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Archives: December 24, 2018

Was Rand Paul's twitter account hacked?

'It's A Wonderful Life:' Fox News-GOP Edition

Rare Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen Isotopes Appear Abundant in a Young Planetary Nebula.

Just remember that all GOP politicians are horrible people

Building blocks of ocean food web in rapid decline as plankton productivity plunges

Could Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2022 with a Democrat in the White House?

Warlord Games

Academy acknowledges Donny Hathaway...

What Was Your Favorite X-mas Present as a Kid?

Just saw the movie Vice

Reading the newspaper on a slow Sunday afternoon.

Modern Romance

By the way, who won the NFC East for the third time in five years?

How much do you bet that Trump won't sign for the back pay due Federal workers as in past

Laurence Tribe: "I avoid saying shame on Trump becuz he has no shame"...but Republican Senators, WTF

I am thrilled that the young ones are finally finding their voices.

AT&T will put a fake 5G logo on its 4G LTE phones

Our new Secretary of Defense:

Happy Festivus, Loungers.

You know what I just hate?

Dr Paul Ryan, Fiscal Scientist

I see the Russian Trollmeisters have decided a Bernie vs. Beto war is to their benefit.

Who the fuck is not controversial in this administration...?

Missouri Democrats

Is Steve Mnuchin...trying to create a financial crisis?

Military Times poll of active-duty troops 3 mos ago found Mattis approval at 84%, 89% w/ officers

Pete Souza to Trump: "You're so weak and gutless, you didn't even have the balls to tell Mattis

The Big Con is in shit over his head...and has to be asked to leave to save the world.

The Young Ones - S1E1- "Demolition"

Look at these goofy pictures of Trump kids in Russia about ten years ago

Nebraska gas tax will rise 1.6 cents a gallon at start of next year

Nancy Pelosi Busts Mick Mulvaney For Lying About Wall Negotiations

Guess Who Is Likely To Profit If Trump Gets His Border Wall? RUSSIAN Steel

Krugman thread on Mnuchin's idiotic calls to bank CEOs today

Trump should ask Oliver North how dope is really delivered from Central and South America to the US.

The Cheeto Stands Alone.

Something to think about re: Donald and Melania...

Chief Justice pauses contempt order for mystery company in Mueller investigation

Ref who forced high school wrestler to cut dreadlocks should be sidelined, state says

Arkansas doctor who co-signed loan to lawmaker regrets state grant

Haven't read the news lately cause still moving and settling into a new state but,

Turkey massing troops on Syrian border near Kurdish-held Manbij

So, Trump proudly took the blame for the 3rd shutdown. We all saw and heard him tell

Syrian refugees offer free haircuts for homeless

Doubt in the 16th century

Late paychecks hit 'lives and livelihood' of KC-based rural hospital chain's (EmpowerHMS) employees

This is riesig....most foreign owned companies are Russian or Middle Eastern...

Humpty Trumpty is headed for a great fall. Ne'er to be put together again.

An underrated holiday dessert and not too hard to make.....Bananas Foster.

Happy Festivus!

You know Pete Souza is mad when he doesn't share a pic of Obama shaming trump

Trump forcing Mattis out by New Year's Day

Worries arise on Arkansas hospital closing; facility late with payroll

Dog on my lap

My wife is one of the nation's leading Tax attorneys.....

Mattis departure leaves Trump Cabinet increasingly thin

How Nixon's tax trouble could influence quest for Trump's returns

*Paid Work Leave* Americans Lose Big Compared To Rest Of The World

Aide: Bill Clinton favors criminal justice law

Target stores are open until 10 pm on Christmas Eve?

Treasury secretary startles Wall Street with unusual pre-Christmas calls to top bank CEOs

Documents detail how absentee ballots gathered in NC vote

White House: Trump would accept less money for border wall

Chris Christie compares President Trump to '72-year-old relative' who refuses to change his mind

Trump's coalition cracking over his policies and personality

Arkansas pregnancy center's ex-exec sentenced for theft of funds

Rat bastards.

