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Archives: December 28, 2018

NYPD reports no homicides in New York City in 6 straight days

The baby's laugh and the dog's subtle wink makes me very suspicious

Is Ghouliani trying to get ahead of another shoe dropping?

What is going on? trump dumps immigrants

New York Stock Exchange warns Wyoming coal producer it's at risk of being delisted

I haven't been to a church in years and had to go to one a couple of weeks ago for work.

Wesley Clark on Trump Iraq visit: Armed forces 'don't belong to him.'

Optical Illusion - very cool!

University of Wyoming to close office in Jackson, will maintain overall service there

Snyder signs bill making cyberbullying a crime, vetoes 'baby boxes'

Snyder signs bill making cyberbullying a crime, vetoes 'baby boxes'

Wyoming lawmaker introduces legislation to tackle crossover voting

just think, if dotard's ego hadn't pushed him to run for pres, he could still be grifting $$$

Flathead Beacon: Best of the Police Blotter 2018

Shutdown expected to stretch into 2019 as sides are still "very far apart"

An interesting day in Thailand

Loyal dog waits six months at a Siberian bus stop for his person to return

The only thing worse for Trump than having a Democratic woman as Speaker

Somebody To Love

Montana Lawmaker Proposes State Rock and Roll Song

Anybody in the DC area? Is the tree lit up or not?

Donald Trump is ahead of Barack Obama in so many ways.

Who Wants to Live Forever

Rep. John Delaney with John Harwood

More Americans blame Trump for government shutdown: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Star power

Love of my Life

The time is coming...When will he be gone?

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to a majority.(51 seats).

"Oxford Dictionary in the streets.. Urban dictionary in the sheets"

Will the British Museum Ever Return These Stolen Artifacts?

Russian Scientists Hope to Restore Ice Age Steppe with 'Pleistocene Park.' Will It Work?

Newsweek: Hannity's ratings have fallen as Trump's problems have increased

Some Christmas Presents are delayed. I pray this one will show up soon.

New York Times: The Inevitability of Impeachment

Thought on Cohen - Is he being smart about denying being in Prague??

Man Gets Black Widow Spider Bite. Then He Can't Pee.

Is it the orange face coating? The dyed hair? The 239lb (LOL) girth? The origami hairdo? The . . . .

10 Times Science Proved the World is Amazing in 2018

China Has Highest Percentage of Atheists in the World, Gallup Survey Says

Who is this ReTHUG lunatic on Chris Hayes?

El Paso, NM hospitals do medical checks after 2nd migrant child dies in CBP custody

On Chris Hayes now repuke rep Burgess said Mexicans could "melt" through the border wall.

Anyone watching TX US Rep. Michael Burgess-R on All in with Chris Hayes.

Radio Ga Ga

Immigrants are capable of melting through fences I guess

Christmas with my right wing parents

He's accused of kicking a Wichita toddler and yelling racial slurs. Now he's free

Black Voters Will Reject Any 2020 Democratic Candidate Who Trashes Obama to Appease the Far Left

Don Lemon calls out Trump for lying to troops' faces

Am I Right?

Now I know why it hasn't snowed much this year

"Today, JFK would be considered alt-right!" Trump Jr to HS/college kids at conservative summit

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Hump Day!

Man indicted on terroristic threat charge against Kilgore and Longview high schools

Rare Super Blood Wolf Moon To Coincide With Total Lunar Eclipse This January

Wasn't Mexico Supposed To Pay For The Wall?

Interesting show on CNN......the orange blob and the press......

So much for keeping a secret...

Heartbeat abortion bill veto survives day of Ohio overrides

Aretha Franklin attorney: $3 million in back taxes paid to IRS

Slate: Path to the Presidency Could Be Harder for White Democrats in 2020

Stock market up today. Guess the manipulators did their job.

A Mueller Question

Dems' New Year's resolution: Stiff Trump on the wall and reopen the government

Special Report: As their landlord profits, soldiers battle unsafe Army homes

Richard Overton, America's oldest living WWII vet and man, dies at 112

Trump administration to release hundreds of immigrant families from detention

Luckovich-Humpty Trumpty wanted a wall

The Inevitability of Impeachment

Michael Cohen claims he's never been to 'beautiful' Prague amid report he went there

North Carolina lawmakers override veto of elections bill

"Why should we be deported? This is very, very hard for a family."

