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Caption That Picture! Putin and Saudi Prince High Five

The schadenfreude game in this group is strong

No wonder they did not let Trump near Putin. His fealty would have

Four simple words: William Shatner - Bohemian Rhapsody

Spider Milk Is Real and Their Babies Love It, New Study Shows

Giuliani goes covfefe:

Howard Fineman with Ari Melber: What happens when con man Individual 1 loses his confidence?

Two more blood pressure drugs recalled for potential cancer risk

Deputy US Marshal shot and killed while serving federal warrant

Bernie Sanders at the Sanders Institute Gathering Launching Progressive International

In a perfect world:

Chris Hedges on the Cult of Trump

Ted Cruz campaign gave US voter data to man affiliated w/Russian mafia

Southern Alaska Earthquake Threatens Oil Exports

Roger Ratbone, of "The O'Really Factor" on "The Vermin News Network", has a message;

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal labotomy..

FTC Emails Show Whitaker Fielded Gripes on Miami Firm

Reason GOP latched on to Evangelical leaders starts with letter F

Certification in limbo in N.C. House race as fraud investigation continues

Trump admin can't use Congress to repeal Obamacare, so it's asking states to rewrite the health law

If anyone likes the name Abcde that much,

US to cut troops along Mexico border but extend deployment

John Chau Aced Missionary Boot Camp. Reality Proved a Harsher Test.

Zinke responds to ethics criticism by calling Democratic lawmaker a drunk

For all Buckeyes fans:


💙💙💙Heroes Are Everywhere: Flyboys Edition.💙💙💙

Is floating a $50 million Trump Tower penthouse for Vladimir Putin illegal?

Buckle Up: Next Week Is Going to Be a Busy One for Robert Mueller

Trump's acting attorney general once referred to the president's behavior as 'a little dangerous'

Who says that tRump Moscow penthouse was worth $50-million?

Dems vow quick action to bolster voting rights upon taking power

Ukraine blocks Russian men of fighting age from entering country

Nancy Pelosi Is Getting Ready To Sue The Pants Off Of Trump

Air Force commander fired over crew's phallic drawings in bomber cockpits

Michigan Republicans introduce bills seeking to curtail powers of incoming Democrats

In weird news

From Dec. 2017: "How Scared Should Trump Be Of Mueller? Ask John Gotti or Sammy The Bull"

Air New Zealand Trolls Trump With Adorable 'Naughty List' Kids In Not-so-subtle Christmas Ad

CNN Gloria Borger says Michael Cohen thought there was an understanding

Party celebrating Rudy Giuliani nixed because no one wants to go

When the vile MAGAcretin says America first, he means

Wow what an episode!

Cohen believed Trump would pardon him, but then things changed

We're Suing the CIA to Find the Body of a Torture Victim

History Journal Lesson - Advice to South Korean Leadership?

DELICIOUS IRONY! Trump's current Cohen-fueled shit storm can be traced back to FOX & FRIENDS.

Kareem Hunt Is Released By Kansas City Chiefs After Video of Him Attacking Woman Is Released

I just read Murphy Brown was canceled already.

McDonald's kiosks found to have poop on them

"I did not fully appreciate just how damaging and degrading a Trump presidency could become. "

How embarrassing

🔥LIVE DEC. 3 at 7PM ET - Senator Sanders Climate Change Town Hall

How Devin Nunes Helped Robert Mueller

That face you make when you see your Ex-boyfriend with his new man...

watching "Washington Week" on PBS now. It's all investigative reporters

Photo: Toasting @yanisvaroufakis for calling on Bernie to run for president of USA ...

New San Antonio Rose

Jon Tester is on Rachel tonight!

Yeah! Pelosi has her swagger on!

Friday Talking Points -- Walking And Chewing Gum

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Komrades! Best of Malloy

Work crush talking to the new guy

An exact example of music - all its traits - *melody* is *ALL* - lyrics suck!1

Dinner with the neighbors

Might we start seeing a new wave of GOP Senate/House early 'retirements', in the near future?

Trump was susceptible to blackmail by Putin because Putin might reveal a business deal? BULLPUCKY

It's all fun and laughs until the cayman shows up.

Rachael is connecting the dots....

Ron Wydens reference to follow the dead bodies today...

Chris Cuomo is at a Migrant Camp..

