook Marks LGBTQ Advertisements as Political, Blocking Them Again

Avenatti: Who will pay for the mess of the Kavanaugh confirmation? All the women.

Indiana Jones wants his outfit back

She had me at "no"

Please Phone Bank for ANDREW JANZ -- can be done remotely from ANYWHERE

Avenatti: "we have very different views as to how to solve the crisis of Donald Trump"

Tina Turner Musical Coming to Broadway Fall 2019

So, My Sister Was At A Flea Market Yesterday...

NYT: Women will have to pay for the mess of Kavanaugh's nomination.

And have you noticed Donnie Dogshit's speech pattern?

Can the American people handle the truth?

A clear message to set Dems apart right now. The timing of trump et al's tirades is actually perfect

Susan Collins is already running scared from Susan Rice -- and deletes endorsement from her website

We Should Fly Our Flag At Half Staff......

The Democratic Party needs some real 'mob rule' Ads

Woman chooses to show her battered face after beating by boyfriend

So if the Emoluments Clause case against Trump makes it to the Supreme Court are we screwed?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 8 October 2018

If you could would you leave the US?

Kavanaugh is hiring only female law clerks

This would be great. Hope Louise is right on this one.

The people upset by demonstrations on Capitol Hill are incensed by a kneeling athlete.

My God, Susan Collins actually said this today .......