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Harris To Decide On 2020 WH Bid "Over The Holiday"

I wonder if the right wing will see profit in selling bottled oxygen so will go with it:

Great saying:

from The Gallery of Regrettable Food

On all the love for HW

Great replacement for Kid Rock:

Packers fire head coach Mike McCarthy

Mission Accomplished...

Mike Malloy on George H.W. Bush

We got a 1000 points of light for the homeless man

What?! Are you nuts?

Trump 'likes' North Korean leader and will 'fulfill Chairman Kim's wishes'

Windrush: Home Office criticised after deportees not contacted

'May His Many Victims Across the Globe Rest in Peace': George H.W. Bush Dead at 94

the GazettE - Red Motel

Bribery!! Seth Abramson is on another roll!! 2nd letter of intent for Moscow tRump tower (w/pics)

How a future Trump Cabinet member gave a serial sex abuser the deal of a lifetime

SCOTUS Can't Turn Back Time On Abortion Rights, But It Can Do Something Worse

Love it! NOT! Now the ads are showing up in between the posts? Lawd!

An Cafe- Ryuusei Rocket pv

Commander in Chief question

" He passed out with his head in a plate of mashed potatoes "


Individual #1 from TEB

On the 12th day of Christmas Donny did receive

On the first night, a Happy Chanukah

oKaY ALL you Rockers! My favorite Japanese METAL band has new tunes!! FEAST!!!

"A Christmas Story"...Ralphie gets his ring!

Things to say when you can't think of anything else.

Ain't linking to MoDo's farewell to Poppy - it's more like her farewell to herself (thank gudness!1

Joy Reid: Representing while looking like a goddess

Many accepted this event under GHW Bush, these images and scenes were the beginning (graphic)

Russia's state media: Trump "clumsy," "morose," "defensive," "brought dissonance to the #G20Summit,"

Futures are up big. The press is reporting Trump and China agree to intensify trade talks

Dick Van Dyke totally owns Piers Morgan

The K9 days of Christmas

A festive tale in three acts.

Long John Baldry.

Steven Beschloss: "They must be held accountable."

Saw a headline elsewhere that said Rachel Maddow beat the pants off of Hannity last week. In the

Owning it: Charter member of the grave dancers contingent. tia


Ken Berry, TV Actor in 'Mama's Family,' 'F Troop,' 'Mayberry R.F.D,' Dies at 85

FL-15: Ross Spano acknowledges possible 'violation' of campaign finance law

They ARE not JOKING!

What a week

Ever faithful

Zeppy Paws is comin to town!

Barbie Shaming.

Do you think dotard is happy the Bush the elder died during this russia mess?

Beloved Yellowstone Wolf 'Spitfire' Killed By Trophy Hunter

David CORN and Andy RICHTER addressing our recent (and ever recurring) issues:

Bernie Sanders Attacks Republicans On Climate Change - 2015

Tao of the Rainbow

Illinois: Celebrating 200 Years of Statehood on December 3rd. 1818-2018

Salute for Sully

Donald Trump boasts about his 'very, very large brain' during rambling press conference

The Brandenburg Gate, 1939 vs. 2018.

Justin Trudeau responds to Trevor Noah's call to help fund education with a $50M pledge from Canada

Avenatti says his chances of beating Trump in 2020 'have only gone up'

Who is into the Nightflyer playing on SCI FI.

You remember Trump steaks, but Trump water? Some of his failures, but just the top 10...

Ashita Tenki ni Naare!

Intercepts Solidify C.I.A. Assessment That Saudi Prince Ordered Khashoggi Killing

Russia deploys S-400 surface-to-air missile battery in Crimea, seen in new satellite images

Mueller's targets share a problem: They lie

Trump's Mueller problems deepen, worrying allies

Trump's skepticism of climate science is echoed across GOP

Michelle Obama Tells Colbert, There Wasn't Any Room for Anybody in Our Administration to Be Indicted

Michael Cohen Is The 33rd Person Mueller Has Charged -- And Could Be Among The Most Important

U.S. agency apologizes to George Soros after broadcast called him 'multimillionaire Jew'

Trump touting that holding off on more of his own tariffs is a great deal.

