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Someone asked on Twitter and I'm curious too-- can trump be Involuntarily Committed?

The Latest: Trump to stay in DC if partial shutdown happens

trump administration departures, from Vox:

Time for McConnell to man up and put that legislation to protect Mueller up for a vote.

NBC is saying that Mueller may submit his report in Feb.

If this $ht had happened 2 months ago

The safety of our country and its citizens is put at risk by having a madman at the helm.

In addition to tomorrow being the winter solstice,

It's time for the 25th ammendment

It is pretty pathetic that you have media lace outlets dictate your your policies!

for DU FOR xmas..FOOLY COOLY, you are welcome!

Trump called limbaugh personally???

A government shutdown should include no Secret...

Report: US fails in funding obligation to Native Americans

Today is Dumpster Garage Sale Day

'A moral disaster': AP reveals scope of migrant kids program


SHS: Trump will not travel to Mar-a-Lago in the event of a government shutdown

Who elected Pigboy Limbaugh and Ann Coulter?

Which Republican will be brave enough to mount a credible primary?

Trump signs bill to sanction Nicaraguan government

Trump signs bill to sanction Nicaraguan government

It was already unsettling. But todays is off the fn rails!!

Founder of viral fundraiser for Trump's border wall has questionable news past

READ: James Mattis' resignation letter

The ferret resting on Stephen Miller's head this weekend apparently found a new "forever home."

CNN reporting Mattis was "livid" about Syria before meeting Trump

Martha macallum must have watched Stephen Miller

Luckovich-David Duke sheets-one of Tucker Carlson's remaining advertisers

OUC coal plants linked to east Orange County cancer spike, lawsuit claims

"Jim Mattis is gone. Stephen Miller remains. God help America. And the world. "

Mueller may submit report to attorney general as soon as mid-February, say sources

Two kids at Christmas. One seems delighted, the other not so much.

Is Denaturalization the Next Front in the Trump Administration's War on Immigration?

Is Denaturalization the Next Front in the Trump Administration's War on Immigration?

I. Don't. Have. Words.

Former WH official who worked with Mattis team described resignation letter as "a 21 gun f--- you."

Can trump legally use GoFundMe $$ to fund his wall?

Let's help Faux News out: Baby Jesus figures stolen from nativity displays

Federal Officials Accuse N.Y. County of Blocking Investigation into Limo Crash That Killed 20

So will any republican step up to the mike and do his/her duty?

Infections put 12 people in hospitals after they received unapproved stem cell products

Trump Admin Begins Firing HIV-Positive Service Members Before the Holidays

It's Mueller Time...

Wall St. Journal saying 7000 troops are coming home from Afghanistan.

Richard Engel told by mil officials: wheels off the track, too many sr officers self-interested

What the hell is going to happen tomorrow?

bank calls 911 on black man cashing his paycheck

So much stuff in the fan the media doesn't even cover NK saying US must get out of S.Korea and Japan

CBD and hemp are now legal in the U.S., so what does that mean for pot companies?

Adolfo Franco on Tweety's show is a joke. What does he get out of humping trump?

Canada's Canopy Growth to enter US market after farm bill gives pathway to legal hemp growing

Is Rachel on tonight?

*Just heard on PBSNewsHour House repugs just added $5bill for wall;

Here is Trump's out: Since Gen. Mattis retired our country needs stability so no shut down for

House passes spending bill with border wall money -- setting up shutdown stalemate with Senate

Hillary Clinton warns Trump will 'wholesale fire people' after midterm elections

Trump nominates new Defense Secretary: Gomer Pyle

FBI kicks some of the worst 'DDoS for hire' sites off the internet

Does Turkey have Dirt on Trump? Or Did They Pay Him Big Bucks to Let ISIS Kill Kurds?

LOVE Mazie Hirono!

Trump named man of the year

Comeback Kids: Severely Neglected Pony Hooves Were So Long He Couldn't Walk

Would the Country survive if the Government was shut down until

Mattis's resignation letter is brutal


Kushners buying 4th New Jersey property in tax-break zone

SPLC: 17,000 people in Arkansas lose Medicaid coverage due to work requirements

What happened. Thought the house votes weren't there?

"Mattis knew what he was getting when he signed up to work for Trump."

Sam Nunberg might know how Trump coordinated with Kremlin.

Another bell rang for Trump. This time a two tonner.

Report: Distributors, DEA failed to abate US opioid crisis

Report: Distributors, DEA failed to abate US opioid crisis

Likely Democratic Nominees for the 2020 US Senate Election in CO.

Former Ga. candidate for governor (and racist) indicted


Mattis is gone

Wolf Blitzer tells Stephen Miller to calm down: 'We don't have to yell'

U.S. Court of Appeals orders stay in Emoluments lawsuit brought by Maryland, D.C.

Rubio: Mattis resignation shows US headed toward 'grave policy errors'

Nine U.S. states seek to stop Trump administration's Atlantic oil testing

trump's most repeated lies

Mueller report out mid Feb..Chris Hayes just broke story

Even at Farm Bill Signing, For Trump It's All About the Wall

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 23 - Christmas Classics

For those keeping track at home

FLORIDA: Leon elections supervisor, others throughout state, to start registering ex-felons

TCM Schedule for Monday December 24 - Christmas Eve

Nancy Pelosi is a political ninja warrior. Il Douche won't know what hit him.

Trump's immigration rhetoric has 'chilling effect' on families, says children's advocacy group

N. Korea insists US act first before it gives up nukes

Cohen on CNN all but called Trump an open traitor...

(Jewish Group) 'Fake News,' 'MAGA' sign found pointing at Holocaust Memorial Museum in San Antonio

GOP candidate who drove 'deportation bus' indicted on insurance fraud charges

My kind of Xmas music.

