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Senate Votes to Reinstate Penalties on ZTE, Setting Up Clash With White House

Protest All You Want. GOP/Trump Will Just Ignore You.

Trump threatens China with $200 billion in additional tariffs if Beijing doesn't bend to U.S. demand

So I had a little fit on Facebook today,

A Not-So-Friendly Reminder for the GOP

All I can do - for now.

The Last Song - Miguel Hernandez

I was thinking a lot today about all this and the one thing that stuck in my head was this

This is the United States of America. This is not nazi germany.

Wow, Feinstein went there........

I'm really proud of my church

This past March, I visited the Museum of Tolerance

Mexico arrests ex-prosecutor in disappearance cases

Trump and his tactics

Nana de Cebollas - Lullaby of the Onion by Miguel Hernandez

Ornstein: We need nat'l policy of zero tolerance for monstrous acts, kleptocracy, Trump

MoveOn tweet about the 6/30 rallies:

Crisis on the High Plains: The Loss of America's Largest Aquifer

Mr. Avenatti meets with mothers TOMORROW in Texas:

I want to see Donald Trump be stripped of his power and freedom.

This is the Third Reich's propaganda film of Theresienstadt Concentration Camp.

Ordering DHS/ICE/CBP personnel to commit human rights violations is a betrayal

Chris Hayes showed a poll that showed

Irony...Ship, American Spirit, runs aground

Larger threat to the republic

Here's a web site for locating ICE detention facilities.

RepJayapal just announced a nationwide mobilization against family separation on June 30th

Palmer Report: I hope "Space Force" involves forcing Trump into cage, blasting him into space

The Latest: Audio released of screaming children at border

Parkland Students On Nationwide Bus Tour To Register Young Voters

Trump's Fatal Blunder: the "Bandit King" Does Not Victimize Children

Piss Tape Is Real

Indivisible partners with MoveOn for 6/30 rallies, calls for continuing through congressional recess

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Blame Canada!

June 30 immigration march tweet:

Audio captures border agent joking as migrant children separated from their parents cry

For those with an iron gut Kellyanne Conway being interviewed by Cuomo

my neighbor just told me she is going to try dry needle therapy

I have always liked these quotations from Thomas More I came across in my reading this afternoon

Is Stephen Miller an Incel ?

Having a wonderful time

Is it just former First Ladies who are speaking out or are former presidents

Kellyanne Conway is such a lousy debater

Russia argues the Marine Corps' beefed-up presence in Norway is an attack

USA Space Force

Is it accurate to describe the refugees as Latino?

Rachel reporting that parents being deported without

So... About the whole separating kids from their parents thing:

I have always felt that a parent trying to give their kids a better life should be commended.

2018 US Senate Election Prediction- Most to least vulnerable Democratic held seats.

"And now a word from Fox News' White Supremacy Power Hour with Tucker Carlson.... "

Papaaaa . . . . . Papaaa-aaa-aaa . . . . . Papaaaaa

Rachel played that tape from Pro Publica - those goddamned monsters

Bloomberg Asia: China has shutoff American soybean imports.

I hate to say this

Just how stupid are the Trumpistas?

Does anybody see the irony in people who flip out over a zygote ?

At what point does the civilized world sanction us

There is no process in place to reunite children with their parents!

Luke 17:2

Lester Holt played the wailing children tape on the NBC Nightly News

No, this is not "trump's katrina"

Trump's moves re: immigration are right out of the DPRK/Kim playbook, stylistically

Tom Steyer . . . . I have an idea for you . . . . .

This audio of children crying at Trump concentration camp for kids is powerful

Cheeto's inspiration?

Why are we taking kids in the first place?

Do not forget the whole GOP enables Trump. The GOP politicians are guilty too.

Just remember--Hitler and his bag of dicks lied until the end too

Hypocrisy,thy name is Republican.

My son isn't a scholar.

Stephen Colbert Tweet on cages

Uber Driver Suspended After Kicking Lesbian Couple Out Of Car

The difference between the killer of children Al Assad in Syria

Rachel's next guest: the female Iraqi doctor who discovered and publicized Flint's lead pollution.

The Truth about Trump's Zero Tolerance Policy

Sessions lays it out on

Dump wouldn't be taking such huge chances

New York Daily News: An early look at Tuesday's front page

Don't just get angry - Register Voters/Volunteer/Donate

The greatest car ever, the car that saved all life on earth, spontaneously ignites.

46/day last month. 67/day this month.

The great US of A is now on par with

Stephen Miller is a creeply little POS!

Canada stopped arresting people for marijuana, and here we have begun chaining children in cages

OK! Now that Trump and the GOP have our undivided attention about those kids...

Tallahassee action against children being separated from their parents

Monsanto Faces Man Dying of Cancer in Roundup Trial

Kris Kobach's Voter Suppression Law Was Just Struck Down in Kansas

Too bad the GOP congress is such a bunch of cowards! -eom-

Devin Nunez has taken on the lead role in investigating wrongdoing within the FBI according to

Free the Children: From DC to Shining Sea and beyond what WE can do to help...

Ann Coulter should be absolutely ashamed of herself!

Why don't the border officials

What it Means to be Loved by a Dog

Hillary's emails are on deck

If Donald Trump-R steals the 2020 US Presidential Election- the 2024 Democratic candidates will be:

Everyone OK around here?

Hillary raises $150,000 to keep families together.

Reported quote from a Cook in Anzio during WW2

Leon Geico - Cinco Siglos Igual (Five Centuries the Same)

Cheap Thrills? Not on your life. Courtney Hadwin

Asian market, for what it's worth

Politico: Kelly said at least Trump being impeached would bring this chapter of US history to an end

Snap !! "Who Wore It Better?"

Trump plans to expand concentration camp policies.

Avenatti team to be meeting with mothers in TX starting Tuesday.


I can't help but wonder if Trump is using this children fiasco to divert our attention

Trump The Child Snatcher? Trump The Toddler Taker? Trumps Kidnapped Kid Corral?

And so it begins....First they came for the children....

Poor People's Campaign rally today small but spirited at ala moana

FAMILIES BELONG TOGETHER protest planned for

so would leah vukmir a pediatric nurse put kids in a cage

Mexico on your skin

"¡Primero con Papa! ¡Primero con Papa!"

I am serious...where are the girls?

Its a powerful time we are in.

How confident are you?

Journalist played the prison tape while Nielsen was talking today at WH press briefing

A timely article "Cyclists retrace Jewish child refugees' journey to Britain"

Yes, the Democratic Party is at nearly its weakest point in a century

NY FBI office hated Hillary Clinton

Sessions responds to this being like Nazi Germany...