A Persian Jewish Refugee Who Fled Iran by Airlift Just Became a State Senator in New York

Senate headed for clash over Saudi Arabia

Garth was the BOMB!!!!!! at Notre Dame stadium.

Incoming GOP lawmaker says he may have violated campaign finance law

Killings of Journalists Show the Bloody Fingerprints of Organized Crime

Killings of Journalists Show the Bloody Fingerprints of Organized Crime

If Trump didn't want their money so much, I think he would be pissed at the 'bros greeting.

Is the new NAFTA the biggest trade deal ever, as Donald Trump said?

Antarctic Island Exploded 4,000 Years Ago

It's Treason Season!

After ditching gun sales, Dick's removes hunting gear from its stores

The Daily Show: Guest Al Gore - The Climate Reality Project and "24 Hours of Reality"

The body of Ray Taliaferro was found, according to a family member on Sunday evening.

The Daily Show: Guest Al Gore - The Climate Reality Project and "24 Hours of Reality"

Archaeologists Are Looking for Dead Sea Scrolls Inside 2 Newfound Qumran Caves

Soar Over NASA's InSight Landing Site on Mars in This Stunning Video

Here's What Photosynthesis Sounds Like Underwater

Incoming GOP lawmaker says he may have violated campaign finance law

Here's How Much Starlight Has Been Created Since the Beginning of the Universe

Dear Doctor


Stray Cat Blues

Three Weeks Later, Still No FEMA Trailers Available for Camp Fire Survivors

Spinning Grains of Cosmic Dust Could Explain Weird Signals at the North Pole

Factory Girl

Einstein's Theory of General Relativity Just Survived a Massive Crash in Outer Space

Prodigal Son

Live With Me

This Strange Hum Circled the Whole World. But Nobody Heard It.

Monkey Man

InSight lander sets power record on its first full day on Mars

Gil Shaham plays: Bruch's "Violin Concerto No.1" and "The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto"

You Got The Silver

Gigantic Unexplored Cave Found in Canada May Never Have Been Seen by Human Eyes

Sweet Virginia

Torn N Frayed

Sweet Black Angel

Loving Cup

Mission Completed for Sully, the Service Dog to the late-President Bush

David Bowie - Blue Jean (VIDEO)

Preparing for the faithful

Longtime Bay Area journalist Ray Taliaferro found dead


Wisconsin GOP aims to strip power from the incoming Dem governor

On December 3, 1996, I entered truck driving school. I've been in trucking since then.

Spacewatch: Nasa to launch new crewed craft in 2019

Black Holes Are Not Shaped Like Donuts And Actually Resemble Water Fountains

New App Lets People Listen To Orca Sounds From The Pacific

Stone Tools Found In Algeria Could Rewrite Existing Theories On Human Origins

He avoided the rain on Veterans' Day...

2 major space exploration events today: lift-off of a new crew for the Int'l Space Station..

International Space Station's spherical flying robot speaks up for the first time

Feds plan unusual appeal in emoluments suit vs. Trump

Eastern Orthodox: "Let My Prayer Rise"/"Sacred Time"/"The Lord's Prayer" (Kedrov)/"Russian Orthodox

Ken Berry dies at age 85 (F Troop, Mama's family, Mayberry RFD)

Bryan Ferry-You Can Dance

another confusing moment for trump - not sure when filmed

Climate change: 'Trump effect' threatens Paris pact

The Ghost Ship fire two years later: Will massive lawsuit finally lead to accountability?

Spongebob Squarepants creator dies of ALS

What if the complete meltdown takes place

LuLaRoe supplier sues for $49 million and accuses the company's founders of hiding assets in 'shell'

A Cox victory is the final indignity for California GOP

Spain's far-right to enter regional parliament for first time in decades (since Franco)

Hello skinny jeans: Lost 2 lbs, 5 days keto. Ask me anything. Get the app: Cronometer.