(Jewish Group) A Man Who Said He Wanted To "Kill All Of The Jews" Was Convicted Of A Hate Crime

As fear rises on Wall Street, strategists warn the worst is yet to come

Student who vandalized roommate's property with racist slur also slowly poisoned him, prosecutors

(Jewish Group) Washington State Chapter Bids Good-by to National Women's March

(Jewish Group) What do we expect Jews to look like on TV?

Megan Mullally Responds to Trump's Bizarre 'Green Acres' Tweet

U.S. to Withdraw About 7,000 Troops From Afghanistan, Officials Say

Dow dives more than 450 points to close at 14-month low

(Jewish Group) As The Nazi Threat Loomed, 300 Jews Escaped To... Haiti

Trump administration is weighing Afghan troop withdrawal

John McCain Still Refuses to Answer Questions About His Role in the Dossier

The report on NBC of Mueller ending probe in Feb. is not confirmed.

CDC Dissolves Its Climate Team, Folds It Into Group That Specializes In Asthma

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Another One Bites the Dust!

The fake prez tweeted this today...

(Jewish Group) Klezmer Rose From The Ashes Of The Holocaust To Symbolize Jewish Resilience

Trump turns on Lindsey Graham over Syria pullout criticism

What the ...

Badly describe your hobby.

Maddow reporting Mattis is First Cabinet member resigning in Protest of Trump Admin. Pointed out th

So I started taking aderall about a month ago

Industrial drones purposely close down Gatwick airport, London. CBC

"I WANT MY WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The Barack H. Obama Highway...

In 2014, Mattis Said What Would Make Him Resign In Protest. In 2018, He Actually Did It

Whitaker rejected ethics official's advice he should recuse from Russia probe

Oregon Zoo otter, known for slam dunking and self-pleasuring, dies at age 20

That's it, I am endorsing Joe Biden for President

An old Duffleblog is suddenly relevant again

At Issue Panel on CBC the National is going to talk about Alberta separatism

Remember the Mattis-Tillerson-Mnuchin "Doomsday Pact"?

Seven charged for scheme to defraud Green Bay and Fox Cities banks and credit unions

Ethics panel expands probe into Arizona Rep. Schweikert

Surprisingly, McConnell did not high-five Trump for Mattis''s his statement.

Breakdown of the wall/shutdown vote

He is helping Putin at a cost that is worse than our engagements in Syria and

Secretary Mattis' resignation letter

Iowa offers public employees 1 percent pay hikes; the largest union wants 3 percent increases

Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl?

My religion has just one doctrine: Do no harm to others.

In this record shitstorm of a day, the legendary Ms. CHER has something to say about Trump.

Denison, an Iowa town of 8,300 people, places three top employees on leave

Donald Trumps Manhood.

WaPo's Josh Dawsey: Trump complained after meeting that Mattis's resignation letter was so negative

Michigan's GOP-led legislature votes to increase its power ahead of Dem takeover

Pelosi told Trump

For those Who've seen 'It's a Wonderful Life'

Grinnell College must alter its course

And now Tuckface Carlson has lost Samsung

SHITLER will use Pelosi to whip his goons into a frenzy, this sample of how he will fight MUELLER

Time for another round

Someone created GoFundMe to 'buy ladders' to counter fundraiser created to pay for Trump's wall

West Fargo officials seek to explain third lockdown at Sheyenne High School in 7 days

Tomorrow's NEW YORK TIMES front page

If the 25th amendment is not activated under these circumstances, it may as well not have been...

Comedy duo the Lucas Brothers on 'survivor's guilt' and Bernie Sanders

Macaulay Culkin reprises 'Home Alone' role for Google commercial

North Dakota lawmaker eyes fee for electric and hybrid vehicles, calls it a matter of 'fairness'

Trump tweeted this video shortly before he signed the farm bill.

It was only a few months ago the NY Times published an anonymous OP Ed from a suppossed senior

Top Kelly aide devised plan to quietly exit White House and stay on payroll: report

Founder of viral fundraiser for Trump's border wall has questionable news past

Anyone around here feel this way? Chris Cuomo.

Take this job...

Facebook Portal

Home Alone (Drumpt in the WH) Version

Le Grande Orange (nickname for Expos and Mets player Rusty Staub) is getting nervous....

Hate-filled racists are outraged to hear that Muslims can eat Toblerone chocolate bars.

"This is more important than football" ESPN steps up

Operation Prairie Dog bill to start in North Dakota House committees

Lincoln County Elects Trump's Partner in Shady Fundraising to Commission

Be alert - Shortest daylight day tomorrow-The Long Night Moon

When even Mitch McConnell rebukes tRump....

Another thing that might've piss off Mattis: tRump's going to withdraw 7,000 from Afghanistan

Laura Ingraham just called Mattis's resignation letter "unnecessarily petty"

CNN Chyron says it all.

2020 CO US Senate Election- Gardner-R vs Romanoff-D based on Congressional Districts.

Trump is 'flipping out' and 'there's going to be an intervention' after Mattis resignation:

State panel revokes law officer certificate of long-time Marshall County sheriff for "pattern of

Why doesn't Trump just use his $5 billion farm bailout to build his wall? I thought the Republicans

CNN: Breaking News.

Does anyone else fear that America will never go back to the way things were before trump?

So, are we all confident Senate Dems will hold firm tomorrow?

Wave of nursing home closures hitting small South Dakota communities

I had Forgotten About the Anonymous Op-Ed

Former Pennsylvania pediatrician admits to assaulting dozens of young patients

9 Things You Should Know Before You Go to India

Do you think the continued existence of the Electoral College is the fault of DEMOCRATS?

The media need to stress that Congress and the Cabinet are complicit in this madness

John Brennan's got style. He only refers to Il Douche as "mr. trump, never "President."

