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Domestic Violence Survivors Won't Get Asylum In The U.S. Anymore, & Just SMH

Domestic Violence Survivors Won't Get Asylum In The U.S. Anymore, & Just SMH

Why Are Some of Africa's Biggest Baobab Trees Dying Off?

Has anyone heard who is paying the freight for North Korea?

An hour away

What Happens if a 51-Year-Old Cop Wants 13-Year-Old Girl for Sex?

Mexico judge signs arrest warrant for local JPMorgan head: BVG World

DLCC: More legislative Democrats running for office in 2018 than any year since 1982

Mexico judge signs arrest warrant for local JPMorgan head: BVG World

Trump's 10-point personal guide to negotiating world peace (every point is a YUGE mistake)

Donald Trump celebrates today's strike against American democracy.

Mexico election: Leftist outsider Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stretches lead

More right wing nuttery from my Facebook page


2020 is definitely the year Democrats regain control of the US Senate.

latest facebook commercial - shit happened to us but you were not our fault - really

London Breed maintains narrow lead in San Francisco mayoral race

Motorcades are just not that interesting.

The Holey Moran Empire

So what kind of ice cream they got in Singapore?

The bigotry against hispanic immigrants needs to be understood in the context of the bigotry

The realization has finally dawned that Donald Trump does not respond to reason

Maysa - Love Is A Battlefield (Lyric Video)

Why should Kim trust Trump?

Trump functions like a Dictator because he feels he has White People's Blessing" !!!!

Trump to visit Guam, Hawaii after North Korea summit in Singapore

My sense is Kim already has a backchannel deal with Xi or Putin.

BREAKING: Larry Kudlow has suffered a Heart Attack (per the President's Twtter feed)

As per Anderson Cooper (CNN) ...

Moments before summit, Trump tweets economic adviser Larry Kudlow had a heart attack

Mysterious masses of seaweed assault Caribbean islands

Mysterious masses of seaweed assault Caribbean islands

Bronx school paints over famous New Deal-era mural

Remember - 5 weeks ago NK's nuclear program test site collapsed

Just what the fuck is it with ratpublicans and their hatred of democracy. They hate anyone voting

FCC chair says his family is still being threatened over net neutrality repeal

Drug-free bandage heals diabetic wounds faster

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! You Make Me Feel Brand New!

spanky lacks the language skills to do this. we have to go by his recollection?

The Dark of the Moon

Think on it: Two of the least trustworthy people in the world will meet without a note taker.

Cruz defends Trump policy of family separation

US arrests 74 in global email scam crackdown

Deontay Wilder agrees to fight Anthony Joshua in London

Thee-hee-hee--- Confusing the cat (removing table top glass)

They just shook hands. Twittler just accepted Kim Jong Un as a legitimate world leader.

So that is it?

What is taking DT so long to reach an agreement?

This is a teevee spectacle....'reality' teevee star meets vicious dictator

Scott Pruitt Faces Mounting Calls For Investigations Into Chick-fil-A Scandal

He can't even button his fucking suit coat

Kudlow has had a heart attack

It's all a flim-flam. We are being played.

Two despots, Kim looks more legit. I can't even...

Africa's strangest trees are stranger than thought--and they're dying mysteriously

Damn right----- And put up the seat

A significant moment for diplomacy and bad haircuts

is there a stream or video?

Rand Paul: Graham 'a danger to the country' for seeking military authorization for North Korea

The minute is up....

GOP, business groups slam Trump attacks on Canada

Shh- Listen! Can you hear Lincoln spinning in his grave??

Trump is getting a bit touchy feely with Kim Jung.

Trump just handed Kim Jong-Un a huge propaganda victory.

Trump tweeted Kudlows heart attack before his family even know...Disgraceful.

Arron Banks has admitted that there was Russian collusion in Brexit!

On MSNBC, Nicole Wallace doesn't like this one bit.

How Trump Is Torching America's Relationship With Canada

Finally, a president with guts to stand up to Canada


It's official: Donald Trump is honored to meet Kim Jong Un. He just said so on live TV.

Sorry, not really feeling it...

Kim's human rights record is among the world's worst

Jack Kennedy Tried to Warn Us....

GOP centrists face decision day on Dreamer petition

If Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump have conflicting stories about what was said at their summit?

Did Rodman just blow your mind?

We can thank Donald Trump for one thing:

For tomorrow's front pages

Pres. Jimmy Carter is so right!

Kissing the asses of dictators who poison opponents wherever the fuck they please.

Trump predicts 'terrific relationship' with Kim Jong Un as historic summit begins

Trump's Meet & Greet w/Kim is Purely Theatre and a Hail Mary for What is Soon Coming from Mueller

The best of the best representing America.

John Bolton. To see him in

It's a reality tv show photo shot.

Can't understand a word they're saying.

Trump Flings Poop in Canada, Kim Hides Poop in Singapore, Another Crappy Day of News. (Ferret/SC)

How long before trump gets bored at that table

Detection of Diamond Dust Around Distant Stars Solves Decades-Long Mystery

If KJU doesn't poop, why does he bring a toilet on tour? I'm series !!1!