Contractors charged in plot to defraud US in multibillion-dollar project at Bagram

Remember when our President wasn't Russia's b**ch?

NYT Latkes Recipe

Had to turn Joe Scar off, his soapy re-cap of the wonderful and most patriotic GHWB is

Read these two articles side-by-side:

Alan Dershowitz responds: Sex allegations are "outright false" and "thoroughly disproved"

San Diego County wants to build 10,000 new homes in fire-prone areas

Michelle Obama Gets Frank About Women 'Leaning In': 'That Sh-t Doesn't Work All the Time'

Extremism Expert Warns Trump Could Rile Up His Base: 'If He Called for Violence, There Would be...

Stormy Daniels Has 'Sorted Sh-t Out' With Michael Avenatti: 'We Are Going to Kick Ass Together'

Alan Dershowitz: Yes, I Am Still Jeffrey Epstein's Lawyer

Soros-founded university says it has been kicked out of Hungary as an autocrat tightens his grip

Sanders eyes 'bigger' 2020 bid despite some warning signs

Mueller Leaves a Trail of Breadcrumbs

'Nothing's invisible now': How the 2020 contenders are trampling the old rules

Congratulations Every President Ever - Bar Trump

GOP lawmakers' reality: They won't cut Planned Parenthood

I'm more partial to calling them Trump's cultastrophe of ass spelunkers...

'Nothing's invisible now': How the 2020 contenders are trampling the old rules

Trump says China to "reduce and remove" tariffs on U.S.-made cars

My guess is that the Bush Family will only have POTUS

Republicans' hard-line stance on immigration may alienate millennials for years

Trump Will Try Again on Infrastructure

World Bank Commits $200 Billion To Fight Warming; Over 4 Years, Of Course, 1/2 Is Loans, Not Grants

Public employees won't recover union fees after court ruling

Coast Guard Has 2 (Barely) Operational Icebreakers, Needs Six; Funds May Be Diverted For The Wall

Inslee takes steps toward presidential run

11 Officers Who Responded to Pittsburgh Shooting Light Menorah on Long Island

TheRealNews: Bernie Sanders: End U.S. Arms Sales to Saudis and Support for its Yemen War

"Climate Disapora" - Extraordinary Loss Of Diplomatic, Legal Experts From US Govt. Since 2017

Huge Delta water deal backed by Dianne Feinstein, Jerry Brown, Kevin McCarthy

TheRealNews: Bernie Sanders: End U.S. Arms Sales to Saudis and Support for its Yemen War

John Chau's Death on Northern Sentinel Island: Martyr or "American Dickhead"?

"They"re Going To Have To Find Out For Themselves When They Can't Sell Their House" - NYT

Qatar's energy minister says country is pulling out of OPEC

Bernie Sanders is right: TV networks need to do a much better job of covering climate change

OSIRIS-REx spacecraft reaches Bennu, and it will bring a piece of the asteroid back to Earth

Practicing dog law attorney my client individual # 1

Poor Angela Merkel... (we can relate, Angela, we really do)

Grijalva Ready To Go As Natural Resources Chairman; Zinke Attack On Nat. Monuments High On Agenda

Anybody get the reference?

Tornadoes rip off roofs in Midwest, flip Coast Guard ship in Georgia

The Trump/Macron handshake

Camp Fire Missing-Persons Count Drops to 25 (if there CAN be any "good" news)...

Scientific illiteracy baffles me

VA Shadow Rulers Had Sway Over Contracting and Budgeting

Don't get comfortable, Cindy Hyde Smith: Espy has filed FEC paperwork for potential 2020 challenge

Good Dog

"You are not even fit to have hand in operation of the Government of the US" (history repeats)

Trump Claims Farmers 'Will Be A Very BIG And FAST Beneficiary' Of China Deal

Alan Dershowitz confirms he is still Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer:

Profiles in Crazy, XXII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Trump: "U.S. spent 716 Billion Dollars this year on major and uncontrollable Arms Race. Crazy!"