Individual 2

1993's MTV Video of the Year. 25 years too early.

Shame on Alexandria Ocasio Cortez!

I disagree with this definition of ambivalent.

What's the deal with MSNBC running "Smart News" ads so people can get news from "all sides?"

Rachael Maddow Show has Jon Tester on next....should be interesting.

Manafort will die in prison...

How Michael Cohen's Plea Deal Implicates Donald Trump Jr.

Jon Tester??? On Rachel's show.....

Fendi removes offensive scarf

Smart kitty here....

Kid Rock Ousted as Nashville Christmas Parade Grand Marshal

Remember Amon Goth, the sadistic German concentration camp commander in Schindler's List?

Kid Rock out as grand marshal of Nashville Christmas Parade after controversial comments

Ana Navarro explains what MBS was saying to Putin that they both found so funny

Just a Reminder

I'm confused

Rachel Maddow reveals how we finally know why Mike Flynn lied

'White supremacy' is really about white degeneracy

Karen Camper voted first African-American leader in Tennessee House of Representatives

Cap's Very Legal & Very Cool Roundup of Every Dirtbag From Paul Manafort to Alex Acosta

Vanderbilt didn't tell medical examiner about deadly medication error, feds say

Omaha Archdiocese reports substantiated allegations of misconduct, abuse involving 38 clergy

Do twitter users here know about

How did we miss this bit of news in 2009?

Bullied teen: Instagram posts wrongly portray him as potential school shooter

He out twitted himself! Ah ha ha ha ha

Бросая тень ... as close as Google Translate gets to translating "throwing shade" into Russian...

In case you are wondering....nope, FR has no threads on Trump's crimes

Lock Who Up Again?

Far-right figure Gavin McInnes denied visa ahead of planned speaking tour

Payless experiment shows people will pay more for brand name

I have not yet begun to defile myself.

DOJ calls trump an idiot in filing-President Trump doesn't know what he's tweeting about.

Trump will hold a press conference at 1:45 pm ET tomorrow,


Dallas police officer who shot man in his own apartment indicted on murder charge

Individual 1

Tweet-zinger of the night

Q-Anon is alive and well on FR

I'm impressed.

Cohen once believed Trump would offer him a pardon?

So are the last 2 years of the Trump debacle going to produce a total shit show in Congress

St Louis cops indicted for beating up undercover cop.

I'd like to shout out to my home at heart Alaska

A heartfelt message to all of you.

Anthony Hopkins thoughts about life

Macron reportedly confronted the Saudi crown prince at the G20 summit

Colonel Peters says Trump committed treason to Ari Melber.

TVA to Remove Arsenic from Aquifer

Neil Degrasse Tyson on reality vs. perception

Scott suspends Broward's controversial election chief before she can quit early

California Republicans see what happens when more voters vote, and they don't like it one bit

Former Justice Department Employee Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Deceive U.S. Banks about Millions

Luckovich cartoon - Name Rings A Bell

A 'dobre noc' to all you chickadees! 😘

Two things . . . .

The Daily Show: A Fiery Gender Reveal Party, Ohio's Bitcoin Gambit & Racist Charity Volunteers

Representative Tim Ryan on General Motors' Layoffs

Mr. Shraby said he saw the old Bush died on CNN

GHWB Died.

George H. W. Bush, 41st President of the United States of America, passed this evening

George HW Bush just passed away at 94

BREAKING NEWS : George H.W. (Poppy) Bush is dead.

George H W Bush has passed away tonight.

HW Bush Dead......killed solar energy in favor of oil for his family....

how soon will trump make bush death all about trump. going to the service

George H.W. Bush dies at 94.

It occurred to me that Speaker Pelosi will have to introduce President Trump at the SOTU...

President George H. W. Bush has died.

RIP George H Bush

I'm sure the Bush family is going to tell the orange asshole to stay as far away as possible.

Re 41: For the next several days, we'll be reminded how those anti-Trump Rebublicans

This is one of those times where it's best for me to say nothing at all...

Will Dotard attend Bush, Sr.'s funeral?

Eastern Orthodoxy: "Troparion for St. Nicholas of Myra", 06 December/"Aksion Estin"-

Anyone know who Gov. Rick Scott replaced Brenda Snipes with?

