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Archives: June 2, 2018

So, my parched little corner of the state is now on fire..

Puerto Rico government releases data showing increase in deaths after Hurricane Maria

Trump's demand that TBS fire Samantha Bee may violate First Amendment

My killer neighborhood strikes again.

Obama to attend first DNC fundraiser of 2018

Happy birthday, Marilyn Monroe.

Bernie Sanders being interviewed by Bill Maher tonight for you Sanders fans. Catch

Firm discloses more EPA lobbying by advocate with ties to Pruitt condo rental

Caption Me!!!

Opinion: Mexico knows how to fight a trade war

Hope that people in Duluth will protest in front of Reps convention

Rob Reiner weighs in.....

the guy who hit "some n****r" with his truck... "words got twisted says friend

That explains a lot - Sack Cartoon

At last, someone has figured out a way to keep an umbrella above one's head

Puerto what-co? Not seeing it - Sack Cartoon

Would waiting until Trump leaves office be the best way to insure he and everyone pays?

Wall Street Journal reports that Trump and Putin are planning a one on one

Starting about 7,000 years ago, something weird seems to have happened to men:

Pruitt wanted to omit EPA seal, feature his name, Make the challenge coin over to reflect himself

Martha Stewart, Please Refuse That Presidential Pardon

'Not Just Morally Wrong--It's Against the Law': Keith Ellison Calls Out Elon Musk

Richard Painter is on fire.....

Trump's Steel Destruction - WSJ Editorial

More medics kept asking to go in and rescue wounded at Stoneman Douglas. They kept being told no.

we sent a hospital ship that sat empty. that's why they died.

House Republican To Hold The Most Sexist Women's Summit In History

Mitch McConnell breaks from Donald Trump on tariffs

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Video Killed the Radio Star!

One of the best presents a kid can give an aging parent

Sen. Bernie Sanders - Real Time with Bill Maher

oh my gosh I totally get the C--- word now!!!...

Trump Has Quietly Cut Legal Aid for Migrant Kids Separated from Parents

Old Man Gallbladder Syndrome: GANGRENOUS Cholecystitis

Milwaukee Man Confuses Travelers with 'Welcome to Cleveland' Sign on His Roof

"Wypipo" a limerick contest

Does ANYONE think the tariffs are solely Trump's idea?

Tucker Carlson says Starbucks' anti-bias training is a racist attack on white people

Holy shit, on Rachel's show......

HELLO.?? Anyone watching Rachel???

Full closure of northbound I-5 at the West Seattle Bridge June 1-4

what should a basic prepare for bad times pantry contain

We need 50,000 more Samantha Bees....TRUTH TO POWER

Twitter can be so entertaining, and genuinly funny

Bernie Sanders has no patience for Trump: "Worst president in the history of the United States"

Fareed Zakaria gives Steve Bannon a 60 minute platform - largely unchallenged.

Justice Good News....

Iowa GOP Leader Is Switching Districts, But It's Not At All Because He's Terrified of a Blue Wave

Friday Talking Points (486) -- Hurricane-Force Lies

The Dude is still The DUDE...

I will not shop at any other sporting goods store....

Trump met with Kim Jong Un's aide for 90 minutes so the bloom is off the rose.

The Trump Show Skedded for Cancellation?

Exposed: Right-Wing Hoax Group Fabricating Evidence

War is exactly what the Big Con wants....

U.S. in Early Talks for Potential Summit Between Trump and Putin

Mcclatchydc: Russians are back at it for 2018.

The Russian Troll Factory is Planning to Flash Mob the White House on Donald Trump's Birthday


Thinking he is a gamemaster when he really is just a financial thug....

Let's get intense - Bernstein conducting Mahler's Symphony #6

Bless the Authoritarian for they shall destroy the world....Prayer led by Evangelicals

My $100 to Virginia Democrats helped provide health care to an additional 400,000 people.

Don't turn in a pervert at Walmart!