Military walks a fine line in discussing Afghanistan after Trump orders withdrawal plans

Trump's arguments about the wall are mostly exaggerated or false

WAPO OP ED: Eugene Robinson: Who's afraid of the MAGA mob? Only Trump.

State details jammed equipment, missing volunteers and possibly uncounted votes in November election

Trump's visit to Iraq prompts concerns about politicization of military

I splurged and bought a 7-1/2 lb ham from Oscar's.

Nancy Pelosi to donnie. I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha!

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to a majority runs through AZ special,CO,NC,GA,and IA.

Biggest Stock Reversal Since 2010 Rings of Bear Market Bounce

Because of HIS cuts to SNAP, Trump's white male supporters may lose their food stamps

Fire at NY power plant looks like Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Only 13x in the last 72 years has a sitting US President NOT been The Most Admired Man in the U.S.

Power substation blows up in NYC

Photographs from the Lodz Ghetto

800,000 government workers may need financial aid as shutdown continues

Virginia Del. Nick "Freaky" Freitas (Far-Right Republican) Strikes Again, Compares People from Blue

Ahead of Bolsonaro's Inauguration in Brazil, Groups Vow to Fight 'Hateful Rhetoric and Acts of Viole

It always give me fright whenever I lose track of my potato...

Video of extremely bright light/explosion(?) outside my apartment window just now

A roving train wreck...

Greenland's Rapid Ice Melt Persists Even in Winter, Study Finds

Teen sons of Westmoreland County, PA, sheriff charged with armed robbery, grand theft

National Parks Suffer During Shutdown

More than 4 million children endured lockdowns last school year

What "bar?"

Michelle Obama Is The Most Powerful Person In Politics Who Hates Politics

NYT-For Bernie Sanders, Holding Onto Support May Be Hard in a 2020 Bid

Trump puts isolationism at center stage

Nearly 75% Of Coastal States Aren't Prepared For Sea Level Rise

Are TSA employees working without pay?

Trump is worried about Central Americans coming over the Mexican border. What about Russian

Pamunkey tribe working to buy land for casino near Harbor Park in Norfolk

Haberman thinks Trump may slip out, shutdown or not, for the Log-O-Merde New Years party.

What's the deal with this Nude Selfie business?

LeBron James named AP Male Athlete of the Year 2018

Shutdown Update: I Can't Top Nancy's Beaded Curtain Joke, But Here's a Blog Anyhow(Ferret/ShowerCap)

Who exactly was in Prague?

IF the Senate wants to regain their power as a part of the third branch of government

Serena Williams named AP Female Athlete of the Year 2018

the view from apartment next to nyc transformer explosion

Queen Elizabeth's Christmas message criticised online for featuring gold piano

blizzard warning for Albuquerque NM area tonight/tomorrow! snow and wind and

Unpopular Opinion: Bennett College is screwed

shutdown stories

United Daughters of the Confederacy requested custody of Silent Sam

Strange Blue Light in NY Skyline

Trump crossed political line n visit to the troops-violation of protocol says retired 3-star general

So. Carolina is poised to be a big player in determining the 2020 Democratic presidential contender

Bomb threat in the senate offices of Canada in Ottawa. Victoria bldg.

Does this seem like, oh, i dunno...COLLUSION???

Um...should I be worried?

South Carolina Women Increasingly Terminate Pregnancies in Other States

BTW, federal civil cases under blanket stay during shutdown

Finally, US hospitals will have to post their prices online

Faux news advertisers

Macaulay Culkin to legally change his middle name to Macaulay Culkin

Local Group Pushes for 100 Percent Clean, Renewable Energy in Athens

The cutest nope

Do you have Rh-negative blood?

I need to ask,,I am in a dilemma,, only honest answer please

China cracks down on Marxist group for celebrating Mao's birthday and supporting labor union

When I was young, I went on a date with someone I just met...

State Study Committee Recommends Georgia Schools Start Later

There are SIX days left before Democratic Leadership of the House

Museum dedicated to WWII homefront opens on Georgia coast

Howard, once again cutting through the BS

Trump Administration Suggests Furloughed Workers Do Chores for Landlords to Help Pay Rent

Doubt, a summary of this little mini series

Sheryl Crow-Members Only

Renewed effort at UVA will try to 'tell a new history' of Charlottesville after slavery

Maybe the Dems should go back to DC.