The Daily Show: A Fiery Gender Reveal Party, Ohio's Bitcoin Gambit & Racist Charity Volunteers

Trump won't like a presidential funeral taking the spotlight away.

PEI - Illegally pass a school bus, automatic 3 month suspension, 12 points and $5000 fine.

Stay healthy President Carter, please

Slipping this one in; listening at the very moment. 🤗

Which post, or how many do I post to, that says MY GOD!!!

Speaker Pelosi creates new leadership position for Barbara Lee

I met George HW Bush....was not impressed.

Oh Jesus: Trump's going to have to speak at his funeral

I'll say a few kind words about poppy

There is NO way Dump wrote any part of the statement on GHWB.

Trump Fund-Raiser Received Laundered Foreign Money, Prosecutors Say

BREAKING: Michael Cohen meets with NY AG Underwood on Suit against Trump Foundation...

My first thought...How will Trump F this up? Hope he is not invited to the funeral. Nt

Michael Cohen, Ex-Trump Lawyer, Asks U.S. Judge for Leniency

My husband is home from the hospital for a while.

Nice hair, Dude..

Hayes: "The President Was Compromised...Full Stop" - All In - MSNBC

Question:Is there a No Grave-Dancing rule?

Cohen team releases sentencing submission

No fuckin way trumpy wrote that for Bush

Poll Will trump be invited to the bush funeral

Retired Lieutenant Colonel: 'Infantile' Trump Is No Patriot - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

The Most Feared Song in Jazz, Explained

We just had a position open up!

I hope JFK meets GWB at the Pearly Gates.

Watching Michelle Obama on Colbert....

another view of the troika at G-20

Pete's Pond live stream Mashatu Game Reserve

Tweet of the Day

Inn the basement with a tornado warning going on In Springfield MO

Republicans Face Reckoning Over Mueller probe - The Last Word - MSNBC

Colbert's opener was great tonight

just curious

George H.W. Bush dead at age 94

Fmr. CIA head On Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump & 'kompromat' - The Last Word - MSNBC

I will never forgive Poppy Bush for the disrespect he showed Geraldine Ferraro in their VP debate

Seven-year-old girl shows friends her new prosthetic leg for first time and their reaction is.....

A musical tribute to Robert Mueller

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 11/30/18

Stephen Colbert: Michelle Obama Talks To Stephen Colbert

Former Nashville Mayor and Congressman Richard Fulton Dies at 91

Latest: AP retracts call in North Carolina Congress race

Gotta love a good fart joke

Staying on topic...

Renatto Mariotto Twitter Thread: What does Cohen's plea deal tell us about Mueller's investigation?

Black Teacher Turnover Rate Higher Than White Peers In Tennessee

Lifting Russian Sanctions Key To Trump Deal Exposed By Michael Cohen - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

DNC Rips Mike Pence for Lying, Failing to Mention LGBTQ People in World AIDS Day Speech for Second

WOW! Don & Melanie "wrote" a great joint tribute to GHWB. They "write" real good.

Former Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Hopes Her 'Worst Day' Inspires Others

I am all for Dump delivering a "eulogy" right after Clinton does...

Michigan GOP seeks to castrate incoming DEMs Gov, SOS, AG

Chiefs release Kareem Hunt, say RB 'not truthful' about February incident

Gay UT-Austin Student: Officials Told Me No Dorm Visitors Because I'm Gay and People are Uncomfortab

Obama Mourns "Humble Servant" George H.W. Bush

Kentucky Lawmaker Will Challenge Election He Lost by 1 Vote

It feels like one of those flasbacks in a movie

I love our two teenage trash talkers

Tea party leaders tell Matt Bevin to keep Jenean Hampton or lose votes

Charlottesville suspect shared posts showing car driving into protesters before attack

OK Legislator Files Bill to Put Women in Jail for Life if They Have an Abortion

The tributes to GHWB that I'm hearing this morning

I have to give this much to George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

This is why the asshole in chiefs words he obviously didn't write mean diddly!!

What would Jesus do? Probably hand them a loaf of bread.