Is there a way to inform DU admin of highly

Chris Hayes 6/18/18

Luckovich--Another Child and Parent Separated by trump

Heard this tonight on MSNBC by NYT reporter Phil Rucker....

Ex-CIA worker charged with disclosing classified information

So.. the NRA interprets the Second Amendment to mean the populist should be armed

Maybe they should just disassemble the Statue of Liberty and use it for their fucking wall

ProPublica: Border Agent Mocks Crying, Distraught, Children.

2022 US Senate Election map is more Democratic friendly than the 2018 and 2020.

maybe if we could get sarah Mclachlan do a commercial about kids in cages we could do tote bage

Stephen Miller's Own Family Is Mad About Immigration Policy That Separates Families

The Holocaust French Jewish Children; Drancy to Auschwitz Death Camp

Seth Meyers - Trump Lies About His Cruel Family Separation Policy: A Closer Look

Radio host's attorney speaks out on road rage incident

New migrant rules could shutter some Maryland crab houses

New migrant rules could shutter some Maryland crab houses

The Daily Show: What Policing Is Like in a Sanctuary City

Federal judge again blocks Arkansas medication abortion law

Where are the mass marches?

American Academy Of Pediatrics President Calls Trump Border Policy 'Child Abuse'

VA launches investigation into impaired Arkansas pathologist

Burlington will pay $2M to the family of woman who died after accidentally being shot by an officer

Kasich tonight with Brian Williams

Using religion to defend monstrous acts.

The story behind the photo of the little girl, crying as her mother is searched at the border

Former Mexico President Vicente Fox joins High Times board

Former Mexico President Vicente Fox joins High Times board

The Daily Show: Trump Gets Blasted for Breaking Up Migrant Families

Elon Musk emails employees about 'extensive and damaging sabotage' by employee

Don't kid yourself about the whereabouts of the babies and girls

Try and imagine Mexico keeping American kids

The President is a White Supremacist Terrorist and Other Hilarious, Hilarious Jokes.

Do you recognize the kid with the lollipop, he became a dictator?

Trump was never really a parent. That's why this cruelty comes so easily to him.

Some Things I Want To Know

Bachelor farmer brothers leave behind a surprising gift that's now blooming in Iowa

CA-48: Harley Rouda takes the lead in primary count

Parkland survivors are coming to Steve King's district

Senate votes to block Trump's ZTE deal

Sessions responds to Nazi comparisons: 'They were keeping the Jews from leaving'

Global Capitalism: Linking Trump and Marx' Critique of Capitalism Richard Wolff [May 2018]

Trump doubles down on family separation policy

Missed Phone Call? Withdrawal of Long Range Artillery?

What If Facebook Were a Real Place? The Daily Show

Trump calls for tariffs on additional $200B in Chinese goods as trade war ramps up

Laura Ingraham: child detention facilities "essentially summer camps"

Laura Ingraham:

Can you spot the differences??

Tronc is said to consider changing widely mocked corporate name, source says

Laura Ingraham: Migrant child detention centers 'essentially summer camps'

H. Clinton: Separating families at border a 'moral crisis'

The Child Camp Shit Is Bigger Than Trump...

Women for Trump chair: 'I cried leaving my dog last night'

University of Iowa now off sanction list

When I was less than 18 months old I was taken away from my family. My mother was pregnant with my

Commerce Secretary Accused of Shorting Financial Disclosure Mandates

Fucking idiot racists

If that had been poisoned you'd be thanking me now.

US, Amnesty International call for justice in Honduras

US, Amnesty International call for justice in Honduras

Where have all the flowers gone.

Democrats press U.S. Justice Dept. officials on possible leaks to Giuliani By Sarah N. Lynch and Ma

Ask a tRump supporter


Hart and Hubbell stump in Clinton County

Per Snopes, the answers to family separation at the border

Couperin: "Les Barricades Mysterieuses"/Rameau: "Concert in C minor"/Catrin Finch plays selections

We wonder at how so many Republicans can dismiss child abuse as nothing unusual

Many Trump supporters can rationalize anything.

Just ONCE I want to see a Trump senior staffer say in TV--fuck this noise. I'm done with Trump's shit

"Democratic Apathy" update for June 18, 2018.

The Trump supporter defense on Nazi-style concentration camps...

Congressional Democrats tour migrant chlidren detention facility in El Cajon, denounce separation...

OccupyWallSt Twitter Posts Fosters Killing ICE Agents

Re: children in camps--Make Auschwitz Great Again

FDR: Nazis and Fascists Have Asked For It, And They're Going to Get It

Gitlis, Markov plays Paganini's Violin Concerto No.2 "La Campanella"

I'm still in shock

Democratic ad slams Hawley over allegations against donor

Today in 1972, one FBI agent made two fateful decisions that saved America.

Faux News Concerned about people obeying the laws of the land

Fox News host Laura Ingraham under fire after calling detention centers 'SUMMER CAMPS'

Fucking Hell, I totally agree...

"I can look in their faces and say 'You can't come'. I'll look them in the face."

The little girl in the red tennis shoes with no laces will be who brings

$4,000 a minute pours in to help reunite separated immigrant families

Every. Day. Every. Where. Until. It. Changes.

Greitens' private impeachment attorneys will not receive state compensation

Stephen Miller planning new immigration crackdowns: to limit legal immigration

Todd Snider - I Am Too

Church charges brought against Sessions

So Trump has replaced pictures of Macron on the WH walls with pictures of Kim Jong-Un

I Have Now Learned to Hate

Kim Jong Un photos in White House (Newsweek)

Air Force Boots Tabbie Duncan After Racist 'N----r Hunting' Video


Obama Group Puts Ann Wagner on Its Election Hit List

Juju (Right)and I Send our LOVE...

Illinois Man Attacks Daffy Duck at Six Flags, Alcohol May Have Been Involved

Seth Meyers explains why he's tough on Trump - CNN

Dow Futures Falling and Fast

Ah, ah. We come from the land of the ice and snow, From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow

Parkland shooting survivors draw large crowd at Kansas event meant to spur youth vote

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/18/18

Pure Prairie League - Amie

Pankration - Greek martial arts

Kansas Democrat apologizes for raising money off two deputies' deaths

The midterms may be cruel to House Republicans who signed DACA discharge

First daughter Ivanka Trump joins Kevin McCarthy for Fresno fundraiser, amid protests

How the interment of these kids is a set back for rationalists and a win for god botherers

Democrats say Parson should fire his COO, cancel contract that is a 'shady deal'

St. Louis jury orders Rams to pay $12.5M to former NFL running back Reggie Bush for 2015 injury

Cruella de Vil -the face of Don the Con's administration scrambles as outrage grows

I was in the ER Sat and Sunday nites...they asked me who was President...