Virginia to again consider marijuana decriminalization

I have to say there is one thing I am seriously thankful for regarding this group.

TCM Schedule for Friday, December 28, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Spotlight: Songs on Screen

4 Non Blondes What's Up?

King Floyd Groove Me (1970-1)

Abbot & Costelllo in the 21st Century

So how should the Dem Nominee handle the debates against Trump in 2020

Two years out of office, Americans still admire Barack and Michelle Obama above all others

Social worker left surprise $11M to children's charities

On day 1 Obama got 300,000 resumes to work for his Admin..Trump had to have a job fair..

Dix mots francais que les Anglais adorent

Researchers Just Spotted The 'World's Rarest Bird' in Brazil

Researchers Just Spotted The 'World's Rarest Bird' in Brazil

Heard of the Trump Unity Bridge? The tow vehicle needs repairs and the GoFundMe isn't going so well!

My reelected County Commissioner died on Thursday

NC lawmakers override veto of bill that makes allegations of campaign finance violations secret

Democrats have greater opportunity of regaining control of the US Senate in 2022 than 2020.

Netanyahu will visit president elect Bolsonaro this Friday in Rio

Brazil lifts restriction on foreign ownership of local airlines, opens up investment to 100%

Basic tenets of Trumponomics.....please list some here.

"It Is A Panic" - Climate Gentrificiation Comes To Miami's Little Haiti - DW

'Nude Selfie' Obtained In Mueller Inquiry, Says Court Filing By Indicted Russian Firm

80% Of Mountain Glaciers In Yukon, Alberta And BC Will Be Gone In 50 Years Or Less

The Guardian view on Donald Trump in 2019: the year of reckoning

No more paperwork: Estonia edges toward digital government

Delhi Gov Deploys Firefighters To Spray Water From High-Rises, Stops Construction In Choking Smog

If This is True, Donald Trump is Finished

Former NPS Head On Zinke's "Idiotic" Policies, Years That We Are Losing On Climate Implosion

Warmer Water Lures Kemp's Ridley Turtles North To MA, Where They Die/Strand When Winter Comes

Does anyone think Traitor Tot will keep govt. closed just to prevent

Rolling Coal 2.0 - Sit Back And Enjoy Teh Vengeance Of Teh Stupid

The Trump US-Mexico fence/wall covers the South part of CA,AZ,and NM and Southwest part of TX.

American astronomer Nancy Grace Roman dies aged 94

Satellites watch over the graves of ancient steppe nomads

Air-supported structure covers 4,000-yr-old ruins in China

Mostly for the gals on DU.......has it happened to you that a favorite

Giant "Ice House" discovered under the streets of Marylebone

Australia Swelters as Heat Records Tumble

Japan's AKARI Space Telescope Detects Water in a Number of Asteroids

Warren records video message for benefit concert for Tree of Life synagogue

Hackers steal data on 1,000 North Korean defectors in South

New York City sky lights up bright blue after Queens power plant explosion

Inside Facebook's Secret Rulebook for Global Political Speech

Inside Facebook's Secret Rulebook for Global Political Speech

Are affected Federal workers getting their direct deposits

House Democrats want evidence preserved in border deaths

House Democrats want evidence preserved in border deaths

Man held after using front-end loader to make get-away

Wall /shutdown just trump gambit to control news cycle in january

You all have got a certain... I don't know what it is.

Syrian army enters Manbij after Kurdish calls to deter Turkey

Suspect in California shooting in U.S. illegally, prompting Trump tweet

Team Trump Gleeful That Shutdown Will Hijack Pelosi's Big Moment

Russian bank gave Marine Le Pen's party a loan. Then weird things began happening.

Fox and friends seem to have issues with free press

Blizzard conditions cripple central U.S.; bitter cold spreads across region

Why the 'Bloody' Impossible Burger Faces Another FDA Hurdle

Bruce Springsteen on Broadway

Will Trump address the Speaker Of The House by her proper title?

How the "shutdown" might end?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders makes me furious...

China cracks down on Marxist group for demanding equality and labor-rights.

Trump threatens to 'close the Southern Border entirely' if Democrats won't fund his wall

Trump clearly tried to obstruct probe of himself and his family by pressuring acting AG Whitaker: le

Wow. Here is a PBS New Hour town hall with President Obama from 6/1/16.