Judge in Emoluments Case Questions Defense of Trump's Hotel Profits.

Scientists weigh up deep-sea microbes at volcanos

Great news ?????

'Hobbit' Shrimp with Hairy Feet Discovered Living Inside Hole in Sea Squirt

Kim *speaks English*!1 Well, right there is a one-UP (over SHITLER) !1

The providence petrel is the sweetest seabird

Crusade Against In-Flight Phone Calls

Mysterious 'Puffy' Objects Lurk Near the Milky Way's Monster Black Hole

Trump, senators headed for clash on cyber policy

How we turned a barren plot outside Chennai into a jungle that is now home to leopards and civets

If you're Kim Jong Un & your entire experience w USA is Trump/Rodman-would you give up your nukes?

President under active investigation for colluding with Russia allowed to negotiate with NK dictator

CNN Dennis Rodman Interview

Bats in the Anthropocene.

7 mayors want pot removed from federal list of illegal drugs

Well, in "the first minute," Kim complained about how hard it was to get to the summit.

Democrats turn to Hollywood for messaging help

Trump-Kim meeting: President of US gives thumbs up to dictator

FOX: "I think it is well to keep in mind that Kim Jong Un has given up nothing at this point"

Trump has not just started World Trade War 1, he has explicitly invited the world's leading

Trump Can Easily Get a Deal With North Korea

The Big Con will give insanity hannity and his base a yuge victory...of course its a Con....

Ha! Say what you will of Nicole Wallace, but she just talked over Matthews . . . .

I have the impression that 'boy bands' are popular in S Korea: this may be the launch of a new one:

Cliffordu update 6/25

If a Democratic President had met with Kim Jong, the meeting would not have this much support.

Trump disrespects our flag

Kim's remarks translated - remarkable.

Dennis Rodman crying just about takes credit for Trump/Kim Jong-un summit

He's a murderer

I always wanted a compilation like this one

Nothing good can come out of the Singapore summit. Two lying thugs are just not likely

Male vervet monkeys use punishment and coercion to de-escalate costly intergroup fights

This is really about Trump pardoning Kim as a foreshadowing for Trump pardoning Trump

Ex-CIA official: Seeing the U.S. flag used as backdrop for Kim is 'disgusting'


'This Ruling Gives Us Hope': Supreme Court Sides With Tribe in Salmon Case.

Yeonmi Park on the Trump/Kim summit

Trump Say Summit Go Goodly

Dem House candidate gets pepper sprayed in the face in campaign ad

Umm, I'm not sure this is really the way to campaign for a House seat...

Can Turning Air into Gasoline Really Reverse Climate Change?

And just to add to the absurdity....

So 2 proven liars had a meeting ....

anyone else having issues processing what is going on? And I am not watching...

If you look up, WAY WAY up.....

The Daily Show: Trump's G7 Disaster

Iran's matriarchal Burnt City, mysterious mark of prehistoric times

Seth Meyers - Trump Attacks Trudeau as He Heads to Kim Jong-un Summit: A Closer Look

So, let me dream. The meeting is a bust

Question about ethical behavior for lawyers.

Philip Rucker WTF??

Jarvanka made at least $82 million in outside income last year while serving in the White House

Trump shows Kim what he uses to wipe his orange ass.

Why are Republicans so determined to discourage people from voting? -WaPo

First tetrapods of Africa lived within the Devonian Antarctic Circle

I'd like Democrats to blanket the airwaves with the following message:

Uber driver boots lesbian couple for kissing

Sanders: "Aren't most of the people who sell the drugs African American?"

12,000-yr-old rock painting found in NE China

Americans launch #ThankCanada campaign after Trump attacks Trudeau

FEMA officials assessing damage from Kilauea eruption

Kentucky man sentenced in Native American artifacts theft

I'm Thinking Any Agreement That Trump Puts Up To Un Will Look Like.....

Archaeologists uncover remains of a horrifying Iron Age battle in Denmark

MORE Russian connections to GOP: Russian Hacker Teamed Up With Florida GOP Operative

one picture

"Peace for our time"

CNN:Trump and Kim Jong Un will sign an agreement to acknowledge the progress of the talks and pledge

Former Albany-Area Judge Pleads Guilty to Scamming Millions From Estate

Live from 1970, The Byrds & The Burritos - The Whisky A Go Go LA...

I left my heart in Connecticut....

Accountant pleads no contest to stealing $7M

The last time I was THIS concerned...okay, worried...about the future of the U.S. economy

His best CONJOB **EVER** and there are enough idiots in this country to believe it

80-story 3 World Trade Center to open after years of delays


Trump: Kim Jong Un "loves his country".

God. I've got to keep away from news sites for the next few days.

cholera treatment center (CTC) attacked by the Saudi and Emirati-led coalition (SELC)

How Tulsi Gabbard's Fight Against War Is Affecting Hawaii

Time to weep. Time to scream. Time to register to vote. says Juan Williams

Here's What Candidates For Governor Say About Public Information Policies

Tweet of the Night

Finally, a president with the guts to stand up to Canada

Gunman Kills Self, 4 Child Hostages After Florida Standoff

Professor Marvel would be proud...