Republican Candidate May Have Literally Stolen Ballots From Elderly Black Voters

Key to happiness

Obama met with GHWBush on Tuesday

I'm on my iPod right now. This is important

Mike Pence Tweeted, Then Deleted, A Picture With A Florida Deputy Wearing A QAnon Conspiracy Patch

Staffer who filed whistleblower suit fired after House Republicans elect new leaders

Elizabeth Warren says Candidates should be Required to Release Tax Returns

DOJ trying to protect Trump by arguing in court that he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Argentine Tango

Ann Coulter: "After this, the country is never going to elect a Republican president again."

How to Recognize Demonic Activity

Saw 'Bohemian Rhapsody' last night.

Kentucky man ordered to pay $34.8 million, go to prison over huge military munition dump, blast

Kentucky man ordered to pay $34.8 million, go to prison over huge military munition dump, blast

How come I can't murder my reporters like you guy?


Students sue Rhode Island over lack of civics education

A Thousand Points of Doo Doo (R)

Over 60 Million People Voted For Democrats In The Midterms. That's Catastrophic For The GOP

GHWB Voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016

Next time we see T-rump he'll have less hair.

Vermont Law School under investigation over stripped tenures

Between A Rock And A Blue Place

New Cohen Bombshells Might End the Trump Presidency

Good Timing, Rod! Yesterday Rosenstein gave a big speech on enforcement of Foreign Corrupt Practices

Lawsuit that alleges Wall Street duped Kentucky pension plan will proceed

The Donnas - Take It Off

Sorry but I can't watch the "how great was Bush show".

The orange pudding in danger

GHWB: "If the people were to ever ..."

Sonofagun. They invited him.

Cohen: Trump Knew I Called Kremlin for Help With Trump Tower Moscow

Alaska Earthquake 11/30/2018

DoJ Asserts in Court Filing That Trump Has No Idea What He's Tweeting About

They refer to him as "Individual 1" in Mueller world.

Cohen ALSO cooperating in lawsuit against tRump Foundation and family!

tRUMP/Putun - Argentina

FSogol's 2018 Advent Calendar Day 1: A U.S. soldier dressed as St. Nick for kids in war-torn

Dolce & Gabbana Ad (With Chopsticks) Provokes Public Outrage in China

A reflection on ageism against women in politics

Trump's Official Statement on Bush's Passing is Incorrect.

I tried to list all the ways Russia could possibly blackmail Trump...

DNA Vaccine From UT-Southwestern Could Be A Game-Changer In Fight Against Alzheimer's

****FALL Seasonal Photo Contest CLOSED****

****FALL Seasonal Photo Contest COMMENTS****

Be especially vigilant and careful while the news fixates on the Poppy Bush coverage.

****FALL Seasonal Photo Contest SUBMISSIONS now open in the Photography Group****

****FALL Seasonal Photo Contest SUBMISSIONS now open in the Photography Group****

Hanukkah begins tomorrow - December 2nd to Dec. 8th

The USDOJ just filed court documents arguing that Trump has no idea what he's talking about

Arson Ruled As Cause Of San Marcos Apartment Fire

"You will be our president when you read this note"

Police Officers' Union Sues Houston, Firefighters' Union Over Pay Parity

One of the things that distinguishes Dems from Republicans: we don't dance on people's graves

RATINGS: On Thursday, @MSNBC prime (8-11pm) was #1 across the board, beating FOX News and CNN in bo

Anti-gay group denounces Drag Queen Story Hour in Houston

CNN Lets 'Food Babe' Spout Pseudoscience on Lettuce Outbreak

CNN says the buffoon is invited to funeral. DId not say if he will speak.

UPDATE: Trump to name Dec. 5 a national day of mourning for George H.W. Bush

Dallas Cop Arrested on Controversial Revenge Porn Charges

Trump to name Dec. 5 a national day of mourning for former president George H.W. Bush

Bethesda bans Fallout 76 players for life after shocking in-game homophobic attack

Chuck Todd slams Scott Walker

Sanders Institute Gathering 2018 - Live Stream Schedule for Saturday Dec. 1

The most prophetic 2 minutes and 44 seconds in American history is:

California Republicans Didn't See It Coming

Bharara: When one says something kind and respectful upon a former leader's death, it does not mean

LIVE Sanders Institute: Civil Rights, Immigration, Human Dignity

Trump to attend George H.W. Bush funeral

I feel I can be kinder and gentler about Bush I.