2020 US Presidential and Senate Election predicton in each state that has a Senate Election in 2020.

Trump went to Iraq for Christmas, to tell the troops they are his mercenaries

Two rich white dudes..

R.I.P. Richard Overton. The nation's oldest WWII vet dies at age 112.

Last Day At Work!!!

'What Obama had, he has that': Jeffries' stock rises as Pelosi successor

Rep. Luis Gutirrez to Democrats: Pay 'ransom' to get immigration reform

UPDATED: Trump threatens to 'close Southern Border entirely' if Democrats don't fund border wall

Detroit Free Press: 😂 (7:50 AM - 28 Dec 2018)

Friday TOONs - The further adventures of Bone Spur McCur

Syrian troops mass at edge of Kurdish town threatened by Turkey

42,000 Coast Guard members are the only military branch to work without pay during shutdown

Trump's Most Blatant Assault on the Rule of Law Yet

The Disturbing Truth About Kevin Spacey's 'Let Me Be Frank' Video

Fox News Host: 'The Base Didn't Believe' Trump Would Get Mexico to Pay For Wall

WH Spins Shutdown: Dems Protect 'Illegal Immigrants' Over Americans

Hundreds of sex abuse allegations found in fundamental Baptist churches across U.S

Retiring GOPer: Trump Forced Shutdown, 'Fell In Line' Behind Sean Hannity

Insufferable Morons: Team Trump Gleeful That Shutdown Will Hijack Pelosi's Big Moment

A very interesting read. Why the left is afraid of Jordan Peterson.

When I asked the Pentagon if they tracked US fuel and bombs used in Saudi airstrikes in Yemen, they.

Eugene Robinson: "Trump's bluster camouflages great weakness"

SHUTDOWN: est. 40,000/ mo. home sales delayed - FEMA not issuing flood insurance policies

Don't throw away that real Christmas tree .... turn it into beer!

Martin Luther nailing 95 Theses on the catholic church doors

Another Front Opens In The Republican War On Science

Ivanka Trump & Jarad Kushner-- working hard making promotional appearances at Trump's business.

The Grim Truth About Impeachment - By Joe Conason

Here's why the stock market is a 'hot mess' -- and how January could calm the chaos

RBG: To All The Bloviators On Talk Radio...

2018 in Review: Best Film Adaptation

Creators' Year in Review, Part 4: What Are You Looking Forward to in 2019?

Record-low 46% in U.S. say religion can solve all or most problems

Folsom Prison Blues

Eugene Robinson: Who's afraid of the MAGA mob? Only Trump.

Dyker Heights. Residents there put on an elaborate display of holiday lights, which is one of the bi

Don Lemon airs 2013 clip of Trump saying Obama should be 'fired' over shutdown

Every Building on Every Block: A Time Capsule of 1930s New York

Counting down to midnight on the 31st for this prediction:

"Fleeting Moments"

While don trump 'proudly wears the mantle' of his Government Shutdown

Kitteh can't sleep without her favorite toy.

Do you sense the panic?

Trump used her slain daughter to rail against illegal immigration. She chose a different path.

Moon Over Andromeda

More Americans blame Trump for government shutdown: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Sarah Huckleberry Sanders said on CBS morning news ...

These fucking talking heads never once warned Republicans

Impeach Bigfoot

Flights That Had The Best Passengers

The House Democrats are going to tear the Trump administration to pieces, live on TV.

Trump Exposes Identities of Navy Seal Team on Twitter

Trump Impeachment Is 'Inescapable' Says Watergate Journalist, President Is 'Out Of Control'

A father and his sons cut wood to fill 80 trucks. Then they brought it to homes that needed heat.

A reminder: the number of senators necessary to override a Trump veto of a CR...

A dying man bought 14 years worth of Christmas gifts for his 2-year-old neighbor

Democratic Leadership from Hawaii

NY, AG, where is the investigation into trump modeling agency?

Is it fair to say that Biden is the early front runner for 2020?

Giant Wooden Trolls Make Mischief in an Enchanting Outdoor Museum

Gvlebocken 2018: "#imstillstanding"

Randy Andy - The People (Living in the USA)

Trump canceled New Year's plans because of shutdown, Mulvaney says

Federal workers are not Democrats - or poker chips

JCPenney stock is now 97 cents a share

The origin of Super Villains: Jinx


"Blue Skies"

Comic-Snips: Batmobile

Shocking illustration of the powerful Trump effect on the stock market vs. Obama

Feel good story of the day.