If a butt had eyes and a nose, it would look like this (graphic warning!)

WH recording says they're unable to take calls because of "the lapse of federal funding"

White House says Erdogan promised Trump he'd finish off ISIS in Syria

John Dean: Trump's not only gutless, he is classless & clueless.

Senators begged Mattis to stay, Durbin says

Foundering Arkansas State Fair gets lifeline of $911,050, earful from state lawmakers

Hey Trump: No soup for you!!

This MAGAt who wants to build a wall thinks that $4,972,933 is 50% of $1Billion

My, what big teeth you have.

Sr admin official said Trump & others suspected Mattis was part of a negative coverage campaiign

It is about the "optics" - from Meet the Press

JK Rowling mocks 'Saint Jeremy' Corbyn's Brexit stance

Knock, knock.

Three bills filed to pare state departments to 15

Dems push for increased scrutiny of Trump's court picks

Supreme Court halts fines against mystery company possibly linked to Mueller investigation

Tonight, just starting to wane...waning gibbous moon.

Stocks enter final full week of the year on the brink of a bear market

Infamous rivalries---is our society becoming Hatfield/McCoy type rivals?

Rep. Johnny Rye files bill to prohibit relocating, removing, or renaming historical monuments

Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2017

Cardi B Won't Perform at Super Bowl in Support of Colin Kaepernick

Ruth Bader Ginsburg up and working after surgery for lung cancer

Rep. Aaron Pilkington files "stand your ground" bill

Incoming Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney Disagrees with Himself on the Border Wall

Oklahoma State University delays faculty pay raises

An hour from Christmas Eve and this is all our 'president' can think of....

Unions Did Great Things for the Working Class

Trump's businesses take a hit as the brand 'has lost its mojo'

The Christmas song that almost got George Carlin fired from a radio station.

Oklahoma quickly becoming medical marijuana hotbed



tRump Wants His Maginot Line.

Satanic Temple allowed to intervene in Ten Commandments case

Started watching Dr. Who Season 11.

Ex-Oklahoma bank CEO sentenced to four years, $137 million restitution

Seahawks beat the Chiefs, locked up a playoff spot...

I served under 8 commanders in chief. Trump doesn't grasp the role.

This storied courthouse was once the state capital

There are TEN days left before Democratic Leadership of the House...

Mick Mulvaney Says DHS Can't 'Spend Money From Mexico' For Border Wall

SEAHAWKS!! 💚💙💚💙💚💙

10 inch slat gaps in Donald's fence?

I just lost a tooth!

Retired veteran, felon wants wife to keep 118 guns or proceeds

Social Experiment with Cats and a Trump Doll

Tweet: Did Erdogan threaten to blackmail tRump over his invovement in Khashoggi's murder?

It's Almost Here ,

Wonder how the sudden surge of returning soldiers will go with the economy in free-fall and

Trump finally apologizes to all women

For everyone at DU

Elisor: "Blackberry Winter", Nashville Chamber Orchestra/Poulenc: "Quatre Motets"/Hovhaness:

Mnuchin calls banks to make sure everything is OK. Now everyone is worried.

Marines Deployed Abroad Seek Answers Amid Washington's Turmoil

Louisiana's 'tort reform' talk has shaky foundations

KY Congressman taunts Trump over his unfunded wall: Nothing more than a 'manhood measurement'

Louisiana's four Las Vegas-style casinos will soon be eligible to add more gambling devices