Pet store investigation into 41 dead animals continues

Why Rich Kids Are So Good at the Marshmallow Test

My $25 helped end "gay conversion therapy" in the State of Washington

Why Trump is dumping trade deals down the toilet.

Our Donation Cleared The Lunch Debt For 75 Students

Oh, just nail him to a cross and let the comparison be complete

Part Spider - Part Scorpion Creature Found In Amber

Racial resentment may be fueling climate denial, study finds

Seniors Are More Conservative Because the Poor Don't Survive to Become Seniors

Funny Exchange With Co Worker Trump Humper...

wow I just witnessed Ari Melber become Ari Fleisher as he subs for Lawrence on MSNBC

New: Colorectal Cancer Screening Should Start at Age 45, Not 50, Amer. Cancer Society Says

Kim seriously brought him a giant game show check letter. Man do they have him figured out.

8,000 Starbucks Stores Shut Down Today for 4-Hour Nap ... I Mean Anti-Bias Training (The Root)

"Not a single word of respect" regarding Trump heard during economist's trip of Europe

The Stranglers - Walk on By

Save the Rich - Garfunkel & Oates (featuring Weird Al)

A question about trumps immigrant family seperation policy

The Daily Show: A Mali Migrant Rescues a Child in France, Where is Melania?

Sweet Jesus! Could you possibly imagine if ...

Sean Hannity Says Joy Reid's "Apology Should Be Accepted," Keep MSNBC Gig

Sarah Palin coming to KC to endorse former Air Force pilot for Missouri's US Senate seat

Pat Travers - I La La La Love You

Snakes in a bag - bring back the iconic Eastern indigo snake

Committed Carbon Releases for the $7.2 Trillion in New Power Plants To Be Built in the Next 10...

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - Guest Sen. Bernie Sanders - 6/1/18

Trump sends Kim very big letter; Melania still missing

Virginia Supreme Court upholds 11 challenged state legislative districts


ICE Deports Uncle Of Kids Recently Orphaned After Parents Died Fleeing Immigration Officers

When I jammed a fork into his forehead...

to get Cambodia to start accepting deportees, US gov stopped issuing visas to Cambodia diplomats

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers pulls Mountain Valley natgas pipeline permit in West Virginia

I'm watching groundbreaking socialist liberal propaganda on Netflix.

Dammit! I want my country back!!!

State starts planning to replace Central State, as pressures mount on aging Virginia mental hospital

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 6/1/18

Anti-terrorism agencies involved in monitoring protesters of Mountain Valley Pipeline

Best video I have seen in months!

Melanie Trump has not been seen in public for 3 weeks. Which movie plot says what's going on?

For Va. House's Democratic freshmen, Medicaid expansion vote is payoff to 2017 campaigns

Political Sign of the Year

Disneyland Rolls Out Wage Bump Proposal for Hourly Employees

Mormons grapple with race decades after ban on black leaders

Canada is slapping tariffs on $12.8 billion of US goods -- here are the states to lose the most

Shields and Brooks on Trump trade war risks, president's political pardons

Donald Trump and the erosion of Democratic norms in America

Illinois pension buyouts may not bring savings budget claims

A 3 cat type of guy

Don signs another executive order

Johannsson: "The Theory of Everything" (soothing, I felt)/Lawes: "Fantasia"/

Door at the Blue Wing Inn (1851)

One lucky person can get a free 30-day subscription to The Washington Post with my link:

Beethoven: "String Trio No.1 in E-flat major, Op.3"

Life can amaze you. We hit a really bad spot a couple years ago. destroyed our plans

12 arrested at NC General Assembly as Poor Peoples Campaign turns focus to militarism

Trump's 'cruel' measures pushing US inequality to dangerous level, UN warns

Despite reputation, farmers consider bamboo as cash crop

London Evening Standard sells its editorial independence to Uber, Google and others - for 3 million

Angulo: "Yoruban Songs of Cuba"/Anton Baranov plays "Sonata No.2" by Angulo and

How a Blue Devil Statue that Was Raising Hell in Small-Town Mississippi Escaped, After a Brief

There is a new party.. GOPPP

Is the General Assembly About to Kill Light Rail in Durham and Orange counties?