Chinese schools enforce 'smart uniforms' with GPS tracking system to monitor students

VA fumbles on suicide prevention outreach

The last 6 days of "both parties are the same..."

Barack Obama: As 2018 draws to a close, I'm continuing the tradition of sharing my year-end lists.

Maduro accuses (again) Colombians of destroying Venezuelan electric infrastructure

Tonight's found in the fridge pizza:

Trump is so stupid he backed himself into a corner in an Oval Office

Intelligencer: Cohen previously confessed Czech visits

Today, @NYTOpinion launches 9-part series on personhood laws and the criminalization of pregnancy

I saw this on an old friends facebook

Who Wore It Better?

Cinnamon Girl - Neil Young - LIve - 1991

Beijing prepares to seize Kenya's port of Mombasa

Broken: Trump Threatens Drastic Steps If He Doesn't Get His Wall

So What's The Story On The Nude Individual 1 Selfies & Russia?

Thanks to OhioGal's Queen OP, I have this song bouncing around my dome this morning

I think the president of the US trying to extort money by shutting down the government deserves the

Team Trump Gleeful That Shutdown Will Hijack Pelosi's Big Moment

List of demands

question re vet benefits

In Rebuke of Trump Policy, Judge Criticizes Asylum Seeker's Detention.

As far as I know, none of us here live in China.

Profiles in Crazy, XXXIII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Am I the only one who dislikes New Years?

I watched Francis Ford Coppola's Godfather and Godfather 2 this week.

EPA Set To Run Out Of Money As Government Shutdown Drags On

Brasil freezes line of credit with Venezuela, Cuba for-non payment

Rep. Jim McGovern: Government Shutdown is Because Trump 'Went Off His Meds'

Queen - Don't Stop Me Now (Official Video)

A fight over Republican leadership in Texas becomes a test of the limits of Muslims in the GOP

Shutdown Leaves Government Contractors Without Work And Likely No Back Pay

Texas is turning blue

Transgender inmate gets rare transfer to female prison

Trump has no choice but to cave on the wall and should 'know when to fold': GOP strategist

ICE Is Targeting Activists in Vermont. And the State's DMV Has Been Helping Them.

30th Street Station's flipping sign's future is up in the air

Pelosi Announces Appointment of Congresswoman Kathy Castor to Chair Select Committee on the Climate

I've made several calls to the CDC demanding an answer.

Dershowitz complains anti-Trump bias is keeping him off CNN: 'It's a tragedy'

Trump should be in Mexico negotiating for his wall Payment.

Bernie Sanders' mass email yesterday: 'If I run' (full text)

Video Shows Mokena Cop Avoid Collision With Metra Train

Video Shows Mokena, Illinois, Cop Avoid Collision With Metra Train

Even if you have concluded that the president is mediocre or worse at everything he does,...

Venezuela desires?/does not desire? US interference in Guyana

EHS, an invasive insect, has been found on evergreen decorations in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Sears keeps sending out emails

Congress doesn't know who is making the budget decisions in White House--it's not Trump, not Pence

In 2004, Trump claimed that he wasn't interested in TV show because of cameras and MOBSTERS.

Woman Pleads No Contest in Brutal Beating of 91-Year-Old Hispanic Man with Brick

Gerrymander much - or, how can it be more obvious?!1 (in Texas, natch.) A tale of 2 maps.

My Jerome Corsi rant.

We need a gov shut down law

Gloating that mostly Dems are on furlough comes mighty close to an autocrat punishing his opponents

Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Mar-a-Lago's New Year's Eve Party Despite Trump's Shutdown

They are hating on Nancy just like they did on Hillary. Nancy is time enough for them and she has

House Democrats scooping up staff, lawyers to power Trump investigations

Disruptive, disappointing, chaotic: Shutdown upends scientific research

45 Years After Nixon Signed It Into Law, the War on the Endangered Species Act Continues

Shutdown a no-win situation for Republicans?

Houston, We Have A (Self-Snitching) Problem

Shutdown Day 7: Trump Reportedly Slashes Border Wall Funding Demand in Half, Dems Won't Budge

Graham to Pelosi: 'No Wall Money, No Deal'

THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW 12/27/18 [FULL] Joy Reid hosting

Federal judge blocks Trump administration's cuts to discount drug program


What if the stealth way of breaking a country is to empty its government of experienced workers?

