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I don't give a rat's a$$ if this violates Godwin's Law or not.

Defense Contractors Cashing In on Immigrant Kids' Detention

Idiot man brings meth to police -- wants to press charges against drug dealer

Probably wrapped too tight for New Orleans

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette cartoonist fired for refusing to draw "conservative, pro-Trump" cartoons

Cost of the Trump Environmental Agenda May Lead to 80 000 Extra Deaths per Decade

Flowers and other interesting plants:

I just finished Rebecca's Tale by Sally Beauman. **SPOILERS**

Hey Joe

Podesta on Hayes on the Report

Activist: Jefferson County school board member's social media posts racist

Possible bomb at Bremerton shipyard; ferry route affected

Another scumbag is leaving the white house.

Holier than thou...Evil incarnate...

Paul Ryan Doesn't Want Kids Split From Their Parents, But He Won't Blame Trump For It

Argentine Central Bank president resigns amid financial crisis, IMF bailout

Longtime Ohio conservative commentator: 'In 2018 I will vote for Democrats'

Turn on Chris Hayes Right Now!

Trump Lawyer Likely Flipping As His Own Lawyers Quit

IMPLOSION: Sarah Huckabee Sanders AND Deputy Press Secy Quitting

Michael Cohen believes Trump and his allies are turning on him

Trump approves tariffs on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods

Migrant Children Detained In U.S. Facility See Mural Of Trump Quote About Evicting Tenants

Hell has finally frozen over...Orrin Hatch honors LGBTQ Pride Month

Pierce: This Country Wouldn't Exist Without People Who Fled Violence and Oppression

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Del Boca Pyongyang!

The most beautiful moment on the web today one year after the Grenfell fire

Well, darn it all. Home inspection turned up some expensive issues.

Mother Teresa was a vile, horrible woman basing her work on white privilege

Argentine Central Bank president resigns amid financial crisis, IMF bailout

Jim Acosta appreciation thread:

Chose a German Pink tomato plant from the farmers' market

I wonder what Malania got her husband for his birthday??

Anybody coming to the Clearwater Hudson River Revival?

Rachael Maddow! Love her! Explaining IG report.

Rachel is on fire tonight!

Notes from the Field Here's a true story I learned in Florida last week

Skeevy prick....

March For Our Lives Summer road trip to get people registered to vote.

Exclusive: Michael Cohen believes Trump and his allies are turning on him

Dennis Hof, Brothel Owner/Pimp, Wins Nevada GOP Primary

Kathleen Clyde would end voter purge process if elected Ohio secretary of state

Crazy On TV Now: Joe Arpaio coming up on CNN now

"Come on Sarah. You're a parent. Don't you have any empathy...?"

Call me crazy, Hillary Clinton for president in 2020.

If Donald Trump told his followers he was the Rev. Jim Jones, how many would drink the Kool-Aid?

Risk aversion equals stagnation and stagnation allows nascient fascism to flower into

Right-wing outrage machine bullies FBI director into making biased statements that swing election.

Last Weekend, Markesan Wisconsin

So (embarrassingly) I'm trying my hand at poetry...

Arizona Officers Seen Beating and Mocking Hospitalized Suspect on Video

Kamala Harris: We have a bill to stop the Trump's policy of ripping children from their parents

I hate James Comey.

Thanks to People, Many Animals Become Nocturnal

Canadian foreign minister: Canada may implement retaliatory tariffs against Trump businesses

Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor of September 15, 1935

They are using bible scripture to justify what they are doing to immigrant families?

John Bolton in Singapore

Using biblical scripture to justify political policy....

Defense Contractors Cashing In on Immigrant Kids' Detention

Hawaii's Erupting Volcano Is Making It Rain Green Gems

Tomorrow (Friday) should be an interesting day.....

one of the best signs from the Families Belong Together marches today

Rachel Maddow.......DoJ IG report lesson: Republican bulling of law enforcement works.

Trump suggested that North Korean TV anchor should get a job in US

Who will be the replacement for Sarah Huckabee?

Chavista squatters return to hotel... this time with "permission from above" to stay

It's a Quest, a Quest for information.

Chrystia Freeland tweet:

I hate Republicans.

Is anyone else

Didn't trump call "those people" animals a couple of weeks ago?

Watching whoever that Jeremy Peters guy is on Brian Williams

If it takes a lifetime...

Longtime Ohio conservative commentator: 'In 2018 I will vote for Democrats'

Im sure she will still be fair and Balanced

"The Official Donald Trump Song" Hilarious !

Dems best Republicans in annual charity baseball game

****Ghoulani tonight: Mueller probe MUST be suspended TOMORROW. Last chance for Jeff S, Rod R***

Seth Meyers - Trump's Birthday Spankings, Rudy Giuliani's Affair - Monologue - 6/13/18

Avenatti: Cohen and his attorney are asking judge to file a gag order.

