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Archives: December 6, 2018

how likely is President Pelosi in 2019?

"Whoever gets the short straw has to sit next to him at the funeral."

St. Louis Cardinals trade for Paul Goldschmidt

British Neo-Nazis suggest Prince Harry should be shot

Wisconsin Republicans are just as disgusting as Donald Trump.

My doctor thinks I drink too much. My urine sample came back with an

Susan, a disbelieving granddaughter, fights with her grandpa over Santa Claus...

I wonder how many bills/laws have been WRITTEN by and PASSED by your

Saudi-funded lobbyist paid for 500 rooms at Trump's hotel after 2016 election

Flynn spilling his guts on Trump transition is very bad news for Pence

Michigan's Recreational MJ and anti-gerrymandering law take effect after midnite...tonite.

The canary is singing his heart out

2020 Democratic Presidential/Vice Presidential Ticket- Beto O'Rourke/Amy Klobuchar-D.

Judiciary Committee Scraps More Votes on Judges

The 'green thing', back then...

I could relate to W's moving statement about his dad today.

Night Club - Schizophrenic

OMG! Seriously OMG!

There is no US Mail today because of the Bush funeral?

I got the Final Jeopardy answer tonight

Two Women Erased $1.5 Million of Strangers' Medical Debt Just Because They Felt Like It

Did 33 Republicans Who Voted to Repeal Obamacare Lose Their Congressional Seats?

In the immortal words of Willie Nelson:

Congratulations, Dr. Farrow!

Exact moment when world leaders realize Trumpy mis-signed new Nafta agreement!

Peekaboo- The game loved by pets.

'Babies Thrown From Incubators In Kuwait,' False Testimony/Gulf Iraq War Mass Propaganda

GOP-Controlled Wisconsin Legislature Votes to Dissolve State

I guess I'm not the badass I thought I was

Two Letters from Santa.

An interest in keeping the health care status quo

Best post on the mail delivery today:

This 14-year-old 'train nerd' holds Metro accountable for misinformation

Fugelsang: The only reason you should ever compare Trump to Hitler...

2020 CO US Senate Election- Likely Democratic Nominee- Ed Perlmutter-D.

Iraq/WMDs v Trump/Russia

The man at the center of fraud probe in North Carolina may have been doing this for eight years

I don't remember who posted recommending The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Burroughs mountains & Mt. Rainier

Market Sell Off to Continue as Dow Futures Get Hit

Verdict Is In: Food Stamps Put Poor Kids on Path to Success

Saudi-funded lobbyist paid for 500 rooms at Trump's hotel after 2016 election

The Democratic Party Wants to Make Climate Policy Exciting

This Badass 15-Year-Old Just Stood in Front of a Bunch of World Leaders and Totally Called Them Out

Facebook Emails Show Its Real Mission: Making Money and Crushing Competition

When Nixon was President, I was nostalgic for Eisenhower...

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Weekend Warriors!

All the presidents at the Bush funeral service together recited this core prayer. Except one.

Refractive Lens for Extreme UV Radiation Discovered.

Newt Gingrich and the Contract ON America...

Trump Organization served with subpoenas for business records

Never fear! Hannity is here!

Disbarment for ex-federal prosecutor in New Orleans

Rachel Maddow: Feds are researching Podesta Group & Mercury Public Affairs. Manafort/Russia.

Michigan House GOP votes to strip power from incoming Democratic attorney general

Vin Weber, the GOP Congressman, was a partner at Mercury Affairs,

Minnesota's own Steve Sack.

Maddow: New court filing in Maria Butina case.

US appeals court upholds New Jersey limit on ammunition

Michigan lawmaker's past under fire after pushing new bill

Well. Certainly nothing untoward going on here! Kremlin buying Alfa Bank. Yeah. That Alfa Bank

How Trump turned allies into enemies over Khashoggi murder

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Down for the count

Long decried by LGBTQ activists as pseudoscience, the scars of conversion therapy linger in Michigan

Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum meets with Obama amid 2020 speculation

NC-09: 1,000 Absentee Ballots May Have Been Destroyed

New satellite images reveal activity at unidentified North Korean missile base

The Original Donald Trump By Frank Rich

As I understand it the reason there is a National Day of Mourning is because the President declares

Is Robert Mueller the racing secretary at Delta Downs in Louisiana?

Philippines' Duterte: 'Kill those useless bishops'

Tweety said Hillary did not speak to Pres. Carter but this video says she did....

Colorado's Hickenlooper staffs up for possible 2020 bid

Belle Starr, Outlaw Queen (Pete Seeger)

Michael Cohen's Sentencing Request Seems to Implicate Trump Officials in His Lies to Congress

Interpol rejects Ecuador request to call for Correa's arrest

A new tweet that was in no way, shape, or form written by Trump.

Charlottesville murder suspect wanted to get lunch with fellow protesters before fatal crash.

