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Cash, emeralds found in Brazil faith healer's home

Government shutdowns are rare when one party controls White House, Congress. President Trump is on h

Mystery government Gulfstream in St. Maarten

A Rogue Presidency

Mnuchin says Trump told him he 'never suggested firing' Fed chairman

Best of Jeff Koterba's cartoons: Sharing your knowledge

So prison employees aren't getting paid.

Brazil judge overturns injunction that blocked Embraer-Boeing deal

Russians Boosted Jill Stein to Help Trump Win

Didn't Melania Drumpf admit that she married Strawberry Shartface for his money?

Porch pirates stole a package from an engineer -- so he created a trap using glitter and 'fart spray'

The ginger shoot phenomena.

Trump Cancels Mar-a-lago Christmas Trip Over Shutdown

US Envoy to "anti" ISIS resigns due to Trump's withdrawal.

NY should rename 5th Ave "Barack Obama Ave" so that Trump Tower has to use that address

First hint of Beto's future plans

Nancy Sinatra: I wish Hillary could be our president

Former US ambassador 2 Russia urges Pelosi 2 setup committee 2 reel in Trump's disastrous foreign...

Stock market under Obama vs. Trump

GOP Jesus

At least 20 killed when tsunami hits coastal areas in Indonesia

ART OF THE DEAL: White House floating $2.1 Billion for border wall

Here's how Trump has achieved Russia's policy goals

Lexington Green

The initial offer of 1.6 Bn should go down 10%

About loneliness among seniors

Trump is a baby of a man.

Adrian Peterson moves up to 8th on all-time rushing list

James Mattis didn't simply resign, he pulled every fire alarm at the Pentagon on the way out

Trump asks advisers whether he can fire Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell

For Trump, 'a War Every Day,' Waged Increasingly Alone

OK. Who wants a husky and is up for a challenge?

Painting the White House

'Just Unbearable.' Booming Job Market Can't Fill the Retirement Shortfall

What are your favorite TV theme songs/music?

Who moves to California? The wealthier and better educated, mostly

damn....Heart doing stairway to heaven....

2020 US Presidential & Senate Election- Dems guide to majority if Brown(D-OH) is on the DEM ticket.

Ryan Reynolds gets pranked by Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Cuban Parliament Green Lights New Constitution, Heads To Referendum

My Theory: Rats Deserting Sinking Ship

Mattis & Why We Need to End Our Self-Destructive, Mindless Wars in Middle East

The Democrats do not want open borders for everyone.

Ahh Newsbusters has a sad! Colbert Christmas cartoon

The tax windfall that wasn't:

Astronauts explain what it's like to be in space...

"The thought of Trump spending his holiday screaming at the TV is really all I wanted for Christmas"

Foreign company in possibly Mueller-related secret case heads to Supreme Court

White House says Erdogan promised Trump he'd finish off ISIS in Syria

Indonesia tsunami 43 dead, 600+ injured. CBC News.I hope it is less. n/t

Unpaid Agents, Dark Visitor Centers, Closed Trails: Effects of the Shutdown Beginning

Nuttier than a fruitcake

Mattis exit leaves Pentagon in state of depression

Now the mystery company has appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court

April 30, 2011 What I think gave us Trump

Don't see any competitions so posting first submission here

Dear Anonymous Inside the Trump Administration

Cartoons 12/22/18

How long before Federal employees quit?

Tweet of the Day

Getting paid for being nice at work

Does Putin want Trump to abandon Japan?

Tell Me What We Did to Deserve This

"Thoughts & prayers to those who paid Trump the $200k membership fee to lobby him over Xmas dinner."

You Can't Serve Both Trump and America.

Kyle Griffin: Trump tonight tweeted that he doesn't know who Brett McGurk is

Blast From The Past: FYI, THIS Is What Trump Is About To Pull In Syria...

Imagine the US President bragging about having never heard of his government's special envoy on ISIS

Mattis is out, and Blackwater is back: 'We are coming'

You're just not my type

Still plenty to complain about with Kasich - but this is good news from a couple of days ago

Holiday sentiment.

How will you spend Christmas?

so here's my favorite song...what's yours?

It's so hard to read donkeys sometimes.

7 Environmental Key Areas To Watch As Shitstain's Misadminstration Stumbles Into 2019

Hillary. March 2016. *mic drop*

Hillary knew (regarding Syria et al)

NSF, NOAA Research, Landsat Data, FEMA Response To California Fires - All Subject To Shutdown

7 Convicted Of Berta Caseres' Murder; Killing Ordered By Utility Company, Connections To Military

Sweet story

Survey Of 102 Turtles In Atlantic, Pacific, Med - Synthetics, Microplastics In Every Digestive Tract

What About Me?