Frank Murkowski seriously considered running for Alaska governor again

Eagles - Hotel California Live

I just read an interview with Tony Bourdain after the election.

Business owner says he spread chemicals in one of Anchorage's gathering places for homeless people.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/11/18

Stephen Colbert - Guest Chris Matthews: Trump Only Wants To Be Friends With Dictators

Boys Trump gonna be pissed when has to answer questions about the document he just signed

Judge: Palin's son cannot bar media from his court case

Nothing has been accomplished in N Korea.

Tubby has no teleprompter!!

Reporting on G-7: Europe understands a very important distinction

He is blabbing about which reporter has better hair...

Trump-Kim summit: Trump says U.S. will end its 'war games' with South Korea

Guardian: What have Trump and Kim signed? We read between the lines

'Complete denuclearisation of Korean Peninsula'...since 1985 LOL

Democrats play nice, display platforms in second gubernatorial debate in three nights

'Promposal' vandal who defaced Colorado National Monument sought by National Park Service

Kim and Trump: Equal terms

I don't have to verify, I have one of the greatest memorys....

Ex-Panama president, once living large in Miami, sent home to face corruption charges

BAD BUNS: In-N-Out temporarily closes all Texas locations due to issues with burger buns

Thanks trump. You did nothing but disgrace the American Flag and legitimize NK.

This Summit is a huge Mistake - My take.

Need an opinion on a used bike deal

Just a bunch of grifters...

Activists say they have enough signatures to put paid sick time for Dallas workers on Nov. ballot

Hey Democrats, This Florida Primary Could Be Your Future---It's about Donna Shalala,

Larry Kudlow suffers heart attack.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal Blasts Sessions For Ending Asylum: The Blood Of Refugees Is On Your Hands

Pence to visit Dallas for speech at Southern Baptist Convention meeting

Trump Says 'Otto Warmbier Did Not Die in Vain' When Asked About Kim's Brutal Regime in Presser

Ivanka's Chinese proverb tweet - Nope. Not real.

Did Trump's "ego summit" make matters worse in that part of the world?

Five prison officers charged in cover-up

Could someone just set his TV on FOX News and lock him in his room for the next 2 1/2 years?

What if George had accommodated American colonists' demands & allowed them a handful of MP's at....

St. Louis waitress fired after racist video goes viral, Air Force investigating

On top of the other terrible concessions

Talk about a broad swing in headlines about NK

An Upbeat Trump Ends Summit Convinced Of Kim's Commitment To Ending Nuclear Program

Here's the agreement Trump and Kim signed, and it's... underwhelming.

Let's get something straight; the N. Korea deal is nothing short of a surrender

Tuesday TOONs - Where Will Those Cameras Be? Edition

North Korea sanctions could be lifted after summit, says China

Uber driver 'kicks lesbian couple out of his car for kissing'

The 100+ page Iran deal took years of negotiations. It was deemed unverifiable

Disgusting, Depressing. Nothing Else Left To Say.

The big question is:

Military nor South Korea were not aware of Trumps gift of stopping military exercises.

Trump praises Kim for his talent to take North Korea and "run it tough"

Senate to include measure blocking Trump's ZTE deal in defense bill

Alarmed by family separations, O'Rourke urges end to 'zero tolerance' during tour of immigration

North Koreans 'Love' Kim Jong Un, President Tells ABC

'Rocket Man' 1, Trump 0: North Korea Keeps Its Nukes for Now

What the f**k?

Trump Played Kim Jong Un This Crazily Intense Video at Meeting

It will never be normal again

Talk about being weak?

"They have great beaches"

Bernie Sanders was right, and Democrats are running on his message. But will the party listen?

Yes, we are THAT stupid: Spyware Geeks Freak After Singapore Reporters Get Free USB Fans

Owner speaks out after Browne's Irish Marketplace vandalized with 'Immigrants not welcome'

Was this really about Trump Hotels and Golf Courses, N.K.?

'Think of it from a real estate prospective'

"Allies Of Evil"

How many of us here predicted this - the rapid march of normalization

Trump: If I was wrong about Kim, 'I'll find some kind of an excuse'

I think Rump is in NK to open a market for his f%$#ing condos

Charles P Pierce: I slept through this. I'm satisfied it was the right choice.

If North Korea had any American POWs they would be in their mid eighties to nineties

The Terrible Arguments Against the Constitutionality of the Mueller Investigation

that one photo

How about indicting his family while he's on the plane

There needs to be a new approach to dealing with those in Congress who turn a blind

A surprise DNA match - how would you handle this?

Revealing moment from Trump's presser:

So, after taking credit for "defeating" the Soviet Union, the Republican Party is just going to

Grandson of famously homophobic religious leader to marry boyfriend

Roller coaster ride

Atheist Poet and Publisher Shahzahan Bachchu Shot Dead in Bangladesh

All that hype for this? All that drama and the Nobel talk? Come, art of the deal. This is it?

Upside down Donald!