The first "family" in a snapshot

The end of Murphy Brown(again).

Mattis was 'livid' before Trump meeting - CNN video

Congratulations!! (heh, heh)

Not Popular Enough: Maine Secretary of State drops official Libertarian Party status

Scott Dworkin nails it, re: Pelosi the only real leader we have.

Rep. Gutierrez Posts Video Of Man Threatening Illinois Staff

Seal - Crazy

Mattis was 'livid' before Trump meeting

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jimmy Kimmel Thanks Donald Trump

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Wishes Michael Flynn Good Luck Before Sentencing

SO I'm 7+ mins into Rachel... love her fucking humor!!!!

A Christmas song from Melanie (via Stephen Colbert).

When does the Senate vote?

The Daily Show: Prada's Blackface Controversy & An Awkward Moment for Cardi B

Rachel Maddow Shows How Trump Is Letting Putin Run U.S. Foreign Policy

Sending my love to all this very night. 💞 Brahms: "Symphony No.3"-Sir John Barbirolli, conducting

Inside the Burnaby, B.C., lab that's forging the future of energy

The Daily Show: Trump's Mythical Crying Man Yule Log

Have I seen too many bad movies or will the CIA take

Seth Meyers - Most-Searched Celebrities of 2018, Gingerbread People - Monologue - 12/19/18

What time does the government shut down?

Seth Meyers - Trump Threatens a Government Shutdown over His Wall: A Closer Look

The Daily Show: Prada's Blackface Controversy & An Awkward Moment for Cardi B

The Daily Show: Trump's Mythical Crying Man Yule Log

Outgoing Maine Gov Repeats Claim That Minorities Bring Drugs

why is maroon 5 going to perform at the super bowl?

Did Trump's Hairdresser Quit Him As Well?

Say NO to 2020 candidates with no national security expierience!!

New population estimates a positive sign for Minnesota's political clout

Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel

Women in Latin America Are Being Murdered at Record Rates

Maine Governor Calls Ranked-Choice Voting 'Repugnant'

Time to dust off the 25th Amendment......

Fmr. CIA Dir John Brennan: We Are Left With President Trump's 'Yes Men' The Last Word MSNBC

Tangerine Dream - Love on a Real Train

I am hereby formally announcing my resignation

Trump presidency in a picture.

Time to issue those indictments Mr. Mueller. The risk of WWIII warrants it.

Morons like Steven Miller are "advising" the orange shitbeggone - no wonder the country is in dire

Ex-Illinois judge gets year in prison for mortgage fraud

GOP candidate who drove 'deportation bus' indicted on insurance fraud charges

Geez, it's almost like Putin told tRump to hurry up and destroy the USA before he's kicked out

Florida election officials prepare to register former felons

Something Trump said today - your opinion please

78 year old in federal custody for sending death threat to David Hogg/family

SF cop charged with bank robbery also a defendant in elder abuse case

College Republicans at the University of Maine face pushback for 'Deck the Wall' party

WBUR apologizes after hoax caller makes racist on-air remarks

Colombia abstains from voting on UN declaration to advance farmers' rights

Insurance giants bankroll group that pushes private Medicare

Rep Gohmert (R): Mueller separated Manafort from his children, so what's wrong with child separation

BLM Nevada - A Point In Time (Ice Age Nevada)

Gino Vannelli - Living Inside Myself

The Latest: US senator wants new look at oil trains rule

Appeals court agrees to hear case involving Trump DC hotel

Tweet: I'm raising money for Build a Giant Escalator Over the Wall. Click to Donate

Okay, we can have Christmas now.....

Incoming Florida gov wants pardon review for Groveland Four

Alaska regulators approve rules for onsite marijuana use

Gen. Mattis showed a-hole Kelly how a soldier shows loyalty to his country and not to an imposter...

Yes; his Ass is Useless

Ombudsman warned authorities about central Colombia massacre threat in August already

If the Whitehouse was an airport

Colombian government forces 15 Embera families to remain in Bogota

Indicting a sitting President

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal Committee Is Winning Even In Defeat

"Oh shit." Dem Rep. Garamendi's two-word comment about Mattis leaving.

Under Federal Intervention, Rio Hits Record Number Of Police Killings In 16 Years

Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere

Dream On Oaths and Duty

Mexican police find guns, 6,000 rounds in American's truck

Environment Inspectors Forced To Flee Amazonas Town

Environment Inspectors Forced To Flee Amazonas Town

@RepScottPerry #Republican, is a cruel, uneducated lawmaker....

President Trump Infidelity To Allies Drives Jim Mattis To Resign In Protest Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Gallup: 51 percent of Americans support accepting Central American migrants

Gallup: 51 percent of Americans support accepting Central American migrants

A Republican lawmaker invoked Paul Manafort's adult children in a bizarre defense of Homeland Securi

While Republican support for Trump remains around 85%...

Chile police chief asked to resign over Mapuche killing

Socialists seek official party status in Maine

Random political predictions for 2019

"Here Comes Christmas" by Green Sparkle Frog...

Lake Titicaca: Underwater museum brings hope to shores

Lake Titicaca: Underwater museum brings hope to shores

Sununu dismisses worries over inaugural fund

Complacency kills: Caribbean gears up for tsunamis

Complacency kills: Caribbean gears up for tsunamis

Nasa's InSight deploys 'Marsquake' instrument

The 'angel' who secretly pays patients' hospital bills

Jazz guitarist Musa Manzini plays through brain surgery

Argentine leader pulls funding for group identifying Falkland Islands remains

'There's no major city like it': Toronto's unique ravine system under threat

Upcoming health care shift for New Hampshire state retirees, explained

Timeline: Argentina's economy dogged by year of 'endless storms'

Brazil media blast 'legal anarchy' after foiled Lula release

NOOOOooo. Not Denmark too?