Classic Allman Brothers

US warship challenges Russia claims in Sea of Japan

House Democrat seeks emergency hearing on North Carolina election

Wisconsin Republicans Approve 82 Scott Walker Appointees In 1 Day

North Carolina: Absentee Voters Given 'Unprecedented' Pre-Election Warning In County Of Fraud Probe

It's the worst time in decades to make money in the markets

Military Restrictions on Land Use in South Korea Lifted

Has Anyone Changed Their Opinion of Bush Senior?

The GOP Election Plan Is Simple: Even When You Don't Win, Cheat

Mueller's Michael Flynn Sentencing Memo Should Sound the Alarm for Trump

Minnesota officials thinking about mail-only ballots for 2020 presidential primary

Wells Fargo Computer Glitch Accidentally Forecloses On All 5,700 Branches

Imagine that several independent security cameras at a mall record a brutal

Volvo to slow hiring at new plant, may move some production to China because of Trump's tariffs


Don't condemn white nationalists, Veterans Affairs' diversity chief was told after Charlottesville,

All the presidents at the Bush funeral service together recited this core prayer. Except one.

BREAKING: Bi-partisan Senate group takes a stand against MBS (and Trump)

Rachel did a segment on why Trump never goes after Flynn

It's that time of the year...what is your favorite Christmas Carol?

Putin threatens to build banned missiles if US pulls out of treaty

North Carolina. Voter fraud by repubs? Thought they were the ones worried about

Get ready for a bumpy day on Wall Street

Marlboro maker in takeover talks with cannabis firm Cronos

Skeletons found in London archaeology dig reveal noxious environs

Top Senate Democrat Warns Trump Not to Lift Sanctions Against Russian Billionaire

IMO, the current Senator of Mn Democrat Amy Klobuchar will be POTUS 46.

Emails show top VA diversity official was told not to condemn Charlottesville violence

In Texas' third largest county, there's a campaign to oust the local GOP's vice-chair because he's

The Daily Show: Bill Gates Wants to Reinvent the Toilet

The Old Man and His Grandson

Obama's Solicitor General calls upon House Democrats to defund office of the Attorney General

The Daily Show: Bill Gates Wants to Reinvent the Toilet

Claire McCaskill tweet says McConnell stopped bipartisan goodbye dinner

"Sky Is The Limit" For Brazil/US Relations, Says Brazil's Future Minister of Foreign Affairs

"Sky Is The Limit" For Brazil/US Relations, Says Brazil's Future Minister of Foreign Affairs

Seth Meyers - Yale's Emergency Contraceptive Machine, Cat-Proof Christmas Tree - Monologue 12/4/18

Promising new technology allows us to read their thoughts.

WI Legislature Weakens Incoming Dem Governor By Restricting His Access To Food, Water, Shelter

Helpful Kitty.

I wish there was video of Sully the Labrador...

Luxembourg To Become First Country To Make All Public Transport Free

Lawyer up for safety, lawyer up.

Thermal Houses Keep People Warm in Peru's Highlands

Seth Meyers: Jake Tapper on Covering the Negative Aspects of President George H. W. Bush's Legacy

Thermal Houses Keep People Warm in Peru's Highlands

Indigenous Leaders are Calling for New Global Agreement to Protect Amazon

Indigenous Leaders are Calling for New Global Agreement to Protect Amazon

Seth Meyers - Michael Flynn Is Cooperating with Robert Mueller: A Closer Look

Happy MJ Legalization Day, Michigan!

Police Arrest 90 Alleged Mafia Members in Europe and Latin America

Napolitano: Trump Jr. thinks he will be indicted.

'I Am a Tariff Man' - WSJ Editorial

President Trump Is Accelerating the Militarization of the Southwest Border

WATCH: Samantha Bee expertly describes what could be happening with Mueller probe as a teen movie

President Trump Is Accelerating the Militarization of the Southwest Border

I watched much, but by no means all, of the GHWB coverage. The WORST commentator was . . . .

Mexico's new president throws down gauntlet to oil majors

Mexico's new president throws down gauntlet to oil majors

Nate Silver's best tweet in 2018--changes call in NC 9th

Mexico's supreme court orders domestic workers formalized

Mexico's supreme court orders domestic workers formalized


Wappingers Falls Man Offers Aide to Puerto Rico After Washington Fails to Deliver

Greenland Is Melting Faster Than Ever

Rare Rainfall in the Atacama Is Deadly for Its Tiniest Inhabitants

Rare Rainfall in the Atacama Is Deadly for Its Tiniest Inhabitants

12/06 Mike Luckovich: Trump played

(Jewish Group) N.H. rabbi says e-mail threats targeted governor, local Jews

New SPECULOOS Telescope Sees First Light. Soon it'll be Seeing Habitable Planets Around Ultra-Cool S

New SPECULOOS Telescope Sees First Light. Soon it'll be Seeing Habitable Planets Around Ultra-Cool S

Building Gas Stations and McMurdo Scale Outposts on the Moon

Out with the old, in with the new - a split opinion

Senate GOP approves plan for new oil pipeline under Straits of Mackinac

Man who admitted to pissing on Kellogg cereal conveyor belt faces jail time

Has anyone seen this strange Santa movie from 1959 Mexico?