U.S. oil pipeline companies, producers seek relief from steel tariffs

Trump's Approval Up With All This Crap. We Are Truly a Sick Natin. At Lest 45% Are.

Tucker Carlson Launches Lying Lecture Claiming 'Elites' Outraged Over Trump's Child Snatching Hate

Trump's Energy And Environmental Policies Are Clouded By Pruitt's Ethics Allegations

Family Separation & No Tolerance NEW GOP Wedge Issue For 2018 Midterms.

Coal Plants Keep Shutting Despite Trump's Order to Rescue Them

Officials: Doctor worked at Arkansas VA hospital while impaired; misdiagnoses found, including in

Such Good Little Germans Circa 1935....

Ex-state senator gets 18 months for fraud

Trump shamed with Father's Day protest for tearing apart immigrant families

Federal judge again blocks Arkansas medication abortion law

The trouble is I think he would find the comparison flattering....

'Gaslighting racist d*ckstain': Comics writer unleashes on conservatives 'trying to capitalize off..

Day 1 of Roll Against Trump. Each week we run a new message. Next week it's the Kids.

Arkansas lawmaker accused of wrongdoing should resign only if indicted, governor says

Jeff Sessions: Migrant Policy Not Like Nazi Germany Because Nazis Kept Jews From Leaving Country

Oklahoma's county health clinics cut back after layoffs

Redecorating the West Wing?

ha ha Tin Foil hats for #MAGA.....

"I tweeted this almost three weeks ago. It's an exclusive document I obtained. It might make more...

Interesting contrast

Dozens killed in suspected Boko Haram attack in Nigeria

I want to start a pool

China slams US 'blackmailing' as Trump issues new trade threat

Tim Kaine: The real Trump Hotel.

Where are the infants? Where are the girls? Are the boys really safe?

Ann Coulter calls crying imprisoned children "Actors".

Tuesday TOONs - Imagine Pithy Punchline Here Edition

How can keeping thousands of people in cages

The Case for Getting Rid of Borders--Completely

EPA makes Oklahoma first state granted oversight of coal waste

Mr. Trump, you must remember that Democrats

Problem is, we all know who REALLY belongs in a cage..

Immigrant Name Changes

Thom Hartman referenced my post and read it

These people are more upset seeing black athletes kneeling than they are hearing 4-year-olds scream

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Dry Martini 🍸 Day 🌞!

Legislature begins third special session of 2018 with one more shot at preventing cuts to services

Exxon (So Oppressed!! Sad!!) Claims That Climate Lawsuits Hurt Its 1st Amendment Rights

Where are the Babies and the Girls? They Didn't Disappear into Thin Air.

Instead of admitting a "mistake", Trump makes a fool of himself, FOREVER.

OK Now Free To Set Its Own Standards For Coal Ash Disposal (Instead Of Feds), Thanks To Pruitt

2 photos ... MAGA ?

North Louisiana glass plant that received millions in tax incentives laying off up to 227 workers

"Ladies and Gentlemen: I present to you the next President of the United States."

FOIA Emails Show WH Thought Pruitt "Out Of Control" On Science "Debate" Plan

Trump/GOP Gladly Creating Humanitarian Disaster. Remember They Are Enjoying This Mess.

What do you think of owning a new slogan.

I propose this Democratic Campaign Message

Excuse me talking heads!! Please point out that

On Juneteenth, a look at the social, economic services done by Freedmen's Bureau agents in Louisiana

Is Trump constipated this morning?

Erik Prince's "cooperation" with Mueller's Russia probe doesn't pass the "smell test."

Republicans' "Law and Order" vs Democrats' "Family and Morality"?

Remember the piles of wedding rings taken from holocaust victims

Godwin. Yes, that Godwin.

How the Koch Brothers Are Killing Public Transit Projects Around the Country

Just a note that should not get lost in all of this

What Scripture Really Says About Dividing Families

Did you mean "border"?

Conservative House members have a great new idea: repeal health care

Here are Scott Pruitt's multiple entanglements with lobbyists:

Will msnbc talk about Wilbur Ross --another Trump crook?

Up to 1,000 children held by immigration authorities now living in Homestead compound

Ripping kids from parents not enough. GOP has new plan to deny healthcare to MILLIONS.

NYT: Trump blaming Dems..evokes nothing so much as an abusive husband blaming his wife for beatings

Italy's Interior Minister Threatens to Take Census of Roma People and Expel Non-Italians

Since people are prohibited from providing comfort

This never gets old but a couple of tweaks seemed appropriate!

Buyers tied to Russia, former Soviet republics paid $109 million cash for Trump properties

"Zero Tolerance"

Audio of the sobbing children should be blasted everywhere -45 goes

Nato chief warns over future of transatlantic relationship

Trump's feelings about Manafort...

DOJ Not Acting Like Nazi Germany, Says Sessions

Rudy CONFIRMS that he's full of crap, posturing, and making it up as he goes along. BEST PEOPLE!

Sen Hirono: Every person in this administration who lies for @realDonaldTrump should resign....

The Outrage Over Family Separation Is Exactly What Stephen Miller Wants

Ted Cruz to Introduce First GOP Bill To Keep Migrant Families Together: 'All Americans Are...

Listen to crying children who've just been separated from their parents at the Texas-Mexico border

For sale...

Families Belong Together : June 30th March

Elementary school named after Confederate general renames itself after Obama

Nominees, please, for induction into the "Special Place in Hell" Club

Acting ICE Director: In Cases of Migrant Families Being Separated, 'You'd Have to Put the Blame...

Get Your Wiccan On at Midsummer, June 21. Protect the Children.

Houston Chronicle: Is there a law requiring the separation of immigrant families at the border? NO.

Lindsey Graham: The FBI/DOJ's Handling of the Clinton Email Probe is 'Dangerous to Democracy'

Wall Street Journal warns GOP may lose House and Senate over immigration

This is separating the goats from the sheep time

This Juneteenth is a somber one

A message to the people who work at I.C.E. and border patrol......

So, irony is dead

The Political Fringe Is Now In Power

The Space Force????