In federal lawsuit, New Hampshire ACLU targets criminal libel laws

Stephen Colbert - Monologue, 'A Very Special Counsel Christmas' and Opening - 12/20/18

Stephen Colbert - Guest Sen. Jeff Flake: ISIS Isn't Defeated Yet

Trustees say ex-judge to blame for loss of her pension

Seabrook nuke plant clears hurdles in license extension quest

Trump spokesperson demands that deceased Sen. John McCain answer her questions.

Burlington agrees to new contracts with teachers and city employees

You Own This, Republicans

Malaysia seeks $7.5bn damages from Goldman over 1MDB scandal

(Jewish Group) Amnesty International criticised for not including antisemitism in landmark abuse rep

How do you feel about the current state of our democracy?

(Jewish Group) Report: Russian spies sought info on ADL, NCJW leaders

Bill Mitchell Explains How Trump Is Like Abraham, David, Solomon, and Han Solo

Alabama police department blames recent murders on people who have 'turned away from God and....

NRDC: Rep. Castor an Outstanding Leader for New House Climate Panel

Conservatives rule Boris Johnson comparing Muslim women in veils to letter boxes and bank robbers...

Just Imagine...

Not your usual instruction- and safety-video.

I agree with Lockhart on CNN

A Prediction and a Question

Scanning news this morning and see this WTF?

Joe Lockhart on New Day: Give him the 5 Billion in exchange for Mueller Protection.

Trump Propels the Government and Markets Into Crisis

Owner of Northeast Iowa Organic Grain Brokerage Pleads Guilty to Fraudulent Sales- Nearly $140 Milli

Republicans are not prepared for what's coming

Where are we headed?

Trump Already Souring on Next Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney Over 'Terrible Human Being' Jibe...

Castor: Rejecting Fossil Fuel Donor Money Could Be Unconstitutional, Then Walks It Back

Whitaker rejected ethics official's advice he should recuse from Russia probe

Knew it!

Sung to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

NY Magazine Writer "Confronts" Parenthood In Climate-Flattened World, Exudes Panglossian Goo

'I Am the Woman Trump Hates'

67 Power Plants In 22 States Report Coal Ash Violations - Groundwater Contamination Widespread

Half Of Funding 2 Expire; McConnell's Staffers Won't Even Meet With Black Lung Victims, Protestors

Peter Sinclair (Climate Crocks) Update On Dark Snow Project - Good Summary

Sp Rupert Murdoch is actually President of the United States.

At the top of the agenda when Democrats return...

Fracking In 2018 - Another Year Of Pretending To Make Money

Mattis' Message to the World: Trump Is Out of Control

Louisiana Offers LNG Terminal Project Largest Local Tax Break In Us History - $1.4-2.4 Billion

Glorious Leader: I Know Technology Better Than Anyone

It isn't because of the Federal Reserve why the market is down. It is due to the uncertainty that

Trump has finally backed himself up against the wall.

Trump has finally backed himself up against the wall.

The Washington Post is reporting that Trump says the shut down will last a very long time unless

Is this foot dragging, a display of power, or do Castor et al have a better plan or idea?

More Frequent Droughts Alter Makeup Of Amazon Rainforest, But Ecosystem Cannot Match Speed Of Change

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Hamburger 🍔 Day! What's you pleasure?

Florida man lands record 18-foot-long python in the Everglades

Trump Wall Gofundme is at over $11 Million as of 8 am....

The Last Grown-Up Is Gone

Trump tweeting about the nuclear option.

Does anyone else think Arapio, Trump, Russia have anything in common?

So the debate begins at noon and not the actual vote?

China built a tower that acts like 'the world's biggest air purifier,' and it actually works

The Rundown: December 20, 2018

2018 in Review: Best Writer

2018 in Review: Best Artist

Azerbaijan leader's daughters tried to buy L60m London home with offshore funds

The origin of Superheroes: Spider-Man

This can't be true

Lyndon LaRouche Is Still Alive and He's Been Hobnobbing with Roger Stone

Tariffs were meant to help but Pa. farmers are hurting under Trump tariffs

When it Comes to Honesty and Ethics, Trust in Clergy is at an All-Time Low

It is Time to Ask---How Does the Border Wall Make Trump Inc. Money?

Trump exclaims in Friday morning tweet: 'Shutdown today if Democrats do not vote for Border Security

Charlie Hebdo suspect arrested in Djibouti

These quotes from Trump & Bannon explain The Hell we find ourselves in.

'We are at war': New York's rat crisis made worse by climate change

Trump Already Souring on Next Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney Over 'Terrible Human Being' Jibe, Says Re

GOP lawmaker doubts government workers live paycheck to paycheck

GAT! DAYUM! Samuel L. **********ing Jackson is **********in 70 years old today

We have to start telling folk what the GOP is doing and what they should be called:American sellouts

Russian media regulator to investigate BBC's operations


How many here believe the Senate will pass this new CR with the 5 billion for the wall?

Jon Meacham.....'We've never elected this kind of figure to the highest office'

Escaping prisoner accidentally hitches lift from policeman

How long do we think that the targeted Federal workers can hold out with no paycheck?

125,000 YA, W. Antarctic Collapse Drove Sea Levels 6-9 Meters Higher; Today's Temps Barely Cooler

Wait until the beloved GOP-supported contractors being to feel the brunt of the shutdown.

Chris Matthews Predicting Trump will resign "within a few weeks"...

Morocco tourist murders: Video appears genuine - Norway police

Trump's shutdown should no get more media attention than Mattis resignation. Talk about both.

A legacy unburdened with sucess

Congress gone, Gov't shut down, Whitaker in place: time for Mueller probe to end.