Rashida Tlaib will lead West Bank delegation, stand up to Israel

Two from Glass, piano and harp/Hilary Hahn plays "Ashes"/David Lang "Increase"/

Michigan GOP to public unions: Recertify every two years or die

DAMN good, if I must say so myself!

Retired state director pleads guilty to embezzling money meant for Cesar Chavez statue

Am I right, Friday we find out what happens to Manafort and Cohen?

It's time to solve the Mystery of the 100,000 Missing Votes.

I love the "See, the Conqu'ring Hero Comes"

What they were REALLY thinking

National for-profit college chain abruptly closes, stunning thousands of students

Sweet moment between the Clintons

So this is where the Big Con got that idea...

I'm promoting that "Be Best" saying. It's not working.

Have you ever been driving down the road and seen a pair of sneakers draped over an overhead line?

Rescue mission in Japan after two US Marine aircraft collide

(Jewish Group) Making Hanukkah 'Japonesas,' the Jewish Doughnuts of Medieval Spain

Senate panel votes to strip SOS of campaign finance duties

As a 60 year old man going on an interview tomorrow...

This seems like a good spot to post a video of me twerking after exiting the shower.

Remember how your mother said if you cross your eyes they will stay like that?

Why Michael Flynn Memo Turns Up Heat On Jared Kushner - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

North Dakota's first female Native American Dem lawmaker sworn in wearing traditional dress

Saudis Spend Big On President Donald Trump Hotel - All In - MSNBC

Tweet of the Day

donald & melanie used a stretch limo and an eight-vehicle motorcade to go 250 yards

Where's that doobie? Recreational marijuana officially legal in Michigan today

World's Oldest Wild Bird Just Laid Another Dang Egg

Indiana University chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity pulled by national headquarters

Medieval Skeleton Wearing Leather Thigh-High Boots Found in River Thames

Scientists Have Captured a Giant, 'Mythical' Siren Species in Florida

15 Bird Faces That Will Make You Smile

New study suggests Alzheimer's is not one disease but six different conditions

New study explains creation of deadly California 'firenado'

Dark matter and dark energy may really be one "dark fluid" with negative mass

Technique inspired by dolphin chirps could improve tests of soft materials

Why hasn't Trump tweeted anything about Flynn?

The colourful world of Australian sea urchins

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/5/18

Ret. Lt. Col: Michael Flynn Betrayed His Country, 'Unforgivable' - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Texas' largest nursing home operator files for bankruptcy, sparking concerns about patients, jobs

Evan McMullin: Jamal Khashoggi Also Critical Of President Donald Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

Einstein's last words on gods.

The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell 12/5/18 - MSNBC

Feds: Ex-Baltimore police officer admitted misconduct, expanding scope of corruption probe

Trump On Coming Debt Crisis: I Won't Be Here When It Blows Up

Quackarazzi: Mandarin duck holds NYC in its spell

an interesting and perhaps humorous chart

Oh My! What An Easy Compare And Contrast..

Flynn Oddly Immune From President Trump Wrath, Even After Mueller Memo - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Brexiters who've spent over two years saying 'you lost, get over it' still waiting to discover..

Why didn't Ivanka and Jared sit next to each other

Massachusetts church's nativity scene features infant Jesus in a cage, wise men separated by fence

Trump, A funeral service is a very beautiful moment in history.

Bei Bei Plays in the Snow

This voter fraud is too close to home...

Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Morning Joe says Trump never even wanted to be president -- and now it's blowing up in his face

Congress Looks to Usurp Trump's Foreign Policy Powers

Right wing take on us LIBRULS! -;)

Colbert Reveals Just How 'Anti-Trump' George H.W. Bush's Funeral Really Was

He's lucky she had the grace to simply look away from his orange fucking face.

Fox news plus DVR equal good thing

Lena Dunham admits she lied to discredit actor Aurora Perrineau's rape accusation

Forget the trade truce: Trump's tariffs are killing U.S. jobs

Important Rating Change for NC-9 by 538.....

I'm going to say it right now...if Trump dumps Pence, I'm not voting for him!

Manchin's Meaningless Vote Against Climate Liar McNamee For FERC, Who Will Be Confirmed Next Week

Trump's Favorite Things - The Sound of Mueller

Colorado's Hickenlooper staffs up for possible 2020 bid

FSogol's 2018 Advent Calendar Day 6: Good King Wenceslas and Good Duke Wenceslas

Congress looks to usurp Trump's foreign policy powers

So much going on in this video...Trump's arrival at GHWB funeral.

GOP Path To Climate Self-Lobotomization Began With Weak, Politicized Response By GHW Bush

Trump brags about approval rating hours after Bush's funeral: 'Working hard, thank you!'

Elizabeth Warren Stands by DNA Test. But Around Her, Worries Abound.