Civil Rights Groups Sue DMV for Revoking Licenses Over Unpaid Fines

Blog defending Pope Francis

Southern Baptist seminary drops bombshell: Why Paige Patterson was fired

Scott Pruitt admits top aide helped him search for housing but 'on personal time'

How Mozambique's smuggling barons nurtured jihadists

DHS: Cell phone surveillance detected near White House

N.C. House approves $23.9 billion budget, despite Democrats' objections


Michelle Wolf: 'It's weird that Trump doesn't have a sense of humour' - good read

Affirmative Action for Conservatives, or Rigging the University System

Acclimatize your family to frugal living

State Dept recognizes LGBTI Month while White House doesn't

I sent it to all those I know and also to those I do not know, as long as I have an email address

Al Mohler Just Had NO IDEA About All That Sexual Harassment in the SBC.

CNN about to discuss the missing Melania. Not seen for 23 days now.

Trump Is Right: Someone Is Out to Get Him

The Roseanne show without Roseanne? ABC is considering it.

Breaking from GOP orthodoxy, Trump increasingly deciding winners and losers in the economy

NY Attorney General just revealed brilliant plan to stop Trump from pardoning pals in Mueller probe

Obama was right: He came too early

Trump fumes about the $ 17 millions spent on the Mueller probe...

Found: Roseanne Season 2, the Lost Episodes - by Rick Wilson

Describe him, with one word...

From the POV of the cow:

We've already bailed out Three Mile Island twice. The third time isn't a charm Opinion

Dinesh D'Souza: Obama Only Indicted Me Because My Film 'Deeply Upset Him'

Ex-chemical industry lawyer to lead Superfund task force

Trump tweets quote calling ex-CIA chief a 'liar' after he wrote scathing op-ed

The Most Surprising Number In Friday's Jobs Report

2018 US Senate Election Rating.

Cbd oil for dogs

What Are Active-Shooter Drills Doing to Kids?

Mattis warns of Chinese 'intimidation'; says US seeks 'results-oriented' ties

KTLA5 Video Link: Sen. Bernie Sanders Arrives in Southern California

New Russian Site Is Designed to Sway U.S. Voters

Pedro Sanchez is sworn in as Spain's new prime minister

Trump Is Probing the Constitution for Weaknesses, and Finding Them

Republicans Brace for a Brutal House Leadership Race

Weekend TOONs 1 - Wrecking Ball Edition

Who else was in the room when Trump was dismantling decades of American resolve against North Korea?

Weekend TOONs 2 - Red Cent Edition, with NC and FL

Here's a PIC of Bernie thanking a veteran ... Middlebury, VT. Memorial Day Parade

Arc of Bill Clinton's political career will be on display during his RFK commemoration

The seal has been broken. Debt holders come after Maduro

Michael Avenatti --I won't back down:

Just watched Maher's monologue.

The Housewives of White Supremacy

Medical residents denounce conditions at Venezuela hospital. Get arrested.

Going to Carlsbad CA - anyone been to Temecula wine country? Need

Anyone have advise on Temecula vineyards to visit?

Trump Boasts He Ignored Human Rights In Meeting With North Korea


McConnell Warns Trump Could Be 'Snookered' By North Korea

'How can they walk away with millions and leave workers with zero?': Toys R Us workers say they dese

Police brutality in broad daylight

The Death of the Plastic Straw

The case against George Takei was always weak. Why were we so quick to believe it?

Construction begins on San Diego border wall with 'anti-climbing plate'

NATO chief says alliance won't aid Israel if Iran attacks

Trump Veterans Day Military Parade (official trailer)

Social Security

Two on two basketball with my boys and boog

Elizabeth Warren calls on Democrats to 'save this democracy' at state convention

New internet accounts are Russian ops designed to sway U.S. voters, experts say

Ronan Farrow trolls POTUS NK Envelope picture

Trump's (and therefor ours) lunch money is about to be stolen.

trump lies so often, his lie directly on camera about 'the letter' hardly made a splash

Targeted Retaliatory Tariffs

Hannity Echos What an InfoWars Conspiracy Theorist Told Him: 'I'm The Next Target of The Deep State'

Very busy...