Deadly Hepatitis A Outbreaks Are Exposing Crumbling U.S. Public Health Infrastructure

Should the Dems make any deal for Wall $$

In Major Move, Census Bureau Offers Up Citizenship Data For Redistricting

Deadly blast hits tour bus near Giza pyramids in Egypt

Should Bernie run in 2020?

Miller joins 50 AGs in $575 million settlement with Wells Fargo

U.S. appeals court nixes labor agency's Obama-era 'joint employment' test

U.S. appeals court nixes labor agency's Obama-era 'joint employment' test

Trump EPA says limits on mercury emissions from coal plants not necessary

Before Trump, there was this guy:

U.S. probes outage of CenturyLink 911 emergency call service

"Coming out of the broom closet:" Denver witches report a vibrant, growing community as witchcraft c

"Coming out of the broom closet:" Denver witches report a vibrant, growing community as witchcraft c

NSA Intercepted "Senior Kremlin Types" Chit-Chatting Cohen Was in Prague

Who believes the Con plans to miss his

How are your charitable donations changing this year?

WaPo Editorial Board: Democrats used Russian tactics in Alabama. Now they must swear them off.

Trump's Reckoning Is Underway

PROMISES NOT KEPT: 6 promises Trump made about health care

Long time LA news anchor found dead in hotel, age 43. Overdose suspected

All The Times Lauren McCluskey Asked For Help Before She Was Murdered

German female IS recruit 'let slave child die of thirst' in Iraq

Saying farewell to last of his kind - Last Northern White Horned Rhino

Mollie Tibbits took in the son of fled Mexican farmworkers who worked with her kids accused killer

Trump Throws A Tantrum As Just 25% Of Americans Support His Childish Border Wall Shutdown

Trump threatens to cut aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador

Trump threatens to cut aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador

Majority in poll want Trump impeached or censured

Trump threatens to shut down southern border as government funding stalemate drags on

What's on your New Year Eve/Day dinner menu? Our tradition is Beef Wellington. This year with

Shutdown to close DC museums and galleries by midweek

The shutdown is intractable because Trump's wall is ridiculous and Republicans know it

North Carolina governor to name interim elections panel as state board dissolves

Republicans are taking aim at the new MLB-Cuba posting agreement

Claire McCaskill Hates on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez From Outside Congress...

'Completely Bizarre' Stock Moves Leave Traders Scratching Heads

Times up girl, Bye..

Trump's tax cut one year later: What happened?

Social Worker Left Surprise $11 Million To Children's Charities

Nauert faces questions about qualifications at UN

Drove to Disneyland on the weekend. When I got to Anaheim there was a sign reading "Disneyland Left"

Green Growth's Hostile Bid On Aphria Is Simply A Publicity Stunt (Seeking Alpha)

Key players in new fight over Trump tax returns

Experience: my Airbnb guests threw a New Year party for 300 people

Twitter users constantly send toxic tweets to women, Amnesty International reports

Trump's Politicized Visit To Iraq 'Embarrassing,' Retired 4-Star General Says

Heroes are Everywhere: Pennsylvania Edition

How the fuck can this shut down be Pelosi's fault?

Lovely tune for the weekend. From Rain Parade, "Emergency Third Rail Power Trip" (1983)

Dems' New Year's resolution: Stiff Trump on the wall and reopen the government

Trump used her slain daughter to rail against illegal immigration. She chose a different path.

North Carolina elections board dissolves before certifying November results of 9th district race

EPA Says Limits On Mercury Emissions From Coal Plants Not Necessary

Cartoons 12/18/18

New brew: the Native American women upending craft beer_and a haven for the local LGBTQ and indigeno

Santorum is next....

Apparently, Friday is fear mongering on the undocumented day.

New brew: the Native American women upending craft beer_and a haven for the local LGBTQ and indigeno

New brew: the Native American women upending craft beer_and a haven for the local LGBTQ and indigeno

Matt Taibbi thinks Goldman Sachs is in deep doo doo

Wells Fargo To Pay States $575 Million Over Sales Practices

LMAO at Chump's feeble attempt to create discord between Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

Add your own options for how to scale the wall that won't happen

Looks like we need to add "Selling Home Alarm Systems Door-to-Door While Black" to the list

About Individual One's military jacket . . .

Shutdown could block federal aid to farmers hit by trade war

Elvis Presley - Don't Be Cruel

State of the Union!

