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Archives: December 29, 2018

US investigating CenturyLink internet outage, 911 failures

Exclusive: U.S. commanders recommend letting Kurdish fighters in Syria keep weapons

Henceforth, TRUMP will be designated TDIE

Oregon knife-wielding white woman hurls racial slurs over parking, black couple says

People may well be in for a nasty surprise come January

A cooped-up Trump's threats fail to break budget deadlock

The greatest game ever played

Dancing Airport Taxiway Worker, Passenger's Love Him!

SAVORY VIETNAMESE STREET FOODS! 5 Dishes to Try in Hanoi, Vietnam (Besides Pho)

Trump dining with the VP tonight:

United States v. Miller, 307 U.S. 174 (1939)

O'Rourke rips Trump's border wall in video: 'A symbol of division'

First deployment in Army

Mom in Hospital...

Same-sex Navy couple faces backlash for re-creating iconic WWII kiss: 'We're just showing our love f

Dow closes lower, ending a volatile week on Wall Street

Fact check: Trump brags to troops about 10 percent pay raise he didn't actually give them

TCM Schedule for Saturday, December 29, 2018 -- What's On Tonight: ????

United States Senators who will lose re-election in 2020.

The Infrastructure you could build with 50 Billion Dollars

After years of assailing Obamacare, some Republicans now fear the political fallout

If Trump did make a deal on Syria for his Hotels

Trump: Give Me a Wall or I'll Engineer a Recession

I'm upset to hear people mention "the wall" as if it could be real.

anybody ever had to get a phone reconnected through the verizon fraud system?

madTV classic Honey Dipper Dan

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 30 - Double Bogie

TCM Schedule for Monday December 31 - New Year's Eve Entertainment

Angelina Jolie considering politics.

Proposal: All future govt shutdowns should include the entirety of the US govt. Including...

The Inevitability of Impeachment

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Hump Day! Best of Malloy

For those who can't get enough Obama these days (and I am one)

I thought I was the only one pissed off over Hugh Hewitt on today's MTP. Twitter's going nuts.

Gov. Snyder vetoes GOP power grab, Dark Money bills, but signs bill to make statewide

TV antennas are making a comeback in the age of digital streaming

There may be a nude selfie in the Mueller probe evidence

Maine's LePage certifies Democrat win but writes "stolen election" on the document

So Joy Reid was running some old footage of NBC's news reports of the Watergate hearings,

Steny Hoyer: House Will Not Seat NC Republican Amid Election Fraud Investigation

Thousands of government contractors unlikely to get back pay when the shutdown ends

The best pet care story I've read...

My 2018 "McLaughlin Awards" (Part 2)

If Andrew Gillum(D-FL) were to run for political office again, What office will he run for?

Per FOIA, EPA "is down 245 scientists, 116 engineers and 237 environmental protection specialists."

Another "soon to be a collector's item", perhaps for the RW relatives?

I made Hollandaise Sauce for the first time tonight.

"I'm not Donald Trump. I'll fuck your shit up".


Ha..I found the fake bill signing pics...

The last half hour of "A Hard Day's Night" - that's all I (just) saw.

I don't know what we do.

Rep. Adam Smith, Incoming Head Of Armed Services Committee, Vows To Challenge Trump's Lies

Ivanka Trump jewelry

Shutdown To Close DC Museums And Galleries By Midweek

Beto's ad against the wall

A dog's transformation

Just Saw Mary Poppins Returns And Am Wondering What Others Thought Of It?.....

Government files sealed response to Supreme Court in mystery grand jury case

A Town Hall with Nancy Pelosi

Mother Jones - How to Spot a Russian Bot

(Wyo)-Liz Cheney Asks For Her Pay To Be Withheld During Shutdown

Hawaii Senator To Donate Salary Earned During Shutdown

I am 52. I had a hysterectomy 25 years ago. Just the last 3 months or so I have been sweating

Newsom criticizes tRump's threat to close border...


Lisa Stansfield - You Can't Deny It

Brahms' Second Symphony just started on the Music Choice classical channel...

Bye Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy!

BREAKING: Eathwuake, tsunami warning in the Philippines

Earthquake of 6.9 strikes off Philippines, tsunami waves possible

"Phoning mom while black" now a reason to call police and evict from hotel room.

A New Way to Spaghetti and Meatballs

It's really not that hard to find the little red "X". n/t

Peppermint Rainbow - Will You Be Staying After Sunday

Is Mueller's Probe Nearing the Worst Case Scenario?

If I didn't know better, I'd think he was running for something...