If you're looking for photos of ancestors, people posting to

What fresh hell will Monday bring we the people? Predictions? nt

My holiday plans have been disrupted by the Trump Shutdown

If nothing happens in D.C for the next seven days

"Christ is Born!" "Give Him Glory!" Orthodox Feastday Hymns, Carols, Songs

I did smile today

Word on the street is that Mattis' last official act

US markets: Mnuchin to convene crisis team amid White House chaos

Goldman Sachs stock price drops below $160 after hours of 1MDB scandal

Prague hospital runs short of supplies as financial troubles deepen

The Threat in the White House: Op Ed by Susan Rice

My evangelical church is gaslighting me, an article on HuffPo by

Chinese citizen charged with trade secrets theft in Oklahoma

Sending astronauts to Mars would be stupid, astronaut says

Report shows small Grand Lake community missing more than $370,000

Ritchie Havens with Groove Armada - Hands of Time (VIDEO)

Slurping the LONGEST CHINESE NOODLES! Xi'an Foods New York

Slurping the LONGEST CHINESE NOODLES! Xi'an Foods New York

Individuals facing deportation to Laos could face danger upon landing in the Southeast Asian country

I Tried the Sushi Donut in New York City

Joke for D&D Players

Have you ever used cannabis to treat a sick pet?

Anchorage Assembly sends alcohol sales tax to April ballot

Donald Trump wouldn't leave a hotel because it rained.

Missouri governor wants repeal of new redistricting law

Report: Kansas Must Fix Troubled Child Welfare System

'Like a cancer:' Rio militias grow, control swaths of city

Just a reminder ...

My 3 sons & families are with me this Christmas

Kansas Lawmakers Get Plum Committee Roles For Switching From Republican To Democrat

Kara Eastman seeks a rematch in 2020; Rep. Don Bacon questions early announcement

If the wall's so popular among Trumpists, how come less than 0.5% so far are prepared to fund it?

Cuomo blocks five-year capital plan proposal for SUNY & CUNY

Far-Right Proud Boys Reeling After Arrests and Scrutiny

State legislators gain power to officiate weddings

Guide dogs: Where do they really come from?

Medical Cannabis is getting reasonable here in Michigan

Texas Tent City Housing 2,500 Migrant Children Is Said to Close in January

Climate Team, and Its Boss, Just Got Harder to Find at Top Health Agency

China's November soybean imports from U.S. fall to zero on trade war: customs

WaPo Editorial Board: The unlearned lessons of Jamal Khashoggi's murder

Racism Explained For Dummies:-)

(Jewish Group) Women's March Roiled by Accusations of Anti-Semitism

May go trout fishing today or take the ultralight rod reels for a walk

(Jewish Group) Top Swedish Hospital to Make List of 10 Worst anti-Semitic Incidents of 2018

What do you think?

(Jewish Group) Labour MP apologises for backing 'antisemitic' jazz musician

Krakatau volcano partial collapse triggered Indonesia tsunami: officials

Ousted Pakistan PM Sharif jailed for seven years for graft: Pakistan TV

London police: Damaged drone discovered near airport

Bipartisan lawmakers urge Air Force secretary for top Defense position

Anak Krakatau: Volcanologist explains Indonesia eruption images

This is not what Vladimir Putin wanted for Christmas

This is what espionage looks like. (Chinese)

Mary Poppins bored my 6 1/2 yo granddaughter to sleep.

Doing laundry and Who rolls on Christmas Eve a big Lebowski Morning

Chinese Spy

British police release suspects, say there might never have been a drone at Gatwick Airport

Chinese espionage

'Tis the season for MEMES! (Political and holiday)

Florida nursing homes get more time to install mandated generators

How Trump is likely preparing a strategy to getting HIS wall:

Trump is a "clear and present danger" and his base is the :enemy within."

Union freight

Do you realize that The Senate is still "opened" pro forma during this recess

Ebenezer trump

A Jew's Christmas Eve Reflections...

Poll on what we should call this new economy

Does your team need a new quarterback. Just found one at a soccer game

Yikes. I had a dream that was even more disturbing than it sounds.

Watching 60 Minutes with my Great White Wolf

Jail time please....

