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Republican judge orders the entire Consumer Financial Protection Bureau eliminated

Avenatti post @ 6:51...airport luggage, dry cleaning...and children

Federal Court Rules Consumer Bureau Structure Unconstitutional

Schindler's List - The Children Wave Goodbye


Anyone know what happened with the 200 Korean War dead comment the Pig made...

2018 US Senate Election Rating- Trump States vs Clinton States.

Can we please stop giving Donald Trump more credit than he's actually due?

I believe that Melania is the best first lady Ever

5-15" Of Rain Across SE TX This Week - No Hurricane Or TS; Just A Massive Tropical Moisture Dump

A Physician in South Texas on an Unnerving Encounter with an Eight-Year-Old Boy in Immigration Deten

I used to think that Trump was stupid. And...

How Arctic Sea Ice Loss Could Make The Pacific Hot Blob A Permanent Feature Of Our Future

"What if he's a loser"?

This political ad from a mother in Texas running for Congress might be the best we've EVER seen

God Help Us: Jared's Middle East peace proposal is due out in two weeks...

Well said, NY Mag

Does U.S. media take Paul Wood seriously? Perhaps they should.

BREAKING: ABC says it will air a Conner family sitcom minus Roseanne Barr this fall.

Oops these fuggers are on tape

Seth Abramson's on FBI and NYPD leaks about "Clinton emails".

Democrat leads in deep-red W.Va. House district

Womp Womp! GQ Publishes Scathing Profile Of Shitstain Jr.

Walter, the opera singing French Bulldog, remix

Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away (legendado)

Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away (art copying real life)

Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away (Lyrics)

ICYMI: Charleston Officially Apologizes for Role in Trade of Enslaved Africans

'Wolf pack' jailed for sex attack released by Spanish court

Mother and Child Reunion

Lewandowski dropped by speakers bureau after remarks about girl with Down syndrome

Republicans at it again, want new map tossed out

NYT: Democrats Plan New Effort To Target Minority Voters

Scaling Graphene.

El Salvador says it WON'T take deportees from the U.S. unless they have been reunited with children

Italy to seize NGO rescue ships as migrant row deepens

call me crazy but mitt romney could get the mormon church to dna

Washington, other states to sue Trump administration over separating immigrant families at border

Capitalist Veto -- "millionaires' tax" referendum question blocked by a pro-business SJC

Hangin' at my favorite Greek restaurant.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Good Germans!

I have a recommendation.

Atheism is the disbelief in deities is unprovable?

Former employee sued by Tesla says he was a whistleblower,alarmed by company practices and Elon Musk

Trump will eventually drop his obsession with the "wall" to get immigration legislation...

For those thinking the Jacket was not a major troll......Hannity leads with it.

I'm surprised trump hasn't put the kids up at trump hotels so he

United we can bring the Republicans down.

Sen. Coons said the FBI has transcripts that may show Russian leaders colluding with Trump campaign

Ana Navarro to Trump: Please tell Melania, Marie Antoinette called. She wants her jacket back.

What's the biggest thing you ever did done see?

America's Capitalists (WSJ and Forbes) explain WHY WE NEED REFUGEES/MIGRANTS AND ASYLUM SEEKERS

Lord amercy, I wish we were not discussing some trashy-ass jacket

NPR: Military Asked To Provide 20,000 Beds For Detained Immigrant Children

Xbox One S

Power To The People

Empty man

There you have it. DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has privately said family separations may resume.

Schiff: Nielsen privately said family separations could resume

Why did Melania wear a jacket anyway? Its f'ng HOT here in Texas.

Shout it out!

Corey Lewandowski is "cruel and stupid..a natural candidate to be a remora on Trump's belly."

It sounds like the kids arriving in Michigan are going to 'DeVos Country'

Silicon Valley condemns dump's separation of families at the border

100 degrees in Tornillo with heat advisory. 84 deg in Brownsville with flash flood warnings.

Anyone watching Rachel Maddow? What is her breaking news? I don't

Harvard psychology professor: Melania simply a bully in an ugly jacket, showed premeditated hatred.

How can you "lose children"?

Between 14 and 8 years ago: Border Patrol agents shut down I-95 southbound in Maine.

Trump, Sessions, Miller, Nielsen, Kelly all belong in prison.

Alan Dershowitz, the fake news civil libertarian, hasn't tweeted a SINGLE WORD

She'll turn up somewhere

I think the children, who's family cannot be found, could possibly be raised, programmed or

The method to the madness

I put up three bird feeders and three suet cages, but still something missing

ABC announces "Roseanne" spinoff "The Conners"

Sweet Honey in the Rock

A Massachusetts candidate tangles with radio hosts over whether President Trump is like Hitler

The Melania Trump #ItsJustAJacket Collection

Rick Wilson's PERFECT response to Trump whining migrants walk through Mexico like it's Central Park

We can use DNA testing to reunite families

Help, DU lawyers! Manafort's request to suppress his storage unit stuff as evidence

**Will be discussed on Laurence show, coming up. Explanation likely.

TIME magazine's cover

Dr. Seuss cartoon from 1941 relevant today

Crazy Man Feeding Crocodile's

WikiLeaks publishes ICEPatrol, a searchable archive of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Colbert: Wow, she's really starting to seem like the kind of person who would marry Donald Trump.

21 questions answered about legal marijuana in Massachusetts

Anyone watching Lawrence

Motherless Child

House GOP plan would cut Medicare, Medicaid to balance budget

Minimum wage bargain reached

There was a typo on the Executive Order!?!?!?!?