The hemp revival: why marijuana's cousin could soon be big business

MAGA : dubious approach !

Trump turned water into, errrrr, water

Trump: VERIFICATION of NK denuclearization will be "achieved by having a lot of people there"...USA!

Trump's lawyers say Mueller can't touch him. Is the president really above the law?

Trump on KJU starving & brutalizing his people: "Look, he's doing what he's seen done..."

GOP, business groups slam Trump attacks on Canada

Canada Bad. Russia Good. Kim Jong Un Talented and Trustworthy.

Teleportation: will it ever be a possibility?

I think the word you are looking for is Appeasement.

Bypass the "unsupported hardware" barrier of Windows Update

Gorsuch just wrote an opinion so radical that Clarence Thomas wouldn't join it

I hate to say it but the Heritage Foundation expert nailed it.

CFPB changes office logo, affirming name change amid Mulvaney's crusade to burn it all down

He's Clueless, Read these.......

Trump's agreement with North Korea is big on promise but short on detail

How far away from this is Donald Trump's America?

How is this different than the agreement the Clinton administration made with North Korea in 1993 ?

New Jim Carrey painting: "Let's Make A Deal"

Trump announces US will stop 'provocative' war games with South Korea in major concession to Kim

Pretty clear pattern, you praise him, you get what you want, challenge him and he will criticize you

Trump: "Instead of testing missiles, you could have the best hotels in the world right there"

Didn't Trump just weakened his powerful military?

The Rundown: June 12, 2018

Trump's big concession to North Korea

Contrast this Potemkin agreement with the Camp David Peace Accords.

"The mothers could not stop crying," Rep. Jayapal said of migrants being held at a federal detention

Cat 4 Hurricane Bud this morning - this Bud is not for you - it will weaken shortly

im @a Hampton Inn in Oklahoma

Go deeper: The 4 pillars of Trump and Kim's "historic" document

Singapore fling: "With enemies like you, who needs friends?"

Trump on lack of notes from Kim meeting: 'I have one of the great memories of all time'

Trump: I told Kim he could have 'the best hotels in the world'

The woodpecker tweets.

The thing that irks me the most about this whole Korea exercise is the lack of seriousness.

Dems hit Trump on North Korea summit

Heroic Dad Doing Ballet On Stage To Calm His Daughter's Nerves...With a baby in his arms, no less!

Judge denies new trial for Texas woman sentenced to five years for illegal voting

Canada parliament condemns U.S. attack on Trudeau, country simmers

From a book I'm reading

Baby Changing Station

Graham warns that Trump's deal with North Korea needs approval from Congress

Trump says Trudeau 'learned' from mistake of criticizing him, & it will cost Canada 'a lot of money'

SPLC: Whose Heritage? Public Symbols of the Confederacy

GOP congressional candidate: Diversity is 'a bunch of crap and un-American'

One year ago today: American student Otto Warmbier returns home in a coma

Dennis Rodman: "I'm so happy!"

Pentagon says it will obey Trump's Korea orders once 'they figure out what he's talking about'

Pentagon says it will obey Trump's Korea orders 'as soon as they figure out what he's talking about'

Fellow DUers, please tell me why should we not compare Trump-Kim summit to Nixon's visit to China?

Isn't this the first time POTUS met with leader of country we are at war with?

Who gained more from yesterday's , errrr, summit ?

Virginia Beach Police charge 2 teens in weekend terror threats at Town Center prom

Tweety was in his full mode of drool-at-the-sock-in-the-flight-suit-crotch last night

Happy 66th birthday, Junior Brown.

Trump Defends Kim's Brutal Regime: 'He's Doing What He's Seen Done'

They love him in North Korea. They really do.

EXCLUSIVE Trump's Lawyers Plot Joint Defenses With Others Caught in Mueller Probe

Fox News: Obama meeting with North Korea - bad. Trump meeting with North Korea - good.

PHOTO: " many scoops do they give you? I get two. And extra chicken sauce."

Praying for an Avenatti bombshell

Trump says Kim has a 'great personality'

Spyware Geeks Freak After Singapore Reporters Get Free USB Fans

Is Rubio that daft that he cant see the irony of his statement? He is describing BOTH dictators.'

Meeting with Mueller should be easy!

OK Mr Mueller - back to business

President Obama was scathingly accused, falsely, for years of "apologizing" to other nations. How

First Response to the Singapore Summit

GOP leaders try to cut deals to stop DACA vote

WTF War Games!

Voto Latino aiming to register 1 million new voters by 2020

It's to be expected from a man with no moral compass

In Kim he trusts. Trump sounds naive after meeting North Korea's leader.

"South Korea/Japan/Canada/France/Germany, if you're listening

North Korea has a mass of disciplined low wage labor!!! Easily Trainable...

How Trump lost the summit before the photographers even left the room

"And yesterday I bought the Brooklyn Bridge. What a deal!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Donald Trump is an incredibly wise and sage man.

"The fact that you think this was a success means you are a monumental idiot who knows nothing..."

Judge delays Manafort's first trial -- again

Trump's Singapore Summit Was a Bust--for the U.S.

N.K. deal versus Iran nuke treaty ?