Donald Trump Goes Rogue

Leave. EU (Brexiteers) faces new questions over contacts with Russia

Trump Approval Ties His Personal Best

A Net Of Farcical Lies: Sea To Table Expose Shows Ridiculous "Sustainable" Seafood Claims, Crime

Putin must be rejoicing

National Climate Assessment: Heavy Rainfall Events Up By 70% In Some Areas Of US Since 1950

The End of Civil Rights

Excommunicate Sessions

Ex-GOP chair: Trump's base wants to terrorize immigrants: 'That's the whole point -- they want this'

Kelly 'Let Potus do what he wants-even if it leads to impeachment-at least this chapter would close'

Mika shames Kirstjen Nielsen's lies: 'You're on the record for history to remember -- forever'

United Nations Human Rights commissioner:

How DARE They Jail Paul Manafort with Minorities & Poor People?

Trump Foundation Donates a Ton of Money to Donald Trump

Megyn Kelly exposed: NBC host goes to great lengths to avoid calling Trump a liar

Iran: Sufi bus driver executed at dawn after grossly unfair trial

Empty Streets.....

Until the terrorizing of children and parents has stopped this needs to be seen again

The same people who have no empathy for caged children once cheered for letting people die.

The children are his hostages.

What was the policy regarding family separation prior to Trump?

Why are Republicans grasping for excuses on family separation? Because their voters support it

The First Black-Led Union Wouldn't Have Existed Without This Woman

Rob Rogers' first cartoon as a freelance syndicated cartoonist without a staff job NAILED IT.

Would someone please repost Godwin's tweet about calling out these Nazis?

McCain: Separating Families Is An 'Affront,' WH Should Roll Back Policy

Unions Did Great Things for the Working Class

Stephen Miller designed the plan to snatch migrant children. The NYT now won't run his statements

Tecnocap workers continue strike near Wheeling

Trump Thinks He's Being Mistreated By Media Coverage Of Family Separations


28% of Younger Workers Think They'll Never Retire

TAKEI: "I was sent to a camp at 5 yrs old-but even then-they didn't separate children from families"

Discussing your salary at work

Giuliani Says He Was Just Kidding About Calling For An End To Mueller Probe

Quote of the day...Paul Waldman, The Washington Post...6-19-2018

Has Trump Overestimated the Cruelty of His Own Supporters?

Zinke linked to real estate deal with Halliburton chairman

Boeing won't recognize union win at North Charleston site as it appeals vote

At the University of Pittsburgh, Graduate Students Are Organizing to Survive

North Korea's Kim Jong-un in China for two-day trip 'to brief Xi Jinping on Donald Trump summit'

Teamsters: Desperate To Prevent Employees From Exercising Free Speech, American Bottling Resorts To

How to sleep at night when families are being separated at the border

Should Hawaii Hotels Help Their Workers Buy Homes?

Federal report: Radioactive waste in Coldwater Creek increases cancer risk

Hillary responds to the Trump border crisis......

Nationwide protests against Trump's family separation policy planned for June 30

North Korea's Kim makes another trip to China. That complicates things for Trump.

75 bipartisan former U.S. attorneys call on Sessions to end family separations

New Report Reveals Just How Difficult Life Can Be for Texas' Latina Domestic Workers

Remember when people didnt vote because trump and hillary were the same

And now, the rest of the story...

Does anybody know what our erstwhile friends are saying about Trump's child hostage policy ?

Boka Haram Vs Donald "Toddler Taker" Trump

DAMN IT, DAMN IT! Rick Wilson and Ana Navarro tag team on Trump's 'HORRIBLE' Immigration policy

WOW: Melania's Immigration Lawyer Slams Child Separation on Fox & Friends: It's Like Nazi Germany...

Where are the girls and the babies?

Outline of the upcoming Trump "Space Force" (Reminder)

Fact Checker - The facts about Trump's policy of separating families at the border

The flaw in the "leave the kids at home" argument...

All three cable networks trashing Trump on the kids...

Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman gives MTV award to James Shaw JR

It's bad.

Romney calls for 'disturbing' family separations to stop

Sign to report employees not speaking English at doughnut shop creates a stir

It was a Trump favorite. Lawyers want the famously discreet Beverly Hills Hotel to share its secrets

'We don't share certain values', France says of U.S. migrant policy

One Reason That Evangelicals and Other Churches Are Turning Against Trump on Immigration

Warren to put hold on Trump consumer bureau nominee

Not surprising - just 4 years ago Foxworld believers were manipulated to do this

How the Koch Brothers Are Killing Public Transit Projects Around the Country

The Rundown: June 18, 2018

Pic Of The Moment: Crossing The U.S. Border Without Authorization Is A Misdemeanor

BREAKING: 30 seconds before 3 PM bell, Stephen Miller reminds Trump he forgot to assign homework

Fall of the American Empire

Trump says immigrants 'infest our country' -- and quintuples down on lie that 'Dems are the problem'

Old Article: FEMA Wants to House Migrant Children in Empty Big Box Stores

A new six-pack of Trump tweets, and as far as I can tell, they all came from Miller

The local rag keeps running my letters so far

"At my command, you will line up alphabetically!" Please come CAPTION D.H.S. Kirstjen Nielsen!

Racists Unbound

There will be some protest rallies in and around Pittsburgh this week:

How the Koch Brothers Are Killing Public Transit Projects Around the Country

Twitter just gave me this

Trump aides plan fresh immigration crackdowns before midterms

Today's State Department Facebook event...

Caputo Pulls 180, Admits That He Did Contact A Russian During Campaign

JEB Stuart Elementary School to be renamed Barak Obama Elementary

Stocks stumble as Trump moves toward an all-out trade war with China

Ted Lieu calls on Nielsen to resign over 'volume of lies' about family separations

Dow not digging Trump's trade war

Trump, GOP To Huddle As Outrage Builds Over Administration Border Policy

Wall Street slides, Dow erases 2018 gains as trade spat intensifies

Europe and Asia markets slide after Trump threatens new tariffs on Chinese products

Paul Ryan has been living in a cave - By Dana Milbank

Make Trump Own It

George Takei: 'At Least During the Internment ...' Are Words I Thought I'd Never Utter

The White House Director of Legislative Affairs is an Asshole

Yet another Russia contact with the Trump campaign team. What are they hiding? - WaPo Editorial

You Think Things Are Bad Now?

John Roberts on the company behind the detention centers and their

Trump's 'zero-tolerance' border policy is immoral, un-American -- and ineffective - By Jeh Johnson

The political side of this horrific separation policy

Russians and the American right started plotting in 1995. We have the notes from the first meeting.

Immigrant kids tell CBS they go hungry in Trump camps after being fed only 'apples and water'

A letter to Republicans I just posted on the Hill.

XXXTentacion: Controversial rapper shot dead in Florida aged 20

While walking down the street with my former loved one- I spied a cutie

House Dems raise record $11.3 million in May


Trump's Koncentration Kamps 4 Kids is just the latest in his attacks on people of color

Trump Defends Family Separation Policy: 'Only 2000' Kids Separated From Parents

Jim Carrey's New Painting Depicts Demons' Influence On Donald Trump

Time to put the gop on notice concerning lies. NO MORE LIES! ZERO TOLERANCE.