Yuummmy, mom.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best president of them all ? :-)))))))))))))

Trump allies gang up on Gowdy

Bill and Gayle Newman, 55 years after the JFK assassination

U.S. listened in on attorney calls with American citizen prisoner in Iraq

'The guy's a f---ing yenta': Trump's loose lips draw fire

Canadian message to Trump

Zod running for Ontario Premier -

Rage Against the Machine (first time reaction)

An intense game of backgammon determining the fate of the world - life interrupted

Is it me, or Twittler is really febrile ?

An Impromptu Memorial To Demand That Puerto Rico's Hurricane Dead Be Counted

Love Joy, but why does she insist on calling him Rudy "Julie-ANNIE"

Why Kim Jong-un will never give up his bomb.

TWICE: Bernie Sanders will go live with us today ...Tune in to our FB at 10 AM PST

BTRTN: To Bee, or Not To Bee

BTRTN: To Bee, or Not To Bee

Facebook Kills 'Trending Topics', Will Test 'Breaking News' Label

Just ordered this gem from CafePress

This is "code red".....Quote of the day.

Trump slams 'the resistance' in weekly address

A Courtside View of Scott Pruitt's Cozy Ties With a Billionaire Coal Baron

Black drivers are 85 percent more likely to be stopped in Missouri than whites

I miss having a president that respected the First Lady (and who doesn't have to play Hide and Seek!

A tweet has been fixed

Is Robert Mueller an unwitting ally for Trump and Republicans??

Joel Osteen's Church Has a $90 Million Annual Budget

Using Amazon's KDP Paperback Publishing System - Some Tips

Finishing up: "Raven Rock: The Story of the US Govt's Secret Plan to Save Itself

anyone PLEASE explain

The NYT is effectively pro-Trump. That's bad!! Data here.

Don't underestimate momentum of Florida Democrats' 'blue wave'

I wonder which one is lying???

Trump's base quickly short-circuit...

Trump family will be having a meet up at Camp David....

If you enjoy fucking with Trump voters heads like I do, ask them this question.

Reasoning by the absurd

Looking for an activist group

Trump Makes Pence Watch Him Issue Pardons to See How It's Done

Look at what my brother/SIL received in the mail :smh:

UPGRADE just saw last night; MUST SEE

George Takei Facebook Post

A question about connecting speakers to a stereo - should be pretty simple!?!

In 2017 US imports $29 Billion worth of steel.

Facebook LIVE at 10 AM PST - #stopdisneypoverty Bernie Sanders Town Hall

What ever happened to "Sticks and stones may break

Renowned Economist Jeffrey Sachs Rips Trump As A Gibbering, 'Delusional' Threat

It was just said on CNN that Kim Jong Un has a win already since he'll be

Way before Wypipo, I remember when "Straight" meant, essentially, "Not Cool"

Laughing at Kim Kardashian is fun!

Trade war: Mexico pork tariff threats push Iowa losses to $560 million

I ran across the site a few months back and really got a kick out of it...

Trade war: Mexico pork tariff threats push Iowa losses to $560 million

I got a wonderful letter today, it was amazing.

If Trump voters are right, immigrants are the enemy, then this must be also true.

So, how bad a "shiner" does Melania have? nt

We need what is going to happen, to happen sooner.

Job growth numbers bad for Democrats because Plutocrats driving narrative

A must read letter from Michael Moore on Roseanne & Trump

The Trumpster in-laws have come and gone. No troubles, thank God.

39 Warm-Weather Pastas

Chelsea to Sarah Sanders: Ted Nugent once called Hillary 'c*nt'--Trump invited HIM to the White House

Melania had a kidney operation ....