Goose and gull overdose on prescription pills left in park

Surprise, Surprise - Climate Liar Lamar Smith Made As Much As $11 Million From Oil Properties

Lot of chatter tonight on twitter about a United States of America jet that landed in St. Maarten..

"no change in overall management of the Special Counsel investigation"

*Secret Santa & His $100 Bills Tradition*

Nancy tells Trump to see her in January

This is the woman Individual 1 referred to as "low IQ."

To MAGA Refugees and Fox News Orphans, on Christmas

The kids wanted to see the Home Alone movies tonight...

Miley Cyrus' feminist version of the Santa Baby song - gotta listen, it's terrific

Trudeau Has Christmas Dinner With Canadian Aircrew, Medical Technicians In Mali

Do you leave a tip when you eat at a buffet?

Why Do Republican Voters Continue to Support Trump?

Forbes: A Fitting End For Disgraceful House Republicans

Netflix "Dumplin" is kinda cute :)

Clarence Gatemouth Brown Live

Deadliest cat on Earth

Guitar Shorty is better than you

Trump tweeted tonight "your favorite President, Donald J. Trump"

Heart is still kicking ass

Yes, yes someone could....

It's a "Midnight Blues" kinda night...

Surprising Brit Hume on the Syria withdrawal...

I have too many questions about this...

After Kaepernick ad, Nike earnings & stock surges, Friday Nike was the sole gainer in the entire Dow

"It's the Best Day of My Life": Texas Man Convicted on "Junk Science" Declared Innocent

Austin Police Commander Fired For Choking Sex Partner, Concealing Evidence

Sometimes, it feels like Trump as president...

Texas Ethics Commission Fines Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller $500 Over 2015 Rodeo Trip

Texas Senator Bob Hall Defends 'White Nationalist' Ally as Victim of Political Correctness

The Special Counsel Is Bearing Down on Roger Stone

San Antonio Credit Rating Takes Hit Following Charter Amendment Passage

A Sul Ross Professor Just Discovered This Legendary Salamander

Records: Hawley's AG office used private emails, consulted with political operatives

Donations earn Arkansas AG, governor ethics hits; gifts to campaigns deemed unlawful

Remind Trump before he takes too much credit for ISIS battle in Syria that Obama's plan worked well

Latest in Baton Rouge fatal shooting: Attorneys say LSU football players acted in self-defense

Holy sh*t, Fox & Friends to Sarah Huckster regarding Trumps Syria pullout 'He just refounded ISIS'

Asked Who 'Gets Fired' In An Obama Shutdown, Trump Told Fox News: The President

New Oklahoma governor urges caution amid surplus

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) O Christmas Squeee 2018 Edition

What's open -- and closed -- during a partial government shutdown

Suuure, buddy.

Incoming Gov. Kelly, Koch Industries agree on need for reform as Kansas prisons fill up

Belgian soccer fans sing chant about burning Jews

State settles inmate's lawsuit for $115K

Employer offered insurance question

Sifton making moves to become the Democratic frontrunner for governor

Last Warsaw Ghetto uprising fighter dies in Israel

Gin Wigmore-Devil in Me

Trump Insists 'Obama Ingloriously Fired Jim Mattis, I Gave Him a Second Chance'

BOOM: Confusing Trump with ethics and shit....

Rural Missouri Sheriff Robert Becker Sentenced to Probation For Sex Abuse

Cats on Nightstand, it has to stop

Surprised Trump's willing to shut down our government when it's clearly not the one he works for?

Illinois Teen Charged with Burning Down Metro East Mayor's House

Missouri begins the process toward medical marijuana

Missouri governor wants law for online sales tax collections

Merry Brexmas

January Photo Contest Ideas and Theme?

Gov. Kasich signs incredibly restrictive abortion ban, worsening reproductive rights in Ohio

Mystery company involved in Mueller investigation appeals to Supreme Court

Is the mark of the beast upon us?

Greyhound tells riders of rights when Border Patrol comes on board

Thousands of vacant buildings take heavy toll on St. Louis police, firefighters

Secret Service agents don't get paid during shutdown

time for this years presentation of the uplifting classic - The Junky's Xmas

We wish you a Mueller Xmas and impeachment next year

Port Talbot's Banksy cordoned off from fans

MAGA Raises Over $14 Million (and Counting) to Build Trump's Wall But They Might Be Getting Refunds

WAPO: Incredible photos of our solar system. (Keeps things in perspective). Merry Solstice!

