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Finance Committee tweaks Walker's plan to spend greater-than-expected federal transpo funds

Chasing my 2 year old grandnephew around Target and I suddenly realized

The Democrats are falling into trump's trap...

Democrats have different ideas for growing Wisconsin's economy

Help me make every problem the Democrats' fault

Trump's Summit with Kim Jong Un could reasonably be considered a "success"

My good deed (I hope) for the day - yesterday.

Sent to my repug congressman. Feel free to copy.

60 Mins: Ex-DEA agent: Opioid crisis fueled by drug industry

Party's over for some House Republicans as tea party loses steam

8 PM, Inside Evil with Chris Cuomo,*Joel Rifkin Brutal Serial Killer 17 Women

NY-24: Democrats view Juanita Perez Williams as best chance to defeat Katko

Summit follow up events

Supreme Court faces major decision on partisan gerrymandering

Rep. Randy Hiltgren uses white supremacist sites to justify family separations

These images were just released by border patrol

Statue falls on four year old boy, killing him

HHS's Cruel Games against Asylum seekers makes them break the law

Baltimore cop harasses shopper; because

Election win puts Democrats close to taking Wisconsin Senate

I saw

ELITE CHARTER SCHOOLS: How Some Exclude Minorities

Dad was retro-bureaucrat cool

Police: 2-year-old dies after statue falls on him

Goodnight, Loon: Poems and Parodies to Survive the Trump Presidency

Laura Bush: Separating children from their parents at the border breaks my heart

I think I get some Trump voters now...

AP:Hundreds of children wait in Border Patrol facility in Texas

Three-year-old girl dies after statue falls on her at Mumbai hall

Union leaders rallying for Mahlon Mitchell say this time different

Environmentalists' challenge to lake water diversion for Foxconn moves forward

Migrant families could be kept together.

Could Trump Face The Magnitsky Act Sanctions ?

Can cable companies slow down your online TV now ?

Some personal thoughts about Trump's cruelty.

The Tipping Point

When Laura Bush calls the law cruel and immoral

Toast to a lost friend.

Wisconsin American Legion official lied about serving in Vietnam

Googled 'father mother kids in cages'

he just can't stop whining and crying on twitter

From Seattle's St. Mark's (Episcopal) to St. James (Catholic) Cathedral, a procession for immigrants

Vibes to the people of Osaka, Japan. 5.3 earthquake today. Broken glass

Poll: Republicans Approve of Trump's Family Separation Policy

These seperations have been going on since April. It now seems like it is getting the attention

The Wall

I've loved Erica Jong ever since reading "Fear of flying" in college.

Only thing that's needed

Will Supreme Court uphold or toss out Wisconsin's redistricting plan Monday?

"Donald Trump's day so far..."

California's Low Turnout Suggests Voters Need a Better Reason to Show Up

I just did a search for a Dotard Gif. ROFLMAO.

Happy Father's Day?

Trump has had a rough day, but it really seems like he's calming down. #AlternativeThreadTitleFacts

Number of tRump cronies who secretly met with Russians just hit 11

An exchange between two lovers...

Thursday, June 21, 7 pm, Seattle, march for migrants starting at St. Mark's Cathedral

Today, I had the opportunity to vote for Chelsea Manning as my Senator...

High school graduate gets in last word over censored speech

Where are the detained girls?

I haven't seen one post today about Manafort or Cohen, but that's okay,

Laura Bush: Separating children from their parents at the border 'breaks my heart'

The most annoying fan base

Trudeau's popularity rises 12% to 52% since Trump called him weak at the G7.

"She had to teach other kids in the cell to change her diaper,"

Monroe County sheriff candidate calls plagiarism a 'mistake'

King and queen of Spain to receive royal treatment in San Antonio today

White House faces growing outcry over migrant family policies

The Powerful Effect of a Single Image

Children are basically wearing prison numbers.

Democrats intensify fight for immigrant children -- bludgeon Trump and Republicans ahead of midterms

Merkley leads Dem lawmakers to border amid migrant policy outcry

Texas deputy accused of sexually assaulting 4-year-old threatened her mother with deportation.

We need a Zero Tolerance Policy for all GOP and drumph followers.

Madison City Council to consider ban on smoking around all city-owned buildings

At least 5 die when SUV crashes after being chased by Border Patrol, then deputy, Texas sheriff says

Hundreds of migrants arrive in Spain after Italy, Malta shun them

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver up. It is a new one. HBO

Laura Bush blasts Trump migrant policy as 'cruel' and 'immoral'

A Repost from a flight attendant - immigrant children on a plane

Time for a full investigation into the child/parent separations.

Birth triggered rare, deadly illness in mom until UT Southwestern geneticist solved the mystery

The Daily Show: Back in Black - American Schools Guard Themselves Against Gun Violence

GOP View On Separation. Just Communist Pro Open Border Pro Terrorist Dems Making Trouble.

Dems Won't Fund Trump's Stupid Wall....

Imigration? What is this "Imigration" you speak of?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 19: Mad About Musicals

The grace, the beauty, the power of an owl in flight

But Both Sides Do It. Obama Had Same Policy. Next GOP Meme

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 20: June Brides


This is so, so sad....Quote from Tom Jawetz, VP of Immigration Policy Center of American Progress...

Where is a list of organizations helping with relief for 'stolen' kids?

