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Archives: December 16, 2018

Judge Resigns After Telling Attorney to Perform Oral Sex on Viggo Mortensen

Best Ride Of Her Life': Attleboro Mayor Completes Cross-Country Journey With Dying Dog

Just realized how bad of a career choice I made

Nicaragua police raid and ransack top journalist's offices

How many attorneys does T-rump have working for him?

Carlsbad, CA, priest testifies he was helping vomiting student, not sexually groping him

DC-area activist stripped of green card, ordered deported to Mexico

Public transit system in Washington DC struggles with privatization

Reaching Back to my 8 track days

Brazil faith healer accused of sexual abuse ruled a fugitive

A prediction on the DU 2020 favorite a year from now.

Stunning CNN Graphic Captures the Full Scope of Investigations Into President Trump

Man who killed teen in road rage shooting gets 20-40 years

Trump family created fake company in the 90's to pad building costs and jack up rents -- and they're

Report rips expensive decisions in California wildfire fight

Maine Gov. Paul LePage's Daughter Hired by NRA

Salt Lake City Woman charged with child abandonment after leaving 9-year-old boy in vacant apartment

Has anyone heard from the Sleeping Saint, sorry, Mike Pence

Puppy, meet Cat.

The Most Amazing Space Photos This Week!

Trump is using his favorite excuse: He didn't know it was happening! Here's how the lie evolves.

White House prepares for shutdown as GOP lawmakers struggle for an alternative

Iowa early polls Biden 36%, Bernie 19%, beto 11%, CNN

I see a lot of states

Compare Iowa polls 2006 and today.

SNL this week:

Jakelin Caal's father says @CBP allegation his daughter had not eaten or had water in days isnt true

No Response from SEC on Jay Clayton recusal from Toys R Us case.

I'm completely sick of "Beto for president" threads.

Crummy immigrants. SARCASM alert!

Countries reach agreement on Paris climate accord rules at COP24

Trey Gowdy Altered Documents To Frame Hillary Clinton

Would a shutdown of government make the Mueller investigation susceptible to harm from trumps allies

*** BREAKING *** Make sure glitter is actually edible before you eat it, FDA warns

Health Law Could Be Hard to Knock Down Despite Judge's Ruling

Another take on the Pelosi/Schumer meeting with Donny and Pence

Obama urges people to sign up for health insurance after ruling striking down law

Trump Tweets Misleading Claim About FBI Agents' Missing Texts to Discredit Russia Probe

Retired admiral and former Trump nominee was a 'top shelf' friend to 'Fat Leonard,' Navy says

I never got to meet him

Mike Rowe of 'Dirty Jobs' says 'follow your passion' is bad advice - here's what to do instead

When it comes to not spilling beer, we spare no expense

Beto Calls for Public Pressure on Trump: Close Texas Child Migrant Camp holding over 2,500 kids

We should probably listen to these people

In Weaponized Courts, Judge Who Halted Affordable Care Act Is a Conservative Favorite

Cohen fans flames around Trump

Biden, Sanders lead field in Iowa poll

Retired Gen. McChrystal says U.S.- Saudi relations can't be a 'blank check'

Parkland survivor has a message for the NRA after news of their close relationship with Russian spy

Incredible footage of wild Orcas "playing" with a swimmer in New Zealand

Zinke's Likely Successor Is a Former Oil Lobbyist

Melania Trump spox slams critical op-ed, says media focus on 'trivial and superficial'

FBI actively investigating Papadopoulos days after his release from prison

My Dad's Friendship With Charles Barkley

Made some chai on the stove top today. I love star anise pods. Happy Holidays!

2020 President Poll. Who do you got?

Wanker for Interior Secretary??? OMGAWD.....

Toledo Father Dies Making Christmas Presents For Kids

Ms. "Transparent and Honest"'s freudian slip is showing...

How to get on good terms with a cat

What does "politically correct environmental monitoring" mean?

Prada Peddling blackface fuckery.

What Trump did when people tried to tell him the law about inauguration spending

The homecoming dance

Some musical history relating to the Caravan and the atrocities on our southern border

Elon Musk to launch 9 Holstein cows to orbit aboard a Falcon Heavy.