Trump is going 'nuts' because Mueller is tracking his foreign business ties 'like a dog on a bone'

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Mueller appears to respond early in subpoena fight at Supreme Court

There are FIVE days left before Democratic Leadership of the House

Remember the millions Jill Stein raised to pay for RECOUNTS? Here's where it REALLY went.

From BillMaherFanpage.....

trump jonesing for a shutdown

Bands that are prisoners of their era

Why are gas prices still so high in California?

Author Paul Greenberg on why Americans should eat more fish - PBS NewsHour

trump's poison will kill us

Best line I've heard all week

Don't Be Shocked: Trump Is Being Trump - Seib

O.M.G! This was the "theme music" for the Watergate hearings ?

Sister Sledge We Are Family

Nancy Pelosi is as good as Mitch McConnell thinks he is

The O'Jays Love Train

Chic Good Times

Stanley Clarke George Duke - Louie Louie

What would be the perfect title for a movie about the Trump administration...?

My favorite of Barack Obama's favorites...

Millions of kids fear being killed at school. It's time for adults to say: enough.

El Paso's migrant children had a gift-filled Christmas thanks to two hotel employees

CRICKETS! wins Twitter tonight. I promise.

Trump is keeping the government shut down over an immigration crisis that doesn't exist

I keep coming back to her demo vids

I got Everything Trump Touches Dies by Rick Wilson for

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Smithsonian, EPA Ready to Close as Shutdown Toll Deepens

South Carolina bill would send convicted 'porch pirates' to prison up to 5 years

Donald Trump will be impeached in 2019, says 'prediction professor'

China frees detained Canadian teacher Sarah McIver

New Year honours list rewards terror attack responders

Santee Cooper accuses SCE&G of civil fraud in failed, $9 billion nuclear project

Trump-Russia: Republican probe of alleged FBI bias ends 'with a whimper'

Anak Krakatau: Indonesian volcano's dramatic collapse

South Carolina utility's customers fired their board after pay scandal. Now, they're taking over

Trump supporter to C-SPAN host: 'The government shutdown is good because it will bring Jesus back'

Dining Out: Would you pay more for your servers health care?

Myrtle Beach man named in federal complaint alleging $2 billion in tax fraud

Cartoon: Steve Mnuchin's 2019 economic forecast

Abandon Kurds and take their weapons? Leave our weapons behind and risk danger to our soldiers

The 'blue water' Navy veterans of the Vietnam War battle Agent Orange

Injured bald eagle discovered on Floresville ranch, game warden says

Sen. Johnny Isakson contacted FBI on behalf of MiMedx CEO

A Hazy Shade of Winter

So where exactly is top cop Officer Jim Nasium

If the House passes legislation, can the Senate refuse to accept it?

Hidalgo police chief arrested on domestic violence charge

Company faces possible $2.2M fine for inaction at Denton site holding low-level radioactive waste

What Will History Books Say About 2018?

43 years ago today: the LGA Bombing

Videos: Migrant children dragged, pushed at Southwest Key shelter

No cash? In Istanbul, you can recycle your plastic bottle for a ride.

"Normies" can do this?

Last 5 days of "Both parties are the same."

The logic escapes them...

Federal employees can't take vacations during a furlough, unless your name is Jared or Ivanka

I hope Rachel or Lawrence give Americans a civics lesson next week on the roles, powers

Calling all cookie monsters: it's the Keurig for cookies.

Whoops: National Review retracts article slamming Title IX "overreach."

Epiphone les Paul Our son and his friend on a zeppelin bender

Does anyone one know where this chart is from (found on Twitter w/ no attribution):

Migrant Baby Contracted Pneumonia After Five Days in a 'Freezing' Holding Cell

Boeing Awarded $400M Defense Contract Days After Ex-Exec Shanahan Tapped For Acting Defense Secretar

As soon as the Dems come back in the House, someone need to read into the record

The Latest on Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's action on lame-duck bills (all times local):

Jeff Flake Won't Rule Out 2020 Run: 'Somebody Needs To' Challenge Trump

Trump retreats from public view as government shutdown continues over border wall fight

Trump Thinks His Shutdown Will Stop Nancy Pelosi From Investigating His Corrupt Regime. Good Luck...

Saudi citizen killed US citizen on US soil and escaped via help from saudi government.

Don Jr. May Have Gone to Prague, Not Michael Cohen

A question about Individual 1 hanging around the White House.

As long as Matthew Whitaker is in place, the Russia investigation is in danger - WaPo Edit. Board

Trump Hasn't Ordered Afghan Troop Withdrawal, White House Says

'He's still in prison': Trump lifts Turkey sanctions but Americans remain detained

Ohio lawmakers override governor's veto, pass new gun law

Tar Heel of the Year: The Rev. William Barber -- activist, advocate and preacher

Trump's Most Blatant Assault Yet on the Rule of Law

Wonder what an international poll on most admired men and women would show?