"Zero Tolerance" got Jean Valjean a death sentence for stealing a loaf of bread

Trump "Economy did better under Dems than Repubs"

Kelly said "no"; Trump said "yes"...

Information Wanted re: my mother, father, brother, daughter, son.....

Donald Trump Compares Undocumented Workers To Vermin

The Political Price of Cruelty

donnie holding down the stock market for an october surprise pop?

Wilbur Ross shorts stock in company and then closes short position after story comes out

Coal Is Being Squeezed Out of Power Industry by Cheap Renewables

Sen. John McCain says Trump has the power to rescind 'zero-tolerance Policy and SHOULD do so NOW

United Methodist Church members calling for church charges against Jeff Sessions

Matt Bors: Tyranny Comes To America & The Deplorables Are Armed & Ready.....

Don Junior cancels fundraiser with Bush son

THIS gives me hope...

News to make you smile--Kris Kobach loses battle & ordered to take legal refresher class

"Space Farse"!

WTF????? Dept of State

Now that women have jobs, men can't control them with money any more: A MGTOW's lament

Elsa Schneider from Indiana Jones - whatever happened to her?

Hundreds of United Methodist Clergy file church charges against Jeff Sessions

Now that women have jobs, men can't control them with money any more: A MGTOWs lament

Sarah Sanders looking at Kirstjen Nielsen like "God, you're evil."

Here's a solid nominee for today's winner of the internet.

Now that women have jobs, men can't control them with money any more: A MGTOW's lament

Great ! Now Trump accuses German officials of lying...(God save me from...)

These idiots are lucky they aren't this week's Darwin Award recipients.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang versus child-hater Trump

Let's take Trump out of the mix for a second

Sen. Hatch calls for time-out on border separations

Archbishop of Miami re Sessions quoting bible: "Even the devil quoted Scripture"

Elijah Cummings "We need you to stand up to President Trump"

Greetings from Russia...

What do you do in the middle of a humanitarian crisis? Hold a MAGA rally in Duluth, of course!

The red-pill-blue-pill scene from Matrix... revisited. (toon)

"THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND" (Parody) Don Caron--PARODY Project

Fox News can't spell "Immigration"

Barack Obama Gets School Named After Him In Former Confederate Capital

For profit detention systems

Happy Juneteenth!!

A message from Canada

What this lounge needs is more items from the Flathead Beacon police blotter.

This is my America

Guys I need help with twitter

Now do you believe?

I'm fixated on tolerance today

Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour Never Aired Episode David Steinberg, Nancy Wilson, Dan Rowan

Child's remains, artifacts from oldest-known burial site in North America are from same era, study s

Melania Trump's Immigration Lawyer Compares Family Separation To Nazism

Trump 'loses temper' and threatens government shutdown if border wall funding 'is not robust enough'

Maryland Republican Gov. calls MD National Guard home from border:

Twitter Video: ''What is happening at the border right now constitutes torture''

Another graphic example of the stupidity of white supremacists

Sizzling Gambas (Phillippines)

Senate passes $716B defense bill

How will we know if a child dies in custody?

Are we gonna build a wall around the moon and have Mars pay for it?

I wrote BOTH my Senators ...

Do The Deplorables Know That Most Of These Immigrants Are Not Mexican.....

Clinton: 'What's Happening At Border Is Horrific'

Turtle + MAGA

He's calling asylum seekers "illegal immigrants"...

ACLU sues Kobach again, this time over Crosscheck security breach

As Said By Hartmann - Separation Is A Campaign Strategy. Drive White Racial Hysteria For November.

Government Mule, She Said She Said

Women's Forum of New York Honors Hillary Clinton with an Elly Award

Sen. Nelson (D-FLA): "They are hiding something."

Women's Forum of New York Honors Hillary Clinton with an Elly Award

In Florida 3 congresspersons are being denied entry to where kids are being warehoused.

Good luck separating this family:

Dutch have called in the US ambassador

Clinton: "What's Happening at the Border is Horrific"

What It's Like To Fly When The TSA Profiles You

Fixed MAGA rally sign

#ThisDayInHistory, June 19, 1885 the Statue of Liberty was brought by the French ship Isere to its

If they get away with this, what's the next step?

Photos: A Tent City for Detained Children in Texas

GOOD NEWS - Nelson 50% Scott 40% Dems on way to taking back the governorship

trump rally ticket site

What woke the Republicans up?

Pregnancy Discrimination Is Rampant Inside America's Biggest Companies

Elijah Cummings is my HERO! Fighting back tears he lets Trump and Trumpists have both barrels.

Pregnancy Discrimination Is Rampant Inside America's Biggest Companies

Pregnancy Discrimination Is Rampant Inside America's Biggest Companies

Hartmann Right - Reaganonics Caused The Crises Driving These People To US.

Pregnancy Discrimination Is Rampant Inside America's Biggest Companies

Boris Becker's diplomatic passport is a fake, says Central African Republic

Watch live: Trump speaks to National Federation of Independent Businesses

Girl with down syndrome was separated from her mother when she crossed the border

Soybeans are tumbling as Trump ratchets up trade fight with Beijing

GOP & Trump Promoting The War On Race. Just Like All Other Wars They Have Started.

MSNBC just cut away from the liar-in-chief

That Man Has Been Abusing This Nation For 1 year, 150 days, 0 hours, 2 minutes

The people who did this, may the rot in hell.

(Jewish Group) Top Swedish politician reported for claiming Jews are 'not Swedes'

(Jewish Group) Massachusetts High School Apologizes After Nazi Quote Is Printed in Yearbook

Sheila Jackson Lee: Rosenstein to be fired on Friday

TRUMPRAVDA, er, Fox News, toes the party line. Just like Dear LeEader demands.

Trump wants to pull U.S. out of U.N. Human Rights Council

New statistics: the government is separating 60 children a day from parents at the border

David Corn: "Putin thanks you for your service."

(Jewish Group)Woman with 10-inch knife screamed 'I want to kill all you Jews' as she chased children

(Jewish Group) Norwegian rapper curses Jews at concert celebrating diversity

Did I Miss Something - Who Is Getting Killed By This MS13?....

Trump's now framing immigrant families as 'child smugglers'

That monster is on TV lying his ass off and rambling like a drunk.

How the Koch brothers are killing public transit projects around the country

The clapping is so disgusting

"I don't want children taken away from parents."