Republicans who have Democratic family members are upset they're not coming over for Christmas

Venezuela navy intercepts Exxon oil ship in Guyanese waters: Guyana

History Repeats Itself...

Richard Engel: Spoke to a professor with deep connections into Kurdish leadership in Syria.

Trump says he doesn't know his top ISIS envoy

"Barack Obama Ave"

Republicans question Trump plan to deport Vietnamese refugees, some in US over 20 years

a few observations from Europe

Why, oh why did girls in the 50s ALWAYS get compacts for Christmas and birthdays?

What Donald Trump had to say, on Shut-Downs, in 2013

This is a new one from Trump?

FSogol's 2018 Advent Calendar Day 23: La Befana - Italy's Christmas Witch

Priest named in Pennsylvania church sex abuse probe jailed

1:51 - Tsunami hits the stage in Indonesia

so who the hell will the next Defense Secretary be?

Hate Radio shutdown the government. Maybe it's time to shut

it's so cool to be able to wtach Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donell from Europe via you tube

Trump-Tied Evangelist Funded Fontainebleau Pool Attendant's Miami Beach Real-Estate Deal

Republicans Face 2020 Repeat on Health Care

Profiles in Crazy, XXXIV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Underground water in U.S. military base in South Korea heavily polluted

Why is Trump going after the Vietnamese refugees living in the country for decades?

Copy cats

Farm Bureau Federation As Firmly Entrenched In Climate Denial As Any Lobby In America

Debt bondage

Lindsey Graham predicts a "terrible 2019" if Dems don't "work with" Trump in the next 11 days

viral fundraiser for Trump's border wall has fake news sites shut down by Facebook

Louisiana, Sinking Fast, Remains A State Where Climate Denial Reigns At Every Level Of Government

'Very possible' shutdown could last into new year, White House budget director Mick Mulvaney says

Why do you think trump is pulling troops from Syria and Afghanistan (the real reason)?

Video of Anak Krakatoa before tsunami. The sounds emanating from it are really something.

It's Kind Of Interesting That Trump's New Name For His Wall - Steel Slats .....

What does the Con have on Lindsey Graham?

Could Mueller be planning to release the Obstruction of Justice report (indictment) first?

NPR - "Peak Trump" and Mara Liasson

Trump: Drones are 'lots of fun,' but only a 'good old fashioned wall' works

Nature Geoscience - E. Siberian Ocean Acidification Through Permafrost Melt Beyond 2100 Projections

WATCH: Crowd screams as Indonesian rock band swept away by tsunami

Is there a way for the US Generals to defy Trump regarding Syria?

Trump's Bill Clinton defense

What would it take to

trump has decided to build the wall himself:

Besides just being annoying, this is why "twitter" is so uncool

Worst airline passenger evah

An ingenious way to thwart porch package theft

Christie on ABC says Trump is like your 72-year-old relative

The release of the Kraken. A few jokes...

Here's the thing: The percentage of priests who are pedophiles is small.

Was Putin's Putsch on this country so successful

David Brin FB post on Trump's deal making

Robert Reich: The End of Trump Is Near

Aunt Crabby compares Fox "News" To Reality (visual warning)

On the subject of nature vs nurture, I'm on the side of nurture... and it explains Trump

O'Rourke: Closed Until Further Notice

Broken: Trump Breaking Things in White House. Melania Summoned.

I think our little dog is "possessed"

Painting stolen in WWII is heading from US to Ukraine

I can barely make it to the bathroom in time...

Wonder what would happen if the contributors the GoFundMe wall project learned that their money

This is the reason why I am terrified and angry about Trump voters.

Idea for a compromise

Look what I found, in Nebraska of all places...

Anyone using VOIP for phone?

Lindsey Graham reminds me of Sybil.

Trump believes he deserved to be "the most popular hero in America."

Corker on shutdown: Trump trying to 'look like he's fighting'

Fruitcake - like or dislike?

UPDATE Need help identifying cat breed

In eleven days Democrats will seat 62 NEW members of the House and Senate. Here they are:

"A Child's Christmas in Wales".

Easy Flower Origami

Experiment: I'm gonna zip along the freeway, but then jump into the passenger seat

Top 10 Gene Wilder Performances

Stephen Colbert tweet

The Church as an enabling factor in our dysfunctional red communites. My Sunday sermon.

Well, I'm outta work for the rest of the year...