"Then Republicans started lying about it..."

Classic SNL opening. "It's A Wonderful Trump".

Examining Exit Polls: How 2006 compared to 2018

Atheist bashing here

tRump: FUCK YOU, PAY ME!!!!

Was chatting tonight with a Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist....

Here's a suggestion: if you're going to advocate for a Presidential nominee, tell us why

The #MeToo moment inside the UN

Image of replica high-tech China jet fighter J-20 'Mighty Dragon' proves the US is worried about Chi

Eastern Orthodox Christian Prayers in Time of Illness

20 years later, victims of Baptist Foundation of Arizona scheme still recovering

Mueller's 'mystery' grand jury witness likely fighting having to testify -- and could face jail time:

Weekend Wine-Buzz, Part Two: "I Needed More Buzz Because Of The Workweek I Had".

The Trump Administration Is About To Deport Nearly 50 Cambodian Immigrants. Attorneys And Activists

Police: Teacher charged with cutting student's hair kept tufts in purse, bathroom drawer

Trump Cites Misleading Right-Wing Story On Missing FBI Texts Contradicted By His Officials

Fate of Kansas Ban on Telemedicine Abortions Uncertain

If SNL wants to tweak Ind1, the perfect actor to play him would be . . . . .

Sears gets approval to pay $25.3 million in bonuses to top execs after filing for bankruptcy

Beautiful Cuba

Beautiful Cuba: NASA

More on "Murphy Brown"

Cuban ballet icon Carlos Acosta stars in biopic 'Yuli,' gets Goya Award nominations

Scientists Try to Save Woolly Monkeys from Extinction ... by Training Them to Be Wild Again

Scientists Try to Save Woolly Monkeys from Extinction ... by Training Them to Be Wild Again

SNL - It's a Wonderful Trump Cold Open

SNL - Happy Christmas, Britain

SNL - Weekend Update

Harris Franken 2024, Clinton Kaine 2019.

Utah Rep. Mia Love: Trump 'obviously' doesn't understand GOP's issues with minority women

Trump associated with criminal campaign, criminal transition, and criminal presidency. - Swalwell

Large stockpile of ICBM missile parts worth $53M erroneously marked as 'not working' at Hill AFB

Source: Heller interested in replacing Zinke as Interior secretary

UT policies restrict students' free speech, lawsuit says

Marijuana company denied Nevada dispensary licenses sues state, alleges 'flawed interpretation' of

Trump has become the first POTUS to have a CoS who can be called to testify before Congress.

Anti-Semitism is making a comeback, and history can explain why

(Jewish Group) A Shadow Over Europe

New Nevada attorney general: Background check law a priority

(Jewish Group) France's 'Yellow Vest' protests take an anti-Semitic turn

Former Henderson police chief harassed workers, report finds

A Salamander of Legend Emerges From Southern Swamps

In Cameroon, journalists are being jailed on charges of 'fake news'

Arbitrator sides with Clark County in giving union employees pay bump

Labour will try to force parliament Brexit vote next week

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) 100 Elves Edition

TSA says it no longer tracks regular travelers as if they may be terrorists

TSA says it no longer tracks regular travelers as if they may be terrorists

Father of Guatemalan girl who died in US custody has 'no complaints' about her treatment, consul say

GA Gov- Days before election SoS Brian Kemp said Dems hacked voter rolls, we now know that was a LIE

Idaho test reactor likely to play pivotal role in U.S. nuclear power strategy

Idaho test reactor likely to play pivotal role in U.S. nuclear power strategy

RUDE Japanese Words You Use Without Knowing + What You Should Say Instead

Inslee's big tax plan: Even Democratic lawmakers aren't all on board


"If Trump wanted Hillary Clinton to get locked up..."

Push Individual 1 off a cliff!

Baby Elephant Searches for Girl's Nose

Every Organization Trump Has Led Is Under Investigation

'Billionaire boys club': the challengers lining up to face Trump in 2020

Why do Japanese mix up "L" and "R"?