The Traveling Wilburys - Handle With Care

Majority in poll want Trump impeached or censured

"This email is... something. Walter Schull Jr, a physical therapist in Texas..."

Rattled - Traveling Willbury's

10 billion in 2018...

Dry hand trimming...

Tweeter And The Monkey Man

10% of his base believes everything he religion, those 10% keep the lights on

Tweet of the Day

A most unusual instrument...

A black man was on the phone with his mom while in a hotel lobby -- and then the police were called

Jeopardy's shout out to Mueller :)

Islamic State-linked militants 'seize Nigeria's Baga town'

So he can close the southern border without a wall?

But a new caravan is coming!

What's for Dinner, Fri., Dec. 28, 2018

Here we fucking go again! A Trump Wet Dream Comes True..

Whoa. This is a Very Big Deal. Pelosi Names Douglas N. Letter New General Counsel Of The House

A cool dude and his 18-string bass (triple-course 6-string)...

Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings (Angus Dei), sung by one man.

Late afternoon/early evening of Geminiani:

National CenturyLink outage continues into Friday

Some Soundgarden. Please enjoy.

Mainers can really celebrate a Happy New Year...they got rid of a crazy f...

UPDATE: Suspect in death of Newman police corporal, five others arrested

Japan Embraces Commercial Whaling, Pulls Out Of Global Alliance That Banned It

The government shutdown is keeping NASA's New Horizons spacecraft in the dark

Trump Thinks Shutdown Fight Will Distract Democrats From Investigations

Trump has also denigrated the sacrifice of service members from all the Coalition countries

Hoyer says Harris will not be seated

Breaking...Trump is the worst president in history

Hoyer says House will not seat a North Carolina Republican amid questions about integrity of electio

Los Angeles station will continue to play xmas music until new years. Should I be listening?

'Apprentice' producer says they 'struggled to make Trump seem coherent'


Home Alone 2

flash flood warning for metro Honolulu and east Oahu til 3pm

Here's why Bernie shouldn't run

Chipper loves recycling...and his family

Kathy Castor named to lead restored House panel on climate change

What's on your list of non-negotiables for a Dem. presidential candidate? update

Syria's Kurds, Feeling Betrayed by the U.S., Ask Assad Government for Protection

12/30 Mike Luckovich: Happy New Year

Our shameless president...

Alan Dershowitz complains anti-Trump bias is keeping him off CNN: 'It's a tragedy

woman threatens black couple with knife because they parked crooked

The World's Most Expensive Temper Tantrum

The shutdown is about to force the FTC to suspend its Facebook investigation, former officials say

District plans to end right turns on red at 100 intersections in 2019

I don't think our long time friend/neighbor in Door County is going to make it.

The Vatican's investigation into Theodore McCarrick's alleged crimes is underway



China's African debt-trap: Beijing prepares to seize Kenya's port of Mombasa

Chris Burrous, Beloved KTLA Anchor, Dead at 43

Maria Butina's Red Sparrow makeover: Photos before and after she became a russian spy.

Txalaparta - another unusual instrument.

It's never been about governance, it's all grifting....

Today I have defeated the windmill and saved a fair maidens honor. I am Lord of La Mancha!

Bankruptcy, Divorce....


LePage leaves protest note on Golden election certificate

the student at Lehigh who poisoned his roommate... a 2nd case emerges

Why so many crazies in the U.S.A? This number is partly the reason: 330,000,000 people in U.S.A.

Sears wins reprieve from liquidation as Chairman Lampert makes last-minute bid on bankrupt company

Tweet thread outlines Andrew Scheer's innumeracy.

I protested @realDonaldTrump at the #hallofpresidents cuz I'll never get this close in real life

Idiot in chief puts Navy Seals lives in danger, because he simply doesn't give a shit.

Michelin Star Roasted Goose and Wonton Noodles in Hong Kong

Pretty soon we will hear how he campaigned "We will build a Wall...

How is it that so many were stopped at the border by his wonderful ICE, and no one points out

Tips for unpaid federal emplyees :-o

Age Discrimination - Great Read


California Gov.-elect Newsom: Trump border-closing threat 'irresponsible, irrational and absurd'

So what the hell happened to CenturyLink nationwide and to 911 service across WA,

Entering a target rich environment

Mueller and the Christmas spirit

Sears closing 80 more stores in March