Trump: We would save Billions of Dollars if the Democrats would give us the votes to build the Wall

Startpage search engine now lets you browse sites anonymously

Contact your State Senator, State Representative and Governor

NO COLLUSION! -by Tom Tomorrow

Ocasio-Cortez shreds Mike Huckabee: 'Leave the false statements' to your daughter

Trump: "Farmers will be a very BIG & FAST beneficiary of our deal with China. Farmers, I LOVE YOU!"

Mike McCarthy Fired by Packers, Joe Philbin Named Interim Head Coach

Video shows passerby freaking out over fake Clark Griswold display

Mike McCarthy Fired by Packers, Joe Philbin Named Interim Head Coach

Britons View Atheists As More Moral Than Believers, Religion More Harmful Than Good

George H. W. Bush Was Decent Even to Rivals Like Me-Gary Hart

David Attenborough: collapse of civilisation is on the horizon

Eight women say George HW Bush groped them.

George HW Bush's service dog Sully pays touching last tribute

I broke a tooth this weekend.

Sen. Chris Murphy on Health Care and Missing Saudi Dissident

The Doors - Strange Days


Milo Yiannopoulos 'more than $2m in debt', Australian promoters' documents show

So Trump can't stand the heat?

Looking at Trumps statements and tweets brought this song to mind

Why Bush wanted Trump at his funeral George H.W. Bush may perform one last service for his cou

Dutch court rules 69-year-old man can't change his age to 49

Walmart set to roll out 'autonomous janitors'

Trump has been silent. He isn't even trying to reframe last week's bad news because he knows more is

Robot Janitors Are Coming to Mop Floors at a Walmart Near You

AOC Devours Huckabees

Paul Ryan admires his official portrait, takes a victory lap for tax cuts for billionaires

Dow surges, global markets rally on investor optimism following U.S.-China trade truce

50 years-ago in France

What's with the ads?

Trump's message to Kim Jong Un: I like you and will fulfill your wishes, says South Korea president

Tupelo Honey

Might Mueller decide that iq45 was illegitimately elected

Norman Rockwell Updated

Interesting read- If the Dems do as well in 2020 as they did in 2016 they win the pop vote (and) E C

Democrats have a mega-majority in the California Legislature. Expect them to swing for the fences

Here's a Page from the original 1611 printing of the King James

What Happens If ... (NYTimes)

It should not be forgotten that trump created this trade crisis, and desperately wants to claim

Qatar is pulling out of OPEC to focus on gas

BTRTN: When Donald Trump Became "Individual 1"

U.S. says ISIS militant behind American Peter Kassig's murder killed in airstrike

BTRTN: When Donald Trump Became "Individual 1"

1956 mission to Equador--Jim Elliot and John Chau

Michael Avenatti releases expenses list for legal work

Israeli Software Helped Saudis Spy on Khashoggi, Lawsuit Says

Does Medicare reject those with "pre-existing" conditions?

Iowa Democrats Say They Want Generational Change

Anyone with SiriusXM (esp streaming) Seth Abramson on "insight" ch 121 in 5 min

Fun Fact: Obamacare had its 135th birthday this year in Germany.

Pastor arrested for obstructing immigration officers

Another Trump lie?

Nearly 1,400 aftershocks have been measured since Friday's 7.0 earthquake in Alaska

Donnie throws Cohen under the bus...again.

Gorsuch, swing vote?

So Are They Really Going To Follow The Hearse

Who is Scott Free?

Damn. I missed Morning Joe this am. Did the lovebirds talk about their wedding?

Trump will not speak at George H.W. Bush's funeral

Dunleavy to take office as Alaska governor amid ongoing earthquake recovery

Expect Mueller to lay out a 'conspiracy case' that will 'ensnare the president's family..yippee!!

Isn't this tweet targeting Roger Stone obstruction of justice?