Donald Trump and Stephen Miller crash and burn - Palmer Report

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz warns: Democrats 'hate the president and they're coming for Texas'

Here's How You Can Help Fight Family Separation at the Border

It's "go time" Mr. Mueller

"All The President's Men"

Am I the only one who thinks Westworld is the best show on right now, full stop?

The NRA is whining now about...witches?

The Trump Regime's Nazi tactics have created a national security crisis.

All work and no play makes Don a dull boy. All work and no play makes Don a dull boy. All work and

Trump eventually will go. It is his supporters that scare me

SCTV - Bob Hope Desert Classic

Crossposted to VID & MM: SCTV - Bob Hope Desert Classic

CERN's Large Hadron Collider getting major luminosity upgrade

Stephen Hawking's final paper bursts the multiverse bubble with a Holographic Universe theory

Man takes pics of clouds resembling Trump on his birthday.

This is the face of one of the rarest animals in Australia

Trump to Chair National Space Council Meeting on Monday

Starwatch: time to look for noctilucent clouds at the edge of space


Brockie: Citizen scientists, let's study clever sparrows

Explosive volcanoes spawned mysterious Martian rock formation



Lazy moocher, reporting in.

I propose this as the new Presidential theme.

Anyone ever had pizza with a cauliflower crust? Any idea how to make

Ted Cruz outlasts Jimmy Kimmel in grueling Blobfish Basketball Classic

How is Branstad doing in China?

A wedding gift

Dan Patrick Claims Victory on Bathroom Bill, Even Though It Didn't Pass

Is it any surprise that a slumlord that praises Putin, Duterte, and Lil Kim Jong Un would emulate

"Help is coming" dedicated to "the little red sneakers" and all the rest of the littles....

The last time Democrats won a US Senate Election in

Mister Rogers Talks About Violence "Not For Children Who Watch Alone"

Minister at Anti-HERO Church Accused of Sending Nude Photos to Minors

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Xi Jinping

Anti-Gay Texas Mayor Complains of 'Ass-Chewings' Over Recall Petition

The GOP's Hopes of Turning Minnesota Into a Political Red State is Not a Good Idea

What the fluff?!😲

A rule protecting Minnesota's groundwater is 30 years in the making. Republicans are fighting it.

Osaka earthquake: three people dead after 6.1-magnitude tremor

Mozart: "Six German Dances", K571 & K600/Alvars: "Introduction and Variations "/

We democratic voters need to organize and help every Latino and Black person in the country

Justin Nelson tags Ken Paxton, Texas attorney general, as nation's sole indicted statewide official

A pep talk in the mirror...

"This isn't a Rep or DEM issue"...a refrain we in WI have heard for 9 years now...

DFL endorses State Rep. Ilhan Omar for U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison's congressional seat

Russia quietly moves border hundreds of yards into occupied Georgia

Kim Jong Un More Popular Than Pelosi Among Republicans: Exclusive Poll Results

On back porch thinking about those children I'm ranting

How Polk Co. funneled $844K to private schools through a corp. despite its ban on religious funding

THIS is why you don't let Nazi's in the White House...

C-Span Facebook Poll on the zero tolerance policy

Mass jumping in Mexico after World Cup goal causes small earthquake

If Trump wanted to get rid of Sessions, surely NOW is the time ?

Audi Chief Executive Rupert Stadler detained

Clayton man arrested in school shooting threat

The defining issue of the 2019 election should be putting children into

Is that an Iron Cross tattoo on the ICE agent I see?

The Fortunate (for Democrats) Cult of Trump

The boog the chocolate lab

In 1968, Poor Americans Came to D.C. To Protest, Some By Mule

Trump and the Baby Snatchers

Monday TOONs - White House Hymnal Edition

Former Cambridge Analytica staff 'working on Donald Trump's 2020 re-election campaign'

The top 60 fringe groups attacking conservatives

The "Failing" CNN network is doing just fine

Officials could rename Virginia school after Obama (have a nice day Trump !)

BBC : Trump separation policy: Children 'in cages' in Texas

GIVE ME 25billion for my wall or i will continue to tear families apart

I see "Democrats are to blame also" replies for the horrible Trump child separation policies. RESIST

Where are the young children? Where are the girls?

Cute kid you got there, it'd be a shame if something was to happen to her/him

Nunes, the FBI NY Field Office and Weiner's laptop

Charleston Among Riskiest Cities In America For Continual SLR Flooding

Happy 😀 National 🇺🇸 Sushi 🍣 🍱 Day🌞!

Republicans will have to defend Trump and taking children from parents...They can't.

Hot Early Spring In Vienna Shows Just What Happens When Plants, Pollinators Get Out Of Synch

The Power of the Powerless

Wannabe Dictator's udders

30 Years After Hansen - "Numbing" Statistics Show An Already Different World

U.N. Rights Chief Tells U.S. to Stop Taking Migrant Children From Parents

No laws will stop Trump!

New York Post: Stop breaking up families at the border

Donald Trump is essentially the childcatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Trump's Cult is showing the WORLD, it can't trust "white people"! You must show there's a difference

45th Era : living in the upside down

Religion is excellent stuff...


Texas deputy sexually abused undocumented immigrant girl, 4, sheriff says

The PETM In 10 Minutes; Getting To Know The Last Big Extinction Spasm

Comic Reviews from Multiversity comics: 6/15/18

The Rundown: June 15, 2018

When will we hear Trump blame Sessions for the crisis in Texas?