Turkey's Erdogan delays operation against Kurdish forces in Syria

In Less Than 10 Yrs, Surface Elevation Drop For Four "Stable" E. Antarctic Glaciers Has Doubled

John Fugelsang Speaks For Many Of Us:

Holy CRAP. Fox's Kilmeade just told SHS that with Syria pull-out, Trump "just refounded ISIS"

'Hand yourself over to human justice': Pope Francis tells priests guilty of abuse that the church wo

Might as well shut down the government and

"Many of the people flipping out about Trump...

Profiles in Crazy, XXXII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Putins chickens coming to roost...

USDA officials said they were guarding against organic food fraud. Congress decided they need help.

Trying to get a feel for DU

FSogol's 2018 Advent Calendar Day 21: The Christmas Tale Spoken Record That Launched the Audiobook

'Fox & Friends' co-host Kilmeade: Trump just 'refounded ISIS' by pulling troops out of Syria

Ayanna Pressley Will Get Her Dream Office Thanks To Fellow Rep.-elect Katie Hill

No More Excuses: The resignation of James Mattis leaves Congress to face the truth about Trump.

Some irony here-the longest darkest day is Winter Solstice and same day Trump shuts down Fed GOV!

Israel Sees Iran Moving Closer as Trump Clears the Way in Syria

There are THIRTEEN days left until Democratic Leadership of the House...

President Obama recites a passage from George Washington's farewell address in this final #Hamildrop

Stand by for another policy lurch.....

The one flaw in the argument that Trump admitting he caused the shutdown...

Serving Up - A Silver Platter Of Season's Greetings

Trump reportedly unhappy with Mulvaney as CoS. Now his buddy Hannity is purging his Twitter account

Trump couldn't build a wall if they gave him $50 billion dollars.

And in our darkest hour it is right to give our hearts over to our one true savior .....

U.S. Air Force's new housing dogged by construction flaws, imperiling tenants

Told Ya, This Was A SCAM --- Border wall GoFundMe may need to issue refunds after millions raised

Jose Andres offers free food to government workers for as long as shutdown goes on

It's what racist hypocrites do

The Latest: Turkey says pledges aided US Syria troop pullout

Taking a stance on a "border wall" proves Trump is stupid.

What's the plan with acting AG Whitaker?

This has got to be the Tweet of the Day--and it's only 9:45 a.m.

O.C. Register: Money-draining probate system 'like a plague on our senior citizens'

Breaking: trump has called republican senators to the white house for 10:30 meeting today...

Trump forced to sell portraits of himself at a loss of over $40,000

AP-NORC Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 say Trump impeded Russia probe

SNSD - All I Want For Christmas Is You, 올 아이 원트 포 크리스마스 이즈 유 @ SNSD's Christmas Fairy Tale

Great article on addiction!!!

Haberman: Former Trump supporters 'disgusted'

I quit watching C-SPAN when the Repubs took over and when Senator Al Franken was gone.....

Phil Mattingly & Manu Raju on why McConnell WON'T change Senate rules to "go nuclear"

Gun form liars may go on to commit gun crimes, internal ATF research suggests

So I'll be in the nosebleed section for Hamilton.

From The Desk of Madam President Hillary Clinton

Toasted sugar. Has anyone tried this? I've never heard of it before.

Maybe Trump Should Go To Corporations To Sponsor Sections Of The Wall.....

Will Senate Repulicans have the guts to override a government shutdown veto?

Trump is Trying to Convince Mitch To Nuke The Senate

I do not trust Mitch McConnell

Sarah Huckabee Sanders CRUSHED for Ending Press Briefing After 5 Minutes

Tucker Carlson Fox News Boycott is Getting Worse

"All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray."

Proud Owner of Shutdown tweets Democrats now own shutdown. #MuellerTime

It's so hard to read kids sometimes.

Happy Winter Solstice, Everyone!

Do not trust humans.

The Wall Is Just a Symbol of the Pissing Match Trump is Engaged In

John Schindler tweet last night on Mattis resignation:

CNN's Don Lemon Issues Chilling Warning About Jim Mattis Resignation

CNN's Berman: GOP Staffer Told Me Mattis Departure 'Makes Impeachment More Likely'

Police identify 'persons of interest' after drone disruption at Gatwick

Sit up straight, young man - Teacher's warning was valid

Trump Proves His Words Mean Nothing: 'Democrats Now Own the Shutdown'

Governor Cuomo and Nine Other Governors Issue Letter to Federal Government Opposing Seismic Airgun

Reminder: Mattis is awful

MSNBC just reported Orrin Hatch just came out against nuclear option. Lamar Alexander did too

Has the GOP tax cut delivered? Yes -- and the tooth fairy was here just last night!

Nuclear Option to pass tRump's medieval wall funding?

Mexico will pay for the wall - N O T.

Iowa machinist unloads on president after his factory shuts down before Christmas

Rick Wilson column: Jim Mattis Was the Only Thing Keeping Trump's Insane Clown Posse in Check

About Billion Dollar GoFundMe Campaigns

Elephants are the best. They're better than we are.

"Things are so chaotic at the White House that some Republican senators can't get in..."

Officer Claims He Didn't Mean to Be Racist When He Called Black Athletes 'Useless Savages'

I thought of a way to get Trump to sign the CR


Blind, burrowing amphibian named after Donald Trump.

BREAKING: Trump demands Senate GOP come meet with him, and won't let them in...

I think trump is acting out because he knows he is

No Quarter - Led Zeppelin HD (with lyrics)

Trump Threatens a Shutdown That Will 'Last for a Very Long Time'

Reminder: Mattis was for the Iran nuclear deal and against Trump's trans ban!

Posted: Feb 12, 2012, .Just as true today, "Republicans are sick evil people." by maryellen99..

In light of todays bizarre events, I can't help but have this song stuck in my head....