'Pouring Salt Into the Wound' Amid Shutdown, Trump Signs Executive Order Freezing Pay

You can't even call them postmodern rednecks.....

Ok, shut down the border. That's better than building a wall. Guess who that will hurt?

How about DACA and Medicare for all for 5 billion for the wall?

Senator Lindsey Graham Claims Trump Border Wall is Defense Against 'Radical Islam'

YOU! Yes You are paying for the Mar-a-lago NYE party. $54k for tents and $41K generators and lights.

The President Sang Amazing Grace sung by Joan Baez

A $21,000 Cosmetology School Debt, and a $9-an-Hour Job

North Carolina dissolves state elections board amid ongoing 9th District dispute

North Carolina dissolves state elections board amid ongoing 9th District dispute

This is how you drown a government in a bathtub

Dan McCready(D-NC)- Could McCready be a viable US Senate candidate in 2020 or 2022?

Republican caller to C-SPAN call-in show (crazy time in America)

Nancy Grace Roman, 'Mother of Hubble,' Dies at 93

Dear Unindicted Co-Conspirator Supporters

Wind farm turbines wear sooner than expected, says study

Union official destroys Trump and GOP for forcing unpaid federal employees to go begging to their

As a grocery chain is dismantled, investors recover their money. Worker pensions are short millions.

'A giant waste of money': Ex-FBI agent explains the biggest problem with Trump's border wall

Exclusive: Russian Ex-Spy Pressured Manafort Over Debts to an Oligarch

'A giant waste of money': Ex-FBI agent explains the biggest problem with Trump's border wall

Trump Makes 2019 Federal Pay Freeze Official

Russian coal-mining town 'paints snow white to hide evidence of pollution'

Russian GRU engages in malign espionage

New Jersey AG has obtained evidence of possible crimes at Trump's golf club -- and Mueller, FBI are i

Don't forget that Brett Kavanaugh has absolutely no business on the Supreme Court. We won't.

He was accused of killing a Portland teen. Feds believe the Saudis helped him escape

Mollie Tibbetts's mother took in child of Mexican immigrants after murder suspect's arrest

Is Paul Ryan the reason the government is shut down?

Russian GRU launching sofisticated cyber attacks

'War on transparency': US agency plans crackdown on information requests

'War on transparency': US agency plans crackdown on information requests

Volcano three-quarters blown away by Indonesia tsunami eruption

The Noxious Ignorant Drek Fox viewers are hearing about Global Warming

McCoy Tyner & Ravi Coltrane - Walk Spirit Talk Spirit

The year in patriarchy: from Kavanaugh's fury to Serena Williams's catsuit

This morning in Albuquerque, NM

Teachers are quitting their jobs at the highest rate since 2001

Third Quarter Moon, this morning:

"Club Dread for Don" _New Jersey AG has obtained evidence of immigration crimes at Trump's golf club

Walter Geoffrey's meltdowns continue. 😂😂😂

NJ AG has obtained evidence of possible crimes at Trump's golf club - & Mueller, FBI are involved

Kurt Eichenwald - The Myths Democrats Swallowed That Cost Them the Presidential Election


Tsunami warning withdrawn after 6.9-magnitude quake strikes off southern Philippines

Jose Feliciano - Light my fire

Lawsuit says (Florida) theme park should put warning signs in Spanish

The Wallnuts, would they be happy with a white picket fence?

Ella Fitzgerald photographed while performing in Chicago, 1958:

Just what would a naked selfie,

Surprise attack but the Klingons were wiped out

Jose Feliciano - The Thrill is Gone

the moron-in-chief is up....

What happened to Ivanka's e-mails?

Here is some "Good News." Yes, it is real, there was an earthquake.."no casualties or damage.."

Funniest Foster Brooks bit on Dean Martin Roast of Don Rickles

Russian State TV brags about "installing" Nationalists worldwide, including POtuS.

Felix Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E Minor, Op. 64

My microwave is demanding a sacrifice

The Hidden Cost of a Government Shutdown

Give Trump his 5 billion on one condition

New Year's Eve party in Times Square to cheer for press freedom

On Democrats' wish list: Tech help for a clueless Congress

The O'Jays - Back Stabbers

When Prosecutors Jail a Mother for a Miscarriage

How Much of the Internet Is Fake? Turns Out, a Lot of It, Actually.

Dirty Vegas - Days Go By

For the love of money - O' jays

Truck owners are blocking Tesla super chargers in protests

Do you realize the horror of the U.S. House under which we were living?