Missouri Democrat Jason Kander eyeing run for Kansas City mayor

What is the perfect solution on the Southern border, in your eyes?

New Hampshire Democrats start with 50-seat advantage in race for State House

WOW. John Pavlovitz: God Has Nothing to Do With Trump Being President

Nevada might get the first female-majority state legislature in U.S. history

Don't Be Decieved by Trump's Executive Order

Trump has become the Cat Herder in Chief

Families and children migrating from Mexico are being locked up out of pure bigotry

A Klingon cover of "We're Not Gonna Take It"

Democrats try to tie Governor Baker to President Trump's border plan

BREAKING: The House GOP just voted a budget bill out of committee that fast tracks ACA repeal

Just remember: Donald John Trump kept (keeps?) a book of Adolf Hilter's speeches at his bedside.

Archaeologists Have Found Something Truly Disturbing in an Ancient Chinese Tomb

Trump is trying to break America like the USSR

Rhode Island finance committee delays anticipated vote on PawSox deal

CNN: Speculation that Cohen is preparing to cooperate with hiring of new lawyer.

And a hearty FUCK YOU to every Repblican!!!

We need the kids put on milk cartons and blanket the U.S. with them.

Last reservoir of ordinary matter discovered

Schiff: Nielsen privately said family separations could resume

Japanese probe images asteroid Ryugu

Bet most of us have totally forgotten this from March 2017.

New method uses molecules to detect exoplanets

'Womp, womp,' GOP's Lewandowski Mocks Down Syndrome Child Torn from Mother at Border

Welcome to the All-New, All-Civil Blog! (Civility is a Trademark of the New York Times Company) F/SC


Smoking Ocean Vents Found in Surprisingly Shallow Water

Senate blocks bid to stop Obama water rule

oh my...

Signs of bad relationships - I qualify!1

Here is the drug cocktail injected into one child........

Missouri Democrat Jason Kander eyeing run for Kansas City mayor

I heard a rumor...

Ancient volcanoes formed Mars's Medussae Fossae region

Giant telescope project before Hawaii Supreme Court again

At home now, relaxing with a bourbon on ice, saving up energy for Friday.

I want to see a lot of civil suits from this "zero-tolerance" mess

Seth Meyers - Prince William's Birthday, Burger King Russia - Monologue - 6/20/18

Tweet of the Night

Iceland To Open The World's First (And Only) Beluga Whale Sanctuary Next Year

The Lancet: Police killings of unarmed black Americans impact mental health of wider black American

Since when does posing nude with a gun make you a fashion icon

Scientists find surprising genetic differences between Brazil's mangroves

Seth Meyers - Trump Holds Rally Amid Aftermath of Family Separation Policy: A Closer Look

Hillary Clinton warned us about Trump's family separation policy

In border controversy, U.S. ignores tech alternative to detention centers

Anyone else notice something in many Trump speeches?

In border controversy, U.S. ignores tech alternative to detention centers

Nu Shooz

Ceres's surface may have high levels of organic compounds

GOP lawmaker calls on Trump to fire Stephen Miller

NYC Hospitals Are Treating Children Separated From Parents at Border for Mental Illness

The Daily Show: So Much News, So Little Time - Melania's Jacket Gaffe & A New Charlottesville Rally

Ghosts And Demons That Visit You at Night Could Be Explained by Science

How Can this asshole still be a politician....

Stormy Daniels heading to border to try to help migrant children


Bias Suit Paints Blistering Picture of Zara - article from June 4, 2015

As Colombia expands its palm oil sector, scientists worry about wildlife

As Colombia expands its palm oil sector, scientists worry about wildlife

Paul Wood: What does the British government know about Trump and Russia?

Chris Hayes: What 'Law and Order' Means to Trump

They aren't even pretending anymore

Burn down the mission

A Reminder Of Why You Never Turn Your Back On A Tiger

A Clouded Skipper Comes for a Visit

Ace of Base

Rachel connects the dots from Bush / Rice Katrina "response" to what's happening right now

Spacehog. In the Meantime.

Friday on Real Time with Bill Maher:

Let's Work together.

Get Together w the late Sharon Tate

Lawrence: Melania did not accomplish as much as Jenny Flores, or the little girl on Time Magazine

Bremmer: Trump Tossed Candy to Merkel at G-7, Said 'Don't Say I Never Give You Anything'

Here is the headline of the day...

Rhode Island House OKs reworked pay-equity bill

Take me to the River

Quick question: Anyone know what happens if I make less than I estimated to the ACA exchange?

I see what you did Google! :)

Trump emulating Putin's use of Parental Separation as State Terror


Taking Children from Their Parents Is a Form of State Terror

A Shirt For Melania to Wear

Jim Carrey on Melania trip to Texas

Rhode Island Senate OKs life sentences in drug fatalities

How long must your nation go without revolting

An overlooked clue to Cohen's flip - his new lawyer.

Tom Petty

Time's July Cover: Welcome to America

Drumpf and Dogs

Michael Cohen's hanging out with who????

The Kings

Presidential candidate proposes $1,000 per month 'Freedom Dividend'

Rhode Island bill would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases his tax returns

Trump plan to expand Gulf drilling ignores impacts on wildlife, lawsuit claims

Alaska Air tells Trump it doesn't want to fly migrant children who have been split from families

Rhode Island House passes bill mandating insurance coverage for mastectomies

Washington leads lawsuit against Trump over family separation policy

Japanese worker punished for starting lunch three minutes early

Editorial: Trump decision doesn't end the crisis at border

T-Mobile stays silent on adviser Corey Lewandowski's controversial remarks

Roman Catholic Bishop Of Providence, Hospital Operators Accused in Pension Lawsuit

Words for D.U., for the times we face...