Christmas Outtakes with the Obamas! (Twitter video)

Official: Mattis To Leave Jan. 1, Trump To Name Shanahan Acting Secretary

Per MSNBC, Mattis asked to leave DOD 1 Jan

Does anyone live in a state with legal recreational use?

Yeah, more guns are the answer

Merry Christmas? Sinclair fires reporter as she battles cancer

Inside Bernie-world's war on Beto O'Rourke

Only Republicans are capable of shutting down the Gov. with control of all three branches of Gov

Trump's signature deciphered:

New airplane seat that claims to make flights cheaper would basically require passengers to stand

Cancer biopsy came back negative!

Trump said a shutdown is the president's fault, and a fireable offense

Hey Trump, you and your old lady want something to do?

Santa and Jesus

UPDATED: Mattis leaving before Jan. 1

The SWFL nest has had a hatch ,if anyone wants to get a glimpse of the little one

This unwarranted shutdown has now placed this country into further danger

One year on, GOP tax bill is the gift that keeps on taking

Watched the movie Spotlight last night. Holy shit!

Four Republican members of the Supreme Court just said that Trump can ignore the law

US Grant was arrested for speeding (by horse, of course) in 1872. "No man is above the law".

Inside Bernie-world's war on Beto O'Rourke

Neil Young in a twofer (link fixed)

Veterans For Peace Statement on Withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Syria

The origins of Festivus

Drumpf kicked out Mattis by "end of the year" instead of February

Microwave Peanut Brittle

Watch a 15 year old's Intellect Tower over our Ignorant Leader's

He Just Wants a "Win" at All Costs. Nothing to Do With What's Right

What Fiction are you reading this week, December 23, 2018?

AOC has something to say about her older House colleagues

Gatwick drone chaos: arrested couple freed without charge

President Trump is not illegitimate...

FROM "HE WOULD HAVE BEEN A FASCIST" by Some Concerned, Brow Furrowing Dipshit

Neil Young, Willie Nelson and Crazy Horse - All Along the Watchtower

Would you, as a dedicated Secret Service agent,...

This wall thing is scaring me even more. Could it be that Trump

Ickle Donny Twump Gets His Dweam Chwistmas Pwesent

This president has not been tested by a major national-security crisis. But it will come, and..."

A letter to my grandfather dated 1932

I am seeing a dangerous narrative 'round social media -- that DEMS love wars and are against peace.

Neil Young and Pearl Jam - Rockin' In The Free World

Adam Schiff is warming up his sense of humor while waiting for January 3:

Trump Just Made It Worse For Himself By Pushing Mattis Out Early

It's Officially Time To Ban Gift-Wrapping Paper

Posted without comment.

BREAKING: Trump orders Mattias to resign immediately...

Those in Ohio's 8th Congressional district must be so proud to have this person representing them.

Grateful Dead - Touch Of Grey (Official Music Video)

"Ladders to get over Trump wall" GOFUNDME page at 135K of 100 million goal

I need help solving a word jumble!

Dershowitz should be sued by his victims...#basta

Adam Schiff for the win

'Bushies' creep into Trump's administration


Palace knocks off city

Schiff: 'Prepared' to force Mueller report release if White House blocks

A madman in the White House. And no way to fix it

Strip the USA down for parts and sell it to the highest bidder...

The attitude of US troops changed towards SS prisoners after the Malmedy massacre

'This is tyranny of talk radio hosts, right?': Limbaugh and Coulter blamed for Trump's shutdown

Mattis exit leaves Trump, US further isolated

Wealthy Republicans lose faith in Trump, as nearly 40% say they wouldn't vote to re-elect him

Remember that government plane in Cabo San Lucas ...

Ex-White House ethics chief: 'If you think this week was crazy, you haven't seen anything yet'

Near Death Experience -- D.C. lawyer Paul Khoury defends convicted prison murderer Joe Payne

Trump can launch nuclear weapons whenever he wants, with or without Mattis

Ted Lieu on Trump forcing Mattis out early: 'PETTY, WEAK, JUVENILE'

Coons: 'No path' toward Trump getting $5 billion for wall

Jeff Merkley knocks border wall as '4th century strategy'

Based on Trump's detailed diagram of his slat wall, here is some advanced mathematics

Trump administration appeals ruling that blocked grizzly bear hunts around Yellowstone

O'Rourke warns of threat from Trump: 'What's happening now is part of a larger threat to us all'

Susan Rice: Trump doing more to undermine national security than any foreign adversary

Are Democrats losing the framing on the shutdown issue?

Rick Wilson claims...perhaps not with 100% sarcasm...that Donny's gone full-scale Howard Hughes.