Ex-secretary of tiny Jefferson Co., PA, borough charged with stealing $300k

TSA to deploy more floppy-ear dogs because they're less scary than pointy-ear dogs

Take a look at how a Private Equity Firm dismantles stores, and then think of Sear's unfolding saga.

This absolute law of nature is destroying the Republican party.

Study: White rats save only white, not black rats. Unless they're raised with black rats.

NPR - After 'Calling Out' Sanders Over Event Snub, Vermont Leaders Of Color Offer Path Forward

The Wall will be a perfect teaching moment for don trump about governmental democracy

Organizing for Bernie Conference Call

Fortune - Trump's 2017 Tax Cuts Are Expected to Lower Charitable Donations

Truck owners are blocking Tesla Superchargers in 'ICE-ing' protests

Did you hear how Trump deals with stress?

Trump: Give Me a Wall or I'll Engineer a Recession

Johannes Brahms Double Concerto

President Goo goo ga ga is going to cry and whine a lot in 2019.

How One Company Is Making Millions Off Trump's War on the Poor

Tucker Carlson's Show Sheds Advertisers After Immigration Comments: Report

Institute for Tibetan medicine upgraded to university

Lyndon LaRouche Is Still Alive and He's Been Hobnobbing With Roger Stone

Are you ready for some football???

Fill In The Blank: I Survived ___________.

Hey Montanans...what do you know about this?

Russia, Turkey to coordinate on Syria

Sly and the Family Stone Feature Documentary Set for 2019

Shouldn't the term Trump Derangement Syndrome be applied to his fans?

Feds to furloughed workers: Try bartering for rent

Women in military, female veterans shifting from GOP

Joy Reid: Tune in next Friday, January 4th!!

'Tis the Season to Renew and Expand the US Postal Service

Philippine President Duterte stepped up his attacks against the Roman Catholic Church

Tweet: "What if we just elected the black woman?"

Bankruptcy leaves Detroit police abuse claims unpaid

Prosecutor accuses DOJ of blocking investigation into death of student shot 59 times

Drug abuse in pregnancy isn't child abuse, Pa. court rules

Jewish sect members accused of kidnapping children in New York

EPA to make it harder to tighten mercury rules in the future

40 years ago today at the Gator Bowl: Woody Hayes' punch

Fireworks banned on the Galapagos to protect wildlife

Fireworks banned on the Galapagos to protect wildlife

11 countries will move forward with a huge trade deal -- without the US

EPA implements its shutdown plan

Truck owners are blocking Tesla Superchargers in 'ICE-ing' protests (TSLA)

Two-year-old, whose Yemeni mother was initially denied a visa under Trump's travel ban, dies in Cali

Original Woodstock Site to Host 50th Anniversary Concert

Original Woodstock Site to Host 50th Anniversary Concert

Even if trump gets 1.3 or 1.6B, what kind of cheap 2000 mile-long wall...

Trump demanding a deal on "Border Security"

Michael Che Hilarious "Black Lives Matters"

Trump's Dilemma: Go To Mar-a-Lago And Get Criticized? Or Disappoint Dues-Paying Members?

Unprepared and Overwhelmed

Who else has acute hearing in the minutes before wakefulness?

Is this what winning looks like?

Fuck you. Not going to link, but fuck you, Don the Con.

Bre Payton, US conservative news writer, dies at 26

With regard to the "Wall," perhaps Democrats could emphasize

Weekend TOONs 1 - Not your normal "New Year's Baby" cartoons

Weekend TOONs 2 - Vacancies and Forecasts

AMAZING variety of animals & fish cuddling hoomans

The big difference between R and D investigations is...

Cake - The Distance

So trump's 'lawyer' is now his political henchman

Turkish tanks headed towards Syria

"GD forum restrictions." My Saturday wish is that DU'ers would observe the defined restrictions

Gene ROBINSON: "(negotiator?) he ought to read this book, Art of the Deal (by) Tony SCHWARTZ"

BEST DIY POKE BOWL 3 WAYS How to Make a Poke Bowl

How to make a PokeBowl

'War on transparency': US agency plans crackdown on information requests

Brian Stelter looks at the Trump, Fox News 'love story'

First sighting of season for critically endangered species

Wanna see a tiny bit of the (already existing) border wall?

US Senators likely to lose re-election in 2020 and their likely general election opponents.

Lol: "Yes I took it, Fuck NO you can't use it you traitor propaganda state TV swine."

NEUTROLLIZATION. If you don't know what it is, see below.

Poor world

Ted Lieu: "We take control in 5 days. Good luck getting the House to vote for your vanity wall."