What your state is googling this Christmas. CO: Liquor stores open near me--LOL

Even biased GOP tilted - Daily Caller - Admits Congress is Corrupt

Soul Kitchen

Not just another pretty Christmas song...

The Oscar Meyer Holiday Hostess Tree...

I hope everyone has a nice Christmas.

Both the stock market and the bond market are open on Monday, Dec. 24, Implied opening

How Banks Unwittingly Finance Mass Shootings

Trump Approval Down to 38% in Latest Poll of all adults

Republicans in Congress fiddle while Trump burns

Susan Collins Delivered 2018's Most Shameful Hijacking Of Feminism

Susan Collins Delivered 2018's Most Shameful Hijacking Of Feminism

Trump Sees Winning Hand as Critics See Presidency Spiraling Down

Merry Christmas 2018!!

Because of the #TrumpShutdown, millions of survivors who rely on programs funded by the Violence Aga

Profiles in Crazy, XXXV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Meanwhile in Crazyvillle: EuroRight Angry that Toblerones are Halal

IMO, commercial "drones" could replace steel wall and save a lot of money.

"All I want for Christmas is some crushed Adderall"

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Russia Supports Political Role for Qaddafi's Wanted Son in Libya

'Tis the season for this photo (first posted in 2011): "Festival of Lights"

Trump Plan to Include Palestinian State, Israeli Minister Says

Israel to hold early election in April: Netanyahu spokesman

Xmas Is for Xtians!

Netanyahu government in Israel calls early elections

Monday TOONs 1- There Arose Such A Clatter

The body of the 7-year-old girl who died in US custody returns to Guatemala

Netanyahu, Erdogan Feud as Confrontations With Iran Threaten

Monday TOONs 2 - Holiday Carols to Warm Your Heart and Hearth

Market down over 200 points

Mattis signs order withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria

S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Christmas Truce of 1914

Harnessed horse unearthed in ancient stable near Pompeii

Merry Christmas from don trump

Bloomberg Rips 'Senselessly Chaotic' Trump, Demands GOP 'Start Showing Some Spine'

A Trumpy Christmas Eve - A 2018 Christmas Carol for DU

Rand Paul's bizarre Festivus tweetstorm.

For all of us in these rooms, you don't have to do your addictions today.

Food for thought:

Wrapping presents with 2 wild cats....

Alec Guinness: The Bridge on the River Kwai and the GOP (spoilers)

Can you smell the flop sweat from Trump and his team of fools?

As the labor market tightens, quitting workers aren't bothering to give two weeks' notice

White man bites cop, resists arrest, beats & attacks cops, steals cop car, IS NOT SHOT

Poll shows Trump appears to be losing core voters with nonstop tweets, rhetoric, antics

Bankruptcy on the table as Boy Scouts confront sex abuse claims

Don Jr. and Eric roll up their sleeves and help Dad raise money for his steel slat fence.

Anti-Christmas Songs Redux

Wesley Clark on Trump's Syria withdrawal: 'Did Erdogan blackmail the president? Was there a payoff?

Patriots, Cowboys, Texans and Seahawks make playoffs

After we take the House January 3rd

Kraft Heinz, Mondelez make the cut in Campbell Soup's international business auction: sources

Mark Twain dabbled in philosophy. He posits that no person does anything

Turkish Comedy Veterans in Court After TV Attack Riles Erdogan

Serious question

"We have it in us to be lights in the darkness"

Warrior's Stephen Curry's biggest assists have been to terminally ill children

merry X-mas!

Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry's biggest assists have been to terminally ill children

One upside of the Trump era.

FSogol's 2018 Advent Calendar Day 24: Baby Gift Shopping Guide - 4 BCE

Perfect! trump is appointing an unqualified, no experienced business guy to Secretary of Defense

No Santa rally for the markets this year. DJIA down over 300pts...500pts. 15mo low

Bat away all those black thoughts with POSACAT

RT trolling Toddler n Chief bigly

50 Interesting Facts About the 2018 Election

Vicente Fox's trolling of a 2014 Trump tweet is tastier than a fine, fat Christmas goose.