Horizon Zero Dawn Documentary - Noclip

Indictment Vs. Impeachment: Do We Have A President, Or A King?

As Mueller's inquiry deepens, is the net closing in on Trump?

Bombshell- Michael Flynn proposed a sanctions relief deal to Russians BEFORE the 2016 election

SNL - Christmas Ornaments

How To Solve The Brexit Dilemma

I found a 1979 mg mgb hope Santa gets it for me

Court rules against Trump administration's delay on car efficiency fines

FSogol's 2018 Advent Calendar Day 16: The Origin of Mrs. Claus & the War Years when Women took over

Do you think they even feel that HUGE plank in their eye?

Ivanka Trump could be brought down by Michael Cohen -- and she doesn't see it coming

Judge gives ex-OU football player 5 years for scheme that bilked $870,000 out of investors, says 'I

17 Rules of Presidential Behavior From George Washington

Brexit : WTO rules, what will it mean for the UK post-Brexit ?

As the Trumps Dodged Taxes, Their Tenants Paid (and continue to pay) a Price

A no-bake cake that just tastes so much better when done with child-labor.

Nancy Pelosi Is Going to Spend Two Years Running Rings Around Donald Trump

Jakelin Caal Was Held at Border Patrol Base Previously Cited for Contaminated Water

Trump's History of Campaign Finance Wrongdoing Destroys His New Defense

DNC Chair Tom Perez goes to war with the state parties

'That's what Christmas is all about,': Newlyweds take guests to Orlando Target to shop for kids in..

The Weekly Standard's Dismantling Is Terrible News for Conservatism and Journalism

A holy mess: Churches, other nonprofits confront parking tax

Anti-abortion clinics tapping into federal funds under Trump

When do we get to say We Told You So.

Disney World Honeymoons.

US-Mex border areas Trump admin said need more security, troops remove barbed wire at locals request

Trump working on extraditing Erdogan foe Gulen, Turkish foreign minister claims

Family of 7-year-old girl who died while in border patrol custody calls for 'thorough' investigation

I hope that the new House control will look into the purported

Melania reacts

NY Times Slashes Ryan Zinke As 'Not The Sharpest Knife In The Drawer'

Jeanine Pirro Wonders Why Mike Flynn, Who Was Fired by Trump for Lying, Would Plead Guilty to Lying

Build The Wall, Make The Butterflies Pay For It

Credit card interest going through the roof........

Anti-Trump conservatives want to reverse the GOP's destruction. But they helped light the fuse.

Hillary Clinton writes letter to 8-year-old girl who lost class president to male classmate

Tommy has a name recognition problem in the USA

Study Of 36 Yrs Of Snow Records Shows Declines Of Up To 41% In Snowpack, 1-Month Loss In Season

Ranked Strangers

Family of migrant girl who died in federal custody calls for 'transparent and neutral' investigation

While we're on the subject of Michael Flynn lying, did anyone ever find his "Arabic Border Signs"?

"We Can Expect More Of The Same From Act. Sec. Bernhardt, But w/o Laughable Roosevelt Comparisons"

Poll: 62 percent say Trump isn't telling the truth in Russia probe

Talking naughty

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 17 December 2018

At this point, no Democrat stands out as leading the pack

He didn't need our Wah-Wahs.

I hope the Mercers are included in Mueller's investigation

So my iPad was showing multiple strange colors

Parrot uses Alexa to order lightbulbs, kite and watermelon while owners are out.

Two headlines never seen on the same page

The latest Obamacare ruling is part of a larger conservative attack on democracy

That Ebenezer geezer... who was the real Scrooge?

Trump thinks that Saturday Night Live is illegally colluding with the Democrats.

trump thinks NBC & Saturday Night Live should be 'tested in courts, can't be legal'

Hair Furor Rages Against SNL After Being Mocked

Merry Christmas from the 1 Percent

Evangelicals, this is all on you

We are all that kid...