'I'm in despair': a mother and village mourn Guatemalan boy's death in US

Definition of Athiesm.

'I'm in despair': a mother and village mourn Guatemalan boy's death in US

Is This Really About the Wall? Or Is This an Attack on Fed Workers?

I hope fox 'news' gets to the bottom of this...😡

Trump is an idiot for not wrapping up the Continuing Resolution

Lame Duck Rethugs in Michigan pass bill to make ballot inititives more difficult

I just can't take anymore of Trump. None of those in the caravan thought to come here illegally.

Barney Miller Season 3 Episode 11 Hash

FEMA revives flood insurance sales after backlash

Coast Guard will get paid

What if democrats matched dollar for dollar what Mexico pays us for the wall.

Yamini Huru Kiseki- D'espairsRay

Brazil's president-elect plans decree allowing wider gun ownership

There are two things we need to know about the wall

He Was a Gay Man on Staff at a Catholic Parish. Then the Threats Began Coming In.

Disgusted By Trump, These Teens Are Turning Instagram Political

Ex-Spy Pressured Manafort Over Debts to an Oligarch

The EPA is trying to kill us.

Trump tells Dems to 'come on over and make a deal' as shutdown enters eighth day

Florida man creates GoFundMe to pay for tunnels under border wall

Is this a good breakfast?

The Florida 2018 elections for U.S. Senator and Governor Are Highly Suspicious

What's for Dinner, Sat., Dec. 29, 2018

Anyone watched Bandersnatch on Black Mirror? OMG!

Jesus doesn't believe in walls

Second migrant child's death in custody raises alarm for doctors as Nielsen tours border

VIDEO: Floriana's Nancy Pelosi tree celebrates the women of Congress

14-pound, 13-ounce baby breaks weight record at Texas hospital

Trump says "big progress" on possible China trade deal

5 Days! Help is on the way!

From gun reform to climate change, young people brought activism to a whole new level this year

Four Key Senators Shift 2020 Presidential Planning Into High Gear

I hope the talkng heads remember to show this clip with the Con predicting a red wave

Living paycheck to paycheck is disturbingly common: 'I see no way out.'

Couple sue Vermont gynecologist for fathering child

US farmers 'helpless' as TPP boosts Australia

Obama Has The Most Popular Video Of 2018 As Trump Withers In White House

Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man

These Are Rainbow Sushi Tacos

Trump veers between hard-liner, dealmaker on shutdown

Border closure could cost billions

Dems: hold the line on gov jobs

Max Bruch Scottish Fantasy

Trump issues executive order freezing federal workers' pay in 2019

Poll finds 33 percent would definitely or likely back Trump for reelection


Fuck. You.

What would you accept for giving Trump his wall?

Hugh Hewitt is a GIANT ASSHOLE.

"There's no need for a wall" (The Flatlanders, "Borderless Love)

Trump, GOP seek to shift blame for shutdown to Pelosi

How The 1% Will Live After The End Of The World - VICE on HBO

We can make it brotha! ....Aw shit.

When you live in a predominately Catholic neighborhood

A former top Justice Dept. attorney who retired under Trump is now House Democrats' lead lawyer

So, you are sitting there with a pair of deuces..(a very low poker hand)

Couple Comes Home To Find A Wild Turkey On The Couch

Seating provider for Chevy Lordstown plant laying off 120 employees

Trump has a tendency to agree spontaneously to requests pitched by foreign leaders.

Hillary told us all about Trump and Russia. THIS SPEECH HAPPENED 8 DAYS BEFORE THE ELECTION.

If Bernie won the Dem nomination for President, would he decline it, like he does in Vermont

Hotel employees who asked black guest to leave fired

Veterans protest the gutting of West L.A. PTSD therapy groups

It's been pointed out that the USA always seems to need an enemy.

The Seldom Scene

UK postal service issues 'Best of British' D-Day stamp featuring US troops 8,500 miles away

UK postal service issues 'Best of British' D-Day stamp featuring US troops 8,500 miles away

Dame June Whitfield, star of Absolutely Fabulous, dies aged 93

Green Chopsticks

Quote of the Day

Out-of-State Money Fueled Blue Wave

Khalil Fong (方大同) - Run From Your Love ft. Fifi Rong Official Music Video

Trump Blames Democrats Over Deaths of Migrant Children in U.S. Custody

Republican lawmaker takes aim at public schools

California Becomes 1st State to Ban Retail Sale of Dogs, Cats, Rabbits

A former top Justice Department attorney who retired under Trump is now House Democrats' lead lawyer

Trump issues executive order freezing federal workers' pay in 2019

Have you seen this latest picture of IQ45 at southern border?