The origin of Superheroes: Bob, Agent of Hydra

Are we at war ??

Since Trump doesn't ever apologize, & this mistake is written in stone. Good by Republican Party.

PoliticoFact: TRUE: Democrats almost have their lowest representation in about 100 years."

7 Of Pruitt's Top Aides Are Gone, Including 4 Of His Best Hack Crony Assholes From OK

One more pic that I'd missed from G7...Trump apparently wonders who stepped on a duck.

Cyanobacteria Bloom Prompts Do-Not-Drink Advisory In Salem, OR

No matter what facts Robert Mueller puts forth in his report...

Is it just me or is there something anti-christish going on here????

Re: Detained Kids, You Do The Crime, You Pay the Time

WaPo (Fred Hiatt): "Bannon has won" (in the Republican party)

Anthony Scaramucci Rips 'Atrocious' Border Separation Policy: 'We All Know' Trump Can Change It

Deputy accused of sexually assaulting girl, 4, threatening to have mother deported if she spoke up

Morn Joe spends entire show on Trump's child kidnappings

Trump Attacks FBI Agent Peter Strzok Who Wants to Testify on Firing as 'Sick Loser'

Steve Doocy explains the cages:

Insanity as an official policy.

Wilbur Ross Never Sold Stakes in Companies Co-Owned by China, Report Says

Alan Dershowitz Speaks Out About Cruel Detention Policy

#Trumps Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen is lying through her teeth. Tweet is not even coherent!!...

When I was younger, I never understood the point of throwing rocks at tanks.


June 18 1972- 46 years later

Flooding from sea level rise threatens over 300,000 US coastal homes - study

Texas deputy accused of raping 4-year-old -- and threatening to deport her immigrant mom

The Racist Trope That Won't Die

Child Detention Camp Ursula - Named after witch in "My Little Mermaid" who takes souls of captives.

Trump tweets, and it's abundantly clear that the kids are a bargaining chip for his fucking wall.

Trump Administration Has No Idea Whether It Backs Family Separation at the Border

Instead of spending 25 billion on a stupid wall, wouldn't it be wiser to do this?

Trump Explodes After Strzok Agrees To Testify Before Congress

The King Of The Deplorables just compared/conflated interned children to MS13

OK, I'd say Stephen Miller is either writing today's tweets or coaching Trump.

When Trump rounds up and gasses anybody with a Hispanic surname,

The result of taking a panorama while rolling down a hill.

Ex-CIA Chief Doubles Down on Comparing Trump Immigration Policy to Nazi Germany:...

Trump, his enablers, and crimes against humanity

I was wondering how the right defends children being separated.

White House Thinks They Have a 'History' Problem

Damning twitter thread gives LIE to Trump admin's claims about kidnapping kids being a "Dem" policy:

Republicans break from Trump on migrant family separation

Roads Washed Out, Dozens of Sinkholes Reported as Flash Flooding Slams Upper Midwest Wisconsin

Scaramucci talking about separated children

John Oliver Exposes Trump's Lies on Border Policy

Bourdain's "Parts Unknown" final two episodes.

Stephen Miller tweeting from Trump's account this AM to justify border actions

What About Comey's Emails?

How the hell is Jacob Soboroff keeping it together?

So then since they project about everything

House GOP Faces Two Immigration Votes This Week

Worst Father's Day Ever? Tommy Lee's Son Posts Video of KO'd Dad

Immigrants are not your bludgeon to use against Democrats


Can you fucking believe this...Watch this from Border patrol... CBS News

Canada's best weapon in a US trade-war: invalidating US pharma patents

Humidity Hair

Trump whines that Democrats aren't paying ransom after he took immigrant kids hostage

DHS Secretary Says There's No Family Separation Policy 'Period'


"32 scared eyes looking straight forward dazed"

Where are our liberal Hollywood elite on the child separation outrage?

Trump is creating his American caliphate, and democracy has no defence

Trump Attacks Germany's Refugee Policy, Saying U.S. Must Avoid Europe's Immigration Problems

Democrats are the ones who want the child separation policy

The coward Portman won't answer the phone.

This is video from inside McAllen - Those are cages, no doubt, locked keypadded cages.

Time Has Come Today

Nazis separated me from my parents as a child. The trauma lasts a lifetime

Kirstjen Nielsen's tweet and limericks... You thought you knew what cynicism mean? Look at this !

John Oliver Rips Into Donald Trump's Lies Over Immigration Policy That Separates Children (VIDEO)

Laura Bush made the headlines here in Jamaica

Let's just call @BetsyDeVosED head of the Department of Profitmaking Educators (DOPE).

Scalise says House immigration bill will include new language to "properly compensate" sherrifs

FOX: You see, the kids aren't in cages they're just being treated like livestock.

Where do they draw the line?

"Boarder security"

Federal Judge Skeptical Of Kentucky And The Trump Admin's Medicaid Threats

Is this why Trump wants to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council?

AP radio news finally called trump a liar! I never thought I'd hear that.

Moron-in-Chief just accused Democrats of being weak on "Boarder Security"

Kim Jong Un More Popular Than Pelosi Among Republicans: Exclusive Poll Results

Why Are Millions Paying Online Tax Preparation Fees When They Don't Need To?