Cartoons 12/23/18

Lack of affordable homes is hurting the housing market

Is this a common house-casing technique ?

Time for another March on Washington. Stock Market down 1500 pts this past week thanks to Dumbass's

Is the Military getting paid during the shutdown?

My 11-year-old Catahoula got into my "dog proof" (ha, ha) kitchen trash can.

Madame Secretary 12/23 "Family Separation"

I've posted before that during the summer before Trump was elected...

Horse rescue today in Montgomery County Md:

Bob Corker on Trump with too little too late but hilarious still: #AlertTheDayCareStaff

LSU football player killed man trying to rob him and teammate, police say

Some spectral colors are lighter than others.

There's Nobody Left to Tell Trump He's Crazy.

Mulvaney: Trump's Syria Withdrawal Hated By Officials, But 'Ordinary' People Love It!

We keep suggesting it is Trump directing things. But I'm not so sure.

This undersea robot just delivered 100,000 baby corals to the Great Barrier Reef

2018 Harness Racing - Foiled Again wins in Canadian farewell

Parkland students interview Bernie Sanders: 'Your generation has the power to change America'

Dairy farming is dying. After 40 years, I'm done.

Trump, Cult and Family Members.

"An Ineluctable Place"

French chipmunk:

George and Marion Kerby Are Proof of an Afterlife.

SNL: Hillary Actually (2016)

This guy is an unusual visitor...

Merry Xmas!!

The moment your 'acting Chief of Staff ' says you cannot fire head of Federal Reserve

Would a Mar-a-lago trip have to be on his dime?

Gas here is $2.09 a gal. with 5 cents discount its $2.04 BUT

Heathen Michael Moore Mocks Christmas - Puts Up Ruth Bader Ginsburg Doll as Tree Topper

I need to make banana bread today...

Is America Great Again Yet?

Am counting on Congressman Schiff to subpoena...if necessary

Got to ask this here

Amazon 'Alexa' AI Personal Asst. Told Users: "Kill Your Foster Parents"

Touched my heart...can't stop crying

Trump voters just want a "win"...

We have made it to my hometown of Frankfurt am Main

Poor little Donny. They're all being mean to him.

House voted to approve 5 billion for wall. Could Dems reverse that Jan 3rd?

Schiff Says Democrats Could Subpoena Mueller

So the worthless p.o.s. squatting in the WH is classified as an "essential" employee...

Chief Inspector Murphy at the party yesterday

"That's it. I'm done with politics"...says former Trump supporter.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 24 December 2018

Trump claimed he read James Mattis' resignation letter -- but didn't know it was critical of him unti

Trump supporter escorted off Virgin Islands after racist rant

What's for Dinner, Sun., Dec. 23, 2018

Bernstein: More Republicans beginning to believe Trump 'unfit to be the president'

He has no idea what it means when Nancy takes that gavel come

The 300-Year History of Using 'Literally' Figuratively

"The latest Trump Administration Official Career Death Pool award is under official review..."

Donald Trump's Funeral: A Subdued Affair with Few Mourners - The Washington Poot, 12/23/2023

Patriots clinch 10th straight division title, join elite company

Rump has soo much power he could order our military to stand down even if

2020 US Senate Election- Most to Least Vulnerable US Senate Seats up in 2020.

"6 Noels"/A selection by Folger Consort/Additional Seasonal Selections

Sen Chris Murphy: Trump has only spent 6% of his 2017/2018 budgets for Border upgrades and now wants

I just binged the final season of house of cards. MIxed feelings.

(Jewish Group) The Women's March changed the American left. Now anti-Semitism allegations threaten t

Additional seasonal selections (I screwed up on the previous post. 😁)

Funniest thing I've seen in a while:

Will everything return to "normal" after Trump is gone?

Get stuffed, Pat Toomey

Some quick facts about trump's perceived "booming economy" and governing vs. Obama's.

'Dark Side of the Moon' is currently #172 on Billboard's Top 200 Albums list.

'Sold By My Brother:' Mekong Women Pressed Into Marriage In China

"Have a very Happy and Merry!"

Louis Armstrong Zat You, Santa Claus

Great. Someone tried to get into my apartment last night. I could hardly

Plasticland - No Shine For Shoes

"It's A Wonderful Life, Comrade, by Renegade Cut

and the Packers win at Jets......44 - 38

It's a delightful 75 in Kingston & St Andrew and the moon is full


Pete Souza always has a photo to shame Trump.

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: He's no sugar plum fairy

Is arguing that older elected officials should make way for younger ones "Identity Politics?"