Ex-Lions GM Matt Millen needs heart transplant 'fairly soon'

Letter from the Rutland Area NAACP on Sanders Institute Multi-cultural forum

Trump continues to show respect for passing of GHWB by demanding a prison sentence for Michael Cohen

Perjury Chart: Trump Associates' Lies, False, or Misleading Statements on Russia to Federal Authorit

NYT Ad: Investigative reporting - Trump lies about his business $$

FSogol's 2018 Advent Calendar Day 3: Louisa May Alcott and the Creation of Santa's Elves

I love the smell of panic in the morning

James McMurtry

An echo of history as Locomotive 4141 carries George H.W. Bush to his final resting place

One of the reasons the praise for Bush doesn't bother me is because it's contains an implicit...

J. Nadler (D-NY) Ranking Member Judiciary Comm. - Let Comey testify publicly

Stray Cat Asks Man For Help -- And Won't Let Go

Great picture of Ozzy and Lennon

Emergency Protests Planned to Stop Scott Walker and Wisconsin GOP's "Shocking and Naked Power Grab"

Trump Again Skips Kennedy Center Honors, Ceremony Focuses On Bush

Emergency Protests Planned to Stop Scott Walker and Wisconsin GOP's "Shocking and Naked Power Grab"

Donald is losing it this morning. 😂😂��

Pic Of The Moment: A Brief Recent History Of The Republican Party

George H. W. Bush was Commander-In-Chief when I was in the Gulf in 1991.

*Zowie*!1 - Meegan McCAIN just (verbally) attacked Joy BEHAR!1 *Update/VIDEO*

Really Cool! Log turned into bowl with machine and craftsman skill

Does anyone whip honey into butter for a spread?

U.S. top court snubs environmental challenge to Trump's border wall

This is the only image of the memorializing of George HW Bush that makes me want to cry.

Is bar that served Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent liable for teammate's death in 2012 crash? Jury to

Bwahahaa - Rudy 'Cyber' Giuliani accidentally created a link in this tweet because he omitted...

Bad news Donald?

David Attenborough: collapse of civilisation is on the horizon

Americans value equality at work .... not so much at home

Some cats are masters at calculating distances - some , not so much

The Russia-Ukraine crisis requires a steady hand and moral leadership. Why can't Trump provide it?

Rep. Thomas Massie(R) isn't sure that Americans should have a right to food.

Impact imminent!

Here's how the new Democratic members of the House sort out ideologically

Best Conference Call Ever!

Kremlin propogandist Konstantin Rykov was bragging about Trump and Cambridge Analytica in **2015**

What's next for Bush 41's service dog Sully?

New Michigan marijuana law getting rewrite from State Senate Republicans

New Michigan marijuana law getting rewrite from State Senate Republicans

What is your Myers-Briggs type?

New Michigan marijuana law getting rewrite from State Senate Republicans

It can be considered that Trump will not have a good week!

Bush and the Swastikas -Bob Greene

Why Hospitals Should Let You Sleep

'The amount of convictions is unbelievable':

Comey testimony is 'a last ditch effort' by the GOP to inflame their base: Former FBI agent

Do any other Californians feel this way?

Kellyanne Conway's Husband Accuses Trump of Witness Tampering

Will Trump speak at Bush's funeral?

The election of 2016 was not a free and fair election in our democracy.

File under "18 U.S.C. 1503, 1512"

Who the fuck "looks forward" to a funeral?

Isn't evangelical Jon Chau entitled to a Darwin Award?

I have respect for the country and for our traditions.

George W. Bush to eulogize late father, Trump to meet privately with Bush family

Does Flynn get sentenced this month and if so, what day?

File under "18 U.S.C. 1503, 1512"

Jerome Corsi

Thinking back on the video of Putin and the Saudi Prince

The "plaid shirt guy" gets around


Qatar Will Pull Out Of OPEC, As Rift With Saudi Arabia Deepens

Hot Mic, I love you so...Trump mutters "get me out of here" as he slithers off of G20 stage.

Putin Discards Trump Like Bad Trash: MSNBC -- Kremlin Release 2016 Communications From Cohen

Donald the Unready


Blue marble

Trump's "Looking forward to paying my respects to GHWB" tweet gets some well-deserved responses.

Ah, LOSER45 mentions Cohen's father-in-law...been wondering about his part in this drama...