PSA: It's "border" not "boarder"...

Just spoke with Congresswoman Hartzler's

Trump's supporters types

IMPORTANT: Here's how the Trump admin is keeping immigrants from entering LEGALLY !!!

This Is Not A Laughing Matter Anymore......

So how does this work exactly?

Women Storm The Primaries

Trump: "Children are being used...Not going to happen in the U.S., It is the Democrats fault"

'It's not a f*cking law!': John Oliver rains hellfire on justification for tearing families apart

Defeat American Neo-Fascism

6.8 Million Government Workers Represented by a Union Could be Affected by Janus Decision

6.8 Million Government Workers Represented by a Union Could be Affected by Janus Decision

GOP strategist rips Homeland Security chief: 'She's either a liar or suffering severe memory loss'

Steven Millers grandmother fled Jewish persecution by the Russians in Belarus.

Idiot does NOT apologize for family separations!

"Boarder Security"

White House Spox Hogan Gidley: Claim Families Are Being Separated at Border is 'Completely False'

They dismissed gerrymandering case for lack of standing

Dow drops 200 points, poised for 5-day losing streak as US-China trade tensions linger

Supreme Court Rejects Challenge To GOP-Gerrymandered Map In Wisconsin

The fool builds walls': China takes aim at Trump trade war threats

I'm in a Facebook argument with my right wing cousin

Dem poll: McCaskill leads by 6 in Missouri Senate race

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto #1

Even Bill-O says immigration policy is unacceptable & Trump will lose on this; MAGAts hammering him

"And they want us to put them to work!" . . . Please come CAPTION Fox & Fiends!!!

I can no longer support Pelosi and Schumer.

Supreme Court sidesteps partisan gerrymandering cases, let maps stand for now

UPDATE: Senator Joe Manchin has decided to sign on to Feinstein's Keep Families Together Act.

Supreme Court won't hear case of death-row inmate who claimed jurors were homophobic

Top Six Dictators who also Divided Children from Parents like Trump/Sessions

Scaramucci: Trump 'Has To End' This 'Atrocious, Inhumane Policy'

The New Jersey Turnpike never disappoints

"Nineteen-thirty-three, Kamps for Kids. K-A-M-P-S, Kamps for Kids. Nineteen-thirty-three, Kamps...."

The New New Collosus

Michael Eric Dyson: Donald Trump is "what black people have warned America about"

Trumpism: 'performative cruelty'.

Rob Reiner weighs in.....

Exclusive: Republicans, NRA secretly pressure Citigroup to back off restrictions on gun sellers

Southern Poverty Law Center, Inc. Admits It Was Wrong, Apologizes to Quilliam and Maajid for Field G

Let's go Panama

SCOTUS Punts On Partisan Gerrymandering But Allows WI's GOP Map To Stay

Trump: Obama would have been a national hero if he had made my initial steps toward a deal

Family Separation, Evil Via Policy and The Internal Contradictions of Trumpism - By Josh Marshall

"X-Men" (2000) opening scene (RE: child separation)

Ann Coulter is back...

Hey Melania - Your Husband Has No Plan for Reuniting the Immigrant Families HE Is Tearing Apart

Border Patrol 'Very Uncomfortable' With Word 'Cages,' But Admits It's Accurate

Trump administration could be holding 30,000 border kids by August, officials say

Talking with Jt a Vietnam vet marine Corp talking about the hostage children

REALITY: Torturing children, physically and psychologically, is a Republican value.

Let me see if I got this right..

Always be skeptical of the official narrative. (Official US film on Japanese American internment)

Avenatti tweets this morning

Back to the Garden

About Immigrants and those who come from families of "Immigrants" (or if you know any)

Facts and truth are not Dolt45's friend

"Comey gave Strozk his marching orders. Mueller is Comey's best friend. Witch Hunt!"

Sessions: "If we build the wall, we won't face these terrible choices"

How are thee fascist let me count the ways....No. 14

Spot the difference...

Border Patrol runs over a native American, keeps driving

SHITLER takes his PUTIN Mini-Me to next level: Infecting the German elections

OMG - Love you Ted Lieu - To Nielsen..." I don't give a shit if you apologize.."

"For all asylum seekers...That's the policy"

Poor little Whiny one loves him...

Do The Repugs And Trump Stay Up Late Every Night To....

FBI Official, Dead of 9/11-Related Cancer, Remembered As Number of Cases Grows

This is not America

Why isn't anyone exposing the companies that are being paid by the Trump admin to imprison kids?

Lies, China And Putin: Solving The Mystery Of Wilbur Ross' Missing Fortune

Finally got through to Blunt's office

Be careful with the so-called bipartisan opposition to the child kidnapping

Pic Of The Moment: Trump *Could* End His Family Separation Policy With A Single Phone Call...

The Brexit hypocrites: from Farage's EU pension to sellout Corbyn

Difference between us and them - Picture on Drudge Report

Molestation wasn't enough to get these racist misogynist idiots to recoil.

Why does someone do something like this to themselves???

Objects in mirror...

'I Can't Go Without My Son,' a Mother Pleaded as She Was Deported to Guatemala

The separation policy is really about separating you from your values (Tom Toles)

Salon article regarding IG Report - Gets down to the gritty about FBI leaking.