Trump swipes at senators, Mattis over military alliances

Trump accuses Democrats of border wall hypocrisy

I Tried the Viral GLITTER RAINBOW Bagels

Any special family Christmas recipes you'd like to share? Here's mine...

Cat vs. 10 little snowmen- Then there were 3

According to the NYT Trump is freaking out about the markets and blaming Mnuchin and Jerome Powell

Ted Cruz's anti-Obamacare crusade continues with few allies

30 cars that never should have been built

Ex-Fire Chief Sentenced For Stealing $120K From Department In Westchester

Mick will be fired soon

Don't worry bankers, all is well, signed your friend Steve Mnuchin.

A special family holiday recipe I'd like to share...

Georgia cuts thousands from food stamps program over work requirement

China imports zero U.S. soybeans in November for first time since trade war started

Ex-conservative radio host: Mattis primary challenge would be Trump's 'worst nightmare'

Markets plunge following Mnuchin outreach to banks

I Try VEGAN SUSHI For the First Time

T'was The Night Before Christmas DU 2018 - (With sincere apologies to Major Henry Livingston Jr.)

Dow skids about 400 points lower in early action on the eve of Christmas

John Kerry is spot on

The first joke.

Scarborough Warns of 'Rogue' President: 'This Administration is Terminal' and 'Will Not Survive'

Trump says the Fed is a powerful golfer who can't putt. Reminder: He also has the nuclear codes.

Mountain lions of 2018

NORAD Santa Tracker & JFK letter

What is your recommendation for a holiday tip for a regular FedEx driver?

Democrats vow new scrub of post-9/11 war powers

Well yeah...

Fishermen rescued by cruise ship in 'Christmas miracle'

"Count your blessings"

Italy's Mount Etna erupts, authorities close airport

If you're looking for some "alternative" Christmas/Holiday music

45 is having an epic meltdown on Twitter this morning

I doubt Trump knows this, but Andrew Jackson shut down the version of the Fed that he...

DU, All I want for XMAS IS you!

1930s "repatriation" of Mexicans was Hoover's response to Depression

Colombia will refuse to recognize Maduro as president effective January 10, 2019

Math makes brain hurt.

The trump Presidency is beginning it's Collapse

Street Food Japan - A Taste of Delicious Japanese Cuisine

How Banks Unwittingly Finance Mass Shootings

What's Happening is Deplorables' Fault.

We Will Never Be Rid Of Trump......

Venezuela excepted from OPEC oil output cuts due to crashing oil outputs


Bob Corker Trump Tweet sends POTUS back into the realm of psychiatric distress.

Should This Make Democrats Scared?

We've officially hit President Livia Soprano this afternoon.

Christmas gathering stories - post nightmare ones here.

Hunger and crime in Venezuela

Cognitive Biases or Errors Are at the Heart of Religion

Remember when Trump suggested SNL should face legal jeopardy for making fun of him?

"I am all alone (poor me) in the White House waiting for the Democrats. Crazy!"

Our supermarket was jammed this morning. I had just gone yesterday, expecting a delivery of

Mattis demanded Strategic Command notify him immediately if a nuke alert was being sent to Trump

I Don't Grieve Over His Cruelty. I Grieve Over Yours.

S&P 500 has worst Christmas Eve day. Ever. Never has it closed more than 1% down on Dec 24

I got my Burpee seed catalog in the mail today!

Both tRump and Obama broke 22,000 on the DOW

If You Missed Last Night's Episode of Madam Secretary - Try And Catch It On The Internet.....

Trump now wants to build his steel slat fence with "Shutdown money." #25thAmendment

The New York Stock Exchange Closes at 1 PM EST Today.