I like Joe, Amy, Cory, Beto, Julian, Kamala, Elizabeth and Kirsten

Oh, little Lindsey Graham is in a heap of trouble

Nicaragua journalists attacked by police

Judge Blocks Pipelines: Scolds Parks Permitting

2020 POTUS race

The Acid Queen

(NZ) Driver posts 'hide your children' prison Halloween photo after causing death of teen

Here's the thing- if the National Enquirer was one of their spigots for leaks

GOP set for blame over shutdown

To the Lounge.There is proof that Trump is nuts. He is accusing SNL of being a Democrat News Show!

The Battle of the Bulge started today, December 16th, 1944

40% of Americans Don't Plan to Get a Flu Shot. They're Putting Others at Risk

A Whiny Little B***hmas

Israel signals displeasure at Australia's "mistaken" West Jerusalem move

Kouign Amann

Trump has a very simple understanding of the law.

Profiles in Crazy, XXIX. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

They literally give zero shits about the USA

Lunch with Santa at vfw I find humor

Wrong Forum.

'SNL' Imagines World Without President Trump In 'It's A Wonderful Life' Spoof

Hundreds Accuse Independent Baptist Pastors of Abuse

Trump makes history with record-breaking government spending ... on golf carts

Remember when Giuliani said the investigation into Trump's criminality would be over by Thanksgiving

"Our dragon holiday display got fan mail!"

Lenny Kravitz

Trump: Cohen only became a 'rat' after FBI 'broke into' office

Southern Baptist Seminary Reviews Its Legacy Of Racism

Some wildlife animal pixs

Has anyone listened to Rachel's "Bagman" series? n/t

Cartoon: Senate GOP meeting

After watching the Sunday Shows today

Flying car innovator believes he can finally make it a reality

Detroit Archdiocese transfers assets to remove them from liability

My daughter just told me Sasha Obama is going to Yale. Anyone know if this is true?

If O'Rourke, why not Abrams? Or Gillum?

Trump Tweets this AM bat crap crazy / Ken Starr, "there is no evidence or proof of collusion"

As seen on TV ...

Dirty Deeds

We hope so!

Nice interview with Rachel Maddow

Stephen Miller on Face the Nation

GOP set for blame over shutdown

Kushner-linked firm targets richer areas in program for poor

Giuliani: 'Over my dead body' will Mueller interview Trump

Anti gay remarks what should the standard be?

Anti-abortion clinics tapping into federal funds under Trump

Jesus, Mary and Joseph...

Japan explosion: Dozens injured in Sapporo restaurant blast

North Korea condemns U.S. sanctions, warns denuclearization at risk

Nancy Pelosi Is Going to Spend Two Years Running Rings Around Donald Trump

Ortega condemned for raids on NGOs and media in Nicaragua

Ortega condemned for raids on NGOs and media in Nicaragua

'Liberate' Venezuela from Maduro, urges Bolsonaro ally

Nominating a woman or person of color vs. nominating "the best person."

Trump says he'll review case of Matt Golsteyn, a Special Forces veteran who faces murder charge

Trump says he'll review case of Matt Golsteyn, a Special Forces veteran who faces murder charge

Did John Adams' successful defense of British soldiers rely on racially defaming Crispus Attucks?

Sixteen Days at Mar Lago

UK Whistleblowing Judge Sues Ministry of Justice for Whistleblower Rights

Lawrence Tribe: A hostile foreign power catapulted a compromised moron into the U.S. presidency

Who is behind the "SmartNews App" ? It is being advertised as news from both sides.

I'm just not feelin' Christmas this year. What about you?

can anyone recommend a good cell phone microscope?

A new day

How US Corn Farmers Adapted to Climate Change

Sound the Alarm!! Sen Collins is *concerned*


Photos: Student-led Town Hall with Senator Bernie Sanders, Winooski High School

Video: Jacie Knapp's 5th graders met @SenSanders

OK -- who posted the cute animated GIF of a kitten with an iPad ?

One of those CNN panelists

Sunday Contest: Trump is so dumb that ...

Honestly can anyone mention ONE rethug that

Roland Martin did great work on the panel of "This Week" today

When do you think, hope the Mueller report will come out?

Howard Dean: "They can't do what Gowdy, or whatever his name is, did with Benghazi"

RBG: What's the difference between a bookkeeper in NY's garment district & a Supreme Court justice?