December 2016 - Federal Judge ordered 400 Women and children released from TX detention facilities

Why did Elizabeth I think it necessary to keep Lady Mary Gray and her husband imprisoned?

"We can't get them to sign legislation" Trump live now blaming Democrats

Just turned on Trump speech on immigration (12:20). He's talking about "murderers and thieves"...

MSN... turn him off

Trump's Ransom Demand: Give me my wall and maybe these beautiful children don't need to get hurt.

Oh. I get it now!!

Audi CEO Arrested.

"I'm just doing my job." The Adolph Eichmann defense

Heard on Twitter

Americans own nearly half world's guns in civilian hands: survey

Never has a man been so hated...

I'm asking NM Gubernatorial Candidates to commit to closing down concentration camps in NM.

The idea that you can't talk to

Instead of Trump's propaganda, how about a nice 'truth sandwich'?

Quote of the day...Thomas L. Friedman, The New York Times....6-18-2018

"One cage had 20 children inside."

Elderberry Experiment: Update #8

Is it OK to buy the latest Kanye West releases?

Trump announces he's directing Pentagon to create 'space force' as independent service branch.

'Mayor Pete' Gets Married, Then Takes His Husband to a Parade.

Quinnipiac Poll re Family Separation: Voters oppose it 66-27.

"5 Held in Plot to Bug Democrats' Office Here" -- Washington Post, Sunday, June 18, 1972, page A1

'Mayor Pete' Gets Married, Then Takes His Husband to a Parade.

Donald Trump JR. Likes Tweet Suggesting Children Separated From Parents At Border Are CRISIS ACTORS

Great Economy. This is why most still unhappy & bodes poorly for Blue Wave

Child Actors Worthy of an Oscar

"They're Different from Us": The Profiteers of Prejudice

Who wore it better?

Trump Slams Door Shut: US Will Not Be 'Migrant Camp'

If We Give In To Trump's Ransom Demand

Chain Link Kennels and Fences Are Great for Dogs.

Trump, National Space Council speech: "Immigration is the fault of Democrats, all of the problems"

Obama's willingness to meet with NK

Manchin becomes final Democrat to back bill preventing separation of immigrant families

What's under all of it

A French journalist comments Trump's tweets...

Baker Cancels National Guard Deployment To Border, Citing 'Inhumane' Treatment Of Children And Famil

Sessions Defends Family Separation Policy, Characterizes It As A Deterrent

Should we negotiate with Trump and cave into his terrorist demands ?

Mass. Gov. cancels National Guard Deployment to Border: cites inhumane treatment of children

Trump Directs Pentagon to Create 'Space Force' Branch of Military


My New Favorite #

Sign at the United Methodist Board of Church and Society building adjacent to U.S. Capitol

WI GOP Senate Hopeful Pledges Trump Loyalty In Ad Featuring Gun Next To Her

WATCH: Delaware ferry intentionally sunk to become a reef

Trump Falsely Blames Dems For His Own Migrant Family Separation Policy

Father's Day rally in Phoenix


MA Gov. Charlie Baker directs National Guard not to send any assets or personnel to the SW border

Meanwhile, in Colorado...

WH Spox Denies Having Family Separation Policy, Then Admits To It

**BREAKING** Michelle Obama- Third First Lady To Criticize Trump's Child Endangerment Policy

Michelle speaks

Listening to Hillary C on msnbc

**NEW** Hillary Clinton-Fourth First Lady To Criticize Trump's Child Endangerment/Separation Policy

DFL Endorsee for Ellison's Seat Would Be First Muslim Congresswoman

President Hillary Clinton is making a speech about the kids being taken away!!

Ah yeah, The 80's... When the joys of life were much simpler...

Meghan Markle's father says UK's Prince Harry told him to 'give Donald Trump a chance'

Trump directs Pentagon to create 'space force'

Back to her emails . . .

Katy Tur on Melania's statement

More than 400 union workers at Washington Post demand raise

This hour on MSNBC will be good; Katy Tur is loaded for bear.

Hundreds of children wait in Border Patrol facility in Texas

Appropriate to recall this now. As wrong as it was, children were not ripped from their parents.

Psychological Effects of Abandonment on Children

In California, more and more companies want to recruit autistic employees

Michelle Obama on Laura Bush's op-ed: 'Sometimes truth transcends party'

''The U.S. government released horrifying footage of a child detention center in Texas.''

Study: Pay disparity for women making films

Pierce: These Children Will Have Stories to Tell. And They Will Be Told.

Houston Chronicle-Yet again, Texas has become home to interment camps

Hillary Was Speaking Out On Trump's Immigration Policy On MSNBC....

Supreme Court sides with Florida man in free speech case

Bill and Hillary Clinton get political in Father's Day tweets about immigration


POTUS "has stolen 2,000 little children from their parents and locked them in cages, to be released.

Hillarys Statement

The Government Has No Plan for Reuniting the Immigrant Families It Is Tearing Apart

Pleas for border justice are aimed at the wrong end of Pennsylvania Avenue

Space Force

The shocking handout immigrant parents receive at US border before being separated from their childr

Do NOT negotiate with terrorists. Dems tell Trump to Fuck Off

Where can I watch Hillary's full speech from today?

One man made this happen.

San Francisco 8th graders get a special treat: A visit from Hillary Clinton

Our side can never accept silence about abuse

Sen. Kamala Harris calls for DHS Sec. Nielsen's resignation

Michael Avenatti posts link to crowdjustice donation site:

Simon Wiesenthal Center calls for family separation to stop.