My God! My God1

Malloy Warns Against Overriding His Vetoes

We aren't done with family separations

Children allege grave abuse at migrant detention facilities

And as the sun set upon the White House all its windows danced with glowing eyes --

How do you post photos on DU?

Trump: North Korea 'total denuclearization' started; officials see no new moves

Donald Trump Threw Starburst Candies at Angela Merkel

Chris Cuomo actually kicked ass..

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 24 - Cary Grant

Trump's Plan to Overhaul the Government: Scaling Back the Safety Net

CNN analyst Kirsten Powers: Melania's jacket should read 'Let them eat cake'

TCM Schedule for Monday June 25 - Star of the Month: Leslie Howard

i think melania wore the jacket to make cheetolini look bed

Activists vandalize billboard to blast ICE: 'We make kids disappear'

GOP struggles to salvage immigration bill, postpones vote

final(?) outcome of my psychotropic journey

How disaster turned to joy, thanks to Nikon!

Sessions says FBI agent Peter Strzok no longer has his security clearance

Charles Krauthamer died today

Please send prayers/thoughts out to my aunt, uncle and cousins (Alaskan Bear victim)

Corey Lewandowski dropped by speakers bureau after 'womp womp' comment

American Experience Vietnam Now on Netflix

Drumpf's text to Melania

Poll: Trump is turbo-charging voter enthusiasm - for both parties

Early Warning Signs of Fascism

We should all care

Hugging a child, Rep. John Lewis vows action to stop practice of family separation.

Saudi Arabia is planning to turn rival Qatar into an island

Shostakovich: "Prelude and Fugue, No.22"-Jenny Lin, piano/Vivaldi: "Summer"/

Halestorm - Apocalyptic

Study: Republicans see 'misinformation' in media at twice the rate of Democrats

Sinclair forces news stations to air segment blaming media for overreacting about child separation

Leith may dissolve to avoid concerns over white supremacy

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 6/21/18

Let us never go the way of the Ik

Stephen Colbert: Guest Don Lemon Defends CNN's 'Down The Middle' Coverage

We are being played!

The Curious Case of Melanija Knavs

Is it ever OK to put a child in a cage ?

It's the most resembling of all Trump's portraits.

Betsy DeVos Has Scrapped More Than 1,200 Civil Rights Probes Started By the Obama Administration

South Dakota Wins Bigger Government, Bigger Sales Taxes in Wayfair, Can Now Afford Food Tax Relief

Next Melania's purchase - Of course I'm in love whith you darling :-)

Ryan says the Farm Bill is 'a big deal, encouraging Americans to move from welfare to work"

More Rockport shots.

Evangelicals more than happy to dehumanize immigrant children:

A few hacks of Melania's jacket.

We should all care

PSA for today...

Texas Democrats poised to back legalization of marijuana

If it were not kidnapping then why is it happening in the dead of night

Red Sky at Morning, Sailor Take Warning

People were warned. They should have listened.

PROPAGANDA-PLAYOFF! Fox News vs. North Korean State TV

Emotional scenes as migrant mother and son from Guatemala, who were separated crossing the U.S...

India imposes retaliatory tariffs on U.S., widening global trade war

Identify the intruder

What a difference a FLOTUS makes?

No matter what the message from Melania's jacket was!

Send this to The Hague

Our newest fear at the border: A children's choir

China Not Taking Plastic Waste; Expect 111 Million Tons To Pile Up By 2030 W. No Place To Go

Trump supporters freak out on WikiLeaks for publishing database of ICE employees: 'This sh*t ....

A Message to Trump Supporters: I wish I could support him...

Yes, in many ways Franco does make more sense than Hitler

Shaw's executives apologize to African-American man after incident at Saco store

Friday TOONs - Signage Edition

Trump: "We can pass great legislation after the Red Wave!"

Chinese media says U.S. has 'delusions' as impact of trade war spreads

Chinese craziest prank

Nikki Haley: 'It is patently ridiculous for the United Nations to examine poverty in America'

Trump,s measure of a person.

Republican judge orders the entire Consumer Financial Protection Bureau eliminated

Not hidden message ? Liar !

We're ministers in Jeff Sessions's church. His immigration stance defies our values.

The 11-year-old girl divorcing her 38-year-old husband

Instagram Removed a ProPublica Post Outing White Supremacists Because Facebook Keeps Blocking....

Border agents question drivers about citizenship status at checkpoint in Maine

Trump tells Republicans to 'stop wasting their time' on immigration

Satan's Son (Trump) and Satan's Son's Wife (Melania) .... "everyone in the world knows"

Someone grabbed Trump Hotel website

This child separation policy is costing us millions

"Christian" TV host defends child concentration camps, calls kids "unclean" "debased" "god-haters"

She got her son back after suing the Trump administration

Poignant George Takei tweet

Father says little Honduran girl on Time cover was not taken from mother

UN Report: America's Poor Becoming More Destitute Under Trump

Paul Ryan Is Hellbent On Destroying America Before He Retires

"Republicans should stop wasting their time on Immigration"

We all need to thank Philip Alston at the UN for his examination of extreme poverty in the US

The Feds take a blowtorch to everyone around Michael Cohen as he prepares to flip on Donald Trump

I wholeheartedly agree

Melania removes 'I really don't care' jacket to reveal 'f*ck your kids' on blouse

NYC Hospitals Are Treating Children Separated From Parents at Border for Mental Illness

8-year-old boy separated from father expected to represent himself in immigration court: report

Never Say "Entitlement"

White House aide Miller targeted in backlash over family separations


Fate of immigrant children separated from parents at Texas border is unclear

We can help Michael Avenatti (Mods.. is this allowed?)