TPM Josh Marshall "Tomorrow Could Be a Bumpy Day"

An Episcopal priest calls out Jeff Sessions' biblical argument

Elon Musk firm tapped to build Chicago high-speed transit

An Open Letter to Jeff Sessions

The Daily Show: BriGette McCoy, Kirsten Gillibrand & Don Christensen - Military Sex Crimes

Preet tweet

Seth Meyers - GOP's Trump "Cult"; Trump Foundation Lawsuit; Comey Report: A Closer Look

The Daily Show: Russia Uses the World Cup to Score Publicity Points

Did anyone listen to Pod Save America today re. ICE?

I would like to request a round of applause for NY AG Barbara Underwood

Stephen Colbert: Serious Commentary Sessions Cites The Bible In Separating Children From Parents

Sessions, Sarah Huck, and Jesus

Diaper Sales Down in the US, Americans Having Fewer Babies

Cohen filed for a restraining order against Avenatti

US warns of North Korea cyber campaign, days after historic summit

When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and holding a bible...

American conservatives come out of the political closet...

Canadians are shopping 'Trump free' by boycotting US goods, stores and cancelling vacations to USA

There has to be more than just a pee tape

Why is the FBI intimidated by cons?

Bumblebees use perfume patterns to tell flowers apart

voter purges 2 come: red states will send out voter confirm cards that purposely look like junk mail

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 17 - Happy Father's Day

TCM Schedule for Monday June 18 - Star of the Month: Leslie Howard

Why do my DU posts show up on my google fucked tablet but

Ken Burns American Lives SE1 Ep2, Not for ourselves, part 2.

Journalist Michael Schmidt on BriWi tonight:

I hope I wake up tomorrow morning and find out Manafort is in jail.

Einstein's racism is all relative (SCMP)

Old Ireland (Walt Whitman)

A ramble. First draft.

Anyone else

In defense of separating immigrant families Sessions cites same Bible passage used to defend slavery

Ah, so THIS is why our goons are separating children from parents at the border!

Leaked UN draft report warns of urgent need to cut global warming

DOJ watchdog: Comey used personal email to conduct FBI business

As my mother would say it's time to fight fire

Time for some Kirk Fu...

If you ever feel stupid, just remember...

Rodman advises Kim Jong Un

Trump Administration Won't Say How A Random CBP Agent Would Know Of A Reporter's Personal Travel

Pearl Jam - Last Kiss (VIDEO)

Scott Pruitt, Under Fire, Plans to Initiate a Big Environmental Rollback

What will Antarctica look like in 2070? These researchers want to show us.

CA-25: Katie Hill Is a New Kind of California Democrat. Can She Help Flip the House?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/14/18

I'm listening lately Billie Holiday's must-hear song "Strange Fruit"

The Places You've Been. The People You've Met.

A little goodness in this miserable old world.

not to be read by residents of the u.s.a.

James Comey owes a big apology to Hillary Clinton and the 65 million Americans who voted for her

These are the people who will be building "tent cities" for the children

'Why can't we just do it?': Trump nearly upended summit with abrupt changes

The media has helped HHS in their effort to create the tent city

my early morning message to Paul Manafort

Joe's on a tyrade. He's right but a year+ too late.

Defense Contractors Cashing In On Immigrant Kids' Detention

How much do the kiddie prisons cost?

Trump's Bigger Problem Might Be with the IRS

Biblical law.

***SPRING Photo Contest WINNERS***

***Winners Thread for the SPRING Photo Contest*** is posted in GD

MSNBC's Maddow perfectly nails how the right wing duped Comey

I love working hard in the summer heat.

Defense Contractors Cashing In On Immigrant Kids' Detention

What would Democrats do?

I just heard Mika use the word kidnapping for the children

DOJ Watchdog Report Takeaway: FBI Hurt Hillary Clinton, Not Donald Trump

Listen it wasn't just the punditry of Comey Meacham

Twitter Photo: Senator Sanders outside Cafe Bliss

Dedicated to Comey

GOP Senate Campaign Arm Shuns Corey Stewart in Virginia

The cover of tomorrow's NY Daily News (Perfect): Fraud In The Family

Was Comey Actually On Trump's Team?....

I see a number of posts stating as fact the FBI is right wing.

Trump said to push for tariff action on foreign cars ahead of midterms

I learn so much in this group

Friday TOONs - D'OH-nald Edition

The flop-sweat is starting to show in Trump team's scramble to defend child separation

Why is a "Separation From Church and State" Country even quoting from the Bible??!

McConnell Calls for End of Mueller Investigation

Did anyone really believe that the trump would dial back his obsession for money....?

Dear Mr. Manafort, It's June 15th

"They Skype once a week with their 8-month-olds who've been effectively kidnapped by Trump admin"

Most common Ohio jobs don't pay enough to cover rent

Call it angst---fear---paranoia---whatever, the unease of Americans about this regime

It was a GOP/Russian storm that hit the 2016 election!

Trump Blasts FBI's Strzok & Page Over IG Report, Praises Himself For Firing Comey: 'Good Instincts'

Arizona GOP calls for lawmaker to resign for calling immigration an 'existential threat'

Most common Ohio jobs don't pay enough to cover rent

UPDATED: Rudy Giuliani Calls For FBI Agents to be 'Imprisoned', Says Peter Strzok 'Needs Valium'

Michael Cohen demands GAG Order on Michael Anenatti to shut up......