Krugman: Is the Putin regime cutting its losses because they expect Trump to be destroyed soon?

Trump is looking forward to being with the Bush family

"He wanted it." Ex-coach's wife: Teen football player agreed to sex to stay in her home

Click on the link!

The Rundown: December 3, 2018

McFaul wonders if Bolton allows Trump to see intel reports of Putin's media making fun of him

Wisconsin's GOP Aims to Strip Power From the Incoming Democratic-during LAME DUCK SESSION

It would have been so easy for Trump if he had just stayed home.

Say Good Bye Donny, Cohen Reveals He Worked With Trump's Lawyers Preparing False Cong. Testimony

Perjury Chart: Trump Associates' Lies, False, or Misleading Statements on Russia

Chairs of DGA, DSCC, DCCC, and Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee are now all WOMEN

Mangled remains of Lockerbie plane lie forgotten in a Lincolnshire scrapyard: 30 yrs later

Jennifer Rubin, WaPo: Trump's not winning anything, anywhere

Russian spokesman says there were contacts (w/Cohen) on Trump Tower, but they 'disappeared'

Sen. Kennedy won't run for governor of Louisiana

Republican presidents only look good in hindsight and by comparison.

Air New Zealand Christmas Ad

Here's how Trump's proposed Moscow project is even dirtier than it looks

Jill Wine-Banks' pin(s) today:

Trump was likely trying to obstruct justice by sending a message to Stone

American Capitalism Isn't Working.

Netflix animated a Frank McCourt story: Angelas's Christmas

Simply Red - Holding Back the Years

George Conway Cites Obstruction of Justice and Witness Tampering Statutes in Response to Trump Tweet

Trump Tries To Block Discovery In Emoluments Case

"Get up, you pig!"

I'd like to talk about Stormy Daniel's looks

An Ancient Corner of Italy Finds the World on Its Doorstep.

Susan Collins' PAC donated the maximum amount to far-right racist Cindy Hyde-Smith's Senate campaign

List your special Christmas finds for that hard-to-gift special person in your life.

At center of voter fraud scandal, a convicted felon and 'grassroots' campaigner

Reminder: Tomorrow is Election Day (again)

The estimated cost to taxpayers of Trump's leisure activity now stands at $83,000,000

MarketWatch - Opinion: The tax cut isn't trickling down to workers

Twitler owned by a dictionary!! Ah ha ha ha ha

Donor list for No Labels filled with the biggest names in private equity and hedge funds

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Tests 2020 White House Run in New Hampshire

Don't Let Me Down (Amel Larrieux)

Fox News panel admits Mueller might have dirt on Trump

MSNBC reporting Trump not to attend Bush funeral!!

Trump won't attend GHWB's funeral

I'm a moose, I'm a moose will you do the Fandango...

Bohemian Rhapsody Played by 100+ year old fairground organ

Confirmed! Hillary Clinton met with Russian agent during the campaign:

How long is this Canonisation HW going to take,,,,l

Fean Sibelius Finlandia

Here's how Trump's proposed Moscow project is even dirtier than it looks

Drama queen, I barely touched you.

U.S. to end subsidies for electric cars, renewables: White House

Play the "Hail to the Thief!" song lyrics game...It's fun!

How Twitler's tweets can be used to prove obstruction/witness tampering

Today's tiny crescent, in B&W, and in color:

Man, the public perception of the Bush family has gone up dramatically since Trump came along.

Kid Rock not backing down on Joy Behar controversy: 'Mess with the bull, get the horns'

Great slogan for Democrats in 2020

Naomi Klein Interviews Bernie Sanders on Climate Change

Hawaii preschoolers served Pine-Sol instead of apple juice by mistake, officials say

Naomi Klein Interviews Bernie Sanders on Climate Change

Conway's husband suggests Trump is tampering with witnesses

GOTV Last Chance: Please help John Barrow become GA SOS - remote phone banking

Ocasio-Cortez Hits Back at Mike Huckabee

Дональд Трамп - сгоревший тост!