Hillary Clinton slams Trump's Syria withdrawal: 'This President is putting our national security at

Traveling to Phuket and Bangkok, Thailand the middle of February 2019

Trump: "I'm Proud to Shut Down the Government..."

Walls - what a difference

Another Dow rally has died.

So what will be the seemingly benevolent charity that GoFundMe donors are diverted to...

CNN's Don Lemon Issues Chilling Warning About Jim Mattis Resignation

Falco 2 Pruners anyone?

50 years ago today; Apollo 8 Launch - first visit to another celestial body by humans

Trump calls GOP senators to White House after threatening shutdown over border wall

Patrick Frazee, fianc of missing Colorado mother Kelsey Berreth, arrested for murder: Sources

Jim Mattis Was the Only Thing Keeping Trump's Insane Clown Posse in Check

There be water on Mars - and lots of it

Senate unanimously passes Booker bill making lynching a federal crime

There's a meme for every occasion...

Referee known for his racism makes high school wrestler cut off his locks.

Why Trump hates and mistrusts foreign alliances

Mark my words. Trump is going to run.

James N. Mattis is no longer part of the Trump Administration

Did you ever have a new boss who was brought in from the outside?

"The Party of Trump" or "The Party That Stopped Trump."

GOP senators reject Trump proposal to go 'nuclear' on wall

Rep Joe Kennedy tweets on GOP cowardice

SARAH SANDERS: Trump will not travel to Mar-a-Lago if the government shuts down. And he will shut do

It will help me to write this out and feedback is appreciated.

The Con is fucked

Walgreens employee with concealed-carry license shoots customer in altercation.

#TrumpResign is #1 trending in both the US and Canada.

Best of Jeff Koterba's cartoons: Who needs technology?

Fuck you John Cornyn

Shut down the government, take off for Mar-a-lago, flee the country never to be seen again.

LIVE Senate Floor Proceedings

There seems to be a mushroom shortage

You do know that Roger Stone was part of Nixon's crew.

Special Investigation Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father

My brief conversation with a trumpster...

the senate republicans will give in, as always.

Malignant pulmonary nodules removed from Ruth Bader Ginsburg...

Supreme Court: Justice Ginsburg has cancerous growths removed from lung.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, reportedly undergoes lung procedure

Well, the Dow just went red again.

Lin-Manuel Miranda drops gospel "Teach Them How to Say Goodbye" ft Obama

McConnell is proud to vote for trump's wall...speaking on the senate floor.

The Turtle is talking up the Wall

''Should federal employees be available to escort him to his beachfront resort in Florida? ''

Prayers for Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Am I Getting This Right - The Senate Will Vote On The House Bill....

Trusting that RGB's toughness and her doctors will get her past this latest health issue

'Breaking News' headline + pic flashed of RBG... How many of you yelled "OH, SHIT!" ?

Trump is telling the U.S. people that he doesn't care! Do you?

"Wow! This @politico story has a photo that answers a long-standing question I've had about Trump"

Take heart from this, RBG fans

The real reason tRump won't go to Mar-a-lago...

Cohen brokered mysterious $1.8 million loan to pool boy that Jerry Falwell Jr & his wife befriended

If anyone would like to daven for RBG, here is her Hebrew name:

Ruth Marcus of WaPo said we're now governed by ru$h limbaugh and ann coulter - m$nbc

N.C. election officials sounded alarm about alleged election fraud to federal prosecutors in January

Why doesnt the senate gop destroy the last vestiges of the fillibuster to fund their wall?

MSNBC just confirmed Trump's not going to Log-O-Merde tonight, "signaling a shutdown."

My neighbor called to tell me my dog was chasing a guy on a bike. My dog doesn't even

LIVE: U.S. Senate expected to vote on funding bill to avert government shutdown

My last show for 2018 starts in TEN FREAKIN' MINUTES!

Rwandan 'genocide hero' dies

Schumer: "You are not getting the wall today, or next week, or...

Wheels down IAD ready to vote no on this stupid wall.

9 Govs petition tRUMP NOT to

The last US Govt shutdown cost The US $24 billion.........

Flake votes NO

Most Americans Believe Trump Obstructed Mueller, Should Be Impeached

Maanm. You need a lung ..RBG. Badass

Really, you're going to blame the Democrats?

Eric Swalwell....25th amendment

When was the last time Trump had a win?

Normalize Nation by Ward Sutton

The Goebbels defense...

Erdogon made America's Middle East policy...

Tim Ryan eviscerates the GOP


Tweet of the Day

He had a Republican Congress for almost two years

"AWAY IN A MANGER in 2018" - Parody Don Caron

Stephen Colbert...

Gatwick Airport drones: Flights suspended again

So if the border wall go-fund me gets to say a few billion and ends up in the general fund

GOP Sen. Corker Slams 'Tyranny' Of 'Talk Radio' Hosts For Impending Shutdown

BWAHAHA! FOX played the video of Trump promising to take credit for the shutdown. FOX!

Something I won't hear from my Trump relatives this Christmas, "how's your 401k?"

As Trump rages over his wall, Mattis's resignation hints at an alarming truth

Nowadays, you have to divide your relatives from Trumpers to non-Trumpers.

End of an era: Germany closes its last black coal mine

Reminder to those who are opposed to the idea of The US Senate: The House approved the $5B wall bill

Melting Arctic ice is now pouring 14,000 tons of water per second into the ocean, scientists find

Melting Arctic ice is now pouring 14,000 tons of water per second into the ocean, scientists find

"Hi Jake at State Farm. I hit an animal and want to see if I'm covered." Jake:"What kind of animal?"

Once again, Trump made this about him!

Audrey Geisel, widow of Dr. Seuss, dead at 97

Earth Has Seen A Carbon Spike Like This Before. It Did Not End Well.