Pic Of The Moment: Meanwhile, In Singapore

"I do trust him, yeah," said Trump. Neville Chamberlain said the same thing about Hitler..

Trump says he's 'prepared to start a new history' with Kim, offers few details about their future

So where we at?

"Buncha bombs in the air"...Trump goes for the Enrico Pallazo Twitter cover photo.

No war games in south Korea?

tRump berates Trudeau for making him look weak, then tRump rolls over for Kim to scratch his belly..

Robert De Niro apologizes -- to Canadians for the 'idiotic behavior of my president'


A Nothingburger in Our Time - By Josh Marshall

Dana Milbank: Finally, a president with the guts to stand up to Canada

We are where we are.

McConnell: US 'Must Be Prepared' To Reinstate 'Maximum Pressure' On NK

The Singapore Surrender (R)

The Art of the Deal 101: "If it isn't in writing it never happened."

Researchers develop pill alternative to weight loss surgery

Disrespecting the American Flag

Belgian Malinois, Amazing Athlete!!!

Mueller must inform defense of "the identity of any individuals or entities alleged to be the others

NRA's nutty Florida questionnaire suggests gun lobby's power may be slipping

So flag day is this Thursday.......should I hang my Canadian flag instead of the American flag?

Judge orders Mueller to reveal alleged 'foreign agents' who worked with Manafort

LAT front page headline:

Eight year old girl plays the drum part to Led Zeppelin's "Good Times, Bad Times"

OMFG. The Trump shit show just got more nauseating. Rude Pundit tweet.

White Nationalist Radio Host: Interracial Relationships Are 'More Devious Than Blatant In-Your-Face

Biden heckled by twitter troll at Wilmington book tour stop

He spoke truth???

"I have been called worse things by better men"

Erick Erickson: Obama would have been impeached for Kim summit

Trump Was Outfoxed in Singapore

DOJ likely to issue public report on foreign election interference in July

Things I learned from trump press conference....please join in...

Alec Baldwin: If I ran I would win, I would absolutely win. I would 1000 per cent win

Where Is Congress? Trump BETRAYED the United States (AGAIN) Yesterday

Anthony Bourdain's Death Moves Restaurant CEO Whose Life He Changed to Donate Earnings to

Very Important Question: Now that the US hates Canada, is it okay to...

Rep. Pelosi: Trump elevated N.K. to the level of the U.S. while preserving the regime's status quo

Sen. Murphy: Kim's gulags, public executions, planned starvation, are legitimized on the world stage

Peter Navarro Apologizes for 'Inappropriate' Trudeau Comments

This guy

I wouldn't want to be a South Korean today...

Kim Double Pinkie Promises to "begin to work towards dismantling the nuclear weapons program"!

Police Framed 16-Year-Old for Burglaries to Boost Crime Stats: Prosecutors

The Americans. A Canadian's Opinion, by Gordon Sinclair

North Korea agreement actually a planning application for new golf course

Boo Hoo - Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians

Rubio rips media for 'hypocrisy' in coverage of Trump's meeting with Kim

Kim got long-sought international stature and "equivalency". Kim got

Secrets of the Y Chromosome

DACA Discharge Petition Do-Or-Die Day Is Here

Theresa MAY not survive as leader -Justice Minister resigns over Brexit policy

Trump's Trade Adviser Apologizes for 'Inappropriate' Trudeau Comments

'The bromance of the century': Trump's bizarre trailer for his summit with Kim

Party in my bed last night! (arachnid warning)

I wonder if Trump knows there's no mention of his meeting with Kim on NK TV?

Mexico candidate shot while posing for selfie in latest murder of politician

Tarrant County Judge uses shock belt to deliver electric shock to sex offender. Conviction reversed.

They talked about real estate??

White House confirms its chief of staff was hacked

Do we look handsome and thin?' Trump asks reporters during lunch with Kim

Trump's vow to end military drills with Seoul stuns a region

Ivanka Trump Quotes 'Chinese Proverb,' but China Is Baffled. Did someone pull it out of her ass?

Video: Stop the Endless Military Spending and Help Working Families

Gawd...another Republican NUT JOB running.........

Now that Trump has basically tied South Korea's hand behind its back, without telling them......

Putin: "Mission accomplished"

David Corn: "Don't you know that the president of the United States just..."

Tariffs on Canadian paper squeezing news industry

The Pulse NIghtclub Shooting took place two years ago

Good question

Chris Murphy: Kim's gulags, public executions, planned starvation are legitimized on the world stage

Drumpf is such an embarrassment. I think the Parkland School kids could have done a better job

Trump talks condos and nuclear physics in rambling North Korea news conference

Well the good news is that Trump is a liar

I'm not TOO much of a meme person, but this one got a snicker out of me...

Blame Canada (by Robin Williams)

Heard - 1A this morning from dial in caller "liberals hate trump so much they'd rather have nuclear

UFC Champion Rips Into 'Filthadelphia Eagles' -- Wants to Celebrate His Win Like a 'Real American'

Little Marco: "#KJU is NOT a talented guy. He inherited the family business from his dad."