November Democrats

Cher chose to eat a cow tongue on TV rather than compliment Donald Trump

Hilarious tweet from Martin Schulz, a German politician and former President of European Parliament

Red Wave Delusion.....

Morning Joe drops truth bomb on 'openly racist' Trump: 'If you support him -- you are' racist

MSNBC panel calls out Mike and Karen Pence's silence on Trump's 'naked white supremacism'

Trump is throwing shit on the wall and hoping it stick . eom

But His Emails: Scott Pruitt's Correspondence Is Nowhere To Be Found

New Pruitt question: Where are his emails?

Arpaio Claims DOJ Interfered In His 2016 Sheriff Race, Seeks Investigation

Senators call on National Science Foundation to investigate climate change grants

And There You Have It

Trump supporters freak out on WikiLeaks for publishing database of ICE employees: 'This sh*t ain't c

"I Really Don't Care, Do U?" An audience of one. (It's obvious.)

Article from Committee to Investigate Russia

If GOP policies are a "path to prosperity", why...

Trump Tells GOP to Stop on Immigration

What Republicans just can't seem to get away from

Scott Lloyd Joins Hate Groups for Panel on Immigration

Former Republican Congressional Representative David Jolly Rips Melania

BREAKING: Inspired by "The Connors," Melania is in negotiations for "The Trumps," without Donald.

Donny Deutsch: Dems Should Tell Trump-Supporting Voters They're "Like Nazis"

America's Poor Becoming more Destitute Under Trump

Cynthia Nixon: ICE is 'a terrorist organization'

The Navy Has Called Off Its Plan To Bomb Florida

Lawmakers Call for More Resources for Separated Migrant Children

Trump throws in the towel

Separated migrant children are headed toward shelters that have a history of abuse and neglect

Summer Camp

I'm really starting to see the resemblance in their eyes!!!

MSNBC's Deutsch Compares Trump Voters Who Support Border Policy to Nazi Guards

ATTN Russian Trolls. Your country is lame. Here's definitive proof:

"If her name were Maria instead of Melania she would already be in detention."

California and 9 other states plan to sue Trump administration for separating immigrant families

Summit sneak peek: Trump, Russia, the elections -- again

For the convenience of those who prefer reality, please post your source . . . . .

Paul McCartney's Extraordinary Carpool Karaoke Tour of Liverpool With James Corden

Melania and Ivanka are both living proof that beauty is only skin deep. but

TeamPelosiPelosi has some great tweets--

The origin of Super Villains: Mr. Freeze

There's nearly a Nixon '74 level of public support for impeaching Trump

Comic Reviews from Multiversity comics: 6/21/18

At least one major advertiser drops Fox News' Ingraham over migrant comments

Someone must have bought domain

That zero reporters, elected officials allowed in to 'camps' negates all Trump gang spin QED

Fox&Friends: "These aren't our's not like he is doing this to the people of Idaho or Texas

In China, universities seek to plant 'Xi Thought' in minds of students

Topeka group won't give details on immigrant children it has

Funny (spot on) meme - 4 days of Trumphumpers and their media

I propose we launch something like "The American Election Challenge"

Woman Who Doesn't Use Facebook Completely Out Of Touch With Friends' Prejudices

Senators Vote To Block Marijuana Banking Amendment

Oral Statement by Mr. Philip Alston Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights

140 campers rescued, floating bears as Montana and Texas flood

Please tell me that I am wrong. Are we really shipping children to Michigan during the night ...

How His Opponents Feed Trump's Media Machine

"I'm a Salvadoran immigrant. This is why watching Fox News was unbearable this week."

"Join the Space Force" they said! "It'll be awesome" they said!

"gov't tells CNN 500 children reunited. gov't produces ZERO proof." Anyone have proof

How to Make a Ton of Money as a YouTube Star

White House Misspells "Separation" on Immigration Executive Order

Brian Kilmeade on Trump's Child Separation Policies: 'These Aren't Our Kids,' It's Not Like...

It seems like the governors of the states who have these children in them would

Mystery extinct ape discovered in ancient Chinese imperial tomb

Protesters Blast Audio of Crying Immigrant Kids at DHS Sec Kirstjen Nielsen's Home

Now Trump wants to stall the immigration bill!

Happy National Onion Rings Day! Yay or Nay?

The real message from Trump and Co. is not what they want the MSM to believe

Return of the Blood Libel

!This mom had her son literally grabbed from her- She sued U.S. govt to get him back -She just won!

How soybeans -- yes, soybeans -- could impact the midterm elections

Republican judge orders the entire Consumer Financial Protection Bureau eliminated

Yes Melania, it is a message and then some

Young Trumpies Hit D.C. ... And D.C. hits them right back.