IRAN Just Lost Its Most Important Leader! Hostage for Votes will be Bush's Legacy

Much at Stake When Xi and Trump Meet

'Baby It's Cold Outside' pulled from Cleveland radio station amid #MeToo movement

The father of a Parkland victim just tweeted about GHWB's letter resigning from the NRA in 1995

This is a going to be another lousy week for Chump!

A POTUS presser

As Trump Panic-Tweets, Putin Cracks His Whip and Shows Him Who's Boss

Randi Rhodes free Friday show: Our President is a mobster.

Trump must be pissed that George had the discourtesy of dying during his G20 summit. nt

Thank goodness for closed captioning on tv

I'll take the arrows. Trump makes all his predecessors look good.

Iran unveils new domestically made warship

Putin pays tribute to George H.W. Bush: 'He was a genuine partner'

Tweet from CNN's Kate Bennett about George and Barbara Bush, retweeted by April Ryan:

CIA finds Saudi crown prince sent at least 11 messages to adviser who oversaw Khashoggi killing...

Tweet from Eric Holder about GHWB, retweeted by April Ryan:

Trump to meet with Schumer, Pelosi amid wall fight

World AIDS Day 2018 - December 1st

Pelosi Statement on Passing of President George H.W. Bush

Powerful Ad from NYT unfolding how they discovered and investigated family seperation at the border.

It just occurred to me HW will be the last Republican presidential candidate to carry California.

I didn't actually hate Bush Senior

Please God, whatever you do, give President Carter at least two more years

Hey, Donwald! Please continue with dissing Cohen.

Trump blamed by CA Republicans for 'nuclear political holocaust' that obliterated midterm GOP

Really MSNBC? No AM Joy today?

The Significance of Michael Cohen's Plea Deal

Trump blamed by CA Republicans for 'nuclear political holocaust' that obliterated midterm GOP

Regarding Bush Elder, I'll follow the lead set by Nancy, Michelle, Hillary, Bill and Obama

caption time

GHWB sent troops to liberate an absolute monarchy from a military dictator

Parkland father lauds George H.W. Bush's resignation from NRA in 1995

COVERUP: CIA director Gina Haspel was PREVENTED from briefing the Senate

Trump walks off leaving Argentinian president Mauricio Macri standing alone at G20.

Gift idea

I'm going to be really disappointed if the Obamas, Clintons, and Carters have to sit near the Chumps

NFL - KC Chiefs waste no time firing player after video comes out

I'll follow President Obama on this one

Happy Birthday to the Divine Miss M!!!

LIVE Sanders Institute: The Labor Movement Essential to Democracy

Hill headline scrambles Gorbachev & Putin tributes to GHWB, says PUTIN called him a genuine partner

People seeking asylum in US with numbers on their arms

Mexico to inaugurate first leftist president since it became a democracy

In the scheme of things, Trump's efforts to build a Moscow Trump Tower will soon seem like, well,

George HW Bush always will have this on his record...

Coward yellow belly bone spurs postponing his press conference that he was going to have today...

Trump at seventeen. George Herbert Walker Bush at seventeen.

Trump just announced he's postponing today's press conference "out of respect for the Bush family"

Get ready for Mueller's end game

Donald Trump Squirrel Feeder

The difference between Trump and other presidents is other presidents were pro-America.

GWB justified the War in Iraq with "Saddam Hussein was MEAN to my Daddy!"

!!HWBush nominated CThomas to replace Thurgood Marshall in 'gotcha' move to--

When remembering Papa Bush

Guess who the last Democratic president that died was and the year. Bonus for the last two.

North Carolina won't certify a congressional election after allegations of vote tampering surface

Trump's approval of offshore seismic blasting for oil and gas threatens marine life

Willie Horton

Truth serum slipped into the presidential punchbowl. CAPTION the clown show with a straight man.

Don plans to attend GHWB funeral. Will he use the occasion to offer his thoughts on the witch hunt?

"Maybe he can make a living representing perverts."

Republican Wins Alaska State House Race By 1 Vote After Recount

Scott the prick just showed his Republican ass. Just has to retaliate.

Laid-off Sears workers left with nothing - and they say wealthy bosses are to blame

I can't decide which I hate worse

Trumps praise Bush's 'a thousand points of light,' but president once mocked it

Trump walks off leaving Mauricio Macri standing alone

Christmas tree decorated with eagles.