Avenatti: Aiding forcibly separated mothers and children

Sweet Jesus, Tom McNaught wins the Internet for his response to Paul Ryan's Fathers Day tweet.

This New Dubonnet Isn't the Queen's, but It's Improved.

Free coffee & donut for reporting employee not speaking English

Kamala Harris Calls On Kirstjen Nielsen To Resign Over Family Separation Stance

Kamala Harris ‏calls on Secretary Nielsen to resign

Border Patrol Official: "We Created This Situation By Not Doing Anything"

"Nazi's separated me from my parents as a child"

Trump is creating his American caliphate, and democracy has no defense.

Richard Painter (MN-SEN) campaign ad: "Dumpster Fire"

My gut tells me that somehow Trump is making millions on kidnapping those babies

This New Dubonnet Isn't the Queen's, but It's Improved.

Wtf did Barbara Jones give Cohen's attorneys 10 more days??!!

ReTHUGs trying to create a meme re the IG Report

Trump Job Approval at 45%, Tying Personal Best

Happy Birthday Lil Shiznits.

I just spoke with someone in my Congressman, Marsha Blackburn's office

Trump REPLACES framed White House wall photos of Macron with photos of "Kim Summit"

What is going on behind Wray in the Senate Hearing of the Judiciary?

Refugees Welcome

Gerrymandering-state parties appear to have standing

MAGA: Mobsters Are Governing America

Sessions says immigrants should apply for asylum at ports of entry, where many have been turned awa

Kushners May Have to Give Up Ownership of Indebted NYC Office Tower

Chris Wray testifying today: "I do not believe Special Counsel Mueller is on a witch hunt"

My wife bought me Blaster tickets for Father's Day

House Intel Dem Slams Chairman Nunes As Trump's 'Fixer In Congress'

Piano Concerto #4 Ludwig van Beethoven

I'm really not feeling Horwitz I don't think he comes of as a fair person to me

Dolt45 is officially dating Kim Jung Un (sorry Macron)

The FBI conspiracy that matters

We are all immigrants

Former First Ladies Band Together To Decry Separation Of Migrant Families

Ivanka's deafening silence

Here's what's buried beneath that FBI report: How rogue agents sabotaged the Clinton campaign

Yo, [Redacted]! If you didn't want the US to be a "Migrant Camp"...

Nice words, Ben Sasse. Now do something.

They need to catch Trump with a butterfly net today...

Texas Congressman Castro's Tweet on infant he has seen being held

JUNE 18, 2018 White House Daily Briefing

There may have been an FBI conspiracy involving the 2016 election. But not the one you think.

Couldn't help...this made me laugh

One thing this bullshit situation of ripping children from their families has done....

Stephen Miller's Family Is Furious Over Family Separation Policy

New York's Health Department Plans to Recommend Legalizing Marijuana

Senators Cantwell and Murray, and my rep Denny Heck are supporting or co-sponsoring legislation

"As bipartisan outrage grows, WH Briefing delayed from 1:15 to 3:30 to 4:00."

The only thing that will peel off Trump's soft support is a market slump.

Looking for help with a good response - Heritage Action

American Red Cross

The supply-and-demand model of labour markets is fundamentally broken, and that's why you're not get

John Kasich makes my skin crawl

Trump's "Space Force," everybody...

Queen Elizabeth's Cousin Lord Ivar Mountbatten Will Be 1st Royal In A Same-Sex Wedding

The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people

VA-10: Comstock Moves From Toss up to Lean Democratic

KY-06: Barr Moves From Lean Republican to Toss Up

Today in "Space Force" news...

Charlie Pierce breaks my heart.

Jury awards $29.5M verdict for woman's death in medical malpractice case

anyone here have a BC Northern Lights Bloom box?

Just called my Senator, Susan Collins, and asked her a) to

GEO private prisons profit from immigrant detention in contracts and labor. Stocks spike, too.

The hateful 8

MSNBC reporter says children Pres took hostage are being held in cages that resemble dog kennels

Trump says Germans 'turning against their leadership' over immigration

Listen to children crying as they're being taken from their parents...

Hopefully you all are aware there were two VERY DIFFERENT bands named "Journey"

Jeff Koterba's cartoon: Summer reading (Inspector General Report)

Under the delusion that he's stopping the country from being a "migrant camp"...

Rendell, ex-Pennsylvania governor, says he has Parkinson's

Queen Elizabeth's Cousin Lord Ivar Mountbatten Will Be 1st Royal In A Same-Sex Wedding

I don't give a shit how well they are being taken care of


Propublica releases audio from inside CBP detention facility...

50 years ago this summer...

Let's remember - Entering the US without the proper documents is a MISDEMEANOR!

Amy Siskind :Trump regime has set up an alternative reality - a hallmark of authoritarianism

People are calling Virginia jail, demanding to know why Manafort is in a "VIP" cell.

Is it legal for parents to keep their children in dog kennels (cages) inside their homes ???

Kim Jong Trump

All day MSNBC anchors analyzing Trump....can you imagine this happening with Cronkite?

The simple reason for the human rights abuses

No, both parties are not the same.