Breaking news out of Colorado!

President Trump has made 7,546 false or misleading claims over 700 days

Is Vladimir Putin losing his grip on Siberia? - BBC Newsnight

Goddard College eliminates positions and plans more cutbacks next month

It's the last week of Republican misrule in Washington -- and, oh dear Lord, chaos reigns

Republicans are responsible for the Trump fiasco - By Jennifer Rubin

RBG: Silver lining

Sigh of Relief.....NORAD will still track Santa on Christmas Eve even if the government shuts down

Trump Affirms He'll Shut Down Gov Over Wall: 'Chances Are Probably Very Good'

Observation from a retired banker

Trump Worries Stock Market Slide Will Hurt Him In 2020

Your Government at work for you...

Cory Booker Gets a Super PAC

The Trump-Senate meeting: "It did not go well"

The Romanoffs (Amazon Prime) *SPOILERS WARNING*

Will a Government Shutdown Shut Down Robert Mueller? See the answer.

Dem House Armed Services Committee need to call Mattis in to testify

Trump's Merry Christmas FU Nation Government Shutdown.

Shout Out to the Mail Carriers

Bernie Sanders...

Give Trump and his Republicans the money for the wall?

Another Wild Rabbit Slaughter in the Yard

Fox snooze is like picking up a cb hidden in a mental hospital....LMAO

Shitler wants his trumpettes to call the wall, 'steel slats'

Can one be an Unindicted Co-Conspirator supporter and be a good person?

What is the end game regarding the shutdown?

anyone taking bets as to how low the dow will go?


GOP priorities: Trump, Me, Party, America, God

Need a gift idea for that special someone?

Dr. Paul Ryan: Fiscal Scientist.

When is the budget/wall vote scheduled to take place?

GOP senators float DACA fix to rescue stalled House border-wall bill

Frank Rich: GOP Leaders Won't Tolerate Trump's Chaos for Much Longer

The Problem

Could Amazon Actually Get A Helipad In Crystal City?

Confirmation Hearing for New Secretary of Defense

Senator Graham calls for hearings on troops in Syria, Afghanistan

Get your snorkels out of the closet guys! n/t

Dow is down 1%, one hour until close

"Guys, guys, calm down"

Supreme Court rejects Trump plea to enforce asylum ban for immigrants who illegally cross US-Mexico

Merry Nightmares!

Supreme Court denies Trump administration request to immediately enforce new asylum rules

School bus driver hailed as a hero after buying breakfast for 50 students during ice storm

Very first Police Cat: "Fuck this shit. I'm outta here."

'Fox and Friends' host blasts Trump for pulling troops out of Syria

Supreme Court denies Trump administration request to immediately enforce new asylum rules

BLS Report: 21 November jobless rates down in 6 states, up in 2; payroll jobs up in 4 states

Supreme Court refuses to restore Trump's temporary asylum restrictions

Schumer to Trump: 'You're not getting your wall'

BLS Report: Total of 5,147 fatal work injuries in 2017, down slightly from 2016

Trump warns of a 'very long' government shutdown if Democrats oppose bill that includes border wall

Well, whattaya know? CJ Roberts sided with the 4 liberals to smack Trump down on asylum

Mick Mulvaney in 2015: Trump's views on border wall 'simplistic,' 'absurd and almost childish'

A Shutdown Would Be a Fitting End to the GOP Majority

Trump faces new test with midterm election interference report

Science Says: A big space crash likely made Uranus lopsided

Now, an important message from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission:

Me: Man, all that Crossfit wiped me out!

I have a dumb question

Oklahoma Church Erects Fence Around Nativity Scene to Protest Trump Border Policies

The Senate Budget (cloture) vote is now at 3 hours and counting.

GOP Leaders Won't Tolerate Trump's Chaos for Much Longer. by Frank Rich

Is Greed the main source of conflict in the world?

Stocks tumble again in one of year's worst trading weeks

As soon as you quit believing in Santa, you start getting

Biden's Leading The Iowa Polls, But That Doesn't Mean Much Yet

Americans Don't Want A Government Shutdown Because Of The Border Wall

Will Trump golf during the shutdown?

How likely is it that Trump will get Mitch to pass a nuke amendment so only 51 votes are needed?

Trump appeals court ruling that restored grizzly bear protections

Federal money for Lynnwood light-rail extension is locked in

Stop Losing: A Senator's Battle Plan for Beating the Right

I know this is Trump, but I genuinely don't get the strategy here

Michael Moore likens Trump tax law to an 'act of terror'

Warning, Logic flow ahead: Go fund me for trump's wall; trump said Mexico will pay for wall; the

Trump's immigration policies would have stopped Jesus himself from fleeing.

Putin's 4th Christmas present....the shutdown is deflection ...

Got the bad and the good here in clinic today.

New: Jared Kushner, Mick Mulvaney and Mike Pence are now meeting with Schumer in his office.

Justice Ginsburg voted from her Hospital bed on the SC Asylum ruling...

WSJ: "Trump To Ask Putin Whether He 'Wants Fries With That'"

Doubt in the 17th century.

This person got an early Christmas gift...Life

Green Bay West music teacher accused of stalking student

Comment on an article about the GoFundMe campaign for Tiny's wall. Found on Politico.

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone!

The dows down 400 points at the moment

To those analysts who are saying the stock market fall tis just a correction:

Repukes gaslighting with wording border wall funding...

So if there is a govt shutdown, Im guessing Trump

These Trump-loving Kentucky voters hate taxes -- but can't survive without government programs

Why is it

DOW has worst week since Oct. 2008. Nasdaq down 3% today.