FILIPINO FOOD! Crispy Pata, Sisig, Lechon Kawali, Pancit Canton & Kare Kare Eating Show Mukbang Pe

C-SPAN caller: It's 'treasonous' not to support Trump's government shutdown

The Tabby cat of Martel Avenue.

The Trickle Down Crash is real.

A happy Christmas Eve to all

Nice Santa Clause Rally!!

MSB is sending troops to Syria?

ICE drops off large group of migrants at El Paso bus terminal, police say

A friend posted this vintage ad on FB

OMFG he doesn't know what furlough means.

I thought Jeff Sessions was out.

Markets stage one of worst Christmas Eves ever, closing down more than 600 points

Well, I sure hope Mnuchin is enjoying the warm weather

Childish President Tantrump - on OUR dime - doing what he does.

Build the Wall GoFundMe is starting to dry up.

Donny Hathaway - This Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody

Trump proposes building his wall with 'shutdown money' savings: 'The rest of Dollars are wasted'

So let's see here . . . . . wasted AF1 costs just this weekend

I went to the 'City of Rocks' state park in N.M. yesterday.

Trump resumes attack on the Fed as markets sink again

A MST3K Christmas double header

To all of the DU'ers..................have a wonderful Holiday..............and THANK YOU

Two MST3K Christmas movies

The Supreme Court takes up a secret case involving Robert Mueller and a mystery company

A Merry Arabic Christmas Song

Emerson, Lake & Palmer I Believe In Father Christmas

McCaskill warns Dems about 'cheap' rhetoric; says GOP senators privately believe Trump is 'nuts'

Senator Sanders - Senior Holiday Dinners Video

Broken: Trump in Secret Call to Nancy Pelosi

Chavista claims more electrical "sabotage" by Colombia. Offers pictures of rusted towers as proof

another Wall Street Record for trumpster,,,,

How Long Before Kurds Become Members of ISIS?

I want to hear one thing in 2019

This is what you want the Leader of your country to say

I'm buying a new house with my Shutdown Money!!

A recession or worse

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi send Christmas Eve thoughts and prayers to Trump.

Maybe the best meme I've seen yet...

Don't worry, we have this in place to protect our economy.

solstice moon over austin

I decided to listen to some tunes, trim my dog's paws, and generally just fuck around

Chavismo promises pernil (ham legs) in order to get out the vote. The outcome. And the threats

20 quick points to remember the next time a loved one tries to make you fear the "illegals"

How Does Your State Make Electricity?

A Very Special Counsel Christmas!

I cant help but wonder

TIME: National Christmas Tree to Stay Dark During Holiday Due to TRUMP TANTRUM SHUTDOWN

Japanese Christmas Songs

Japanese Christmas song, Meri Kurisumasu!

Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde

Didn't The Fed Raise Rates During President Obama's Term

In 2008, Republican voters were pissed Bush stopped a Great Depression.

Good riddance and eat it 2018. Fiona Apple video matches my feelings at year end.

As Rome burns, a whole orchestra of repuglicans plays their fiddles

keep them busy...

So if president "home alone" ordered a nuclear strike on

The White House is officially acting with a Staff of Apprentices...

Merry Christmas to all

It's all just a scam...!

What security agencies are affected by the shutdown?

UN special rapporteur demands inquiry into death of Guatemalan girl held in US

UN special rapporteur demands inquiry into death of Guatemalan girl held in US

Ivanka, will you please go sit on his lap,,,,

Is Rudolph the red nosed reindeer a pothead?

It's almost done...


Mnuchin can't stand up to his boss

Only one way to quell the markets...#trumpresign

Let me get this straight:

Signs of an Adderall overdose may include:

Would-be thief calls police from inside car he was trying to steal

Schumer-Pelosi Christmas Eve statement: Trump 'plunging the country into chaos'

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 24, 2018

China cracks down on Christmas celebrations

Seasoned Greenbeans, Everybody!

"Are we there yet?"

'Building with blocks is much more than it appears for children in Pre-Primary.