Trump endorses Martha Roby in Alabama's District 2 race

Is Donald Trump the Cause or Symptom of the End of American Empire

Dark question: Is the difficulty in the unification process of separated children and parents

Pompeo cancels Senate briefing on North Korea deal

He's Got The Whole World In His Hands

There's nearly a Nixon '74 level of public support for impeaching Trump

Handcuffs, assaults, and drugs called 'vitamins': Children allege grave abuse at migrant detention..

Donald Trump's staggering incompetence: Is this terrifying bumbler the GOP's secret weapon?

Trump's wearing Melanie's jacket? Tweets about immigrants' "phony stories of sadness and grief"

Trump: "Phony Stories of sadness & grief"

From slavery to "Indian schools" to internment camps, family separation is nothing new in America

Reality Winner, Accused National Security Agency Leaker, To Change Her Not Guilty Plea

Artist Justin Teodora needed to respond to he reimagined a The Real First Lady's jacket

Great story on the Texas Detention Tent City. No one will be allowed in

Four heartless guards. One scared 8-year-old immigrant child.

Shit wypipo do....

MSNBC reporter shocked by Trump's child jails: 'One of the most despicable moments in modern America

Hungry rat shreds more than $17,500 of cash inside ATM in India

"Concerned" gentleman keeps physician from entering her gated comunity.....

Where Are The Parkland Students Today In Their 2 Month Bustour....

Appeals court orders Beltway Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo resentenced in killings

China Stocks Hover on Brink of Bear Market as Grim Mood Persists

In age of Trump, evangelicals back self-styled top US pimp

It's not enough to just get Trump Out...

"If it wasn't for reporters . . . " Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

AP Poll: 85% Think Presidents Shouldn't Pardon Themselves

Twitter does not react kindly to Eric Trump's "Good Job @FLOTUS" tweet.

As Horrible As It Is We Know It Will Get Worse. Don't Know How We Will Cope.

Beatings, bags over their heads, racial slurs: Young migrants detained in Virginia allege abuse

Number of deaths in the WW2 per country

Fearing bad PR-WH & EPA tried to suppress "Unsafe drinking water at 126 military bases in US"

Laura Ingraham Faces Ad Boycott On Her Show After 'Summer Camp' Comment

Michael Cohen's wife: 'OK, f*** Trump.'

Trump Claims There Are 'Phony Stories Of Sadness And Grief' At The Border

House Republicans pass a farm bill that guts food assistance for working families

TIME cover we'd like to see

Well, I have gone and done it...

'These aren't our kids': Fox News dehumanizes immigrants to defend Trump's family separation policy

Fox news is a cancer on our country. They spew hate, divisiveness, bigotry, and every "ism"

UPDATE: Supreme Court rules that warrant is needed to access cell tower records

Dems clapback re. Melania's jacket

Trump: EU must remove tariffs or US "will be placing a 20% Tariff on all of their cars"

A Belgian newspaper mocks Fox News :-)))

TX-31: Powerful new ad by Democratic challenger MJ Hegar

Dubya must be shaking his head and asking

Nikki Haley: 'It is patently ridiculous for the United Nations to examine poverty in America'

Just what are they hiding?

Trump threatens 20% tariff on all car imports from the EU

Steve Schmidt's full quote: (Facebook)

23andme donating DNA kits to help reunite migrant families

Pic Of The Moment: If The Government Isn't Abducting *Your* Kids, What's The Problem?

"...I'll take my chances on Hell"

18 mayoral candidates killed ahead of Mexico's July elections, 2 in less than 24 hours

A Message to All Corporations

Trade war has begun!

Unarmed black teen killed by cop wrote in 2016 poem: 'I want my mom to never feel that pain'

Need a new Church website...

Laura Ingraham Faces Ad Boycott On Her Show After 'Summer Camp' Comment

Bogong Moths Travel 600 Miles At Night With The Help Of Earth's Magnetic Field

I bet that we won't hear Sarah doing a news briefing anytime soon?

Mummified remains of a 2,000-year-old 'sleeping beauty' buried in lavish clothes and carrying gifts

India to bring forward 100,000 megawatts of new solar power

Joe Kennedy III Eloquently speaks on Trump's Family Separation Policy

"If necessary, I'm prepared to go to jail"

Other items sold by Zara- seller of Melania's jacket- mock the Holocaust, feature swastikas

Solar Prices Nosedive After China Pullback Floods Global Market

Maggie Haberman: Peopl in WH are confused --Trump driving the train.

The Good Fight!

Koko - Two funny stories- The sink and Mr. Rogers

This perfectly sums up exactly how I feel about the border situation

NOW THAT'S SUMTIN' - Albino giraffe first time caught on camera

Pentagon To House 20,000 Migrant Children On Military Bases

The right wingers are tying to minimize the border situation

Mueller's office attacked The New York Times and The Washington Post for 'inaccurately' reporting on

When you are in front of one of Europe's famous landmarks, what do you do?

Airbus threatens to leave Britain in case of no-deal Brexit

Airbus plans UK job cuts amid fears of hard Brexit impact

Tweet of the day.

What do you do when confronted with one of the world's greatest cuisines?

Standing Rock is over, but for jailed activists the struggle is not

My best guess as to what was behind Melania's jacket yesterday.

Koko, famed gorilla that learned sign language, dies aged 46

Koko's Tribute to Robin Williams

Just a reminder: The Border is partly an intended distraction

A little alteration to the cover of 'Time'.

Seeing too much of this...

Amee Vanderpool on Melania--- "When someone shows you who they are, believe them"

Did I just hear MSNBC correctly? Trump's hosting victims of immigrant criminals today?