Here's what's buried beneath that FBI report: How rogue agents sabotaged the Clinton campaign

Border patrol agents jokes that wailing children sound like an orchestra

MSNBC Analyst: "The Grassley / Hatch position at this IG hearing seems to be that ..."

Is it safe to say our worst fears on the morning of November 9, 2016 are being played out?

Dave Barry called it way back in 1990.

US considers separating women and children who cross illegally into US-Mar 2017

New head of tRUmp's *space force*


Republicans DO have a perfect immigration plan in mind

The United States of America is not and must never be about locking up little children in cages ...

Dear God in heaven forgive us....

KY-06: District moves from Lean Republican to Tossup

Conclusive proof that it is Trump's policy to separate children from their families at the border

If you are from TX, NM, AZ or CA, please read:

VA-10: District moves from Tossup to Leans Democratic

Hey, Republicans aren't all primitive murderous torture-loving sex-obsessed psychopaths.

Get yer peanuts and popcorn!!!

HUD Moves to Evict Union from Federal Office Space

Mother Jones: The FBI's New York Office Really Hated Hillary Clinton

Could the actions of Trump's government toward asylum seekers be tied to climate change ???

Um. You don't want to miss the plot twist at the end of this thread. Really.

Texas Republican Party Platform

Audio of children wailing after Team Trump took them hostage coming up on MSNBC.

Nicole Wallace is on comm. break on MSNBC. She will have an audio from the holding

Was anyone on DU a regular watcher of "The Apprentice?"

April 18, 2018: "The zero tolerance policy shall supersede any existing policies"

Scripture offers much material for arguments about dividing families

The wailing children Trump hostages should lead every nightly news channel

If Trump Crumbles Under The Pressure Of All The Negative Press He's Getting For....

DOJ Inspector General Won't Say If He's Probing FBI Anti-Clinton Leaks To Rudy

Trump aides plan fresh immigration crackdowns before midterms

Even if Trump caves they won't be able to reunite parents with kids because they mixed them up.

Wilbur Ross appears to have broken the law, and has China and Putin-related stocks in a family trust

Kirstjen Nielsen up soon. Sarah Huckabee Sanders refuses to do a briefing

What is the difference between a Trump acolyte and a "Good German" ?

Don't Believe the IG Hype - By Josh Marshall

New development in the Daniels case, via Avenatti.

Showtime at the White House!

Just in case anyone tries to say the law to separate families was passed in 1997 or by Dems...

Kirstjen Nielsen is a freaking clown.

Ivanka's deafening silence and insensitive posts

North Korea Isn't Dismantling Missile Facilities, Satellite Imagery Reveals. Newsweek

It's ALIVE! It's the Sarah Sanders Show. "Illegal Immigration Crisis UPDATE!"

Andrew Napolitano: Trump is 'Trying to Use Children' as Negotiating Chip, Policy is 'Child Abuse'

FBI Director Wray paging Rudy Giuliani: Obstuction of justice for you is a crime.

Sec. Nielsen is an insufferable liar and a hack.

Ms. Nielsen , it's not a binary choice between taking children hostage and favoring open borders

This Town In Kansas Has Its Own Unique Accent

Pro Publica Audio. Crying babies & kids

This is how Trump forces his art of the deal

She's A Lying Ice-Hole

Kirstjen Nielsen,actually looks like a regular human being, but

Since the tournament really got under way today

Not believing a word out of Nielsen's mouth

This Town In Kansas Has Its Own Unique Accent

They took a generation of kids from Indian homes

Warning for extreme distress: Listen to children wailing and crying in cages and guards joking

If Kirstjen Nielsen was a man she would be

Kirstjen Nielsen LIVE new conference on msnbc.

REPORTER: "How is this not child abuse?" NIELSEN: "Be more specific, please"

Is it just me, or is this press conference turning into a major disaster for the administration

MSNBC reporter: Where are the girls?

Kirstjen Nielsen would not answer the question: "Where are the girls?"

JUST IN: With statement from Rosalynn Carter, all 4 living former First Ladies condemn Trump ...

"Puh-LEEZE work with us, the system is buh-ROKEN" (Nielsen says Trump trying to work with Congress)

FBI Director Christopher Wray Rejects Trump's Russia 'Witch Hunt' Claims in Senate Hearing

I posted this before but this quote from Proverbs seems ever so appropriate today

Why would I create a policy that would...

PDVSA (VZ state oil company) closes production as its operations crumble

Bicycle Powered Tree House Elevator

Sec. Nielsen - Border Patrol Barbie

If Trump started strapping on bombs onto these children and having them run to their parents,

Sarah's up, and she looks like hell..."I'll take OTHER questions"

She would not answer the question about where the girls are...

A Top Trump Aide Worked In Libya With Key Backers Of An Alleged "Sex Cult"

Trump's list of environmental disasters, updated

My one step closer to trying to be kinder to Trump voters has been banished

US Isn't Just Separating Children From Their Parents. It Also Has No Plan For Reuniting Them.

To save everyone's time, the WH Press Briefing should be replaced with a looping image of this:

F*$king Gibberish: If we get more boats for the Coast Guard we can kill more wolves.

Top Homeland Security Republican Demands End To Family Separations

Trump really hates to see images of kids in cages. Sarah said so. Repeatedly.

msnbc talking about how journalists are not able to see girls facilities or younger kids ie. 4yr old

I have a question

Holy shit - only show the boys

Perhaps the Prince of Peace shouldn't be in this country? Oh, wait....