White House Counsel Don McGahn Recused Entire Staff From Russia Probe

Report: Scott Pruitt Had EPA Aides Push for WH Internship for His Daughter

French painter #RosaBonheur broke boundaries, both in art & acceptable gender expression in the 19th

Stephen Hawking to be Buried Between Darwin and Newton

Girlfriend derails musician's career by replacing college acceptance letter w/fake rejection letter.

Pakistani Taliban leader killed in air strike in Afghanistan near border

"The Chinese have no talent for mathematics" -- Albert Einstein

Hey, Obama Haters--Trump Love Is What a Cult Looks Like!

The Russian Trolls are really getting better at their game

Trump: "Wow, the highest rated (by far) morning show, @foxandfriends, is on the Front Lawn!"

U.S. expected to retreat from main U.N. rights forum: activists, diplomats

Kremlin foe Bill Browder tells West: Russian money is Putin's Achilles heel

Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump Tries To 'Steal The Grief' Of Fallen Soldiers' Parents

I think Susan Del Percio is correct:

Trump's Best People: The Michael Cohen Story - The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper

Trump Notices Fox & Friends Filming on WH Lawn, Says He 'Might Take Unannounced Trip Down to See...

Pence turns VP's office into gateway for lobbyists to influence the Trump administration

Manafort, like so many other "alleged" criminals, discovers that he doesn't want to go to jail

How would McConnell end the Mueller investigation?

Is Rudy Giuliani the greasiest legal lizard with a law license ever?

US expected to withdraw from UN human rights council: report

McConnell Calls for End of Mueller Investigation

From the updated New Testament:

HOW does Trump know he was "100% right" to fire Comey? Because Mark Levin told him so.

Morally Bankrupt Ghouls

"There's No Stopping Him": Trump Insists on a Putin Summit

The Terrorist Who Worked for the US

How much will Trump put on Manafort's commissary?

U.S. to Put Tariffs on $50 Billion In Chinese Goods as Trade Fight Widens

How to Not Make Your Point

What a bunch of Meatheads! NY Daily News cover today on the Trumps

Defense Contractors Cashing In On Immigrant Kids' Detention

MAGA - Wow! Really hits a nerve.

Joe Arpaio Tells CNN's Cuomo He 'Understands' Separating Kids From Families: I Did it All The Time

Grimm lobs grenade into GOP primary with Trump pardon claim

Melanie will be going to the UK with Don next month.

McDonald's to switch to paper straws in UK after customer campaign

Trump on Kim Jong Un: "He speaks & his people sit up in attention. I want MY people to do the same"

Shocked, Shocked!! IPCC Projects That We Will Exceed 1.5C Climate Goal By 2040

China says it will retaliate on any US tariffs

This Summer's Hottest Item...

Sessions cites Bible passage used to defend slavery in defense of separating immigrant families

Since 1992, Antarctica Has Lost 3 Trillion Metric Tons Of Ice - 1/3" Global Sea Level Rise

So our chief law enforcer is quoting a religious book to justify separating parents and children

'This Is a Place That Just Sucks Your Soul' (Disillusioned Tea Partier Leaving Congress)

Shrinking map boosts Democrats in battle for the Senate

So, am I getting this right....

McConnell allies jump into critical Senate primary

Trump in msnbc answering questions. He sure tells big LIES

Trump (@ 18:50) If you took a poll in the FBI I would win that poll by more than anyone's won a poll

McConnell zeroes in on election -- his own

the media should walk away from this 'president' and leave him blabbering to himself

Why can't they visit these child prisons?

Morning Joe: Rudy Giuliani's 'idiocracy' lies about Mueller and the FBI: 'Making a fool of himself'

My thread got me thinking

Maduro starts "exiling" opposition. Illegal under Constitution... but since when does he care?

Trump is insane.

Trump tells Fox News he wants Americans to obey him like North Koreans obey Kim Jong-un

'As far as I'm concerned I'm totally exhonerated'

How to recognize russian trolls in a forum:

Trump: IG report's conclusion 'wrong,' there 'was total bias'

Trump to slap a 25% tariffs on up to $50 billion of Chinese goods; China says it will retaliate

Trump's voters proves us the adage that love is blind...

Judge says city councilors can be held liable in lawsuit over vote to remove C'ville monuments

As Sarah Sanders departure rumors swirl, Mike Huckabee suggests a "great" replacement.

trump is now lying about President Obama. 'He gave away Crimea'

Key conservative presses for shield law after seizure of NYT reporter's records

Haberman tried to clap at Michael Avennati. The clap back will leave a mark.

THE Word FUBAR was coined for what this crowd

That was a nice little back and forth with Trump and the press.

At what point does the NRA start talking about Trump being a 'tyrannical' leader?

Houston Chronicle Editorial-Canada should sanction trump organization

This LIE that Democrats are responsible for separating children MUST STOP.

Trump tells Fox News he wants Americans to obey him like North Koreans obey Kim Jong-un

It's a lovely, sunny day here in New York City...

Defense contractors cashing in on immigrant kids' detention

I am clearly on DU too much - I want to hide the media for refighting the 2016 primaries

Pic Of The Moment: Sessions Cites Bible Verse With Sordid History To Defend Kidnapping Children

Trump's "I mean it" moment with China

Happy National Lobster Day! Yay or Nay?