Hey Narvarro!

U.S. Inflation Accelerates to Six-Year High, Eroding Wages

Speculation re Trump/NK

The Trump Administration Is Going After Naturalized Citizens Now

His end-game is hotels in NK

One word for the Trump Summit?

Senate GOP drops 'poison pills' from key spending bill

Supreme Court declines Alaska militia leader's appeal

United Nations Quietly Pushes International Gun Control

Dan Pfeiffer of Pod Save America tweets about the Trump standard

Hey commentators, they are not "war games." That's what our enemies call them.

David Corn: ...Russia Poses a Threat to Midterm Elections. But Trump Doesn't Seem to Care.

Armed Man Takes Hostages in Paris

Trump shows Kim his sweet, sweet presidential ride. Kim seems like he does not GAF.

Disapproval Increases and Makes Temer Most Unpopular President in Brazilian History

Texas is 4th Most Unsafe State in America, According to Study

Donald Trump: Stable Nuclear Genius

Two famous weirdos got together and the world hasn't ended, yet.

The Lasting Damage Of Trump's Disastrous Diplomacy

Chelsea Handler vs. Ivanka Trump. Who ya got?

Schiff: Dangerous concessions....

Abramson: Not one American should be celebrating...

How Donald Trump Got Played By a Ruthless Dictator

Schumer: We have legitimized a brutal dictator...

Quebec debacle shows Trump will sink the economy, too

With enemies like these, who needs friends?

You know, Kim Jong-un didn't need to bring that private toilet to protect his DNA.

Trump's foreign policy: Embracing Russia and bashing Canada

Agricultural markets won't stomach Trump tariffs -- delegation

Iowa ball snatcher: Why would you stop military exercise for Kim...?

Dems accuse Interior of holding up key grants

Number One June 12, 1963!

Arizona man arrested for threatening to attack Harvard Black Commencement in 2017

BREAKING: Melania forgoes live coverage of NK Summit in favor of binge-watching "Frasier" on Netflix

Brexit colluder claims witch hunt...borrowing from our reality TV President...

Lol, PPPolling

A weirder summit....

Leni Riefenstahl Lives!!

In a span of 48 hrs, he's attacked the leaders of Canada & France, and praised those of Russia & NK.

GOP Maine governor says he 'probably' won't certify results of ranked-choice primary election

"But you said you had the world's greatest memory!" "I don't remember saying that."

I wonder how much $$$ the US spent on putting lipstick on two murderous pigs. n/t

If fox was under a steady, and relentless hack completely disabling their airtime

How Trump is killing America's alliances

Whoa, those free USB devices at the Singapore summit will mess you up!

Trump says Trudeau's comments are going to cost Canada 'a lot of money'

Texas health inspectors find dozens of violations at shelters for immigrant children: report

So two men who have never lived up to a promise in their lives

Seattle reverses course on business tax after Amazon pressure

Trump tells Bloomberg reporter why he didn't stay longer in Singapore

Trump Tariff Jacked Up U.S. Newsprint Prices

iTunes has a stricter policy on nuclear weapons than the document Trump and Kim just signed

Donald Trump Tells ABC He Trusts Kim Jong Un In Post-Summit Interview

Anne Frank's Birthday is today. She would be 89 years old.

"Road Rage" update women faked it! have history of faking injuries in vehicle accidents

Trump Says North Korean Dictator 'Loves His People" and "Has to be a Rough Guy"

The GOP'ers will never stop this clown!

Putin told the Con, the Con told Kim, Kim told Xi, Xi told Mad Dog Mattis....

Trump says he'll punish 'the people of Canada' because of Trudeau's news conference

GOP senators: We want vote on any North Korea deal

Canadian parliament condemns Trump attacks on Trudeau

Well I think my 8 year old iMac just bit the's just black.....

Has anyone donated to a phone solicitation for a police organization?

Congress May Declare the Forever War

These senators worked to undermine Obama's 2015 Iran deal. Now they are cheering Trump.

Trump's vow to end military drills with Seoul stuns a region

Woman faces jail time for protesting detention of immigrant kids outside GOP congressman's office

The Hotel of Doom - What Trump REALLY wants

Michael Avenatti: The Russians Are Trying to Run a Smear Job on Me

The dirty history of Trump and Cohen's third man

Closest Allies Sour on the U.S.

The only way trump can slap tariffs on Canada is to declare them a national security threat.

EXCLUSIVE Michael Avenatti: The Russians Are Trying to Run a Smear Job on Me

Pentagon: Mattis consulted on Trump move to halt US-South Korean war games

Looks like the Washington Capitals outdraw Trump:

Solar Has Overtaken Gas and Wind as Biggest Source of New U.S. Power

U.S. Inflation Accelerates to Six-Year High, Eroding Wages

George H.W. Bush just became the first former US president to turn 94

Should we go ahead and start linking all Repubes to Trump praising North Korea???

"Solidarity of heirs on the Trump and Kim surreality show"

Trump relates to dictators, not democratically elected leaders.

Here's Why Trump Looks Like Kim's 'Bitch'

ethics shmethics

trump has some 'splaining to do.