Was the father of DT45 hiding from the KKK in 47 or just taking advantages the GI Bill to push


In NYC, a Republican ex-con fights to return to Congress

Yes, Sears is likely to collapse, but its biggest stakeholder will be just fine

The Guide To Trumpseak...

Melania missing and WKRP memories

ZTE hired former Trump aide as lobbyist: report

Washington apple growers worry about tariff retaliation

Trying to gut Mueller....

The complete "Otherization" of those that are different.

Trump's Lawyers, in Confidential Memo, Argue to Head Off a Historic Subpoena

Remember when Trump pointed at the White House window...

Missouri man with disabilities forced to fight for amusement, lawsuit says

HOLY MOLEY some guy just came up to me in a grocery store and said.....

The real Democrats were at Valley Forge

Navajos commemorate anniversary of 1868 treaty

TOMORROW is Primary Day in AL, CA, IA, MS, MT, NJ, NM and SD (and MO-SD17 Special Election)

Photos Of A Puerto Rico Memorial Protesting Hurricane Maria's Official Death Count Will Move You

I'm trying to think of a constitutional provision that provides a remedy

Chicago schools failed to protect students sexually abused by employees, report says

Mexico's election could be pinnacle for Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

Hurricane death display in Puerto Rico.

If Michelle Obama wasn't seen in public for almost a month...

College kids react to Roseanne cancelation

Pushed by voters, GOP moderates rebel on immigration

Pushed by voters, GOP moderates rebel on immigration

Breaking news: Trump's lawyers say he cannot be supoenaed. They sent a memo to

Trump may have violated federal law by urging NFL owners not to sign Kaepernick

In Gaza, grief and pain for slain 'angel of mercy' paramedic

(Report) Russian Oligarch Money Flows Freely Into The Upper Reaches Of The GOP

Rich people are buying up dinosaurs because museums are too poor to get them

Donald Trump Has Been Lying to the American Public, and Journalists Need to Call Him Out

In a letter to Mueller, Trump's lawyers argued he could not obstruct justice: report

Strip-Club Promos Vie With Gender Equality at Mining Expo

I don't know why everyone is questioning Melania's location...

Strip-Club Promos Vie With Gender Equality at Mining Expo

Pope digs deeper into roots of Chile sex abuse scandal

Jay Gonzalez condemns Gov. Charlie Baker's move to send National Guard troops to southern border

LOL She's been kidnapped by any one of the following

Want to help children separated at the US-Mexico border? Here's how

Want to help children separated at the US-Mexico border? Here's how

Melania Trump Conspiracy Theories Really Don't Belong on DU

California Fails To Restrict Elon Musk's Recreational Flamethrowers

Japanese Whalers Killed 122 Pregnant Minke Whales. When Will the Slaughter End?

The Mexican Revival of Small-Town America

The Mexican Revival of Small-Town America

Any penn reels lovers on here American made

Justin Trudeau Just Slammed "Insulting and Unacceptable" Trump Trade Behavior

What's for Dinner, Sat., June 2, 2018

The John McCain documentary on HBO is extraordinary

Trump's Still Bragging About the Government's Handling of a Hurricane That Killed More Than 4,600...

Is wypipo an acceptable epithet here now?

Here's why scientists are questioning whether 'sonic attacks' are real

Here's why scientists are questioning whether 'sonic attacks' are real

Former fed prosecutor explains why it is too late for Trump to pardon Michael Flynn to save himself

Does global warming make tropical cyclones stronger? (Yes)

NASA Is About to Have Its Closest Encounter Ever with Dwarf Planet Ceres

So, the murders yesterday just got weirder.

Pluto Has Dunes, But They're Not Made of Sand

Tweet of the Day. LOL!

European Human Rights Court Exposes Further Complicity in CIA Torture

Michelle Wolf pounds ABC for hiring 'lady Hitler' Roseanne Barr in the first place

International Crew Returns Home from Space Station Sunday: Watch Live

Trump thinks he a f*cking KING.