Canadian citizen held for months after border agents dismiss papers as fake

Trump says he won't sign GOP's compromise immigration bill

Simple guide to trump and his sycophants - PROJECTION

"Thank you for all the compliments"?? WTF?

U.S. and China announce new tariffs in escalation of trade war

NO JOKE CNN: Trump jokes he wants US to 'sit up at attention' like North Koreans do for Kim Jong Un

When the Attorney General of the US Quotes the Bible

The U-Verify Report: Gun Control Is a Worldwide Failure

Given What We Know About The Deplorables That Voted This Insane Idiot Into Office.....

North Koreans showing respect to the late Kim Jong Il

Be grateful for Fox News

Dangling High On An Oil Rig With The KKK Below To 'Rescue': Shocking Racial Harassment At Work

After Border Cruelty, No More Excuses For Trump

f**k the media. I am sick and tired when our illustrious media directly ask trump a question they

Imagine if Obama had said that he would like to be treated like a dictator.

Trump dumps Cohen : "I haven't spoken to Michael in a long time"

All due respect to Trump (i.e. absolutely none), if more Americans were to truly sit up at attention

Danziger - Their Favorite Charity

Asking for you to guess: How many Deplorables are there, really?

Any hockey fans here ?

"The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing"

Here's a Bible Verse for Jeff Sessions, since he's so enamored of that book:

Will there be a press briefing from the White House, today?

They need to call it kidnapping

But Anyway...

COOK POLITICAL update GOV ratings...

Top Trump Aide Marc Short doing a runner from the WH.

"Why do you keep lying about this?" reporter to Trump on border policy; he doesn't appear to hear

Breaking News: Orange guy with bad hair releases dozens of puppies onto WH lawn

Trump says he'll refuse to sign GOP immigration Bill


Breaking : China immediately imposes retalitory 25% tarriffs on US Goods.

Trump Shrugs At Prospect Of Losing Press Secretary: 'Everybody Leaves'

At urging of Minneapolis police, Hennepin EMS workers subdued dozens with a powerful sedative

The Atlantic re Manafort: "Federal prosecutors take witness tampering very seriously"

Pic and Mix Theocracy 101

Clapper: 'We had a suspect' in Kremlin-WikiLeaks transfer

CNN's Jim Acosta takes on Kim Jong Un

Fascism Over Democracy: Racist White Voters Make Their Choice

Twitter video: Manafort hurries into courthouse to chants of "Lock him up!"

Right - Now Rudy Wants To Jail Their Enemies.....

Indifference is our biggest threat, not Trump, not his Deplorable followers

Chavismo doubles down on stupid. Bolivarian Socialism equals greatest happiness!

Leave the Bible out of it, child separation is not 'Christian' - By Jennifer Rubin

MEANWHILE, in Kansas...

I think it's time we stopped referring these holding pens as detention centers

Cohen files for restraining order against Avenatti

The wife said...

Once. Just once. I'd L O V E to hear a reporter interrupt with something like:

We no longer have a President.

I have some bad news for the President about south Texas

Stocks Slide as U.S.-China Trade Tensions Build: Markets Wrap

Deep State conspiracy my ass!

Curious Case Of The Man Facing Federal Charges For Threatening The Alt-Right

In case you were wondering...

The best description I've heard for the Trump Presidency so far

Trump is losing the debate over splitting up immigrant families

CNN:Cohen signals openness to cooperating with federal investigators

Trump 'Hates' Families Being Parted At Border, Insists Dems Must Change Law

"Cohen has indicated to family and friends he is willing to cooperate with federal investigators"

Cohen signals openness to cooperate with Feds

Trump calls female reporter 'so obnoxious' for questions on North Korea

New York Magazine: "DOJ Report Confirms That the President Is a Dishonest Conspiracy Theorist"

China: 'The US has launched a trade war'

Trump "feels badly" for Paul Manafort, says "I don't wanna talk about" a pardon

John Rogers SO nails it !!

All of America is like a bus with Trump at the wheel... And this bus is going over a cliff.

"My people"

Hey, White House job seekers: job fair, Friday, June 15, 2:00 - 5:00; Dirksen Senate Office Building

Choices have Consequences

Jesus, this picture....

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child

China now asking other countries to impose tarrifs on the US.

Cook Political Report moves IA and OH governor races to Toss Up.

Looking for a quick breakfast recipe? Try Breakfast Pizza.

CNN's 'United Shades of America' episode explores South Alabama

If the Obama administration would have quoted the bible to set policy or make laws?

Somebody please tell Dershowitz that he is a Shill for the Elite

Live Stream of Court House Steps Where Manafort Hearing is Happening Now!


does donnie even threaten trade partners before imposing tariffs?

again 'bout time

I Am NOT One Of His People

Do FBI agents have the right to vote in federal, state and local elections?

They shall be remembered with the creators of Japanese Internment Camps

Stormy Daniels said it all about Trump

Biblical verse Sessions used to justify ripping children from parents has history in slave-era South

'What's He Doing Here?': Inside Trump's Turbulent Relationship With Michael Cohen

Lindsey Graham on CNN defending Trump

Are we Democrats becoming the true small c conservatives ?