Dadgummit, Manafort's had yet another shitty day in court:

Who Is Dolly Gee? A Look at the Judge Deciding the Fate of Trump's Executive Order

Why Families With Adopted Children From Foreign Countries Are So Afraid

Public's ability to monitor police radio traffic ends July 2; Richmond-area agencies to encrypt

The floating Aztec city

The floating Aztec city

Who's winning?

One more anniversary: yesterday was the 31st anniversary of the death of Earl "Madman" Muntz.

Joe: GOP, WH know something has gone wrong

I'm Blown Away By Their Coordination Of Moving These...

UN: Rule of law absent in Venezuela

What's this? Tom Arnold says he's teaming with Michael Cohen to 'take Trump down'!

A Physician in South Texas on an Unnerving Encounter with an Eight-Year-Old Boy in Immigration

Trump Vows to Open Minnesota's Superior National Forest to Mines

The jacket, Mexican restaurants etc. None of these are accidents. They are callous trolls.


Guantanamo Bay and the Conflict of Ethical Lawyering; also, Charles D. Swift

Sessions: Church Complaint Is 'Painful,' But I Have 'A Lot' Of 'Critics'

A Delicately Sweet and Floral Coconut Pudding for the Summer

People love watching nature on nest cams -- until it gets grisly

Make America Grimm Again? Ex-Con Could Cost The GOP A Safe NYC House Seat

Now here's a jacket I'd wear

Trump claimed detaining kids was "the greatest deterrent there was to border crossings"

Jeff Merkley says he's 'exploring the possibility' of a 2020 presidential bid

Cynthia Nixon Calls ICE a 'Terrorist Organization' That Should Be Abolished

Trump Hit World With Tariffs, And Now World Strikes Back In Trade Fight

Russia: US 'Relied On Fabrications' To Accuse Syria Of Chemical Attacks

Anthony Bourdain Had No Narcotics in His System When He Died, French Official Says

UN condemns Trump administration for exacerbating US poverty levels

Audits: HUD Is Failing To Protect Children From Lead Paint Poisoning


In case anyone was wondering if Brian Kilmeade has said other racist bullshit, ...

I think shit wasn't so fucking maddening, the jokes would write themselves...

Avenatti wants to Twitter trend #SingleStagingAreaNow @MichaelAvenatti

Donald Byrd - (Falling Like) Dominoes

Washington Post is maintaining a LIVE map of immigrant children detention centers

Load it up baby now!

In age of Trump, evangelicals back self-styled top US pimp

Yes Melania, we do care, and very deeply. So does our First Lady

Bingo!! Democrats cannot soley rely on economic issues

Absolutely the best thing you will see

American Bridge Demands Public Records For Missing Babies, Girls, and Pregnant Women in Detention

Do you believe trump is a violent man? (yet another post about the jacket)

Rep. Steve King Shares Picture of Hispanic Children: 'Prime MS-13 Gang Material'

I'm Impressed By Sen. Richard Blumenthal, (D-Conn) Every Time I Hear Him....

Baptist Pastor: Sarah Silverman Is a "God-Hating Whore" Who Must Die

Virginia jail says 'no special privileges' for Paul Manafort

The Jackie Robinson of Rodeo

The company that made Melania's jacket has been sued in the past for their Nazi imagery on clothes

Trump hated giving up his baby jails - which he thinks are the 'greatest deterrent' to immigration.

I just received something weird from Fed Ex. UPDATE - Mystery solved.

ICYMI: Our so-called President explains about the coat...

What does "Melania" mean?

Her "beauty " is only skin deep.

It is not a secret that I have no respect for or patience with Trump supprters. Occasionally, when

Trump's Family Separations Are Unconstitutional - details

Trump Re-Affirms North Korean Nuclear Threat After Saying It Was Gone

Trump-humping RWNJ sociopaths all need to shut the fuck up

Marco's trying to finagle his way into a free snail dinner, just like Mitt.

Jogger accidentally crosses U.S. border from B.C., gets detained for 2 weeks by authorities

Steve King singles out Somali Muslims over pork

Ted Lieu plays audio of crying immigrant kids, Karen Handel (R-GA) tries to shut him down

Raw Story Article: Men and children packed into standing-room-only cells

Putin leading xenophobic movement out to damage U.S., Hillary Clinton says

I knew Melania looked familiar

Why does trump need space on military bases for 20,000 people?

UN says Trump separation of migrant children with parents 'may amount to torture'

House passes bipartisan bill to fight opioid crisis

Migrant teen held in ICE detention center: 'You could hear them crying all the time'

Dave Daubenmire And Rick Wiles Perfectly Demonstrate Why They Are Shunned By Mainstream Society

Check out this Bumper Sticker....Mich 🎨

Theme Song for Cohen and Manafort

Why are members of the Legislative Branch unable to access these kids

Dem Senate Candidate Arrested 'Trying to Deliver Toys, Books, Water' to Kids in Detention Center

wake up

Failure to reunite even one single child with a parent is the very epitome of criminal negligence.

FACT: Red States are 'takers' - Blue States are givers - GOP tax cuts hurt their own (VIDEO)

EPA commissions a challenge coin for 2017 disaster responders

Charles Krauthammer Has Ashes Spread Over Prosperous, Liberated Iraq

Did y'all see what Pres Obama tweeted at 3 a.m.?

Steve King singles out Somali Muslims over pork

Another Setback For Manafort As Judge Refuses To Throw Out Count In DC Case

Trump is having a gathering of victims at the WH.