Democracy Now: Bernie Sanders on Yemen War, Medicare for All, Green New Deal & the Stop BEZOS Act

Bitcoin is close to becoming worthless

Trump says Michael Cohen deserves a 'full and complete' sentence

Democracy Now: Bernie Sanders on Yemen War, Medicare for All, Green New Deal & the Stop BEZOS Act

Why is MSNBC running McConnels speech?

Lawyers want porn star to pay Trump $340K in legal fees

Duke to Rename Building Dedicated to Notorious Racist

UN chief: Climate change is "most important issue we face"

Apparently the Joy/Meghan blow up on 'The View', today, was damn near a breaking point

U.S. needs new Arctic icebreakers. Will Trump's border wall get in the way?

Wishful thinking...

What Qatar's quitting OPEC means for the oil cartel

Oil jumps most since June on Saudi-Russia pact

Trump's not winning anything, anywhere - By Jennifer Rubin

fall colors in texas

Willie Horton Attack Ad, 1988 GHW Bush v. Michael Dukakis (D-MA)

Refused to take the fall for murder of Khashoggi -- now in hospital with a broken neck from a "fall"

Nygren WI Rep chair already kicked one citizen out in first half hour..WI SPECIAL SESSION.

GOP lawmakers say party isn't trying to learn from midterm losses

Former Bernie Sanders Staffers Are Preparing to 'Draft Bernie' for 2020

When I taught Freshman English as a grad student,

19 of 20 World Leaders Just Pledged to Fight Climate Change. Trump Was the Lone Holdout.

Kellyanne Conway's Husband Just Threw A Dead Skunk Into Trump's Sandbox.

Beto O'Rourke seen as a top contender in 2020: poll

The Christmas windows are up at the Parker, Bridget department store.

George H.W. Bush's single worst decision is also his most lasting legacy

That really great movie of which you remember neither title nor actors.

Most Unfortunate Names You Never Want To Be Stuck With...

SCOTUS suggests that forcing lawyers to pay bar association dues violates free speech

Oklahoma GOP county chair says public education should be abolished

Spoils of Trade War: Argentina Loads Up On Cheap U.S. Soybean

At one time this drug was free. Now, 100 pills are $15,000.

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 3, 2018

Broward cop who wore a QAnon patch while meeting Pence has been kicked off the SWAT team (demoted)

Sandra Bland: behind a poignant documentary of her life and death

Tweets of the day!

There's a new President in Mexico. Donald, CALL him!

""Mueller's breadcrumbs suggest he has the goods"

Cher announces that she no longer wants to turn back time, even if she could find a way

Just saw The Front Runner last week

Republican lawmakers are trying to curb the power of incoming Democratic officeholders

ACT UP's AIDS "Ashes Action" October 11, 1992 White House, Wash. D.C.

Gift of $20 million will go to UT business honors program

Trump wants the process to be hopelessly tainted

Photoshop, the gift that keeps on giving. "Individual 1 Tower."

Even though I keep throwing up in my mouth a little, I am loving the emphasis on decency and respect

CIA Director Gina Haspel will brief lawmakers Tuesday on Jamal Khashoggi's death

Who is the lady standing beside John Sunue and wife? She looks frail.

Russia Ukraine incident: Duma 'to honour ship seizure troops'

Iceland scandal over MPs' crude and sexist bar talk

What was the role of the female military officer walking behind the color guard...

Donald Trump is witness tampering again, today, IN FRONT OF OUR VERY EYES.

Students blockade schools as French protests spread

I'm watching Pres Bush's casket arrive at capitol.

No Labels - Just another Republican con job

Cabinet minister could face suspension over Brexit legal advice

Robert Muller's Indictment Song

Liberty Counsel Defends Inflicting Jesus On Remote Tribes Because They Might Be Committing Child...

Congress agrees to put off government shutdown deadline to Dec. 21

The World needs More Hugs....

Happy Political News Day:-)

Worker: GM Told Us About Plant Closing By Playing A Video In The Break Room

Worker: GM Told Us About Plant Closing By Playing A Video In The Break Room

I wonder if the orange maggot is watching the Bush service

I know the military know its roles and protocols.