The statement heard from Jeff, the weasel, Sessions....

Quote of the Day...Molly Ivins, Liberal columnist, humorist...6-15-2018

We are heading at breakneck speed toward a dictatorship.

BREAKING: House Leadership won't take on immigration

It's early but I don't think the markets like Trump's lil trade war.




BREAKING: Manafort Pleads Not Guilty to Witness Tampering. Judge is Deciding

"You must obey! You must submit to the overwhelming need to obey...!"

Manafort Sent to Jail After Judge Cancels House Arrest

Manafort Sent to Jail After Judge Cancels House Arrest

Bloomberg: Manafort sent to jail!




Detailed CNBC article about Manafort's being sent to jail.

Barbra Streisand Tweet: Political cartoonist drawings being sidelined for being critical of Drumpf

New York needs to close that loophole TODAY.

The only part of me that will ever "sit up at attention" when he speaks is my middle finger.

Jailbird MOTHERFUCKER. Hopefully the first in a long line.

Legal question

Truth Pledge

For someone involved in Real Estate like Manafort, here's an apt quote...

I hope that drumph has to personally pay for the kidnappings when those kids file a lawsuit

Tick tock... Tick tock... how long before Manafort flips now?

Pardons may backfire on the grand idiot boy

The silence from the Libertarians is deafening.

Judge to Manafort: "This isn't Middle School."

Next. On "LOCKUP"!

I took the new I Side With test

If Manafort and Cohen get pardoned


This is better than sex.

Hopefully Manafort will finally be made to realize that

In honor of National FlipFlop Day:

Trump legal team tell ABC they're "stunned" by Manafort bail decision.

Manafort jailed after alleged witness tampering

Judge re: Manafort. "This is not middle school. I can't take his cell phone."

Trump immigration comments spark chaos in GOP

They don't have black hair dye in the slammer !!

Big Picture, Folks, Big Picture - By Josh Marshall

Stephen Colbert and children

Chuck Todd: Trump told a breathtaking number of 'outright lies'

Gustavo Petro (Colombia) relative connected to corrupt PdVSA businesses

Aww. You're not gonna see Paulie no more.

Mueller and July 4th

Next time a lawyer/FBI official/DA Gen'l tries to convince you that you're *not* being investigated-

Manafort's in the Slammer!

Trying to source the photo depicting a child in a large crate

This week is ending on a high note.

TX-32: Sessions Moves from Lean Republican to Toss Up

Manafort is Going to Jail...ABC News Special Report

Do you think President Trump will put money in Manafort's commissary account

Dershowitz on MSNBC: "Locking someone up before they have been convicted is an anethama to liberty

'This Is Not America': Outrage Spreads Over Trump Mural At Migrant Children Facility

Revoking Manafort's Bail Has Some Interesting Implications.....

Slate - great read "We Are in a Linguistic Emergency When It Comes to Trump"

Jonny Quest's Dad Is In Columbus Today (And It's Pride Week)

Yes, you are reading this right. The gun lobby is trying to remove pre-existing condition protection

Defense Contractors Cashing In On Immigrant Kids' Detention

Palestinians prep 5,000 kite bombs in Gaza to mark end of Ramadan

Just think about the level of arrogance Manafort has...

And speaking of Michael Cohen's hearing today, court rptr Adam Klasfeld will keep us posted:

Manafort is jailed for witness tampering ... per stephanie miller show. I guess im late to the party


Harvard Rated Asian-American Applicants Lower on Personality Traits, Lawsuit Says

Trump: Kim's people sit up when he speaks, 'I want my people to do the same'

So when is Trump going to pardon Manafort?

And Michelle Wolf wasn't right?

Reminder: A Presidential Pardon cannot be used to avoid Contempt of Court

Food aid curbs sought by Republicans would hit rural poor

MAGA - My Attorney Got Arrested

from "Emily Doe" to Hillary Clinton to an amzing musical piece

Former Watergate prosecutor: Manafort may never see the outside of a jail cell again

AP: Trump 2020 working with ex-Cambridge Analytica staffers

Lauren Southern Praises White-Only Ethnostate, Jokes That People Are Offended By Its Lack Of Crime

Daytona Beach, FL roller coaster was inspected hours before derailment

Graham : "President Trump could stop this policy with a phone call." This is not law.

Things are starting to come to a head

Judge Orders Paul Manafort Detained Amid Witness Tampering Allegations

Happy Fathers Day Weekend.

Have they released Manaforts Mug shot yet?

So, does putin/trump have someone in mind to play "Jack Ruby"?


Craig Melvin's calling out "lies; bald faced lies!" (MSNBC)

And Cohen loses his attempt to gag Avenatti

Manafort being sent to prison is all part of Trump's 4D strategy to troll liberals

Manafort Really Really Really prefers death

Paul McGuire: America Is Controlled By A 'Hidden Network Of Practicing Pedophiles'


Democratic National Convention - Our Fight Song

List of people who need to be keeping manafort company. I'll start...