History may view Trump's appeasement of North Korea as a diplomatic setback

Sarah Palin's Son Tried to Ban the Media from Covering His Case, It Didn't Work Out so Well

From the NYTimes - Trump Gushes...

KRUGMAN: A " facto foreign agent sits in the Oval Office."

Drawings of Abuse in NK Prison Camps Serve as Haunting Reminder of Regime's Brutality

Trump-Kim Jong Un hair swap

"In Search of Fellini." Excellent movie.

Dennis and the Con....(Kim is good)

Bernie Sanders Praises Trump-Kim Summit: Overall 'A Positive Step'

The world is like a casino and America is the House

The Fred Rogers documentary Won't You Be My Neighbor feels radically subversive

Trump Campaign Manager Demands CNN's Jim Acosta Lose Press Credentials for Doing His Job

Trump campaign manager: CNN reporter who asked questions during Singapore signing ceremony should lo

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un lookalikes KISS and Make up in Hong Kong

Trump shows of his car "Beast" to KJU - WHAT THE HECK!

"It's like looking in a mirror--but without Mike Pence lurking behind me."

Ivanka & Jared made over $80 million last year!

Trump Touts Summit Success After Securing $10 Billion Deal To Sell Nuclear Warheads to North Korea

Donald Trump's New World Order

Readers Remember Anthony Bourdain, Passionate Traveler Cuisine, culture, people --

The Republic party internment camps are officially open. ICE has been commanded

Should Kim Jong Un Trust Trump?......

Vague on Details, Trump Is Betting on 'Special Bond' With Kim to Deliver Deal

More on the intersection of Brexit, Trump and the Russian Government

Overheard while submitting my ranked-choice Maine primary ballot today

Dear Canada

An Artist's Pho, Inspired by His Childhood in Vietnam

Vanity Fair: Cohen tells friends he expects to be arrested any day now.

Tesla to lay off 9 percent of its workers

Pence says The military exercises in Korea WILL continue. Update - Pence now denying his own words

NRA's Nutty Florida Questionnaire Suggests Gun Lobby's Power May Be Slipping

Karl Rove crawled out from under his rock and called the Big Con a liar...

Avenatti: The Russians are trying to run a smear job on me.

Happening on the floor (Corker & poking the bear)

Ana Navarro- "...the hasbeen with a cowboy hat..."

Let's Talk About This Cuban-Russian-Chinese Conspiracy

Let's Talk About This Cuban-Russian-Chinese Conspiracy

NH distillery unveils new bourbon flavored by beaver secretions

The doctors should know Larry has a heart of gold....

Iran warns North Korea: Trump could cancel deal before getting home

Protesters Stage 'Die In' in Front of Capitol on Anniversary of Pulse Shooting

North Korea returned 3 American Hostages. Doesn't Trump Deserve Some Credit?

Jared and Ivanka made at least $82 million in outside income last year

Just in time for summer!



Jim Jordan-R Ohio has to be the biggest jackass of all time!

Chief Inspector Murphy says O Hai

Repost: If only Obama had thought of totally letting Kim Jong Un's regime off the hook for their

Simple question for Trump: Would you also call Hitler "very talented"?

How Trump is killing America's alliances

Ominous prediction from Steve Schmidt

Miss Thanatogenos

Sen. Warren blasts FEMA for doing nothing about Puerto Rico's hurricane death count

Sen. Warren blasts FEMA for doing nothing about Puerto Rico's hurricane death count

Canadian Parliament UNANIMOUSLY CONDEMNS Trump.

Iran nuclear deal bad. North Korean nuclear deal good.

Rudy Giuliani's wife filed for divorce after his affair with married woman

EXCLUSIVE Rudy Giuliani's wife filed for divorce after his affair with married woman

Shep Smith: Trump gave Kim everything he wanted, and got nothing in return

Bob Corker erupts on the Senate floor -- and mocks Republican who are afraid of Trump

Mueller Warns of Active Russian Meddling, Seeks Disclosure Lid

I always thought Congress was driven by having power.

Otto Warmbier's parents: 'Hopefully something good' will come of Trump-Kim summit

Woman Unleashes Racist Tirade On Asian Nail Tech: 'Your Language Sounds Nasty'

ask a trumpie: if donnie's not a russian agent, what would a russian agent do differently?

Very Curious - By Josh Marshall

I think I recall the Reich Wing outrage

I voted. Wisconsin

Exclusive: Trump looking to erect tent cities to house unaccompanied children

Amazing turnout in a small precinct in SC.


No more concessions - By the Washington Post Editorial Board

'Better Off In Argentina': Trump Makes Last-Minute Endorsement Against Mark Sanford


Judge allows AT&T to acquire Time Warner, rejecting Justice Department argument that merger would ha

A summit without substance - By Max Boot

Who Says tRUMP Didn't Get Anything in Return from North Korea??!

Trump will end up agreeing that North Korea can keep its nukes

Women March in Philippines to Tell President Duterte 'Enough'

Judge rules in favor of ATT/Time warner and against The Trump Injustice Department

Mexico presidential poll shows big lead for leftist, many undecided

Trump Will Erect Tent Cities for Detained Children

Hey, whaddya think about my new nickname for trump? "CON Man Don."