Joe Osborn, Wrecking Crew Bassist, Dies at 81

How did someone as dumb and crooked as Trump never go to prison?

Lanny Davis bombshell - more Trump tapes: 'Michael Cohen has corroborating evidence for everything"

Joe Osborn, Wrecking Crew Bassist, Dies at 81

What Fiction are you reading this week, December 16, 2018?

Thousands of teachers march in Los Angeles as strike looms

I no longer care if the Senate votes for impeachment

Giuliani says,

Ryan pushes for thousands of Irish visas before leaving office

Stephen Miller, spiritual descendant of Joseph Goebbels on Face The Nation

Texas lawmaker proposes casinos to subsidize wind insurance

S.F. Planning Commission Orders Man Who Demolished Landmark House to Build Replica

"Collusion" is not a crime

HOLY SHIT! did anybody just hear Cohen's tape of Trump on MSNBC?

Democratic gains raise odds for gun control in Minnesota

Higher percentage of California pot passing safety tests

Is there ANYTHING that would

Stephen Miller's spray on hair

Settlement approved in Washington state mental health case

Giuliani: Covering up fucking is not a crime

What are Evers options in fighting the stripping of his powers ? Does he have any?

"Alexa, Drop a Bomb": Amazon Wants in on US Warfare

Police Officers Who Manhandled Jazmine Headley and Her 1-Year-Old Baby Will Not Be Punished

What?! Beto didn't run for re-election to the house?

Bonner County election officials discover 396 uncounted ballots from November election

Foul-mouthed parrot uses Amazon Alexa to order things while owner is away

Individual-1 faces new Attorney General trouble

For you Human, because we love you

Wave of Lawsuits and Investigations Threaten Individual-1 and His Presidency

Sunday afternoon with Stephen Stills' Manassass

I love Ilhan Omar.

Sunday afternoon with Stephen Stills' Manassass 2

Individual-1's Golf Trips Cost Taxpayers 3 Times More Than Mueller Probe

Oh Come All Ye Faithful -- Twisted Sister

Sunday afternoon with Stephen Stills' Manassass 3

Fox News whisperer Sherman: network is collapsing on Trump: 'Fox can't stay on the talking points'

Pebble attacks Santa!

Sunday afternoon with Stephen Stills' Manassass 4

Puerto Ricans Feel Federal Government Ambushed Them With Cockfighting Ban

Stephen Miller Doubles Down on Trump's Promise to Shutdown the Government

I've decided that I no longer like binge-watching

Giuliani indicates conversations on Trump Tower Moscow occurred later than previously known

Dana Carvey does brief impression of McCartney and Lennon discussing Trump

Gittens Says 'Dictatorship' Behavior Led to Disharmony Between St. Croix Democrats

John Oliver voice: "WE GOT HIM! WE GOT HIM!"

A Christmas tweet from Betty Bowers: Baby Jesus, the invader

The Special Counsel Is Fighting a Witness in Court. Who Is It?

Miss Universe 2018: All Eyes on Spain's Transgender Contestant Ahead of Announcement

DNC Chair Tom Perez goes to war with state parties


More than 55,000 homes wake up without power in Sydney - as Queensland braces for 'zombie cyclone'

Free college is now a reality in close to 20 states

You don't have to imagine how religion is correlated with violence

Insects slipping into the US are causing billions of dollars in damage

Schumer: Trump's 'temper tantrum' over wall funding is leading to shutdown

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 18: Treasures from the Disney Vault

Zinke's likely replacement has been 'the man behind the curtain'

Does anyone in here make their own pasta?

Obamacare Will 'Likely' Survive Judge's Ruling, Obama Tweets

Border Patrol head didn't tell Congress about Jakelin to avoid 'politicizing' girl's death

The battery that could make mass solar and wind power viable Dispatch

Starting in 2020, all new homes in California must come with solar panels.