The Koch brother Charles, gave the Con a call...

AP: Trump 2020 working with ex-Cambridge Analytica staffers

Pruitt Used Office To Get His Daughter White House Internship, Into Law School

Hope Paul is celled with Big John from Memphis!

Dan Savage tweet on separation of children & GOP hypocrisy

The White House just released Trump's official Presidential portrait

Penis Facials Aren't Backed By Science -- Sorry, Sandra Bullock

An American editorial cartoonist has been fired for skewering Trump. He likely won't be the last.

Hillary Rodham Clinton on women's equality:

As soon as our leader tells Insanity Hannity...The people will know

Trump's characterization of the IG report is thus basically wrong in every way.

'Paul Manafort is the first warlock in custody': Internet celebrates jailing of Trump campaign mgr.

DC Judge Harshly Orders Father To Be Separated From His Children

Graham said on CNN.."President Trump could stop this with a phone call ,"

Piano Concerto #2 in B-flat Major, Op. 19 Ludwig van Beethoven

NYT Editorial Board: Chinese Tariffs Are Already Hitting Trump Voters

Hillary Rodham Clinton on women's equality:

Manafort lost 4 properties today, collective worth $11 million

Promoted 6 times & then fired: Inside a 24-year-old political appointee's wild ride in Trump's D.C.

One has to wonder what the Trump campaign meeting sounded like?

Exclusive: Democrats, anticipating heated primary, set earlier 2020 convention date

Treason Scoreboard....Happy Friday, Patriots

Defense Secretary Mattis contradicts Trump on Russia right after president blames Obama for Crimea

Where will Manafort be held, I wonder?

Iran 1 - Morocco 0

AP: Trump 2020 campaign working with ex-CA staffers

Avenatti: Court denies gag order.

The biggest dilemma currently facing Trump is whether he should defect to Russia or North Korea

Banking Problems Hit Japan

Loyalty to Donald Trump is new normal for the Republican Party

Clapper: "We had a suspect in the Kremlin-wikileaks transfer"

Trump: I defend North Korea's human rights record to help avoid nuclear attack

So, Now We Have the Attorney General Violating

Michael Cohen is standing by to be Robert Mueller's 2nd pick in the 2018 Prison Draft

Question about Cohen

Dozens of skilled immigrant teachers to be deported thanks to Trump's crackdown on H-1B visas

Stocks tumble after Trump plans new tariffs on Chinese goods

Doctors saw immigrant kids separated from their parents. Now they're trying to stop it.

Trump addresses "forcing the breakup of families at the Border."

Is Trump really this ignorant?

Rene Boucher sentenced for Rand Paul assault

"This is not middle school. I can't take away his cell phone"

Trump's legal troubles pile up despite release of IG report

Song of the day:

He's still in an Asian state of mind, I see.

Hope you liked the book....

Democrats just moved up the 2020 convention earlier than ever before

Remember that time Manafort got trump to pick Pence as VP?

Man I been cool but...

Headline made of comedy gold: "Kremlin says Russian women can sleep with whomever they want"

Canada-US relations at a low after Trudeau-Trump trade tiff

The Cartoon that got The Cartoonist fired....?

Started watching "Wanted" yesterday. One crazy-assed movie!

Nomiki Konst fired by Young Turks...

"hispipo" and "mypipo"

KGOP republicans launch a line of Voter Apparel

During an impromptu press conference he lied 19 times

Will FOX News call out Trump on his lies this morning?


Milbank: What passes for concern in a Dickensian America

Speaking of flip flops,

Trump rejects immigration compromise

If you should get your bail revoked?

Police worked with violent pro-Trump activist to prosecute leftwing group

Pearl Jam Pays Tribute to Anthony Bourdain & Family of Kate Spade at European Tour

Know any good limericks?


Trump Russian Update...

Supreme Court decision in Janus threatens the quality of public-sector jobs and public services

Katy Tur is not having it.

1,995 children have been separated from their families at the border...

Goodlatte begins process to subpoena FBI agent who sent anti-Trump texts

Katy Tur has Rep Jim Jordan on - she's not buying his BS

Situation normal in Caracas. 1/3 of buses operating

Where is Trump when you need him?

Trump: "Wow, what a tough sentence for Paul Manafort, who has represented..."

'Three Californias' plan would give Dems more seats

Do you think Cohen knows about the bad things Trump did?

Webster County, WV, 'Food Aid Curbs Sought By Republicans Would Hit Rural Poor'

We the People want to say, WE APOLOGIZE for the behavior of our illegal POS.

Immigrant held in SeaTac prison hasn't seen her child since May: 'I haven't heard my son's voice'

Oh dear

Mr. Cohen? Your TV show is on.

What's that you say again, Sean?

The Moron said he wouldn't sign the immigration bill

The state of the conservative movement:

So where's the World Cup thread today?

Trump wanted to fire Cohen in 2009, but kept him on...AT HALF SALARY! #TooMuchWinningPleaseStop

Avenatti: "just filed in the search warrant case" (re: Cohen)

Luckovich-Meeting with our greatest enemy

Rudy Giuliani tells @NYDailyNews "things might get cleaned up with some presidential pardons"

We have the new nickname: Rudy "A Noun, A Verb, and A Manic Episode" Giuliani

Major Study of Drinking Should be Stopped, N.I.H. Says

Time for glam: happy 72nd birthday, Noddy Holder, lead singer of Slade.