A dachshund swelled to 3 times his size and 'crackled like Bubble Wrap.' Surgery saved him.

The Stress Sweet Spot

I think that if Melania can't get away from her husband, she should take a lover.

Question - given the latest tariffs, don't you find the silence of the US Chamber of Commerce

This is so maddening that I can barely type...

NY has a new Attorney General and she is not playing games...

Same cancer, worse results and twice the cost in the US

It is not the Russia probe that is bad for the country, but you, f*cking moron !

US Govt. Has Spent More Than 4 Times the Cost of Mueller's Investigation to Let Trump Play Golf

One witch found, one !

FORECAST: Scattered storms are bringing heavy rains into our area.

Let's put a few numbers in perspective...

Trump, the "Take Care" Clause, and Pardons

Column: Why do whites oppose the NFL protests?

Symphony #7 Ludwig van Beethoven

I heard Gina Haspel has borrowed Melanie for waterboarding practice

Lee Michaels + Do You Know What I Mean?

'SWBTS: The Empire Strikes Back" Bob Felton at blog gives more info abt Paige firing

Please, keep Tweeting

Rejected Trump nominee quietly hired by SEC

Trump accuses DOJ, Mueller's office of 'leaking' his attorneys' letters

Julius Rosenwald

I couldn't let this one go :-))

Empire state building tower goes orange for gun control

The Murder of Steven Pitt and Three Others

I think it is time for an important summit...

Superfund Task Force Led By Lawyer With Ex-Clients Responsible For Toxic Spills

States defy Trump on ObamaCare

Economist calls Trump's new tariffs start of a 'psychopath's trade war'

Resisters ARE resisting, large protests continue

I have to face a sad truth: YouTube is running out of tank videos for me to watch.

Mystery of Earth's Missing Nitrogen Solved

I don't know what's coming. It must be huge. Twittler's rabid.

Just got a "Thank You" card from Conor Lamb!

Blanket Hermit Crabs Use Anemones as Defensive Snuggies

A Finite Trip with Kakeya

Allergan recalls birth control due to pregnancy risk

The 99% Is a Myth--Here's How It Really Breaks Down

Professional Left Podcast - Ep 443: The Whole GOP is 'That Illuminati Guy'

Rudy confirms memo, says its their strategy : "If Mueller tries to subpoena us, we're going to court

Those Puerto Rican deaths as a result of Hurricane Maria are finally being covered

Why Pardons Won't Thwart Russia Investigation

CA-25: Bisexual Democrat attacked for her marriage to a man.

New Russian Site Is Designed to Sway U.S. Voters

Fox News saved my life

Onion: Trump Boys Construct Fake Melania

Allman Brothers

In the USA, No one is above the rule of law. Repeat this often in the coming days, my friends.

Seth Abramson: Trump's "God" manifesto

Simple question: Is anybody above the rule of law in our country?

Here's Robert Mueller's legal authority as special counsel in wake of Paul Manafort's lawsuit

Watching a CNN Discussion..

Jared Kushner's Dad Says Ethics Groups "Assure That Poor, Not Successful People" Get Government Jobs

Anthony Scaramucci Defends Trump's Constant Deception Because It's Not "Absolute Lying"

Trump slams 'the resistance' in weekly address

"Just another immigrant looking for a handout."

The US is planning for a Trump-Putin summit, and experts say that means 'Putin already won'

Why do Evangelicals/Fundamentalists so vehemently support Israel? They feel guilty...

NY Attorney General using D'Souza pardon to close NY double jeopardy loophole.

G7 ministers criticise US tariffs and warn of trade war

The Trump Files: Why Donald Called His 4-Year-Old Son a "Loser"

Where did Trump's lawyers graduate? They're all equally calamitous

LIVE @sensanders, BLM co-founder @OsopePatrisse, & Shaun on how to make change. Join the movement!


Melania is meaningless, in the grand scheme of things

Jim Carrey tweets Melania's location

And we're supposed to reach out to these people?

Man killed after car tears across baseball field during youth game

New phrase