Biden: US leadership is 'giving license' for hate and prejudice to grow

"Nonlinear Melting" - Greenland's Ice Loss Rate Half Again That Of Preindustrial Era, Accelerating

Trump's slow-motion staff 'shakeup' stunts 2019 planning

Newt Gingrich Goes on a Tear Against Mueller: 'Actively Trying to Destroy' Trump

Movement In Butina Case Eyed For Potential President Trump-Russia News - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Citing 'cruelty of our elections process,' Patrick officially backs out of 2020 bid

Good Idea, Guys! UNEP, OECD, World Bank Call For "Radical Shift", Trillions For "Resilient" Growth

Rick Wilson, WaPo: Trump could've ruined Bush's funeral. Bush didn't let him.

'A big problem': Congress bickers over what makes a border wall

Fox & Friends Bemoans Caravan Baby Just Born on US Soil: 'Child is Now an American Citizen'

Joe Biden on Rise of Hate in America: 'Our Leadership is Giving License to This Prejudice'

'He Doesn't Add Anything': Advisors Forcing Trump to Think About Dumping Pence

Charlotte Observer: Hold a new election in NC's tainted 9th District

SCOTUS meets today..."could possibly impact Trump's pardon power"

Video shows Florida police officer kicking handcuffed man

Morning Joe: Trump 'has already confessed from the mountaintops' to crimes Mueller is investigating

So, will Trump wait until 41 is in the ground before starting a new tweet storm against Mueller?

'Wake up, dudes' -- gender gap confounds GOP women

Anyone else bothered by this "Apostles' Creed" brew ha ha?

Tim Ryan shreds Trump's 'insane' manufacturing plans: 'He wants to get back to the horse and buggy'

Downloading xp to computer with windows 10 installed...

Harris staffer resigns over harassment allegations

'Blueberries' on Mars Have a Watery Past. But Scientists Are Still Baffled.

House Dems planning to send Trump associates' testimony to Mueller: report

Poll: Majority of voters worried about climate change

Let's see..A B C...P R E S I D E N T F U C K F A C E

BREAKING: Record imports drive US trade deficit to $55.5 billion in October, highest in a decade

Second U.S. Marine found, five missing, after midair collision off Japan coast

The Constitution on treason

China hails Trump-Xi summit, says 'very confident' in trade deal

Saudi Arabia Paid Washington Lobbyist to Book 500 Rooms in Trump's D.C. Hotel Shortly After 2016 Ele

Medical Device Maker ev3 to Plead Guilty and Pay $17.9 Million for Distributing Adulterated Device

International trade deficit surges to highest in a decade as imports rise, US exports drop

Philip Wilson: Ex-archbishop's conviction for covering-up abuse is quashed

Rubio Is Mad Gillibrand Thinks The Future Is Female: 'Our Future Is AMERICAN'

Somehow I knew that Joe Scar would try to twist the Epstein charges to try and include

What Would Joseph Do? (WWJD?)

Tennessee inmate chooses electric chair over lethal injection


Trump Can't Fill Admin Jobs Thanks To McConnell Request To Keep Hands Off Caucus

A new "I don't think this is Photoshopped" pic for you to enjoy.

World Leaders Visibly Confused As Trump Struggles to Sign His Name

BREAKING: Michael Flynn So Useful That Mueller Recommends NO PRISON TIME

NRA removes image of Anish Kapoor sculpture from advert

Supreme Court To Hear Double Jeopardy Case That Could Have Russia Ramifications

Manchin's likely senior role on key energy panel rankles progressives

Always something good on Twitter.........

Dow Futures Down Over Four Hundred Points

US magazine deletes article calling Priyanka Chopra a 'scam artist'

The Rundown: December 5, 2018

Dear gawd. It was all about massive plans for nuclear tech!! Russia/Saudi Arabia/et al. This is HUGE

Art of the Week: Week of 12/5/18

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 12/5/2018

Theresa May rejects cabinet pleas to postpone Brexit vote

BREAKING: Record imports drive US trade deficit to $55.5 billion in October, highest in a decade.

Should You Try CBD for Your Pet?

Dick Cheney biopic 'Vice' leads Golden Globe movie nominations with 6 bids

The power grabs in Wisconsin and Michigan

Princeton group cuts 'Mermaid' song over 'toxic masculinity'

Overnight Health Care: Manchin pitched Trump on reviving bipartisan ObamaCare fix

$21T missing in Pentagon accounting errors. Medicare for All costs $32T.

American woman attacked by hippo after boat capsizes on Zimbabwe wildlife tour

#TrumpSlump, let's get this hashtag trending on Twitter

If Donald Trump really wanted Hillary locked up...

The fact GM is shifting production to Mexico is not just for labor costs, missing in the media

Sears chairman Eddie Lampert offers to buy Sears out of bankruptcy, including 500 stores

What are the chances that Trump is the Republican nominee in 2020?

Olivia Hooker laid to rest with full honors. Last Tulsa survivor, 1st AA woman in the Coast Gaurd

Stocks drop again with Dow's two-day slide now totaling more than 1,000 points

How do Democrats handle the trade and tariff issues in 2020?