You can win an ALL EXPENSE PAID trip to meet DOLT45 in Milwaukee!

Macedonia and Greece: Deal after 27-year row over a name

Irish referendum on blasphemy expected to be held in October (plus "woman in the home")

Baby Please Don't Go

Poll finds Scott leading US Senate race against Nelson...Oh nooooo!

True to Form, Trump just attacked Robert De Niro, this will not end well.....

I'd like Democrats to blanket the airwaves (interviews and ads) with the following message, Part II:

Robert de Niro, a very low IQ...

I need help...

Is polio re-emerging in Venezuela nearly 30 years after eradication?

Trump blows up Mark Sanford (SC-1) re-election for his lack of loyalty...

Your Daily Greenwald is as disgusting as you'd probably expect:

DeVos questioned about NRA influence over school safety panel

DNC to reject fossil fuel company donations

Senator Sanders: Our National Priorities: Endless Defense Spending or Working Families?

Since Trump talks about "to" many shots in the head... A little reminder...

Sinatra as you've probably never seen him before

It's time to get to back Mueller Time!

Video: Bernie Sanders vs. Alex Azar on Cost of Prescription Drugs

Kim Jong Un asked for legal steps to stop antagonising each other...WTF is this crap.

Bernie Sanders bulldozes HHS Secretary Azar over drug prices

Sanders and Sewell Call on Trump to Honor Treaty Obligations in Response to Scathing UN Report

Trump's allies are increasingly concerned about the prospect of Michael Cohen turning on him

The Last Witch Hunter

What's for Dinner, Tues., June 12, 2018

So, do we still have just an armistice between NK and SK?

Trump went to Singapore and all he got ...

When the hell are Mika and Joe gonna get married?

Exclusive: Trump looking to erect tent cities to house unaccompanied children

Ah Well! Einstein's travel diaries reveal 'shocking' xenophobia

Rosenstein just nailed Nunes to the Wall

Hugh Hewitt?

Breaking : S. Korea security adviser: Its Not up to Trump to end drills

"The Crow and The Fox" , fable of La Fontaine. A perfect depiction of Trump bragging about NK

Sorry, Ari. Nothing is "bothering" Dump

Rosenstein plans to call on House to investigate its own staff

from facebook for your perusal

Just being cheeky here, but I do wonder...

Sarpy deputy helps rescue 5-week-old owl 'out wandering' on busy road

Omid Safi's 'Radical Love' recenters Sufi poetry within Islam

How "unprecedented" is an agreement by NK ? Trump brags about "A Story of Opportunity"

A great answer to "De Niro low IQ"

Good news: 34 arrested while advocating for a $15 minimum wage and better conditions for NC poor

Judge tells special counsel Mueller to disclose key figures in Paul Manafort case

A raccoon is scaling the side of a tall skyscraper, and it's incredibly stressful

I've noticed some posts complaining about our message

Maybe a reporter should have asked Drumpt

I have a small brain and low me with this puzzle.

Personal relationships as Foreign Policy

Anthony Bourdain Collection on Late Show, 2000-2011

Mueller warns of active Russian meddling, seeks disclosure lid

20+ Hilarious Pride Signs

Trump fixer Michael Cohen has been telling friends he expects to be arrested shortly

Luckovich: My Button's Bigger

Need some podcast suggestions

DHS Announces 'Strengthened Northern Border Strategy' Amid Growing Tensions Between U.S. and Canada

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Who is the worst Republican in today's political field?

First Response to the Singapore Summit

Senator Warren clashes with health secretary over drug pricing plan

Kamala Harris romps across California ballot

Video tRump made for Kim.

Kim Jong-un accepts Trump's US visit offer, says state media

Any of y'all wanna try explaining this to me?

"He's just not that into you..."

Rightwingers are protected in kansaas by other rightwingers...

Trump should be worried about his bromance with Little Rocket Man!

KJU could well have bribed Trump during their private sessions.

Kim Stunned...

Watch this and weep for what your country was just a few years ago

I wonder if Mika will bring up Rudy's philandering, tomorrow morning

My veins hide.

He was fired after he took a knee to fight white supremacy. Welcome to Trump's America !

In These Times...

Gun control activists hold 'die-in' near Mar-a-Lago on two-year anniversary of Pulse shooting

Robert Reich: The Constitutional Crisis Is Now

Iran, the World Cup and Nike Air - this is disgraceful

Rudy Giuliani denies affair with married 'good friend' Maria Ryan

Help Dayna Steele Make History By Beating Brian Babin In Texas

The Sensational Idiocy of Donald Trump's Propaganda Video for Kim Jong Un

Donald Trump and Michael Cohen are destroying their documents all wrong

This Guy

It's 4:20 somewhere!

How much more damage can Trump do if the House and Senate do not hold him accountable?

Supreme Court Legalizing Voter Purges is Only One Step in their Efforts to Suppress the Vote

It's 4:20 pm somewhere!