"It's A Disgrace To Celebrate George H.W. Bush on WORLD AIDS DAY," The Nation

Boy, the Capitol Lying in State optics are extraordinary.

UC Berkeley settles lawsuit over treatment of conservative speakers


Ari Melber on Corsi complaint...

Is it just me or does GWB seem to not give a shit what the Turtle is saying.

U.S. top court signals it will buttress anti-fraud securities laws

The Ghoul strikes again...

Subpoenas to begin for Trump records in emoluments case

Trump has won little from China so far. There isn't an 'incredible' deal yet.

cartoon: Press conference

Crimes of the Bush dynasty

US soldier dies from wounds in Afghanistan blast last week

Fuc pence too.

Paul Ryan's Speech

cartoon: Life

Pence: "He never failed to answer the call to serve his country"

Sorry for another GHWB thread, but I have not watched any of today's activities. I appreciate his

'Honorable, gracious and decent': In death, Bush becomes a yardstick for President Trump

Trump complains about cost of 'uncontrollable' arms race

Perjury Chart: Trump Associates' Lies, False, or Misleading Statements on Russia to Federal Authorit

UNC proposes building for Confederate statue at campus edge

It wasn't the e-mails ...

Aren't all repukes traitors these days?

What Does Water Represent In The Bible? A Christian Study

Trump's praise for Roger Stone could amount to witness tampering - experts

Woman in wheelchair left alone at Chicago airport overnight after flight canceled

How three conspiracy theorists took Q and sparked Qanon.

Black Women Decided the 2016 Democratic Nominee

Think resident rump seems rattled now? There may be more to come

I guess in normal times with a normal president, the president would have been in attendance today

From Sen. Vinehout Speed and Secrecy-- seriously threaten democracy: The Last @WisGOP Act

BREAKING NEWS: US Assistant Attorney General under HW Bush offers to sit next to Trump at funeral

Roger Stone's GoFundMe "legal defense" page nets a whopping $795 out of requested $2 million

Way cool resin artwork.

LIVE DEC. 3 at 7PM ET - Senator Sanders Climate Change Town Hall

Brenda Snipes says she won't resign as Broward County election supervisor after all

Does it count toward ratings if a program is recorded?

With record $12.5 billion in Texas' savings account, lawmakers set $7.5 billion minimum balance

That look...

It's a ten minute walk to my local pub, and a thirty minute walk back. The difference is

My Personal Theory On Mueller Putting The Squeeze On Corsi and Stone.

I swear, every day it a new shitshow

Worker: GM Told Us About Plant Closing By Playing A Video In The Break Room

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 4 December 2018

I was raised to speak no ill of the dead. I have nothing to say about

I am so jazzed. Many of you may remember I got aced out of working in Greece

Does Trump's Base Believes Sexuality Is a Choice Because They Are Choosing To be Straight?

Morgan Stanley predicts Ford to cut 25,000 jobs in overhaul

Cnn Mueller (please tell me CNN are right)

Mueller's memo on Manafort this Friday will be public

Tears For Fears - Mad World

Monday TOONs - Late Start Today Means...

Have any Republicans publicly condemned the election fraud in NC-09?

My thoughts are

David Attenborough: collapse of civilisation is on the horizon

Mueller preparing end game for Russia investigation

So that Vet shot by cops at the Alabama Mall got three

A criminal investigation was launched during the summer, re the North Carolina house race

Maxine's "Crabby Christmas Blues"

What NCGOP did in 9th district is ELECTION FRAUD not voter fraud.

Fight for $15's next target: MSP Airport

Fight for $15's next target: MSP Airport

Fight for $15's next target: MSP Airport

American buyers continue to abandon the trusty car

Food Trade

This couple was on a road trip when they heard meows coming from their engine 🙀

Backstage with @BernieSanders getting ready for tonight's Facebook live climate town hall

The Flattening Yield Curve Just Produced Its First Inversions

George Herbert Walker Bush... head of CIA, Operation Condor, Argentina, 1976... etc...

Now for a little perspective,