Venezuela officials seek meeting with Bank of England over gold repatriation: sources

Olivia Hooker laid to rest with full honors. Tulsa massacre survivor. 1st AA woman in Coast Gaurd

After the Maddow show last night some things began to fall into place, at least in my mind.

WSOC-TV's page for it's extensive coverage of the NC-9 Election Fraud story

Top Huawei executive arrested on U.S. request, clouding China trade truce

GHW Bush ran as a Demagogue. Twice.

Tweet of the Day

New Jersey can enforce gun ammunition limit: U.S. appeals court

U.S. adds 179,000 private-sector jobs in November: ADP

EPA to roll back carbon rule on new coal plants

The Atlantic: The White House Has No Plan for Confronting the Mueller Report

Wow !!! Beto shot to 18 cents on predictit in his first day of inclusion.

3 of 4 of sexual assault kits in Omaha Police evidence are untested. New grant will change that


Girl, 10, forced to walk five miles to school after dad hears she bullied another student

Today's Editorial Cartoon...

Remember when GHW Bush called it Voodoo Economics

Nativity Scene for the modern age...

Neighborhoods with more green space may mean less heart disease

Arrest Shakes Huawei as Global Skepticism of Its Business Grows

Profiles in Crazy, XXIV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Congressman Ralph Abraham enters Louisiana governor's race

Donald Trump, your not so evangelical president...

Watched "Conspiracy" last night. After all these years it still chills me to the bone!

Trump Slump Continues - Dow Down 463 at 10:24 EST.

There should be a law against this!

When Feminism is Met with Violence: The Ecole Polytechnique Massacre (Dec. 6, 1989)

House Democrats look to roll back little-known rule allowing guns in the Capitol

America is paying an awful price for Trump

It's more than just a bit insulting when religionists claim religion is required for morality

I rode my bike to the liquor store last night to get a bottle of Scotch. As I was about to head home

You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry

"Waymo One" commercial taxi service in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Florida man was upset that his buddy was chugging all his vodka. The situation escalated.

The "Scorched Earth" actions taken in MI and WI by GOP legislatures

What's the name of that show? Everybody

88-year-old finally meets daughter she thought had died in childbirth

Market down 555 points already

Our local Lowe's, that is closing, has no more human cashiers

Last vestiges of criminal past erased for wrongly convicted "San Antonio Four"

NYT article today

Last vestiges of criminal past erased for wrongly convicted "San Antonio Four"

I'm Dreaming of A White Christmas (The Drifters!)

We couldn't even get two 4% GDP quarters out of Trump's tax cuts.

Healthy eating is hard. This funny video shows why it's so difficult.

I found him! I found him!

Ecuador says Assange has sufficient guarantees to leave embassy

Former Miami Fire Rescue captain fights to get job back after noose incident

It's the simple things in life.

All the predictions I made about Trump were not predictions. It was stating the obvious.

Ecuador: Enough UK guarantees for Assange to leave embassy

Question about "Tully". (Spoiler alert)

Oh, Holy Crap! The funeral is still going on this morning.

How the Richmond and Hampton Roads regions tried to woo Amazon.

Urban Owl.

Possible muscle tear in calf and not being able to ride my bike.

The First Step Act (prison reform - federal only). Pros/cons, what do we think?

Why 'Individual 1' Is Owned By Vladimir Putin

Trump task force proposes major Postal Service overhaul

Asked about NC election fraud, Pelosi notes House "still retains the right to decide who's seated"

Small Signs Of Hope In Media Handling Of Trump

All the ceremonies surrounding GHWB's passing remind me how much I hate ceremonies

Camellias for Christmas

Which Bush married a Koch?

Trump: "Without the phony Russia Witch Hunt, my approval rating would be at 75%"

Florida Student.

Michigan evicted its Republicans. Now they want to vandalize it.

During Marathon Session, Wisconsin Republicans Pass Legislation Bringing Health Care Changes

Pic Of The Moment: Scenes From The Future: The State Funeral Of Donald J. Trump

Trump's 2020 Campaign Has Reportedly Funneled Over $1 Million Into His Own Businesses

AIx-en-Provence update.

The key to saving us from Gorsuch and Kavanaugh lies in an obscure law signed by George H.W. Bush

Rep. Louie Gohmert on Fox Business: 'George Soros is Supposed to Be Jewish But You Wouldn't Know It'

Thusday TOONs - Gasbagging Edition

What school of economic theory taught that trade wars are easy to win

Trump's Favorite Things! - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Rep. Pelosi rules out trading Wall money for a permanent fix on DACA

Not impeaching Trump would make a complete mockery of the rule of law and ruin our country.

Most adorable little murder machine ever!

It's all part of the plan...

Florida Aunt & Florida Grandmother.