Romance and Sex Life of the Date? - Desert Views Road Trip Part 3

Toxic Effects of Stress on Children Separated From Parents

Dem House candidate in West Virginia voted for Trump

Toxic Effects of Stress on Children Separated From Parents


take away the children of everyone who uses illegal fireworks this 4th of july

Could a governor use their National Guard to force their way into one of these child camps to see?

Ann Coulter calls immigrant children 'child actors'

Does It Feel Like US Ready To Explode? Like Kilauea On Hawaii.?

How We Become Monsters

Happy Eating!

U.S. Plans to Withdraw From UN Human Rights Council Today

Kitten in training to be a cat - Testing the human

Mike Huckabee Praised Qatar Without Revealing He Was Paid $50,000 by Qatar

I live in Wilmington, Want to Help in Swing Districts nearby....

Montana Polling

NY Times Catches Flak For Spiking Audio Interview With Stephen Miller: 'Pathetic'

The Rise of the Amnesty Thugs

traitor, like tRump.

From what I have seen, there is only one "Fake News"...

Simple statement of truth

Think of the long term consequences of the #ChildrenInCages policy

US poised to announce exit from UN human rights council

Well, this is pretty scary - Fire breathing drones

Awesome music collage of dancing clips from 292 movies !!

Email from LULAC

Eurydice Dixon: how one woman's death put focus on 'male rage' in Australia

Eurydice Dixon: how one woman's death put focus on 'male rage' in Australia

Eurydice Dixon: how one woman's death put focus on 'male rage' in Australia

When Fox News said, "Mr. Rogers is EVIL" and ruined children's lives

Trump threatens tarriffs - Putin & Oligarchs make billions shorting stocks

Erik Prince says he 'cooperated' with Mueller.

Love Classical Music?

Cotton On Dem Immigration Bill: Call It 'Child Trafficking Encouragement Act'!

Trump turning away Christians

Love Classical Music?

Trump: Immigrants are told what to say by lawyers...they game the system, they're smart

November Shaping Up To Be Referendum On Race. Will We Return To Jim Crow Era?

Democratic Press Conference

Trump 2020 Campaign Manager: 'Time To Fire Sessions,' End Mueller Probe

something else to remember about authoritarian regimes: always testing what they can get away with

Trump's campaign manager calls for Sessions to be fired

IG investigating Strzok and how Russia probe got started.

Trump hugs the flag.....(really)

Trump rants about "gaming the system," but not Melania's "Genius Visa" for "Extraordinary Ability."

Without a fucking shred of irony

House GOP 2019 budget calls for deep Medicare, Medicaid spending cuts

NYT: new charges in CIA breach known as "Vault 7"

Zero tolerance for caging children.

Trump suggests immigrant kids he's holding hostage are crisis actors

The last time Trump made a deal was his deal with Stormy Daniels.

"They're Different from Us": The Profiteers of Prejudice

The Military Industrial Drain

In 2020 Democrats need to run on saving our country from trump.

Today's journalism is incompatible with today's Right Wing politics. We need a new paradigm

CIA Coder Charged With Massive WikiLeaks Dump

Don the con said you need to take children to prosecute parents

Trump donor profiting from chile separation policies.

On June 5, Senator Merkley was refused entry at Casa Padre by the outfit that staffs and runs it,

Guatemalan asylum-seeker sues Trump administration for taking her 7-year-old son

Dow tumbles more than 300 points, wiping out gain for year, as Trump directs more tariffs at China

NYT: We Pulled Stephen Miller Interview at WH's Request

"Family members come here asking for information...It's a door. It's closed right now."

Rescue squirrel-I'm tame lady, I'm staying with you:

Exclusive: US officials likely lost track of nearly 6,000 unaccompanied migrant kids

Is Putin making his move now?

Another huge American WTF moment

Trump Doubles Down in Wild Speech: Current Border Policy Says 'You Have to Take the Children Away'

Circular Hate

BBC: What Happened When One North Korean Tourist Visited Pyongyang's Mysterious 5th Floor

They were fed apples and water in the 'kinderkampen'

Twitter Baffled By Trump's Call for Stronger Borders to Stop... Canadian Shoe Smugglers

This Trump Donor Is Profiting Off The President's Child Separation Policies

Next step: "It's a good thing the US government takes children from bad parents."

I was laying on

A prison bus filled with child car seats... welcome to Trump's America!

US State Department REALLY screws up. Total WTF?? moment.

MSNBC: Some separations become permanent. Kids lost to their parents forever.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

just heard on MSNBC

Babies left in cribs, alone and crying

Trump accuses Canadians of smuggling U.S. goods across the border to get around 'massive' tariffs

Two thirds of America oppose Trump's nazi like policies re refugees.

Editorial cartoons from Europe... Sharp...

They alluded to this on purpose to terrorize!

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING for DC metro area until 2:45 p.m.

MSNBC/Katy: Trump ran on this, he promised this, yet no relevant department was prepared. NOTE....

Look To Your Right - Now Your Left

Koch brothers kill of public transport projects to protect their auto/asphalt roads businesses

Michael Avenatti has a new client

Re: Trump/Russia: Internet digger discovers very weird coincidence

Which Repugs Have Come Out Against Trump's Zero Tolerance Policies?.....

6000 children lost by the US

Marine who marched with neo-Nazis in Charlottesville found guilty in court-martial

This email from Elizabeth Warren!

WATCH: House IG Hearing Melts Down as Dem Rep Rails Against Child Separation, Protestors Interrupt

Former head of ICE: Hundreds of these children will become orphans due to government negligence.

A flyer given to parents separated from their children tells them how to locate their kids, not...

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: Republicans plan on 'firing' Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein 'on Friday'

Eleanor Roosevelt speech on universal human rights

Wasn't Mexico supposed to pay for trunp's wall? Didn't he promise his base that

Democrats Outspending GOP in Key Senate Races

lauded narcotics detective makes mistake. leaves his McD receipt in drug package he steals from

NEW: Rudy Giuliani says FBI agents questioned him about leaks

Buyers tied to Russia, former Soviet republics paid $109 million cash for Trump properties

Mitch McConnell says all GOP senators want an end to Trump administration's family splitting 'zero t

Trump treks to Capitol Hill as immigration firestorm rages

Dow down 6 days in a row

U.S. about to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council.

Remember Howard Dean's "Aaaaeeewwwwgg"?

Gareth Rhodes (NY-19) campaign ad: "I Can't Vote;Will You?"

Question for New England DUers

Trump has changed the course of history!

Rep. Elijah Cummings expresses outrage on Trump's child internment camps

Watch Elijah Cummings on this thread -the real witch hunt is against Hillary Clinton and they do not

Pelosi not pulling any punches

Russians and the American right started plotting in 1995. We have the notes from the first meeting.