There Are Repugs That Are Against This Child Separation Policy....

At least 6 people close to Trump almost certainly knew about offers from Russians of dirt on Clinton

Trump has signed 65 executive orders ...65.

🐦 June 18 at 7:30 EDT - Bernie Sanders comes to Maryland to campaign for Ben Jealous for governor

RIP Sweet Nick

Soooooo, stupid question. When they take these children away. Especially infants. If

On MSNBC it was suggested that showing the girls might bring more sympathy

They won't show the girls because it will gain more sympathy than boys...

What's for Dinner, Mon., June 18, 2018

Breaking: Federal District Court Sides with ACLU over SOS Kris Kobach in Proof of Citizenship Voting

The Press Conference

Trump's a fawning kitten to dictators a dragon to small children. Pathetic skin bag president.

I break down and sob again and again

If you want to know what it's like to be a young child separated from his or her family....

Vice News...Trump administration's new zero-tolerance immigration policy

Thank you former first ladies:

BREAKING: Kobach Loses Voter Registration Proof Of Citizenship Case

***CNN poll: Trump Job Approval tumbles to 39%. Big Majority disapprove of forced separation.****

Governors Are Refusing To Send Troops To The Border In Protest Of Trump's Separation Of Families

Have the elf or the orangeman or any of their minions ever cited the particular law?

Walter Shaub says to Watch 'ALL IN' tonight to IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT-nationalwide protest......

Liberal Redneck - Space Forcing Families Apart

If there is no proof that the child belongs to the parent....

Stephanie Miner to Make Independent Bid to Challenge Cuomo

June 18, 2018 - Stop Taking The Kids, 66 Percent Of U.S. Voters Say, Quinnipiac University Poll...

If Republicans had a nation all to themselves, we'd have to treat it as a hostile foreign power.

Nielsen Google biography and Wikipedia edited to describe her as 'notorious child abuser'

Help! Some questions about family separation

Murkowski: "The time is now for the White House to end the cruel, tragic separation of families

Confusion over PetroCaribe's future

NEW: Cruz to introduce legislation to "mandate that illegal immigrant families must be kept together

New York Times refuses to publish propaganda

Email contractors building facilities for the migrant children torn from mothers.

CLIMATE CHANGE Hits U.S. Property Values, New Analysis: $$ Coastal Property Bubble Could Burst

I think this family separation policy is a power play by Trump.

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will have a net gain of 0 to 3 seats.

Nate Silver gives CNN an A-, Gallup a B, just sayin

Senate rejects Trump's rescue of Chinese firm ZTE

Credit dispute question

This is a violation of the 14th Amenment

Document reveals Trump administration planned on separating migrant families soon after inauguration

"The crying children are actors", says Ann Coulter.

Will we see sanity again?

Forbes: Lies, China And Putin: Solving The Mystery Of Wilbur Ross' Missing Fortune

Walker demonized TEACHERS, Trump demonized IMMIGRANTS...

Jeff Sessions hails 'Anglo-American' history of U.S. sheriffs

Not only should we allow more immigration, we should encourage it

BREAKING: Judge: Kansas cannot require documentary proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote.

Takes a fair bit to get this 51 year-old man to cry at the drop of a hat.

2022 Gubernatorial Elections in MD,MA,and VT.- Who will be the likely Democratic nominee?


GA farmers worried over Trump tariffs.

Texas deputy sexually assaulted undocumented immigrant's child, sheriff says

The future of transportation.

Horowitz: his work continues on researching and possibly punishing leaks to the Trump...

Are parents who get arrested separated from family. Sure. BUT...

The GOP at the behest of its new Dear Leader has turned monstrous. The most unspeakable

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 19 June 2018

67% of America find Trump policies unacceptable:

Question, why didn't the feds snatch up Manafort's kids to make sure he showed for his court dates..

MSNBC reporting that the only videos and pictures we've seen of detention camps are from government.

Republicans made laws and encouraged corporations to move overseas creating the trade deficit.

I'm Ready For Outside Intervention

Why we are suing Ohio and Kansas - We CAN Reverse Purges


WH Official - Sec Nielsen flown to Washington to rescue Sarah Sanders...

Reminder: There Is No Invasion at the Southern Border

Spin Cycle: Right-Wing Media Defend The Chilling Way ICE Treats Immigrant Children

NBC justice expert fact-checks 'false claims' DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen made over border

Hit Trump where it hurts...

The separation of families is more than just children from the families.

Wore my "IMPEACH TRUMP" tee shirt shopping today, as I usually do.

Amazon shareholders to Jeff Bezos: Stop marketing facial recognition tool

Trump Would Murder As Many Enemies As Kim Jong Un If He Could,

Poll: Majority of Republicans back family separation policy

Report Says Over 1 Billion Small Arms in World, Up From 2007

Former CIA / NSA Director: "These young people are being also used as leverage politically"

Kidnapper and his ransom demand...

Ben Jealous Facebook LIVE Now:

We are seeing the faces of those who in other eras

Wow! Another Trumper got his hand caught in the cookie jar!

Der Twitler admin planned on separating immigrant families since INAUGURATION!

Does a Rosenstien impeachment go to the Senate?

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter issues statement on the border crisis.

BREAKING: Trump to add $200 billion more in China tariffs