The NFL Players Association is among those culpable for the NFL's ongoing domestic violence problem

After Trump Said He Answered Mueller's Questions 'Very Easily,' Giuliani Says It 'Was a Nightmare'

GHOULiani goes public throwing SHITLER under the bus - "took 3 wks to do...what normally 2 days"

Dragon Baby

Satanic Sculpture Installed At Illinois Statehouse, Just In Time For The Holidays

Election fraud is not the same thing as voter fraud. Republicans never really cared either way.

This is the greatest show ever

Onward Christian Soldiers!

The greatest Christmas album ever made... Life-affirmingly urgent

Trump gleefully encourages China to execute drug dealers

What I want for Christmas

Alex Winter Talks "The Panama Papers"

Trump aide's appearances on RT channel are focus for Russia inquiry

Stirring the Waters: In Southern WV, days without water are a way of life

Braised Beef Short Ribs recipe

Equal Rights Amendment

Senate Intelligence Committee Grilled Steve Bannon About Cambridge Analytica

One of the things I like best about the Religion Group on DU

Dr. Olivia Hooker, Coast Guard pioneer, race riot survivor laid to rest

General McChrystal Told Pompeo To 'Muddle Along' In Afghanistan, Leaked Audio Reveals

Dr. Olivia Hooker, Coast Guard pioneer, race riot survivor laid to rest

Hey Floyd! I went to the Air and Space Museum!

I watched good bit of Bush Sr. Services BUT

House Dems seek to delay wall fight until September

Dr. Olivia J. Hooker: Oldest Survivor Of Black Wall Street & Tulsa Race Massacre

Dr. Olivia J. Hooker: Oldest Survivor Of Black Wall Street & Tulsa Race Massacre

What happened to the investigation into Michael Cohen's leaked financial records?

Dr. Olivia J. Hooker: Oldest Survivor Of Black Wall Street & Tulsa Race Massacre

Trump to roll back carbon rule on new coal plants

Don't talk to the FBI': Cohen client Sean Hannity instructs radio listeners to mistrust law enforcem

Fox Business Network Apologizes for Louie Gohmert Spreading Anti-Semitic George Soros Conspiracy

Visualizing American Income Levels by Age Group

Forbes: How Donald Trump Shifted $1.1 M Of Campaign-Donor Money Into His Business

What is yall's take on Chris Hedges, now that he'd predicting a "fall" of American democracy

Six Detroit-area doctors charged in $500M opioid scheme

Here's Pantone's color of the year -- charged with inspiring 'joyful pursuits'

trump's election reveals a self-hating

Republicans push new $25 billion bill to fund Trump's wall - by tightening access to programs like f

Hill watchdog report: Rep. Garrett misused staff

Backlash as federal workers warned not to discuss Trump impeachment

North Carolina GOP Legislature Sends Voter ID Law To Democratic Governor

Nancy Pelosi On North Carolina Election Fraud: We Can Refuse To Seat That Congressman

NC GOP Softens Opposition To New Election In District With Fraud Probe

Devin Nunes May Be The Next To Go Down Thanks To Mike Flynn

William Barr (HW's AG) is leading attorney general candidate in Trump discussions

Chair Of Indoor-Lettuce Farm Don Jr. Invested In Sought Trump Admin Funds

William Barr - Possible nominee for Trump AG?

Documents Point to Illegal Campaign Coordination Between Trump and the NRA

? - Is Wall Street envious of the Gambino crime family?

John Bolton knew of Huawei's impending arrest before Trump met with Chines President

Trump is getting worried!

American Community Survey Releases New Data for All Communities Nationwide

Bernie Sanders: Concentrated Wealth is Concentrated Power

No way! You won't believe where America's highest-income households are located

Bernie Sanders: Concentrated Wealth is Concentrated Power

William Barr seen as Trump's choice to be next attorney general: report

Making President Trump's Bed: A Housekeeper Without Papers

George H.W. Bush's Mixed Legacy In A Reagan-Era Scandal

Wojo gives presents

Former Cleveland Indian Larry Doby to receive posthumous Congressional Gold Medal

"Hail to the Chief"

Illinois Boy Learns "A Christmas Story" lesson on frozen poles is true

Conservative think tank donor revealed as Russian oligarch

The key to understanding Trump is in our forum. The key is about "tweeting."

Trump golf course housekeeper is undocumented immigrant: NYT

Hey Michiganders...on Monday Michigan Republicans voted to take dollars out of your pocket

New Riders Of The Purple Sage 5/29/72

Planes, trains, and automobiles or how long does a funeral take?

Take a breath. SCOTUS is hearing the double jeopardy case today.