Basia, New Day

Pelosi faces pressure to act on Saudi Arabia

Trump goes on offense against investigations after tough week

GOP chairwoman rails at 'liberals in Hollywood' over 'SNL' skit

Cartoons 12/16/18

I was at the gym watching Rudi Giuliani on This Week while I was on the treadmill

23 to NOTHING!

GOP strategist flames out after mistakenly citing poll that shows most think Trump is a liar

Trump Threatens to Sue "Saturday Night Live" over "It's a Wonderful Life" Parody

The sound of wind on Mars...

The South American Great Black Hawk is now a Maine winter resident

I became a Democrat a year ago and found my own voice. It changed everything.

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

What's for Dinner, Sun., Dec. 16, 2018

Brazil 'faith healer' on the run

Shan Wu on CNN

Did anyone hear of photorealist artist Richard McLean

Congrats to Da Bears

Michael Lewis on a government without experts Fareed Zakaria, GPS, Full Interview

May Urged to Allow Second Referendum on Brexit

About Trump's Daily Tweets.. One short observation:

Given The Events Of The Last Week...

I know it's crazy, but I want one of these.

"We will give America great, great healthcare." Bullshit!

Watching The Big Lebowski with the kids and dogs

Disney remixer "Pogo" shows his true colors...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Newest Collar Was Sent to Her By a Fan

New report on Russian disinformation, prepared for the Senate, shows the operation's scale and sweep

The Hard Truths of Trying to 'Save' the Rural Economy

PSUV member thinks more rigged elections would save Venezuela

Trump Defends Himself by Citing Rod Blagojevich, the Impeached and Imprisoned Illinois Governor

Giuliani indicates conversations with Trump on Trump Tower Moscow occurred later than previously

Cant you hear me knocking? On your window.

How 'bout them...

Certainly Sounds Like Trumps in Trouble... John Oliver

Here's your wall, Donald

The 2020 US Senate Election cycle will be similar to the 2008 US Senate Election cycle.

Package Thieves In San Jose Surprised With Horns, Trash, Dog Feces

Re: SmartNews

Silent film of black couple's kiss discovered, added to National Film Registry

Two questions. What are the skills needed to be a great president in a turbulent era, and what skill

What about orphan trains in the history of US treatment of unwanted immigrant children??

Priest Pulled From Funerals After Repeatedly Citing Teenager's Suicide in 'Pastoral Disaster'

Quick update on feral cats

Thousands of troops to remain on US-Mexico border as Trump's original military deployment comes to a

Update on the wild turkeys.

New research may upend what we know about how tornadoes form

People can still sign up for the ACA in some states, e.g. Minnesota thru January 14

Dotard claims FBI "Broke" into Cohen's office. A friggin' legal search warrant!

Brazil 'faith healer' John of God surrenders to police

Why the terrible Obamacare decision in Texas could haunt Ben Sasse, cost the GOP the Senate in 2020

"Bad Santa"

Hopkins rheumatologist killed in hit-and-run crash near Green Spring Station in Baltimore County

Endangered northern bettongs aren't picky truffle eaters

Iraq lays cornerstone to rebuild iconic Mosul mosque

After watching Susan Collins on Sunday Talk today - it cements my opinion

Cory Booker addresses speculation about his sexuality: 'I'm heterosexual'

Counting the breaths of wild porpoises reveals their revved-up metabolism

Attorney general's office will prosecute Hoover mall shooting cases

Top 10 James Bond cars

Good lawd, check out this tweet from Sen. Hatch:

Rudy says Drumpf will speak with mueller "over my dead body"

A new way to turn saltwater fresh can kill germs and avoid gunk buildup

I'm sorry to disappoint many of you...

There was no coincidence that the ACA decision (Texas) was released/decided

Birth of a hybrid

New report on Russian disinformation, prepared for the Senate, shows the operation's scale and sweep

Judge: Sheriff not immune from blogger's suit

SNL - Best Christmas Ever

What Do Sarah Palin and Dr. Ben Carson Have in Common? I Will Never Vote for Either of Them.

What's the actual constitutional argument for why donniecare was deemed unconstitutional?

Shatner schools some poor schmuck.

How have I never heard this Etta James Song before yesterday?

How Trump makes himself look guilty.