'I am worried': Macron's chat with Saudi prince captured at G20

What about all the crap Chump said about Jeb, including the racist attack on his wife?

The Cars - Drive - Who's Gonna Drive You Home

When GHWB invaded Panama, that inspired me to ask questions and I became political

LIVE Sanders Institute: On the Frontlines: A Mayor's Roundtable

Prediction: Trump declines appearance at Bush funeral.

Buoy of hope in an ocean of political animosity

California judge condemns startup for giving secret Facebook papers to UK

Willie Horton - That was Poppy Bush

What will you say about tRump when he dies?

Is Mike Pence involved in the Russia scandal?

"Shake for me"

Rural Americans Are Now The Largest Slice Of Federal Food Aid Recipients

'Jamal Khashoggi Way': Washington city may rename Saudi embassy street

Evidence of fraud mounts in uncertified North Carolina race won by Republican

Van Hagar to work to

I watched the movie Barry on Netflix.

New Study Shows Medicare for All Would Save US $5.1 Trillion Over Ten Years

Dog food recalled due to potentially harmful levels of vitamin D

I just thought of something good to say about Poppy

Ill Nuclear Workers' Benefits Petitions Have to Be Reviewed Within 6 Months. Some Have Languished Ab

I didn't know this, but...

Like I predicted, The Deluded (Trump voters) would one day come face to face with reality.

Trump accused of using Bush death to cancel press conference and duck Cohen questions

The "agreed prices" in Venezuela that only one party agrees to are called "dictated prices"

Leftovers for breakfast. Pakora chopped and mixed with hash browns, add beaten egg and tbls

Trump might as well bend over, put his head between his legs and kiss his own ass goodbye.

Some or most (or virtually all) of you probably won't recall

George H. W. Bush, thank you for your service.

George H. W. Bush has died.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson?? No.

Happy Birthday, DonViejo!

Remembering Poppy & Babs

College football conference games: necessary?

Venezuelan union leader arrested, presented in front of military court

I'm saving my dancing shoes for a couple of people down the road.

Trump: "Promises made - Promises kept"

Fantasy Finish Headlines

Humanitarian aid to Venezuela... if Venezuela allows it?

As we celebrate the demise of Trump, we must not forget this.

Trump Will Attend Funeral of President George H. W. Bush

Chance The Rapper (as Champ Bennett) Relaunches Chicago Publication Chicagoist

Seth Abramson on Cohen. Unrolled. Great summation!

Let's see how this works: The First Part of Genesis Is a Metaphor for Childbirth

Do you know which two euologies would drive Dump crazy?

Your weekend homework -- The Super

Trump at GWB's funeral. Reading teleprompter and going off script

Sam Gyimah: second Brexit referendum best option for both sides

For all the vile bullshit 45 said about the Bush family

Today is......................

One of the things that distiunguishes Democrats from the GOP:

Walker Stapleton on GHWB

I guess it's fair to say the name of the Trump movie should be, "The Tower"

Today is......................WORLD AIDS DAY

ROFL: The exact moment when Canada's PM referred to President Trump as "Donald" in public...

Reporter: Do you regret any of your comments about George H.W. Bush or the Bush family?

Waiting and waiting for the cat😼

Seth Abramson: Trump guilty of a pile of shit.

Pope says he's worried about homosexuality in the priesthood

Trump cancels G-20 press conference

When the cat gets up, you can move...

Intro by Obama, parody of "Hamilton" what more can I say

2 Minneapolis cops on leave after 'despicable' holiday decor

Trump Cancels His Press Conference

Trump will not lay in state when he dies

VID: "Do you regret any of your comments about George H.W. Bush or the Bush family?" Trump was asked

My doctor asked me if I drank to excess

Is Trump told everything at his intelligence briefings?

Get ready for Mueller's end game...

🐦Thursday Dec. 6 - Senator Bernie Sanders ''THE LATE SHOW with STEPHEN COLBERT''

My 3 grown kids will each get a Christmas present: a copy of Pete Souza's new book "Shade."

Historical Revisionism 101

Small asteroid to sweep close this weekend (

How many new investigations will be started because of what Cohen knows? Yikes!