Power Grab-There is More vile--Aims To Allow Wisconsin DOT To Avoid Federal Wage Requirements

Chairwoman Of PAC That Ran Racist Ad Appointed To Minority Affairs Office

How can I make this show up without having to click on it

WI @GOP Approve 82 Scott Walker Appointees In One Day-hinders NEW GOV from choosing his own

CNN to partner with the Des Moines Register for 2020 caucus Iowa Polls

Trump says approval rating would be 75 percent without Mueller

Mueller, For First Time Publicly, Nods To Cleric Flynn Allegedly Plotted To Remove

Florida Voted to Give Ex-Felons the Franchise. Now Republicans Are Throwing a Wrench in That Process

Undocumented worker who fluffs Trump's resort bed reacts to the "abuse, the insults"

Making President Trump's Bed, cleaning his toilets, etc : A Housekeeper Without Papers

Prosecutors given Friday deadline for sentencing memo on former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen

The Wisconsin power grab is part of a bigger Republican attack on democracy

Senators bicker over definition of Trump's wall

House approves two-week spending measure to avert shutdown

Analysis: Despite success, Democratic donors need to make smarter choices in 2020

What's a practical amount of money you need to retire for 25 years?

After Stock Market Hit, Stuart Varney Blasts Trump's Tax Cuts

Some experts believe Trump can be impeached for conduct performed before becoming president

"The Land Where Women Rule" China's Lugu Lake--last matriarchy. (thank you, Kind of Blue)

Trading in US stock futures had to be halted after violent moves

Why is an ex- Trump admin member lecturing new Dem Congresspeople?

"He knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake..."

A new play, 'Christmas Mubarak,' mixes Christian and Muslim stories of Jesus' birth

Analysis: Why America's coal industry is not coming back

Target to pay $7.4M after probe found it illegally dumped hazardous waste in California

NC Republicans knew of voting irregularities early on

Dorothy Day--'a saint for our times'

Charlottesville suspect accused Heather Heyer's mother of being 'anti-white communist'

Luckovich-Santa's naughty list

Supreme Court To Hear Double Jeopardy Case That Could Have Russia Ramifications

Record imports push US trade gap to $55.5 billion in October

EPA announces new plan to weaken Obama-era greenhouse gas rule

It's the End of News As We Know It (and Facebook Is Feeling Fine)

Border agent indicted for capital murder in 4 Texas deaths

Wisconsin-Based Shopko Closing 39 Stores In 19 States

Border agent indicted for capital murder in 4 Texas deaths

Gamble v. U.S.: Majority appears ready to uphold "separate sovereigns" doctrine

Trump Hasn't Needed The Wall To Remake U.S. Immigration Policy

I think it's time to severely limit absentee ballot voting

Debate over term limits for Supreme Court gains new life

Senior adviser to Sen. Kamala Harris resigns after report of $400,000 harassment settlement

Rapper Soulja Boy Is Now Hawking Cheap Russian-made Electronics

Longshot bid: Inslee is saddling up for a presidential run

24 Amazon workers sent to hospital after robot accidentally unleashes bear spray

Gasoline should be near $2 a gallon even in high tax states?

US markets plunge after arrest of Chinese tech executive

Neil deGrasse Tyson and the Persistence of the Bad Male Apology

Biden talking to Beto?

Shutdown looms as Nancy Pelosi rejects Trump's demand for border wall

AOC is exposing the corporatisation of the congress...

Neil deGrasse Tyson and the Persistence of the Bad Male Apology

Former Attorney General William Barr is Trump's leading contender for AG: report

Neil deGrasse Tyson and the Persistence of the Bad Male Apology

if you didn't like studying history

Are you cold?

Southwest Flight Skids Off Runway At Burbank Airport; FAA Initiates Groundstop

Ecuador's president: 'The road is clear' for Assange to leave embassy

Why oh why Canada Dry?

Pierce: 2020 Is Already Shaping Up to Be Another Festival of Stupid

Random couscous snaps into beautiful patterns

Russia demands release of woman in U.S. charged as unregistered agent

"Tactical contact" in London to stop moped thieves...

Americans aren't buying homes; tax reform didn't help matters

Michael Avenatti takes on a new case

EPA chief Andrew Wheeler can't name 3 things the agency is doing to fight pollution

Mother Jones - documents point to illegal collusion between NRA and Trump Campaign

Interesting set of options for NC-9

Republican officials had early warnings of voting irregularities in North Carolina

Ari Melber guest, "Flynn betrayed his country and that is treason".

First they came for the journalists.

Who's enjoying this season of Southpark?

"They're Beginning to Think About Whether Mike Pence Should Be Running Again":...

The last recorded sword duel...

Welcome to 'But her emails!', version 2020

Seth Meyers Issues Scathing Warning About Mike Pence: 'As Slippery Of A Liar' As Trump

Turnout at the conservative American Priority conference in DC is less than stellar.

The Boston Globe shifts gears on Elizabeth Warren

... in approximately 1884, The Rev. Sabine Baring-Gould, while teaching carols

Wow, Wash Post article quoting Fucker Carlson saying Trump is 'not capable'

Michael Flynn Is Cooperating with Robert Mueller: A Closer Look

A huge amount of the crimes committed by Trump et al have been related

The "Ford" maneuver

oh please just bury him already

Tucker Carlson says Trump is 'not capable' and hasn't kept his promises

The Miami Herald Editorial Board has called for Labor Secretary

Christ! Now they have a camera on the funeral train.