David Corn: "Gosh."

The 10 stages of Genocide.

America is strong. Trump, meanwhile, is looking more and more pathetic.

URGENT TUCSON DUers Indivisible Tucson having demonstration against Trump policies now

Trump on TV now: The most despicable man in the universe.

A word (or two) about embarrassment

Nazi Germany comparisons are being made by main stream media to tRump's criminal regime...

Retired Scripps Professor: Atlantic Fish Stocks Now 1/1000th To 1/10,000th Of 150 Years Ago


I'm gonna puke

Melania as Marie Antoinette:

Mueller adds 4 more prosecutors to his team

Fox News present a film about Dotard!

Chris Jansing doing a great job on MSNBC now calling out the statistics.

My most sincere wish is this...

Driver Was Streaming The Voice When Uber Self-Driving Car Crashed, Say Police

Trump Delivers Remarks on Immigration

I am thinking of ixnaying "#fakepresident" and calling him Hitler from now on

Urges Republican lawmakers to drop immigration effort

A little ode to all you filthy rats on the right.

The Myth of the Criminal Immigrant

Isn't amazing that this administration can't keep track of 2,000 children ripped from its parents

How Donald Trump killed the immigration bill with 1 tweet: CNN

Detention Centers/Projects Fox comment.

More Immigrant Children Arrive at New Jersey Shelter

Fox Host Defends Trump's Border Policy: 'These Aren't Our Kids'

Truth on Tax Scam...

Somebody tell me a funny joke. Spent too much time in GD.

Comparing Immigrants of Today to Those of 95 Years Ago

400+ nationwide protests planned June 30th KEEP FAMILIES TOGETHER

For second year, Sanders earns more than $1M

I just had to face down an enraged patient in the waiting room of the clinic.

My son's pediatric psychiatrist is a wonderful

After Nevada GOP push, Treasury quietly changed lucrative policy benefiting one county

He has no shame !

U.S. Navy plans immigrant internment camps to detain tens of thousands in CA, AL, AZ

Migrant children: Latin America unites in outrage

Migrant children: Latin America unites in outrage

Randy Rainbow on a streak "WTF You Guys?"

please folks, it's "Border" not "Boarder"

EU Warns of 'Severe Disruption' as Trump Threatens Car Tariffs

Trump: 'It Is Not True' That Immigrants Are 'Better People' Than Americans

Follow me... Jump on the blue wave train !

Dem lawmaker responds to Melania Trump by wearing jacket with 'I care' taped to back

Illegal Immigration Does Not Increase Violent Crime, 4 Studies Show

Lili Allen ....

Exasperated Huckabee Sanders Reminds Press Corps That Children Under 14 Can't Feel Pain

The GOP had to call the sergeant at arms on Ted Lieu (twitter video)

Trump's End of Week Message on Immigration: Give Up!

zara brand clothing is anti Semitic shit

Welcome back Mr. President ! If only we could... hijacked Time cover - Beautiful

Baby Gulags. KinderKampen. Child Concentration Camps. What name should we use?

Dem lawmaker: GOP deliberately increased deficits through tax cuts in order to cut social programs

Britain Has a Russia Collusion Scandal Now. It Looks Exactly Like Trump's.

June 8, 2018 - the lying con in the WH said the third lady couldn't fly for a month, so

These Exotic Fish Use an Electric "Sixth Sense" to Communicate

Startup liberal publication "Pittsburgh Current" will have Rob Rogers cartoons

Supreme Court sales tax ruling could be $450M-a-year windfall for Washington state

My Immigrant Story

Doctors Without Borders issues condemnation of Trump's border policies.


This country has had a Baby Face Nelson, so why not a Baby Cage Donald?

Southeast Missouri nail company gets hammered by Trump's tariffs

How are thee fascist let me count the ways....No. 10 regarding the latest comments from the Pig.

Power Racist Rankings......updated hourly!

Top 10 Quick Takes: Jim Bakker Is Literally Selling Snake Oil

Trump Insider Wanted To Sell Social Media Surveillance Tools To Abusive Govts: Leaked Documents

Pierce: This Nation Is Beginning to Realize the Full Extent of What It Did to Itself in Nov 2016

GOP nominee who railed against diversity also called Kwanzaa 'phony,' made anti-Muslim comments

Taken with my phone, just proving . . .

Inside the Ukraine peace plan in the Mueller probe

MSNBC reporter shocked by Trump's child jails: 'One of the most despicable moments in modern America

I am a huge nerd. Science fiction was one of my 1st loves

"Do you like baseball?"

Trump tweet may doom House GOP effort on immigration

Tom Arnold Next on MSNBC 4:35 Est.

Desert Road Trip Part 2 - Salvation Mountain

Jeff Sessions Says It's 'Painful' Hearing Christians Condemn His Family Separation Policy "I have c

Sanders: 'Hypocrite' Trump rants against undocumented immigrants, but hires them at his properties

Retailers are selling 'I really care' jackets in response to Melania Trump to raise money for immigr

Turning the big 7-0 today, Todd Rundgren

Swai fish? I have never eaten them and sombody on Google said they were raised in ponds

I want to give our Democratic leaders credit where credit is due.

Exclusive: Navy Document Shows Plan to Erect 'Austere' Detention Camps

Experimental Design or Chaos Strategies? Trump's child abductions seem like a cruel test setup

I'm relieved we have a limit

"Now, yous can't leave!"

and Lucy makes 3 (so far)

WV-03: DCCC adds Ojeda to Red to Blue project

Arnold talks faster than Chris Matthews!