Trump blames Mnuchin for stocks plunging....LoL

With Mattis gone Trump can give an order directly to "Field Commanders"

trump's insanity and self-aggrandizing just walked all over his best press coverage on

Luckovich-Yes Master

Cooking spaghetti squash

It's fabulous disco Friday.

Deal to avert shutdown after Schumer huddle with Trump admin?

this picture shows who Trump really is

Rick Wilson: Jim Mattis Was the Only Thing Keeping Trump's Insane Clown Posse in Check

I remember that Berlin had a wall.

Heck of a job, Trumpie

by Robert Reich:This morning I phoned my friend, the former Republican member of Congress

This is what happens when you tell a Millenial to get away from video games and go out to play.

Republicans are so comfortable allowing people to suffer

Drink up!

Running (Ruining) America

Help me out here about Senate vote going on now.

To people who still love to write with pens.

On December 21, 1968 Apollo 8 Launches to the Moon

Robert Mueller's team, "exempt" from a partial government shutdown, will keep working

It's looking really weird outside at 4:30PM

On December 21, 1988 Pan Am Flight 103........................

Photo: Women members of the Seventy-fifth U.S. Congress; March 4, 1938.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Dec. 21, 2018

Mars Express beams back images of ice-filled Korolev crater

Corker says Schumer and McConnell struck an agreement with him and Flake.

UPDATE...............What's Going On With the Volcano?

New research debunks Trump's attack on economic effects of Paris Agreement

GoFundMe For 'Ladders to Get Over Trump's Wall' Raises $63k in One Day

Good gawd... Tulsi Gabbard:

So what happens to TSA agents during a govt shutdown?

The Big Con is scared....ahhhhhh

'We are at war': New York's rat crisis made worse by climate change


Police have released first images of the Gatwick drone suspect

Okay, Who Removed The Battery Clips From Brian Kilmead's Testicles?

Maduro (VZ) to fight bureaucracy and corruption by creating another layer of bureaucracy, corruption

Parkland Leader David Hogg Enrolling at Harvard Next Fall

I have a previously unpublished story about Pan Am 103:

Seems the "Green New Deal" isn't such a new idea, nor revolutionary.

What a week? It is time to a mental break from it all!

''The time is long overdue for congressional Republicans to stand up to him''

Does MSNBC keep track of how many viewers change the channel

Authoritarianism experts reveals how Mattis departure a step toward 'dynastic kleptocracy'

SHUTDOWN??? I don't really care, do U? Melania is on her way to Mar-A-Lago with Barron.

Friday TOONs - Mattis Shrugged

The URL for the GoFundMe page for Trump's wall is trending so high among accounts linked to Russian

New World Record...119 feet

Fixed: "I've done more damage to U.S. than all recent presidents...."

OMFG. Hugh Hewitt is such a moran

Individual-1 must have rabies

It sure seems like everything is going to seed

Cancer AGAIN. I am getting tired of this

Ted Lieu: "House Repubs voting to adjourn until tomorrow at noon, which GUARANTEES a #TrumpShutdown"

Ugliest December loss since 1931; off again -414.23 12/21/18

Mick Mulvaney in 2015 said wall is simplistic and absurd and childish

December Will Be Magic Again

Rolling Stones' Bill Wyman reviews/ranks 213 Beatles song from the core albums

Going Android to iphone this afternoon

Megadonors Flee Trump As GOP Money Dries Up

YouTube is Serving Ads From an Anti-Immigrant Hate Group

Trump 'Shocked' Turkey's Erdogan, John Bolton With Snap Decision to Exit Syria: Report

CREW calling for DOJ investigate whether Whitaker violated Standard of Ethical Conduct (no recusal) wall!

U.N. tells UK: Allow Assange to leave Ecuador embassy freely

Hershey's Kisses are missing their tips and the company is investigating the mystery as holiday bake

Whitaker is just a criminal walking...

Facebook Just Got Hit With a Massive Lawsuit. It Could Cost the Company Billions.

Ro Khanna (D): I am glad @realDonaldTrump is withdrawing troops from Syria

Holding the USA hostage for a fictional wall...that doesn't work

neighbor to black man: "You don't live here!"

The vote to proceed passes with Pence as the tiebreaker

Schumer on the floor...

What is McConnell saying? I don't get it.

They voted to proceed by not proceeding

Was Corker the little kid in 1st grade who kept saying "LOOK AT ME"

Im turning back to the Laverne and Shirley Marathon....

Retiring Republican: "I've never seen somebody more scared of their base than the president."

You will not get a wall of brick...

Rainbows and the Moon

Cory Booker....

Beigun- US wiling to discuss trust building measures with North Korea

#trumpresign is now trending for 12 hours...

Won't this be paid vacation?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: The Trump Wall Will Be BEAUTIFUL

Here's what just happened in the Senate.

Japan accuses South Korea of 'extremely dangerous' radar lock on plane

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Mueller on a Cruller

Trump hates Mattis letter and suggestions that he is in need of adult day care.

Try to imagine Obama or Clinton being unduly influenced by media on the left.

Jimmy Kimmel's Children's Book "How the Trump Saved Christmas"

The Wall "Go Fund Me" is a scam

Right on, Rob Reiner!

The only reasons left to support this criminal presidency...

PAID VACATION??? If you aren't paid, it's not a vacation, it's a layoff

John Dingell: "Sit on it, you imbecile"--referring the #Trump. .............

Stephen King raises a wonderful analogy

@Acosta McConnell says eventual solution requires "60 votes..." He's not going nuclear

Why is the media waiting on a Republican to call for Trumps resignation?

Well THIS Trump tweet hasn't aged well

Joe Kennedy III tweet:

"Timeless" fans...

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google..Part XX

Did Trump pull the troops out of Syria as part of a deal with Erdogan, to protect MBS ?

Trump was SO RIGHT about this........

Congratulations Trump fans!