LIVE Sanders Institute: Bernie Sanders - The Housing Crisis in America

I never knew this

Trump Administration Peppers Inboxes With Plugs for Private Medicare Plans

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Whatever you thought of GHW Bush, you can be reasonably certain that absolutely nothing

Hightower Hits a Wall

Bush wanted to show America what crack cocaine looked like at his first Oval Office address.

205 arrested, up to 100 injured in Paris 'yellow vest' protests

How SWEET! W.H. confirms that Don & Vlad DID get some "alone time" after all..."informally"

Dark web dealers voluntarily ban deadly fentanyl

G20 agreement backs 'rules-based' order but bows to Trump on trade reforms


Trump just wandered right off the stage, leaving the Argentinian president all by himself.

Legally, Beto O'Rourke Can Run for President and Senate in 2020

Top GOP Senator Says Texas Is 'No Longer A Reliably Red State'

Top GOP Senator Says Texas Is 'No Longer A Reliably Red State'

Female pro-reform journalist jailed in Iran: Report

Brexit : A Titanic Disaster

US Navy already preparing to bury Trump at sea with honors

I rather talk about what a mendacious and cartoonishly evil figure Chump is.

Some here have called "The Greatest Generation" bullshit

I wonder if GHW Bush has a dead man book that will come out now?

The Expectations and Realities of Six-Man Football in Small-Town Texas

Luckovich-Read My Lips

Amazing but true: America is only 4 presidents' lives old

Trump Had 'Informal' Talk with Putin

In Consideration of RCC Priests Being Abstinent and Celibate

Oregon Health Plan MAJOR problems-wrongful denial.

Cohen Was Told Trump Would Pardon Him

The extradited Russian hacker Nikulin is heading to a psychiatric hospital

Officials investigate potential vote-rigging in North Carolina congressional election

House Democrats need to intro bills for all progressive agenda items.

Nobel Laureate and Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Survivor Osamu Himomura Has Died.

My Dad was part of the "Greatest Generation".. and he was the one of the best

Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Being Investigated for Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Corsi has only raised $3,500 of his $250K legal defense fund after 4 days of begging

What's with the "Do You Hate Trump?" banner across the front page?

Dazed Grandpa, Donald Trump, Walks Off Stage During The G-20

The Bush family is made up of hard core ambitious ReTHUGs

Houston Mayor @SylvesterTurner shares his memories of former President George H.W. Bush.

Just spotted this on Facebook...

CIA leaks report undercutting Trump defense of Saudi Prince bin Salman: 11 messages plotting journal

Pompeo: 'Ludicrous' to suggest Trump canceled Putin meeting over Cohen news

What would Putin care about a Trump Tower penthouse?

My fosters Caramel and Licorice made it to me today. So cute

LIVE Sanders Institute: Puerto Rico - Austerity or a Green New Deal

What we learned this week about Individual 1

The Real News: Our interview with @BernieSanders - in progress! Anything we should ask?

France fuel protests: Tear gas fired in clashes in Paris

No big surprise why Trump talks nicely about Putin

Kamasi Washington - Hub Tones.... afro latin rhythmic goodness ( For Kind of Blue)

Time for Sesame Street's "One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other" game, Trump & GHWB Edition.

North Carolina elections board chairman resigns

They grow up so fast these days...

Treat your small engines to the good gas.

Operators of Tent City for Migrant Kids Say They Want Out But 'Can't Abandon the Children'

HS Newspaper Suspended For Publishing Investigation Into Football Players' Transfers

I've thought of a 2nd nice thing to say about Poppy. (Miracles)

GHWB Dec 5 National Day of Mourning

Hugh Masekela - Afro Beat Blues

Glycerine vs Margerine Bush vs Sadgasm

Here is the Definers research Facebook commissioned on Soros

So....Who's Lying? Pompeo: no intelligence directly links Saudi prince to Khashoggi killing

Trump, July 2018: "Thousand Points of Light. I never quite got that one. What the hell is that?"

The most prophetic 2 minutes and 44 seconds in American history

Four times the woodgrain

This is an example of the type of lies being fed to the Trump base

President Obama commenting on the passing of

Louisiana School Made Headlines for Sending Black Kids to Elite Colleges. Here's the Reality.

6 White House officials found in violation of the Hatch Act

Who has worked with Wordpress?

HW Bush was a combat pilot in WWII, but Trump was also a brave soldier during a war.