"Poor ME"?

Barcelona On Alert After US Warns Of Possible Christmas Attack

So where are Melania and Barron? Why is Trump tweeting that he's alone in the WH?

A question about the "Shutdown"?

Dow dives 653 points to below 22,000, S&P 500 enters bear market -- worst Christmas Eve ever

We are now in a Bear Market -- here's what that means

Kevin Spacey Charged With Felony Sexual Assault

Dem calls for closing lawmaker gym, sauna during shutdown


The Dow closed at 19,827.25 on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2017

This Kudlow quote did NOT age well

Trump swipes at Mattis, McGurk in wake of resignations

Google and Amazon urged to follow Apple's 'anti-gay app ban'

To all my DUers....Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Just Wow!

From USA Today: "Donald Trump can fund the border wall without congressional approval"

Trump blasts Fed again as 'only problem' in U.S. economy


Analysis: One by one, Trump's 'Axis of adults' leaving

Building blocks of ocean food web in rapid decline as plankton productivity plunges

The domestication of dogs

With apologies to Clement Clark Moore---

Susan Rice Says Trump is Undermining National Security

Sheikha Latifa: Images of 'missing' Dubai princess released

Ted Lieu to Trump: "Get a briefing on how a Shutdown works. We can't afford amateur hour."

Why China is getting tougher for Ford, GM and other automakers

LeBron James apologises for 'Jewish money' Instagram post

Which Of Individual 1's Friends, I Wonder,

Trump's week of tumult shakes many in GOP

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Tsunami death toll rises as rescue efforts expand along the Indonesia coast

Sydney Opal Tower: Thousands evacuated after 'crack'

GOP, Trump HATE people. Dems care about others. So if shutdown lasts very long---


I wonder will Democrats subpoena the translator from the Helsinki

Christmas eve, no less, tweet from Beto:

Former Boeing exec steps into spotlight after Mattis' ouster

They call this season the Bermuda Triangle" for staying sober

Police 'unequivocally' affirm London airport drone sightings

When do Democrats regain control of the US Senate? 2020,2022,or 2024?

Yesterday's article in the NYT on Trump was great.

The Grand Jury subpoena that has gone to the Supreme Court?

At this rate the Dow could be where Obama left it by year end

US judge orders North Korea to pay $500M in student's death

A Stalagmite May Have Just Revealed What Caused The Fall Of A Mesopotamian Empire

It's Christmas time in Hollis Queens

Even As He Eyed The Exit, Scott Pruitt Still Wanted To "Debate" Reality Of Climate Science

The Go Fund Me for Trump's wall has slowed dramatically

Biblical city of Bethlehem boasts largest Christmas in years

The 35 Trump Tweets That Defined 2018

Volunteers needed now in El Paso, TX, to help with newly released migrants.

Stock Market Continues to Plunge Despite Steve Mnuchin's Reassurances

Song from the 60s, "Eve of Destruction"

Trump's 'Big, Beautiful Wall' Prompts Dueling Crowdfunding Efforts

Progressives prefer Biden to Sanders in hypothetical 2020 Trump matchup, new poll shows

A shoutout to any and all DU'ers who are working this holiday.

Bladen County election office gave special access to Dowless, former board member says

Our 'president' and his administration are destroying our economy. Day by Day.

What Ronald Reagan actually said about border security -- according to history, not President Trump

bank surprises single mom. Pays off her 150K in student loans

Doubt in the 18th century

Trump feels he is being harassed

It Doesn't Matter if Ecuador Can Afford This Dam. China Still Gets Paid.

It Doesn't Matter if Ecuador Can Afford This Dam. China Still Gets Paid.

Theoretical Analysis of the Observed Asymmetry in the Fission of Actinides.

Seahawks Sign Pete Carroll To Contract Extension Through 2021 Season

Sarah Sanders Christmas Eve tweet getting push back on Twitter

In Nicaragua, Ortega Was on the Ropes. Now, He Has Protesters on the Run.