Ethics official asks EPA watchdog to probe more Pruitt scandal allegations

What's Kamala Harris Doing?

Trump lied or misled the American public 19 times this morning. We have an hour long fact check.

So, Manafort must be getting all comfy in his cell by now. Wonder if he has bunk beds

Perp walk

Creationist Ken Ham Blames Atheists For Ark Park Failure


Giuliani: Joe Biden is a 'Moron' & 'Mentally Deficient Idiot' Who Won't Have a Chance Against Trump

So, both the House Majority Leader and Senate Majority Leader called for Mueller to go today

GQ: This Is Why Trump Won

FBI obtained 731 pages of encrypted text message


UPDATED: Rudy Giuliani says Mueller probe 'might get cleaned up' with 'presidential pardons'...

Paul Manafort ... This happened today !!

Breaking:Trump's 2020 re-election campaign is secretly working with employees of Cambridge Analytica

Did anyone see Joe Kennedy III on C-SPAN talking about the cruelty of holding these children...

Ha ha Cohen's shredder fail:

The Red Chapel A great documentary of two Danish comics, one mentally challenged touring North Korea

Trump Attacks Judge's 'Very Unfair' Decision To Jail Manafort Before Trial

Just saw the movie Gotti. There are two scenes that remind me of you know who

The most viewed video in all history..over 5 Billion views on U's clean, sorta...

Butterbean - 3 weeks

The physics and philosophy of time - roughly a 1 hour lecture by Carlo Rovelli.

Not everyone got the memo, I guess?

Cartoonist Fired Critical of Trump

Giuliani: Mueller probe 'might get cleaned up' with presidential pardons

Is it my imagination or are things really heating up today?

Craving an Easy Shrimp Dinner? Make This Curry.

Alex Jones's Ex-Wife Seeks Avenatti for Custody Case

Update: The latest "Hippies won after all" article

This one has 3.612 Billion is in English...enjoy. "When I See You Again"

Tonight on Real Time With Bill Maher:

The Trump administration owns its cruel policy of separating families

Pierce: There's an Elderly Man on the White House Lawn and He May Not Be Well

Lindsey Graham -sycophant boot licker

Trump will pardon Manafort by Monday

DICK-TATOR. Donald Trump, The Insecure Pledge in the Dictatorship Fraternity - By Rick Wilson

Trump admits he dictated lie about his son's meeting with a Russian lawyer, says it doesn't matter

Trump admits he dictated lie about his son's meeting with a Russian lawyer, says it doesn't matter

AP Exclusive: About 2,000 minors separated from families

One day after court upheld voter purging in Ohio, Justice Dept sued Kentucky to make it purge rolls

So, they say to end the Mueller investigation?

An anthem for our time

Our Constitution needs amending

Victory Boyd (storyteller/singer):

Cristiano Ronaldo 'to accept jail term and 16.4m fine' in tax case; oh, and a spoiler

We Are No Where Near The Bottom W/Trump & GOP. Long Long Way Yet To Fall.

UPDATED: Trump Threatened to Send '25 Million Mexicans' to Japan

The judge let them know

A minor clarification...

LVMPD: Man with a gun on Hoover Dam bridge

This is a total non sequitur. Deplorables are f-----g stupid

He sounded like he must have the day his parents told him they were sending

Officials say Trump backs GOP immigration bills, despite comments opposing them...

Facebook's Screening for Political Ads Nabs News Sites Instead of Politicians

Trump says "he doesn't want to interfere "!

Can someone explain Trump's pro-Tariff Economic Polices to me?

Conn. elementary school to be named after Barack Obama

Metro: Man barricaded inside vehicle at Hoover Dam bridge

Who's the Phony One??

Additional Friday cartoons

Grimm and Donovan Go Nasty at Second Debate

Police worked with violent pro-Trump activist to prosecute leftwing group

Michael Cohen loses bid for restraining order against Stormy Daniels' lawyer

Wait, what?

Any word on how the conservative job fair promoted by Twitler went?

Steve King: House GOP 'considering' removing Ryan

We are under the greatest attack since Pearl Harbor and 9/11

High school football co-captains die within days of each other

If anyone wants to track NY's "End to Double Jeoopardy Loophole bill"

The patriotic American commercial I want to see:

Sens. Lee, Sanders Call on Sec. Mattis to Disclose Full U.S. Involvement in Yemen

"There are always reasons to wear black in tRump's America"

I figured out why Scott Pruitt wanted that used Trump Hotel mattress.

I have a theory about the immigrant families debate...

'Multiple adults' shot in parking lot of DeKalb County Kroger

First Nations look to buy equity in pipeline to have say in project's future

U.S. nuclear, coal plant bailout plan still being 'fleshed out': Perry

A Twitter Bot worth following

U.S. prosecutors pull encrypted messages from phones seized in Cohen raids

What the fuck?? I mean what the fuck?

Together, we will defeat the Trump administration's inhumane and un-American policy ...