What the Fuck? World AIDS day excludes the LGTBQ community

Just curious - Has Trump ordered flags at half mast?

Let's be real: EVERY president and most senators and MOCs have done things in office we can condemn

Michael Cohen's attorneys say he's a victim who doesn't deserve prison

The exact moment when Canada's Prime Minister referred to President Trump as "Donald" in public

Larry Graham's Right Hand Technique..

anti gov riots in France

Lopez Obrador sworn in as Mexico's president

Lopez Obrador sworn in as Mexico's president

Lopez Obrador sworn in as Mexico's president

Khashoggi murder: Erdogan demands Saudis extradite suspects

Marc Lamont Hill: I'm sorry my word choices caused harm

H. W. a musical tribute


Defense Sec. Mattis says Putin tried to "muck around" in U.S. elections last month.

Putin interfered with the Mid Terms

Death of American missionary could put this indigenous tribe's survival at risk

Tonight at Benaroya Hall......

Pompeo doubles down on US support for Saudi Arabia, says no evidence of Saudi leader's involvement.

Saudi Crown Prince Sent Eleven Messages To Murderers: Report

Paradise man arrested for burglary in former Camp Fire evacuation area

Trump unlikely to trade Pence the presidency for a pardon as there's no way to save the Trump Org

What's for Dinner, Sat., Dec. 1, 2018

Brett Favre duped by white supremacists into making anti-semitic conspiracy video

Progressive leader Rep. Jayapal joins 'caravan' for border crossing

Trump aides caught in web of deception over Russia contacts

Police: Two Americans helped missionary killed by remote Indian tribe

HW opposed David Duke's gubernatorial candidacy and endorsed the Democrat.

Inside Payless's elaborate prank to dupe people into paying $600 for shoes

For JHan: All I could think after Washington's Hub-Tones was Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

Cohen deal intensifies scrutiny on Trump business dealings

It will take many years of recovery from 12 years of Bush....

I am sure Bill will eulogize HW

Why is Alabama's mascot an elephant?

Republican who lost Senate race is seeking a partial recount

Amidst controversy, NC Board of Elections chair resigns, report says

The silver lining in Trump's and the GOP's clouds

The Cat - Jimmie Smith plays Jimmy Smith

Stock markets to close for a day to honor George H.W. Bush

Michael Cohen Admits He Was in 'Regular Contact' with Trump Team When He Lied to Congress

California Republicans see what happens when more voters vote, and they don't like it one bit

G-20 Leaders Vote Unanimously Not to Give Trump Asylum

G-20 leaders agree on trade, Trump bucks others on climate

Amber Guyger charged with murder of Botham Shem Jean

Famous Yellowstone park wolf killed by trophy hunter

If you think your job is worthless...

Political cartoons 12/01/18

Bernie Sanders Discusses The Housing Crisis, Sanders Institute Gathering

Putin cut Norway's fiber optic cables? Already isolated and controls internet into Ukraine!

Eight women say George HW Bush groped them. Their claims deserve to be remembered as we assess

President-Any redeeming qualities

Christian Group Wants Native Tribe Brought to Justice for Death of Missionary John Chau

The Long Walk Down

Please click for the list of Donald Trump's redeeming qualities I have painstakingly compiled

This despicable individual is invited to attend George HW Bush's funeral

About George HW Bush

***!!!(((Great Black Hawk)))!!!***

Not Your Dickensian Bowl of Porridge

"Swift boating" Poppa Bush. Sorry but his family deserves it.

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google...Part 6

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All Press Reporters must challenge Trump

Trump's role in Cohen's lies

Harry Leslie Smith, vocal critic of austerity, dies at 95

President George H.W. Bush's Choice Of Bold, Whimsical Socks Made Him A Style Icon

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Take Heart Friends, the End of Trump is Near

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Weekend TOONs 2 - Vlad, MBS, GHWB, and the rest

*Roberta Flack: Killing Me Softly TONIGHT, 8:00 PM ON WHUT 32

*Roberta Flack: Killing Me Softly TONIGHT, 8:00 PM ON WHUT 32

Wayne Allyn Root: 'I Continue to Believe That the Left Stole the Election'

They're trotting out a few folks who . . . . . well, I'll be charitable and leave the ellipsis there