I don't know how else to say this, but...

Ooooh, you almost had it !!

Bible Stories, with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Speak softly and... / Yell loudly and...

Trump On Immigration Judges: 'Who Are These People?'

A Public Service Announcement: Boarder vs Border

Proof that postcards to voters WORK!

Giuliani: I Didn't Receive Leak On Clinton Probe From Active FBI Agent

Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Virginia & North Carolina!

Poll: Pardon me? Most say Trump should be impeached if he pardons himself

A simple question .

Border Patrol ripped girl with Down's syndrome away from her mom -- and now she's lost

'Complicit piece of s---': Kathy Griffin lashes out at Melania Trump

Ex-Senate Intel Staffer Facing Charges Seeks Gag Order Against Trump

Trump speaking about immigration today ("crooked Hillary" thrown in )

Florida Dem Lawmakers Denied Entry To Facility Housing 1,000 Migrant Children

Send a space blanket to your Repug today!

Ted Lieu: "Dear Donald Trump: Like your grandfather, my parents infested America"

Comrade Casino*s World Cup team scores a glorious Victory

NY Gov. Cuomo announces state will file "multi-agency lawsuit against Trump administration

Remember when Cory Booker excoriated Nielson? Here it is again...

He called the migrants 'infestations'

'Commie cadet' who wore Che Guevara T-shirt kicked out of US army

REDUX. Trump want us to negotiate with him while he holds children hostage. My answer

Brilliant CGI work on Cruella De Nielson! LOL

Where's Corker and Flake ? n/t

Steve Sack FTW

This is a crisis actor

Why will it take them two more days to show the girls and the toddlers?

The DCCC just included Cindy Axne (IA-3) in their Red to Blue program.

Governor Cuomo announces intent to file multi-agency lawsuit against Trump administration

Devin Nunes wants to know who "the DOJ lawyer is that speaks French via text in the IG report? This

Corruption retrial begins for ex-New York Senate leader, son

Trump promised his base hundreds of times, Mexico would pay for the wall.

Rob Rogers (fired by Pittsburg Post-Gazette) is now freelancing

Never give up!

Never give up!

Trump hugs US flag after speech Tuesday 6/19/18

Illinois candidate apologies for decade-old blackface photo

So, why are they refusing to release photos of the women?

Wikipedia's "List of concentration and internment camps"

Space Fo(a)rce, European headlines...

Is it actually illegal to seek asylum??

Seems the Constitution really is a suicide pact

These idiots are lucky they aren't this week's Darwin Award recipients.

Wish us luck boog we're enlisting

I Take Photos Of Cats High On Catnip, And It's Sooo Much Fun (19 Pics)

Ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt Joins Other Former First Ladies in Condemning Trump Immigration Policy

Mike Huckabee, praising Qatar, fails to note he had recently been paid $50,000 by their lobbyist

I like this. It is angry - Warning - Hip hop lyrical content may offend rational grown folks...

Republicans on social media are using a photo of kids in cages from the Obama Admin and lying

NY Post cover Tuesday June 19, 2018

It is so predictable when the lloyd blankfein's or so-called financial analysts are on Bloomberg or

When can we start calling some of these strange detention centers (Concentration Camps) Trump's

This is Holocaust level stuff

trump etal should be made to reunite each and every member of the families they have split

Trump loses temper over border wall funding

These people are f'ing scary

L.A. sheriff's detectives seize more than 500 firearms from felon's home

Claims By Top Voting Fraud Alarmists Dismantled By Judge In Kobach Case domain name is available ....

George Takei: Trump border policy worse than Japanese internment camps

Michael Moore

Twitler violated (massively) US flag etiquette at North Korea summit!

Nunez, Rudy G., Caputo, Stone & others.

I know why trump doesn't want more judges at the border. He can't skim money from them.

Senate Aide's Lawyers Ask Judge to Order Trump to Stop Discussing Case


Promises But No Consensus Plan From Republicans To Stop Family Separations

Charleston lawmakers to vote on resolution apologizing for city's slavery past

Just got back from voting for the Referendum in Newark.

Like so many Repubs, Jeff Flake is busy posting Ivanka- and Paul Ryan-level tone deaf tweets:

Good. US Marine who marched in Charlottesville, convicted in court martial.

Michael Cohen Hires New Attorney To Represent Him In New York Probe

Officials Are Investigating After A White Sheet Was Placed Over A Teen Who Was Still Breathing After

Hagin is out of the WH Admin......

'Morally Bankrupt': After Tax Cuts for Richest, House GOP Unveils $5.4 Trillion Attack on Nation's S

Since the 2016 election, Trump's businesses have taken in $2.6M from Republican candidates, groups

Breaking : US has now pulled out of Human Rights council officially.

FBI agent Peter Strzok escorted from building amid internal review

U.S. withdraws from U.N. Human Rights Council over perceived bias against Israel

What's for Dinner, Tues., June 19, 2018

Trump is a Republican feature, not a bug.

I watched two of the baby birds fly away yesterday.

This is M-13

Congress is full of COWARDS

Stephen Miller believes in controversy as political strategy, even if it means jailing children

Who's Rick Wilson talking about here, I wonder?

Governor Northam Recalls Virginia National Guard Troops from U.S. Southwest Border

No press briefing by

PA State House Member Brian Sims posts official welcome to VP Pence

This Is How We Fight!

This policy of taking children from their parents is a vicious, mean, evil, as well

It looks like most Central American migrant families entering the US have no idea that their childre

It looks like most Central American migrant families entering the US have no idea that their childre

A Facebook friend of mine who is not a MAGA...

I encourage everyone to use this phrase on every form of communication you can.

"I don't want no peace. I'm a need equal rights and justice."

Charlottesville Police Department Worker Thanks 'Crying Nazi' Chris Cantwell For His Support

Bombshell Poll Finds Just 28% Support Trump Child Separation Policy

What kind of a parent would send their child away alone, without knowing the outcome?

His 'Hurricane Katrina': Nicolle Wallace; Trump's border policy is going to be his Waterloo

Trump on his way to Capitol Hill to meet GOP - This must be tanking.

There is a significant number of Americans who support crimes against humanity

"Conservatism" used to be a political philosophy with which I had many disagreements.

Breaking: Michael Cohen, Holding His Cards Close to the Vest, Has Hired a New Lawyer

Photo: "She has a gold belt? Why don't I have a gold belt. Shouldn't I have a gold belt?"

I'm old enough to remember the NRA trying to argue that...