Justice dept joins lawsuit to purge Kentucky voter rolls, Kentucky gets busy purging

Cambridge Analytica just won't die -- working w/Trump 2020 campaign

Shrinking Senate Map Boosts Democrats

What's for Dinner, Fri., June 15, 2018

CNN legal analyst on Manafort: "There's something about that orange jumpsuit."

Florida rollercoaster derails hurling two riders 34ft to ground

Pruitt Just Gutted Water Protections for 117 Million , informed Trump in a happy birthday tweet

Ya know tRump is just punking us all and cashing in while chase our indignation all over the place.

Looking back at Standing Rock - in pictures

I'm tired of taking the high road.

Keith Ellison for Minnesota Attorney General.......

Eric Trump's charity remains under investigation

If a November election is the only way citizens can have an actual voice

Turnout for 18-34's in 2018 Primary in Philadelphia was up 29%

I have no interest to disparage Democrats... I do have interest to urge Us All to promote narrative.

Two days in a row, sweeping teeny, tiny little maple seeds...

Some mysterious owners in Washington State were willing to put up their property for Manafort's

Ex-Trump campaign officials are now appearing with pro-Moscow separatist leaders

Democrats, please tell us you are a democrat in your T V election ads.?

Okay, God is an American. So just quote the bible.

Mike Pence to be greeted by giant LGBT dance party during Ohio visit

Ranked choice voting is awesome.


Comey trolls Trump's "Fox & Friends" comments RE: Manafort

Melania Trump Spent Her Husband's Birthday Away from Her Husband

A Litmus Test for Republicans

Willie Nelson: 'Christians should be up in arms' over Trump family-separation policy

Greitens considering Senate run

Gandhi quote on tyrants:

The Comical Notion That Pardoning Manafort Will "Require Him To Testify" or "Face State Charges"

Firefighters break windows of car blocking hydrant

A little insight for those who've never been in jail...

Who is feeding those children who cannot feed themselves?

Trump's getting the Cambridge Analytica cabal back together in time for elections

Former FBI Special Agent explains the word "forever" to Mitch McConnell.

Is it still a hoax?

Hey Donny:

Liberal Democracy Is Under Attack (Spiegel Online)

How did Rudy Giuliani get leaked info that Comey was reopening the investigation: CREW on the case

Elizabeth Holmes and former president Balwani charged by feds with wire fraud

Mueller: Manafort Used "Foldering" as Part of His "Deception"

Is this what we've become?

You kidnap people's children and want to suggest tha people are being

Stephen Hawking's ashes interred at Westminster Abbey

"My People" should sit up

Why does it seem so many of Trump's pals are criminals

"Quiet!" Trump says to a reporter: "She's so obnoxious. Quiet."

Tesla workers say they pay the price for Elon Musk's big promises

Trump's attacks on federal employee unions, pay and benefits draw bipartisan rebukes

Union protesters seeking higher wages for resort workers march on Disneyland gates

Illinois board moves forward with union employee pay raises

Beautiful sign

Teamsters union backs Canada in tariff tiff with Trump

What if the "Blue Wave" doesn't happen?

Spare me the calls for civility - President Trump deserves our rage

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes charged with criminal fraud

Janitors' union rallies supporters to 'Fight for 15' as workers prepare for contract talks

Road rage triggered quadruple Westminster shooting that killed boy.

A shooting at a courthouse in Kansas City.

New effort to strengthen the bargaining power of NC employee unions

FORBES: Why President Trump's Border Wall Is An Example Of Bad Leadership

Union: Health workers fired amid organizing bid

Judge says "accidentally unredacted document" was Court's fault, NOT Special Counsel's

Did you have a better dinner than Paul Manafort ?

Pregnancy Discrimination Is Rampant Inside America's Biggest Companies

We Are MO launches first ad to expose motivation behind Proposition A (RTW): Lowering Missouri wages

Cohen attorneys granted ten extra days to review documents seized by Mueller investigators

There is A SILVER LINING.... Trump has screwed Republicans

WH says Trump supports immigration legislation that he said would not sign, says he was confused.

Extremely cool portrait of Johnny Cash by comic artist Lee Bermejo

Meanwhile, the People's President just keeps working

Tom Toles: The Video Kim Made for Trump

Shrinking map boosts Democrats in battle for the Senate

IS there Anyone Here who plays Monster Hunter World?

Trump on NK nukes: "I have solved that problem. That problem is largely solved."

Poignant tweet:

I am going to ask question that some won't like, but here it is anyway?

beer bottle car

Let's PUSH Forward with Strength and Determination - The Republican Monsters we face is real!!!

Unprecedented Presidential Decision Puts General in Charge of Defense Ministry

A Child or Adolescent is Involved in a Work-Related Accident Every 3.5 Hours

If Manafort was a garden variety crook I might have more sympathy for him.

Striking difference !

Kim Jong un gives feedback on historic meeting

Here is a super easy way to Keep Families Together...

Walmart heirs' groups deny role in Georgia governor's race

Renowned British writer, a virulent anti-Semite, being considered for sainthood

So I watched Kramer vs. Kramer on youtube today...