Against Immigration?

Be advised that Tom Arnold is promoting a TV show

Oops! Trump Goes On Rant Blasting San Diego's Mayor for Tipping Off ICE Raids (It Was Oakland's...


(Jewish Group)Newspaper deletes article that blamed 'Israel's crimes' for rising antisemitism

80 possible exoplanets discovered by Kepler

(Jewish Group) JVL activist sparks complaint for saying antisemitism is 'privileged' over other form

What's for Dinner, Fri., June 22, 2018

This gun-toting satellite is about to reach an asteroid

And they call themselves Christians.

Why is the American Red Cross being denied access to the Trump camps?

(Jewish Group) NY survey finds widespread harassment of Jews and other minorities

Tax Reform Becoming Less Popular

Where Does Trump's 'Space Force' Fit in the International Agreement on Peaceful Use of Space?

tRump-Kim Summit

(Jewish Group) Maryland delegate says driver yelled 'Heil Hitler' at her while campaigning

Some help please. A friend keeps bellyaching about how President Obama put kids in cages.

Question - when Don the Con said "...we tamed a continent...", was he aware that

Donald Trump Takes His Fanciest Condo Off the Market

It's Not Just How Many Women Are Running for Office, It's How They're Running

A history of modern capitalism from the perspective of the straw. Seriously.

Holy Shit I lived to see Chuck Todd present the facts before he played the Con's BS from

Did Trump REALLY have a bad week?

Seth Abramson's: Major Breaking News

People seeking asylum keep better track of themselves than the US Gov't does after imprisoning them

So Many Kitties!

Robert Reich: An Urgent Message To The World: Please Do Not Lose Faith In America

Even a Pimp is getting more narrative promotes that we are... we should be worried about such

Many Brazilians look to military amid anger at politicians

Texas high court says Xerox can't blame dentists in $2B Medicaid fraud case

This is disturbing and gross

The Absurdity of Trump Officials Eating at Mexican Restaurants During an Immigration Crisis

Greece 'turning a page' as eurozone agrees deal to end financial crisis

"May 12, 1937 - June 22, 2008. Ten years. Missed by millions."

For the fourth straight day there was no WH briefing.

Texas Supreme Court strikes down Laredo's plastic bag ban, likely ending others

FLOTUS Toon Of The Day

I think Trump inadvertently gave a clue as to what to watch for in the midterms

"Shockingly difficult" to locate separated children

Today his fat ass went lower than low..

Charles Pierce:Nation is beginning to realize. . . what it has done

Trump autographed photos of deceased crime victims for White House 'Angel Families' event

Here Is Why They Love Melania (old article)

24 mins of Heaven... oh my, ENJOY...Paul McCartney's Liverpool..

Why I will never own a male dog.

The issue here is in black and white...

Today hasn't been a happy day for me. My anger has turned to rage at

The Trump Administration Is Looking for Space to Detain 15,000 Immigrant Parents and Children

Cambridge Analytica head admits to "anti-Kirchner campaigns" in 2015 Argentine election

160 miles north of Omaha, crude oil leaks into floodwaters

Pentagon Had Spurned U.S. Space Force, Prompting Trump's Decree

If you drew a Venn diagram of

The broadening criminal case against Michael Cohen just got a lot worse for Donald Trump

Can we talk about alcoholism and Anthony Bourdain?

Another ghastly joke from Pruitt & the EPA:

The EmDrive, NASA's 'Impossible' Space Engine, Really Is Impossible

**BREAKING** Navy to build internment camps to hold up to 100,000 migrants

"Because being elected President is about having a lot of money..."

The Latest: Kansas governor orders scrutiny of group homes

Shenandoah Valley Company Reunites Immigrant Mother and Son

See if you can pick out Stephen Miller

Wow, they lost George Will: "Vote against the GOP this November"

Florida man calls cops to have his meth tested

George Will: Vote against Republicans

There must never be a time when we fail to protest.

In age of Trump, evangelicals back self-styled top U.S. pimp

More active shooting incidents in 2017 than any other year recorded

Judge refuses to dismiss ex-Trump campaign chief's money laundering charge

The Truth About the Racist Ghoul Stephen Miller: Archetech of Trump's Immigration Policy

Something Rachel said earlier this week needs to be repeated

Illegal Immigration And Crime

All Trump has to do is kiss Cohen's ass, pay his legal bills, and make him a few false promises.

Avenatti: "This is a flare gun shot in the air for Michael Cohen to send a message to Mr. Trump"

The Trump administration's corruption train rolls on: Zinke, Wilbur Ross....

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan (I'm officially impressed)

man purposely backs his wheelchair into two elderly women

After Nevada GOP push, Treasury changed lucrative policy benefiting one county

U.S. judge says may rule next week on reuniting migrant children

Mueller seeks to bar Manafort from tying charges to Trump campaign role

Tweet of the night:

Have any of your trumper friends, family, associates flipped or expressed doubt in recent weeks??

'Trump Baby' set to soar above London during Donald Trump's UK visit

Trump Hotel re-branding

"I apologize for quoting the president." -Tom Arnold

Today's New Yorker cartoon by Ellis Rosen:

Wait, wha? I thought North Korea was no longer a nuclear threat. I'm so confused...

Thank you Poppy.

VIDEO: Hilary Clinton - 'Brexit should not be allowed to undermine peace'