Trump hands out lumps of coal to enemies on Christmas Eve

Today: Eddy Grant -- Electric Avenue

Dow has worst Christmas Eve on record, S&P enters bear market

The Russian effort to divert votes to Jill Stein was more extensive than previously thought

Large Gender Pay Gap For Women: U.S. Labor Market

Fifty years ago:

Economy- what's brewing?

Trump's 2nd year ends with government shut down, an acting Attorney General, acting Sec of Defense,

Despite our best efforts, Christmas seems to be going ahead.

My Blue Dog congresscritter sent me a calendar

🌠🎄Orthodox Hymns for the Feast of the Nativity🎄🌠

Trump tweets a rugged action photo of himself in a "Christmas Eve briefing."

Who will be paying to house and feed the detained immigrants and their children?

Turkey says Trump will visit in 2019

"Time for an intervention"

Remember the poor and shun materialism, pope says on Christmas Eve

Ok, Since it seems like we are all contractually required to listen to Christmas music.

A President is supposed to protect America, not substantially imperil it

Mondelez's Toblerone boycotted by European far-right because of halal certification


"My blind dog does this when he gets excited..." 😂😂

Has congress (House or Senate) ever refused to seat a member before?

Rep. Poliquin drops challenge to ranked-choice voting, clearing way for Jared Golden to take seat

When you say things all at once, it brings focus and, yes, fear

Huawei deal to offer free Wi-Fi at Redskins games sparked concern: report

Google searches for 'recession' are the highest they've been since November 2009

Trump's White House tried to calm markets. It backfired.

Replying to Donald Trump

Delusional, agitated, anxious....

Fake Catholic priest unmasked in Spain after 18 years

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show without using Google..Part 21

Trump 'Looking Forward to My Next Summit with Chairman Kim'

A Christmas wish...

C-SPAN Caller: Every American Who Doesn't Support Trump is 'Treasonous'

Tapper taps one...

Russia Repeats Claim That Ukraine Is Preparing A 'Provocation'

Christmas gift to UVa Vice Rector

Orthodox "Troparion of the Nativity" and "Troparion of Christ's Nativity" in different languages

ICE drops off hundreds of migrants at Downtown El Paso bus station

Trump wants you to know he's all alone on Christmas Eve

Where were you 50 years ago tonight? (you who were old enough to remember)

Ten Ways to Celebrate Being Sober During the Holidays

Seen from space: the volcanic eruption that likely triggered Indonesia's devastating tsunami

Merry Christmas to all my friends and acquaintances here in the AA Group

My dream 2020 ticket ..... Biden...Harris

RIP- Trump killed the bull market started by Barack Obama in 2009

Russian Cosmonaut Sergei Prokopyev Says Hole Drilled From Inside Space Station Capsule

Ari is interviewing that pigshit Jerome Corsi

Dust From Salt Lake May Melt 'Greatest Snow On Earth' In Utah

2020 US Senate Elections- Who is the likely Democratic Nominee in AZ special,CO,ME,and NC?

Researchers Capture First Ever Video Of Wolves Fishing In Voyageurs National Park

The Twit tweets: I am in the Oval Office & just gave out a 115 mile long contract...

Father of daughter slain in Parkland shooting has a Christmas Eve message for "home alone" Trump.

Japan Mulling Over Leaving Whaling Commission To Restart Commercial Whale Hunting

The Guardian: Race and Russian Interference

Can we agree that Kevin Spacey should be declared Fucked Up and Creepy?

ESA Spacecraft Captures Image Of 'Winter Wonderland On Mars'

Trump's Hissy-Fit about Jerome Powell & the Fed raising interest rates, explained!

Judge: Honduran mother can't be deported without daughter

Judge: Honduran mother can't be deported without daughter

Mexican governor, senator killed in helicopter crash: reports

I remember when there was one telephone in the house.