He sees you when you're sleeping,....

Trump was proud of himself for not misbehaving at funeral

So I just lost my job ...

Quote from Anchorage Alaska editorial, The Northern Light about Pence as president.

What the President Could Do If He Declares a State of Emergency

Senate Confirms Trump Energy Pick Who Said Renewable Energy 'Screws Up' Grid

Why don't Hillary and Jimmy Carter get along?

A Mysterious Imposter Account Was Used On Facebook To Drum Up Support For The Migrant Caravan

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 7 December 2018

So, Was Jesus Just a Metaphor?

Trump hotel feud erupts between Lewandowski and Florida senators

The Power of Supreme Court Choices by Linda Greenhouse

Tariff Man, Tariff man,

''I look forward to an up-or-down vote next week to end U.S involvement in the disastrous ... ''

Muddy Russian

US coal consumption drops to lowest level since 1979.

Makes sense to me!

Michigan Republicans vote to strip power from incoming Democrat

Republicans tell Fox reporter that they want government shutdown to 'hamstring Democrats as they

BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi just stood up to Trump, telling him that she will not give him his stupid w

A Key Sherrod Brown Ally Has Launched "The Committee To Draft Sherrod Brown For President 2020"

The 'great dying': rapid warming caused largest extinction event ever, report says

Macron's top-down approach to fighting climate change serves as a cautionary tale

"Muelleritis". What is it?

U.S. probe of China's Huawei includes bank fraud accusations: sources

'Lobbyists Are Here. Goldman Sachs Is Here. Where's Labor? Activists?' Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortez

Seriously, can the poison of this administration be disinfected?

Fiat Chrysler to add second Jeep assembly plant in Detroit: sources

Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4 - 7/21/1970 - Tanglewood

Embraer-Boeing aviation deal blocked by Brazilian court

Embraer-Boeing aviation deal blocked by Brazilian court

Jeeze! This GHWB funeral shit is almost as long as Derek Jeter's farewell tour.

We Are Not A Glum Lot....(trying to find the humor in this unmanageable mess)

Pete Shelley, lead singer of Buzzcocks, dies at 63

With Power to Kneecap Bold Demand, Incoming Democratic Tax Committee Chair Says Medicare...

Gift for your favorite Democrat (or honest Republican)

Afghanistan's 'Little Messi' flees home after Taliban threats, says family

Kinks..Good one from today..

Leicester City crash helicopter rotor controls failed

How The Iconic 1968 Earthrise Photo Changed Our Relationship To The Planet

School lunch rules OK refined grains, low-fat chocolate milk

Drugmaker to sell cheaper generic rival to EpiPen injectors

KY White LEOs Fired After Punching Black Handcuffed Male

Tucker Carlson Blasts Trump in German Interview: The Rats are Jumping Ship

Groups sue to block medical marijuana compromise in Utah

Groups sue to block medical marijuana compromise in Utah

Whales have worse than average year for entanglement in gear

Trump was fuming about sharing the spotlight with GHW Bush -- but proud of himself for behaving at fu

Were any of your children afraid of Santa Claus when young?

Attorney and author Seth Abramson: Donald Trump sets "new paradigm for treachery." Part 1 of 2

Pentagon reveals US observation flight over Ukraine

Attorney and author Seth Abramson: Donald Trump sets "new paradigm for treachery." Part 1 of 2

Former FIFA official sentenced in bribery scandal

Dan McCready withdraws concession #NC09

MSF vessel Aquarius ends rescue operations in the Mediterranean

Definitive proof, baby! Cats are aliens!

A Story of #OneShIXttyGift from Betsy DeVos: Narrated by Alyssa Milano

Talking about dumping Pence? Trump reelection strategy? WTF??

Days until Trump's Hell Begins...

A Helium Tail Trails This Fluffy Alien Planet


Pierce: This Reported Trump Attorney-General Pick Has a Special Record on Special Investigations

One big, happy family!

An Astronaut Spotted a Soyuz Crew Launch from Space and the Video Is AMAZING!

Study that took aim at 'Joy of Cooking' is retracted

Investigation Launched Into Josh Hawley's Office

Illegal Coordination Found Between the NRA and Trump

Judge throws drunk driver's mother in jail for laughing at victims in court (Twitter Vid)

California teacher arrested for forcibly cutting boy's hair

American priest facing 'horrifying' sex abuse charges during his time as a missionary in Philippines

anderson east - king for a day (studio - 2018)

Hey Floyd!! This begs for your input.

The Republican Attack on Democracy

I never thought I was very creative until I bought a treadmill and had to come up with

Settlement over claims of hidden evidence in St. Louis case

Article 2, Section 4 of the constitution, a V.P. no less than a president is subject to impeachment

I can't even

New Lancet Study Shows Right-Wing Attacks on Refugees and Migrants Based on 'White Nationalist Propa

Homeless man pushes stranger into oncoming traffic

US to ease oil drilling controls protecting imperiled bird