Dump backed himself into a corner

***Trump's personal attorney is 'willing to give info' about the President!!***

Are you ready for the summer

This is an outrage that begs urgent attention, but also a practice with a past.

14 Black Holidays We Wish Were Real That Are Not Juneteenth, Kwanzaa or MLK Day

France's Le Pen must repay 300,000 euros to European Parliament: court

Top Trump aide to leave White House

Chris Hayes: "Trump admin took 2500 kids as hostages & now congress is negotiating the ransom."

Trump was sustained through 2008 real estate crash by all-cash transactions from Russian oligarchs

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 20 June 2018

"I'm waiting for Chuck Todd to travel down to the southern border and...

Protesters have blockaded Portland ICE facility and are setting up an #OccupyICE tent camp

Rep. Sheila Jackson said Repukes are going to fire Rosenstein Friday

I come to the sad conclusion

So Donnie ... Will you please tell me when America is great again?

Barack Obama Elementary in Richmond

Okay, now this lady is pretty awesome.

Someone yelled "Fuck You" to tRump as he walked through the Rotunda...

Nikki Haley pulls the U.S. out of U.N. Human Rights Council calling it 'not worthy of its name'

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: Republicans plan on 'firing' Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein 'on Friday'

I agree with trump!!! This afternoon he called for:

Argentine ruling party ensnared in illicit campaign finance probe

If your five year old holds a balloon filled with water over

Duque will not recognize government of Venezuela

The Trump Administration Is leaving the United Nations Human Rights Council

Photo: "And when you're a star, they let you. Grab 'em by the stars & stripes. You can do anything."

Ari Melber just showed Trump hugging the American flag on stage with him

The real question for the citizens of our planet is

Louisiana DAs use diversion traffic tickets to 'openly violate' ethics laws, complaint says

We are now officially monsters.

I have decided

Donald Trump's kidnap ransom is $12,500,000.00 per stolen child

Cohen's new lawyer is there to make a deal.


Democratic Senate Majority Could Finish Trump

Avenatti's motion denied (again) by Judge Otero in Stormy Daniels' contract case

Political terrain turning toxic for republicans:

George Takei: "At least during the Internment..." are words I thought I'd never utter

MSNBC correspondent: "Of the 11,786 minors currently in the unaccompanied alien children program..."

Call me crazy but does anyone else think that the orange devil is feeling some twisted

Louisiana man charged in 2017 bomb threat made to Trump Tower cafe

Ari did black split screen, babies crying VS Steven Miller's face......powerful

I few weeks ago, I couldn't stand to hear his voice...

Modern Family Creator: I'm Leaving Fox Over Network's Coverage of Child Migrant Separation

This badministration is evil personified

Manafort in Solitary Confinement to Protect Against Violent 'Street Cred' Attack...

Seth Abramson: today's new bombshell story about Giuliani's interview with the FBI

Now he's going after naturalized citizens.

House Republicans Reportedly Boo Trump After He Mockingly Congratulates Rep. Sanford...

Trumps new Tie merchandise

A detained child just admitted the most chilling, inhumane thing that happened to him

Seth MacFarlane Donates $2.5M to NPR After Criticizing Fox News

White House rips Laura Bush: Blame your husband for family separations

David Hogg Renews His Call for an Advertiser Boycott Against Laura Ingraham

When will Trump release the children to their parents? I say this Friday..

If Dems are expected to win in Nevada and Arizona Senate races why are Republican's

Self Delete - Posted twice by accident

Report: HHS 'Likely' Lost Track of Nearly 6,000 Unaccompanied Kids


Caring for pets during frugal times

New development in Cohen case: Does this mean he is flipping?

Chris Meloni Tweet on Trump hugging the flag at the speech today

'When Fascism comes to America, it will come carrying a Bible and


Everyone should start hounding HHS SECRETARY Alex Azar at @SecAzar "WherearetheGirls"..

Just saw aerial photo of Trump's first tent city for minors separated from their parents

House Dems heckle Trump as he leaves Capitol. "We won't go away ... Don't you have children!"

Good news: Trinidad and Tobago Catholics aid Venezuelan migrants amid government crackdown

Why are children being held in cages so a twisted evil fuck can get $$ for a wall he promised Mexico

I may be wrong about this, but isn't Randy from Duluth desecrating the flag?

Best summary of the U.S.-North Korea summit by Evans Revere:

Have you ever been more motivated to vote in a midterm than this year?

Sessions had often begged Dumbledore for permission

Personally, I wish Roger Stone would stop wearing Harry Potter glasses.


Letter from Trump's grandpa begging not to be deported

My thoughts today.

Elizabeth Warren not accepting Chris Mathew's bullshit

Ivanka: "Daddy, what are we doing about this?" Trump said it's a "tough issue," pivoted to something

Trump now backtracking on the separation, looking for a way out......

MSNBC just showed republican senators telling trump to change the zero tolerance policy.

NEW: GOP Rep. Mike Coffman says he's reached out to Sen. Feinstein to sponsor her bill.

How Can We Expect This Government To Keep Track Of These Kids When They.....

Vatican's Call To Muslims On Eid: From Competition to Collaboration

Jim Carrey "The Art of The Meal"

The art of the hostage negotiation.

Parents, fans brawl during youth softball tournament

Protecting the right to take away workers' rights

A 'simple decision' has the cadence of the 'final solution'. I wonder if

On CNN with Erin Burnett: Steve Cortes calling immigrants "Invaders"

Nina Simone: the growing legacy of a dazzling, defiant talent

Is this ALL one giant Troll to generate outrage-then Anus Lips McGee thinks will benefit ?

Big protest in Philly where Pence is apparing

News media finally calls out Trump on his lies. It took children in cages to make it happen.

DCCC poll shows close race in 2nd Congressional District

Obama's(D) 2010/2014 midterm US Senate Election vs. Trump's(R) 2018/2022 midterm US Senate Election

They're threatening to impeach Rosenstein if they don't get the classified stuff they want.

No really. There's a White House Brief (the REAL story) hosted by ....wait... Jon Miller

What is "a certain belief"?

The Art of the Hostage Negotiation

"He's humping the goddamned flag like a horny chihuahua sexually assaulting someone's leg"

Trump; Wants "the legal authority to detain and promptly remove families together as a unit."

Senate Republicans Move to End Trump Policy on Child Separation Video

And Doug Ford starts. I did not know Ontario had its own coal and oil industries. Must

To me the most disturbing thing to see come out of the immigration camps is this:

Rats blamed for 17,600 dollars-worth of shredded banknotes inside Indian ATM

Stephen Miller Furious At ProPublica For Only Releasing 7-Minute Recording Of Immigrant Children Sob